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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, December 07, 1868, Image 3

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. rJTThe Ctt Cbdftcn'meets tbinfeht-V
fgr- a. meeting ot flax growers will ba.
tW The Ohio State-Horticultural Society;
tota In this nltv on Wednesday and Thurs
day. .'iloqii;bol In )gil ...j13 -
tS9- Mnvnr RuirKis"been ' so HI for the,
QomA.5' Toil r'! k:i no .fiiOinul
11 hn
X 11 I imwm 1 1111 ii n't.-:! tiT
mmmn la on ODD Ubls. 1 ii. ibeUer . nujnoer
U..UmnlnM)l .11T ll.il.r- )
- - - . V ' 1 . 11- . . - .1
ith Scuwetdf 5 VwflU;
AOOh'i tbe lStb ihst::t i - .
rtar?rrhr wui i.temppH'W
it Kla Whrv weng
at half-past six o'clock. .wtn-t m.m-. :i
'.! o.l .Til i ' k emnnri .m -.
'E3y"Hlzhfclr isshockrogmuady.
fSjfifc&itol t"ae '114
- f3T Ho.' tsaae'Beekey.-OMSiaberof the
City Council rrom tbe Pafi le! an
gerdaalyeffckiot typhbidfeveihrnt, "
iaed iuUchlllylPPy wajtfirwViI..:q ;ih
Cnrafcfcfa. -nfyinea paper pubHahed. at
einitttftOon pf,the Deai and UbJ1
atr't' . iu g ii T 1 1 ii 111 11 't 1 1 tjim-, mm 1
TTeiWrday, was- dulV, b!f f dJ
The aaeoBt f fireside loaaag wied -lijs-tiw'gibfln.wcather'
dkjtel jhaye; 6 JiiiJr.
UOIU ' .6iwiJ. ..-
ji' r'r mm ifiion ni'ti.H
tSOne hdred.t.BnflfQrt7.ep)lgrants
Mssed: throwih.-thie Ur lasV olaht, fhS
BaUlospre, oo beiwajpjnclnjiap ani
constructed piece pf mecbanism, bfit that's
ifteamn 4or showlntT1 throaWbl
ln gUSST?3 fTTTfl TSY5JD
ty We are satlsOed,',tbat baldness may
bejpreTentedby fistenlnit the hair Becnre-
nino. nr hv drlne earlv. air at elsbteeu
Biornlnj: aboujt , f o'clock,jW occasioned
reslfentc talU nHai,EacwWJ
High and Mouod'treetiMo damage wes
1 Wjlus tnOBATB&.-rftMi lsst willind-tet-.
tooiept ft 'Jbhny'etUe fat; pf CWlpnf-1
bus, and also'. XbV I jSHpttetn &j uear
Saturday,, admledj'toi FWbU $$6tajt
byiJadgo PdgbMf:i na..'- iii ' .f .jici
Court dacie'g tlisU' ending'i.$aturdaF;
Ttie-da7, Wednesday 1 Thuradayy 2;
Friday Saturday i'V. V,' iTJ 1 "i .2"
-rt 1" fii f i i i I -tt'it itt it
Sif toH.der',msy' beweserred1.
weet:tet yeartf bjt'oputtlng-. 4t; up Jb i
tlabt canj afte.the, aAafer , ppresetving
fmift:ThetoshoH be Srsettled ilad
raWjoirom.the dVegVbuti eriitata
tion should not be allowed to commence
c orff 'Si -;fi'
Besignbd jA WWi-';?Tbe "Gover
nor on Saturday resetted land accepted the
redenation of p..Wrlrpa;vM Quajte
masters tjeaeraJ ot Ulilo. : iuwaas au iur
n. of Hamar. .Waghin'Btoa",cbTnty;, iatt
Major ofth3thO.TvV. Ias appolnt-
ed to fiirthe vacancy. .i' .
.Ii . i Ii ill i i rirT liVi
BiakukSVs discovered stfetatopped the leak
In thetftwrof that Instttptloiiv Onatlr
daytvI jflbbded, Was now water
tight, AH thai is nwded, is for Jack Frost
to take a' go6(T" square, vmp-.sat the water)
t"rml")tn l" p1" tnr alcat.ing.
ebpaXiKJtotfmTr--Tlis Supreme'Courtof
the State of Ohio wilL convene this morn
ing. There are 229 caseVoit the general
docffftiaije &fiiLXi& ciUI'e'Jaltsi
on Tuesday. There are ten cases on the
motion. Sockets T ThlsttdekeTwin to ealledj
on aaturuay ntii.
fa crzssrr tzttt-j: rr
Feast or thb Ihmaculatk Conckptiow,
To-morrow is the feast-of the Immacu
late Conception; a- SVeetal: vboll lay. sof ihe
Eomaif Caolle'Chdrehi Jttwlll be kb
aej'byteWBgi'WiQi'the"Cani. lie Chnrbh if tttSltylJlflemtt'tlnd
appropriate ereBonfesw A Ktm
AmiTBtB! KAisL-r rSifrrtxa GonA-r-Zeuas
Jackson, sq-, one ol the earliest settlers of
Frmklin county; Bled at bis residence, six
miles north - ot Columfcug,Ttl Saturday
evantiHt last, fie badireached the advaiwed
art of 71 years. waslilghly Bspfl&6pd;
and died lamented by s4arg aamberof
Irlends. .riiirr awjJ?
Assaz.T - AaRX.Grge.. Fix.
police ram ihei'depd :ptf f rested $d
Sfttrdav merBlairvby -CoirtUWeHirti-!!;
a warrantissieby ulre, j&uTicf liaig
ing that Fix committed an assault and bat
terry on Louis Ltak:st the i.depot on Frt
dav eveulnz-r ila waived a examiuatton
and gave bail ia the ' sum of 300 to n
gwer.- ""-' :-
ICuihraitt Asknt's KEPOirr.-C. H. Cam'
pen, peneral Wes ter, EmlgnmtiAgenXre:
port the arrival o 2a emigrants 4a this
cityj 4 urlag;:.t$ftrw;adlni3
Dec. 5th. They Will hd hhnwS as followst
Ohio. 43: Missouri, 161Jlllnois. 89; Indl
slo, 46; JUicnigan, it, auuimu,
Total 623.
Social Ball Our idnclng
be out In force to-narrow night W the so1
ciai ball to be given byRItter & B&rcus, at
Aobo Hall; , The .dances rgWeq y theee
jfehtlemirf heretofore avet tieen- 'noted' for'
their good f rder the tooloj ftnfl geaeral
joyousness; and we caa .safely sav Ihis ball
will be not a whic behind any of 4t -predecessors.
, All who OTer to. trip the Ught
fantasti'c'tpe'sre Invited to be presents :. ".
e T. y - ,,..f
cnoAt ju rH. Ohio. From the - very ln
terestlng report, ol the 'mmissioner of
Commbh Schools of unio, we iaae in iui-
lowing facts:.! mere are iu m p
739; common ;chool4 I priVte schools;
RS-riormaf school 'and aceademies; 43 la-
a l aemminariea and' 26 eolleges.. Makiug
a tfl?.bl. 12.520 io?sti;tutl()n'6f,?earnihg.
