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If moaoLoaiCAL Tabli, prepared ana
corrected by W.'JV "Baraga, Jeweler,
O'clock. Tsxooeter. Thermometer
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- H.W. H.
Www vrxt 7 as I Sua, Itfy, ,
WSetfiJflirt'orMWrttaed Letter.
on fourth page.
'!HT Ji
t3rXotbjiua- ou lh Mayor' doeVet y-
terdav momlnsr.
Bornlng..; . ,
-7n:iii. t
-4. .A
. tSr.Ocevkly 'UuIqu, renort will tp
pear to -morrow.'
itj Tb Ust wrinkle It a bird bat mc!e
out pt the, ffitre plumareftt a feWU
i-laf Tbi 'iloi Suu '.Ha'rttcttltur'al'.S
rtetj iBfcetaii ibth city irttt. Woesdajv
'tSTJ.A. craquet jrwipd the tt, t'tbe
latest atoaera .improveweafc w; w iu u
pastime.,;,. jj. r ,.: -;,"v,",.
lot i-ar In -this, Qiutry,than jor bread,
Tbli ti proof that we are a puffling people..
: A -irieiii&Wk. tpni fcow" maty
nlirivfk a cTntcken nta roost on another's
roost; below Uhe.ehlokeo eanVbe claim, d
for the rent'61 the toosti .' Referred, to.the
author of Foal PlajM n:
11 -ir-ITmiq-tV
. ! , iii. ::l
iTMBbrto'jOvr ;Thi,'twr .with
whfchtheRIdkwa flooded on- Wednesday
att leaked oi,iwia ona J1 the Vaya put It,
"the bottom, drppped.,out of the " d ;rned
tbJair', It-waa. befotf ' toade ;rib ffM
yesterday, and. wtll be flooded apalaoo
Saturday i ir'T"'i. !, . -. jt .mu
2Ei.ictkii Oa1BBtiThe QoTernor on
yesterday ordered a special election to be
held oa.Tuesdayttue 2SU,day or JJecem
ber, in Richland county, for a Representa-
trVS:to thei6enerir' AssetiiMy-'e OM Vj
fill the vaeaaef eg'eas'aned by the death of
.i- d-.i , ' ; i ' aw i 1 - ' : '
OlkBoll's CoscBT.'On heart Wednea
daytentnwyfe toVave a coiioe'rt at the
Opera Hoeee, by tlie 'great'irorweRtaii...Qle
BdltC Aa Urailera welt loo w; onrihaft
Instrumont C pwtrnmeiat (he lollnvh
butt'e4al'4ti(air In the raddl iKti ai
launta are artlsU ef jrreat ability.
Saw: Tone ..Lmmuck. r'JIt- Bonnerj Jp
the New Yopk Ledger, ,haa auceeeded .in J
ble. JLtJaneDfttierpiost .Uiterestlrig pi
the nkw 'adverthe'mehts4 fnour present
number. . Front" it we" learn tliat ReT. Dr.
ledger. it ..H
Cotm-nr CoMMiaeioMERa MtrnNO. -Atl
ameetkn jr At County Commlsrfoneri
held on Tueaday'Wrenln p Messrs. Edward,
CfuTlck "and XLf beiuK "present," the foX-
l6Miii br.Is; wfeft 'aljowed I ; :bb4a1sh
Co.,432 yard earth 'Work for Harr($buryh
, bri')(ren0.52'JkLlKrqcbD), ; repairing kirk
$1.S; ,Mifth.br & Co one 'ahprel ' 86
cents. j i "s: ' - .'.." .'!
fe '4 iii Hi i n . 1 1 j. .: 1 1 z : a .11 1 v
PronHthe abatta't of ;the duplicate of
thla county for 1S6S, w take the. lollowluj:
Items pf jrenereal Jnterest to. our ettfeens,
shwltrf . tha ameant of tax"- leried for
school and corporation "purpo-ei : ..F' r
schools, $77-303 j4.5. ' For corpoeatlon pur
poses 128,J22 88.. Making a grand total
orao6,625 ejoi ' V ' :i ?.
l- J.M 'J ;. 11 it i Tit ;j -11"': ,.
Court No.2 The Court of Common Pleas,
Judge Olds prestiMns;, was yesterday eafrag
I in adleorce sirltvf tifmsiderabie interest.
It is the case bf'J'arneV Saods against Bet
sey Sands. Jameschaxxes his wife with
adultery7 with various parties. Mrs. Sands
has filed a cross petition asking a divorce
from her. husband o ' h . same charge
All the parties live In Dublin.- :
"F.to TKSTBiT. The certificate of
looorporayon of he Adams County, Min
eral .Sprioga Company was filed with, the
Secretary of -State yesterday. It Is organ
ized 'for the purpose of improving certain
mineral springs in the countyxif Adams.
Capital stock tlOfKOOO, 'in shares' of 4100
each. Wm. D. Younsr, By ington Salisbury,
Ad)ie ! U FcTSji;Ja8Qea iMcFesoa'and
Geo. K. McCagne are. the corporators.
at the depot night before last caught a well
know and heretofore respectable -artisan
stetiTTrigcoal from a pi if o taHr? He had
filled 4k.t t(WO husbe bag , with- the black
' diamonds and was about ready to leave
W th his plunder -when captured. The
watchman, think log his exposure sufficient
punishment did not appear against him
yegtejaaod heVs iscTiarged "wltSa
repritaaod.aV7'erwahhold his .name' be
cause we believe it axy be his first and last
oftenea.tiT. v'-rj.! ei . ri--i---r . ?j
rr .:
Officers o thb rfi'srjCKRCBOR. At the
annual "weetlhg'-iir" the 1 MaS-iScrchor,
Wednesday .'veoln.gv the :follotving offi-eare-iwera
elected Ion ttia year-1366 "-"e-.
President, Henry 01eohaseri;''Seeretary,
Philip Bruck;Finailal- Secretary, .
Wollenwebur Treasurer. Fred. Krumm;
Librarlansf F. Jaqtori and A. Gaver; TrnS'1
teis,' F A, Marble. W. F. jSbata, Charles
Praff' anoV'G. Lutch'ehberg;' Director,5 A.
tietrrotam. n .jl. t n : i:--i
The C L. ACbaffajrnca-At the sra
sloti of the joint CTauntttee of the Cen
tral Lunatic A8ylui,bH i yeaterdayTiri
PtckT'Chief Engineer Hoffman, Col. Isaac
Harrow and various other parties we e
examined as ta the-orlgln and progress ot
tkaiflre.!lt mn in' ) testimony that the
stteraent published:, by! Dr. Fllerton in
tnai Cincinnati Ckaettt, "was without a par
tiole nt 'ojii iHtioti In'truttii"" Dr.'Stewarf,
of tbe Newburgh -Avytom, stated that a
paU.at, featiiifipiiMririiOf-tbat Asyluav
told htm "that she .had set Ore to the
Asylum dawa. there (at Columbus) but she
wouldn't burn this one," (at Newburgh.)
She says iheaet fire to a paper at the gas
and thrvw It over the'trartsen Into one ot
the "rooms, , TJils. lt,wiil b.q. renjnjbf red J
was w theory the orgia ofjtba fire.;
TRAHsrBRm4:csTBRiAVvTh follow
ing transfers of, real estsx were, left at the
Recorder's office yesterday:'"
JofenXeaaad wifetoThamaa Williamson.
Hay Btb, 4 acres of land iu Truro town-
sblp,for .m
.liiiiD-Crum and wUe-to Georga .W.
