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40p Statesman;
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1: 5: FL2a;,MA', I
Wednesday. raoKNiik dec. b.
News and Otherwise.
Gold closed lu 2Tew York.'ytsterday at
John Bbight's rolce li failing.
; L KiRim la; Id bis dotage at 7eV; ; j
,,WBiw( wkit m day yesterday ,waa...
i Thjkx sra said to be ae vrnty Tar ietiea ol
Pples.3 i(,...h., .. Vl.,;:;.. .; ;
Thi .coat of the Erie railroad was $60,
000,000. '. v,-
Thb Cleveland jail has now forty-two
Innate. "' j,! ' '' '' ''
''Tat ; JPyeeBwrn ' .Twrnat fatdra woman
sroflrs.jrs.,:' 'N v. tr-.H-nWn' i:fj V. so
; VTihtir is coming. 1 Sea that tbs poor
recaredfbr. 'v. i !.: "...j .;! -.-v-.
- la October, 18C9, the Suet fcanal will be
formally opened. ., . , r. .r . .. ,
ft Twoborso thieves were shot In Maury
county, Tennessee , h r. . r, , ,',:
' Sknatob Batabd has been In Europe for
the last tLz months. "
Thir has been' considerable money lost
la bops the pastyear: ; " " - '3
'ttitirr'' feVer la raging In ;Luzern
eobntjri'PWfasylTanla.' "i --'T: pl
oTBi'tonfrerBaltaffrage question 1 np in
both houses of Coarress. i
Laboring ea in Portsmouth are com
plaining ot scarcity of work,
Th. "Taieureat Feaatt la name applied
ta 4he reassembling of Congress, r.-r-
tonka girls are to be taught how to hoe""
-t Utsr l?.malj KxtsVllnai-.' A- .1
i.SxTBHTXKa. marriage . licenses were is-
aned In Shelby couflty in Koyember. f ,
A TEOjtcr is on foot in Mobile , to open
dlrect.trade betaeeu that city and Cuba.
7omeb has a yearly income of between
two and three hundred thousand dollars. Is
BkiC Sutler Was serenaded on Monday''
night; at' "Washington by the negro troops.'
"Tat 'King of Saxony gfVes one-fourth"
of hta civil list money to the Dresden the
ater.) !!,..' :;ii I 70 lu hj
Boa. Gkobos?! BorjTWWJis expected,
to be Secretary of the Treaiury under Gen. .
'James WDxtoif was run over and killed
by & freight' train at PalnesTille,'1 Friday
nitcst.) t:t.rif-ij ...i j-um t:!i f.-'i x..'i
Acgcbt Bogihiko was accidentally ,
killed at the Cujahoga Furnace baturday
Wa.'X Toaiif ; ; of Portsmonth, aged 15
ninety-eight years, fire months 'ana time
day ,.isdead. -A .i-T . ii ri "u& i;-,;!j.,e
Last waekr in one night, in Northern i
AUbama, man, and his wife both ,be
came violently insane, y r , " ri j.iV..(
Gaa. James. B. Simdmah has resigned
bis "position as Collector ot evenue in the
First Louisiana District. - ' '' . '' f
Tbk Shelby Count' democrat ta j s hun
dreds of sheep' are ' beinit booght id that
eoanty at from 80o to ilX;'& -r i-T ti
Gsh. O.' O. Howaj will please accept
ear thanks lot the Sixth Annual report on
-Bchoola fcr Freedmen, July 1, I868.. ,.,(f r,..
Taa A"ew yor Tim charges, that, ,he;
Tribune's special dispatches are made up of
clippings from country newspapers.'' , "r ,
A mam in Albany the other day, gener-'
ously gave a boy ten cenU for finding and
returning to him $300 that he bad lost.
rV Whalkk was killed by the giving
way of the foisting apparatus in a pork
packing establishment in,St.'Louis on the '
Ttluin-rt vhi.t 'li :;:' j";?n. nl
Taaj Republicans of Spa,ia had. paradea :
and demonstrations on the 6cb. In. various
parts t' that country '.'t -Troops dispersed
them,;v;" ;tjv.,".) vimcorv,; .
la Spain Hthere are 81. dukes,.. 746 mar- ;
qnlses, 67 CounU, 74 viscounts and 76 bar ,
ona, bsidea 3 dative: Spaniards who bear
foreign titles.!. frrnfi1? !?! - -'
. Taa steamer Blbernla, bound from Glas
gow to New l'oik, has foundtreJ off the ;
Irbi ccast, "and thirty -three of the persons
ontoard Were tost- 1
i)OK'T believe its any use, this vacci
Batto3,tt,Lsaid a 1'ankee. "1 . bad' a child
Tacclnated, and he fell out of a winder a'
wtek arUr,and got killed'' rr..''.,
As a proof of the disastrous state of the.
finances in Tunis, an obligation of $10,000.
payable on demand by the public treasury, ,
was recently sold in Paris for $100. : , :
Taa Poor Fund of St. Louis has been -exhausted,
and in con&rqnence one hnn-j
Ored and fifty applicants for relief were
turned away empty handed by the Mayor
on the 6th -v ::;.:: .v ':- - : '
Air African by the name of Peter Smith,'
has been commissioned, by the Governor
ot Pennsylvania,1 constable or; policeman -for-the
town T of Helfeneteln, Schuylkill
county, Pennsylvania; - v
Taa people 'of ". the: Scioto Valley are ,
bound together by many ties. They are
now anxidui to be' connected by railroad
tit. The a hole sfiair. Is a matter-o'money,
against which no public , spirited, citiaen
will rdO. Porfainoutii Time., V. , ..,V ,
Carar Jpsjica CaAsa has been giving;
expression to his opinions. He don't think.
General Grant and the leading Eepubli-,
cans agree on the question of universal,
suffrage, but tiinks. the General will not
oppose Congress in. any attempt it may (
make to confer Ik. y--,Hl . m-
Taa way the letter fa" came to be
dropped ont of Cleveland, was in conse-:
quenoe of the Cleveland Herald ordering a'
head, the letter of which waa too large to
allow the "a" to be put In; From' that
data forward, the name of the elty has beea '
spelled Cleveland, instead ef Cleaveland.;
A roKMibABia insurrection has1 broken;
out in Cub '.' An engagement has just taken
place' between the Government troops and
the Rebels' at the foot of Mount AlU Gra
cla, between Puerto Principe and Mneveas,
in which each side lost' about 600 killed.'
