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MeTfoiotboic At Tablk; 1 prepared "and
corrected by W. -Savage, Jeweler, 83
O'clOOk. - BKHIKtCT,
fcl, M.
. 7 11 1 San Beta....,
H. M
...4 a
Baa Rises.
oj . tut If.
iTT: Andrews A Hull bjure reooirea .uar-
fxr't 2?aar tor Dec. 19-h.
lGoy.' Hayes left the city 4 -tslt:tt
Cincinnati yesterday afternoon
lKF1 i5..lrtfl ' l. nine
"hours and swcnt!en-; ift nutes ' -r ;
;ii V.
fi CTTIi Board of CWiity -Commission
... -
tvlllnieet this moniint iu ctoeiw,
C -AxLelL corner of lRlctt and("Ellh
street, hag a One lot of Christmas toy.:
'.m 'iSpX pertiou; the lotKHaotlves for ,, tae
Biimifg VaUei taUfoad have been reoetr-
lTKi' Stata iLirUcultu! Society will
Hneet in" Jtr.': Klfppart's office to-morrow
snerotBg.: ,t c 1. 1 wk'MH'i . n-,-u:
rarThe Deraocf atio State Central Com
mitten-will meet at Thurmau.. Ball this
,4tfteruoou-r:: , .,-,,,.t ....
5 ,Jf3?Mayor Ball ' Was at hh post again
veaterday. Zle has, bein .sufrerlng from a
severe eld.1 ' L,s '1 -' h '.-!.-'
u tW We had soother slight : dab ot snow
yesterday morning. There was fust enoagh
ot it to make the walking bornoie.
"'"t3Slrhe Sisters of the Good- Shepherd,
need worlc Vlf jrow have aoy sewing to do
send It to tUesi. VfwUl teJK?!?r
- t3?tTlie- Township. Trustees on yester
Vlay allowed bUUio the smquMttlSZo,
tot township addaupernrppses.'1;
t-Th old, wet weattn has put step
to all fclbds of bulldiog until spring. Sev
eral Brie butldlnirs 1 failed to get "under
Jkiverforlhe winter:'.";- " ! n v,
.raOteBull, who gives a csnoert it the
Opera House to-morrow nigfan, was on the
steamer America at the time of- the collis
ion with the steamer Ufllted States, on the
ObjQ rlrkfU J 00 CIr IAvLI? aJo
Road Vacated. The Township Trus
teesa yesterday vscalbd th.-road lC8iiBg
from the "Groveport turnpike to-tho laim
of EUJah lerion, leceaged.
J v." ii;Ji .' .J I !
Bwsa Sbki. Awrr.rArrangements .are
befng m'ade'w send 'foul1 ion the' insane of
this county away.' Oneofthe'm, Mrs. Mc
ponald, wnoseflts of Insanity are jparpxys
maT, is" toU sent tp-d'ay to.Dayton.1'
n Ne. QooR03i. The City Council saet last
night, 'JKessrs.' Bergen, -jCaren, " Frankel,
Knopf, McDonald, Boss and .Wall answer
ed to rhelr. naqjesxThere- being no guor
ruin present, tne-tjoa tell adjourned until
next Monday .evening
:'Mmiifa PpsirjdSEDThe meeting pro
posed, to be heidi 1 at Trhilty h'urch, this
ewentngv.lA behalf of Ibe .Evangelical So
cieties, has ' been IndeHnttely postponed,
biacauae of the supposed loss- of Reverends
Parvln and Kislnp on the. steamer United
States."" '.1'- V.vi-n itl :!' . i., W v.;
;vQir tb Wroxq-Path. E. H. Sullivan
and ilames Orbinson were arrested on Sat
ardry' night in a bouse of bad repute and
fined 95 each: - : Ih; default ; they were
. committed t These . - young men- '. bave
started wrong,'- and this ' punishment will
perhaps be the beet thing that ever hap
pened them - ; ' r r t W i i s
Hkavt BusiKXs.-The sales of Millers,
Gr en & Joyce,"" 6ur:; largest wholesale
bouse, for the month of November, reached
$70,000 '-This, for an Interior town, foT
the month of November, the' close of 'the
season, Is a. big showing '. When the Hock
ing Valley railroad f shall be completed
these .figures w ill e nearly doubled ,
' M , t f;.V.-' ,
. iA loots. Dare Haffsaaa and Henry
Miller- were the 'only galoots- before the
Mayor .yesterday. ;Tbeyr bad. enjoyed a
plain drunk, without the least possible
showing for a complication about it They
could not comply with the Mayor's request
that they pay $5 and costf, and they were
therefore committed! and hav acbancs to
study geology. - -
j- PpcKa-Pio:BT-ye8terdaf ,Aercoon
a alafge'crowd was attracted "In front ot
Axtell's show window, corner ot Rich and
High street to watch the motions of a pair
ot dancing flgares, who , are jpade to per
form various adties, by ctoclr- work,;stme
sharper picked the pocket of a lady who
was gazing, la the window spd. gotpfi
with bis booty..'. ; : i,y : .ijlht
I BsWiAMOTRfcl-iTbo Presfdenl ef-tbe
Temperance Alliance hM agreed to call the
meeting t6' order th4s evening at -'-half-past
o'clock, so' an to give the members ao ofw
portnhity to attend , the exhibition at the
Congregational Church. Would itnot be
better to adjourn the meeting for tb-night,
and let all go and assist the "ladies of the
Hann'sli'Neil Hlsslon.'ln their great if writ
"A Grand Exhibitioi To-NiaavrThere
will be a grind exhibition of dissolving
views to-night, at. the , Congregational
ctHsrch, . for , the benefit .jOfr-itbo Hannah
Nell i Mission; and. ';indnstrlai;.Schoolv to
which all oor citizens are invltedv There
will be, lu'additioa t bo' peauti lul V lews,
singing by the children of the Home and
School. Doors odn af alf-past 6 o'clock;
exhibition to eommenoo at half-past 7.
Admission 25 cents. ' ' :f ',''
Walking Matph. Last Saturday 'after
noon two cigar makers lb the. employ of
Witte & Smith, 160 Sooth Higli street, had
-walking' match, eight - times' sronntl : the
StateHouse square' for a wager.: The contrs
tants were K.Dreppart and W.Eniott.'The
race was won by Dreppart, who walked the
entire dJatancQ, yearly iour milsln. forty
six minutes. The following Is the score: 1st
round,' 8:15; 2d, 6.15; 3d, 7i50;,4tb, 5:50; 5th,
6-55; 6th, 6:05; 7th, 5:4U; sut?W.&. H"L
Olb Bull's Grand CoscERTTpefcreat
Nnrweglan vlolinist,"it will be remember
ed, gives but one concert in this city, and
that at the Opera House to-morrow niht
Alone, bjf sX.-itroaftess of his genius, be
can entertain and delight an audience, and
by his maglebow: move the people to tears
or to smiles, as he wills, yet, knowing that
"variety is the spice ot If fe," he has asso
cjated witb him a troupe of first class ar
tists; who cannot.: but please.; We shall
lool to see the Opera House crowded to
morrow night, v , :
. ' New Offices. The County Commission
ers have-commenced enlarging the office
room In the Court House. They are tak
ing out the partitions, in that part of the
building formerly ' used ' as the Sheriffs
bouse, and. are fixing it for a Probate Court
room, and an office for tbe Clerk of the
Court of Common Pleas. A hall will be
opened directly through the lower portion
of the main .Court House, so that there
will be an entrance from High and one
from Mound street. The Board of School
Examiners will bave a room In this build
ing also. The former office ol the Clerk of
she Court will be given either to the Re
corder or Connty surveyor, and the Pro
bate Court room will be used by Judge
Olds.--.', ',..
