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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, December 12, 1868, Image 3

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corrupted bT J. Savage, Jeweler, S3
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H. M.
Bas Rises .....YTsTSnn 8ts
noon. !
bracing". 61 ,--.T-'i.Tne baca.:"3ct
lnAtXUC''l-i"M'i .-n Jit h-rnVrtt :
M&aftM fine: 3 .'Ms d n Tt
jtOiiMne'deid lame - IJe
(Ircnpbto trip St. f m lot, hi present.
age are hot allowed W skate rat night at m
'tS9 Gbft-?ftafif:iiai(J $ifiiaMB tlian
Ml ven ;'Tli Utter fiaver.g rtwa above-die
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nSf:Ta tarrespawteii ;
liaayljidieateA-.'Ma claim tltte1,?
tVWnnl.- w-W .w 4
s Si:'; f iwJM ,ol '-.:
fu: I VT si'-'nl 1 ,
roads have all beep. lotetttfpted WTTwy
Ann -hi
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-In! in. I
J"B37 ?ytiae "ij'otied, Wi ptfctechwf
Bint U tweuty-ffe eeht.g Vn'07
One ftf the latter w4U ba vlalbU lieM.tt the
1 sti-p-i .i-.
rrsr Th efrejonden which 1 Sbortt
k UketA :uias) Jtt.a.lWbtv tverjbody
appears little to him, while htfappesd lit
eeeryUayr wo urAife
.a;..-..,a;l,-;T i i " -n. 'rr.-ii '-J- of
". Aegelo iriir' was upi txalore-uie
Jiaycm yetrdyand wasAued and eosted"
$8 for blng ra?nt'ThU tt hi tww non
dredtk apoearanas) at the stooo ptie.
. , f o J 'ni'"' 1 III !- u
chased the 'Magaxla' iHorticu'l tsa re".
lso.w2ealll.tti Ama4nT3oo(fffl
Horticulture, and J a Jiandsome andval
uabla monthly...!!. '2, ... ,.. ...
Jhanks. J. A VaBJegrifr, lOT'SoqtJi
HHr&J-seet,- eentus yatarfay? &aa
lltyef aif .hewayirunjybf JUUe
girls to keep, baby, clothea Jio as we ever
jiw., U would mk aq acceptable Christ
Somb Good. A phy&iuian says that since
lb Utradacttoii e4 ahort dresses ther has
been a noticeable, decline la dueasea pttioag
women r!1nafln$ jltb eojd o daalpleeW
When' Ion jf garoiea'ts'', prevailed, wooieo
ere yeVyJcareles Jtf,'thla : reap'alc'toflen
wearing thin anoV broken shoes -i v.1'" v'1'-'
1m lami .- .-nor w.tft
ibjf Park; Dl'tipcn, for skctfng this .porn
hug at 9 o'clock. Thfr-aijraals lor opening
rW.be a fit la Jjy Xlma and a red Jlxhtat
nlghtTheetrtTanca ts attheleadof tGay
atreety oa Filth. . What with- tbia Kink, the
Park aad ', the! river,1 we.' can, furely tng.
W'r alt on skates." ''. ' '
LS'a- i' .a ii.'
TaosJacob Smith and Daniel Jtoasch
Were arrested while, prowling arpnti4'( the
back alleys af thecoltyv; a dagrus and
aUsptclo'u s .'zrantS ' fiatiif'ii Bp . Ipibl e
meana of support. They were fined $5
and, te castf jeadlac.klng.iaiearflettt,
they wejca,ajiowaji place, to ,earn,lieir
bread by tho sweat ot their, brow, at the
tone pile. "ei""'
great variety ot faicy Christmas
goods at Westwater's. . S
DwAJivai- It ,U' reported .says the
Springflal Advertiser, apparently, good'
authority, -that -the Inergan .theatrical
troupe ,Jta been disbanded recentlyand
will discontinue, ihelr 4erJQrnjanceg 'The"
necessity, whatever it wai, that compelled
this course, 'Is to be igreatiy'Tegretted, as
the. troupe was one of the very, best trav
iing, and merited a good SUpfJOrli .i" ' J
Lirkn Coscbktvthi3 "lfBsooif.--THer
programme for the second of Miss Caro
lUte Schneider'a. maynees to.be.. glye
Naughtoir Hall,hi atternoany proiia:
concert of more thau usual interest. There
te an agreeablrarieU' to be presented tat
must pVase all tats.f-Wearglad toaee
the revlvaroif old ballaSsrifiose that" hive
Uve4 jind will Jly. ;ioiver7jnth&-.aieinpry
like tlM recollection of an old lrea(Lr
"SpiiciaL Tba iq C(paoo-:Th spe
cial tralii 9ntheC.';C.'A; t.UyaIlw;y to
carry ercurslori'stato the'ArmyReui.ion
at Chfcago, wW leave this city-at ;8 ' A, Mi'
December- U, and arrive at CtOcago ai 8
P. M. T fsre for, tbe.fpu&d trip wlu be
$11.45. Half fare tickets will be furnished
to persons not able toreach('C61umbus In
time foi ,lthe' 8 'J M-' train good oa'any
train during th day." "ym-l': '-! j
Would It 7WeaHyp I; can't stand
this, yon know, said Charles Augustus to
Clarissa; Adeline if they'wrdblpgBngn;
Dutch" oa the Ice at the Kin k last nigh t.
? Weally this 't6ndtd. jtwlatlog'.and
twlrilng' throws 'aH my brainy down nto
my feet, you know, U that would Im
prove your jtnierttandinji It plight be an ad
vantage to ;jouiQhrIja,.'wa; tbjB.4eaf
creature's reply'-7 c-f
.H ft: a
: t3T A beautiful tot Of: Parian bosta and
tatuettes atj Wealwater's,
taa i.rt'-.'? -a. t-' . ) 1 , 1 n )! f.-t.s!
uTata Bttm on Ion. 1 our lady skaters
ob1 know what is ponslered the. high
est style of skating' costume In Partsv let
them become peruaiTEsnd read as fol
lows ,:7Dref t. ofblack veiyet, linedwith,
vfolet' satin, 'and trimmed with chinchilla.
