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Dip ffisman.
DEO. !
News and Otherwise.
Gold closed In New York yesterday at
135. .
: Ikin Wkstkrk, the actren ta deadj
, ; ?c Bi WSGaJa out on a lecturing ,ur
,4 SBopi-BiOKX ia wante$ ia Louisiana
V, ..-,!- ,-.,,.." ' .!tt
Dipthbkix is griping the adults In San-
, oaky."t '"7 ,
"jx ulnteniely cold everywhere through-,
oat the country.1 ';' '"' "' ' "t" iV'
" il'cMFiTT btoirPTT ta having an- Immense
fan to Cincinnati! .nn.viyili t- -'lit
2:Tn Denioent ldslists that Caitoa aeeda
another railroad;! 1v,bz c:! 'snMoni
- Th G. AR. organUaUon la Tlflln baa
wH LU. AHrattuet.,;,;.,. s, :.,a
v.Tsa bridge acrosa the Mlsourl at Ooaa-
hi been repaired.,0r.,Vi..ri(j
v :Taaa,was a f 30,000 fire In Newark, N,
J , Oi Btirsua v H'nui.
T jafllj Odd JPellowe ol JUtna will haw a
, appif? partitmM eve. , '
,Tp Normal School at Lebanon has two
kindred and fifty athdenti. ""i"'-
S'JSji'UuiaW biaktng li'jjopular'Jna'g.
Be'chotes tartness' right along.
Dohh Piatt U engaged to write Wab
log letter ta the pincnpatt ComtnereiaU
Thb tievthed feofctaeV. Galliry orna
bkbU with the plctnrea of ,115 rpguee, ;
tint Jjostin MeDd4ashoq QulDtett (Hub
Irt'nowoii thelr twentieth eoncetlzlng
Akeqro raped a highly respectably
white young lady la Henrico county,' Vb
c?rjia il":- . li,r'j I'U h ry.xi i.ur.
' J'Tirrnfbaa inbaeribed 40,000 toward the
ttmetfuctioa ol the Toledo and Columbus
fallrofwMivrtii !-.-,; M Jjiw J. a j.Lu.v.' j
1 About trOTty-flve hundred sheep have
been slaughtered by Samuel Funk, of
Wooeter. , .
Mostaha wants her population increas
ed by emigrants from Northern Europe to
Ofiaet Chinamen. '
L' OaTTtitO'dead drank is 'a: pastime that
some of 1 be clerks ol the Alabama Legis
lature indulge in.fi.i-. y
j tBMX bad a fire In Troy, New Tork, Fri
dav monitor, that did damage to the
amount of 933,000. ., , - .
: Xh farmers in Vinton county are busy
cribbing their corn." The crop is consider
ably larger than last year. U " ' -' 1
'' 1 H Mini 'is said to be a Mormon recruiting
ground. - Must be something like that it
gives big Republican majorities,:;
-i Ma. Maktha Cottkral,; ot . Cleveland,
haa been detected in extensive shop-lifting.
A fine of 10 and thirty days the.coun
ty Jail is the result. - .. , " ;
r Domw Piatt writes from Washington :
Our stealings would make Burr's or Ar
nold's hah- stand on , end." Pleasant for
tar-payers to contemplate. ' c ' ' '
" Turn Springfield 'Advertiser wants to know
If there must be a financial crash, and
thinks if It does come it will be "because
ur legislators are corrupt.'' : ; (, i -jUVb-j.
"-A WHrnt girl named Hlgden, at' Colum
bus, Georgia 'one day last week'. madd
ta ree ineffectual attempts to drown her
self. Each time she was rescued. " . ,.:
- It is thought at Washington that the
Judiciary committee of the House will re
port almost unanimously against Mr. But
ler's bill to repeal the tenure of office act.
A lit. Ooaa, a few nights ago; blew out
t he gas In his room at a hotel in Kalama
zoo, Mlch.l. Result : himself and wile found
in an; insensible condition in the morning.
"The question ts asked :. Will General LeeT
have a place In General Grant's Cabinet?
Not likely to have; but If the Republicans'
vft politically, wise, they would see to. If?
thathe bad,.;,;;.' ri-;v .' ''
tTum ChilUcoihe Advertiser, says that the
strongest man in the Democratic party in',
the Sute. should be Its- candidate in the
approaching gubernatorial contest, and in
sists that Bod.. George B. Pendleton Is that
man. I-mr .t-j'.i..; ir. y.nv.A-j 1 - '.v.
' A wOKiir ' tn! Rlpiey ' township, Huron
county,1 one "hlghtrecentlr.iio a dream!
badly bit ' the nose or her babe. ' She-'
thought the babe Was choking on a ugar
teat,"" and she undertook to pull It out1
withkerteeth. -
' Thb Cleveland, ITerald, unlike the Dayton'
journal, thinks a decision by the Supreme .
Court of the United States, that the Legal 1
Tender act Is unconstitutional, would not!
be infurious to the country. How. these 1
Rrpubllcan doctors differ.', i,. ; '.
Judqc J, At. Haas has sol4 the Weekly
Jfwikvett to , M. G. Gllleit and. E- W.
Thrift. Both: these gentlemen are, expe- i
rlenced pewspaper men. , While we regret
tberetirement of Judge Haag, we are g! ad ;
the Northwest baa fallen, .into 'such : good ;
bands. .. .w :; L
Fbok the Democrat we learn that an
election for Justice Of the Peace was held
In German township, Darke county,' and
that Joseph Burgess, the Democratic can
didate, was elected by a malority of
being a gain of six over the: October elec
tion, and of 13 over the Presidential eleo-' : ;
Una." -'-' ' '",1 J'v:'':' j
Bxk. Wadk is reported tc have opened
his mouth and spoken Chase and Seymour
have come in lor bis derision, Blair for bis
pity, and R. H. Dana for bis denunciation,
because he ran. against Ben,. Butler for.
