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DEC. ft.
Democratic State Central Committee
COLUMBUS, O., Nov. 25, 1868.
There will be a meetta of the members !
of the Democratic State Central Commit-:
tee.at Thurman Hall, Colntobua; Ohio, on j
Tuesday, December 8th, at t o'clock P. MV
for the purpose of fixing the time of holdr7
Ing. the next State Convention, and the'
transaction xf snch other business a may'
come before the Committee. ' A full attend (
a'ncels requested." I ' '
LEVI DUNGAN, Chairman.
H. S. PROPHET, Secretary.
News and Otherwise.
; Gou cioseoi , tp N'ew ,T'k itei.
M5)i3.iq j Hlia'j tloiiiv -if '.';': 'iccli
Them are 700,834 oaU la Paris. .: f;:;v ii
- Dtho4t U enjoy log Under the Gas Light
" !Th' Michigan UntTersity has a colored'
-tu-i : . ... i v;ii .iS . .1".-.: i - :
.' BijiifVi's 'diTorce4. wife is In 'a Lunatic .
yiMH..j''.lJT ''..-Mi:-;:' nt'L .!!'.:. iwv.B
POBT8MOUTK has a chain-grog la sue-,
ees8iutpertion. i.AmfSa't - .'.V V
GLAMWuthas accepted the Prima Min-;
lstershlp of EtHTtandi w L.:,; ,ii-;a
Whkh shall we hayejTeloclpede Intro-1
ducedlDOpJumbfts.f ,j:-f f7
r IIimbt csAKFTKK wh ecalded to death .
a Chicago oh Thursday, u . i-.i.m j;,t'K-r
Tnt Statet and Union is kk favor of an:
8$ of Janarj1 Convention; t-H - D' '';' "
'jtrnti3! Patriot, RepHblteaa paper j
published at Cellna,' Is bo moreV " . '-1 ; ' ;
.Xheka, M heTT snow storm .Thurs-(
day a SUl-mlf " totfj
Tixxeltrks la the Departments at ,wasn-
idgtoa conUaae to waut extra compensa-.
?A Jtroda'asted a-wltnew under xamt-I
. nttoo iUiWhy dd you He so? hay'B'tyoB
' Wit. t. CoifLT, Esq, of Dayton, cannot
be Sqpenrtsor of the Southern, District of1
Ohio Just yet.
A. saloon keeper in
Schenectady, has
1 1
trained rata to drive away arunKen. ioaiers
who stay ;late.;v;; . h: Sil
f GaiicxiL GasnaxD would, bo glad to be-,
the Speaker of tb next Federal House of . -RepresenuUTCs.
Jt)j:;M ui-ot "il --::i."ii
Faoirthe Is 'of January to thow 1st' of
October, 11,000,009 bushels of OaU were i
received In Chicago.
The ladies of . reter paim, uiiui-
cojthe. wUl hold a Fair on the .evenings ft
tne su anq una lost. j , ., ;1 ,.; .,- , ,,?,)!
uTHtt lvnoarcue Jxcagcr pT m w ,
highest terms of priao of General Ward f
and Colonel UcCoofc.
i i
ThX Secretary of the Treasury k report-i 1
ed opposed to a forcible resumption of spe-
el (wrmentb Seasible. T'l" !-'-t-
fVinoREsa is ito be ImDortnned for money '
SO erect a siatue 10 luauueua oicfcus, .
need for the expenditure.' '. i " ' " ' ;
Tkk Hamilton True Democrat desires the
'-'' r - ''"' ' . -'. " 1 ll
' J i it
IHmocraUc State Convention at a late; day r .
than the 8th of January. '.,,,', -,) -r,t
Johit & ,ixiOTT, who attained tha delhi
cato weight of 600 pounds, recently died In
Queen Aane's county, Md. -iL ,Aru: - I
TjioXorlhvxxt calls for an 8th of J i
ary convention and the nomination Of Hod. I
Chilton A. White, lor Governor. i - " '1
ft AtMASTKrt cierfc:W;he Navy Dy;, j
was, killed several lays ago, in assisting to j
take d,owa tl frame ot an old paper mill.
Tas Governor of Pennsylvania claims
partmepvNev lork, cas aDscetnaea, leay- l
ig the Government minus 913,00a . 1
Akdrbw jjaioHBXMEE, of Navarr; Ohio, I
n I
to thoroughly sndrrataod Hester Vaughn's
ease.); Further: agitation of It is unaecesn-
aarf.Lmi vl.oJ f.rlT .t :t1.:u::t jyi-i.t:
Charles. A. King,- of Toledo, Is the Ke
priblrcan candidate for the' State Senate,'
to fill the vacancy occasioned by 'the death
of'UnBalL' V'14-' . 1 ' ! 1
Thru IJveirooI -merchants, engaged
solely ia the trade with the Udited Statea
have been . returned as. members ' of. the
BrUlsb ParUamec U' -:niiur v;: ; .,i..'.-:- .;
lie Spain they want a mas for' ruler pos--esslng
the' virtues- of Washington. 'The
United States would be none the worse for
such a President now. " ' '-' :i':-r.
IsaapT. .Lund;' a 'suVstaptlal'dtjlzen of,
Ahrellas ' township,- Washington county,
fell fronf his hay iow on ' Thanksgiving
day and broke his neck.'
Thk ChilUcoihe Advetttitr of the 3d con
ta'ns1 twenty-eight 1 columns live, good
piy tog-advertisements. The business men
Ol CblrJlcotbe know how to do business.
A CLKTrLAND correspondent of the Cin-
cinnaA Enquirer adfocatei) the unanimouIT
nominat.ioa. oi con. jr. . xianney ior
Governor by tbe Democratio -State Con-:
wentlon. e-. ,,
Wbujc the Piqya Democrat, bas no par
ticular objection to holding the Democrat
ic Slate Convention oa . the 8th of Janua
ry t It would prefer to have It held;iorv t
later aay.
Sinclair Tocskt, President of 1 the
American Nevs Company, while driving
With his wife in Central Parkv Nevtyor,k
was almost killed by the unninfi; away of
his bbrfe." " '
Tax Start County Democrat, says that the
projositiQna,To. hojd the,Jerjocrtlo StaU
Coaventioo on .the 8th ol JaBaary and to
Domipate Col, McCook for Governor, are,
A MftrtACltD Switch at Townsend sta-
tloo, on the Cleveland and Toledo railroad,1
caused a collision between a passenper and '
freight tTalBjbrsdsy Bfirh b wbfch'
brakeman and a passenger were killed.
