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tr" fc-s v - in... -- - ., ,
corrected by W. J.'aavage, Jeweler, 83
il,k. ; .Jiaroioeter. Thermometer.
IV is.. -. , 1Z - ' - r w iA
H-M. H. M.
Ran Rises 7 0r3nn Set..
HEAJD.IJARTWta Whim Bot in
ColcubUS, Dec 6.
White Boys In Blue, yon ar hereby or
tfeVe'df to meet at jroor Heedoaafter Thor.
man Hall, this evening at T tfclock, for
transaction Ci important oaBn.( . At. w
ijpeclea that every; White Boy in Blue
wilL be present t All . i hose that nave noT
k rua. Btea will receive theim ' Be -at
vr nost.' By; order.- -w
J. B. MILLER, Adjutant.
fjf Of ant collars are the laat sensation
Little trouble re the mosquitoes of
Iffis.'1"" OlTW.IU.tiUjriM .
rt Cold have become! au epidemic la
this locality. ? - ,. ; ., ...-0,i . .,.,.
3T There were but three case of. plain
drrofc befoW the Magof yesterday.;
! J-Thosaaa 'and. Jeremiah" and Hot
Hootch, are the' prevailing tipples Jost now.
rS"1 The Metternlch rose,- a violet pur
ple, is " tlie "new color, ' which., lasclnAlfcS
fuhlotiV fldwww.' ni 'mJ??'f!y:& .,
tW The Democratic State Central Com
mittee win'mfeet atThurman Ballon TaesK
day next, Deo. Stb, Ly e. .. - -v .: r. .j
rt3rTax paying h now In full blast and
the Treasurer and Als assistants are kept
busy faking ln'.tne greenbacks.'1
tThe Odd rUom i Companion, tor No?
"nbiWuW iur.tahlelBetter1 late than
niverl. foft J Is lall ot god things;
J3r;The hlxhuprice.of butter Is .attrlba-
ted to the more extedaed use br the plaw
than the'chUra among rarmeraaaogtera.
tSl,TheeQirty' ownsflVebalWlrtars; two
court houses,' one JaiU one Inftr'mary bgild-
lUft WJUtfu, ji", iivu" 777. r. T.
eeiyed a cop of th Woman'M Advocate,
J. BelvUle. A. J.3oyrls the editor.
Dot of the Coanty Auditor to the Seoret-
ry JStatshowahat. ther.; f T
leJg,U qfQSjEileSf T frj. o-wi's:
Pacpers wtBiB i-toOMTwFrom the
reHufrisin the County ,Ataditos,efflcJ we
learn that he'edahtf 'hafl 'JStpiuper In
the Iuflrmsry on'the brstTttonday of June
Inst; sad supported 43uteidet of lhat; Inr
atlCutlon,, ..i.-utir .?: i. n
S'.T; O.5 STo. .Thef i?ular mon ihiy'
meetincoChe CtJumhtts ;Typo(rraphlcsl
Union No.;,!wm be held, to-niht at the
. - ",7 i J J' m
Unloa- omasTA!lull anenqance is uw
sired. ' .''fiiecBflijt.'jbf',' ofBoeri( . Md'Dtberlair'
porW Dtt.8y " yj't? "y,
o1tiD4TNext1jion is
Stiic'hDlas' Jpafv' Saint ,ws Arch
bishop of Myra in reeoe, A-1X. Wi "aj4
la tegarded as the pstron' SAltit'or child reti
anl mariners: andconrqently, churches
built near the sea are generally dedicated to
thin Saintk TAfH
l f ;; -K.
ir BoflWMS-rTb:eoal business oo the
raaroadsl'anijM'oals.ls JuitowiyerjrXt:
tehslvei " Boats -areat present In very great
demand to carry tbis-article, and large
freights jfretiern pal- TheW'wetherr
of coursei B 'tocause,' ijrtihlshcrease of
trade. . . nci
. ft . :' .n .r,
iCotrnrBW. has. beooma v corrupt that
we-etie (hat -the State House Superin
tendent has been compelled t puthands
oft"' on those two pretty IuJlan females,
donated, by-James , Emmlu, of. Waverly,
and which now adorn trie jrotwnasv, Ifprt
on County Jainqcra
The signs were taken off, as soon as it
was 'found you' had left the citf'Toby '
Santa . Ciatjei BEAbQUABTERs. If you
want to sec a gay nssorunent bl toys and
Christinas doings; drop in-a LIndemann
&o.?S-thJs .aJtercopnThey have the
prettiest sleds, sleighs and the like ever
btfbujihther. It makesayattflsste'r'scjes
sparkle and his mouth water to see the
novelties there displayed.
g7T'v v V ' t 7 TT1"
CHEWiNof CnDT-hewln pSper 1sthe
latest invention of the- confectioner. . It ia
Intended to taketh P'aee of chewing gum,
and is made .of slippery elm, 4c. It comes
In strips aulncfi wide anttSlfrefflnchts
long. Boys and girlawho think nature
inlendeiLthem p; chjewyii, j'euif and
neElected U furnish one,vwiU be afterfthe
CoHf ECTiosARr'sKd SAEeij-tayette
Laiell hasbpenedf a Oontectiouary and
Saloon In the naw building' eorner ot'Elm
alley and High reeewherc hadetlres to
ir,inhl "it (Oetz. seU 'em up." and visi
tors may be satisfied' 'thai everything will
be done fn 'Vtjlft-C etw.BALte1S , and
G tne eetabiUhasonii wiH be conducted
In a first-class manner.
TESTERDATiTOTeatKday. was a most dis-
mifreeaWe."oe. - HaUi rainV mudi ephukb
Dfatter "from early" morn Ult . dewy evfJJ
Tbe-pursultef leewa' unde aetf' !ftte
we suppose we must ukettf aVre cotfae-
the cloud with 'h' sunshine, the balmy
breath ol spring and the lee winds of win
tt; There's' 'no Use In eomplanilng.1t
Will be all too same a nunureu yeiu utuce.
Caht Sfabe'It. Toe 'edi tors, of Cleve
land. Sewark and Zanesitill re making
strufsleto ket the Central Lunette Asylum
awav feoui iliU city. Echone wants it near
bis own office. i!Yoii:een,t Tiaveit yet, -gen
tlemen. While the-Jeuwtof is edited as
It Is, necessary that it. remain
here, else wtl we run out of Radical edi
tora'l"Colambu8. Ai!J' for the
education ofJ' that "el ass' ''a:Jieet.Ult'
Asylum was vwcoewr tfjf,
. ' ;.,. "r. ...N
r Home, j&ast. rne committee ox ue s K
CounciHind cUtoens of ColaaAtM, appehrt-
edHo Examine a new plan for water work,
started EaVBrJnF3 The
party consists ot WniL&atthten, President
of the cntyCancfUBnaoWittg;bair
manothefWa)torWrl.pommi Kelnhard, Chairman, and L, DonalUMw,.
an3 in Patterson members t Commit
tee1 ,Wys nfiJteatrt, Herman, Jaeger,
-.'t,'V-!lvtl' "Kneineer." C". P. . L. Butler.
- mh -Win: Deshlefc 1, They, 'Ul Tlsit Jhe
ui. or Twkbof t' end ! Auburn 4n ' New
T . Jl .it. .1 !, -,- '
,H I i-Jrf .V 'I ln
4 iamyffuy!'
Deewnber, aumTwr-of Merrf Mrfteumi''
for' yog;popleVaWit)ltd people, too,: who
yOUDg.T ,T. v o-n-inu aiiti tu u, r-
The Pubftsberi Horace Bi iFuller," Bos-
oai rfalm-l.that; (MeTry "Uthe 'htit-Hiiga1
ein.C.if itfad. issue this country and
cjit eipirao4.,'Our readers fiBfe'de-:
clde-tnis point -for -themselves by sending
totlm twd thfeM!nt ftamjfor i'sfic'l
fllei T . 'f"5-,''::;;.:i'r '',' ' ''1
- .iinnsrr nuuiwt utkiud b ewi.
