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News and Otherwise.
. G ou closed la- New York Saturday t
135aV ... - J l:U ,- !Ur.J
CBmun WtcxoTF Is In Washington.
Stockikgs are ?alletf Woof," gloves- no.
"jjQooD applet are 40 cents ft peck In Bryar ;
i Chicago "pwki five thousand bow dally.
Lam Ducm? are unusually plenty toU
- eason, .t.-fT,.-l . i".'vii i ..;-.i!"
'! Coat sell 28 cents per bushel in M';
Teraoo.-: " J,B ",; ,: !,: :"'
The Putnam "county Jail It without
prisoner., . .. . . .,
j. ,Ta was ;;,r?tojSt.jllU
llrrWayalzhU. I (s f.l .,;.,--
ihi Pork it elx ; cento :. pound, t more than '
J.beot ld.Texas.w: -a iz-,;, ,-nC a
"'A-Th frost has nipped the fig and bananna
"'treealnFloridas -... M-irt. -r!
Tin ' Iff ew Jersey Cranberry crop this;
,year Is not a lull one. ' , ; -' , V
!,'ilTyioi ttS'.'iwo splendid, "sllv r
.,weddinxsn.Jast week. , V
I I'iCTUREe are not much- In deaand just
--now in Kew Tprk City, JR i,,. .: vn
; Thb Pf? Dwmoerat bears testimony to
the eminent worth'! Jndre Eanney-,: il
,!i '.' nrbvthe kWasenV was visited by
v- lllteea thousand tourists and Invalids, ' j
"' , Th Iowa .Hutnal Insuincs'ttonipsny
,Vr yOEQlJlK, 13.WIQU III g 1141 ll uuaurew j
a uZwi Xarkfti '.Time saystbere la. not t
purer or '.Better manttaa, Judgt Ran-;
iwtf AH' cn ic-Ti lit -it v'.'- . j
- j 'CQOU- Ctocirrr, iLinrois, the , eoanty in
-which Is aikajw has' 700 : public school:
l-ieWckb'M-t -! alio -ill '
T Wk will indorse the highest commenda-.
stotainSt any editor can bestow on the Jfa-j
uf.tm'Ttmeu-' vi.iti...!i-,i.K....! a J
Th question of, erecting .: new school:
Entitling Is1 agitating; the people of Gar-:
rettsvillts Portage county. ; !; y '' !
wafrMtftW tnee Illinois. JTutnal Tn-i
... au ranee Company has' disbursed, over one
:i'4a millions of "dollars ' ; 'F !
'Taa Indianapolis White Boys in Blno
are going to give a, ball tor the benefit of,
the Orphan Asylum that city,, 1
J ! Th belle of-Newbernv STorth CarollBa,'
Tls'"tw!bel eaarried to s gentleman: from;
abroad worth one hundred thousand del-;
lari. . --llif.Hii ''-I ri.-. JS. -.llnli.V vd j
"c feM. ' Birrwk' was I seen ' laugh in jr with:
'TeVnaniJo Wood and Eld ridge on the floor
"iJ6f ih House tne other flay-' Thlbkof
Kinder of the Putnam County Sentinel
last ,week received , a family ciock ana
1 oad of hooppoles on subscription, and he's
happy.' ' '-" 1 "' ' ' '",: .
' ! P L; Babmr, Esq, has just begnn the six
1 teenth year of the ownership of the Ml.
Vernon Banner, one of the best papers, in
..iha:StfttevV.:4 f.-.hr.i..: !,
,li:Ttit Cincinnati Time exclaims : "Sand' ;
tome Galloway ! i O; jnerciiul j hiRvings." :
j.Just wait until he gets into the-Cabinet and ,
thensee.' ' ." f j;
)',iJ,hk bh&Pemccraf promises Judge Kan- "
u ney 800 "mj6rlty In , Tuscarawas county , '
j Jl he shall be the Democratlo nominee tor
Governori;;; : Z'.i'i'" .!'
v i Hos, C A.. K-o,of Toledo, the Repub
. llcan cap dl late; has been elected to fill the
1 vacancy In the Ohio Senate caused by the" .
-death of Jin HalU-i . vt r.i -,-,nn. --.ij ' -
Trk Madison County Democrat says, that,
i-if yoo don't believe that advertising pays,
t-ask JotanKolvely and other successtul
j business men ot London, v ;i; i I r. p. '
'; Th jfddirqu County Democrat has faith
tobeile'vepihat with Judge"Ranney .j ti elr
' indidhte ioT'Ooverndr, the-'Democracy;
i'ncarrv the Siate' next falL !''5
.Tb Mercer 'County ' Standard Is of the :
oninion. that with McCook or White for.
J Governor, and HonlT.J. Godfrey for Lieut.
Governor, ve weuld have a strong team.'
v.,,TBRa. Heno Lrotliers and a man by the'
fj'nameyl 4nder ou, robbers of the express
at eymenr, jnd were lifted into eternity
by Seymour, Regulators on Saturday morn-:
.-.tngno'l tjiiJ h-fi -fi-..-.. .' ',. i
Thk Patriot thinks that If New Lisbon
3 had little-more life, - and . enterprise and .
1 'determination, it would - be the best town
in tbe State. There are other towns in the --tame'
predicament. v , "-.T''
" f Mbs.' A Bit ah j m Likcolw, whilo making
'acme1 purchases In a lancy goods' store in
"Trankfoft-on-the-Matn, fainted awajl intii a
co dition that has occasioned grave sppre-
Thk Eilltborouah Gazette has commenced
jjts secondj jeaj under 'the editorship oj
Jleasrs. W. Vf. Malay and J. E. Marshall.
f Tbelr first year was a prosperous one. May i
their second one be more so, , " ' " '
bo 'It turns out that the , Black fCettle band 1
.I Indiana that Custvieut to piecev was a ;
Jlriendly band and on their (j way,! to Port ;
iearaey to draw their annuities Is there ,
Jny damnation sufficiently -severe. for this
-atrocious'actr.iif.! ;.,.. j n -'ji nad. '
1 I'JThb tbited States Government appears
to be the only civilized Government which ,
''cannot get along peaceably with the' In
'dfla'ns.''' The English, French and Bussian
Governments hv no trouble with- them.
;;rTh'y.lrihl6r ' T'n -i.rt -.,u i;t ot j
'i'tte XTawTfrner, In nnonnclngthe fact -Ihat
friends ot John G.Thompson, Esq.
bad presented Aim twenty ntbree, volumes
ot the' American 1 Encyclopedia, says that
"tbe present could not have "been made to
. morrtby, mn.T n '0 " n
'SirTEB raflfoad companies atBrtt' ad
thlrty-eigTrdonyhaf Sunday trains are
profluble. The -general experience of
llroad' mnagers,Ms that otnfnj?; con
iduees so mucb to the health -And working
powers mfloye as reston SUbday.; .
A' HxtviiAcxs paper, in referring t,he
president's message, says :; Three months
nor we must suffer th la worst and basest
at, linen."!. Providence, put 'I Johnson into
the Presidential , chair, preachers said.
