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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, December 05, 1868, Image 4

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lowing the arrival and d aperture ot trains at Oca
wnbus. Ohio. On and after Monday. Nov. 23d,
tr as will rn as follow .
ttnawaiaava Oslamkai 4c Clam f; ku
K.TJWntan $xpr.. 1:10 A. M. j inn A.'M"
New Tort Express 11:10 A. M, . 1:30 P, m.
UH and aoreae. 9:40 P. MT' ft-js P V
ftortngaeM AsoonKviaJ '... -IrM P.M.- 1i4 A. M. t
ao,i AJowiiniiauea...n... a a, a T.45 J M.
JT " 1 n tilr-.',-'. .'awv. 1
Bight Kxprew 9:00 A. M.' ,lMAj'
Cincinnati Aeiw imodaUea. i.ou A. M. 9:35 P. M.
Express... 6k P. M. l-oo p. li'
-..j-v r k.i - . fp. U. Smutr, Agent. -tfaiiiaaorw
feat Itaiiroaa, Central
ato AftTleloa. "
-icI 'm f i ibli.tl .s-,-.i 'tkvai!'" iintTTSt. ;
Want 'Kama. xi.'.i.i.. 3:98 A.M. ''12:10 A. M
Liahtnia Kxpree,. ......11:10 A. M . i -M P. M.
.yX,":..-,. A-.f, S-im. Agent..;j
Col aaa, ' Chicago and Indian Can.
, -'7,7 . J iiwr... ; ,-. '
fcafJIIo.. ... t,XT, 'i,ly
Hlga 4p(i.f.,i.;.'k.ii'.'.19rf A.' M-' gsio A. Mi
Toiede ExorM...J.:i..e A. .-OW9 P. MJ
WewraznM,....K-.JO M.' J P. M.I
Day Express. ........ ...... his P. M. 11:00 A. M.
tolt..,..:t A- Hai, Agent '
4makr naaafiald fcltewara R.Et.j
Trains lv Newark sad arrive follow "- ,
rh..,.c,."..l..u.U.i... aooA.jt;' ts p.m.'
Mail and Sxpreuv,....,,.... J0 A.M. S.9S P.M.
MfkS(iW(.,f.. JI.45p.M. S.46AJbV
r.t, ",, -,,'t. A. W. Damns, Agent. ..,
FJttataraJk. Cincinnati '.Jr. tAt,, .JLfali,
i--n t-nni... ;.: LT.'''''JAmkr.',lt
Ww York Iabius MB A. M. J i HM Midt'
liaiMajni Kxpreaa.,-.,.,. 11:20 A. M. 6:45 1'. M.,
Vill and Kxproas . 13 P. J1. 11.-45 P.
looioa Aeeonmodationl SKn A; M. ' :40 P. M. '
to Mao Yark tunreo ran daUj All Othar trainf !
ra, iaila, eaoop4 Baadaj. i
JJanaMnn Aooommooalioa atarta from traifbt,
ywd' .
,i..irt ,;! .John B. Pfenm, AxeuV "'
-III-. lt ' ' )! ' ...iJ T.--f'...
3?jT oriX
.to: 'r77vr,..
lirtari " Wtowrt "Kalla.'' a. a. iy K.' 1.
UBbarB..vj........; U3B IfcSi JBlCO .
l4lat.tt 4aa P -W
OU e. U. C. ?. R. K.f'.i.i :lt i1
r.;.J- -Toi
ttHMv,ratir,ai4U.: i.ii
U v-fc- a. f..--t-- r
LHtta lliaaUR.B-'.War. ,
V O. K. R.. Newark.
Zaaasvitla A WbeeJiaf. r.i.i
C: O. , Way....-... .....
CP. I.r TbHh aad A -
WJ it.l.i...l..l. M
Cuolarillav CbilUotha . r f i ; ,
'ljt lid
100 ; T0' .....
.. ,. ; T 'ili t-.
aneaater. Ohio....
'aa" -l!
Bast aa.iatioaal Road. . KJO.i....' tisU
Ma. yarao-F.Waaat- . ... -; iM) . .
Till. .... tea , . ,,i.-o...
Bona Colambnt and Clin- . , ;
ton Tt 1 1.. l..... v.j wnm .... w..' wv
W aW natoa C Jit. i Har-
i !'
fubarg. .Ui-waeaiyj
arrtroe Monday Wod
aaa UtiT. k FVidayj, and
leavei Tnaddajv Than-
t. 'I'M
daja aad aiardaja....
Panir. Villa. (tri-WOek-1
ly. TnMdaji, tharday Ua.
J. WOOD Postmaster.
oir that we are ecjoying'tlie 'reatlUei'
of winter if enjoyment it may, b . called,
U woadcrful to. see 3 what! prov'wioa
science, art ana industry hare made to
tare ua ironi the ehjlly blasts of .the storm'
cr jthe,vseachlnj?' j frosts of., the ice kina'
breath. To comfort Is , added -beauty, and,
tons, while a. generous warmth and obnseT
qiient comfort is attained, the eye i de;
lighted with .the harmonious blending of
colors and the melody, we miht eaUlt, of
gooa. taste in urewT ., :...) t n t
Thus thoueht" we, as' looking throueh() I
the .beautiful selectioaor woolen aoa knltf
tetl joods Just brought" from the East. by,,
Heaiiley & Co., jSotbiafcis ball go.beaptb-'
ful aithe"operalio6d8k in white' worsteJ,,,
rich in design and execution ; he magnifi
cent cloaks or still njoreJLh an usually bril
liant selection of shiLWl. ileadley A Co.'s
shawls are tbeichest ever seen jn this city.
Tbert are lpt of-rejrersable cashmeres la
this house,' "Worth' from $40 to $150, that,
our lady readers should lopb they axe '
mwt beautiful.-, . - ,' , ,'" , ' ' f ;,v
We shall devote most of our space this
week to a description ot sty les for children,
aad pf fur goods....- i:,V,, ..... v,i',-- v
Party costooieator children ire'tery fan
citnl this season, especially for boys . They;:
am yerv'pretty alsoV and possess nr lodL
TlduaUty. which can not be gLVen to the of
dinary atylw-of drea.j '!i jiir-.A - ':
The Prussian costume is of black velet.v
Itoaiststf-ull Knickerbeeker trowsers,
and moose croea-cut, and open on the side. "
Ifiks tasteied) with' tlack crochet Init tons.
The sides of the skirt open, and exhibit an
lnteriaeloa of. biaeltsilk: cord, over gores of
ararlet silk. Hjgh boots. Scarlet stock-;
Ingt'Tia vlui-.a LiSli e:tl.AL .i..,
ll im SVench costume la oLCclotb, the
trowsers straight and reaching a little be,'!
low the knee, -xtouoa acaex, cat . long in
front and back, vest, round linen-collar,
and1 striped eek-tie. '' Higfn shoesr and
striped' strtekirvgsl'; iio b-i: I : yntit
The TSailor' rostome Is made of marine
ble' cloth, 1 trimmed ' with heavy black
. braids 'Tarn, dowa collar, striped in black
and white, like the skirt? black ' neck-tie j
Lew atioes, and -black . and. white .striped
stockings. '"' :
The "Greek" dress U only Intended Tor
very little boys. Iteooeists of a skirt of
striped catebtDefe-.'whRe-aml red.'-taid In
broad plaits; so that the stripes- will rro
lariy '.alternatM; 1 A . little u shorti white
cashmere', jacket; braided wit Ted, and,
fastened at the throat ; with a ' tiagle nd
button, over a' frilled, skirt. Sash of car.
let allk; tied loosely at the sideot the waist.
VCbite stockings, seatiet boo s. : : ... . i ,
'A'ver pretty paftt d rees for a little glrf
consists OI pinK.BUK, ine nmn, irnuuieu
with a narrow pinked-out floohce,-headed
by a Touching. Overdress of 'white mus-'
lid; Wged with two frills of the same, the
back arranged en confer, the front breadth '
as; a Httf tonnde apTon. I:HIgh body of
wfte:mnsllh; tof bodice of pin k silk. ' , 1
. Ires8fbrs I tittle glrl'oj'thrtieiyearsi of "
white merino.. The body la cut. low and
souarevJand trimmed, as , are. the hort
sleevesy with? a crosa-ciit 6a4 of scarlet
ow.li . ! rl .lit flnlchoil An 'ftthv.lira
with nanow, white silk iringe.,. Skirt or
namented with two rows toTflatoh. Scarlet'
plaid sash, tied on the aide with a. wide
bow, and fringed ijht upon the ends. M ;i
High dress for a girl of eiaTtit, years, of
scarlet merino, trimmed withtolaok velvet.
