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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, December 11, 1868, Image 3

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M-rected bT WJ-t. Savage, Jeweler, 83
VSwith Big street t-r.a-t 1'iS'T'i
..,w Barometer. TnannonjaU.
A. M...
Baa Rises
": ''"tar Ctar Fashion rtbort liei "4rtf Vf
tW No to 4 ut Uxe.M fo
hnlUta fOdtV !t.HCI.IH
... n. M Al-li MHIIi't HM llUfl.
, l?roKreMtte.Q?AKf w hay. go
alia dim ihrT-WW oUoue
1j t il
' '-"tr1 Andrews A Hull'Mve Coder's L
fu I J -Biinin I it n II niiiMi m i- I n ')'. ri
'until nine o'cjovkon Satuday monuog.t
t-ThU cold weather ia UUl -to ho&s.
now.; -' '
,r.l i: ? Tt"n-
jt er:,
.'II a t e:i
f'n&lallMbr' the Jftrtt PtesbTterUri
"r X"'Btg'hV colored frrthert forhdiea
'haU are eooaldered the . txialsite eleiiice
dfcr thU winter
'WThi col"Waheu - hawing: m
,effeei n jaur nalooU,, ,&ot poa before th
Olivor vesterdar. 1 ' '
re the
"Major yesterday.
f rsrVenua U liow th itu6rnthg;tri n
h een by those who .wat to'get ap
"in the cold to look at it. Wat l aduuce;bf
I the (da.
t. ' i.. ... H,
ine nras iuu(
tBBhdinjt and 6TnfrSolety, old tor
.pent, iniert and. perc prenn'
-Tnesday nlgbfcs J - 'u i-Jt "t.&
Vlin-inTenUve eolu ah'honncps n
nmbreUa with a gutter.apout Can' oma
chap iaVent m'fitm-i jv. whlcli ; borrowed
gBeawlU-beretarned? , ;
"iCFVX gentleuanWh9e wjfe. has.beeni
btBrtiis Ma or a fw iaetiol Uni ay
she has the most StfClve work he ever noticed.-.
He will be r-givlng about Pft-
t2TT'e' and five eentplecWhawMre-:
ceived tbeoDondem nation ;of the. aatbori-'
ties In Wasblnjrton,,who recommend that
these oia be called lb, and their further
the dUconUnueo. im:sr tfit! I :
ty Vn again remind oar readers of the
"jireat aalef ,' ICoslC.Treneli., - Russian,
! Irish and all wool,' blankets and linens
commence , this, morning at.Sa outh
tW& street, at J9 A.H. and 2 PM and .7
the erenlBit. JKThey : are. the choicest
goods and will be rold without resetye. !
v . . " u 'y' -i '
AHrrTE ;to the BAR.-Josepa '. U
""Brooks, oi Salem, Ohio, has been admitted
' by the Supreme Court to the ' practice ,pt
i law in all the Courtt f tfcla State. ; .- i
A'.Caoiaf'lXo. ' 1-Jule Olds adjourned
Court of .Oommon Pleas No. l, after calling
the docket and assigning the cases, yester
fcaay, until this morning at nine o'clock. '
-i 1 r.' ' ! :
'Spbciai. Tiunt to-Chicago-The spe
cial train" on the CC. & :1 C railway, to
carry exenrsionists the Army Reunion
at Chicago, will leave J&ts" city at 8 IA,'
December 14, and arrive at Chicago at 8
p. M.'. rTue i&ure for th,e round txlp . win be
$11.45.' S-c-a tin f"f.
Th Baptist FaexwtaL. The festival at
'the First' Baptist Church oh lastvettlng,:
wai a complete succesa both aa regards
numbers, and jpecunlary receipts..; It will
be repeated this (Friday) evening, more
especially ' for the benefit .of the children!
belonging to' the Sabbath" School,'" The:
.public generally. are cordially Invited., to
be present; " ' r ' ' - a ,
Ti ,V j
' imBOit'T8f pari. District.
Q0V.1 Hayes, In accordatice with tne joint
iolutlon of .. theliGeneTar --Assembly;
adopted November 1 S9thv .186V has - 0011
tracted with the trusteea 'of Longvlew;
Asylum for the accommodation of patieuta
7Cetr4lOo7 TheTUbdjB.ied
by this arrangement the" same as at the
other Aty rum of th State?-- t rr .
8ATtllA&AVTaxoos- COsCasKS-Th
second of Ml CaroHne Schneider's Satnr-
'day "-afternoon cohoris,'lt iwlltbe seeart)y
the -progranrme ih ad'otWfei1 'column, wilt
be 'gryW id'laugnton jHari," ob;to-mot 4
row'arterhoonV.tTh'tnptucess or
and immense !satl8fe9loi given by thi
first of tlieseT feshlouableconeerts. i eeff
flcient guarantee ithat , this. pe.j will be
even more, satisfactory. . Miss Tuther and
Miss Fannie Smith are among the attract
tlons for the second concert.1 '
'1 Thx Catholic: Fair. The Fair for th
benefit of St. Joseph's Cathedral will open
at Naughton'a- Hall on ' Monday, Dec 21su
The tables orgHhtaed are 1st, The St
Pafrick's T.A. Society Mrs. Vnillam- Wallj
.-Mrs. Michael Fayr 21, The- Yoong Ladiea
.Sodality, MUs ' iin-Gwey, 3d, The Holy;
Angel's Sodality, Miss Lizzie Doonagan
4th, The HlgU School, Buy's Table; 6th
The Mary and Martha'.Tab'leMrs. Wilson
j 6th, Refreshment .Table' 9M
Jeys No 2, MlssB. Brennan.' ; -
The ladies intend making, this one of the
finest fairs ever held here.. ' . j
. j
j '7 TraMsfbkbbd Tt6TKBDATl ;The follpw
Ing transfers were left at the Recorder's
"loflJce yesterday : r,;li .',r'V?rr,'i !