PuBUiBVB pOKr.V believe oar!
people very generally acquiesce In the be-
lief that our public schools are of Incalcu-'
labl'e benefit, and should be encouraged In.'
all possible ways. There are, however,'
quite a number or persons who are opposed
to the system of free schools, and cannot,
i as ye v. be induced to give sVwtrm nd
hearty support to the system. We tifnk
that touch of this opposition is' due to' the!
tact that our Board of Education do not
we sufficient efforts to win over this oppo-!
sitioa to thtj views entertained by them.1
There Is too much "close communion" in
tfiejnannerof eohducUnifltfie affairs MJthe'
schools, and, save tlie condensed reports of
the proceedings .which sometimes appear!
in the daily papers, the public has been in;
no. .way apprised oMnesmanoer in which'
the affairs of the 'schools' bave been' ton-i
ducted for. the past, fen .or, fifteen years-i
Such is not the case in. other cities. -It Is
t-nstomary in most other places for the i
Bo trd to give to the public, in pamphlet ;
form,' a detailed report of the condition1 . ot i
each school,, giving the number of pupils
in attendance, the number of teachers em
ployed, and tho tttma-which' make up tlie
total of ronuing the schools tor the current
year. Let us have such a report from our
Board i It will give more satisfaction than
any paper or statement that will be made
by our city officials next sp'rlng. ?Let
the people know, what citizens of other
cities, declare, that with the exception of
the State street building and the ntfrth
building, Columbus'lias the best school
bouses (hj America. Let us have the, H-
ports, Messieurs or the Board ot Education.
Cross RiadiNgs. Some very funry
readings are produced by bill stickers plac
ing one bill over another, leaving a line,
or part of a hoe. of the old bill to show
above the hew one. i' We ' remember once
(o. have seen .t,ae announcement of a lec
ture and the advertisement of a patent
jneuiclne dealer so blended a to read, m
bUse Hebenaack's Pilli
- . and"
e.- -"Prepare to meet your God.'".'
Ahout as funny is 'an announcement we
read on the walls yesterday. There had
been blU for Humpty Dumpty. posted
over one for Newcoinb's MlnstreU; over
this was pasted the illuminated bill forOle
Bull's performance. The letters on the
Humpty Dumpty bill are exactly like Ole
Bull's, black and red, and it bad been past
ed so that the final "y" in Dumpty only
was visible. . To our astonishment, we
read: . . ' ." . -
H The Great E thiopian Delineator, 1
Would perform In this city on Wednesday
Commissioners met'.yest'-Yday' lnJregular
session. : Present Megsrai Edwards, Gu
Iick and Lisle. The "following bills were
presented and allowed : 8. P: Axlcll, Sta
tionery for Auditors' Office, 925 00; George
Sargeut. Binding ". Book for : Auditor's
Office, $2 00; G?orge W. Gleason. Station
ery for County Offlcers,$U9 39; G. J. Em-
inert, Improvement on Road in Montgom-
ty township, $6 00. i, , "1
A petition from " Samuel Doyle, Nand 13
hers, for the establishing of a county
rsad In Clinton township, was received, and
aid petition being in accordance with laV,
the following persons were ' appointed as
lewers, to wit: J3anlel M.Slyh, Rudolph
Phenegar .and Si fM.j HesSj twith 1W. P
Brown, Surveyor." - -V. I
The viewers and surveyors' "report on
the alteration of the road petitioned tor by
Thomas Patterson and others- 4n- Madieon
township, was taken up and read - the first
times .3j;. : 'ssi :- t
-rJ- -r- ' -i.i. . '' ! -;!. .
TbaWsfebbed YiTSEBDAr. The follow
ing trabifew of real estate: were left at the
Recorder's office yesterday : -; -t - ' ! ;r
,Wm Money penny and wife to Geore F.
Wheeler, December 5th, lot lJo8" and part
of lot No. 10 In Ridgeway & CrosbyS sub
division ot InlotKo. 273 In the'eity of Co-
umbus, for $10,250. -
Wm..Cox and wife to James J. Beard,
October 1st, 6 92-100 acres of land in Mont
gomery township, for $3,460. i
Wm. Chandler and wite to D. R. Champ,
December 1st, ihlotNo. 71 In the town1 of
ix. L. Chaneyi and wife to- John H. Sav
ior, June 20th, .'part. of lot No. 3 In the
towu ot Groveport,.for $17.
Matilda and . A. J. By waters to J. H.
Payior, Nov. 13th, lulot No, 4 la the town
of Groveport, for $200. ' . : '
Samuel Sharp and wife to J. H. Saylor,
December 7th, part ot lot No. 3 in the
town' of Groveport, for $400.
A Novel Bed Chamber. A young man
named Rube . Dunkar, was arrested by
officer Niclaus on Sunday night for being
drurJc.and. asleep. Dunkar had taken la
abouta keg lull of burbing fluid, and bad
taggered under it a? far as the corner of
Fifttvand Friend street, when, finding him
selt unable to go any further, he crawled
id under tlie iron apron or bridge that spang
the gutter.: Being s little too large for. tbe
Dlaoci iri forcinar himself in be raised liin
iton coverlid an inch-or two, aud some
ladles going home from church stepped on
tki apjoand feeling ifgive' with their
weight, tney set up a squealing that shortly
brought the officer, who found Rube sound
asleep and totally unconscious ot the rum
pas be had kicked up. He was fined and
costed $3 by the Mayor yesterday, which
he paid., :. .-, ' .. , ,. , ' ..;
i - -) .
A-New Railroad Compart. The cer
tlflcate of incorporation ot the Liberty and
Vienna Railroad Company, was filed with
the Secretary of State yesterday. It Is or
ganized: lor the purpose of constructing
and maintaining a railroad between Lib
erty township, Trumbull .county, and Vi
enna in tbe same county, a . distance of
abontslx miles. The capital stock is fixed
at $200,000 in shares of $100 each. John
Tod,! Evan Morris, John, Stambaugh, jr,
Jacob Stambaugh and Cv D. Arms are tbe
corporators. . ; ; -.''- ''!"' ' '
y Canvassiho Votes. The Governor and
Secretary of State, in the presence ot tbe
Auditor of State and Attorney General,
on yesterday canvassed the votes cast tor
members of Cm gress, Supreme Judge and
Member of Board of Public Works. We
have already published the result.
The- ladies of the First Presbyterian
church will hold their annual festival on
Thursday evening, at 7 o'clock, in tbe lee-;
ture room of tbe church. Lunch at 12
o'clock on Friday.
