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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, December 03, 1868, Image 3

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MnaomLooiCAi.' Tabx.ii,'1' preparer
for -m ted by W. J. "Savage, Jeweler,
street T H -H ?M 0
Dec. 2. 1868.
V..l.k. fomter. Thermometer
9 r j& .
ttkU H. M.
8aa Kite 7 I 8n Hot- M.
The LUt of Advertised Letters will
appear to-morrow.
"-''fje-'Our dealer In books, "toys and no
tlons'have their a iu..o.ws glistening with
ftNeenU for the Lolklal. (n
Association will eltneir are loan on oex
X ueedu tvening,;at the emee or tbe Bee
W.. Morrison. several ; nauarcu
lollars will be offered,,,,; ,
CptJKT C OXIKO.N PtKA. The ?nlt
Hunt J C. Hxitcl.t-on against .fi & H. m
dittos was tried yesterday mornliig before
Judge Green, and a VeWVt given for the
idalntIS lor $741.47: In the afternoon the
auit of John Gearjr'agalust Jacob Stude
vu commenced. " .:r.u.
" f ' ' ' ' ii .! f i
general aehneicfcr' ha received a letter
trora J.W.t'iBroadheaiW ot ithe , Second
Comptroller's bflii, jconveylhg the lu,op
,to ihat' wur claim of tha -State of
Ohio, to. the amount, .of f 20l 731.14' "have
been allowed. General hneRlee will pro
eeed to". Washington ae'ioijs tSsjCollect this
amount.,,.,- e. r--!;wti
What thet Lndicats. The beautiful
aiglets1 jrract-fulljr, '(lOBpended froe the
heads of -young ladies resemble streamers
flauutiug In the breeae,'',vl'hej look jk XUtle
lonely, b0 behave wtth gallantry ; Ther
ki aui truth In the report that thejfi are a
ftotlficatlon on thetart of those 'that weai
them that they th girls, not the ringlets
. ... bi- il '.- w
n d n nr a nrc ft
,eA Kxw Fimi.t'W have received; the.
first number of the Sorotit, a weekly he wa-
paper a&voted t Wbman' Biehur P-.
ll&hed In Chicago, at 93 per annum. ,1C is
of Btyteen pages, iame alze a Ihe Bevolu
' lion. Mrs. Agnes K. Kiiowlton is proprl
etoiC and -Mrw Cl Ul Leonard: amCiirs.
DeUa Waterman, editors. Hurrah, lor
the Sorry Stsses and th.! rgaoi iXU.y
-Tkaksfkrbkd YaTKDAT. The follow
Injflrans'feMbf IreaT estate weM teft t VLt
Becorder's office yesterday 5""""'.
Kobe H.f Garilaer to Kb. -Yrall,eoTv
2atli part of' lot "NoJjS 'corner ""of OaE
treeraM EastPBblle 4ne,T6r 4&0T7
ZenasM. Bugle and -.wife and John P.
Bofcte an wKe to" Joseph B; Powell, 'I32)f
affl'eW bTland Ih Trarb tftwnsMftle? 633
An Owner ,WNTtTr. Night before Ja t:
jgwn ciuuig utmMjii wuuim . hik,.h
claiming to reside fonrybi lies north bf this
cUyv wai arrested while lofierlng farsale a
leather mattrass. evidently not lbe,pfop'er-
tyof any private t individual or familyVlr
tsthoagbtte belong co tae Lrunann asj.uii,
and to have been stolen 4ri the. night of the
fifree '- Any person knewing anything about
this ; property, is requested :to,' call at ihe
Mayo.c'aoOIce hls morntng:ncTj(dentii jU
l. I l" i II II I I I - " - ' 5'
itifof Pv'' yvater.was. Jet, Jit oh '
the floor I 'the ckattagKrlnk . yesterday
morniBg .11 the nljjhU' eontiDtte' Aa cold
during theremamder as the first portion 01
tbe weW theyr will' have ice for skating
pijrpoie by 3atuMaWe hear ifiat ,Ir.
Alex.;6tnltb rormerriy--of Cleveland, will
manage' the skatoriai busiuee at the Kink
this winter. Bettejr get your "skeets"'
tfidr. tellexa and. srniA.: i..-'f,- . 1
Hoasa AMsr Baoov tsTOUio-Yesterday
morning Mr. Sells, the auctioneer, went be
fore th&Mayor and sworeouta .warraut
charging: f. one. iChristopher-. Angel .with
stealing a horse. and buggy' and' harness
from bSells") stable, OBToeedayftei-
noon He says tliat ChrisV went to Uie
atablef lnj broad day lightJVhd look a horse
and harness belonging to another person,
ahfl pitching the' animal "to . Sells'-buggy;
drove oB,I:H0, waf overtakeh hear Wfn
c leatet-ahd the property recovered. Angel,
i8aid, iok the outfit for a joke, but we
submit that in going to Winchester he car
rted thpjuke to far. ' -
'certificate?' of
incorporation of the young America Min
inxCiimpany uXouth Pass City,, was filed
who theSecretarytrf State yesterday: 3 It'
organized lor the purpose ot mining ipr
god, silver, copper and other pres at Squth
Pass City. Dakota Territory. Capital
stock 500,08f-inr"shaTee $ $i00eaeh
Bezin W. Shawhan, John M. Nay lor, Al
fred G. Sweath, Gilbert Ogden,sLuther
CTjII . Tor.mloh tt RnnrL William' Fleetl
EJson, T. Sickne and Gahriei Jt. Kee aia
the "corjrators.t'- ,V v.VxY.Ag ,a:;cjt
Galoot Bbcord. After a deartlrof some
das lib the galoot line, the Mayer's office
yesterday bloomed . like the nosesAof( some
of the bummers there assembled. .?
Margaret Stiehea is a bloomln'dameel,
fat. fair and forty. Arrived gbrgeously,
ehe' TooketJ; ITke the, peri Mooretei jof
wka knocked at th gates of paradise, and
sang so sweetly about Araby's "Daughter.
Margaret was- bb' iender, not a Grecian
bend; not artyut regular bender. Siie
wis Ktued $5 and ooits.and in default our
pert knocked M 'the jfloor:f , the .Slnrfers,'
Ket whioh was opened uote hr. J When
vKttsSw her fastafie Was graceully'Waylng
George Townly got his skin , ."fuller nor
( '.TTl'T
tick." He was jollydrunkrand scsttered
huoatli along trta sidewalk, now csromlr g
on a sign post, then bounding off on to the
side of a building inr a1 manner feariul to
behold. He 'was flhed" $9 and costs,, and In
delaw't. weutliito the study of-geology.
,er1clrI"Henry wa-1 the'Jast' galoot,
Shade of the departed orator did you-ever
dream that your name would be recorded
on the docket ot a Columbus police court?,
YiritfltTis; 'The gVeat Patrick Henry was
on .pre,apd tbereal Patrick was ar
rested and-ITBred $5 and B08Vsv"Not haTiug
the atampsp. the , iiext wftd rtitai. Sleep's
from the north will bring r elafij6f Pat
rick's little hammer, as ho smasheth at-the-j
ExaiBtjfi'ojf P4sdL-vtNd.YlE2-Tbe
managers of the Industrial School take
pleasure BUOttrielrthe';rUieus of
Columbus that .theyTiavemAde arrange
ments with Mr. Wyman, late of Boston to
enfcbrtald them' With an" exhibition ;.con
s Wtine of : ArDericSfV antf Foreign Dissolv
ing views. Thrilling scenes in the life of
Jeu;vews,jj 'ia'ales'tiri'ej Portratt; of
diKiugoisbed erson8, -Eraptlon of Mount
Vefurioai;' together with stationary &ot !:
It la .trail knoil'h that thte jtranch of , pur
work-is rattier shirt:' funds, and in order
inanagers'-tiav acefepteoT ' P,ron wy maaT
otit.ui entertain ur good people Now,
if any tOot wish to be entefuintd,1' Will
they' please tell u what fcerare to do, with
casts it u uuwiu5 j
M v Christian trlenda.' i am m Door wid
nw woman. It pleased the Lord to Ukc Uk9
busbAnd to the otaar worlu, so i am 4M
alooe U Jwiiurf a-.f a oante rs Uree
week ago W 5ek employ tire 11 1 (or mysell
and-vhiliiretiil have found nothing 10 do
vff: 1 am out of muueyaiiU of evervthlna
elsei , lkuow jofc ,whir to go.iorxtUei;
uaieeS God provides lor me mubt sutler."