E. Hall and wife and F. Fornof aad wife
to Thekla Wolful and Magdelina Benning
boff, Deo. 8th, loU Nos. 75, 79 and 77 ef
A. Neil's addition to the city of Columbus,
fnr S1.250. "- !
R. S. Brelsford and wifeto Behjamln C.
German, Oct 10th, 34 85-100 acres of land
in Truro township, for $450.". - '
e Fram-la Jonei and wife: W; Tbonaag W.
'".Ton'es. TSec. 10ch, 100 acres of lancl: lu
Brown, township, for $5,500.
Coustx Commissioskbs' flxMTf no. The
Commissioners met on Tuesday pursuant
to adjournment. ' Messrs. Edwards, Gdtick
end Lfsle present. The report of the view
era and surveyors appointed on the alter
a tion of the road petitioned for by Thomas
. Patterson, In Madison township, was taken
--up and read the third time. , A remon
' atrance signed by John L. Stevenson and
others, against any change or alteration of
- said road was read. The testimony pf Jno.
' Rtov-nson and Thomas Patterson as
' taken. , T1.6 board ordered ttat said alter
ation as petitioned for by Oliver Codner
and others be granted.
. A, reDort from W. P. Brown, surveyor
appointed to make a survey of the route of
acerUln road la Blendon township, peti
tioned for by Calvin Rutter 'and others,
stating that BOtUnK had been dose through
unavoidable absence of, one of the viewers
. on one occasion and the surveyor on an
other, was. read. -The Board ordered that,
the viewers and surveyor having failed to
view said road, Virgil D.--Moore, Wm
Cooper and D. LI Holtbn be appointed as
viewers, and W. rr Jtsrown surveyer, to
view and survey said- road, to meet at
Squire Arnold's, in Westervilie, on Mon
day, Dec. 28th, 1868. "
- "
- M. 94.
-nrrn Hots..
The society was called to' order at nine!
The committee on Furtherance of the
Objects of the Society reported that they
would respectfully .surest he appoftt-
mept ot a committee pi Are meiaberKto
be called aA Committee tor c61Iectl6nof
Local Knowledge," and also recommend
the .manner of- their appointment; ; that
this committee shall have It-In charge to
prepare n onthly one or more subjects or
texts for diseuseien-end eliciting .practical
knowledge of" Horticulture;" cause' these
texts or questions to be printed, and for
warded to Horticultural and Agricultural
luhf pf societies Jn. the;State,rwltu, ?e-
qucss M M aaaaa a part ot- tneir pro.
tcrammea at their meetiiijcs, and lnvltinjr
opeii knd free discussions thereon; alsd,io
requeet such clabe or societies to prepare a
condensed statement of the discussions o
held, n forward the ime as sooii as prac
ticable to the Secretary cf the State IlorA
cultural Society. It also makes the Secrt
tary of the State Horticultural Society, be
a member of this committee, .that he may
make a report ot the information thus col
lected. sThey also ask the cordial co-opera
tion of - every local club or . society in the
State. The report was adopted.1
The discussion for'lfie morning was upon
i'Amerlin prtce.'r'T 7 Villi: J
Mr. Elliott said that the Spruce was-of
two varieties, the-White and the Black
Spruee. Ho, wasofoplolon that It is tar
mere valuable than the Norway. 1 It aoes
not grow as tall, and is equally rich in
foliage- It.ii not affected more than any
other evergreen py coal smoke. He did 1
not consider evergreens lit for a compact
city. It a man wants small evergreens In
bn cap. have them by pluf.lu them
every lau ana replanting tuem lu the
iUe discussion was continued by Jlessrs.
Storrs, Manning and btherC -
The Pine was next tnder consideration. I
The Pima Mugo, said Mr. Welti, is one of ;
tBe;best of bur dwarf pines forcreeos a3d
tedge. ' ... "" " " I
Mr. Wood agreed with the gentleman i
who preceded him, but feared that the!
Pinut Hugo would not stand the drought, ;
and that it was affected by the opening of '
the country, so much as to be of little use. j
Tne Hemlock, said Mr. Storrs, is ttie most j
graceful aad beautiful of all our evergreen?.
The English people wonder that we pay so j
little attention to this wondorlul evergreen, j
Mr. Teas, of -Indiana, . considered the !
Pinut Mugo one of the best pines that is
grown for cemetery purposes, but people
dkf not purchase them because perhaps of
Its "being so little known. ' Nurserymen :
would not keep a tree they could not sell, :
altljopgo. they knewjtto be the best tree !
offered. .. oi'ii;;-;,;. i?U i
Mrv Storrs, on the: contrary., could not
get enough of these-dwarf pines to fih hU
orders, and he was glad to see that the peo- ,
pie were taking bold of tiie matter of dwarf j
pines with so much intelligence. " He wish- I
f& tie had the surplus at Painesville re- !
ported by the gentleman from Indiana. j
The Lawson cypress was next conslder-
d,-wi all testified to its hardiness. -It Is
very beautiful, and required about as much !
room as the Hemlock. It was about as fast
grower as the last named tree. - It propo- :
gates from euttings without trouble. ; J
fjThe JTorway spruce, said Pr. Warder, Is
L . 1 . ' . . . . '
uuevi me oesi trees 1 Know ot, lor neages. ,(
We do not have to go to' Europe tor the !
treee they can be' purchased in. 111- i
hois; It Is excellent for hedges and screens, j
would not plant them nearer than twehty j
leet apart for a screen.
