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orrected bT W. JifSaYage, Jeweler, -
omfli street, T? "3 n R'fifir?
7 A. M
Jlajpil eter.
ta w
sVJtt a.
H. M.
TiVTSun 8et.
H. M.
.4 n
8m RiiM
3ffTbs jalt I lover conjugate
tSf We had pretty severe storm o
-Wind arid aao yelterriay afternoon i J
BT To-day 1 the anniversary of th.
.tonibardfli'entbt Fort Sumter jn 'lSM.).,'j
T tTtae tnarket .yieiday 'market
-rwas iailuf. 'Cause, the bud weather. ;
yThe Thursday before Christina win
VulneV pec, cent.; day ttt our uMk
Bctoplt..?, w; " -y;;.
u ISr' The prooabilles are that the Skatln
JRlnk will be .opened tor business pnTtoirs-iayTeollsjfi-!Bully!.t:
- i: .) j-.
! ! BT: ' Aboa t " o'elotk , yesterday ,ntorn
tnjr the thermometer felt to freeo, and
staid In tbat neljchborhood i all day,'
Jj-"-7"' , ii . il M 'I i ''I -
HT All ';$, the American,' nd
iamea Tayioi the' fiagUsli hmnorisW ap
pear at the Opera House jiex Monday and
Tuesday J;,;'"' V V ."
Cou.iOKD.rr-A horse attached to . a. l)ggy
eoilited with a ceal wagon at the corner
f Gay and High etreeta ; yesterday.'-. The
animal was throwrt flown y therorc; oi
the sbeokanderatehl sltghuy. '
Cooirrr Commissions MaKTisaThe
regular reee&ion of the. County Co rami
sloners: was.,: held yesterdiy.jjThe reports
of Tlewere and stirveypt oa -various roads,
Ac- were read a seoMd. lime.' . These will
recelye'a third 'readlnK to-dayf.,
Social Bali.. The -Columbus Xyeeune
tbelr-halL.OaehlecBuudlixr, corner, align
and Town street, on-Thursday eTenitrfr'.' A
limited number et Uekets are issaed, ad
chit be only purchased of members. 'ABne
tiaetsiiritfclpaledi .ZWJM -T " "
Cdcjt Is wrmakt During ,th; week
ending Saturday,'. December" .th, there
were nine paupers VecelVed a'tjthe Ooulrty
Infirmary and ten isc'barzed.' There are
now 175 persons there. "During the past
week fl fry -one loads ot coal and wood were
distributed to the outside" poor.' Vi4
stormy weatber of yesterday aeems.ta bar
oat a stOD to real estate operations." There
wat( but one deed left for record yesterday.
:fV ireger WBiuU Selbach pxth,
InVote 'Sos? tWiMi Jtfp. F. Jaeeer's
addition to the city of Columbu?, for $1,800.
01-t a --'n--' i" !.;'.
CWckt 70. :2.-Juuxe Green, In .Court
Jfioom1 kofc'a. Testerday. wai engaged in
hearlni the :; trial Joslah ,Anderiwn,1
charged with burglary in entering th ta;
ble ot Alonzo Patterson and stealing tne
lrbm"a fot 'oCharneSs, ;,The .oflfenee Was
committed, it wlll be remembered, last
ummerti : -
J t'j'.u'li:'-.''! i" ' ' A it's iji -
OuCCix'S Concert. Our readers will
notvtorget the great magical treat . ofiered
theft'to-ilght Va".the,'concert" ol the great
e.'?iMI; VBSisted by severalj. first class
artists.1. We shaJl expect io see the Opera
HbusW filled, for in addition' to The; erce.1-
lence f the performance, the house wiil bel
most com iortaut. '. . . j : it- n'
OfflfrtAOS to. Caieioo.-j-A large num
ber of the flags bfOuio regiments deposited
In the State House, WTTTpe sent oa Wednes-J
day next to grace tne re-onion uium- ur
mlesof the Ohio,. Tennesseer Cumberland
and Georgia at Chicago: They will be
seat, p.adrcharge;. ophe Superintendent
f?he"iStiW-.Bobs. .:Usiv-. , ..r-u
- - - . - r '' " ' '
VtfiOEDvCharles r Wise- U . either too
wlsebf too lazy to 'work. ? He; is one " p(
those wha -eueeavor to shirk the eourse
that compels a man to get his bread 1y the
sweat tie brow,-fie .prefers to get it
by cramping little things that careless peo
ple Jeae. 4n-ih ! wayof persons of his
class. 'Prowllngrooiid' In the byways of
the c1ty; ne was captured as ayagranu ..The
Mtyor ""t him to the stone pile la default
of 5 and costs. , , ,
. Splssdiv Wixits and Liquors. We
have had the opportunity In our day of
anything better than those Imported and
for rsale toy onr Jriend Emil Amboe, Nff".
242 feast Frten"streetHTtiey are entirely
free fronajtdejwtloB, mhI (or medleinaler
general um cannot be excelled by any
bouse in the city. Mfc-Auibos also lm
ports 8wlse nd Limberg cheese, of a su-4
perlor qnality. ' Dealers will do welt to call
t.tWs irreklUqwtouse.' .lXAXaiaKia i
.ill -Cit jilt' 'i 'Vfl JLiuQl
HoBTicoLToaAl MwcTfifo rThB 'Annual
meeting; of the SUte Horticultural Society
will be held to-day and to-morrow in lm
bos Hall, commencing' at 11 o'clock A. M.