There were minor '' engagements at other '
points. ' Victory Is claimed by both sides.'
Thb Negro elected to Congress from a
district n Louisiana Is on hand, and ex-'
pects to present his credentials in a few.
days. It is said that be will ' not get hU
seat, because if the Republicans were to ad-'
rnit him they would thereby recognise the
validity ot the Louisiana election. This is
a very small hole for them to try to creep
out of an unpleasasant predicament.
Tat following table is given by an agri-
cultural eo temporary : 6 yards' wide by :
968 yards long contains one acre; 10 yards
wide, by 434 yards long contains one. acre ;
20 yards wide by 243 yards long contains
one sore ; 40 yards wide by 121 yards long,
contains one acre ; 80 yards wide by 60
yards Jong: copulas one acre;! 70 yards,
wide by 69 yards long contains one acre ;
230 feet wide y 198 lcet long contains one
acre; .440 feet wide by 99 feet long contains
one acre; U0 feet wide by.i369 feet . long
contains one acre; 60 feet wide by 726. feet
long contains one acre ;:120 feet 'Wide by
863 feet' long contains on acre; 240 feet'
wide by 181 feet long contains one acre.
Meeting of the Democratic State
Central Committee.
id meeting of he Democratic State Cen
tral Committee was called for yesterday
afternoon at Ttjurman Hall, for the purpose
of deciding as to the time of holding the
next Democratic State Convention. Only
lve. .members of the Committee were pres
ent, andelghtwere represented by proxies.
The regular members present were Judge
James M. Burt, John H. Beaton, A. S.
Pkophkt, Archibald McGaxqoa and John
G. Thompson. " The gentlemen holding
proxies were A. G. Thurman, C. Li Vai-
am (2), Mr. StOckdalxs John H. Webb
and W.. W. Wkbb. iThe Chairman of the
Committee being absent, John IT. Heatom
as chosen Chairman for the occasion. '
On the motion of Jr. ,F. McEjnnet, th
Committee, by a vote of 7 to 5- -Mr. Beaton
not voting decided to hold the next State
Convention on Wednesday the 7th day of
JuiyriS69. This motion was supported
by Mr. Vallandioham. "Judge Tbukman
favored some day in May, and Mr. Tho.mp
son a aay in June. Before a vote was. ta
ken on the motion that prevailed, a vote
was taken on a motion to . hold the Coven
tion on the 8th of January. This motion
received but four votes.
The Committee were unanimous in. the
opinion that the Democrats of the respec
tive counties can greatly promote the
cause by seeing to it that their local Demo
cratic papers are largely circulated.
How the Radical Leaders Posted
proceedings of Congress, we find
the following i " '
' Mr: Mkynard,. of ' Tennessee (Radlchl)
said the State ot Tennessee - believed she
waa entitled, from her. voluntary abolition
of slavery, to an additional Representative
in me nouse. ana nad elected Tbomas J.
Hamilton. Be moved that his certificate
be referred to the committee on Elections,
ana uoai mean ii me jar. Hamilton bo en
titled to the - courtesy of a seat in the
House.. - ., , . , ,.j ,
.This move bt Mr, Matnabd opens up
a subject that the Eadleal leaders, in their
vote for. the abolition of slavery, . little
areamea or.-. . ,.:
I . Under the Constitution, Bepresentatives
and direct taxes are apportioned among
the several. States according to their popu
lation, except In the case of slaves, when
the representation shall be as five (laves to
three white or free persons. In Ohio, the
negro, voter or. no(j voter, . waa counted as
one in ine representation, in the -South,
the negro, If a slave, counted two-fifths
less than the free negro or the whice man.
This reduced the representation In Con
gress (n some of the Southern States, near
ly one-fifth ,r ' i i ' . ,. i-..:
The abolition of slavery, under the' Con
stitution, brings the negro up to .the full
white standard in .determining the repre
sentation each State is entitled to in, Con
gress. According to Mr. M AYNABS.it gives
Tennessee one. i additional member, and it
will, give North and. South, .Carolina.
GeorKla, and; other, States,, where a still
larger proportion of. the population, at the
iite .census, were slaves, a .still greater
number of, Representatives. ,:: . ... , ), ;
The great hue and cry of the. old Aboli
tion party ,-was that the South had an. un
due influence lo the law' making power of
the Government... The abolition of slavery
increases that power, and Tennessee has
determined to sert her rights, and now
claims the fulfillment of the Constitutional
compact, and has elected the additional
member of Congress that, the abolition of
slavery, gave her. ,s, t -y ..,,...r. ,-,
! Thus, instead of reducing the
the South in Congress, . the abolition of
slavery augments it, and with it, the vote
of ; these: States in the Electoral College. '
I'Xhus aoolitlonum has committed itself,
and the leaders of that party feel that they
have put their loot into a plaee where it
w ill be im possible to extricate themselves.
Another Death of a Legislator.
tBon Hekby J. Ecehmeh, a member of
the House of Representatives, representing
the counties of Henry and Putnam; died at
hid residence in Putnam county on; Satur
day last'0-'1 '' ' 1 ' 1
Mr. Bcshmer was present at the three
days eession of the Obio Legislature; ac
tively engaged In bis duties as a member,
and apparently In the enjoyment of excel
lent health'.-1' ' 'i ' 7.
The deceased was a man of strong mind
fan excellent German and a fine English
scholar pure in his morals and Upright in
his conduct'. . He was' a great favorite with
his fellow members, and his death, so sud
den and unexpected, will create a void
hard to fill. " : ' ' K : " . - v "
His makes the third death in the present
General Assembly Senator Hall, of To
ledo, ' and' Representatives : 'Gkbbart, oi
Richland, and Boihmer, of Putnam
The Indian Question.
We reproduce, this' morning from' the
Cincinnati Gazette the second, article of Col.
Gio.' W. Mantpkknt on MOnr Indian
Complications." We commend it to the
artentlonot the reader.' '"The Cincinnati
Gazette thus speaks of It : ' '
v.We publish in another column the sec
ond article of Hon. Geo. W. Manypenny
on'onr Indian, affairs. These articles must
be gainsaid, or it will have to be admitted
that the Indian war which is now unon
Us: has been brought by our own bad faith,
and by the design of the military com
mander of the Indian District. 1 If these ar
ticles can not be refuted,'1 the country is
being dragged into a war which, although
it may last for a generation, at a cost of
hundreds of millions a year, can have no
endsave in the terms -of peaceful settle
ment which we now cast oflV . A war of In
dian extermination means an endless ex
penditure of money and a waste of life for
the ' benefit ef frontier : land and Pacific
railroad speculations. Itrufans a drain
upon our revenues that will put out of the
question any payment 01 the public debt.
