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w Statesman.
'' '
Democratic State Central Committee
Rooms. COLUMBUS, O., Nov. 25, 1868.
'r'ThrW Will be ! a meeting f the members
-61 the Democrat State Central ComtaK
'tv atTburrrjan Hall, Coiumbos, Ohio, on
lireeday, December 8th,' at 9 o'clock P. M.,
for the porpose ot fixing the time of hold
ing" the next BUte anentlon,-Mid the
transaction of such other business as may
"come before tb Committee. 1 A full attend
LEVI DUNGAN, Chairman.
H. S. PROPHET, Secretary.
News and Otherwise.
tr,?doit closed in Neir Tort" yesterday at
'laftt I?!;! f ! .ft Iill3 ll.'l Ui" '..;! I
Bombay ias the Cholera.
, T
30 i f '-1
.. ..-(.
Siamese twins have sslled for Paris. .
V Is NermanaT, schools adjourn to make :
eider. : J.-tt ki n'wnk Tj!v:,l-!
DicrnNS eldest son ha's gone Into l)ank-
-mPtcy. :i;
' 'Territorial tegUlatnre of Montana '
, met on Monday.!' ' " -
1: THT;tlk of holding another.. ;Undlne
; dncink party in Toledo,. n ., r i
;! QoTKUiOa Cqx has ' declined the Pres.- j
Idency of eyoa Collegev ip . .p -: (!, '
Thk Pres dent's message is to be dellv- j
-red to Congress Wednesday. :. A "
3B Foui" hundred aftd ' seventy seveti tioats j
are laid up at Chicago for the winter.;' j
The lnter'feranoa . witfc'3j?? ; cost
.Charles X, Lherona of France In 183Q.' j
3:"ijONa hand red and fifty-three thousand is j
t the population claimed for San. Francisco. I
Wiluah Cw Sktant 1 now without pe- 1
'nn1ary Interest In the ; Jfeto Tori Evening
jo.--i vy !:! i.i-? -i.Sw-.: i-y.r
"'Ols) ' Btrix's son-in-law, , a! "Norwegian
lawyer, is said to have committed suicide '
recenUy. -V J Y ' ' : ' ;r', :
K'hkParkpa will appear in Cincinnati j
.with her concerting troupe, .on or about j
o t BncamxT a bunttn g; party, .captured i
twenty-eight deer In Prcderlck eounty,
-Jliryland.,. .f -.-;.,'-., t--,? jl I
A Paan editor who visits his: office one ;
hour every other day, gets a salary of $18,
"O00' year.- i: :j : ;?.. ,' ....-a j
! "'It ia said that about fifty bills to doctor j
np the finances are ready to be introduced i
Into Congress. ' - ! ' ' v :: ; 'yA " i
' Thb Democratic State Central Commit- j
. tee.meets at Thurman.Hall, at 3 o'clock
this aUernbon.' ".
. . Caxton andPekin, China, are each: to
. have a Catholic Cathedral, costing three
million. dollars. - ..: ;:j.,-,t -.u'iu-l
Sakah McKhc, colored, was choked to
death in Lexington, Kjn by some scoun
'drel, Friday night. h t'
"' Thk imports and exports ' of Fritnce In
-1867 amounted to $1,600,000,000 as against
760,000,000 to 1861 - 'I ,!'-";;-,f-'u
Rbv. Phiup H.:',Mouy,, has .'been In
'stalled pastor of the Second. Presbyterian
jCburcb, Springfield.'. :r
.y GaoBGaPaiBODT has just donated anoth
er hundred thousand pounds to the poor of
London. Charitable. -. -,r , ', , v;
,0a hundred and. sixteen persons, of
Jrbom elzhteen are i females, are confined
in the HamUton county jail.it r.i
Business men every where, excepting fn
rColumbusi are beginning td advertise all
Mnds bf goods for the holidiy s. " ' '
JOekI feio.'W. 'Cola haV been' acquitted
of the charge of murder' In killing L. H.
Hlscock for the seduction ofhls ife.Bight.
, , Taa North Missouri road has been com
pleted mi Jbrm'ally opened to ttba- Iowa
fitaite line, 33 mOes distant from, StLpuU.
s; lu report' of Napoleon's assassination
-waa a lie, gotten np by stock Jobbers and
dealers bs'goldiri'!) - ' -iiT 1.
'. -Th hopia of rard twaateas Oia mind 16 labor.
v ' Bxv L. , A. 1 Got well, for more' than
three years pastor of the First Lutheran
church, Dayton, has resigned.' Cause: 01
0,'Th people in ' Southern1 KanHas,espe
efally In Solomon's valley, are7 la a starv
ing condition, and, appeal ' to "tbe humane
for help. . T , ";;';';.;;i;'i.
""'A. mak has been' convicted and sentenced
in the Hamilton Common Pleas., ' for seven
years in the Penitentiary, forpincuring an
abortion. r '' ; :j ''t '
Ik the race for a seat in the Cabinet, Gov.
