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News and Otherwise.
,. Jolb closed la New York; yesterday at
- Blohdb hair is the rage in New York.'i
Vjk QtJAD-rangfo-a lot of printers "jet-
,,'1 --.. ' t-
Iojn the banner Republican county In
lo- ...;
j.'i Chium O'CoNni baa bad bit pocket
-picked of 3Q0.m'j ;. v -j-mu ri n
F.Thebb u a 476,000 lire In Chicago oh
'Wednesday might.-' 1 ''" ""' v :t
It U said,' that Queen Victoria wants to
get toarrled 'again; "
, - Th eruption' of Mt, Etna' continues to
j Increase In violence'.' . ". ' :'z ''.,.'.,
i ? Mil - Maretzkx . bas .met with another
:Iailure In New.York, . .. -; ;;L .n
''"lit 1774 the first flannel was woven, illt
wal wewen In Boston, " " t '' '.
" ? CAtM'rM"tcitiv x1 Boston, Is aged 97.
Be as'tnarried at4rv"";-V '1!IEl T'
T.TaciapW! . Wmb'b ' disease. Is said to be
"softening oX.the "brain.' ', ...'..";" '.
J Tfes division of Kentuckr Into two jadlc-
.taldMrtett tamd of., .,-,!.; -,. :
-s I'm city debtf Keokuk, Iowa, arerages
'1 $125 to each Inhabitant. . Vr-;,., ,.v,
"Negroes' garroted and robbed a police
man In Mobile the other night;!" .' v. ; "
. PBBsrDBNT Johnson's message is not ac
. ceptable to the Kepublican press, 1 , m
to The . Dayton Journal speaks of the mes
i aage as that "necessary nuisance." . ; ; $ .. . I
-5 'HocE'GBWJfT was on the floor ol
t'CoiXttsm en Tuesday and lionised. ! ; ,
111 lit ! 'Atlantic' and.3reat 'Western rail
road has been leased to the Erie railroad. '
Jobs W. Gamett has been re-elected
. President of the Baltimore and Ohio rall-
. - - - ,,; . : - i - - '
v roaa,;i ST-,-j A ...i T . n.-.i;!:i:r-.'4
OxB-tmjtD of the sot erejigns In, circula
tion la England are oonsldere4, too-light In
their weight. ;;. n nO;
"STxtt dollars a day are the arerage re-
ceipts of the Wollne and Bock Island, HI.,
horse railroad. ' : . . i
' Six or seven wolves are -doing a lively
business with sheep In Margaretta town
hlpi, Erie county. :",.'"r 1 i!':' ;'0-"3
., Pbof.,. Samcm. N: Besjamin, of West
Point, bas married a daughter of ex-QoT. !
ruh,ol Ne w. York. ..X..Sv,T"''''r,' :
.. Three dollars and fifty cents Is what it
eosu to educate a child In , the common
"schools of Fart Wayne. ,;f,j, "..,: K. ; ;
The Ddanart Smvld "totes aye for the i
nomination oiJndge Banney at the Demo- j
eratic candidate for Governor.
It Is stated that the" United Brethren
have five " bishops, 1,647 preachers,' 133 j
' meeting houses and 103,122 members. ' '
" Jodos Barker, of Buffalo. N.T, has de-!
elded that a man's wife caqnot be a part
ner in his business. That Is to say, they
.areone...;. :
. .. No less that one hundred and iourteen .
gentlemen nave si ready been prominently j
mentioned for a place in General Grant's j
Cabinet.: ": )-;, .-t't : "t !:" i
' There are'-', one hundred and. foity in- '
mates in the Montgomery county infirmary '
sixty-nine males, sixty-severn iemales,
and four infants. - ' :i . .!-:. ;
. The Chicago Evening Pott bas ro parti-
al lty for high .tariff Impositions. Neither
would the people' have did they rightly
'understand them. '".','j:' -r' ;
. . Gkm, Grant bag, In a speech, acknowl- ;
edged the services of the Union. League..;
Doubtless, when be comes to make his ap-
pointments he will recollect them? too'.
v Eome papers are publishing the slanders ;
of Dr. Fullerton,' of Springfield, upon the ,
-conduct of : our fittmen on the occasion of ,
the . burning- of - .the: Central : Lunatic ;
Asylum. They are careful not to state the ;
fact that be was not in the city at the tine e, :
- and that be don't live here, .j . :. i
"""Ox Monday "night; at Lockport, near j
- Day ton, , the tale in the mill ot Smith & ;
' Cp. wss robbed of from $15 to $20 in cur- ;
' reni-y, ot Is eertifieate of deposit for $143 60, j
-'with notes' and botk coconuts' worth from
' $5,0CO to $6,0C0,tid other valuable papers.
This we learn from the Ledger." ,; !
; The X)oyon JcMTU2l is of the opinion that
J,if tbe'Unid States Supreme Court should
'decide, the. legal , tender act 1 nhconstitu-
tt?nal jt will produce the greatest confus- '
, ln in financial matters, and may preclpt-
,tate a, calamitous park. Would it do
linor than , 'to,. necessitate immediate, re-'rsuro'ptioa'otpecle,r'yment?,
New England Influence on Congress.
"'V J.'',r"v'Wr 1 "1 $
- In giving the argument of the Bandutlcg
Register, in favOr of Blaiwe, as: Speaker of
tbe next House of Representatives; because
be is a New Englander, the Journal says :
-This bugbear bTUew England Influ
ence which the Democrats press frightens
LIk" !
earecrow." , f -' .--r: i : '
' -Bugbear" or no -bugbear." thelegls- lr
i.iin ni rvnw aiitM ti iiiniit nf Rii. i
iMii,m v.- r flt ..I-.. i
ively to the bnflding up of New England f
at thi expense ot the rest of the Union, i
i expense
-,:'Xf afrt van war a m mme sri vnei - lava a k
-t.lt.. iM.M.,t.uitin, i
' 1.1. ...MtaAnn. raM BAawMXtarl Ka
uutur, y fJ.
the New England Influence was the con- t
trollingone. Everything tbat tbe manu- . 4
' factnrers of Kassachnsetts, Eh ode Island,
and other Eastern States needed to aid
'them - in amassing fortune, were either
eaTefulry excluded 1 from a ' tariff duty;
or ' were charged .-' lower 4 duty
than ,: even- articles' which are', eoh
sldered necessaries of life, to - the 'macs
of the people;'' Wool, entering largely in
to the consumption of the manufacturers
of New England, bad a tariff duty so ar
ranged as to make the great wool growing
Interest ol .'the land 1 a money losing onet
and the result Is tbat whole flocks of sheep
are slaughtered rather than to provide the
food necessary to keep them through tbe
winter. In the Senate we have tbe same
state of facts. Hamlin, while Vice Pieei
dent, and Foster," :of -Connecticut,; and
Wade, of Ohio, who succeeded him as
presiding officer ot the Senate, made up
their committees in the same way, and the
West and the Middle States were made to -pay
tribute to New England by the laws
that the New England committees of tbe
Senate and the House of. Representatives
reported and had passed. . .., ,....'