This U a. specimen trJ ihe JBur wla we
receivefrom dajrday. yii-v,
At 9 o'clock yesterday morning, Gov
ernor Hays called the roll ot the members
of the College, and announced that all were
present except DavM Tod, and that nnder
Rule 2d, It would be necessary for the Col
lege' to elect a suitable person' to:fill Ihe
vacancy thus occasioned.
-Messrs. Josiah Cranor and Levi Barber
were appointed tellers. - " :
A ballot being taken it resulted as fol
low: Dr. G. Volneyvrjorsey-il? blsnlc,"3.
So" Dr. G." Volney Dorsey was elected to
fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of
David Tod..
Tbe Electors theasignedand transmitted
to the iiovernora eertifleate of snch elec
tion. Thereupon the Governor Issued a
notice of such election ' pi . Dr. G. Volney
Dorsey. - .!
Hon. A. G. McBurney was then elected
Permanent President of the Electoral" Dol
lexetaQd t. H, Bailey Permanent Secre
tary. 1
AU the proceedings and rales adopted by
the temporary organization, were "unani
mously adopted for the government of the
permanent organization. .r m..-, , ,.-.:'
Dr.. Dorsey returned thanks for the
honor conferred upon him In choosing him
to succeed David Tod. " " '
Ori JmptidH, .th President sppolnted
Judge S 'anley Mathews, L. B.Matsell and
Hiram Freaae a committee to prepare poll
bOOkS '4, nnrrn rM
Messrs.; Harper1, Hamllton-and Cranof
were appointed a committee on mileage.
The College, then proceeded to select, by.
lot, a messenger to convey the vote of the
College to Washington City. The name of
each elector was written on a piece of pa
per, and these paper placed in a -hat..! Ifl.
another bat were placed an equal number
of papers, on one of which was written
theWord Messenge.?,,, From these twq'
hats were drawn the lots. Messrs. Welsh
and Olden were appointed tellers. The
lucky man was'Jcaac Welsh, of Belmont
On motion of Mr. Galloway, John G.
Olden, of Cincinnati, was elected by accla
mation, the messenger to' couvey the vote
of the College to the United States District
Court lor the Southern District ol Ohio.
The committee on poll books reported
the necessary blanks for taking the vote
of the College for President, and Vice
President. . : i" ".., .
On motion of Judge Mathews, a commit
tee of three members was appointed, to re
quest Hon. Sam Galloway to give them a
copy of the eulogy prepared and delivered
by him, on the Hie and services of Hon.
David Tod, and that the committee have
the name printed in pamphlet form. Messrs.
Kinsman, Pitkin and Bailey1 are such com-1
ihtteeeVV- 'jLZ. "
- The eomtnittee on mileage and per.dleni
made the. following ireoort:! That -each'
Elector be entitled to $3 for each twenty-"
five miles traveled, and $3 per Way 1 or '
each dayoceup1ed. Thereport'wa"8 adopt
;ed..' The tour number ot.day ls ,78, wnich.
at $3 per day;mounts to $234,'lThe total
niwnberof miles, 4352, which, at cents
per mile, amounts t $564., Total cost cif
eaetingarbte of this State lor President ana
Vice President, $798. . w. : ' - ?
! jrbe College took a recess until lZo'cIock'
j t 12 o'clock jjrovisely (the President
palled the College to ordelr. V S J r.- f
j The President invited the jRev. Mr. Cool
to bpen the proceedings with prayers -j
pavid Thompson and. Wm. X flamlltoi
WAhaVMiMlnia) oHoiw wr. : ., - 1 1 1
The Presldeulannotibcedlhat' the first
vote tabenWvjDuld be for1 President of "the
Uirfted States lor four years Jrom 11 area
4tb.'1809.f ;;.;"' t '.' ' ''. V' '.'
! The ballot being taken, General j). S.
Grant received 'twept-.ne votes, -j,
I The lestdept then aflnouticd ;,,f'Uly8l
se8 S. Grant, of Illinois, having received. k
fiajorlty of, al the votes cast.i is, declared
dull elected President from 'Wit i 4rft ifoy of
March next" ... -
This announcement-was received with
Shouts Of lane-hter and lannlnw nf hanrlc
d GTr-MeBurneyPseeing-his-mIstake,
iddi;d ;"I mean as far as this College Ts
Ioncerned.' '.;- -f '
The nexf jbuslnesf. In "order ; being1 the
election of a, Vice President of the United
States for four" years from the 4til of March ,
1869, Schuyler Colfax, of Indiana, received
twenty-one voces, and was thereupon de
clared chosen by the State of Ohio as Vice
President bf the United States, from the
4ih day of March next. . - ;
The poll-books were then signed by the
Tellers, and the certificates of election by
the members, and the College adjourned
sine 1 ": "'.
Hon.D. H. Bailey, Secretary of Uje Coi
nage, will remain here lor a dy or two, lor
thepyrpoeebt'makiiig afi'official record.off
the proceedings of the College to be placed
in the archives of the State, f'.x,
Third Anunal Session of the Ohio
Dental Association.
COLUMBUS O, Dec. 2. 1868.
.The society, -met pursuant to adjoucn-r
ment, President Horton in the chair.
j Most of the forenoon session- was occtt-'
pled In discussing matters pertaining to,;
the suit brought against the profession by
the Goodyear Dental -Vulcanite Company.
j fAt the close of the discussion, a resolu-'
ilosi -was baaaed'aathorinvtha Mmmht.
ireviouslv aoDolnted bv the aocietv. to o1
. ... V iltliu,
prosecution of the matter. : - - -
.A 'Vote of. thanks was tendered the com
mittee; for the services rendered the pro-
fessiou by their labors in its defense. ' -'J
i T. Mr Talbott, of Galion, and J.. C. Har-.".
dee, oi Cincinnati, were elected members ;
ot the society.'. ,'",: , . c ".v, ' '"'.,,,;
Considerable time, was taken up in a&
tending" to the financial matters of the so ':
clety and other miscellaneous business. ; ,
I Dn motion bf Dr. SpeUmsmaeommittee1
consisting of i)rs.' DeCamp, Keely. JlJV
Williams. Berry and Harrison, were rn-e
pointed to secure the incorporation of th
society under the laws of Ohio. 'Vi
i The. committee subsequently reported
tliat they had ascertained that there, was :
no law of the' Sute authorizing the Incoi1-:.
poration of Dental Societies, but that it
wat the opinion of high legal, authorities .
that - the- society , is a. legally organized
body by virtue oi the law passed last win-.
tecwithout being incorporated. '. V ""'' j'Y;i
On motion of Dri Berry vote of thanks';
was tendered Dr. X H." Jamea for origiuat-ii
ing the action that resulted Id JIhP passage ;'
of lb dental bill by the Ohio Legislature.