There "tsas been exenfledriearly $1,000,
00ft ibe past jeat lurtittfiflf sebpol Rouses,
'- , , rK--
CposTT CoMl:sIOllas, MKferiiiOt Art
meeting of the County Commissioners held
on Saturday, Messrs'. Edwards, Gullck and
Lisle being present, the following, -bills
.re allowed: Nathan . Cole, balance due
for transcribing, indexes,, .$1,023; X. Wa-
coal box,1 $2 60: Taylor & O'Hara,
carriages, $45; Jaeger sfcMartTn.ice, $9.68;
J Geary Son blanks for Clerk of Court,
isn- j'l W. Russell, 'blank-for. Hibba'
f ic a - -
Akotbj -, pr ATW.-psyj softer day,
month' after month, year after year, names
are added to the. long list of bachelors who,
with eyes open but led astray by the' witch,
ery ot bright smiles, have wrecked their
single joys and blessedness on the shoals
and quicksands of matrimony. . It has been
W Wrwne d chf onJolS Whi5 fTUBese ffc
asier4 at doV w sreHUed ntoa)u) lBi
the most solemn dutyof 'our lite to record
the marriage of John T. Gale. Clerk of the
Prebnte tjeurt. to the fceantifat and Tseeom
prtshed Miss Sallie 'Jbne'a. This1 Sad event
happened on Friday evening. John was
dtrtnjned tff;1ed7l36krJ(i,crJ51p,
and as there was no" hook he took Parson
Crook, who tied UieJuiot as neatly as need
be. Blobba sits opposite us as we write.
Lrfl..Jthu?i!Tet-hi8 grtef;r at
One mora niane 0D6.
Rained for life.
3 1 3ii: iwmob' apiMB' on. . . :
i ,i i:ubi iua twin. .t. -1 o.nwi.ni
J:- ioviuc himiteodorljr. -A cv.a J muaij;iH
I an Ud; 00 tair.
Triii and io slenderly.
. T.b i . .. .
--' - Ho matter how ooldlj jt .j
Life's carrent rn:
The girls, ho cqold wink at. them, . , .
wn.S 8ile no1 think of thorn "'s .
uv.-.?-:! : i Like a i aioele men:
. The Iwye. he oH drink with them, !a
The girls, he most shrink at them
' We '- wish the t aTDHcohDle' everv" V&K
MW'ybd bride find tbe (Ta? gentle as (!K
glide down the stream of life together, and
W5llheflleam dueitime rejoice' ii
many little squaUt.
. Boots jiiinSBOKa.-liBatt3ntIon' Of out
readers 4s ! bailed 'We'sdVotlsemenVof
Messrs. E. C. Clond-AO)., who have just
opened jn the pew Deshjarbuilding, nearly,
opposite the Statbssam office, a magnifi
cent stock of Boots' and Shoi.-s, embracing
everything in the line of Mens', Wemens',
Misses;', XvuCbiRreai.we.aJS1ia.
Ranging from the finest silk gore Con
gesi' gaiter' fbj ladles and misses-wear to
theBflfost substantial- Calcutta kip' fojr .the,
tarmer.er fine French calf custom boot for
the gentleman tf .leisure, the stock offers
;Bmple.rsnge for selecUon and none heed gi
away ansmtep, .pe.got(p artjjii astnejg
are represented, of honest material, superior
workmanship, and abundantly able to with
stand the closest scrutiny. ' They are offered
at greatly reduced prices, and all la need
should give Messrs. C & Co. an early call.
eemember the sale is limited to but a few
. teksw Vs -?. , - -.-" i;-' -A.
i - . , -,v-!
J Sunshin ad Shadow lit Hsw York.
j-Parker & Evans, the agents, are canvas
sing this city for a most complet history
Of the bankers, merchants,' business men,
police and detective system, preachers, ed
itors, actors, pugilists and such other mat
ters as are of interest; ta "that world in
piiniature. Ne w York.' The book is of racy
jnterslj. ItjyXll hjehalaltbe.attfiiition fj
aU.whftdo aaotallwhoidaC not kaow hoWJ
mijch good;and badpisjn.tbtt.clty
ta addition to its own Inst attractiveness
the pjre Is presf ntcd In (he'cbpiive styie;!;
t . its autttor -Burleigh" (Mathew- Hale';
$mith)v wha is well known to the' press as''
ne of the raciest .writers of the day. . Tbe-j
ork is finely ;ilastrated.;.with : full page
engravings and is handsomely' 'printed.-
yVf unhoflltatlH;lyr.f!eiameuOj the woitt
11 person tiiterestedj a meCropolttad
ii BATUBBAT.i-sitThe fojlowlnziser-
ti float es of Jncot-ppraclon Vare Jiled In the
Secretiryiot' State's office onftiirday : fl
i 0f the Laborers1 Savings nd Bundlne
&8goctauoB noi xoieao, organ lzea
purpose- of 'rising junds -tb
ambng its members. Frtncipat
Toledo- Capital stock; 300.000 la
1 2(lQ pac.h- JH.Ga OeU.1il
man, LxuM VOrJlesMngn,Jli I. 'Howell.
P. 4hkr-W W: Jones,! A;"P.1bei
lain and Chssi' E. BH ven are ihis oiyofi."
1 Of th4 Cleveland Raliway: CarMot
wmpany?!1gafi'ize3'1 for" the 'pijrpd&jj of
SngigfripJ in thibusinestf,oanflracturlhg.
CipW8tock50,(W0, Itf sftirresof-ttfeachi
Principal office in t Cleveland. ., Jt. Cv Mc
JTairy, Ezra futson,' JohU; Cooo,'. H,M
(laflln and JamesO. Seymour ajethe cor-
poraiparr - L ":. s. ?
PROBATKComtrJBceiNBSs.rhe follow
ing appointments were made'by Judge
Pugti, during the week"endlng Saturday,
Decern Def 5th - rini--
i John G. McGiiffey, appointed adminis
trator of the estate of Geo'. ff.'Earhart, late
ot Columbus, deceased. .Bond, $10,000.
Veit Koeroer ,and Anna Koernee, ap
pointed execntors of the estate:- of John M.
Eoerner, late of Columbus, deceased. : Bond
S3,000.x'. ; . ! .V':f'i - ..- .'i liV
j Lorenzo English, appointed executor of
the estate of John V. Dellicker, late of Co
lumbus. Bond $5,000; 17 . '"'I .
1 John P. Hart, appointed .executor of the
estate bt Elizabeth K. peardurf, late of
Franklin township. No bond required by
tii wHU
PaoT, Bowman, appointed UardianlJof II
Franklin Wtnegardoer. child and heir of
Antnonj. vtnegaraner,. late oiABgiaize
county iBoml Hool 'j '' L
i p: , : . -- ''-n?: Hv
j IiB0TXSI KtS- At THB. .OPEK AJ , HorSE. 9
We r luJrmed that Messrs. Comstecit
Siqlth', proprietors of the Operai House, are
making-several improvements that will add !
Seatly "to the'4ootufort'of visitors. ;TwpJ
w" beaters -have been already put in, ad-"
dirig,' lafgely" to' Jhe .'already" excellent
heating arrangements, and the box office is
le.ue reuiuveu iiuui iia preseui posiuoM M.,i
Where the purchasing ot tickets WlU 'riot"
iatertere'witb tia ingress and egress of the
house.'. JThJS is' capitali.and willgd far to";
make, this'' popular place of amusement ;
sttU more popular. : , rr ' -.-,'ir. :
iPatwcnoNSi The weather -wise are
chock full of predictions just now, They ,
havemore "signs" than 'there;are In th
zodiae.- They say the wild geese have be
gun to migrate ; the muskratj art bujld-,
Ing high; tire corn-husks are of a three- '
ply kind, and that; therefore, a hard winter ',
may.be predlcted,i"H'p' Twstrwnement'b..',
aceount ot weather. Utiould alt ihtne tig
fait, then our prediction- will be verified,'
that the winter will be as warm as the sun-
nyis&leiof abeehive.r.-,.: r, . ".' .
j . -KH4aii n - - - f ''-
;Ci :T. U.,1!rp. 5,-iEi.ECTidN 'of' Officers,?
At1;he-'regularmonthly meeting of the'
Columbus; Typographical. Union .No. 5, .
I held at phe rooms of the association lat
evening, the following orncers were elected
fa-i.the. ensuing tern?: President, W.H..
