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io statesman.
THIWIBlf nOKNlNAt - . - dec a
Democratic State Central Committee
COLUMBUS, O., Nov. 25. 1868.
There will be m meetiajt of the members
el the Democratic State Central Commit
tee at Thurman Hall, Colombo, Ohio, on
Tuesday, December 8th, at 3 o'clock P. M-,
tor the purpose ot fixing the time of holil-J
lag- the next State Contention, and the
transaction of such other basiriesa as may
come before the Committee. A full attend '
snce is requested.! : v ..; -.it
LEVI DUNGAN, Chairman.
H. S. PROPHET, Secretary.
News and Otherwise.
i.Oou closed n Neyr Xorlt. yesterday at
lMwsll 1:1 L .Jr.yii.-'vo n..;-..: v-J
Mrs. Bkjaihs Fraxkun could not read;
Iowa Is tohaye i450,000.lnsane asylum.
tTh CornhUlMagasiis has been suspended.
i TmLJUode says that Toledo is -literally,
overran, with oeggsn."- ;. i-hr-iiLU
Rulkoid freights ere said to be tendirg
downward. ! !' :'
' Thk King of Sweeden won't sign any'
more death warrants; '(:"f','
TaxT enamel the face and turn the hair
yellow In New Xott lor seyen aoiiars.. ,
- Tarn Opera Bouse enterprise has been
abandoned ia Pittsburgh.-. ' ,3s ...ii,,,;,,,,
' Tmrni hundred; dollars baa been raised
in Philadelphia for the Swbu aufierera.,;
Jtnxja DcaRiLL, ot Louisiana, has dls-
peiised with the iron Clad oath. : ; :'
Generax Eobkrt E. Lm has a Bible
class, of ISO members. ..","''' '.'.""' '
,1am valuation of the real estate of Phlla
delpuU. lor ,1869 i 454l?e('429- , .
A,B(r. Lowis husband wants a divorce
beotUM hi wife throws the children at his.
keadare .' artnM; -!'! .-'Vv'.l y
A MicaiOAHlady has had a twenty pound
ovariaa tumor takeu from her at the Wil-,
aoa street hospital, Cleveland. '!
cWiri velVet 'was" worm by a bride at a'
neat wedding in Norwich," Conn, last'
week. ( .,:r ,:, ,!,'. ,v
jTwi hundred and twenty-three thousand :
barrels of salt were received at Toledo the
PMt.season. ,t .? '. i
-T city i)f New York has over one mil-;
ltOt Inhabitant, and half a million in her ,
Suburb ti M-iV " oi- ;.i:,;r : J 1 ,
Th ; jSJrfrf or" Democracy I prononncea ;
ball-rooms tor Insane Aeyiuma aa sense,
less. ' . , '" ". ;
Tii Police Court of. Toledo for the,
mbhtKv-oip November passtd upon ; 113 !
caseW'!!"r '-"v ''I'v'.
lat Xnderson, Indiana, young, man '
choked to death on his Thanksgiving dln-
nen '.""' ' :'.,.','V :V. i U -
A LAsr.tn CleTeland, a few days since,
narrowly escaped death from a prescrip
tion' wrongly put up at a drug store..
Soo, after examining the seventy
four passages in the Bible in which the 1
word elah' occurs, regards it as aa ac
tual appeal or summons to Jehovah. "
Th Scioto' iSaasWs (Radical)' knows fot
no better theme for Btrict ' iovcstrgatidn
than the previous administration of affairs '
of the new Lunatic Asy lum at Athens.
Tii" Hartlculturist thinks that apple
treesv Is prchards, should be planted only
Id by 15 -feet, and standard pears 10 by 10
feet, dwarf pears 6 by 8 teet, wiib.au occa
sional evergreen tree.-t .- :
BOV. gTisiXT JUatthkvb, of Cincin
nati, woulb not refuse a place in the Cabi- .
1 net as Attorney General,' llf Gen.-Geamt
were to offer it to him,- ; . V .
Th Indian wars for the last forty years
are aaid , to hve ..cst the country, eight .
hundred million dollars. Peaee could have; ;
besa, preserved with, them lor quarter that
amount., t . ,?) i.isr'sn.i . ?a'
A, tbbocOR frelgbt line from Chicago to
Liverpool, . via ) the MiuhiEat Southern,
Lake Shore and. Erie railroads to ' Jersey
City, and thence, by the Cunard steamship
luus. la contemplated, "i-.yi ' ' i
Baapk&'s Baza estimates that the year '
ly expenditures of a ' fasulooable y pnng,'.
sua lor cigars, billiards, wineadrees, uinn';
nens fast horses aad amusements, is about
$7;0O0. iJ ' ": ; - .'
Gait. SHMBi reports a "victory, by
Gen. Cutter's command, over a party of
Black KettleT Indians, by which the Chief
and-oae hundred and two warriors were
kilted, and' the whole camp captured. "
la as. B. B. Stows seems to think it out
of place in people dressing iu tbelr best for -.
church. ' It fs all well . enoogb for them to
do safer parties, H would appear ; but the
mpre negligent it is for the House of the;
Lord, the more acceptable to Him. ' Pehaw;
Thi Nex York Herald reads in the sus
pension of Hunnlvul's rabid revolutionary
orgaa at - Richmond, Va that the day of
the Ka Klai Klaa, "carpet baggers" and
"scalawags' In the South is drawing to a
close. Heaven grant it. -,xlv r
Th recent cry on the part of Republi
cans, that there were great frauds in natu
ralization, was simply raised to furnish
pre t to so' legislate aa to make it rx
vremely difficult for men of ioreign birth
to be naturalized. , . ' . XS'' A ' C
Habvst P. Platt, Esq, of Toledo, hav- ,
ing; declined the Democratic Senatorial ,
nomination ia the 83d Senatorial District,
JameslC. Newcomer, Etqn of Fulton, has
been unanimously nominated. We hope
he-may .be elected, as he will make a most
excellent Senator. ' ' '" ":
J udt -pictures a railway carriage scene,
and gives this conversation: Swell "Aw
would you pbjeeVaw to having the glass
downf" Young lady 'Oh, aear, no; in
fact, I was oo the point of asking you
either to' put your glass down or leave off
staring at me." Swell -f" Aw." ...