, .Ine following standing committees Wera
appointed for the ensuing year :
, zmetaw iwnmutee Drs. U, DeCamp.,1
uAunuviv, u. a. oruibu, luciUQatJ IV. M.i
Herriott, Zauetvi
ille.'.'-- ' .,,..-1
: Xn Denial &hict-Drs. N. W. WniianiS.
Xchia, n. BhwiukJe,, ChUUcothe, j
w. Keely;.Oxlord. . ... :..?-";
i On fublicaiionDn. J. TJaft, Cincinuatl
laid. . i. ,', - .'j :
! tWeston Btarttd on Tuesday for , his
little trip ol o,uw nines. jie wUl Uke
Columbus In bis toute. : , ;-
. ' ' . 1 lil'l. pawn 11 1 n . vi
; Jawaxar, very low, at Simmons,
i dec3-eod3C '
'r J
il (OMMrmcK oxLtiHiTifi", ASVInv. The
joint committee of the Legislature to In
vestigate all matters pertaining to the late
fire at the Central Lunatic Asylum, held
their first meeting In the Senate Chamber
yesterday, Senator Sobert Hatcheson in
the chair,
The report of N. B. Kellr, architect, was
received and read. Mr. Kelly reports that
after a careful examination, he finds that
the greater portion of the walls of the
original buildings, are, with flight exeep
tlons. in good condition and may be safely
rebuilt upon, but that the walls In the cen
ter addition, recently errected, are not
available for reconstruction as the building
now stands. If it should be determined to
rebuild upon the present site, he gives the
followingas the estimated value ot the ma
terials that can be made available in such
rebuilding; foundation stone work, 6, 000;
superstructure brick, $11,000; .super true
ture rut stone, 2S,00U: toUl.97a.000. There
ar upon the groinds, notlnjirred by the
fire, buildings and machinery worth -000,
making the total value of the materials
that could be used in building a new, asy
lum, $120,000. : . . . t . . -.
JtfBSNEFCHOB Coscbrt. The second of
the subscription concerts will ie given- by
the SJseiuerchor to-nightl atJNaughton
Hail.' As we have said the programe
very, full ot rich and delicious music, we
append it: .', ; .; '. a . .,. i n y. . .
i. Potponri for Orehetr, with tirnt Solo (ob!f-
(ato , i..v.W.. Maarai
Ureheotra Cornet Solo. W.'H, eTe.
1. Od the Oo B Ghofo with' iJriton So'o
i . v.. V. Moebnng.
Manperabor Baritone tiolo. Mr. Falkenhseh.
S. T4a3 Solo. ..... . V-......; .Mr. Frillman
4. Piano o'o- (A.) Grand Yalta da Cooort., (U)
rolka da Saloi a, Ue f rosse
A. lit Pravi. -
iessrs. Hojde. Brack, Kalkenbioh and Di3tlbort.
U. Soprano Solo -"Area from Don Juan." witu
' Itnng yaartette aorompammcnt
3 Misa Fannie H. Smith.
r f T .. . 1 1 ' i,i T, :
Da Beriot (flub.
. Tenore Soto "Blo-nber Fon" Sponholi,
Mr. HtTda.
Boatman'! Farewell. t X,...3CiF. Abt.
AlEennerobor. -f
Board lag: House for Sale.
i' A flrst class Boarding House with leaf et
centrally located Jbn High street, nearly
ppposite the Opera House ; sufficiently
large for hotel purposes j wtif accommo
date seventy-five guests.- Inrjriire at, or
address Ko 170 South High street,' Col nm
bus, Ohio. . ; ' dec3-d2t
.rioN.rThe.stockboldera of the above asso-
-iation are notified that "the first, loan will.
6 made on Tuesday evening, December
Sth, at 7 o'clock P. M, at the office of the
ociation ; ' - .-. ' ;,' ;.. ,y-'
", ? . .', ;i: N". Mkrion, President..
W. Morrison. Secretary. '
dec3-ThSaf u-3t l'-
Hair SwrrcHts, Boils, &c, at Simmons'.
dec3-eod3t; r f-;; s,
! Lost. On the conier of High and Broad
j treet'. a yesterday ( Wednesday -about.
! toon, a pocketbook containing money and
! lotes, marked Mrs. Jane Lathrop, Worth
j ngton, Ohio.- The finder will bat.Vrell re
varded by leaving it at the store of J. D .
tJVobrn & Cq 142 South High street.
,. , . -. . ...
Jewelry made and repaired: by C. E
ornith, 27 8. High street, over Bain's store
nov6d3m '" '"""'
-T 1
!,6'o to J. a Kalb's, No. 138 North High
treet.'for Boots and Shoes at low, prices, 7'
I nov21-d2taw2w
j "JV)H Sai.e House, and , lotj, .corner pi
Franklin and Washington Avenue. Mos
e6irable propertj ; will be sold at a bargain
fcnqutre'pt J. VV. Moore, No. 48 West North
jtreut. ' ' " irHw-Cu'-n?
j OcU3-dtf ; . -
; ( -H
eMiauNERT materials Velvets, Satins, &ct
on the bias ; Flower?, Laces, at SiBmons'
IdetS-eotmt """ -
j Go to No. 138, . North High street, for
the latest styles of Boots and Shoes, at low
prices, r -3 't n -' novJtd2tBW2wM
a :
j Wanted Book-kkepisq. An . experl-',
enced' book-keeper wishes .'to procure twcT
or three" SKtsof books to pot evenings. For
particulars, call on W. H. Thompson; No, 5
Gwynoe Block, or address a letter to lock
box 1.320 Postofflce, Columbu, O, stating
where to call.. : T-J. deel-e0d-3i -,t
j Hats! Hats! all shapes at greatly; reV
dueed prices, at Simmons', OperBlpck.,,';
! Lw ,'rQt7AKBKS' " Guss.n A'tficiar
teeth are oi little use and ' easily detected ;
Take care ot the real ones. All you need
Is fragrant S zodo'nt. ' Use it daily and
your teeth will be the 'ast of Nature's gifts
1 iff ' 1 U i''.
j u SriLDiKG'-'-OLtrk,"amend8
Dolls jand Broken Cradles. ' : '
' rt,t..- .'.
rrt a rr .; j
Jeleff & 'DeBittts, Locksmiths ' and
iiell hungers, at No. 141 North High street,
4re now prepared to hang parlor and hotel
iellsfn'the neatest and, latest style.h: Sew
rtgtnachines' "repaired and satisfaction
uarauteed. Models built for patentees,
Indj all kinds ot light machinery made and
repaired". Keys ol all description alwayi
L . . ' ,t , 1 -, , ,. .1 -. . .t
u. uaiiu, auu Btuo auu jau iuukb maue auu
epaired.. r, -! " ' ' ' -
') may 23-fr-ly
A Coj.p, neglectetTTn quently . ,lys. the
foundation 'of uncurable Cdnsumption.'
Not person shook! suffer, one: to- don tin ue.-
frue' tney wU1 "w,eac flBt" but 0ten
wear the Oatieut'out,. The" 'besl cure is
Humphreys' Homce Vpathlc Cough and For
der Pills. Taken alternately, they allay
the fever, irritation and cough,' heal up the
tungs, and cure the disease. Price, six
boxes for$l 25,. Sold by dealers, and sent
by-mail on receipt of the price. Address
Humphreys' Specific Homoeopathic MiD
ICinb Co, 562 Broadway, N. Y. ' x"
j jy 13-d wjy-c w r . . - r -'.
i j'.- ' t:
j Calisaya Bark. It is said that Messrs
Drake & Co. .(proprietors ot the Plants-
TB3N Bitters), are the largest importers of
Calisaya Bark: in this country, - and that;
with, the exceptioa of apoccaslonal sale, all
they .-Import is used in the compounding of
their celebrated PIantation Bitters to
Which they undoubtedly are indebted for
t;h4 "wonderful health-restoring "proper?
ties. As a Tonic and Appetizer, they are
oot surpassed, and we cheerfully recom
mend them. All first-class druggists keep
them iorsale.
