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W-vrrwoixrGicai. Tablv-wpped and
corrected by W, J. Savage, Jeweler, 83
South Hijfh street : - . - . . - 3 1
t : - . .'.. 'YtDNIStJaY.DSB. . S".:
nvwk. Baiwetar. Thermometer
.7 A. M
! V, -, 1 IS - - . T
U. M. B. M.
Ha Rises.
7TtTnn Sets- ,
' t2To business belore the Mayor yes
'..) r-Oliva Lostan will lecture irithls
cltyMn January. " ." ' " ''
-' "'Mr-for January has beeure-
" eled by An&iews A Hull.
iI .ti J3 ; ' C i.Ilj
r tw Hon. James J. Fared, of the Cincin
nati Enquirer, was In the city yesterday
l!v . "Andrews & Hull have Frank Leslie's
- Illustrated Almanac for sale. It U a otauty
; GSr'ii fa not ;neceary fo give a child a
sharp razor to assist it in tutting its teetD.
3F Tbe (Treat Parepa will tin at the
Opera Hoiisa on Wednesday,, December
: 2T The additional beaten In $he Opera
House made the house Tei'y comiortable
ulaat night
;'fX;e8ter,day , was "sunny but: nipping
'cold. ! It-was ao improvement on its pred
.cessors, however. r-.
(,.;; . i
Hurrah for ; FonT-TIiS river is frozen
ever and many boys and men were skating
on it glossy surface yesterday, j ust above
Broadway bridge. Good-bye to rinks and
Darks as Jong aa thU lasts. .Nature's1 park
la the skating rtok alter all till the anow
u.!lrt Town. Our" old time friend -Msjor
Jeff H. Powell, ol Urbana, was in the city
eaterday.u Jff 'is one of those. 'large-
hearted, liberal gentlemen it does one good
to meet." Long may Be wave. J - -
- The finest lot 'of plated : ware ever
brought to this city at J. ft W. West
water's. -..-
, Thk Arm REt7Siotf-.A special train on
he C. C ft I.C. railroad will leave this city
at 8 o'clock on 'Yhemornlng of December
14tbvtQ ronvey'delegates and visitors to the
Armv Reunion. The train will arrive in
r.hlcairo at 8 o'clock P. M. on the day of
leavlngFare for the' round trip, 11.4S.'3
JOvt of ni Bu.-g.-t We beard, it reportr
dea the streets yesterday that.Govr Jca
nison waa no wmser a candidatefora cb
ine't position.; Has'Jhts ' trip" to New Tork
convinced him that he 'has more chance of
beating John Sherman, and Bob Schrnck,
than of being' Postmaster General ? "We'd
like an explanation ef this matter.
BM ' -- - -I- M - - T3in
t3rt,iPeaatttul lot 'of Parian busts an
atatuettea at West water's.-;- :!. ;
tFK8TiTAi At thk First Bafust CauaCHl
The Hdie of this church; hold their an
Dual festival this Th lirsday ), eveBing, iii
the JectuVe , room of the f hurchi corner-.of
Kich and Tfiird streets Quite a number of
frood -things in the way of . eatables ;bave
beu .'pryed,1 and .also large quantity!
of taocr articles 'have been prepared -tor
aaW.l5We bespeak' tor thenvthe patronage
6 generoua commnnity.
o. Sbxf-closino Diaries. Randall & Aston
Intend t handing ;iis' a 8elf-c)osing'; tiary,'
which contains a poekt for etamps, calen
der for 1869, rates of postage,: table of stamp
dutleft, a complete almanac, a , cash book,
memoranda, etc etc," etc. If anybody
wants a. diary with more in it, or more
complete In all its partsi tbey will have to
have It made to Older.; A. will sup
ply any amount of these-and other diaries.
' :CourtNp. 2:-rThe jury In the case of
josiash Anderson,,lndicted ; lop burglary,
found a verdict of guilty, as charged. Wil
liam'' H.rRuchman, charged ; with horse
stealing,' was also found'guilty.-1'Wllliam
Brelsford, Casper LImpert'Charies Camp
beH and Aaa ? Wilcox, indicted" lor selling
liquor, came Into Courtand plead guilty.
Tney; were fined f p and the cost of prose
cution' each. i John S. Kiner and others,
charged with "throwing, dowp a fence en
cli)PiPggraln, were on trial when, we left
the Court House. The case of Maria Fo
. Icy, charged with keeping a house of ill
fame, will probably, be tried to-day.
XtST-A -tori&UQB ot Cntnsr. dlnnerard
tea sets arid' vases at Westwater's."
i-r,- - - - " T-r '
Bulxt forx Sajsta CLAUS.Tbat jolly
old buffer! who has madeorechijdren
happy' than anV 'saint xt them nil; called
by our Pennsylvania German ancestors
Kris KinklfY and by the resf otihe world
Santa, Claus, baa estaWisIiod himself at
' UpdemanB 4 Co.'s.:t.Ihe:TT Plghtpf .to
inany.toys and trinketa jufkes ven'tbe
oldett man ,1b. the., biwioess" : feel young.
&U8. S&venson can, beaten flying found,
like a yerling,, inspired b.thei Jtojew ' On
every side tuere may ne seen
A tMu oiM, a orltv '3"C'J .
A ebina act or nilrua4 cr. t ; j
A milk maid, warrior, or a tar. ,
''' An ark or s tarern, minus tha bar, '
' A doll that's crowned with a olaeo star. -Aeroquot
boxorapsrfumejar.- ;' '
It Is a perfect, JMiradiae lor youngsters.
Hurrah for (th.e. holiday 1 and hurrah for
tha,tos,;Jcaolie,-happiness, piua pufl
Alagi' tiifQ. - afteFrparagorlcs thejr V.hring
Hurrah f lor Lindeniann ft -Co, who- are
Sa'ut4 glaus'.speclal agents.;' ., 'i; L-.i;
PNiTNTiABi AitaviAts.-Fifteen prls
oners arrived at the penitentiary yesterday
ten from : Hamillton .county, four from'
Ifutler" comity I and one from -Warreu
county. .7.:m.i nth ''.
From HajnUton county David Boss,
ootouiitting abortion, seven yeart' Conrad
Setter and. William Stark, grand, larceny,
seven -years each; John , Kerr - and Win
Benson (21 convlctlori), crand larceny,
six years each; Matthew Thompson (col
oi edh-bnrjlary, sbc .yers ; Auxuat Srbid
inz, alterinz and publishing Jorjjed check,
four year; Nelson ; Washbwrn, forgery.
four years; Paul Frank, malicious cuttlhjr
four years ; Clinton Lindsay, ' borse steal
injf, three years. 1 -' "' ... .