A TaRke recently started a restaurant
on a new plan in San Francisco. He suc
ceeded ia employing twelve neat, tidy,
quick witted and good looking girls, and
straightway did an immense business Io
foqr weeks from beginning one morning'
be witnessed the marriage of the whole of
them. His establishment is considered bet-
tefthad a matrimonial agency. ' . j;
A FSLLOW-by the name of J. H.' Bing
ham, engaged in selling the new engraving
of Gen. Gran) and family, and claiming to
be a nephew of Hon. John A. Bingham, has
been for a week or so In .Newark, and left
between twodavi Witboutse t ins his boaid
" billT livery bill and framing bill VHls board.'
' .... . . - i
bill was coacractea wiin a wiaew woo
cannot afford to lose the amouut' V .';. :
Tai : National Uan ufacturer's . Associs
Oon, realizing that the people ' are pai & )
too Much, calls on tbem to- petition Con
gress demanding such legislation as shall .
sec ore better government, reduced and
simplified i taxation, and the reduction of
some of the more expensive features of the
arm-and navy; ' Had the Democrats been
successful such petition would iiava beeo
?T"7,".J t imiii J. 3
People of Ohio Think and Decide
for Themselves.
-Since the election, Republican papers
have spoken with plainncfs and emphasis
against the corruption that prevails in high
'ifflclaf places. One Republican paper has
j one so far as to say, that so great is the
lunoneaty ana corruption in omciai quar
ters, and so blunted the moral perceptions
of the people generally, that we illustrate
the condition ot affairs shortly preceding
the fall of Rome."" In all quarters, outside
Republican officials and the great army of
expectants,.there 14 a loud demand for ref
ormation of the most sweeping kind.
The Republican Electors who met here
on the 1st Inst, by their action; testified
how much they appreciated the necessity
of Reform and faithfulness In official posi
tion. . Governor Tod , was a ., Senatorial
Elector, and his death necessarily created
a vacancy; in the Ohio Electoral College
that had to be filled by appointment by
the members' of that body. The position
is supposed to rank a District Elector, just
as a, United States Senator is supposed to
rauk a member of Congress, and for that
reason Is looked upon . as desirible. , On
Tuesday evening, Hon. . Samubl Gai-o-wat
delivered a eulosy on ex-Governor
Tod before the Electors and citizens. Ex
Governor, Tod's virtues were extolled. He
was represented as a man singularly pure,
honest and disinterested, whether as a pub
lic man or as a private citizen, and those
present constructively , put their pocket
handkerchiefs. to their eyes and did weep
copiously- that Divine Providence should
hive .suddenly removed from active use
fulness In the world a mansocoospiclou-ly
emiuent tor his worth.
, A looker on, unlearned in the professions
atd practices of Republican politiciaue,
would have taken this .tribute to alleged
manly character as sincere,, In the light
Of subsequent action, it must be regarded
as hollow and hypocritical. . The Electoral
College on yesterday appointed G. Volnet
Dokckt to represent ex-Governor Tod in
that body. The Sute 1 iamltiar with the
iact that he was arrested and broken of his
office as Treasurer of State for unaithlul
ness in that office. , He was ' not dispos
sessed ,by members of the Democratic
party his official conduct was not exam
Ined loto and reported aa clearly in viola
tion of law by . Democrats. Hon. Pktbr
Odus, of Dayton,. and Hon.- Wm. Henky
Smith, them Secretary of State, both Re
publicans -of the first water, and personal
friends of G. "Vi.lnet Dorset, made the
examination, as Special Examiners under
the: Independent Treasury Law of Ohio.
They published their report, in obedience
to an order left by Governor Brough.
The - Oh'o State Journal (the Republican
central organ Of the State); In commenting
on this report, September 7, 1363, said : '
uTht allegation and expositions of this re
port mUftetoMsn the pubue--. it presents tun
Daiances on ail muas neioneinx io me stair,
and declares that no deficit exists In any
fund; but it exposes the humiliating- fact that
the Treasurer of state fG. Volney Dorseyl
has abused the trust reposed in him by the State
or Ohio has outraged .the eonitaence or the
parly by tchich he, was chosen treasurer, and
has violated the taut which- he swore to ooey
when he entered won the duties or omce.
Such is the man, as photographed by the
Journal, who was elected as the fit man to
take ex-Governor Tod's place lu the Elec
toral College. Now, if ex-Governor Tod
was the sort of man represented by Hon
Samuel Gaixoway, in his eulogy of bim
on Tuesday niht, we submit whether this
was a suitable selection whether this se
lection was au actual glorification of un
bending integrity and an inflexible rever
ence for law in high official life.
G.'Volnby Doksby's selection was not
Hobson's choice. Other men were spoken
of in connection with the place,, whose
honesty baa never been called in question.
Governor Cox was mentioned. , He has the
reputation with political friends and polit
ical opponents of, being an- honest man.
Of. course, he was not here button-holing
the Electors .for the appointment; but a
dispatch assuring him that be could have
the positioq undoubtedly would-have re
ceived bis acceptance and attendance. He
is a gentleman and possesses that degree ot
ability that dishonors no place. . , . .,
I G,YpxKBT Dorset wanted the position.
to the end that it would coyer up bis lalth
lessness in the office of Treasurer of State,
aid be to him a passport . to ; General
G last's favor for some foreign appoint
ment, or for some lucrative appointment at
fame. j yVe don' find, fault,, with, him tor
seeking the place, any more than we found
fault with GiBSpif, who - was convicted of
em'iezzlemeut in the same office, for aspir-
lag to a place )n Congress; but we do ob
ject to any party which honors such men
getting up a claim to pre-eminent purity
in politics, religion or morals. So long as
this -class of .men are honored . by theii
party,- it ia useless nay, it U the extreme
of Jolly to dee ry official corruption, prof
ligacy and unfaithfulness. Governor Cox,
the honest Republicau Governor, is virtu
ally powerless in hls partyv, while G- Voi.-
nbx;-3 DORSkY, ithei ; derelict Republican
Treasurer of State, is conspicuously .hon
ored'. Think of this,. people of Ohio,- and
decide for yourselves how much politic'
morality is hereby promoted.