Congress. Universal Manhood (Negro)
Suffrage and the extermination ot the In
dians are; matters dear to his Christian
heart. .", -iA.i -. : i 1
Thk Chinicothe Advertiser ssys that its
total advertising receipts for this year-will
xoeed seven thousand dollars. It ascribes
this to the natural enterprise of its busi
ness community, and to their desire to In
sure the publication of local '. papers that
will reflect credit upon the city and tbuf
bring H duly into prominence.- Corres
ponding enterpr sebn the partoi the busi
ness community ; of Column as would in
aur''an unexpected return: to them, and'
would also contribute to the upbuilding Of
thecity.' -' '-,''. ; ::. V i '
Tk Cincinnati Gazette ' anJ the Cleveland
Leader are Republican papers of the same
hue. The Leader of the 10th applauds
General Garfield for having secured, on the
second day ot the session,'' the' passage
through the House ol the Military com-'
mlttee's bill tranefernng the Indian Bureau'
fronit the1 department of the Interior to,
that of the War. " The Cincinnati Gazette of
the' same date,' denounces this transfer id
strong ahdTjusi words, ind says that this'
Is one of the results of that Incapability to'
attend to "business 0 the' country which
oisde th ' 'Congressmen a load; upon the
party at the last election." 'It insists that'
m we (hall spend a million for every Indian
killed;" that "our soldiers will be sacrificed
without the chance ot glory or success;"
that "contractors Will be enriched," Ac.'
The New Game of the Bondholders
The New Game of the Bondholders —Repudiation.
Mr. Boqmau4 ot Pennsylvania, one of
the! bondholders1 Representatives in Con
gress, and ever watclifnl of. their Joterest,
on Thursday last, introduced in the House
of Representatives a, ? bill to .regulate the
value of United States legal tender notes
In coin and provide for their redemption."
It was referred to the committee on Ways
The bill, as we learn by telegraph, dl
recta tbe Secretary-of the Treasury to
cause gold coin to be exchanged for United
States legal tender notes.' whenever de
manded at the -Treasury, in sums not hss
than one hundred dollars, and at tbe fol
lowing rates of exchange 2 ' For the first
month; 9100 in coin for $133 in notes; for
the secend month, $100 in coin for $134 n
notes, and at the decrease of one dollar t r
month until par ls;reachei.'!i " ' ;'; '
'"When It is recollected that the notes.
thus : to be- redeemed in coin, at less than
one-third their face value, wefe,1 when Is
sued, promised to he paid; dollar fpr"do!.
Iar, in hard money, and that, while tbe law
compels every man to Whom ' a dollar is
due, to lake these notes,j' at their 'face, 'Ini
payment of all debts du,' even ' when the
Contract' specifies that the debt' Is to be
paid in ioldv this attempted repudiation is
of the basest, meanest kind, and if resorted
to. will be a lasting andeternal disgrace
On the Government that allows it. . ' '
Mr.' Broo&Ill claims that the debt due
the bbhdholder must be paid In gold, al
though; 'when the debt was incurred, the
person purchasing the bonds sold, bis coin
for from One and ' a' halt to two and one
half more in greenbacks than he paid In
coin',' and J with the.' depreciated 'currency
thus'1 received 'bought the bonds that fie
how claims Should be paid at their lace lb
gold. This claim, thus set up. Is In defl
ance of the letter and spirit of the contract,
which promised ' that they'ahOuld be ro
debmed In the same currency In which:' the
debt was contracted. ,
" The greenbacks,' the payment of which
Is thus to be repudiated for it. as much
repudiation to force a Go verment creditor
to recelveja part and to lose the balance, as
it is to force him to 'lose the whole, the dis
honor being' the sanieare Jn the hands of
.ae people, aiio uuvernment maue mem
a legal tender in payment of debts..', The;
are the 'sole , currency in use for labor,
among the merchants, , farmers, mechanics
anaotners.'xne man wbo. works for one
dollar per day, is paid in , a currency
that Mr. Broom all's bill ssys is worth but
sixty-five cents on the dollar,, and ; thus
the laboring man is swindled out of more
than one-third of the price of his labor.
The object of this Is, by a forced - return
to specie payments, to enable tbe Bond
holder to get one dollar in: coin for bonds
for which, when purchased, the , price
ruled from 45 to 70 cents on the dollar,
It is a terrible thing to repudiate a debt
due by the Government to those who hold
its bonds, say the Radicals who go for gold
for the bondholder and rags for the people.
Yet these same men, by their representa
tives In Congress, wish to repudiate" a
solemn debt due by the Government to its
citizens, contracted as a forced loan for
the Usue of greenbacks was nothing but a
forced loan which was promised to be re
deemed in coin, while the bonds were to be
paid in greenbacks.
We-- hear no outcry against -this re
pudiation from the bondholders' press, and
we expect to bear none. As a unit, either
actively, or, passively, they will support
It. If successful, we warn its getters up
that they, while they will raise a whirl
wind, cannot direct tbe storm. "V".
The bonds will be paid, according to
law, in greenbacks, before tbe country can
afford to return to specie payments.
English on American Elections—
The Contrast.