T.iuJe banJer overdtess of black silk, looped
high at the" ' Bides, Jand ornameh4 itT
DOWSOI oiac ouai.p ,. i v-.j
School, dresses are "all, made' hlfil); and
gerrefally of tartan cloth, Or poplin. rXhey
are trimmed with black braid or velvet, and
often worn with a little Overdress, which Ts
made simple,, ai centered morattract
ive than the old-fashioned apron. . ; - jf, ,
The.hats for cliUdren.are generally Iow
crowned and narrow-brimmed. JThey are.
of. telt,';' trimmed wjA vveryet- and '.an',
aigrette, or oi ueayer iw .vtirev, nuymou ,
witUnthera,,, ., ,n' j
-TbDCdasod for fur. goods Is upon nsu and
we have been at considerable pains to.:
gatber thft report of the: styles iBoatin
vogue this winter. .There. is seldonmny.;;
striking novelty la !fusy ,and tmt iew
changta are now aotioeaole either-inma-terial
or styles. - Clafli A Farmer, Neil
House BleckJMe-oaacBostewxteasive and
fashtnabiec jorrieiB, :ndifroiB-tliem.w
gather a great deal of our iatpftuatioa in-;;
tbij iepixtment. ,, 2 y-T.:i " '
The lur cloak ana large cape are bow,,,
seldom worn. rThe-ld-ia3bioned Yletoriue '
is sometimes worn, 'but' Is no longer iash.-
ionable, and has a clumsy, appearance.
Russian, and Hudson Bay sable is file mest
expensive fur, and sable sets are consider
ed Lbft moat sty llah for winter wear, . JSdiiik
is still popular and much worn, . put the;
demand for it this season has not been so
great, as, formerly,. .The reasou, of this 4s
that cloaks or EussUn lamb, Persian, and
a i nhart are extremely" ashionable. and .
the wearer usually, purchases i ,i muff, andi
P U 13 y - - - r. . - )- , .
u also fsahiboable to trim -morning; dresses,
if merino; Id Warm, brmiant colors, with(!
wprv narrow strips of lur, which have a
pretty effect r,6f therpockeUmufis
hilars to match, made of ermine aad
biktoVre trimmed' wlthgoAt 1. half
gjSJS. but this style has not yet become,
af " rJTir. annffs anAoollars, and cost?
KZftZ3nt Arrachanri
If Si rt-ifloxt tm dareNf, anl 14
thleh eurt-J,.. . . . .fi.ntn in a ;
collar to rau:1:wuc,iuu".r? f'""!!!
oi miflKsei Is less thku' that of last year.i(
:, . JO,l tnr trTmhiine cloaks, and it i
voung.-J rjS0T9-gldijrehhe grime, and
having a lamer curl resembles moire silk.
It is more sought after than the other.
though less durable, perhaps' on account of
us orizDHieas na a loss. rne Astracnan
Is worn In mourning,, and , is used in
bands for trimming 'the cloaks are usually
finished with Angola fringe: -
Sets of furs can be purchased of every
variety at reasonable prices this season.
A mink muff, according to the dark shade
and duality, from twenty-five' to seventy,
Ave dollars, and a collar from twenty to
forty dollars.. Persian and -Astrachan sets,
sack included the smallest, ot inferior
quality", at sitty-flve dollars the better for
on hundred and thirty-five dollar. - ' .'
Something tie and ffeetl ve. and which
will be an attractive skating costume. Is
sack of Iceland lamb-skin, with .cap and
muff. to, the. Mime; it is of snowy s triteness,
and the sack is trimmed with Angola
fringe. The sack is made 'looser and has a
belt of the same with- loops at the back;
ends as long as the cloak' and tipped with
fringe. The cap of this Iceland lamb is
made the toque shpe, which is a round
crowir and narrow brim, the only tr'.ra
ming'a band. of white , velvet and long,
With ostrich feather, '; . ' ' . ..
" There' is a novelty In the trlmmtntr'of
molls; instead ot the silk tassels are the fur
tips to correspond wlrti those on the collar;
this is more elegant than, the tassels, and
wears handsomer. ' Many of the ermine
collars are lined ' with Boft, snowy down,
which is an improvement en the silk quilt
ed linings.
Boofcmuffar Are 'Wuoh in vogue-fo csr
riage use and sleighlnvbut there is noth
ing. new in form oc material : a handsome
one is made of tige skin, , . ,,. T
Carriage robes are very; showy,' , those
lined and oordered with Scarlet being, the
handsomest. - They are made ot the skins
of the Polar bear, the leopard and the tiger.
lb all wAowt U tHtf.umeeni:;. 'jy ' ( Z
Colcbus.OOp4 i W88.i
Notlee ! DerenT aiven.that nroeeedinn havehnan
instituted ia the City tloonoil of Columbaj, for
. Vr cradiac and Davina tha anoaTarl sidawallra.
cotters and crossings on Third street, fromHorth
traet to North Public lane. ' ' '.
A Iio. lor reomTirx thaalaawalki on the eabia
of front atreat frooi tha northeast corner of Kront
and Town atreets to a point 66 feet north , of Town
afreet.' a - '
Alan, for araTellnr Houth a I mac fVnra-Sith
treat to Seventh at net, - ,- k .:
Al", forgradinc and graveling the roadway, of
Maple ttreet from High street to Water street. '
. i r- k. .. : i : . ii .
ami. iv. v ui iu in, m u. ii 1 t tt nna orvssil
aoross No We street on the east side of High tireeT
Also, to survejr and stake off Soath straet freai
EastEablio Una to tha eautarn boundar of tha
Thekama to be done in accordance with nlau
and estimate U be prepared by the City Civil En
fin' ee. and filed in the ofioe of tha City Clerk.
All persons oWiwias dauiaceaoa aoeaant of said
DroDoeed imDroveraents. are reonired to file their
oiaima in the. office oi the -Clerk, in writing, en or
beforw-tha ' th dayof Ueeember; A. 1).
oet2S1taw4wO.KXliV - City Clera.
Paving Notice.
T allwXomU aaoyeaaoara; . : !
.-Ml .!.. ii Cttt Clvkk's Ofttcb,! ' '
-.it S'Ji CoLrifBeS. O.. Oct. S. 186S. f '
Wotifta is hereby ci van. that orncefldinenbava fieeii
insti toted in tbeCity Council bfColnmbns.for mak
ing the following improvements,' to-wit:
For grading tne nortn nan ot rent street from
Higb street to the corporation line.
Alto, for iradina and navina tha anfctera and
trading and graveling tha roadway and side
walks on M onnd street frorn- Washington avenue
to tha east line ol lot Mo. 16.
Also. for a doable row flag stone pavement across
Mound street noon the west side of High street.
The same to be done inaeeordanee with Tilata and
estimates to be prepared 1y the City Civil. Engin
eer, and filed in the office of the City Clerk.
All persons claiming damages on account of said
riuwm( iiupiui,uj,iiw bio iiuum . u mo tuvir
claims in the offloe of the Clerk, in writing, oner
oerore. m ruieenia day ot iiecember, A. V,
less; . .-: . . . " '
atS-dlUw4W ' CityClert
Paving Notice.
7o all vKom. it mayc&ne&mt : .' . .1
Coxrunrs. O.. Not. . 1888.)
Notice Is hereby at van that proceed in have been
instituted in the -City -Council of Columbus, for
makin tho following improvematitsy to wis t.-
k'or tayinga doable ruw flag sionacmesing across
Center alley on tbe nortn side of Long CTree.
Also. far. -baildina adoabla mw fl.a orossinc
acrotSuntk Pnblia Una at the. west side of High
streev,i v,- -- ' ; ' ' , d ' '
Also-for baUding a ; double -tow flg crossing
across flouth stseetat the west aide of High street
The same to be dona, ia aocordanoe with plats and
estimates to be prepared by the City Civil engineer
and filed in tha offioe of the City Clark. - . . ,
AH persons claiming damages on account of said
proposed improvements, are required to, tile their
claims ia tha office of the Clerk, in writing, on or
before tho Twenty-fifth day of December A. D.
lW.-'.t Tf,i. v- i)-'l '.-.r,tt .-' i
a . JU. JS. W11.SOM.
aoTt3-dUawW' - , , - .. City Clerk. .
Paving Notice.
To aU esAoaa it may eon term :
.'.'rjju'.'J ; y CITY. CLERK'S OFFICE. I
COLCKBPS. O.. Nov. IS 1868. ( . !
Notice is herehv riven, that nrooeedings have been
instituted in tha City. Council of Columbus, fog
making the following improvements, to-witi. rr
tor grading and pavina tbe at paved sidewalks,
goiters and crossings on. the west side of Washing
ton avenue from the Dorth side of Hatten Jrlace to
the south side of Gay street. ,
Also, for weaving High street mm rerry street
ot the corporation One.
Also, for grading and paring with boulder the
r. ad way of Pnblie alley from Fifth street to Sixth
street. ' ' ' ' . ' ' " '
The sameto be done in accordance with trie p rati
id estimates to be prepared by the CHy1 Civilian-
gineer. and filed in the office of the City Clerk. , .
All persons claiming damages on account or saia
iwimiimI imnrnvement. are reouired to file their
claims in the office, of tbe Clerk, in writing, en or
before thf First day of January. A. u. ...
XI. i. W ILiOUi.!,
novIS-dlUwi , . City Clerk
Paving Notice.