The annual address byPresldenf "W'rder
will be deliTered this afternoon at t o'clock,
afte. which, wiil be report and discussion
on'the orchard crops of Ohio, and causes
ot their deterioration or lallureJ -The put
lie are invited to. attend all the sessions of
the meeting. (It may be a number of years
before the Society will again meet In thitf
Scppiir DiATaA young inan of about
25 years of age, nmed James Curien, who
worked at the Cleveland - freight house,
died very suddenly of apoplexy en Tues
day night, atMrs. Davit'' boarding bouse.
North Public' lane. He came home Irons
his work about six o'clock and tat down to
supper. After eating a jew mouth fuls he
co us plained, of being sick; and tell 'from
the'table. ' Be was carried to his i bed and
dieiinstaaUy. Hls-triends live' in New
York State. They' have been notified ol
the sad event. The Coroner held an in
questpn, tbeibody, and toe jury found, a
verdict in accordance with the above tacts
Wi'ti Got It. We had the tilting skirt
mania in our city mad it raged badly for a
while; then we had the Grecian bend, not
much of It, to be sure, but enough to cie
atejk sensation, aud now wfl .have, got the
Velocipede-, Ana we, have got a .nice one,
too. It is a three wheeled vehlcle'ln vented
by our noted carriage maker, Thomas An
denon. It was exhibited on High street
Yesterday noon, and attracted a great deal
of attention Mr. Henry Prlngle maJt
the Institution 'git," and we noticed he had
little difficulty lii keeping up with the pas
sing vehicles. Hurrah for the Velocipede
say we.' ' Next to the horse, it Is a great in
vention. ' . T( .'.''.'''
Bad Jokx. "Ab, my beloved,' said
Blobbs as he came Into our sanctum yes
terday afternoon, the water standing fn big
drops In his halt opened eyes or dripping
from the end of his red but Somali bugle,
-Ah, my beloved ; this Is a stinger I Do you
know I think the weather has taken cold r .
We ventured s modest assent to this pro
found oplulou, but asked why he thought
to. "Why do I think so f Why do I think
the weather has taken eoldtv;Ye gods,
hear the question! ' Why do I think the
weather has taken cold I It is plain to
blind man, 1 think so from the way.ii.
which it blouM in tnow." And he gasee
on us in pit; as he warmed his other foot
Want r PosTjtATXBS-Tbe blaze
of burning barrels, the din' of drums the
dare of the Tanner's torch, the hicooughs
tnd hurrahs, and tights of the Templar
Radicals, and the wild wall ot ben'
ilne, the fiz or the rocket and the
pleasant pops of the Roman candles,
with , which our afllcals' celebrated" their
(fictory, had hardly subsided Into sobers!
tehtfe" ere their patriotism " changed into
pocket and preferment. Amusing is it
tlready to note the scramble tor-spoils dis
cerned in the future; and a furious contest
Qas already commenced for our Posttnas-
Itershtp, Petitions are ou add signatures
begged lor by a host of greedy applicants,
ill of whom vehemently allege that they
nave been promised the post In considera
tion of valuable services by each of them
during the campaign "now ilosed. WUL-
out wishing to meddle in the management
of the affairs ot the-'opposition, we baVe
bcetf paying some" outside attention to the
strife among Radicals here at borne, though
we certainly .have a prejudice, we are
strongly In favor of the present incumbent.
The manner in which he cusses loafers and
-drives them from blocking rip the avenue
to the Ppstofflue meets our hearty appro
batlon. But he has much opposition. We
dowt pretend to give the official ' list of
those "aireadyapply ing, . but . present the
names ot those, rumor says, are eady to
sacrifice themselves for. .the -public good.
nmong wese are A. is: Buttles, General
Comly, L. J. Crltchfield J. M. West water,
Dr. Loving, the martyr r. Coulter, f. J,
Janney, Dr.(jane";WilliamS,': LICDohald
son. Captain Merlon, General John G.
Mitchell, J. j. Wood", C. P. L. Butler, Mor
ton E. Brasei, 'General George B. Wrif h:
and Dr. S. Smith, In addition there aie
flying rumors that all the other prominent
members of the Radical party here are af;
ter the Collectorsh"lp.i The above list'ls'
SBbjeet to future alteration or amendment.
Galoot .;Eacob, Considering - the.
weather, three galoots was a goodly num
ber for yesterday. 'We1 eay considering
the- weather, for "IMrill ; be" remembered
that there- was a. cobiT deal "of water on'
Monday night to mix with the beDzlne thev
had taken.. - .. ; -. .
Perry Pender got on a bender, and .was
feady to render a song or to send a blow en
the tender bugle of any offender. He was
drunk and disorderly, Perry was, and was
fined and costed $15, which he paid. '
William Gibson, and James Foster went
uton a double, duplex, duplicate spree.
They filled themselves with calamity wa
ter, or as Foster has it, '. ..
nt th olwir and nyital enp " a ' -e
Hponri a sill of mixad benilnei.
Anda h mixed the fluids a p. -Ths
tamblw "silad." aai to diiJeini.
In the arithmetic of these festive youths
thirty uil8-nakene laugh.' Beinsf happy,
tut i lit mpoa a front doormtt, -Yg,4lflitu?ffljihQM
Site m oi ;
o4l And liaienrt to to mails that - I
anurf!" CaaMfma a beer saloon.. '''
The power of music .