The Southern slave master had no more
obedient servant to de bis bidding than tbe
New England mm owners had In Benja
min F. ' Wad and Bcbctleb Colfax
Aad although these men were chosen te
represent Western Interests, they ao legis
lated that the West and Its tolling people
had no rights that the Congress were bound
to respect, when they came In contact with
those of the New England States, whose
lords of the loom also-lor J It over both
branches of Congress and " the entire,
legislation of the country.
Bondholders About.
" There Is a vigorous attempt being made
T soojenarjera' called Democratic to com-
nit the Democratlo mrtr to Renudiatloo.
This will hot. and should not. succeed.'
fjohmbu tkio Statesman. -
1 he Ohio Statesman, the N.T. World.
the N. Y. Tribune. Hon. S. S. Cox. Manton
Marble, August Belmont. Jav Cooke, and
others, are in favor of the payment to the
lasc cent, or tne war Debt ot the United
States, contracted In depreciated paper
worth but forty cents on the dollar.
Some "Statesmen" are in favor of pay-
njr inn puoiic aeDt in Greenbacks, but not
until Greenbacks, are made equal in value
to gold. Qr(ti. h.!' ,;;-;
Docs the" Crisi wish lo to understood as
being one of the papers " called" Demo
cratlc . UiAt .is making " a yUorous at
tempt " "to commit the Democratic party
to -Kepudiatlon?" The Statesman has
said that this attempt will not, and should
not succeed.' The Statesman believes la
and is the advocate ot the payment ot the
Public Deb$ at Bon. George H. Pbsdi-e-
,toj advocates its, payment. That , plan
uoes not contemplate Bepudiation. Ac
cording to the letter of the Bond, he would
pay. j So. would we. ;He would substitute
Greenbacks for National Bank Notes, aud
thereby save over, twenty million dollars
a year. , So would we. -L He would pay the
.Bonds as they become due in Greep
backs, looking to the ultimate payment pi
the Greenbacks.; J5o. would .we. ; To tbf
eud that these Greenbacks should be paid.
he wpuld cut off every needless expendi
ture ol the Government, so that taxation
could be redueed, and yet a yearly excess
of receipts over expenditures be sealized
With which (the,,. whole Public : Debt
whether in the shape of Bonds or Green
backs could be .aid off in a comparatively
snort time, so would we. Assuredly
sux;h financferiog would give prosperity to
the-country and bring about specie pay J
ments without -a, jar or depression , to
business Interests,;,, JL: would, too, result
in : the payment, to the last cent, of the
War Debt of the United States, contracted
in depreciated paper worth but forty cents
oa the dollar." U s
. With. Repudiation MrwPxKbLETON has
not now, nor has be ever had, any sympa
thy1, i Honorable in all bis private dealings,
be wonld.giard with jealous care the lion
or of the Federal Government, and at the
same time see to it that the creditors ol the
Government should i not have additional
Immunities -granted, them; at the expense
of the people.
The Democratic State Convention that
assembled in this city on the 8th ol Janu
ary last, was one of. the largest and one of
the ablest that ever assembled in the eUy.
Neither the editor of the If ew York World
nor the editor of the Nu York Tribune
were in that Convention. Hon. S. SL Cox,
Mamtoh Marble, August Belmont and
J at Cooke did not participate In that Con
ventioa. The platform, when read, as read
resolution by resolution, was applauded
with tumultuous and emphatic applause.
It was in fact the unanimous expression ol
the Convention, and we think- that the entire-
Dfmoeratic press ef the State was
cnrdlal and hearty In the approval of that
Platform; w On the subject of the payment
of the Public Debt, this is what the Plat
form declares: ' j ;! ; :
Resolved, That notwtihstdhdino the enor
mous ana conceded jrauas in (Ae creation of
the puoue aeow XM laun or tne country is
pledged to us payment, principle and interest.
according to tne terms or tne several acts of
Congress, Under vsnicn tne bonds revresenlins
tne debt were issued, but not otherwise, and
we are opposed to any plan for extending
the times of payment, thus increasing tbe
amount of gold interest to more than tbe
principal, or to any declaration by Congress
to at tne principal is payable in gold, which
would virtually add more than a thousand
millions to -the burthen of the debt, and to
tbe woole insane financial policy of which
these measures are a part. -
Mesotved, mat, .neitner forgetting nor
deny mg our ancient faith that eold ami
silver coin form the currency of the Con
stitution, we declare that the live-twenty
bonds should be paid In tbe same currency
received by the Government for their is-
sne, and that by the withdrawal ot the
monopoly granted to the National Banks
this result can be accomplished without an
undue or dangerous rnereaee of paper
money, now tbe only circulating medium,
thus relieving our neonle from the burthen
of a debt, the tendency of which is always
corrupt ana enslave, ana our uov-
ernment from the-' reproach of paying a
isvorea ciass in goia, wnne aiscbargrng its
debts to all others., including' Denslons to
widows and soldiers, in an -interior cur
rency.- . ' .-
- JSesolved, Tbat this plan violates ho- law,
impairs no contract, breaks no Jaitb, and
instead of retarding a return i to specie
payment,' is the shortest because tbe only
safe way of reaching that end. ;
.These views, at tbe time the unanimous
expression of the Democracy of Ohio as
represented by delegates in State Conven- L
tion, were understood to be in perfect har
mony with the Views entertained by Hon.