' dec8 3t
P. S. Sctdam & Co., Bakers and Confecr
tloners, 29 North High "street, have a full
assortment of toys, candies, fireworks, Ac
Also hsve cherry, currant and blackberry
wines that can't be beat tor purity and
quality. Price ot wine $2 60 per, gallon,
or 75c per bottle. . , , .
. Cakes made to order. Gives us a call.
Jewelry, very low, at Simmons'.
dec3-eod3t . .
Jewelry made and repaired by C. E
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
nov6d3m .
Hair Switches, Colls, &c, at Simmons'.
- dcc3-eod3c ' ' ""' ' . -
MiLLDTERT-materlslf, Velvets, 6atlns, &o,
on the bias ; Flowers, Laces,' at Simmons
dec3-eod3t -
For Sale House and lot, corner pi
Franklin and Washington Avenue' Most
desirable property; will be sold at a bargain
Enquire of J. W. Moore, No. 43 West North
street. - ' " . s v
octl3-dtf - ''
Hats! Hats! all shapes at greatly re
duced prices, at Simmons', Opera Block.
dec3-eod3t . . .,
Fbanxlin Building and Loan Associa
tion The stockholders of the above asso
ciation are notified that the first loan will
be made on Tuesday evening, December
8th, at 1 o'clock P. M, at the office of the
association. . 7-
N. Merion, President.
jyMojiRi30N. Secretary; OiiiO
dec3-ThSaTu-3t j., i..
Like Regulation Dress Paradf. The
teeth should .always be scrupulously clean
and, free from blemish.. 'Keep thunv in this
condition with the incomparable Sozodont,
and when they are veterans in the service;
they will still be as gdod as new." ' 1
'MBpaldixgVi GloeIs Indispensable 1n
every weU'reguluted household.
vjiY-junl5-eo6m-cw . i . i.,.. ,,;
.'! ' i ., a
("HollowaY's Pills r- Stomacr; Com
Iplaints. Not a square inch of the body
:iean be in perfect health It the stomach Is
diseased. The first twinge Id that region
I indicates a necessity for an alterative medl-
hine, and of all .alteratives Holloway's
Pills have been proved, by the experience
Jof half a century, to be the best. . Take care
i'pf digestion, for upon digestion depends
vital function. Tone tbe stomach
I tnd keep the bowels tree with this unrival
'led invlgorant aperient, and corrective, arid
.all will be well Sold by all Druggists.
i ilesI fiLEB! Xbousanas of persons
;;uffer from Piles, either bleedtrig or blind,
iwith Itching discharge, or tumors about
the rectum, and broken-back like feeling
dull, ' confused head? ''and' " depression
Many have suffered,' and taken So many
things in, vain, that They, despair of a cure.
Humphrey's Homcepathic Pile Specific
does cure, even the, worst cases.. ' Try it
and be cured. Price 50 cents per box. Sold
by dealers,' or sent by mail fiee. Address,
Humphreys' Specific Homoeopathic Med
icine Co, 562 Broad way, N. Y. ;" ' -1
How "Dr. Johnston's Specific" was In
vented I It Is evident that, if a person
partakes too freely and too often.' of
victuals which they, are fond ot, they pro
duce ju course of tima and allat once, a
disgust to the same, jirjQ it will be Impos
sible for a person to" partake of the same
thereafter.--.But this does not hold good in
regard to liquors. Tbe more a person con
sumes, the more his desire increases, the
more : he will banker after it. To destroy
this peculiar taste 'for liquor by addln
something to it, was the object of Dr.
Johnston. After years of bard study" and
judicious experiments the Doctor's ef
forts, were, at lastcrowned with unbound
ed success. : He discovered certain plants
which actually possess such curative pow
ers that will in all cases destroy the appe
tite for liquor forever! ' ." '
sept22-dt&s&wly-cw J . J '.'
,Haky years ago the writ;r of this notice
and an invalid physician, while visiting
the Island ot St. Croix for their health, ex
perienced and witnessed many surprising
and- beneficial effects ot the Rum there
produced upon many of the invalids who
were, like -ourselves, seeking health, and
upon inquiry and investigation, obtained
a full history of its medicinal viitues. He
was 'delighted and surprised, and deter
mined to make - it the basis of a Tonic and
Restorative Medicine. The result of his la
bors was a glorious- success for himself and
sufiering humanity. The celebrated Plan
tation Bitters was. thus made known to
the world. ' Being ah article of real merit,
founded on new principles; and relying
wholly upon the vegetable kingdom for its
medicinal effects. It worked a rapid revo
lution .in the treatment ot physical debil
ity.. ; , . . ' '.. '.'' :, , ',
. Magnolia Water. Superior to tlie best
imported German Cologne, and sold at half
thq price. " ; ,i ... . " ,: r ; i'" j. -..
KNY-seDt25'deod&wlycw '. ',-"
rfil T T A T TD
l i i .-v i v
Testify to iU DMciU itt.-letarinn 'GRAY HAIR to
its OTiginal color and promotins its growth. ; It
makm tha hair soft and nlossy. T.he old in appear
ance are nade jounj KalD. ' It ia tbe ben - -
ever need. It remarei Dandrnff and all Scum
Ernptions. It dres not (tain tbe akin. -- '
. ,-.,t 1 ; : 8NT FkES BT MAIL. .. , ,.i
Beware of tbe numerous preparations which are
told upon our reputation. , ,
A. F. HALL A CO.. Nashua, N. H Froprieton.
1 For aale by all DrnKStstt. "
JulySS dlUw4lj-cm ; '.'';
A F AiB and delicate akin, free from erery blem
ish, i tbe reward of an occaaional use of Falmer'
Vegetable Cosmetic Lotion. :. septl-dAwly om
- . -. - '
Improved I
ft ii an elegant Dressing for the Hair. 11 ' '
It pauses the Hair to Carl beautifully. . . ; , . .
It keeps the Scalp Clean and Healthy..
tt invigorates the Roots of the Hair. "
(t forces the Hair and Beard to grow luxuriantly.
it immediately stops Hair Falling Oat. -,
IU keeps the Hair from Changing Color from Age.
U restores Grey Hair to u Original Color." ! ; j.
-It brings out Hair on heads that have been bald for
t is composed entirely of simple and purely reget
ble substances,
it has receired oveTaix thousand voluntary testi
' nonials of its excellence, many which axe from
.' . physicians in hish' standing. .
' It is sold in half-pound bottles (the name blown
in the glasaV by Druggists and Dealers in Fanor
Goods every where, at One Dollar per Bottle. Whole
j sale by Demas Barnes A Co.; F. C. Wells k Co.;
dohieflolinA Co.. New York. scHNT-mchJ7-dly.
No. 330 Broadway.
Capital, - Ontf Million EoIIars
DabiusU Manoam. FresJ. Jas. Mbbrill. Seo'y.
Ueo'ives Deposi'sand allows FOUR PER CENT.
