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L Tama,? prepared and
.orrwted by
v, j. lavage, Jeweler, 83
IHlaJlA,. -i.-t.'t ;seBJ3.Ja. 1.
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haro ater.
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11. M.
...4 Si
rta Rtse
Man Beta.....
j Kt'l -
ra-To-morrcw I Sc. liinatlua'day
wr The City" Council meets to-night.
' f A .day' lenitta iulv week Is nine
... hour- end seventeen Rilnutes. ,
rla, was tiaturalhfd on Saturday.;- j '
nu MT SkitloitoD Uie cnuU tlvtr, and all
. the pouds about toWtu Is splendidly"
t-.Tbe KxeeUlor StrtniiBaud will give
;,',4tiuauerade ball ou Christinas live. ,
il3rTbeul8plej '.ot towinthc window.
..Jiinnrs atnre&'axa'verv' attractive
t,uinlue$.j. ...... ,.. -!j.;;;'l,5'i :
1j tarCaluBiiT"fc-"M voieeof , thoae who
.vhaw.itefther good heart, noti
"ity Friday nl,ch-wv the (widest of the
- below 'Xeula. '-. i :. v !.
rsr- ft a lad ive a pain In heivstde.
-sbe 1 fcti." can she ?.
rWThe Odd- Fettote's ?Jmpnir tor-De
ceiuoer ua uet;u rwriro- . - t :
most attractlvtf-montlillea pumlalird..f i
vtQoTrriHr' Hyiv Uiwl' Wkntt
sod many njihers, jiOj to CuUo. th lit juira-
- ! iu q si;- .i .fa s : 'I(iit.i .
.uitlg.! -I.HJlkl' ,ai OtCi iiiTl!-a7. UI q "':,! (T ,
It tut: tiona -'r i n i iaw i ' l-wii-;-'! 1 -
1 l4r3f-Tbpre Is to fce'atariMTftl at the Bhik
-ulieao 'bustt:a;i ,.i r v i iu j -
iotol"Ne Orleans' AuVar an'd'!iJl.ola8e4,
- 'iuiH?.! t n,cl1
"Invitethe attentVon of the trade, -Y.
M. Q. A. The-regular monthly meclj-
tlon will be helilty rooms of the Assoi
SatM'yealiiaecJLlthj aL)i
S.TliciAWi 13ronxi! .
efedaleriuatf!aiaSl t6)i)KwM,
on Saturdayy-appolnted: oneof the O antj
dSoard of Scnool Sxaminexaja tavpto
aIiOl4t..origidA icasllT. IIK1 !
Adhittud to-h- Bar. Jeremiah J.
I"rj,-N 'D-nram,of, CI-TeJan.tr baye bee
i'gaiied by ;Cb:SuvremeCourt.lo ! racydc.
Transfbkmd 6wiiATwThert waabut
''JUiHiiima ifsft fiiTredard on turdaJtlat
r'WJMberfosand wife to John D
-fcii-,iiiWtA4tnt,ii-fri 7Sfl-i 1viAi.'.k ;
BdosClonsblpfor $;50.
si v.vn
1 !
fiii baa rnio
jAMiSteia ' XaoEKSBS. There ..-were
Carriage; ifceBMaV taned Jbj ; fht Probate
'TObarf "flvrrl ftg 'ftkaiRj-tvirday.
-IDeOTaBhttr 13tlu ..follows: Monday.' 1;
"Tuisday.'ndne; Wednesday, 3; Thursday; 1;
nriday, Saturday
t ; , RrrrjRMaD. Toe ownmitteeof the! City
UrMiWanihw'fjt East'to ex
amine the Holly engine for wafer workt
,(riiuo4 their trip.pn, Friday nlgit
aboitt midnights - They express themselves
delighud Svltb tb working of this water
; j.. ,v
to TsKDaRLYi Leoaii. We are glad to
that the Unit d States Treasurer is calliri g
lnme pf tne wprn out legal binder notes,
to be replied by ire8 ones. . They bad
ubeijpote sOiWil'tisuder that moat persona
thought it not at all legal" to uk stacj.
"tegai tenUer,
ft)St'P n 1 iA
WDeniis,' Aent at v Newark, ot the Saii
'diisk'y, Mansfleid" 'fcNewark: .railr. ad. Iri-
lorofl 09; thsrtraTns on, bis Toad will rrtv
'nioepart loflows' from-Sewark i ! J
r.. S:4S A. M
8W . St.