'Mr. Buttles has the Norway ln"use. He j
plants hem within five feet of each, other
for a hedje, nor would he hesitate to plant '
closer,;' ' -.'' ''. . -.' - :
Messrs. Storrs, Bateham and others gave .
their views ot) the subject. . ..
v.p.ii'vniotioji ot Dr Warder. Mr.' Elliott
'tips appointed o prepare and pTesent to j
the society lor its next annual' meeting, an ;
address on ornamental trees end shrubs.
Strawberries next claimed the attention ,
of the Society. The Boudlnot, a new va- '
riety.was Ar t considered. :
4r ' Boudlaot gave the history-of! the i
new strawberry. It is a native of Eicking :
county,, and the berries average.- larger, ;
more com pket, rich flavor, more numerous,
and ten to fotirteen days earlier than the .
Mr. Merriraan gave his experience In
the propagation of theBoudinot. He. con- ;
sitlered It better than the Russell,' Agri- i
cutturalist and the Wilson. . : ..,
Mr. Campbell reported on the Charles j
Downing. It passed through the winter i
well. ' The fruit was large . and delicious, i
He has no variety on bis ground that
promises as well. - The foliage is vigorous
and beautiful. - The Dr. Nlcaise and Na
poleon III he did not think a. great deal, of.
Gloede'a New Perpetual Pine he considered
worthiest i'. Hi''."-- ,: ' '
Mr. Buttles bad heard of Tr. . Nic&tae,
and his experience with the first dozen he
received was similar to that of Mr. Camp
bell. ; The Nlcanor Is a new variety. Or
rather a new seedling of the Wilson. He
thought favorably ot It. . The Jucanda has
fallen off in -his experience..' The Green
ia a little softer than the Wilson,
but Is the most vigorous berry he, has. The
French Prolific he considers a Jailure. ,
Mr. Ricbmend thought "the Ida a berry
tfaaf haa but few. equals. It bears--longer
thaa any other Vtriety.'beldg In fruit after
all others were gonev
Mr. Campbell's experience with the Ju-
Rsanda was different from Mr. Buttles'.
They done well for blm. , ' i.rc.5
Mr. Spauldlng's Jucundas did not do
well'.' ' They produced great foliage, but
berries.' He bad kept the runners down
both on' it and on the Agriculturalist and )
Wilson. .The' latter varieties bore - well. !
The 'Green Politic had done well with him.
It is a little more acid, and not quite as rich !
as the Wilson. :: " " ' ': "y 1
Mr. Campbell had some experience with,!
Durant's seedling. He considers them X-
cellent growers, but soft and acid.
Mr. Kerr had seen the Boudfnbt, and con- '
eiders it everything necessary for a 6traw- ;
berry. ' -! ' ' : ;;' ', ..
Mr. Cox said that the Green Prolific
brought a higher price in Cincinnati than
any other berry. ' It will grow more bush
els than any other with the same amount !
of labor. ' ' s .
Mr. Buttles thought that the Green Pro
lific would do best it the runners were let
grow.'-It took' Its name from the vigorous
growth of Its foliage. Z . .. i
In the consideration of the Raspberry,
Mr. Elliott said that the Franconia and the '
Naomi were .the same, or nearly the same. '
They are, as a market berry, large, round j
and red. The Naomi is perhaps somewhat ;
hardier than the Franconia. -. ' j
Mr. Campbell gave it as his opinion that j
the Naomi bad been confounded with the '
Red Franconia. and that the best plants
Which In Cleveland are called the Naomi, !
are IS reality the Franconia. la tbtsopln- j
ion he is sustained by Dr. Klrtland.
- Mr, Elliott gave a very Interesting h&- i
lory o( the Naomi, showing that Dr. Kirt
land was mistaken in his opinion.; The on- '
ly advantage in the Naomi is in hardiness.
. The hour for the annual election of offl- -eera
having arrived, Mr. Buttles moved
that after the nominations be made the
Society take a recess before voting. Car-
, Various nominations were made and the
society took a recess of five minutes. After
the recess the following officers were eloct-
ed: Preside.? pr, John . A Warder, Cin
cinnati; Vice President, O. -'W. Campbell,
Delaware; Secretary "and Treasurer, M. B.
Bateham, Painesville ; Ad Interim Com
mittee, N. Ohmer, Dayton; Jesse Storrs,
Painsville; D. C. Richmond, Sandusky ;
W. E. Hears, Millord. I
J. Spaulding, X. Ohmer, L. Weltz, A,,
ttlgjtatu Jjiljn prClarkeJK6rappttlat
elrtibittien,iplcs. X Jx U I
On motion the Society adjourned nntil 3
At 2 o'clock the President called the Sot
clety to order. i
The discussion being on the different va
rieties of apples,-. very. great deal of Int-
formatlon on the diseases of the apple, the
culture and growth ot this fruit, and the
value of the various kinds was elicited.
Some new thoughts on grafting were
given. We regret that the Society had
taken no method ot Demetuatlng this in.
formation. j
As if to Illustrate the discussion, stood
the fine specimens of fruit on the exhibi
tion tables. Among the most noticeable
j we remarked the samples of Jos. Sigler, ot
McCoiineilsvllle. Morgan county. He lias
reason to be proud of his success as a fruit
grower, for there, among the best sped'
mem from different parts of the State, bit
products were remarkable for their size.
flivor and appearance.