Slander of a Dead Patriot.
; The Marietta. Begi tier, givinz a biograph
ical notice of Governors Tivnk; Worth-
iKGToand LccAa, thus speaks of the lat-
t-r, who U dead J .-: -io. -(:.,J!':i-;-!
Kobert Locas was also anattve of Jeffer
son county, Va was amone the early, set
tlers of Scfoto county, and -was ;a. very
rouzb, profane and violent man : became
General of the militia, a State Senator and
was elected by the Demociats Governor ot
Ohio in 1832, over Darius Lyman, Whiz, ot
Portage county, by a majority of about
8,000. In a poll of over 134 000; and was re
elected in 1834 over James Findlay, Whig,
ot Hamilton county, by about 4,000 major
ity. He then resided In Pike county. Be
came Governor of the Territory of Iowa in
1837, appointed under Van Buren's admin
istration, and died in that State, a Jeff
Davis Democrat, two or three years since.
We have no good impressions whatever oi
the man. His personal character was Cad,
as is attested, by the court records of Scioto
county "
'The last lines of the above may be true,
bnt until so proven,, we denounce them at
a slander. . Gov. Lccas must have changed
much, if his " personal character' was bad,"
for' a more exemplary man, while Governor
of Ohio, we never knew. As a member oi
the Methodist Episcopal Church, and as a
God loving, honest man, when we knew
him, his character was above reproach. In
Iowa, when sent, out aa Territorial Gov
ernor, he was exceedingly popular. : If the
editor who thus takes occasion to slander a
dead man, had , one-half the virtues Gov.
LOcas, while living, bad, he would never
have engaged in , the work of slander and
detraction of. one who, while; living in
Ohio, was ever regarded as a Christian and
a patriot . '.i B - .,' , ,,. '.
Paying Too Dear for the Whistle
Ti e Electoral College, which met in tbi
city on yesterday, to cast the vote of Oh'u
fof, Grant and Colfax, as President ant!
yjee President pi the United States, ws
rather a costly affair to the p-opl ol Ohio.
. Xb Electors.each received a per dieru
allowance and mileage, amounting In tht
waola to 73 days and 4,352 miles travel, ioi
wblch they drear from the Treasury as fol
lowsi.rHR-i i- ii--.: ' 't '
PraiamallowaBea......-.....:......4.r: 9S3i 00
1 3it miles travel, at vti cents per mile
tit Io messengers to notily kleotors....
it oi
sst oo
t ; .'i ": ' :-91,383 oo
In addition to thisjnust be added the paj
of W special messeDer to carry- the poll
books to W-shington, at tho mileage rate
paid to members of Congress, amounting
tc $500 and upward, but this last amount
is paid by the General, Government,' and
the tax payers of Ohio With those of other
States will have to foot the bill. . .
If the election ot Gen. Grant would'only
restore peace to the country and open the
markets of the South to the' great Westi
the expenditure might pay,, but, aa Gen.
Grant, under the rule of the -Radical lead
ers, will not dare do any such thing, we
areeouetrained to believe that the invest
ment by the tax payers of Ohio in the pay
ment of the Grant Electoral College, will
not pay expenses. . - : ,
"RAMSEY At the re!denc of oer mother, ia
thi( oity. it hlf-pst throe o'olook on Wednesday
moraine, December id, in (ho lm year of her ago,
of ooasumotion. otter lone mnd Dainful tnfferinv.
whieh ho boro with fortitude and Christian ret
i nation, bLXORl, dauhgter or Mr). AudeliaRam
ay, wiaow of the lata Kobert Rrnmaey.
Friends and aoqnaintaneoa are rMpootfnllr 10
rlted to attend the funeral, which will take place
at ten o'olock A. It. to-daj, from the family rtii-
daaMatSSSEastUar atreat. : ! t. :
[Lancaster papers please notice.]
New Advertisements.
tW The Ohl Statranaan baa caf
Larger Circulation thaai smj pa
per pabtiahed la shia City or Cea
tral Ohio. : Adveriisera vrtll bear
thla in mind.
E6AtieTr'WAN'rfcD COXtIN
O'lKARY. a jonns man of several j ears'
Xierience in- teaehina the Tmriena bran1iM ef
bntliah. French. Oerajao, JUatin and three, de-J
rtires an ensajrement astutnr in nriw.t r.;i. ,1
He will teach a private elass at his room. it o. 781
UiiCh street, from S to loVelockF. M. . -
; -i -. In line Asylum .: .....
the Insane, Re Louis. Mo. This Institation
was fonodod bj the Misters of Charity, Auiust 10,
I8U8. It is private, and first class io its arrange
ment and accommodations. Insane pstimtaof
both taxes and of all denominations are received.
Kor terms. Ae.. apply to Ur. J. K. BAUUU V, at
tendinx Physician, or to Sinter Superior of the In
stitution. . nov2S dlw -
r .T. Lumber for Sale. -r"
. HON offer at private sale all the lumber oon
tamed in the fence enclosing- their Kaoe Course
Also, the lumber in south stable, west stand,
judges' stand, picket fence, Ac.
Pa.tiu . V. . . I U 1 f .1 1 . ,
. . .louiu, .no uui. u, lu, BUVTH Will piVaBV
call on the aodnaigned. who will give all the acc
essary information a to price, terms, and time of
removal. ItlCUABl) KEVINS.
. ' Vice President.-"
If nut liiiranamt (ifhr SITnPlllV HVi' 19
1MI 1. will k.- n 1 .1 A TTT1?C31 1 v r ,.- -i - , , C ."
, i v nan v-VJ duiu vu lUDuai) 19. iOOO,
at publio auction, by John U. Beall, Auctioneer.