LakbvlW acres ot land, la Perry township,:
M $350..
iMstUda Madden to V sry Ann .Warner,
DeceSnber 14 tt Jfoat In'Tallmadge'
addition to the City of Columbus, lor $4o0
.'Jsmea Pena and wile to Jonathan Penn,
Jannary 9th, 1865, 1 60 aefps and 73 perches
ot land ia ferry towusbipi tot V1.U0U.
John Harris tp Jonathan Penn,April 20th,
15 acrea ef land in Perry township, and
quit claim to tbe undivided 6ne-elght of 60
acrea of land In same township, for $465,
Jonathan Penn and wife to John Frost,
May. 6th, 58Ji acrea of Land In Perry town
ship,, for $left. .ir 'i.t .!,'.
Samuel Sharp and wife to Elisabeth X
Dochterman, May 15th," tnlots Not. 68 and
69, In the town of Groveport, for $20a ,r,
, Jac Dixoa to Robert Dixon, Deeember
1st, an. acre of land ia .Truro township,
lor$300."' !
Through the courtesy of Auditor Kile
and the assistance of his obllglngjleputy,
jA. C. King, we are enabled to present the
.following statement of the number of
acres of land, and the value of the real and
chattel property in each township In this
VflntH ii ahown tf tb iai'dpplIciWfdl
amfii nt I 1 V-i
Val of
Vll. of
-." . . J Lands
ia two
Hot''T to
UroTp'tS D
w ha'i ti iii. ma- S4-is4"
MumiU in tp.
1 SO
RijD'nh S I)
J vttenon
Aew AlbaDv
Mifflin to...
"if sis"!
Uiutoatp .
ferry tp....,
Sharim tn
UM3 IM-lsfO
UU6S tia-rSu
1 sssai!
Worth'n S I)
Worth inrton
sua l-t
0760 1
. 10414.,
Si7 70 ,
, I&0US7
, 11419
19 68
I IS 1651
FrmnkliQ tp.
n nr.inn m
Jaoksufi tp..
Grore City.,
S3I U 109-120
741450 -
336044 l-12vllaS3SlIS49S6l
1 Total, Value. Moiittomeru, townslilp,.,
.63,70t.MadiSfm-Jlwshiw SUW4.80;f
Groveimrt Si-ho"l District. $67,580: Urove-
porr, ios,34ij; winctiestFT !Si-hiol uistrtct,
$64 330;. Wiprhwirer, f 177,580; HanjUton,;
tKrtetiWH'l 123.I20: nVare' towns h foil,
$799,219; Rey noldburgh Si hool District,
$209 669; Reynoldsrmnrhr $100 548; Jeffer-
son township, $752 726; Pluin township...
$653 652$ Nw Albany 73.854; - Mifflin '
townsnip. $834,380: 1 ' Clinton township.
$1,184,360; Perry township, $864,160; Sha
ton township. $755 686: WorthitiBton
School . District. S 88.191: . .Worth in i; ton..
$160,215: Blendon townRliln.'$732 Bflft Ves-f
lervuie, 17,b49; VVa.-htngton townslilp.
$635 850; Norwich township. $761,860;
Franklin township, $1626 039; Brown
townshlpv- $471,068; "Pralrif township?
$845,430; Pleasant township, $732 953; Har-risbui-Kh.
$43,807! Jackson townshiu. $1.-
06U50: Grove Citv School DUtrl. t. $54.-
640rr Grove Citv. $32.564 : Citv f L'olum-
I r iin .... r.i n f rtmm' "
Tbe totals of the different Items of taxes
levied for State purposes, foot up as fol
lows -N ...... '.- '
Sfa'e-State debt $41,460 90 7: General
Revenue. $34.550 75 5; State Common
School. $44 915 98 3. Total for State pur-
posec, $120.927.64 5. . .
The totals of the different items of coun-
tjy and' local taxes show the' following
mounts:.' ;-... ,.v ' . ' .. ; . .
1 Countv General expense. $34.550.75 1:
Poor, $31,095.67.8; Bridge, $17,2757.7;
Building, $3,455.07.6; Specltl 'tax tor
bridge-over Scioto, and for Fair Grounds.
$51,826.13. ' .--
Toumthio Road.- $18,101 81 (fc Bonntv.
$325.20.8; General expense, $19.101 04 4;
Township. District and City Schools, $138,
493:6S "atfp town aud Village ! taxes!
$1S0,306.S6. :Xj - JiCiiTvli n J
Titem items: furnish a: grand s total of. -
565 45138 S.-'.H
Tl),e total amount returned delinquent -
on the duplicate of 1867 is $4.803 65.8;
snaking. the: rnd total .of. the- duplicate
for 1868, $570264.94 i ; - .1 , 0-,
.... - y:i : .
- . j.-.t.r: .Ti.-.-i
Concert. As is usual
when the Uaranercbor give a. concert.
NaWh ton' Hall was filled with the tu-ant j
ana fashlod of the city. 'The concert Vai
tndre than usually (food.. The potpeurii
with etnejjsolo, by W. H. Jfeave, was suJ
perb.i tTbercbeetral accompaniment was
80 full of yrvaclty and Tlfe that we joined ia
the general regret that there was not more
of jit.t UrFriilman' sang ia-better yoice
than ever. His selection- was exactly Suit d,
to tits voree. ' tie sunered au, encore. Mrj
DeEcosse's. PJane. Bolo waitaosLariiauJ
This gentleman is otie- of the'hrost-correct
and grace tul players . we kpow. andjwhtla
we. consider the piano an instrument In
Which ;there is "no soul," yet hb-' manage!
to warm its tones into life and erpresslunj
He should take a high place as an artl-i.-
Mies Fannie Smith- sang an aria from Don
ri, most ace ptably. - She suffered ' an
encore. The DeBriot club played-the
Tarantulla, by Ressinger, -splendidly. They
ittereu an encore. Mr. Heyde fairly out-
sang himself last night. .We never beard
him ia better voice. He so pleased his au
dience that he, too suffered an encore.
Now "we wih to enter our protest against
this encrqbuslhegs,4, Js UDjust..to both
performers and audience. - The programme
Is made sufficiently lonsr, and to rat-ke them
duplicate 1-. Is 'asiking top much. We would
have an audience express their delight and
approval by clapping of bands, but do not
Compel a singer to repeat a solo or the or
e'lestra an overture of twenty" minutes
engtb. - That's too much of a good thing.
lion rd Ins Ilo-uae, for Sit Ir. '
A first class Boarding House, with leaf e
Centrally located on High street, nearly
pppogite .the , Opera .House ;;,sufficiently
iactze. foe hotel purposes; will aceomtao-i.
flate seventy-five .guests. Inquire at, or
kddresa NWIO South Hih street, Goluna-
buserQidp v;v" ,1 (- -; ' ? ; dec3-d2t
it - . Vs:v
tBARKBTT's" Excellent Hair Res toritive
JswklRT, very low, at Simmons', -i ', -' ;
varrett's" makes new balr.
'.irevvel-ry made, and repaired by GK
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
i " t - . V:
: Hair Switches, Boils, fcc, at Simmons'.
dec3-eod3t " . '
I Basrett's' cleanses the scalp. - .
Goto J. C Kalb'sTno. 138 North High'
street, for Boots and Shoes at low prices,"!
-no"21-d2taw2w-. - it - --r.-. i .
; Ask all who use Barrett's.'
aep30-lltawt wly-cw
MitLUtEKr material ..Velvets, Satins, fco.
on the Diss ; Flowers, Laces, at Simmons' (:
,Go to ,No.. 138, " North High street, for;
the latest styles of Boots and Shoes, at low
prices. -, - : , . novzl-d2taw2w :
Hats! Hats! all shapes at greatly ra
ducetl prices, at Simmons', Opera Block;.
detS eod3t . : . , .,' ,.