Th Wayne County Democrat- says that
tbe nomination ot either O'oael Georgeu
W. McCook or HoB.R, P.EanneyTforGq,v;
- ii .W1 ii,i : .- j s;i,E
hut'nTO&frM.tti oftinn
bold the State Coeveotioa ont itbo 8th nt
January;'' !-si i
d-n. , -.t,. ft-r'tr. (O-i-, V--V
xnkbaX, Shkiuba jreports that Genersl
Costar, la the recent engagement with the"
Indians, :.,iaic( ; Black .;, (tlaWaGeoerair
Cljivjngto.'', in hia Teport two years Ago;
reported that ho had kilted him. The tj,ues .
tloi soon wll agitate the 'American peo-;
pie : "Who killed Black Ke'tflr ,,,;7
TmAilen (MtmtyDtmuuut mjtthtttti
rate Of taxation- foratlirnirrnrawa. fnr
in tht Deighborlhg towhsls Iveu
tonBtryket, 38: Ottaw 4'4 Ant
werp, '86i ' Ferysbor."'t,; Imn.1 ?A .
yrauseon, 3Tf jWumee,r41 ToleddJ 36.'
wltaii snarvelooa rapidity. i'On has ' Jfast
bought a ,80,00a lot, oa wkloh She Intends
to lUdaitlUllUWhouaaaavMh, dt.nl...
sisn mn in troi. i . . . .
I- Va 7 r "'gnt; anotner has
reuto4a 'hboae'at, $3,000 a year'uhd
lllivnr.iL. .,::.) . aa
for her bod chamber alone.
The Tribune Editor as a "Know
ThePoS aott (English) Gaawtfe. In speak
ing of the election of General GiuNT.say?:
"It may be a further advantage, jusi
now, to have a soldier' ior a ruler. The
lanattcal hostility toward the Sooth dis
played oy some prominent politicians Das
never been shared by the army. Hard
fighting teaches men to respect their ene
mies, and this is a lesson which some mem
bers ot Congress And it difficult to learn.'
r To this the Tribune replies,tbat It "know
f no public man In the Republican part
who entertains : any- feeling toward tb
Southern people but or kindness." If li
this the Tribune editor speaks the truth, h
is Ihe greatest Know Nothing on record
the bitter malignity of Sumnkr toward
the South and Southern men, because a
Southern member of Congress caned "'hid.
tor slandering a'n aged relative the equal
ly better feeling on the part ot the lat
Tbaddbds Stevens because of the loss 01
property, burned by the rebels, when; un
r General Leb, they invaded Pensylva
nia. Is the exciting cause of that legis-
latioa whlch,'wlthbat warrant of Const!
-tttionallaw, has deprived the Southern
States 'and the-' Southern people Unlob
itren as well &3 the secessionist ol th
rights guaranteed the States and their cltl
s nsat the formation of the Union.
The National Debt—Why is it Increased?
I. v ,.t. ..woioen..,. .t, ,. (
, ' The increase of the. public debt lor the
month ol November will be in the near
neighborhood of .ten. millions of dollar?
Thus we go.." E ich thirty days. adds to the
debt of the nation,, and .makes the taxes
more onerous, . " hy is this i The rtila
detphia Age thus answers the question :
: ''First, because the Eadical , policy has
paralyzed the business ot the country, and
thus cut off the? receipts . from income re
turns ; and secondly, because the expenses
ot tne Unvernment ar. still, at a,-ruinous-figure.
In a time of peace we are contin
uing waraisDursements,ana wnen Dusiness
should be prosperous, a sectional party t
strangling it bv unwise laws and regula-i
tions. There must and will be an end, to
thU. The only question is,, will: business
men cure the evil by forcing Congress to
make tbe needed relorms, or allow tbeava
lancne to come v;-' '"'H':'?
The cure will be, when the people, fully
relf2, the aBriRerf
and national dishonor; a,
bankruptcy, ruin
will, by thel .bal
InU. strive the thieves' and madmen frtm
rjoneres and glvo their placea to bone, t
memand patriots. 1
it f.J -.. -V ! .Ml If,!
The National Debt—Why is it Increased? President Fraley Gives Birth to an
Original Quotation.
Tbe National, Board of Trade Js in ses
sion in Cincinnati The citizens of Pork
opolis gave the .members, a "reception,
wjtn speeches, etc.. - To the speeches, Mr.
F&aUY, President of the Nation at Board
of Trade, responded in an original speech
In which be said :
Westward tl-e tor of Empire takes its wa,
And for which be was cheered lustily. ..
: 'Good for the "star " We rather like to
see these eastern "stars". shooting,.inadly
from their sphere and emigrating to the
"west". Tbe expression is original, and is
fp.nh0fi nf Kkhnn Kwirirt.V- who. snifi
iw";.;,ifl,L ,lr., f f.mr,
it8 waj The jmprpveoient of Mr. Fkalet
fe nndoubtedly a good Oncaod was no doubt
gaggested by seeing the star" police hur-
nialr awav to what was once " western
row, .jn .ancinnati, bnt which' .is now
inlander the neve order, of things, "Central
haf was Ooose ererk oaee. is Tiber now."
Commodore Kearney.
gond Cpminoi
the "-'-ttiad 1 of
Kkarnet was Ir
Commodore La wremcb Kearney, United
Stales' NavyJ died at Perth Amboy, N".' J.,
on 'Notefaber 29tb, was bom at that place
otf November 30tfi,.178'tBnd-entered the
-- ' a mtt - r. nik m orvr
nary as midshipman on July 24th,'-' 1807.
dfstirignlshed' himself in the war of
1812 in the suppression ' f piracy . in the
West Indies, and in the1 Levant, and in
opening - intercourse with-' the14 Chinese in
1640,' when in command dt the" East" India
Squaaron; fn 1862 he was' placed on the
retina list,-,Bt was not withdrawn from
.. -,- Kii,t
enibti expired; ! fn -1866 he was com mis-
161 and held this grade at
: Its'! decease: ' Commodore
i the United States 'service
sixty-one years, and four months, of
whicn time twenty-four years and .three
months were' spent at sea.' ' " ;
- - I il r m i n i .
What Becomes of the Charge of
Fraudlent Votes in New York?