Graj's Ferry Priming Ink Work,
X ink with whioh this issue of the "Republican"
is vriniea is irom roe uray s f erry rnnting Ink
Works of U. . ROBINSON. It is clean, flow
freelr. and is of t uood colpr Our brother nrint.
ers can juaae vi us quamy oy companng it wiin
ink from other maaufaotones. (Xhe I)elaware
Oounty Kopubiioan. - -
From the Delaware Gaiette.l
To Pkihtibs. Wehare been nsing for several
weeks a very ttne quality of ink from the Urar's
Ferry manufactory of CHARLES K. ROBINSON,
which our Pressmen aar ia the beat for nrltnrir
press news work that they have used for a long
time. It U a clear black, and free from all kind ol
sediment. Mr. HobiDson is a practical ink manu
facturer, liberal and courteous in all business
transactions, and as he has recentlr bad the mis
fortune to be burned out, we are the more tree to
reoommend bis ink and himself to the vatronage
ot all printers who desire a food article at nr.
cheap rates. Address f 0.521 Minor street. Phila
delphia, ,
One of our contemporaries also recommends it as
follows: . , .
r ini Jtuntino Ins. We have for some time
been ning the News Ink manufactured at Gray's
rerry rriniing ina norKs, rniiaaeipnia, by v. &.
ROBINSON. and. aa stated aoma werks n hva
found it better ad tpted to our presses, than any ink
we have bad in our offioe for ten years. 1 is not
oaly a very excellent article of ink, but it is fur-
nisnea at very reasonaDie prices. Tbe Works also
manntactare B!ack and Co ored Priitin and I-itS-
otrapbic Inks, Varnishes, etc. Their address is
Gray's Ferry Road and Thirty-third street, and
no. 521 Minor street. Hagerstown Herald.
We never reoommend an article in these cnlnmna
unless it real! r merits it. and to earn whethornar
own opinion of the iuk the "Tax-payer1' is now
using ooiooide I wit our pressman s. we inquired
hisesti nate. He replied "Good. Terr aood-" and
as we never knew him to deviate from the truth,
we inform our fellow printers that this was said of
ROBINSON'S Philadelphia Printing Ink. From
the Tax Payer. Mew Yrk,
ANDREWS, PERRY ot CO.. -Arenta,
: ' S3 and S North High street, Columbus, O.
Advertising Agents.
- 133 Naissa Strcret, IVtw York.-. -
- , EtdblUHe& in I8S3 J
We heft to eall the attention of ailTertiaera tn
onr agency. Oar facilities with all the first elass
daily papera in the country are second to none,
and we aro fully prepared to offer terms and con
ditions w men cannot tail to give superior induce
ments. We also send advertisements to all Cuban
axd South American papers, with whom we hare
exclusive oon-racts Wearetheonlv bouse doing
W e cn. by special per Mission, rtfr to
Mr. H. T. Um.aii.Lii, Druggist. 69 Broadway.
ew Yo k. . - , .- -.. i. ; - ; - -
Messrs. H. R VsNDCEaa A Co, his Greenwich
street, new York. -
Messrs Uul A Kucasi., SIS Greenwich street;
New xork.
Messrs. U. Brook's Hon A Co.. Type Founders, is
Cnamhe s stieet. . :
Messrs. Phalom a Son, New York. - -
Messrs. Takkant A Co New York.
Messrs. CHlCKKHINfi A SOH. New York.
Messrs. Rsdw AT A Co., -hew -York.
Turnpike Notice.
Capital Stuck of the Dublin atd Worthing
ton Turnpike Gompany are- hereby notined that
there will be a meeting of the stockholders of said
Company on MONDAY, JANUARY 11. 1869. at
the Hall of Eli W- Toiler. Ksq . in the town
ot Dublin. Ohio.' at two o'clock P. M. nt
said day, the object and purpose of which meet-
ins will be to determine tbe bais foruHMim the
shareholders of said capital atock to meet the re
cent indebtedness ot said company, and to fix tbe
time and mode of payment of tbe amount assessed
against eaoh individual holding such shares
j A aits K. WKlUHl', .
deol dltw-tw
i No. -336 - Broadtvajr.
Capita!,, - One Million l ollar?.
DasiusK- Manosx. Pres't. Jig. MiBRii.i.,Sec'y.
Ree l ves Deposi sand allows FOUR PER ENT.
INTEREST on all Daily Balances, subject to check
at sight, special Deposits for Six months or more,
may he made at fire per cent. The Capital of One
Mi lion Dollars is divided among over ooo Share
holders, com orisinv many gentlemen of larse wealth
and financial experience, who are also personally
liable to depositors for all obligations of the Com
pany to doable the amount of their capital stock
As the National Trust Company receives deposits
ia large or small amounts, and permits them to be
drawn as a wbole or in pa t by check at sight and
without notioe. allowina interest on all daily bal
ances, parties throughout the country can keep ao
counte in tbi Institution with special advantages
re KY-deol-dAwSm . ... . .
.Dr. Barton's Tobacco Antidotes
VAMMAxrn to KKJfOTK au miu row Tobacco.
Kltt weoctnbtm and harwsJea. mn& lm mlmo ma exceUaait
petirv. It pttrtjim mad erieha tbm blood, inTigorsUcabsi
iriiena tmsaaiai great mmrunms; 9ma snrengTDQlDpow
or, on.BJes tbe itomach to digest the faeartieit foodmievkM
oieep rei-eiaiDs, svna eauDAuiieo rootifft bemltb.
iiAf (MtDtw for mtxtm inarm euroa. Prir TUrJhmntm
box. Pott An iuterestiog tremtiso on tm in j Orion
effeett of tooocco, with liats of testirocmisilMr rftferopfsV
tic. ISMX nm. Agtnu wanted. Addresi
, a'aw a. . assutt, -xruej wiry, a. si.
Posnusims's TnnvosTT. I feelTio box of Burton
Antidote) firom Rot. M. Ponlton, anfl find it an ttfettucU
cttrm. 8. GATSaua. CoooottonyBsurison Co Ohio,
' Two m U- S. TsaWstTRT, &crHary,9 OJUm.lt)m
end oopply of th Aj.ipoT. Lht m received ham dam
Us work anKSLT. X J. i. jsdoah.