Geobge. H. Pkkdleton. Kepudiatlon Is
not even covertly Insinuated therein. Tbe
Convention was satisfied tbat there had
Men enormous frauds in the creation ol
the' Public Debt 5 but notwithstanding
thai?, they regarded the faith ot tbe country
pledged to its payment, " principal and in
terest," and they, proposed to redeem this
pledged faith by paying the Bonds uac
cording to the several acts oi Congress""
under ' which' they were Issued in Gold
where, they called Cor Gold ; In Greenbacks
Where there was ho specific' provision to
the' contrary; 'This,' they held, violated no
.W.tirl rWr;t. r,ili ti,i.
and opened tbe .most direct way to a re.
sumption of. specie payment. It will not
lo . to say tbat tbe. " Bondholders" were
u about" on' tbat occasion 'and controlled
the action of the Convention; for tha,
would be equivalent to saying that all the
ot the Convention were '.Bond-
Tbe part of the Platform of the Ohio
Oemocncy nnder consideration must stand
thelawof the Pltf.td the party In
State ijonventiou suau aeiioerateiy revoK
qualify it; and any journal that in the
meantime teaches Bepudiation, absolutt
ot qualified, under pretense that It Is the
' . .. .
. 'Ti . . v .
alcious doctrine.
' For the present, and until satisfied con
lusively that Hob. George H. Pendleton
Vnrl t ho fir, In -platform are wrong touching;
the payment of the Public Debt, tbe Ohio
Statesman In the future, as In the past,
will maintain that Bepudiation Is not, and
should not be, a part of tbe Democratic
a i -!
The Ohio Statesman was founded to ad
vocate the doctrines taught and enforced
by Thomas ' Jefferson. His Democ
racy ' .we' appreciate , fully. Jeffer
son, In his first' Inaugural Address,
wherein be laid down those political
doctrines that ! have . ever been 1 . dear
to all true Democrats, declared . "tAe honest
payment of our debts he debts of the Fed
eral Government and the sacred preservation
of the FubUc Faithf to be of the; first Im
port nee.
Wo reltorato; th Financial views of Hon
JGeorgeH. Pendleton, tbe position of the
ifObio Democracy, taken at their last State
(Convention In relation to the Public Debt,
and the inculcations of the Immortal Jef
ferson, that "the honest payment of our
debts; and the sacred preservation of the
Public Faith," are of absolute importance.
are to ' us preferable to the Bepudiation
heresy taught by " papers calling them
selves Democratic. Repudiation is a prop
osition that should be treated with acorn
every sincere follower of the great
postle of American Democracy ihomas
Jeffebson.' We'll none ot it.
Gen. Thomas L. Young, of Cincinnati,
as been appointed Supervisor of Internal
Vievenue for Southern Ohio.
Public Debt Statement.
The following Is A statement of tbe pub
He dehtot the United States on" TWemhe'r
Debt Wring ooln interest S2-.107.83S,l(M on
IJent hecincurrooT intre.... 71,110.000 00
National debt not presented fer
. ,Pyment- 8.145.883 S4
Debt bemiing no interest 413,152,18117
Urand total.. S3.eoi.374.lS4 SI
Six per oeot- Lewfal-raoney Bonchl
issued to Faoifio KaiLrold Co .
r ' - ' ' i s i it i
44,337.000 00
j Total debt..:.. S2.61i.711.154 61
Coin (3g 4.374 64
CurrenoT I8,i53.46.13
Totl $106,679,320.67
Amount of Debt iesa Cash In
(Treaory.. S.539,031.844 It
i -The warrants issued by the Treasury
D -parim'-nt during November, to meet the
requirements of the Government, amount
to. in round numbers,, the lolloving sums,
viz, :
fcivil. miseerimneoui and foreitn inter. ' 1 T ?
' eoeno.., S.858 soo
I-terest on publio debt 24,3d5,0O0
Wr Department. 6 S70 iw
Ney. Department . lixisioOO
Interior, renaions and Indiana e . 77,000
The warrants issued for the redemption
of tbe public debt are not included in the
-above.' .r -. -f .. - e r 1
Tariff Question.
The committee on Ways and Means had
a conference this morning on . the tariff
question. . It is not probable there will be
any eany action on tne Subject,
Supreme Court.
, .-, The Supreme Court . was occupied most
ol the day in hearing the closing argument
of Attorney General Evarts on behalf of
tne uovernmeut to the tender
General Logan.
Hon. John A. Logan. having recovered
from bis late indisposition, was in his seat
in me House to-aay.
Washington Items.
General K. B. Vance has been elected
uranaju aster ortbeurapd Lodged Mason
for tbe rest of the year.- ,,
The Distrit t Court is still In session, and
uave a neavy uocaet on nana.
'.The PKESIDKNT directed the Secrets.
ry to read tbe calendar of bills and resolu
tions on the table, most of which were re-
ierrea to appropriate committees. . '
On motion ol Mr. SUMNER, bis bill to
resume specie payment on the 4th of
July next, was laid over until next week.
wnen be would move to reter it to tbe com
mittee on Finance. -.--
Mr. SUMMEK also explained the nnr
pose of tbe bi.l introduced bv him to carrv
out the reconstruction acts in Georgia, viz,
to resume, to a certain extent, the power ot
iongress over treorgia in consequence 01
the Legislature having been illegally con
stituted, and on his motion it was referred
go tne committee on the Judiciary.- -
.Mr. DRAKE explained, the purpose of bis
reaoiuuon in relation to tne grades of Uen
eril and Lieutenant General in the army
and Admiral and Vice Admiral in the nivv.
to be to keep these grades in reserve as re
wards lor extraordinary public services.
and not leaving them open to be reached
by regular promotion and accommodation.
Referred first to the committee on Military
Affairs, to go alterwards, it lavorably re
ported on oy mem, to tne committee on
M aval A flairs.
The House bill to regulate the duties on
copper, fcc, was referred to the committee
on Mines and Mining.