The p umber of votes, registered in New
York, clty;for the , Mayor's election, was
17S683 the total , vote cast was 96,114
77,467. less, than the; registered vote. On
this; rednced vote Ball, the democratic
nominee, bad fifty-four thousand and tour
teen votes of a, majority over his Radical
competitor. T .,.. -b.h i
Alter this, what will the Radical party
say about the frauds of last fall, based oa
the, large majority given the Democratic.
nominee... On the reduced vote, given tbe
majority at the election for Mayor on Tues
day last,-was tbe largest the Democracy
ever received, in the. city; If. there were
frauds in tbe Novamber election, the state
ment taken from figures in the. Times,;
shows that It was the Radicals, not the De
mocracy that committed thehj..-; i: i! j ,
'i -
Couldn't Throw Out Enough.
The Radical Governor and State official
of Louisiana, comprising the Board to open
Election, .returns threw put.tbe vote bl
twelve counties (parishes; as they are called
in Louisiana), lor thapurpose of giving
tbe Electoral vote Of too State, to Grant.
They fnad&a mistake in the figures, for thp
parishes (thrown out, although every one
Democratic, were not sufficients , Correctly
added up, tM remalqder,of tbe State gives
Sbtmock 4154 to oaly 97.811 for Grant
To give the vote of the .State for Gbamt'
these: Radical officiala will. have bad to
throw out tbe vole of nearly every votjiig
precinct 1b the Stated t :;!' ::
' ' y '-
thu4part'lfl4rL'l,-jiC ts-xhist ,te 'JoH1'',B01,
,'...iV. - 1 - , - f.-'f
Th recent .changes in the political rela
tions of the -Austrian empire towards tbe
States of Germany has caused aa altera
tion In the name' of the country and !a the
title of its ruler. ' y; an imperial order,
henceforth tbe .designation of the empire
J will be the Austra-iHungarlanoj Monarchy,
or AUStrojiungariau .outwy auijf tne uue
of the ruler in treaties with foreign pow
ers will be Emperor of Aatriai ,JKing of
Bohemia and Apostolic King ot Hungary.?'
This title in the body of the treaties will
be abbreviated by the" oml.sion of, all re
ference to Bohemia, and themonarch'bim-
self will e spoken of as "His Maesty the
Jianperorana Jung, or nis imperial anu
a-a i i .n ' vn L-.lj , -- BT -! Li
Boyal Apostolic Majesty.'., , J.
It is reported' that Immediately after the
meeting ol the nextsessida of the Fortieth
CoDgreta, amdvemenb will be triad e to re
peal all-the laws which -.have been passed
during, the . last three, years, .'limiting the
political Influence of the President and ex
tending the. authority of 'Congress, such
repeal to take effect on and after Marco tb,
1969. If this be true, it shows that the!
laws passed were not-predicated on the
ground ot public, good, but were merely
I That beeto pemocrste and high mind
ed gentleman, fooa ,.. auihukou, ,vxi
lubbu,.was presented oo, Jaa( Saturday bv
some ot perepnal frienrla la that city,
with a bpqbd copy of tbe New American
Epcyclopedla,', in i twenty-throe volumes,
bound In Morocco antique. It was .a nice
preseeVantl bestowed on a worthy, person.
Steubmvilte Gazette. -. , .- i-An'X v
An TJaklisbnaaa admits the "pre-eminent
beSuty of tbe American Elm tree. ' ' ' ' '
Couldn't Throw Out Enough. DIED.
GIBSON 0 TrMs nuvnim:
M ABfill JtTl.I A. nnlT hi1l nf T. P- ui Hulit R.
Qibaon, aced 1 jrtar. . s
Funeral will tak pUea from their rwidene an
Cleveland arena, near Catnelio Churoh, ,rhje
(Saturday) afternoon at S o'olook. Friends of the
family are invited to attend.
New Advertisements
3T The Ohio Stateamaai baa
Caura;or Clrcalalioat tauaaa mmy pea
pr pablishetl In thia City or Ceai
lra.1 Oblo. Adrertiaer will bear
this In nalnd. " "
ra. MAKE THIS If A KM rA 1750 OoUto oarea
UObeaulit land useful Illustrations. Thia book.
noira now ine farmer mayoouoie me nine of his
aodraoake three tiauea as much eut of nock; hoi
-.hree times tbe quantity of grain, ay, roots, and
ill tarm eropa can be raised from an aore, and boat
,11 the profits of tbe farm ean be more than
louoiea. every larmer -wants it. fcvery Btoak
iaiser wants it. Every Gardener and Fruit t!ul-
turwt wants it. farmers, tarmera' sons, experv
aneed book agents and others, wanted to take agen
cies In every community. Commissions (luO to
(250 per month, aceordinc to abi ity and energy.
ia ior uirom&re sivins: inn aescrmtinn.
Philadelphia. Fa.. Cinoinnati. U.. Chioaa-o: til.
r St. Louis, Mo. . deoS-wlm-ar
lA the stockholders of the Columbus Harris
bora; Turnpike Road Company on Jannary the 11th
1869: at tbe office of Lorenao Kneliah. in tha eit ol
Columbus. Obio, at Jl o'olik. for the purpose ot
electing five Director! for said road, to serve for
me year. WM. AHLLEK,
dec-w4W'.- r-r -.-)-- t . r Secretary.
Fenian Brotherhood, Attention
- ingef the feoian Brootherhnod t' la (Satur.
Jay)evenint. at7o'loek. at DUFFY'S HaLL.
crery -nejioer ot tne organisation laberobyre
quested to attend and hear tha report of our del-
Bgatea to tbe Philadelphia Congress, We heartily
invite all Irishmen an4 rieue, of Irish nationally
vo oepresent.
oluuiuut. Dao.6,l?88. . It
Great One Dollar Sale
A. . eheeks ean be exchanged at any time for a
splendid large Concertina, or a five-bottle revolving
siiver-piatea ueA'or.or tuenty-iour rrenea b
soopio V iewe, - We have en hand over half a mil.
lion collars' worth of goods. The largest and most
valuable ktook of Liuena, Woolens, cottons. Flan
nels, urees uooda. r aney Woods-. riatM w are, Cut
lery, Ueersebaain Pipes, Ac, Ac., ot AN V 1HL-
LAU OALK, etousein Aaserica. We impora our
own gooes, ana eaa een in large or small quantities
at importers' prices. Thia never baa been done be
fore, and ia eauainc a comDlete nanio ainona- whole
salers and retailers, wherever our goods are- scnt
it yon wian te noy goods eneap. new ia tne ume I
we are bound to sell I fcverytbinc sold at the uni
form rate of ON K DOLLAR EACH. Thou nt
ting up oluba for other arms will do well to atop
wnere tnev arcana send loronr uirauiar. unr in.
dncemenU are double those of any other eoaoera.