This is covered with ' an - elegant Pollon
alse, color Bismarck.' also lined with- violet
aatln. Thus enveloped a lady ough to skate
at once into the affection, of awateptible
m1.. - -
e ir" .nyr-n. tp&q?TTlG
SCoew lTo.;!r The jury lh'tM'tas "of
Mrs. Martha, T6le'y;rddD;tel?o permitting
a nuisance, on'yeateiday brought in a ver
dict of guttty;ttad h wa tMtanced to
pay a floe of $30. and tobe lmprJsoped.,ln
the county jail for 90 days," and to pay th
COStS.,-.r u ,,fr s -trf.:-:.to-
Th ease of Jas." Wllllatnsi charged , witll
burglariously entering the smoke boose of
Mrs, ElllotW of Pleasant township, and
stealing Ineat therefrom, was In progress
yesterday afternoon. .This meat was found
under WilUami bed in a box. " ;
'w-.i'-VV ' ' -- : -
";"A SkcrW WotrraC Kso wtso,.' A lanp
dress irives u the following receipt for do
Ing ud shirt bosoms.', Any Jady. .who de
sires to make hoHBic happy will de-wellfto
try the experiment. It will be found asov-
ereign annaote to that periiona stun wnico
weight upon' the hea rt an IIHB ed Md
ill-fitting shirt bosom. "Tak two ounces
of aoar-wbitsr jroaT arabnrpowdeT-pnf IT
into a pitcher, and poor an a pint or more
el water and then having covered it, let
it stand all aighW la, tUatuornlng pour it
carefully from (be dregs Into a clean bottle,
cork it and keep It for use: .A table-spoon
ful of gum water surrea tn a pint of starch
made, la-, the. usual . manner, will give to
lawnvither white or printed, a look of
newness,' when1 nothing else can restore
them after tbey hav ba washed.
GKuvaLca-j-crAi ,KrOJtTaJu We copy !
the fullowfi)f delightfully healthy (crumble j
iron) the Cincinnati Timm We eodorae eT
ery -word of It. ' It has been our experience
always. , No place la prepared, for those
who most need a placer eren at our County
and State conventions, or rather, at State
eonYerujons, not nalrplac enough-; I (T
I After all the !ittpnveiaents ihat hsfe
liitnifleiBllrvad'telcxraitbHi'Tiira- !
iion, arcnitecture, mechanics, and the
arts, and the mammoth strides, which
Kieneav bag- scrompiislipd p wbn school-
the country, and newspapers, the great
popular teachers, are brought to every
should b no improvement in the treat
ment ot a reporter. When we first began
to report for a newspaper, which was a
great, great many years azo. we had to ac-
MnudaMoaiWaank)rbat wsy Te
couM3p vubrtegsffrerinev of -Whk-h'we
were expectea- to giv a uetaiieo
Dort-! ao)5i -we " :haye to t do s it
veu'."1 II " ttiere'.is a?'p"Wte" meet-
mg. apiace 13 provided Tor me eloquent
chairman, the angust secretary, and vail
o Ather Bjwrteri who; desl re o. be prom,
inentlr aoctatd wttbitke occasion:- but.
tb reporter, to whom they lobB tc sprettfl
tnetr proceedings Detore an eager and air
mtrliisr world. Hilda no., nltms nrenared. lor
Lhiu)caHd he snut .-ekhcr bring biAiOwn
chair.Snd table,. r take hu vbaiicaa mta
the crowd.
rfAUtKHigh we hive sOnietinaea known an
exi-fptjontQ tbe aoove rule at public metr
llUbS, we-cxnnot recall! aa instance in-our
reportnrial experience -ha; iiyv.xegand
was naid to the conv.-n'ence of renortinsr
f baiioe lurtiier tnaa provWmt:-tt
reponr-rwtcn a tickt-r, wtiicn. many con
sider to be conferring- a-very great favor,
and purhapg sending him a glass of sour
t7A large stock-4t- China dinner and
tea seta and J
Ia1-.Ii. J.f
yasea at. West water's
Kkv. Dr. Bubn8. dur
attention has
delivered re-
been - called to a-Jeeture
3mv3 VM1? ?- riFto?Wft
U. U , 01 I
the Scotch Presbyterian Church,
an TtpoHed,'.! he.Coq- i4'4pu6Ztco.
The subject is- ' JesuiHgm It ls'ohe ot a
Erflei top tctares:,norfneilver(3 ty
Dr. Burns, in ChltagH on ihat subject. He
strikes some hard..btow, and the, lecturej
arj exciting ' toosjderabiei interest lit Chi
cago. The lecture shows the marks of a
master hand. I It opeja with a brief but
graphic word picture ot the" person and
career of the great leader of the Order
Ignatius Loyola. He sketches vigorously
and discriminatingly the rUo of that
strange Order which soon became such a
power in the Church of Borne. We judge
from the comments of the press upon this
and other performances of Dr. Burns, that
although comparatively a new man among
us, be is making; his mark as a thinker and
speaker of no ordinary ability. Our Co
lumbus people will have the opportunity of
hearing hinx". on Tuesday next, on ' " The
Poets of England,", ,ia-the regular lecture
cewsefherY. lijh A.'iff n ?
toi liu J .i -j -, ll) u iflu
JTfUVBFEBaSD ;XWT BR B A f -T-TlX) follow
lag transfers were , left at: the ' Reeordera
ofdee yesterday c' u',',: v.--.'.;- ,i - '.
1 a K. Palmer and wife to Henry Mack;
July ah,; aj .acres of ,l,and in Norwich
township, for $2,800. f, , .. . m
George H.JEarhart, Sheriff, to Charles E.