Dennlson now leads Air. Galloway, but
then he has a special, railroad train at his
wmma'nd..',.f . : .',,. 1(-T, ' R.ti
" The snow storm which has just raged
thirty hours in Nebraska, is the heaviest
snow storm that has been known there for
many years, , ,,'.,, . - , ;,,T .1!;;r,;
Two-THiBjos of the Union Paclflo rail
road bridge, across,, the Missouri, at
Omaha, la gone-. Quicksand and ice did
the business. . .;.vifj
-FbaxkCloveb, abrakeman on the At
lantie &, Great Western railroad, on Sun
day morning, was killed by bis head com
ing' in contact' with a bridge a few miles
west Of -Solon: r t utr ;.,;!,' vi-j...;y
Una. Sakah TJard is tbe last survivor of
the party !df young .ladles' who strewed
flowers in the path of Washington as he
passed through Trenton, "New Jersey, to
New York, in 1789. .'''" " .
.; .Thb 2few fork Tribuw and the New Tor
Timet agree 'that where the present incum
bents In pfflce are known - to be honest,
faithful and. efifclent, they .should be eon-i
tjnued in office, That wont be satisfactory
to the PUtS; Jul:...A iv.;,.i-.,i, .;
vTu Internal Sevenne returns of the
Chicago, dally papers Tor the six months
ending September 30, 1868, were: Tribune,
16L486; Time $101,651; Journal, (43 557;
Republican, $42,556; 'Tott, $20,230; Stoats
Zeftu!t, (German,) $31,406. '"
Wilkes' Spirit of Via Time 'advocates
the raising of the President's salary to five,
huodredwttiousandi dollars - foi lour years?
It wants dignity ia the office, and therefore
woula pay oae hundred thousand dollars
a year more than is now paid.-- ,
It is thought at Washington, that the
Supreme Court of the . United States will
concur with Chief Justice Chase, that there
Is ho cause of suit against Jeff. Davis, and
and that thus the ease will be dismissed.
We were prepared for this result long ago.
, Wx agree with -the. Harritburg Patriot, -that
the attempted justification of the as-
sasslnatlon of President Lincoln, . by the
New Tork Democrat, is "an injury to the
Democratic party The attempt! to com-'.,
mtt the patty to Assassination and Repudiation-
should be eflectually discounten
anced. . .H . V .-' -: . :. . 7
It appear! that the steamboat collision '
between : the United States and' America,
near Florence, ' Indiana,- Saturday, night,
which resulted In the destruction of both
boats and the loss of many lives,1 was the'
result of an unaccommodating spirit on
the part Of the ptlotf of the America: , ,,
The So-called 14th Amendment to
the Constitution which is to
Clear Jeff. Davis.
LPSW9Qff ajid Klblet justice Chasf, onjtne
question of quashing the indictment
against jJirF.JpAyjiJiakeB the case to, the
"Suplreme Court.' The Washington corres
pondent of the Cincinnati Gutette says that
the action of the Chief Justice in deciding
jthatr asjhe. so-called. 4tfi. Amendment to
Mine vnnscicution or tee United states pro-
T,de8-. punishment for treason, that no
lothes punlsbraeat'can be luflletedJwas not
'1inAr;pccted!dthat dty"-L w X v
- Jilr. Cbask has lonz been.. known to hold
that there is now. no cause 'for suit against
ii is probable (adds the correspon
aent) that the mat
vjun win go with him this winter; ana
that will be the end of the Davis trial.
Thus Mr. Davis will 'eo tree, without
trial, after all the'hraggiag of Radicals
aoout we way they would punish treason
x ears ago, the Statesman claimed that
Davis never would be'tried-that Caasi
dare-not try him,' and that he would be dls
charged as $oon as a reasonable pretext of
fered for! so: doing. - The pretext 1 JUdge
Chasb has now found," : The beauty Of this
decision is, that there Is really no ' I4tn
amendment to the Constitution. Such I
one was prepared, anl several States rati'
fled it, but," before the requisite number
was had to ratify the amendment, the Leg
islatures ot Ohio, New Jersey and Oregon
passed resolutions withdrawing- their as
senWasI they bad the legal and constitu
tional rlght to dd." Until three-fourths
of thar States, bjr their Legislatures
ratify the 14th proposed amendment, it
Is no more a part of the Constitution than
the Chicago Platform Is a part ot the Dec
laration of Independence. . t Yet, to get rid
ot the elephant which Radicalism drew
when : they 'got hold of Jeff. Davis the
Chief Justice, decides , the amend'men
adopted, because' the question of Its adop
tion was not raised that it was a part of
(he Constjtntlon, and that Davis must go
frtfe." The counsel of Mr. Davis would not
raise the question' because a decision that
the, amendment was not, legally adopted
would be fatal to their plea, and Radical
Ism dare , Cot raise the question, because,
as a party, It la necessary that they' act as
If it were legally a part of the Constitu
tion. , -. . - '." "
Judge Ranney Will Accept.