. was
Tiiey went to sleep ana snored In unison,1'
J tmes putting lar a healthy tenor snore, .,
Vhile swe; t William snorted out a double '
bass. They We're stopped in their melody
by the wakeful policeman aiidcarted-afi tff,
Sliiiers' Eestr where J he only alio wablej
tuije Is a spittoon. The Mayor fined tlnni
5 (and costs each, and In default they)
practice the anvil chorus at the stone blleJ
i janr.-t ..;i. i vrtii j
I Stoij W W Policb. Cjulte'a riumr
ber of citizens returning to their homes, ad
a late hour of ihe sight, have "been stopped'
oy n.e poitco, ana: called upon to Ive n
account of themselvej.-yWe have heard of!
several Instances' In which; citizens fell!
back on theiit-dignity hd.icIioeditnJ
sweVirig theo;uesnitthe-paHeerr giv
ing any satisfactory xpInatloa.; Ibl sucbl
xases, the police have perfect right to-
arrest the party so refuslnar to' ajvv,nn
for' .'himself, i ffa.l, good Vcrtteena eheultr-
decllne to glfeio hi.! Bitme, :2voca
t'ton and residence, r when: called npow by
tbe j2oiice 0a4o se at.alate bour of the
night. This precaution has been tekehJor
the beueilt of the communttyr'nd the pro
lection of all honest and aood citizens-!
inere is nothing humiliating iu-thus Iden
tify injr one's self, for It is well Jsnpwn that
most. of the thieves and burglars who dep
redate on the property of citizens are found
prowling about the city at night; and.fhere'
Is scarcely any chance to flnd.fheiu through
the day.' '. s,-,,','i -,, ,
The Very citiiens who ereMriudest in
tjensuring the police for falling" to arrest
thieves and burglars are often the first to
oppose them in the line of their duty. We
should all encourage and aid the police to
the utmost extent in the discharge of their,
duties, and not be quibbling and taking
hair-splitting exceptions to every act
which the law enjoins upon them to carry
oat. It we would have an efficient poli e
lorce, all griod citizens should aid and en
courage them In enforcing the law. .
.DpsSTlCKs - Partzjkr. The - Cleveland
HereW has a correspondent in this towni-
We make this announcement Jot the bene
fit of the unenlightened There be tbosej
here, -we suppose, to .whom this will b-
news. . Notwithstanding, there are numer
ous people -who are prepared tn 'make nu -
merous srBdavits to the fact that the Cfetw
Vmi Herald has a correspondent in Colum
bus. -When he was yeung, he determined
to Denotorious, if for -nothing eua than
belAg, d-dashed-d fool. -.Never having
been famous for anything else, the man
Who buys him for a brainless, shallow-'
pated fool will get a good bargain. - He is
Short, in stature, mind and reach; he is
Short ia news, but hefty in imagination
and in words. The good Creator never made
another insect who could talk so much
and say so little that is, admitting, for the
sake of Short, that the Creator ever kneW
he was-made. This insect, whose fellows
used.' to bother the boys In the army and
kept them scratchtngThag been taking the
loeal editors of this city to task for not re
porting a swindling case that nver bad an
existence except in his imagination. ' We
don't know who he is that thus assumes to
say ( f I am Sir Oracle," except that his
name is Short If the Herald understands
its interests his connection with the press
will be as short as his name. The Herald
w a wont to be represented here by gen
tlemen ; why has it made this great change ? .
This one Is Doestlcks' partuer, Damphool, :
1 - - i
r- ' ..:..(
Filed Yesterday. The following cer
tificates ot incorporation were filed with
the Secretary of State yesterday : . ',
Of the Belmont Glass Works, organized
for the purpose of manufacturing, glass
ware; 'Principal office in Bellaire. CapiV
tal stock $100,000, in shares of $200 each.'
Henry Fanpel,.Levi Cassell, James S. Gill,
Henry Over, John Robinson, John' Crim
mel and Thomas J. Fleming are the cor
porators. ... ' ' ,
Of the Hill Grove and Union City Turn
pike Company, organized for the purpos
of constructing a turnpike road betweei
Hill Grovs and Union City.Darke co. Cap!
tal stock $5,000. T.E. Teal, Jacob Hlnchbar-j
ger, John.Nowlin, John A. Bickel, Jona
than Mote, J. B. Panabaker and Am
Cook are the corporators.
Attempted Suicide-A young man in th
employ of the C. O. railroad, named Job
Jacobs, attempted to commit suicide Tues
day night by taking laudanum. Fortunab
ly he took an over dose, and thus a fatt
catastrophe was averted. It is thought h
was partially deranged. ' He was recovei
log last night. . though suffering lrom tl
effects of the fatal drug. '
The Exaiarrro Tita-rrXflHtA-The ex
libitlon of dissolving views at theCongn j
atlooal Church, astiilgb for the benfeflt
i ineinaustruii..a(;nooi,. we are giau to
ay, was 'weir attended, notwithstanding
r,he inclement , weather.; The " exhibition
rave great satisfaction The' children ot
be ' school sang", several' Sunday' "school
ng8 with, pi aslng effect. Tlie exhibition
iU De repeated to-Djgot, . when' all tbt
rhildren in the cityjare invited to be pres
ent,brlnglng with them what they are able
to give as an admission price., -i-i
The ladles of the First Presbyterian
.hiirch will hold' their annual festival n
Thursday evening, at 7 o'clock. In the lec-
'ure room of-the. church. Lunch ; at 12
o'clock on Friday i r 'i ''.''.'''
dec8 3t . r..n ' ':. '
P. S. Scttdam & Co., Bakers and Confec
tioners, 29 North High street, have a full
tssortment of toys, candies, firework,'tc.