When the House bill to restore the Bu
aeau of Indian Affairs to the War Depart
ment was-resched, - i
Mr. THAYER moved to refer it to the
committee on Indian Affairs. It was so
A resolution was adoDted to adiourn
irom to-oay until Monday. ,
Mr. EDMUNDS called for the nn finish
ed business of yesterday, stating that he
was In favor of having .the message read.
in order to show the country tbe kind of
man wno occupied tne Presidential office
xne reading or tbe message was con tin
ned to tbe end. ...
Mr. WILSON introduced a ioint resolu
tion submitting for ratification the follow
ing amendment to tbe Constitution :
article lo. No distinction shall be
made, by the United States, nor bv anv
State, among citizens In their civil or polit
ical rignts on account oi race, color or
previous condition.
Referred to the Judiciary committee. 1
Also a bill to regulate tbe elective fran
chise in the United States. Referred to
same committee.; . .
Mr. CONNESS Introduced a bill fixing
the compensation for labor performed lor
tbe government ol the United States.
which was laid on the table and ordered
printed. It provides that, irom and alter
June 2oth. 1808, all laborers, workmen and
mechanics engaged in the employment ot
tbe United States, snail receive fur a day's
labor, as provided by law, tbe lull compen
sation paid for such labor as if ten hours
constituted a day's labor.
Mr. EDMUNDS said that In view of the
extraordinary proposition in relation to
tne .National debt contained in tbe fresl
dent's, mess ge, he would move, on next
Tuesday, tbat the inanee committee, un
.ess tbey sbould in the meantime report the
resolutions on that subject offered by him
on the 21st ot .November last, be discharged
from tbe further consideration ot it, and
would move its passage. The resolution
affirms tbat the faith ot the United States
is solemnly pledged to the payment of the
.National de nr. - . - -
Mr. ADAMS made a few remarks to the
effect tbat the acceptance of the President's
proposition would dishonor the United
States forever in the eyes of all bonest
Mr. FRELINGHU VSEN spoke against
repudiation, lie .was glad tbe message bad
been-read,' that the Representatives of tbe
American people may. repudiate and reject
tne repudiating doctrine, ana let tne world
know the people of this country, who bad
heroism to preserve its liberties, have now
tn wiii and ability to preserve Its honor.
.The Senate adjourned till Monday. .,
ment property at Harper's Ferry was pass
A joint resolution authorizing the sale ot
the arsenal at Bergen iieiguis, jn. j was
passed. ' - -
The joint resolution passed fixing the
status ol Jndge' Advocates of the army,
Axing the number at twelve, including tbe
Judge Advocate General and Assistant
Judge Advocate' General, and authorizing
the President to fill tbe vacancies with the
eor.sehtof the Senate.
The bill authorizing the sale of the Chat
tanooga rolling mills property at Chat
tanooga, was passed.
The joint resolution donating condemn
ed cannon tor tne erection ot a monument
to Major General Kearney and Union sol
diers at Tivoli, New York, was passed, -
Mr. SEAMAN introduced a bill to erable
the Holbv. Wayne & Missouri Railroad
Company in Michigan, to have subscrip
tions to tne capital siock scam pea, xc. lie
lerred to tbe committee on Ways and
Means. , ' -
A bill to consolidate the several asylums
for aged and disabled soldiers was passed;
also tne Din graniing a pumua oi lie mil
itary reservation at Sante Marie, Michigan.
to tbo American Baptist Home Mission';
also the bill providing that all army officers
detailed to give military instruction in col
leges and universities be entitled to the full
pay of their respective grades, the same as
it tbey were in active service.
The morning hour having expired, the
House then, on motion of Mr. SCHENCK,
proceeded to the business on the table and
rilonnapd thereof as follows: . . .
The Senate bill in relation to bridges
across the Ohio, alter discussion for more
than an hour, participated in principally by
Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania members,
was, on motion of Mr. Bingham, referred
r.n t.h committee on Roads and Canals.
Mr. WASHBURN E, of Illinois, offered a
rpunlntion for a recess irom Monday. De
cember 21st, till Tuesday, January 6th.
Mr. BROOMALL, of Pa.. Introduced a
hill trt rpcnliite the value ot United States
legal tender notes In coin, and provide lor
redemption, xteierreu n tummiiKe uq
Ways and Means. Tbe bill directs the Sec
retary of the Treasury to cause gold coin
to be exchanged for United States legal
tender notes whenever demanded at the
Treasury. In sums of not less than $100,
and at the following rates of exchange: For
the first month. 9100 for $13o in notes: for
the second month, $100 in coin for 9134 in
notes, and so on, at a decrease of $1 per
until par is reached t
The House again went oa with the busi
ness on the table. I , - i ; .;
Senate Joint resolution.,!resDecfing the
provisional Governments ol Viral niaeud
Texas was referred to tbe Reconstruction
-The House went 4nto committee, of the
Whole, Mr. Hopkins in the chair, and wa?
addressed by Mr. Blaln. of Maine, r -
e The commtttee rose and tht Speaker ii-
ru lieu tilts I II HI r.
1 1 Mr. COBURN Introduced a bill to amend
j the revenue laws taxing whisky. Referred
, to the committee on Wavs and Means.
Mr. BUTLER introduced a bill creating
an additional judieiary district in Tennes-
.!,, ... i . - -I T 1 . . .
. Jicreiiou w uio iiuuiciary commic-
. Mr. INGERSOLL Introduced a bill sup
plementarv to the national bankinir law.
; Referred to tbe committee on Banking and
unrrencyj it proposes -to remove llmlta.
tlons on the' aggregate ot national bank
: circulation and leave it unrestricted: to au
i thorlae the issue of lour per cent .'gold, In
teresf tearing - bond8,Jand to rt quirt Jhe
. substitution of these for the six per cent.
oonu .Kepc.oy tne .National Juks on. de.
' posit toguarante tlelr currency.. ,'.
, Adjourned till Mouday. . ,; ',:. -. ; Lv
The Victims of the Steamboat Disaster.
aaler. .., - ,., .
The remains of the victims ot the re
cent steamboat disaster tbat are not recog
nized by friends are being brought here for
interment. . Among the bodies recoifnized
is tbat ot tbe late Mr. Fabnestock. of Phil
adelphia; also an Italian named Domenes.
who had a large amount ot gold on his
person. The body of Mrs. Pearce, of Lou
tsviiie, was found in good condition. Jno,
Aioiengrait, ot Louisville, supposed to
have been lost, has turned un all rifflit,
Mrs, Eliza Hqusa, aged 60, and her ion, ol
Birmingham, Pa. arey among the. lost.