A private letter; from Cleveland, from i
peraoui Who knows whereof he writes, in.
forms as that "Judge Eannbt will accept
the nomination" for Goveruor, tender
ed him." i ,.i .: -r- r. ,;r.fti
The opinion has prevailed that he could
not be Induced1 to accept that position
This settles that question. It is needless
for us to say that Jndge Eannbt is one ef
the purest and ablest of men In tbe State,
He never dishonored the party or the peo
ple in any position in which he has ever
been placed, f Should It please the De
saocracy of Ohio to put into bis bands tbe
standard ot the party, he will bear it alolt
worthily. : " : J ' .l "
V Undoubtedly, the other gentlemen who
have been, named in conneotlon with this
position would do likewise; but we do not
know how many ot them would be willing
to accept tbe nomination.''-Col. McCook
has been prominently iiamed as a candi
cater, We do not think'that he desires' the
nomination, and would not accept it unless
convinced that it was his duty to do so.
The Army of Office Holders.
TheiVew Xorh;Ewprei says the' first U.
S, Blue Book, issued filty years ago, enu
merated 6,603 names of office-holders; the
Blue Book'' of 1S67 contained upwards oi
60,000 names, thirty thousand of them in
the' Postal Department. The compensa
tion of the office-holders exclusive ot the
army and Davy amounts to 130,000,000
annually... In view of this patronage the
tenure of office act excites a good deal of
feeling among tbe Radicals. -The bloody
insinuations, which were brought against
Andhkw . Johnson are just returning to
plague their inventors, and the. Radical
party are greatly ; divided ppoa the ques
tlonofnpeailoga badlaw- , ; , ,,,
The Democracy at the late election had
to do battle against this army of well paid
Lelectipneerers,and against tbe thirty million
dollars .hey annually drew from the tax
es of the people. - , .: , , ,.
Another Electionering Roorback
j -J use oefore ,tu presidential election a
yastt amount of Ink waa abed by tbe Radi
cal press over tbe murder of a Republican
member ,ofu the North Carolina Legisla
ture, who, it was charged, was "done to
death" by Democrats, on account of his
politics.; After the Roorback bad done Its
perfect work in' Inflaming tbe Northern
mind, it was discovered tbat the murderers
were a couple of Negroes, and the canse of
it, the robbery of a few dollars in money
which tbe unfortunate was known to pos
sess, i:; 3-' Vii-r-ti' j ' .!
Of sucb is the mass oi Radical election
eering stories. " ' '
Who Will Father the Falsehood.
' The niybt of the election, Gen. Grant,
the Radical press say s, was asked to make
a speech as President elect. Be replied
that be was! somewhat. In, the situation of
Sbymour, at alilwaukee, when asked to
make a war speech when the rebellion
broke out, he didn't know bow the thins
The saying attribute to the President
elect, proves . one of two things. General
Grant either gave -currency to a falsehood
on his opponent, for Gov. Sktuoub said no
such thing, or else the Radical press, in
publishing , this smart, saying ot Gen.
GaaKT, states that which: ia a falsehood.
The tie is out. . We leave the new President
and his organs to settle tbe lalsehwod be
tween them. .
il Thk report of the : Secretary of the
Treasury will show the following figures
relative to income returns for the fiscal
years1 of 1867 and 186S?' Number ot per
sons who paid Incomes last year in Penn
sylvania, 31,825; this year 29,439. Ohio,
last year, 19,61&S this1 year, 18,175,' Ken
tucky, last year, 6,877; this year, 6,555. In
diana, last year 6,122; this year, 5,088. Mioh
igan, last year, 6.616; this year, 9.637.'- Il
linois, last year, 15,349; this year, 16,360.
Wisconsin, last year, 3,900; this year.
4,544; Minnesota, last year, 11,052; this
year 10.023. Iowa, last year, 31213; this
year 3.169. Missouri, last year, 4,531; this
year 4,942. ,;; 'C " ; ''
If -arrv'Tnan sopposes one half those
whose incomes amount to tbe sum neces
Bary to make a return as included in the
19,61$ lastjear, or the 18,175 this year, be
is much mistaken. There is cheating In
the return of incomes as well as in all other
things, where Government is concerned
bus private information from Cleveland
is. that L. M. HoBBtT, Esq, President of
the C. C. 4C.R.R, canpot, recover from
the injuries he sustained by the blowing
up of the gasoline tube in his cellar Satur
ilrday night. Bis daughter was very bad
ly burned, and his wife slightly. ;
THK ictual payments , for the army, less
repayments ' in ' each' year, for the eight
years from 1361 to 1SGS, both inclusive,
were $3,241,000,000, The largest amount
was In 1865, ' namely, $1,031,000,000. ; In
1864 they were $123,000,000.
Tom. Florence has been appointed as
sessor of United States Revenue in Phila
delphia the previous incumbent having
made a vacancy by dying.- "
Army Reunion.
he Cumberland, tbe 6hio ahd
Georgia' wtll have a -grand .reunion, at
Chicagojn tljfcj,5th aqdJth of this month.
Army Reunion. DIED
JACKSOW On S.tnM. nanln, Kth
Zsnas Jackson, Esq., meed 71 years, at his resi
dence, six miles north of fcoltin bus, on tfa Weewr.
villa road.v. i..v.. . v. j
Tbe funeral serrices will take place at tbe family
miBie.oiiTesdiy,tlfohln.at 19 JCTMi
and tbe remains will be deposited in Green Lawn
Cemetery. .J.:.!lUi' i'.