IEaUQBiSlt "AGBirf 8 BUfOBT aJUj
t)eiwOewrai Weaiern.-Buiitraiit Ageut,"rt-
poris the" arrlvall)i3t)8 emirauta'in tbjs
Hv during tb:week f venqiu; jsawirjiji
Dee. 120.JVhr Und 1'Omeg . follow).:
.TWi72 MiMoutk'JiJ; IftUBlai?35;fcirv'
33 - Krnjroeky,;28uT,rtney-ja. , JtajcWUcon
ain, 56;.Mijjn!HOts, iUidtlhl Michigan
flfrff I,, OT f At! ot w 1 aicaii tmWTI
FiLnS8tBB,T.-The eertfdokte of Irf.
corp-. tratfcm e ol. UMb-.alarUn'aFei-ry "Agri
cultural Mauiurlg Couipany was tiled
with the Secretary pi Slate pn. Saiurday
'uti UaWganlseid or tb purpose of earrying
oiS''ar-"sre6ral mahBlscturtng.r.unsinessji
PrinolDal oftt,e atMArtia'aFerry. Capiul
stock $100,000, In sllaresof ',$50 each.
B Kerr, H,;;wi4,;le.i:;0oyle, W,m,aH
"-"iMaSONiqvit a stated
j ujeetlng of. Lofl-
Thursday evening Dec.. Jth, 1868. the
lowing named rsonswij elected officers
. . for ihsbeniolaj; y w -f mj i i
ia iitfwJLi Jwkon,-WM4 fiwbeuj Monyjj
peny.S. "".; Richard Sloan, J.'VVfT. B,"J
Vause, Treasurer; l JnoiuW. Seeds, Se rii
tar; D. MuUhollaud, a. ohu UuDT, J
in' .or ii AWT . 4U -'' ' I' ears
.SpkCir.TBArt iWCiCATOTh-j-spe-Poy
railroad will leave the depot this mornln
at 8 o'clock, carrying all who may wi-b to
tttcha iSft Bfmyreunlod,'ln 120,' at
half , fare, $U 45..nHa1ar tickets will be
furnished to terfcoftsot .abl reach. Co
lumbus In time for Uie 8 A.ralugopd,
0 fr?.wffs
Che eorfc- seaM- pon
era haVetaUediaS nK.rSf ftheTmorning
call" 'of chanticleer, an ! sausage, per coii-
cquepca,osatuteftther'blU.'if fare" Of
niAuybouseholdsrrHog killing Ja ,ge-
ersl and impbrtadi business at this season
Pb .be year in the country, knd la beyqud
r ail eoBaparisdSihe moAttbagreeable duty
' that devolves on tne larmers. 1,. -.-n-
. 1 .'I Mr? i,'1 ;aai ',' '
'j CbbtbaIi Skaxino PABK.-Thls new plaee
v ol kmusemeut is now iii full blast.' and on
'.v Saturday :was well attended. - Children are
t adailtted to the ke ait .U hours, and they
"k;iU5t"roy1ntieir privileges. ;At night tne
,a PaxtV'waA) brUlisnily .illuminated ; . All
tlbds-or skates are. kept', fpr vrcnV, orUafe,
' Mr. Hunt, the proprietor, bas bobm of tbe
. AandMUKat styles of New York Club skates
o havVer,,' seeh;; !The''Park' will
.crowoea to-oay,
mmJM CBfitwiifc.aeMsi t)TAJitsaaiiThsCoca
miasiooer ot lotrpalJie venue has decid
ed tbutXbe strip stamps lor cigars in boxes
must be jjSU-PjG&eoj of a stencil
plate of brass or-copper In ,Awhichthe-e
atifcirbCl.'not le9SHbi three-quarters pi
aaiel'eyondicli sidy, bf the: ifamj 6n
th bjxu T.heiBa'meie uiwiuiacturer
domtsstl pr, o) jhe, o.wuejB f imported ci.,
a'gjtfSi suid the date-of 'panetiraUonj fuusti
wriitf u ot jjuprjB um ibo tip atotui.s
for cigars In boxes. ,
JaspcKABBOW EsOAFB.Thre baa been sS eld
"Rules of the Rink Asoctatlon excludlni;
children from the Ice at nijtht was causing a
(Treat deal of dissatisfaction. ' All acknowl
edge that when a larjte number ot rapid or
fancy akatera areon the ice, children have
no business there, but it is claimed that
from seven until eight o'clock the.; Ice
should be free to the rtetag feneration.; On
this subject a lltths lady sends us tttf lol-.
lowing: !