From. Butlst, countyEdward WWi,
Varglary, one year; Luks Farrell, 'aa-aul
with Intent to 'wettrrd, One ytar" Joseph
Martin, 'stealing a 'eldlnjr, tbreeyears;
Benry Nonoaai-btiryLlary, one vyear.
From Warren county Samuel Hewey,
sfeaiinif i gefding, three years.1" h ""
"4 -,. ". - V:.:x
' 'rOiB Boll's CoweaKr Let those boast
who may, it cannot be denied tliat Colum
bos" people JdTtf music. 'andT,' brave storm
aud cold to hear those who' bare undoubted
musical talent, as the large audience at the
Opera House laSt bight abundantly testified
pie Bull,' mora than any other iuaa alive.
riindersunds pdtrular";:iAste.:-' Jrorntsping
musio of the hUbeso order, he i Is careful
tbat it shall Aot'paUthro'ugh.' excess,, but
arranges his programme So that by the tn-nl
troduction of a simple ballad, the variation
on a familiar air1, or' some other agreeable
chance, his ' audiences leave the. concert
room filled with pleasure and delight.
Man were" present last night who have
beard him In his youn jer . Says,1 and they"
assert that his geBluS' has not slumbered
nnr hia touch 'Erown lees skillfull. Re was
blr assisted by Miss Barton and. Jfessrs.l
Lansing and Halt,- We regret his stay here
noil a DDi 1W uimu' K,ia-vi
Ohio State Horticultural Society.
The Ohio- State Horticultural Society
met yesterday mornlug at Ambos Hall,
and at 11 o'clock was called to order by the
President, Dr. J. A. Warder. '
The attendance waa fair and great inter
est was manifested In the workings of the
society and success of the meeting. ; f"s-
The folio wing committees were appoin
ted: ' " . i - - ,
On Bminei aud EttoXutiont Messrs. A
B. Buttles, h Pentland, U. Boul', N. L.
On Delegates and Membert--J. D. Clarke,
N.Ohmer, D.C. Richmond.
- On Fruits F. B. EiliotvN. I . Wood; L.:
Welta. J. Storra, T. W. Campbell." " -
On Vegetables V. C. Bicnniond, A. B.
Buttles, H. Uullck. ... -
A committee on the (artherance of the
obji e". oi the - society, consisting of F.'R.
Elliott, J. D.' Oarke, John Spalding, N.
Obmer, F. Pentland, and Jacob Kemp was
also appointed.. ; - " ' :
The society then ' adjourned ' until
o'clock P.M.
1 1/2 O'CLOCK P.M.
Tbe Society was called to order by the
President. -The
committee ou Business reported the
following order of business for the day : j,
1. Beportof committee on 'Credentials.
Address of President. 3. Report of com-
mitteeon Deterioration of Fruits. The re
port was adopted, ei-i-'o
The committee on Credentials reported
the presence of 'delegates froin -twelve
county Societies.
The President, Dr., Warder, then read
his annual address He 'J-elerred ' to the
change of the Society from the Ohio Pom
ologies! Society to that of the Ohio State
Horticultural Society. He urges an ex
tended and thorough investigation of the
orchard, tbe garden, the vineyard, the
truck patch" and the. lawn, believing that
as these investigations are extended, new la
borers will be found to aid in the new la
bor?. He showed that gardening will pay be
yond any other investment that may be
made. The season has been an excellent
one for most ot our horticultural produc
tions in this State, except the grape, which
did not ripen as well as last year. In some
sections the apple crop has. been a total
failure.' In others, tbe peach and- plum
crops failed. -.
Mr- Batebam, Dr. J. A. Warder, and
N. Obmer, of the Ad Interim eotnmittee, re
ported on the various fruits cultivater'.
They were very Interesting. M V-
From these reports a very animated dis
cussion grew upon the growth andcultoie
of the grape. Mr. Bateham stated that he
was satisfied that east of Collamer Ridte
the Catawbaa were not worth planting.
Mr. Elliott said that the Catawba would
not "grow on light, sandy lands,. but on
strong dav lands tbe Catawba has no rqual.
Mr. Elliott would isk his reputation that
pn : higb,' gravelly," exposed ,'rldg.s they
were uneqiialed..,-;- ., rrt ... ,rri
I'Mr, Campball knew a grape grower at
Put-ln'-Bay who would dig up.nis Catawb$
Vineyard, and plant it in Delawares. .' :
Mr. Buttles spoke strongly In' favor'of
Jhe Cbncord grape as a producer.' .Be said
t'lat he could make more money in selling it
at live cents per pound than DelawaVesfet
twenty.n vecantgy:;.- II waa cortaln tliat the
Catawba .would not do well, in , Centril
Ohio. ?(t'-v,v -'-; i.;.s
The discussion was very Interesting, bat
the crowded .f tate fof "our, cQluirios fbs
mprhbigfbrblda a lengthened neportJ i
Two letters-en Trait -culture fronwM. W.
PhUllps; bFMUsis'lppVwerteadXv V j
Interesting Tapers on the. subject of
oithard, crops were read by J. D. .Clarkff,
ot; Lancaster, and J. Storrs, of Palnesvill j.
wnicn wieu Tip ji.iacussioa wucn was
participated' By Messri; "MeMasters .
Uitenam, t-iarae, sporrs, liicnmond,oMan--1
ning, aieans, uurrows, waraer, Jt,lnot..aud
Wftoi '- - v :": - J-; -' ..
At 10 o'clock, the session adjourned. -
Two long' tables are spread in the. room,
and fairly groan undor the weight; of ap
ples, pears, ana otner iruits. several sam
ples of wines are displayed, and the ' pota
toes exhibited are superior to anything we.
ever saw before. , -
A mong tbe beauties are a pair of boquets
from Hanford's Nursery.'1 Their.- richness
and beauty fairly make one's month' wa
ter, , Our citizens will do well to attend tbe
meeting to-day. : 7- '- '
tW The largest and, .finest etoct of eas '
fixtures at lowest prieea at Westwater's.
Tbakbferrbd Yet8ebdat. The follow
ing tran-fersof real estate were left at the
Recorder's office yesterday : '. , -
John Trautmann and wife to William
RalieJ, December- 11th," part of lot No.
878 in the city of Columbus, for 800.
Calvin A. Piatt, to Sarah Aon Campbell,
December 8th, part of Jot No. 9 and all of
lot No. 10, of C. A. Plaa's third addition to
the city ot Columbus, for $300. i'-"1
Thomas" J.'Kerr. an wife to .Ricbardsoo,.