English1 writers on "America" and
"Americans" of tbe Dickkks-Tboixopk
school denounce the manners, customs and
habits of tbe people of this country as r ude,
lawless tonder of a free fight than of a
good dinner. An exchange, while re
marking upon the perfectly quiet manner
the late election for President was con
ducted, contrasts the conduct of our rude
and lawless population with that ot the
people of Great Britain - at their recent
election tor members of Parliament, in a
manner that reflects but little credit on our
Trans-Atlantic neighbor. Among the
election episodes we find it recorded that
at Bolton ; a mill was attacked and torn
down btc&u8e a number of voters were
supposed to be detained inside. At Black
burn, a rash voter shouted " Horkbt for
ever S? and was Immediately brained with
paving stones. At the same place, a high
board fence was erected at the hustings for
the purpose of separating the parties, the
Liberals on one side and tbe Conservatives
on the other; but before they . voted they
broke several heads by pitching rocks over
the barrier. At Cupar, in Fifeshire, a can
didate was stoned in his carriage. ' : At
BeUastV a mob broke all the windows and
(he dome of the court house, and-kept up
continuous volley of stones throughout
the proceedings, while a detachment of
toughs gained and held the platform. At
Sh ffield, the shops of Mr. Roebcck's sup
porters were sacked by members of the op
posite party'; and from many other places
come reports of skirmishes, interference of
the military, and the reading of the riot
act. -The English have yet considerable to
learn in the way of conducting an election
decently and in order.
How Missouri was Made Radical.
Over fourteen hundred men, old residents
of St. Joseph, Missouri, were denied the
right to vote at tbe recent election, because
they would not take an oath which tbe Su
preme Court of the United States has de
clared VOid. ' . ' r-
A Mr. Todd, an uncle of Mrs. Abraham
Lincoln, was denied tbe privilege of vo
ting in tbe same state, in the recent elec
tion, because be bad relations in tbe rebel
army l Todd Is over sixty years old, and
the vote in the county of Boone, where be
resides, by this process is reduced from
3,000 to about 400.
- .
Thb Cincinnati Chronicle takes us to task
oecause it says "the Ohio Statesman re
joices over the destruction ot one of the de-
fenses of New York harbor, built by the
National Government,and named in honor
il General Lafatkttic"
We rejoiced, because during the war,
without warrantof law, without crime, and
it.heut triau American citizens were
elzed and forcibly taken trom their homes
ind incarcerated within its walls, tve re
joiced at its destruction, as the liberty lov
ers of the world, with Lafayette at their
head,re jolced when the French Bastile was
demolished. "If rebuilt" we use the lan
guage of the article on which tbe Chronicle
omments "it will stand as a' monument
ol infamy to those, who, bf their despotic
acts, brought so foul a statu on the honor ot
the country." .
The Chronicle wishes these "bygones to be
bygones." , So say we, but the wish cannot
be. The false imprisonment of American
cltlaens at Fort Latayette,coupled with the
infamy of Stahtow and Skwabd will have
their place in history, and form the foulest
blot on our national escutcheon.
Thb Dayton Ledger thinks that the Dem
ocratic State Central Committee acted
wisely in fixing the 7th of July as the time
for holding the Democratic State Conven
tion. The Cincinnati Enquirer is not so sure
abOUt it. ' '
Death of Helen Western.
Death of Helen Western. WASHINGTON, Dec. 11.
Helen. Western.' actress, died this morn.
ing after an illness of a week's duration.
UWjiJSmAln 'Ui U-lakaa Bostoa today.
General Grant.
Ganeral-Geant was at Armv VtmA
to-day,-attending1 tO' business, "He wlH
leave to-morrow atternoou to attend the
reunion ot the societies of western armies
at Chicago. . A. large number -of army ofQ
cers will leave at tbe same time for the
same purpose. Including Major Generals
SoofleM, Thomas and Terry, Generals Bab-
Ock .and Campbell, of, General Scofleld's
stafl, and many others. (. - v - 1
A very large crowd ot visitors paid their
rrBuecuj to uenerai lirant tni mnrnina-. in
cluding -many Senators and Representa
tives, as wella Major -General) Sconemart,
commanding the First. Military District,
wuo1arrive.ol.fnia morJUnK,,,.. '..
General Meade.
Major General Meade has been directed:
to report in this city on public business, at
sucn time as in his judgment the public.
iiiKreais win permit, ';
Western News.
ST. LOUIS, Dec. 11.
- A Denver -dispatch says daily service
from-Denver to the western terminus ol
the Kansas Uaioa Pacific railroad waa re
sumed yesterday. , The fare trom Denver
east is the same a-s via Omaha. .
A Virginia Cltyi Montana, telegram of
tnevtn gait: Acttnz Uovernor Tatt deliv
ered the annual message to the Legislature
to-day.- He recommends the encourage
ment, of tmraiarratton ' to Montana from
Northern Europe as a -counterprise to the
rapid innux 01 (Jhinamen, tavors.. legisla
tive assistance for the better development
ot the mining interests, and asks tor an
iinprovcmen t In tbe school system. ...
An Omaha dispatch says.: The repairs
to tne temporary bridge across the Mis
sourt were completed this morning.-About
one tbpuaaudar loads ol freisrht were.coh
lected on the east bank: waiilnz transpor
tation. No further interruption to crossing
is anticipated. Tne cold weather-for the
past tbreedays has made the passageof the
nver oy teams periecuy sate, lhe ther
mometer this morning was eizht degrees
oeiow. zero. 10-night tbe Indications are
tuat to-morrow u til be much colder.
General Blair and Commissioner Bogy
arrived from tbe West and left for 8t. Louis
this morning.' ...--.c.
Throuztr trains on the Union Pacific
railroad have been running regularly since
l uesaay ' morning, while on tbe i;ni
cago & Northwestern the first through
train since Saturday arrived last ntsrtiu
- Late arrivals from the UnDer Missouri
ieservation report the Indians quiet and
satisnea. -a large number ot stoux, inclu
ding Spotted Tail, occupy a reservation
above Fort Randall.; -1
The Weather.
CHICAGO, Dec. 11.
' The intense-cold weather continues.
Early this morning the thermometer in
this city ranired from 10 to 14 degrees be
low zero. -At Cair it was one degree be
low zero this morninsr. which Is remarka
ble lor that latitude. The Mississippi is
frozen over as lr down as Cairo. At
Quincy, last night, tbe thermometer reach
ed li degrees below zero.. r
General Grant.