VeluBie,whlch will be ; further enlarged
and improvea. , iernisrPi ou i. jer,Ju
TKH-I r-l.Tl5Erl
Thb C . I . A.- ;CoMJaTTK-Th com
mittee to examine, into ' the' cause ot the
burning of the Central Lunatic Asylum
will finish Its labors to-day for the present,
and adjourn until week after next. A large
number ol witnesses were examined yes
terday, but no new facts elicited, except
that the festivities at the Asylum On the
light oC the burning were , kept , up until
Iter hours, one witness testifying that It
was nearly half past nine o'clock when
Maggie Gordon blew the whistle In the
office, giving the alarm Had the officers
of the Institution been attending strictly
to their business that night,' there would
Gave been no need ol attempting to throw
the blame of the destruction of the build
ing on to the Columbus Fire Department.
L.ty could, pot, , with, a, steam, eugipf
and 1.100 feet of hose,' lo,, any 'manner
check or subdue the Are on Its tirst discov
ery, we can't see how1 It Is .expected our
reman wereto do it after the flames ha
been raging for halt an hour or more, Dr.
Fullerton to the contrary notwithstanding.
fiLKEPKBS. That one-half the world doea;
not know how the other half lives, is an
adage ol great truth, We supposo but few.
of our readers are aware that nightly, from
eight, to ten persons, sometimes of both
sexes, calf at. the calaboose for a lodgement:
lor..thenigbt, where they may be sheltered
Irom the storm, and where, for a few hours
at least, they may lorjret their sorrow, pov-r
etty or degradation.' - Yet this is so. " A f e w
nights ago, we are. told, a. woman, who still
bore the traces of early, beauty, who. was
th ,Med j and' admrred 1 aauiter ot ? fc i
wealthy family in the East, but who " loved
not widely, but too well," slept on the bard
benches of a alaboose' cell, having nor"
money, nor triendsJ Kam bad nnished
what the seducer began, aud she who once
dwelt in marble balls, was thankful for the
poo? privilege of : aT plank " In the"statioh '
house.-. Nor is this an Isolate case. The
average number of sleepers received at the
calaboose per week la fifty. Aathe,weatnwi
er grows colder, this number will increase.
i 4ET CvCi.odd &. Co, the JE, CTpud.ber
lng- our oia lriena .tpo lr. commenoej
Opening to-day, in the large and B ne corner
Store room in Deshler's new building,
nearly opposite the Statesman office, one
ol the beat assortments of Boots and Shoes,
of every size and make.-- Tho Dr. is deter
mined to beat Jews, Gentiles,' and every
body else, in the production of a good arti
cle at the lowest price, and what Dr. Cloud
says, passes current as a thing that he is re
solved to do, and that will be done. . '.
j The facilities the new Arm have for keep
ing up a toll supply of all articles' needed
Hor foot furniture, will enable them to keep
4 large stock ol the best articles In the mar
ket. -" - "
THsBANKRurr Liw.--The time on which .
debtors maj he discharged from their dehts ;
by Hng. petitions UTider-thls lawas beeu
changed once, and it is nofc'jiow generally!
understood, when, It does expire. ; It" will, j;
therefore, be a matter of publio interest, to q
both the creditor and the debtor, to know ''
Chat unless khe' petition" be fiteI ' by' the J
debtor during the, present month be cannot
e discharged from bis debts,' unless' his
estate pays fifty-cents on the dollar ot hla
deits, as the fifty per cent. claiis.,applles
on jail petitlopa filed on and After January
lst 18ti9.. Such as file petitions this monthj
qodqt three jwefeks from ::ye sterdayunl!
metry Cfi'rlstmae. The Increased dlsplaj
In the shop windows and 'the stir amons
the; retail dealers, warn u$ of. the rapidly
appxQa.cblng season for preaenta anil gnnp.i
ril jolIty.-ChiWreft! -eai.calaurte to a
nicety" the exact time to Intervene between
the-holidays, but as we. grow older and the
cares of the world engrossonr thoughts few
of ai give any eed to the coming festival
until reminded fitly the necessity Cat re '
cpgaiBihg its clalnMf.'-w
New Buildings in the Cocnty1. From
the report of the County 'Auditor to the
Secretary' of State, we take the following -statement
. of the number of -buildings
erected in this city and county daring the
year ending July 1st, 1868:' .'C-"
I X- - "' Cot.
S30DweIHnct. hole', depot ke. .u.. t3)S.TSD
SS tt-tm ai tbla-.. .....,.. .,;. a8.fl5
I Hill... - SOS
37 Stores, shop. wrehoae o..... ....... S3 590 I
Transfkrred Yksterdat. The follow
ing transfers of real estate were left at" the
Recorder's office yesterday : ,'.;
I W. A. Nell and wife to John Marzettt,
June 20th, Lots Nns. 87 and 88, In W. A.
Neil's second addition to the City of Co
lumbus, for $100. , ,.."' 'V.'J,'"',"".r'
j David Z'ur ,and wile to Isaac Priest,
Septeaiber 3: d, inlot Nos. 3. 4 and 5, in
Bright and SoudeHs addition to the town
Westervllle, for 1350. ' ' : l
nofty.be CischargeUwiieLner ttey hate any
Christhas Coming.--, Clifidren -cutely '
Local -notices. -
"BARnKTr's" Excellent, Hafr Restoratlvf
Jewelry, very low, at. Simmons1
aec3-eod3r V
makes new "hair..
JeWelry made and. repaired by &
Smiib, 27 S. High street, oyer Bain's store?
"Barrett's'' removes Dandruff. --'I
Bair SwiTcaKS, Coils,. 4cn at'Slmmons'lt
dec3-eod3t -J ' "'i
. - n it .,-'r7.,' ju f ,1
h in 1. 1 I ... -ne,!:
'.cleannes Uie acalp -. -
-Barrett a
Go, t6 ; J. C, JKalb's, No. 138 North 'KlgU',
freet, for Boots and Shoes at low prices,",
1 r i r t 'T i i ' i f 'fcdi in Ti 4 ' el r ' !
Asx at? whO'use Bwtt7p,7,.l,;;..''
scp30-tlltaw&wlywix; ;.--.' o i -1 -.
J 9 g
'ii r. n
Vizxinxrx materials, Yelveti,'SatIns,4c.'i ,
en the bias i Flowers. La uS; at Simmons" 1
- -l-iki .J-l-.U -.. -.-. -.' -."I
the latest styles of Boots and; Shoesi at Jowf
prices t. silt n i rf .- nov21-2uw2w- i
Hats ! , Hats ! all shapes! jst.'greatiy i're'
duceil prices, at Simmons', Opera Block. ','"
.Ul-11 1 (1.
To turn-gray bair to its natural-color and
Desuty, tise Iisirs.Yegetehls SicilU'rt.Hair,!!
Bene we r, the best and most reliable pre
parauon.acience uaejeivenus. .i:K)
Jy25; w4dsly-fiw. , .
I-;'t irfl.
Fob -Saie -Hohse and ,' lot,' corneij
Franklin and : Washington Avenue. . Most
desirable" property; wU be (bid at a bargain!
quh-e 0t -3 WMoore, Np.WestNort
ree ,!
Octl3-dtf .
enced book-keeper wishes to pjeocgre two
or mras ur.utui uuuki lo pogt evenings. JOTi
paraculart, callon W. HiompsOn,;Nd:
G Wynne Blocker address a leltee to lock?
box.L320 Postoffice; Columbus, 04,statlujiIi
wnere to caii. ueci-eod-St. "
j Ltf-Qoan-iaitf ' aArtifiea'
tecQt are of little use and, easily .detected,""
Take care ot the real eneev AHOU MSeed
is fragrant Sozopont. Use it dally and
your teeth will be the last Of Nature's gifts ,
to fail you, .--"i-i' Ljl
j 'SpLDiKO'a ' Gjluk'', jnends
I Dollsand Broken Cradles..