Also have cherry, currant and blackberry
wines that can't be "beat tor purity and
quality ' Price ot wine $2 50 per gallon
or 75c per bottle. .."' . ':''
Cakes made to order. Gives us a call.
de.8 d2t '. ; . ' ' '
JTewelry; made and repaired by C. E
Smith,1 27S. High street, over Bain's store
iov6dSm t , - - j . pfC
Foa Sale House ' and . lot, . corner oi
Franklin and Washington Avenues HOBt
desirable property; will be sold at a bargain
Enquire ot J. W. Moore, No. 48 West North
street: '
oct!3-dtf ,;" i
Hollowat's Pills Stomach , Com
plaints. Not a square Inch of the body
can be in perfect health li the stomach Is
diseased. : The first twinge in that region
indicates a necessity for an alterative medi
cine, and of all alteratives : Holloway's
Pillsliave been proved, by the experience
half a century, to be the best. Take care
digestion, for; upon digestion' depends
every vital function. ' Tone the stomach
and keep the bowels free with this unrival-J
led invlgorant aperient, and corrective, and
will be well. Sold"by all Druggists. . ,
julyo-diy-cw , , , .... Mi
( : . t
Pile? I . Piles I Thousands of persons
sqfltfr From Piles, either bleeding or blind,
with Itching, discharge, or tumors , about
the rectum, and broken-back like feeling
dull,-' confusedj'head' T and 7" depression
Many nave suffered.: and taken so many
things Iq vin, that they despair of a cure.
Hdmprret'b HOMcspATHid FtLK Specific
fOE3 cure, even the worst cases- Try it
nd. be cured.'. Price 50 cents per box. Sold
dealers -or sent by mall free. Address,
Humphrkts'Specific Homoeopathic Med-
iciNs Co 662 Broadway, N. X.
lylMAwly-eW vfi t1-'" n
r-. r- t l , i I iM I I f V T P!
Nebvous Debilitt, with Its gloomy At
tendants, low spirits, depression Involun
tary emissions, loss of semen, sperm a to r
rhosa,, loss -of power, dizzy head, loss' et
memory , and' threatened impotence and
Imbecility, .find a sovereign cure In Hum-'
phreysr Homeopathic, Specifie No. Twen
Composed of the most valuable,
mild and potent Curatives, they strike at
once at the root bi the matter, tone up the
system, arrest the discharges, and impart
vigor and energy, life and vitality to the
eutire man. They have cured thousands
cases. , Price $5 per package of six box-.
and vial, which is very Important in ob
stinate or old cases, or $1 per single box.
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by mall on
receipt of price. '. Address Humphreys'
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co- 562
6roawayT New; York ; jy43-deod&wlyr
JslefpJ & .;DKButTa,
Locksmiths end
Dell hungers, at No. 141 North High street,
now prepared to hangparlor and hotel
bells in the neatest and latest, style. Sew
" machines . repaired ' aud'. satisfaction
guaranteed. . Models built, -for patentee,
and air kinds ot . light machinery made and
repaired. ' Keys ol all description always
band,' and sale and jail locks made and
repaired.?;";,,0,.'.' . :';t'.,';:..' ' may23-s-ly
There never was a time when those who
extremely nervous and debilitated,
could procure a medicine so sure to relieve
them as at present. The country has been
flooded with trash called Bitters, but Sew-
rd & Bently, In the, Constitution Bitters,
have: attained the pre-eminence, and to
day they st tnd as the greatest, and most
popular Bitters In the wprld, aud If usi-d
according to directions, will be sure to in
vigorate and thereby steady, the nervous
and debilitated sufferer. u , . -"; '"' :.H ' '
'decS-d&wlt '' 'i -. : , -!.';
1STkw:; England Mutual , Ld?b of Bos-
3!. Report ot the Superintendent ot the
fe Insurance Department of the State of
New York. (From Commissioner's report,
January 1st, 1868. page 63.)
The New England Mutual LHe Insur
ance Company of Bo8ton,Massachusetts,was
the pioneer ot Life Insurance in New Eng-
and,1 under the able but extremely conserv
ative guldance-of that accomplished jurist,
Judge Willard thillips, "President of the
Company, the Life Policy was popular
Ized in 'Offices, 'counting - rooms, banks,
workshops and firesides east of the Hud
son, ana no nan k ism or state xsona was
ever more sacredly regarded than the pol
icies under written by Judge Phillips.
The idea of fraud, deception or overreach
ing was never associated wlth a parchment
italning , his i sign-manual. Geo. T.
O'Harrsv- & Cdmrethe Agents fof 'the
New England Mutual Life Insurance Co.
Col umbusr Ohio. T;'
7. St "V
;hov26-dltaw6 w&w2t
J. i
j 1 - Central Ohio Lcnatic Asului,( '
'' Columbus, Aug. 31, 1808.
Jno. B.' SiddalU Jaq Agent New England
MutuaL Ate- int. Vo, or JSouorw Mats,: .
Dxab Sir I am Informed that there have
been misstatements made In regard to div
Idends paid by your Company to my Life
Ppllcy, which I have had In the New Eng-
land Mutual for 2f years. For the informa
tion of those interested in Life Insurance, I
will state that I am entirely satisfied with
the New England Mutual.' 1 receive my
dividend of profits regularly, and that they
now amount to about one hundred . per
cent, on my premium. Dividends paid an
nually in cash. "
, rsigned, W. L. Peck,
! Sup't C. O. Lunatic Asylum
pr. Wra. L. Peck, and Dr. Morrell, his
assistant, have both to-day made applica
tion to the New England Mutual for more
Life Insurance.
Goo. F. O Harra & Co., Ag'ta,
Naughton Block, Columbus.
LikBegulatiom Dress PARADr. The
teeth' should always be scrupulously clean
and free from blemish. Keep .them In this
condition wlth the Incomparable Sozodont,
and when they are veterans' In the service,
they will still be as " good as new."
Spalding's Glcb" Is Indispensable in
every well regulated household.
vjiY-Junl5-eod6m-cw . -
Resolution to Contract
Resolved. That tbe City Civil Engineer be and
be is hereby authorised and directed to contract in
Y. . r . I nf lln'mnhn, with
. " u,mB u, VI J v. ' " "u .'lull
Murph, for grading and paving the unpaved side
walks on the wmi aiila ot Sixth street from Town
street to Rich street, upon the following terms, to
wn: -
For excavating or grading. Forty eents perea
bie yard.