,. .X0UiB0vbM. 13tbf 1863. ',
Mr. Fprvits: 1 wish you would tell the
men at the Rink that I think they are real
nu an to i ryei-t us girl arid, boys who are
not yet fourteen years old .from skarios. in
the evening. Last nijrht f paid fr a tick
et, and a cross man at the door took ir. and
let me In, then "he said I shouldn't skate,
bfcauce it wasn't allowed. I am most f' ur
,en. and' was.. pretty near telllnjr -a V I
wanua to tKajp to ftno.i we stay incno. I
until lour o'clock, then go home, and be.
tre we cou)d".get ' haek to' the It Ink
would he tut ur Now, 1 think It's mean
to have such a good place to skate and not
be allowed to do it. Give thm a good
acoldiug for me, please, Hr. SplvUiSit i I
S 4l:L m. . ti l-l XiOTTIS. I
!s VJ '4 '' ' ' 'K '; ' ' ' ' ( !
Hcrbah. We have just received the fol
lowing note:,. u;." ; i.v .H i ir-:
It bas Vrt decided by the'nianakpafjnt
of fhf Rink, to It-t the cliilrlren skate until
eight o'clock in the evening, as. tlu'sa whd
S9 to 'sqt.ool during the day hava no other1,
time to bnj.y the ejjerclSes.j r,.;,'.;,vi" j
" We'knew'th-'y woutl.:.Tbe gentlemett
who have charire of the Rink were but a'
Once. tnnUelaVe; d know hoar it tol
be shutout on arcunt of age. They have
donen-t what W exoerted thy would
tV wlM-f he',a-"''waii brpujcht to tbrfrnor
tice. N-iw 'Lottie, you can "go It" to
y-ur heart's content, without let or hind-
ranoe; V ri' t. J L .Vi.i.l.l.-'.
Hl8 PCHNFIDHt'8 OoNCUtT The su M4
ence in at'endaneeon Miss Hchneiner'S
sUiiec9a -Saturday Kfrnonnr-waa v as1
large as at th flrrt conwrtand was cora
poaed linot. ex lualvt-Iy o. Iadl-s,.the seU
fl -Vmen be1 n it On Ijhejl Ver kk t J n g.yf as;
paying? house, howevetY "The muslo was1
snpt-rb. WoMUUKt especially commend a
triofortde planoiute and, yloloncfDo,
utyeaoy Bv scanviaer ana er cnurners ,
As we sat tbrre. In the delicious, dreamy
lljfht.ltxtening tothe wlu;h-ry of the mnsicj
we-fhouifht we never heard any mlody:so!
sweet. Uiac Iatura Bat-kns was .lorimense)
in ber piano solo, and won the first encorei
of the evening. Miss Tuther aang several
ballads very sweetly, as also did Miss Fan-!
nle Smith ie" thought the Last, naniect
lady sang Auld Robin Grey better than!
anything we bave'ever beard her attempt!
beaeemed to feel the words of the qoainc
old Seot h song and make her auditors lee1,
niem too. , As a whole the '-concert was)
meet successful.; We are glad to see thaq
the practice of . Indiscriminate "encores is
being dispensed wjtb It la right to appltud!
rwBJrteYeiTl mrlrtbf Si bbtife iye tbesen-
Jre as! mark ol jnerft tor'fhose parcuu-j
larrjaa9erWg Miss" Sob neHef deseaj
ine.tDanKSOi society ior 19c pleasure wiei
has glven -ln these- exquisitely arrjsngjid
Saturday afternoon concerts. mm' j
.Thx BciioBisia., Ta-wQaTTosiigt
the two .great humorists of tne world make
appearance at
conntry:i.The Zow
the Dpera H'Vuse; 88-j
-the brat at lints ii
try:i.The ZanetvUle Courier of Dtdcm-
ber 10th say fcor them t -V "". 'jr&pf j
One of the moat inimitable. unaoproLch
sbleand uiirth-frOvoklna enrtaipnii-utsj
evr-(Hven:Bi inis city was faai oy aajines'
1J tor.-KUK'iana'B' greateiit vmiqiM?ana;
Atf. Burnett,' America's' greatest' Humnr
1st, last evealng at Mulciiall, toneo( tlie)
Snesau'leBcjeg that ever assembled thBliisi
city Certainly no one who has ever yisi-i
ted. this city bas displayed so mucli fiiciall
power as Mr. Taylor." He representra halt!
dozen characters In as many minutes, Sach
cliaiautei Ojff llajrag ,es3eralimy lriinf the
other as'oYreV nfaW' -drli'i 'Irom. anotherJ
The .power Which be possesses of changing;
4he color pi bis cheeks and- lips from a red'
to a 6uw white, is something unequaled:
' Mr. Burnett, as bumorist. Perhaps has
no tupreiior, and in the laughable picture
or simon Caudle displays his great pnwer
-ta advantage. cHis ebmic portraitures can-'
otpstbly bexcelledr.jijn ,. j:CI
viiits Kash, as Mrs.' Caudle,' did her part
exceedingly fine, and the recitation' 61 the
taasonln pv em-v ' ' . j ';, .' 'PV,
- - "Wa meet a rod the level. -
Ana we part upon ihe tquAre,'.'-- t
was jrlth paUloanndower.