And It can have no end save by the terms
now available.1 We invite attention to these
articles, written by one whose administra
tion of the office- of Indian Commissioner
was approved lor its Integrity, and who
writes with earnestness, sincerity and in
telligence." ' il r '
A Slap at Grant from one of his
Wkndbia Phillips indulges in this
happy reflection In , commendation of the
action of his party
"In all the lying of which Radicals have
been guilty in this campaign, not one of
tnem has dared to venture upon the enor
mous falsehood of asserting tuat Grant is
fit lor the Presidency." -
' And what is worse, at the end ot his term
everybody will join In the expression that
he is eminently unfit for the place. '
Thb New Haven Register speaks of his
Satanic Majesty as an 'eminent Radical."
We submit whether it is not more severe
than be deserves, under the circumstances.
Detroit Free rresx.
To "give the devil his due, when an
Angel in Heaven, he was a good citi
izen until reconstruction got the better of
his understanding,' and he changed,' and
wished to reconstruct Heaven. For bis
misdeeds, he was kicked out and sent be-
bow, where . quarters, are furnished for
mofe of the same sort of Radicals. '
Supporters. The Turf.
The first of the Matirrie course races to
day was a mile aasn xor a punw ui f.
1. hih Rpttie Bav beat Jacob Gamble,
in fnnr minutes. SIX SSCObdS..
Aneseconu timjo t, o m m..u
' . .. .. 1 .- L. I .. V. . 1. n n. 1, -n Van liiu
nair mueoasn, tor wmuu m "' ,
McNatry, six years old, beat Lanoire, in
The third race, for six hundred dollars,
mile beats, was won by Soverigu time
2:02; 2:04; 19.
The Army Reunion.
The War Department has received, and
listriboted circulars from, headquarters Ot
the Executive committee of the Armies of
the Cumberland, Ohio and, Georgia in re-J
iation 10 toe meeting or the -societies of
Cumberland and Tennessee, at Chicago,
De.15tb and 16tb.- Arrangements have
been perfected by which all the railroads
centering there, with their connecting
lines, will convey those attending at re
duced rates. -
A communication from the Secretary of
the Interior, setting forth the destitute
condition of the Indians of the Unner Mis
souri, and their urgent need, of, relief, was
iaia on tnetaoie.
Mr. POMEKOT introduced a joint rero
lution I extending the operation of 1 the
Freedmen's Bureau for a limited period in
certain btates. Laid on the taDle and or
dered printed. '
Mr. KAMSEY introduced a bill to abol
ish the franking privilege. Tabled and
ordered printed. . .. .
' Mr. SUMNER introduced a resolution
calling on the President to communicate
any information possessed by the State De
partment conceruinr the recent transac
tions in La Platte, affecting the relations Ot
the United States with Paraguay, the Ar
gentine republic ana Brazil. Adopted.
.Adjourned.-. . - , - ' ; ..-
' The bill regulating duties on' Imported
cepper and copper ores was taken up and
passed yeas 107. nays 61. ; -. 1,
: The SPEAKER presented the following
commuoications, which were properly re
ferred: Annnal report of the Secretary of
the Treasury tor 1S63; a statement 01 Judg
ments rendered by the , Court of Claims
during the past year; a statement of the
convracts made by the Surgeon General for
the care, support and treatment of tran
sient paupers in Washineton, In accord
ance with the act 01 July 22d, 1868; a state
ment ot receipts and expenditures or the
Patent Office tor 1868 ; a letter from the
Commissioner of Indian Affairs relative to
the destitute condition of the Indians of
Daketab; the annual report of the Comp
trollerof the Currency; the quarterly re
ports of the Treasurer of the United States
tor lwso-eo. .......
The SPEAKER stated that he had re
celved a communication Inclosing reso
lutions of the legislature ot Oregon,, with
a request that they be presented to the
House. , ... -
Mr. MTASHBURNE, of Hlinols, asked
that they be read. ... 1
The SPEAKER directed the Clerk to
read the indorsement on the paper. 'The
indorsement was as follows:
"Resolutions ot the Legislative Assem
bly ei Oregon instructing their Senators in
Congress to resign, they having voted for
measures plainly unconstitutional, which
have overthrown civil lioerty ana ireegov
ernment, and consigned citizens of eleven
States 4 to odious and despotic 'dictator-
shiD." . .. 1 .im-
Mr. washbukme, or Illinois rne ti
tle is enough. 1 move the paper be return
ed to the source from which it earner
After remarks by Messrs. Wood. Garfield
and others, it was so returned. , .,!.,.
Mr. WISDOM, from the committee on
Indian Affairs,' reported a resolution call
ing on the secretary ot War tor Informa
tion as to the cost of suppressing Indian
hostilities in 1866-1 867-IS63. .Adopted...,
Mr. BLTLER. of Massachusetts, intro
duced a bill to repeal the tenure of office
act of March 2, 1867. Referred to the Ju
diciary committee. .-
Mr. HxAxtc 1ELL, from the committee on
ill 111LQ1 J AUftll O, U una w
the bureau of Indian Affairs to the War
Xrii:-n A ffnlu nA.,. a Kill n mo,ava
Departmenr, from the 1st of July, 1869, and
moved the previous question on its passage.
Mr. .WIN DOM hoped a bill of such im
portance would not be passed under the
previous quesMort. ' '
Mr. GARFIELD said ir:tne previous
question was seconded he would be entitled
to an nour tociose, ana ne wouia aiscnouie
that time among those who desired to dis
cuss the bill.
The previous question was seconded. 1 '
Messrs. Schenck, -Clark, of Kansas, and
Garfield advocated, and.Wlndom opposed
the bill. .
Mr. WISDOM moved to lay the bill on
the tables Negatived. " ' - .
The bill then passed yeas 116; nays 33.
Mr. JULIAN introduced aioint resolu
tion proposing an amendment to the Con
stitution of the United States, which was
referred, to the Judiciary committee.
Mr. SCHENCK gave notice that he
would move on Thursday, after the morn
ing hour, to proceed to business on the
Speaker's table.
Mr, WASHBUENE, of Illinois, said he
would make the motion now, in order to
get at the bill annulling the stationery con
tract of the Interior Department with
Dempsey fc O'Toole. .