. Mr. Jackson was one of the early pioneers -of
t ranklin oounty. and had a large circle of friends
and aoqaaintanees. who- are rtfpeotfuUy Invited
to attend the funeral. ' IdecT-dlt-r
New Advertisements.
tW Xbe Ohio Statrama ban a
Larger Circulation tbaa any pa
per published tss thin City or-Cen
tral , Ohio. , Advertisera will bear
this la-mind. 1 S ' - ' ; '-1 -v '
LODGE No. 30. F. A. M.. will be held
1 HlH(lneSOT) E VM1U. IlKinhnl
at o'clock. Election of officers. - - 7
ii. j.coi.Soc'r.
Advertising Agents:
issnussmrsct, new isik-
moJ- 5 t iOttUMtitd s 1SSS J -
We be to eall the attention of adteitlseis' to
onracenor. uar laeiutiee who all tbe first clsss
aaiiypapors in tne conntry are second to none,
and wearo fnllr vreDared to offer terms anit mn.
ditions which cannot fait to rive sttoerinr' inHnn
menu. We also send adTertisements to all Cnban
aid Sonth American papers, with whom we hare
exclusive eon'racts Wearetheonlv hoase doing
.-II. T . II . IIVDDHtUIUfl Or. .,... , .
a or aw loo au f DLri.lfiDi).
We oan. by saecial nertnissibti. re ft? r to
Mr. H. T. Ublmbold, Druggist, 694 Broadway,
- Naw V(i k . v-. r, - r - , - -
Messrs. r. R. "Vandczik A Co.. ICS .Oreenwioh
street, new i orK.
Messrs. Hall A RrCKKL, SIS Greenwich street,
Mew Tork.
Messrs. 6. Bruob's Sow A Co., Type Founders, 13
VUBUlllf, B BlilOaii.
Messrs. Phalon a SoK. Wew Tork.' ' ' '.
Messrs. Pbeloh ft Uollfudbb, New Tork. '
Messrs. Takkant ft Co.. New York. '' "
Messrs. Chickshiko 4 Son, New York. '"
Messrs. Radw at ft Co.,Aew York.
OI tbe Receipts and Diabursementaof
.the Several Fnaela far ihs Fiscal
Year ending Norember 15, 1868 f"
General Rereaae Fund.............v, 51,66e,te5 88
Canal Fund '. 41.53-2 54
Sinking Food 1.824,.. 74
Com mo School Fund 1.4S7.4U 73
Soldiers' Allotment Fund.... - 3,468 90
Soldiers' Claim Fund , : . 3,815 78
National Road Fan1 .- : . 31.003 13
Bank Kedeu.ption Fund '. 3,733 31
$5,025,475 tri
General Reyeoae Fond.... f 1,618.510 35
Canal Fund....... - .14,939 39 -
Sinkiug Fund 1,472,226 S3
Common school Fund 1,426,868 80
Soldiers' Allotment Fund: , 481 80
Soldiers' Claim Fond. ..' 3,781 68
National Road FuDd. iS.S-jg 36
Bank Redemption Fund. ... 16 93
-4,455 354 86
Balaoce in Treasury Not. 15,1868....' a 670,120 75
Treasurer of State.
A ,as-t-si UTANTliB FOH HOW TO
XI 41 A Hi; THK t'AKM PAY 750 Octavo Dace.
140 beaotif. 1 and useful Illustrations. This book
shows bow the Farmer may doable tbe vilue ef his
land: make three times as much out of stock; how
three times the quantity of grain, kaj. roots, and
all larm crops can be raited from an acre, and kow
all the pro Ota of tbe farm can be more' than
doubled. Every farmer wants it. Every Stoek
Kaiser wants it. tvery uaraener ana f ruitful
tarist wilts it. farmers, termers' sons, experi
enced dook agents ana oiners, wan tea to take agen
cies in every oomtnunitv. Commissions tlio to
250 per month, according to abi ityand energy.
sena lot vircniars Kivms; lull description. Ad
dress. Zr.IGLKR. ticCUKDY A CO.,
Fhiladelphia, Fa Cincinnati. O.. Chicago. 111.
or St. Louis. Mo. dec5-wlm-BP
X the Stockholders ef tbe Ceinmbas A Harris-
Dan? t urnpike ttoad Uompaiiyon Janaary tbe 11th,
1869. at tbe office of Lorenio Lnelish. in the eitv of
Columbus, Ohio, at 11 o'clock, for the purpose of
electing five Directors for said road, to serve for
one Tear- - ' w Ja. UUiaiCK. -dec5-w4w
Xazell's Saloon.
ll ing on tbe corner of High street and Kim al
ley, a nrst elaas uentlemen's Saloon.
XLi O'LEART. a vonns? man of several , ears'
experience in 'teaching tbe various branches of
cngii8n, rrenon, uernan, iatin and Ureek, de
sires an engagement as tutor in a private family.
He will teaoh a private class at his room, Ko. 70
iiign street, trom s to. w e'clock r. M.
Lumber for Sale.