' Prof. Sliarpleyr and Mr.;' Klliier are fine
artists. ' " -'
" Bit)- JWtojBlX'AT ' th b ' 8t AT?""H;6fiE:' A
p rt iou.'pt jtb ,,boiler Sat nacs,'. t used for
h ating the State Houe,'turatitod down on!
yoterdaylnorfiln'g id' epu'setj'iience of its'
bad coi.structiou.., Jt har been but a month
or two since the furnance was-rebullt, at a
48t of three thou-aud dollars,' under the
direction of the Superintendent of" the
State Uoue.. Until repaired, or entrrely
rebuilt," it aill be hnpossibla to beat the
Legislative Halls so as to-make them teua
bK -'Thuilt Is that the";piibfic luoey is
squandered, and the public iuterests neg
lected by men who pay attention to every-
t ing but their duties. Tne -doperin-
tehdeut is now away at Chicago,, having
been ent tiiere in charge of feev- ral of IJlie
$tate flgs,and uotbiug can be done uutilj
he returns, and not even then, tor there is;
00 appropriation to pay for its rebuilding.
Let uabavea change in this mutter. th
eraboli8b the, office, or put a sensible man
eiui tree saaaingac tne hkm; i 01 Mown;
treet on the west side -of the river, near
the old Tub ndPall Company's ware-
bobBeVM whose bolith boyaj wban, Ekft-
mg.-nave neen in tne name 01 onnaing a
fire to warm -tbemselyesrwbea -tliey come!
off ot tbetce.' YestrdavTs tburned off.
indlvWiAii the Ice was t)i ranged Fit h
skaters, barely mlsMtig two chiklreu, a boy
aud girl abput igbt.or.:teu. years of e
The girl was knocked down by. the falling!
llluVb'of tlre andStheice breakingv Ihei
was let into tne river, jinose wt
boy was let into the river. Those who:
the DoViw -tbe water' untll . she asked,;
Where, la my .brother ?'!. when, ay pung":
man whose name, is Cat, Patkett or ,Pck-i
ard, jumped in and caughtfV boy just as
he was going under the fee.. Tbe children,
were taken hotne unlnjurtd but It was a
naraoweseape. --i
Tbb CowRTS.r-In Common Pleas Courts
No,2. on Suurday, the jury lti tbe ca'sWol
Junes Williams, indicted for larceny ao-j
quitted ' that' individual, after ' afpattentj
bearing of tbe case. : In Court Wrt.1 In thq
case of Berrfhard Farneshons' administra
tor vs. the Accidental Insurance Company
oN5qhmb,BjyejiCt was jreiidMred tn fa
Vo7of the VlaiutuXi. In the sum of $2,000.
Iffobaei DUillne isthe adminlatratoTL
TUs case of Jobu Field vs David Auld-
a suit grow log out; of certain lumber traps'!
autluosrfwaax submitted to'.utK-Court. In
the case eailed as H. T. . Colttendea against
Wm.Trevitt & Cd fnr an alleged libel, in
stating that the U. S. Commissioner and U.
8, Marshal were running a black-mall mill.
Iwas continued tor thirty day upon motion
ff"tbe plHilnfr. -The cage-of Smrctf, fb?il-
Xli-iSlW'S? -ab! be tried cday:
-fit-.. . "
Coujity CommiIonkr8 Meeting. Alj
The meeting of the Board ot Countr rr,i
f mfcioAfj held n fSaturday, Messrs. Xd-
warday fiullck and .isl present, the fo
lowing bills jrere .-allowed J. S. Beeky
& Co, $3. ter looks for Court house; Gt iVil
Gleason; tl? TO for stationery for ClerkQj
'ffi Ulea-jon, .924 00 ' for atationery foij
Sherlfla 'pflScej i.;;M. jSlyb;V$f5 oo or
pVrofi o'-Voue. Costbill8 for jiistic'es"aiid
eouslblgs. amounting to 53 15,; wgi$ al
lowed. James: Bewl wB allowed $50.00
account" or building bridge' bear Wvt t,h
Pbobatx Coubt BuavfBSS. During the
yeek eojlng Saturday, Dec. 13th, Judge
, ugh made the following appointments:
John B. Chambers, appointed guardian
if Sarah C. and Simon Chester, children
1 id heirs of Simon F. Cheater, late of Fral-
e township. Bond S3 000.