TaaUwivmiit nut Conoamr .. p
i;siit '. Cm-tTMBtrs, 0-,t Nor. S3, 188.f 1
Notice is hereby given that proceedings have' been
Instituted in tbe City Council of Coinmbos, for
making the following improvements, to-wit : -
for grading and paving tbe onpaved 8idewaIk
gutters and crossings on tbe west side of the va
cant grouad'wegt of the market bouse. and For pa
ving tbe balance of said vacant ground witn nio. i
son pavement from Town street to Kirh street. "
Also; lor laying -a double row of flag crossing
aeroi Venter alley on the south side of Sprint
street.' '
Also, for laying a doable row nag crossing aoross
Center alia at tbe sooth sideef Long street.''-
Tcaameto be done in aoeordaooe with aUtaand
estimates to be prepared by the City Civile Engi
neer, and filed in the office of tbaCitp Clerk. . -
AU persona claiming damages on account of said
proposed improvements, are required to file their
olaimsin the office of ti-a Clerk, in writing, on or
before tha Eighth day of .January. A. D. 18C90
Bor)S-dUaw4w -- -.- J : City Clerk i
.37'ji- V.ll'J
VI.,- ii 'I .
V HAVE s;YOli::':::
CX. MD8IC. &o ce- that you . wish to have
honnd in a nice firm blnding.'Dromntly. at low
prices? Books sent for and returned to any part of
the city by giving notice through pitemoe, or, ,af
IUO ,17, ! a a,
Fiankliil2Steam BookBindetJ
One ef tha largeat and heat appointed Binderies ia
th8tate.... a.w. a . . ''
Reems 84. 3B. SS Hlkh Street,
(Otct Hesjrff. Kevins A1 Mjen', and Statesman
Steam fuming Umoaa. ,
Of every description and quality, from the highest
to tne lowest, printed u aesirea, ruiea iuu uuuuu
to any requires pmcera.auaaupenoi woramacsuip.
at Ahe lowest pricea. : i t V ' '' J .." ' 1
- It ... rrnm 11. nn. rlHiiuir.. linnks. Merchants.
n .11 llffin.n. .MKiiilH ll jSIl fKh 10R B LA N K
BOOKS, wiir bo executed promptly. with our per
sonal attention. . ,7 ..v . .
roktpatronagarespeotfolly aelleitad. : .
oct3-deod6m r t s -Proprietor...
1 - ilm 1 I '-r '' ...fc a I
; !FHIOTE88.;N0,fUBUSREH3.;:;':
BpecIaT attention paid to'mapufacturieg first class
of Tf fy descriptionwith pf without printed Hcad-
ao, mi ,i , ..
OODNTT brriCglts, gKCHiNtS,HiNl',ACTnKBaS
.5 , . uiuii, aaiLaoAO ooMramaa. ao. ,
mW Fulf sets of Books iaada .on short notice,
waTraureu.Hi aavc puiect sauiiaoiuuu, . - . .
aprfl eouly COltTltSVS. OHIO.
o is .n .r -'COAL.
f til ll.-lllr i i il '
( .m: .-i!
; T. ALLEN. ,Age,nt.
! VY NE.tS at his present stand.
! Tto. 135 Porl- Hifslr street,
' a :1 1 Aailraa rFl1 ft Ml in both CAMBRIDGE a
llOCKiSU UGAL. which he U prepared ta.eU a
ne low. i-rr-, . c-,iArK, j .
mjjo-eoaiy - - a
: v..:r!'!(,'u
!, . .;. .
'T ' '' .'
t - .-. :' .; ..
I uii ' if;..: ! y s-
: :.: -.i" ; :i -V Hiili '..., 'J :
.-ii ;- FiBM.,'...,,,,'.,,;';,,;,.
. , ' , i i.i.-.-.-
! Villi: .'. -i . -,.it..!l 1..-.: f:l itv
,li .iTf.V VIII
.11 C I .
i.'l -HITd
;li I . . -u -dT ,vi'! -nnnM.
-..'- 3j.fi ' J '.. .: t-.-. t li.'l-' ''.
lt:j fT. .' If ! -IVl:rf Vl f l -ItJO '-
,I. t Ii no;j:'t'. r-il
1 PROPniETOUS, in.
it i ......... , k , . j, . . r.ill
h'IIaM j!'"'-'. -ril ?ii ,;i.i..-!"..O.ri9b t-i'-t'Ili
e'.-u" te'.ii it- .HI .'''ifi .'"i . '
, 'i'-t-.'l -IT. i it .hi v!-.t ,J'::t.
Ko& 36, 38 40 North Higl. St,
-'i. Villi. v:ai "J V.-J :. ... c i I'.MJn
-i'il r-.'.'n'' .'iir.iL ) '-"I'-. .) ''. t
I't .'.."!!.- ' i-rv. 1 -lA'-i'X- ' .!.; ) ,vi..
i-i(,'n- : -.s.'; - iii i"J i.':iij, ; jtol'm
-.-' v. 'I .1! .'i j-.:t,l
Villi!:; '" 1 .' i- .'..i.. 1 ; . -,l'li .In 1'.'
The attention the Business- FnbIM :' called to
the uparlor facilities of tbia kistablishment.
.1- . We have in ootutant use
i J-hjC ,rv:i' i:-..: j- ... ! -' '. . - - t i .m , r i"i .
1 yiiii: t '.- ..: mi Mill
Eleven -Steam , Power Presses
!j 'I HI' 7
i.i'R !i .
And onr abiliby.'td gai out wore pfotntrtly is
surpassed in the West- We have lately
made additions to our already
. - i: . I '':'' .,l: n:.'. .i HI. II ;i .: ,: si:! t--.
.:'.' .i-i'.? -i t.'i v.- :i.t-.v.jjr ,i:ri:'A
' ..r;l ,T.a f
' ;. "'.T-L ?iil ! ':. in; -. 1I '"X' !T
And we feel confident to satisfy all who may gjve
nj a call. Our Urge fonts of type enable us,(J',
, to do au kinds oi . j , j-
j ......1 -tr :-iilir.'..!vJf
I 3 ;i. ;.., l !). l-.. :ii , i .t--.i-t-5 i.J iljui j
I - nil ( 'i'. n-n; inn-t., ;:i ii.fi:l 'hi"-.'.
, tithe most' prompt and excellent manner; and wo
I call the attentioh of those wanting anything "
i lnthis inetothe -
j .:tr.A...iv'. n:-ir.
j . ...! ,-iio t v.-t.
l9!!:ThatweBave"eieentdlafli.partyear. 1 ?1
! ii' ii'liji;..- . !!'' .: ' -Ml , .f 1 V !t .
V -i! Jilt Sill l-tll ilitf il ,'.l!?li ;."III.'t -Vw
j " .n.'. '.. :A .
-- .:. i ' . - . -a .. - "1 .. .
' -51 s: l - : .!!' "f u ci ...i -i ::
The reputation of tbia House for fine Job' Printing
j is well knows to tho business community
j .., Employing, as wads, nose but the r
; - -.-i ' :'i .i-.-i-.; '1 -! ;i I.
Best " of -Workmen;
i v -
'.lit. V.-f f.1-:
; And havlag a full assortment of the " i
- i I .i . ' i ii . . i h : l;
-' .-I . i'l . ! . il. ' ,-. ' :
.1. ... , . .1 : .Ii : : ! . . . : . . J
.'i.-i;' ci.:;. ' '. -..
Wo will guarantee tho utmost satisfaction.
1 "
i-iv v.. ii : i v ''- 'i - ' ' v . ii. iiu 1:1-1
i ..j,. M m AlrtVJtIHl)3 OF i v.i i;
Mercantile;7 -" ?
i . i. i'-:'t ' '- ; :i
i -..n Railroad, . :
:.t Bankand .',ri?!ri'-i'''-i
j .: -ji in Commercial jL
.t-Ki-.M Si"'-!'. Printing,
' ! .i.'l
X ., ...I .g0CH AS
i - 3- ''.;. ir .-i-.O
Sill Heads, . Cards, " ' -Circnlars,
,. , Letter, Heads, ,
Blanks Win'. kioii Checks, , . ; -' , 'hL . L'i
uraiis, . , , ,.,, , tvc.g.ac..:
.:: . I
: ,r- !i .-i' 5 ! .-.! 5 fif.
' . . . -. -, 7 Heeded by the bosineai public. . f
.: i.: - ... . -t:!'. '..I : '- I- -; i - -
; 7. - ." 1 ' nt .; 1 .-. !:
' ;' 'We also keep "on hand a larger stock of '' '
i tin i.r - ii uii . J -i ......!'.'- .'..I
Than any other Printing House in the city such as
Sapor Royal, " MIe1lm, ' '"
: :' i ..i . - ... (:ji.i-l:l i:ii .:.' i.t
Desaiy, iT ClrowsV Capti r;
,.v.S. f.-n '.:' -I ..''. ' i- -.1 ''1
fp, i it-- '' . tier and : "'-i
t .la OI.r.i.ii oi.f '! I'l. ! I!i'l ii
Note Papers
. ( .'.I i , Z.:l!lt f -: 3 ' 1 - -.-1 J A Cl Vi
Of the best qualities, and. purchasing them as wo
; do, directly from the menuf ectaxer, we age ! !
: enabled to do our work at oorrespond- . 'i .
Ingly low rates. Wa are Hole
( v.?,-,-,! . . Asentafortlio ( ,,r
ifla 4TNB . ' POBTEB.