.Why, complain, of . the doings of Provi
dence f I.'- 'i.-!'---!v.-T bv- -
. Thb. Cleveland Herald (Eepab.) discovers
n the President's menage a remarkable
improvement, in tone and temper, over Its
predecessorranufery'cooly tells Congress
that their indignation over 'tjwas "in ex
cess of the demand of the occasion." The
Cleveland Reader (Republican ), on the other
band, is' sure that '-the message is the worst
thatfep. Adrew Johnson. ever has wlt
ten." ; " ' ''
.fc6xifmani people faffl lojite f. realB
aatlon 'ot General Grant's" '-let us 'have
peace" in tbe' bill lUtrodneedV Into the 8ex
ateyih the first day'orine session by Sena-
tor Elce' requiring; tt.;wUry of War
to delrvert the Governors of North Caro -
ltiiii.$bbtli. Cito'Iip",' Oej'arld,'Al4
afcam4Muaiainand rkanaaafrma and:
the munitions Of wary, tJ be: (put Into tbe
and Kadlar Whitefc"
A Radical Editor on the Rampage.
The Xtyetfo in f it rage ajratit
President Johnson, forgets Itself. It. say
'Never1 was afJomrress bo shtmetully in
sulted and abused by a President as r.M
one has been by' Andrew Johnson. Tbe
Constitution (fives the President power to
recommend snob measures aa he may think
needlnl for Congress te consider. It gives
him a power to veto measures approved by
Congress and throw them back upon it
lor reconsideration until adopted oy a two
thirds vote ol each House, - it-give bim
no right to censure their course f action,
or to repeat animadversions upon that ac
tion, alter 'it baa been Anally decided
Fully one-half of the time of tbe pre
ent, so-called. Congress has been consumed
in speeches, vulgarly abusive ,of President
Johnson, and In the making ol laws to
strip him ot the power given tbe Chief
Magistrate by the Constitution. That In
strument makes it his duty, "from time to
time, to give to Congress Inlormation ' t
the State of the Union, and rt commend to
their consideration ' such ' measures ai he
(not Congress) shall,'' Judje 'rleessary.',
l'Jls duty be has performed, and therein
lies the ' ln'sult" and the"''abuS(jM of whleh
tbe Blade complains.
In bringing to the attention of Congress
aria to the country, the fact that the so
preme ' law of the land l provides that each
taW shall have a'represcntatlon In Con
gress, vfhlch rlgb I Is now' denied a portion
ot the States, President Johnson did , but
hl dutV. ' In arralirninir and showing' the
unconstitutional tendency 'of the miscalled
Reconstruction acts the mischief they had
done and were .likely to do, and in asking
that they be blOtted1 from the statute booV
President Johnson' did lust what the Con-
s tltution required Urn to do nb tnore, no
less. ' Yet the. Blade, callSj this a shameful
"insult," ana says it "abuses" the. memners
Although the adage says that the truth ic
not to be told at all times,, yet the prs, nt
Is the time of all times when It should he
proclaimed,' and had President Johson
useu even siroag?r.; language, in uniounu
ing the . mad and 'patricidal arts that have
dissolved and still keeps asunder the Stares
of the Union, he would have been justified
la so doing. , ,: r-r ,. .....
. .2Jot,!8ingle.,Kadical memner of the
present Congress but has made abuse ol
President Johnson the ureat staple In the
manulactnre, of fbe speeches spoken by
turn, . let, wnen ,ne ui perruiH i'.wi
8titutioual actv and. .remiuds -these, same
members of. the iact, clear aa &e ;iooiiiiay
sun, that tqey. have violated ne tjontiiu.
tion dissevered the Union, and to keep
their Ill-gotten power that they, may, like
the famed lorg Parliament ot VJt'RAiSK-BK-
TO-5od, BABEBONE8,""retain party power.
to- tie Injury of J.be people, the, men. mo
Violent in: their, abuse :ioJ the. Presidtn
and most guilty In the aoconstitutional
acts he charges try to prevent the message
of .the.; President from bnga rejidjancP
editors who applaud all. the, outrages, that
Congress inflicts, whine tike whipped pi p
pies, and call the awvrp.dijty.of tlie Prei-
,dent "shameless Insult and abuse.". In their
wbinings these R .djcals have the. consola
tion left that they m--.de the President,-that
thus exposes and,. denounces them. a Be is
the man,, of, their j choice, andj frwh from
their ranks he Is well qualified to-, judge of
their rascally doi9g.".r r, , :-
The Vast Increase of the Public
Debt—The Government and the
People Fast Verging Towards
Bankruptcy and Rnin.
, Tbe debt ol theUnited States, on the 1st
day of Jfovtmber last, .ai,t, less cat-h In
the Treasury, $2,527,129652; on 1st of Pe
c ember, pne month later, 9l 39.03 1-844
showing an increase of the public debt, in
thirty days, of eleven millions nine hun
dred and two thousand two; hundred, and
nine y-two dollars. '. , - . , ;
The I e i ort.of the Seeretary of the Treasr
nry, which shows this startling increase,
palyely says of the December statement,
that the werrai ts issued,,lor the , redemp
tion of the public debt are not inqluded in
tbe above, while, in the November state
ment, he is c;reiul totate that the . war
rants issued for the same purpose ."or in-
cludedln t statement. t (, - -
To lneln le hese warrants, ; wpuld swell
the increase of tbe publie debt, still more
largely, Itis now yrltbina fraction of hall
a million do lars . increase ;pf, the .public
06 -f, lor each wo , king day In the month ot
November. Include the warrants Issued
for -he i exemption of the public debt the
money Ming counted a? ,in the treasury.
bee use nt drawn out, and tbe debt count
ed,-a-? ta!d,.;beuse- the. warranto are
issued, although not Tedeemed -and thus
In round numbers, twelve million dollar
of an increase of i the-, pubjic debt, -In the
twenty-; ve working , days of November,
w.ll swell to over,: one million dollars per
dav;of an increase. v i! .
i How, in the name of common sense, ti e
country Is to stand this continued increase
of the Natl nal Debt, and with it the bur
thens of the people ? In a time of peace
with a debt -that-requires more money to
paytbe Interest than Is required by any
other .Government on .earth, the,- people
taxed on everything they eat, drink, wear,
sell, purchase, or borrow, this vast increase
ot the publio debt, -bowa rottenness in
our rulers a determination . while : thei
bankrupt the Government to utterly bnk
rupt the people.' And this, too, while mem
bers of Congress, poor when eta-ted, retire
with princely fortunes. V" "- 1 " .
" Truly, we have fallen, on evil times. And
the "prospect ' before us :shbws no gleam b
bope' tbat' these 'things will ttend.' : God
save the Republic 'from the imbeciles and
knaves who cntrof 't.- ! ' ' ' ' ?'' ' ":l l
An Unpleasant Illustration
0ur gay and f estive Sunday temporary
has commenced educating its readers on
business -. matters. ; Its leader on "Genius
and -Common Sensed is designed to show
that great .genius i no bar to business
capacity, nd to prove it, bids it readers: '
. "Look at Sir Walter Scott.. Was he not
a good commercial. roanaget?'V . ...