The steamer Grayham, working at the
wrecks, has -thirty mervwith nets and drags
to operate lor tne xcoveryr bodies.
CINCINNATI, Dec. 10. The Murder of the Indian Chief at
CHICAGO. Dec. 10.
The following are the facts relative to the
Killing or tne Indian tJhlet at Dunlap.
Iowa. Several hundred Indians had been
encamped near the town. The Indian who
was killed came to town, and several rail
road men got in with him and one of the
first acts was to gel blanket away from
mm. Anis ne nnauy recovered. They
then took his tomahawk, and when he tried
to get this back tbey struck him with it.
tb This induced the Chief to make an tffort
to get back his hatchet by force, when he
was. struck a cowardly, blow and killed,
This outrrgeous conduct aroused the indk
nation of bis comrades, and they came in
force to the town, tilling in plain English
.if the villains 'who had Deroetrated the
, crime were not at once apprehended, that
- they would burn the pi ice. They had force
on nana to oo it, out tne authorities there
at Once took steps to secure the dastardly
'scoundrels. One of them got away, and
tne otner is sun in limbo, and will be tried
lor tne cruel murder of tbe innocent man,
Chicago News.
CHICAGO, Dec. 10.
. The extensive planing mill owned and
'run by Alderman S. L. Russell, located at
Nos. 68, 70, 72 and 74 Fulton street, west
division, took fire about 11 o'clock last
night,aud with the contents was destroyed
xne nuuoing was tu ov 17U leer. The ma.
chlnery was valued at 50.000, and the
building and sto-k at $25,000. The total
loss is o,000. There was no insurance,
the hazardous character of the risk render
ing it impossible to obtain any except at
ruinous races, 'i wo Hundred and bttv men
were thrown out of employment by this
"' The case of Ssngersteel & Co. against the
city oi unicago. Drought to recover f 20U,
000, connected with the deepening ot the
Illinois ana .Michigan canal, was decided
yesterday in favor of the defendant,
St. Louis Items.
ST. LOUIS, Dec. 10.
Senator Henderson of Missouri, and Sen
ator McDonald, of . Arkansas, will leave
here lor Washington this aiternoon.
The Missouri river at Leavenworth is
frozen over, and pedestrians are crossing
ud uie ice. ' ;
The weather here has moderated some
what, but is still quite cold. i "
i John J. Edwards, who was tried for em
bezzling some $20,000 from the Uuion
Savings Association .of this city, several
months ago, and acquitted, has brought
suit against the bank tor false arrest, laying
his damages at $20,000. The bank, in turn,
has brought a civil suit against Edwards
and bis bondsmen lor $15,000, the amount
tney ciarm tne bank was defrauded of. :
San Francisco News.
Tbe U. S. steamer Pensacola represents
mat wane on tne Mexican coast, en route
irom' Acapulco to San Bias, she ex Deri
enced a heavy shock of an earthquake on
meiiui oi movemuer, leading to tne be
lief that she had. struck a reef.: Several
light shocks were felt in this city on tbe
Btiine aay.
'This morning the girders in the iron
loundry ot Baldwin's .Locomotive Work
gave Way. ' Four men were hurt;' ' One of
tU.em Win. Fleming, has since died. . ,
Sworn In.
RALEIGH, Dec. 10.
the Legislature to-oay the
appointed to Investigate charges ot' bri
bery was sworn in. : i a I
B. & O. R.
- John . W, Garrett bas been re-elected
President of theBaltimore & Ohio railroad
The Press on the Message.
NEW YORK, Dec. 10.
The Tribune says of the President's
message : This message is his worst, and
fortunately his last "Insult to American
people.' As- he-goes out 6I: the White
House he stops to-shake bis fist' at the Cap
ital, mere set tne men wno named htm,
the Representatives who impeached him,
the Senators who convicted, tbe majors of
the laws tbat fetter him, the servants of
the people who prevented him from re
rebels to power and making the
the war a useless sacrifice. Utterly pow
erless as he is to arrest the bright chariot
of destiny he-cannot forbear to throw mud
as it passes. - ' - -----
The World says of the treatment of the
message by Uougress yesterday, that Gen.
Grant's sycophants, both in the Senate and
the House, succeeded in putting an insult
upon the President. This extraordinary
proceeding is something more than wanton
insult tothe head of the Government. It
is flagrant contempt ot the Constitution.
The doctrines of the President, though sus
ceptible of confutation, are such as an hon
est man may entertain.
Navigation Closed.
Navigation on the Hudson river is vir
tually closed. - .,
The Erie suits were before Judge Car
dozo to-day on a motion for adjournment.
After argument by counsel, the Judge de
cided to permit the papers on each side to
be read, ana tne day was occupied in this
United Stitf s Commissioner Osborne has
decided that Henrico ScliaUer, the alleged
ugitive wile-murderer from Hesse-Darui-
tadt, snouia oe extrauictea. - -
Railroad Matters.
The New York Central directors ad
(ourned without declaring a dividend. The
Vtlantic and Great Western railroad has
n-en leased to the Erie railway. This is
aid to have some connection with tbe con
st for the control of tbe Cleveland &
Wttsburg railway.
The report 'circulated that the Long Is,
ind sound steamer Providence has been
jet Is unfounded. - . - .
Latest from Cadiz.
NEW YORK, Dec. 10.
A special to the New York Herald Irom
ladrid, 10th, says: News irom Cadiz up
a late hour last bight, has reached here
he insurgents in tbat city still occupied
te Hotel d'Eville and the surrounding
ouses, and had rrectcd barricades. The
-overnment troops occupied the Custom
ouse and buildings in the neighborhood
' . . . ,11 r .. L- 1
VO LI) Clt.y Kate.' lii ru,ciuum
ils have taken refuge i . tne uustom
ouse. The civil Governor ot CadU fled
U-San Fernando; The Insurgents have
forced into their ranka all ahle hndled mpn.
T ie prison convl) ts and the former rural
jjuaros nave joined the Insurgents.