: Fkom New Hahpshth Hsate PBisoir. Gentlemen of
Influence here hTing; been
red of the anoetite for tobae
CO by nsing' Ur. Barton's
: tKst nt4aAnsip nf thla in til
pta, wo oeaire a mppij tor
JosuMAVoyWtu4eofT IT. H. State Prbon.
1 ! A Baitkbk'i TirmffT. DrBnrtona Antidota tor
Tobaooo hat ooomplxJxed mil etaimMJor it.
, TrriTSKjrS BtSXNewAlbMty. Ind. ,
A CurCT Ajr'p armowT. OwBo or AxtiooTB
oared mj brother Aid rayeelt It kiviV faiia.
. Vn. yff. Sboimaiib, Ke Station, Pfc
' PboW trs Woucm HKAvatTAarrns, I'Ttfir, MAia
Asm smitw-rf Jhirlv-fliX pound of fieK in sArte wumlh b
. ne.ir.ar nr. RXrtrtn'a Antidote, and Oil dwtT II
' remored. jF Wm. Ia, tUit, Jb.
Pbom nsm eonTHnir Hon JoomirAi. BaVtmoks,
Mdw--Wm box of BnTtoa'a Antidote removed all dWtVe for
the wdbd from ma. I taka plaaanre In recomnjendii it to
all orfr reader. T. Y. eunt,
Trademark X Copyrig?Ua
XT' Can tin ! Beware of iDjorioos Counter
feit! advertised by Uambagi
BOT30-dAvT3moB-FNT '", ".
Leander R tuner's Estate.
IN the undersigned has been duly appointed and
nnalifiAil as administrator of the estate of Lean.
.ier itv r. deceased, late of franklin township.
Franklin county, Ohio.., -,( . ; . .i. . ,
ilovemberSS, 1889. '" v.-,-nov2-3a
peculiar and important relations which
tliey sustain, their peculiar orgaouation
and the offices they perform, are subject
to many sufferings. Freedom from these
contribute in no small degree to their
happiness and welfare, for none can be
happy who are illT Not only so, but no
one of these' various female complaints
can long be aufl'ered ta rua on. without
involving the general health of the in
dividuals land ere long producing perma
nent sickness and premature decline. Nor
is it pleasant to consult a physician for the
relinf of these Various delicaia affections,
and only npon the most urgent necessity
will a true woman so far sacrifice her
greatest charm as to do this. The sex
'will then thank ua for placing in their
hands simple Bpecitics which will be
.found efficacious in relieving and curing
almost every one of those- troublesome
complaints peculiar to me aex. t .
' Hundreds suffer on -,ln silence, and
hundreds of others apply vainly to drug
gists and doctors, who either merely tan
itatalize them with the hope of a cure or
apply remedies which make them worse,
I would not wish to assert anything that
would do injustice to the afflicted, hut I
am obliged to say that although it may
"be produced from excessive exhaustion
of the powers of life, by laborious era
ployment, unwhplesome ' air and; food,
profuse menstruation, the use of tea and
coffee, and frequent childbirth, it is far
oftener caused by direct irritation, ap
plied to the mucous membrane of the
vagina itself. ;: ij; ; -.: .-7 .-
When reviewing the causes of these
distressing complaints, it is most painful
to contemplate the attendant evils con
eequent .upon; tueui. ui is uut pitnpie
justice to the subject to enumerate a few
of the many additional causes which so
largely affect the life, health and happi
oessof woman in all classes Of 1 society,
and which, consequently, affect more or
less directly, the 'welfare of the entire
human family. The mania that exists
for precocious education ' and marriage,
causesf the Tears, that nature designed
for corporear development' to be wasted
and perverted in the restraints ofdress,
the early' confinement of school, and es
pecially in the unhealthy excitement of
the ball-room. Thus, with the body
half-clothed, and the mind unduly ex
cited by pleasure, perverting in - mid
night revel the hours designed by nature
for sleep and irest, the work'of destruc
tion is half accomplished.
j In consequence of this early strain
upon her system, unnecessary effort is
required by the delicate votary to re.
tain her situation in school at a later
day, thus aggravating the evil. ' When
one excitement is over, another in pros
pective keeps the mind morbidly sensi-
tive to impression, while the now con
stant restraint of fashionable dress, ab
solutely forbidding the exercise indis
pensable to the attainment and retention
of organic health and strength ; the ex
posure to night air ; the sudden change
of temperature ; ' the complete prostra
tion produced by excessive dancing,
must, of necessity, produce their legiti
mate effect. . At last, an early marriage,
caps-tfae climax of misery, and the urn
fortunate one. hitherto so utterly regard
less of the' plain dictates and remon
strances -of her delicate nature, becomes
an unwilling subject of medical treat
ment. This is but a truthful picture of
the expei tence of thousands of our young
women. t . 1. 1 .' ..'
! Long before the ability to exercise the
functions of the generative organs, 'they
require an" e"ducation of their peculiar
nervous system, , composed ot wbat is
called the tissue, which is, in common
with the female breast and lips; evident
ly under the control of mental emotions
and associations at ' an early period of
life 5 and, as we -shall subsequently see,
these emotions, whefiexcessive, lead,
long before puberty, to habits which sap
the-very life of their victims -ere nature
has self completed their development.
! SriL-JLii jjt 1 Ul: L i-'i i 'i 1 f V
For Female Weakness and Debility,
Whites ' or - Leucorrhcea,1 '.Too .Profuse
Menstruation,. Exhaustion, Too ' Long
Continued Periods,- for Prolapsus and
Bnarng Downt or Prolapsus TJteri,, we
oiler tue most pertect specinc . Known
Bcchu. Directions for use, diet,, and
advice, accompany.