The illustration ,tis tbi, most unfortunate
one that could be made, unless, indeed. It
be Intended as a huge joke. . , !r - .
,.Sih Waltkb Scott engaged In a - busi
ness that would haye made the fortune f
any man of commercial habits. .After a few
years, by , his unfortunate, speculations, he
sunk all the caplul and left the concern
over half a million In debt. As a writ
ist be was a success, and in the disposal
pi his manuscript, by the aid of his part
per, who . made the bargains for him, he
accumulated a large, fortune, which be
more than sunk, in bis attempt to be a
commercial manager. He died insolvent.
Look at the Example—Grant Desecrating
the Sabbath!
' Sunday traveling1 on 'the' part of some
poor devil may 'not 'be ' noteworthy ; but
tbe President of the United States elect
has no right to outrage the religious sense
of the country by a desecration of that
day, especially as there was no necessity
tor' it." General Gk ant left Pittsburgh yes
terday (Shnday) afternoon to participate
In a festival atr Chicago on Tuesday. He
could 'just' ai'well have started a day
iooner1. as noti or be Oould have started
' earty this morpihg. How do you like this
(.Ipserration. O you christians who voted
i for him ?
1 -i.;7 nl :tjJK
iTUq Governor .docs not seem to ,be aa.9ollc
tUitJteXeytpt Utousior peaoe.at hia own door as be was;
. ChavtaUhda. ( copTTr . New.rTork, the
f00lne of Gov. Fkston, has"; been.tbe j thear
)ter of two severe rlou , since tjbeelactipD,
i in both of which life has been, eacrlfli ed
ior ltlp Kew York during the election. '.:
An Investigation Ordered.
The Secretary of the Navy' has ordered
he Supervising Inspector of steamboats of
he district in which the recent disaster on
he Ohio river occurred,' - to make a strict
examination of the causes of tbe same.
Repeal Recommended.
It Is also understood that Mr. McCul-
lough has recommended to the House com
mittee on Commerce the repeal of the laws
r parts of laws anihorizinjr the carriage
as freight ot petroleum, on steamers carry
ing passengers. ;
Reconstruction Committee.
The committee on Reconstruction has
already a large amount of business before
It. concerning the states ot Georgia. Vir
ginia, Mississippi and Texas. It will not
(ornially enter upon an investigation oi
affairs in Georgia, until alter Congression
al recess. A delegation from Mississippi
will endeavor to have an early hearing and
place bt fore the committee statements In
answer to the report of Gen. Gillem. and
in support of ihelr claim that excluding
the alleged frauds, &c- The State Consti
tution was ratified, and, therefore, Missis
sippi Is entitled to representation In Con
: r
Roll of Honor.
. -Quartermaster General Meigs-. has-fub
iiaiteoUbe 16th Jiumbtr of the Uall.of Ilua-
or, prepared in the cemeterial branch of his
lepartn entr under tue citreottou ot Brevet
Brigadier tjeneral Ferrv. The list con
raii'S 20,500 names. The proportion-of
nameA-kiii'Wii is less than one-half. Or
about twenty-five per cent, less than that
which generally holds good thmnghout
the country, which is thought to be about
two thirds known and one-ihird unknown.
Tills volume of the roll of honor Increas
es tbe total number of graves now recorded
In the printed form to about I50.COO of the
ccupntof .these graves. -Tue
ab .u JOO.000 appear as knoa n.U-aviugao,000
as yet unknown. Many ot thee unknown
remains were donbtless marked by
their, bniial, and records of, the. names ol
many others were nuide ttt the time when,
buried, in groups or from hospitals, and
uiav have been' nreserved In connection'
with plans ot Schedules of the position
the graves by the intimate menus ot the
Lynch Law in Indiana—The Reno
Brothers Hung by the Regulators
—Frank Reno Resists and is
Knocked Senseless—Terrible Excitement.
.jCilcmeal,. - 'c. .-r.i. --: i. ..i
The Seymour Vigilance Committee visi-i
ted the New Albany'.JaO ".-this mori lngj
about three o'cloek, and hung the Renn
bmthers and Charles Anderson.' inside the
jail, and left town " before any1' alarm was
CINCINNATI, O., Dec. 12.
! The followirfg partlcul trs bf the hanging
of the Kenos at jew Ainany nas Deen re.
ceiyed by the Cincinnati Times r , '";,,,.. .
NEW ALBANY, IND., Dec. 12.
Between 3 and 4 o'clock this njOrnlng1.
from sixty to sever ty Seymour Reauiator
masked and heavily .ariBed",! arrived liere
-via tbe 'Jtfl'ersSiiviOe Rdilrdadr ' lojoiedi
ately npiin their arrival they proceeded, by
a direct route, to the; eoniity jail, placed
guards at everv street.; ta uard against
surprise. On arriving at tbe jail, one ol the
guards stationed outside thereof took alarm
and attemited to raise an', aiarm, but was
quickly taken charge of and plac ed under
guard. They then entered tbe office of the
The Sherift aroused . by the disturbance,
came to the door, and when they demand
ed the keys he attempted to get away by
descending into a. cellar way and coming
out on tbe outside ot the building; here he
was compelled to surrender, and by some
means was shot through ' the arm." They
bad now conaDlete possessiou-At the jail.
and found the- kevs in-tbe -Sheriffs bed
room, when they immediately proceeded to
tbe cells and forced one of the guards to
-tinloek the eellsw They then took Frank
Reno, Simeon Reno, Bill Reno and (Jbaries
Anuei8on. the express ronoer-, out auu
hung them to an Iron railing or post sup
porting thr walk around tbe outside of the
ceils, rne victims were piaceu iu cusirs,
ropes adjusted, and tbe chairs kicked from
under them.- Frank aud Simeon, hanging
to one nost. Simeon in Iront and Frank be-
htntt him ; the otber brother hanging at a
comer: post, and Anderson Dack wards in
the rear of the jail. Alter being sail.-fied
their victims were dead, the bold munier-
ers, quietly locking up the jail and all its
oecuuants, taking the keys with them, and
taking one of the County Commissioners
to the depot, wben, alter an oeiug ready
thev started away, giving the Commission,
er t.ha kevs. j i Bi.-ia
As soon as possible tbe alaim was sound
ed, but too late. No one. ctuld be found,
and all that remained to show their pres
ence was the dead bodies ol the express
robbers. : The most intense excitement pre
vails here, and it is .getting mur.h higher
every moment, the new spreading like
wildfire. Mrs. Frank Reno and Mrs. An
derson are In the city.. Frank Reno fought
the Regulators, knocking three ot tnem
down, but was overpowered and kin eked
senseless, his bead being badly bruised and
blood running down his lace. The victims
presented a most ghastly and horrible spec
Another Account.