A special from Wsshlneton savs General
Grant and staff will leave, to-morrow even
ing for Chicago.
Burglar Shot.
George Langsten, Sheriff of Brown coun
ty Wisconsin, shot and killed - a profes
sional burglar named M. -Nehim, at Green
Bay, on Monday, while he was attemptins
to escape from him-, He had been arrested
by the tolienn in a stage coach, on the au
thority of a telegraphic dispatch from Mar
quette. Three or four 6hota were ex
changed between the Sheriff -and tbe bur
glar before he was brouehtdown. He had
on his person a draft drawn on Ives & Son.
of Detroit, by P.M. Everett & Son, bank
ers, ot Marquette, which he had undoubt
euiy stolen, .,,-,,.)..
Burned to Death—Distressing Calamity.
. r Iamity.(.
Mazsrie WiBeman, a chambermaid at the
Adams House, Oshkosh, 'Wisconsin, was
burned to death on Wednesday - night,' by
the upsetting ota kerosene lamp, She was
partially undressed and lust on the point
01 retiring wnen tne accident occurred.
She was so terribly burned that her body
could not be laid out abd she had to be
wrapped up in the sheet in which she died
and laid in her coffin. Sbe had been em
Ployed in. the bouse for two years, and was
highly respected. ' . ' '
Murder Trial.
Georee and Camilla Twitchell, cbarsred
with the murder ot Mrs. Hill, were brought
into court ' this:i morning. The counsel
moved to quash the indictment on the
ground that the. District Attorney bad ex
ercised undue influence on the grand jury
to induce them to bring in a true bill, not
warranted by the evidence, which he of
fered to prove by the District Attorney,
foreman of the grand inry. &c. .The Judge
ruled that no person could be examined as
to what transpired in the jury room, and
refused tbe motion to quash. The prison
ers - were then arraigned and plead not
guilty..; ....... ,,. . .
Attempted Poisoning.
Alien Skeen, living near . Hillsboro, 0-,
has been arrested, charged with attempt
ing to poison the family ot his mother-in-law
- by placing strychnine in the well
bucket.: There had "been some ill feeling
between the parties previous to the occur
rence. ,
TROY, N. Y., Dec. 11.
A great' fire occurred at Greenwich,'1
Washington .county, this morning. ' Six '
stores were burned down. The losses will
probably amount to $100,000, mostly cov
ered by insurance.
NEW YORK, Dec. 11.
Judge Cardoza, yesterday, after hearing
the papers read in the Erie case, adjourned
the case until Saturday, issuing an order
to restrain Receiver Davles, in the mean
time, from bonding the property of the
Erie Company. .-!-.!.:. ..i.i
Ben. Wade.
At an interview: with Ben.. Wade, he Is
reported to have derided Chase and Sey
mnilr. pitied Blair, denounced R. H. Dana
and the opponents of Butler, as aristocrats
who made asses of themselves-in trying to
ape English pride or birth, and denounced
Reverdv Johnson to he a toady. The set-
element of the Alabama claims was easy
enough if we made the simple protocal. He
favored universal manhood suffrage and
the transfer of the Indian Bureau to the
War Department. ;
The Herald on Finances.
The Herald advocates tbe funding of the
public debt at a low rate of- interest, and
steady liquidation of the principal. It says
it is the imperative duty of Congress to
ponder well the gigantic projects lor rob
bing, tue ireasury now oeiore ID in tne
shape of subsidies for private speculations
, Da wson's leather manufactory. In New
ark, N. J-. was partially Durnea last nigh
' '
James Fiske prints a card to show that
Vanderbilt was paid a million last July to
discontinue' bis suit against tne (jompany.
The steamship Cuba, from Liverpool, has
arrived. -
I Money is firmer. The Commercial says
7 ner cent, is now tne general rate on de
mand loans, with some activity, owing to
banks calling in loans; home large amounts
are being tent to Chicago and Milwaukee.
The supply Ot porn, paper is uii iue m-
crease, uom is vu em
inent stock firmer. ' New York Central has
advanced to 125. Erie advanced to 40, on
the announcement ot the lease of the At
lantic and Great Western railroad, and that
20,000 shares ot Erie stock have been re
tired. .
Tribune on the Message.
The Tribune of to-day says
dent's message : It Is exceedingly desira
hi that we shall beztn forthwith to fund
our past due 6 -20s at a lower rate than six
per cent., but Johnson and his fellow repu-'
dlators seem resolved that we-ha!l never
be able to do so. This message will comr
pel our people to pay many millions at six
per cent, interest, which they could have
saved had our President been content with
the pyramid of disgrace he bad already
laboriously enacted. Only twelve weeks
more and the country will be rid of him
forever.-' It Is hardi but w enwndurr
bim twelve weeks longer. Thank Heaven,
be has only power to disgrace us.t ttt
Tribune on the Message. Southern Hotel.
Tha Lalafge property, known. :as the
Southern Hotel, on Broadway, was sold at
auction yasterdny for $871,000.
Lewis Gaylord Clark, long editor of the
Knickerbocker ' Magazine, was -seriously
injured on Wednesday by falling down tlie
stairs of, his residence at PinemonU Fear4
are entertained that be will not recover, j
The N. Y. Associated Press.
i Tbe Tribune says of the proposed ter
mination of the contract with the New
York Associated Press, that the actnai rea
son Why the telegraph gave this notice was
because of 'severe strictures 'against the
personal integrity of the managers of the
Western Union Company, nd they did not
deem it tneir duty to be bound to tne asso
ciation bv contrant-. while nnp nf thn mem
ben of the ssociatlon eit at liberty to im
pugn we personal cuaracier 01 ine ouicers.