Was atjainat Inebrlatee has been declar
ed by Dr. Johnston. His army of a hun
dred thousand bottlea of "Specific" has
been pot In motion, and will annihilate
inebriates wherever found.
. Lost. On the corner of High and Broad
streets, yesterday (Wednesday) about
noon, a pocketbook containing money and
notes, marked Mrs. Jane Lathrop, Worth-
ington,Oh!o. The finder will be well re
warded by leaving it at the store of J, D
Cfeborn A Co, 142 South High street.
decS-dtf '
Fka'nkiJh Bdildikq and Loait AssociA'
tion. The stockholders of the above, asso
ciation are notified that the first loan will
be made on Tuesday evening,' December
8th, at 7 o'clock P. M , at the office of the
association ? Tr? t- r t"v'?r
. JT-Merion, President.
Yt. Morrison, Secretary, ,.
dec3-ThSaTu-3t T-V - r '-,
: ''Jelf? : Sc D Butts, ; Locksmiths , and
bell hogers, at Ho. 141 North HigQ street,
are now. prepared to hang parlor and hotel
bells in the neatest and latest stylet ' Sew
ing machines . repaired and satisfaction
gttrtte;d. Models 1ullt " for- patentee-,
and all kinds oi ngbftnachineryinade and
repaired. Keys ol all description always
bn band, and sate and jail locks made aud
repaired.) . .! may23--ly
There never was a time when those' who
are . extremely- nervous and -debilitated,
could procure a medicine so sure to relieve
them as at .present.' ;Tbe eountry has been
flooded with trash called Bitters, but Sew
ard & Bently, In the Constitution Bitters,
have attained the "pre-eminence, and to
day they etind as the greatest and most
Dopular Bitters in the world, aud if used
according to directions, will be sure to In
'. ylg'orate and thereby steady the nervous
ind debilitated sufferer.' viiq
! dec5-dfcwlt ' 1
i .A Cold neglected frequently lays the
foundation of nncurable Consumption.
So person should suffer one to continue.
true, they will 'wear out,3 but they often
srear the patient out.' ' Tne best cure is
Humphreys' Homoeopathic Cough, and Fe-J
ter Pills. Taken alternately, they allay
Ihe lever, irritation and cough, heal up the
lungs, ' and cure- the disease. Prlc e, six
oXes for ft 2S. . Sold by dealers, and sent
iy mail on receipt of the price. 'Address
dciNE Co-562 Broad gyrN. Y.
j Jyld&'wlJr U IS' '
1-1 ..) i - ' 1 r-rr r. -
Hoilowat's - PiLte Stomach Com
i plaints. Not. a square Inch; of the body
can' be In perfect health It the stomach Is
diseased (The first twinge in that region
Indicates a necessity, for an 'alterative medi
cine, . and . of all alteratives r Holloway's
Pills have, been proved, by the experience
Of half a century, to be the best.: Take care
of digestion, for upon digestion depends
every-; vital function. Tone the stomach
and keep the bowels tree with this unrival
led iovlgorant aperient, and corrective, and
all will he well. , Sold by all Druggists.'1
jJ"brdiy-cw . ; . n
I Nbrvoo's tKBU4f , with Its gloomy at
tendants, low Bplrtts, depression, . lnvolun
ary emissions, loss of semen, spermator
hoea, loss'of power, -dizzy -'head, loss ot
b'emory and threatened Impotence and
mbecillty, And a sovereign cure In Hum-:
jrtireys Home ipathio Specific No. Twen-
y Eight. Composed of the most valuable,
tiild and potent Curatives,; they strike at
nce at the root of the matter, tone up the
iystera, arrest the illscbarges aid .'Impart
ftgor and energy, life and vitality to the
siitire man, ' They have cured thousands
of cases. Price $5 per package of six box
' es and vial, which is very important in ob
stinate or old cases, or SI per single . box.!
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by mail on
receipt of prlco Address, Humphreys'
Specific Homeopathic Medicine (Jo- 562
Broadway; New York.' fy 13-deod&wly '
Mast years ago the writer of this notfce
and an Invalid' phystcinf- while visiting
the Island ot St. Croix for their health, ex-'
perienced and witnessed many surprising,
and beneflcial . effects of the Bum there
produced upon many of the invalids who
were, like ourselves, seeking health, and
upon Inquiry and Investigation; obtained
a full history of its medicinal viitues. He
was delighted and; surprised, and deter
mined to make it the basis of a .Tonic, and
Restorative 'JiledicineJ'. The result of (lis la
bors was a glorious success for himself and
suffering humanity. The celebrated'Pt.AN
tation Bittkrs was thus made known to
the world. 'Being an article of real merit,
founded, on new principles, and 'relying
wholly upon the vegetable kingdom, for its
medicinal effects. It worked a rapid revo
lution in the treatment of physical debilrJ
ItV. l. K i. .r "AJJO
Maonoua Water. Superior to the best
Imported German Cologne, and sold at half
the rrice , ; , t ; ,:v, ru,
j KT'Sept26-deod&wlycw; f
New Enolakd Mutual . Lira of Bos-
TO.N.Beport of the. Superintendent ot the
Life Insurance Department of the State oi
New York, f From Commissioner's report,
January 1st, 1868, page. 63.) '.. ''., ..''; - '',',','
TheSew TJlngland, Mutual Life Insnr-
a,nce Company of Boston, Massachusett&fW as
tjhe pioneer ot Ltfe Insurance in New Eng
land, 'Under the able but extremely boneerv-
itiye isuWance of .tbaf accomplished jnrlst.
Jodge WiHard,-Phllllp9,'PresWent of the
Company.". Cha Uf&U. oLicy,.waa popnlar-1
(zed in offltjes , cpuolipg. rooms, banks,
orkshops'and Aresldes east 'of the Hud-
n, and no Bank Bill or State BoDd . was
ver more sacredly regarded than the pol-
les under written by Judge PhlllipsJ-j-
Tbe idea of fraud, deception or overreach
ing was never, associated with a parchment
containing his sign-manual. Geo. F.
U Harra U) are tnp Agents lor .toe
few England Mutual" Life Insurance Co.,
Columbus, Oblo.nir,
no v26-dltaw6 ww2t -' k
pnCEHTLSL Ohio Junatic AsrjxrM.I
ii J J. i CoLCMarja, Aug. 3U, lSf3; ' f .
tntr.- Bu fiiddall. Kiq. Agent 'New England
Mutual Lue ln$.Co.,of Boston, Mate. '
I DiUyaiR-Iannfiformodtlja there havS
been missutementt iaade In regard to div
idends paid'by your" Company" to ray Life
Policy which, X bajte bad la Jtbe j.jij-4
land JUvlufy ior 4t yearsv xur v" imjotjijiar
lion of those interested in Life Insurance I
will state that I am entirely satisfied with
thefNew, England Mutual. 'I receive" mjr
dividend of profits regularly, and that they
iowamphpt;to' about orw hundred ;per
Ient. on my premium.' Dtyidends paid an
ually inrcasht C( i i i i 1
.32j3ignri3i Ci. 'ls. "W. XTxcxvTf;
I Sup't CO, Lnoatlc.Aaylnm
I Dr.Wm. LlPeckW and Dr. iMorrell, his
assistant, haVe both to-day made applica:
tion; tn the New England Mntuai for more
Life T Insurance. '
i ' GfMX. F. UHARRA ACO Hg'Wi'-
b:',' 4 !. ' -.''jNaughton. Block, CoIumbus.r
novl 2-dltaw8wAw4t ' ; .
j Faarth (Street, near main,
BKSEY P. ELIA8. ' Proprietor
I :! .-( 1 ..' ,--)
atod and eonTesieot t bnsineM, and to all
points of traT.l. is the most desiriabla stoppiua
pjacfrfoc pern TUHiBg- tbe oitv. o pains will
tw spared to make the stay t (aests p1fnt in
ejrerr pteouUr. - - mjlJ-4fim
., . f w i i- , ' , , j
The National Board of Trade.
iThe President called the National Board
ol Trade Convention to order at 10 A. M.