A Viarilance Committee, to
Seymour, Indn arrived at New Albany at
11 o'clock' last munt. At inree tuts luurn
inir ihttv Droueeded to the .Floyd county
jail and demanded admission, which was
reiusea oy tbeiaiior. ue .wna, nuwevci,
soon overnoweied and tied : the watchman
was then compelled to open the c lis ot the
notorious express iodDi rs, jonn, r rang auu
Simeou Reno, and Cliarles Anderson, who
were Immeulately seized upon and all lour
hung.'. Frank Reoo loutitit Oesperacciy lor
his life.-"-The eominittee returned --ou rhe
seven o'clock train this morning.. Two ol
he jobbers, Frank Reuo aud Cuartes"Ah
derson, had but recently arrived Irom Can
ada, where-they were tried under the ex
tradition laws. ' ' ;' '. ' ( '
All tbe telegraph wires on the line of the
Jeflvisonvil e railroad were found, cou-
uectlng together, -ami then Xbrowu to uie
ground about one-half mile nortli of Sey
mour this ui'iruing, supposed to have been
done by the Seymour Regulators before go
ing to New, Albany. ,
Murderer Arrested.
CHICAGO. Dec. 12.
Wm. Marshall, charged wlih tbe mur
der of his mptuer and brothers, in . Platte
countv. Mo. some time ao, ior-whose ar
rest a reward ot C3.3U0 wae oflered, was
secured last buntlay in Barry, ' Mo., ami
lodged in the Platte county jail, llie in
duceinenc to the crime was to secure the
property which would revert to him -at
Suit for False Imprisonment.
A special from. Lawrence, Jiansas, says
that- Capt. Christian, - 'Attorney of the
Keokuk. Mequahquah, Suffaquah, Alau
utonah and Wameommo, culeis of the Sac
aud Fox tribes, Is about to. bring suit
against Hon. Charles E. Mix, acting Com
missioner " ot Indian A Hairs, . Colonel
Cnarles Murphy,'. Superintendent of the
Central SuperiutenUeucy, Major Wiley,
Agent of tue bacs auu oxes, and 1 no.
Uarwln; Deputy "United Slates Marshal,
for tbe lalse imprisonment oi Heokuk and
.is frienuB, laying the damages at 10,000.
The Indiana were arrested by the Inuian
Ageuc, while in this city en route to Wash
iuffton. on orders from the Indian Bureau
not to allow delegations oi Indians to visit
VVasnington, except by permission ot the
Department, and - were imprisoned, but
were released upon a Wilt ot habeas corpus.
Important Decision—Probable Release
of 150 Convicts.
RICHMOND, Dec. 12.
, In the United States Circuit Court this
morning, Jude Uuderwood presiding, the
case ot bally Anderson, sentenced to death
by the county court for arson, was brought
up on a writ of habeas corpus, on th4 ground
that one of the magistrates comprising tbe
court which tried the ' prisoner; bad held
office during the war, and being thereby
disqualified under the Fourteenth Amend
ment, the whole court was illegal aud its
proceedings vitiated. Judge Undeiwood
sustained the prisoner's plea and discharg
ed her Irom custody." Jn delivering; bis
opiuioni he said: "If eveu a clerk of the
court that tried the case was disqualified, it
vitiated the proceedings." There are one
hundred aud fifty yonvicts iu the
.State DrUon, sentenced since the adoption
ot the Amendment, who may now be re
leased by habeas corpus, and -turned loose
under this decision.
The Union Pacific Railroad.
The Union Pacific Railroad Is reported
blocked with sno since the 4th iust no
traius having arrived at Bryan, where the
,8tage receive i Jhe . overland mail for the
Wet. The President of the Central Pacific
Railroad telegraphs as.lollows .from Salt
.Lake to-day :5 I; think it inevitable that
we must pa-s through this vailey and the
successive five valleys south ud make con
nection with the Siuokv Hill route as the
only practicable - winter line. The short
distance we pais through deep snow, we
can easily nass bv covering, but tbe dis
tance and great elevation on the Union Pa
cific Railroad is too long to make covering
Found Guilty.
I -The Jury in the case of Jos. Hart, tried
for the murder of Wm. McKeene, have re.
turned a verdict ot manslaughter, with a
recommendation to uiercy. Hart is eigh
teen years of age.- Seven otber boys are to
be-tried. ior. participation in. the fUht,
which resulted In the death of McKeene
Next Thursday Is. fixed lor the trial ol the
ST. LOUIS. Dec. 12.
The Leavenworth Commercial publishes
the restgnatton'Of Co.-' Wyiioop-, agenfrof
ineTjneynnes ana Arapanoe inaians: "uoi
Wyncoop left here yesterday for Washing
ton. He, believes yie late -fightol Gen- ral
Custar. on the Washita, was iiinailv a mas
sacre. He says Black 'Kettle and his band
were friendly Indians, and were on their
reservation wheit-attacktd.
ST. LOUIS. Dec. 12.
The clothing and shoe house of L. T,
Greene & Co., north Main street, was near
ly destroyed bv flreearlv iils-6jorintr.
Stock valued at 910 000 to $50 000,
and. insured as loUowe; iinac. Pt.rBtot
i Manhattan. Home unit Seenritv.. ol New
York. $5,000 each; Putnam & Phcenix, and
inrtioro. o.oou eMcn; jNanonal, ot B.Mttoii,
910,000; New England, ol Brooklyn, 93,000.
Shot by a Negro.
RALEIGH, N. C., Dec. 12.
A negro named Jones brutally abused
the wile ol Me v. Mr. Jamea... tir -tukijiD
some tire wod,lrom, premises' alleged
be his. Mr. James, upon expostulating
witn tne oruce, wajuanot aeao oy mm.
The murderer has been arrested and com
mitted to.Newbern
Damaged by Fire.
Damaged by Fire. CINCINNATI, Dec. 12.
Tue music store or u.iDmever R Co . on
Fourth; bcfir Waltmr street, was damaged
by fire this morning to the extent of 91,000,
Assassination of Douglas Love—
Intense Consternation Among
Irish Laborers.
NEW YORK. Dec. 13.
AVoVrTal'ld ttTe Sunday1' KWs from Bal
timore 12ilb sass : Ad vie. from. the- re
gion ol the Allegheny Coal Company, state
tnar since tne assassination there ot Doug
las Love, a highly respectable gentleman
Yt unknown parties, intMnsa floutnrnstim
prevails, throughout, the ifganizition ex
iung among tne xrisn-nrooTers.-wno navi
Tent threateninjiotilications to mahvi-lt
t .. ... MM i. . . i i . i .. .i , .
Klany to lMavwonemliately-tgtTie. peril of
ViLh.-thw'-ot U-lU. and -ttUw ra have
bteir'sliuilarly.-'warned.' A . c.ontmitfee
nowo Baltimore eiideavor4ng to get Gov-!