INTbKET on all Daily Ualanoea. sabject to chock
at sight. - Mpeeial Deposits for fix months or more,
nn be made at fire per cent. The Capital of One
Mi'lion Dollars ia divided among oyer 5ooSnsre
holders. comprising many gentlemen of large wealth
aod financial experience, who are also personally
liable to depositors for all obligations of the Com
pany to double the amount of their capital stock.
As the National TruBt Company receires deposits
in large or small amounts, and permits them to be
drawn as a whole or ia pa t by check at sight and
without notice, ellowina interest on all daily bal
ances, parties throughout the country can keep ac
counts in tnn Institution with special advantages
of security. eonrenieD.ce and EtofiU
re NT-deel-dxw2m ...A
The Message.
- -.The PresidenUhag1- informed the jotnti
Committee appointed by the two houses to!
wait on.Jilm.that be will send hiS-message;
to CJnyresson"W"edne8day.
General Greeting.
was greetinjr amonjr.
members ot both political parties in . the!
-House -on d Senate Chambers before ttie
hour of meetiBjf.-' Very many of their ac-j
quatntances were also present mingling in :
the congratulations. Good humor was!
everywhere prevalent.: The galleries were
crowded to- witness- the' opening proceed-:
Supreme Court.
TbeSnpreme Court 'met at noon.'' AH
the Judnea . were Dresent excent Grier.
The eomuiisslon of William' M. kvarts as
Attorneys. General : was - read, whm the
Court adjourned. In order to pay a' visit pf
courtesy to the President.;- To-morrow the
docket will be calledi r - n , - -v -. .-,
The third session of the 40th Congress i
began at 12 o'clock to-day.'. - r
Alter prayer oy- tbe Chaplain, tlie senate i
was formally called to order by the Presl- '
dent, pro tern., Senator Wade, who then
presented the credentials of Senator Ed- :
munds, of Vermont, which were read. '
Mr.SHKKMAN presented tbe creden
tials of Senator Hill, ot Georgia. "
Alter .some remarks by Alestrs. Drake ,
and Sherman, on motion .of the latter, Mr.
Hill's credentials were laid on tbe table for j
tbeprespnt." , v: ,
Air. SUUXN KB introduced a bill to en
force the - provisions of the Constitution
abolishing slavery. . ,
. A Dili was introducea to provide lor the .
resumption-of specie payments by July
4th next. ' - r.
A resolution In favor Of cheap' ocean i
poetagd wai introduced., - , ,". , '
Adjourned.- v . -. ;;. :.: . ,
Precisely at noon tbe Speaker's hammer .
called the House to order.' - ' :
The llonse was opened with prayer by
the Chaplain -- . .. .
t he crK AKKK directed the Clerk to
call the roll of'members and deleeateg.-r- I
One, hundred ' and sixty-tour, members :
answered to their names; Tbe States of
Virginia, Mississippi and Texas were un
represented. : None of the Arkansas, mem
bers answered on the call. - i . ...
Mr, WASHBURNE,of Illinois, nresent-
ed the: usual ..formal resolution, directing
the Clerk to notify tbe Senate that a quo
rum of the House was ready to proceed to
business, and providing for a joint com
mlttee to wale on the. President for the
same purpose.- . . ..-;... , , .
I he briUAKH.K appointed such com
mittee on the part of the House. .- .' j
. The SPEAKER presented the creden
tials of Oliver J. Dickey and S. Newton
Petters, of Pennsylvania, elected to till the
vacancies caused ,by. the deaths of Stevens
arid Finl'py. , ...
Mr. LiUAJf announced: the rresence of
John II.' Stover, elected successor ot Mr.
McCleary, of Missouri. Tlie three mem
bers elect advanced to the Speaker's chair
and took the oath." ' c
; Mr. M AY1 ARDsaid the State of Tennes
see believed she was entitled, Irom her vol
untary abolition of slavery, to an additional
representative in the House, and bad elec
ted Thomas J. Hamilton." He moved the
certificate be referred to the committee oil
Elections, and that in the meantime Mr.
Hamilton be entitled to tbe courtesy of the
State In the House. . 'I
After discussion tbe credentials were
relerred to the committee on Elections, and
the privilege of the floor refused.
Air. X.IJN(Jtt iutrodued a bill to provide
against undue expansion and contraction
of tlie currency, and to allow a drawback
on articles used in the construction of ves
sels. Referred to Ways and. Means com
mittee. - : : Ii .
Mr. PIKE offered a resolution instruct
ing the Ways and Means committee to re
port a Din lor the payment in gold ot
United -States notes, commonly called
greenbacks. Adopted.
jvir. w (JUL) onered a resolution reauest-
ing the President' to communicate conies
ofletters of instruction to the American
Minister at London, relating to the set
tlement of the Alabama claims, and of anv
subsequent correspondence with him or.
the .British Government on ' that subject.
Adopted. ' j-
Mr. w ASHJJUKK. of Illinois. reDorted
that the President would communicate in
writing, on Wednesday atone P. M.
Mr, MOKKlLiL introduced a toint reso
lution declaring that the conduct of Rev
erdy Johnson, the United States Minister
to England, is prejudicial to the interests
and dignity of the. nation, and " requesting
tne president to order immedlatelv ma re
call.- - I i- ..r - - : (
Mr. RANDAIX moved to lay the ioint
resolution on. the table, remarking that;
there were no facts to iustilv such a dec
laration.- . - ii
Mr. PAUKS moved to refer it to. the
committee on Foreign Affairs, i
The motion to table was rejected. " " f
Mr. SCOFIFLD expressed a hone that the
motion to refer would be voted down, and
that there would be a square vote on the
The resolution was referred to the com
menced on Foreign Affairs 94 to 14.
Mr.' ARCHER offerer! a resolution Sri.
structing the Judiciary committee to re
port a Din appropriating S5U,UW) to reim
burse President Johnson for bis expenses
in deleuding himself on the'impeacUment-
Mr. SCHOFIELD asked if thoueht
$30,000 would be enough. (. . i .
. Mr. Kh.lSh,l moved to lav the resolu
tion on the table. Agreed to.
National Board of Trade.
Holden, of Milwaukee, as Chairman
of the Convention, submitted a brief re
port, the first of which is that Congress
should determine the time for the resump
tion of specie payments. It was debated
oy several members, some ot whom wished
one time and some auother. That of Mr.
Nazro, ot Boston, was brought to a divis
ion, in which he wished to add the words
not later than tlie first ot July, 1SG7."
which, on a division, -was lost. i t
Mr. Uolton. in proposinar the second res
olution, that no cold should be sold till the
National Banks bad in, reserve their full
percentage of gold, said the eom mlttee
had purposely determined to avoid details
as to the time ot action, leaving much to
thewUdoui of Congress. -.. . - ,
Mr. Taylor, of St. Paul,' congratulated
the committee as much on what they
had lelt undone as on what thev
bad recommended. He ' instanced the
success of the Canadian Parliament
and . - Ministry for the able financier
ing they had sRown In the resumption
ol specie pay men ts, going Into clear details.