' . ." . -' ."i ."'.; in "k i.i iii
';.',. -J l. .li.!ll . "II ' -l V I ...j -I; V ,
i -. i-.ii-A '.u iiiu-i fc iirtuv " ,ir:r: t-i-:
triparticWliCrly' call at'tonWon to'thsRaok' Books
I ' ...;r..hJ fiW . ' W .ra timing tz '
!n 'fiUaUordersrot.';. .'!'''
i .'.uii'f' i'fov; ilj i'l 1t:-! ijJ!
XjedLxraa. ,0 UfaOTiij.::. 4
'i!i Joixrn V1 i 1 !.i!i.sf iT
.i CA.ail3c. 3t3ooXs.aB
',..,, i'.i Tll'lil . ' 'Jji ill. IJ-J : ! Ji. Vl-Ji-'li
And all kinds of Blank Books now In use..lTaeee
: ooka : are all done in tha best stylo : af paper.' i rul
ing and binding, and woohaleags competition in
taisltaw. : -ii in! ':-''':; v..: -, . -.jtUf-
. ' :-
j (::'. ,.J :T tlianf ! . .i;i, : :1T
give ;v, tr . Aiicr a. ;
, j ),,... ! : : (il ,: - 1'' tr--i T V ill! ..I
i --' liDil .(..il VI li'" "I ! Hi-, -ni IK, (i'il
ikisviNS ivrrERs,'
'. i .ii : '.'.ii ti!- "! j f it- i.i
' i. V 1 ;i:-4-,-t " 1- ' 1 '' i' Hi !
. S8 afc AO rvorth.'' Higb. Street,
- j II' ili.' i ; .j - :ti ... I) .:1 "Ili7);lj i.i.
; 7. 1 Wli : it : - t ,.,i-. J . ,
M .Ii.- i ,. OQLUMJiUS. ,. , . i
Of oar t)NE COLL AR SaJ.e' has c'sutei ' ruci
At ji.,?.,v.u..s ? La i6.!U
fV A 33 33 ,
- . i :i ill . In
That fas order to supply the demand occasioned by
our constantly increasing patronage, we nave re
cently wade importations tor tboiall Trade, direct
from European iian facturera, ,
Amonnling ' (o , Nearly $500,000.
So that we are prepared to' sell every description
of Dry and t-'aacy Goods. Silver Plated Ware. Cnt
lery.Watcbes.Albums, Jewelry. Ac. of better qual
ity than any other concern in the country for the
uniform prioe of ONE DOLLAR FOK . ACH AR
TICLE.' The best of Boston add Mew York refer.
i nee s given s te the reliability of oar houses and
that our business is conducted in tho fairest and
most legitimate manner possible,' and that we
give greater value for tbe money than can be nb '
tained in slay etbee way. All Goods damaged on
broken in transportation r.plsoed ilhout ohnrge.
Checks describing articles sold aent to .agents ia
Clubs at rates mentioned below.. We 'guarantee
every article to cost ieee thnta if bought at any Bos
ton or few York W holesale House.. i-.i
Our Commissions to Agents
Bxoeed those of every other establishment of the
ki:'d,. proof of this oan be found in comparing our
premiums with, tboee of others for Clubs .of the
sauie sise. ia addition to whioh we o'aim to give
better goods of the same cnaractet- We will send
to Anents free of charge - ii i .
good linen dbir( k'ronUe 1 set Solid told Studs:
all'Wool Cassimere for rants: fine white Counter
pane, large sise: 1 elegant Balmoral Skirt; SO yards
brown-or bleached Sreeting. good quality, yari
wide; 1 elegant 100 Pioture Aliireoco-tKiund Photo.
Album; 1 double lens Stereoscope ana 12 Foreign
TUws; 1 silver plated engraved 5 bottle Castor; I
elegant Silk Fan. with I very' or Sandal Wod
Frame feathered edge and spangled: 1 Steel Curv
ing knife and Fork. very. best, quality ivory bal
anced handle; 1 handsome beaded and lined Para
' sol: 20 yards good Print; 1 very fine; Damask Table
Cover 1 Pair be.t quality Ladies' Serge C' ngress
Boots: 1 doaen fine Linen Tnwels; H dosen Rogers'
best Silver Uessert Forkai 1 Ladies' large real Mo
rocco Traveling Bag: 1 fancy Dress Pattern, X
dosen elegant Silver plated engraved Napkin Rings,
1 dosen: Ladies' fine Merino or Cotton Stockings;
Gents' heavy chased solid Gold King; 1 pair La
dies' high cut Balmoral Boots, 1 elegant Delaine
Dress Pattern; 1 V iolin and bow, in box oompletc;
1 set Jewelry, pin; ear drops, and sleeve buttons. :
JSoa a Cldb or oamd Fits Dollars 1 black
or colored A lpacca Dress pattern; 1 set Lace Cur
' tains; 1 pair all Wool Blankets; Engraved Silver
plated S bottle Revolving Csstor; 1 beautiful Wri
' ting Desk; 1 solid Gold rScarf Pin: 3K yards Tory
fine Cassimere, for Pa-its- and Vest; 1 set ivory bal
' aneed handle Knives with silver plated Forks: 1
elegant Satin Paras .1, heavily beaded and lined
with silk; 1 pair Gents' Calf Boa a: 30 yards good
Print; 30 yards good brown or bleached Sbeetii.g,
yard wider or 8 yards Jf yards wide. god quality; 1
Ladies' elegant Morocco Traveling Bsg- 1 square
Wool Shawl; 1 plain Norwich Poplin Dress Pat
tern, IX yards double width cloth for .Ladies:
Cloaks; elegant engraved silver plated Tea Pot; 3
yards double width water proof cloth for Cloaking'
For A Club of 108 and Tax Doi lass-1 rich
Merino or Thibet Dress Pattern; 1 pair fine Dam-
ask Table Clot ha and. I apkios to march; 1 pair
Gents' French Calf Boots; 1 heavy silver plated eu-
Kived Ice Pitcher: very fine all Wool Cloth for
dies' Cloak; I web very beat quality brown or
bleaebod Sheeting; IX yards fine Cassimere for
suit. 1 e'egaot Poplin Dro'S Pattern; 1 elegant
English Berage Dress Pattern; 1 beautiful Knglisb
Borage Shawl; 1 set ivory balanced handle Knives
and Forks; 1 Ladies' or Geinte' Silver Haoting-osee
Watch; 1 Bartlett Hand Portable Sewing .Mac bin;
Splendid Family Bible, steel engravings, with reo
, ord and photograph pages; 25 yards good Hemp
CarpSting, good colors; 1 pair good Marseilles Quilt
1 good S earrer Revolver; 1 elegant Fur Muff and
Cape; 1 single barrel Shot Gun; 1 silver plated en
. graved 6 bottled Revolving Castor, cut glass bot
tles; 1 very fine Violin and 3ow. in oase; 1 set ivory
balanced Knives and Forks.
Presenta for larger Clubs increase in the san
ratio. ; .. . - , . , . .
?. Send Money by Registered Letter.'
bend foroor new Fall Circular.
' AST" Catalogue of Goods sent to any address ran
; i j-u-i-y. :i.v . PARKER Sc. CO,1-
Nos 96 and 100 Summer street, bos ten.
Fsep8-wlSw;i . i!.-;,ri-:ii,. j. i ... . in i.
'Administratrix's i Sale of
; :;;n V RealEstate;:-"::
Il , iii ,:..''' I i-
Probate Coutt of Franklin county, Ohio,. 1
.will oner for saie. at puoiic auction, on . , v
Wcdncsdav, lbe' 3d dy of U
! f,,: . , cenilerr,A. a. .1(S8
latlSo'cloekfbrenoon. noon the premises, thefol-
lowing described real estate, situate ia the city of
Columbus, county oi iranKlia ani btateof Uhio,
' Being' the'north hairtN- ii) of friofinn Ifoi S and
, lot ro. 4, commencing 313 feet from tbe southwest
'corner of tractten-number tnpee Ann lot Jso. 4 in
South Columbus, and from thence north TS degrees,
east 187 f feet to an alley; tbence with the west
line of said alley north 19 degrees, west SI hi feet;
tbence a westerly direction and parallel with the
first' line lb7K feet to the eadt line of Front street;
tbencea southerly direction and with the east line
of r nt street 31 feet totbe place of beginning.
. being tne nortn nan oi saia rot.no. in said trao
tion No. S r-i: i r -' ..:u:i . v .: n: , w.
I Appraised at l,3no. ...... ...... .o
' Terms of Sale One-half cash in band, and the
other one-half in one year from the day of sale
:witu ioteiest. the deferred payment to be secured
by mortgage upon the premises sold. - - i
Administratrix of Adam Silbernanle, dee'd.
i Wm L Hkyl, her Att'y- nov91-dltw4w 1
Sherift's Sale.
John P. Trahue et al. ) Court of Common Pless of
- vs Franklin county, O.
Alex M. Trabueet al.) ! , In Partition. .
. , sale in the above stated case from said oourt
to ma Jirecled, 1 will offer for sale at the door of
the court bouse, in the oity of Columbus, Ohio, on
Saturday, the 26ch dav of December, A.