Paul: VicePresiaenutJ.u.Mitchleli: Ke-.-
cording secretary, joe . vousman, r inan
cihl Secretary, S. W Gale ; Corresponding
Secretary, Thos. W.; Flood ; Librarian,
John Miller; Standing Committee, Henry
Winiams, W. Fi Poland and C. B. Riley. '
Adultery. A man named Jacob Hod-
son 60 years old, perhaps, was arrested on
Fridaynight by Marshal MnrphJi' orj a"
warrant, issued by the Mayor at the in-s"
stance of Hudson's wife,charglng blni .with
living in a state ot adultery with a woman
on East South Publib Jane.' He sayS thaf
he 'was In the: housenas; a boarder ouly
Hudson and, his wife parted some two.
years since. She is living in California,
Uiilon county.4 :. ''. ,' .,v.. .
Tbaksferbed Saturday. The , follow
ing' transfers of real estate were left at the"
Recorder'soffice Saturday j i . .. ' ' '.' '
j Nancy A Decker to Samuel Jabes, Dec.
3th,'100 acres of land in Clinton township,
for $3,500. ' ' ' .'"'"'
' Dr. Goodale's executors to Wm. Meedles,
December 1st, 49 acres and 29 poles of land
in Montgomery township, for $6,147.- '
-ror toa
be loacedi
office Inj
shares 01
I, Wn tnr f
Chhi8tma8i BKsm-tTtie Bntclrers Asso
ciation of this city have' purchased the
handsome pure white short-horn steer that
took the first premium at our late county!
Fair, and will-IangTit It for Christmas;
beef. The steer wUl. welgXsbout 2,4fjq
dressed, is young,, and will make most ae-j
licious beef. On . the . Satordaybefore
Christmas, the 19th Inst, the members ot
the Association wIH have a parade Vitti
their "show, beef,'! mutton and porkand
the flesls. will be sold In. market on Thars-j
day morning, pec '24th, ;and on Saturday
th26th. The-prize, 'mutton will weigh'
100 pounds to each' tsarcass dressed.' The
prizs'.pork'wi'.t consist of fatHtde roasters)
and one pr two 500 pound hogs. ( '
jlBWl.Tvvery lqssit Slmmona'-.
foee3-e6d3fc'v STTAc, UlHO
olanrerw made and rermlrad bf CL'X
Smith, 27 3. High street, over iiRin's store
1.1 noVGd3m : i.'vl i. -r t.m -.'(.h'J wir!;i
"I .it iii, l iHlll'll
Haib Swltchss, Coils, &c at Simmons'.
I . Millinkry materials, Velvets, Satins, A.o
JlZ" UJ i.1 C ruL. ... i I -. I. c-j. jim
dec3-eod3t 3,0 f ft J
Hats! Hats!.. all shapes at greatly Tei
,4uce4 prices, -at' Simtuohs', Opera Block.
.' tfec3-eod3t ' "n t,: ,'''"' -"
Foe JSai.e House and . lot, corner of
Franklin and Washington Avenue.' Most
lesirable propertyrvrHl be sold-at a bargain
Enquire of J. Wl Moore, o.,44yiest North
street. ' '
octl3-dtf 1 .. .
.LosT.-rOn. the corner of High and Broad
"tree's, yesterday (Wednesday) about
Voon, a pocketbook containing money and
notes,'1 marked MrsJane Lathrop, Worth
ngton, Ohio.--The finder will becrwejl re
warded by leaving It at . the store of J. D
.Osborn & CQ.r42. South, High street
deco-dtf t 1 t""!" ux
, Fbakkm BpiibiNa and Loan Associa
tion. The Stockholders pf the above asso
ciatioh are aotifled that the first loan will
i made .on Tuesdayeyenlng, DecemberJ
5; li7 o'clock P. M'at the offlcefV)f thel
association. .-:' . : .r-i m i
",:;:U-'N.MKHoNf President.
WvMokwsow, Secretary.
'dec3rrThSaTu-3t :.!,-,-, : . - j. .
t -
wm 1 1 i 'i i . . t j.i:'3T '.
& " D'eBctt&! Locksmiths and
bell ImbOT r, at No. 1 North HIgbAtreetd
arf how prepared to hang parlor and, totel
bells tri the neatest and latest style. Sew
lu'; machines repaired and.' satisfaction
kusranteedt Models - built for -patentees,
nd all kinds pt light tnacbiuery made and
re.ps4tft ,41 oi,,al.qescrip(4oQ always i
en hand, and sate and jail locks made and
tepalred., y " ,ir tnaySJS-ly
j LikkRegclation Dress PABADy.A-The
ieetb should alwaysbecrupulously cjgap
and free from blemish,- Keep them in thisi
eofiditiori'with the iucompkrable Sozodont,
ind when they are veterans la. the service,
they will still be as " good as hew.w
J SfcAiblicp'B. QLjB".is Indispensable i .ip'
avery well regulated bonsehold. 1 " V -: 1
VNY-junl5-eod$m-cw -. .t. i,':j.
fr . ' . ; p
There never was a time when those who
are ..extremely , nervous . and debilitated,
could procure a medicine so sure to relieve
them as at present. The country has been
flopded with trash called Bitters, but Sew
ard & Bently, 1n the Constitution Bitters,
have-. attained the, pre-eminence, and to
day' they st.ind as the greatest and most
popular Bitters in. the world, aud if used
according to directions,' will be sure to in
vigorate and thereby steady the" nervous
and debilitated suffererv - . r-
A CouiXnegleeted: frequently JiayiTihe
foundation. ptt unpurable, Consumption.
No person should suffer one1 to' continue.
TrueeywUi "wear out" but they pftn
wear the. patient .out.., Trje .oe3t,cur,e
HhuiphreyS' Homoeopathic Cough and Fe
vet Pijlg. . Taken .alternately, they, aljay
the fever Irritation and cough, hea! up the'
lungsy and ; cure the. disease. Price, six
hoxes for $1 25. Sold by dealers, and sent
by.maiJLon receipt of the price. - Address
Humphreys' Specific Homoeopathic $led?-
icinb Co.662 Broadway, N. Y.
jylS-d&wly-cw.,,,. , , .
Holloway'8 Pills Stomacs- Com-
ptAisTs.r-Xot" a tquacej inch of .the body
can be' in perfect health it the stomach is
d3seased.V. The -first twinee-in that region
indicates a necessity for an alterative medi-
cfne, .and of - all alteratives Holloway's
Pills' have been proved, by the experience
ojf half a century, tobe the best. Take care
ojf digestioSr, foriupoV3igeation .''deVebiB'
every jrttai luxtcnon "ione tne scomacn
arid keep the bowels free, with this unrival-
ledlnvlgorant aperient, and corrective, and
all wiir be well. ; Sold by all DruggisU. .. (
JuljBdiyHBW" I',-' ' ' xAV'-l
..Air: i ' -
Nervdcs-Dbbility, with its gloomy at
mdants, low spirits, depression, inypluq-
afv emissions, loss Of semen, spermator-
la02ft.'loss .of power, dizzy, head, loss Ol
nemoryj - and i'threatened impotence and
tubccility, fiad a sovereign care In Hum-
hreys'':Holnie)pathlc Specific ;Nb: Twen-
H'-Eigh t. Com posed of the most valuable,
htld and 'potent Curatives, Jhey. fltrika't
nee at the root ot tne matter, tone up tne
steip. atrsttbeidischii'gesl ahd impart
igp nd energy, life ,spd. vitality. to the
entire tuam ' They have cured "thousands
of cases. rice.$5 per paokage of six box
es and vial, which fs very Important in ob
stinate or old-eases, or $1 per single box'.
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by mail on
neceipt of price.,; -Address Humphreys'
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co- 562
Broadway,' New York. fyl3-deod&wly
Central: Ohio Lunatic AstrtuM.