Clark Wtilte, appointed guardian of
ankllaP. Soerrv. chilcLaud heir olJohn
M Ctlaofankliifoyirijy.Jiond
-. ,000. !
. C. Rese, appointed executor of the
-ate ot Thma Reese, late ol Plain town-
: - ip, decased. Bond $1,500. j
The last will and testament ol Thomas
!, ese was admitted to probate and record
If you want a reliablb and cstrpi.
r milt cask of MEDiciNKS, we can con
s . fntiously recommend one of Dr. Huii
f fnv'e Homcepathic Spkcific?. Havinjr
U' d them ourselves, and know of their
e ' ensive use by our triends. we hazard
n bing In speaking well of them to all
w ' desire having such an arrangement (or
I: . ily use. Price of lull case and book $10.
S advertisement In another column. Ad-
s, Humphreys' Specific Homoeopathic
V t dicinb Co.. 562 Broad ay, N. Y. "
t 13-dfcwly-cw I
as Adcltkby Cask. The case brought
a nst Jacob Hudson, by Anna Hudson,
bl I wile, charging him with adultery and
d. '.. rtion, came up lor a hearing on Situr
dt ' morning. The prosecution not being
re y to go to trial, the defendant was din
ol . (ft d. but was InimedUtelv re-arrestel
on i le nome charge, and irave bond In the
su 1 ' of $500 lor 1 i appearance on Tuesday
m ' ling at 9 o'clock. j
December 14.
iiiB Boys in Bluk: Tou are hereby
on , red to meet at your beadquarterm
Tl.i-man Hall this. M-inday. vening, De
ce jer 14, at 7 o'clock, for special busi
ne J . It Is hoped that every White Boy ia
Bit' will be at bis post. By order. 1
J. B. MILLER, Adjutant.
kBMEY & Berky's Celebrated N. "i".
CI , 1 and Amerlean Rink steel skates, at
W. A. Gill & Son's.
lton is selling fancy goods lower for
ca 1 1 than any house in the city. Ho. 4B
N i th High street.
dction. Remember, W. R. Kent con
ti ' e the sale of those CAoice Blanket and
Sx v th Linen, this afternoon and eveij
in i at No. 85, Souh High SU American
bit ding. decH-dlt-j
ceic for the Holidays, at greatly re
d' ; u prices for cash. Melodeons as low
a. 50;5-octave Organs, $30, of the very
b 1. makes. Agency for the unrivalled
Ci.ckermg Pianos, and also tbe Emerson
P 'itio, the oestlowpriced Instrument made.
F tes, Guitars, &c at low prices. Piano
S : ols and Covers. Fan lares and Harmon-
ti :.i for the little folks. A. P. Lewis
21, South High street,
I tcl4-eod2w-mw&f
Ijyou Jfant Jo seejhe Snest as3ortmen;t
T? I lancy goWsJ fori ft 3 lipllldays. eter
ugin u i.iiis cilv, can at. iuuiu a vun
re No. 46, North High street.
Skates, Skates, Skates,
illri Son's.
Skates, at W. A
A Sad Case of Frost Bite can be entire
bnaed byr'vbftJia.iJni a pftlrt.tip tp
Jfts rrtboes artrietiew-store-tii tlm Desh
r building. Nu. 33 North High street, j
The Millenium is Herb ! Cloud & Co.,
' No 33 North High street (Deshler's new
illding), are selling the best quality of
ota and shoes for Men's, Women's and'
1 e war) prices. Go and see tor yourself.
A fine assortment of skates just received
at W. A. Gill & Son's.
Neablv all the Bitters that are advertised
tte.ufcttiaa. Alattfmaeh.Bjtteri are really
i Jurious, and should be avoided. But tbe
" insti ution Bitters are as represented, a
. K)d stomach Bitter, and perfectly safe to
1 e. Try them an 1 be convinced. Sold by
1 Druggists. deil2-dAlt j
mted pertect, are selling at $5 00 per pair
Cloud & Co, in the new Deabler build
1 g, 33 North Hiah street. J
Beadquabters for Skates, at W. A.
son's. N. 30orb..High street.
.Skating Boots for Ladiks. The only
tide of the kind in the city at J. E.
loemak -r's. No. 69 Norm High street. I
ydWw in if mf, fry
BWBoyrs. SHli'iiD GAAEbsjif he
t qiiality, at one-third less than usuh'1
lliiiit prices. The place to get them Is at
lou'l & Co.'s, No. 33 North High street,
esbler's new bull liiir. i
Smoking skts so low that none need do
Ithnut, at 46 North High street.
decl4 eouGt W. Felton,
Jewelry made and repaired by C. E
t.inith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
Unto thb Poor th b Gospel is Preached,
I nd unto the poor first quality boots, shoes
Mid gaiters re sold at poor men's prices.