For bricks laid, til oo per thousand.
Adopted Aov. S3, lw.
Attesti L E. WILSOW,
novM-dlt City Clerk.
United "States ?: of America,.
COKGBKSS. . .. .
Cash Capital, - $1,000,0001
: ;in",:' . paid is roix. ; -"i:..;';' ".
. . PHILADELPHIA, : ..' .I
To which all (Mieral oorrespoDdDoa shonld b ad
. Oiwsea, ...... i ..
OFFICERS t - .' ."';
CLARE NfHI H. CLARK. President. ..'- :?
JAi VyUUAB..Anuniaii finance and zmnn
HENRY D- OOKF- Yin. PmiJ.nl. . .:
EUhitSUJil W..i-KT. Seentery and Aotoary. , j
Offered by thU Company are: . -. .
It IS a Nation&l Cnmunr. Ah&rter.il kr nMi&t
act of Congresg, 186H. , . - , :
Jl n paid up capital Ol ai.COO.oog. .;. ,,. .. u,
It offers low rates of premium t
It turnishei lareer Imaranoe than (ithar Count.
niet for the same money . ...
It la definite nd eertain ia us terms." ', . ,
It ia a home Company in every locality.
It Policiea are exempt from attachment. -There
are no nnnecaa.arr reatriatkm. in the Pol.
1 Erery Policy ia non-forfeitabla. .
Policiea may be taken that will pay insured their
roll amount and return all the premium!, so that
in, insurance coats only tne interest on tne annual
payments. : ' I. j
foiioiae may be takfln whfoh nt, ttt tba Tdsvi-imI'
after a eertain nwmber of years, during life, an an- '
nual income af one-tenth the amount aamed in the 1
Polioy. J
: No oxra rata it ohirged for risks upon the liy:
of females
' It inaures not to pay dividends, but at s a
cost that dividends will be impossible, t ': 'n
c-., JOHH. BLLI3 CO '
Cincinnati. Ohio. General Agents for Ohio Central
, : : ' and Southern Indiana. ,, . yj
i, .." CO, nilTERA CO ...':' '
CoIu-ntHiS. gpeeiat Agents for Franklin, Lloklng."'
Mnskingom and Ooshoeton counties. . '
FeMT-oc t23-deod4 weow ly . r
NEW y ORE.'., ;:'
FOR . H AIlli.
i . Improved l'"iTX:
It is an elegant Dretsisg for the Hair.'. -, j'"
ft eaases the, Hair to Curl beautif uU. ; I ' m
It keeps the Scalp Clean and Healthy. , ., .,'.',
It invigorates the Boots of the Hair, . - .'.!,;:' -V
It forces the Hair and; Beard to grow luxuriantly. '
ft immediately stops Hair Falling Out. -- " -
ft keeps th,e Hair from Changing Cploiifrossj Ag.
It restores Grey Hair to tus Original Color. '''"
r ...... . , r r t ,f
It brings oat Hair on heads that have been bald for '
-a : i:f . t1 years. --i ; -j . ' i-. 1 i " " i.j-.
t iseompoeed entirely of simple and purely vegeti
1 " '' .1 ,J We substances'. ; ' tJ " " '
I ; has received over six thousand voluntary teati-
aanial of its ezdeDeDce, maDjr."' whioh are ffoa
j , ', pbyaicians in high standing.' ''.'VV'.j
j It is told ia half-pound bottles (the1 name blown, '
in he glass), by Druggists and Dealers iff Fancy
Goods erery where, at One Dollar per Bottle. Whole
sale byDemas Barnes A Co.; F. C. Wells A Co.;
Schieffelin A Co., New York. : tsoHirrmoh7-dty l
i ii.. '
: 1 V.
j No, '', S30 Broadway.
Capita, - One Million Dollars.
Dabius K M anoak. fcas't. J as. Mkbrili See'.
Receives Deposi a and allows FOUaPER- ENTr
INl ERErfT on all Uaily Balanoes. sabieot to check
at sight. rpecial Deposits for iSix months or more.
may be made at five per oent. The Capital ot One
Mi lion Dollars is divided among over, 5U0 8bare
holders.oomprisinv many gentlemen of large wealth
aad financial experience, who are also personally,
liable to depositors for all .obligations of the Coin-
pan, to double tne amount, of their capital stoek
As the National Trust Company receives deposits:
in large or email amounts, and permits them to be
drarn&a a whole or in pa t by check, at sijtht and.
witaoasantieeiellewing interest on all' daily bal
aeces, parties thaougbout the eoantry. can keep ac
counts in this Institution with special advantages
of security, eonvenienceand profit. ., . . ,,. ..
fb sr-aeoi-aswis
A dve rtisirig; Agents .
! . 13) Nasssa Stret, Now lerk- "
iSstablitkcHnUeU)-. V,''
We beg to eall the attention of advertisers to
ouragenoy. Our facilities with all the first elass
daily papers in tne country are second to none,
and we aro fully prepared to offer terms and eoa
ditions which caanot fail to give superior induce;
ments. . We aUo send advertisements to aH Cuban '
as d South American papers, with whom we have, i
exousive coo'raots Wearetbepnlv houaedoing
We can. by special per.nission, refer to
Mr. H. T. Hblmbold, Druggist, 694 Broadway,
fiew Yo k., . - it.,
Uews. . & Vandczeb, A Co., 198 Greenwich.
street. New York. .
Messrs. UaLI, A KuOKIL. 118 Greenwioh street.
New York. .
Messrs. G. Bruok'b Soh A CoType Foanders, IS
Chambe s street.
Messrs. Pbaloh A Sou. New Yerk. -
Messrs. Hheloh A Collundsr, New York.