Fairlamb, April 27tb, 1S67, part of lot-No
7 ot Born & James addition to the city of
Coluqabusvtejt.$300.l;N Cv'N..f I-
tu r airiamo xo tow. u .'jnurraan, De
cember 28th, 18C7, lo No. '7. In. Bom
JimeBr addition to tbe bity of- Cotbmbua,
Tom. C Thdrman to ' Louie : Fairlamb!,
December 2Sth, 1867, part of lot No. 7, la
Burn fc James' addition to thecity of Co
lumbus, for f 300. ,t,j ,. ,,; (H i i'r
, - .,(..; - . .. - -. - i
i 3" A treat variety el fancy Christmas
goods.at Westwater's. .''' ' .'.
- Opkmko of thb Skatinq Eink. Proba
bly nothing In the way of amusement .will
be presented to the citizens of Columbus,
that will give' greater satisfaction than the
SKatin Bink young and old will enjoy
Ifr those that skate and those who do not.
A robin Is provided to witness the skating
and be comfortable,' even while you are
partaking of a bot stew: of Oysters. The
Rink will be ; opened 1 to the public this
evening at seven o'clock. W. H. Roberts,
the champion skater of Ohio will be pres
ent. Everybody else is expected. The
states must be "smooth bottomed" as the
use of grooved or gnttered skates is strict-1
l! prohibited on the Ice. ' '
,.We bespeak much pleasure for all whoi
may attend. '
-One of tbe most Important sales of linens
blankets and other dry goods ever held lit
this acity is advertised in another column.
Everything ottered is of tbe finest quality.
and. such goods as are rarely sold at auc
tion.! The 'sale will commence on Friday
(fa-morrow) morning, at 10 o'clock, tn the
American hotel building. W. R. Kent Is
the auctioneer, and this is sufficient guar-,
antee that all goods .will be just what be.
represents them.- Read the advertisement'
ajid then go and examine the stock. . '
-C 3k JO .-; u.v.. '.)!
W. K. Kekt.wIII sell this afternoon at 2
o'clock, at Lewis' store, No. 7 Gwynne
Block. ' ''.'; i, ,VdeclO-lt
ft tr-i'n - i.i -,- , a "
Don't forget to attend the sale, at auc-:
tion, of that fine family residence, 170 east
Mound street, at 3 o'clock this (Thursday)
" '.''.'Auctioneer.-
declGlt !.-".-
- : 1 11 1 ,' '
Thb Beoadwat, Cincujati. Ciuzen
when you ylsit Cincinnati, drop in at the
Broadway Hotel, the best house la the city
first rate are,' good clean beds,' attentive
waiters, and cheap bills.
On Who Knows.
Tax ladles of thej First iPresbyterian
church will hold their annual festival on
Thursday evening, at 7 o'clock. In the lec
ture room of the church. Lunch from 12
to 3 o'clock on Friday.
dec8 3t . . : . .. i. . ' ' "
Jewelry made and repaired by C, E
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bala's store
For Sale House and lot, corner ot
Franklin and Washington Avenue. Most
desirable property; will be sold at a bargain
Enquire ot J. W. Moore, No. 43 West North
street. ,,,
oct 13-dtf
"ilkI fiLES ! Tbousanus of persons
suffer from Piles, either bleeding or blind,
with -itching, dUcharge, or tumors about
the tectum, and broken-back like feeling
dull, confused head and depression
Many have suffered, and taken so many
things in vain, that they despair of a cure.
Hcmphrky's Homcepathic Pile Specific
does curb, even the worst cases. Try it
and be cured. Price 50 cents per box. Sold
by dealers, pr sent by mail free. Address,
Humphreys' Specific Homoeopathic Mkd
icins Co., 562 Broadway, N. Y. - ; -Jyl3-d4wly-cw
. i
- Hoixowat's Pills. The blood, Impov
erished by the summer heat, often at this
season develops ..boils, ulcers, and pus
tulous er opt ions. The eoollng.v healing,
disinfectant properties of Hollow atV
Ointment render it the best possible dress
ing for, these, external nuisances, And In
order to bring the whole mass of the blood
into a healthful condition. It will be pru
dent to tone the internal organs and regu
late the secretions, with a few moderate
doses of Bollowat's Pills. Sold by-all
Druggists t ' ' ' ,. - Jj9-dly-cw ;
. . . .- ; . 1 , -.1
,;-. ; at th . '''- '
tar Tickats to ba bad at Randall & Anton's Book
Stnra. Huston A Uatdner l)ra tura. aod at tbe
offioa of tb Uink. ,. . . ,. ,UlS,tt -
foaitlvely Two iebts Oalyl .'.
a i I' ' i . Mra d ,5TH- Wk kis'i
' ffltt. ALf. BtHXETT
Takf s plaasara ui aanooncinf that ba bas enfsged
Tbe mat Lonaaa Comlqoe. -who is protioonen t
tba press as the greatest obaracti r singer England
bas ever prodaced. Bnrnettsnd Taylor, pronoorm
od hr tba p a-a as tba two Fuaniast Man i tba
world I Tailor as Yorkshire fam: Tajlor as Dis
mal Doleful; Taylor aa Sarab Walker; Taylor a
nimple Simon. Kurnetl as Mr. Caudle, as per
formed b him in New York loOcon'ecutire njaata;
Miss Nssh a Mrs. Candle; Hrof. ahsrpley, da
eerti"ist; Thos. Kiluer. Musical f ireetor. ' Tiek
eu' 50o:
L decte-dt
' " UttMnen Agent. ;
,3Ri; KrocrAli ; ALt;: io'i
.yv- -..'A :tlir " :. riru- fi-f i-P
, Schreiner's Hall,;1
MOUDAY. thft'l4tli of D0.jl868.