: There - Is a good deal of consternation
among custom officers at rumors ot the
approach of a- general decapitation
The large tobacco establishment of John
Thompson. la, Brooklvu. lias been seized
for .an alleged attempt to delraud theUov-i
ernmenu .
' The Democratic Soldiers' -and -Sailors1
Association of ' Brooklyn bas become
permanent institution. .-. It Is provided that
members being sick shall be taken care of.
and in-case of death - funeral expenses de-
ilrayed by the Association.-"-
Proposed Yacht Race.
It is announced that -the' New York
Yacht Club will probably throw out
challenge to aft the worts for a grand trial
ot speed- ortne yachts 01 tne several- b
twns., j.,,, . - ,
The Insurgents at Cadiz.
YORK. Dec. 11.
i -The Herald's special trom Madrid the
10th, says : The insurrection has assumed
' morealarmingchaiacterthan first reported
; Telegrams from Cadiz announcing the sur-
; renner ot tne insurgents prove erroneous
On the first day ol the revolt the insurreo-
.' tionists succeeded in taking some pieces of
artillery, and have occupied an important
position. .. .. . -., . .- .......
'-- General Decoda, at thebead of aconsid
erable military force, is preparing for
. vigorous assault on Cadiz. The National
Gurds are employed to keep order and
protect property in juaorid.
: Great excitement prevails in Malaga and
: bther towns. As yet Ca. Iz is the only town
: In revolt. A rising is expected momentar
ily in Catalonia, and munitions of war have
been landed in Cadiz, and it is said the par
ty in revolt is wen supplied with tne same.
1 hey nave also 1 lenty or money, and are
determined to fight to tbe last. ' - '
" Tbe American flag Is respected by both
parties. Hundreds seek protection from
: the American Consul at Cadis. There U an
1 American- war vessel in port, and- Danish
and Italian vessels are placed at the dis
position of tbe American Consul. ..
-. Many rich families are leaving Spain. .
General Prim has gone tt Andalnsia.
.' The Government is much embarrassed.
. owing to the unsettled state, of the coun
try and impoverished condition ot the
provinces. -- 1 ..
Intelligence from Crete.
The Herald's special from London, 10th,
has the following: Intelligence from
Crete is received, vis Athens. The Turks
- captured a .strong position in Sphakia,
where- tbe insurgents had created block
houses.- They also sez-d a quantity of
provisions and war material Intended for
: tbe Cretans, and had taken possession of
; two landings On -the-shore -of the island
. nearest Greeee. It is reported that in con
1 sequence of these advantages, gained by
the Turks, the insurrection is dying wit."
The Press on President Johnson's
London, Dec. 11.
The Daily News says of President John
son's message, that his persistent opposi
tion to the will of tbe nation is the cause
of the partial failure ot his message. It
considers that there is no hope- for tbe res
: toratiop of peace and unl'y la .America
until the accession of Grant to the Presi
dency. , ' ; '
The Morning Standard strongly depre
cates the refusal of the Senate to listen to
the President's message, and pronounces
such action disrespectful to tne Execu
tive. . .-: : :-.. - .- 1 ' .-: .- :
i The Morning Herald says the message
.commends Itself to every body interested
in American affairs. ' It is the warning pro
test and testament of a statesman political
lydilng. ... - .
LONDON, Dec. 11.
The appointment of Earl Spencer as
Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, is officially
announced. ,(p' '
Latest from Cadiz.
MADRID. Dec. 11.
The proposals of capitulation m-de by
the insurgents in Cadiz were rejected. At
the expiration ot the armistice hostilities
recommenced. - A desperate conflict took
place, in which artillery was used by the
troops, and the insurgents' loss in killed
and wounded is heavy on both sides. The
result of the battle was Indecisive, and tbe
insurgents still occupy the - Hotel de Yille
and the surrounding district.
The rebels have detained within the
Hotel d'Ville all the foreign consuls they
could seize, and hope by this means they
will be able to prevent the threatened bom
bardment of that portion of the city by tbe
vessels of war long in tbe harbor.
: 1 Great political1 excitement' prevails in
Xeris, Malaga and Terragona, General
Prim is now on bis way to the Southern
province, and it is hoped his presence there
will restore tranquility. ' ' '" '
BERLIN. Dec. 11.
In the course of debate in the Prussian
Diet, on the bill confiscating the property
ot the electors of Hesse, Count Von Bis
marck, alluding to the recent war agita
tion, said the tears .of war : which were
prevalent during the summer have, now
passed away. - ' " ' ' '
VIENNA. Dec. 11.
It is said Baron Charles von Becke-will
be appointed Ambassador of Austria to the
Sublime Porte. .
House of Commons.
LONDON. Dec. 11.
In the House of Commons the election
of Rt. Hon. Mr. Denison as Speaker was
confirmed oy the urown. . ine members 01
the House qualified themselves by taking
the oath ot office. . . -i . - -
PARIS. Dec. 11.
Ganlols asserts that the' insurrectionary
movement in Cadiz is instigated by agents
01 ex-ueen isaoeiia.
From Ottowa.
It Is stated Sir George E. Curtin and
Hon. Mr. McDougall, in consequence of
ministerial changes in England, will at
once return to Canada and make another
trip, after the next session ot the Domin
ion Parliament, to settle the negotiations
connected with the : acquisition of the
northwestern territory. - -- a. -
The Privy Council held a meeting to-day
and appointed commissioners tor an inter
colonial railway, -namely. Mr. Walsh for
Ontairo, Mr. Bridges for Quebec, and Hon
Mr. Chandler for New Brunswick. Col.
Coffin will act temporarily for Nova Scotia
The Crops.
i Our exchanges noto that the corn yield
will turn out considerably below the aver
age in quantity. : A full yield Is one thou
sand million bushels. The crop of 1807 was
about one-fourth less than -this amount,
and the product will probably bd ten per
cent, less than that of last year. Corn will
therefore, command high prices, sud pork
will, ot course, be bigl. This is not pleas
ant news for housekeepers. It is comfort
ing to know, .that wheat ht least holds its
own. The potato crop is generally good.