Palmer, June221, 61X acrei or land In
rforwieh township,- for $2.07 1 1
I David Elchardaand wile to John Phi peg,
ept. 7th. 8 acres ol land ixr Bleadon towp-
p. J'J Eeee,a4,wlfe to PetertBboades,
Septjehaber. $ftbe r uadividbd baeialf bf
a lot or ground In , Montgomery township, .
adjoining the pH reffnery, for $200.7-' ;-j
IP- Kejsy aDd jaife to G rover C. and QeD
bL Ifelsy,; Dec. :8th, 50 acres, t land n
Blendoo township,' for $1400.' .. - j
EP. C. Harris to E M. Straderf May 26Ui,
lSbU, tt Seres, 3 rodsjand 9 perches 61 land
In-MAdlson, to.wnshipvfor $415.86.q
t3f The largest and finest stock of gns
fixtureyat lowest price's aVWestwaters.;
Burrcs. The bigh- pitce at which bnt-
tejraahtd; rentiers It-aotuaity hsFrtlole of
!luniry aad many families .are deprived bf
its use because of its cost. Among1 the
early Romans It was used only as a tnedi
Icine and never as a food, while It baa been
so pleaty-ln-Egypt that thebristlans
burnt Hln Jbelr lamps Instead t oil.' -In
'the year 1763 there was a thick', yellow dew
fell In Ireland, which bore the resemblance
and had all the "medicinal properties of but
ter. It was extenslvly used a such by
the people In 'Africa there is a vegetable
butter made from the fruit ot the Shea tree,
which Is of a richer taste than any manu
factured from cow's milk. As we have nt t
the abstinence of the' early Romans, have a
better light than the Egyptians ever
thought of, and aretiot likely to be visited
by any of the favorable dews of the Green
Isle, suppose we go to planting the Shea
itrees oi cjuit using butter. 'J;- ','
THY US-&4T U0MORIST3. On next Mon
day and Tuesday evenings the . "two fun
niest men in the world," Alf. Burnett.- the
American; poet and humorist,' 'and James,
Taylor, the- great English delenlator of
comicalities, assisted by Miss Helen 1 Nash,
Prof. Sharpley and Thomas Kllner,' wilt
open -their budget of fun "at the Opera
House.'? Alf. Burnett Is too well known, to
onr'readers as one of the greatest Imita
tors of meq and manners living - to need
more than a passing notice at oar hands.1
Who baa lorgottea bisi Whangdoodle ser
moo, bis Illinois Debating Society, or hia
German character if fMr.' Taylor appears
belcrreaOoIumbasi audience ifof the first
rttne,!yei from the favorable notices show j
ered on him by the press of the cities in
which he-baa appeared, we jndg him to
be lmmense.- :" :V .,'" L
i't.The , finest lot of plated vware ever
brought to tbU city at J. M. & W. West-i
J2ft1 I
yTjta Binx The attendance at the Blair
last night was even larger than 'on tlie
opening night, and the scene was In con.
seqdehce' stiir .more ' animated; '- We" are
glad the enterprise is promising to be so'
successful, for when yon settle down W
solid comfort and enfoyment In a skating
frolle,3o Elnk is the Jplace. Jadies are
taught the art of skating in the afternoons
Those who would need Instructions should;
attend from two o'clock to five in the afro
tornoon. , They would thus acquire the.
skill and confidence necessary lor "night
skating when the crowd is great. : ; . i
Tfi-J! I T-Trfi'SiT !;
A Sad Cask of Frost Bite can be entire-
lylSbviated by parchasing a pair o tip top
boots or shoes at the new store in the Desh-
ler building. Nfo. 33 drtb High streeU
Ebbrit & Shkdd are receiyihga fine
lot of1 New Orleats Sugar and Molasses,
direct from New Orleans, to 'which they
invite the attention of the trade.
"decl2-K '' - : "''.-;'"'
tTBE-MrLLEsroM ra HERBj-Cloud" Co?
at No, 33 North High street CDeshler's ne w,
building), are aelling the best quality of
boots and .shoes for Men's, Women's and
Children's .wear, at the old time (before
the War) prices. Go and see - for yourself.
"m-iT?- " ". r .
Nearly all the Bitters that are ad vertised
to be used aa, a stomach Bitter, -are really
Injurious, and should be avoided.' But the
Constitution Bitters are as represented, a
good stomach Bitter, and perfect! v safe, to
u-se;"Try them' anl be convinced. Sold by"
all Druggists. ". .', . decl2-d4fcwlt
. 'Barrett 'a MIraculoua Hair Re? tor a
tlve.. ,'' ' " '
can be no-
present made that is more useful and accept
table than a good Sewing Machine, nothing
that will bring more comfort and relief to
a household, or that will pay a better In
terest on the money Invested. It la hardly
necessary to state that the Wheeler & Wil-j
sum u r superior w any otuer macnine, a
paplaara, gtaralll well aQadoLtbe
.ifcfc tSac fsus-eiais alwaa a Jk Lk-
ious to try some new and untried thing,'
not being satisfied with the judgement
of nine-tenths of the people, and the
unanimous deelslon of the best commit-;
tees that can be had at all the Import-!
ant fairs, which have always been In favor,
of the Wheeler-& Wila,-we Invite you'
to examine it for yourself, and we are con
fident that we can satisfy all that the
Wheeler & Wilson will do a larger range'
of work, and with less machinery, and less
trouble to arrange it for every kind of
work, by on-half, than any other machine,
now offered to the public, or that ever has
been. And while we do not claim lor it al
lot of entirely useless stitches and move-
mffnta. wfiinh an - nnvar . ti oc and
S which must npnpflsrtlv rpniiim . nem-
plicated lot ot machinery to make, we
claim for it simplicity in structure, easy to!
be operated, unequaled in the large range
of work that it will do, and the neatness!
with which it will do the work; and it Is
for these reasons, and many more that:
could be mentioned, that the Wheeler &i
Wilson Machine Is such a favorite, and is;
so generally used. 1
We are always happy to exhibit the Ma
chine to any one, whether wishing to pur
chase or not.
Office, No. 17 E. State street, one door
west of Journal office.
Wm. Sumneb & Co.,
decl2-dlt Agents.
Fins French Calf Sewed Boots, war
ranted perlect, are selling at $5 00 per pair
at Cloud 3fc Co , in the new Deshler build
ing, 33 North High street.
Skating Boots for Ladies. The only
article of the kind In the city at J. B.
Shoemaker's, No. 69 Noun High street.
"Barrett's", recommends itself.
But Boots, Shohs and Gaiters, of the
best quality, at one-third less than usual
selling prices. The place to, get them is at
Cloud tt Co.'s, No. 33 North High street,
Deshler'a new buiMinsr.