Messrs.' T-cKiNT A Co.. New York. ' V i!
Messrs: Chicebkiko A Sow. New York.'
Messrs. Kadwat a lo.Aew lerk.
ootMod3m ; -
t. s. earAED. i i ; j i o. aoaioia
r i
a a partnership with G. H0K1GER. for the
purpose of carrjioi oa-the boot and bhoe trade at
Would respectfully invite their friends and the
pnblio aecerallv to eall and examine tbeirfice and
well selented stock of Ladies', Gents', Misses' and
Children's Boots and 8boes, this day reeeived di
rect from the test, and whioh they are now offering
tor sale on the most reasonable terms. In our man
ufacturing department special attention is liven to
Repairinc of all kinds neatly and promptly done.
- We would respectfully solioit a share of publie
patronage. Please give us a eall. No trouble to
sbow aoods.
Kemember tbe place : No. 168 South Hich street.
Colombns. O. Sept. 13. 1868. seplS-dtf '
, . O. r. L. BUTLKB.
Noe. S16&218 8outlt Hlt St.,
(7hHr KcUntlv Mlamufactory U at th Foot cf
South ittttt, on Me Canal.)
Their business transactions, both Wholesale and
Retail, new extend throughout the States of Ohio,
Pennsylvania and Indiana. They manulaoture
f all fllassei and every design of superior work
manship and finish. Also, Cane-Seat Chairs of
every description. Wholesale aad Retail.
febO-derdlv ..-"
. , Fourth Streets near Itlalsi,
BENEY P. ELLAS, - -'..."Proprietor
cated and convenient t business, and to all
points of travel, is the most desiriable stnppinc
place for persons vu
be spared to make
iaoe lor persona viBi'ius i.ae oir. i, u iwiiw win
axe tne stay oi guests pieasans in
very partiouiar.
I Stock of e and superior gfxvii. embracinc
out.wiuioat reserve, at the store n otHMlUiSii'B
cwmperj therewith, these ussavlly eharged tf k i ;
Uleat'e Kip Boole, all Whole Iealher,
Boya Ktp Boolaj,
Tontba' Kip Boot,r
Chlld Kip Boot.-1 ' -
Men's Cat If; Tap-So led Beet,
Wsmn'i Call Shoea, Beat,
'onmen'w Beat Morocco Sboeav' -5
ladles' Double Soled Inatlng Congj.
Cadles'do-s SilacGorp. Tery Beat, -i
Jlltsrs' morocco Shoea, PoIIafa, -
Cttilda neracco Shoea,
f K
These goeds'art guaranteed to be of superior material and workmanship, and will bear comparison i
wita any ia the market. i : . V f li
XDen't forg-t tbafthe sale is pnsitiv-, and is limited to 1ut a few weeks. Another such opportunity :
will never cenr again. Be sure and find tbe right place Cthere in but one) before buying. ' ' 1
DEstlLEK'a K&W UUILD1AU. opposite the
decT-deedSoi-r 'J' 7 J X T f f Tt
t& iipU! linn): 'OHIO,
of i'u v 'r':tu e:ll c '1'"
.n.'ir.jf'.u'i:-.- i - 'I 1-'. tiii'i'.i Tivrieu.
e.t ;nnKrj -1 ev...i 'f!
.;iOic ifi -w lu Jea o.v."'tH.
, .un or noitii.ts a:a
laving greatly enlarged our Printing Facilities by tbe, purchase of a complete new
a?;? ti O'fw Pa i
Tie Latest and Host Approyed Style;
. , And tbe addition of New
I w bn
k sill. i ic?3tli : "X r"lJ)lJiZ'i
Generally conceded to" be the faiteft and
tlx :OTlAI
In. connection wlth RUGGLESV GORDON'S and AVEtLSJob Presse, "that have
proven eueh successes in our-office, and haying the largest and most commodious
building JA thIS.-City.in WUtc.Q W operate, we
. ft
I w
Inthe betnSlieatstyre of ibeiSv a'nd
Our fast New Pressec, our Improved Economical Machinery the result of the injeer .
nuitv and inventive talents of the best minds of the aire enable os to do good work
at MUCH CHEAPER RATES tHaif eetrbe; done in the old style and with only the old
facilities. -The Office Ib complete ttrall its
Books, ;:
Le gal Blanks,
Blank Books,
Business Cards,
executed;; neatly
tt .4 i U - ' '-' ' :
In this specialty w
Having More Presses
umces in tne uuy omDineu,
We are prepared to execute all ltiods .pf Printing, In any color, at lower prices than
i our meighbottk. .. ; ... ',t-r 1:'. IS
Nos. 36, 38 and
i -i:J' '. V. j
. ' i I. i. 1
(foil 1?
I us tnilt lti; i
Rir.i.rh TA r'llV.'IIIlnliririKlll'
every thine in the line of MKNS'- WOMEN'S.!
ANO HHOK, new offered for eale. and to e elcsed
Jca w BUiLA)lSU...ljook at some of the prices audi
, ..,.;,,; I
r '
TS. Reeilar price fS.Oo!
-f a.sev
. , 9
- ' 1.85,
'-:;":-' .':''..i.ao,'
OevIterK I JLAO,
, r - r'V" 9.00,
.! (
Statmham Urrioaw is the place. Go and ice the
j . e. o. .c rJ,oicTr &'co.';i j
r ;,-'-r-70.T.f.T
i :-. r-in VJ.
Tvr-m-rvr'v a t. : ..;..ijp
. U .
i its i
v : e
.,lir !-
K H ..-.-.1 -
:-. i. -
t .:r r': hi ' . .'! '.' v
Presses, including ,'"-.'' jt: r .'-K.