He concluded by sayiug tbe United States
could do tbe very same, with the same
success. He proposed that Congress should
prohibit all notes of less value than ten
dollars, the previous question was then
moved, whereby the resolutions of the
committee were carried. Tbe other reso
lutions were that no further sales of gold
should be made but lor the purchase of
5-20's, and all bonds so purchased cancel-
let); that gold contracts should be legaliz
ed, and tbe national honor and faith .re
quires that the Government should not
avail itself of tbe right to pay off 5 20
bonds until by a general resumption of
specie payments. The public debt, as it
matures, can be paid in specie or its equiv
alent. The resolution was carried.
Mr. Holton presented a resolution offer
ed by Mr. Gano, which was not agreed to
by the committee, resolving that Congress
be urged to amend the National Bank law
so that quarterly reports at specified times
oe dispensed with, and that instead each
National Bank shall be called upon by the
Comptroller once a quarter to show what
its conaition may nave Deen on a designa
ted day in the recent past. The resolution
was adopted.
The Cnair announced the next business in
order the consideration of the resolution
in regard to the Government adopting the
telegraphic system in connection with the
postal service.
Mr. Schryock submitted several reso
lutions declaring the present telegraphic
avatom riTrl rttntf-IWuJ rTfrhn want, nf .ha
country, that the"TJtpe'r1ehce ol the past
few-years has demonstrated: the Taetthat
teipgraptrtq comnranlosttoircatrbe so ex
tended and cheapened as.ta- Dlace it within
the reach ot all classes of the community;
that the attention of Congress is called to
the subject, and should it be deemed ad-1
vtsabie to build, buy or lease telegraph
lines now in use, it is the sense of this
Board that it will facilitate its working
ana prove Denenclal to the whole country.
"Mr. Bneli, ot; Albany, offorad.-a resolu
tion that the Government should not unite
with the Postofllce Department in the trans
mission ot messages by telegraph; that in;
the effort being made for the adoption by
tbe Government ot the telegraph we may
reeognlsfreYdBgertnpreceilentJ' ( n
. . A .,ft.iAn': . I .. ...... ...l.V. 1 .. .'U..a
the table wai lost; I U U & . Ut-
The report of the committee favorln ir the
purchase of telegraph lines was disagreed
to yeas 28, nays 35. j
Mr. Shryock's and Mr. Buell's substitutes
The Points in the Forthcoming
President's Message.
BOSTON, Nov. 7.
The Boston Herald publishes the follow
ing this morning ' -.--' ( . a j
WASHINGTON, D. C., Nov. 5.
The President's message was all put In)
type this evening, and will probably be
sent to Congress on Tuesday. The only
reason for. delay 1? the anticipated recep
tion of ofHeial ne w about tie settiement
of the -Alabama claims .The message
covers the Ipllowloit points and conclu
sions thereon i r j j ;;.'; i .
First, That tn Son'thern' States remain
posted In Industry, their resources cut off,
a good proportion ot their population dis
franchised, tbeir Qontitotiuiial, privileges
denied throogh-Congressional enactment,
and most of them remaining under mili
tary rule.
Second, Commenting on the report
of tbe Secretary ot the Treasury and
endorsing -Its--vt ' torra . return,-(to
specie payments through a reduction of
expenditures, raising taxation and gradual
contraction of the paper circulation, with
suggestions for legislation for one curren
cy only, snttihatllitionsl 'Banks should
have their powers restricted.
Third, That our foreign affairs are in a
favorable condltlonTbe negotiations with'
Great Britain regarding the Alabama:
claims (so-called) have not reached an end.
Certain portions of the proposedpi:otocal
ot arbitration were not approved bj this
Government, and have'not been returned
to Minister-Johnson.-' The resignation of
tne JUntish Ministry is regarded only as a
temporary hindrance. Manv details rela
tive to these claims' are-notdeemed proper
to communicate1 in the ittessaVe. ' ' '
Oilers ot arbitration between Paraguay:
and Brazil have even declined, and !ihe
course of Paraguay commented on. In
the absence of official details about the late
outrage of Lopez, the Government has
maoounew treaties nor tlra-pivtecttonof
naturalised oitizeris. abVoad. !& lias-rt-oog-nized
the new Provisional Junta in SDaiu
as tbe--de facto Government, but has re
ceived, no tormally accredited miaistwi: for
me same ... . , , , A
Affairs with Mexico are satisfactory.
Arrangements for a mixed commission to
settle the claims .ot, Arnertcajig in that
country Vre in progress: '
The Government has failed, so far, in its
negotiations for the purpose ot a naval
stattonSn the West lndresf and learns" bat
thekFrencfi are trying-to et:the?"bay ot
Samaua from the Dominican Government.
Fourth, Official facts show enormous
frauds in the revenue, whiclt-m.ust beeor
rected 05 the revenue will fail aud thejia
tion be Involved In ruiu. . Tlit message
calls for strong legislation on the subject,
and urges the repeal of the civil tenure
actvWhich, i,s regarded, as a hindrance;. to
h renioya1 o corupt.olHclals.Ii ii K ,'; a
Fifth, The President refers to the Indian
troubles and views of the Peace Cymmis
sion, and tears that the -military establish
ment .expenditures will be, largely . in
creased 611 1 the plains. . . ',.;
Sixth, He favors ' the withdrawal of
troops from the Southern States and re
duction of the.ariny, aiul gives a resume of
the operations of the land and pension sys
tem. It is not pretended that the message dis
cusses the above points in the order nan ed
or language given, but the general tenor
of the document will prove to be correct.
Western News via St.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 7.
A South Pass City dispatch says about
300 Sioux Indians attacked Washakee's
band ot Sboshones Indians,., who , were
hunting in Big Wind river valley.'sixty
miles lrom here, on November 22d. Two
Indians were killed on each side and several
wounded. The Shoshones retreated to the
white settlements, ,
aOOmalia despatch says ttie snowstormi
which has beeu raging for the past thirty
hours, Is the heaviest experienced In Nebraska-
tn' many-years. There :1s. about
eighteen inches of snow nov on tbe levi l
and the storm still continues. So lar trains
neve managed -to-jnove.buL. it is feared
tliaf asllgtit wind will cause a serious
blockade both east and west.
A Helena, Montana, .dl-patoh, sajrs now
to tha depth of six. iuches lelhou Friday
The territorial legislature will meet at
Virginia City to-day. ' ' "'" '
The storm, which commenced here yes
terday, continued all night, and it hxs not
entirely stopped snowing :yet- The tem
perature is getting colder aud there are
prospects of a freeze. J ;i . 1C . -
Further from the Steamboat Disaster.