Jewelry made and repaired by C. E
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
'Barrett's" restores with rapidity.
Unto the Poor the Gospel is Preached,
and unto the poor first quality boots, shoes
snd gaiters are sold at poor men's prices.
Cloud & Co No. 33 North High street, are
the only parties selling them.
For Sale House and lot, corner of
Franklin and Washington Avenue. Most
desirable property; will be sold at a bargain
Enquire of J. W. Moore, No. 43 West North
oct 13-dtf
n .t 1 ' s n m. n
,,"JarrttJ8" teethXhapolsy
Time is Flying t- Go to the new Boot
and Shoe Store, No. 33 North High street,
Deshler building, and buy your winter's
supply of boots and shoes, at poor men'a
prices. The goods are warranted of best
quality. decl2 ssatu
If you -would l.iiv' a esirabJA Tjead of
hair Vh'if t,U If Vrio" Wall'. ' tTV.V..Kl
Sicilian Hair Renewer, the' most wonder
ful discovery of modern times.
"Barrett's" Invigorates and Beautifies.
in.r & - Dk Butt!,-5- tc ktm Hh Vnd
bell hungers, at No. 141 North High street,
are now prepared to hang parlor and hotel
bells In the neatest and latest style. Sew
ing machines repaired and satisfaction
guaranteed. Models built for patentees,
and all kitids St lifchtmacrrttiery made and
jrepalred. Keys ol all description always
on hand, and sale and jail locks made and
repaired. may23-s-ly
Hollowats Pills. The blood, impov
erished bvherisuiDmer-hea often -t, thla
sefesbrMtevelops-' bolls'.'Ariwrs,' and 'pusi
tulous eruptions. The cooling, healing,
disinfectant properties of Hollow ay's
Ointment render tt the best poselble dress
ing for these external nuisances, and in
order to bring the whole mass of the blood
'into a healthtul condition, it will be pru
dent to tone the internal organs and regu
late the secretions, with a few moderate
doses of Holloway's Pills. Sold by all
Druggists. Jj9-dly-cw
Piifc fPitES ! Thousands of persons
sjift fro a Piles, either Bleedinf orjilintL
witu ibuniu, uiM;iiarge, ur lutiiurs aqoui,
the rectum, and broken-back like feeling
dull, confused head and depression
Many have suffered, and taken so many
things In vain, that they despair of a cure.
Humphrey's Homcepathic Pile Specific
does cure, even the worst cases. Try it
and be cured. Price 50 cents per box. Sold
by dealers, or sent by mail free. Address,
Hcmphrets' Specific Homoeopathic Med
icine Co- 562 Broadway, N. Y.
Jyl3-d&wly-cw .
How "Dr. Johnston's Specific" was in
vented I It is evident that, it a person
partakes too freely and too often of
victuals which they are fond ot, they pro
duce in course of time and all at once, a
disgust to the same, and it will be impos
sible for a person to partake of the same
thereafter. But this does not hold good in
regard to liquors. The more a person con
sumes, the more bis desire increases, the
more he will banker after it. To destroy
this peculiar Itaste for liquor by adding
something to it, was the object of Dr.
Johnston. After years of hard study and
judicious experiments the Doctor's ef
forts, were, at last, crowned with unbound
ed success. He discovered certain plants
which actually possess such curative pow
ers that will in all cases destroy the appe
tite for liquor forever.
sept2i-dt&;& wly-cw
Like Regulation Dress Parade. The
teeth should always be scrupulously clean
and free from blemish. Keep them In this
condition with the incomparable Sozodont,
and when they are veterans in the service,
they will still be as " good as new."
"Spalding's Glce" is indispensable in
every well regulated household.
Nervous Debility, with its gloomy at
tendants, low spirits, depression, Involun
tary emissions, loss of semen, spermator
rhoea, loss of power, dizzy head, loss of
memory and threatened impotence and
Imbecility, find a sovereign cure in Hum
phreys Homeopathic Specific No. Twenty-Eight.
Composed of the most valuable,
mild and potent Curatives, they 6trike at
once at the root of the matter, tone up the
system, arrest the discharges, and impart
vigor and energy, life and vitality to the
entire man. They have cured thousands
of cases. Price $5 per package of six box
es and vial, which is very important in ob
stinate or old cases, or $1 per single box.
Sold by-aji Druggist and sent by mail.fltn
rcofH.M price- Address Humphrey
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co, 562
Houdat rMwnr.-rhee
'resent macfe that Is 'more useful
Broadway, New York. jyl3-deod&wly
TQawaiano, uistaka, about-U, Pjahta- j
tiok BrrTKRa 111 ward toff Fever and1 Ague I
and all kindred diseases, it used In time. I
koaratlv aieeii suffar from thla distresstair
f com'plaint'flrtney "will keepTLANTATidN j
Bittxrs in the house, and use it according
to directions. The-most important in
gredient' of this medicine Is Calisaya'orj
Peruvian Barkfwhlch Is,known to,3be. the
finest and puresttonhv In 'the vegetable
kingdom. The extract of this Bark is the
active principle of all the good Fever and
AgaeMediclr;s!pescTibed byfntaUigeat
doctors. 'Calfsaya Bark is used exten'sivefy
In the manufacture of Plantation Bitters,
as well as quinine, and we dare say they
owe thelr-pooularUyiaaeatiyirtia that fact.
We can recommend them.
Magnolia Water. Superior t the best
lirportej T(ef man Colofi ne,rfud soldja'tf half
thptttcfj lii (ifii idh
New England Mutual Life of Boa-
TONr-Report'ot thd 8dp6iintnderie of the
Life Insurance Department of the State of
New York. (From Commissioner's report,
Jannary latnlSCpage 63.) 3
The New England Mutual Lite insur
ance Company of Boston.Massachu8etts,waa
the pioneer ot Life Insurance in New Eng
land, uqder the able bu t extremely conserv
ative guidance of that accomplished jurist,
Judge Willard Phillips, "President of the
Company," the Life Policy was popular
Ized in offices, counting rooms, ' banks,
workshops and firesides east of the Hud
son, and no Bank Bill or State Bova was
ever more sacredly regarded thfch the pol
icies under written by Judge Phillips,
The idea ofauddeceptio or overreach
ing was never associated witn a parenment
containing his sign-manual. Geo. F.