. - ADMISSIOM.V.y......'....".fiOc. ' '
dec dtd ' pa. BAUSCH. '
' Sncday News copy.
flew Advertisements
".Xlso Ohio Slatrsmaa. bas n
Larffer Clrcnlaf ion than any pa'
per published Its thin City or C'en
(ral Ohio.' Advertisers -will bear
this In mind. : ' .''." r'.' 1
. , ..,-if -'i. or -
Linens, Blankets, &c-
ljMJJ GOODd and BLA.SK.hTS. fresh
and newly imported, of tba rary best makes, and
containing Goods ot tbe finest qualities, suob as
are navt-r.sean at auction and rarely to ba found in
tbe retail tra la. lis UoixU are trie properly oi
Mr. r" MoUinley, one nf the la ge-t foreign Im
porters for orer bait a oantory. Tba sale will be
bald at ' -: - ; -, ; --
I - (American BuildiDg), , . ,
Cammenelat t'ridayi Dec. llthsllSSSt
in a'mIaV-A i M t-1 anrl t n'elrlr P. li.. and to
continue for FtVK ItAKa ONLY, at t.( aaota
' 'rbfl ativ,W nniita t nart of All-Wool Franebi
English and Amerieaa Blankets; Table Damasks
of every description; Lioen 'table Covers; trench
lea ana OJiea vioius; iiiun u.MMmi .wi. vi
the fiuest ever brouxht to the country; Doylies,
LmAimmnA l4nt.M l.inttB H aiutkerehiefe. Hucka-
.mi ll Tnweli. Turkish and Russian
Bath Towels, Barnsley Irish Bneetinc. Pillow Oata
Linen, r'rensh and English Marseilles Quilts, ao.;
The Unods will ba oa- exhibition on the meminaj
of te sale, and all win oa sola wunou reserva in
loU toau.tP.rena.era. . w KBS "!!,'''
declb-dSt ' - - Auctioneer,
Xazell'ss Saloon
in on the corner of Hiich street and Elm al
tar, a nrst class ueniieen s raioon.
dec4-dlW UAI AI 61 l i
:Dr. Bnrton's Tobacco Antidotes
ely vegetable and Aormfew, and is tvlo an excellent
peuiv liyurijnraa emnena too onoa, nTiRoiucv
jiteuk posseuce rtu nourunittff sbo Krasffiaenirji
sr. MiAlei the Btonuch to divest tbe beartiescJoadJ
leaf) refVsbini and este bluhee robdet bealth. JSmoktr
and cW for svxiy year cured, rrice Finents per
box. ' PsetTfe-ee. Jut Interesting treatise an m tojarioue
aectt of tooacco, wita usv oi lasurooDiaii
ax asm wd aW 4 srnnt WAnti4. AdilwaJ
TI M ON lAliS,
PofrrvASTxa's Tariiioirr. I receiyfq a box of Borkm
Jntidota trom Bt. H. Poolton, mnfi find it av cgcctual
cure. . 8. OatshaV CoooottooyQarrison Co., Qblo.
Fxo tb tJ. & TxAtstTBT,- Atry Oee--PleaM
atad a supply of tba Jun Apotk. jfTAe one reeeireri hat dam
4i Ma iDMLf. . . -X atENlB.
FftOH New Hampihibb BqM Pbisok. Gentlemen of
tnflaeoce here bavana; been yd tbe stppeute tor toeea
oo by osinc Dr. BurtoD'a VliMpta, wt deair a supply tor
tba prisoners of tbU institytion. . . .
, Josxrs XATOVardernf 1C. H. State Prfson.
; ' A Burcxx! TxaTTKfAr. DrXBuTton1 Antidota for
Tobacco ha aeeomptimea an ecataieVor u. h
xooacco w M jpy M KmL BmAN(IW Albaay, tod.
A CiJcximrAjr'r' TnTrwonr. OwsBox of Ajtixdotb
enrad my brotberXrrd nyeelt It vxrxXTAiLa.
Sfv.yW. Sbouirb, JeStsxkm, Pb
waind. WM.I yn,a
frn j tMkM MMit in neonimaadhV a ta
' Trademarh X Copyright!.
aa-Caution I Bewara of iujurious Coantar
feits adrartised by tlamDags. . . j
noT30-dA3moa-rHT .. ..
' THE ,. ;
No. 33G Broadway.
Capital, ." , One MiL'ion ToIIars.
D abics B M ano tn, Fres't. J as. M kbbiu.. Sao'y.
lteo iresDeposI sand allows FODB PER ENT.
IN I KKKsTon all liaily Balaoeea. subject tosbeck
at siRhU rpeal Depus ts for tix months or more,
mar be made at fire per cent. The Capital of Uce
Mi lion Dollars is divided among over 5(0 Shsre
holders. comprising man gentlemen of larse wealth
and financial experience, who are also personallj
liable to depositors for all cbluations of the Cornpan'
to double tbe amount oi their cspiUI stofck.
As the National Trust Company receives deposiU
in large or small amounts, a"d permits them to be
irwn as a wbole or in pa t by check at sight and
without notice, allowing interest on all daily bal
ances, parties throughout the oountrr can keep ac
counts in tfai-t Institution with sprcial advantages
of security, convenience and profit. --. r- : r
re KT-decl-dAwSSm . .
splendid Hair De is tba beat in the world
tbe only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable
instantaneous; no disappointment : no ridiculous
tints: remedies the ill eflects of bad dyes; invig
orates and leaves the Hair soft and beautiful, black
or brovm. Sol t by all Druciists and Perfumers
and properlf applied at tJilobelor's Wig Factory
Koi 10 Bond street, a. York, thy aprSS d&wly
The PRESIDENT presented the annual
reports of Treasurer Spinner and Comp-.
troller of the Currency.
Mr. WILLIAMS introduced a bill to aid
In the construction ot the Oregon branch'
of the Pacific railroad, which was ordered,
to be printed. . i
Mr. SUMKER introduced a bill to carry:
ont the reconstruction acts in the State of
Georgia, which was ordered to be printed
The Senate took up the bill for the relief
of the political disabilities of F. J. Moses,
Chief Justice of South Carolina. The bill
parsed yeas 48. nays 6.
A message was received from the House ,
stating t at they had passed the bill regu-,
latlng the duties on imported copper ores,
and transmitting the act restoring rhe Bu- j
reau of Indian Affairs to the War Depart- '
ment. Laid on tbe table. - ...
On motion, tbe Senate took a recess, and '
on reassembling tbe President's message
was received at the hands of his .Private :
Secretary, and read by the Secretary of the '
Senate. ,
When .about half had been read Mr..
COXXE3S moved the further reading be .
dispensed with, on the ground that it was ;
offensive and Untrue.
Mr. DAVIS opposed the motion. ' ' ' :
Mr. HOWE followed In Its support.
Mr. WHUE claimed that all considera
tion of proprlery demanded the reading. . .
Mr. WILSON, while denouncing John
son, thought the message should be read. "
Mr. HENDRICKS Insisted it was not
only the President's right, but duty to state
his objections to the Congressional policy. ,
Air. uujn i withdrew nis motion. -
Mr. CAMEKON renewed it.