Cloud & Co.. No. 33Nonh High street, are
he only parties setlina them. i 1
Toilet Stts, cheap,
at No. 46 North
High street.
Fob Sai.b House and lot, corner ol
Franklin and Washington Avenue. Most
desirable property; will be sold at a bargain
Enquire ot J. W. Moore, No. 43 West North
octl3-dtf !
IIolxoway's Pills. The blood, impov
erished by the summer heat, often at this
season develops bolls, ulcers, and pus
tulous eruptions. Tne cooling, healing.
disinfectant properties of Hollowat's
Ointment render it the best possible drat-
I for these external nuisances, and tn
order to bring the whole mass of tbe blood"
into a healthful condition It will be pru
dent to tone the internal organs and regu
late tbe secretions, with a few moderate
doses of Hollowat's Pills. Sold by all
Druggists. iySJ-dly-cWj
Vases of every variety very low for cash
46 North High street. j
W. Felton;
. Nervous Dkbilitt, with Its gloomy at-
tdants, low spirits, depression, involuu
1 : y emissions, loss of semen, spermator-
licea, loss of power, dizzy head, loss ol-'
u. mory and threatened impotence aad
li., jecility. find a sovereign cure In Hum
pil eys' Home ipatliic Specific No. Twen
ty ' Bight. Composed of tbe most valuable,
ni 1 and potent Curatives, they strike at
01. ' a at tbe root ot the matter, tone up the
syi em, arrest the discharges, and Impart
vlj' r and energy, life and vitality to the
eir e man. They have cured thousands
ot .sea. Price $5 per package of six box
es m id vial, which is very important in ob:
stir .te or old cases, or $1 per single box.
&i foy atTpibgk and sen! J'nfou
r"e''pT oflT prtce. AddresT"HtjMPHaaVB'
Sp; , trie HoatttOPATHic Mkdicisk Cq 662
Bn idway, New York. Jyl3-deod&wly'
Jbebb, Is no. mistake ab9pt.lt,, Planta
tion Bitters will ward off Fever ahd Ague
and all kindred diseases, it used In time.
No family not n suffer from this distressing
complaint if- they will keep Plantation
BrrrtBS In tbe house, and use It according
to directions. The -most Important in
gredient of this medicine Is Calisaya or
Peruvian Bark, which Is known to be the
finest' ahd' purest' tonic in the vegetable
kingdom. Tbe extract of this Bark U tbe
active principle of all the good Fever and
Ague, Medicines, prescribed, by. intelligent
doctors.' Calisaya Bark is used extensively
in the manufacture of Plantation Bitters,
as well as quinine, and we dare say they
owe theli; popularity. moatJyto that facti;
We can recomuieud them. i
Magnolia Wateb. Superior to tbe best
Imported! German Colo oe, ahd sold at half
tbupricf. U J fjrii i iii j
RNY-septZS-deod&wlvcw j
New England Mutual Life of Bo-
TpNBSpqrt ot. SuperiOiteMdBnJ ot the.
Life Insurance Department of the State of
New York. (From Commissioner's report,
January lst.,1868 page ,63.) I
Tbe Nw England Mutual Lhe Insur
ance Company of Boston, Massachusetts, was
the pioneer ot Lite Insurance in New Eng
land, under the able but extremely conerv
ative Wtdatieetif that aeonrt71.hed juristl .
Judge Willard Phillips, "President of the
Coinpany." the Life Policy was popular
Ized in offices, counting rooms, wbaWks,
workshops and firesides east of the Hud
son, and no Bank BM or State Bond was
ever more sacredly regarded than the pol
icies under written by Judge Phillips.
The Idea of Iraud, deception or overreach-
ing was fleveT associated "With a parchment
containing his sign-manual. Geo. F.
O'Harr & Co..-are the Agents for the
New-England Mutual Life Insurance Co
Columbus Ohlo.;
Central' Ohi Lunatic A solum. j
Columbus, Au. 31. 18(18- 1
LSIutmlafeu tk. C., of, Boston. Utoss. 1 i 1
DEABSiir ram'lrfrorned that therehav
been misstatements made In regard to div4
land Mutual for 24 years. For tne intormaj
tion ot those interested in Life Insurance,
will state that I am entirely satisfied with!
the New Ealahd"TlutuaU I receive myj
dividend of profits regularly, and that they
now aaaHnt tOaftbeut on liundred-er
cent, on hit prennuin. vmamaz para an
nually in cash.