Mr. Bateham, too, had some splendid va
rieties. An apple called the 'eggtop,n a
variety but little known, met our approbai-
tion as the beet flavored we ever tasttd,
Wine Saps not excepted. j
A very full discussion of the different
varieties of Raspberries and Blackberries,
was had. After it the discussion reverted
again to grape culture. It was the most
general ot any yet had. More Interest has
been evidenced in grape culture than In any
other horticultural pursuit. j
The society met again at 7 o'clock P. M
On motion, the committee on Deterion
tion of Fruits were allowed to draw on the
Treasurer lor $150 to defray the expense
of their investigations.
The following resolution was adopted : j
Resolved. That the thanks of this society
be tendered to Hon. Horace Capron, Com
missioner of Agriculture, for the very in
teresting series ot insect engravings, made
by Mr. Townsend Glover, the naturalist of
the department. !
A report on the varieties of potatoes ex
hibited was made by the committee on
Vegetables. They especially commend the
Eirly Rose shown by Col. G. S. Ionia and
I A. B. Buttles, considering it the best early
j potato npw in cultivation.
! Avery full discussion was held on the
peach as adapted to the various poitions of
the state. j
At about 10 o'clock the Society adjourned
1 to meet again at the call of the Executive
committee. !
Opening or thk Skating Rink. The
tensation of this week was the opening of
Ihe Rink for ice skating, last night. All
lay long, in almost every family, could
, lave been heard the dreadful note of pre
i paration, and the discussion on the various
Patterns of skates was interesting and ani-
'orated, and the -pnpbabilitiea ot. Charles
HlainHenrjr rAugUfitea FiUfoozle
i""' uCT "
i "ne,r proDaoie atcenaance at a Dan. At as
ar,y an hour as 6even o'clock the Rink
crowded with theeftfeot the city, and
tlna tn waa htf lltQnl. wlr.h t.h A man, nnlnr.
- - J
, td dresses of the skaters. We were pleased
to see so many ladies enjoying the exhiler
aMng."" exercise.' TCfie inspiring (music,"
iheTingTjf thestfed-'clad Heel' on the
glassy floor, the shouts of laughter as now
one and then another unlucky skatist took
his measure on the ice, made up a scene
bright and Joyous in all its particulars.
Skates are kept at the Rink for all who
may wish to hire them. When you have
cise, up stairs you can go, where Mr. Da
vldson, of the National Hotel, has fitted up
a splendid restaurant, and where every
style of game, oysters, steaks and chops are
served in a style not excelled in the cityJ
The price of jngle admission tickets had
been reduced to" twenty-five cents! "To-day
all day, and to-night, the Rink will be
ooened, and for every succeeding day and
night during the skating season. Hurrah,
for the Rink I We took a private ' skeeten
ou rself- and- 4 id n't fall .do w n. -.We think
aoy'o'na can "skate noi c H J A t i ;
Court No. 2. The case of John Kiner
and others charged with throwing down . a
enclosure resultel in a verdict of guilty.
'The offenders were sentenced to a fine of
$?0 each and the cost of prosecution, an(l
to the further punishment of ten days con
ftnement in the county jail. Samuel PL
Meadville, charged with stealing a horse
and buggy from Wing fc Snively. was
found guilty. James Sands, John Evans
and; P-.C, Cook, indlctei for selling JnJox1
catiag liquors, plead guilty and were fined
$3 'and Costs eadh'The caseof Marrfia
Foley, charged with keeping a house of
ill-fame, was on trial in the afternoon of
Writs of Election. Writs of election
were on yesterday issued to the Sheriffs
of Putnam and Henry counties for ait
election of Representative to the General ;
Assembly, on Thursday, Dec. 31st, 1863, to
fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of L
Hon. H. J. Boehmer,
Mighty Eight. We have found it to
our interest to call at 39 East State street
and purchase our Flour and sich like, be-,
cause why, Towler & Prentice keep choice
articles and sell cheap, and we advise all
others who want to get good Flour, Hom
iny, Meal, pure Buckwheat Flour and Feed
for horses and cows, and choice Timothy
Hay, to give them a call. decll-lt 1
1 1
Skating Boots for Ladies. The only-
article of the kind in the city at J. K.
Shoemaker's, No. 69 North High street. '
decll-dlw '
Remember the Lunch to-day, at the First
Presbyterian Cburcb, from 13 to 3.
decll-dli ;
Jewelry made and repaired by C. E
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
nov6d3m ' ,
For Sale House and lot, corner of
Franklin and Washington Avenue. Most
desirable property; will be sold at a bargain
Enquire oi J. W. Moore, No. 48 West North
street. !
oct 13-dtf ;
There Is no mistake about It, Planta,-
tion Bitters will ward off Fever and Ague
and all kindred diseases, it used in time.
No family neen suffer from this distressing
complaint if they will - keep Plantation
Bitters in the house, and use it according
to directions. The most important in
gredient of this medicine Is Calisaya or
Peruvian Bark, which is known to be the
finest and purest tonic in the vegetable
kingdom. The extract of this Bark U the
active principle ofall the good Fever and
Ague Medicines prescribed bylntelligent
doctors. . Calisaya Hark is used extensively
in the manufacture of Plantation Bitters,
as well as quinine, and we dare say they
owe their popularity mostly to that fact.
We can recommend them.
Magnolia Water. Superior to the best
imported German Cologne, and soldat half
tnu price.
BKY-sept25-deodfcwlycw ;.j.
Lpv Uigclatiqn .Dress. Paaj). Thej
teeth should always be scraptilodsl clean!
and free from blemish. Keep them in this
condition with the incomparable Sozodont,
and when file are veterans in' the service,
they will still be as " good as new."
"Spalding's Glue" is indispensable
every well regulated household.