Columbus, Aug. 31, 18f,8
Jno. B. JSiddall, sq Agent New England
MutualiLife Ins, Qon of,Boston, Mass. :
Dear Sir T am informed that there have
been .misstatements made in regard te.divr
idends-pald by your Company to my Life
Policy, which I have had in the New Eng
land Mutual for 24years. For the informa
ttQif.Ot those Interested In Life Insurance, I
will state that I am entirely satisfied with
he New England Mutual. I receive my
dividend of profits regularly, and that they
now amount to about one Hundred per
ce'nt. on my premium. Dividends paid an-
nually in cash. . .,,
j ' 1 f Signed, W. L. Peck, -
i - . Siip't CO. Lunatic Asylum.
;DTv'W.m. L. Peck, and Dr. Morrell, his
assistant, have both to-day- made applica
tion to the New England MutuaLfpr .moje
Llfe'Insnrance. w
; :J1, vGoo. F. O'Harra &Co, Ag'ts, .
; .- "Naughton Block, Columbus.'
novl2-dltaw8w&w4t ' 1 ; . .-: . .
Sentence Commuted—Extraordinary
RALEIGH, N. C., Dec. 5.
The Herald's special says : To the utter
snrnrise of the entire community here,
rcr.vf.rnor Holden has commuted the sen'
tfnoe'of the negro Alexander Willis, con
,i.mni to be executed to-day for the
murder of Anderson, to imprisonmend tor
life. It is a matter 01 conjecture among
many what could have influenced sucn ex
traordinary executive clemency. The mur
der was brutal and atrocious beyond com
parison and still excites the highest indig
nation among the colored citizens here.
A prominent Judge ot the Supreme Court
i3 reported to have said W illis has been a
lunatic his entire life. This may account
for the Governor's executive action.
Collision Between Steamers.
The Boats Consumed by
MADISON, Ind., Dec. 5.
!,i:Ihe Madison Cdurter- says i or .the terri
ble accident otf the Ohio river;""1 " -''
Last nhrbti at. halt, past at h'ilock the
magnificent steamer. United States (des
cendtng d and 'th: America-, (ascending);
collided at' Roy l's landing, aboift two miles
above "Warsaw, on the ludiana side.-e - -- .-.
The United States had a -quantity of pe.
troUum-oll on-herrOuards;,,'ih America
Struck the, United States on the star-board,
Wi right bank sidei ; forward of the-stepa,
cutting into her a' considerable .distance,
sltiking the' United ! States; to about. th
main decks. Fire was communicated in
some way - to the oil, and as isoon as the
boats collided, they were in flames. ' '
1( is said some mistake was made In sigi
nala. The.America blew her whistle twice
which the-pilot of the United States ap
parently did Dot hear. '"'The America again
signalled' bv two- blasts .of the whiatie. 1
Tten the. States answered, but it was too
late.''.' The 'steamers Were at the point of
;cplli3lon...',;.j V-ft '-"i i';t-.;,, f '.'-: - ' -
The excitement was- terrible. - It - was
supposed seventy-five-or eighty "person
had lost their lives. Several of our citizens
were, on the United States, returning from
Cincinnati. Three of these, Mr. 1 Steele
Bright, Lew .Vprce and O.' B. .:Sapplngton,'
are amohg ifie .missing. The '..Receiving;'
Cierk, James Johns, ot the-United -States
lsalso-missingii -v.i .-'-,,. .i- 1
it is can mated xouinnaer tne circum-,
stances - this must be a mere guess) that
tbirty-.three women on the United States
werelost.' '" ' ' v" ' T": '' ''l'"r ,ft'
VT.C. Tavlor. Clert of the America.1 af-"!
ter securing the booksi, register and valua
bles, went throagh the cabin kicking "in
the doors .of. the state' rooms. Owing : tov
this precaution and the cool intrepidity of
Mr. Taylor ao lives were lost on the Amer'
ica'.1; 1 '; : 1 ' '1 iins -:i.-i . ... ;
' Our; towhsman,'Haryey' Foster, Jvaa 'on'
the United States, -returninjr from Cine in-'
patii He informs usthat he and a party from"
thrf clty.had'Justjlaft. the ' ladies' cabin;!
where they had ..serenaded Mr. Inskeepi
and ladyi"Mr Foster-was standing in the'
cabin: near the clerk's office., Mr. Bright'
was on the outside. . The latter came run-i
ning in. saying the steamers were comings
together, s They feltthe shock.''- Mr. Foster
looked around immediately'; and all torr '
ward was In flames. 1. He ran oft and with i
the helpot a deck hand loosened one of the
fanAur An lhffl KVrfc fl r n t ml ashnlv ''-''
Mr. Inskcep andlady 'jumped from the'.
United States to the deck of the -America !
a otstanneormteen feet, -ana were savea, j
1 nii . 1 1. 1 . 'tier
xne survivors 01 uie terriDie, acctaenc '
Unite in praise of the management of the
America fters"tha . ecBrsion. It was not
thirty seconds after the boats -collided be-
lore the U ia ted States was a mass of flames
from stem to. Btero. ' The Amerjca. might
hive beea.'savediha'dL'hfr'TuoaftemptedV
(which was her-duiy.-to f do) to save the
passengers oh-the cUniten States. Those
saved, owe their livetoylihe coolness and
courAg'e of the officers -:'ahd'. crew;, pf the 1;
Atoerica.' ' Her engines were kept moving
until the boat was made fast to the shore..
The pilot stood at bis post tsntilthe pilot
n . i J: j Li - : i . i
uuutic whs uunmix aruuuu uiui, huuiucu .;
left to avoid suffocatintr. .r . - .-' : ' - "' - v
The destruction of these fine and costly .'
steamers, and the most terrible result In ,
loss of lift and - the fate ot the missing
friends, have cast a doom over- th com
monity.- We still hope that our missing
Irienjjs, have made the shore' ac somepomt
below, and have been saved. - f,.-. t-.-c
.t . i .. A. . u ,
lison vesiruay euuw a larger ioe vs. me ,
than at first supposed. Immediately -after
the'eoltisoh the United States steamer was
tenveldped in flames; which Instantly com-.
rounicatea to uie America Doto. steamers .u
being 'completely! aestroyea -in 'less than
five-minutes. ' Abont seventy-five cabin.
ppjassengers were on the United States, more ,
than half of whpro-were,loat,jp
xne reports 01 tue oracere are very cpnr
ictinc ' As near as: we tan' terh 45 nas-
nzeri.' including 18 ladies, and in: addl-
lion. some -ot the efficeca and-iicabirk crew
were lost, while only 4 -out 1 aj deck
hands are known tobe saved.'
The accident is attributed to a mistake In
whistles. '' ' - ' .: : ',' - ;"
The passengers on 'the United States
known to have been saved are as follows:
M. Lfeckler hrjoT wlfe; Fremont,: Ohio: Jas.
Price and" 'brother, Louisville. Lee Kahn,
Dr.. Leslie,- Cincinnati; 'B. Nelson, AUe-i
i?henv C tv. Pennsylvania: Master Pearce.
saved, but mother. aud brother lost; Capt. .'.
Joseph , McUamart, Cincinnati, burned'
about the neck; Kobert kelson, JNewport,
Kentucky; slightly injured; J. li. ween
and lady,.. Sol Harris, Louisville; George,;
A. Middleton, Cincinnati; W. W.: Hauley,'
Qiacinnati; William CHamberlaln? Oncin-'
nati; Mr. McFaran arid wife,. Nashville;
Mr. llays, JNasnvuie; Mr.j. a. isner,JN ew
York; S. R-Clark, Memphis.
I The toliowing are missing out supposea
tobe saved: J. Crawford-and lady, Mr.
Ragee and wife.' Mr: Huddle, - wife and
daughter, B. T. Morris, B.'Slesslhger, Mr.
Otto J. Maddox, P. Hortman. J 1
j Those lost on the United .States are Mrs.
Jones and daughter Eva, of Maynesyille,
Ohio. English t ort (cojored).: The loss
of the United States passengers cannot be
correctly: given, owing to the loss of the
uit-rK 8 register. . itey. - jnr. rarrin -ana
Hev-Mr.Bisley,! of New York, are mis
sing; also Mrs. Harriet Warring, of New
Orleans ana a young laay.in ner.empioy.