:- Females in every'period of life, from
infancy to extreme old age, will find it a
remedy to aid nature in the discharge of
its functions. " Strength is the glory of
manhood and womanhood. Helmbold s
Extract Buchu is more strengthening
than any -of the preparations oi JLSark
or Iron, infinitely safer, and more pleas
ant. HelmboldV Extract Buchu,
having received the indorsement of the
most prominent physicians in the United
States, is .now offered to afflicted hu
manity as a certain cure for the follow
ing diseases and symptoms, from what
ever cause originating : - General Debil
ity, Mental and Physical Depression
. Imbecility, Determination of Blood to
the Head, Confused "' Ideas, Hysteria,
General Irritability, llestlessness , and
sleeplessness at night, Absence ot Miis
, cular Efficiency, Loss ot Appetite, Dys
pepsia, iLimaciation, Low bpirits, Uisor
ganizatlon or Paralysis of the Organs of
Generation, Palpitation of the ' Heart,
aud, in 'fact, all the;'concomitants of a
Nervous ' and 'Debilitated state-;of the
' system. To insure the genuine, cut this
out.Askfor Helmbolu's. .Take no
other. " ,;, v ; - ? f.'f.-)
Sold by Druggists and Dealers every
where: ' ' "" J" "
PriceJ $1J25 per bottle, or 6 hottles
for $6.50.- JJelivered to any- address.
: Describe symptoms in ait commnnica
tions-a Address. Hi ;T. HELMBOLD,
Drug and Chemical i Warehouse, 594
Broadways JN. a '?n t -w
1 None are genuine unless done up in
, steel-engraved wrappTwUkJac-3imiIe
of my Chemical W areUouwy ana ngned
xM-dwAs-weowlj U. T. UALMbiTLU.
4 t-s
.-''.iiiv.i ei
tt 4 8
f-rc JT!T'5Trr,'!"T T ?T7
. - -
i -A. A-JA V
i ,l M a M
" 1 r1 Z?rriv. r 'Tp-rr
her, avau
250" AND 1 252
i -
um -. ,l
r AND-
a S -
t 3 .:
tsr.n 2io!v3
t3c:aCl 1:
Vj I I f . VL 1 ' ' , -.. ' I 'J
V..-- 71ir, ri M
i10iilJ ,.i ,fi
OUn'.A.i.-i iO Uu 1 1 "u J v J
- r
-v ."T A TTfiM A T .'j i . -
- OF-iaa - - - -
.United States' , off Amertcaj'
-" chaktereu bt spectattaCT or
r LONG RE 38 i j I
Cash Capital, - r . $1,000,000.
- : PAID IS FTJLJU vkV. 'sir.m iu i
J Hi ljJliSJUrlJ Jlf. fill I I.
To which all general eorrwiiobdense should be ad
-- - d.essed.-"
CLARENfT! H. Ct ARK.' President.
JAY CUOKE. Chairman Finance and Executive
Committee. ' . - i - fi
HENRY U. " (JOKE. Viee Fnident. - . ) n
EiltKdO.N W. 1-EET. Beoretary aad Aotoary-
Offered bj this Compan; ire :
-It is a National Company, chartered hy special
act oi uooaress. 'Jaoo. ; v- -... . .
It bas a paid Hp capital of SI. 000, 000. ..... t v.
It offera low rates of cranium. . . .
. It tarnishes larger Insurance than other Compa
nies for the same mooej. . ., . us i,
, It is definite and certain in its terms. ', j. f
it to m uuuio uuuifou j in c . o I T i iM.m 117.
It Policies are exemnt from attachment.
There are no unneoessarjr restrictions in the Pol
icies. - i
- Everr Poller is non-forfeitable-. " .
Policies may be taken that will pay insured their
full amount and return all the premiums, so that
the Insurance costs only the interest on the annual
payments. . . .........
Policies may be taken -which pay to the Insured,
after a certain number of years, durina life, an an-
Dua) income of one-tenth the amount named in the
rolicy. 1 .
No extra rata is ahsra'ed for risks boos the lives
of females - - -
It insures not to par dividends", but at ;- I a
etxt that dividends will be imoossible. . - . '
Cincinnati, Ohio. Oenersl Agents fot Ohio. Central
-ana oour.ncrn inaiana..
Cbtuvbet. Special Agents for Franklin. Lialdnc?
Uaskingum and Coshocton counties., , ! , ,
reNT-ootsa.deodAweowly ...... ,i,u'.
- v i -n
In no previous year has there
been such strong 'competition among
all the leading Sewing Machine
Manufacturers of this country and
Europe as the present. At aU the
principal Exhibitions and Fairs
they met and contested for the Pre
mium on- Family Sewing Machines,
and the result was unanimously in
favor of the Florence-- JSeversibts
Feed Lock-Stitch Family - Sewing
Machine. It received the First and
Highest Prize as the best Family
Sesoingjaachine at the following
Exhibitions, viz.: Exposition XJni-
verselle, Paris American Institute
Fair, . New York f ' 2Tew 9 England
Agricultural Fair, at Providence.
12. J.; the New York State Fair, at
Buffalo; the Great-Annual Fairs
of New England, viz. i' that of the.
Mechanics' Association, at IxnceHt
Massachusetts arid the'Fair of the
Maryland Institute, kit Baltimore,
which closed a four-weeks' Session
on the 12th of November, the supe
riority ' of the' Fit OSENCE was
dgdiri confirmed by the" Committee
on Sewing Machines, who unani
mously awarded . itthe f 0 OLD
MEDAL, the highest Prize the
Institute confers ,i .'S j "l : -
It would seem aa If thla succession of trl
ompba should be sufficient to eanrinoe overy
unprejudiced person of the great auperioi
ity of the FLOSXNCE over all other as a
Innily Sewing Machine. - .
A written warranty la given to the pur.
chaser, that the Machine WII,Ii SO Ail.
that ia -claimed for it, and should it fail. It
will be taken back, and the UOBXT BJD
VUaOED. . - .
Principal Office tm Satesretm, JTe. MS West
JVwrrA aires s, etnetttnmU, O.' '
, , H. UcCOMMSUL. Oeaaral AgstA
AttheOhioHtate Fair, which closed at Toledo,
Septe ber 5th. lf". the FLORENCE received
the FIRST PRBMIUX for the best Family Sewing
Machines over seven competitors.
senator a circular, or can ana examine me ma
chine at tbe new (salesrooms. '
St Ka-st State St-, Colnmbas, Ohio.