I Maonoua Water. SuperlOE to flieJbesi.
imported German Colos ne, and-sold; at half
sne prices ys .t a r A. i v.s
SY-aept25 deoditwlf cw' iiZO ;.ri
NkrVotts DBBrxrrr, with Its' gTjoomjr at"
tenuants, low spirits, depreesiorw irtvolun
tary emissions,; loss of semen, spermator
rhoea, loss of power, dizzy head,-loss of
memory; , and - threatened impotence and
fanbecilltyifirid a sovereign cure'Io", Hum-
nhreirK' Homeinatliic. Snen.lfln tfA irTursn.
,.vhht. Comnosed' of the 'miatiiin.H.,
v n
mild and notent Curatives, they strike at
once? at the root of toe matter, tone up the,
system, arrest the .discharges, and: Imparl
vigor and energy, life, and vitality to the
entire man. They1 have cured thousands
of cases. Price $5 per package of six box
es and vial, which is very important In ob
stinate or old cases, or $1 persJngle boxi
Sdld'by all Druggists, and sent "by mail on
receipt of 'price; Address HcMratuya'
j Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co 62
sroaaway, jxew lorg. yl3-deodswly
. .
VU i(v,(: wvw wtwM
r-! - it., i r
Official Army Register.
TlW official armV Register ot 1868, just
published by the War Department, shows
since the register was issued lor 1867, res
ignations have been received "as follows:
One Lieutenant Colonel, one , Major, thir
teen Captains, twenty-five First Lieuten
ants, thirteen Second Lieutenants,, eight
Assistant Surgeons and one military storekeeper.-
Thirty ;ffleers have dled seven
were dismissed and nine cashiered. Brig
adier General and Brevet Major General
Robert Scott, resigned. . . - . t r j
Army Affairs.
Information has ' been' received ' from
Kansas that General Sheridan's force are
moving from New Mexico, Fort Hayes and
four i her points, in separate columns, to
the Southern country,' where the climate
is mild and to which Indiana are resorting
Kir winter fojourn. ; .... 1
'General Sheridan is' establishing a base
of supplies on the Canadian river. The
Indications are his plan ol operations' will
be successful and the Indians summarily
punished., The Indian Agent,' Mr. Wvn?
coop, is apprehensive that innocent Indi
ans will eufferin tbe campaign.- as no dis
crimination can be made by the command-
! n , -: A -
ius ucuersu ,K .n 1 ... n . - -,1,1 ,
In the Supreme - Court1 to-dav. Jndre
Pierrepont applied to Judge Sutherland
for an order vacating Judge Cardosis' stav
.of. proceedings on both 1 parties. Suther
land was -willing to grant the- order but
would first con-ult th . Associates. Judge
Nel.ion's deaisiou has not yet been promul
gated. ) n--s t 1 -!.--: .. - : ;.. . ! ::..
Union Pacific Railroad.
The report of the- Commissioners on th
Unton Pacific railroad estimate that for the
complete equipment of the line to Sale
Lake, additional locomotives, cars, &c, and
lor stone structures, several million dollars
may be required.. It will, be recollected
that some montlis ago this railroad compa
ny voted to put three millions of its own'
firt mortgage bonds in trust for this pur-,
pose.. The Gov rnment now owes thacom-H
pany $4,400,000 for the road already com
pleted. The company has expended $6,-;
000,000 on grading, rails and other supplies
Desidea the sno miles already nuisbed.-
Official Report of the Late Indian
ST. LOUIS, Dec. 2.
The following offlclal repbrt of the re-'
cent Indian battle has been read at military ;
headquarters: . i -- - J i 1 1 ,
In tmFikld,DepartmrntothbN"6btb1.!1
: Canadian Kivkr.at jumction of Bea-- I
vkr Creek, Indian Territot, Nov.. 2? 3 "
t Brevet Major General Wi A. Nichols A. -
A. Military Division of the Missouri i
General; I have the honor to ivrmrt. fnr
the information of tbe Lieutenant General.'-;
the following Operations of Gen.. Custer's
Command:. T .V", -,. ,T-i
On November 23d I ordered him to or-
cecd with eleven ' companies of his regt
ment the 7th cavalry, In a southerly dl
r ction, toward- the .Antelope Hills, In
search of hostile Indians. ' On the 26th he
struck the" trail of a war party of Black Ket
tle baivd, returning (rum the-North, near
where tlie eastern 'line ef t.hp- PanhnHl
of Texascrossed'"the mairv' 'Canadian. He
at once corraiua bis wagons and, followed
in pursuit over to tbe-headwaters of the
Washita.' thence down that 'stream, and' ohT
the morning of the 27th surprised , the
camp oi Black Kettle, and after a desber-"
ate tight, in which Black Kettle-was aseistf
ed by the -Arapahoes, Under Little Raven, J
ana. me ruowas unaer (bantanta, we cap-.,
tured.the entire camp, killing the Chief ""
Black :Kettle and: 103 : warriors, whose 1
bodies were left on the . field ; . all their ;
stock. , ammunition, rarms. lodyes. j-ohe -
and; 53 women- and their , children.. ' Our
loss was Major ---Elliott. Captain Hamaker '
and 19 enlisted men killed. Brevet Lieut.1'
Colonel Bornitz. Brevet Lieut. Colonel J.
W. Custer. 2d Lieut. Z. Marsh and : 11 en-
licte i m?n were wounded. - -1 '
Little Raven's band nf A nnoltftAa ..ni4
SantantaN band of Kiowas were pnenmnprl :
6 miles below Black Kettle's camp. About
eight or nine: hundred ot tfe animals cap- ,
bureu wen tuwi, (ue-oaianoe were kept for
militarv purpeses. The highest credit Is
due to General Custer and his command.
They started In a furlous sijow storm and
travcieu au-ine w: iic in snow about twelve -Inches
in depths Black- Kettle and Little
Raven's fumilies'are among the prisoners.!
i Was the Black Kettle band who commit
ted the.: first. depredations on Saline and.
Soloman rivers, in Kansas, f - -; . j
The Kansas regiment has just come in.'
Thev missed the trail and had to struggle ,'
in the snow storm, tbe . horses sufiering .'
much in flesh and the men living 011 Buf
falo meat and other meat for .eight days,
We will soon have them iu gobdeoridition;".
If we.ean getqne or two more good blows i
there: will be no more Indian troubles in
my department.-1 We will be; pinched in
ability to supply.and nature will present!
many difficulties in our winter operations,
but we hve Btout hearts and will do our
best. Twa' white children were xecaptur- ,
d. . Oue. white woman and one boy ten
years old . were brutally murdered by the
Indian women when the attack com menced.
Maj. Gen. commanding.
National Board of Trade.
i The National Board or Trade held its
preliminary session this morning, at-the
Council Chamber, being called to order at
11:30 by Vice President John A.-Gano.
Frederick Fraley, of . .Philadelphia, as
Chairman of the former "meeting of the
ponventioh. took the chair ex officio.' The
report oi the Executive Council of the Na-
tional Board of Trade was presented and-accepted,-with
afew minor changes. nr 1
! The Convention' then ..began with 'the ;
nomination of Mr. Fraley as President this !
year, and having vac ated the chair, John -A.