.fi .... -.t-vi
W t
'.'ii. :
:-rfr ,
best Printing Machine In tbe world. '
i i:
i,inL r.-:
Til, .-M .
: ' V ! t '
V' .,iif-tv.a
most commodious .
' -J . . . A
'-'V' ',-'":?
are uu propureu
j . .j , ,., .-., .....vj. .;. ; t i .i,'aui!
i'l't .is' :tl rf V V''v! L-.T;. Si:'; -' ' -i.".IA
.11 ..j i i -.Ii ii-:i "i 111 " i .i' -X '.' 'J! '.'i;
iipon terms that cannot be competed with.'
arrangements, ana can aowe worK witn
Sin.!. :
i ':
Bill. HeadsB;
Lette r. He ads, ;r yi. :
:Jrograes ;;;
Circulars, : ;
; Drug Labels,
'Bills cf Fare, Etc.,
& with dispatch.
: ' ' ' '
are unsurpassed3 J
a5 f.
than all Other Printing
. : x
40 North High Street,
- .
Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 8.
P OLD 135V brrying. '
nunc buying and-50-4r8count to par sell-
New York Money Market—Dec. 8.
" MONEY gteady at 6J ceaa. on eall,
,Vit 'Ttpeptionel at 6 aMtw , 1 ? i"
100109. ' l''
JOLr--liOWer ; '.opened T at' ill
closed at tSSifi 1 l i ' - '-
' wi,i--iiOWer : '-troettea '16W Ahd
lit sllJl.1
New York Stock Market—Dec. 8.
GOVEENMent ' STnrK-aw-.tr
lower; Coupons of '81 1 14116: do "Ct
tlOWHUg: uo -M-'AVtSlOT;' OO "TO
107rO& do new-;lloillOfc do '67
iogiiflT do, m-x:tp-'tmHtS
I0o. . ..
-. Stocks dull and lower: New.. York Cen
tral opened at I27j fell to 42"nd eloaeii
a fraction above that tijtore; North weeterrf ,
fed to 7Zi for common and w for pre-
tarnxL- on i JhA rrwvi val rr..lhH ininnrlnnf
story, wblch has no ionhdatftrh in fact, as
yet; vuc. closed somewnat ninnerj. -ilcer
was. .considerable' talk on the. stceet of ar
contest at tbe Approachino; electioaof die"
retors of' the Pittsburgh road. - -:' i i'I
The-Erie ; cooi bhiation held a large
amounts of stock,' and "psrrtleg , tiftetceted
in FortWayne are . workinfif for preaeat
manttsrenient.' There was lively bidding for.
Proxies to-day, and orJe per fcirit.w as paid,"
for round lots. .-The keoeral market t l iseri '
d uUr- and. n nsettled. . a
6d l prices-Wflllsr: Kpri ?lCf 8P
American 4446Y 'Adams 49; United
States 46046 V: Mereh8nts!Union4&ai8b
PaciBo Mail li5?(55155i:. Western LintonJ
Telegraph 365 New York Central 124Kr
KeaUing 98Jia8; TmMteZ$$M!4tt
Wabash. fit. Paul '6)46i;-rort
Wavne llllUJi; Ohio & MissioMppf x
3nj30; Michigan Central 119120;
Michigan Southern 8T87: Illinois Cen
tral 144 Pitt BUrgh WKEH;E Teredo
10110lK; Rock isrand 107(107ii; C
O. & CI; 7G;" .lA.'i.'iiU. a.A o.i-oaj
New York Market—Dec. 8.
sales of 4.2Q& baieftet;21ic ltr .middling
uplands.: .:j , u r.i: S
tXOUR CTdeed more active and a shade-,
.trorr Inw iirallp, varr.ii iilafc. A .' ;.'
better; low grades very quiet, , .',
WHEAT-Very quiet ,bu W(
beyers Andj
sellers apart; seller Xo 3 spring All S8 bay
era at $1 65.
.RYE-Quiet and
sUeAdyjatii M,i9t.i
OATS-t-Ftfm at78c lor western In store.,
and-80cafloat.a r : :, V' r '' '
,CRf Steady at $1 I4tl Toi: mixed
western in store and $1(17 afloat. .a,iioi-iJ
PORK Qalet and firm at taajTSiSWWL
BEEF Steady and Uaicdana, ;f
CUT MEATS Quiet and tineliaBged.y .si
BACON' Firm and in good inqairy.-"''..
LARD-Firm alQiac lorfaiKto; "
prime steam. " '- A.:r..'i.:i!i"oni.-f"W
EGGS Quiet and steady"-.inifift
yc.- : ? fm - '"'' sv!-rTa
Cincinnati Market—Dec. 8.
FLOUR AND GRAIN Doll -and- tra
changed. .-." 'n
tXyi'TON-Opened Ault btil ASweif ir&V
at 22'4r mkilinfrcplanda. ;l
sW-Hf dKYUoseadoii at -J
HOGS Advanced to f 88 25 gros, and
$10(16" 2 "net,-with a .buoyant market,
holders' asking higher prices. ' '
PORK Mess advanced to t2L and now
held at $24 50 1
BUItrJlEATS--F1irnjerrthop"gU yw.de-,,
mand is not largej shoulders 9 30, sides
il2K13c for clear rib! and 13c for clear.