Telegrams from San Fernando say the
movement is reactionary,' carried on in the
mute ana witn tne elements or republican
ism. The insurgents seem to be well sup
plied -wrtBmoney.--s--m- -p.zr.r-
The civil Governor of Saragossa tele
graphs that theRepublieans there, intended
to.atcempt to release and arm tiirf convicts,
but precautions were taken which pre
vented the plot from beragearried ut. 4
Eruption of Mount Etna.
The Herald's Special JgayW A dispatch
from Srcry-reports--a fresh -ernptlun ul
Mount JEma.- On Tuesday-night the vol
cano broke out with lurJ-panwl violence.
ejecting flame and lava' until 5 o'clock this
morning, llie torrents ot lava devastated
the surrounding country. The ashes from
the crater tell on tbe town of Aeireals, and
were blown even into the' streets of Mes
sina, .i At last accounts the ' inountain was
enveloped in smoke and labored with deaf
ening detonations.- '.Great crowds have
gathered on the. northern shore bt. Malta to
witness the magnificent spectacle, whii-h,
Miuugu im miies uistantt 'is distinctly vis
Ible.: ... ., ,.,...!, ,: ,;; ,-: .in-.: .
FLORENCE, Dec. 10.
The eruption' of Mount Etna contihnei
Increasing in violence. Sand from the
crater tell in clouds on . streets fifty miles
The New Ministry.
LONDON, Dec. 10.
j The members of the new ministry had an
audience with the Queen yesterday and
formally accepted the appointment. The
followiriff appointments in tbe Government
are omcially announced: Wm, Forster,
Vice President of theBiard or Education;
James Startleld. iru Actor A vreton. and
George Grenfell Glynn, junior Lords of the
Treasury; M: E.- Grant Duff, tinder Scert'
tary for the IitdisJ; Right Honj Wm.iifon
sell. Under. Secretary for Colonial Depart
ment; Edward H: Ki Hugesseh. Under
becrewry tot i Home Department: John
Arthur Ottqway, Undersecretary for ForT
ciu xcpurtmeuu
Times on the Message.
The Times this morninsr has a lontr edi
torial on the message of President Johnson
Alluding to .tbe Alabama negotiations
says the English Govern men I has shown
every desire to make an arrangement, and
it u uimcoit to oeueve the President's Cab
inet or a hostile majority in Congress 'will
throw' over a settlement arrived; at alter
: The new Parliament was opened this af
ternoon by the. royal commission. The
usual speech from the throne was omitted
The House of Commons rereleoted RtHon
John Evelyn Dehnison Speaker, f
The Sultan.
LONDON, Dec. 10.
.'A Constantinople dispatch says the Sul
tan has sent an ultimatum to the Grecian
Government, requiring an answer in five
days. France and England sustain his de
mand. - r .
The Lost Hibernian.
LONDON, Dec. 10.
A'telegram Is just received announcing
tne arrival on ponegal, Ireland, ot one oi
the missinsr boats from the lost Hibernian
The boat contained the second officer and
twoother persons. Twentv-eiaht. nil told
embarked, but twenty-live were drowned
oy the capsizing of the boat.
Whelan Respited
OTTOWA, Dec. 10.
1 Whelan has been respited 'to the 29th
Inst. . -! :I ..:';',
Buffalo Market—Dec. 10.
FLOUR Firm. i.; .
WHEAT No. 2 Chicago spring held a
$1 45
-Dull and unchanged; no .sales.
-Dull and unchanged. .,
New Advertisement
E The Ohio Statesman has
Larger Circulation than any' pa
per published in this City or Cen
tral - Ohio. Advertisers will hen
this in mind. ; :
...... ... AKDrrr . ',
A fall atock of Condray'a, Rommel's and Labia
fiXlracta aud roniados,
Ms. 854 North Mig-h Street, '
deell-eodlm - COLUVBVS, OHIO.
New Street Lamp
laineil Letten Patent for their new and im
pror d Street Lamp, would caution all person!
acainst makiai, asirg or rending tne fa ue with
out obtainint the riant ae to do from tbe under-
aiicn a. ander tee penalty ol a protecutioa lor in
deell dlt . O. CASS & a. O. EVANS
..... I . u. op
Linens, Blankets, (&-c
WiV.WU UUODd and BLANKtTS. frejh
aud newi; imported, of the yery best makes, and
eontainina; (iouda ot (he finest q'mlitie , such as
are ter-r seen at auction and rarely lo be found in
the reiaii traie. '1'he Goods are the properly of
r. r- mdoiuisj, oaom me ja.ge-t coreicn im
porters for over halt a oenlurj. Tbe sale will be
neia at
(American Building),
Commt!cgi rridar, Dec. Illli,rise8
at 10 o'olo-k A. S!. land T o'clock P. M. and to
eontinae for FlV UAVd ONLY, at t e sane
noun. ... . : .vi!
Thisstoek eonsisti in part nf All-Wool French
Enalish and American Blanker! Table Umalr
of every description; Linen 'I able Covers:, treeon
lea and Coffee Cloths; Linen Aapkins. some of
tne nnest ever erouxnt to tbe country; Doylies,
Ladieand Gents' Linen Handkercuief. Hacka-
back and llajiask Towels. Turki-h and Kus-ian
Bath Towels, Barnaley Irish Sheetint, Pillow Caae
Lilnen. r renon and inalisn Marseilles Uuilta. Aa
Ae.. Ao, - '
The Goods will been, exhibition on the wiorninv
oi mo saie. auu an wni obi soiu. wuooui reserve in
r . , i .,i ...v. i , . . . -
lou to suit purcnaiers. . '
. W. K. KENT.
deelO-dSt ' i Auctioneer. '
1 ;
HVo. 336 , Broadway
Capital, - (toe MUIiou VoIIus.