Gano, of the Cincinnati Chamber of
Commerce, was called to it. Mr. Gano's
na"me was, : however, also "proposed for !
President, and a ballot called lor, whicn
resulted in 59 votes beta? oast for Mr. FVa.
ley. and 6 for Mr. Gano. ;V ' :!
' Toe, nomination, of .Vice President was .
then entertained, which was the subieet of.
4ome discussion, and on which the Conven-
non iook arecess lor consideration. '
; The Board, through their President. ant
the following dispatch:-- .vs . .i.
FUl firminghair England,:
The National Board-of Trade of the Uni
ted States assembled in Cincinnati, to the
Birmingham1, Chamber 'of Commerce,;
greeting: . Great Britain and the United.!
States of America are bound -together for
the civilization of the world by ; lineage,
language and customs. May they be, at !
perpetual peace, and their only rivalries be-!
those lor the tull development of agrlcut- '
ture, commerce and manufactures through- :
out the earth, and the unity of the nations '
in fraternal sympathy and love,
i On the report ot the order ot business a
motion was made to circumscribe the dis
cussion on any one subject . to but one
speech trom each member, and tea minutes
puly oj each subject. ., . -t.. ,'..,,
; a committee of five oa Credentials was.
appointed.-." ' ' -
-It was moved that two sessions "be held ;'
per day, each moruiug session beginning :
at 9 A. M, with a view of getting through.,
business by Friday evening. , ,
I After accepting an invitation to a suppi r
to be given by the Cincinnati Chamber of
Commereithe Board adjourned until 9 A.
.-morrow.,T1 ,,, ,,,, v
Resolutions of Condolence.
! In the Horise of Representatives' tb-day,"f
resolutions of condplence on the. death of :
Seuatorv, Randolph 1 and Representative"
Martin were adopted. Eulogies were de-'
livered by sevefal members, after which '
the House adjourned.- United States Sen
ator X.J. Rooinson Who leaves for Waab-f
tug ton to-morrow ' morning, addressed a
large Kepubiicao meeting this evening.on
the political situation. . .': .
Erie Railroad Matters—Referee
A note dated Port Jervls, 1st. from Jas '
Fiske, states that he left New York early
Monday morning to settle up some affairs -
.relative to tne roiling mill ot tbe Jflrie com
pany, '-ana ior no other purpose. The
money of the Erie Company, he says, is
not, nor has it been, in bis charge, but in-Uie-treasury
of the company, and the rival
receivers can get at it now as welt as
when he was in the city. Justice Balcome,
of BinghamtortsettVngai tfspecial term of
the Supreme Court in that city, yesterday
g anted an order on application of the Ati
wrney General of Stsata eholuiiighe Erie
railroad- t5ompny(ly -fts" dlrevtrrTs, trout
delivering or transferring any property te
a receiver or other person other than the
receiver to be appointed by the court, and
naming Hon. Giles W. Hotchkiss, ol thtt
city, as referee to take the testimony of all
matters and transactions of that company,
and to file his report, with the evidence
taken by him, with this' chart;- This action
sustains the directors' of the road against
all persons. ,
Iowa Election.
CHICAGO, Dec. 2.
vTbe total vnfa ot Tqw hastoeeri received.
Total I vote 194,52r. 5 Grant's majority is
40.2701 1 .111 i UV-rf J ii -
Valuable Paintings and Library
Destroyed by Fire.
Ons ot the lamentable features connected
with the turning ot thebeautitoi residence
of John A: Hnek, 'formerly- Judge Eben
ger Peck's, at the junction of North Clark
street and Fulton avenue, is the destruc
tion of one of the finest private collection
aftnatntings ln."the west. 'and. ulso a verv
valuable library. - 1 ' - l - ' - '
River and Weather.
Weather cold. River six feet and fall
ing. Mercury thirty degrees.
PITTSBURGH, Dec. 2. Colorado.
ST. LOUIS, Dec. 2.
-A i Denver tlisnatcli of vssteTdav savs :
twin parties nem separate con vencionsyps
(erday to consider the sut-ject of tlie admis
sion of Colorado Into the Union. Both con
ventions were fully attended. The Repub
lican conyeApoa parsed, a ?retonitiiu witb
Dut one dissenting- voice, r Question Con
gress to admit Colorado at once, on such
terms and precedent as they deem neces
sary. 1 he Democratic convention, as yet,
was not as harmonious. The Chairman ot
tb.4 Central Committee, and (tther promta.
ent members, advanced the admission on
any terms, but many opposed, except that
negro suflrage is not made a Dart of the
consiltutl'iu. uotn . conventions.. passed
resoiucrona aainguongressional aicf in the
construction of railroads centering iu Colorado.
Major General Canby and wife, accom
panied by Major General Easton and Lieut.
atoms, are in tne eity. hm;.... -i
Electoral Colleges.
ST. Dec. 2.
The Electoral Colleze of Missouri will
meet at Jefferson VAtv to-dav and east thair
votor Pfestdent and Vies PMsidenttwi
ALBANY, Dec. 2.
The Electoral College this morninar cast
33 votes for Seymour and Blair.
BOSTON, Dec. 2.
The. New JSnelan
lectoral Colleges
again convened at tin
ate capitals to-d ay J
and cast their Votes for"
rant auu uottax.
CHICAGO, Dec. 2.
The Electoral College of VViscwisia met
at Madison to-day. VVi'.Price,oue of the
electors, was detained by the tailure 01
trains to connect,and was not present. Gen.
M. Rusk was- chosen: to tiH ibe -vacancy.
Eight ballots were cast for Grant and Col
fax. Gen. Rusk was chosen messenger.
, The electors of President and YiS Pj8
Idane'of IllinrSii naat Tat ttfte Canit-jR i
Springfield To-fiay. '-Goveritof K'lerher Waft
appointed to the chair, and General S. A.
Hurlburt acted as Secretary. E ector
Turnniclifi! was absent, and James, S. levin,
was ' appointed in bis' place. Tfie'electors
cast sixteen votesl'for Grant and C6lfax.
John E. Strotig.''bf ''Jacksonville, was
chosen messenger to carry tbe vote to
TORONTO, N. J., Dec. 2.
The New Jersey Electoral College met
to-day. The seven electoral votes of the
State were cast. for Seymeur and BUirii
The Pennsylvania "Electoral Colleae to
day cast twenty-six votes for Grant and
William A. Shaw-aacLC. Smith were ar
rested last night while attempting to break
through thepartitjion wajl of an adjoining
baildintoi resich the'vawfts of tlustEsst
RtveYtrtoBalBirk, 70-Broa6Vay' v
! A di5patc,h from Clyde of . the Jst .states
tliat the three cbUcIren ot' the murdered
woman Smith, ot Kingston, nave.' been
found there." ' - c -: ''--
Explosion—Several Persons Killed
and Wounded.
powder rxlodeesteT(f
r o
-A crt)ori
the grounds of the Dear Ore Mining Com
pany, at Fort Montgomery, on the Hudson
river, killing Thomas' HoserJ,: JohtiRead
and William Trevailen, and wounding one
other fatally, and three others slightly.
Tueexpl'uliari rssuUedftem1caTeiessness.-
Verdict Rendered.
I -Tbe jury at White Jlains, yesterday j-en
tiered a verdict in faver of the icjaims -of
Mrs. Catherine Taylor and children to their
portion ot property lelt by William Tay-lor,-'
they deciding J she was - his ; lawiul
Fort Lafayette Destroyed by Fire
I Fort L-ifayette is almost entirely de
stroyed. The magazine did kiotnexplpde.