Detailsof the collision between the
America and United States areenminsr in
slowly. Tbe Indications are that both boats
were at-the time of the collision headed
toward the Indiana shore. The General
Lv tie arrived last night with s few-oftthe
suTvivors. M. Hall, of Evunsvilte, was
among tbe saved on the United States,
The charred jremains of eixht bodies, sup
posed to be females, have been rescued
trom the United ' States. None of tbuin
could be recognized. Mr. Bigely, of Pitts-
ourgn, mentioneu ?yesterd .y as bavins
been lost. Is gafe.J George W. Fahhestock
and daughter, of Philadelphia, .were lost
on the United States. Mr. Fisher, of Pa.,
passenger on the; United States, is burnt
badly about the lace and hands. Mr, Cun
ningham, ot Allegheny City, Pa, on the
same, is iu the hospital in this city, badly
burnt on the hands, feet and right side of
tne lace. A lad lyears old, enroute from
Khode island to Memphis, was slicrntlv
burnt. " Mr. Taylor, Clerk of the America,
visited alt the wounded in this citv yester
days administering to their reliefs T. r,
Habeas Case at Richmond
In the United States District Court,' Judge
Underwood presiding, in the habeas corpus
case 01 tsar Vrnmn, convicted in'Judge
Shefiries' S,tate Court ot shooting a white
roan, ana sentenced to the peniteiHiaYv. th
prisoner's counsel pleaded the illegality ot
Griffin's conviction on the groundihat
Judge Sheffries was ineligible under tbe
14tb amendment,- and was-thr-rore'. no
Jndgeatall. "-Jtidge Underwood gave "his
opinion sustaining: the ground taken by tbe
idiuoner auu . aiscoargea . tne prisoner.
The counsel for respondent' appealed from
the District Judtfe to the Circuit Court.
Chief Justice Chase will be on the bench.
The prisoner will be bailed to appear be
fore the Circuit Court. This dei-iskn, it
continued, upsets' two-thirds of -the 'legal
decisions, both criminal and civil, that bave
been made iu Virginia since the war. . .
Republican Meeting in Augusta.
AUGUSTA, GA., Nov. 6.
City Hall last ninbt. which was addressed
by 3. E. Bryant, formerly of Maine, but
now a member or the Georgia Lgia
lature, who referred with pleasure to the
fact that Georgia was again in the Union
and entitled to all the rights and privileges
of any other State. He said the Republican
party was defeated honestly and fairly in
the late municipal election. Resolutions
were passed pledging anew their fealty to
the Republican party and opposing lurther
Congressional interference in the affairs of
Georgia, which Statnis entitled to all tbe
rights of a Federal State in the Union. . ,
Gen. Cole Acquitted.
ALBANY, Dec. 7.
General Georsre AV. Cole has been ac
quitted of tbe charge of murder In killing
1. id. uiscocK tor the seduction 01 nis wite.
Tbe jury stated that they found the pris
oner to be sane at the moment before and
moment after killing, but were iu doubt as
to his sanity on tbe instant of the homi
cide. The Judge said they must give the
prisoner the benefit of the doubt, and thus
instructed they rendered a verdict of ac
Lost on the United States.
CONCORD, N. H., Dec. 6.
George Hutchlns and wife, of this city,
were among the lost on the steamer United
States. 1
A Dismantled Schooner.
CHICAGO, Dec. 7.
This morning at ten o'clock a schooner,
nearly dismantled, was seen drifting' OS
the lake, a, mils or.'.more northeast of thf
.llinois Central cr. sltopso One man was
soen ou the deck - making a signal of '-disf
tresis but before the ' vessel- 1 could hi
reached she had drifted down as far as Oak
wood station... where she struck with her
brtmdside opposed to- the-waves, which
made-a clear -breach. over ner. When -apt
proached the man bad disappeared, anil
there were.no olgns of Hfe In the vessel
He wrs -doubtless washed overboard ana
.lost, and probably , the , remaludej; ,0 ,tbt
crew naa saarea tne same tate.i imtk ,m
Madame Janauschek.
- Germans Of this citv pave a
tion last venlng sV MsBitrierehor Hall to
Madame Jsnauschek, the celebrated Gerf
roan ragpdienne. Dr. Fessel- made tlie reception-
speech and was feelingly replied
to by the-Madame, nriiijr Dr. Fessel'
remarks he'presented"Janauschck a beauti
lul laurel wreath. ' A musical entertain
ment and supper followed which lasted
until a late hour. , ,'.h,,.i ,tA j
Another Steamer Burned.
Tbe Steamer,D.;M.' Sechler,; took" fir
CarroUton, Ky on tSaturday, by the burst-;
ing; ot a coal oil lamp. She burned to the,
water's edgeahd then. stink.V'No lives
were lost. . The boat was valued at $6,000;
Spirit of the Press.
NEW YORK, Dec. 6.
In commenting on the President's mesJ
sage, a digest of which is printed, tbe
New York.. Herald says;-. It .is- apparent!
that Congress wtil have work enough be-!
fore it for a short session, if-even a moiety
of the President's suggestions are legisla-l
ted upon. ' There are three classes of evils-,
from which the people demand and ex-i
pect - - some '.-- reliei; first,-: enormous:
frands upon 'the revenue; - second, the1
excessive taxation resulting from these'
frauds and the burden of the national debt;,
tb'rd, the loss and wasteful appropriation
bills of Congress generally. General Grant'
settled the . business.' of "tlie rebellion' soi
very handsomely that lie has been called'
by the- people to - settle ; the 'tumor-.
tant business tof' restoration nd re-!
construction. Tbe.; work ',. before him", I
in this capacity, has been compared -to tbe!
lau laoorers or uercmes. Dut if will' te
comparatively easy If he' De properly as
sisted -by Congress. Let Congress clear ttie
track before bim and provide him the ways
and meanSf- asdj-Jrant will dor the work
without flinching. It must" be done or
universal repudiation" and chaos otherwise '
are threatened.' '. -,.'.' :. '. '.' ' j
Commodore Vanderbilt.
prints a card!
deuying tliat the Erie Hallway Company,
paid him for stock in hand last spring ths !
sum of f 33,000,000 and a bonus of 31,000,
000 in: order to stop the suits instituted py
Messrs. Scbell and others . . ,
The storm Interferes with bnslnet" n
Wall street. The Commercial says JTnah
cIhI reports from Washington have no ef
feet upon lioaneial affairs here,-they cos
talnlng no recommendation likely to In- t
nuence Congress. , Gold la firm at 136
There is -nothing new, relative.. to North
western and Hudson River.
.1-. Vl Jf f
Financial. FOREIGN NEWS.
Donation. LONDON, Dec. 7.
George Peabody Tias mtle another do-j
nation of one hundred thousand pounds to!
tne poor 01 laOtidon.
Steamer Hibernian Foundered.
Intelligence has just reached .liere that
the steamer Hibernian, from fllaso-ow.
bound fbr Niew. Yock,-foundered off the j
Irish coast. The 'Captain and eisrhty-o'ne '
passengers are reporten savea. Une ot tne
steamer's boats, with thirty-three persons
on board, was lost. ' " f
or THS . -
United ; t States, of Anjericay
Cash Capital, r i $1,000,000.
-ru BBAStil OFFICES. i tt'-j j
'-' PHILADELPHIA,, '. ! , . i
To whiob. all tenersi ooirespondenoe ihonld ba ad. I
dressed. . -a
CLARENn? H. Cl.ARK. President.' -
JAY COOKE. Chairman Finance and Eiecatire ,
Committee; ,
HENRY 1. (JOKE. Vice President. '
EM&HSON W. i'EET, Secretary and Aetaaryi j
" Oflbred by t'lls Uompiriy are : 1 C ! i
It ia a. National Company, o&arterei by 'apeeial i
act of Congress, 1868. .. , . . v
it hits a paid up capital of $1,000,000.' .