1 The House reused to proceed to the Dus-
Iness on the table. -."
Mr. ROBINSOTT ; obtained the floor to
speak on the subject of American citizens
imprisoned in Great Britain, and ofiered a
resolution calling on the president lor in
formation on th subject.
AOjourneu. '
National Board of Trade.
The National Board ot Trade Convention
assembled at 10:15 this morning.
Mr. Gano offered a resolution that the
members ot the Board of Trade deplore the
frightful calamity which resulted from the
collision between the steamers United
States and America, and take occasion to
express a sense ot horror at the event; and
tender to tne relatives ana inenas neart
felt sympathy.
Mr. Monroe, ot uuDuque, spon6 ac great
length on the subject of improvement of
tbe Chesapeake canal. ...
Mr. Hurweii, 01 jsew urieans, ravorea
reducing, as far. as possible, municipal and
local charges in all ports of entry and de
livery in this country.
Un motion ot Mr. Kanaoipn, 01 unteago.
it was resolved that the convention adjourn
with to-day's session, ; to meet at Rich
mond, Va. .
A vote or thanks was given to the Mayor
and City Council .of Cincinnati for their
courtesy. !... ... ' - -, .
Mr. Uoean, of tfunalo, ottered resolu
tions favoring the enlargement of the Erie
and Oswego canals. ,
. Mr. Uagiey. of uetrolt, onerea a resolu
tion recommending that bounty be allowed
all material of American growth and man
ufacture entering into the construction, or
vessels built in the United States, equal to
the amount which would have been paid if
they bad been imported.. Carried.
Mr. Suvrock. ot bt. Louis, made a few
remarks favoring the restoration of navi
gation by Congress of that tributary of the
Mississippi river, the Bayou Maud, con
necting the Mississippi with Mobile Bay
and Gull of Mexico. , , .
Mr. Bazlev thought It the duty of Con
gress to inquire into the present depressed
condition of the copper interest and adopt
such measures as may oe aeemea best to
make this interest a source ot revenue to
the Government.
On motion of Mr. Stranabar, the Con
vention adjourned for lunch.
The Convention reassembled at twenty
minutes to two. .,
The report ot the committee on the sub
ject of the tax and tare on cotton was re
ferred to the Executive Council.
A motion to allow certain portions of
duties to be paid in legal tender notes was
lost. . .
Mr. Gano, from the Cincinnati Board of
Trade, submitted propositions in reference
t o the cental system. Referred to the
Weights and Measures committee. of Con
gress. A vote of thanks was returned to Presi
dent Fraley tor his able manner in presid
ing over this-body.
On motion of Mr. Plumber, of Boston,
the civil service bill was taken from the
table, which was agreed to.
' On motion of Mr. Allen, of Philadelphia,
r.hn Roard adiourned. alter listening to a
narting address and passing a vote of
thanks to the members of the press and
of the Convention.
Cincinnati Items.
S. P. Hayman, formerly messenger for
the American Express Company, was
brought to this city yesterday under ar
rest, lor robbing the safe under his charge
of $20,000 in March last. -
Edward S. Newton, assistant Postmaster
at Gallipolis, Ohio, was arrested yesterday,
charged with abstracting a hundred dollar
bill lxom a letter.
The Terrible Steamboat Disaster.
The Terrible Steamboat Disaster. CINCINNATI, Dec. 8.
The. excitement relative to the terrible
disaster to the steamers Ujnlted States and
America is still intense, and parties are ar
riving from all quarters, making, inquiries.
lor lose menus and relatives Known to
have taken passage on these boats. A por
tion of the remains will arrive here torday
on the General Lytle for recognition and
interment- --irxt' i ---
. .A dispatch id tfte Confmetoial from Flort
ence, Indiana, says : Thirty-three bodies
have been recovered from th e-wrecks t
the States and America. The following
have been identified I Jas. John, of Louis
ville; John Fennell, of Newport, Ky; Emil
Morcau. Wm. Johnson, Wallace Quams,
Lexington, 4ad.T Mr. Farher; of Hanover,
lnd.; -Mrs. Geo. W. Griffin, New Orleans;
Mrs. Mary T.Thompson. Philadelphia, and
Ixteen colored men of the crew of the
United States. With tbe exception of a
tew ladles the remainder are supposed to
oe tnuse 01 tne colored crew.
Tbe scene at Warsaw- beggars descrip
tion. Relatives are hunting for each other,
and the wonnded are screaming witn pain.
People who at home are blessed with health
are bemoaning their sad condition. Cloth
ing is being continually furnished them by
citizens, and everything done to reuder
them comfortable. . . . ..
St. Louis Items.
ST. LOUIS, Dec. 8.
- ' Allen, alias Edwards, charged with be.
ing concerned in the robbery of the Ad
ams express messenger last August, was
arrested yesterday, and in default oi $6,000
pan was commuted 10 jail.
Col. Mathews, special agent of the Crow
Indians, left here yesterday. ,: -'''
" General Pile will leave for Washington
to-day to take his seat in Congress.
: General Patrick and Messrs. Gould and
Allen, the New York cattle commissioners,
have arrived here from the Springfield
Convention. They visited some of the
eattle yards -yesterday and will attend a
meeting of the Board of Trade to-night,
and give some of -the results of their Inves
tigations. -. .
. Perry Randolph,, the Michigan, farmer
who was arrested in Kansas City last week
lor selling counterfeit greenbacks, says he
was furnished with 'the bogus money by a
book peddler named Parker, who lived in
Northern Indiana. Parker is an excellent
engraver and made the plates himsvlf. He
was to furnish Randolph with $25,000 in
fractional currency by the first of Janu
ary., ', ... .. '-. . ;.
; . The late snow storm extended over an
extensive belt ot country in the West; "' ;v
Andrews Murder Case.
i The testimony . In the Andrews murder
case was concluded last night. Dr. (Jhoate,
principal of tbe Taunton Lunatic Asylum,
Destined mat ne should consider' Andrews
as sane, as in his judgment" the preponder
ance of I acts overbalances any doubt sug
gested oy Andrews' statement.. The case
will be argned to-day and probably go to
tne jury to-morrow. -:. .. .t.
Meeting of Officers.
ST. LOUIS, Dec. 8.
: Gens. Sherman, Morgan L. Smith,- A. J.