TsT;Junl5-eoC6m-cw '
Hollowat's Pills. The blood, Impov
erished bv the summer heat, often at this
eeiohldfveVlBi .boffe.ulcets; $fd. .'ps-j
tulous eruptions. The cooling, healing,
disinfectant properties of Hollowat's!
n nAa . td. nuiElM. Awnaa-l
ing- fortbese eMrnaT"ttftlsatfees, and in
order to bring the whole mass of the blood
into a healthful condition it will be pru
dent to, tone the internal orgMtsr and resu-
late'bfe secretions."'witb jk ew moderate
doses "of HollowaVs Pills'. Sold by all
Druggists. ly9-dly-cw
PiLEjl Piles I Thousands of persons
suffer from Piles, 'either" bleeding br blind,:
with itching, discharge, or tumors about
the rectum, and broken-back lik feeling j
dull, confused .: bead aad 3 depression!
Many have suffered, and taken so manyj
things In vain, that-ther despair of a cure.;
Humphrey's Homcepathic Pile Specific J
does cube, ,e van, the. worst cases. Try it
and be cured. Price 50 cents per box. Sold;
by dealers, or sent by mail free. Address,;
Humphreys' Specific Homokopathio Med
icine Co- 562 Broadway, N. Y.
Nervous Debility,, with lU gloomy at
tendants, low spirits, depression, involun
tary emissions, loss of -semen, spermator
rhoea, loss' of power; Utziy head, loss of;
memory and threatened Impotence and
Imbecility, gadaiovereign, cure in Hum
phreys' Homeipathio Specific No. Twenty-Eight.
Composed of the most valuable,
mild and potent Curatives, they strike at;
once at the root of the matter, tone up the ;
system, arrest the discharges, and impart;
vigor. and energy, life and vitality to the;
entire tuani They have cured tbousaqds
orcas'ei Price $5 per package of six bdx-j
es and vial, which is very Important In ob-
stinate or old easea, or $1 per single box.
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by mail on
receipt of price. Address Humphreys'!
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co 562i
Broadway, New York. jyl3-deod&wly j
"M "" ' I
Jelepf & DkButts, Locksmiths and;
bell hungers, at No. 141 North High street, j
are now preparecTto hang parlor and hotel
bells In the neatest and latest style. Sew-!
Ing machines repaired and satisfaction j
guaranteed Models builbr for - patentees, j
and all kinds ot light machinery made and j
repaired. Keys ot all description always !
on hand, and sate and jail locks made and j
repaired. may23-s-ly j
OF THl '-a-'
United States . of America,
CashJDipiUi; J-V4M00,000. 1
To which all general cirrespop'denee should be ad-;
d esed. " j
CLABER H. ri.AJtBr.Jreident.
A-V JCOOK, Chakmaa Fioanc and ExecutiT
HERY I). ceKEjYwe-PwIident.
EMbKriON T. .FELT. Seeretarj and Actuary.
i; I ttr. if r, si ?
Offaredtf till Cnmn,nT lira
Itisa National Cmpju, chartered by fpeaial
act of (Joniress. 186S. '
It ba a paiduroapital of t.COO,000 .x jf ai 3,
It onera low rates of oremium.
U tnrniheUxgar l.iauraoe than 4heiComjj-i
nitiB hit 1110 aaina muuflj...
It is definite ondcertaiB in iutarma. - -: .j
It is a home Company in every locality.
, lu Polieiea are exempt frou-attaoament. . .1
There are no annecessaxy restrictions in the Pol
icies. ..,.- . j J t!. 'I W!) v..,.,... If
V.tktY roISi n non-forfeitiWe. -
- Policiea may betaken that will pay insured their!
full amonot'and return all the Dremiums. so that'
the Insurance costs only the interest on the annual:
payments. ' , :
. folioiea may be taken which pay to the Insured,
after a certain number of years, during life. into-.
Dual ineome of one-tenth the amount named in the '
Policy. "..'''
- N o extra rate U charged for riaka upon the lives i
of females ' i
Jt injures not to dst diTidemda. but at a : . a'
cost that dividends wiu.be impossible. 1
.s JOHN W. ELLIS 0,.
Cincinnati, Ohio. General Agents for Ohio Central
u ana neutnern Indiana.
Solnmbus. Special Agents for Franklin, Lioking.j
askingent and Coshocton counties. "
reirr-ooua-deodsweowiy . .
Testify to it meriU in restoring GRAX HAIR
its Origlnat color- and promoting tta growth.'1 It
makes the hair soft and glossy. The old in appear-'
anee are aade yeurjg strain. It is the best .r,
-"-' .V.HAIK IRE8SI! , '..'.;; 3 j
tot used. It, remere J)andruff and all Bouxry
Eruptions. It does not stain the akin. - " , ,
. . - BKKT JII.B1! BT VAIL. . . j ' . " ' j
Beware of the numerous preparations whioh are
sold pon our reputation. ' '' 1 "
R. P. HALL A CO.. Nashua, N.H., Proprietors. ;
For sale by all Brusgists. , " i j
july2S dltawAwly-oa ' .1- !
Osj't'H restored in four weeks. Success
restores mably xwwers. from whatever cause ari
sing; the effeott f earW pernicious babiis, self
abuse, impotency and climate, aire away at once to
true wonderral mediotne, if taken regularly acccrd
ini to the directions (which are very simple and re
quire no restraint from business or pleasure.) Fail
ureir impossible.. :SJd.-ia- bottles at S3, or four
quanfitieti in one for S9. To be had only of the sole
appointed agent ia Ameriaa. vH. GiaiTcaH. ST
't hird Ave., ooraegil3th St., fow YorA J :
Tlf ANHOOD.n-AnotUr JTm t&tdieal
1I FampKUt from th pen of Utt. Curtis.