Some twenty shells exploded last evening
in the center oi the FofK 'buC 110-one was
hurt. The fire is. still burning. It has re
cently been garnsWnefl ouly-by a serseaut'i
guard Icoui Fur. HaujHxoii".
To be Executed.
1 special dispatch- trom - Anne,
Maryland, states that a warrant bas been
rect ived lor the execution ot-Wmi: Walls,
Wm. Wilson and George Rounds, for the
murder of the Captain and Mate bt he
schooner Brave, In the Chesapeake bay. on
the 1st ol March. The execution is .-fixed
'for the 8th of January. ""' - ' ' -
The Erie Question.
I The fn Erie to-daycrim-prised
the issue by. Judg Cardoz of an
order, on the application of defendants,
vizi fThfelCbnipaiiy rettrable'nexl Mplidafr,
dtreotingfthe plaintiffs vizfe Belmoat and
others, to show cause why proceedings
before Judge Sutherland should -not be re
argued, and granting meanwhile a stav ol
proceedings. Subsequently Judsfe Suth
erland issued an order to show causp. why
the order bf Cardoza should hot be argued
before bim at once. The defendants again
bad reeoune to C-V-doz -wfto, fwsr"Su-ga.
tarns, vacated UieJ opJer-of, Suthptland
Tbeialinifls arfain .applied, truaUiarlaad
to vacate Cardoza's order, and, alter some
diseussion, the action' was'' 'postponed till
rrt- m r r tntir
Seventeen Democratic and four
lican Assistant Aiaerman were elected yes
terday. ,.-
! The School Commissioners and Trustees
fthnsftn were all Democrats.
Election. Accepted.
! Rev. Dr. Llttlejohn has accepted the call
of thfeErlscopaU of Lo,ng Island (,u
i Mrs. Gatewodd, who oramttted suicide
yesterday in consequence being detect
ed in plllering, was a native of St. Louis,
and related U4iomeof the most respectable
families In that city andNew Orleaus. A
few years ago her husband died, leaving
her and s spuds indigent circumstances
Since then she has been in constant recep
tion of remittances trom a wealthy aunt in
New Orleans and a nephew In Paris. Since
the loss of her child she has been a victim
The Commercial ays the Erie excite?
ment. has lost l;s influence on Wall jstrett.
The money market has assumed a confi
dent tone. Banks are handing money
South, but are receiving currency, from
Chicago, the rate of exchange elng fsrvo
rable. The bare effort toUepresSi contin
ues, but is'not much felt."
Important Order.
: In. the United State Ocuit Court, Di -
trict ot JNew Jersey, to-oay ouage jieiu
made an-important order as to what con
stitutes a trade mark. The Esterbrook
Steel Pen Manufacturing- Company have
for a long time infringed the trade marks
of the Washington Medallion Pen Com
pany, inflicting, it is alleged, damages to
the amount of $10,000 qu complainants.!
yjn eviuence io uns euect, uie. wiun, grant
ed an injunction restraining tbe defendants
from further use of -plaintiffs trade marks,
which the order particularly describes as
including the Medallion nark,-tyl -ol
boxing-ipens, -color of labels- ornamebtal
engraving thereon, etc.
Captain Meade.
It Is stated that Capt.'R. W. MeadeTunf
ted States navy, bas been five weeks in a
lunatic asylum, beeau8-he opposed the
marriap-eof his 'daughter? and that effort
I are being made legally to obtain his release.
Captain Meade. Union College.
A movement is on -foot, for lb' removal
Ot, t ie jUpioa Colleger lrdm 6eiiecrady to
Gen. Grant.
BOSTON, Dec. 2.
' General Grant arrived at St. James Lo
telthl morning. "He took' the hotel eai
riaga at-rtberdeaot, mono o her being iu
waiting; Durlug the -forenoon ..uie city
Council formally called on him. .This af
ternoon the General visited the, Walt
March Works by invitation, accompanied
by the- Mayor and members- of-' the City
Government, ., !K., fh.i: va-:C j
; The Sdsons steam mill at this piace and
a large block, adjoining, was- burned la6
evening. Loss estimated ap $10 000-, 7 i
Gold Sale.
Gold Sale. NEW YORK, Dec. 2.
The gold sale of $300,000 to-dav hr th
Government -brought 134.' j
Brutal Affair.
CHICAGO, Dec. 2.
, , Milwaukee, St last .tiight,1
the Captain of the bark D. P Dobbins, his'
name not given, went. on, bo r I. his vess .'
and altet ungry words between; himseu!
and wile, be knocked her down, stamped
optn Tier and kicked lier in such' terrible
manner that she gave premature birth to a
child, which the monster seized and threw
overboard. He then sent for a -doctor and
disappeared. The unfortunate woman is
in ateritlcal QonditiodV,cTa4 brbte Willi)
Cattle Commissioners Convention.
i Tlie American ? Convention of ' Cattle
Commissioners, at, Springfield,:. met-tnls
morning at 10 o'clock President X:-G.
Allen m theehafr.-,'S6mewhat-!i4nfheri"ed
discussions arose out of a resolution offer
ed by Dr. Clindenuing. pf Qhip, providing :
for the appointment ofa; committee 'to
memoraiizB Congress to appoint a ommis- i
siorrtejriirvestigate-thfj causevnymptoins,
mode "bf development, iftii.of tlie, diseases
ami report to the "country. A sobstituta
for the original resolution, and amendments
were offered by Mr. Hamilton, of PaM to
the effect that three members' of the con
vention be appointed to do the. work, and
ask an appropriation trom Cougress to dew
iray the expense.' .feuding the vote on the
suhsticucef thee toti van t ion adjourned till
z o ciock in tne aiternoon. rrl-.-,r r-.-.
Cattle Commissioners Convention. FOREIGN NEWS.
LONDON, Dec 2.
-It 1ft rennt-fd thah Ttr. DiaraAlt ha -mnnA-
to Windsor to tender his resisnatiou 01 the
Elected Mayor.
CORK, Dec. 2.
WbM fltrick ItrW3. thi
Commission of the Peace for allegrd y.m-
Mayor ol this city.
Letter from Senator Morton.
The World eoLains tha foilewina'lettoT
from Senator Morton, of Indiana :
To tlw tiUT,jo the jVoM:
; Drab Sir-!, tie Nw
th Try
Nw "itork World iof
the 23th i 11st. I find an article Irom which
I quote the following : f wi.t ;
I " A telegram to an evening paper gtates
that Senator Morton, soon'' after the open
ing of the session will introduce a bill di
recting the immediate payment' in green
backs of jthat portion of the 5-20 bonds is
sued lor five years." If this report be cor
rect.t her course of that Senator on tbi tub-
ject is conspicuous for vaccitationN Eight
UJunuis ku ue. was aii open'mrro'-ace oicne
so-called greenback ihVory During the
Presidential canvasl heDUbltcly recanted.