- On motion of the committee on Admis
sions Uie Mobile Chamber of -Commerce
was admttted, and its delegates, Stewart,
Smith and Walker, were admitted into lull
membership?1"--r- ' '" ' : '"' ' " '
' The President addressed' the Board. He,
8alvl a good deal of most important busl
ess yet remained to be considered,' and he
trusted, no -.member i would think of disw
persing so long aa there were any matieis
which remained undecided, and that those'
who felt ' compelled , to ;Jeave . should'
make. an ettort, to , stay,-- sbowlnar no
haste -to -evade' their" responsibilities,;
whereby' their deliberations would; have!
their due weight with the people and with
Congress. He then- renewed his former
suggestions as to the form of proceedings,
that every gentleman, when rising, instead )
of sayinK ir' Mr. President,?-, should an-,
nouncehis own name - an-J place distinctly;
also, aa to the vast importance of the moq
tionbrought up yesterday rom the Board
pf Trade of Su Louis, and other matters.
lie asked the concurrence of theBoard in hisj
rormi-r suzzestlon.'i' .This was that each"
member of that Board should have priority i
of speech; and then he would call on the
individual memoers oi eacn eenjjauon in.'
alphabetical order, so that each delegation
Should i. have . an opportunity of speech,!
whereby they conld arrive at the views ot.
Serchants from all parts of the country;.
is object was to preserve regularity. If
ddi ection was raisea ne wouia act ac-
cordlngly on all the weighty matters that
tion. , if, after' the. roll was caiieav tuere
were any other members -who' ' wished to
reply they might be able to speak. Cpn-i
Curred in.'.,,- ',.-:. ' ; - ' - . ,-
The chairman ot the committee on Ad-'
missions then presented a report on the '
claim of the Board of Trade, of Norfolk, '
Virginia, for admission. It was an old and.
important body and clearly entitled to ad
mission, but their credentials were not un-,'
der seal. He therefore proposed that the;
delegates be admitted to the floor with the :
privilege of speakinir, bnt not voting.
wished to keep to the strict letter of their.
Constitution. -' ! 1 .' - - i'i
Mr. Brandt complained of Mr. Nszro's
extreme technicality. - - -.v
Tbe-motion was put ana tne vote cast '
35 ayes to 29 nays. - r.i-. -s - . 1
The chairmau or tne committee on Aa-
missions ajtaiu presented the claims for adi :
mission from Springfield, Ohio, and the del-
egates were admitted to the floor and per-' !
mtttea to speak dui not vote.. ; . -,i
The- aeleirate irom. uouncli uiuns, Air.;
Johnson, was also admitted under the same -
exception; ' . ' . ',' . ; '".. '.' ' ; . :
lue application or tbe JioDlle Boara el.
Trade was also -presented, tbe communlca-1'
tion nemg oy teiegrapn. - :-:.
i Mr. . Hinken, of . New York, objected. .
We weie drifting into an unconstitutional
course. - We bad no evidence wnetner this '
application was from a Steamboat or In- ;,
sura nee Company. We had uothing to do ...
with- any individual lnterestg,i out witn
general commerce.. We have organized1
fur exclusively commecciiv purposes. - Not
admitted.. i.L::-..i..' -i-., '.i i.. i. n-:.-. r j - '
J Mr..HoVton. of Milwaukee, was excused
from attendance.. ;,:m oui i r -.- ''
i The matter of American shipping came
Up from yesjerdayj- It arose from. aTec-;-ommendiiLtoal
procecduiisritrhm; the rNewY
York Produce . Exchange othe-effuct that
American shipping-can be restored to its
position of the supremacy of the ocean, .
from which it was driven by the rebellion,!
and from the want ot proper legislation. .
Mr. Hinken, of New York,' wanted
every one hero and every ohe-ih the United '
States to know' that American ships no
longer convey, the vast produce of our soil..,,
The decline ot our-tonnage - has- been ,
about one and- half millions of tons.' The 1
proposition is that we.be allowed to buy '
vessels wherever they can be obtained, at .
the cheapest rate, and sail them under the
American flag.' This was the tonly com-'';
modity on which there, was entire pro-'
nibilion. We could buy any article any
where and import ir,' paying a duty, but
not 'a 'ship nor a steamer. We come here :
claiiuing free trade- We should be al-,'
lbwed to do what England and France have '
done.. Bat we are willing to pay an adva-
lorcm duty on all foreign ships bought-,,
and BAiled by American sailors.
1 The report, which was Ions-, was ordered "
to be printed and made the special order
foi to-morrow. n".i .
Committee on Teiesrrarjh renorted the -
following : e.' .? ':
i Jies'jloed, That, the National, Board of :
Traue recommend the adoption by the
General Government ot measures to cheap- -'
en and extend telegraphic communication j
between the different points of the conn-1
try, by making It part of. the . Postal De-.
partment, . , . , . ;. . ., . -r
xne resolution was postponed, to come
Up after the shipping question.. .. ,
Mr. aiyers, oi St. lkjuis, tnousrnt itae- .
sirable; that Congress, should, by legal
t-nactment, restore the currency ot the na
tion to a specie oasis, ana redeem unpaid
8urt depreciated promises ot the Govern- -
nieut Dy resuming specie payment at the
qational treasnry as early as practicable. :.
air. ione, oi uauimore, onerea a reso
lution recommending to Congn as the pass- .
age of a law forbidding the Sale of any1
gold In the 'United 'States Treasury .for ;
legal tender notes orxithec . currency,. and '
requiring the Secretary to dispose of sur
plus com lor-six per rent, gold Interest
bearing bonds of the United States to the
highest bidder, all bonds so purchased to
be Immediately cancelled. ' --' -
j Mr. Daney also offered a resolution; that
Whbrea!-, There bad been recently great
pressure in the money market, caused part--ly
by natural aud partially artificial means,
which nau. tne cuect oi ceranging Dull
ness, and: depreciating tne value or pro
ducts of the land; and .'o--- - t '
if here as.. Ane-; DanKinz , oasis oi tne j
country being legal tenner notes, which -cannot
be increased,, while various bonds
And other securities thrown on tbe market ,
are Increasing rapidly; therefore
Be it resolved. That tnis Board recom
mend to Congress the passage of a law re- ,
quiring the Secretary of the Treasury to !
buy at 6 per cent, gold interest bearing -
bends on the united states at the follow
ing rates:' In the year 1869; 110 lor 100 par: ';
in me v-ar io;u, ui 114 ior auu (inr, 111 uie
year 1871 at 114 lor 100 par; in the year
1872, 116 for 100 par, and all bonds so pur
chased to be cancelled , ' - 1
Mr. Kepes,of Boston, believed the diffi
culties in tbe way ot resumption of specie
payments were more imaginary tnan real.
The Government could do it in six months-
with 'rigorous Toeasnrs. and he submitted -
a resolution to tnac errect , .,
Mr. Kandolph, ot Chicago, said he 'was.
Opposed to any measures that, would make'i
two classes ot money. , iegai tenner notes '
sKonld,'as soon' as possible,' be raised to'.'
gold value. , tie onerea a resolution max
Ihe true, policy 01 the (government in Rt-
temprjng to resume' specie payment Is to '
strictly adhere to the -national Integrity ;
ana mis canuui, ue uoue oy .cuieriaiDiQK
any suggestions looking to a partial re
pudiation 01 rtsoongations. , . ,
Mr. Mann, or umcago, tooR the noor. He
said the firstthiuK that should bodone-was
io reuench.,tliu.kpen8es oi-the. Govern--
Soent, the next to rertnee the rate ol inter
est of the 'dent: The' great body of the'
debt , bears (J per; pent.' more, tbfco, any fov-
erpmenton esjta is compelled w pay. .tie
thouicht the j3tovernmen(' -not .-morally-'
bound to. pay'the bonds In gold unless if;
ne. tneir.; interest.- xiQ'wan in. lavor 01 a.
new loan at lower rates, or pay then in the a
Same- currency that the people are obliged
r receive' for debts. ''' ' " ......