Mr. MORTON was surprised at the mo
tion, and declared its adoption would be- :
little tbe Senate and indicate more spite- '
fulness. - v - ' ; x . ' '
Mr. DRAKE suggested that as Congress
bad received so many ot a like character it
may as well take one more. - - j jh
Mr. HOWE argued that; the President's
duty-was to communicate facts, and' not
opinions, and tbe Seuate was not bound to
hear bis argumentative and insulting mes
sage. ,
Mr. EDMUNDS said the transaction of
business would be facilitated by deferring
this question till to-morrow, and moved to
adjourn, which was carried 26 to 22. . ' '
Aujourned. ,; . ; ; . , , ,.. i
PAINE, on ¬
construction, reported, a bill to release
from a.l legal and political disabilities
arlsiag from his connection with the re
btrllion, Ft J. Moses. -of Sontb Carolina',
late elected Chief Justice ot that State.
The bill, passed by the requisite two-thirds
VOtfi-' I - -v.- - .'.. ! .-'ia'"'i
Mr. BINQUAM.from the committee on
Reconstruction; reported a bUJ providing
lor an election in Virginia, tone until a
Wednesday ,-the 20th of January next, the
question being "tor the Constitution,"
adopted by the convention wnicn met in
Richmond,; Dec..3d,." 1867" He explained
the. bill and said it was the same aS theons
Eassed last July, except as to tbe time of
oldinftlre election.-' lie hoped the'ttnte
was near when there would be . no turtner
complaint in that State as to . want local
Government resting on the consent of the
governed. " ''-' '""
: sir. JiijUiiiuui!. lnquireu.woetner, tne
bill made any provisions in- reference to
persons voting excluded 'under the Con
stitution and laws of Virginia, or undet
me reconstruction scu. t - j-.vi
Mr. BINGUAM replied that the bill .in
no way clrrtnged tbe recohstruetidu-actS ks
to the disqualifications of citizens to vote
in the preliminary elections. - t
Mr. WASHBURNE, of Illinois, called
attention, to the. tiiue. fixed for holding the
electfon,' and expressed the opinion, that
Congress should tlx a much later day. He
thought the 20th of January too early'' for
holding the election, and desired to offer
aa amendment substituting ', tbe second
Tuesday.ef April, trusting at that time the
loyal people of Yirgiuia could be pro
Mr. M AYKABD remarked that in addi
tion to theTeason assigned by Mr. Wash
hurne. that the middle ot January was or
dinarily a very inclement session, and it
would-be very oimouiu uut nupinciiua-:
ble, to Secure anything like a full vote then'
He was, therefore, m favor ot postpone
ment. - ; J
Mr. BINGHAM said tbe time namecr in
the bill was not fixed by the committee on
Reconsiruction, but had been designated
by a Convention of friends of the recon-n
structiou measures in Virginia, lnose
neisnns were entirely sattsned tuat tne re
sult would be satisfactory to the friends of
the Ui ion everywhere in the country, ana
in addition to ti.O?e suggestions lie uesireu
also to state that certain revolutionary acts
were takinsr place in this country which It.
was in the power of the peop'eol Virginia,
in 18C9, to do something towards arresting,
as they bad done air a memorable occasion.
in 1787, when there was sedition in tne
land. Then Virginia, under tbe lead of ;
wise, intelligentand patriotic men, was the,
nrst ot the States of the Union to take ae-
lion for the exercise of such power on the;
part of tbe whole people or the country as.
. . . . . i. ; I : v. .. a t,
wonia perpeiuaus mcir uucniea, iuu iu
theit. own language . consolidate : the
Union . of - States. . In lastfaeptember
sinceJ the adjournment of - Congress,-
the Legislature of Oregon; following the
bad examples of Ohio and New Jerseys
had' defeated the .ratification 'heretofore;
given by the people of Oregon to the fif-t
teenth artiqle of the amendments - He un
dertook to say there were men who would
come tQ understand,: by absolute experi
ence, the positive necessity.! that amend
ment to the Constitution.. oi me umtea
States. ' If. : the:- Government was,
to . be maintained by : laws, rather . than,
br -arms. it was in -,f the; power
ot tbe people of Virginia, and he desired
they should have the opportunity oi exer
citing Jt, to put an end to tbe contest and
restore to- this .Congress power, before it
adjourned on the 4th of March, to" silence
all questions as to the -validity of the rati
fication of that 'amendment, and to the
great question whether it is to be a part of
the Constitution of the land, to all; iutenta
and purposes.: -.. i :
Alter further discussion, particularly as
td,.tbe time Axed, Messrs. Washburhe,;
Butler and Boutwell insist ou a day as
late as May next, and before disposing of
It, the President's message was received
and read. "'- : " rr
Affrr the reading of the President's mes
sage, that part ot it relating to the publie
debt waa denounced by Mr. Wash burn e, of
Illinois, as disgraceful. to the country and
to the President. - ' -: -
Mr. BROOM ALL, of Pa and Mr.
SCUENCK, of C.,iexpressed similar views,
and "the "message was laid on the table
without the usual order to.-print extra,
The Virginia Election bill was-tfmended
land passed, and the House, at 3:45, adjourn-
eu. -
Chicago Items.
Chicago Items. CHICAGO, Dec. 9.
The following is tbe amount of grain in
store in this city at the close of the dav on
the 7th : Corn, 265.B84 bushels; wheat 865,
28S; oats, 205,822; rye,: 155,838 ; barley, 3,
51)4461. A lew weeks since a lot of speculators,
not engaged In tbe packing business, went
i jto the provision market and sold pork
and lard short in large quantities, deliver
able in January and February, In antici
pation ot a glut and fall in prices. Instead,
of a glut there Is now a prospective scarc
ity ot these products, and these shorts are
now buying la at-a loss of three dollars
per barrel, and with a prospect of a stilt
greater loss before they get through with
their speculation.
Distressing Tragedy.
Hugh Craig was to-day on
a charge of cutting- his mother's throat
early this morning while iu bed. He is a
compositor, twenty years old,- and has re
cently given indications of Insanity. -' He
was lound in bed with hia hands and
clothes bloody Mrs. Craig was removed
to the hospital in a critical condition. s
There are some hopes of saving her life.
Nova Scotia.
HALIFAX. Dec. 9.
' If Is reported that Mr. Howe has received
a proposition from SU Jno. A. McDonald,
with a statement showing tbe financial
modification to be- reoommended to the
Dominion Parliament -in: favor of -Nova-
Andrews Murder Trial.
BOSTON, Dec. 9.
, The lury retired at nine o'clock to-night,
and alter remaining out four hours return--ed
a verdict of guilty of manslaughter.