IQC..&waDn-:to-orifira rewardM: 9ia00O
Hor thei titpprteston of the JCtsns. Zliev
ggwro ipli f ' thei ar gest- s h are o I-1 h re wa rd
themselves. Tins a flair nas partially sua-
penaea mining operations.
NEW YORK. Dec. 13. Mutinied
NEW YORK, Dec. 13.
The Herald's special from New Orleans
12th, says an iuipoitaiit misunderstanding
has occurred between the offi-ers and
-rwsvol the-PeruvianifleetrTeeeatly fitted
U ,0Ut.tn tt.w caiy. ..jttie Ltansporis are.rww
jyinj,4u iim. iu usisiuui, uib crews e
'which-wefe shipped in New York, with th
express undenstanding' that U.eyvsliouM be
pawl (w months n vanes, and that thev
', were to serve under-United States fltg for
one-yeBr. ,rne rmcers oi tne yessei hoist
d the Peruvian flag; when' the - crew mu-
t tinted: and. refused -to .work on the vessels,
ou the grouud that they- were., no louder
.unner tne proiecuou oi tne oiars ana
Stripes.' i.' ' -I- . ,
n.To-nijrhtthe ofilcers attempted, by force.
k, to com pel the crews to work the vessels, to
sea. a he crews re I used, and all communi
cation with the shore at. New Orleans' "was
oaf ofTf the crews then threatening- that
.'.should. , the attempt -.be made to force them
..to- eea,.iey. would .throw thetotli ers pver
board.' This had the desired eflccUand the
"Vfflcers ht once appealed'to the police force
vi.ciio uiiy ior asiKiiuii;e..- xne police om-
Li!lals-decHted-. to iifcterierS.on'the ground
tl'at thev held noluriadic-tioii. and the con.
' Ilfcbetwten crews hd officers is progres
siui.' v '' - -
Army Reunion.
CHICAGO, Dec. 13.
:iThe -l(H)Al oommltteesv tare busy in their
i prejiaratl.riwi ioc tue great Army rteuntyn,
which .takes . place . here - Tuesday, and
" Wednesdav of this weelf. Tiif'orv'seirttiii
"dlcattoiia-are 'that - nearly '2.000 Officers o't
k.thfeloK "armh-ft' will be-oreaeot -to take
Impart iu the festivities.. This number will be
neaiiy proporiionaieiy uiviueu oecweeii
'the-iour armies.1 ''The army'' of Tenii"esBee
;'wiHinke tiielr. headquarters at -the Fre
mont House; the ariuies ot Cumberland
and Georgia at the Siiermau House; the
-ann of OhKiatthr Brigts House. n
.During- the; dyTuesday the diflVrenl
-armiea will bold separate -business mrt
, ings, and fur tnis purpose the Army of the
Tennessee will .(Occupy- Crosby's i Mueie
,H.ap.;.tbr Army of.the. .Cuin.berland,wili
1 convene lit-Me, V fcker'a Tlieiter: the A' my
,: of Ohio will hold Its meetings lu Caledonia
Hau, Metropolitan Block, me ,Army.o
"Geol-gia'ls not 'y r"thoronglily orgaujzi-d.
and they will probably tutet with the
Araiy.ot theCumhuliuitl-nntll thelr-ttwA
organization is perlorted.) .Ou. Tuesday a
grand reunion ol alt t heparin ies will take
'place in tne upera House. -
CHICAGO, Dec. 13. En Route for the Army Reunion.
j General Grant, with Generals Dent and
-Parker, and' Colonel Leet,- of his stall
. Generals Thomas,, Schofi.il I. . McDowell,
Lgan, Terry, btoneinati, ISarry, Hart
-ran ft, Ingallaand iirtell l , Col.'s . Iloqgh.
Scliotield, Campbell and: Treat,, left at two
o'clock to-day lor Chicago, . to. attepd. the
J army re-union. '" :',..,':,::. ,;; . :
Twenty Years to the State Prison.
BOSTON, Dec. 13.
Andrews was- eonsigoed- to - the- State
prisou last nigi t for w,etity years, for the
murder of Holmes, commencing with
twenty-four honrs solitary confinement.
He appears to be hi good spiiltsX
Railroad Affairs.
NEW YORK Dec. 12.
It Is stated that a substantial negotiation
bas been entered-; into between the Erie
Railroad Company and the Atlantic &
fireat, Western Railroad, . whereby a broad
' guae line will be construt ted lroiu here
clear through to Chicago; aud it is also said
the same ituage. will probably be put
thceuxhto tNe Mississippi, Arrangements
are reported to be in " progress ' witn other
western ro da in order to wake the con
nectiou .. complete.. New v eonsjiidatu n
stock- will ; probably - soon be - issueu
embracing, respsctlveiy,1 tbe Erie, the At
lantic & Ureat Western, and such other
roads as may come into the combination.
Miscellaneous Items.
- - The suit azalnst - Vauderbilt to recover
: four and a halt millions ot dollars has been
: commenced. " ..... .
It Is stated that the report that Wash-
. buroe is to be Grant's Secretary c .me from
the head waiter at the recens supper here
by Mr. Roberts. ,;
Superintendent ol- Indian Affairs, Wyn
- coop, states that Black Knicle. whose band
was defeated by General Custar, - 'Was
friendly to the United States,, and that he
and his band were then on tt eir way to
draw their annuities-at Fort Kearney.
Last night was tne coldest tr the season
thus far. " - "
David Messmore, obe of the parties In the
Bourbon. Kentucky, wnisky fraud case, is
reported in a d ing condition, a heavy cask
having rolled upon bini. : ' . : ,
Rev. Alvin Bartlett preaches his farewell
sermon ln'Brookln to-morrow, pursuant
to leaving to take tbepastoraloJ Plymouth
' Church in Chicago. ', " ' '
Tbe tiuii says It has reason for the belie!
. that Mr. Washburne would not accept the
portfolio of the Treasury, even ii it suould
! be offcrtd him. . His health, is far;from be
' ins sirongi and advocates his claim to the
, Freucii mission, ., .,;,..,., ...
The Anti-tilavery Standard opposes Gen.
Carl Schurz'- as- a eahyHte for Unit, d
i States Senator lromlisiO'irl., J" ''
! The Tribane rujt e. y.,- j,: ah to-invesu-1
gate the reports as to a t'ivis.ou of a portion
at the Alaska
purchase (fund
among tbe
ewsDBDCrs. ' ,:
lne old leud existing for over two years
TI j . ' J
n the German. Republican camp has been
settled. The German Grant and Colfax
Club and tbe German Republican Central
Committee have resolved to unite their
forces into one organization.
AM-ArttHHtaaontivmna the annovanea a
ewspaper suzgestious about cabinet posi
; r r
t r t t ;
Intelligence from Spain—The
Counter Revolution.
LONDON, Dec. 11.
