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Metkobologicai, Tabm, prepared and
corrected bv WJV-TSavage, Jeweler, 83
LOCAL NEWS. TUESDAY, Dec. 1, 1868.
H. H.
Haa Riaes.
.. 7l 8n lietsw....
.. .'T
O'oloek. '
-t. ..:-.??.--r.".-
tST High, street at . vctjj nd
A good
scraping would b-beiif tU
the luneral ui one pf mir nieucia.
wL wmA auke a tall of snow
to n nftut (H:t .111 q jr'
If the street CM a. 780pm
fctosefi it tlWBwItcW U would be an d
an yestwdmy ceniBiwonea w 1. ajcajhij
aid .U'clu cLWfihfc tuWiiifot
... ,.n : . nil
- . 1 ... -mmm wrt-f. jii-.'' v
'Ha!irtliCBO Coko The eeod of
theMMonerehorXJonWtg, far thlBe20tf
will beiven at Naughtoo Hall to-niarra
1 ' .' '' "'.it ' .11! ..V. .La rktvMr ranimA tlV
nigkt. f w-iiijmii," tf-
sfo&oyrjiWa. ifoR, 1ft beautiful .mastc.;
- EtnriTioir-The' 3rd f Exarala-
?.'..; . -r, il i..".: .r.iiA.nt for
era autnonzea 10 iunwiri"-' '--admission
into the prolwW) ot Dentistry,
biii :waD(c;;ti:;:tte5;New hpus t
eEattned.n- .yi:i. 1 riij. 1
DoKixa .. Novkmbkk. There
wr 97 e before the Mayor durioi tUe
ttwwr belotTieirana iwenkjr
was arrested by Market Master Cukter for
onIoaay Bljthl.' peVaa thopV full of
beer and did not know in taci wdbi ub
He will neer.cutup bat. klud of bln
atoKkwa-tTWAapaa c4 boned CUte daslr
mailoWytJiliitf cl..V4l tH4uetV4Aia
Sive them tall wlit"J-lfen near the coi-
nec Al BroadJtreettbej.were stopped ly
the-frlzbtencd atefids and topped.them,inJ
thacarM.i iJGfiniOn.U
N. B. Kene,'Arcliltectippolnted by
tiWSVeefarlAglslaWre -ConimittSee-W w
pttpAi rwlo tie'lna-Ay'
lum. has eiaruirftfd'fhe",waHgiof the bulld-
i..tul iU lair hisHDrahforthavCoakr
tecitkniTi Electoral CoiWe i yeev
teMaV hl'6rnlnV,w,tfnl648 '
vd oft: Pprklnsi of ni m f$ fctU ijtyj 6
fiil'tbe acaocjr'-la thi CoiQej wued.py
thfe'-'dea rrP ; 'ymi'.Twnte
crdat'm-'ahd i dwoerUid
N w; Stfycset: SitooSv-E Hlrsh 1ai
opened aihsvlay aaioon In the new ih!
ler iSaildltogtopitSiAVaJk
toimera and many new ea.J Edi.ii as ea-
as fctty barber li4hte-clty. He'baa 'jpfy
neat.shoD. Call and ee.bim.
A Mrtam'-TA!rThVunf5iCbm-
mlssloners onVMte0yjiigponted W
Brown to establish aLor.near tne county
"aeaBajfifVanKia coonfrierldiaB. tin.
I n'pureui iice of an act of the Gaperal A H
embly paed Feb. 2Wt, 1W, The luquna
or hillto thj;iertliea8t of tb Northwocd
place, .would: fce;nfcapit4, place,,ro1 1 fjrid
sueh'a meridian.
it Louis -wok. i!iei)v:rKr
.1 . . I't ol
, A ?CpiHTBBn-AJb I
meeting of the-. County-! Commbsloners,
heldeeteiyVlir'?8 - prfcttS that John
A. Kaka-ba appointed a nijrhj whtnan of,
all the county offices aaa the (Jourt ot
Common Pleas ana I'rbteTJourtTthe "ip-
poftBwTjt ewpde rptn, IJeember
1st, and he to receive ou per munm ior
bis services. A firttara" movement on'
PaiiaUKTaAaUETbe Dlractoracf tb Pen
itentiary, J udire James L- Bates, Hon.jQ.
Harsh aIdfgrtfc-G.'Mlfcelr, trff Bow
In session. The principal business before
the, boaxd making pptheirport (9r tJje
fiscal yeajrc jqfT)psed, exum'-Jifelgatbe
boS,(J.',Sdirt"';.hj arf.o:nt,.Th
Pe"nltentryc 4anly arid; .j)tbCTW.
will makeaaxgyefUenjt exhibit tblayear.
iVTrTbaBTOcery vtoroi Beck
& Smith, eorher'bf' SotrthTPubflC line and
High street. : Wa "entered by rerbberk on
Minday night and robbed of tlS lp money,
beides groceries, Ijauors, and the ilke. But
that titer, stole the money; we shbold thrnkJ
that it authe exce1lehc:oiF
beer that attracted bra for, be It known.
be keeps the best a (heacity.:,Tbe rascals
obtalnedj aa. tranoet thiough the laas
doer -on Sotfttt Pubnei, lhe. '";
his. t!r.Tth
Fn. YMTMtDAT.-rT. Si Mprremt Co,
organized''' for the purpose t manbfaotatH
lng pharmaceutical prpparatlfle and cl.em
Seals and transacting a,gucra drug bust-
neaUd tbelfeeertltleatfl of lftcorporatlorr
wl 'tti' Secretary of -Stat yesterday,
Principal office ,4a ..CinolenaU. Capital
stock $150,00Q, li, tbarea.npf , flvOOO each,
Wnlfcrrell,,.,. jtterrfill, UeoMejt
rell and Geo; J. Copelatid are tte'orj?on-
tor,, boa
S ji
AtPTjT4Tiox. A negro, man living on
Front street, opposite JSmith Block,, bad e.
ope? atton of amputation performed on bis
left tMgb; loer tbljHl',a Monday after
noon, for caries. The operation , wa per;
"formed by DrvBoyle, vith'ot.cblcoforrir,
assisted by Dra. Coulter, SohotUana Fow
ler,-and was completely" successful. "This
Is tie fit-sC iirilh'many yearslfiat impw
tatibn has v been . petformed . , without ahe
anaesthetlas rTbeJ patient dlsplkyed Jthe
utmost determination and -nerve, and did
not utter a troad'adrlngju continuance
a.-: r
Arraignment ,of Prisoners. Twelve tt
the parties Indicted by the last Grand Jury,
wen afriijrned befcro J udg Green yesterT
day afternoon. Six of tbem plead guilty,
as followa; John Blizzard,' petit larceny,
sentenced to twenty day' confinement.in
the county 1 all on bread and water ; H nry
Augusta Qbaise, burglary, six year In the
penitentiary; part of the time in sollUry
confineoaenlt Emon. Huntley, petit lar
ceny, fined 920 and sentenced to twenty
day' confinement in the county Jail on
bread and water 'William Mlloy, assault
and battery, find 2J, na , etence.4tp
twenty day' confinement, ten days on
bread1 ' and .water; Alexander, Kldd,-petit
larceny, twenty day in the dungeon on
bread apd watery John Simmons, burglary,
six years ia the penitentiary. . The follow,
injrplead not guilty: Clinuw Garner, bur
slaty; S. P. Meadville, horsestealing; Cbas
Pugb, shooting with intent to kill ; Josiah
Anderson, purgiarT, fiin yur
glaryi William Buckman, grand larceny;''
Meeting of the Electoral College.
Rules and Regulations.
-Tnere was" ah Informal meeting of the
Electors for Trestdent and Y)p fresldeflt
at tliis OovrAork ef
flce. yesterday morning, at 9 o'clock. The
meeting was called to order by Got.
Hayes, and all the Republican Electors
ftxeept David Tod, deceased, -were found lib
fcvpfesehK " ' --;'-.