If be Is now abput lq propose fod ji,ivq-
cate such a measure .'as that described in
the telegram. Ti is Tenuhclation must have
bc-en a mere. Dolitical d.dv -and teirrned
surrender of his principles to promote the
success of his party " - ., , ; ' . . ,.,.,,.' ,U
- 111 me 11 r u piece i. uo poo iniei.u 10 1-j
trod uce a bill directing the immediate pay
ment in greenbacks of that portion el the
5 .20 bonds.Usucd for five years, and have 7
never saia a atu to secretary MoCullocb or
any Doay else, in tne nent olaee, 1 aid not.
during the canvass, recount what I ;sald
In the .Senate in regard to the payment of
the 0 20s in greenbacks. 'No speech by 'me
to that efiect -bag been made.- What -1
urged during the canvas3 was that the first
duty of jiie Goverujmeou was ( return to
specie -payment,' which; wheri v accom-., ,
piMiedr, wouut settl9 all questions as Jo t
mode, ot naj lag. thebewUnI fJurtiiec-
arged ifiaWhefiovernmnt isB naT:ighlJ
to issue new legal tender notes and make
them applicable to: payment of bonds, ar
guing such notes could not be made to sus
tain the same relatlons to thexbondSTiilaWP
ot equity that was sustained by! Jfie exist
irisr notes, and that the ' further issue of
suoh notes would indefinitely' postpone the
return to specie payment.- .i-;-.-i-i'i niu.. .
t -These propositions were? fully 'stated' I'lr'
iny speech in the SenateJ. last summed in i
which I argued : the legal ..right ; of the i
Government to use the existing legal ten- '
der notes in payment Of trie bonds. 1 also1'
argued at various times during'- tlie can
vass, that whatever might be -the law
on the eubject.-the Government.' could hot
pay'- the bonds or" any7 considerable,
gortion -Jn i n coin. w liilet d the curp
J-ency 1 remained 'depreciatec1,. and that
improvement of the currency by, bringing
irnp to "par, was a necessary condition,
precedent to payment of bonds in gold:
(hat if the Government couhf not procure
gold enough to redeem $305,000 000 ef legal
tender note?. It was folly to. talkf about'
paying; bonds iu gold; -that the question-'
of the mode of pay-ing bonds will, htoome
important only ty dontinuance of a'depre-
Ciated currency, jtitHou Shaking, steps to
improve it; mat to j;ajte the surplus goia in,
the Treasury, and apply it to the purchase!
of bonds in' tbe market, which will not fallt
due for 14 years,. would not be paying the'
bonds, but shaving them, and would be an
improper use'ef'the means' by' wlricfi the
paper ot the Government.' over due and
dishonored, should 1 be redeemed. These'-
positions are not inconsistent with any
thing I said in the Senate..'-;'-''--:' -
From San Francisco.
Arizona advices'trii ITov
14th haye.
heen reeeiverl. " - t'J''
i i
I A I Tuscan. November 10th; thei troop&l
attacked an Indian camp and killed seven-1
teen and woundea forty savagesveapnired
several mules and a quantity of arms and
prisoners.. "."'- .-
j A large party of Indians attacked a pack
train near Preseott, -killed three menbap-.,
lureu a. iub 111 riiiep, uwu auu ntuuiuiitr,
tion, and drove off animals. -The mails 1
were talfcn trom the mall rider byJIndians '
hear Fort Whipple, but were rescued and
delivered to. . the postmaster at Wickenr-
burg. ,.;.-r-.i i.,:a j.t s.'; fi ;-:i , i6
i Some nneasleess is expressed la rea- d
to the safety" of a "party of miners wbo
went to Black canon some time siuce, as
nothing1 has been heard from'; then! i V
I It is thought by some that the Muqui lu
tJiansfrom Mexico have joined the Apaches
In the present wr against the white, . t .
! T".e .Indiana ,in the neighborbooij. pf
Wickenburg stampeded, a large herd, of.
tattle horses apd mules belqnii; (4 (he
,v uiturc Mining vmpany
Temperance Convention.
BOSTON, Dec. 2.
1 TheNew England Christuu XamperaBca,
Convention oiganized to-day, with Gov.
Buckingham, of Connecticut, as President.
The session will last two days.
Making appropriations for purpose! tberain named.
Uf the oitjiof Colambus. 4'hat then .Be and iai
berubr aUDropriated out of an? nioner in tlia Tnuu. '
nrj not hereiofvr appropriatoj, the ibUowinc eanta
of moner, to-wit: . , 1
For the payment of expenses of Citr Tnlirn. 11.-
450. ' " -- -------.
' For the pijment of ulariei of Citr O eera,
SOS. -jll. 1
l For expense of Citjr Park. $1,800.
' For (he payment of cleaning- and repairing ttreet
lamps, Sioo. j '-
I For Uas and Gaa Ligble, SIOO.
For Moment f McoIkod jaTement fn frontrof
South Engine Hoope eo . t.
j For Sewers and .Drainage, Sao..' s I ur;r
, For payment of '1'emporarj Loan. 16,000. t f
t-EC. 2. The several earns of money appropriated
by the foregoing peotlon shell be expended in the
manoer prescribed by the fifth section of the rdi.
nance definin thedatiae ol th City Clerk, pawed 1
May 25th. 18o7. ,. -. -.
lOici : j -. wan Baurl iBPt,
President of the Uty.ConcLm
Passed Nov. IS, A . D. 186S u
Attest: L. . Wilsom. City Clerk.
ioner and Chain OaDg, tl.UOO. . , . .,
Fur the payment of emploies of tha Fir De
srtiDnt,tltW. . . . " ,'
New York Money Market—Dec. 2.
-JttUJSEY Active aud firm at 67 pwr
cea-,o call. -r iji..ii
1091iai09Jn...... F.-.l,fT,,.,,fliw
i.cGu LD a let and trifle lower open
ed at 135, aud closed at iairi:' '
New York Stock Market—Dec. 2.
effort vontinuet but withont-mgetj'eflVc't
On the market, which IS generally dull but
steady! some round lots of 6 Tper cehf.
eu-rreney hoods, issued to tnw-Paerrle rail
road, are, howerer, bein laken for per-
wawnt - iPiverrmiti.'- ryt&nnT hf'm
.ln ihestoekinarket the xvn,t nn.
itral , lias beea-. the -tuM n4'aiHia
ifr;eiy ana -rrperff larWWrip dividends
seen te be declared. The annual meeting
occurs mi the 9th, 'when this snQectrwili
probrbly be considered.. . The riss waaaar
sisted by.):tha-demand to cover pievlous
speoi:Jiitiy.e- sa let,he,ufons - asUehaait
standing is said tovber vary 4arge. Thead
vaiieei in Central caused great strength
in the market 'arid Erie -4omW X
csiusliigiuuch surprise; put there. peiiagji
iiriinre!niB ior auvauce it relapeaiitd
rei uimatb-wa generally strong at
cfosai bi4(Ue.irha;iirB.iaAtaes.Diotiara
material.,;. Trausactipnsjapwepjieas teks
have been embarrassed by premature clos
ing' of transfer books- of - American, Jnf J
piny at two days notices,' n&jhi-eiifcoa
Stock, bplders at a.distance from having
theis tstock tran6M,rBacWibt ,aUewtact
holders will be withourtittle to the new
stotkY'The teghlac boardljas, requestad.
the American- Company to reopen, hooksi
and received in-reply, the compaay te
longer in existance.- t-ioijfcnoui!wA n . ns.vX
- 6i30-priced-WeiUxpWfiSJt, '
Amwican,- 4a45J; f3Xdapw",lS?
"if-L818168 4617: MerehantVUntotk
l71Q;NeW,iYrJk 1 133J,"1336
Erie 33; preferred Keading98W985t:
Terre H.-3939bT UadM terjfi
W abash 57358; St Jiaul 65?itJ6; FFt
!nYlU& Ohio , Mississippi
30303i; iUichigauCitral 118; Mich-igasouuiern-!848S;
Illinois Central
m3144i Pittebumu A(&8S$f-J 'Poeot
102102;. Rock Islsnrf -'lOtSlOT;
Nona wejeem 1 8485:j ' 'BmIiuV-'U.'.'X
Quincy J72iClve,,.CUl. . CIdu & IndT. a
"msll78' '62 110110; do ,'64 107
!U7J do. b-5 mmviii ht neW Mi
New York Market—Dec. 2.
Heavv. and - iX&,i.
sales atr2525Jic for middling "ifpl'ahrJs?