; ' -; D.18G8, ; .
: at i o'clock P. MV, the following,' described real es
ta'e' to-witt the same being situate in Franklin
township, cauDty of Franklin and State of Ohio,
ani bounded aad described as follows, to-wit: ' .
Beginning at a stake on the margin of the Scioto
river, being the southeast comer of the Trabut
survey No. 63U; running thence on the south line
of said survoy sooth 64 degrees, 30 minutes; west
VI 60-10U poles to a stake; thence north 40 degrees.
95 minutes; west 1 4 80-100 poles to a stake; thenoe
north 64 degrees, SO minutes, east 40 4-100 poles to
a slake in the margin of the riven thence down
tbe river with the meanders thereof si nth IS de
grees, east 11 pules and 60-100. south 36 decrees,
15 minutes, east 90 61-100 poles to the beginning,
containing 30 acres, 1 rood and 36 poles.
'forms .One-third cash in hand on day of sale,
one-third in ooe year and one-third in two years
from dar of sale, back payments secured by mort
gage on the premises sold.
Appraicedar. $5,000. ' ' '''
1 Printer's fees S13 75 " .',.'
uhORGE H. EARHART. Sheriff.
By J. S. Btn.L. Deputy. ' .
DbbsblA MaTO. Att'ys. " '' n'ovSS-dltwtd'
Sheriffs Sale.'
Isadora Ffoy
-" I -vs ' '
Conrt' of Common
Pleas of Franklin
Clristopher Kneewateretal.) aounty ' j -
in tha above stated cascfrom said court to tne
directed, I will offer for sale at public auotlon at
tbe door ot tao court nouse, in tne city 01 Colum
bus, on '' " ' -. ! ; . .
Saturday, thd 19th dav of December,'' A. D.
' :: ' ....
at 3 o'clock P. M., the fi llowing described prorer
ty. to-wit: . Situate in the county of Franklin and
Mats of Ohio, to-wit: '.- ''. .
Lot No- six8) of John Short's subdivision of lot
No. nine (9) (.t Itooert Aeu a addition to the our ot
Coiumbu, Ohio, said, premises conveyed to said
Chris epber Kneewater by John G. McUufiey, and
wile, e.v oeea aarea aiaran 4una,&. n. acoi .
Appraised at S-'40,. .--j.i i.-il i..!-1?
I Printer's fees Sllf 1 1 . ' ,
I . , GEO. H. EABHART. Shoriff.
; By J. 8. BrLt. Deputy;.'
J, G. slcGur-ax. Att'y. t. vhv : Ui -:'.
novl7-wtdAdU , ; ., . t , , 1 a 1
' 1 VP 3
Legal Notice.
, reside in Nevada Territory, is hereby notified
I that Seussn Cromer did. on the 9 day of ovein
: bar. 1608. file her petition in the office of tho Clerk
of the Court 01 Common Pleas, within and for the
' county of Franklin and Slate of Ohio, charging
tne sai 1 asa uromer witn win iui ansenca irotn tne
said plaintif for mere than five years last past, and
anting tna sne may oe diroreed trom said .aa
! uromer, andtnatsbe be allowed reasonable alimo
! nt, wl ioh petiti n will stand for hearing at the
next term of said Court. -''
Dated Noren.ber 4th, 186S. 1 ' sii'-i' -. - v.
I By W. A,. Fuetlbbaugh. her At,'y,. nov3-fiw-
IRTl' .in ibe city of. Columbus, a farm. of ISC
' acres of land hear Ottawa, the county seat of Put
I nam' county, tlhieaod will1 pay the difference, if
any. ineasb. Toe land is si tuW at tha cornet- oi
. eruss roads, .has house on it .and. - twenty .or thirty
acres cleared. It is very rich lmd, and well tim
bered with walnut, ash, sugar-tree andipice busch
, A good bargain willfba given. 1 ' i.' 1
: "j ,; -n V al'KK.WB. ,
Offioe, corner of High and Broad streets.
mar3-wly , T , '
i) .. 1
iVA tbe treatmsut ot diseases ot reinale.-. , There
I are many ladies fn every community whoMreaffiiet-
ed. with whstt is tam.ed female 'weakdeV.'. Dr.
) Helmiek has discovered a remedy that ia warrant
edtJ oure the, mast severe cases. , no matter bow
.long standivg. ' Ladies can consult the' Doctor at
his officaor by mail; on all diseases peculiar lo theit
ises. iThe strioteBtptiaay.obBerved in all cases
Otfice No. 165 N ortu High street, Columbiu, Ohio
j iu9-wly, ,.,,;, ;r i.-,;- .-;,,.,.' "0
F9H1HB HwUPAV.-How tb invest a
, Dollar profitably, t Send 93 oerrta for a oertifl
cate in Packard A Co.'s Grand liq iday Distribu
tion, consisting of Pianos, Melorlens, Gol I and Sil
ver Watches, Jewelry, Ac, valued at STSo.ooO.
Every artioleUhedispoaed of on the popalarOne
Dollar plan, and not to be paid for until you know
what you are to receive. Certificates and circulars
sent on receipt of 95 cents' or five for 1. '
j "PACKARD A CO.. 68 West Fourth street.' :
j 00-nov3j-w4w:i v. . '" - Cincinnati, 0.:
I NKRS' MEETINGS. The Board of School
Examinersof Franklin qounty u.oetattho Probate
Court Room On the last rndirr and Saturdaro,.
each mouth in tbe year. ; AI.ho! i.o im second Fri
day and Saturday of the spring aud 1 mil iminths. .
, ario-wU;,.nj '-3 1 . -?i!? ffr-.' :v.il .
IiB.i ' lo . ,!..ji.c' i ii-.-. -il l rt'.:
9'l;'d...jtr i.iv I'.-'n ,iii,ri.jm 'S? r,,'"
j9 k."7.,.. ieriiSL: i.,.
?Vi.:' i -''X. ... r VI "I' '
,Z . j' fc iS I ''oil
Ji j. , i'. .m
Patent uronnd Circular Sawi, .
nan ii ahjo Kir saws.
Ebpaibtno. Cabsfcllt and Pbomptlt Dosk.
Li i a tviiAiiwAi:.; aa a. m...u 1..1I..1
r.,. tsu esttusti;inoinnaU.i.
Warehouse; ft 14 s.l street. Cincinnati. O.
-onetv til rmJBJlST. v--,:,.. re sepS-wSm
.! in:
Kerosene Chandeliers. ' !ia - ' ' .-'r. ,
Ifir. -r .: ilracfcctt Hall and Table Lamps, '
Lantern for Oil or Pftndleji.
The-newestand best kinds o' Burners, Chimners,
wioks, or an'tning in tna lAmp line, tor ligating
ChacsbmL Halls or Dwe'lings, ia at. . ,
McBKNRY A O.'S Depot.'
i"; aos.o A.an( aourui anu.ios jaain street, -
ud e.-iCatS" FIXTURES.'' - -
Gas Cnandeliers -..'1 . 1;-; iini: i':i v i; .;....
.. Hall Light. .
' . ' Bracket Lights, : y.' 'i ''
.-i .1 !. .'. .: Portable Lights.- j.-.,, :t.
Ceiling and
'''' !-'' Window Reflector Lights,
, . - ., r '- ... onaaes, tiiooes,
": ''- ' Smoke Hells.
Or anythin in the Gas Fix'ure lino, ia at , ,
.. , .MeHESHY A CO.'S Depot. 1
Wrought-iron Pipa (Plain or GalvanitedJy -.- .. ..
tast-iron 0011 r'pev
Stone and CeinenT Drain Pipe,
S:: ... Malleable nd Cast-iron Fittings.
, Staam Valves, Stop Cocks. .
" ,-l '- Gas. Service, and -
.rt - , ... .. . ..f. M . f '..rf.li. Am Aa
Or anything in the Pipe or Fitting line, is at
Mcusn k 1 at tju.o uepoi, .-ii
, , , Nos. S liast Fourth and 162 Main street. ,
Pumps' Plumbers Coods.
Cistern and Well Pumps, ' '- i. 'i. i ..::'.'
Lit t and force rumps. . . . . ., . ,
Beer Pnmps. Garden Pumps, Ac,
j - :. Bath Tabs, Closets, . .
1 , . W ash-stands, Wash Trays,
!i.-. -. Baih Boilers: Sinks.
Ao Ao.' Everything fn the above line, wholesale
or retail, at Eastern prioe. at ,
-.: ai m u n n. i a x a vu. o uepot; 1
. 1 . v ' -.)
Cas & Steam Fitters' Tools.
Screw-outting Maohines, Slocks and Dies. I 'rills
Reamers and Taps. Patent- Pipe Cutters. Pat
ent-and Ordinary- Pipa 1 Tongs,' -Pipe. Vises.
Meter .and Burner fliers. Gas fitters" Au
gers, Chisels', Ae.,rAe. Everything 1n tbe- above
line alwais on band and for teleatine manuiaotui
er's trade rates, at
No. 8 East Fourth A IBS Main lrel,
0 CTl-er30-w3m '' tlTClS&ATI.
Wo are constantly purcnasing for cash in tha New
York and Boston Markets, all Kinds 01 -
o.. Ao j : 1
Which we are actually seMcg at an aver 'go price
of One Dollar for Each Article. Our
sales being strictly for cash,1 and our trade mooh
larger than that of any i-ther similar conoeru, en
ables us to give hetter bargains than can be obtain
ed of any other House. m.i .-i.-..i--.ii. .