It offers low rates of premiatD.
Tt tarnishes larger Insurance than other Compl- '
nies for tbe same money. - - .
. It is definite nd certain in its terms. . . - r I
It is a home Company in every locality. . ,"' . . I
'' It- Policies are exempt from attachment,' 'Jt'
There are no unnecessary restrictions in tne Pol '
ieies. -i . 4 . 1 :
Every Policy ia non-forfei table.
Policies may be taken that will pay Insured tbeir i
full amount and return ell the premiums, so that
tbe Insurance costs only the inter, st on the annual I
payments. i
. .l'plioiea may be taken which pay to the Insured, !
after a certain number of .tears, during life, an an- :
nual income of one-tenth the amount named in the -Policy.
- - ' -
No extra rate ia ehsrsed for risks upon the lives
of females t r, -. ;
It jot ores not to pav dividends, but at St i'S
eost that dividends will be impossible.
. : JOHN W. ELLIS CO., ; l
Cincinnati, Ohio. Uensral Agents for Ohio Central
. and rSouthern-Indiana, j- '
'. COX, AWTER fc CO 1 I
Columbus. Special Agents for Franklin, .looking, !
Mnskingum and Coshocton counties. ' .
peNT-ootaa-deodiweowly .'
.'-.;a.ti.s i
.An; Ordinance
Making (pprbpriationa for purposes thersioSMTue.
Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Council
of the city of Columbus. That there lioj and is
hereby appropriated out of any monev in the Treas
ury not heretofore appropriated, .the following funis
of monev, to-wit:
For the payment of expenses ot Street Commis
sioner and Chain Gang, Sl.ooo '-
For the pnyment ot employes of the Fire De
triment, tl.SOO.
For the payment of expenses of City Police, $1,
450. "
For the payment of salaries of City O Oers,
SK). ....
. For expenses of City Park, SI.SOO,
For the payment of cleaning and repairing street
lamps, f 100.
For Gas and as Lights, $100. ' ' ' ' I . ' "
. For payment cf iicolson lavement in front of
South Fngine House. S60J.
For Sewers and Drainase, $300.
. For payment vf Temporary Loan, $15,000.. -, ,
rEO. 2. The several sums nf monev .nnmnri.l
by tbe foregoing section shall be expended in the
manner prescribed by the fifth section of the ordi
nance defining the duties oi the City Clerk, passed
May 25 lb. 1857.
, President of the City Counoil.
Passed Nov. S3, A. D. 1868.
Attest: I.. E. Wilson. City Clerk,
. , Eesolution to Contract-
RetolniA. That the Citv Civil Engineer be and
he is hereby authorized and directed to contract in
the name of the city of Columbus, with John
Murphy, for grading and paving the nnpaved side
walks on the west side ol (sixth street irom Town
street to Kioh street, upon the following terms, to-
V or excavating or grading. Fortv cents mi an.
bie yard. .
lot Dricas iaia. en w per tnonssma.
Adopted Aov. 33. 18. , , :
Attest: L E.WILSON.
novM-dlt Uit,f Clerk. '
Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 7.
- g.
EXCHANuii Unit at discount buy
AifasrisVtsbtirntso piih&ittigl"
New York Money Marker—Dec. 7.
P,MONETltaiiif,'wlVVas amaihe
, yerw bMiog xhenkedoperationa, In- Wry
-enartmeirit flfi7 per cent, on call.
" ftERUt&,.KXCa AWGfc-Quiet and
' u-haniced. a iii:ir i-tv ma i v,
fmnorta tor the' week," l8i73, 1b42-frorVI!rObtieUiaitua'i'
New York Money Marker—Dec. 7. New York Stock Market—Dec. 7.
r. Con oonsof '81 11 do '63.' il2W(n'i.k5,oo
'6. 7107V o ?65 -108l;fUr
":5X -ryrt?es-tiVf ela '?gx&mnnWg9i
rnerlcan 4i(a46; Adams '48i8?; United
Pacific Mail, I15ll6;. Westers Uake 't5-
srrapn imigai; ew-iorr -vetral iwm
snif? Jiin srtifjjiaa. oaioo5x.
f srra .utwflPtt;- aVabBStt 87U)SfPiJt
tVavn 111?r?ITttar
oieqo 10J4. t fsk-wxj oi.T
New York Market—Dec. 7.
.iraTTO-sromlBall rshsyie, Jowen
res at yxmteffa B$m&mvi
' FLOUfi-r-lJioeed. very. firm and. wHtr A
t ' -av vuuiiuuu K,inuca auu una
fiir wlneer; TSoi .sriJIT at V62(iro1;
trailer uicnigan ac t vo(gt ou,
i RYE-Dh)1 a!tr9l BOW ferttT
'. OATS VerV: rlrm-- ooloi Af wli- V
.7?478 : in store and JiBo afloat, a nneit
,--iAJKM-;Hrrjii at l 141 I tor "ratasd .
western iq stpi;e and l 16il'17,float,',
PORK Nominal at 25 502S 00 i for
mess. - ,:,i ,i ? . rK,1.
BEEP Nornlnalljnnchanired.
CUX MEAT-S-puU and Bhnsfod,
BACON-Ffrmwitn a fair IhrJuiryT
LARD Stead V At. l5l(& XSfiA lor fair to.
prime steam. '
EGGS quieand steady.
Cincinnati Market—Dec. 7.
FLOUR- DulT ramily. 7 23(a7 7o".";l1
WHEAX-Dall; Nd f 'red $1 78. i1 71
:0 ATS Firm at -606ae.--J I , '.''.uV'
i a-vuiex at 1 28(gt"3ff.-.i
BARLETf" lrnr.huio-ori -Hi,Tt Hr,A VaU
little demand. .... ' ''' -'-Ti ,
-COTTON-i-Dall add 'WeeS deefttttilci
mlddlinsr st 23Mc. -; " ?
HOGS Aetive- all iilil..ilndntf .t (Tsa
-. -. , . ........ vavr,, n. , (f,
7 82 srross and 9 259 75 net. Receipts ,
.uww... w. u. . ,lt.m,.T.v.. t
MESS POKIv- Helri at.t9i Knf r. kn..
rrsat better tliart $23 30. '..' ':
. BULK MEAT8-neTdat'$&95 r
lionlders. "XiOi t -)3U' fX -.iji 7 JL
sides im1 13iaJi 'or dear packed. '-'
GREEN AlEAt'SpIn 'demand at it
and lis for shoulders, sides and bams, but
noiueT3asif.ea nipner atAjieclosey.. ns
T.A If 1 1 Rul.i hlhm ut.l
.. uifiHci, i 1 1 1 1 1 Qupaui iiciu
at I4e, buyers at 14.iet0e.;rendet:
Inci .net j.1.),oiT..-.i f i
u i ihk- irm at 339c. ,.
icons aitft-.' " '.'. jr - -
. 5 ROCERIES Steady supply of " New
Orleans sugar aridpynasses Increaslnif . '
Baltimore Cattle Market—Dec. 3.