Diitnjstt Manoam. Prea'L J as. Mbbbill, SooV
RtnivMl TlisrinRi nnA nil nnr vnrTD VP
INTKREriTon all Oaily tin la noes, aobieottn check
ataietitv Meoal Uepus ts for Six m nCU or more.
uiav be made at fire per cent. Tbe Capital ot One
Mi lioo Dollars is divided amour nvr juia Hhnu
Doiaers,eompniio many gentlemen of larse wealth
and finanoial experience, who are also personailT
and finanoial experience, who are also personally
liable to depjBitors for all cblieations of theUom-
uaoie to aepjiuTB lor i dDiieauons oi toe tiom
to doable tbe amount of their oaoitni nttwlr
Aa ihe National Trust Oompani reeeiTes deno-irs
in large or small amounts, a' d permits them to be
(irawu as a whole or io pa t by cheoli at sitbt and
ances. nartiea throoehouttheeountrT can keen aa
v i tuuit avueo. nuuir ui iuioitd va mit am t nil,
counts in thi-i Institution with special adrantaKOB
oi securiiy. oouvenience ana yxoui,
pe Nrdcoiaf wm
Emollient Cream.
preparation, intro:need last winter, harins
receired so many flattennsr AoinmnnflKtinra (mm
those wbonssd it. indnces the- proprietors to brine
it affain before the Dubl n. aa.npin th.m k..
stands unrivalled as the bent protector of the skin
agiinst tbe inoltmeney of tbe winter season. It
uovouu lmparui iu sain a aeucate tresunest
and beauty, but also conduces to its health, purity
ana prwwfTainiu. ur uranng aorasions, snap
ped Hands. 1-ace. Lips, or Koushness of the Skin,
it has no eanal. while its aonrhinff AnaHHu . nA
aeiiKniiui iimimjj renaer ll a necessary append
aiie to the toilet. Prepared only by &1 AKrLE &
KITSO." lFpensifisj Chemists loo S.nth High
Lumber for Sale.
TION offer at private sale all the lumber eon.
tained in the fence enclosing their Kaoe Coarse
Also, ' the lumber iu south stable, west stand.
udges' stand, picket tenee, ae.
fartieH wixhinff the Whole of the aboTe will
call on the and. faianed. who will aire all the na.
asar.v information as to price, terms.' and time of
reniOTl. itlt;UAKU MSVlNti.
If Tiot'dlsoosed of by SATnRl'AY mr?!1'
pablto auction, bj John Q. Beall, Auctioneer.
Done . .. .
.xni:ie coir
wri'.KT'sf. -v i
fi...l T)ft i m
-r v '..t .fi-tf'.T.-.i-j
' is: -.'i J
.'!'-.! i;inu
. : f -.. : ft
-'I . '.';.:: I
- '.a : Jl I I 'f ! V
IB '-I'T iC'O .:'
kij J II . f- 5 ' J J . :r 5 .' f rvr
. . i t j. U .!..: '1
.;-.;.; YU"-i'T.T.
. -, WIlLXii.:BE. '
' .ii
,ir'!l .t ! '
VUll- . -'i O -
' " JTOIl THE ', '
r..-i it-. :;
, . ' i.
i t ; ; t ' -,: - r
. I ..i--L - ' ' . i
.. oar v '
Call early and make aseleo
-tion s. ' mo nm to g-ei; the
choice , oi i our Large
Heoclc of
i f I 1. f l : j
"Wlilcli la now complete In
every Department.
Are oft ere d than ban' te
had elsewhere.
250 AND 252
.. St .H t 'i. -f J :. i,-. M,k
South High Street.
fcbT-eodly ' ...
, I
PROOfuisIlt, .vU
1. Orerture Zampa ,,,,,
.inattt-eMajar. nisralebmWWiciitwS
TSr5allad-"yon;il Soon ior!!T!!ibn-
-r j a. M IM KMItlA Turk..
3. Duo (Tloll rti Kaoo) bocrroii H,,.
M alod i o" ? , Btyriena
v Mr. Job Weltaer and MiVs riihneid 'tloU
iFy"? polo-t-ilgriui irds ......vi.Batte.
to Laura Backus. -
ooprario Solo Good nt. farewell Kk...
HT Alias iunmji Tnther. ia.- -.
JaP; Gunal.
Caroline Bohnerdar and Ladr Backoi, "
" deeiwtd 1 rfteenU: ll,tndoox.,l.,v,E?, !
MTU amd 16th. - .
Takes plaasere in.Boonnoinrthat he has angaged
MB. JAMES TATIiOBi , fi ,.
Tbe treat London Comiqne. who is propoaneed by
the press aa the areatest obaracti r sinter England
'' produced. Barnett and Taylor, pruBoune
d by the p e as the two Fuuiest Men in the
1 i Tf'ST Yorkshire Ham; Tajlora. Li
mal lloleful; Taylor a. Sarah Walker; Taylor as
simple bimoo. Harnett as Mr. Oaaulle, as per
formed him in New York lOOeoaweeativeaitbta:
MiuJiash as Mrs. Caudle; Frof. Hharpley, Gon
eerttnisi; Thos. Kilner. Moaioal liirecior. :Tiok-
eta, SOo; Gallery, iSc; fieseryed Heats, 76o
, .. - -i H. M. MTErdivKSOxTJ
- dec!0-d4t 1 , 1 1 1 , ,- ,.t, . Buiineas Agent.
1 ' "a : .t:.j s? j , l. - :c -iiLr -"-.1
MONDAT; the 14th of D0.il868.
1 w " 'ffltrtdwy Wewi eopy - - -
The Xrne atVdlsMal lecarinnl
Jlataravwbea struggling wit disease, indicate
nmijLakaMy th kind of assistance' she requires .
In cases of nerrotU weakness general debUity,
the feeble pulse, th.lack-lustr. eje.th. attensatad
frame, the naoeid mnscleatha SBeteneholy tisstge.
inforn as plainlyasrif auk organ had a tongwe.
that a nudteattd it mutant t nuitd. It does not
require the aid of a medical education to ands
stand this dumb appeal for new vigor, fran au ex.
hansted system: Erery reader of these-lines can
eomprehend It j us t as well a the graduate of a i hy
sicians' eollege. Let not this demand of anfeeblei
rjatox. be neglected. Jbspond to it promptly A,r
eommeneing aeoarse of HOSTETTER'S STOM
ACH BITTERS, a preparation anitinctia their
highest excellence, tbe rro, ertiea ef a stimuIaut
an lMTiaOBAirr.andaa ununn. Before three
day. key. elapeed. from the takhrref the list done,
a marked beneioial change will be toaosfeat in the
bodily and mental condition of tbe patient. Tbo
pulse will be stronger and more regular, tbe eye srill
begin to lose itsrdull ex press ioa, the masealar knd
nenrous system to recorer their tension, and tbo
spirits to improye. Fersevere. aad a eomaleto fr
yiyication of the depressed animal and mental pow
ers is certain. In cases of dyrsepsia and billious
ness, the same salutary results will be obtained.