Smith,. Fullercon, and all officers -of the
Western armies now here, had a meeting
preparatory, to attending the -grand, re-,
union to come off In Chicago., the mujdle. of
I.U1B UlUllbU.
MANSFIELD, O., Dec. 8.
: The Democrats have fixed on Saturday.
December 19, the day for holding their
primary elections in this county for the
selection Of a candidate for the Legislature
to nil the vacancy occasioned by the death
of Hon. Andrew Gerhart. . - t..n
Reduced Fare.
CHICAGO, Dec. 8.
All the railroads centering in Chicago,
and the Burlington & Missouri, Dubuque
& South Western, Lake Shore, Pennsyl
vania Central, Pennsylvania Eastern, Al
lentown & New JTork,- B iltimore & Ohio,
Toledo, Peoria ' & Warsaw, Cincinnati,
Hamilton & Dayton, will supply tickets at
reduced rates to all . who - wish to attend
the n nn on of the armies of the Tennessee,'
tjumoeriana, unio and Ueorgla, on the lata
and 16th. . , i
Peculiar Will.
The will of -Walter-L Newbury, who
died recently on board the steamer Ville
drt Paris, while on his way to Europe, was
proven to-day before Judge Brad welt, and
Hon. Mark Skinner and E. W.Blatchford
were named as executors.-Tne testator
places the value of his property at $2 000,
, 000. The executors ' are rrquired to give
bonds in the sum of $4,000 OuO. With the
exception of a few suall bequests to friends
anu uisian ainureu, ne leaves nis entire
estate to his wife and two daughters, both
unmarried, with certain . peculiar con
ditions attached ; for instance, If- the
'daughters marry, the first male issues
;of .such marriage shall reach, receive
the sum ot one hundred thousand dol
lars, on condition that they take the"
name of Newbnry. "If the daughters shall
marry a man by the name of . Newberry
'this condition shall hold good with-their
isoue. In case his wile dies and his dangti
trs die without issue, the esute is to be
devoted to the founding of an immense li
brary, to be known as the Newbury li
TOLEDO, Dec. 8.
A wood train on tbe Cleveland & Toledo
railroad was thrown from the track, yes
terday afternoon, near Millbury station,
and John Niland and Michael Cozelle were
killed. John Maloney was seriously In
jured, and four or five others slightly in
Municipal Election.
The municipal election here to-day re-
suited in the election ot Oh as. A. Winches
ter for Mayor and Albert F. Tolsotn for
City Clerk, by a vote of 1.063 to 493 tor the
'Democratic ticket- Less than Due third pf
those voted.
by a negro, on Saturday last, was buried
to-day. The tire companies and German
associations turned, out in force, Two of
the wounded patrolmen are in a critical
condition. The excitement has somewhat
subsided. ' More arrests have been made. .
Robbery in Zanesville.
The dry goods store of Wm," M. Black &
Co.-was entered last night,and $3,000 worth
of silks stolen. This is tbe second time
this store had been robbed of silks within
a short time. . ; 7 . ' . '. ' t .
Trains Snow Bound.
.' Tbe weather is very cold. Suow to the
depth of four inches fell last night.-' The
fall ot snow on the mountains is heavier
than known for years. - No tbroQgtt trains
from the east have arrived since 5 o'clook
yeterday. All of them are snow bound on
the top of the Alleghany mountains.-' -
Charter Election.
OGDENSBURG, N. Y., Dec. 8.
' The charter election to-day resulted in
the re-election of C. Brown (Republican)
for Mayor, and a Republican majority in
the Common Council. - -
BOSTON, Dec. 8.
The wooden block comprising about
frty tenement houses, on Sweet street,
Roxbury, was destroyed by fire to-day
Filty-four families are houseless.
Attempted Robbery.
A second unsuccessful attempt was made
last night to rob the Peeksklll - Savings,
Bank. . -
Another Erie Suit.
NEW YORK, Dec. 7.
Another Erie suit was started in the Su
preme Court yesterday, in which the Eiie
Railroad Company bring suit against Dan
iel Drew, and the Erie Railroad and Steam
boat Comnany claim damages to the
amount of $1,000,000. The case has only
as yet got as lar as tbe submitting of affi
The steamship Rising Star, from Aspln-
arrived this morning.
Fire and Loss of Life.
At a fire in a tenement house in Delaney
street, this morning, several rooms were
burned out. Two women, named Crowley
and McEwen, carpet rag sewers, were
burned to deatn. several otners naa a nar
row escape from the same fate.
Spirit of the Press.
The Times editorially warns the people
against canards trom Washington, London
and Paris in the inteirst ot Wall street
speculators. It thinks rrrident Johnson
should be reimbursid u r his expense in
rtpfpmllnc himself acairirl impeachment.
and says the Idea favoied by the Comptrol
ler of the Currency of aNational Bank
WtthOut Wrculatiou, to be eontrolled and
managed by the banks of the country ,and
be the-common redeeming agency for all.
win be a necessity whenever specie pay
ment shall be resumed,
Gen. Grant.
General Grant this afternoon attended
the wedding- of the daogbterof ex-Gov.
Fox, to Prof. Benjamin, of West Point
Commodore Meade.
. . -
Court this alt-moot, under a writ of habe
as corpus, and Dr. Halstead,iwho was ap
pointed to examine hfs condition, testified
that he was perfectly sane.. - - - ,(
New Telegraphic Arrangement.
LONDON, Dec. 8.
A new telegraphic arrangement through-
oat Europe goes into effect ,ou- the 1st of
January, in accordance with an agreement
made at tne International Telegraphic
Convention recently held at Vienna tor the
modification and equalization of tolls. The
rates are to oe considerably reduced. The
Morse and Hughes instruments are selected
for use on the various lines . -.'....
A very heavy gale prevailed throughout
ingland buflflay night and Monday morn
ing. Many telegrams reporting marine
disasters have been received. The ship-
&lng in the harbor has suffered much,
ouses were blown down. ' The damage is
very , i - -.
LONDON, Dec. 8.
. Mr. Disraeli had an Interview with the
Queen yesterday, at which he resigned.
Among .the appointments which have
been settled is tbat ol John Duke Cole
ridge as Solicitor General.
I The Times to-day compliments Glad
Stone on tne speedy formation, ot his Cab
inet. . f - f i
PARIS, Dec. 8.