- i W. S. BBO)VN Agent. , . .
W" All kinds of stitching done te order, and
atistaotion gnaranteeo. octvs-azmztawTaa
Improved I
It is an elegant Dressing for the Hair.
It causes tbe Hair to Curl beautifully
It keeps the Scalp Clean and Healthy.
It invigorates the Boots of the Hair;
It forces the Hair and Beard te grow luxuriantly.
? -. , . .- i s i ;!'! i'rtT.
It immediately stops Hair Falling Out, ;;, . .. f
It keeps the Hair from Changing Color from Age'
It restores Gray Hair to iu Original Color,' ...
It brings out Hair on heads that have been bald for
-.. i.-.I: : -i-.-i ,it-.l "'""-ir-jT-1 i ! - t i
11 ' ": ' " - l'-ii .1
t is eomposed entirely of simple and purely veget-
. I hlesubstanoen, ,.n . , , .
It has received over six thousand! voluntary testi
monials of its excellence, many . " whih are from
,r,; . physicians in high standing.., , .!?
, It is sold in half-pound bottles (the name blown
in the glass), by Druggists and Dealers in Fancy
Goods' everywhere, at One Dollar per Bottle. Whole
sale lyDemas Barnes A Co.; F. C. Wells A Co.;
BchieffeHn A Co.. New York. ftcaw-mehlT-dly
P.";W. HUNTINGTON, &;;C0.,
: B A TJ K E RiSipo
.vrtul ' b -rim-mi t j-
Corner Broad & High Sta.
.febMiyjvynKiiiq: -p
. . ' 1
.B. BaTnElAO
1 1- ..!.!
?to: s. inn FrniGEx,
I qhi
- .
H7. lliUL'JU
Colstaabele, O.
V. M
KsTKOTIV'EI-.Tt Let. Wmm
aleM iIs,rt 1Tasita, " Fonael.
" BSSMI..M1,. . .
- bllaheel tat thla ulaiaa .
iOcenlseach Inaertloai.
tO WOTst nn Asvawl aHJ U J .L.
K. 1 . ; . "uu tat vaAia auu tuv wmw
i f onnaHj.B,t.J Awt te-Wa, fewell, at H.H.
P"1- decS-dS.
Eerpectfally announces one Grand Conoert,
Assisted by the follewinx favorite artists :'
18 BARTON; of Boston. Soprano.' ;
iR. EGBERT LAMSINU, Pianist and Aecom
pa -i-t. 4 ; -t -
. f uii particulars in future asuMuneeiaeats.
....... -.l"rTeii rttepeaia I.
'When health has' been sacrificed for. want of the
care necessary to protect It, regrets are unavailing.
It is better to prevent than to repent. The most
inclement season of-the year ia at hand, amd Us
oold and damp are the sonroe of innumerable die
tresslnf ailments. The best means of essapiac
fiemis to keep the outward lorface of thebody
oomfortably warm , with, sat able clothing, and the
internal organs in a vigorous eoaditioa by tbe 60-
ossional use' of a henlthful tonlo and! corrective
Winter . makes tremendous drafts upon the vital
forces, and therefor H ia a season wbea S pare
vevetable stUnulant and intigorant like H03TET
TER'S STOMACH BITTERS is of isnaitst use.
especially to the weak and feeble-.' It gives tr-smewa
to the syst-m. fcnd thereby enables it to witisttul
the shocks of eold, which produce eonrh', broeehi
tis; eata-rh, ' and other diseases tf the organs of
respiration. Dyspepsia, and every species of iadi
gestion are also greatly aggravated by eold. danrel
weather, sm-i for these eomplaints thd BITTERS
are an 'acknowledged specific. .There is no faet
better known in this country, and, indeed, through
out the civilised, portions of the Western,' Hemis
phere, than that this genial preparation ia a swift
aad certain remedy for all ordinary diseases of the
stomach and the liver. ' " " '"' -
Testify to its merits in restoringGRAY HAIR to
itaorigioal-color and promoting 4te growth. It
makes the hair soft and glossy,' The old in appeatV
aooe are made young againl It is the best ..t i "
ever used. It removes Dandruff and aU Scurvy
Eruptions, , It does not stain the skin. ' I
suit raaa ar uu.
Beware of tbe numerous preparations which1 are
sold upon our reputation. -r.
B. V. H ALL A CO.. Nashua, S. H-. Proprietors.
For sale by all Drucgista,.! K e. I r
julyis dltawAwly-eia - v, r
-fii l ir ( .' aD " t, iVV if
FRUT t AKCK.'S. I., n ving the largest ssanai
factory, jjjo., , SUver " IB the world." with
the most isproved suaeh ly, aud employins th
most skillei labor, are enabled to ,ofisr aa un
equalled variety ef ne eod beautiful designs in
Dinner Services, Tea ' e vices, and every article
specially adapted for 1 . liday and Bridal Gifts. '
They offer also their well-known and unriralled
Ntekel Hilver Eleero-Plated Ware, in which the
have introduced new, patterns of Bare elegance.
l'he Solid Silver ir guaranteed' to be'of sterling
purity by U.S.'Mint assay.. -The Electro-Plate
anaraateed to be ra peri or to. the finest St rfEel-J
ware,, Orders received from tbe Trade only, bu
these" gimdsTaaj tt oh taint dTronT'responaTbsl'
dealers everywhere, i y, il 'U-U.
. ..: . ' - m T.r4-
Trade Mark
for -"BUver."'
- i-iate;
. . Salesroom N o. 3 Maiden Lane. N. Y.
cwrrt-dA-wjm-re wr - - ; -
'iCJiilflrcji's Uvei .SaTediatJEifij,
ThousanJsJof children die annually ef Croup.-
Sow. Mothers, if you would spend CO eeats, and,
always have a bottle , . Dr. Tobias' Tenetian Lin
iment ta, .HlO-.homa. yoa neves- t feae-leeiet
your little one when attacked with this oomplaiat
ltd bow 1 years since I have put up my Llnl ent,
and never heard oi a cLild .dying of Croup when
my ;.Liniment was used but hundreds of sutea
have been reported to me, and many state if It was
810 per bottle they would not be without it. ; Be-!
sides whioh.lt is- a ertain cure for Cuts, Burns,
Headache. Toothache, Son - Throat, Swellings.