Atthe suggeeUoa of.(he Governor a
committee 1 consisting of ludge Stanley
Matthews, 'Hofi. G'. MtBurney.' IVedi
erick Kinsman, Setb M. Barber ond David
H'EaUey,'. was appoint to prepare'
proKxammaof proceeding for the govern
merit of the Electoral College of Ohio!
and to-report the kfcme at 11 b'ufock 'A.
M. Tae comnuttee, .organized by eleetins
Judge Stanley Matthews as President, and
D.'H. Bailey ' Secretary f- '
J A . v
5 TheVectofal1 College waa..galaajie4i
t) order, and the committee pn Busloese,
I. That the Electors present shall, on
Tuesday next proceeding the first Wednes
day UkDucewher, at iJ o'clock Jn Mw
are ready, at the proper time, to perlorra
their duties as such, at which time the
Governor shaJLdeli vr to them a certificates
of all the names of the Electors.
: 2. The Electors snail -meet on the first
Wednesday of December, at the office of the
Governor, at 9 o'clock AT and in case It
appears that one pr jnore ef the Elector.
are absent, shall then and there immedi
Bteljpvoeeed to- elect,- by . ballot,' in the
presence of the Governor, a person-orpr-sons
to fill such vacancy ot Tacancla TiHN
names Of such persou or persons so chosen
shall therefore forth with be certified to the
Gavernorby the Electors, making - u h
choice. And the GoveraorbaJl iriva InmM
ditto cotlca iii iwritines to uch person ori
persons so cnosen as atoresaia.
1 3. On the appearance of the' person or
persons o chosen to fill anv vacancy or
Vacancies, the electors shall thereupon im
mediately proceed to organize by tb elec
tion ' of a President and Secretary, and
shall appoint two committees, ot thre. .
members each, one to prepare and report
the necessary poll book - and blanks tor
Counting and recording the votes-ot th
lector; and one to report the mileage el
elector.'" - m; '.v-'., -
Two meMengrs shall then be selected.
one to carry and deliver the vote to the
President or the Senate 01 the United
States at Washington, to be selected by lot;
Che other to the Judge ot the U. S. District
Court Jor the Southern ' District of Ohio,
by election- H - i :" "
1 The President of th'e Electoral College
sTinJljend iy.mall the third certified copy ,
of.theleeteral-yoW to tbPjesidentjof the'j
Senate'of the ITnited States.
i it (At 2 e'elock M. of std SaVv Wi etee-TI
torsi stmlt4net at' the- Senare tJltambeV of! I
Jail the electors being present itball proceed
10 cast weir wtuemt rHrw ioa jrestaenc ana
eannd, for Yice,, President rot, tbfe -Vnttd?J
states, oy Daiiot, as ioiiows vi it.:o
I For President of the Urittnd States' for
ftwr vears from March 4th, 1869.
1 jrorvree a'resiaent 01 xne Uiuren states
'fprkbur year from Marehr.4th 18f9
i "llie ballots beinollcted-and ooiiwted
tbef resti It. in each case shall the a be au
uouneeti y tne iresidejit. . rt-
nm oikmw mnypv toereaitf rvxnemneei
cerUticaaei et -the "vote with;
llstscl theii lectors attached, shall
by all the electors Hi the orter of Ue
tricf as willed, iomil)etciig with the elect
ors attarjro and then sealed lor traosmiB-
Slorj. V ' W'fN'
1 51 The President and Secretary sbalffur-
nU to theGovernof an authenticated copy
of ttie proceediflgs vl tne lectoriJariittc.
anentrecord.jy T031H3i A
Tlje CoUege then ; adogtpd thejepprit. v,1
Tlia, .Ej'eotoral .CoJ lege : at lhaacloee, of
tbetr, 8fSiion3 woqt intO ;aucu and arvl
ganujed by,7ppolnttpg . HonvrfAut G. Me4
Bjurney, jreataen., antijiijt. Kailey, hock-
tary.U IA,Ball beinff, taken: Dr. r,,Vel
heyifiowyiOf PiqjKu jirfcs, c'boseh all en3
ddate to fill the vacancy occasioned by jbw
Stath of, David Tod;7?Gneral Schneider,'
ndge Stanley Matthews and1 Judge -kfus
ptan were appointed a commlttoe-to "pre-
rCsoJJlpof reral?e-tdthe decease of
ei-GTern-or:Tfldnvr;r3 (t . j;1,
I'i'he committee appointed to draft reso
liitions expressive or the getis'e pt rhe; Elect
Mjral CtH,' rfelattye t.()'flie;death,of ,0ov.
Tbd, ask leave. to preseut the following tor
Jtje consideration and action Of this body :
i Whkrkas, David Tod, formerly Governor
of Ohio, who departed this life on the 13th
day ot:Jfpvember 1S6S, had been chosen a--member
of this .Electoral College lor the
Stte at large ; and ' ':,."'
!Whkeas It is peculiarly appronriate
that we give expression to our feelings In
regard .ta ltts sudden decease, be it there-;
RetolveS, 'That we deplore the loss that
the State aad the Nation have sustained In
the dettthot this distinguished citizen:
that his public career and services, espec
ially his patriotic course at the outbreak of"
theTpbelJion and his disttnjrulabed.aad la-, j
vaiuaDteiaoor as tne xecuuye.,oi unio.
daring one of the most critical periods ot
the war, have earned tor him-.the lastinz
e ratitutte of the neopW and 'rhaile' - h isf
Elbu to every lover pf his coun-i
i That ''while .we' cherUtt VitH .-'
we-rawaiwr aiao tijg-extrea' cuaracter
aadsterling worth a atnan, his noble and
Iteiaereuk - qualities as a friend.-, bis crental
manners (hat adorned1 alike the executive-
coaawier nu. we sooai circle, aou wnicn-
combined. to win tor him, (be universal re-' i
siieefe and aftection with which his name
will always be associated. ''.) ' ''
J- ttofwA That Hon. Samuel" Galloway.,;
one of the members of this body,, be re-t
qaested to deliver tbts evening before this)
coWege and the public a eulogynphn the
lite and charcter of the deceased. .. ';:',
ISetoced, That the killowiog named gen;
tie men he requested to-offlciate at a meet
lng to' be held this evening for that' pur-".''
posei; As , President,; Gov, R. B. fiayec;
V t jo P sidents, Hon. Jas.'L; Bates and'
Gen. Geo. B. Wright; Chaplain. Rev. A,.
Byers; Secretaries, Jttooi E.; Braze and .
VnRa.Thrali.iM ti.nr7 aril -Jittriir-r- o! r-1 -I ft "ii-i
JJsaoIwerf, Thataicopar-of. the resolu
tlon. aud of the proceedlngs of the. meet- '
lng1 this evening, be iurnished to the family .
of the deceased. ii i" : w;i u. -..i-.h.-.-..
At plght, agreeable to the above resolu-
tiomsHon. 8am. Galloway delivered bis
leuiogy on Gov. Tod before the College and
a large audience. of cUlzchs. i '.'i-.
The College meet at 9 o'clock this morn
ing,' la the. Governor's office,' and at 12
o'clock,1 noon,;; In ; the Senate Chamber, !
which has -been tendered for tbat purpose :
by Cbl, Flood, Clerk of the Senate, to ballot '
i President ;and Vice President of Jthe
United States. - '.. - ' .;-.r ''-.:- ''';
1 -
l L'u-f.
Comausuoiters Appointkd. The follow
ing Commissioners tor the State of Ohio
were appointed by the- Governor during;
the month endlug November 30th : G. A.
C. Barnett, ; New . York City ;, Charlea H. ,
Hatch, New York City ; .Frederick N.
Dodge, New York '. City ; Benjamin F.