. The Monitenr says Count BismSrck, soon
after his return to Berlin, had an interview
With the Ambassadors of France, England
a id Russia, and assured them of his confi
dence in the maintenance of good feeling
oe.weeu ine European powers. ,
.9.1. ..si lr- . . .. ,i
Rio Grade dates of the 1st state that Es
eobedo waS .marehjrfg azalnsrJ the'f ebels jn
Matamoras. Numerous reports were given
of disturbances in various parts of the
Earthquake Shocks.
; Shocks Of ahearthquake had taken place
near San Luis Potosi. The inhabitants of
San Luis. tear anew volcanic eruDtion
near that city, 'the air being full of ashes
and smoke, and the earth shaking, with
subterranean noise. An earthquake shock
was felt in Mexico on the Ctb ot Novem
ber, It was also felt at Puebla. Shocks
were felf fort three" days at Sturbedo ana
another newvolcania eruption; was feared
New Advertisements
t&2 Ther Ohio Stntnmajt has a
Larger SJircnlation than any pa
per published in thi City or ten
tral Ohio. Advertisers -will bear
this In mind. , , .
Turnpike Notice.
Stock of tDe Lanca tor A Groreport Turnpike
ompuny are Dereoj not) naa mat intra will te a
roeeiinfl nf the' stoctrhnMara of Raid Comnanv nn
MON DAY. J AS U &Rr II fH. ISS9, at tb offira of
joan neipinan. c..q . in tne town ot i;anai win
Chester, franklin eunntr. Ohio, at 10 o'clock A. M
of said day. for the pucpou-of eleetins; "even Di
rectors oi said l nrnpike road tor tne enBaing jear,
December 7th, lfcoa.
. .- JUM unA n K I . MB'- -v
donS-wiir . i Presideni of laid Turnpike C6-.
X O "a'
in ob th corner of High street and Kim at
ley, a first claaa.Gemleinen's Haloon. , .
dect-dlw iiA FAY tTTK LAZELL.
3lU O'LEARY. a young ma& of several ears'
eiperieDce in tesching tbe Tarions branches of
Knglish. French. Uersian. Latin and Greek, de
sires an engagement as tutor in a private family
He will teach a private class at his room, Bio. 70
High street, from S to 10 4 'dock F. il.
deci-dlw1 . . . -n - -
Xumber for Sale.
a U
TION offer at private sale all the lumber eon.
tained in the fence enclosing their Race Conrse
Also, 'the lumber in aonjh . atabla. vast aland.
iudffes' stand, oicket fence. Ac.
r artes wisuin tne wnuie o (no aoovewiu please
call en tbe andf-raiened. who will eive all the nec
essary information as to price, terms, and time of
removal. ItlullAKIt Msvuva,
Vioe President.
If not disposed of bv SATtTPDAY. UKO. 13,
1868, it will be sold on TUESDAY. DUC. IS. 1868,
ai pnaiieauotion. oy jcna u. JJeau, Aoocioneer,
BOVSS-' -- '-
,Dr. Barton's Toftaeeo Antidote.
onfnWv tuMabU amd Aormecc and ia alo an axeellant
peuiv. xi puriwn ana tnrwua toe Diooa, lDTlctratui.
arstenV po.sMea Croat nooritbing and irenirtbenlnipow-
r r. . ..' .. . . . . . r .r
r, enaoles the nomaeb to dieatt the heartieH foodu&kM
Sleep reiSfsoiDg-, ana enauuoes roDuit aaaitb.
aaa.eainwi tot.Mtn mars tmrml Frioe-a'iftvi
box. FoMTkrf. An interestinir treatise on tut inlnriona
effects of tosaeco, wltk lists or tesamonialsf references,
.etc, aaMT raAa. Areata wanted. Address
. AaaoTT, terser VTty, XI. a.
PosnfASTxa's Taviaoirr. I receiTcfls box of Barton.
Antidote trom Bev. XM. Poalton, enfl And it an cxfeotual.
8. OATSHXL. UoanottODarrisoB Ckk, Ohio. -
Harrison Co,'
Tbow me U. &- Ta
Oalea. Pheaa
end a snpply of the Aatl
raertpad Aoa rfowa
u ssora suaax.T.
Faoa Naw HlxPSBIBI 1
TK Pataoar. aentlemn ef
Inflaence here having been .
.d of the appetite for tobae-
Co by njlng ir. u arum' a
th. prieoners ef this autit
.ote, wa a exue a supply xor
:ion.V - .
ardeApf N. H. State Prison.
rfOBKTB atAxoy
A BAKxaa's Tksttic
XT. DrXBurton'. Antidote for
Tobacco Act oceDmnfrX
an daitnM for it. h -
1st Mat. SankXNew Albany, lnd.
A OtaoraTAat'e xffaatiMuar. Oaivol or Ajinson
eared say brotberytna myself. IT aarxarAiia.
Rer.W. Shoimaxxx, KelUyto Stattan, Pa.
1 lrmow fn Touem HaAnqrAarraa, 1-rNfa, Mxsa. 1
maam fainad Jhiriy-fiv peuada of JUnk ia (ArV asontaa bv
nsing Dr. BfDxton,s Anndt, an4 ail itrirt fdatobaeee la
temoved. ' Wm. I Ivuit, Jau
riaiAm SouTHaasT Bon JorraaAL. BAarmoas.
Hn. (aba box -ee Barton s Antidote reasoaoi aii oTaHre for
the weed from raa, 1 take eieasnre in recommend mk it t0
ail Qffr readara. T. Y. SLATaa, tu
inndamarh V (lomiriohttdA V
- 3e Caniiea I - Beware of Injoriou Counter
foils advertised by Humbugs.
nov30-dA3moe-PNT , rr r-r ' -7 - . -
STA t m ivr JE 3T T
Of the Receipts and Disbursements of
the several Fnnds fsr the. Flsca4
tear endinar II ember is. 1868: :
General Revenue Fund......
Canal Fnnd.t. ...... ........
Sinking Fund
Common Sohool Fund
Soldiers' Allotment Fond..
Soldiers' Claim Fund.......
National Road Fund
bank Redemption Fund....
r..-..., .$1011,758
41.S3X M
w I,4.6.i9 74
......... : l,t,7.t!l6 73
...)., . , . 3,469 80
. S,8-i5 78
:. :31.00a US
2,733 31
$5,095,475 61
General Revenue Fund.... $1,518,310 85
tjanal t und
Sinking Fund
Common rchool Fnnd....
Soldiers' Allotment- Fund.
Soldiers' Claim Fand....a.
National Road Fund
Bank Redemption F and...