Andrews was then sentenced to tbe State
prison for twenty years. -1
San Francisco News.
The schooner Thomas Woodward, hence
November 15th for Sitka, was wrecked off
Capd NuragaT near victoria The vessel
and cargo are a total loss. The treasure
and all bands were saved. '
The Commissioner of Emigration has
sued the Pacific Mail Company for viola
tion ot the passenger act. placing the pen
alties at five millions dollars.
The schooner G. Pi Hautis capsized off
Fort Ross, December 5th. Tne crew and
passengers were saved. The vessel and
eargo are a total loss. - I
During the voyage of the ship Hertford
shire, from Liverpool, an American seaman
named John Cromb wounded the first, aud
killed the second officer of the ship. ,u i
Honolulu advices to November 18th, are
received. Business was quite brisk.
Senor Cordina and Lamont were the sole
survivors of the party Admiral Cayalton
seised by tbe Chinese coolies while on a
voyage from Calleo to Arequipa, the par
ticulars of which were before reported.
Burglar Arrested.
A"--man' giving his namd as Edward
Clark, of Cleveland, was arrested last night
wnue in tne act ot taking the silks stolen
from Black & Co.'s store on Monday night,
from their hiding place. The goods were
found during the day recreted in the hay
mow of a stable, and at night Clark came
lor them and was arrested, i, '.I -
Grant and McClellan.
NEW YORK, Dec. 9.
It instated that General Grant Was . clos-
eted with General McClellan over an hour
New York Associated Press.
the Western Union Telegraph-Company to
the New York Associated Press that the.
former will terminate their contract with
the latter after the 221 of December.
Steamship Union.
Fears are" felt for tbe Safety (ST the steam-i
ship Union, from Wales, for this port,!
which sailed October 5;h.
The Disaster on the Ohio.
The Tribune calls for a thorough Inves tl-'
cation into the recent disaster on the Ohio
river, and hopes measures will" be taken to
prevent further Infringement of the laws
boats coal oil.!
Boardman dissolved the Injunction granted
by Justice Cadoza. restraining receiver
Davis from taking possession ot the Erie
railroad. -:-.2t q , '
Francis Joseph. VIENNA, Dec. 9.
The Emperor Francis Joseph has issued
a manifesto to the armv, tn which he says:
The country gWauts peace &nd- we must
malntarn lt. 1 am satisoea with the laws
recently adopted for the reorganization of
the army throughout tbe Empire or Aus;
tcTaranif Hungarflare aw equally- In
trtistwri fnthe-grandenr-arjtl swnrrty ot
tbe Empire. It is my wish that the army,
navy a'nd land may ever remain truly
Saved from the Hibernia.
The following persons, who were on
board the steamer Hibernla, were saved in
the, CaptsihM and "boatswain's' bests : A.
Masorr, M iss RogersoB. Catlane1 " Boyle,
Ueorge C. Forbes, Mrs. E. Thornell, Ann
Webb, John A. Bethel, Mrs. Bethel, Pa
trick Brewster, Mrs.-'D.1 Metlm,- John
Kohiilsooy. Bernard - McFeely,jf Bev.' M.
O'Couner. Joslatt Cooks and wife, all cabin
passengers: Campbell Deveny, Rogers
Rickemp, Duhm Mason, Austin McGown,
Wife; child and ralant, Mcintosh ryinej ait
steerage passengers.
Cabinet Appointments.
LONDON, Dec. 9.
The following Cabinet appointments are
officially announced: Right Hon. Geo. J.
Goschen, President of the Poor Law Board;
Kigiiotion. Mrquis mnuigton, rostmas
ter f General uMr Austin j Henry Laird,
President of the Board of Trade. Right
Hon. Henry A. Bence has accepted the ap
pointment- of Secretary of State for the
uome Jjepartment, -
PARIS, Dec. 9.
Tbe editor and publisher of the Revue
Politique-have ' beeu fined one thousand
trancs eocn ror puoiisntngana encouraging
snbscristions to the Baudin monument.
Each printer employed in the office of the
above named paper Was fined five hundred
MADRID, Dec. 9.
says sup
pression, of the armed Republican demon
stration ft Qadiz, a lew; days ago, yyas pre-,
mature. At last accounts the insurgents
were still in arms and attempting to make
terms with the Government troops under
a nag oi truce.
ANttbOC-lI.'f ft
PRO V, . tKC. . I., k -vim tha largest manu-
factry So " Sirvsr in tha world, with
the paijst -mgAived reach y. and employing tha
most skillet labor, are enabled to ofier an un
equalled variety of ne and beautiful designs
Dinr er Services, 'Pea rices, and "every artiola
specially ad.ptefl fori ' -liday and Bridal Gifts. "
Thej offer also their sell-known andunrivalled.
iMesat-BiiTcr ciaoro-naiea nare, n wntoa ine
have introduced new patterns of rare elegance.
Ihe Solid Silver is1 guarantetd toba-of Starlina
purity by V. a. Hint assay. 1 be Electro-Plate
guaranteed t be superior to tbe finest Sf effiel
ware. Orders received from tne 1 rsde only, bu
these goods may ba obtained from responsible
dealers everywhere.
Trade Mark
I -. .-J i .- - ' ; iaMi
Silver. .
-i Plate.
Salesroom. ft 0.3 Maiden Lane, N. Y.
noTS-d&w4im-Fe NT -
"Ihildren's Liyco Sared for Fifty
oam ;ceits.?r. ipute
ThonsanJs of ebddren dia annually of Croup.
Kowk Hatbera, if you would spend 60 tats, and
always have a bottle Dr. Tobias' Venetian Lin
iment in the'Aouse, you never- need fear losing
your little one when attacked with this eomplaiat
It is nowSl years since I have put up my Liri ent'
and never heard of a child dying of Croup when
my Liniment was used; but hundreds ofou'res
have been reported to ne, and many state if it was
SIS per bottle they would not be without H. "t"Be
BlIcshTcb,1t is a certain oure for CotiT, Burns,
Headache, Toothache. Sore Throat.. wlUaga,-
Mumps, Colic, Diarrhea. Dysentery. Spasms. Old
Sores and Pains in the Limbs. Back, and Chest.
: No one onceiUias it who is. ever adtbout it. It
warranted perfectly safe to .take internally, full
tiireotums with every bottle. Sold by tbe Drug
gists and Storekeepers in tbe United States. Da
pot 10 Park Place. N.T. ' --'-' -
J Da m n.l nn' to - P ,ln.rn-t
aiun a vriuuc to m iuuumui
Pare blood makes us well, bad blood makes
sick. Vapors from poorly digested food in
blood are condensed upon tbe varices organs, and
serve to make them grew or repair their -waste.-'.