Mr. Rigley, Jrio. F. Burns, James M.
liewdows, M. J. Look, AVin. Garwin, L. It.
Johnson, Mrs. Geo. W. Griffin, S. Heidel-
burg, Miss Mary L. Johnson, Steele Bright,
B- Sappingtou, L. H. Vance, Mr. McKl-
fers, Mr. Hammers, wm. lirlggs, Charles
Runk, Mr Pope and Mr. Hegan are sup
posed to be saved. '.. - '. .;'.','. .
I The officer's lost are John Fennel, stew
ard: Richard Marshal, 2d steward; James
Johnson, 3d - clerk ; James , Fennel,, bar
keeper, and Dan, colored,, par Der. -
Mr. nays, 01 iNasnviue, was - severely
burned.- Out of 10 firemen on the United
States pnix.4 were savea. j t
1 Ole Bull was among tne passengers savea.
i Wvt President Smith, ol the Indianapolis,'
and Cincinnati railroad, tendered 'the maif
company, a special train for the. use of the.
wounded. s : i r. t . j. -
i The wife of Commodore Thompon, and
a lady traveling with her, were lost, ' Mrs;
Hayes,., oT Nashville, is missing. - John'
Morse, of Owenville, is lost. - Henry Bruns
wick, billiard manufacturer of this city, is
missing. - .'.",. -.
The yawl of the United States was swung
up on thestern deck, when the deck hands
made a rush for it, upsetting it and throw
lag them all In the. river. Many ., of them
were drowned.
1 There were 86 passengers on the Amer
ica, only one of whom is known - to be
lost.' " .' .' '.' ' '". . ..' ' '.-.
Gen. Grant.
General Grant' arrived from Boston this
'morning. -Although a severe snow etorm
was prevailing, he rode ln an 'open car
riage through the principal streets, which'
were crowded with people- to Burnside's
residence, where many persons had the op
portunity ot personally Saluting him. He
.will visit some of the manufacturing es
tablishments this afternoon. The Gen. will
leave lor Hartford thisevening. --
Motion Denied.
two Judges gave their opinions denying
the motion to quash the .petition of Tyn-
dall, late Republican candidate- for Mayor,
and others, in the election contest. Judge
Ludlow -dissented. It is supposed the
Court will now order testimony to be
takeu. - -1 '-.'
The Crown vs. Whelan.
TORONTO, Dec. 5.
The argument on
errors in the case of the Crown against
Whelan was held yesterday ln the court of
the Queen's Bench. Judgment will be de
livered ou the 21st. '
About a foot of snow fell last night. It
is still snowing.
TORONTO, Dec. 5. GAS EXPLOSION IN CLEVELAND Residence of L. M. Hubby Destroyed.
AjBse nizni aoout seven otiook, vie resi
gtmcs o L.M. hbyTo-t1qievelawl
was comnietelv aestrnyed by tne ex plot
sion of gas in the "cellar. It appears that
tnere was a leak ln the service pipe in tne
cellar, which communicated with the gas
machine outside the dwelling. Mr. hud
which shattered the house terribly, and
what was not destroyed by the explosion;
was consumed by fire In a very lew min-;
utes. !
TbeJamatea wesa-Af-r.I. MtfUHbhr. his
wife!. iwr nlnirTTt-aViFubby
ana wiip, ana two servants, xne motner 01
Mr. Hubby and two servants being in the
rear part of the buildlnsr escaped unininr-
eibpHrt wife was bwtf rtrghtryfhnrt. Thje
stAAevbhdly,aat4rttaliy hrfrt: The
loss is estimated at $50,000; insured for
DOMESTIC NEWS. The National Board of Trade—
Fourth Day's Proceedings.
. I
a Thejuoaventlen wasr caiH-a .ta arner, tat
twenty minutes past ten o'clock, by Presi
dent Earley. The proceedings were opened
with prayer by the Rev. Mr. Moore, of
this city-. r t VTT TT'I 'T J f I
Mr. Fraley. on behalf of the Executive
Council, reported that the committee rec
ommended Richmond, Va., as the place for
holding the next Convention, which re
port wasAdopted... 1 j
'The wmmittee on CTenentiaiarresentea
the credentials of Mr. Bruwell, deleeate
from New Orleans, whereupon he took his
seat. The President, Mr. Fraley, opened
thedisoussion this morning- bv responding
for the Board Of Trade for Philadelphia.
He commenced by reading several propo
sitions favoring redemption of specie pay
ment after the hrstrxray Tr January, 1870:
also, that no further sales of gold shall be
uade under United States authority; that
leeal: tender and National fianknotesshall
be receivable for duties on imports; that-after
July, '70, legal tender, ootesehall be re
deemable in gold. He thought that the
greater part of the difficulty originated at
the time i-at the adaotion of .the Dreseat,
system, uut in una -uecrt i;rt3auy Jtsiirsviueu.
oy the policy or the tjovernment in re
spect to the paymentof dmies on imports
in gold, tie thounht tliat-jhad the duties
been payable in legal tender, gold could
have been procured for 10105 per cent.
lor all tfte purposes, 01 tlieloyerninejUil
nviDouirat tnatacenaai amount oc con
traction was necessary to bring about the"
result thAfc would have been rearizpd
long"' ago""1 under ,rdinnfiit ' 'nSa"nA'gev1
ment.-'lie "would -not dlstutb'ltie pres
ent rates of ntrs;,"butby Yeceivlng
a portion of the duties in legal tender and
converting the rates so received, the con
traction of the Utrt3Bo'biisrutM eSect d
without serious disturbance of business.
He thousht that the notes of the banks
Shooldrbaplacati. oottle.se 4oUnga4
luvvxat.A.eBuer. nutiH VA-tpu: juTcrjiiuutii.
He would provide, also, tor such gradual
contraction of the circulation of the
banks as would enable them to safely re
tumfi, and not -disturb bitsiness.. -A basis,
ot one-third in specie is at. all times suffi
cient to redeem the. circulating notes of a
Dank, and would also oe sufficient for the
Iame purpose with the Government. He
hpughctaat under thU system- of.flaWinf.
Spoalbe. banka pediKiisBlly toe pttteeW
mited portion of their circulation, they
-ould be reminded of the necessity of
keeping -p hand amplo. resources.. .He
thought that on ,tjLe,dt- Monday io.,JIay,
1870, there : wouldbe," found lathe Treasury
of the United States at least 'coin to lull y
the amount of one-third of the notes in
oirsulatiouglioAild tUiisF ioweyer. not e
Oiease,pTovide-for,fhe sareoTI0I4fj five
per cent, bonds for a sufficient supply.
j Mr. .G. R. Room, of Cairo,. wbs-oppesed
to the enforcement of the payment of all
contracts in coin before the general re
sumption of specie payments,
i Mr. Ropes held, yesterday, that the im-
rjartamn-srheradiiaed; an -That the kit unrvrtl
Kiuuao pay jiaiancea sp junrope soaiucKgietn
lie thought that the proper regulation of
trade must be the result of legislation. If
the practice pfj letting -.foreign, importers.
uring.in gguu, auu tneu. wnen iuy juiu
the market over-stocked, to allpwtliem to
Withdraw' t'hem " with the "tpniisio'ns of
duty, is to be continued, it will Inevitably
cause over-trading and a fatal demand for.
coin te. eettM "b4:rtac. Every injparter
shbhldDetompelTedto pay dunes aDsolute-
ly. .Let him import at nis peril. I Applause. I
The manufacturers of Europe, have .their
Uctories in this country, and tbey' Import
With perfect safety to themselves, under
th nrpsent svstpm. The eTnortat.ion of
gold cola this year will-' Sirfiiinirtorshty
millions ol dollars, we have, in a tew
years, exported gold to pay balances ol
tratla to the femounrrrfOne billlorrtwea hun'
dred million- of dollars; and that, 'too, to
pay for that which our people could just as
wen pave done witnnut.- n
! MK Brown, of Portland Board Pt Trade,
was then introduced. Ha was from a re
gion that had suffered more than any other
portion of the country, except the South.