! Tb turn gray hair to Its natural color and
beauty, use Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair'
Rene wer, the . best aud most reliable pre-
paratipa sdeace bas gtven ns.
For Sale House and. ' lot, corner ot
Franklin and' Washington Avenue. Most,
desirable property; will be sold at a bargain.
Enquire ot J. W. Moore, No.-43 West North
street.! , . .. s , , ,', -. .. -, . . .
Octl3-dtf :.' . - - 'i ' -i
1 Wanted Bona-KKEMsa An expert-1
enced book-keeper wishes to procure two,
or three sets of books to post evenings. For'
particulars, call ou W. H. Thotapiou, No.5
G wynne Block, or address a letter to lock
box 1,320 Po8tofilce, Columbus, On statinjr
where to calL decl-eod-3.
-. - f 1. 1 .'.
Lost j On the corner of High and Broad.
s"trei, V yesterday (Wednesday) about
noon, a, pocketbook containing money and
notes, marked Mrs. Jane Lathrop, Worth
ington, Ohio. . Tbe finder will be well re
warded by leaving It at the store of J. D '
Oboru &Co, 142 South High street. -
. dec3-dtf : '
; War agaMst JdeBrUte has beeftT declar
ed by Dr. Johnston. Bis army of a bun.
dred thousand bottles of "Specific" has
been pht lb motion, and will annihilate
Inebriates wberefer loundT i
sep2a-dttat4;wly-cw . '.'
lrioN.--The atoekholders of the above asso
:lation are notified that the BrS loan w,lll
be made oa Tuesday evening, Deeember
8th, at 7 o'clock" P. at the office of the
association. v '.. ' -
v : - . .' N. IIetuon, President.
W. Morrison, Secretary. ,
dec3-ThSaTn-3t . vf '
Like "Qoakbks .Gus." Artificial
eetfi are of little use and. easily detected
Take carept the real ones. All you;-need
js fragrant Sozodont. Use it dally and
yoi3jtS jvflf i'e thatlastfSratute's
o failjrtxi.. , .
-?un' linfrnT - lull
. wpIilDiKo'l .GiyK" mends teadtcEi
DolU.and Broken' Cr'.idles. .i" . . . ....
;VKYjuul-eod6m-cwi,'.''o. -t, n
: JbLktv fc - DeBctts, Locksmiths and
bell hungers, at No. 141 North High street,
are now prepared to hunir parlor and hotel.
ells Id Che ueatest and lateatlgtyleSfiW-sJ
1 machines' repajred and satisfaction
'. Guaranteed.' Models built for na ten tee?.
1 ' 'i A- . v n, j..i,. .1
V-y.!.--J' .v !, V V ' ' J' l
repaired. c u I. , v" , .., .M.maj23-9-ljr"
; t t -r 1 i . it.-.?
! A CotD neglected fnquently lays the
foundation of -uneursble Consumption.
JJo person should suffer one to ..continue.
True, they will "wear put,", but they often
ear the patient out. Tbe .ben cure is
Humphreys': Homa;pathio Cough and Fe
ver Pills. Taken 'alternately, they allay
die lever, Irritation and cough, heal up the
lungs, and cure the disease. Pric e, six
foxes for$l 25.r-8old by dealers, and aen't
by mail on receipt of the price.-.. Address
Hu.mphrkts' Specific Homoeopathic Med
IC4 Co 662 Broadway, N. Y.
j ..oM ..-f-. ji '
j HoLiiOWATa 7. Pills Stomach "Com
rLAiSTs. Not a vquare Inch of tbe body
-an be in perfect health It the stomach is
(lieased." The first "twinge in tbaf region
hdicates a necessity for an alterative medi
Jne, and of all alteratives. Hollo way's
Pills have been proved, by the experience
f half a century, to be the best.- Take care
f digestion, for upon digestion depends
-very vital function. - Tone tbe stomach
nd Veep, the bowels free witWlhls uirrival-'
' t-d irivijtorant aperient, and corrective, aud
all.will be well. Sold by all Druggists. : .
i Jalj9-dly-cw , ' -
! NEBvopeDBBiiJTTririth Us gloomy- at
oendants, low spirits, depression, luvoluu
oary emissions, lost of semen, spermator
rtioea, loss -of power, dizzy., head, loss Of
beniory' ahiT threatened Impotence and
mbecility, find a sovereign cure in Hum
ihrt'ys' Homeipathio Specific No.'Tweu-.
.y .Eight. . Composed of the most valuable,
nlld iai potent Curatives, they strike at
nce at the root ot the matter, tone up the
lyateni, arrest the discharges, and impart,
vigor and energy, life and vitality to the
entire man. They have cured, thousands';
it cases.-'- Price $5 per package of ix box
es and viaU which is very important in'ob
itinate or old cases, or $1 per single box.
kld by all Druggists, and sent by mail oa
receipt. of price. Address Humphreys'
Specific Hombopathic Medicinb Co, 562
Broadway, New York. yl3-deod&wly .
1 . - ..
! Masy years ago tbe writer of this notice
and an invalid phyglei in, while visiting
the Island ot St. Croix for their health, ex
perienced and witnessed many surprising
and beneficial effects ot tbe Rum there
produced upon- many of the invalids who
wererlike ourselves seeking health, aud
upon inquiry, and- investigation, obtained
4 full history of its medicinal viitues. "He
was delighted, and surprised, and deter-mincd-to
make it the basis of a Tonic and
Bestorattre- Medicine. The result of his la
bors was a glorious success lor himself and
,'uftering humanity. Tbe celebrated Plan
tation HrrrtRS was thus made known to
the world. Being an article of real merit,
funded on new principles, and relying
wholly upon the vegetable kingdom tor its
jiedieinat effect, it worked a rapid revo
lution in the treatment ot physical debil
ity. ' . -; '"' ; ' ' ! . -
J Magnolia Watbr. Superior to the best
'm ported Germau Cologne, and sold at half
hu price. - ; . - ,
' RNT-scpt25 deoditwlycw '" -V'-"..
i . -j- -..'1 , M
! New England Mutual Lipb f Bos-ros.-
Report of the Superintendent of the
Life' Insurance Department of tbe State oi
New York. From Commi-isiouer's report,
January 1st, lSpaWeiV Sj' 1
; Tbe-New Eiiglaad Mutual Lite Insur-
f ince Company ot tSo8ton,aiagsaciiusetts,was
lie pioneer ol Life Insurance in New Eng
', and, tinder the able but extremely conserv
': a live guidance of that accomplished jurist,
judge Willard Phillips, "President of the
! Company," the Life .Policy was popular
; ized in offices, counting rooms, ; banks,
workshops and firesides east of the Hud
' son, and no Bank Bill or State Bond was
' ever more sacredly regarded than the'pol
, Icles under written by. Judge PMUips.-r
: Tbe Idea of fraud, deception or overreach'
ing was never associated with a parchment
containing ' his 'sign-manual. Geo.' F.
O'Harra. &, Co-, are ' the Agents -for -the
New England Mutual'Llfe Insurance Co
Col ombusr Ohio. " ,. .f .t
nov26 dltaw6w&w2t . . ....