TION offer at private sale all the Umber eon
tained in the fence enclosing their Race Course
Also, the Inmber In sonth stahla. mtmt Htand.
judges' stand, picket fenoe, Ac. ' .
i srbics hiruidx tne wDoie vi toe aoove wnipiease
call on the nod. rsiensd. who will rive alL the nea-
essary iniormation as to price, terms, and time of
removal. , , KlUllAKl) KEVINS,
Vice President.
If not disposed of by SAT0FUAY. DEV. 12.
lftRR it S 11 k. .nl.1 jtn TfTITQllAV hVn TK TOM
at public auction, by John U. Be all. Auctioneer.
, Dr. Barton's Tobacco Antidote
vegetabl and kamlem. and is sUao u excnllemt t
petuv. It purxfim and tmrieha h blood, inTigoratea'tha
TiteApoasesieaeesU noarishiaff and trengtbeniD'pow
r, enaet th Haoiach to digwi tha heartiest food Aiakas
and eneweVot ymrt curmL Price FiftyAenu per
box. Parilref. An iinemtlna' treatiaa on tut iniariona
ateeD reiBeanioir. ana eitabUibea rotrast health.
affects of torWcco, with UsU of tefllimonialjf refereocas.
tc. iut raia. - Jigvo waniao. Aaanrw
lK. . JOV. ABBOTT, JerjTJ UltT. A. fj.
Posthastkb's TnnioiiT.-I recaiTfla box of BtirtoB'a
Antidota from Rat. XM. Ptraltoti, anfl find ft an ettal
av uatsju vMUkouoouarnaoa mo uaka
Fbobt TBa U. & TRaVsnar, sJrrttary't QjHtm.Yemm'
aend a nippij af tbm Am
m om received ha do
sh worm aoaai.T.
U. T.
Fkoh Naw H&MrsHima
TK Paiov.--OeTitleman of
fnflacDCe here haTiog; been
ed of tbe appetite for tobao ;
CO bj aslne; Dr. Dartoo'e
the prisoners of this inn tit.
iota, we ae&ire a nippij ior
ardeiVr N. H. State Priaoa.
A Binit'i Tmsn:
DrRTtOTe Antidta ftr
Tea so co aae aeeompti
all exatnii
H. MaK
1st h at. bnky
New Albany, lnd.-
' A (hxioriAi,tsTnfoirT.OBivoz of Ajtoooxb
aured mj brothernd mjselfl It fxviV tails.
BeT.rV. Sbocblauk, KeUee Ststloia, Pa
Ftmf m Touew Bxadquartkm. Lraa, Hiss.
Wim gained Jkirty-flva pound of JUk in tkrt month by
atiaa; Dr. BfCrton'e Airiwrt. ana ait dertre f tobacco if
wc ia, wytr, ja.
o Arm RoTTTfrxaa Hon JotrawAL. BaVrnfoaa. :
m- w dox or Bunorrs Acuaoie resiovea au aanre ior
the wnd from ma I take pleasnre in recmmeDdirnt It to
u qar reaoera, a. x. ouua,
M - . ... .
at7 Cam taom ! Beware of laiurious CnnntTw
feits advertised by Humbug! .
nov30-dAa3moe-PNT .
Turnpike Notice.
Capital Stock of the Dublin atd Worthing
ton Turnpike Company are hereby notified that
there will be a meeting of the stockholders of said
Company on MONDAY, JAN U KY 11, 189. at
the Hall of le W. Toller, Esq.. in the town
of Dublin. Ohio, at two n'olock 1. M. ol
J .1 ,li. nkiiuil Mni4 nimw... . . f .ki.1. . .
in will be to determine the bais fcr assessing the
shareholders of said capital stock to meet tbe pres
ent lnaeoieaoess oi earn iiompaoy, aoa tonX;tne
lime and mode of payment of the aistount assessed
against each iodividual holding such shares.
. GKOEGK SNOLfiOUit, President.
ORRlNI- CASE. inirertoni - :
JOHN ANDREW S. Uirector.
decS dltw4w.
preparation, introduced last winter, having
rMuttTAd sn manv flattenna eommendatiora from
those who nssd it, induces the proprietors to bring
it again before the poblio. assuring them tbat it
stands unrivalled as the best protector of tbe skin
against the inclemency of the winter season. It
not Only imparls I.O loo aiu . uom..w iimuuoaB
and beauty, bnt also eoudaees to its health, purity
and preservation. For healing abrasions. Chap
ped Bands. Face, Lips, or Ronsnness of the Skin,
it has no equal, while its soothing qualities and
delightful fragrance render it a necessary append
axe to the toilet. Prepared only by MARPLE A
R1TSON. i.'iipensing Chemists - loo South High
treet, Columbus. Ohio. nov4-deod&w4m
. a'partnersbip with G. iiORlGER, for the
purpose of carrying on the Boot and Shoe trade at
Would respectfully Invite their, friends and the
,,Kl in generally to ca l and examine their fine and
weff sefted Tstock of Ladies'. Gent.'. Misses' and
7i Jrin'i Boots and Shoes, this day received d -Jt
from the Kas"and which they are now offering
to?,il2 on the "oVt reasonable terms. In our man
SactiAriDg department special attention is given to
Repairing of all kinds neatly .and promptly done.