Graves, Lexington, Kentucky ;.' Edward
Kent,'; New York City ; Henry . Wiener,
Chicago; Robt. W, Wood,' Natchez,' "Mlss
JameaA. Lowe, jr, San Jose, California;'
John'0'Nell,TUusvllle, Pa; H. M. Barnes,.
Belmont, .Nevada; Otis Qrav' Randan
Boston, "Mass T.. Spencer Smith, New
YorkCity. . ...
'Columbus Sbwbr.Pips Compamt The
certificate 6t an organization to be called
the -Columbus Sewer PJpe Company, wa
filedtwlth the Secretary of State yesterday,
(t is organized for the purpose of manufac
turing stone sewer pipe, Ac. Principal of
fice In the city pi Columbus. Capital stock
950,000, in shares of f 100 each. Rankin
Walkup, J. F. Bartlit, Samuel Doyle, Phll
Hpii R. E. Neil. Jos. Geultner and
.Tnaenh Robinson are the corporators. A '
Third Annual Session of the Ohio
Dental Association.
The Ohio Dental Association met In the
room ot the Young Men's Christian As
sociation yesterday -pursuant to adjourn
ment, to hold It third annual session.
On motion. Dr. George W. Keely, of Ox
ford, was appointed Secretary pra tern.
The minutes of the last annual meeting
wer read and approved. '
Dra. H. A. Smith, ot Cincinnati, and C
R. 'Butler, of Cleveland, were added to the
'Executive committee. '-.;.
On motion of Drt Spellman. Dr. De
camp, ot Mansfield, Kehwinkle, of Chilli
cothe, and H. A. Smith, of Cincinnati, wer
appointed a committee to report rules bv
which th committee on Membership, shall
be eoverned. - i
The Exeentive committee' reported the
loiiowing businesa Tor toe Association :
1st. "What are the indications for the ex
traction of teeth; 2d, What, are the best
nMtatierlb eontrollingr the- fl wf aaiiv
during operations: 33. Mechanical' uert'
(istry toh, Deatai medicine? Born Methods
to the preservation ot tnedeiitaf pujp; ( f ."
' After the reading f the wuutes of the
called meeting In Kay last, the society, adr,
juurueu anui ';, ;.,! M.t
"The association convened at2P.lf.i with
a large accession to their numbers, jnaklpjj
the attendance quite large,
; nX',t atJnutesoi the toranoon session werj
! On motion; J. GrAdel VM CnAloyed to
take a phonographic report of thet discus-1
t .Thd nrst'sublect was taken"!!): "What
are-the Indications .lor the-) extraction f
teeth An InteTestlng discussion ensued,'
containlug much information of vital lin
portaaoe to every ptrson. : The disousoion
was participated In by Drs. Decamp, But
ler, BufFett,.DunlapTKels.ey, JHpnton, Kee
ly, Smith. Herriott, Berrys Harroun, Spell
man, Williams, Hardee and Kehwinkle.' "
. At three o'clock the .election of Officers
tor the ensuing year took; place, resulting
as follows: t'iv. a
! For President W. P. Horton, Cleveland ;
First Vice President, H. A. Smtth, Cin
cinnati ; Seeond do, F. H.R-h winkle, Cbil
licoth) Corresponding Secretary, C. B.
Butler, Cleveland : Recording Secretary,
G. W. JCely4 Oxford: Trrasaren At' Ber
ry, Cincinnati. i" :'
i After attending to othef mlscellarieou!
buUneas, the Asaociatioa adjourned until
lP.M.'T:-.'-:. ,.',r; -
I At the evening session, a committee on
Membership was appointed, after which
various subjeet were discussed until a late
hour, when the Convention adjourned un
til this morning at nine o'clock. ,
Portrait of David Top The Govern
or on yesterday received veyi correct
portrait of ex-Gov. David Tod, -which will
h placed with the others In the Sta'e House.
This picture was ordered by .Gov. Toil,
tie fore- h ts decease to be In readiness for
uinto4HlirW, Columbus .at -Jb;
."rrioni rn i re. or.t. ,inilthe-
of the Electoral College.,' If was mainly
copied from, a- photograph taken several
years agpCapd belbre pf Wa elected Goy
ermr, ftlving it a rather younger look than
was his. atxba time, of-hia xteatb , K. was
finished. sjnce.his deceasel(and was brought.
here, by Judge, Kinsman, Elector ot the.
19th DistricX-; Jt was-paimtp( by a young
3hio artUfc-Jolin CrawlArd, ;of Wafren,
id shows degree ot skill "that would do
credit toBior renowned and dtstingulshd'
artJsts..JQls, studlti,' wc are told,, has ,ln )t
already many pictures -that show a high:
di greC 6f ait,
Transferred" YestRpy!-TTiS fbljpw.-
lag,tranrer8-of real estate were lett at tne
Recorder's oirice yesterday : '. .."..' , .
IGeorze Knopf to MathlaS Lang. 'Decern-'
ber 30th, 1867, part bf' lots Nos. 57 and 53
lit Samiiel Parsons' addition to the' city of
Columbus for $550. : " ' i.'-
I Anthony ' W. Taylor, executor, to And
rew Morrison, December' l9t; 200 acres of
Unci U Truro township,' for $5 945 21. ...
!Peitet'1 Munroe to Dpncan Muorpe, A,uz
17th, alot oi land in the city of Columbus,
for 500.""' '"" ' "" -.'u.iitixl
jR. Pi WoodrOfl -and', wife to, V. Huston,
December 1st, quitclaim to part of lot No.
1 jinjjohnson's addition 10 the town of Re-.
nojdsbargli, for 95. ? V . U
IFireu Betweantwo and Tttireei!cIoick
yesterday morning, a fire broke. out In, the
resfaence of" John Brooks, corner of Ricli
aid TDjrcT streets' .The bullilliig wasQi
large frame; and. when the fire, was dlscov
eredlf wag biazlng fiercely. -Iii lesr'than:
ai bour,ouc f fficient"fireT3epartment r
oifra is an efficient department, Dr. Fuller
ton, ofny other .swell head to the con
trary, notwithstanding had extinguished
the, fi.amea and saved. 'the building. .The
lossTw ill" not,' perha ps, ' exceed $300. From'
tlie. appearanc ; of things,-' we' are- of the
opinion that the fire originated from a bar
rel o I ashe :ln tlie cellar. It can be ac
counted tor Iri ho otb,er way. It strikes ,'u.sj
There was no Insurance on the- property.
Je-vrefry made and repaired by C. E
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
For SaLb House jind lotsorner
... .".r.ViIi-i.-" ..
Franklin and Washington Avenue.:. Meat
desirable property will be sold at a bargain
Eoqulreof'J. W. Moor'e.'No. 43 West North
Street. . ; .-iU-i-.-!A .0'lT.'
'Pills. -
PiLfctr: bb 'n'ot suppose that every form
of. this complaint Is Incurable.' "The worst
hemorrhoidal cases are not beyond the
remedial reach of Holloway's Ointment. It
gives" tbnt? 'to the relaxed ihtegumen'tar aj54
acts as a sate styptic in the bleeding type
otj the-dlaordter - Not unfrejuently; cbq
stipation Is an" accompaniment of the dis-
easej;6ha wh'en 'ttjl happens, It should, ha
relieved with.saiall doses. of,-Holloway's
r us. ooia oy an druggists.
A Cold neglected fregqently lays the
foundation ot uncurabie-Consumption
No person should suffer one to continue,
Tfue, they will 'wear but," but ttiey often
wear tne patient out. The best cure is
Humphreys' Homopathlo Cough and Fe
ver Pills. Taken"' alternatelyj they :. allay
the lever, irritation and cough, heal up the
1 lings, and -cure the -disease, -PHc, six
bpxes for$l 25.,, Sold by dealers, and sent
by mail on receipt, of tha i price. . Address
idiNwCo4 562 Broadway, N. Y.'
iyja-d&wlycw V- -' ,
. f. i'i h. r. . 1 ." I - '
(Calisaya Bark. it is said that Messrs
Drake & Co. (proprietors of the Planta-
TipNiBrrriciis), are the largest importers of
Calisaya Bark in this country, and that
with the exception of an occasional sale, all
they import is used in the compounding of
their celebrated Plantation Bitters
which they, undoubtedly are indebted for
theliC iwonderful health-restoring proper-
tics. As a Tonlo and Appetizer, they are
not surpassed, and -we cheerfully recom
mend them. All first-class druggists keep
themforsale. . v i-.rn-'.