We believe in the right of the. Government
to pay its aeDis accoruins hi rac original
understanding at the time, tbey: were cre
ated, and we are for immediately placing
Uie credit of the eotry where It should
be. The delegates of the noble States ot
Massachusetts andfenasylvania came here
resolved to restore and sustain the credit
oft the nation.1
1 Mr. B. S. Manson, of Portland, advoca
ted the contraction of greenbacks and the
extension of theimnk currency.-, 'He Would
have the Secretary of the Treasury, when
be has a supply, of. gold, give notice to tlie:
Secretaries ot War-and the Navy that they
can purchase supplies with gold. This,
wouiu not pour irnia. into nran 8treeD-:i(i.
t Mr. Branch, ot Richmond The substan
tial people of-fhe South-were all interested
in the early reuujption of specie payment.
We, of the South, don't know much, but
What we do know we know as well as any
bodyj -We tbinlp jve know more about d-.
predated eurrency than! you do -21
Mr. Toucev of St. Louis, entered into a
ctlculatiotbta show thatt.-ea-i a : gold basis
2S0 millions of legal tenders would go ai
tar in trade as four bundTed millions does
at present. .,. , , . -r
I General Stanhard, of St. Louis, believed
a declaration for the resumption of specie
payment at any giyefe tiffio would crlpp
U1 tae treat entdrpriaes of me oou;nr,Fy. c
MM Kitkhouse,'Of St. ibouis an area 1
resolution recommending a gradual de
crease of the nremlum on eold by r?sura'-
Ipg specie payment with legal tender notes,.
! Al r. uavis. or 1 oieao, oiiereu a resolu
tion that irold interest, received by Banks
on bonds deposited, should be kept until it
should amount toss much as they are re
quired by law to keep, both ot coin and
1 jar?fiBTiTil,-OT-jjew uneana i3?sae
soucii now acceuteu toe situation, nuu
New Orleans is anxious for the cesumption
of SDeuia payment at an early-day. . i.
i Mr. Hazard, of Buflalo, offered a.resolu-
tlon lor tnegraauai retiring 01 legai ten
ders and increasing the amount of gold in
the Treasury.
Mr. Holton,of Milwaukee, moved to have
tne whole subject,'-' with all propositions,
referred to a committee ol seven, to con-
sidr,thera and report or 11 at. votef '
, The motion was unanimously carried.
; Mr. Stranahan then, offered a resolu
tion asking Congress to fix a time for re
sumption. Relerred.
AdjoiirnAdlillYlobday. TV I I
Newspaper Sales in Chicago.
CHICAGO, Dec. 6.
The following are the returMS of daily
papers in this city, tor the six months ending
Sept. 30th, 1863, as returned to the Assessors
ot Internal Revenue: Tribune,
161.486; Times, $101,551; Journal, f 43 557;
Republican, $42 550 : eost, r.tf,230r Staats
Ztitung (German), f 31,'iU0i: f t
Storm Abated.
CHICAGO, December 5.
; The ferrifle'snow Btorm -which prevailed
all day yesterday, subsided alter night fall,
and to-day the snow is fast disappearing
under the influence' of a' warm sun.' . No
disasters on the lake worthy of note have
yet been reported. ' "
The Omaha Bridge.
A later dispatch from says
railroad bridge over the Missouri river at"
that point was not swept away, but only
badly damaged. It is-expected the dam
age will ba repaired by Monday.
Indian Depredations.
A telegram from Saint George, 356" miles
south ot Salt Lake City, reports that the
Navaioes have commenced depredations on
the Rio-Nirgen and Colorado, and have al
ready carried off large numbers of horses.
The citizens, aided hy 6ome friendly Indi
ans mirsuHd and recaDtured twenty hoiscs
I and killed two Navujoes.
Negro Suffrage in Iowa.
i-The vote on troy fen ffri(te( tn Iowa w'i.
For snfTragp, agaiaBtwiss Bujort-
ity for, 24,576. .Huho
Suicide at Rochelle, Ill.
,MissvMary, ; WUtz. seeote,,Tea 4 f
age, ..residing iri the fami)yr of Stephea
MoPrei M RocfiferTe. ttiis Siatie.'jfptf5 daugi
ter ot arespeetabW rttnaer Irving six mitci
from the sin. P)oi-tiiibetttJynooBi tiftt
tetlsuielde on-Friday,pight JasV by,takjiaa
strychnine.' About ten o'clock Tjhe left th
farany-'ctrcle fand' 'retired Jiif"raont,
seemhigly bap)yi)and -iheerWrlvi Sttortly
altc.'naia wU-lkea4iii rD,rtom.aa4iti
fe'oili'ere shs was, limn in?tVeagpnii
for death, and confessed to taking poison J
lrihfli;''liB'rJ! tti4niMlr,MVis4iif) vHtiMl
Mnrtat'the tlmwarenoTdbvedHM''W'seom4
stress.,, fh, evaej a-ypmJgi ilauiyjrfiishiy
. 1
fuiuuiL-seiuii ui i(ie ueea. . irreviuua to wt
ng pofeorj (rtie wrote the following1;'18 i n
To MUX -(fertrndif'ikore K1'jJ!li''"rn'
Dear Gertie: Good niirht. Ihivc'rei
Mfed Wf thy bePVIioTfrrl'JTriat PTHS'fleVfir
rise agwnt 1 1 navptaken swehnVfr.l flell
mv fetheK1 rli'othei-.' brothers: sfster and
iriends not to juoueu for me, Ittr 1 am un-
worthy to-llvte-
Counterfeit Greenbacks.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 6.
Cfty;aays large quaatlrtes 'of coUHtferfeit
streenDaexs nave been discovered- in -ina
Southwest counties of this Stte. 1 Suspic
ion pointing; to- Perrr1 -Randolph; an -old
farmer' livlirg tfear J White ; PlKeon,'Micb4
as oeing tne principal reader t jtnestum a
United States detectivet-assumine-thenafov
of Johnson, of Texas, wrote to Randolph
tor -sixteen thousand dpllart, agreeingipo
piy two tbousaad therefor.' ;R8doltU re
plied that he- would bring the' mout o.
Kansas City. 'He' arrived 'On "Wednesday,
bi8t.was-.met.bv the detective.-arreted
and confessed his 1 guilt. 1 In detau' of
11.000 bail; He was committed to jail to
a wait, trial.,' - .:;';.' ; :.:.,.;'..... i-ilu-
Race Abandoned.
WHEELING, W. VA., Dec. 5.
A 'dismitch -from Parkersbursr. . W-Va-
says Walter Brown, ln his shell, collided
with a pier.of.HbeeWnfaRtoad bridge,
damaging fits Tjoat so Tiadly that be.. baa
the race.,.,."., "' ""
" 'Walter BrowiKvthe ChamDtoa'.oarsman.i
who was rowing from Pittsbureh -ta -Cin-'
cinriaehno awasrer. ran lilsboat onaite6t 1
ithe, bridge pier, at PaikersburgjW.VaV i
inis morning, ana siniarea u as ta oe ua-
lable to proceed -farther ." ''"' " ':.'
Canal Navigation Closing.
TROY, Dec. 4.
The cold snap of the cast day or two has
partially closed 'the canals, but boats are
still working through. Furtunately nearly ,
Ml of the boatd destined for tide water have
arrived. 1 Only: about" a doswa arayet to
come in from the. W est, and they are all '
tween this point and Schenectady lilt
thought that on the northern-- portion of-
the ChaiuutUjvjcBsd nayjgMQCtt wholly
BUFFALO, Dec. 5.