Agents, Loo ax Hero I.; . .
Fer a elnb of Thirtv and S3, we send one nf II,
following aiticlas. free of cnaxze: Twenty rmrrla
r V. . K 1. 1 v. i i ui .1 ,
Doaoje Lena French Stereoscope, with- S4 rioh for
eign viewa; i Laaiea re l Morocco Traveling tsg;
v pairs uaaies; nne merino Btocxings; I genuine
neerscnaum rioe. amber moutUDieca. in snien,tii
ease; i violin ana Bow, in bos. complete. All.
noot Lassimere, tor pants; I pair Lad lea' extra
qnaiity lilotn Hoots; 1 doien fine Liaeo Towels; 1
Steel Carving Knife and Fork with ivory balanced
handle, verv best aualitv: Oents' heavr th.A
solid Hold King; elegant Delaine Dress Pattern; 1
aca. nea'y silver p ated white metal Dessert Forks;
1 doiea Rorera Bros beHt reavv n)KtH whit mar.
ai tea epouns; S Unar-.ved H. r. Kapkin Rings; 1
rich so-keyed metal bound Concertina, retails for
V 10. r- ' ' .-. m
i or a olab of Fifty nd S5, on nf the following
articles: out wen ol Heavy Drown or Dlea-bed
ard wide Sheeting; 1 btaok or colored Alpaeca
lresa Paitarn; 1 nair All. Woo itlanketa; RnirriYwl
ailver plated 6 brttle Revolving Castor; 1 set ivory
oaancea &nives,wiui silver piwea wnite metal
ITnrka. 1 fl.nt', i'.lf Un....- u . - J
Print; 4 yards double width Water-Proof, for
viomiok: a txiuare vaooiDomwi: lares ana a nai
yarda verv fineCvsaimere. fornantsaad vest: kan.
utui ropun Arrasa rattern; juo-ricture Xnrkey
aiorocoo rnotograpn AiDnm, i
For a clnb of One Hundred and S10. presents va
rying in value from Sli toSiS. - -'
Fur a clnb of Five Hundred and 150. nmaenrji
from SSO to S100 Larzer dubs increased in tha
same ratio, tremtums sent witn goods.
Circulars free to aoy address, send all money
by registered letter or mrney order. Address -
- BfcljlJHlltl. JAMU.cs et CO .,
' - ! Successors to A. B. Hardy 4 Co.,'- '.
7 AS Bromfiold at., Boston, Mass1. 1
decA-wew- fb
1.1 ing on tne corner of High street and Elm al
ley, a first class Gentlemen's Saloon.
dec4-dlw- ' LA Al fcl it LAZ,iiLL.
O'LEARY. a young man of several j ears'
eperienoe in- teaching tbe-vanone vancfaea of
nslish. French, tieraaaa. Latin and Orsek. de
sires an engagement u tutor in a private lamuy.
tie wui teacn a private class at his room, a o.
private class at his room. I
rn "rreei. irom lion c oiock r. m.
clumber for Sale.
TION offer at private sale all the lumber con
tained in tbe fence enclosing their Race Course
Also, tbe lumber in south stable, west stand.
u dues' stand, picket fence, Ae.
Parties wishing tbe whole of tbe above will slease
call on the uodt isigned. who will give all tbe nec
easary information as to price, terms, and time of
removal. K1CHARI) .NLVlSri.
V ice president.
Tf not disposed ef bv SATUF DAY-D KC. 12.
186. it will be mid on TUESDAY. 1HCC. 15.1868.
public auction, by John (i. Beat!, Auctioneer.
BOV28 . -. .:;
I B. E .
No. 336 Broatlvray.
Capital, - One Mil.ion Foliar s.
DakicsK IIanok. Fres't. . Jas.Mkbriia, Seo'y.
Recives Deposi sand allows FOUR PER ENT.
INTEREST onallUaily Balances, subject to ebeck
sight. rpeoial Depoa-ts for-rix nx.nths or more,
nai be made at five per cent. The Capital of One
Mi'lion Dollars ia divided among over- 50 share
holders, eompriaing many gentlemen of large wealth
aad financial experience, who are also personally
liable to depositors for all obligations of theCom-
pany to double tbe amoant of their capital atock.
the National Trust Company receives deposit
large or small amounts, and permits them to be
drawn as a whole or in pa t by cheek at sight and
without notice, allowing interest on all dally bal
parties tbrooghout the country can keep ac
counts in thin Institution with special advantages
security, convenience and profit. . .
re KT-deol-dAwSm - -.- ".- -
,Dr. Barton's Tobacco Antidote.
'laMnrrxo to Knore aix nxsiRa rbs TokaccOl
iy MMoofa and harwtfo, maa u mra tui txceUent i
petir. It priam and twtriehes the blood, inTifryrstejrthe
7HnpoieHi ffrvau Donnsoing ua aytreiipoeJltDfl
r, euoaeo ne iwdmd io aircst tin nernest loo
laep.retWi'hiDK, adL oablUboai. robtut kotvltb.
nd cfieww for wAxty iMor eurvxL rrtcsj FiftrAonto pr
box, Ioatie. -An iBtersMtkafr eattoe on tVt injuricms
olfeeta of tooaceo, with lisu of twtiiiHmialjf nUnnem,
vm. v x. j mmwrx, mrmj -VJ, w. sf.
PosrifiSTKsX's TiXnaTDsnr. I nceiTflfla box of Bartom's
AntldoU from Re-r. AM. Tontton, mnfl find It an tfeetvai
omtc. fi. GATiaxL CkmrottonyBau-rioon Co.. Ohio.
Two tbs U. 8. TkJusckt, &rt mry$ Qfmmj-'Snm
Mod mpplr of i Amip jTMmrwenvedMadoma
it work ioiilTi X O. T. d3aju
' Fmosi New Hummn flaftrc Pbwof. -Ovmtlfaneii of
feflaeaMsB boro aMTtcsff boon cAred of tba oppotfto for toboo
co by ofring Dr. Barton' fuMote, fro deaire rappl fat
tha priaooora of thia InirtftjftionX
Jsxra Xato V ardeif N. H. Stat Priaon.