Magnolia Water. Superior to the best
Imported German Cologne, and sold at
the price.
RNT-sept25-deod&wlycw :"
I I ;' . s "- ' "V
' Wanted Book-xkepiso. An expert
enced book-keeper wishes to procure two
br three sptsof books to post evenings. For
particulars, call ou W. H. Thompson, No.
Gwynne Block, or address a letter to lock
box 1,320 Postofflce, Columbus, On stating
where to call. i; decl-eod-3t
, War against Inebriates bas been declar
ed by Dr. Johnston. ' His army of a' hun
dred thousand bottles of 'Specific' has
been put in motion, and : will annihilate
inebriates wherever found. '".'", .
Dental Association. LATEST BY TELEGRAPH.
The Dyer Inquiry.
The Dver Court of Inaulry was eneagec
luring the whole otyesterday In the ex-aminaiiba-
oT Major T. 'S.' Lardlyof the
Ordnance corps, who was examined at
length by Mr; Arrlck; for th prosecution,
tq suow Uie; history' of. the various project
tUes proposed toor adopted by the Gov
erarneBKtl-e witn,ess being the compiler of
the Ordnanee maddal and an eminent offl
cer of hi orps.- Thd clerk of the joint
committee btf 'Ordnance, Mr. V, T. Salley,'
whd had been directed by the Court to pro
duce! various letter and other document
which had teeri pot in possession of the
committee during Itslnvestlgatlon, replied
Uv writlng,,decliulng tolurulah the papers.
Probable Delay in the Settlement
of the Alabama Claims.
NEW YORK, Dec. 1.
netiiiglovernmnU wilU be i delayed until after 3
.newJ;l''PaTliBmet,''' fcotjTenes.-.t
A special 'Washington dispatch' to the
PhiUdelnhia Press savs: Tire latest devel-'
oprnent regarding the negotiation Of Mind
isten Johnaonirelatlve to 'the Alabama-)
piaims warrants' the statement that Mr.4
Seward, In behalf bf bur Government, has?
iBSiBted.ion amendment virtually i a iol-,
lows; - - h. ,- -jasA ..j
I first," :A distinct n'nderstahdlrig must ba
had that' the agreement, on the part of.
Ureat Britain to submit toe claims against
the two countries to the arbitrament of a '
claims commission is accepted by this
Government as an acknowledgment that
the recojrnitton of the Southern rebellion ?
Government as a belligerent power was a
Violation oi tne neutraiuy iaa esuiuiuiueuf
bv England herself. This mav not be in- -
sis.ed ort as an article in the treaty when f
It Is finally perfected, Dut It wm most a- (
surediy lorm . a utstinct - auo. permaneiH 1 ;
feature In the DreiHninarv correspondence." i
i Second. .That all claims against the citl-
unTTaens ol this Government which have been
decided In our favor bv the Uoorta 01 JUitff I
land, shall be excluded fronr the eooBidera- 1
tson of the Commission, it u quite prooa
ble that cJaims against the Uuited States, '
.which "have only" been' aojudicatea ; oy i
American Courts, will not be included in .
this exclusion. -Such, ah agreement a this .
can be effected" without violation to either
American or English precedents." 1
; It is believed jchese two poluts were Bug- ..
gested as the' result- of the first .Cabinet I
meetliig vaviilch'' haB'octnrred . since"' the'7.'
Jnhtjson-Stanley protocol ' has been 're-;
. , i . t . . . ri, 1 . ..n .i' V. '
other .'and more 'significant pointsi to be
abreed on at Cabinet meetln., In fact ltl"
feared the final agreeoient between, the two,,)
lBUl.piurtW delayedvm it;W
izationAof the new tnirristrr (vWch may 'I
npt possibly occur untit.'Mt.flewartTr ten- ':
ia . about '..expiring.'! So then
. m k k..k1j u,aL.".?-
ure.ui uuiue im
whole qaestion-
Grant's udminist ration.
JNew-men will"'
tf 0 or three, years betpra it.. Is- fioally 'et-. n
In this connection it must be remember"'
e toatthe Uolted'States 'canhdf reckon
upon the entire good will of John' Brtgha
'and his followers as It was stated in ardjs
patch' 'of Mr.1 Adams to' "Mr. 'Seward, lit
. .1 . . 11 ...1 J. , e . 1
1W). tnai m.r.-trr)rinr uioajjiroveu n uie
position taketi by the Tatter- fdwiardf Eag,-,
isna, ana noining inuicaieaunii,neaaa
phaiicred his mind slncit - - i- .
Public Debt.
The publlc debt stalement for November.
wUl frouf present indications, show an lo- r
whWA n hrohahiv SLnno.Oon: thomrh. it U , -
nbt uncertain that the returns whict bAve-
r . ' ' . n
not yet oeen recfiveu aj, mc department,
will materially lessen this estimate. The
dlsbuwetueoU forthepast mouth, except, t-i
trig the largeamount paid on account of tile
Alia k a 1 purchase, were1 comparatively
The amount of coln iiow on hand, jn-'-l
- '' '"" ' ''' ' i- .il'.l
. i. .!, . nn nnnmui'v)
Druring November there were issued the.1
Central Pacific railroad of (Jalifornia,' U.-1
bonds to the amount of 1,280.000, and
to tne union racinc raurpaa punas,
amount of 640,00Q.o i-.-j.--.r. i- .
The Official Reports.
The maforitv of the annual re no rt of
Gpverljwieiit 6fHcaiaf here, with the various'
!cam.panyng dui;uo)pnt8, are , still At tiie-:
ofnoe of the Pubkc. Printer. It isprob-.
able that by Saturday nearly all of the re
ports! inchidlnarthatof theSecretarr ol th'
treasury and President's message will be-
cqmpleted and p,,(he ghajulsoi Jjheir au-
tl'li8" ' --.T
Senator Sumner on Special Payments.
,i!.:iwiii iaMBIa. "- -1'
NEW YORK, Dec. 1.
. rrbe UeraloTa, wasbingtou special says::
Senator Sumneiv recently, in conversation '
witu tleral( i corrcsponuent,-ox pressed.
taitnself determined to take, a stand in Con
gress for immediate resumption of specie
payment! Nothing more, hethinkvneed
ba done' with the reconstrufctloft lawsl- as
Giienirknt . will enforce them. ;, With ,"
Reverdy Johnson he was utterly diagunted.
and was sorry hecousebted to his eou firm- :
; -
Revenue Compromises.
OTPure auomu an sucu oases to secretary ate-,
Culloclkor thOiAttorney Generalj"' I-
I t'lanrlANf-fil A Woafitntrfnn fftaf ' A t -': -
tornev tfeneral Evarta.eo.toiaera the hrae..'
T7i .
Jjrau'te as illegal, and that In Wnsr-qaenoe'
. . . a.
Cuilooltor thOiAttorney Generalj--
A Hoax.
BOSTON, Dec. 1.
The reported robbery5 ot-AvIii Smith, on
Cambridgb bridge,' last night, - was ' incor
rect. Smith bad secreted bis ..money ond
watch, and fabricated the robbery! it is al-
leged, to make easy terms with bU robbers.
BOSTON, Dec. 1. Merged.
The capital and business of the First Na."
tlooal Bank ot: uorcester hat been merged,
in the Continental Bank of Boston.
OSWEGO, Dec. 1.
X lngersoll and two. other persons were
frowned yesterday near port, on- returning
irom a nsmng: expeaition1 aown .tne laKe
lni a small , schooner. It is AUDDOsed the
vessel capsized.