The "Medical limes" says of this -work : "This
valuable treatise on the cause and cure of prema
ture decline, shows how health is impaired throuxh
secret abuses of youth and manhood, and bow
easily regained. ,It Hives a clear synapsis of the
impediments to marriage, the cause and effects of
nervous debility, and the remedies therefor." A
pocket editica of the above will be forwarded on
receiot of 15 cents, by addressing Doctor Curtis
Ho. 68 North Charles streeU-BalijiaoTe, Md.
cpa-may85-dly-r ' :
A r AIR and delicate skin, free from every blem '
ih. is the reward of aa occasional use of Palmer'
Vegetable Cosmetic Lotion.' " "sep21-d4wly-0
r'- 4 -. m, e' ri
W. Bt BBOOBS.' ALIX. HOCaTOM. . "WM. B. 81. 9
Cor. Rlcb eVniKb StaMolamba, .
Wholesale Grocers,
Island Sugars, Coffee. Teas 8pice. T tacebg !
. ' XjIOUOX10 eatboe j,.
' febt-ly j
$50,(1 FIFTY THOUSAftD DOLLARS $50,000
I 1 1 'l'Ll fl.lTl..'i't,t-l-l
Stock of new and superior goods, embracing evefr thina in thw line of MENS'. WOMEN'S.
YOUTH'S. MISSES AND CHILDREN'S BOOTS AHU SHOES, now offered forsale, and to he elrsed
out. without teserve.M the store In UBiBQut'd JSEW UCLLpliU. .Look at gum of the prUesand
naie them With tosg MuaUB chargel , . .-j B- ,.'.. ;, 9, n; . .,.
"vai-a n.if iMrai,, ssii ww aoits ijcainer,
Ilova Kin Ifoolau
Yoaitha' Kip Baotsj, "
Mel's Csalf; Xap-Soled Boola, -j
nomea'i fjall Hhors, as eat.
sLstsfiea Doable Soled LnatlsiK Cong;
Ladles' do., Silk Gorr. Tery Beat,
IMiswea !TIoroccoriIiees, Poliab, -
Childs Morocco Sboca,
These goods are guaranteed to le of guperiot material and workmansitp. and Will 1ef compariaoa
Tith any in the market. -'- ' .... , . (
Jieo'i-forget that the sale it positiv, and Is limited to but a few weeks.' Another took opportunity
will never . coor slain. Be sure and find the rieht place (there is but one) before buying. ' - -i
DESULER'S KEW BUILDlKG, opposite the Statbsma OrriCB. is the place, lio and see the
1? &til ituZ
iwirSl fnsM? n waN i
tT !V TvSjfl I rZ
8-: . TiM! i' ig3 Pi'".-'!'"? Z'J'i
HaviDU greatly enlarged our Print! Dg FciHties by the purchase of a complete new
... II- - .
- ,.ei:T.-. I
in . -if. ji- :
I-:: -i"T 1 fx r. ;
i:li a' r..'3ijz eJl I.-'.i
.- GeaemaUy conceded to b-the fastest
ijA lhlcx ao(,i
The Latest and MostlpproyedlStjlei
:.ti jUljii I ,, , j , -'..-. : ' -
-S', I it'll 1- h- J-.' . . '
And the addition of Kew.Preseee, including a. i
In connection with RUGGLES', GOBDON'S and WELLS' Job .Presses, that have
provm such tuccesseg hi our office,-aad having the largeBt and most commodious
bulldinx in thia city in which to operate, wa are now prepared .- i i
TO "EXECUTE IYER? DEfiiWioiloEpaifiG
erf 1- t t-iA
In tbe bestand Deateststylaot the art, and upon terms that cannot be competed with:
X)at fast New' Presses,' OurInfproVcd Econpmlcal Machinery the result of the inge
nuity ana inventive iints oi tne oest minaa oi tue age enable ns to do frood worK
at MUCH CHEAPER RATES than can be done in the old style and with only the old
facilities." The OfHce is complete la all its arrangements, and can do the work with
!VT-a ..ITT i '
hRoiMcrt-: '
Books rt ncn !
liandbi.Is, !
Legal Blanks, rt -n ih'i ,
Blank iBooks, !-'-" j,
Business Cards, T L
. 7 I '
uiuh t ii ' uf.iii liiu a ,
! . .';.y-j
can .ro q ierf c ."
In this specialty We
if t : f ! .-..? '
- S .i J
Having More ' Presses than all Other . Printing
,ra. - -cKi Offices in the !City Combined,: ' Z: - fM .i
Ve" are prepared to execute all kinds of Printing, any color, at lower prices than
. - - -' - -4 ionr neisthbors. . . .
Tour neighbors.
..t -Jt- -r
'- ........ , . .' '
...j.-: .- . .... i-.-r i i V'.H". ; !
Nos. c 36, 38 and
woiisi oja..
'S xto'-l lr! a'i'-sia i J
- ss ou, neBetutr price f i.ov
. j'.-rr i'f '8.00,
- -X.M,.' . S SO
n .iiTiy !:. 00
tfiillerp, . t.40, .;' : :.Of
V :i.oo
:h :t . , ' i 1a
C W.-40 , ,,:;.:" , ..",
i t-1 "i -
i r " i3. c. cloud s cb.,:. i
,v;:. (rf.:
. ' .1 L ft I - '- I-.rT ! . .!, p ' ,
. ';) . ... -i , i.-jj . ...... :.s
OFtKJ - k.ZaXZIlNr'Z'.Xj
lb .: i .!