FLOUR-Closed duiranahea'vy for me-J
dlutn and good, and "steady Job omuMa
grades. tat iraojrii ..i a .m -j
w ujeat Dull and nominal, and in
er?s. favor.
ItYE-Q'riet at'l 4S-fal'firi ftir i-"iS2Si
i -OA1S lullanabeavyat74forWBSwi
jfern.in store. . ,. " w
VXiNrDu" af r 15W atore,anaf I45&
I. ltl7. afloat lor tsrai-d western, and $li4
t railroad depot for hew Western.-- -""' w
PORK Dull and nominal or Off tii"H
BEEF Qniet and UDcbanged.-i A x,mtZZ
CUP MEATS Moderate 'demand and
unchanged. :-'"'i:j'
.CQN-Steady. and qu"iet!f .,7.' T'f
for fair to prime steam, na
EGSi--S6eidv at 8Sra.liU J -
Chicago Market—Dec. 2.
FLOUR Less active with sales at $3. 75
6 75 Mr spring extras'"'
W H EAT .Quiet and firm; safes JTo. 1-at
tl 20(1 27, the- outside figure for lots in
lorth western and north side of houses; No.
2 at$l 12; closing steady at $1 12
l 12.ir sales- of ;Ko.,2 since
change at $V12 rni,t -.! Vain ft
CORN Old No.TneHectedand nomlnal
it 78S03 cash, and ,73c,; sellers,- for tha
.nonth; No. 2 very qnieqsmalr sales at 75c;
lew firmer and quiet; sales at f455c; clps
inir at 6454Je; kiln dried No: 2 declined
34i,and njecte41p; sales atS&4-iorNa. 2
and 606Axfor rejected: oothing doing this
ifternoon. ; i. - j it
O ATS More actfve'ahd d' bigher, sales
No. 2at4fi47ein-i -o ,f, iak
RYE Quietand eiwierstfl 13J '
for No. 1. and No-2 ftt$lTlJ f27-"V
BARLEY" Opened firmer and quiet; No.
1 sold up to $1 63, but ubfequem.iy weak
ened and -'l -t f 1 fil,
Cleveland Market—Dec. 2.
FLOVR-City made XXX white $11 k
11 80TXX amber 9 509 75; XX red33
winter $S 25 8 50; XX spring $7 WiwyTC:
V. . TraT .1 . : . , 1 . 7
it$l 80 lor Nol red winterr'$i 65 for ' No
i do: $1 60 for No 1 spriiig.r-.iii!,io )TBf,vKiI
C!0RN -Old No ;i ecaroe . ap d, firm b t
irrej:ujar,-held at $1 021 04, fqr.No.Lf
helled, new do 80c. '-j fll ..,. int
OATS Good request 'arid-'' flrmltret'd
itOOii foriNo 1 Statewi.1 , pniiogit yir.n
BTE-Scaxce and better.Noi-Ji held -ta
$140; No 2 at. $1 35. , ,' " "B"''
BARLEY-iQuiet and 'steady rlttmiW?
for No 1 Canaoa;',No i State -rttrriiriai-.'
lORJv Lwer; sales at $2 00 tor NJ !"
KtwF9 m?J bo)r.m lr pleat sa
DR E5SED" . AGGS-sM'k'ritet' "quiet ""and??
uhchanged.at8i lor'mediuni to h'eavyr'
lividing on 200 IbsJ hiIi tm.-.I,'' .vi
j LAUD Frm and.activej sle lafci lfi"gbl
BEEF--Qitiet'and -steady at$llfbr Ifoijt
ltne;f 10, tor extra mes .boii aniss eut
. .BUT IE Er The, markets for the bfttis-i
qualities is very.firraat 3S40afor toll and i,
tub ;' 3637c for flrklh; common to good
quiet at a ntntfe -of 2835c JjJ hooi" uj
iCHEBkSE-Tttaatock tia -light!tin;ia.l
markit firm hut uncbanger1; heM.st 15aa
17JoC for dairy and. facto'rv;'16i8j ' Joe -snni1
selected lots do. -' "---w .nrj,
'EGGS-Tlm demand is moderate rtfthy
market dull nt aii?i1-),. fnm fr.u -t,.l
to&mfrMlftul :H 1o noit44
Cincinnati Market—Dec. 2.
TT05r-iQdiet a Kffe'for liimdmS't
WflISKY-i-Dallat98(:.J bn-j -.Hi la Jo
HOGS Dull" and droopinjf, l.iaiijaeT
$77 60 gross, and $fljafl 40 net. Rt c .iuts
6 000-
' M ES9:PORKAlQ'dft'tvf $AffTCfS-ftK).
-BEILK! MEATb Dull? sbouluers -Ht ;
LARD-DuTjf.23 fbrbli'yhlC'ftl'
Ue for prion steam- an 146 i4 lor"1
kettle -Tendeeedi-irt ,iafn-,T .vumj-t!
JREEN, MEAISFirm; but, uletSj
'hpuJUers 7K&15A-r lOJ&Vand ..lOjjo for
sifJes; and Jii1ft foiams.'JH . ' :J ft0
;The Price Current gives the ' rtceiptip "oti
nogs for tbe week at St-UOaadilortha-
itasoii ,105.828, agaiust93,763 for the.eamtft
time last season, " ' ' ' ' " ,
'BDTTERr. AND" CUEE-uYcnVngea''
and quiet. .i iuo-j ojiii iiir.i.id
-EtrGS-t-83e. -j-r rt. lt JiifB-l -.-huL
OIL Linseed oil 95"; lard oil dull',:.! po;.
''5 7fi-,n,iT
St Louis Market—Dec. 2.
-in good n demand , for low
grades, -which are' firm, 'and- "nrirrWfe'
sellers.; 1!: i ntat tu tut iiji ,iuuia al
- i " A - V f ry;irm and uncharneL vi
CORN Firmer and better at6875u.n
OATS Lower at i356a. . T , 'S01
RTB-.M51 18.' 3h"l- eJl
fBARLF.Y Unchanged.--i r-a ir.in bna
..WHISKY Easier at 059Gc.-; n
PROVISIONS-Unchauged, and but
lifle tloing. ,. .
PORK-$22 0023 00." ' B" C , (I "
LARD 13jc for tierce
HAGS Little better -nd active at $i"!3o
7 62. -'-' - - i - f "
vi iu ;.;' Miii - - I'-ivr !,uL ,rfi
Toledo Market—Dec. 2.
.FLOUR-MJiiiefc In mo-x, r. iuoJA
HJS AT-l2c better; gales No 2 white,
Wabash at. $2 00; white, Jl icliigan at $1 82?
amber $1 Totil 77K; No 1' reS $1 73,' o 2
$165; No 2 spring il 'io. '-' v !
. CORK-rinactive aud lower; new 7SS0ir
kiln dried.92c. i . , . ., i.:.
OATS A shade lower and better; ,Nol,
RYE-2c better; No 1 $l'30if nod eil 1'
BAllLbX fillet.;, t I- -j-i-in-l n .1,Ju,,f,
i 7()
Buffalo Market—Dec. 2.
jpirm, , (.,,-,, ,
WHEAT Nominal , at 37a40 for No 2
Chicago and Milwaukee spring. '.','' ' ,
ORN Weaker; sales of fair old Tit $!.
OATS Steady at 65ofor car lots west-
- R1E ,HeId at 43c . .,- r. ....
Others dull and Unchanged. f",il '
BVr:! o,if mi-t,-., . '.irr.1rt.,..I'
N. Y. Goods Market—Dec. 2.
The market is without much animation
nevertheless prices are well maintained.

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