! I"
About two Inches of snow haVe' fallen f
here since last night. '-li,,-.,. -viou"
St. Louis News.
ST. LOUIS, Dec. 1.
i ,A meetln? of some two hundred nrom-
Inetlt glentlemcir! of 1 this city ' met at the
Planters' House,', yesterday, and took., ac-.
tioui wttn reference : to tne Mattousa 1rn-
coin monument; W. H. Conkhlll, Genera?
Airent of the Association, was present, and .
explained tha ,j)lan. Resolutions . were
.adopted fittingly recognizing the honor'
bestowed upon jjieucetrant uenerai pner"',
man by the Association, selecting him out'
of the group of military leaders; to be rep-;
resented on- the roonumeut, pledglug con
tributions to the "Sherman fund.
On Friday night last, a man named Ertr
gleman living, ja, Carllnsville, rcut. Jhe
throat of his deceased-wife, nearly severing-
her" -head from 'her body: lEngleman
was arrested and lodged In jail, 'but yester
day a mob of country people took Ului Irom
the jail and hung him.. .. 'i ... .
Fire in Louisville.
r, A fire last night on Market street de-'
stroyed a frame, building -occupied as a
barber shop; loss $1,000, covered by insu
rance. -The flames spread to a three-story
buildings-adjoining, occupied by F. Hv
Soheirnoek, na a shoe 'Store and d welling, '
diimazing the contents to the amount of
$G 000, on which there was an Insurance of '
$2,500 in the German Insurance company.
ST. PAUL, Dec. 1.
The fourth annual December steamboat
excursion came off to-day, and was a
splendid affair. Brass bands and a large.
crowd ot citizens attended it. l oe steamer
went to Fort Snelling and back down the
river, and returned here this evening. The
river Is almost free of ice. ' V
AUGUSTA, Dec. 1.
' The Mayor and City Council have or
dered the postponement of the municipal
election until the assembly of the Legisla
ture in January, taking ground that the
negroes are entitled to vote by the legisla
tive law granting the city ch later, and that
an' election is null and void unless the
present Legislature s rikes out the -word
"white" in the city charter.
tlon-and Reconstruction law-givee negroes
the rigb-torvptitUe'aoi4)iUvJaw8 to
the contraiyj ntjUt4satJint,5td pro-j
pose holding the regular election, allowing;
negroes to vote, and leave the Legislature
to decide as to its legality.
BANGOR, Dec. 1.
Weston, the pedestrian, started on his!
The Charter Election.
NEW YORK, Dec. 1.
r)Tf.V(duVvoboKih'4(ity;r Hfil
M fl. pLwMqhfHall tJfcraocratvfrjei3il
K-maridConkliiig'WfJo. Halfs major
ity Is 54,091. The total registry was 173.
583. O'Gorman is elected by nearly the
same majority.
Great Storm in Sonora.
A GuVkrffas TettSrglves'aetansoTa great
storm in Sonora. about the l?th of October.
It also states that the steamer Lackawana,
lavingr In the harbor, a verv safe one. had
to get id steam t k'eep'frotBgojrlashera
ThC town of Lowtta. In" Lower California,
was destroyed. The mininz works on the
Jaqule river were swept off, and a water
spout burst over therclty of Alamo.', de
stroying the town completely. Serentv
dead bouies had been picked up.
Th0 Steamshtb France, from rivnrrihnl.
: . : . iSi m 77 - K '
In the Erie case, yesterday, before Judge
Nelson, a number of affidavits were read
?nd the argument ot one of the counsel for
, he vacation, ot ilie ordarHulesBlatch
ford appointing Jay Gould receiver, was
heard. The case will be resumed this even
ing and concluded, the court intimating to
counsel that the session would be prolong
ed to get through with their argument. -!,A.sultiutbenBie:ai
the people, emlbe
complaint of the Attorney General, was
commenced yesterday in the Albany courts
against the Erie Rail Road Company, ask
ing that.tbe directors be.removed,., An or
der warf yrancad by Judge Peck ham sus
pending the board, pending the bearing of
tne motion tor absolute removal next Mon-
Another Amendment.
i ine rrioune to-aay proposes an amend-
uwrtt ttf the'Constrtutlon that the: right "fl
unrasw D extended to all' mie m cena or
twenty-one years'Of age, and td foreigner
woo nave resiaea in tne country one year.
Charter Election.
i jTJh3sbartereleetlon ifpgr&slng wfthJ
qui. ntue entnusiasm. a very ligbt vote Is
rolled. It is considered that the election is
4 mere matter of form, and that Mr. Hall
fill be Mayor and Mr. O'Gorman Corpora
tion Counsel. Several persons nave been
trrestea ior illegal votin
negai yotine.
Charter Election. Gold.
A gold sale of three hundred thousand
lollars-wasmadet 135,67100,10135 lO-Ono,
More Complication in Erie.
it is stated t(rat' air. Metcarr, conn8el In
case, on Monday, shortly after
as iva 11 11 if uuuuaij 01 v cvt uutlUU iju ju,-
tfiske, abewas! liaVfti'gifctf aeraeylon a
'" '?",,ua," ol,a to leave the
Ttate, but Fiske and party embarked on
.rr--r--t, uj,
aaQ then been obeyed, and left at two
ifclock. Fiske, C. A. Seward, Judge Pot-
'T.r "uu Vkuc WUK, ",0 hrA"' OT "cre?.y
,r5B'wS;",,,"'?g ,i" rm?' "r.iarwoeic
.P" ,8K"' youiu. ootner naa
Ight millions in money, and some
l5l ,mUliaalntoel. il U nparatateav
uaynmxauagaMiajU're in ttWTiem
V uu l,lat neuuer risae or ijtouia naa
butoneof the directors lefton a special
fUifeaj-iy.Alo(iay8iofniiigiH sifmconr
ractsbetween, the- Erie ind XaWawMa
Oompaiiiea, lookiag to. cpusolidatlon.
it is stated a suit has been commenced
igainst the leader of the recent movement
Oa. r I a. l I
"f Sfv'fTOr?. 1' fljii'il. l Jill
Grant on Suffrage.
, , . . .
,1 ine wwaiaajw , wuoriany ?Jer"
fu the best attainable authority that
1 I UIBIIV as rupilOUfOIIJ 111 IOTU! v
a AmpnHinr rha VnfTrarrT fjincHtiit Iriii as
"f V""1- f reaincm uiuue mrui,
.,........ T ,J . . .
ana iw maise sivrsai auurssr. or auirase
fr1 i1" tUtftcs ancVloioysl
above the aj;e of twenty-one years, the
t supreme law of the land. With regard to
uniyersai saragefice suspect thCi .Vopatijl
provides that the several. States .may .regu
late snfirage,' each for itself; but Id' propor
tion as sufirage is restricted representation
shall be restricted, 13 npt considered a setl
unmisowvrBaifuuvi run cvab wninw
si rnnntTlflsr troubles; trofljThe connicl
ir g plans likely to be adopted among the
Sl ates; henc, no doubt,,. Gen. Gr,ant has
cc included air aniehdinentWalclVi'i' Otirver-
sal manhood suffrage the supreme law of
trip land in nil the Stare and territories, is
embarasslng question.
YesJtefi,'f etweehj freon ar((J q'epor-k
i the evenin?, a box containing certifi
cates and bank notes amounting to $90.-
OdO, was stolen from the PeqdannooklBaiikK
Bridgeport, Conn. The box wss Inside tne
vault of the bank. No trace has been found
of the whereabouts, ofi jthe musing property
Litigation at White Plains.