.GO-JO ! fi VB!
: m-n .: . . i.n..r....-Mi---:,-a
'-'il iff ;,n.u' -. ? .-u-w t-.-- txf--nuio
... 1'" i
' Ho1'
and best Prlntinjf Machine In the world., i
XbXS ZXt.ZISiaZ2ae
1'. .
j.- i-.j
' :'-- - '
Bill Heads,"
Letter Heads,
.1.1 j
.i K
Driig; Labels,
Bills of 9 Fare, Etc.,
. at.-
1 ...! I
i q "' ' - - - ",T7-
:) vtV 3 1' .5.v'-m".
i. I
x : t
are UDsurpaased. u
..... . j
:r!; . r' : i , i. . lit t
,j -,.i .10. ii o;
T " -
U i
-40 North High Street,
COMMERCIAL MATTERS. Cincinnati Money Market.—Dec. 10.
UOLD 135)4 buying.
New York Money Market.—Dec. 10.
MNEYr-Ver- rtraa latt-1- oerNtt
call. Curreney teajrry and arolna:-onh
and west, the latter ttf tnove lmrJcrbpV
and the former to mote cotton; -Discount
- STERLING, V.Kt&l AimifiTr; U
iw. V U W ll I H .1 W w .,W4
alXV and closed mt Therr'TiaTe r -
opucJj tMHn beavistiiBBaeataeBtbu).4rO?e
coccon, uas eecuail doiilg nearly all business
m baaie."' itnio issai v
New York Stock Market. —Dec. 10.
: ' GOVEENUENT"iSTOCK3i-tbwer on
Teoelpt of telejrrama Irom .WasUlhfcVwi that
brv -wore'incrooucaa i tjongres to tax
Mwt bomlfii; and : ckMrfB , sCepaft stt
'81 114ll4Joieti4U)n6; do
rtwlloU'(aiMJ; do '67 110Ull0Ji; do
'68110110; 10-46y 105r06X- :'Tl'1
"State oonds pteadj:,.'.PrJva tjlspatchia
from KaslrTiUe say.tbe bill to Increase' the
Jtoiule&4ebt,Qf'If nivaatt 1 J'Kelj to (al..
The stock saacketdariula, ainsettled and
lower; the non-declaration ot dividends oy
the Central railroad directors keepa the M
1de public away Tronr WatJ street.'. The
Erie directors had ;fetintf to-dayV'And
it was rumored that 200.000 shares had been
canoeuaa. xue Jriasucoatt uusiuii?.uii
leased the Atlantic gtjd Great VViSera rail
road for the term of twelve Tears, npoh con
dition oi the Erie oempany-pay ing 30 pes?
cent, oi tne pross earnings ot tne teasea
road, o a -minimum of $SOtt,O0b yeariyln
the event ot the;0tentearDimalBj
below that amowalwifs'i
..The Erie company engages to keep the
track, stations' andf'rbIlinMtOck of jtbit
road la repair, and Klves VUuH cpqiiiaay
the option of renefsingr ghe lse at itsl
plraeion. Th rranjraent WrtjelVe'to
tue Atlantic & Great Westam ah- amoaht
more than sufficient "to cover 'the in(mgf
oo ita bonds, due Under the recent arrange
ment with bond holslors. The suH against
tbe.Paeific-MajlCowparry-s'wr arrrir aa
excess ot passengersja one of those period
ical . proceedings affatnst -steamBhip, com
panies generally compromised for small
Sums, f) .;,.7!JI:-i
- 6:38 . iprlcee Wells?tExpres T 25Kfg36;
American 4344.'Adam tlXGmXi
Pacific.. Matt lUKU$i TFest-
eru union 'leiesrnon-v aeMdtjt.-'Mew
l-org- tntwu
Terre H
St. Paal
lrO'xft Ohio & MississfbDi 29ra29i M'
itraii. Central J18M? MichiKaitboutlierD 8oH
S5; Illinois Central 144; Pitteburjrb
84; J'QledoJ01Ki Rork Island 106g
106; North- Westetn 7676J-r Chlcaw
t Alton 140; Lake Shore. Iij0 C. C&
inaianapoiis i;r
ys fv
iute 3H361; Wabash.'B5J455;
63T3i,63W;: Port -Warn lln
New York Market.—Dec. 10.
, COTTON Very Ann and acaroely so ae-
tive;2'500bales at 33c 1or mddHng:9. '
FLOUR Closed fa better , with, a, inod-
erate demand. J-r '!.(
WHi; AT-Qiilet Wofff flrm at $1 60 for No
2 spring and $2 for amber Michigan. '.
RYE Dull at 1 49l SO for Western,'
" OATH Steady at 370 Id store and 78
OSOc afloat tor western. ""'-"c.taa
L CORN Dull aod-heavy. atjj. 14l J4
ror oia mixea western in store. l it)t
afloat, and 1)9(3 JJ2 Egrptfjr, mixed west
ern. . . ,,
PORK Dull; $23 5026'00 for messi.1
BEEP Steady and iu moderate demand.
CUT MEATS Quiet and unchanged.
BACON Steady .at. J3io for Cumber
land cut.. .' ' ,'' ,t vi,:'.','
LARD Very firm at 15.16jo or fair
to prime steam. A r. "(;.ia
EGGS Stead v arfd unchanged.
' '
Cincinnati Market.—Dec. 10.
A FLOUR Dull; family 7 2507
WHEAT Dull; Sales Nd. 1 red at $1 75;
buyers offer TathefTM- ' ' 1 ' ! ''
CORNFirm at WG5a 'for ear, " u't
j OATS Firm; sales of No. 1 at Wc; choice
at-65c. ." -!! i-i.,i " a -liif
RYE-Adyanced to tl 321 33 for No:!.