Cfflarraa Cot,' are the Agents for the
New England Mutual Life Insurance Con
Columbus, Ohio.
Central Ohio Lunatic Asulum.J
Columbus, Aug. 31, 1808. t
JfSije Ltf 1 Asjpo,, bf Bdktohj Mats. :
Dear Sir I am Informed that there have
been misstatements made in regard to dlv-'
idends pald by your Ctompany to my Life
Policy, which t have had In the New Eng
land Mutual for 24 years. For the informa
tion ot those interested in Life Insurance, I
will state that I am entirely . satisfied with
the New England MQtual.JI receive my
dividend of profits regularly, and that they
(tow amount to about .one bnndredfplpr
cent, on my premium.-" Dividends paid an
nually In cash. . . ,
fSigoeflj"""' c " w." l. feck,
Sup't C O. Lunatlo Asylum.
Dr. Wm.Ti PecfclCbnd D'f.iMoriell. his
assistant, have' both to-dav made applica
tion to the New England Mutual for more
Life Insn ranee. M'OU O q
- Goo. F. OTURRA'ACd:,' Ags,
Naughton Block, Columbus.
novlt-dltawSw&wH-jn PtO
physic 1 ANiQ .clergymen
Testify to As merits in restoring GRAY HAIR,
its siaasai-iariog anil pinsnnllna lis amiUu It
makes the hair soft and gloss.. Xhe oli in appear
anoe are aade joudb sirain.' 'It lthe best
ever'asei.It remntea DandratT and all Bonrr
KrapUoDS. It does not stain the skin.
J 'sent ran by mail. :
Beware of tVelmm'eroui preparation which are
sold upen oar reputation. r .
R. P. HALL OO . NaAns. N. H Proprietors. "
For sale b j all Drnssists. . , . . . .
julySS dltsmAJ;-oia f -. . ,5 J ? -"
AOIilU restored in four weeks.- Saoeess
restores matrtjr powers, from whatever eann sri-
sins; toe effects of erl pernicious bsbiis, self-
abuse, impotence, and climate, sito sw&j at oooe to
tbis wosderful mediointt, if takes regujsrl j sccord
ins to the directions (which are very simple snd re
auira no restraint from ba oeas oroleasnre.) Fail
ure is,impassijila.fc0ldin bottles at S3, or lour
qusBtmebn na. ior ja. , i o oensaniy of the sole
arpolnteJ agent in America. H. Uebitzin, 87
Ibird Ave., corner 13th St., New York.
. p sis. ; t
VI ANHUUU another Htw
I if A ! l " another
Ol.M?amthlaLJfrom tAt men of Us
The.' Medical ,lxuiaafi thia work - J' 1 L .M
valuable treatise on toe cause snd cure of prema
ture decline, showwdlow bealtk is impaired through
secret abases of ' oth end manbood. and how
easily rt gained. It Hres a clear synnpsis of the
impediaients to marriage, the easss and- effects f-naxvous-
sWbilitv, suoVtb remediesherefortA'
pocket editicn of the above will be forwsrdd en
receiot ot S5 cents, by sddressins Doctor OtTRTU)
Ho', 8 Sorth Charles usees, d5aIiimore, Jsd,v J
A fAiaand dellcite skin, free from every blem
ih. it the rewardof an occasional aae of Palipsx
Veeetable Cosmetic Lotion. eep31-d&w!y0
United;;i"Sta!eS. pfj 'America,
Cash Capital, "- . - 1,000,000.
..'..'i '!"..-' -'paid is full. ', - . '
. j . uratcii offices
"' ' ZriI!mLADELPm'jL'' '
To whicn ail (reneral correspondence should be ad-
JAY UOOKb, Chairman Finance ana Executive
-Committee. '
HENRY D. OOKE. Vice President,
EMbKSON Vf;. PEET. Secretary and Actuary. .
Offered by tiig (Jompray are s
It is a National Company, chartered by special,
sws of ejonaressi SSa,-- ' t3r : -- u - - -
It )is a paid ap capital of tl.COS.OOOkn p -t
It one's low rates of psemium. - i ' "
H turnisbes Isrcer losurano than other Compa
nies for the sane money. ; . - i
it isdsinite and eettain la its terass. . -t r
It is a borne Company in every locality.
It Policies are exempt from attachment.
There are no unnecessary restrictions in the Pol
icies. - r - w v f ji T i fc-
ETery Polioy is noivforfei table j If
Policies may be-tekea thst will pay insured tbelr
full amount and return all the premiums, so that
the Insurance costs only the inteicst on the annual
folioies may be taken which pay to the Insured,
after a certain number of ?ears. during life, an an
nual income of one-tenth Jhe amount named in the
Policy. 1
No extra rate is chirged for risks upon the lives
of females ' '- - ... -
It insures not to pay dividends, bnt at s a
cost that dividends will be impossible. if If
Cincinnati, Ohio. General Agents for Ohio Central
and Southern Indiana.
cox, DvrreB & co4
Coluwbus. Special Agents for Fmnklin, Lickinc,
Hnskinguni and Coshocton connties. '
- eeBY-ottia-deodJ;wsowlj
v. S. aaooas. albz. bocbton. wm. b. sl d
J. Se W. J3. BKOOK8,
Oar. Hick VHIa;h8(a.,ClsisMssi -;
Wholesale Grocers,
i -M1UM IS-!- - ,.i - --
Island Snsars, Coffee, Teas Fpices. T Laos
; j. liouohb, coo. " "
Tt- W-J.mmm ar V .-....) l ot '- . j; litis vC 'W-ir. tr 'U")
$50,000 FIFTY TilOLSAISD DOlARS r$50,(M)0
-, ..... -t .- - . ... t.iam ll. .ijjii ovtjtu tt'iuui to KCiij j
The aTTEiiTin.i or criai body is tjilleq t tbx nG!irrcFitT
8 took of new snd superior anods. embracins -every Jthinw Va -the liwe of USNH'. WOMEN'tfJ
-TPUTH'S.blSSEM'AJi'P CHILDREN'S BOOTS A Nil SHOES, now offered for sale, and to be clr sedl
lOBBj vitnoat -reserve, at. tie store tb l)hMtms13 N W'lTUILDINS. Look at Some of the prtoesandJ
Litianara thea ktita ttinu.iaan.il. h.rnL.riL . J ... I u t,T. ...1,1
U4aW w.LV.'a.'ZT.I'i ILL I,!' t .ai.-a--l..-la.i J
Boys Kip Iloota,
Tosttba Kfv Beets.