:- i- iTJlE XADIES
Are especially invited. to giro us a trial. -- .-i
Our ulub system uf se ling is as lollows: Forts
send 30 patent pen foanlfiins And cheek describing
an different articles to te S'dd for a dollar each; 4u
for 4r SO for 5: KiO for $!. Sent bv ma'K
Oitaaio largtr than thoie nftrtdL by any other
Urm.. accoidine to size ol ciub. Single lou'ntain
and check, 10 cents.-' Mate and female s gents want
ed. eud Kloner in Kegisierea eiters
Send tin . trial elub. and '-on will aeknowlede-e
that yon cannot afford to buy goods ef any other
house thereat lex.
. 05 dauoiex Street, Boston, Mass.,
DB-iu3-w6m '
S:'i.-. .." i-iii-iii linn. 1.. v. 11 ";-i: 1 1
Ton Can Boy Every Description , of
particulars. or sendO.VE DOLLAR and receive
len cneess oescrioinc leu oiuon-n. ari.iuieti, wdicd
we will sell f r Onb Dullak bach. and asa Com
missi. in to ihe. senaer choice of one article from
bxobange ListvOt-overiwu, , . .
Vor 3,-30 chfcks -and 20 ydi. Sheetinr.
Kor 5, 50 checks and 30 jds, Sheeling,
If or $10, LH checks and G5 ydg. Wheeling,
or other articles e'anallv vslnahle. ' r -. ; :
tihould the articles named on Ike Checks not he
desired, a selection can be made from oar Ex
onAtr.1 Liar, which is greater tba" that of any
other bouse; and as our go his are acknowledges to
be superior to any other concern, we know tkit after
patronising us once, you vill continue to do so. .
Male and female agents wanted everywhere.
83 Sudbury.SU. Boston, Mass.
Licensed kytheUtiited- atates AuthoritioaJ
To no sold at tne' average price of ti. CO Each,
Oof commissions for clubs exceed those of other
establishments, and our gmls are warranted te give
satisfaction. Clubs ot 'leo and upwards receive
articles valued at from S3 to S100. New Cireu ar
and full paruoolars sent free tt . i liOt la
ill AN & iju.. AO Hanover St.. Boston
Nais:; ...i!:.: iU.. i.-i' novl3-w4t-r-r
- Window Glass Warehouse.
ioa. SOS, SOT, ,09 -Ac 31k m.' dllU St.
; lVl, pkiLadeLphia.,
i . r , iaroKTBB or , ,
i F'rench and English Window Glassl " " ' '"
Freaoh Plate Gas for Windows.1 - -. ' K'1-jt.-
- French Looking Glass Plates. u ....
: Hammered Vlate Glass for Skylights.' r " ';
-- ' .- r f " .. Floors. . j., .-. ilii .,;
- Colored and Ornamental Church Glass.
' Flute I G ass for Conservatories, every size and
tmckness., .;. ,.,. - . ,,
Br the Original Case. Box, or Single Light,
. Square or cut to any irregular Shape."' - 1 -:
novaA-waiur-vr . i : i;:;i i,. i' t .ii-Jx.-i.-i .-
a new price;; ust ;
l i u Ii
Is issued this month by tbe
and will be sot'post paid, to every applicant, eon-
taining aanouncements ot ..1,0 . .:. t.i,-
i mu aw . . a . j
' i l.l vm "i !ii:"ui" i;m ,' (fi i ii.'i nn-i
. . ' . . '. . AND . .
' Fo'ur!-Octkve Orian. Solid Wthu' 'Case' S50.'
Frve-Ootave !lroule iReeA lreah,"rtre strop,;
swiii v aimit vse. carved and paiiauct. i-o. , -!
Other Styles at Pranortinnate oriees. Warero'ima.
154 Tranuuit strtet, ' ilustotr, 56S, Bioadway, New
1 ork, noVi7-4t-P NT
1 "a ill ' I i -li tu ai'il I h i l.l in .iii i 1 1 i
Drs; Warner tSc Emminger,
i -ha i i.-ji r?xTTTOjrrcs'"
Ijo - J.I-'
i j ry no j.fO,ni
j r, t. . f .. . f - . in -i i . . v
All nrst inportanaeTo Deaitbvoomfart and beauty,
we cordially invite yon to call at uur oleasaotlfeu
tot rooms. No. 18 East UtOad afreet ,T
YoufittAallilEeaceMlfdiserimiiiata hotween the
ignorant preusuuer ana tne properly qualities e1-
, Artificial teeth made .fcrnsT k'ro wora.,wtth com-v'a-idserye
ttopurpos ot speech, mantication
j -doeauty.' As'DeMisu werito-be.the 4e and
) nis1! nil that's good r.r,rr..-trrt
Teeth exUantatthe4 pen.,a,',lTyfrw. . :
WewElit JtgSERVE Bane.
holder of e autsUndlng notes f the laoL
Western Reserve Bank, and to all other parties in- 1
iere-iei..iaata:ief toje.ejtsTirattoB ef ia anoAitos
frm this date, application will be made to tha An
t: .. w j -n -i w....
Ulll'l, . ...IC)11(I nll: 1IH.UI. VI, ll,K,UIIUUVI.
der tj said Bank the stocks deposited tq necure the
outstanding circulation -of mid liaek.i in- t urriu-
ance oi me lony-urii i; bwuihi wi au act emit ea
An set t ' locorpsraio inn tiuw jo.na or uniu,
:hd other Banking Companies.':' paaaed February
il. a. rtaJiias, i roaiaeni. ,
M. B. Tati.br, Cashier., , ; : "-'i
Auat.l9.Ku ..aiutaB-wfnt
f ji ,i
.Ti'-nuJ -;.! uti'l -iriti!if. .J 1 no Jll'
ttbree Trains IieareOoleirnbTia (TJnloa
t AJei)-aaif! (ua4ars fcxcaptcwio i
- t..-. ,;- -. .1! .. ' 'i.rfl., A r.!'r
3:2s A. M. MDHT RTPncao
Zanesvllle at 03 A. M.; Bellaire at'iOaoA. MV
Kalriiaoro at ii6 A. Si.; Waenington City at 8-.it
A. M. ,1
. , .i uii - it . 1 ji 1 3"t!.i o "
at Zanesville at 1:47 P. M.: Bellaire at 5:10 P M ;
Baltimore at 11:10 A- U.; Washington ,Citj at U3i
jt. jj . i . . '.' - ...-. . , .
!-' -I .I- - "r " - . 0 't 7...f!--f j.)i:!
f.tS P. M. EXPRESS MAIL, arriving at Zanes
i villf at 4:55 P. M.; Bellaire at 9:16 P: M.r Baltimore
a4:iiP.M WashUgUmCityatSaP.M.iii .
.'- (. , .-: .1 . ; '.. -: ,
Close eonnectiens made at Baltimore and Wasn
ington with trains for Philadelphia and Kew York.
'Passenger' holding through tickets to- Eastern
cities have the privilege Of v .ui-f.jt -,.u -n!
Vfeltlng rWahington!;' City ; Free;
Ill' -'-j:: -i'ini:'i- ' ' - i-.i- '
- 11 ,.; ) I'Vitiii 1') -. :i 915J
IMotihangeot Cars atOhio River
: : 1.-,.. I ,.TBAm&..! tin ,7-n i.l
. "I, .- ' ,.' -. : ; ' if!,'.: I,
- JNO L. WILSON, Master of TransportatitB
., L. M.COLE. General! icket Agent. .
" JNO. W. BROWN. Oen'l Passenger Agt.
. CURED .VITtll fi ...
I Can be given with or without the knowledge
of the patient. Dr Johnston's Treatise on ' Drunk
enness, ita 47nn.aon.ncea and Cure." free nn an
plication.' Price of Sptcifle psi bottle, fl 50, cr
tnree Dottles tor .uo, ,, , ,.,,:- , ,
. Aug, J. , lscliiieileirs "
Sole Proprietor and Mannfacttirer, 'olumbus, 0
i seplT-dtAsAwly i , -.n, ;. -5-;il
m .11. M PtKttwl bUKtl ; . i
Fotv Djspepeia, Fever: and Ague, Aci
dity of the Stomach, Loss of Appetite,
Nausea, Heart-burn, : Jaundice,- and all
diseases arising from, a disordered .state.
of the. Stomach, Liver or lntestineaj-i-i m
' Prepared by Seward Eentlbt,
Druggists, Bufiklo, NJf. . Sold by all
druggist. : .. ; ,' . ,l ;( -.'( M ,Y.