14.939 39
1.472,328 33
1,426,88 80
4J 00
S.7H1 68
18,8'.'9 3
18 95
$.4SS 854 88
Balance in Treasury Nor. 15. 1868.... S570,liio 75
. , S. S. WARNER.
decT-dltawiw-r . - ' ' Treasurer of State
Turnpike Notice.
Canital Stock of the Dublin acd Wonhine-
ton Turnpike Company are hereby notified that
there will be a meeting ot tne stockholders of said
Company on MONDAY. JANUARY 11. 1868. at
the Hall of Ela W. Taller. Ksq.. in the town
of Dublin. Ohio, at two ciock r. M. ot
mmijt -1 ,k. nhiMt MTIfl nnrDMS of whi.ll n.,.
ine wilt be to determine 'he bais fcrassecsing tbe
shareholders of said capital stock to meet the pres
ent indebtedness ot said Uompany. ana to nx the
time and mode of payment of tbe amount assessed
axaiast eaoh individual noldmg sneli snares. -OKOKUb'
SNOLFFOUK. President
OKR N I. CASE. . ln!lnni
J0HNANDRK8. Directors.
dec! dltw4w
Emollient Cream.
J. preparation, introjuoed last winter, having
received so many flattering eommendatiors from
those who need it, induces tbe proprietors to bring
it again before the public, assuring them that it
stands unrivalled as the best protector i f the akin
gainst tbe inclemency of the winter season. It
not only imparts to tne skin a delicate freshness
and beauty, but also conduces to its health, purity
and preservation. For healing abrasions. Chap
ped Hands. Face. Lips, or Roughness of the Skin,
it has no equal, while its soothing qualities and
delight'ul fraarance reader it a necessary append
age to tbe toilet. Prepared only by MAKFLE A
R1TSON, Dispensing. Chemists 100 South High
street, columDus, unio. novi-aeoadwm
U 3
.r'i it I . V " ' . t-
..! . ::.::: f
! t- i.t I '
: -.a ..:' ,5.:v
; 't it I.T T ! v
.'. . . . - - .. , ' B?
.0 . :. i.,.j...-.' .: . 0 . b : -'' .
.is :yi ,i i. sir a i H t ai ft I
t - a ti4i (; v
; . ... .. .at f
.1'-.:l -in-
.'.A - : . .
' i - V ? .? . i
'l . K...mmtt - saC'-- l'.t3TifIU'.ClJ :-W9avaitAxarSnpan J lassasi w-
. M jl.it . ..J
' , Sl.i.I.i if t A ' r . '. f -.l-
t - ::.'! 1' i' Ct - - 1 '- - '
. .:-.! ir d-. ' x. - -IP" ! ' 1 . : 1 .
! :tf i t lif t t - :i v. ' i :i
I - : i.r ehstr -1-& -...i -'
! : -.:-
; ,ii.Ji x- IS. . f.;..
' tl.f IiMi''!'1 ,-i u - I.! ..-: -. r..v;.rs:..
i . r -J .-.J i.. ....... J
. .".oij- r'.'-iL ;r'-'' ...
; " " " '"
.la i-: ' ' - . : . . i -- '
250 : .AND 252;,
-I' ' ' I .
f.i ' i : .: j
t.l ti ' i h
i ,.:.)-..- ' .r1 ,-.: I..-..! .if. . -f.r.n
; -i j
::. .v
i . t il'ix' I.?
I'M. '
lil.i ' ? ? a ' ." t
Schreiner's Hall,
' my ; rr g-fr-rxv mi fii w m
MONDAY, tyot C08J58.
DO T a
Grand- Social Ball.
-.- . WnitTVeaGrendSoeialBalat.
f-MB O S; HALL ,
f:- r. '
f-' OW lAf 5-- -
Tuesday Efenliig;, "DecVmbcr 8.'
S-.jTATi- yi"- - ;:'7.,q z reunite
JSaT- Good Mnaie will Kj. in ... j
Tn-0!.73?',,1M,0-n?L,die. DOLLAR.
loe public are invited. - ... deea-dit
' Respectfully annoanees pna Grand toncert. h
Wednesday Ersinlns;, Dec. ; (b(
. Assisted by the following favorite artists : "I
MISS 1 BARTON. of Boston. 8opratioU -
MR.GUs fAVUS F. HALL. Baritone. "
peni-t. wTrr.
uBeeu can be aeenrad mithmtf mrUyt charge a
sale of seats to oommence ou Monday morning'.1
w jaineM agent. '
o -TheTrae Medicm. Oextrlne. . '
Nature, when struggling wiln disease, indicate.
unmistabrtry the kind of aasUUnoe she requires.
Ia oases of nervous weakness and general dobility,
thg feeble pulse, hlir.u.f-a-r frt srttnrratad
frame, the flaccid muscles, the melaneholv visaxa.
inforA a- as plainly a. if each organ had a tongue,
that a nuMcafitt mularUU twdett. It doe. not.
require the aid of a medical adfeaiiea ato snderi
stand this dumb appeal or new wgor, xitna anaut-i.
Dausted aystam. i Every reader of these Hues eaa
ooBipfehfnid Itinrt as well as the" graduate of a j hr
sicians' college. Let not this demand of enfeebled
nature be neglected. . Bespond to it promptly-by-eommenoing
a course of HOSTETTER'S. 8TOkl4
ACH BITTERS, preparation uniting - in their"
highest excellence, the properties of a BTICx.Ainj
an ikvioobajit. andan AXTxaATIva Before threw
days have elapsed, from the ukicr ef tbe Srst dose,
a marked benefloial chang -will1 be" manifest in the?
bodfly and1mental condition of the patient- Tbe
pulse will be stronger as d ajorregulaa. the asstrfJI
begin to lose ita dull ezpraasies.-ths xoaaculaar aadf
bersoas system to recover their tension, and the
spirits to improve., Persevere, and a eacnnif -nsr
vivication of tb depressed arjmai And mental pop
ersuearUla. Iaoaae of dyspepsia and billiou
naae, the ssna aalatai i itsulls wlTfg-ooWnaar
Th appetita -will Mvive, tk aallewiieM af the sad,
disappear, and all the distressing fymptoma which."
acoompany disorders of the stomach aad liver wirf
rapidly lubeidet Thai odd of winter oftea ianwiflek
these oomplainti by checking the perspiratory ao-J
tion, by which so much morbid matter ia evaporated
tbroagb the pores in milder weather, and therefor"
the BlTTERSaieesaaciaUy useful to the dyspeptia
and bilious at tnls season. "
' mayg3deodAwly-cw- '-.'V
, AND ,
.'ROT, ; ENCE. R. U Iv ving the laracst snaoux
factory So Bilvef .-.f-lm the worH. with 1
the most jpproVad naeh . y. and empli)jing-1her
most skilled . labor, are enabled, to offer an un
equalled variety of ne add beautiful deeigsa ia
Dinner Services, Tea .. a rices, and every artiolf
speeiaHy adapted for v iiday and Bridal eirtsr
They offer also their well-known and unrivalled
Nickel Silver Elec'.ro-Plated Ware, in whioh tba
have introduced new patterns of rare elegance..!