The appetite will reyire, the sallowness of the skin
disappear, and all the distressing symptoms which
aeoonnaay disorders of the stomach aad lire, will
rapidly subside. The cold of winter often intensifies
these complaints by ebeekinC the perspiratory ac
tion, by whioh so much morbid matter is evaporated
tbroegb the pores in milder weather, and there!ero
the BITTERS are especially useful to the dyspeptic
and bilious at tnia season. :
s - - -m .- h, . '
PROT NC. K. 1 k ring tbe largest nana,
faet ry - 80 8llTer ' - in tbo world, with
the most mprored macb ' ' y. and employing (he
aosA -skilled labor, ex. enabM te-eSer an as
equalled variety of no" and beautiful designs in
Uinr.er Serrioes, Tea -! e rices, and 'erery article
specially adapted for liday and Bridal Gifts.
. They offer also their well-known and ami Tailed
Nickel BUrer Eleetro-FlaUd Ware, in -which the)
bare introduced new patterns of rare elegance,
IheTsoiid'Silrer is'gnarantetd to be of sterling
purity by U. 8. Mint assay. The Eltetro-Plate i
Koaranteed to . be superior to the finest tSt effiel
ware. Orders receired from the Trade only, ka
these 'goods may be obtained from responsible
dealers everywhere. '.'!
---rxT "1--Trade
Trade Mark tlT-' 11U' M
'I. s, i" 8lroom No. Maiden Lane, K. Ti
noTs-dAHi.m-r. nr
"Ihildren's Un Sayed for Fifty
, . r; . v . Cents." ii: : --' .
Thousands of okildren die snnnslly of Cfeap
Now, mothers, if you wonld spend fit cents, and
always hare a bottle Dr- Tobias' Venetian Lin
iment in the bouse, you never need fear losing
your little one when attacked with this eomplaiat
It is now SI years sinoe I have put np my Lisi . ant.
and never beard ol a eLild dying of Croup when
my Liniment was used: bat hundreds of cures
have been reported to xe, and many state if it was
10 per bottle they -would not be without it. Re
sides which, it is a certain sure for Cuts. Burns.
Headache, Toothache. Sore Threat, Swellings,
Mumps Colic, Diarrhea. Djsenteryj Spasms, Old
Sores and Pains in the Limbs, Back, and Cheat.
No one onceitiiea it who is ever .without iritis
Warranted perfectly safe to' take" internally. Full
directions wUfceierr bottle! Bold by the Drug
gists and storekeepers in the United States. Da 1
pot 10 Park Place. N.T. " ' ' --"; . j
janelo-d&wIyom-reKT ' '
Bow a Decline is Produced. ,
- ...... ;
. .. -'-i. .v - , t
i'ar. blood makes us weUv bad blood makes us
sick. Vapors from poorly digested food in the
blood are condensed upon tbe various organs, and
serve to make then grew or repair their wastes
Organs made with a greater or lesser proportion of
such msterials cannot be sound. If tbo bad con
dition of blood continues bet for a few-das. or
weeks tbe body will be out of sorts; -and. if it con
tinues, the whole of the body will in time be re
newed with imperfect blood, aad the health -bad;
it is in a decline popularly called a consumption.
Kow Brandreth'S fills penetrate tbe whole mass
uf blood, causing tbe expulsion of impurities; tha
body feels relieved from a slng'e dose what then
may by expected from twenty! By continuing
their use the whole of the blood fn time becomes
purified, and tbe body reconstructed from good ma
terial, tbe decline stopped, and a new lease of Ufa
secured. Principal . offioe. Bbandbktb Hodss'
New York. Hold by all druggists," ., .. .-. ... ; .n
iunel6-dAwlycm-renT 1 -
To art we owe a thousand graoee; 1 i
Improvint) Nature no disgrace is.
Bo, as'gray bair don't please the eye.
Cristadoro's Hair Preservative.
Striking, a eunding. are the Effects prodeoed
by Cristadoro's Hair Prosenrative and Beautifier.
Be the hair ever so wiry, coarse and unmanageable
by brush and comb, in one week this articl will
render it flexible, lustrous and Inclined to curl ' "
Sld by Druggists, and applied by all Hair Dreu
era. Manufactory No. SS Maiden Lane. - Prineipa 1
Liepoi no o Astor House. . ;
janeje-adtwiyem-reitT -
A UttLIUAt PMU.:llli.'l.u st
gentlemen, young and old. desirous of having their
hair beautiful for tha Hnliri.v ..kn.u . w.
once. Read .Chevalier's . Treatise on the Hair.
Free to all.' Given in, at th ll.n . ...4
by mail free. . This book should be read by every
person.- It teaches to cultivate and have beautiful
bair. and restore arav bale tn it nrl:,-i .-1
- - ",.., .uim,
stop its falling out, removes all irritation or dan
druff from the scalp, thus keeping ihahair beauti
ful to the latest period of life. ..... -. -.
'- ' ' ' SARAH A. CHEVALIER. M. D. ' '
slTT-deol-eodlm . . , 1U3 Broadway. H.V. :
DR. A. B. WILLIAMS. West Bread war ...
igh street. Columbus Ohio. ha. deoJYimi,
rasenesof years tothe tre.tm.nt r--.-:l
ate diseases. He may bseeasnltod ai fc uiS:"
Mroadwat. near the Kxehange Bank
Ik.tnU. u-L -"
ATCHfcLOB's HA1K DkK - Tk:.
a- apieuaiu uair Ue is the beat io the
the only true and perfeet Dye; harmless TeTubh.5
nstantaneous; no d sappoiitmen Mkihi.
m?dl- sfiects of bai dresllSvil!
aair aoit and beautiful ua
orown. hold by all Dru.sistT LiT plUI'il"
and Breoerlv aonliad at tt.t.k.i.. nrl. r,Bcn
b: Bond issssx: ir Z& Sltfr

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