A. BuvKas TatSTtiufxr. DrXBarton'i AnliiWHo for
Tobacco hat aeeomptimtd all daiwuKfor it. f
- W. Mas lai Nat. BasaNow Albany, fed. .
1 "A CixnoTaimM'p Anrnwjrr. OnBox o Axtuxjt
enrad my brtjtbrnd myselC- It kbvtV tail.
. - SLmw.hTW. 8bomaksb, Ktleyla Statloa. Fa,
tov pmii4rM motmcU of Jlek tkr vumtto br
using Dr. rarton'a Anudota. aad ail desire f A tobacco la
Hmnnri . . Va la. IVUlT. J&., .
- Vmw ai ual ttrVaTCm' WnV Jm I ft W AT-. Si"
If n Cha Km nf Rnrlon'o Antidote ranowd oil dWtrs for
the wdbd from ma I Uka oleaaure inrtoomon4b it to
roaaara. a. A.,oiia,
Tradtmark X Copyrighted.
S9Caaltien ( ' Heware of Injurious Cotrnter-
leits advertued by UuuinngSi '
- .. - :
Turnpike Notice.
L . Uapital Stock ef the Dublin and Worchinil
ton Turnpike Company are hereby notified that
there will be meeunc of the stoekholdera of aaid
ompanj on AtOMA, XAN0 AHY I860, n,
the Hall of Ele W. Inller, Kfl.. in the town
Dublin. Ohio, at two 'clock P. M. oi
laid day. the object and purpose of which meet
a will be to determine ihe bais for aesessina the
shareholders of saidoapital atock to meet the pres
ent indebtedness of aaid Company, sim to fix the
time and mode of payment of tne amount assessed
ftinit Mh initiviHHal holdiDa- aneh hareaL -.H ...
, GttOJbtGB BNOUfi OUK, Freaident.
MAttf i i i. tT -t j
iitt, 1 . 'i-i':- ";.rtj- i ,-
1lUU, A U IV I U LA. O
i j ja & i- a xv " v .
decs dltw-lvT tt
J. preparation, introJuoed last winter, bavinf
received so many- flattenpc eommendatior from
those who used it. induoas the proprietors te bring
attain before the pubic-aaanrirnr them that it
stands unrivalled as the best protector of the akin
gainst tbe inclemency ol the winter aeaaon. It
nut only imparts to the akin a delicate freshness
and beauty, but also conduces to its health, purity
and preservation. For healinc abrasions. Chap
ped Bands. ace. Lips, or Koushnesa of the 8 kin,
hasno.equaW-while .its sooihioa; qualities and
delightful fragranee reader it a necessary append
iw thftteileL - Prepared only- by laAKf-LK a
BlTrfON, inspensing Chemists, 10 Houthtiigh
street, Colnmbua, Ohio. oov4-deoddw4m
peculfar and important relations wbicR
they snstaTrirtneir pecnlia? Brganliafldn
and the offices they perform, are subject
to many, sufferings Freedom from these
centribute in no smatif degree to .their
happiness and welfare,, for none can be
hajjpy who are, ill. t Not only so, but no
one of- these various female complaipts
ean long be suffered to ran "ort without
involvina- the general health of the in
dividual, and era long producing perma
nent sickneBS and premature decline. Nor
is it pleasant to consult a physician for the
relief of thesevarious delicate affections,
and only upon the most argent necessity
will a true woman eo far sacrifice i her
greatest charm aa to do this- The sex
will then thank us for placing in their
hands simple Specifics' wliich will be
found efficacious in relieving apd curing
jtltnoBt every,' pnq . of. thosn ,tf bnbleBome
complaints pecaliar to the; Sex, ,'' 'JU
Hundreds suffer on in silence, and
hundreds of otEirs apply, rainlytodrng
gists and doctors, who either merely tan
tatalize them with tie hope of a. cure or
apply remedies which make them worse,
t would not wish to assert anything that
would do injustice- to tho afflicted, but I
am obliged to say that although it may
be produced from, excessive exhaustion
of the Dowers of life, bv laborious em.
ploy ment,' !uh wholesome' atr and! "food",
profuse menstruatiotutbe use of tea and
coffee, and frequent childbirth, it is far
oftener' caused i by direct irritation j ap
plied to the mucous membrane of. the
yaginajtselt' '! 2l''' ' 1 "lj'T
i When reviewing the causes of these
distressing complaints, it is most painful
to contemplate the attendant evils con
sequent ,npbn 'themjit-is bat simpl
justice to tbe subject to enumerate a fevrf
of the many additional causes which so
largely affect the life, health and happi
ness of woman-in all classes ot- society,
and which, consequently, affect more or
less directly, the welfare of the entire
human family. Tho mania that exists
for precocious education and marriage,
causes" the-years- thatnatwe designed
for corporeal development to be wasted
and perverted in the, restraints of dress,
the early confinement of school, and es
pecially in the unhealthy excitement of
the ball-room. Thus, with the body
half-clothed, and.-thr mind . unduly ox-
cited by.' pleasure, perverting in mid
night revel the hours designed by nature
tor sleep and rest, the work of destruc
tion ia half accomplished. ;.
: In consequence of this early strain
npon her system, unnecessary effort is
required by the ...delicate, yptary ,.to re
rain ner situation in scoooi at a later
day, thus aggravating the evil. When
one excitement is- over, another Fn pros
pective keeps the mind morbidly sensi
tive to impression, while the now con
stant restraint of fashionable dress, ab
solutely' forbidding the exercise' indis
pensable to , the attainment and retention
of organic health and strength ; the ex
posure to Bight air ; the sudden change
ot temperature ; tne complete prostra
tion produced by -excessive dancing,
must, of necessity, produce their legiti
maTd effeetr: At.last, an early marriage
caps the climax of misery, and the un
fortunate one. hitherto so utterly regard
less, of , the plain dictates and. remon.-J
strances of her delicate nature, becomes
an unwilling subject of medical treat
ment. Thi8is but a trnthfnl pictureof
tbe experience ol thousands ot our young
women. ' J ' ' 1 ; "' :
,.Long before tbe ability to exercise tbe
funotions of the generative organs, they
require an education "of their peculiar
nervous system, 'composed ot wbat is
called the: tissue,, which is, in common
with the female breast and lips,' evident
ly under the control of mental emotions
and. Associations at . an early period ot
life ; and, as we shall subsequently see,
these traetjons, - wben excessive, - -lead,
long before puberty, to habits which sap
the very life of fheirvictims ere nature
has self completed their development.