- jf
. Central Ohio Lunatic Asulum.I
, Columbus, Aug. 31, 1868. f
Jno. B. BiddalU Etq-, Agent New England
Mutual Life 1 nt. Co,, of Boston. Matt. 1
Dkar Sir I am informed that there have
been misstatements made in regard to div
idends paid by your Company to my Life
Policy, which I have had in the New Eng
land Mutual lor 24 years. For the informa
tion ot those Interested in Life Insurance, I
will state that I am entirely satisfied with
the New England Mutual. . I receive my
dividend- of profits regularly, and that they
now amouut to about one hundred per
cent, on my premium. '. Dividends paid an
nually in casn. . 1. ji,
Signed J. W. L. Peck,
Sup't CO. Lunatic Asylum.
Dr. Wm. L. Peck, and Dr. Morrell, hit
assistant, have both to-day made applica
tion to tbe New England Mutual for more
Life Insurance. ' -
, ,. . Goo. F. O'Harra & Cot Ag'ts, : ,
Naughton Block, Columbus.
hovl2-dltaw8w&w4t : 7 ? G
Milwaukee Market—Dec. 3.
FLOUR-Dull. firm and uncbaneed.
WHEAT Dull at.fl 20 lor No 1
Turnpike Notice.
; L Cpitl titook of the Dablio d Worthing-
ton larnpiKe company ro nereoy notified tbat
there will be a meoting of the stoekhnlderaof laid
Company on MUNDAV, JANU KHY 11, 1869. at
the Hall of Eli W. fuller, Kq.. in the town
of Dublin, Ohio, at two o'clock P. M. ot
said day. the object and purpose of which meet
in will be to determine the bais fiiraetenainK the
hareboldera of Mid capital (took to meet there
cent indebtedness of eaid Company, and to fix tbe
time and mode of payment of the amount assessed
ataioateach individual holding sueh shares.
GKOKfcrE SNOLFtOUK, President.
Nd. Director,.
ttfwl TDLfiyg."' 1
deca dltw4w
A faib and delicate skin, free from erery blem
iih, is the reward of an occasional use of Palmer'
.Vegetable Cosmetic Lotion. fepSl-dawly em
The Convention of Cattle Commissioners.
1164 f t aloaten. j. 3
CHICAGO, Dec. 3.
ifi)lo? :,
At the evening session of the Cattle Com
missioner' Convention, rat Springfield,
Hon. TC Stanton "Gould, chairman of the
eumiaittea to 'prep re a draft of a4aw;tor
be recommeibnu 10 (...esetral States, re
ported that tt'was found Impracticable to'
nrpai-rlriA a law ill form, and that cpneral !
sutemeets had been agreed uponi ac fol
;: . .... ... . - - , . ..... .j, t.
The eomraittee to which Dr. Tbwnsena, ;
Of loway and ilf. Humes, of had oeen.
added, and tbe Commlssiooers-ot the Amer--lean
Cattle .Commissioners'. Convention,':
respectlully recommend to the Legislatures .
of the several' States represented therein,
to give effect by legal enactn-ent to the''
following general propositions, which are.',
believed to embody principles of toe great- ,
est importance,- not only for the welfare of '
cattle interests, but for the security of the ,'
people themselves.'
Svcn-my .1. Ai ticlft 1 Threa nnmrals.
siouers or such other number as the Legis-
, lature mav deem proper, shall be appointed i
by some competent authority, to bold office?
Tor five years, ana snail report annually to- ;
the Legislature.
' ' -2nd. Such Commissioners ,ghall watch '
over- tlie general weilare of the animals 2
with In the State forJ which they were ap-
pohited, and particularly lor preventing
the spread of dangerous drseasea among 1
.them and for the protection oi the people',
of the State; against the dangers arising'.,
from W10 consumption of diseased meat.
; 31:, They may from time to time appoint
such Assistant Commissioners to aid them '
in tbe discharge of their duties as the wel- ,
fareofthe State may equirei 1-.1
th, They shall hsve power to admlnls- '
ter oaths and to prescribe from time to '
time such rules and regulaUoas as may be ,
necessary to-accomplish the object of .this
appointment. ' ' ;. ' . ; -' -
5th, They shall give public 'notice of the .
outbreak -ot any dangerous disease, and
sueli practical directions for its avoidance :
as they may deem' necessary. . ; ' :; .'
6ch, They may either place such diseased ;
animals In quarantine or eause them to ber
killed, as may seem necessary tor the pub-
lie protection;, but in. the latter case tbey '
may caase an appraisal ot such -cattle to 1
be made, and the county or State shall pajr -such
proportion of .the appraised value as
may be provided by law.-, - . ,n-t
Sec. 2 Art 1;-The: Commissioners, or '
any' Assistant Commissioner located on the '
frontier of the State, sbalL at such times as -mav
be prescribed by the -.Commissioner,
have power to Inspect all the cattle brought
in sucn state, wnctner Dy rauroaa cars,
vessels or common roads,, and shall have
power to detain such railroad cars, vessels ;
and droves of animals on common roads
long enough to make proper inspection of ;.
them, lor the purpose of ascertaining their .
sanitary condition.' - No-animal ehall be'
permitted to enter the State which 'shall',
be deemed by such Assistant Commission- 1
era to ' be eapable ot diftusing the disease.
No train shall be allowed to proeeed nnless
the animals contained therein .have beeni j
supplied with food, water-and rest within
twenty-four hours next preceding th ; time '
of such inspection.. All animals shall rest
and have access to .food and. water -fur
twentfnur jionrs after h.aving traveled
ror a similar perioaw.u-. .1 n t, - .r
t 2l. Tbe railway companies shall provide
suitable yards for the feeding, watering and -rescol
the animals traveliugofk their trains
and for quarantine purposes, which shall be
kept in a cleanly ana wnoieeome-eonaition,
to the satisfaction of tbe Commissioners.
- 3d.1 E tch train, on leaving its point of de'-T
parture, shall have certificates signed by an1
Assistant Commissioner, which shall certitv
that all the animals therein are in a healthy
condition at the time of its departure; and
such certificates and indorsements thereon .
Ot the timeot tbe departure of tbe train,
at subsequent -resting and feeding places,"'
shall be exhibited to the proper authorities -'
whenever reqmrea. ir: ,, , ,, . ,
4th, Proper penalties shall also be in-
serted in the law to prevent the betrayal
ot officers charged 'with the execution of
these provisions, -r.
5th, Proper penalties should also be pro-;;
vided lor those who interiere with, or re
sist officers charged with the execution of
these provisions.
; Sue 3 Ij Whereas, Malignant disease
among cattle known as fever has been dis-,
seminated,by transit of train andothersour-,.
ces, to cattle through the western and -north
western States during the warm
weather ot the year, occasioning great
loss to our tanners, and possibly endan
gering the health ot our citizens; therefore
.Resolved, ..That this Convention earnestly .
recommend the- enactment of stringent,
laws to prevent the transit through these '
States ol Texas or Cherokee cattle from the :
first day of' March to the last day ot No-i
veniber,, Inclusive.
i Resolved, That the Interests of the com- .
niunity require tbe enactment of laws
making any person responsible for all
damages that may result from , the diffu
sion of any -dangerous disease from aui- .
cuals in his ownership or possession. .
These propositions were taken up sepa
rately and. voted on.: They .were unanl-
iiiously adopted in order, until tbe second'
article ot the second section was reached,
when much discussion ensued. After many
entanglements as to rules, the following',
amendment was adopted.'-. , .--i.-, i--.
"But an appeal shall be allowed to a ma-'
jority of the Commissioners ia all such'
The subsequent articles were adopted
unanimously until the first resolution of
the third section was reached, which was '
finally amended under the previous ques
tion so as to prohibit the introduction of
Texas cattle from March 1st to November
1st. . . .
1 The last resolution was adopted, as wer6
the recommendations, as a whole.