B. t- oa MCE L A Co., Wholesale Agents -. , Si
8BB-ap4-deoFAwly . -
Tti OreatSI ea&lelne Par ataB 8kiavcarai '
- - wltliOHt fMtv every Bctatt r an
inhtly ernptlon of tlie YSmce,' ' "
or itelilni, lrrltatlus. or ''
: , . dlstreiwlnff enUneoam.
tfUeaM 4MB m pmrt
-v.'o.'.'"' ''i of Ihe persoii. , .;,r . ;!; .,
- ,4 71 lint nmrift rlirreH me o f that morti fyg erp
fion. irf trm note looking quite liken mat,' write
'hrlei E. N'ol.lo, ,eiMrnl Agent of MubfOnUrul
B. R., 173 Urondwity, N. Y.
- IrV vfri! it an inPaMonJe rem1u tor TrfTfr, eic.
ritQ JlitfJey liros., Drugi'tft Fiiirfield, low. .
I hnve tried your ralnnhk rmertu for Barber'a .
Ilch lOrTh nrttu twtrrcM,"' writes 0. W. Pnaiout, Of
LtfOmiiistitr, Muss. i
Eeud for circular. Price, 75.cts. and $1.00. .
i Prepared only by SOLQX PALMER, ' U
ji: a- i ; 3j Wswt ronrth 8treet, Cinchinatl, O
For:salj by Drutfjji-tf genarallr. i
sopt21 deodiwXy t : .
i Pj Hollnwa.'a Pilla and ttollowav's Ointment.
Disorders of the Stomach. Live, and Bow. la The
Stomach is the great center wbicb innuences tne
health or disease of the system abused or debili-
i tated by eicoess indigestion, nn5ive' oroitn an
i pnyMcai prostration are tne naiurai cvuhiju.iiwm
i Allied to the brain, it is the source of headaches.
' mental denresainn. nervmts7 ComDl.intS and unre-
. lre.hinj sleepj. Tho Liver become affected .and
generates bilious disorderg.paitis in the tide, Ac.
, T Bowels sympathise by Costiveness, Diarrbces
and Dysentery. Tne principal action of these Pills
. is on tbe stomach, and the liver, laags oowei and
i kidne'S participate in their recuperative and re-
1 aennrat.ivA niMiktinn Frvaioeiaa aadVISalt Rheum
i are two of the most com man and virulent disorders
; prevalent on ti-te cootioeot.. lo thoR. tbe Oint
ment is especially antagenistic. Its "modus oper
andi" is first to eradicate the venom, and then cora.
i nlele the enre. Had Lags- Uld Sores and U leers.
i cases of man. years' standing, that have pertinsr-
cionsiy rerused to yieia to anyotnor remeoy or
; treatment have invariably succumbed, to a few ap-
i plications ot tbis powertul unguent, r.rupuocs on
: tbe Skin, arising from a bad state of the Mood or
; chronic diseases, are eradiaatcd. and a clear and
1 transnarant snrfaoe reeained bv the restorative ao.
i trenkif tlfis Ointment." ltsnroasras many ef the
! cosmetics and other toilet aprliar.oea ia -- power
i to di'snel Tasbes sna other d-sfiguremenrs of the
face,-- 'Female Complaints, wheth r in the young or
' Old. married or single. aLaja.aawn oi wonani ooa
: or tbe turn ot lite, these tamo medicinei-.tiupiav.
decided an influence that a marked improvement is
annn Mmntihl, in.tha health of tha natifma. '.j.:
ing k purely vegetable prenaiation. tbey are a safe
and reliable remedy lor an classes oi remaie. tu
every condition of health and station ot life. Filer
and Fistula Jiverv form and feature of these prtv.
and entirely by the use id this emolinl;-watm fj
' mentations should precede its' 'application.'- Its
; healing qualities will be fouad) to. be thorough and
aiflnn.aiMV 'iiiHimrn amnmK. i,..i..hjklwi liajnir
, wvariaoio. . . 1-
1 Both the Ointment andPVl shouTd be used
: the following cases: vA.?"-' .' a-;.l
! Bunions, Burns. Chapped hsnds; ChiTblains, Fis
I tula. Gout. Lumbsgo, Mefcnrial Eruptions, i-iles.
(Rheumatism. Ringworm, slt.ghe";vT So!i
' Skin Disea.es, Swelled Glands. ,ore Le. Sore
Breaetl, Soro'HeadaviSore Throats, Soree efall
I kinds, Sprains. Stiff Joints, .letter,. W .T"
nereai-Sore; Wounds ttf all kinds
cernnble as a 'WaUr.mart in very le.- v
of directions sround each !" or box thewnaeomy
be plainly seen by kcMfnaMukaf to the light A
' hlZl "war -i'lbes vento any ope rdc
ingisuctrit.forniarioaas' may-lead to the' deteetion
oinesor venoms unn"ni r," 7 ,7
rionsj .iH!i
J-1.IU oi ill
AST .fold t-tiia tBanfaotorjrfiIfeosnj;iHi
rTJ v.i.A 7..VT. . York, and br all re-
,'spacta'bk! DrojtxistH-and'- Dealer "in-' Medicine
.throughout tifacivUtted worlds. ; ,-..',i .."J.i;
i Aar TheiwS eonsiderable saving by Uklng the
large stzeait-l t .0 . .. v i
N. B Directions fo4eridanee of patients in
very disorder axe affixed to each pot and box, .
I y.lBiwiyi -"'" . ...... A. ., .
VouaflB or, ajHOTTTRBev-as jdehvered at th:Na
,Yorlt Museum of Anatomy, enibracing tbe sub-ieots.'-
Ho" toliveand wbatf'to1 live fort Tenth.
Maturity and Old Age,- Manhood general y reviewed-Tbe
cause of indigestion, flatulence and Ner
vou8 diseases accounted for ; Marriage iillosoph-'
icall v considered, Ac.
P.M-lrt. volumes eontaimnr these lectures WULoe
forwrded 4e partie. unable to attend, on receipt of
four stamps, bv addressing SECRETARY. ;Nsw)
IYosk Vein op Anatomt ap Scibnce. 61a
Bboadwat NfwYoba. - VltYeWs-dl
v i h
n - aaaSt
The Shortest Rout West-No Change of Can to
r ' ' 'CMcago. Keokok and IridiaaapolisV ii.
tt 7n' I J.lv ..i.i 1
-T YtfoiD:! ! H i , vi v ,;r n yff
1?0U5 TRAl?S.PAJY lwUaioa.l'epet,pov
lumbaxonand fter Nov.9, jSoP.aa '"
, ,'' ' fc 1 followgr"' "
D.AfV' A'.r'M.''TdLEB' AKD-'flKTROlT SX-i
0. UU ,P-)ESS-(SaadafS xcepted) .. Ariives
at alilford :17 a m, Urbana 10:10 a in. Bellefontsino'
lK5pm. SeidakyaO0p.BHPiqulcl K, lo
sedot.isopm. Detroit 1040pm., . .
This train is run expressly for Toledo aair D'
troitb sines', arriving at- Lota place 8. hour,
ahead of any otherronte. . 1 ' ' -
l.ltj nmdays exeepfwlh- Arrives at Bradford
Janetion4rf0pta. Riehraend (dip mi. ledianepo
Iis80 p m, Logailf portaikjfl. p m, ChicagiS 00 a m,
Paoria S:25a m. Uaestiurg 9.40 a m. Burlington,
Iowa. 11:06 m, Keokuk 12:30 p m.Qalner l:5pm,
Louisville 3:30 a m. Terre Haute ll:i7 p m, Mattooat
33 a m, Cairo 4:40 p m, Pana 4:07 a m. Alton 8:00 a
m, St; Louis 9:15 a m, Lafayette 13:00 mid, Spring
aeid, Ills -. 7t a ."- --i vil '' ' ,j
Passengers b. this train reach St. Louis the next,
morning honra ahead and for points west
of JSt. Louis and KeokiisT one train in advance of
all other routes. .--! :.- Ji' -tt viif
t)JU PRESS (Sundays excepted). Arrives at
Piqua 9HS p m, Toledo 6:30r"a m. Detroit 8:10 a m,
Brailford Junction M m, Loranspori 30 am,
Chicago 89 a m. Indianapolis 2:26 a ra, Terre Haute
6:30 a m. toattoon 9: 15 a m. Pana 11:09 a mi' Alton"1
3:110 p m, St. tiounr re-T-''. lutarette 7:45 a m.
Springfield. lr!a. 4:JS p m. yuioojr llMp m.- h-ee-kuk
1:00 a m, Louisville 8 .Ou a m. Nashville 60p
m, Memphis 10.4)0 a m. ,-iij, i-Jit r.i ,
Sleeping cars run in this srainufrnrn-Colnm-',
bus to Chicago and St. Louis, without change. This
is decidedl?.the best train from Colrmbua to Chi
cago, St. Louis and Louisvillei as it makes quicker
time an t a-nves at iouia ana iieuisville tf -hours
ahead and make) direct connections for'
all points West and South on train in. advance of
any other route. - n .
iin A; M. NIGHT EXPRESS, Daily -via
I.iaV Indianaoolis fMondavs-exeeoted). via
Logamport. Arrives at Bradford Junotaoa 4:19 a I
m. Logansport 9;40 a m. Chicago 9r2S p m, Peoria.