Organs made with a greater or lesser proportion
such materials cannot be sounds If the bad eon,
dition ef blood continues but for a few daya
weeks the tody will be out of sorts; and if it eon
tinues, the wbole of tbe body will in time be re
newed with imperfeot blood, and the health bad;
it is in a decline popularly called a consumption.
: Now Brandreth's Pills penetrate tba wbole mass
of blood, causingtbe expulsion pf -impurities; tbe
body feels' relieved from a sing e Hose what then
may -By expected from twentyT By continuing
their use tbe whole of tbe blood in time becomes
purified, and the body reconstructed from good ma.
terial.the decline stopped, and a new lease of life
secured. - Principalomoe. ' Brahdreth Hocsk1
New York. Sold by all druggists,
I iunel6-dAwlycm-reNT
" lf A " AKothttr; JTnt Metcal
' iVl PamphUt from, tht pon ot Ua Curtis.
The "Medical limes" says ot this work : "This
Valuable treatise on the cause and euro of prema
ture decline, shows how health is impaired through
secret abases of youth and manhood, and how
easily regained It eives a clear synopsis of the
impediments to marriage, thaeause and effects
nervous debilitv, and the remedies therefor."
pocket edition of the above will be forwarded
receiDt of S5 eents, by addressing Doctor (Juktis
.Ko. 68 North Charles street, Haltiiaore, ld. j. t
. era mayas-dly-r
j A rata and delicate skin, free from every blem
lab., it the reward oT ha occasional use of Palmer'
Vegetable Cosmetio Lotion. iep21-d&w ly e
t-'fji v ill I
tt.'. Mi I
- C.I! If-
lit IT .V
(.. ; .-r
fftof-v : --d
Il.d 'rTV. ;.t,j
it m-P:
-.r i u-ii
vj il.v 111: -
A -M- JL sa sr t-1 ll Ki
a, A
:U I, titi "
n-" ' ,n--r "I '.'.III
- . li 't-u:' 3.:
M -Tin m1
ui ?! i " : t
, tf!r!il''
V r. f f fK
.1 r.32-.
.' 1
250 "'AND "252
Ml--" '
.i'?;- -e .1,-
.no-'-; V
i v. .-
1 !
i m: -t 1ft r-i
1 ; .
A - - . i
. i.i :-
1 yALVVi
- - ,j . .-fr.J
-ny'. .!I- f.::5 1
i i " -
- --1" ' r. . t .
.: l.Oi:.-' I
0 -.-! r.'.
... '-
?3 ra
. 1 .V . -) .
: t nr. ,ia
Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 9.
buying. . - -
EXOHANUE Quiet at. 1.10 , discount
buying. .
New York Money Market—Dec. 9.
cent on
loans, with the balk of business at 7 a
The Treasnrv is calllnir In derjoslta from
deimsitories. - , '.
liicreaned demand at 109Ji109g- 1 j
. GOLD Hiifher and mom activtx oriened
St 135 and closed at 13313.
New York Stock Market—Dec. 9.
STOCKS Ooeneol
weak, but subseouentlv imnroved abotit
4 per rent, but closed weak. Coupons of
'81 114(otl6? dO '6S TlK&miU; do 64
107IU7;- do '65 108lo-"do
110MH0H; do '87 110llo6 do '68
110UO; W-403 105J61055f
; Stocks opened strong. New York Cen
tral leading the Ust and. selling up to 126.
on reports from Albany of extra cash div-
iciends.. , J.ater this .was. contradicted, MfX
Central fell to lmiCAUilL: exercising: a
depressing influence on the whole market,
which declined considerably ; 'before' (ho
close; however, the market became steady.
o-hj prices tveu v. express 4C$a8;
American r44f44W: Adams 48Wa4W:
United States 454o MerabaMs? Union
1516; Pacitie MaU. UaMll5ii; West
ern Union, i Telegraph m(SH3tH4: New
York CehtraV T25(125Ji; Kne 7Xm
Reading- .98f393J; Terre .'Haute ' 39i9;
Wabash JSTizetiDntz St. ' Paul e5(3r.??-
Fort .Wavno llOjllOM) Obio,,i A4msj.
lssippi aicgau; Atusnigao Uentral 11(
North Western 7676X. -'
New York Market—Dec. 9.
COTTON About c betten with a-fala
bu8inesa;345i25o!for middling uplands,
chiefly at 25c.
and 6(5). 10c better on. low srrades. with soma
export oemandfATiHu.'
n't. ijxi'o.rj
steady; 1 S6l 53
lor Ao a pprinjcw . . '
x KY&r-Dull; A-491'69 for werters,.' -a
OATS Quint; 774i78o-for 'western la
store, and '7990c ' floats -..U
,,COEN Dtail; 1 141 15 for .old jmixed
western In 'ore. and 1 17 aftoa -". 1-11 tot
new wrtert:e wo at railroad. ' '
PORK Fit -26 00 cash for mess: satet
mes January ak; February at . -650 ......
- BEEF Steady, - with.. a ;m' Jerate der
CUT rMEATS Steady,, wl'.a a fair re-
quesCi'Tt ivu -sj. .ji i .
BACOJfTVery firm;'1 with a -good la
LARD Firm, at 15Sl63 tor fair to
prime ftteam.1 -: ...-...n.
isutiS-Steady at 37lc.;s p-."V IS
Cincinnati Market—Dec. 9.
WHEAT In firm demand at Ml 7S Bo.
li 67i tor No. 2.... : .-v -"
uukj JNew ear arm at 01(55? on ar
rival. 1 . . u. I'rr. V.1. s
RYE Firm at 1 30 for No . . v
IATR Higher;' market firm at 69o for
No, 2; 6465a tor .No J- - V i,' -' " " -
eAKi.t.a-UachaDged and dull.-.. -
BUTTER Unchansted; receipts Mzht.
CHEESE AMivf at farmer rates.
EGGS Firm at Z3x . -
HAY Llirhti recelDts mnd'flrni at IS Owa
uur r Jiit-tn lair joOMng demand prices
arid unchanged; -1 .'".-.,'' '
SUGAR Easier, but notldwerl " ' "
LINSERD OIL i winery -witb iit de
mand at 97c. -''ft i. -3i .
CLOVE R3EED Viri' .s speculaHva u' de
mand at 13 00; hfJders osklnjE lSfiCt,
WHISKY O iiet: sales of 1U oarres at
97c. ...