' For T'emale Weakness and Debility,
Whites ''or';. Leucorrhcea, ,Tpo :,Profuse'
Menstruation, Exhaustion, Too Long
Continued Jf erioda, for Prolapsus .And
Bearing Down, or Prolapsus Uteriwe
otfer the most perfect ..specinc JtnOwn ;
Hblmbold's Compound Extract or
Buchu. Directions 'for nse,1 diet, "and
advice, accompany. . r. T , -. .
Females in every -period of life, from
infancy to extreme old age, will find it a
remedy to-srid nature in the' discharge. of
its functions. Strength is the glory" of
manhood and womanhood. Uelmbold s
; Exteact BocrTtJ la. more strengthening
thanAnyof the 'pVe'parations of Bark
or Iron, mhnitely sahrrrand more pleas
ant. llELMBOtD'e, . ETB ACT BUCHU,
having received therrheforsement of the
most prominent physician; in tbo United
; atates, is powonered to amtcteq bu-
manity as a certain cure for the follow,
ing diseases and symptoms," from what
ever cause originating : . General Debil
ity, Mental and ' Physical Depression,
1 Imbecility, -Determination of Blood, to
Hie -xiaa,.- vwui.uBeulj lueas, ; Aiysiens,
Ueneral Irritability, Xtestlessness and
; Sleeplessness at night, Absence pf Mus-
chlar JtimeiencyrLiOss ol Appetitev Dys
pepsia, Emaciation, Low Spirits, Disor
ganization of Paralysis of the Organs of
Generation, "Palpitation '-of the .ileart
aud, in fact, all rhe -concomitantf . of a
XServouB atfd Debilitated state of the
, system. ' To insure the genuine, cnt'tlria
n:.-rr.'rri-,,-vTfe.-A, - T; rr-r
other. .rlui'i ii .-lO'J
; ; Sold by DrSggists and Dealers every
ffiAhi3iao' baa. uilnbuv
Price. $1.25 per; bottle, or-bottles
foir $6.50. " Delivered to' any address.
Describe symptoniS in'aiTcommunica
'tibnai Address -fit? T. HELMBOLD;
Drug and CherbicaI, 'Warehouse, 594
TlrnadwAV. .' i ' " ' 1
None are eenriine rinfcss done tp in
steel-enMv'ea wtappif,Vt ffK Tarffmil
of my Gnemical yvareriihii'ii'. aiid gned
v-dwe-weowly U. T. llELMbOLD.
T f?DRtG00t)S.
n T
' T (7.
ra .zrMii . ;
9 -1 " a"
fx f itili'iii
v.i M'l.iAua '-w.k.
f-v ? tt rri Tr -r r-r
Till mn ?AJivq
-. 4. J J.lt: J
ban HI
. f';-n f:n-- .?
.Ufa ;ir ijo
250 AND 252
,oi .sliiM jor!r,f.vl
.!. -T'i :!l r- 1 .. ' I
Itt J
i. .-'.
!etj!'. il-a
K "nil
toj rA v : :
.'I': - .1r.T I nf.
HHAOa J0T2!n3
,)!03HD .51
ebnbJliri 1o03n0J00
siii'lAJc. LnA
ajta:t. ' ayi
:1 Pi Ti't't I
-i- U
miii .1
United VStates'v of America,'.'
iii . WASHBKJTOH. B. 0. ',
" chartebeiTbyspe7ial act of
.1. cONOEfiSS.n
Cash Capital, , - $1,000,000.
! (. .w'.' . ; PAID ISTDLL.' ' '
: To wbtch all general eorrespondenea should be ad-
diedeed.. -
OFFICEBSt-1" ' '
CLARENTI! H. Cl.ARK. President.
; JAY COOKE. Chairman Finance aad EjrecaUve
HENKY 1). OOKI4. Vice Tresldent. ' .
A MtstSUA tv.fl.t r, beoreUry aad Actuary
Offered by this Company are :
It is a National Company, chartered by special
, Kt oi ooKresa, i .too .
It has a paid up capital of Sl.COO.OOO.
It offers low rates of Dreminm.
' H furnishes larger Insurance than other Compa-
r niea rorineeame money. ....
It is definite and eertain in its terms. -" '
, It is a home Company in every locality. -'.-' nn
Its Polioiea arevemBt. (mm attachment.
There are ne nnneaesjary raetriotiona in the Fol
, loles. .-T,;A i-, vi- ' .!u
Every Policy is nonforfeitable, i r ;
Petieies may be taken that will pay insured their
I . the Insurance costs only the internet on the annual
I payment.' ',(! ; . :i , UIV
folioies may be taken which pay to the Insured,
IBU DBMftnS.AAa Ntoni III LH. Ilfll ' --
I Lu. ... , u auuiirai wi .mi,, vin, lllf, M
nualinoomeef eae-teatb. tha amoant named .in theJ
.roiiey- - . , . . - r
No extra rata is chaired for risks npon the lives
' of females t r . . - s t
U insane not to pev dividends, bat at S i la
' eosi mai aiviaenaa wiu ne intpossibla. ... ts ,
. Cincinnati, Ohio. General Agenrafor OhhJ Central
-... . ..v and eonthera Indiana.''
; Colu-ribua. Special Agents for Franklin, JJckinr,
i smaaiEcum ana yoenoctoa oounuea.
In no previous, year has titers
been such strong competition among
all the leading Sewing Machine
i Manufacturers of this country and
: Europe as the present. - At all the
principal, Xchibitions.4in4lJmJ?air
. tliey met and contested for tho IVo-
! tnium on Family Sewing Machines,
. and the result was unanimously in
favor of, the Florence I Reversible
Feed Zock-Stitch .Famlff Sewing
Machine, It received the First and
Highest Frize. as . the best Family
Setving Machine; at the following
Exhibitions viz.t Exposition Uni
verselle, Faris j American Institute'.