Mumps, Colie. Diarrhea. Dyseateryy gpassse. Old
Sores and Pains in-the iimbs. Back, and -Cheek-f
No one one tries Tt who is tver without 1t. , It if"
warranted. perfectly saf fo ' take Internally. Full
rUraotinaa wstb every bettle.- Beid eTJb.'inrgw
gists snd Storekeeper! ia the United- States. Dej
pot 10 Park Ptaee. NY. V " " ' t J .
Boir a:; Decline ; is Produced.
: Pure blood makes us well, bad blood makes ua
sick, .Vapors from, poorly digested-food in the'
blood are eondenaed upon the various organs and j
serve to make them grow or repair their 'Waste.
Organs made with a greater or lesser proportion. of
such materials cannot be sound- If the bad con
dition of blood entimie-but for' a few days or
weeks tbe body will be out of sorts; and if it eon
tinuer, the whole' of the body wilt in time be sr
newed with imperfect blood, and the health baa;
it is in a decline popularly called a consumption.
-Now Brandreth'S Pills penetrate the whole mass
of blood, causing the expulsion of impurities; "the
bo4y feel relieved from a single Joeearwaat rhasai
may' by expected from twentjT By continuing
their use the wbbieof the blood 1 id-frame becomes
purified, and the body reconstructed from good ma-"
terial. the decline stopped, and a new' lease of life?
secured-principal office. Bbxkdsxtb -Hocgl
New York. Sold by all druggists, 1 "
' iuneW-dAwlycm-reNT, .,
K t
To art we owe a, thooeaD-d trraoes.
, ImpiOTiDC Watare no diftraee iu- n
Kn. tut' err hnir rlnn'r nltai-a lh at. ,
.eye. ,
Cristadoro's - Hair- Prt servative.i
i Striking; atunding.' are the Effects produeed
by Cristadoro's Hair Preservative and Beeutifierv
Be the hair ever so wiry, eosrse and unmanageaM
by brush and comb, in one week this artier wil V
render it ffexible, lustrous snd inclined to curl-
Sjld by Druggists, and applied by all Hair lrrer;--ers.
. Manufactory.NogS Maiden Lane. Principal
Depot No AAstor House.: ,.t- I ,i
iuueia-dAwlyem-reNT - -
r. , I
A HOLIDtt' PKKSEN r Ladies- and'
gentlemen; young and old. desirous of having their .,
hair beautiful for the Holiday, should use a bot
onceBead Cheysliej'l Jreatiieon the B.aitwt-.
Free to all. Given away at the Drug Stores, or sen I
by mail free. This booki should be read by every
person." It teaches to cultivate and have beautif at
hav. l and: restore gray hair te its original eolori)
stop its falling out, removes all irritation or daa
draff from the scalp, thus keeping fhf hajroaijti-,
fnl to the latest period of life, V , - i, Ci.
: JKr-d-el-eodlm ' 11M Broadway, N.Y.
' DR. 'A. B. WILLIAMS. Wes Broadway, iev-1
digh street, Columbus, Ohio, ka devoted himself
r a series of years tothe treatment of certain pi'uf
s ate diseases. He may bvjonsulted at his oOoewi
-roeiwB. near the bixehange Bank i,J '
naySI-tf . ,.xa-tiiji t n I
' 1 rampAlet from th ven
Pamphlet from th ven of l)i. Cttrtth.
The "Medical T imes" says, of this work : "This
TBiuaoie ireatise on me cause ana cure or prema
ture decline, shows how health,! impaired tbroagh
secret abuses of : yeuth and manhood, and how
yeutb and manhood, and bow
easily regained.,. It sives a clear synapsis of the
impedimeote te marriage, the cause aid effects of
nervoua aeouity.anatna remedies tuaralor. A
pocket edition of the above will be forwa
am-d eei
receipt of 36 cents, by addresainr Dostor CtTBTia
So. 68 North Charles street, tiaflimori, Md.
'era- TAeyva-a ly-r
a an hood . And the
lVr'VOCTH restored in four
weeks. Huoeess'
rnaranteei!. I1R. RICORD'8 ESSENCR CIV 1.1 PS-1
restores mahfy powers, from whatever cause ari
sing; the effects of earl' pernicious hahvs-. self-
abuse, jmpotency aad climate, give away at Once te l
thi. nn A .pf nl mjMttninA if 1. 1 .. nii I. - - - '
..... . . . -. -., . .. ..ii in
inetethedireetionstwhteB erevery simple stud re-"
no restraint from buMness or pleasure.) i ail
' inDneiiible. Sold in -bottlea .1. a 1
qnantitietyin one for at. To e had only ef the sole
appointed' asentf in- America.1 H -GnntxaN 87
Third Ave . corner 13th. St.,ew York.
rvirv-ii27-dlvr-'- ' ' " ' ' T . ' t
naiCHEUNMa , naiu,.aiR 4n.:. -,
JD -soieadid Hair See i the haaf in 1-- h .
tbe only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable
instantaneous; no disappotnttaeatt Bo-ridieoleaa
tints 3 remedies the ill e fleet, of bad dvee - in-ri.-r .
. i 1 1 . L. . LI : , 1 . . . . . '47
WWW 4H44W4nW ,OW B1IWII NQ M.lllHl, M.. J
tt irH. tk)lt by ell DrueeisU and Perfumer. .
tad proper!, applied at Bttohelor's Wie FeoWu-eL-
- ..... u v j mi ero isHeray
. L:'-.-i.'i-V:'.-.l-.!J'-. , 'A
- r:f. i,wiwi ii-oo io ib every, clem-. ,
ish. is ttaerewaaLof aa occasional aSe oi Palmej'a '1
Vegetable Cosmetio Lotion. sep31-dAwly om

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