The Solid Silver li guaranteed to be of starlintj
purity by U. S. Mint assay. The Electro-Plate 1
guaranteed is -be euparier to the floest StrtSet "
ware. Orders received from, the Trgde only, bu
these goods may be obtained from responsible .
dealers every share. r-.. - J
Trade Mark - m : l' 'V r"
... . . - Salesroom No.S Maiden Lane, Jf.T.
nov5-d Aw4Xm-pe NT ... " - i-T
..-..,; "-I ,- X
"Children's Wen Sayed for Fifty
; .Cents.?.', vj
'Thousands of children die annually of Crou. '
Now, Mothers, If you. would '.'spend M eesta, and '.i
always have a bottle Dr. Tobias' Venetian Lin
iment in tbs house, you never nrtd feajlosini
jour little one when attacked with this eximplaiat
It ia now N years since I have put np my Lini ent, .
and never heard ot s ebild dying of Crsup wbea f
my Liniment waa used; but hundred ef tjurea'
have been reported to me, and many state If Jt wag
sio per bottle they would not be without it. Ba -sides
which, it is a certain core for Cut, Burns,
Headache, Toothache, Bora .Throat.': SwelUnga.ji
Mumps, Colic, Diarrhea. Dysentery, Spaaing, Obi 1
Sores and Pains in the Limbs, Back, and Chest.
Noeueencoltiiesitwhois iver without tt.ltl
warranted perfectl-sJe to take Ininxslly. Full
directions with every bottle'. Sold by tbe Drug- -gists
and Storekeepers is tba United State. Da -'
pot 10 Park Plane. N. T.' -
f ! d 'J '0 'X .V
Bow a Decline is Prodaced.
' Pure blood make us well, ,bad blood make u
sick. Vapor from yoorly digested 'food In tba .
blood are condensed upon tbe various .rgans. and
serve tq make tbem groW or repair their waste.-- '
Organs mad with a greater or lesser proportion of '
inch materials cannot be sounds If tba bad eon. '
dition of blood continue but for a few -days or
week tba l ody will be out of sorts; and if it eon
tinner, the whole of the body' will In : time be re-.' t
newed with imperfect blood, and tbe 1 ealth bad
it is in a decline popularly called a consumption. g
, Now Brandreth' r ills penetrate the whole maa ;
nf blood, earning tbs expulsion of impurities; tbs '
body feels relieved from a single dose what then '
may by expected front'twantyT By eostiouipg '1
their use the whole of the ilood in time become '
purified, and the body reconstructed from good ma-
terial. the deoline stopped, and a bew lease of Ufa
secured, Principal office. BaAiWBjmi Baosa'
New York. Bold by aU druggists,
1 iunclo-dAwljcm-reNT ,x t a f.o
- ; To art we owe a thousand graces; J ,J''-'
A Impioving Nature ao disgrace i.
Bo, as gray bait don't pleate the eye.' " " . . j
CristadfJrb's" H airTFrt iervairveT
Striking, a ounding. are tbe Effects produced
by Cristadoro's. Hair freeervative and Beautifier. t
Be the hair ever so wiry, ooarsa sad Banasageabla
by brush and comb, in one week this articl will
render it flexible, lustrous and inclined to curl'- ia)
. Sxld by Druggist, and applied by all Hair lree: . i
era. Manufactory No. 8 Maiden Lane. ' Principal
Depot No 6 Astor House. -
junelg-dAwlrcm-yeNT r - - - .-. --', j
DR. A. B.
t. WILLIAMS. Wsst Broadway, near
Columbus, Ohio, ha devoted hunaf li
ii - - , vu.v, mm . u.wi aauaivcta
r a series ot year to the treatment of certain pri.
rwuwwH, asaiaj uaoensuiiexx at uia oniot"
Uroad wa . near th. Exchange Bank . - ,
may31-tf " "
, AIM HOOD n Anotr jrtv Medical .
t -Wf, PampKU frtrm. tK pen oj Da. CDKTItw . -The
"Medical limes" say a of this work: "Tbia !
valuable treatise on the cause and cure of prema- , ,
ture decline, shows how health is impaired tbrough '
secret abuses of youth and manhood, and how
easily regained It aive a clear synapsis of the
impediments to marriage, tbe cause and effect of
nervous debility, and the remedies therefor-" A
pocket edition of the above will be forwarded en
reoeiDt of i6 cents, by addressing Doctor OtrBTia -
No. 68 North Charlea (treeU Baltimore, Md. - v '
era maySfi-dly-r , ,
. a -. . . i i r i ...
guaranteed. DR. RICORD'S ESSENCE OF Llk ' '
re.ureBaani7 powers, irom waaxever casx:. ari-
sing; tbe effects of earl pernicious babi'a, self-- ri
abuse, impoteuey and elimats, give away at ones ts
tbia wonderful medioine, if takes regularly a oc ord
inal to the directions (whioh are very simple snd re
quire no restraint from business or pleasure.) Fail
ure ia impossible, cieid in bottles st ts, or four '
quantities in one for $. Te ba had only of the eol. ,v i
appointed, agent in America. H. UliUTUJi. iff , -Third
Ave., corner 13th St., New York . .
TNT-jj27-dlyr ....... . . . --..,'
BAlCMfcLOK'S -HA1K Stmts: ' Tbia"- t
plendidHairDve is tba best in the world
the only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable ' J
instantaneous ; no disappointment ; no ridiculoua
tanu: remedies the ill effects of bad dyes- invia-
orates and leave the Hair soft and beautiful blnck - t
oroem Sold by .11 Druggist. and piSumS. j
and property applied at BttjhloT Wig Ftr.r ' '
No, ia Bond BtrwCS. Sork. Mr aprM dAwly-" -

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