Mr. George T. Davis, of Cincinnati,
agreed In the main with the St, Louis res
nliitions. 'He onlv differed as to measures.
Trie Govermnenr Should' do as business
. ... . , . , - , L .
arms, ai ipey qanii, pay wmrueui aiooce,.
get an. extension of time and roi to work
husbanding tbfelr resources: '"We :bave re
sourcesbeyond tpeasure, and two op three
yearsot successlui growth and prosperity
in the South would help us Out of our pres
ent difficulties. ' ''1-"-' .: , '
1 Mr. ilcGrew, of Detroit, thought It was
not expedient to attempt SDeciet oavment
Until gold sufficient shall accumulate in-
Uie treasury to pay all' Indebtedness' as It
matures. . ,' .. . ,i .......,'..,
The chair, read a communication from
Hon; Charles F. Wilstveh, Mayor ot Cin
cinnati,' inviting the members to an enter
tainment. to be given this evening by the
official . authorities of the city." It was
! unanimously accepted. , -
SYRACUSE, N. Y., Dec. 3.
i fwo employees at Greenway's brewery,.
named Jul ward uanacooic ana i uennls
Delay, were suffocated by ga to-day.'"1" "
Fellow Smoke, Chief of the Omaha
Indians, Killed by Roughs.
CHICAGO, Dec. 4.
A special dispatch Duolap,' Iowa,
ltuatd on the'Chlcsgd & Northwestern
-ail way, says that on the morninsr of No-
vemDer 27th, xeilow Smote, Chief or the
)tnaha Indians, visited that, place. During
he evening he was -drugged with liquor
ny a party of roughs with the Intention of
robbing him during the night. There was
i quarrel,, and during rtlie fight. Yellow
Stnok'e was struck on the head by one of
the party, smashing his head in. He suc
ceeded in getting to where there are sev
eral hundred Indians encamped, about
(our miles east of town. He expired on
Wednesday morning. .Nothijog was done
inr the matter until last night, when sever
al- were arrested. Ope 'of the principal
parties Is still at large. The Chief was al
ways noted for being very friendly and
strictly honorable. His band comprises
some fifteen hundred warriors, who, ac
cording, to report, are gather.iug In fast and
are gjeatlj xcld.wl'hcy4utied. him yes
A lively snow storm, accompanied by a
furious srala iOf 5wtnd.' commenced ai.an
early hour this mbrninsr, and has continu:
ed during tbe day. The gale on tbe lake
nas Deen turiou, and It is feared that seve
ral propellers and other-vessels known to
be out mav have suffered, aa some due
here have not arrived.
Lsrre rati ah titles of lirmber'adneared
abctut the breakwater In front of Michigan
avenue this morning, Indies tin if that some
vessel loaded with lumber -must have been
recked or her deck load sweptefh There
are storms all through tbe northwest.
Demonstration Prevented.
Demonstration Prevented. LONDON, Dec. 4.
The Mon'lteur elves" an account ot an at
tempted demonstration at the Mont Martie
Cemetery, on the anniversary of Brandin's
death, fully confirming reports previously
received Arom,iarisn , xne uoniteur says
the crowd were dispersed by police, who
lound it necessary to make only a few ar
Jeff. Davis.
Jeff. Davis. RICHMOND, Dec. 4.
In the United States Circuit Court to
day. Chief Justice Chase presiding, on the
motion to a 11 ash the proceedings azainst
Jeff. Davis, R. H. Dana, for the Govern
ment, opened this morning. Mr. O Conner
fo)lowd Mt.Dana.,1DM u.,,,
Petition for Pardon.
A committee of ladies from New Tork
called upon the Governor this morning to
Urjtebiui to pardon Hester- Vauxhn.-.The
ladles were courteously received and in
formed that their action had long since been
quietly anticipated by thoueauds of hu
mane and philanthropic'ctllzens, mostly la
dies of Pennsylvania, and that any further
azitation of the subject would be unneces
sary; as' the cmse-was thoroughly under-H
stood and the Governor aaction determmed
Railroad Accident.
A Dassenzer ran into a freight train
last night, on the Cleveland and Toledo rail
road, at.Towneend -station, killing Barney
Patton, Head brakesman, ana a passenger
unknown. Several were injured. The cause
was a misplaced switch.
CLEVELAND, Dec. 4. Trial of Gen. Cole.
ALBANY, Dec. 4.
Judee Hozeborm chare?d the lury in
the case ot Gen. Cole, for the murder of L.
11 --tr 1 -j ' ;
AlITuiv, 11113 14101 iiliik, vuuufjiii; inu
ours. The inrv has oeen out 'Tor one
ur. There isno-vercict yet.
Workingmen's Meeting.
SBecHBeTBUtiN. i'VDac. 4. Tbe
ineusem ot tots 'City btia. a iargemeeung
Inst night to protest against the contract
system of labor in penal institutions ot the
State., . The -Mayor - presided, and, .several,
gentlemen auurcsseq the uieetingt 9ii iU9
NEW YORK, Dec. 4.
R. D. Brvant. a Davmaater's , eh?rk.ln- the
Navy Yard, has absconded with $12,000 in
Government funds. He has lost the money
Stolen Goods.
I He Hera.lp,'iays''l? wisC pfferefjlheet
port 01 neereiary 'ittctoiiociranu ine-ionn
cominz President's messaze for a consider
ation recently, but declined being a re
ceiver of stolen goods.:! niJj l-i n iii
The Speakership.
The thirrks theBpeaker-
ahipofthe next House ot Kepresentatives
should be an Eastern man. Its DriociDal
reason- ia.hew'-tlMJ1 WestThas gotbout
W..J -.ww.
General Howard.
I The Times says General, Howard's re
fusal to be a party to a movement for ex
tending the operations of the Freed men's
Bureau -is ceaohed- n termsr-whieh will
commend themselves to "theJudgment of
the country. The qualilylns condition
with which he lustiflea the withdrawal ot
the Bureau from tha( States- not fe re-,
stored will surely be fulltilled under the
coming administration of Grant.
Alleged Gold Fields.
I The Times warns Uie people azainst in
vesting money in alleged newly discovered
gold fields in Duchess county, this State.
The President's Message.
It Is stated that President Johnson re
fused to give advance copies oi&H mes
sage to the press,, hut will arranjee so that
they can De procured from internal reve-
aue orncers at. noon .01 the day 01 its ue-
fivery.' J tr""-i-rt.
Reynolds' Report.
NEW YORK, Dec. 4.
Gen. Reynolds' report shows Texas to be
almost as unsettled a -State as, during the
the war. ' He says the murders of negroes
are so.Jrequentaa to excite little attention;
He thinks years will be requited to secure
tranquility, and speaks ot . the need, of
troops in almost every county. ' "'
Horace Maynard.
! The Tribfine says the recommendation
by the electoral cpllegevOt Tennessee, of
Hon. Horace Maynard, as a tit member ot
Grant's cabinet was urrwiso and; indecor
Hi i-tl '' t'1 :l. wl iiii
National Finances.
A special savs the Secretary of the Treas
ury opposes a forced xesjumption of specie
payments. Up to Decembei 1st. 827,629,
350 of 7 30 notes hav-been funded into 6
per cent. 5-20 bonds. Ot this amount there
baye been funded, of the first series. 205,-
561.700; second series, 8330.183. 200; third J
series, i9,eo-u. ahis iaven ouuunu-
inz at this class or securities, one 7Z,dt3,'-
150. The Secretary .estimates expenditures
for fiscal year endinz June 39, 1870. to be
$250,000,000, though he W Department,
in coe event 01 an iuuiuu war, win can mr
several .addltionab-airillions. The feport
shows that between Nov. 1, 1867, and Nov.