Telegraphic communication with Mad
rid is still interrupted. The latest dis
patches say the politioal agitation through
out Spain is very great, and that capitalists
are rapidly leaving the country. There is
much alarm among all classes ot the com
munity.. The Govemmeut authorities ate
in receipt of communications from many
portions of the country, promising aid and
supplies to the rebellion. - Tne insurgent)
at uaoiz noid a strong position, rne ires
Ideot ol the . Republican ' Committee bad
not yet arrived, fiora Seville... The lnsur
ructionary movement had not yet exteudtd
aeyonu juaaiz. j. . .s ; o;. r.
NEW YORK. Dec. 11.
The Herald's speoials dated London. De
cember 11, say : ' No' news has yet been
feoeivca.' or the bombardment of Cadiz,
telegraphic coinmuiiication being inter-
r -Dted with 'Madrid.' A disoatch from
Madrid dated Thursday. Deeember lUsays
a large, numnerof workmen employed by
the munictpaiir.y on public works, yester
day: armed themselves -with carbines, and
with, buy ouets fastened to. sticks.-and as
sumed a threatening attitude, which they
still continue. . The national military were
ordered to proceed against them, and sev
eral battalions ate preparing to march to
the attack, j. Great eflorts are being made
to raise revolt, here, and the citizens are
much alarmed. Placards are posted In
tramadura, threatening the assassination
of all ricn citizens, who,,, take, part In the
election lor tlie uortes.
The armistice between the -Government
troops and insurgents has been suspended
until tp Aigtit,'QOtti parties'ootiseiiting to
await the'atmal'Of the "-President of the
.Republican Committee of Seville who. will
make aa, attempt1 at mediation. Should
these neiotiations Hail, Itiei . Gvveromaiit
-will ""rectfmmence vigorous measures for
the of the insurrection. !
The steamship, W.esjhaHa, tailed to-day
fjrNew.i'ork. . .. , . r. , ,1
i ' Ttie steamshipEngraudi, vrdm eVTork,
haaarriyeiij,,, , .K,urux ,-! I.fitcw i
NEW YORK, Dec. 13.
Herald's 'cable dispatches from Mad
rid. :Dember-12tns says: .The -Govern ment
basdeexled on. postponing .tue attack on
tberpar'ty in revolt iu Cadiz, hoping tlie ln
sur tents will .accent ttiei terms .offered
them and surrender.,,: General Rod a, who
Is at thet' hrad 'Of the' Government troop,
haa.det-tared the: port ot-.jCad is t blockaded,
& id tirtlgn representatives have been -nod
t fled accordingly. News has been receive
itiM the CarlUle oarty ini Lower Aragop
are making preparations lor at revolt,
Fears are entertained of U rising of the
Republican party' Ini Barcelona toliight.
i'he greatest; precautious .were adopted to
guard Against such' a contingency iu both
ittaces.' .- Jr:r.!ii! i:;R -ii) -jiKnai-.. hit ) i I
Buffalo Market—Dec. 14.
.FLOUfi--3pring firmer "t!i oi i
WHKA r Pinner?. Mo. 3 snrlnsr aakinir
1: ofr;' others unchanged: market jjerterally
inactive ao'ditiMt.' demand ivery'ilijtlitiaii;!
New Advertisement
"t" The Ohio Slateltmaa ban a
Ltaraer-GIrenlaitlan tbaa nnj pa
per pabliailied la: tht-City or Oea
truf . Ohio-,. Advertisers will bear
tbi la, mind. , ', .!
Valuable Properly lr Sale.
xAResidf nee. on bread street; also, wo Hnilding
hot-, on fcighttt 8trttti an imprured iarm ot eo
acres in Hancock count?, barn, orchard, Ao,. all of
wnicn win oo sola on ncoisD.e teruiB, or will be
excnanKa iorac.ca business properly in .tiolum
bus or a reiidence nar High street. A pply to
- . . W. J.JAU1SUN.
. deoUdlw-n - , ; . ..
Skating ' Toiiraament at , ttfj,; Biuk
Tuesday Eveniiifj, Deo,15,
; . , vt,-. At 8 O'clock, i i,:
,.i --;:;, ;- b ( '.; r-
tiilver I'lated, will be awarded bj Judce-.
elected bthe lirecten to the- BEST SKATtR
eduiK La puubua, who has -nsver skaud fur a
P."i. .'. '' .
Music 1 Dtirlng the.' Eveiilng.
Ad" is-ion to the Rink. 95 feats.
Children under 14 years ace ....... "1 15 Cents.
Competitor ir the Prize...... ..$1 00
Srasoo Tickets admit tbe holder atall 'Imes.' '
e tusarn.-wi.-.p,...!,.. ....... HO 00
Ldy - 5 00
Heittlemea and .ady. .-;.'.... 19 00
Uoy under 18 , T 00
Children under 14. .....J. '. S 00
Staatlae Evrry I .y ami Eveaisjg.
Children per i' itted to" f'kate, duriaj the day and
nnt'lSo'elcck in the evenito.--deolt-oSM
-- .. t , ...
.! l:;iq
THE fi"t edition of Onb HrKDREt fnorAiD
oy . Vick'8 Illustsatbd- Catalogi'i or
Szds and UUlD I 1HK r LO KH liiKDRN is
now pnbtisheil''It. makes- ai-worlc of - loe 'pares,
beauti uny illnst-ated. ith about 150 Fioe Wid
Knsravlnes ol' Flowers and Vegetables, aad an tl-
egaut. (vol urea i"iaie,; ,..
I.. in1.. bouquet: or flowers.
i It ijthrrriostbeautlfoT.es well the- most In
structive I-loml Ouido pubU-tied. Living plain end
thoronxh directions tor t e CUl-TIjKE of t'LOW
r.K.Sand V.UKT aBLKM. - i . .-; i.
Tb.e r'.oraj Guide is published for the benefit nf
my i-ostomers, lo wborn' It is sent free wit .ut ap
olidation, bat will be lorWard, to all w bo-apply
oy in ii, ior lea Vients, wnioe is not nait tne cost
Address- -) . 7J . JAMES VlOBt, " ' .
.-. I . . . RimliMLAr. IV. T. .
III. .
. . I .... . ,t... "
it.::i.'..l.-i :
t :: v ... .1 ;i. - u-'i'u:. . t .:..tl -..
NTos. 23, 25, 27 & 29 S. High Street.
:-..t 1 'ii'-'J i"i ' r, :-! "
Seal Laee Handkerchiefs:
' Initial Ha'ndkerohiefs; - '
,' - Bemmed SUtobed Handkerohief.-; ' 1
!l' Barbes and Cofifu'res; '"'
Real Lace Setts; ' ; '-'
Spanish Lace; ','.' ' ; "
. Changeable Silk'; '
' ' Plain Silks in all CoIots; '
' Ladies' and Misses' Soarfa;
' " .Gloves in gieat variety and styles;
' Harris' and Alexandre's Kids;
Large and attiaative stock of Shawls;
, Brocbe and Paisley bhawls; -.
, Elegant Robes.. ; r . j : ; ..'j jj J,
.'.'..'-. .ui
-.oi.ii,ii!:r.. . Ii ni-1."
. ') i'T) .'' T
.A. ,":;vi .i.i ...
rir ..a '.! i! iliti - .r-.ti ' v is .