; ' The Governor of Illinois was requested
to have a copy of these recommendations
printed, and a copy forwarded to the Gov
ernors ot each ot tbe States represented. '
National Board of Trade.
to order at 9 o'clock this morning.
'The committee reported concerning the
Civil Service Bill, and Mr. Metberil, of
Philadelphia, moved the board favor the
passage ot tbe bill introduced by tbe Hon.
Mr. Jenckes, of Rhode Island, at the last
session of Congress. The whole subject
was laid on the table. . . .
Tbe next section of the report was that
the executive council renew tbe applica
tion to Congress for a charter. Adopted.
Tbe report in regard to tbe cental sys
tem was referred back. - -
A communication lrom the Detroit Boards
ot Trade concerning the copper interests
of the country -was referred to the execu
tive counci. Another from the Louisville
Board of Trade concerning the channels
oi the Ohio and Mississippi rivers was re
ferred to the executive council. A com
munication from the United States Mail
Line Company, tendering . the steamer
America, for the purpose of an excursion,'
was read and the invitation declined.
The following resolutions, offered by tbe
Chicago Board ot Trade, were the cause ot
a great deal of discussion ; the delegates
from tbe East generally opposing their
pa-sage, while tbe Western Representa
tives as strongly advocated the passage of
the same. They were finally adopted by
a vote of ' forty-nine for and twenty-six
against :
- Whereas, The custom prevails in most
cities at the seaboard of selling produce,
provisions aud other property , nominally
for cash, but in reality upon a credit to tbe
purchaser of lrom five to fifteen days; and
W hlreas, The Western or interior con
signers ot such property have been, in
1 many cases, obliged to suffer loss by cred
its so given by consignees to irresponsi
ble parties, and at other times have been
obliged .to. pay largely lor guarantees by
and consiguees of such sales, ou credii;
Resolved, Tbat it is the opinion of the
National Board of Trade that all sales of
grain, flour, provisions and other similar
property consigned for sale on the owner's
account, to commission merchants, should
be sold lor cash ou delivery.
Resolved, That this be duly recommended
to local organizations associated with us.
Mr Raper, ot Boston, read a series of res
olutions adopted by the Board ot Trade of
that city which the delegates from Balti
more accepted, with a slight amendment,
as expressive of the sentiments they de
sired adopting, viz : 1
Whereas. War in all Its forms is repug-"
nar.t to tbe spirit of Christianity and the
genius of civilization, and opposed to the
development of industry, as well as the
mental and moral progress ot society, and
Whereas, Tbe success of every eflort
tending to mitigate its horrors and to di-
minish the motjys 'and temptation to Its
provocation is greatly 10 ne desired, and
in every way promoted and encouraged;
! Whereas, taeGowrataeatafabeXnited
States has already given repeated evi
dence ot its desire to mitigate to the ut
imost these evils, particularly those of mar
itime warfares, by proposing to abolish
riot only privateering but all -warfare or
seizure of private property at sea, whether
of belligerents or neutrals, and whether
hy.' national" arraeel ships rather wtor?
tuereiore, j ivi -
Resolced, Tbat this house heartily ap
proves and Indorses the principle of im
munity of all private property, excepting
contraband of war. on the high seas, and
pledges itself fo-operate heartily tvith
tbe ttVrta of enUorlvtc aed statesmen ;aad
pMlautlwouists-iif all-tiarW of-ahe world. toJ
oocain its practical and permanent recog
nition by our own and all other nations.
4nd would respectfully urge upon Congress
legislation to this desired end.
! RemveO.' That" all- iDrarrMBbjattOns.
Component parts of this ooltjs urge action
a ttieir respective Boards to the further
ance 01 this object.
. 1 neresoiutionajvere re ferei
red. .
or European
whereas. The experience of European
Governments, where the telegraph system
Das Deen worked for years, and where its
benefits have been enl'oyed by a much lar
ger number ol the people iu all the vari
ous walks nf life And At a enst of not ovp.r
onetthlrlrth rates paid by the peopht of!
uts country; and ; ? . p f b S 'g t.
t Whireas, :lW Board ol Trafle'of Bd
Louis are satisfied that thit .work at' tele
giphfrtgcorrld and should be performed in
the United States, as cheaply as ia any
country iu the world, and believing that
tne Dlesslngs, ot ftejegraphlc communica
tion between! 'the t &e4tton ttf our
wide domain could be better and more
fully brought within the reach of all
Classes at very small cost; therefore,
Resolved, That we recommend to Con
gress to bay all. the presea.t Hnes, ot tele-J
g rap 11, or construct ocners in sumcient
numbers, as shall be found necessary to do
the business ot the country, unite the
same to the postal system and be under
the same xoatrdt, uta J a g U,- J P W3 and
parcel of tbe same service, in order tbat
tbe rates for telegraphic messages can be
so reduced as to makatbe maximum tor a
message of ten words, twenty cents per
five hundred miles, and in like ratio for
services performed any greater distance.
Referred to a committee of severf."' "''' c
j Adjourned till 10 o'clock A.- M1"'
St. Louis Items.
ST. LOUIS, Dec. 3.
Jefferson 1 City yesterday and y voted lor
Grant and Olfax.
The temporary bridge across the Mis
souri river at Omaha.: constructed by the
Union Pacific Railroad Company, was
completed Tuesday evening and four hun-.
flreri rnnt p.riuvd over to-flnv. 1 n t nr.l.
pany Swill) coramencoshlppirlrfreijibj to'
tne terminus 01 tne road and raise me
blockade which for the past ten days has
clogged western cotntwrce. -'. ."- ;.
1 bix companies ot the 27 cn united states
infantry arrived at Omaha from the Wes',
last, evening, and will go into winter quar
ters in Sherran Barracks.
The electors rt(.3f ebaaVMd? yester
day for Grant and Colfax.
West Virginia Electoral College
WHEELING, W. V., Dec. 3.
A lie Xiicctorat ioueve vesteruay cast, its
Jve electoral votes for Grant and Coltax.
Brown, the champion oarsman, In his
match against .time reachal this, city yes
terday aiiesoojn. ;in bis shell, making, jtbe
trip from Pittsburgh in twenty-four hours.
He started tor Cincinnati at 3 o clock tms
California and Oregon.
! The Republican electors met yesterday
at Sacramento and cast the vote of Califor-
uia lor ixraiit. nun Miunx, aiic tui.ai vote
. 1 -f --. . . . I . : mi.. .
t the State fs 106.C70.' Grant's malorltv is
The electoral vote of Oregon yesterday
was. cast for Seymour aud Blair. The
official-malorlty ia idl."""- ' s'-J)'! J
Maryland Electoral College.
The Electoral College of Maryland met
yesterday at Annapolis and cast seven
votes for Seymour and Bl ir. One ot the
eleclyirsat jarge. being. absent, Geo. M,
Glll-waseleeted tofilthevaCancyi j '
Senator Cameron.
NEW YORK, Dec. 3.
In a conversation, recently. Senator
Cameron, of Pa., told a Washington cor
respondent thai firmness tathe adminis
tration oi- tua taws win restore tranquility
and that firmness is what the country ob
tains in General Grant The night before
the votej was taken on the impeachment he
said General Grant visited Ben Wade, to
urge on him tbe restoration of General
Sheridan tpitis command in Louisiana, as
soon as he (Wacie) became' President.
Butler, he said, came next to being the
President. . president Lincoln wanted him
to run on the ticket fii, 1S64 for Vice-Presi
dent, but General Butler then thought the
Vice-Presidency an exceptional place.