1, 1863, tue-aftublia -debt, less cash irtehe
Treasury, has been reduced $35,625,102 82.
1 le estimates of revenue for next fiscal
yaatiSuUjoatoo lass than fhls yea,awl
inz to a reduction in taxes, xne inieresi,
on the oublkrdebt for dexP'year will 1 be
$140jOOa000 or 910,000,000 "less than last
year, imfn'' 1 - ih.-n 1,3 ,u ,i i
'"'Gold Sale."1-'1
There was a gold sale of $300,000 to-day
at 135 45-100. ,
The Theatre Comiaue. 514 Broadway.
was damaged by fire his' tnorntug So 4ii4
extent ot about 10,000. it was occupied
bv White & Spencer.''- Georze Sharp, fire-
qian, was badly injured. Insurance slight.
Woman's Suffrage Association.
Tbe 5ssSafitml Convention ot xnoJXew
jersey State Woman's Suffrage Assoc! 1-
tion, was, heia at. , v ineiann. on. xnursuay,
lfio t f,i,ir fitiMi. Pi-V ' Antnlinpttfi' Rnittn
BlackweilvMr. and Mrs., Andrew Jackson
Davis, and other lesser lights, took an ac
tive Dart in the proceedings.
The Railroad Complication.
It is stated that Flak- tsrabootUoosue the
oanera that published the zarbled accounts
Ot his EtW ifwa'ritrctunariTip lor datn-asjei4blffPtuiwpJlt-r
reported, has
already secured an attachment against one
lonrnal..u ni won h!!i"M Uim.'i V- ibnijj j
, The Erie matter belbtw Judge Suther
land, was to-dav allowed to stand over.
judge Cardozo not having yet decided the
Case before him. , .
: The suit on which Judge Barnard to-day
issued ao injunction against the New York
Cfirttrat 'K&ilrnad.-'-charges he' company
with an over issue of stock to the amount
of $34,501,400, of whioh-$2 537,000 were is
sued on the surrender of convertible bonds
and thebalance wlthoutany authority. Toe
oomplaint-isinade by one Isaac JsT Jeults,
who says the amount ot capital, as pre
scribed in the consolidation agreement was
$23,085,600. 1 The Company - Is restrained
from paring any dividends upon stock in
excess of the latter sura, or permitting any
untea ti tin casLoU S&idstbck at the ensuinc
I election.
Arrival of Congressmen.
!!'. About ',; twenty ' Senators,. ."anf -I thirty
members of the House have arrived, and
the number is Increased by.eyery arrival.
Snow Storm.
A snow storm cOinmenced to-av about
1 and still continues., ; i;;iti -.-rS
The Messnge.
The President has. written aboni.wo.
thirds of his messaza... ; Sorae-of the renorta
of the heads of : Departmeuxs are. .also nu-
Gladstone. LONDON, Dec. 4.
Grladstorie, : at an audience '.with.'-the
Queen, yesterday, formally accepted., the
appointment as Prime .Umutyr
,, There waa a lar)ie gathr.rlng of Liberal- j
Ists at Gladstone's resilience laat evening.,,..
The Times thinks Lord Bomiily will ho
Chancellor ot the Exchequer, and Boundell
Palmer, Master of Kolls ,, . ,, '',.;,'
Salnave Seizes an American
NEW YORK, Dec. 4.
Letters from Port an Prince xoiifirm' the'
capture of an American, schooner by Sal--
nave, aim ine conascaiiou 01 tne cargo,,
notwithstanding the protest of the Ameri-,
can Consnl. An Eagllsh' vessel jvas also,
seized, and British and French frigates
had gone thtre to protect foreign interests.
mere is some excitement in coneequeneer
A HOLIDII 'PKESEN r.-Ltdiai and
Kentlemoa, jouvt and old. desirous of btvioc their ,
nair beantifaltor ue Holiday, sfaoald osoabo-i
once. " Read Chevalier's Treatine so Ui Hsir. J
Frafc toall. Gives wT at tb Drat Stores. or seat
by mail fr. - This book ibonlifbs read by every
parson. Itteaches to ealtlvata "anat have besotiful"
bait.:- and fesCora tray, bair to itssigins,l aolor.
stop its falling; oat, removes all irritation or dan-'
draff from the scalp, thus keepinc the bair beauty
fal to the latest period of life, nii ' i. s v.. .im-.
mr-del-eodlm' 1W3 Bromdwar.il. T.V,
A FA IB and delicate skin, free from everr blem '''
lK i tbe reward of an oeoasional ase of Palater' -.
Vegetable Cesmetie Lotion. - fepSI-dAwlr-em " -
An Ordinance
Makinf appropriations for purposes therein named.
: Section 1. Be It ordained- bv lha' IJIlv donnnil
of the eiir of Columbus, That there be and -is
hereby appropriated oat-of. any moner in the Tress
nry not heretofore aoDrooriated. the following inm
of moner, to-wit: .. .- ,
for tne psymentoi. fxDensesot Direct Uoouala-ii
sioner and Chain UaDg, tl.000. ...
i For the payment ol euwloves of tbe Fire Der'
arttnent, tl,SUU. . . , - , . :(
r or toe payment ot expenses or wity roliee, 11.-
430. ",. ' . ... -..,..,. ';..
Kor the piyment of salaries., ox City 0 eers
tSOO.' ' ... . i.mrti -..
For expenses of City Park, S1.SO0, ,. , . . . .
For the Davmeni of deanioff and. renali-inr Mnwl
lamps.siooj.. . , .:, ,.,1
I ior uuimijiu ingots, cioo.. , -
' For pSyment tf ficolion pavement in front of
South Kngiae House. 60J. u.--,1
j For Sewers end Drainage, (300. . ,' ,. '.-,.'
i For payment of femporaxy ljoan. $15,009. . , , "
Sec. 2. The several sums of num ADorowriAteil i
by the foresoina section shall be expeoded in the.;
manner presonoea oy tne nun section ot tne ordi
nance dolinin, the duties ot the City.-CUik. passed
WM. NAGHTEN, President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 23, A. D. 1868
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
An Ordinance
To S3stss a speeial-tax apon tbe real estate bound'
i ing toe west side of High street frouv Jiobls
j street to cttsaw berry alley. ::- -. ,-,-.
I 8KCTION1 "Beit ordained bv tbe CityCenneH
of tbeoity of Columbos. Tbat the su n of Fnurteen
cents. Five mills, be and tbe same is hereby levied
and assessed upon 'eaoh foot iront of -the 'several
luts of land bounding orabuttlnrvrpon'tbe west side
or- Huh street from ooble etrtet to Birawberrf ah
lev. a the same are desienated nooo the nlat of the
Civil Engineer, on file in the office of the City Clerk,
for the eost and expenee-ef building double row
nageroning aoross Moana street at tne westsfdeot
niin street, according to we estimate of tbe vity
Civil E- glneef.
Ttfat tbe owners of the several lots of
lan i
upon wbieh tbe foregoi .g assessment is made
shall pay the amounts of money by them severally
due iu tnar oenair to jonn Aiurpny, witnin
twenty dars from the date of this' ordinance, or be
subject to tbe- iatorest and penaHy allowed upon
President of the City Council.
Passed Nov. 23, A. D. 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
j . - Eesolution to Contract. V.
iBetotvsdJ That the Citr Civil Endneer be.' and
he is hereby authorised and directed to contract in
the name of tbeoity of Columbus, with Matthias
Lang, lo. building a double row flsg cro9sii.g
across South street at the west side of lilgh street
upon the following terms, to wit: .
i For excavating or crading. Forty cents per enbii
TSrH . -
, f or oouiaer pa,vmg. r orty-nye oenti per square,
: Fr gravelinx sidewalk. Fifty' cents per ' cubic
(fdopted Nor. 23, less.
Attest: L.
L City Clerk. 1!"
r- : rTT" i'i , .:
-Besolution-to Contract.