' Fair, JTew York ; New ' 'England
: Agricultural Fair, at Providence,
Jt. I. ; the ITew Torh State Fair, at
Buffalo; the Great Annual Fairs
of Kew England, viz.: that of the'
MechanlcstAssociation, at. JjowsU
Massachusetts, and the Fair of the
Maryland Institute ', at Baltimore,
which closed a four-weeks' Session
on the X2th of Jfovember, the sups'
rioritg.of. the. EL OBEXCE utas
again confirmed by the Committee
on. Sewing Machines, who unani
mously awarded it-the " OOZiD
MED A Zr the i highest Frize the
Institute confers. 5
a? - - -
j It would seem as if thia anooeaalon of trl
' ompha should, be sufficient to convince ovary
unprejudiced person of tha' great superior
ity: of tho ritOR y.WXLE over all oUutava
Family Be-aring Mftchlna. vv -,
A written 'warranty la given to tho pniw
chaser, that. tha Machine. WIMi DO .AXJ
. that ia claimed for it, and should it fail, it
' will be taken back, and tho ItOHJZY BS.
, FrtneipmZ pJUu and, Satrmtm, tr. SS JTm
srcA Atreat, Cincinnati, O.
j , H. BIcCONIOil'aMaxal AfMt.
! 1 r . 1 , - r
AttheObioHtate fair.Trbinh closed at TcledA,
Septe ber Sfith. 18W, the FLORKNCk received
the FIRST P BXlt I If JfJor tha best Family Sewing
Aiacomes over seven competitors. . 'i: .9
Mend for a circular, or call, and examine aha Ma
chines at the new Salesrooms,
81 East Slate St Colaanbsia, Ohio.
' W- S.BR0W,' Agent. ,
SST. All kinds of stitching dors to order, and
aiisiaouon guarasrteeaot , - octxs-dsiaitawTAa
tar- - . ' .-
,. mf- J!'.,
h t.; tT.j, Improved 1
It ! an elegant l)resaingijr the Fair. . ''
It causes tha Bair tonrl keanifuHy.
It keeps the Scalp Clean and Healthy. -
It invigorates theJlooiaef .the HairJI
It torses the Eaiand Heard o grow 'pzuraatly)
It immediately stop Bair Falling Out.'" ,!" .
... .. ! ...... . - 'I , . . I : ii win .- J
t keep the Hair from Changing Colo from Age.
it restore Grey HaiPto itt Original Colo." "'
o ... i ' . -i ..... .. n h I
It brings out Bair on heads that hare been bald! foi
yean. '
, , .J !:; - 3
t is eompoeed entirety of simple and purely veget
It has received ever six ihonsand voluntary test!-
monials of it exeellenee, many - whloh are from
physieiaDt1n"hieh standing.
;a n -iti 1:
It is sold in half .pound battle (the nam blown
In the glass), bv JDrucgises and Dealers br Faaey
Goods everywhere, at One Dollar per Bottle. 'Whole
sale by Denies Barnes A Co.
: F. C Wells 4 Co.
BchiefTelin A Co.',New York.
Corner Broad & High .Sta?
, hatdin ,joa, HpTCQieoa. , j jr.a.ATr.i.,J
JEt -A. 03" ERS
vl ' 1 .fl.!l.':('r,liil'rl -(.' i-l A'l
ite ..-i 1. nr-Tiw.: h
r.n, .. uAt.:...l jA-Ma
ianto-dly-r Celnmbas, O.
Grand Social Ball.
WUl cirea 6ad,Ssil BaU t ( - , .
A TUT T5 sS O-vV'.KiV f
A MA 0 VS a XX J. Im I,
o J-'-J'
TucsdAj Wining, December 8.
I . WM'bl ..I ."ji.)-T1HT
V-'Good Muv. lll Sa In attjmrt.ni ' 1 4iT-U
tamoeUeuilemaa aad Ladies, ONK tlOLL A K.
T public. are invited.- decS-dJt -'i
opera; iioujse.
j ..RePectfutiy annoancea one Grand &BoarW v. I
fed.aay ETealat :lr.
i .' Aeaistad'bj the following favoritar'artisai V J
; MISS BARtON. of Boston. Soprano 1 -
JIB. GUiiAVUs K. MALL. itone
pani't. ? :" - . ,
FISV CENT Sn' ram" Cln
: 8eat can be secured without extra cXarga ai
Mess a.J.SettserACo.resiaawSiore.1.
8a e .f seats to commence on Mondav morninc.
Deo ,toloi;k,. ,..,T. R. ' UR-BCLL, '
: deci-dtd ... ... . ,. .. . , . Buainess Agent.'
: JZAZJ7S, : ?
''U 'i iHjfSIC MS : AD C' EPGYMEII -
Testify ta ts merits in restoring CRAY . HAIR to'
lu originsi eolor aad promoting its growth. It
makes the hair soft and glossy. Tha old in appear
ance, are a.ade young again. It ia the beet
-iv- leuisiee Dandrnfl afiot-aTf (MiW
Eruptions. It doe not stain the skin.
! Beware of the numeroua pre para tioos which are
old npon oor re,pntatioi. 1 i t ! i 'i
; R. P. HALL A CO., Nashua, N. Proprietors. -
roraale by alltlruttiatar' -
julyas dlUwAwly-ea
- reToaif r Kepel J""""--When
health baa been aerinee4 for want of tha
care necessary to protest it, regret are Bavat:-r-It
ia better to prtwen tbaa to" repawf.; Th afrarf
inclement season of the year Is nt hand, and iti
cold and damp are the source of innumerable die,
tressing ailment. Tha beat means of escaping
them is to keep the outward surface of the body
comfortably warm wi h sui able clothing, and the
internal organ in a. vigorous condition by tbe ee
easional use of a healthful tonic and eorreettrel
Winter make tremendou draft 'npon' the" vi tat
forces, and therefore it is a season when a pure
vesetable stimulant ad ioviroraat liks HOSTET
TER'S STOMACH BITTERS Is f infioite use.
especially to the weak and feeble.It give ttsminm
tolhe jysfim, and thereby enahlea it to witustaaf
the'sboelnt of, eojd. Which prodnse eenia X aronehix
tiv-eata-rh, and other disease of the organs of
respiration. ' Dyspepsia end every spooler of WI-,
gestlon are also greatly aggravated by old. daopi
weather, aaifcr these complaints the BITTERS
aswea aeknewledsed specific-'-There la no fact
better known injnia eoootry. and. indeed, throngh
out the civilised 'portions of "the Western Hemis
phere, than tnat this genial preparation isASWifs.
and certain remedy for all ordinary diseases of the?
stomach and the liver.- ' ' ' '-- '
FROT ENCE. R. ITi vlng the largest" man?
factory Be-..-; frrf .1 ta the.world. with
i the most na proved maeh - . 7, and employing thsr
most skilled lahor4, are enshled o 'offer an smfv
equalled variety of no and "bean tifnl design ia,
Dinrer Service. Tea e vices, and every article
specially ad, pted for liday and Bridal Gifts., , '
, They offer ala their wellr known and anrivalled
Nickel Silver Electro-Plated Ware, in whieh the"
have Introduced new pattern of rare elegance.