A case came before the,ear'fcTbite
Plains yesterday, in which a half million
dollars left by WmTaylAtffeUnvolved.-
t ,eIcf :WW ,13 wlIe . u,m lvrJ
left, no will. His jvite died tw ive
t years aer leaving' three-daughters and one
k ain r ann.ii wfMri in frtrmflpl v nmnlnvfli
srtni audUa.womtn formerly employed in
hls-ttiratly claims to hive lived with him hs
his wile several years, rand- to have had
three children by bim. he alwaysuppprr
ing her and herishitxlrtln and treating tbesa
affectionately. She claims her share of the
propertJJjf-.Tbe legal, jjolnt is Mr. Jaylos'f
action' in supftortini tne woman and nold-
iqg the relation ot husband to, her lor two.
i v. i . w 1 r i .i.cu.m
yrara, wuicu mnnrs tictacu aim viiiiurrti
heirs to the property. The case Is still un
decided. ,0M
he anniversary of the Polish revolu
tion f) 1836 was foeebritd jlait; vfjrilng.
by PoHsti residents Of Hits city and neigh
Anniversary. Greeley.
Horace Greeley deliivered a lecture last
eeuing.ln the Aby ssinian Baptist Church,
about the fcbridltioft Strict Telatlohs'ot the
colored people in this country, Mr. Spell-
m&o, fr-tlri the chair. I The principal topi 9
nrnef ri. irririrrMs nanl tiia auditory the aba
8qlujtJiCesstty cj being njofe salt i depeftii
aent. as it was an men were wo wining
to havttiers rvlrj -lof fcnd'see 'after
them. He advised strongly (he principle
of co-ope
peratWrf." '-? --- '-t-
Latest Suit in Erie.
The latest suit in Erie Is that brought in
Broome conoty.-alHi t.ktt State, wnich w
thorizea the Attorney General to take
charge of therpad. cTie Attorney Genaw?-
al ha dario soand plaoed It nnoer tnHMaa
agement of Jay Gould, which virtually
leaves everything asit was-before " '
am ,1,7, '-f' '-.i.u-n; .:i.
Strike. PARIS, Dec. 1.
The printers nere are on a strike
Lord Monek.
The Queen compliments Txrd Monck for
his adminisAfaonjjf the affrsof Canada
The Elections.
In the elections for the Commons yester
day,, Messrs, Greenville and Paagot, con
servatlyes.,were returnea irom jiiuboiim;j.-af-
"Eiiirrand."aiid O'Connor, liberal, and
Rnoth. conservative, for Sligo. The result
of the election thus far shows 384 liberals
elected, and 272 conservatives? 19"
LONDON, Dec. 1.
!A dispatch .from .Constantinople says It
Is believed there that the Sublime Porte
will recall its Ambassador from. Athens,
unless recruiting , lor , Crew - ceased in
Greece.', -- ..;)...:
BERLIN, Dec. 1.
Tnthe House of Deputies, yesterday, the
Mi uister of Justice made- Ipeechi urging
legislation for making the legal system ol
the Prussian Kingdom uniform with the
system of Northern States,
LONDON, Dec. 1.
Mr. Disraeli will not propose any more
names lor the peerage during the remain
administration. - -
ilr. Gladstone's chapter of Us autobiog
raphy is believed to have alienated many
ot his friends.
Gen. Prim.
PARIS, Dec. 1.
- Gedi PrlmHffarefterrone ahfo'H
trutll bf the epoh,:tmit':rib pttrposes 'aj
Minn rlatat- -O i
coup d'etat.
News from Matamoras Papers.
NEW YORK, Dec. 1.
According M the OfaerratoVof-lfflata.
moratt" Novembef j 13.- jGeneTalirEsccbedp
noiurrEiiias hi arvivw ai'Tlctorl; 1b
TameUllpat ('Otit 'thoUsim tfoons Tikd
been sent out after Braullo VaragrasV'wb
s reported to nave a rorre or BIX nunqrea
men at Croix. Tho BrownsVi'le-etetf of
General Bscop'edoV fVae ati AlanvHis'I.lTS
ot petitioned 4n Matamoras papers ' to
November 20th;: nixu.rt ; .if ulm
- - r. --
CUBA. Latest Advices.
HAVANA, Dec. 1.
Later advices received from Santiago of
the: engagement ibetweea th-Government
troopa and Reviurtooisis at Villa de Csbre
on the 24th ult. still increase the. number Of
Revolutionists killed.
r-j '''-oi- "
Makio atvropriatioqt forpurpojoi aheTaiaaamadK
Section 1. Ba it ordiiaeii b thi t'.ilflt,nnU
of . Uie oity qf Columbus, Tba4 tbara hv ana ia
horobjr appropriated out of any money in tha'l'reu
ur net heretofure aoDroDriated. the fallowing trxmt
of moner, to-wit: .ttii ,.ja
Cor Uie payment ti exeenaetot (Street Coiaaiia
floner anil Chain Gang, tl.lHKl. . - . , -, ; ,.
For the payment of employes of the Fire 1e-
arttnent, I,SIW. T
. Fqr the pajment ef expenses ef City Polloe, 1
JJ0 ;tha, payment of aalaciei of.Clty O oeri,'
tor expenaea or City fark, IJWS.-" '. i-.r.
.-For the pay meat of eleanina aodraDalHat alnet
lanops.100. -. . -. ., ,n i I .-,,,
or Uaa ami uaa Ltnt, 100. . - ;-
'er Dayment f Kieelaon lavement 1n frAnt Inf
Booth ngioa Hontm ttoa .
ror newera and JraiDage,3ua.. ' . n-;: , ,;,
Fnr payment of Teinporary bvm. tbfi00.- '. ,', ,
Kr1 i. Thfl .mrn..T ,n ,., iirnn,it nnTAnrttl,J
bykaforeeoaaa'iaeeeanaahall be expended ia the:
inanoer preacrioed by the fifth. taseiMm. of tovonii
aauoe definina; theclutieaql tne,C)ty Clerk, paesed
flay88th, 1667." " '-- ... , " .
ii ' i
1 PriaaifhKitef thaCiliuioBi
Nov.. A.-D.1S0S. -! -'-.J...n I
Attest; L. K. WILSON, City Clerk,
oj -An Ordinance
To aneas a apeoial tax apon the 'real estate soanil-1
mv a"weai eiae oi utgtr street Iron noble
treat to strawberry alley.iji 3,;J unj j.-,..iH
SBCTioit 1 . Be tt nrdained -trr tae . Ckv CiaivniV I
qf tbeeity of Columbus. That taeeu of Fosrteea
oenta, rive mills, be, and tbe, aama ia berc by levied
and as'eased nuon eaeb, foot front of the several
lnta of land boandiBEOrabattina nba the west side-'
for tlign street Irom motile street ta Biraooerry al
oimrverry -
D the plat ef the
f theVity .Clerk. ,
t a-don die row
ley. a, tne aama reaesigoeOBit apon th
uirii E,DRineer.on nie in tne omce oi
f or the oost and KtuBMiif buiWina
fla erorsinc across Mound street at the west side of
Han street, aoaoadwtv (wite attuMM e UW
0iv4i B:cineer, .., ..' . ( , ......'.c,
jSo. ST-'Tiiat tne twiiera of he sereraf 'loti or
lani DDonwhiuh the foreaot a aseeenneni' is mik!
upaa pay (fleets omatsipi moaay oy cnem asysrany
A .'- . 1 . I , c . - I 1 .. 1
illua iii ,u.i muai i . u uuii M M I wuyis
tsrantT davs from the AmtAjif Aha4. nrd in atu-A at K
sahjeet to the Interest and pmrert allowed "upob
,t . . ' . I
1..K. WiLao!iWJlrl: ) uiiajm?
I 'Sesorntibn to Contr'aet.i! 1
Jissile; tha't he'Cit.y Civil 'ltnitlii'ee'r'' oi'afifl1"
na is nereoy antnorixea ana airecieq to eonvract in
the name of the oity of Cuiutnbaa j wHtb' Matthiaa
Lsnz. for- bniWiae; -si doable row &"! arosaiMt,
aeross Soiith street at ,tbe. west side pf iib,stre
I iK or excavating or r4iBs;Korty eaoti pirsJaMS'if
yr,.,,,t. ,!( .. ;,'ii!..., .--U I..