"Charles -PhtlUDS.'Carjtairi oTthel "banaL.-
boat Belie, was arrested here last niifht Jorm
highway robbery.-' He -is ''chargmct'With
robbinir John " Morse-of 62 dollar:" WfidM
was traveling ltn' bis Van Ltp jola liU..
family near bt. John. Michigan. fhtlUpa
faas been 00 hi milted for trial. t,!'"'. ' A
Verdict. PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 5.
ThJury iw the casa ot Goo: W. Altx
ander, A.sies8r:Vr or ioterhal 'Reveriue' fojf'
the Heading uistricl, rendered a yerdict of.,
guilty of aiding iii the removal of whisky
do defraud the revenue. The Iqry.recpm
mended the prisoners to mercy.'' '
Verdict. PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 5. Snow Storm.
BUFFALO, December 4.
snow storm set;
o'clock this afternoon, and -continues una?
bated up to 'midnight. . About two inches.
have- I alien,, ,ine thermometer., stands.
at.32. !-- - j -.. '1.1 f..t m . mil
The Cole Case.
ALBANY, Dec. 4, Midnight.
The jury In the Cole 'caser arb'lcfiUohd.
anu r-nere jls U9 prpspec oiany agrsemeiui
to-micnu -- u.- . 1 in -ii .i: 1 to
Oil Trained Burned.
A train with 500 .'barrels of oil "was
burned near Fitchburg, -this morning.T-
Conductor Bubbs died from burns..-; " '-.'
1 : . . - -- - 1. J- : til. w t
Snow Storm.
NEW YORK, Dec. 5.
The heavy snow storm which commenced
last night -continues this moraine, varied,
with sleet. - Travel ifi somewhat Impeded.
Smuggling Discovered.
cpverleaat this port, iaiautuggltag4Masii
were1 made the other dayand'We wider-''
stand that Collector Smythe and treasury
detectives nave got oa tne trail 01 an ex-
tensivo rinsorsmuarglers, extending from
this city to the Ckiiadlan border, aud' that..
We may. possibly have some.developmeuts.-'
soon in.'ithe smuggling- business at par
wijth the doings of the whisky rings. ' : -
Smuggling Discovered. President's Message.
iTheTriburie says thatPresident Johnson"
having had tne first column of his message
stolen, bus now decided to send that? d6cn-
menetoboth house of tJohgress ltf-rriariu
script. .?rH!!:ill:L vUH'U
John Morrissey's Election to be
Mr. Jas. McCarlin. .
candidate for Copgress in the 5th Congress-'
ional district at tne JNOvemoer election.
yesterday commenced proceedings looking
toward the contesting of theelection of his
sQccessiul opponent, the Hon, John Mor-
nssey. air. jucarun uases ins action ou
the allegation, that Mr, MorrUsey has not,
hadaleaai residence in - this - country of
sufficient length of- time to entitle him -to
hold a seat In Congress.
The Tribune.
The Tribune expresses dissatisfaction
with.. Secretary -McCulloeh's- reporti'and
trusts the abstraes printed does hint fniits
tlce.-'The sftiie paper tavors congressional
investigation jpto alleged , bribery In the',
. I...1.. nnM.lw.-sa- 'ft nlcn t.alln Bnii.Ataa.-
everv teature'bf- the petition' to Congress
prepared by tne iNationai, jiwiuidctuf-r.s, ,
Association ana now.oeiug extensively cir
culated. . -
The Tribune. Pardon.
It is stated that Gov. Gearv. of Pennovl-
ivaiiia, yesterday reprieved Hester 'Vanghn'
under sentence 01 deatp.ioc jene tnnraer oi
hier infant. ' '' ... .-. :
Snow Storm.
The snow to .
other eastern States this morning. - It is
still snowing here;- " ' v - " '
The-Commercial says: Money
easy. .The rumored death or e. apolepa and
the reporjtuiuoBbenaov eoeurr -
tween Russia and. Turicev nfliisea eold tori
jump td 136 bUtU relapsed te436U4sM
stated tnat procee.uugs flftve oeeajiistiroiea
against vanderoiit toeompei Dim to return
one million of Erie money ' recelved last
sprinz, and requiring him te take back five
njiUioQ dollars .worth;of stock, which was
taken by the Company 01 him at 70.
Financial. Gold.
. ' There was a report ut-the gold room, to
day tnatnots natixaKen piace in fans ana
that Napoleon was killed.; Gold advanced'
l2 per ceuti on the report and exoitemeht'
occasioned thereby. The gold sale by the
Government was at 136(134 3-100.-"-"-
LONDON, Dec. 5.
Dr. was
Commons for Jvliuburg and SU Audrewfcc
The New Ministry.
,Th Times says the new miaistry will be
complete this afternoon. It believes the
followlg have been' selected"! Elri Bus-'
sell will have a sent without) a portfolio;
Earl Clarendon, 'Secretary bt State for
Foreign Affairs; Robert Lowe,. Chancellor
of the Exchequer; Ed ward. Card well, Sec
retary ot War; John Bright, Secretaryof
State for India; Henry Wood,. Lord High
"Chancellor! 'J D. Coleridge, Solitltor Geo-
erai; i ortescue, cntet secretary-;; 40T Are-,
land;.H. C. E- Childers, 1st Lord or Ad-r.-siralty.
. -. -.- f.
The Times on the Alabama Claims.
LONDON, Dec. 5.
claims, argues . against the .'Government
yielding to the new demand of Mr. Seward
that the question of international law bo
submitted to the Commission. ' The Times"
says the American Commissioner will,
come committed against England, and
chtmaJhr-natlokaL Aawkhe lcoV
Mil ba driven tot ti0pote
pviar44 tfaelmtkregwo tbU Lord Stan
ley has been robbed ot the glory ot tha
iaettlement oftfaese tnternatiowal-dlOieul-
"r wit fr W!$ W,io-
everthe foreign cxetary may be, will
ujsua .&aflieo(jcy. Urfrte ed i(oK B P
LONDON, Dec. 5. The Ministry.
LONDON, Dec. 5, Evening.
tTltrls repavtedi that John Bright has per
dn i)ttrtaxyiK pUceeiiittefiacWCUpV
endou. It is believed his wish. in tblsTain-
Off tlj te Itidrjfid' insist Orfhe- ijr
Rumors from Paris.
Rumors from Paris. LONDON, Dec. 5, 2:30.
ir A'nere sre. .vague . rumors afloat IrrbW
Hty ef h gienerm1, seizure - pf newffpkperk
and cnfliewbretween1 Troon end mnhi 11
have caused aTiaiffo Iri Cduimercial circles
Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 6.
iunuJt;K-rtAJiasedat.iuou per-cenii.-i T
w .'I OT , W H I..' .uM-.n'4 u-.lsnW
Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 6. New York Money Market—Dec. 5.
lLD-tDct(leHy higher under Eoraa
peaa -tumovsf opeaed at 135 and elostd at
p-v . jSift? Stx'' Awlr "abonaant'" "
Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 6. New York Money Market—Dec. 5. New York Stock Market—Dec. 5.
'&asof s$tekm&&&lwm
dp . new nollO;0'6T'ilC(tlja?