New Advertisement
-r r
t3PMThe Ohio Statesman has a
Career .Circulation than any pa
per pablished la this City or Cen
tral Oblo. Advertisers will bear
this In mind.
l J - A
Vto. S IVetl flouse II lock.
Of all varieties, qaalitiei and itjles. A large va
riety ot
We wnold eall tbe attentinn of the nnhlin tn nni-
nntiTalled (took ft lbe ebore Goode. (Mi. Bad that
in lesi-eatto qnaht.- and nriees we en offer Aetter
lnnncemeiru taasany otner noa-in-cbe oiw.
Nos, 23, 25, 27 & 29 S. High Street.
Bee Laee Handkere iefs;
Initial HandkerobTefsT
Bern iced Stitohed Handkerchief!;
. Brbetij4 l'ofare; J
Beal ta?e Setta;
Spanish Laoe;
Changeabii Snk: T:t ''
Plain Silki in all Colon;
Ladies' and Mines' Searfs;
Tnoirej In treat Variety aniTftylee;
Harriet and luekandra's S-Idaj ( . ! '".
Large and attiactirajtook of Sbawlt:
rpi Ihroehe and Peialey Saxla; .-g-'
VJfi a si ojl-j )
1.0 0
-i I il v
! USIlllJD
We hare in itoek a fall line of Underwear for
r..".7,. .T?K,n.
Nos. S3.K6, ST 6 South Hih '
Diin. n '' n"-''-
:V ":pflC::,"5ri' .:Pc:??3,?ri.j
A fall stock' bf Condrey'i, RwnmeTi ' aid l,ahin'
. Extraoti and Pomadei, , . i
Ho. 254 North High street, V, .,-.,
! decU-eod'lm '. , v . COLUMBUS. OJBJO.-
New! W Street
fMIE CVlMR9l61i!D HAVI16 B
A -tained Letters -Patent for their sew and im
prortd Street. .Lamp, would caution all persons
gainst makioc, using- er Taodiog the . same witk.
eutobtainini the riant ao to do from tbe ondet
liso f. under the penalty of a pr6;eeutibn for in-
decU d2t Q. CASE & B. O. EVANS,
or -
Linens, Blankets, &.c.
VVeVUlf OOODri and BLAMKKXB. ,fresh
ana newly imported, ot the Tory Dest manes, and
eontainins Oo id ol the- oest. qnalitiej-. sueb
are never seen at auction and rarelv to be found in
the retail tra-le. 'l he Good are tbe property of
nr. r uouiniey, one oi tne la gest foreign im
porters for over-naif a benturj, l he aale will be
(American Building),:
Cemmenclng t'rldar. Dee. llthises
at 10 o'lok A . M ., J and T o'elnek P. 11 and to
continue fur FiVK l Vd O.NLY,, at the mm
bourn. T
Thin stock eonsista in Dart of All-Wool branch
English and American lilankels; Table Damasks
nf .TMrr-deM-rinttoiT: Linen Table Cnvem; l'renrh
Tea and Coffee Cloths; Linen Napkins, seme of
the finest ever brought to tbe country Doylies.
Ladies and titnbi'i Linen Handkereniefa Hneka-
bnck and Damask Towels. Turki-h and Rus.-ian
Bath Towels, Barnsley Irish Slieetins, Pillnw Care
liinen. rrenon aad tSiogiisD NarMiues uuius.de
Aa Art. . .... : i - -
The ijoods will be on exhibition en the moraine:
of tie sale, and all win be sold without reserve in
Iota to suit purchasers.
- - - W. B. KENT. -
deol0-d3t - . - - Auctioneer.
No 330. JBiroal-vray.
Capital, . - 0oe Million Foliar.
DABrns B M ANOAX. Pres't. . J as. MiaaiLt, See'y.
RM-ives Denosi a and allows FOUR PER - ENT.
INTUKESTon all Daily Balances, subject to ekeek
at sight, rpecal Deposits for rix mi.nths or more,
mar be made at fire percent. Tbe Capital ot One
Mi lion Uouars is divided among orer s0 share
holders, eompriains; many gentlemen of larae wealth
and financial experience, who are alio personally
liable to depositors for all obliaationa of the Corn
pan.' to double the amount of their capital stock
As the National Trust Company receires deofMiss
in large or small amounts, and permits them to be
drawn as a whole or in pa t by check at sight and
without notice, allowing interest on all daily bal
ances, paniee vuruvguoubtneoounirr can keep ac
counts in this Institution with special adraatages
pe NT-deol-dAwSJim
Lumber for Sale.
A TIO.N oner at prirate sale all tbe lumber eon-
tatnea m tue ibuw cuoiusiu i-neir nice course
Also, mo luuiuar iu ivum BuuiD, west stana.
j udges' stand, picket fence, Ae.
Parties wishing tbe whole of the above will please
can on tne uuu 1.1.U.U, wu.. win give en me nec
tssar information as to prioe. terms, and time of
'..i . kliMlmn vtviMj
IT not aisposea oi or caiuFUAI, UEU. 12,
IflRR W. will be sold on TDRSDAY IIKl' IK ltuja
at publio auction, by John (i. Beaii, Auctioneer.
Of the Receipt and Diatmnesmentu of
the Several Fudi for the Fiscal
Year ending; November 16 1868:
General Revenue Fund - $1,660,755 39
i!nal s'nnd
4l 54
Sinking Kund....
Common &ohool snnd.H..,
Soldiers' Allotment Fund.
l,aj4,6. 74
1.467.486 73
3.46S so
3 835 78
Jl .ml 13
S.733 31
Soldiers' Claim r and...