Seaotved. Thmcthe Citv Ctril Emrlneer be. ard
he in hereby authorised and directed to contract in
the name ol the city or-Uolumour, witn aredenett
Krfurt. for bniMins a double tow flae crofins
across South Publio lane at tbe west side ot High
street, upon the following terms, to-wt :- : '
! For excavating or grading. Forty sent per cubic
yard-; .-. - -. -. a . -.
' r at oouiaer paving, ony-nvo oeau. per square
yard. ..(; , , . ., . ... ... , , . i .. ....
For Bagging. 11 inches wide. Sixty cents per tin-,
eal foot, 3 .7 1, , ; ,i , - :i
iAdopted Not, 23, 1868. . .,- , ,
' -,n .Attest: L. E. WTLSOW..,"
i nov2S-dU' . :. - , . ., . City Clerk. ...
'" Besolntibn to C ontract.C.,A-
Xetolvmt. ThattheCUv Civil Ensineer be. and
be is hereby authorised ant directed to contract in
the name of toe city of I'eiumba. with Peter
Esgan, for bu.lding a double row flag -crossing
across .Center -r ey on the north side of Long 1
street, upon the following terms, to-witr ' '
I For exoavatiog or grading. Forty cents per cable
yard. '
' Foe1 boulder navinr. Fortv cents ver sauare
; r or naggiag, i wooes wiae, ou eenie. per iineu
foot. . i i - i i . . J - vAi
. Adopted Nov. S3, 1868. .
; Attest: -L. E. WILSON. City Clerk.
-j ; Of '.
1 , . n a a
! '. xtesoiauoa to ciouuncin j,,, fr
Xaaoltti. That the City Cisit Kngiaeer be. and '1
he is hereby authorisedand directed to contract in
the name of, the city -of Coumbua. with John
Murphy, for grading and paving the unsaved side
Walks on the west side ol sSfxth Street Tram Town
street toRich urest, ajjpn.tiefoljos ins, terms. Ao
For excavating ' or grading. jFoity (rents poreu
bio yard. ".,--.. J , ,t -
, For bricktflaid.tO Wpef ttohsanl. ..... .. ,, .
i Adopted Wot. S3, 1SS8. ;:v Ir'
I . Attest: L E. WILSON,
I nortS-dlt "7 J ..) n.aS? Cii.v. UIerk.'4
Resolution to Contract.
JfcesoIeetf'That TtrTg Citv mviT rKniHheSr bWT
and be is -bereby aurborised and- directed to con---trees
in: the same of tbe eityi ot Cotumbua, with'
Joseph Hartman for lowering the crossing- across -
Hound, etreetat tbe east aiSe et mgn lawlttsiim
respond with the Nicolson pavement upon the fojl-..
towing terms, to-wit: ' , ' ' .. - " '
, Thirty-five do:rarr.'compIete.' :"!' '
Adopted Nov. S3, 186S. !''' '
Attest: BWILSON. City Clerk.
T. a;, skpaed.
if:--' r
.n 0 )OB10Klt,
a -pw-toerehip -with li UOUIGEB. for the
purpose of carrying Oh'the Boot' and Shoe trade at-
1 W.nlit -filfi,r J" invioV trjelf frl'sinds aaS Ihe
puoiie gCLeraiiy lo can ana euiuiu. uiirut.iui
well selested stock of iLsdies', WoU', JdisseV wdT
Children's Boots sod Hheee, this day reeerved dt-i
reel fro to tbe feast, and wntea tney are now offering
lor sale on the roost reasonable terms- In our man
ufacturing department special attention is gives to -.
I Kepairing of all kinds neatly and promptly done,.
We would' respectfully solicit a share of publio
patronage, f lease give ns n call. Jio trouble to
show goods.' ' ' 1 -"' ' '
I Remember-fbe dace : Tfo. 16S routn TTiv, Wreek.
: ColnmbnS.O. Sept. M.18S8-. - dtf ,y
. -v i-- Z y
Car. RIctaT AHfga Sta. Celanbis,
Wholesale Grocers,;
' ' -BBAIBM IB ' TV.I .n'f.
! Island Sugars, Coffee. Te Spices, Tobscooa-T'
L ,xaioxTOaaia.'-5b,,J.:,
Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 4.
OOLD Closes atl5 bnyrnjri-r-rrr:
ii-VtitiAiNUJJijJuJiat, aiscountnuv
Ing and CddfscohhtM par selling.' "
New York Money Market—Dec. 4.
MONEY Eastervwith more avsdrty -So
lend; wbsto on call o7 per Cren- asra less
hnsiues at the higher rate. Currency is
going 8uth at the rate :of nearly -'toree
millions per week .'-'T:J).,r- W3
jvt ak at 109(9109. prime Banka -otUa
.bills firmer at 10W. . '
' GOtrj-Flrrner finfffeit0 riffdef-'fiis
uu.yaurB ill, fcHB-.j-ate, f)l HSCOip-li
canK 91 Jngiana
log at 13. '.A .. .
.1' . i iA . J
Dpened at 'l35i, clos-
m-tgj3 fef-srH
OK iJaiiniM'i
New York Stock Market—Dec. 4.
The short Interest abbears 6" have "heerr
ctyexed to a coDSideiableextanU, jBqverum.
n. aSa n nk Ala l.teliAe t- a. . . L ' . a
mciiuaiQ DUMR4iv.f hiwxu br&imau-
tions are only moderate. Holders are be
ginning to . Kdiscoont. . in . adxanso of ther
nsual nivment of the JaBuarv IntcrMt..-.!
The amount of bopds IS Iqtfal for specttla'J1
Live yurjuftes, uub i, uowcyct, uiminisn
Ing nnfler the dejuatlff jrn.WeTnVieHrrff,'
CouDonsof 'gl 115n5Wfb '63 lllO
mjfi do. va-inxMyai .do ;e:joei
ii; no-new iio'fiiio;cio.-'tt7 1104(?T
Stocks'hSve d'ecfiried steadily throughout
the Uay and 'fcldse heav anf uhseilTed:
New YOtlt Central wag" the trrealr featttr;
earliest eales at 133Ji133Jit from wbloiM
It leu to l-Aiwi.at cloata- The icauaaal
was the issn'mg ol an order by 'lodge 'Bari
caase-why 'they shoulpt'bh 'restt'arner,
from, making a stock dividend which Is
understood to be contemplated. Dy the of,
reotor8.KaAneff.iTt-was made to check; tb4
decline by an ofler. ot ,J per cent.' Jor ,rther
privilege of ' '.calling any part f lfi,000
shares at 140 within -80 day Tne' russyi
was understood," and had no effect?" There..
is no confidence en the street in the report;
that the directors .will divide the sur
plus .at,, the. coming, meeting Indeed,
it is 'said-, Injunction" "was procured
by parties interested In the recent rise,
who, having realized, aredfrectfnsr tfheir
efforts in the contrary "direction. The rest
of the market was unsettled, by jtdecjine,
itfCentrsl, and there was .a general do
dine. ?The mfUcarsv (of the American ilxfc
press Company have -decided to TeOTea
transfer books until theOth iost anrf.wlH
I.-wue stock ofhe consolidatodi Company,
and certificates for claim fotUbe'nodivMed
profits ot the American Cornpanf to-fidld
era of American certincates. 'iDealiti'gsiaJ
ex press stocks were con tioed to the Adams 1
and Merchants. ""'-'. ' '' J
5:30 pricesWells' Express" 56126 .
American 44)46; Adams 484A$;,UnU j
terl States454t; -Alerehants' Union 15W
Pacific,, Mail 110KH6; Western;'
Union Teles-raoh "37(337? JieW. Jork.
Hotral 126(3127; trie 3733 Keading v
JSasi; iiuason i2V(gi2; 1'erre 'Hsete
3940r Wabash 67K5& Sr. Paut:i37Ji
676; Hoxt Wayna- lllllJ.DUio,,&
Mississippi 3030r'Mchiga Central'v
119J120Ji; Mictiiraii-'. Sonthern. 68101
SSS; lUifKiw Genual 144145; PibtsbuntK
86J48C Toledo lOlJieiOl,4 Rock- Im
lan.i 10108'4; Northwestern
New York Market—Dec. 4.