Signeo oi L-.-WUiLa Peck,
Sup't C. O. Lunatic Asylum.
Dr. Wmrjl Peckj apA-Dr. Morrell, bis
assistant, bavc both tod mlad!applica-4
tion to the New England Mutual tor more
Lite lnsurance.M -1 1 irt rt 0
Gto. F0-aA4&A&CV,.l2g'ts,
Naughton Block, Columbus
TlM is" PlViNOl-Lfci to-'the'ew Boot
and Shoe Store, No. 33 North High street
Deshler bailding iajndtbji jknjwlnter'a
supply of boots and 6hoes, at poor tnen'sj
prices. The goods are warranted of best
quality. dec!2 si-Atu I
f j m m m
5raJ JJ rH7XT7rrvXT-
UlJ 'PrlYSlMnjiI'8',CtEnGVHEli
Testify to iU merits in restorica; GRAY HAIR
lis origHDal -eolor nd Momottni; Ita foth. It:
make the hair ion andglouy. The ol 1 io appear-:
'- iicMI-im' IKEfSIri-UV' j
ever na4 . jtrremova Handraff andU Scarrr,
Kraptfon's. ' It 3 e not stain the skin. !
-SINT-PkCB BY litlr
BeraTertbeimenas preparatiors which -irei
tod upon oar repatation. j
R. H LL A Vif-. Nashaa, N. H., Proprietors.
For sale- h all Drntrfsti.' x e-' "
julyai dltawA ,1,-e n
.r;i3saiee tsTPfZZ m ci Air
Linens, Blankets, &c.
AT , , A.V J JTZiIV.
rfafis T iV15raBi2iv
GOODS and BLANKETS, fresh'
and m.ij iuiportel, of tRo very best makes, and
o-l'alnula; llo...ds "t'be Uesi. qualifle8,,iirK.aj,
aru iev r seen at aacuon-jind xarely to be foinii in :
the re ail tra lbs Aiviuiase the property of;
Mr. r Mo ,inlrrori if tne la Ke.-t roreian Im-i
gorters for oer, halt a .pentarj aJijsaJ,ed;ilj)e
(Amenaa Soilding),
..ifeiM aril I--- ? i' adJ -J-rji I :
Commencing- FrteVar, Dec. litis, 1868,
.Tnetiujtiil ifi. oi ii' r :a i:all ei.'i itsoioi ji t
atlOo'olo k A. M .Sand 1 o'clock P. M., and to
euotinue fje T kYJ6ktA.Yit OXLT, a saUie
ahiatrfck,eoisiatK!ia vart iriAHi-W4n"Vanah
Enati.b and American- blankets: Table Damasks:
of errdeeeripLin.f; 'Ijiuea 'laolaXSovars; freuchi
lea and Puttee i.lotne; i.iben n.pkins, some of
tie fluaat erer bruaa Be tha anuanryj Doyiien.;
La-lie. and txents' trrneit- Haudkere .iefs. Huoka-r
hackai.d UaiagK Toweli, l urki h aud Kus-iao
Hth Tnwels, barnslry Insb nneetme. riil. w tiaa
tiiarn. Kiaanlraad ttnallso- MarMillsja Oilts-Ao..
Ac. Ac
Tbe Uoiida will ba on axniMtion on the mornini
of t e sale, and all -41 1 be sold without reseryo, in.
fans lo suit parahama,! i:m'l'7.)'niiii i
,. w.k. ais r. !
TSaelOiaSt'r rji; k ,i!:.ia7i sA'aouonees.
FUF?S ! 8
-..ill. .. o.i'J .jfav.-"
edl ci
ir-d ff .e!jjaie;
flm-iO J 6Teh
.OO TO it ,231V X
1 No. 'S Nell ffoaie' HIocU.
Iff' r SIM !-! .: 5 1
.vi t" .-mJ .:. ' FOBS,
..J. a .'. uf- -.ii; -is -' 1 .
Of an varieties, qualities and itylea," A large va-
nety ot - , , . " ,.
. -Wewnnld call tha attention or tha pnlilla toenr
nmiralled st.ck of the above Goods, satisfied that
in esueott-qi'alit and ices we ean.offor setter
inrlucementa than anj other boa e ia tbe eiidr; i
OW'THS city of nr 'roBar,
Capital. One Juil iea rollnrs.
lit M jlbq 1m. Pras't. JLs. ltzlutiL Sae'y.
Ree ivesDepoei land allows FOUR FEB EST.