National Road Fun-!....
Bank Kedoj-piiju Fund.
$5,025,475 61
General Bevenuel'und...- H.8'"0 "
Canal t und .-.
Sinkiug Fund
14 .889 39 -
1,471.226 33 ,
1,420.8 80
4H3 00
S.78I 68 .
16,828 3 .
Common school Fund-..-Soldiers'
Allotment r'und.
Soldiers' Claim Fund
V - . . 1 U ... .1 Vnnrl. ......
Bask Uedemption Fund...
-. i as
4.45154 M
Balance in Treasury Nov. 16, 1808 . 6TO,iso 75
deo7-dlUw4w-r Treasurer of Bute.
DJlY-CfOODSrj- jf
i . nf T-;---b mt i. .J'-V.n'.M . ?l-li'
t a . .
- -H C . .-1. -. on- - .
-ci'X.D ciTiJI
n- i-i- ;i i
.Z' S'i-i Jt I.I I !
-. I j - V-R-1 J I i
.!!.? .1 II tf ' !."
.a I ;i i i'. i -1 : 1 1' a if l! ty tr -
A. f, HEiDlEY;! C0.'S
'WVf .V.,;! TtW "'i'"
- -. ' 3l.!r.
iM r' ;i i .1
,!1 liif I I! 'it . 17 r
:i-i .- - ns.! i-J . tl J '-iill'.l ) I
,i, . .'J.M !ri lli f (Ml
.iV !i.'li .inv
cur. :'
1 : - "
T - l - : 1
Call early ousd make seleo
tiona, so aa -to get -tbe
clioice - of our Larg-e
Stock of
. t . 1 . - ... , ' t
Which 1 now complete in
" -every Department.
iff -f IK - -s f-' ' Hl'dy
: 1 -. ' - .. . - MU. ' t ' ; ' ft . - ' -
. . ; !i' -. .. .,-.i.-.
., --. t . . ;j 1 ..."
..,--! I : 1 -I- 1: . 1 '
I : : n j . 1
Are . offered than can be
had else'where, .
.-.! i- - --. , -' ;.: 1 . .-, . .
. F - li ;
250. AND 252
i -, v . , , 1 .
South : High Street.
A. C. HEADLEf sfc CO.
,.U-'iflt!l j II
Onrtun Zmp tt. .
Du?.( T'S hLDU-' Hongloii-el Styriena
J kf.Vean Seltief and MissebneIdTrf
Bopraixp Jolo7Jfoe ia K, ' ilJuws'sjCwS.tiniiri.
JliFsTannie M. Smith.
oPisuio Solo - Pilgrim Bird! 'k..w..i. .8attr.
ij Mi-s lAura Backus.
Soprano Solo Oood Aignr. KaiwweOl .'KSeken
iftK- Hiss Emma Tntker.' i .u- -'
..JlQp....... ..... ; Gungl.
'iByhja4ireyy-rtj.rqiesU .- el
- Miss Fsnnie M. Smith. . . .
ultZlP,"-'2n v;i",;.iGott!haik.
MisseaOareline-Bchneider and Laura Backus.
2 iT-TTT.-lf MldaiBOor. ,t-.
rv t. i -
?frrV JvlSThta Only , a
f WSS af.ir aaaiuaiom'm " "'.
- . Am.K, J 1. K. A m. 1
Takei pteeswre in auuooncing that be hu engaged
The ensat LeadoaComiqae. who is areDonneed by
has erer produced. Boraect sad Tartof, prooouae
ed by tbe pie .a as the two. Fnuriees Mee in the
world! Taylor as Yorkshire ham; Taj lorae Dis
mal Dolefuk Tayler as Ssrah Walker: Taylor aa
simple Mm. KurneM as Mr. Caudle as per
formed b. him in New York lOOoeusacatiT niikn
Miss Nash as Mrs Candle; Prof. Hharpley, Cn
eertiinairThoSi Kiloeri Musical Miireetor. Tiek
ets. SOe; Gallery, Joe; Knarred Seats 76c.
deel0-dt. ... .' . i ... v-s -Baiaeu Agent.
- BOCIAIi 'BAXti'' '.,:,';
.. .r.-.T-rs -Jl .-i..
MOlTOAt.-tlie 14th of DjSQ.. 1868;
Xhe TraeJtlrIscni Uncirine. i
KatarsV-k stragglinc with disease, indicates
wiunixmkably the kind of assistance lhe requires.
In easel of nervous weakness and general debility,
the ffifihle poise, the lack-lustre eye, the tlTnnstid
frame, the flaccid moacles.-sbl-imelsaakoly iaags,
infor-n a. mi plsinlrsa if each orgaa sad a tongue,
that at tudtcaUd it mutant is' tittdtd. ' It does not
require the aid of a medical edaoatioa t andee
stand this dumb appeal for aew vtger. from'aS etc.
bans ted system. Every reader of these Haes can
comprehend it just as well as the graduate of aihy
sicians'ooUege. Let aot this demand at eafeaHed
nature be neglected. K-spoid to it wrbmptly -ky
commencing a course of HOSTETTEB'8 STOkl
ACH BITTERS, -a preparaUoa uaiving, V their
hishet exceUeace, the pro rtiea ef a stimulaut
an iwrisoa avTi and an a ltr TtTi Before three
eye hareelavied, fitui tha takrtng ofllis ejalrdoaw.
a marked bneScial ebsit will beiaaifeSt intlf
feodUy aodjBftntal oondition of the patient. The
pulse wiB be stronger and m ore regular.tk eye will
begia to lose Hi eraiU expression, the nasealar Ind
nervous systems to recover their tension, and the
spirits to' Improve. Persevere, and a complete rer
vivieation of the depressed auUnal and mental pow.
en il certain. 'In cases ef dypepsia end billioui
ness, the game salutary results will be obtained.