.'ve Tiavt tit ateck a full.lina of . Underwear, for
Ladies', uents' and M'S'es., '
btr"' i.. Wll.!HKfST, HRAY A COS..
ociy-diart; -, m.s), ve, wi x 9 boatn uign i.
:i ;..L1
!. est b..'.' ...-. -. -tj.
'! -ii ii aiiif;
.-. . , . ; .11 i
..i .t.ii.:r Al
I f . .- f f , r
-i-.-i ' .i,im J
M -II J'l T .1." f- T , dw -
2 .nooo" v;i:-rrai
."-ty. r ii ' ' ..I 1 fii , ' i :-- - iu
.H ! r ri r. . it
-:,! jnoD n:jpt3'jl. '-THE''"' 'V
. I :.!! i 11 ; :. I::ir 1 tlfi .1 11 i
ni -M-. -. ,l ,. i).lli U.l ) 1
a B.i:
a. b-a
. v 3A.H - . H . T
i TSTvarn a sonuiPMrmip
.) u. ri.iil .-t-iol I '
. I I f t ie !
. dvli !'. "W .' Oil! AT '1Ali'a.1tt .
..1.1 Ilii 1 i J :
,.i OFjs" urn'
...I". i -t -1, , :3:.. iU ... ' Ii
..'i'i ' .11 j .: .'-'fj'. ri-f't M H'' tij .o
, .' v. i v , -i ...- t ' j
I.rii.' i.-,t".-i .-;!. ! .-.-..:-! .. ' 'A
,-t -f i!-- ..,k -. i. . hi j.-i:--ii.t-.H
-i-.j, : V :m;..- i.ii
, ' TO 'UK
.-'.. .: - i
J I . l ;- ii
&.-. ..t . .. .i..n.l
'.- I - ' ' .
, '; J. i .. . i - . . J
Oftll early and make selep
tions, so; aa io'g&t' the:'
oil o i c e o ou r t Jtax-jjo
i ' i .'.''' 2 ij; nt i ti
,y 1 lJ !?. ,K f. I ' I i
l9.Hi 1
i i .-it .1
. J I.
. J V-'
I h:c'.o
Which isj novr poinjplctter
.:p a c every Department.
lct- -y;y-,.--y- ... .vn.-r..rM
r..fia ill in Si! t'tV
2rt.li 1
liit "! .1-.
I :m.i
... ;)
-I.: y I
: f fi I . i. t .
.a . t-ae.;
.. . 1ii-J 1(
ii-Uo .:i
iii jt t.
a i
Are oflered than
can be
' i -
, lACtd, elato-wliero
i. r
Ml 1
: .-. a
250 AHD 25201
ttrrf7 ' ; t
r - f'UAA
South High cStreet.
)K . t fit i t ,J-1 AkAi
feht-codlri . .. ' ' j.j-
w -9.1 . V
a..'.' . j'.. r'j ... .. - '''i ta'.i.'ii muv'j Ot
n -
' '",t,Te,y Twa IlKbta Only X
Ah. SLf. BUB mv.'T'r' 1 '" " '
Takes plaarare In MunHin, ,h,t h, ftf
KIWI,' f
The frat London Comiqae. who U proDoanecd b
thA DIMM. A lh iHUM kHL wZm jZZjLZi
I ! produced. Barnett and la,lor.
d by the, P I M-tbo two f BLDiMt. kla in tha
world I Taylor at torhhirs TAjlor St L "
mul Doleful: laylnru Sarah' Walker, Tavlor u
formed b him In New York loOoontecattTeniahta
Uiu Kua a Mr. C'aodle; frof. Bb.rjrtej. C-n-eeiti'.iat:
Thoa. Kilnrr. Musical I ireotor. ,Iick-
eu, one; uatlery.wc; h nerved eati, 76e
. fl. H. tTtPU KSOK.
nnr(-AA ....... n .. : i .
" ' . SO CIALi iTZALtL
t .
- ...... AT ...:J.-..e.;.:
MONDAY. tlielt4th bf DEC 1868.
ADMISsIOIt ......
dect did ..- 1 aT a ' ' PH. BAtJSCH.
- Sanday News copy. 1
r ; special notices.;
Table Xalk with loc.oaaf laalsxn-
. :.!( -.1 HSU. ; :i. J . I
Reader, Ira will f jppos you a mtrryr to drspep
sia,' If yoo Vre . i, so aoeh tha better for you.
If yDor pcrrapsyoa ma- profit bj this wara
eraph. Y, u h j .st S Ished your dinner, w
wiU.a jr, a d.f eel as i' yoa b d awa :ua, fa& in
stead of .: I olesoms food. Yon have . a sensation
of -Sjgatneas roU,M the npper part of tue dia
phragai, a if sou auk oi tha- eoostriotrr tribe
held yed In tt emliJ in ha - A ltd tit toil
of MfPM t or m?t, T fori sttpreuiely
asuerajo- aa. fitca u a ;pe .1 j wuioa year
e nip. a exists after ersry mat. - What rt- you
de- Tif Xase.vf cottl-. A -x mp ion Ifrom the
inc iln- that rib you of all anjoya at ' unit the
day, and duturt year rest at night. Take, then.
tuu v " w oi uii filiation : jm gun sr flMIassv.
wsrtsinly core llyoor agonlxinar n p uiv as tie
T n "Whtelcr f Teaf thli aJUoIe-WiH bAltocMd-
i fey Am tBer."PrThg yoa tre-iaareduloin rxut
if you have read tha testimony of the eminent eiti
xens, in.vri7Wlk! ffU ylrh hare tested tbe
preparation. and anbmitt! Uwrea. it of tbeHvez
perie eitotbep b ie .oroB"he' :-.,'yon edtht
at. least to hav; nffirientflvth to mae atrial oY it
iiu.uiuianu nan y aaeUkOieosu na
alterat ve Me pn u nicint in tht werld tnltrt
lyadaptti Vfioatri..jp oint jf you are ia tha
tainj any- alcoholic . excitant as a palli-
atiye, aband, B t.pd tr; tb.p ir;t230X?'Bfsi
Cxa.jiit ,tiBI," Jf; it doei f 4 iooodeiy to;
bat you will not d to for it .a n ver yet failed.
raslng!e lnDCe, to Care dyspepsia, biliousness.
andt.eir-ianaiieo, Ji..nts. j, ,,. '
! .
' ,
U'tn!! .! -?'' - AKD
- m a. jc .B.B'.a.ja wrii r. a aw ana.
JPRU7,,- f.Qtg.'Kj: 'Mt't lar(est:.inana.
a ver ic me ptjo, wjta
KbW' kill! .labcrr' ar enable!- W oier wrn-
eqoaHedfiety of ne aod beautifuf unites ia
Uin erervicea.aa, . .fieej. aad' everj artyOle
peoiaily adap.e.i ijtiA l Jaoay and jfndalUuTULi
JTlreflerls tIeii-well-known and Drivelled
Itickel Silver Elec ro-PlaUd Ware,1 io which the
have introduced jiow jattfni of rare elegance.