Ia therailwsv ! marketi.lthe New York
Central continues to-ba-the leading stock,
and hasdeeUAiid. to,124.X)a-fu80es of
more" legal 'proceedings the remainder of
the list nas. laijen. in. sympathy, wjtn the
break in theNewYork Central. The
North western, .sbsres are weak,, under re
port tha an injunction has been osVtaioeda;
restraining the com pany. from, paying div
idehd Imi cemmoncistock. - No injimctioh.
has,yetbeen served oh- the"coniD8iiy--r-1
Transfer books closed y tosday.'. Cleveland
ana I'lttsourgn soid ireeiy at oecime urf- .
der report thai; the trarisfef -bookSjVere' to?
be closed today.and , (he Erie party haV
loggot oontrol of . thi itoclr'were'sflllrrg1
out. An injunction issaid. ta-eoittmI
plated4 prevent the Hpasp'R;Voar'
company iroin, dividing, tne .SilfW OPOof
stock, anions the stockhaldersj ' at..bivsen
arMwuiced for distribution. "'
50 prlceaTrWells' EjrpTesi i 2626
Amiericao 44?) Adam's 4SJ;. Uaiteil.SuH)S
45?4&. MerahWhtt' ..k)Mr"'WUfA
i-ync Man iwi(Qnvz; western. urioir
Telezranh "373fji; -N.enyotlfciCtrabi
li4)iia4.En3s?i(237; Hudson 127 Ye)
12& Heading 989f TerW H JirteW
40-v W abasr. 6G5Ii;"8t:; x'snl 'tSHA
68-TForf WaVne-HiJ(Uli)biit3
Mississippi 30sSO; -MichlgRWX-efltf-al
119120; Micngan Sont1irt: "SJgtiSSJ..
iyiwis Central 144tiPUtbr;h S4943
extra dividend; Toleda01 Uai6l3ii Jiorie
western 7BS&79, kitrk dtvrdeml.
ee ftn m leenaenenennnennnnnas
New York Market—Dec. 5.
saW at HfMW-middlifig-uptaads
chiefly at 24ir.' 1 . .-i-lilf f. . -tef n.:6
jt LtLfllh-JJlosetl. quiet,, ud, firm tor low t
eradts, and'auil and heavy for medium and
good gradeiT." ' "is'iofiou muot
!WHEAT-3Very:firrtH wttlii anmderati
borne trade' denajr)dkuJ 0lf .ynoirthiRra
m'es. 1 -' 'ilk" lis. iu -j.u .-,riijoit
BKRF-Qniet and BteatfjW" nud i.isi
CUT, MHAJTSr-ld 4ioderata Ktiqest aad .
ra.jj firm, witu a ureu-y cwu ill
: n---"iT trial. .1 o?
ARDSteadv ali46J'OT5('fforiPod
to nrime st -aro. V'1 ti!-Il t ti
EGGteady, at 3,3VQc oa uVf:"
Cincinnati Market—Dec. 5.
FtX)UR-Cull and ' droeoinit i iamfly
$607:fa .'i,oo!l -dJ moil m.-i &M5"!r
OATS Firmer at G2(3!63c. " Jl,,a
- RYE Quiet and -mrcrranged at tl 28
1 30. 11 - ut sT -llil f
BARLEY Steady : the best grades; , sell
at234 for rsiddUhg.nprandsI'l'i " ' -"a
i Wrf lSJfHald -firmly -at 41 00, v. with
i BOGS-.Active: supply,, wholly inade
quate to' the demand.-'Xive$7,508 OOr
aressed zoyjy bOV 'JWceipcs 6.300.H
jrwitK rn acava pecuuuive. aernaaa-'t
forjmets at.,23 00,,buf feolderfrasitedJBQ,;,
at the close.- . p " " . ,
BULKTMriATS-In bW'modeTate',rie;,,,
putrid; shoulders Sold at 8o' loose,' sides'
at lli:l24Ti tor no and clear, loose.-. 7U1-tr.1i
; LARDrrHeld firmly at J8n, and. ,IWi
for prime steam and kittle, hut the demand
fafiVhe."'"0 "' Ci'i"" - "-'! '-"
i BUTTER Steady! at S539t reoeipt
light. .-.V . -v of i a now
CHKKSB in good demand at I7((p8c.
APPLES In laree suddVt ancLmarkat
dull at'$2 254 50 per barrel. ' " ' .
RIl'OARnnlt aiifliHMaiiiinv.vaxsl -trSi i
i4ic;;refined lail6)4fl for best grades eoifc t
OIL Linseed firmer, at gG. latter
rate' for small lots ; lard oil 'firm at tl 30 "
$8. SI in HI I'll. - l H 1 .11:111 IDO'IB PJ-i'H
BEEF CATTLETT-StesaywJth-a4air.de, I
mandJ at $3 506 50 gross, fox common Jo,,.
SHEEPSteadr at ti 50.3" 6ft for lower-1
grades, and 4 j00X5'504oj?riraa tpaxtra1It
Chicago Market—Dec. 5.
FLOUR-Flrm "and less active; Spring1'0
extras $5U8 75; '''"-'' ni In a va
' WHEAT-r-Less active and ftrmer, nnd-ieii,
higher; sales Nojat f)L.24l No 2at .
fl 15K1 16H- clbsing'at ff IStlbfor '
No 2. Sales'No 2 since 'Change at 91 Mi.,'',
CORN-KJld Inactive and nominal iiaaleva
at 75J for No Land at 70e for No: a.iNaw T
qu-ietanrt is Invert sales at 5I52c,clping n
sales No 1 atJ60eiid, and rejected at 67$"
(S58v Notlirnk Ooihg this atcsrhoooji hi-Ji
, OA-TSrTrInr.fairidflft.aod; firmer, undjJicrf,
hiher al5 aj 4'40cv and filosipj; at tgkj,
pRVr'iiietrm and !ife nffaalW"
No tat $1 14, No at4l !llrji.fi niil
BAnLBX-s-A shade. ; nr mar,-ana 'autetii!
sales No 2 at $1, 591 60, closing at $1 58 f
I CO for bid Slid dew.' '' I . V ' ,
V - 'I' '' DIl'.l f-.ll-J
Chicago Market—Dec. 5. Toledo Market—Dec. 5.
j rtoiTRrtet' V'
WfJJAT-l23f lower,- closing' firmer't!Tr
No i white- Mrohlean 2 -04; No 2 do I 8lH
l .P2,-amber f 1 Z8fci73, jLaPortf sprWr o
$1 20, No 3 red's 1 08. ' .t;rB
CORN DuI ; old 6c and new. 2c lower;
No1.1!, 85c; 'njiw Kjeptedtwfdo'contfemhed
68C.ll l!,!(oi.I I -!!' Sill to Villi! K
OATT-ld (better; MicbigandandnN M
BARLEY--5uiet.1 " "'" "; 1 i
HOGS-Dressed hogs iW4 50l'; -i Jr. -t-
St. Louis Market—Dec. 5.
LOyR-rrUnqhanged, (Witha rgpj. de-,! ,
mand for low! grades. . r. . j. r ,. j
WHEAT Weaker but rjotqudtably low- '"
er11---- '.'-- .ii.'' '('-' "i:irr
CORN Unchanged at 60(5S70o.- I) ,! i T, r
O AT? Lnchanged at 5350r.,-.v .. .
RYE A littl? better;,! 18V2Qf
BARLEY-Unchanged, ?? ' -
PORK-Held, at $23: ' Tniaam T5
. BACON1 Unchanged; sales of shoulders d
at llci.clear sidesil7c,i j.n .;K
LARDUnchanged. Selling ati4c. .?
WBI3KY Sellin at'95aeo. "y? v'!l1
HOCrS-Range-at 71ff6 ' - s'-it - i:fT
Toledo Market—Dec. 5.
CORN'-T-Cjuiet;Bnd nclianged..ii Jn'n 'vd
V - ' - ' "I i i'J ID. I
Buffalo Market—Dec. 5.
FLOUR Steady sales -fldyr ground.,
pringat $77 50..: .... t ,;,:, .,:..
f 11 LJ XX X JLHatiLIVC siiu uuilliuali
I CORN-Dull and unchanged
i .vi.'l
.'J liny
nil J!U
! O Ala Car lots 65o. 1 - ! . in;.
' BARLEYt-Nomiual at$200.,,;r ,
, HIGH WINES Doll;. 104. asked.
Milwaukee Market—Dec. 5.
I FLOUR'-i-Qulet; steady, and nnchanged.K t
WHEAT-T-Strong at $1 24, for No.il ia.. ;
store... , .,,,,1 71,1 . ; ; -: ;.;t
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Dec. 5.
' i Owing to the storm the- market was1ex'-'"
tremely dull. .

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