. BARLEY In but limited -demand and
prices unchanged. :i
COTrONFirm at 23s, though the de
mand is tights-. : b:v'-ni: nn.;ji
WHISKYr-So'-Bt We, buttheflemaha
is light. ;v.. , " , ic,..r:-:: - r
OIL Linseed firmer; sales at 97c ,..,.
HAY Firm atU015 00. s-k
. HOGS Opened fJbll but closed active
and flrm at $7 753 25 gross, and $9 50
10 oo net. ' .. tJV-,..-- '
PROVISIONS4cloae, firm . and more
doing. K C.-L-IU t; .-. i3i,3'i '
PORK Mess, sold at 924 50 on the spot,
and $25 for January. a-f.-: .
BULK MEATS Mut be quoted at
10c for shoulders, l213c for clear rib,
and 13l4c for clear; there is a good de
mand lor clear. '.V;-r ,.'.-,-t t-"i
BACON-Sides at.l6lAc. l A
HAMS Sugar cured in moderate de
mand at 1717c-the latter rat for 'Can
vassed. -r. ... ...-.-.'It. ni :V
; LARD Quiet: prime steam 14ri; kettte
1515C, the latter asked. J . , ;
GREEN MEAT Easier; sales at 8
8ic for shoulders, lllljc for ajde Attd
lM13c for hamsloaiHi( firnw.--( '.id.m
BUTTER FliTOat85(s39eJi 'i ) uuif
"CHEESE-.ghert whderrahge'!fe
17k18o; the strippinjt demajMt Is good.
SUGAR---Firm'atful prices. ''1?"":'
'MOLASSES-rDVl and decltnlngi'pdUM
1 decllngrliae
New Orleans 7075rc.
BEEF CATTLE r-Ia good demand1 and
advancing; 94 00(3;? 25 is the whole nusge.
-SHEEP Firmer forgood to prime; sales
at $3 50(5 75 gross.'
Chicago Market.—Dec. 10.
FLOUR Quiet; spring extra $5
8 75.'! .i ou ,-t,i kittu ,
WHEAT Fair, active firm nrl
higher; sale No.-i"kt$l 221 323;Oi 4 at
171 17i, closing with sellers No. 2 at
$1 J7: sales NoIpce. 'Change at $iaq
SI 17- ..,n 'I 8.l J .. I, i;V(g
CORN Old Inactive and nominal; aale's
at 5354e for No. 2;'kilrt dried l3,a3ei, arid
rejected at 68. .closing at inside, price;
nothing doing this, afternoon.
at 4849e, aua . closing at :4Sii
RYE Dull: grriaTR feal at 1 for-V.
1, and $1 14 for No. 5.
BARLEY--Opie(rflnneTrNo; Ssold op
f $1 e?!'. subsequently weakened
and closed with sellers at $1 65.
St. Louis Market.—Dec. 10.
tably changed.. '.,' -i id.i. ..,1
.WHEAT "Higher, wlth'good demand.!
CORN Advanced to 7073c.
OATS Higher at 5559c. . , ,, . .
EYE Firm at $1 25. . H:.,,.';:
BARLEYr--Unehanged at $1'"75J 20
for prime to.-faney spring. 1 'f -'Hii
PORK Ativjmcfld to faS.MSTt'wd
held higher. i "'
,. BACON Firmer, shonlder UMf. cleaj
sides 16f7Jj.: ' -iTrwT. . '
LARD Higher at I515Ko.lbr tiereav
'o-HOGS StiflTand ranging at $7 25.
g40 -' - -."as.. . :-y
f. WHISKY Easier at fl394g: fV"4
Toledo 10.
quiet, a i ,i.
WHEAT Red winter 4c, white No. 2
spring 5c better; saleBOf white Michigan
at 91 90; amber- $1 85I 87; elosrng at
$1 86& do Belrer, December, l;g5l ST;
seller, JanuaryXl 851 86; No. 2 spring
$1.35. i- i' : 1 ; -.'t l-j'.a-i r
CORN Old steady; new 34e better;
old No. 1 86c; kiln dried 80 : new reject
ed 70. ' li ' ' A ".:'' -.l-.-ii
OATS Steady; No. 1 and Michigan 60c
RYE Firm,
i BARLEY Quiet. - -f ' I-Ki
SEED Clover 15c better; sales at SO;
flax seed 92-25. .-. . u u
HOGS Dressed Jc better; sales at $K
10C. , . - r - ,
c PORK New mess at $21 23, .-
N. Y. Dry Goods Market.—Dec. 10.
The weather being clear and hard, the
demand for woolens has improved. Some
slight concessions have been made to close '
out lines of low priced heavy goods, but,
nevertheless, the market is better than for
a week past . In heavy brown sheetings,
the prices ot certain makes have been re
duced c $yardi ttn(j Kood8 iike Sterka
are selling as low as 14&C, and Appleton A
at 15c White printing cloths have risen
fully yard, and, nndera more ani
mated demand, have run up to 8c. Bleach
ed muslins have been in more animated
demand raiMt , are. jully 4e: faighdr. Al
though this, rise ia not yet quotable among
the jobbing- trade, on the whole, trade is
livelier. Qne or two jobbing houses bate
tailed to meet tbeir maturing obligations,
and will probably go into liquidation. , p
Milwaukee Market.—Dec. 10.
FLOUR Quiet and steady and prices
sana-tli an t7P1 . . ... . a
WHEAT Dull; $1 28 for No. 1 In store.

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