The Bolid 'Bllver' is'guaranteed to be of sterling
parity by U. B. Mint sassy, j The EleeUo-Plate i
guaranteed to be superior to tbe finest 81 effiel -ware.
Orders received from the Trade only, ba J .
these good may toe.' obtained from responsibla"
uaueri every wnere. .
Trade Mark 1
f ItkWtaX
i ' . AM i
' Silver.
MttSAaClQe Kleote
w . " Salesroom No.MaidenLMe.'N.T,
nov5-dAw4m-Pe mt
Children's Life. Sared for Fifty
'.: CenteeV.t'.i - VZ . 7
Thonsandslof children die snnnafly of Croap. '
Now. Mothau. if you. urould spend A.eeatavendt
always have a bottle - . Br, Tobias' Venetian Lin
iment in the" bouse,1 you never need fear losing
your little one when attacked with this eomnlain&t
It is now SI yean since I hsve put up my Lisi eat.
and never heard of a ebild dying at Croup when-'
my Liniment- was used; but hundreds of cure
have been reported to me, and manyjtate if it wa-.
W per bottle they would not be witboat it Be-'
sides which, it is a eertain eure for Cuts, Burnaj j
Headache. Toothache.. Sore "Throat, Swellings.
Mumps, Colio, Diarrhea, Dyaeatery, Ppaems, Old
Sores and Pains ia the Limb. Baok.and Chest.
No one oneetrie it wbo ia ever without it. It is
warranted perfectly safe to take internally. . fall
aireetioas with every bottle. Sold by the Drug,
gists cd storekeepers in tbe United: States.' De
pA 10 Park Place. N. T. r . :f ff
janelS-d&wIyom-reHT ' .... )
Bow - Decline te-frodoced.
Pure blood makes s well! bad1 blood make ui
ick. Vapor from poorly , digested, food ia the
blood are condensed upon the various organs, ansV'
serve to make them grow or repair their Waste. .
Organs made with a greater or lesser proportion of
such material cannot be aounoU. If the baLeon
ditioa of blood continue but for a few day or
weeks tb e l ody will be cut of sorts; and if it con- ,
tinues, the whole of tbe body will in time be re- -
newed with imperfect blood,- and the lealth' bad i
it Is in a decline popularly called a 'ionsumption. .
Now Brandreth'a Pills penetrate the whole maa
at blood, causing 'he expulsion of .impurities; the ,
body feels relief ed from single dose wHat teen i.
may by expected from twenty? My continuing
ftiTV n.a-thA lit ihm hlnfut In tint, WMimr"
purified, and the body reconstructed trom go6ctma4 .
terjl,:thedeel'natoppeLand new. Jeeteof Ufa'.
secured. Principal offioe, Bbahdrbth Hocsn '
New York. Sold by all druggisls. ; A , .. t r . t
iuneM-dAwlycm-reat-i-.in --sr! '-iU-!1.i
To art we ew m thoosmnd trvc6it
j Impioving Naluie no'dtograce 4.
So, as'gray hair don't pleese the a
ere. . .i
Strikintv a. enndiog., ra tha. Effeot produ'eedi.
by Cristadoro'a Hair Preservative aadiiBeautifier. B
Be the hair ever so wiry, coarse an unmanageable
bar brush and comb, in one 'week' this arfof "will!
render it flexible', lustrous and inclined to ourl-.uia
S Jld by Dragists,and applied by all Hair Dree;- ,
s. Manufactory No. as Maiden Lane." Principal.'
Depot No Astor Ho.se, a;, t a.lv-;aa.IiW it
p:m.l BWILUAMS. West Broadway, aeri ' .
frh street. CTolnmhn. IlKi-. i.1 i2 : I
' a aerie of ara So the-treatment of carta in pri.
r'teaweasiii. "Unaaav biiruMni .,4.;. a-
Mroad a . ueer the !&xohaaee Baak ,
maySt-tf .CjL.i .,iJU
, srvi-mm yam ayj amms.---
The' Medical ilimes"sy ef thia work i Thig 'l
yaluable'traMise on the eeuee and eure ofprema-tttredeeline.-ehnwe-hKrw
heaHtb is ImpeiraerTnronglf?;
secret abnses of voutb, .and manhood., and how
wily regained-; At sire aJ alaar synopsis of the
rapedimentg to marriaEe. the cause and effect of
nervous debility, end the remedies therefor.? laA .
nocket edition of tha above will be furw.rH iA ZZ 1
receint of 5.5 centa-hy addressin Doctor CuBTia
S. 68 North Charles street., Baltimore. Md.
tW may25-uly-r . . V: V
guaranteed1. 1)R: RIOOKD'S ESSKNUEbF L S '
irsttwea-aiahly povaav Jiom whatever itaaie sjj
sias; tho effects of eari-v-pernicious habits self
abuse, impbtency and tlymate , ale fcwV at im t
tbi. wonderfureelrif tVi reguhVrty acrd!
ma to tne uirectiuua vwnicQ are very aimnla and r- -
uire no restraint ttom usioesa or pleasura. Vail . 4
re is impoasible. Sold in hnttl.. . m 'ti. L
e.oahtitiei.in onejbrfs.' To he had only otheiole ' '
bird Ave., corner 13th St., JS lew Torn. -
TNT-jva7-dlyr " :. A i. - .
a s Jas-.At'l'. Ma lie
OkEiwThig )
the eny true and perfect Dye; barmlessiahl.'
- nn.mni ii.tr t , v m mnm n a, . i. , ,
lnaiantsvneoua ; aa eisavpoMitaMnt I ao -ridimi--k .
tinut remediea. the ill eSeSi-SlA a . ,L,a
oraHJ ami loaea rha ira.r apft aad kea.t tf .1 T
and properlf applied at Batobelnr's Wis F., V
No. 16 Bond street. N. for . tiri aprta dA.'ii'

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