chtra jni&a SATES-
-lesi's) Csalr, Tap-Nolrd Boots, -Womes's
Call Staor, Beat,
i.lT , T f .. 1 f .Tri V. i
LAdfes' Boablefjioled sLnslisiK Cosnr.'
a-Msum- uo.f bisss. eterr, terj asesti.
misjs3s rrlorsxco Sbocs. Postals. -
Child Morocco She, - . J
Tf If
GL n TIT' ryTrl"'"0 "' i.n '"'a'1 nor.tin ui at a j
ajiuvuaa I
sorassrs cusrsacsea M e or superter material and workmacshiD. and will bear eomnarisosi
nriS Ibe oarket. ; f 1 'I 3 i i I ' 1 .... . ,
a't for- that tha la is pesltirn Adiii irmihsd io W-a few'weete. Another' took 'evportnnfty
S MiW BUlLli2G, oppoait the 8tat8Man Offici, w th plce. Go turf tfc ilij
.Jiiaoi Jii.rfal--.A ih'.i lu iot;:)i-: i.-.'ls-3- aii!
n . n ii . . n 1
JBT 5 j l.a.1iV ftiii b tiIIUAlil!i '.; uiZTilcT
: !e-- . F h -h:-- - ii
2mm TS3TAJ
. i i
, ie ci y . !
f 1.3 Jl ti'Z4Z, '.J'.
t 7!'5aoi jri.-w t-X-iiti
rti.1 e' .
, . .-... jii'i w '.:;m ,niu - .-c;............!
Having greatly enlarged our Printing Faciltle by the parcbasa :of a complete new
outfit dt ni jiztid -'il: ft-.o-i-:.-. ift,-n.i
a'i:.ia .a!.;,r.,,,f ,';, s u
-SA.e Till Ol 'X.
..ihrs sLsji -
. e;.f. v. ' j V m1 -a-:s: n .. a ur j nita A.i ;ri.iv."i'i .v'--:.I," JuIS J tu-J
The Latest and Host : ipprorcd; Style.:
. !1, !.a.:.' ',t '- in i :--!-.'f '-,:.;. .r.i-.if
And the addition of New Presses, cludlng.a,
z lo : 1TKJ llota dja j -r; I '..'i iJ.jLilJ.i! A. 'f(J K YTl'J
iU !'as i . " " - . "V
i i -,?! ft '?;) ot no ' r frt? rT
5T .ir-nc.-
Lis 33. xx 1 aa. s
Generally conceded to be the fastest
xmsT -ori.as'
Tn corinectlon 'wfth JlUGGLE,' GCfB DON'S and WELLS' Job Presses, that have
proven such successes In our offlee; and having the largest and most commodious
building In this city in which to operate, we are now prepared , -1 .. , ;
A erj
io k
; - j
in me oesi ana neatest styie oi me arc, ana npon terms tnat cannot beeompeted ttith.
I Our fnut Npw Prptupp. our Imnrnvpd Tnnnmirsl Mrhliwirjh. 10...I1 nt 11..
b. iew i-recsec, our improvea jirconomicai iuacoinery trie result Of the inge
ard inventive talents ot the. best minds of the age enable-us to do good work
OH CHKAPER "RATES than ran be done in th nlrl itilt anrt wlrK !.
nuirv aid inventive talents of tha best
facilities. The Office is complete in all its
i'r-i e'W
1 . ! A ..-
Legal Slahks,'
Blank IBooks,
BusinessCards, ,
,,. (fl
; t r. n tt f r i j i .
I Sri I I jr j-- t K.
In this specialty
Haying More f PressesiCJhan all Other, Printing
' ' ' f i ; . . ' ;ti i' tiu- ii jiinti j . i i i ' - i
We are prepared to execute all ilnda of Printing, In any color, at lower prices than
our neighbors. .-.i---.- . i... .. .....
- - . -v - . -w-.
orders: respectfully solicited
iji-e . .'ail
C- ' A V irisM
Nos; 36, 38anT
v ''"
u -s".ua mi'
ni :ro ol
WOKIH OF k.j 7
.";nu.i;fT j-ivi-.v xokiii 1:1
lo Jrro-,
'!a! tn .Tm.inV.i.
fit '..
r . a . . m
, w-, a.-w-.- 1
j fc!v ui'jy ifcjflajr '"'efl.s ji, -jj
j .vni'rp-ii rr:.i-i.' 1i 1; f 1
' l.'flS af '. iHUl It ?.!
j ) ,u'.sU4Vi ws .,..;
I r , j . . t - ..J:
- ".0V;nii ssr ,H Aiiiss..0ni l
-lu't 'till -i-i!
.. 1
. m-it ..nTT-iTri
CSaJtcra. .1,40. ' . fl.OO!
ihiijiru'i it'J"3.4, j ' it ini ,itm Jiia.Sj
li-Wi'tW '4jt'y ''
t-uj t 1 1-7 1 1 m " ; 1 , j. ( 1 u ; 1 . 1 t : . I l(j -
J.-jI r ': 1 v.uM A'.'r.'.'J'1.- u'!
sir. i-T-is 'juii.ii.I
mIi Lft ,i:r ani;iy- t i'v: vH
vniina n tfir ino u.i : 1 oliiiiiiua tut '
1 a hi
isi A
i nation f, io vt fl h . i ."iuili ii
l(':i jnri.T ti; v Jsnl iiui!: t.
i f.i its
bit .iii." if i.Mii !!tit hi I iTiii'p TKiil
OT a- as. TirTgrtvrsp a -. 'l.B;iiL r-i j
J lill'l A-Ci:' !!! ttilf.xtt .-Mi I .'.Jtt IIYMW? !
o .r t.siiiif ,J ii, n
i ili; u.-.M ,A tnv
fS Ln'. ll-lHi!l
' ;& i? n ,.i'. Xs
t . ni.i -!r.'.j a Y.ilf
' " ': .Ml!lU X
. . .