We would respectfully solieit a share of publ.e
rmtronage: Please give us call. o trouble to
Show goods. Rn-ffc TTiffh street'
itememoer u. gX HORIGER: '
Columbus, O. Sept. 13.1868. seplS-dtf
T'nE arieaTiux or Etniiiuni
.f,.ne,!? .fSPSrior. aqods. embraoinc
iuu xii b. jiioonyAsg uUL,UKE,r-H BUUi
out. without reserre. at the store in DESHLE&'S
compare them with those usually charged :
Rlen'aKip Bootn, alL WjioIa lealher,
Itoya' Kin Hoots. ; ' '... -'
:1 " 1
You the Kip Boots,
; Child' JeUp JBovta, . - ., j
M ea'i Calf; T pooled Boot,' ''
AVomca's Calt Shoes, Beat.
IVosara's Beat Merocce Sboes, '-'
EiOdiea Double Soled Eina'tinK CongrGaltem,' 1.40,v '
Xjadiea'do. Silk Gore, Virj'. Beat, 1 a.OO,
Rliesea Morocco Shoes, Poltab', - J - - 1.40, "
Child Morocco 8hoe - - O.aO,
. "''.'' fco' : 'Ac:' C,'1! &4S.
These roods are rnaranteed to be'of snnerinr matiwial - ... in v .
with any in the market.
Uon't forget that the sale is positiT, And is limited to bnt a few weeks. Another soch opportunity
wVLniT,e,rP?.or WA- ?,e,?'Ue5?,d and ,h- ri?ht Plac (fere is bot one) before boyina.
DESHLER'3 AEW BUXLOlNG. opposite the dtatIsmam. Wffios. -ie Uie placo. - Go and aeo the
dec7-deod3m-r '
mm. mmm house.
book and, jo B' Printing
.' . .- : .' i t ; 'L a J i bi
--.. 'S !t "i'i
Havinit greatly enlarged oar Printing
l : i 2 ' 1 f i '
The Latest and Most Approved Stjle,
rrwv..,1,y -iVnd the addition ot
Generally conceded to te tbe fastest snd best Printing Machine In the world.
: ; I., i- i : ': ? - .. , i.' ...
S-TL, ! 1 .';;..:?
In connection with KUGGLES', GOEPON'S and WELLS' Job Presses, that have
proven such successes in our office, and having the" largest and most; commodious
building in this city in which to operate, we are now prepared
Tn f V. a Voof anfl n patpst. aHIa of f hp Hrt. nnrl nrmn tjAvma fh.fr Mnnnt h MmMt with
Our fast New Presses, our Improved Economical Machinery the result of the inge
nuity ana inventive rairnts or me ness
facilities, xne umce is complete in an its
.Handbills , .. , I...
Legal Blanks, '
Business Cards,
- -
.: .i .- . . : ; J ; -1 .' ')
In this specialty
; j . . .
i. t . . .. .
t ; . -, i
Having More Presses
Offices in the
We are prepared to execute all kinds of
Pos. 36, 38 and 40
every thin in the line of MENS. WOMEN'S.
a ANU SHOES now offered for sale, and to beolrsed
NEW BUIUJIJiU. Look at ome-ef ta nrieeaand
f 3 7$, Rrgnlar price $5.00
3 50, m -
S.OO, as M
4.00, m tt
3 00
r r
- 1.TS,
a so
' s r
f r r i . ?
1 t-: T&t;.ijT'.Iij.l
Facilities by tbe purchase oi a complete new
'.!:. I'.'1. .'-
New Presses, including a -t r,:
rainns oi tne aire enaoie us to no gooa work
be done In the old style and with only the old
atran&ements, ant can no toe work: witu
V -, rr r " t j- -5 Kr v .' )
V ,' -. v- ' 1 w.'. - ' r .. ja j
Bill Heads, r
Letter Heads,
Circularsf:';'u" v.t
Drug Labels,
Pills of; Fare, Etc;;
; .t
V;' V. V . -
l. .:. tV V i- Vi ' "vt M ,.;. vv i-..
v.-.i v.- i - -
1 1.
Sr.... , .r-e ,.v..T,'!.;...."' -V -t. "V
tVvJC. ,..-jVi''iH' U :ti;-i .''
we are unsurpaised.
i-, - ;-, .
..-A ; 'i '. .V t. V
than: all; Other Printing
City Com Dinea, ; ;
Printing, In any color, at lower prices than
. ----a .-X
North High Street,
- - - - - I
-' . . a. Z A I a.
1 :'..1H' I '.'!'
.' - .11'..'. .;
iil u ill' a iifi- f.;i
.'); vr.u.mr.
:.. : ,l ,-: - : , .'. . - ..: If.
: '1' - ' i 5 . ir ! ' '
... - ' - -. "-. -i
. ih s 1.5 mi A i its. .
-t ! :.- :
250 AND 252 ,
(. - , i
A a
. i i
,. i
" feVr-eedly
i'ii'. . r .it si . ." j
.-1- ;.'H-? !1)') . J
.1' :v;. .' i . t -
.. : '.If ? i.il 1 V
.j ..,: .;. ; .;.'. f ---i h , ' :...,') w
f 'is- - - :-f . --. -II
;-l:.-i,;,i.;!tei .-' . - ' I I
.-; !! si-,- H-: ; ; '
A AlffiSEMtlftTS.