A Constantinople letter to the ITerald
gives an account of the sentiments enter
tained by the Turkish Government and
people for the United States,, and .their
anxiety about the policy this country may
pursue toward the Ottoman-empire, .The
Turkish Government appreciates the
greatness and pewef of Qte American re
public, and seeing na. lavorable cause for
any serioui -difficulty between the two
countries, ia desiroui of maintaining the
most friendly relations, and of disabusing
the public mind bere ol any erroneous
impres5ions with regard to Turkey.
The British Ministry.
The Herald savs of the resignation of the
British Ministry that tMs prompt response
to the will ot the British people, as popu
larly expressed, will be regarded witb sat
isfaction by both friends and foes of the late
premier. Theresas, in tact, no otuer al
ternative, and it would bo a happy thing
for our own if every Cabinet minister
should feel obliged. to tender his resignation
to the President whenever tbe popular will
has been expressed in opposition to the
measures of an existing administration.
Tbe poJloyot-the new British ministry will
no doubt soon be developed. In the mean
time we await the course of events in Great
Britain with profound interest. They may
be pregnant with significant consequences,
not only to the future ol the whole British
empire, ;but the; progress, of liberalism
among nations generally.' .. ;5 (
' ' f L
Sheridan's Indian Policy.
"The Herald also commends 'Sheridan's
movements against the Indians as the only
true plan ot dealing witb them. 1 '
It is stated that Mr. several
of his lneHoV-are making preparations -to
visit Europe immediately after Grant takes
the Presidential, chair. . T
Fort Lafayette.
Nothing remains now of Fort Lafayette
but a mined mass of brick and mortar.
There Is no fire on tbe premises. Soldiers
are still .on guard. Several .nnexploiied
shells remain among the ruins and may
go off at any moment. The loss to the Gov
ernment will be about $250,000., Fire Mar
shal Keady'took evidence yesterday as to
the origin ot the fire.
The New Revenue Regulations.
are trying
their best to have -Secretary McCulloch
nullify the new revenue regulations rela
tive to the execution ot bonds to save the
payment of duties. One. of the merchants
ot this city threatens to be one of one
hundred to use influence and money to,
secure McCulloch 's removal unless the
are reported within ten days.
The Eric matter came up again to-day
before Judge Sutherland,' on the motion
made yesterday to have Judge Cardo
za's order vacated. Judge. Sutherland
took occasion to state that he thought
the counsel for the plaintiff, in going
before Judge CardozA and arguing the
motion, had virtually admitted bis (Car-doza's)-
jurisdiction, and compromised
any right they might have had before him
(Sutherland) to vacate the order of. Cor
dozo. Having thus compromised them
selves he would not further allow them to
compromise 4iis rights in -the matter, and
therefore he ' should allow the case to re
main on the calendar without making any
order. He also defended bis previous ac
tion as being the result of conscientious
and carefuLstudy of tbe papers before him,
and thea-the case, by consent, went over till
Commodore Mead's Alleged Insanity.
. aanlfy. ' - "
Dr. Neal, physician ot the city prisons,
vouches tor tbe insanity of Commodore
Mead. It was on his affidavit tbat Mead
was sent to the Lunatic Asylum.
Commodore Mead's Alleged Insanity. Stock Board.
The regular stock board t"-day, on the.
recamaiei dillon of its. bond committec-dii
rfceted1 the Norrfr Cardlrh State borkfs,1
HnfAH .Tnn.lit IQftit .nit mSai.niiDnH.iin
to April 1st, 18C3, inclusive; also bonds
issuea under tbeiASdmgMtriAMnaa,
aOiJC ISfiarfanoJ fated jOctl leli hb68l
coed ileliveryl tot S North! Carplina i
bonds; that ailall other new bonds tor
present be called separately.
I This aetjba W pieBi(rd aval taped J)f
tne claim that tl?e acts of fti'i! Staid Assem
bly authorizing the issue of the Chatham
feo4.eUirj'atireadbOBda; wQn'intltiw
tionalt-and tailed to t,oviiJe,.tar1the iutef
estou the bonds by levying a speoiti tXJ4
Latter from General Howard.
! A letter published trooa.GttuO. O.- How
ard to Gen. BrowU' Aslstatit'OomnrlsaSon
tr of Freedmeift:4to?:VJrgUili(''Hiig
iTfi-uiio iui closing utat.uaa Uaet:iu4iu ui
ision and educatt(tfial'wrk.' fjayst ave
io doubt that a continuance bf,t'h,e. Bureau
n those SUWnot,j'et reiCoairiii,',UuA would
n many respects be benefi.ehti'td cheifrecd
inen.but I do not thin k It riftritrfrUxrire hbo-
lutely., cectstary.'o i'adtliiuate, V,lt0ut
aid to protect their live-or 'to secure to
ttiera their political rights, R M" veryarue
that In many part3 ofthe late Slave States
it is difficult for a colored man to get
Justice in the interior Courts. In many
counties oi all. those' States his rights are
neglected or positively disorganized.
Amoiig' iceitaih' classes , a preliiStee fc Aflen
mourning" t6 hrtfed exists, Vhieh bitly
time cau eralicate. The conduct of this
Oiass may be realraised Jri lh wholesome
eniorcemeni jk taev laws Dut cannot
be rectified by the officers of this Bureau.
this ha beenlearly,demonstratd. An the
States whicH have bee.ni letopstrueteP. In
unreconstructed States the protection can
Still be extended In a more summary way,
by the military commander, through his
officers, under the authority of the recon
struction actS.'-! V'l sn.'J'iPTu l ? a' !i
General Howard adds tbat the' civil au
thorities should Supply the poor with Ipod,
but if it is necessary to prevent suffering
the Government can continue a limited is
sue of supplies through its military officers.
tie win continue rae -school-work in Vir
ginia witb all the means at bis command, a
portion 'of'tjhej apbroprlatVopTtberefor Te
mainihg unexpended. " '
LONDON, Dec. 3.
! Gladstone has gone to Windsor,
Parliament will hold onlv a formal meet-
frtPlprf th Wth kojourning thn to the
15throl Fpruar, tp give time ifor tbe se
lilWll yrj Mlf Alillll LI3 . f W J
Reverdy Johnson Mr. Bright.
j Hon. Reverdy Johnson was entertained
at a banquet last night by tbe Chamber
of Commerce of Bir.mingjjam. Mr. Bright
was tne4 of theJsnK8tsV.il. oati'tisuji, jn
Dts response to the usual complimentary
toast, referred to the change in the Min
istry, and said he knew those who were
likely to succeed to the Government were
anxious to continue: ie vrrresent policy
in negotiations between England and the
United States. Mr. Bright said the
DrwenrtaMTf ffirXmfrAts MinUfTuria err
fproof that the United States forgivlsMts
enemies iu jcngianu as ireeiy a it nas lor
given thej-ebelr ha Atnerfca.TIf aertfwed
the poliey f gXeiJcltisTi Govtrnmlatilur-.
ing the rebellion in the United States, and
deplored its ai-tion in recognizing the reb
ls as be.l gert nti. Hrrejoiced in the pros
pect of a speedy and amicable settlement
of.-thaidiftitcultiev beOweenc England' and
America.' - 1 J ' '- - i in i
Rio Janerio.
LISBON, Dec. 3.
I Rio Janerlo dates state that the Ameri
can squadron bad left Jor ,Asciascion.i-
W.ainurn was Ui)y.expM;tif atlg .3k
MADRID, Dec. 3.
The Provisional Government has pub-
Iiheu a fixed tariff: schedule. for tbe Anr(
tines, io taKe tne place, ot tne present
shifting and arbitrary scale of customs duties.-
. . . . - .
' cLleut. Gen. Line ha been 'Appolnteat,
captain uetierai ot forto Ktco.