! 5fia lift'tV-l '.fit to
f P 'i:.!7f.a .
irJTI?i C foi fiiTE RIAL
!:!! .7 -.i,!t .!illi;' !Ai qi .,-! il!
!: ,7::i2 vi.lt .. .;iin;' i.v; 9i tK nil
fr..! a ." T.:!f;iu .ift ,i.idiv. ;.f.-.
J S'.ia J-.-nv l i!i L:ti.i,t 't-i--i!a
Ho o; : x:0 s
i r -.. erne :
- fit -
' i.'l 'i'i..'-i . -
and best Frintiog Machine In the world.'
lxilivis fhxibsxis.
..'ne i "-':" ,iM-..:i,Aij: u s ;;;av.-.
! . tt. .- .t,: J....-V -t..,' I -i -- . .
TT A TT Wn : '
H 1 11 V UV1
I'f l ) l ia!
minds nf thuiiio .n.hUiia
arrangements, and can do the work, with '-
1 . . . - - -
Bill Heads,
Letter Heaids,
Drug Labels, orr
Bills cf Fare, Etc.,
I0ll GZ:'. iiTt.ioa
r t l iin !i A r
Ol j I jHt . , J
i .1.
. 1 x.
We are unsurpassed.
I .1
r.l f i
.- ,lti.i . : . ... -. I
. . -. . . . . -i
BuildlnxrJ J
.i,l i '
40 Nortlr:mgh ;lreet.
! .-".V ,liA JiQj
Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 11.
I UOLD lifSJ buying. w
f- STEELING STXCjNijS5)urlat
aonntst bwwtnws . mA m.iiiua i!
MONEY ThereOa-a demand for
and tlie narkA-ia fTttnirw -surd verr-H
wt 10(312' oar tenu far best ntr nffrmt:
cno ouuiqe races -rarrsre xrpar 10 t
to 18 jer
- 7 . 'JTT .
,jj. I
Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 11. New York Money Market—Dec. 11.
.PJlT .V .A Of:-. n'-irch'aiaiooA I .rfi
5Ji??Fx EXCHANGE lda
f&f'L inn smmon, t.si .-iTa.e. !A.i ti,'"
tf&k -Of.hS .m
biree atillera. deuiand for oaalwsmld.sa
quite- Kmicea it Un aapeeiBd sv moderata
amaunt Of bark j-ni be-shlpped to-motrW
-- " -" t-.s-.tJf
liter limited 'It iai aapeeSed sv xaodrnxm
mL um M kr. Sf 1.. k i. CI I 1 . . . . J
New York Stock Market—Dec. 11.
elosin" beavitvitfu-ini exoected tha Preal.
cainus ucari,iivtriiis Ea.peutea iae rresi-
do iu-w llftii lJOl'. ili
feiOiJKS-rMarket eeuerallT oalet with
an Im Droved tans) 'ALtha nneiftntrenlV ari
wdvanctron leadiorshares, ttiNeW Tcrfjt
foa)tPwleularly apWe,!&iVrafei
'"j..pn'te8,9 me ureal western
roadsiuiTUffloas lh,UpWwrtoiJa(koaa,
celled ,S0O,OOa Urafeomoeatl-i Jaaaied
atocki'. At theeeond Board, however, the.
market. was oeayj- stnd tbero was 'A'treneral
throiius)rieiTCiM Hot, the frreateet fall
Bock Island and? forth-western. The da.
PrfssTW. conthureB , most pXthe) aiterniian.
Jm Id
' ' -.(.-- - "jn wh . awwiauiu aia
derhne. . Thslai)lns lunmrria.. kini
pMnt, and the marlcetirtpgiUUnW
snSv-T tsvif- BjTrf rrr i:horaaooA 'r.iic' i
6:30 prices Wells' Express 253i(g2
Aaierlaan-WfS Adams '4848B: Unl-
era Union TelesTaTJtr- 36rS(i: New
Yorktrar1 1241ftEr,;219Ji
39; Beadino; 9797rWabash 65Ji56;
Igsai Onfrai 118119; MiuhigaBSoiith
ern 8585;. lllmoia Central 14 Phta-i
bora;h -83ft3 Toledo 101101i;'. Bockr
Inland Iflfili-a lAftl. Nxt, .kA... ri 1
" .Y-e-Va. .W4aU .-n.V9lrC.EU 1 A iJa
" ' ' '
New York 11.
..COTXOMiWithoutany decidedchange.
25c.for rplddllngnplandS.,, .i
FLOCa-Clpsed Bff'betferf 4 rl&iQ'&
trade demand and' aiiioiitedj exaortni
qolryi"-(l or .... ............ ST... x(t
. wUJATl2o bet.'wlth'tmtJderata'
nd speculative dernandw)
'lii ErrDull ; X -nsl; or westarai
afloat. -iti- t ,: . auuif .iii
14-lh CfVAMJ. UnS' tft A
..iiouiip,,.llu .AAV
1 16 afloat, tar old, and. $1 05 1 10 abr
i-UKK uuli;26 502500 Jor messV!'-11
CUT MEATS Quleaaad stewdyu r T,i
BACON Steady attd unfthanged ' .
. LARD Quiet i.r JftfaiRVaVfAir UlF' tk
prime steam. ( it.siajijacit.iii
Juus Steadv aft .VkSJOJ v.
New York 11. Cincinnati Market—Dec. 11.
r 1 jOI K MnnprarA tinmon ramiin aaT or
- UMUU, yj ,w
-COlFlrina;i''645(lSi "'1 t'jj
. OATH AdvaHfrl ,frAlRivSiR7 ..... s;
and choice.! 'ffvr . .',,;..
KTE Advanced to $1 3G.
BARLEY-Unchanged and quiet. ''"
CO I TON Firttier; mltWlliig 23!Se.