Grand Social Ball.
Will rlvt M. ClrmnA C - i r. t a
a m BWPirr.
nuaaw'tvi u'a-jigrpc-sTjaariiiegw'iw
- - - - OH ' " - :
V.VIuiJlH AS.'. V-.l '... i
9W. Oood Uusie wilt b ift utt iiK. ' IdnlU
taooe-HeoilaiuanaiM Ladies, Ofi JJOLLA k.
public art invited. - dc-d3t
' ???.w?.f,l3r. aanoaaoaa 'oa' Grand Conoert. f
Wedaeaday ETesl.E: Dec; th.
"'Aalstii bj the followimr faTorita artists:1
UTCflnmrnv r i i it-. ...
uot.iu.., ui uui'on, oocraiio. -WR.OUSl
AVUi F. HAbL. fiaritona."
Hit. nuuLBi itAJMSiJNU, fianiat and Aoooa-
SOS- A ilmlt,lAn nni.T.I T 17 Tl ... .
nVri cents:"' - "
Iseata ean tie seenreo vnitont extra cAara at
Hess s. J. SeUzer A Co.'. Hosie torf - ,
' Kala .il laafi tA anmmanaa na U j
Deo. 9. t 8 o'elock.. . ... ,T. B. '' DRkBCLL,
gect-auv . -. . BasiaessA (ant.
r "special notices; -TIT
'- The True MVdlcal Uoctrisse. j
. Natnre. when atnitfrllntf with iliw.. lniitMu
emmistakablr the kind ef assistance she requires.
In eases of nervous weakness and ceneiml debility.
uie neaie pulse, tbelaek-lostraeye, the attenuated
frame, theflaoeid tnasAlAa thm tnTnhAi i....
. V "....J IIMfp,
inforo u as plainly as if each organ had a tones.
mat imwiHM s mmunu u ssdf .- It does not
require the aid of a medical education to undet
sUnd this dumb, appeal for new Ticorfrom an ex-
oauawa sTsiem. BTerr reader of these lines can
comprehend it just as well as the graduate of a j hy
sicians' eoUege. Let not this demand of enfeebled
natnrebe nenlected. Bespond o tt wronrptly by
Mean er tMMjTSTTEBti- ejTOU-
ACH BITTERS, a nrc TsnVrmflOn uniline tea !.:
a i viuubant. ana an altibativi. fore three
dftTf h&TA 1 ADHfWi fmm thm tmVina tli. jMsa
I- w - - - - - w eiaav Uioe UUB
a marked beneaoialehaage wilt he manifest In tha
vvauy ana menial condition or the patient. Tne
pulse will be stronger and mortregulAr, the eye w)U
basin to lose Its dull -rnr.,inn fu .unl. ..a
IjtejnroaaiyateiiiaU reeorer their teasion. and 4he
spinis to imprpTe, . I'erserereA and a eompleU re-
Tivicauun oi sue aepreseee ar.rmat ana mental pow
ers Is certain. In eases of.dyrpepsia and billions-
ness, the same -salutary results will be obtained.
Tbe appetite will rtTire, the sail own ess of the skin
disappear, and all the distressing symptoms which
accompany anoroers oi tne stomach and liver, will
rant i) 1 v awbaida. TKa intifnf vfntv.rrM .....; Su
tbana oocaplainU by checking the perspiratory ac
tion , try wnicn so much morbid matter is evaporated
throagh the pores IA milder weather, and therefore
the BITTERS are especially useful to the dyspeptia
ana dihobs ac wis season. -
may23deodwly-ew-a " " ' "
,Tri9fE KLECT-.' b.rUTED VIBE.
PROT ENCE. B. I., h ving the largest maav
factcry'"Se Silver : , in the world, with
tbe most mpreved mack y. and employing tha
'most skilled' labor, "are enabled' to offer an un
equalled variety of oe and beautiful designs in
Dinner Servtces, Tea .' e vices, and etery article
specially adipted fort . Hday and BridaUHfbv i
They offer also their well-known and wnrivaJlM
Nickel Silver Eleelro-Plattd Ware, in which tha
have introduced new 'patterns of rare elegance.
ibe Solid: Silver is guaranteed to be of sterling
I purity by U. S. Mint assay. Tbe Electro-Plate ,i
guaranteed to be guperior to the finest Slffie(
ware. Orders received from the Trade only. b
these goods stay be obtaintd- from rasponaibla
dealers everywhere. .
l.T.I 11. .1,
Trade Mark lm. .,7- - . X '
Salesroom No. 3 Maiden Lane. N.T. '
nov6-dAw4m-Fe mt . , . ' i j
1 '
ilCHWres's Uu JSaTed. for Fifty
; Cents."
Thousands of children die annually ef Croup.