Scales (lurinjr the pasT'week amounted to
uran, ssi nst -zubu' ia3t weex. ur tne
i umoer onnrert Slta UeaJ amei from West
Virurniai 7fil Imm ill,, nl .:n i tt-i
gtnia, over the; Baltimore ' and- Ohio Rail.
i tan li.. . s ' -
roan; us irom. juarviiina ana from Vir
ginia on foot; and 23 Xrotn Marvlaadnd 21
Irom Virginia by boat; - Of tbe receipts 868
head were taken by Baltimore butchers,
iv. jio,l..fl,i, fWIU
speculators for., other'i, markets About 209
wrroreshipped to the East without being
offered here and the nalartoe teft'oVer-an
sold. Prices to-day.' ranged as "follow$j
O.d Cows and Scalawags W&a$4iotdinkry
thin Steers, Oxen and Cows 4$5; fair to
Koou ooock a sine 4 uuegjo 2o;' lair qualify
jnsTv rinaF Kaa,u TSk
SS7iltr inn Ihfl fh Qtinrorrn nwina
about 5.2o gross. Tbe market was active
at an auvance oi aoonc za ets perTTOIbs. for
(rood Beeves, while interior qualities rantr
edst abbut lasl week's prices1 j "-,,-1'-
otijccir ine marKetbas oeen well sup
plied durinir thei past' week.: and be de-
follows i Ealf.to Rood Sheep at"34?.Qt
perIb gross Common qualities. per
M (in Q-TTlTT it, u!L-r-i.' u.. .
about equal. tj the demand, ;bhl quotations
a . El. . nr. , . , . .
a.uu ucnia per nAjjusiower. r rices to
dav r&rtoeelAfl fi.llnutaf VuJ tr rmiA..
eos-s9 75tl0 50perl001bs.net. ,"
Chicago Market—Dec. 7.
- sprlnjr e.Jttrss 6 757 00
hlj ter: ales No. 1 at I 22. No. 2 at
i"3i-i io;jj nusins- siiauv at 1 jn lor
No. Kales ot No 2 slnoHchah;d4ttJ 19i
.,JORNi -Old 'firmer? and ,. more; active j
salesq.,1 at 773a ; Not 8 stZ475c; new
iri fair, request and shade higher at: 51(S
wi g , .. Ul ICU yuici ab QIC fur PKT. z. Ttntl
58e lor. tefectedviclositiDj steady at 61
5'Je; tiisi?. At uoUiincdoin(t., .U 'wn
:OATd-Steady; drm and , Tcry , quiet i
sales No. 2. at ,48M4Sr .and refected at
i KXKt'lm and lc hiiTher;: PaltNw.t
at 1 13Wfil In. flnd Ks. 51 at 1 1913il n.
ciosiDj? at outside prices. , f
x nr t? v i?... "'' si: -
unxivAjuA x- ii iu nnu . H-cbivf ..j, ana a
edstl 40; lostns; atl ana 2e blfrfcerf tealsss
No S at .1 601 p2. and , rt-jeeied ,st, J 40
eloslnjr at I 62 tor N ,. 2 In .Northw ester
pllvstAi finH 1 fill Ia. Mi,1or ..i- '. -jT
.-u - i.. : . .,-:.i i .i,f ni tl St
St. Louis Market—Dec. 7.
quiet firm. -c J
WHEAT- Unchanfrtd., .
- CORN Unchanged at 66tS?D.-..'- "' T
i RYE Unchanged tsl 181 "20.' f. -T
v BARLKi Unchanged M $1 750Q fot:
WHrscy Easier at 9491 ""t!X "
' IX)RK Higher sales at 230?2j;
iBA009l Vera llrrl.rt.in,.i- okAnMl
J . . .....-p., ..ulvrf,u,luU.U'
ers at 11c, and clear sldeg at 17o. .-,.-Tf
. LARD Sales at 14 for choice rjerce "
HOfiSi-rHlgher; 'sales st'7'' 81 and"
for extra neavy;11''"'! !; i'x
-- ' i'
Toledo Market—Dec. 7.
-Firmer butquiet,' .. r j
WjHE4Tv-23e bett'ei: -Ho. 1 wblte
Michigan 2 062 07;- amber' $1 78(1-"80;
do sellers foi" daunary J! 78; No. SsprlnsT
$1 25.-: f . I n' ,fiir.H .r.'V m; - -.(.-,..
f CORN Old1 l2c better;, new. steady
old No. 1 8687; new 70e; new rejected 65c.
o OATS-Snade better; No. I 68Jc.- '''i r'
RYE Firmer; Michigan 1 oO-'J vt
. BARLEY Quiet.,,:,,-, : ; ,. -7r'
fc HOGS Dressed Jc berxerr 89c.'
-- i"i 1 i ''i - " "--
Buffalo Market—Dec. 7.
; - -, r ,. f
AVHB AT Sales car lots of No. 2 adcagd
-CORN' Sales of ear lots old western at
$li.01l 02, and new Toledo at 85o.,ij
O ATS Sales at 65j for western. ,,: . ,
RYE Sales ittl iii fnr.uii.M,.1 .2
mew Keiierauv ouii; prioes S(eaOy.'i
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Dec. 7.
fl'Owlng t'o tbe prevalence .of Inclement'
weaClier the market has continued tangtrhf
and there is hardly enough doing to war-
(ant any essential uhnnxe in prices
Milwaukee Market—Dec. 7.
FLOUR Dull,1 and prices unchanged.
WHEAT Firm at 1 27 fur a.i l In
store. : .' . .- ....... v
w 'Eesolution to Contract.
Setoltwi, That the City Civil Engineer be. and
be is hereby auttaorised and directed to contract iu
the name of the city of Columbus, wiih Mattnia
Liang, tor building a double row flag crossiks
across South street at tbe west side of High street
upon the fallowing terms, to wit: 'i-c't.l
For excavating or graying, Jt'oxty cents per eunio
yard. ' T ,. .f
: t or boulder paving, Forty-five eeott) per gauara
For graveling sidewalk. Fifty Cents per cubid
'Adopted Hov.zS. 18681 . 1 ','1 ' J ! "
' . .,'.-. i-attaat: L E. WILSON. iiy
nov28-dlt , . Y. .. ,.;,.;-. City Clerk..;
" BesolutiontO" Contract.' ; '
Jtuolvtd, That the City Civil' Engineer be.' ami
he is hereby authorised and directed to eon tract in
the name of tbe city of Olumbus, with Frederick;
Krfurt, for bnilning a double row flag erossing
across South Fublio lane at the west side ot High,
street, npoo the following terms, to-wit:
; For excavating or grading. Forty cents per enbia
yard. '. '
- For boulder paving. Forty-five cents per squarw
Fur flagging. Is inches wide, Sixty oents per lin
eal foot. -:- ...,.;..$
Adopted Nov. 23, 1868. . i '
Attest : L. E.' -WILSON,,-' '
novM-dlt City Clerk.

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