A Spanish newspapur-predicts that if
the Republicans succeed in tbe forthcom
ing elections, a new ministry will be form
ed, with Enpartero as prime minister, and
Ozzimes.i Castellar, Figueroe, Sorma and
Pierrad at the head ot the departments. ;
An Ordinance
Making appropriations lor purposes therein named.1
Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Council
of tne ciiy of .Columbus, Thai there too and' is
hereby appropriated out of any mooeT in the Treas
ury not heretofore appropriate J, the following some
of moner, to-wit:
, For the payment of expenses ot Street Commis
sioner anil Chain Uang, tl.nou.
- For the payment of employes of the Fire De-
arlment, $l,i!00 , . . 4
' For the payment of expenses of City Police, tl.
450. I ' ,
- For the ptyment of salaries of City O cer?.
$600."" .. .. s.
For expenses of City ParkS I.SOOj
- For the payment of cleaning and repairing street
For Uaa and Gas Lights. tlOO. ft f J " f
For payment i f liicolfon lavement in front 0'f"
soutn r.neine nonse ooj -.
For Sewers and Drainage, $300.
. For payment of temporary Loan. $15,000.
.- EO, i. The several sums of money appropriated,
by the foregoing section shall toe expended in the',
manner prescribed by tbe fifth section of the ordi
nance defininit. theduties ol the City Clerk, passed
f -
President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 23, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON. City Clerk.
An Ordinance
To ai'ss a soecial tax upon the real estate bound
ing tne west side of Highsfteet from ioble
street to Strawberry alley.
Section 1 Be it ordained by tbe CitvCeancil
of thecity of Columbus. That thesttittf Fourteen
cents. Five mills, be and the same is hereby levied
and assessed noon each foot front of tbe revere,!
I 'ts of land bounding or abutting upon the west side
of High street from iconic street to Strawberry al
ley, a-i the same are designated upon the plat of the
Civil Engineer, on file in the office of thecity Clerk,
f or the eost and expense of building a double row
flag omtsiug airojs Mound street at the westaide of
High street, according to the estimate of the City
Civil E gineer.
Heo. 2. T-at the owners of the several lots of
lanl uponwhioh the foregot g assessment is ma.ie
nbailpap theaioouata of money by them -severally
due ia that behalf to John Murphy, within
twenty dava from the date of this ordinan -e, or be
subject to the interest and penalty allowed upon
President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 23, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
- Resolution to Contract. ?
' Realvi, Thai the City Ci vil Engineer ber'an?
he is hereby authorised and directed to contract in
the name oftheoity of Columbus, with Matthias
Lang, lor building a double row flag crossing
across South street at the west side of High street
upon the following terms, to wit:
For excavating or grading. Forty cents, per euble
yard. r ' t
For boulder paving. Forty-five eenta per square
yird.- j -
F t graveling sidewalk. Fifty cents per cubio
yard. c -. - i . . , - - . .r- r . r -g
Adopted Nov.M, 18s. - ; ' c ',
Attest: L. E. WILSON,
nevfdU- . - .i J City Clerk.
t Besolution - to Contract v
' Remlved, That the City Civil Engineer ne, end
he ia hereby authorised and directed to contract in
the name ot tbe city of Columbus, with Frederick
Erfurt, for building a double row flag .crossing
across South Publio lane at tbe west side ot High
street, upon the following terms. 1o-wits
For excavating or grading. Forty cents per cubie
yard. . t
For boulder paving. Forty-five cents per square
yard. ? ,
F..r flagging.lt inches wide. Sixty cents per lin-
Adopt'ei Hot. ,18BS - n -
, Attest: L. E. WILSON,
nov26 dlt City Clerk.
"Besolution to Contract. "
Jlfolved, That the City Civil Engineer be, and
lie is hereby authorised and directed to contract in
the name of tee eity of Columbus, with Peter
Eagao, for building a double row flag crossing
across Center alley on tbe north side of Long
street, upon the following terms, to-wit: .
For excavating or grading, Firty oeuts per cubic
F'or boulder paving. Forty cents per square
For flagging. 14 inohes wide. SO cents per lineal
foot. . . , ,
.Adopted Nov. M,18S8. . A f? 0
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk. .
- Resolution to Contract.
Setlved. That the Citv Civil Kntrinmr' l,a
and he is hereby authorised and directed to con
tract in tbe name of the oity of Columbus, with
Joseph Hartman for lowering V"9 crossing across
Mound street at the east aide of High street to cor
respond with the Nioolson pavement, upon the fol
lowing terms, to-wit :
inirty-nve ao lars. complete.
Adopted Nov. 23. 1868.
Attest: L. t. WILSON. City Clerk.
""" Resolution to Contract-
R-nltl That the Citv Civil Engineer be and
he is hereby authorized and directed to contract in
the name of the city of Co!umhus, ' with ' John
Murpht. for grading and paving the unpaved side
walks on the west side ot tSixth street lrom Town
street to Bioh street, upon the following terms, to-
Vor excavating or grading. Forty cents car a.i
bie yard. - ..-.. . ;... :
.. , - .in m .1 , .....
ror ortcas mm. i icr luousaaa. jr-,n" -
Adopted Wov. 13, 1888. - , if -uej
AttMt: L E. WIL80W. r.
novJg-dU Citr Clerk.
New York Money Market—Dec. 3.
-Market-more actUa-and firavat 6g7 per
ettt,pn call, though without ahv an Dear-
an 'ollfiiieM-la' ni JvH
ttn i ML! vt -x,;J,(V rA --i-J2..ttri -i 9
New York Money Market—Dec. 3. Cincinnati Money Market—Dec 3/
firT.rvi-iij ,hvm, ...,isw a .- .
.H . . t nr
New York Money Market—Dec. 3. Cincinnati Money Market—Dec 3/ New York Stock Market—Dec. 3
stocks .opeced,lgher,W
" -. . ...ji.r.wiiH-iiic. ui
viewiiMnsinaeataeetho tiUtannicnu
tbetuup to , 114 rah. by otters to pur
ch half aalhknwltlutbrifrgintf! otiM
R3 JICTiaitlS.. rU.
do -C7 ltfflUf4,dn'63 lip
rt-wn1 H41" Bni onw.. TVtJW x WTK.r
OijbtrJil pas bi-eir lrrtjrWar -btffWofiTif ti-A
ef.' ..fey l?tudr?d 6 Hares were boo jit, t
ttje next iu" interest toJN'e.w.rprk-Ct?trat
o puvancea eonsiaoraoiy.- 'I'tie-fctock r
Exchange ,has -passed a" TeiofntTett'jiot to
citn American or Merohah'ts'ITnfriii -niressf'-1
cart 4444?s 'Adams- 49J Urrrfi!
Statesb-ir 4eW!ratTn, UntOtf ifirgiejj1
i-aci u ,u ju at i i id 4 JUO?i; , .vv estern Un ipjn
TStebfaph ' li7Wl&w'f orknlraT"
133Ttai34: Eniii238W: Read, no- flSUra
98X; Terre Htite 3940; Wahsli16fi'af
58li; .St,' JPaul 68GS ,- Fort WfcTtie -vm '
U2t. Ohid.y &. tMissiipri;ia30jJ5
MtahlLrt '7AntrflJ.-lin.-bfiMikii ..n,.B
89?ji39 Illinois Central 14 Prttsbrmta1
88U m&Al Toledo Ifr2tai021 Rttelr Tslttnrl
108loa-,Jlorthwester8i; Burllnjrton x
& Quincy 172; . Chkaca. & - Alton 144;
Weste.m . I Til i.wi 'I1.- Icranti Kaa ilcntoiH
a semi inTuir dlvenToTOrTeL
I A Ann i?rwL- tulonil rKtt, a pa
New York Market—Dec. 3.