BUTTER-RScarca.snrLhlDhj.. tJSfSSr.
" -O-) aiwwU WVV
HAY-Owing'to-hght 'Biippiyatlvaiieed1
to $1618. yv r?: ZllT.'u j
; OisAXinseed oll faeld att SI 00; buyers
offer 98.se lard oil firm at SI 3(Kaiaa.T ..,.
- WHISKYrnat'97c.-Ifot',,nLT''
----- n uvaW1 uvi
Kr,.??JRI5,19 25 net..,. a., !, ; r.jr m
. jrttu y iiujN s-Aiq vanclng ; consldera
We speculation;"'- . .,', '' - ,d
ifOHK Mess sold at S25,riwith 'ttttrV
buyers than sellers. ;u iy-.ul vviv -. a
BULK MEATS Strong; sales a 73iCiV :
10ft for shnnlditra. v.. l. -fT1
sides and 13Uclfor clear , do" paeked;v
XT, 1 1 um ioni usji in salt mi -
9c lor shoulders, 1220c for sides, lajso'.
lor clear rib do, and 13o tor ekar., , ;;,
GREEN MEATS-Lighter and in goVd
demand; shoulders 8ie, sided llJ115c',
and clear aldealSJie; hams ) 2l3eV -i i''-
,IiAEl An active- speeulallve tjeraaBd; i
sales 759 tierces, all tb be had at I4?ia for .
prime steam, .and J15?ie for Mettle
rendered, but bow 1 hela o nlgheri keg"
16c. .t.Tnt
ediEDcroTer? 135 flax 4riafind Ih
demand, at 3 25j) 30j,mpthy S2 75aj
?t r, lii p -tt'f ,;U Io i-.tfi'
Chicago Market—Dec. 11.
FtdUR-.Mor active, steaily and grmeri
sales spring eatr49:at to. 756 75. - i hVhi
WHEAT Vn.1 nnlMitti 01101 ooiy.1
I 17.
.C?ENVVerv ' la, " shelled' f&3j
kQ 3 ' V A . I 1 1 iira. .
2 at 4849c cash; rejected 46484c; No.,
2. seller lor this month, la moderate ue- r
mand ae'4848c. ' V - V'-i
: BYE Steaoy at $1 15 Ibr N. and'
91 -14 for'N-o. 3 in !ston i ,ici4 -ri
J5 A RLE Y Firmer .-and , iqulet : sales , at
9 1 661 68 tor No, .2, closing at the Inside,
price.' - -'"."; -" '
-' - ' '.o-.
closinj; at 1 18t 18.
4.1 NAii nM JJIho n ii. J4 l .OIir?i.
sales'tjl corn at 7s80tv 1 Nothing doiiig1
this aftartuw.ni i.a l i -.!,::rt nim , . ...n-.T-i
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Dec. 11.
' The weather is extremely'eold aad a hem
ter inquiry la,, noticeable .lof ,low priced,
woolens, at a reduction of one shilling per
yard lor low grades of Hilton's and othej
woolens. Repliants are saleable and flnni
at SI 25 up to sa 00 for th fineatiqualities.
Bleached muslins have sold, more freely,,
and some makes' are)lc higher, but-this
is Dot general. "Lousoale are sp to 'ievc,'
and Great Tails Q to lTc'- PrihUng islortia
are i reduced auppiy at 7a tot 68 by 69r
and 8c. for 64, square, cloths. The best,
makes Of six cord soft finish spool cotton,
are selling at Si per dozon net. Heav y
8bfetlnf8 steady at 14 or Augusta :
14o for. Stark ;a5t lor wlppletoi,.4,;4i
150 fpr. Atlantic JL:.
St. Louis Market—Dec. 11.
, FtOTJR Very quiet and unchanged; r'
WHEAT Small lots choice fall bought?
at S2 102 15; other grades pnebangerh
CORN-yVery little doing j saleaat, pQ,
' OATS Better; sales at 5860o'. mt
BYE-Steady at $1 25. i i , rr.vh )a
.BARLEYUncbanged.,.-t , ; , T r . .
PRO VISIONS Nothi n v'Anintrm n1 lJ
lnally unchanged. . , , ' -4 ' . --I
nuisivi-Unchanged sales at 93X
Me.' :-:' : .--.r:!-n .i..ri -'.- Tti
H?Qsr"In.fod demand, and, higher at,
8fa8!c for choice ' .
. - i- ,
r.l 1C .ill
Toledo 11.
-i.Qulet. i: ti-iiu, ri -ni; ,.
: WHEAT White-4o red 22o betters
Pales white Michiiran XI ai? mi.r ai cstZ.
t 89. -r t: " , ,
ORN Hew lo lower; No. 1 88 hew 1
7475: new rejected 71c. .-.til
, OATS Quiet. i , .:,( T ;-;t
RYE A shade better; No. a $1 28.
JC Dressed a shade batter at 10(8
' . t .
" - ' '
Buffalo Market—Dec. 11.
FLOTTR StAfIv ' 7 fiMi
. j , . . .M IVAi liUj
ground spring. -. . -'
- w at sales Ifo. 2 Chicago at SI 44 j
winter Michigan at Si K Wn i tti...b.
at $i.eow. " v.-,-:, :".T?r;.;
,tSlR.XDu11' cw lots old mixed western
Si 00l 02 ;. new 85o ; kiln-dried 90c.
OATS Dull at66c ' , . ? !
' ' ' "
Milwaukee Market—Dec. 11.
FLOUR Firm and prices uechanged. S
WHitAX ateaay at l 28 for JJoj 1 in
store. . ,. .-; 1 111
ST. JAMES hotel:
t., 7V Fovrth Street. Mes,MIa '
-'.'i'-.' CINCINrwATi,i,:0Hl6.:'! :
HSSRY'P. ELIAS; ' "c i ::;PW)prietoV
. catsd and: apBTsiuent H bssiness. cd to all
i of trsTel. is the most deairisbls stoDoi
is will.
, pisos for persons visiiinc tbe eitr. No psrim
' bs spared to make tbe ati oi meats nlau.
nsrsnt im
srerj partisoUr.

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