5:35 p m, Keokuk 10:45 pm. Indianaoolis 850 am.'1
Terre Haute 19:15 p m.Evanrville 7:30 pm. Mattoon
3:18pm. Cairn 4:15 a m. Paaa tM p m. Altos 9HQ p
in. p.. uuuia 4'.;io p m. jiayetiie a:iu p m. Liouis
vi le50p m. Nashville 5:00 am, Memphis 4:18pm;'
rasseng.rs oy tms train arrive toe ,saaia day at
Bt. Louis 3 hours and Chieazo S hoUra ahead 'of'
any other route.
Run in this train from. Pittsburgh to Indianapolis.
' AO- Call for Tickets via Logansport or Indian-''
apohs. "" -
As .Tickets fov'sale at Uaiou and Piqu Depot.
Columbus, and at all. principal Railroad' Ticket
OBoea,' u-n.:.. j-.: .. . 1 . .1..,
.1 i-i i, I J, CHANDLER. Genl Ticket Agent. . ,
J . B. LU NT. General Superintendent.
Great Northern and Eastern Route.
Great Northern and Eastern Route. CLEVELAND, COLUMBUS
—AND— Cincinnati Railroad.
-i',J fnt-iT-EXCKPX SUNDAY. 1 -F
Froaa Columbaa. in connection with Trains en tha
tuiiue jTAianal otcoiambus dcxeala
. rl 1 Kta-llroada.
WrGHT EXPRESS Leaves Columbus at ItlSI
A. M. Will stop at Delaware, Cardington, Gilead.
Galion, Crestline, Shelbv, Shiloh. New London,
Wellington, Grafton and Beiea. arriving at Cleve
laad aied A. New York 3.-00 A. At. .This train
leave. Sunday morning, not Monday. .
' NO. 1 ACCOMMODATION Leave Columbus t
at 5:00 A.M. Will stop at all way. stationai. . Taiar
train starts fro the Freight Yrd. ' ' --
NEW YORK EXPRESS-Laaves ColOmbus at I
11:10 A.M.-, M ill stop at Delaware, Ashley.Carding
ton. Gal iotf, 'Crestline. Shelby: New London. Wei-
Hagtoo. Grafton and Berea. Arrive at Cleveland.,
at 3 if P. M New Vork next day at SiM) P. M.
. MAILANU EXPRESS- Leaves Columbus.at3:40
P. M. Will stop at Worthii atoaj. Lwwit Cent.
Delaware and all Stations to Sheiby aad Shiioh,
New London, Wellington, ilreftwn and Berea; Ar
riweat Clevelaad atJ0 P. Mi. New York t:iS P.M-f
Passengers for Fort Wayne and Chicago, by tak- ,
hilr this train, will get sleeping ear at Crestline akf
6:00 P M arrive in Fort Wajne at 11.-60 P, M
Ch cago at 6:00 A. M.' being in advanoe of all oth-
er ront-a: have amnio time fo braakfaat. aad aako-f
I the earliest train for the West
oritiinurr 1H.L.U auuUiHiiuiiai iuh v ia dbi-
AWAKE Leaves Colnmbm at 9:30 P. M. Will
stop stall stations betweenColumbu and Spring
field, arriving at Delaware at 3::i5 P. M.. Springfield
t P. M.' - This train leaves Springfield at KX Ai 1
M, airives at Delaware atj 9jt& A-.iU; olujibus )
0-1 UttA ,''.-, . rl yt-,l: , ot ' ftntfiiih
PatemtStoeplBsr, Carw arc raa oat svllyi
lJI-a.a 1'nl. . tf-l. ..u.rA
-"-' " t-a ,.,
New fork sand
SS- Baggage cheeked thrcugh to' New York and
Boston, via Cleveland ; alse, to , Philadetpkia aadW
Now Vork, via Crestline. , n-..r4 n.t m. (,.
. ' returningP1 4 5n
Nisht Express arrives atCelumohs atVik A? . Ml ."l"
Cincinnati Expraes arrives at Columbus stli i .t.
, Mail Train arrives at Columbus at 9S5p. I." '
: Springfield Accommodation arrives stColumbuv1
atlotao Akt. -i ii-w. i --! ui;i iiiif
l iare aa law as by aav, Other Rsntf
Ask for Tickets via Cxeatline or Cleveland.'
'. tr'.' il K. 8- FLINT, ,
' ' Superintendent. Cleveland, "Ohio.''
'''a i '.JAMES PtTTEKSON.l.iw
Aeant. Columh a. Ohio. ...
CoIumhuB.lfoT 38. 1863. " '"- -A)
Little Miami, Columbus & Xenia
On n after MONDAY; Nov. JSd, ' 1868, FOt It
-" TRAINS DAILY will leave Colamba - 1
;S,.,S , DL1HAP.0LI8 ft CHJCACK).F.f
Wlthou tchaag of ears to DAY TON) and RICBa
. JdOND, and only on change of cars to IN ,.
.11 1 i ' ' I ' : ik) I- J ' '' 1 L ! " 1 ' I 1 ' il fl
! . Connections are reliable as follows
: -'''' "- ' ,.-i .si "!i ifivji
' ; : v,l:.Fias.T, TRAIN (Dail).f . ,r , ..
Leaves at ,2 'A. M. for- Cincinnati,, Circlevillfc, j
, Lancaster, HilUboro and Cbillicnthe; stops at Lon
don,' Xenia, Morrow v and aaiVelana. arriving art
i Cincinnati at 720 a m. - . .
j .i :''i.m --;;;-!m nl
lb I''i!i(Dany eaoep8nndjBj':i'ar-.iT
Leaves at StOO A. M. for Cincinnati, Daytew
, Richmond. Indianapolis and Chicago, and stops at
; West Jefferson, London. South Charleston. Selma. 1
Cedarvill.Xeuia, Spring Valley. Cogwin. Morrow T
j South Lebanon, Fosters, Lovelanii. Myford.ar
j riving at Cincinnati at IMS A. Meoaaeotiaf ' I
iyith thoMailBoaU,,.,, w !:;:!0
;ytn;i.:i -.'.0 THIRD, TRAIN. :; ij t ;'..:.-)
h i-.jhj lo (Dally axoapt Semdayaji -j l, ititttr?
Leaves t y . M. for Cincinnati. Dayton and
Springfield, via Xenia, arriving at Cincinnati at
'.saWJUJauiA't iiM-f ii.t owfcii i:ii.i-. -.. i "
' . , , F0TJRTH7TRAI5. .
I -7IJ lo Tt' ..' ' ...T.-.j: saair! T
. , (Daily except Sundays.) r
leaves' St' :B P1; M.fort'ineinnati." Dayton- and'''
Springfield Via Loodort. stopping at A It a. Wast
Jefferson,, London, South Charleston. Selma;
' Cei-arvillerXenia. Morrow and Loreiaud, aad ar"
. riving at VincinnatiatlOPii.. ,. UVM aj,
'i. I-1.'1." si v-i in .Ii "ii; s.oi .iiaiilt
Sleeping; Cars '
i -iii i ti. jiL.1 i ' -' .
all Wlfht Traiai.l
; -' - W. H. H. SHINN, Agent.
JOHirHTJIlANlt. -Y '
j Genl Ticket AgIj
. . u i -. i
mmn vr wawa-a-aTya ' a a A
in,);!.' ii;;i ,u: v-.a .ij.i.I
,-tir Jf.HAKtiKBOWTE);iO !)tfj io
1 kna Atter ISnn Mtn. lc1 tains' wftf inn n 1TI
ftUfafUi ! t 1' ltii;ij .i-u rt...5I
Leave. 5. Y- Express. Mail ., Fast Line
Odrnmbrs..T.I.90A.-M.!U 9:16 P:M; 11SA. M.;ii
Piewark. i.-f-. .s.mi A. nu,., r. ju.P vtj8 f.41,,1
Steuhenvillev-9;00 A.M. OHO P.M. r 5:16 P.M. '
I Arrive at ... . I ' . .-3... i it 1 .i-i iu.-xt
Pittsburgh 11.10 A. 15:00 M. ., 7KH P.U.
Hnrrtsburg... 9:S0 P. M. 13l P. M. 1 A..M?m
Philadelphia..: I:&'aM.f,,4i50 P. Ai.-rfvfSIVA, Mii,
New York S:0 A. M. 6S6P.M. JI:50A.m"
Baltimore :45 A. M. 6:90 P. M. l91VHri
WasbiLgton... 9H0 A. M, .9 Ml P. Ji. 46 P M.
B ot ton. i . 6:00 P.M. 13.-00 j M.
C E'egant slae room sleeping cars on art night train
iOn,th rest Line tho celebrated "'Silver JJalaV il
day and night cars are run through from Columbue
U Vnlladelybiaand -erawithouttbBwev t 7o)
i : a- IJ.u. ...... k. .IvaalO A. Al i7TT" . .
arrive in New YoVk at o'clock Monday norniS11
vrr hi-tnrti nHnrad
''"fr eSBevSiS.'b.T
' I r I 1 I 1 II I II llil-l t
Britain arid Tratanfl: k'.Si.i;..i b?!)
York, enntinne to istue Passage Tickets. avaiUbu
for twelve i months., from iudoa. .LiierSoeJ I imV
Queenstown.and. DrafU pa -.fcl dWnAf2
ckn-wl,-BKT , " -tffiSS'

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