.For boulder paving; Fortj-fire eati rjaaare,,,
' ilr yrarelfai 'sidewalk; ' pWbIiIpJ Inb'i
yanVi e'-.i limn J- iu ii,ii 'i jimjui.:!
tadoptea nov.23, oa. . -J:'.i: lr.
UMAv'-'Z'"-. 1 'V CiUr Chrrfc.-1
nasnlntinn Tn Pnnfra t .'' -M
'Jteiolned. Triat the Citr Civil Encifaee'r ,Ce. and
he i hereby authorised and directed' to con tract in
tne name ot trie city ot uoiumous, wun rreaenoai
KrFnrt. tnr hwilidinjr a. idea bl. row aa crossing
aqross South Pabjic lane at the wast s.de. et High,,
street, upon the following terms, to.-wit:" '-, .."
yard. : li"I -R !oi
For boulder, navlna. Forty-Bra cents per saoare
V "r!flMging.'H Inches wide,' Sixty cent per Dn-,
"ft '".-. .". '' '. .Ma'f L..a
fW'.i, L, E; WILSON, '
BOT16 dlt ' City Clerk,
it itsQUEREux:;
in -. fiii.mil lo - ijiii ui j it. ..!; S!i;iiMtI vi.
1 r 1- i'i ';tiiv.'i! ion 'tt - ' ! !(
iKtr---, -. r t 1 1 : i ;U Til-'tu ,vi.n:
in KaaXax!"16 :"1"'7' d lit' .!
1; W"vs.i7 twtiiin: i-jias ft-j! ;.r I .,
:i:-..; aEar.WEBa'i-itcliid-J t-ti'i of) 3n
,ii i!l:!iiiilJ:'i
' - l
i.if-'ii.''; i-iO'.'f i";ii-"ti .vT.ft-t
. i no al sl f ALtiJbS,
' ' l Mi' li . Ml!'. M,t( srl l
;,.i.iO X tot '.C
j ' ! v J ' OPERA' CiCiUSSES
Keep eonstantly en hand a large assortment of
l artna joDDingana Keren iraae, aibo, Agenta
t-.i-, ... ir IDS ' "' - , '-
W atiSirMaSrrsTooff thd Maf erTari aten'Ttaiatf'
i as (r renea apt Wenevaj ta full supply at
I ' i.'lww rates. -.i 'ct
AH orders promptly filled -and satis faction
)r . a. a 1.- L.r,ovua.ivE.ij a,
Tebli-eodly. ,Wo. 71 South Hish sk.Columb
Bar abb w a e.-'neBioaa.
1 , 7-, .tt J, -- 't : - - -
ipartnership with U. - 99BlQGllortli4
parpose of carrying on the Boot ana Ehoe trade at
Woald' respeetfufly '-iflvhi, 'thetr' "iVietidsVn ithi
pablic geLerally to call and; examine their fiue fnd
well seleeted stock of Indies'. Gents'. Misses' and
.Children's Boots and Hboes, thia day received SJ
reotreta tne cast ana woktb tney aaa nnw onenraa;
jor sale on the moat reasonable terms. a Id ear nu-
iifaoturing deparijaea,! speoiai atieutioo ia given to
Stepainuxoi ailtiMUB eesigReuH vruwtMjt uuoe.
patronage. itheSij tiv W a -cat(,.. .No, (rouble to
- .1 .A.nntr..ll ...I ; i , . ah... .if nnKliM
show goods.
Remember the place : No. KS Sonth High street.
Cnlambns; O.'Sept. 1. 8i ' dtf '.
nKUPItlETftltl , cani.TtKira VtVWsr
17 r-lJr It MAGAZINE, end ageaU for-ihe tale of
Haiard lewder Company a Jowder. p iAgenta tor
ha sale f - -..' - -t T .
... GARDNER, PHIFFS' ft C0,S .
lOeleDrated, SntrtaJr ' jCiredJIani,
i ...... GROCERIES ..h:-.-., t-:.i(
i . ana aeaiers in
Lin all their varieties,
Imported Wines; Brandies
Cigars, eto.
I rc ii I a JFURNITURE. r r 3 q
ICBAIbBAial. '.' ..CHAEUJIgC.Biaj.OWa,,',1
' O. t. ! BUTLIK.
Nmb. QlltAfilfi Nanlh Hlrh Nt.
(7Aerv'aasis ltanvfaetory-Ut mf tt Foot qf
J '. South ttttet, on th Cattail ,
Their easiness transactions." both Wholesale and
Retail, new extend tbroushontthe States of Ohio,
l'enasylvania and Indiana. They raanalaotnre -
f all elasses and very design of superior workmanship
aad finish. Also, (Jane-Heat Chain of'
every deaoripUaa. Whelaaale and Retail.--
t febS-decdlv , . . .
wl B. BBOOXS. Alan. Hoceron. WM. H. St, D
J. &,W. B. BROORS,
Cor. Bleb &HIto8.,ClBimBa,
Wholesale Grocers,
DIALBBS 1H . . .i'r.
Island Suirars, Coffee. Teaa 6picei.Tobaaess
XjZOTJORS, csbo.
Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 1.
- GOLD I jfjibu y lpg. . , '
Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 1. New York Money Market—Dec. 1.
tQLDrHQuiet aaalavmdyi i
Wlv witWiittJjcr,ltlng.tuaMrauioanA l .o
MOEY In active demand. Banks are
tabtmy-, fiftj tbegralti idXotii In
rsFi.?y aenquutniDqerWl
ImpuritS to Cincinnati and the" SouthweaL
fM biak rte;u generslly r peBAiajBta witai
oecasiaital .tTansaMton-aatttlfjeJcaQfr
mPrrtsthe'Vatd laceneraliy 6 pet ten d
Discotints quiet at 6SI:-; i -'3al
theTyaa,rket tnoq leely at 103.
.oaftpeen. iw.i35. and the closing rate
1& Loan wre'madea frow t o ff'pef
4et.f( carryingi1 - i fct
1. VTaJstroetf, waA vtitir-hrXSnJAt x&tM
New York Stock 1.
closed1 steadr at' a" fractional Improvement.
!-, -gijWr VjRle-'div'J"! rfe'dftae ba?
stimulated a gooodemand. Counonaof "81
ttlOCk market dltll and drnnnlna at. nn.n.
"a . . . . ri
lg.-,There'Va'8 TMhWten'iMf i' hot-
Hon ot last etetirngVflecllne' Recovered,
bat later the piarket seemed to sink oMtsi
d.wni weights a Erie has-been exempt! frota'.
sensation, and seld more freely." Tb tnosv
noticmble Stocks have been, the New Yorlc
Osirtfal, Mfchigaia tifti eftaBdcVTrf-1
land.. Jlerchaot' Pnion has been pressed
tor isale, i and -' went: as-- toarr-asj t7f It f
stated that stockholders-have bewrf p otifledi
to pay a call of $5 per .share, and li defattlta
thereof their .stoek. be sold. The Had-on
River Company has resolved to tesue a.t
100 000 In new- stoek,"lkn to-fake trp n
t qual amount of bonded, debt which ma
tures February 1st, the old stockholders to
have tha privilege o( tolo fwrrsaocl at
par. 'Transfer books close January 1st and
re-open qn tbelst..,,...