The appetite will revive, the sallowness of the skijl
disappear, and all the distressing symptoms whisk
aeaompaay disorders of the stomach and liven will
rapidly subside. The cold of winter often intensifies
these complaints by checking the perspiratory ac
tion, by which so mueh morbid matter is evaporated
throngs the yores ia milder weather, and therefor
the BITTERS are especially useful to the dyspeptic
and bilious atteie-s
may33deodwlj-e-B - '
'T( !
a ( - J-.:,ASIII- - ', i i '
PBOV ENCE. B. 1 h ring the largest- maoa-faetc-ry
80 : Bilver " a in the world; wirii
tha most m proved mach ' y, and employing the
saost; skilled labors are enabled tc efler B-wa
equalled variety of ne- md beautiful designs in
Dinner Servioee, Tea' d rices, ind every article
peeia'ly adapted fori Jiday and Bridal Gifts. t
They offer also their welj-known and unrivalled
Nickel SUver Eleetro-PUUd Ware, in wbioh the
have introduced new jpatterni of rare elegancaaj
The" Solid Silver Is guaranteed- to be sf sterling
purity by U. 8. Mint assay. The Electre-Plate i
guaranteed to be superior to the finest S) effiel
ware. Orders received from the Trade only. tn.
these goods may hi obtained trom responsible
dealers eyerie here.
Tride Mark
' eMrecyXleefce-
Silver. 11
Salesroom No. 3 Maiden Lane. N. T.'V
nov5-dAw4Xm-re r
"thildren's Un- Saycd forFiftj.
Thonsaadslof children die snonrlly of -Crowes
Now, Mothers, if yon would spend 60, etqii, and
always have a bottle , Dr. Tobias' Venetian Lis
iment in - the house, you never need fear loeint
your little one when attacked with this complaint
It is now 81 years since I have put up my Liai. ant,
and never heard of a child dying pf Croup when
my Liniment waa nsedi- bat bundredi of curse
have been reported to xe, and many state if it waa
10 per bottle they would not be without it. Be
sides which, it is a certain care for Cuts, Boms.
Headache, Toothache. Sore Throat. Swellings.
Mumps, Colic. Diarrhea. Dysentery; Spasms, Old
Sores and Pains in tbe Limbs. Back, and Chest.
So onecneetiea it who ia aver without ivIt ig
warranted perfectly safe to take internally. Full
directions with every battle. : Sold-by the Drag
gists and Storekeepers in the United titatti. Del
pot 10 Fark Place. N.Y.-" - . Y .
junelS-dAwlyem-peirr' . .! v .1'. ' ..
Bow a Dccliae is. Pro dated.
Fare blood makes us well, bad blood make ai
sick. . Vapors" from poorly digested food in the
blood are condensed upon tbe various organs, and
serve tc make them grow or repair their wastes"
Organi made with a greater or lesser proportion of
such materials cannot be sound. If tbe bad con
dition ef blood cODtrnmee bat for a few days' er
weeks tbe body will be out of sorts; and if it oon-
tinues, tha whole of the body will in time be re
newed with Imperfect blood, and the health bad;
itis in a decline popularly called a consumption'
'Sow Brandreth'i Hills penetrate the wholejaaag-.
of blood, causing the expulsion of Impurities; the -body
feels relieved from a sing's" dose what, thstt
may by expected from twenty? By continalag
their nee the wholeof the blood In time becomes
purified, and the body reconstructed from good ma
terial. the decline stopped, and a new lease of life
secured. Principal, office,," BbakqretH Bousi'
New T.eri.., Bold by ail druggists." i 1 . .
iunelS-dAwlyem-peMT - -- .'
,- To art we owe a thousand graees; mi
Improving Nature no disgrace is. ' ' -
Bo, as! gray hair don't please tbe eye.,
Cristadoro's Hair Prtsefvative.'
Striking, a ounding. are the Effect produced
by Cristadoro's Hair Preservative and Beautifier.
Be the hair ever so wiry, coarse and unmauageabl a
by brush and com,-in oae creek tbis ertM -will
render U flexible, lustrous and inclined to curl-
SJd by Druggists, aid applied by all Hair l)re(J
ers. alaeufaetory Ne. - klaklea Lane. Prineieai
Depot No 6 As tor House., , , ,
: iunel6-d4wljera-renT -1 '
j A 1IOLIOAI PKsKnr f .Ladies an4
gentlemen, young and old. desirous bf having their .
hair beautiful for the Holidays, should use a bot
Bead Chevalier1! Treatise on the Hair.
Free to all. Given away at the Drug Stores, or sen t '
by mail free. This book ahonld be read by every-,
person. It teaches tc cultivate and have beaatifnf
hair, and restore gray hair to its original' color,'
stop its" falling but, removes all irritation or dan
druff from the scalp, thus keep tag the hair eaU-,
ful to the latest period of lire.'-' - 'o "--..is.t V '
SARAH A. CHEVALIEB.'llf. -rj." 9 '
: JHTdal-odl -HU Broadwas.N.Y. . "
DB. A. B. WILLIAMS. West Brcadway. near
digh street. Columbus, Ohio; haa' devoted himsti)
sraieriesof years to the treatment of certain pria
rate disease!. He may b vcensultad at his otfitt- ;
Broedwav. near the Kzchange Bank - - '
Diendid Hair Dva ia tha beat ia the world ,
tbe only true-and perfect-Dye; harmless, reliable
instantaneous; no disappointment ; no rtdirulena
tints ; remedies the ill euectl of baa dyee ; -invigorates
and leaves tbe Hair soft and beautiful, ttoam,
r brvm. Sold by all Drsgiists and Perfumers t
and properly applied at Bitohelor'a Wig Faclcrj i
No. 16 Bond sUeet. N. fork, rar aprU diwly

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