GREEN MBAST-p Advanced to 8, 11 U
and 13c lor shoulder?, sides and hams... 11 '
LARD Held at 1414e for prime
steam audlaI5Jc lor ketUe; but thee a
ratus are-above the views 'of buyers." '
and 80 hhd$;about all iu the market; sold at'1
15il6c. closing-at the latter' rate. but' l
flominal. there being no more ready. 'iJ ,
CHTCRSF.i-l.i'falR liiffher ' arirl lTpm?l1L,
good; Western Keserve 1717iei "lactorr
HfTTl 'Frt-s.'Plm, af Krf9flrJ-',""-''
OILLineeea 9698c, market flrmi 'lArd'1'
pil firm at $1 '30, - . r ;J.el .'.ifl'?'-'
thv-to a 75(32 90.
o i j i ' .i fiax suvsuccukj e ; utuov
it-to $2 75(82 90. '' '?..-J-'y - !!l
JP ''If
Chicago Market—Dec. 8.
Bft." 1 .' ' '-?'.- ' '" .'."' - ' '-- "-
W"HE ATbDe'netl Briri bnt sribsefluei 1
weakened aod decllhed 2b, 'cIo8ir)fl quieuat',
$1.16 for No 2; sales NO l.at.$l 241 58i .
No 2 at $i;i6l.28; sales N0 2slWce7.
.fslmngeattl'.lS..'"'-. ',',V.;-;J: JJ
"Xii uiu scarce ana -nomi nai at tsucz v ,
i OATS Fjrraer.and higher; 49',
49 tor No 2, and 464ec(:fo'r rejeetea.,:'
I a? x n. r irm sua qujet, i. is tor JHo jf, -,
and Si 14 for H6 2 in Btore.:' ':' ' V-'f?Li
I BARLEYti' moderate "demand ' and1 .
.... ''a ,,.'.:"
steadv at SI 82. "' .' ' fl1 -:.".' 10
'1 J -:i Ur.i i
Toledo Market—Dec. 8.
FLOTJU-rrQuielv r --. i i . ! . . II Ji l i
WHEAT Amber lc and white MtehUnt
raH& better; No.. 1 white liliutrigan. $2 OS, ;.
No. a do il 86 1 87. amber 91 61. 1 red..: t
$1 IlNo. 2 1 50, aodNo.3 spring wl;06.oi
CORN Oli atead v. . new la bntten nlrl .. ..
$0. 1 86c; new 71c; new rejected 65c. .( .','., -
OATS J$e setter; flo 1 oUo. , '.yi ;iO
RYE-Staclv;No.I130; No.?t85.i t1
BARLEY Quiet. ...,i.,i ,-j ,-kt
UOGS Dressed ia'o better; sates at-8
9l:l 1... t--51S)1:l -i;:) o: H i "O ,!'3jiu.if
St. Louis Market—Dec. 8.
FLOUR Quiet and unchanged i ".,,
! WrlifiAX, falow.i (njwriQi auottlMj
Changed. . . ... (tv ,H a.,ias
jukjn utua Detrer, at t tc i " 1 1
OATs Higher at6558i'i ii-n.i t.i
RYE Advanced, $l,20l-,25-) ursi-o f.i
BARLEY Unchanged. t... .- J:i,a
WHISKY Unchanged at W96e.;., , - ,
PORK Flriat $24, bnt. generally htld "'
higher.' r.i vi .H' i-
! BACON Very little doing; : ahouldera;
WHc; clear aldesJBifaie , , r
i.AKir-'.asy KjteT- , ,t, j.r-w
HOGS---Scar(?e, and stiff at 7ii8c - ; ;? la
Buffalo Market—Dec. 8.
FLOUR Dull and steady, : .V ,. ., ,.t
WHEAT Inactive: t spring. nomtnal, at -i
tl 40TL 60.. Ki.i : ' i ;.( -'n t.d
i CXfUN Sales old westera in lota at U0 ;
1 Ol.-.r '''.i'l b,i:. Ja
OAj;iSr-l!''tns at 6a(grJ7C'. hflr. Liili
Milwaukee Market—Dec. 8.
FLOURS Finri; prices unchanired. .10;;
WHEAT Quiet: - 91 for Nw lia "j
Store. si: .;.u .'-. -"' U 1..J4M-. to jeiii t.:t
J V.'t'I ! y ' i aaa i I i i-M'-i 'ut IkmiO
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Dec. 8.
j The' Inqulry-continties 'Rmited;!' lu
witQQUt particular cnange .. .
' . AT "I
Tw.ltt.n!ti In raatnrtna OR AT H A TH -'
in original eolor and promoting Its fTOWth. It'",
makes tbe hair soft and glossy. , The old ia appear- '
anoe are Bade young again. It is the best , '
i .. iiaik uaEssici ... '.',.. 1';.:f
erer used. v It removes DandrnaTand all Betury
Eruptions. ; It does not stain the skin. '.'I v 1
. . : BENT FKKI r MAIk ;.. 1 t
Beware of the numerous preparation which are .
said upon our ropatAtioAv j; ti:: - -(. ,
K.J'. HiLL 4 OO . Nashua, S. HProprietors. , ,,,
For sale b all Druiaists...i .."i1..- r. : . "r
july26 dltawiwlj-oua . ,..', , j
I r - - .,....
... '. . ' i- r..
, A BOLIDAI PRSENT. Ladieat and
gentlemen, young and old. desirous of hiving their . ;
hair beautiful for tbe Holida y, shonld use a hot- .io
eooe. Read Chevalier's Treatise oa the Hair. ' 'r
Free to all. Given away at tbe Ortit Store, or seat : '
by mail free. This hook iheaid he read by every i .
person. It teaches to-eultlvate aad have beautiful.
hair, and restore gray 'hair to it original eoror,
top Ita falling oat, removes all Irritation or dan
draff from the soalp. thus keeping the hair beavti- ; ;i
ful to the latest period of life. .-;,:.
' iirr-deol-edla . 11 Bread way.. X.
A ram and delicate skia. free from every hlena
ith. is the reward of an occasional use of Palmer?
Vegetable Cosmetic Lotion. leptl-dAw I cm

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