The tsoiid Silyar i (oarantetd -W be of sterling
purity by U. 8. ttintawav A be AUotrflate I
tnaraateed to be superior U tht flneat lihedel
ware, Orders received from the Xradoenlyia
these' goods may be obtained from responsible
deiierTriiiiB-iii jiOU'L
... . xrad
..... . I.T.I .. . Muk
Trad MarkTxt Ji;--:U ,.!L';,"i1
or fit? L jrrtSl asPa. a-'eotew
J - D
"RElAldAlflffPACTDRIJfG CO.. '
. v. m
y, Hal asroorwKoiJiakleA Lane, N. Y.
noTfi-dawtMm-Pe t .
I . . . . I
Thousands of ekiitf na die unwally of fV p.
Uow,' Mothers, if you jwonld. sper d50 centfland
always hare a bcltle I'obias VenetianLin-
iment in the. house, yon aever need fear loainc
your little one when attacked with this conrptaiat
It is now SI years since I have pat up my List -ent.
and never heard oi el.ild dying of C - ui "when
my Liniment waa used; but hundred! of curet
repoi tod.-lu.iiw,n4'iiiafly guiia If ic waa
fit per bottle th7 would not ba without it ) Be
sides' which, it'isa certain core for Cnts.Burns,
Headache, Toothache, tore.. Thraatj Swellings,
II msaps. Colic Diarrhea. Dysentery.- Brasmt.'Old
Bene and Faint in the 'Limbs, Back, and Chest.
Sa one onoettiies it. who is ever witbont . lt U
warranted perfectly safe to take internally. Full
directions with every bottle'Sold by the Urug
gists mi ftorekeeuris. In the D Ttid States. JJej
pot 10 Park Place. If. Y. -;;,' u .fj.
t.j-ji .
jUMio-dawiyom-reirr ,
-Bott j)etIlnr-icrPrrlitccl?
- Pure blood make as well, b d blood makes ut
sick. Vapors from poorly1 figeeted'food in tha
blood are condensed upon the various organs." and
serve to make them trow or repair' their , waste.
Organtmade with a creator or .lesser proportion of
tuoh mate. ! cannot be sound.'' If the bad con
dition of blood continues bat .for few day, or
weeks the 1 ody v ill I out of aorta; and jf it von
tinue fthe h Je" of tht body jt ill in time ba, re
newed -with imperfect blood, and the I ealth bad;
it is in a decUner-ptpuiajJy'called a eonsnmption
Kow Brandrath'a rilis penetr te the hole mas
of b'ood, causing tht xpursiot Of Isiparltieaj the
body feel relieved from a Una! dose what then
may. by ezpeoted from twenty? By eontinnina
their asehe wholeof the blood ia- time become
punned.' and the bodrreaonstrneted from good ma
terUl.the decline atoppad. And a new. la of
Micnred.' "Prindpai "bffioei." BbandbitH HoCBI'
New York. .Sold WlABiiroggkU,
-luneWdiwlycm-veiiT " ; ;
To art wo owfft thousaed srasev; ' T
s' l -Ioipiorirn K store no disgrace i. ,,7
' Be,' as gray hair d. n't please the aye.. . i - -l
StrikH'! : "f.wnitfa;, am th KffWm produces!
byCristadoro Bair PtaeemMva n Beaabfer.
Be the hair ever (orwiry, coarse and B.nmaoagea'bl
by brush and comb, innna week this artieL. will
render it flexible, lutreus and iaoliaed- to euH (
J BM by Druggists, and appHed by 11 Hair 1M
'eH. 'Manufactory Mo' S Maiden' Lane. Principal
Depot No A Astor Home-.
iunelt-dwlom-PT - - ': - A
... rt . . I 1 . . , ..I-''- ' ' ' ? 1
A ItOlLlOAl IPrtEsmV I Ladies 'and
gentlemen yeong aod W. des irons of havinf thai!
hair beautiful fur the Holidays,' should" u e a bot
once. Read Chevalier's- Treatise on tht Ba r.
Pree to all. ' '(Jiren away at tbt lh-ng Stores.br An t
j p..it r'i. ' Thi. book, should bo read by every
person. It teaohe toenltivat ti have beeuiful
bair, and rfBtore'tray1 hair ti-ito original color,
(top its falling out, r move all irrisatioa f dan
druff from the aealp, tha keeping the hair heatfti
ful to the latest period of life. '.' "M".
jHT-deol-eodlm : " IMS BroadwaT.BT.
ul t' restored in four weeke. - Hncees
guaranteed. OR. KlCOHU'riJiStiKlSCalOF Lit E
restores auahly powers, from whatever can -a ari
sin; toe effect of earl pernicious babi s, self
abusa, itnpo.eooy and climate, aire away at one to
this woiiderlul medicine, if tekee- regularly accord
ina to tbeuireotioDfwh-ah mitr, ionkitM.M.
quire no restraint from bu.itM or pleasure ) Fail,
are is impossible. Pold in bottles at AS, or four
quantities in one forta. . To be had only of teeeole
appointed agent in America. H. (Jkbitxin. Vt
Thi.d ATe..oorDr 13tL btNeW York.
vwr jygT .'lyr
a. aBoo -t- jinotuir Jkm"
thi work "T hi
valuable treatise on the oauna and nnm at nr,u a
tore decline, shows how health U impaired throuaU
secret abuse of youth ad manhood, and how
easily regained It. aivet a 'clear syn- psis of the
iuiBMiuie,.ts to marriage, tbe eaaee end effects -of
nervous debilit.and the.romadie. tkarefoi-J , A
pocket edition nf the above will be forwarded. n
receipt of sS cents by addreMingJDuotpr Cobtu
No. 68 North ,'harle street. Baltunore. Aid.
cpa mayaS-dly-r . .
v F R O F E 8 S I a N X l : : ' x
,JB.' A. B. WlLLiAMateVMt, breadway. near
,iab street. Columbus. Ohio, baa dnotm h,i
-ra teVietof ywan to the treatmeUt-oteeTtain pri
rnwnuiwiw, , c, vieensuitea nia offlot
Hroada,. tear the Uxa'aanA-a Bank .j il
- may31-tf - -
BAlCHtl.UH' HAIR D k IS. Ihi
splendid-HeirD i the best in the world:
tbe only true aad perfect Dye; harmless, reliable
instantaneous -e- disappointment i fie ridn-ulou
tints; remedies the ill tdectf of had, dyea invig
orates aud leaves the Hair sott and beautiful. blnt
or brnv. ' Sol I by all Druggist and Perfumers i
aad. properN applied at Batebel'ir's Wir Factory
Bo. 16 Jioud street. K. York. . m apria rtiwl.
, A vita and delicate skin, free from ' cry If m
ih, V, tie rcwardof an ocoasioiul uie, of Pal tne'
Yeawtabk Cosmetic Lotion. epJl-dAwly-0 i

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