The diitors'or'thijauV Company
have issued a circular to the stockholders
askiDjrtheni bp ot modify thrticlaa.,i
the Company as to enable iMtm-t mn th
Com p soy s torphirfinMjBeri whicIV1 would,
tberwise be diyided as a dividend? lb pitrr
ihaslng-flfty miles' oC the ,MofireKo"s
-Monxiaty raaroad. IS u eSttraated that.
md. the t remainder ln-qUal anjiWht rtf '
common and.pteferred 8thcki' TheSt.Pati
stocks Wc uiifayorably affected by the pub-'t
ished intentions of ttiw i trwtHrs. d tSr J
greement between the , membrs-,of tlift..
tpoin St. Paul stock has resulted ia the)
itstitution of legal proceedlnes agalnrt a
oos prominnt&mernbei 'TfmarVef5
generally doted dall butlsfeady.7' 'V,.::
B:S0 prices Wells' -,Esprrf!ig27jii
Amerioan45K48r Adams-4848; United-
States 4546; MertAarrtUniod' rT54a
17: Pacific Mail 116W WrtfWl
ion xeiPgTapn sbJffBbTi wTotk'eM
U0; Ohio & Mfosissippf-'awWglSSrja
SSfSlmnolTTieSrral 142; PlttsbuVfS"
87J6-'oiadoJ00if voterslaBsJ ia
Alton preferred 146r-Creve. Col. Cin. fc
Iud. 77. I"i' l sx-iimwl in-ns't
O-lordo :65"l07lu2.dV.ewi iioja
i.rai ioigizai i,rie ooigas RCJrnJK
IS-;.'4;?'. 'S i " rvjra'3v.,u""1a
New York Stock 1. New York Market—Dec. 1.
CQTTQV-rVerv) fitin-.ndess active:
FLOUR Closed dull apd.unsetttedtjow..
pade8 iinchaneech'white Medium and red
e-radrtiheav-varHl flolinlnir.-' i.ousa a vd 3 mil
WlJEATH0avy,.,ftird, MlemMA-whlafl'vi w
1a zrvntr -? .i iTi t Th
wcsierrie" "
GAiSiT-Steadr-at iWefttor'
POIiivr-Karalnad at: 28d foe new attd old il
'iSXtU 1.'' .11" t'l 'i Y'li'J 3iiJ .V;1TJ JIAIUia
BACOIir--Firm:ahd irt falf' Indhfr
LA KD .Heavy at U10?i.e ior fair "
PrineJtea,n'f'.!TT'i"J ni n SI 2MiLKr
' win t-itJi.m 11 r;I .il-fU lo Mil'iiiaid
and -$t 16$I 18 afloat for mixed west- ,
errijst uii?i nil .li.-jta a-u (ii,)Toila
Cincinnati Market—Dec. 1.
FLOUR AJfO GRAIN Qoiet. .iMlhna
COTTOS-Firmer,iiMl.ldHu;; 23b.v bn
WH1SI?V-Steady)at9afv. ,n ,, ,iT '
HOGS-Obened Active i addhfa-neH bbIm .
it f e58 ferdss.,;,ahd"i9 ,:53ta9 5f5 nfettL.""
Closedidulh and the best ratwenred'WP''
7.75j$Q:(or,ttie Aevisra eaejeiptaaarjol
iTORfrMess firnuutluYeHi1
13.-!i!i't:Ht .Vl4imH JlfKISl OlXiil fliljrt
j BULK i MEATS Fitro-vkms dejnand Ja
lig jit ; shoulOcrs, 93caide od jo
alt to twonhlrdB ' cured; '"Juily-'cbretf"
oald bring Jo aigher.J though' catTd"1'
Ugiii.--::- inH viri i !til Wa n'i tins ,nffnoo
LAKDOlliet and firm- fan nrlm.
team and llja'e for kettle rendered,, ,
xw aaio r irmer ; pnouinprs
sides aoei"'and Irtrnrt lWrillJ'i
curers aud buyers rather sptig'btfy rt thesa-n
rafea.'Ti yc.l nS la iiiiifiiji ut jlt 1 1 JH
and tlrmi 'snr.rt nu b.'ia nnil c-VaYjaA
1 OIIj Linseed dulif wniy'Tefalh dew and" "
at 96i in liux-t i.d h ? (. i, i iri o ja uiuuim
PETROLEUM Dull at 30Clo"l v.ina't
- " '- " inn r O'f.'ol.'i
Chicago Market—Dec. 1.
FIiI7ROulet and rrrmiWrftVTirl'tWlO
irifrrrtnoliv ilir'ToWerttrarlra Vvf Bnrlnir VVJ
tn'.i"lt Hi at. Bri 'Wrtr7 Wl
d "botfinar arid-1 Yta-20"11
lower; old hacflv" and ahrmfft? nnrninafi?,'!
nrir.h rllffkl! daUM A KVT 4 ,1 fzl'7RU?i4,il
and rejected at 3063e;ctesipg quiet at 6ia,Ri
iorew sneiieu, sates-rro. l since rensnge at
)rj k i f it. -j- i . ,-rti.y.j Mil ; iio.Tki; l KI
OATS---DhlI:7jIes $8. 2 il,4k&&i7W'&,
ecred 4343: cloaiTTr; Inside; -ns
xvi Hi racier and lc lowenfalesfo -
1 at. ISMrf4tf,sna: JToiif &miK&,r
I atrl
fra;'W(tHales at S25(7 0.,!"V'' p?
j WHlUTQlietfia'easierfHwln.'i
lefeing atIllfl ff9lcSfr:! lWof
St. Louis Market—Dec. 1.
WA- .nia..t."i an - i..:?i..-7-TIj:sri
Tl e A ' , A l7iravA an VI W r a . .... . J II.
jj.7r,rr- iw-a. j j . J TTHl J? UiwJUaV J JHm
PROV19tQ!fa4 Westt
BACON Bmah 'sales it lie1orshbuWrH-
Kt V -a-a, AJiajLaj. , i j , ccatjia,, Uta Lal
art i,H"m a w rr tr at a t r - Tr i tr m.h.i at
lvniiirv o7oa .inr
ViXw.a: tt. "PfO.H 1VIA 1AH
rradeir'sintvt."J,"l,- -"l 1 1 -"'l.1." '"' .if
WHEAT StifTfdr wihteVr'shrrrifr liblii
lower f 99ctOT Shoulders and 133il?jVo.'!x
for qlear sides. ,.
Toledo Market—Dec. 1.
CORN Uucliansred: sales beW, at. 80c
did No I wlilte 9'2)c; old rejected 93 .' J". .
1 Nbvl66c toMc.- . V Vl
. i RYE-Sc betteifiasidrNdUndliai,
I UillO -r 11 mci shu a PimuB (IC(KkilUl(ilin
rpR-Qulet ahd tjhad'be'ir;Vjet? 7i
1 at tl 75 to $1 76. 'J". ".llit
i B ARLEY '6cJ betten .safes 'Canadiit''
$2iotoai5. ,- ; ' : y, '.;,,.;,:;
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Dec. 1.
The weather Is cold, and there foal eltpr
inquiry for goods, although the market is ,
itiU dull enough In prices, however. There)
perill unbieachtd muali'n, . which.- is
lower. We qiotePepueriil,E. at 1
l oi. r ii i.-j v mi'- cri
sheetings rule-steady at. 15 16 J3rewa,
drills 17 for print; 12 for Amoskeag; 12)
for, ggrague-s J34 for Cochicc and.Merri
mack. . Printing eloths 7 ,fpr ,coinui0Uj-
to extra ' '-" w 7 , ,; s",", r'bn a
Toledo Market—Dec. 1.
FLOUR-Qalet. ".' ,":ul "
WHjfiAi-i better; kmber tl 76. . ' , ' ;
CORN Stead V: new RW f. . l"JK
. CORN Stead V: new Rd.v
! gATS-Uncbaoged; Mkbiu
i tj a i?t e i -a. sx..a.4ti e ii;1'
lVG UrUrtSrf UHl'wUa rta) -Tt-l i . x
Ii,-1..' f bi-iil.T
Milwaukee Market—Dec 1.
WHEAT Pull; $1 21 In store., , , ,:,". r,
Buffalo Market—Dec. 1.
: The market Is generally inactive and uo-,
changed except barley, which sold at $1 $5 '
1 80.

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