COTTON OrwreMt tearryr a) Bluspa
qnie'i sales jit 242icJor,jntddling, upjand.j
rLbUR-CloSedfliTOtdr loi' fcratf,
witn a moderate export) and home trade
demand, and dull an'd- heavy Tor medinm,
and choice grades:' "'"; -''!
WHEAT Qnlet 'ahd";' very' fTrm ' fcrf
sjTliig. and dull and" .heavy1 for Winter '"'''
JtYB-Dntlat fl oOl;8I for westerh:,'M
ATS-Firm with a iroddspceulatlyede-1?
roand at l575e. fbr western! ' " -""id
CORN-Dull at 114114i llnstore? arid
$t'16(ai I6J afloat for trilx. d westerd.17',"'"
SOBK-- N omlnal kt 25 . 50 26; 75 . " ' ! ' 1
BSS 'BEEF-iActlfeand irmil,
CUT MEAT'-Steady with; a 'mide'raW'i
demahrl.' s"'.- r'i,:!. lli tL'T..
3ACON-FJrm at ?6i wrth' a good Iii- '
LARD-i-Firm at KQlcfafrtopVlriie'i
st-arn. H--' " ..' "1" r'
EGCJS-Stearly;"ii"x'',"K ?! !!
l. i! :l r - ' - :!"- IP 8mil- 1H-.-1
Cincinnati Market—Dec. 4.
-Steady; jamtlv
WHEAT-Steady ar,l 7Sno djlg
CCORNFlriri at63G4ri; -i-f 'Uf mo
I O ATSt-Io demand at 6062di' ; 'H,
' UYE-Sreadyat$l,30. .' 8" ,
BARLEY Quiet; Bales on ifme ift2 d,r
i2 23 for best Canadian and $2 502351dr:
;faJ. .'.V:.''il!H.I h.J-i rl.-l.ll.Jl'
COTTUNwDull and, nnobangedp Tflidr
dllng 23c. -i "i 'i vliKO .j- fmii n t,:U lni-
I iUBAijiA jNominaiiy ononarrgpoj-iT
WHISKVr-Advanced to $1 00; taxipaldJ t
HOGS Active; live 7 i40800'aDeaiii
ed f 259 60.' o .i ffi'f"-' Mj-J.in'l ertT
HESS PORK Ofiert at $23 were Uken.il
BULK MEATSQuiet aaditirmi!; 8 -a
930 forhooiders. li12ie iorelsay rib: I
siilesy and 131334a lorwlean 'i to 'i iW
L.ARD Higher; steama314c?ettle-.i
14- -J'" "' -' .!l :!':
GKEEN MEATS Held iflrmly at 7?4ejrit
10?ie, and' .12a' tdr -shoulders, asides ud
,ham.-i'"il B i'!,;(f;i.-n '.itj: lilviaija ivoiJ
BUTTER-Firm at 3G3an. .ni .itj nol
GOS-r'83ai l:ci-i ,l-.,-i i-t.-
OIL-pLiaseed oill 9S96cv .grlth..- firm
feeling; lard oil scarce aud ojrm-at $130x3;.,
l aa;ixac nemana excema uie euppiy hi i
teUGAR Dull ami o, Jove-resales of. J
200 hhdsatl413atorprimetooliejeeNew.if
Orleans and 12a)14n for fbreigni ,ri!ilw rna
CQFFEEn-Quiet at .-2123a;.;aBd;,goe4 I
demand. . .'wAir'n
; CHEESE-Atl718-nb "Jviiy ..rIT
,. J- - i-- -
Chicago Market—Dec. 4.
! FliOURiQuietand.nnohat)gedjTi:'T bs'iirf
: WBEAT-Active;No.2advaneed.a2)49:l
palenof Nor.ivat t 23lt 28;. INA-aii
$1 145l l5y closing atearly at tllo i
Sales Sot 2 since 'change atL16Vi . inud
CORN-iQuiel? -sales of ol JSoi 1 BfTSct-l
and No. 2 at 7071eT-ne 6252"C No27
kiln dried 6Utt2o;. rejected - jio-. oQOa ;
sales' No. 1 this aiternoori at 7Sc ', -,i.,ioi
, OATS More active and lc nlgher sales,,
at4748a. closing tirm at 4Sc. niomo-lc y cf
KYE-Steady. quiet and nnsetUed : iSTo,;.
1 $1 131 1?W; ..No. 8' at VU.aj j
iJARl.EY--Ojtilet;.,Not 2 opened at VB94
(31 60.j i Towards the close It weakened and,,
ueclined to Rejected 8oldat.$36
St. Louis Market—Dec. 4.
tJDTJR'4-s?lr;tn.'n' unchahgea'wttir.'i
good demand fOTU-w grades.',' ; '; '
and rirttif other grades lower
-Unchhogea al 6(i70c," ., . T. i ,
ftJnc1ianed kt5i355c! r 1 l,u l'l
JtY.E-rtle1 6etter,-l Jft'-VVwiTi
.WUKmi' :ItL.i,.;i.. ,BVOil,,!l, ' i"'"
-f:..a-k iO .
JfOKBL-r-SaleS at 52ZoU(3Z3UO. . ,; 7"
Toledo Market—Dec. 4.
ttt rTTo!rt.,Uf
owferi 'Sales'N6. 1'whfte Michigan f 2 64.
i r'sw. T-r!.i rro -ll' a. U
;ORN 3o lower; No. 1, 90c;1 hev"72c';w
new reiected'65c? do feohBemnW 88c,
OATS-Steady a 1 67o lor Jot I and liidH-
igani-niiiq yKln-t-.!..-:io )t: ii'ml n?fl 9ir
BYS-A shade lower? No.ltl 30iMich'4
igsn 1-28,: No. 2-$t 213. .Ti-ii " anil tivo-r
! SEDS-Cloveratl 97 20. vttiAnu
j HOGSDressed aoaTB 98 62ja 12ai,i'.
: j;-, y ,T.n hi i i' ii i 1 wiu i L-.nt
Buffalo Market—Dec. 4.
I FLOUR Steady' i' at .77i B3t fltyt
ground sprlirg1 'uo. ,u"'-' t i-jnia
WHEAT No 2 spring nominal 351
(Hit Vt '-' s,J !'.T Una. a.gini.1 sifT
I rjpitcar lots w oia atr 1 Q2' 'nevr'
leoaiftiU 1 .Hiiol ll el 3u0 .tllj T .rll 'i.ii,,. ,i
O ATS-CalrTots at bc.a t,ns .'IJ'fi
i RYTNr-glectcdV " '; "'U ''ne urA-ivli
Others, uncftahged and :'rieni1n'in!Ihaci'?
.tlve;1rjfices'ste4dy. ,,'!i Y
oi ,r ,i Jim il '' ft l jl tnt l-nm':t
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Dec. 4.
'J-Tie tifafkee in' gene'rar is' languid' kfid'
somewhat depressed, . as the tf ade' gener-f-ally
Bee'ms 'intent on carryliig a l8;bc:'asf,
small as1 possible.1 pending, chttng8"'la
business soon to take place'. Consequently' '
ihesalestranspiring'ctjn Xeyfi or J un ' r rf t?- .
rian of value.. Prices,1 however, in "the"'
.main! are well maintained, y' 1 ' " "3 !I
Milwaukee Market—Dec. 4.
' ' 'tJ
tbe aadersigned baa been dulyjtppoifited and .
Qualified as adminieUaUor efthe sUt, of Lean. , ,
oer Rurer; deceased,7 late. 'of FrankRn township,'"
Franklin eeunty, Obiev' ouJi" ,u n .ini i m tt f
, iNovember ee., 1868. il J naili,' JjW'' U.21ili;ii i.
i novJM-wSii C. H. AKDRICK 1

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