COTTON- Finn at. 23 a ior nilJdlln e'ij n-
lands. 1 .,;t ,,. ,-ijrr .j'l'i iiti JM Vfia4 taA
PORK--.Me8s ld hlzher- end firm ' 4t
24 5G(;K-00." 1 tJ
LARD Excited and held hizheh new
steam 14Jc ind kettle 15JCcr -
BULK MEATSQaieta"i8c for should
ers.; l?K(ai4o fot clear .rib and 13$130
" HOGS-Mar.' lowbr; live $8
8 40 Vrdss lor 1 I-na : f. chdscei.i sf -'T
-XiBEENnM. ro:' ., .: -fZ.MttlMmQb
8i,c for shoul . -r : Mli? for..siie.r
HAMS-12llc. ": i-,iJ
t-.i-i 1 i-'-'". 'ii-j u
Chicago Market. —Dec. 2.
' FLOUR--Upperj'jrrides- dull and; nn
changed, low grades in fair demand; spring,
extras 5 376 78.-,.'. . ' ' .. .
WHEATr-luactlve; specnlatiyeaqd mlllk
Ifisr demand steady; sales No 1 at a 33f
1 27; No 2 at X 15C?1 17;:cloglni!: firmer?
at 1 17 lor No. 2; sales- No 2 sin.ee 'chanzo,
CORN Old steady andH runlet' at SOS'-MJ
No1 and 75C for No! 2; bow active, and I
2ic higher;' sales iat ; 6355c; -closing
steady at 55 j' kiln dried morb active at.
6066c for Jlol'2; nothing doing this afterJ
' OATS-Qnlet and steady at4849$0 fori
No 2. and 11610 for rejected. s-iv - ! ..:f
-RYE Firm and quiet; sales at i wion
No L and ti44.for.Nd 2 in store. . ' .
BARLEY Quiet and ' a shade ' firmer?
sales No.'-at-l 62! C3i; wjeeted at
1 -421 13, dosing steady at 1 62 lor. No; 2.
Toledo Market—Dec. 9.
JFIX3U-Flrmerbutriuleli.' "l .'n
! WHEAT lac bptter; white Miculfrartf
1 83, amber 1.62 t S3, and No..Smpringi
1 30.;-'rnr" 'n't MHtl-f . .!'-i"!.t 'b:tf.
(,CORN-01d steady, and newjlo better:
sales old No. 1 at"86o; 'new 726'; new ti?
jeered 666,' and nefc condemned at B8$60ov
1 OATS le better? sales No. L at 60c, and:
Mh-hiiian;at..69o.. --.ripmj ;'VC7 oJ
RYE Steady ; sales No. 2 afc l ?5., ,
CLOVER SEED Bouy amy saies atTptf
7:7ff."-' ' '4 ia :u uiii tiT-cr
v DKESSED BOGS better; sales jak
fta83a9; 'i ym'j-'-'ii-i.n i :n Jiudw bill
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Dec. 9.
' There MS but -little
branch of bosinesr, yet the' prices are well
sustained exqept tor imported spool cot
ton, .which is reduced from 1 10 to t 00 per?
doken, lot the best soft BniBh thread: Rich-'
mbhd-Sprints nave been" Introduced IntoJ
the house of. H. K. Clafltn at 1 Coi. ' ior-tbe.
first time in many years.,, 'Prices tof caliT
coi's-jsteady at.l2l"21c fiir popular 'brands,
guch'ast)rientai, Lancaster and Spraguesi
Heavy sheetings steady at 15i5o- foJ
best Eastern make. , ,; m r. t.O
' i'i ill ill ll.iil'l . mrt ,1 . 1 lt . j ? ...
I vr r fta r i f s i r.i li as ' t
JL -i-4ra-l -a. w
HAf rAH'lVl'W 'It
Duvrir-(Sr t,n i covrS' J-.':ii
r - - iniib-snd niiu uunuiiun
ftisitfy'totts merits ip reettftina; GKAY BlIB a3r
His britittal ' eolor amf pronrotins. Ua rrowtb. ' Ca
nrakea tha hair soft and fkAy. i The Ua la sppeaa.
aoce aswiaade'yaanc airain. li iatbe bast- :i!j-,ti
vr seed. It removes Dandruff and all '8oarsr
Eruptions. It does not stain the skin, r -
.i.-.-bijaa. bw rass ttMi-ttn--yZ-'C
Beware of tbe saaieraaa preparation wis'ch are
sold upon our reputation1-- t-' ' V - lJ
R. P. H ALL a CO.. Nashua. N. H-. Proprietors.' "
for sal b all ih-neltisti. .ariita .8 .T
iuly2a dltawAatJ-oia T -
3 VJXd
To art weewaa thousaadcraoe;a ,
lapiorinc Hatura no- dweraee ia. i-eq " x . i
" 80; as fray bah dVn't pleaK theeye. ? - v.ui
, ; jQse CEISTADOBO'S,! ATt)HitK68 DYIr.
Cristaddfo's: Hair ;Prt servative
Striking, , cundia,.re tbe Effeota produeaab
baCristadoro'a Hair Preservative" and Bean ti tier,
B the hair ever fp wiry. Coarse and unmanaseabl i
by brush and oojnb, in one week this artiol will
render it flexible, lustrous and inclined to ourl-
;Sald by Drngslsta,aad applied by all Hair Vmt;
era. Manufaetory Mo. SB Maiden Lana. PrinoipacL
Depot No Astor House. , t ...fa.. 1
.junelS-dAwIjera-reHY " :ii-;il;wi1ti.-;!
A. b. WILLIAMS. W.t iZ.T" :
lilth street, Uolumbus, Ohio, ;hae devoted himself
r a series of years to the treatment ofoertain piU.
rste diseases. He may biconsultedat bis offioi
Broad wai , near the h. zobance Bmak
may3r-tf sT - r - g,
xa ivu i'H restored fn mar weens." taCess
ruanurteed. i)R. BICOBU'S 68riJrt;ii OF L1FK
restores mahly pewers. from whatever causa ari
siaa; to effeou.of aarla parnicioas babiis lelf-t
abuse, impoteney and climate, live away at ones to
tbia wonderful medioina, if taken riifuUrly aoneroW-,
in to the directions (which are very simple and re-i
quire no restraint from business or pleasure J Fail- -are
is impossible. Sold in bottles at S3 or four
qoantitirs in one forts. To be had only of the sola 3
.miI.I Hnt In 1 m.rl.a TJ sn. h
I Third Ave., corner 13th St.. flew Yotk. " '-'
a.. si.Vai.'.Masa
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