Kow, Mothers, if you would spend CO eents, and
always have a bottle - Dr. Tobias' Venetian Lin
iment lit the .house, yon never need faas loaiac
your little one when attacked with this complaint
It' is now SI yean sine I have pntupmyLislent,
ana never neara ot a ebild dying ot Croup when
my. Liniment, was used;. but hundreds of cures
have, been reported to me, and many state if it waa
aie per bottle they would not be without it. Be
sides which. It is a certain euro for Cots, Burns.
Headache, Toothache, 86te .Threat. Swellings,
MumpsJColio, Diarrhea. Dyaeateryv-Spasasi Old
Sores and Pains ia the. Limbs, Baek.and Cheat.
NoODeooeeltriesitwhoia evet without ft. "It Is
warranted perfectly safe to take' internally. Full
directions Witt every bettlevBoleV by the Drug
gists and Storekeepers in the United States. De ,
pot 10 Park Place. N. Y. -1 ' 1 " J -jnnelS-d&wlyem-Feirr
. ; , . , i i"
. Bow a Decline is Prodaccd.
Pure blood makes us well, bad-blood makes us
sick.'; Vapors from poorly- digested food in tha
blood are condensed upon the various organs, and
serve to make these grow or repair their waste.
Organs made with a greater or lesser proportion of
such materials cannot be sound. If the bad con
dition of blood eontinnes but for a few days or
weeks the lody will be emt of aorts; and if it con
tinues, the whole of the body will in time be 're
newed with imperfect blood, and the health bad;
it is in a decline popularly called a consumption.
' How Brandreth's I ills penetrate the whole mass
of blood, causing tbe expulsion of impurities; the
body feels relieved from a single dose what then
may by expeoted from twenty? By continuing
their use the whole of the blood in time becomes
purified, and the body reconstructed front good ma
terial, the decline stopped, and a new lease of iife
secured.- ' Principal office. BbahdbetH Hougg'
New York. Sold by all druggists.
iunelo-dAwlyem-reHT - ;; . . (
f To art we owe a thousand graseet
Improving Nature no disgrace is. -
' So, as gray hair don't pleate the eye.
Cristadoro's Hair Preservative.
Striking, a onndiag.' are the Effects produced,
by Cristadoro's Hair Preservative and Beautifiar.
Be the hair ever so wiry, coarse and unmanageable
by brush and comb, in one week this articl will
render it flexible, lustrous and Inclined to curl- J
SId by Druggists, and applied by all Hairlrr3-'
t. Msnufactory No. 8 Maiden Lane. Principal
Depot No S Astor House.
janeie-dAwlrcm-reNT .
A MOa.IIAli , J?etl4JESir. Ladies and
eutlensenr young and eld. desirous of having their
hair beautiful for the Holidays, should, use a hot-.
oe. Read Chevalier's Treatise on tbe Hair.
Free to all. Given away at the Drugstores, or lent
hy mail free. This book should be read by eves,
person.- It teaches to cultivate and have beautiful
balr, and restore gray hair to its original color,
stop its falling out. rempVes all irritation or dan-
druff from the scalp, thus Keeping tne nair beauti
ful to the latest period of life.
jNT-deel-eodlm ' 1153 Broadway. B . Y4 .'
DR. A. B. WILLIAMS, 'West Broadway, Best
iab street, Columbus, Ohio, has devoted himstli
-a series of years to the treatment ofMrtain ni. i
rite diseases. He may bseensulted at his office
Mreedwsr. aear the Laeaaere Bank :
it If ANHOOD.n
Another Nem ItiAienl
IV 1 J'ampuet from tA wen
Pamphlet from the pen of Da. drama.:
Tha"Uedieai limes'' aara of ahia work. "Thla
valuable treatise on the cause and euro of prema
ture decline, shows how health is impaired through
secret ebuaes of youth and manhood, and how''
easily regained It aives a clear synopsis of tba
impediments to marriage, tbe cause and effects of
nervous debilitr, and the remedies therefor." A. .
pocket edilicn of the above will be forwarded ea ,
receiDt of is cents, by addressing Doctor CuBTia
9. do norcuyaariB Bixeei, iiuui m. juu-
cra majrSJ-dly-r ' " :
SIEI'S-SS rMtored in fnnr"we.ba Mn - .
guaranteed. DR. RIOORD-S ES8ENCE"0F LIFE
restores mahly powers, from whatever cause ari
sing; the effects of earlv pernicious habiis. self
abuse, impotency and climate, give away at once to
this wonderf ul medioine, if taken regularly accord
ins to the directions (which are very simple and re
quire no restraint from business orpleasure.) Fail. "
.. impossible. Sold in bottles at as n- rA-. '
quantities in one forts. To be had only of tbe sole
appointed agent in America, H. Okbitum. 87
Third Ave., corner 13th St., New York.
VNT-ri-ai7r ........
BATCH fclASK'tt H AIK DtK, This
SDleudid Hair Dve is tbe best in th n.u . .
the only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable
lUfwnwiiniHj uv vimvpviiitDicui: DU naiCUIOUS
tints; remedies thetllenects of bad dyes; invig
orates and leaves the Hair soft and beautiful. Hack
or brawn. Sold by all Druggists and Perfumers t
and proper! applied at Bttohelor's Wig Factory
no, in J5ona street, a. i org. i-nt apr38 diwly

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