COTrON-JIeayy c lower, at 24cjfor
rwddJinffiplandv A .-i.m r..r it..i
FLOUR-Closed steady lew dea aoof
dnllrdeelrtiiirx widdUing. and good jrrades1.
J.WHE AT Irregular -and nnsetfleg';1
Sprinsr steady 'with moderate:, denaaadit
chiefly apeculatlos; winter heaving and 1
2clower. . -J '''',"?J
RYBT-Steady 150 VV-esterii, - J "
OATt-Firm 7-l74ji.' 4 ":iJ
CORST-Wfcstern dull 15 'ttojrk41J(g17 i J
afloat mixert western. - " " ", ' :
PORK-Nominal. 55 7$26c" ,f,g J t
MESi BEEF -Fiir raauegtateadyi -' J
BACOS-Q.let and fttfcanKed.f':,'T:
LARLWSteady, 15Mi3ijo fair to prima
EGGS-Steady.g,. '.it?.7::w."";;
Cincinnati Market—Dec. 3.
FLOnR-Qniet; lamlry t ZMiaOO'.''.. w
,VilEAT-jnull; not .aleaoito.aa bettei
than $r 75. ' i i n'ls.mMx
CORX In good demand ti flifgcStfO
new. ...i.; v .i.-tv
aTS-Firra at 8(3600 foe 15 ,3-and If
62c for choice.-, , -,, . -.ev.mai- lies
RYWinulla? $t'2s'l 30:
$2 25 2 3" or Miiuanadiaivapd-all.
COT rorn -tuAteratrf trbtaand and
easier; nMdnni-at,23c-i"- '.MU--or-isliijoar Jf.
WHISKY Steady at 88t. ai ;
HOGS Active, thrmjrh the receipts are
large, but all were taken at hijrher rates;
live $7 407 90s dressed 9"-109 B0t rA
Ceipts 13.000 head. .' . . ' " ";i f
MESS POHK-Held at $22 75(323, wtta'
but a lisht demand. . .- . ., ,
BULK. HEATSt)uU and tardlf ahjf,
detnand'offtfittd ! at 9, 12 and IZi foe .1
shoulders, sides-arid elear shies packed.'' -l
LARD Dull and lower; prime steam
sold at 3o tot prime kettle, 14e ftrhem
clear:' -," " .' '-. i- ----!'
iBACOn Sides offered at IoeTof pacav-
ed, and new su ear cured hamsat-l(2(g l7a,
4REEST -MJ ATS Held at'fe, 10o
and ll12o, but sales were below3
these qu otations. 44
and quiet- .. ;'..' "r. M ' '. n n .",.'
O I L Linseed oil 95c (5296c: lard oU SI 41 1
tail oo. ' un. -.01
It .
Chicago Market—Dec. 3.
FLOUP-Qniet and hojdeie? ttrmf sprln'3
extras 5 757 00. . v.-..s.i
WHEAT Firmer and lQlic higher; ,
sales No. at $ 1 23 I 2G; 2io. 2 at $ L 13 5
l 14. clrisinjr $1 Vi)4.Z torSo.'!
sales No. 2 since 'Change at $1 14.
CORN Old dull; unsettled anQ. go lower; -
sales old No. 1 at 75c cash' and seller . fbo
the month, and N-.'-I at 6070c; new
shelled 5354c; No. 3 kiln drieu -eotaeer is
n jected do6063 ; cIoslngTinietat 63foT;i
new shelled and nominal at 75c for 'oldJNd.'
l;'sales No. 1 this atternooa at 78;. T'r t
OATS Quiet- and -steady a tics i46il
47Jc. closino; at 47c.
RYE Stead v and fillet; M13l 14 lor
No. 1, and $1111 llc for No.2. -
BARLEY Dull aud easier; smalt' "Va tea t
at$l 561 62 tor Na. 2, L closing atfinsldtfj'
price. j.
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Dec. 3.
The demand continues very limited and i
prices of certain makes of unbleached and
bleached rnuslitisare a little easier,' Atlat.t
tic A,' heavy brown sheetings, wae redaeeJ
to-day by Chiflin to loc, and Portsmouth
A. A. A'veryuood 4 v.rd sheflngtlf uof.H
heavier, is reduced to ll4v per yardrhy-
bale, by Stewart. - At these liguret it b difJf
ficult' to get 'them off the loom?; and' the)1'
possibility . is standard sheeting ;will ads .
vance at uo distant day.; -in bleached food,.;
Hope brand is reduced to'lSJe; And mo-
cogsin lGc; Lnnslaleldc; Attawaugan No.
1 14 ; ' Alasonville 16 5 Pepperell Kv" o '
brown, are selline' at 12Je; a ll&x N 1
102d and the E lScfon prints. Ljadiug
brauds steady at !2l2e. '
Toledo Market—Dec. 3.
FLOUR-Q'iiet. -i
WHEAT 23j better; sales Na I white,
MicbijtHn ati03; white MlchljratH l-o;
amber $1 78 Wtl 80. closing atl'79.'i" j
CORN Dull and 2 to.3 j lowei; kiln urierr
90c; new ,75c; new rejected at 68 : now
condemned 60c. - ' "
O TS Steady; Michigan 57cv t, tU,',r
RYE Unchanged. ' !' it. A
BARLEY Steady".'"- t. '!. ,3
SEED-;lover seed 5 1 better, at t7W.
DREiSED HOGS 89q. , . . .
Toledo Market—Dec. 3. Buffalo Market—Dec. 3.
JlaTfcet Eetrerally dull. ... l a.-
CORJf Small Sales old corn at $ 1 02;" ,Z
WHEAT Sales No 2 Chicago at i34
afloat' ear- lots ot Port' Washington -ati
$148; white nominal at 22 15. 4 ' ''-
OATS 65c. - , - -,
HIGH WLVES-$1 r .' J
PORK-Q'liet at $25. fc r. tiua t
T.ARn TSiWilR-. I
.... .BOOTS JiNI).SIIOS..,y
t. a.', aaFASD. ;,: B -; , ..i 7 i a, joBioau
,1.1 H
a partnership with "G.TI'iRraEB, for the
purpose of carrying oa (he Boot and bhoc, trade at '
Worild rejpeotfully Invite their friends and the
pnutte genet ail y te-estl and examine-Oeii esaw
well seleoted stock of Ladies'. Uents', ilisses' and
Children's Boots and Sooed, this day received di
rect lrom the bast, and which tbey are now offering
fur sale on the most reasonable terms. In our mtn
afacturing department special atteatiea is given to
' Repairing of all ktnrfs neaflyantf prorniFlylotii
We would respect fully solicit a share of vmekio)
patronage. Please give as a oalU, So troablejtat
show gi.ods. , , . , -. .
Remember the plice i 5o. lBS'South High streetr
' " - 81EPARD BOR1QGR.
Columbns. O. 8ept. 12. 1B64. ... . . . dtf -.
'- Cor. Rich ftHigh Sis., Colaseioaa
Wholesale CrocersV
Island Sugars, Coffee, Teas ' Spices, Tobaccos
,-l.':t :u
HOTEL.1 "-
: a osirtb Street, aiear Jlaln, .K,,ri
HENRY P. EL1AS, -i-c--. -.l,roi)rietur
cated and convenient to business, and to all-
points of travel, is tne most aestriabie stopping
place for persons visiting thai ciavw - lio- pains Willi
h loareri to make the stay ol guests pleasant-iai
every particular. myl2-d6m

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