INTbRKriTon all l.ailr Balances, snbjeot to check
atsiant. ,-peo al Uepua t fur ryUr. m. jiths or mure.
uit be made at fire per esrt 'H lie apl ai oi Una
Hi liou """Mara is divided among over 5KSb.re-bolde-s.
eomprtainaj mani Wotiemen of lane wealtb
and financial experience, who are alio personally
Kante-JadeD-aito-a tur ais i blisati- na of tha Com-
pab to double the amoni t of their eapiUI stuck
AS-ine iatu-nai - rusi . .ompanj receives .aaposita
hrrarge or small am. ants. a d pcrnrtts them to be
nrawi. as a wbole or in pa t by check at siebt and
without ni tice. ellowina ioterai oa all dailj bal-
. : .. . .1. i
counts in thi- Institution with spfeial advanlaiies
of security, convenience and wont. ,
pe NT-leol-dw8Xai ,-;-c; i;;--
"'"Xuiiiber'for Sale. '
. ;' ..I..,.. "": IU.- -1 . .
O tClm!'.' '- ; -ns! g SI 1 '.'If.. r.?A
TION offer at private sale all the lumbar snn
tairied in the fence tnoloing their Race Course
Also, . tbe Jam ber iu aou b -atabje. .vest stand,
H..lMtl il.nil nii.lr.t fMiM Jt. - ..v.. .ai
. : Partaea wisbina tiia wboie of tha abova wibVafeai
call on tha end i.ittned. wh will aire all tbe nee.
,ssar. inlormaiiouaa to price, terms, ann time
,u..mt Li s van) . kltJHAiat.NK.V-rSrtS.
V io President.
If hot disposed 'of b SATTJf DA Y. DKU. 19,
ISata, it will be sold on TEESUA Y, HI 186,
at publio anotion, by John U. BeaJl, Aoctiobaer. i
k t;'
ihihsimi mm
ock of nev and superior anmls, embraeina;
' v " I. i' u u,, i. UWKU'.L. I. THUD 11 " Villi . W tV.1 B.l. uw w w vi.
t. Without reserra.aitae store in DCSBXiKai'd AlEW BUIUlitt. look a4 soma of the pr ioee and .
oai re them with these. usually charged: .jj ;
n 4 skip aola,ttIlnboie Lcatb
Bo s'UlpBaolB,
Vi' ths'KpBMlt,
.VI r ' Cir, Xiip-Soled Roo(a
W.. nea'a Cll Nhoea, m3U
)l''Tfi'i Beat JWoroce f9hoas -lea
Doatle Soled iLnailsiK tone:.
- lea do., SilU Core, Very Beat,!
Ch Ids'
Morocco Hhacs, l'ollafa, -
ltlorocco f9hoa
Ii T iiaaravtn a
T isaandds art anarantaaa
Witt . snj ia tne market. :
i M i h for tlhat tha sale
U Snaitir jsfadlS limited
itl rir ocnr aeain. Besnre and and the riertt
f) -ULEhVd HEW BUILDING, opposite the
Uoo .
d" 'end3m-r
sd ta b4of anperior material and workataaihtof aad i
it . i V- , ii i i-fc? -u: i ii. .;' J (ti. . !
1 I
v, $50,000
( m "t- i;'vi'ffi' roil f v 1 '
- t; I fi- t .i0 i - ot' -.'. l
S (ISLLEIV TO rK "T XitlFlcr.H r
ernr thine ia the line of.MBNB't WOMBU'S,.
- 9 3 09, Rrgwlair price $S.SO
... 1.33. g.fjt)
. mt'v. v;.nt tt a ti..i5 Mr. .
.m.'-:w?4.i,-i -' -
f "I . . Tn.t J .- i it' t i ,
.vi .n .so.
iirir i
att m. asa
.ib . Ni
h i'-f':fit! t- t .i.IA i
.ii,T ' r. I;
'I 'I t'.f ft'l'?0. !
.4MBt .1- .,t,-t oj 4t- v
- "
sfcCi,.'J ft.-afcCenu- -it1! ni ima
wHl. bear eompsmian
to raot a farealcai Aootbee noh portaiiiS
pla.e (ti-re i bat one) befure baric
Statbbmaw Oenoa. is tha plaee. Go
and sea
- 4
yMn eilr'ul ciii.'! eiti BuhpstJa aaT
tCi?S)l TS3TAJ
arad aW Jn ff erfl ni is.ii!is
Titan la :oo at Ba..i;;i-ra tbJl
W SV . t, - BM.1 C f War V r w'l . . i rn:-.c
Ha, '.ng greatly enlarged our Printing Facilities by the purcbase of a eomplete new
ct Jrt5ii fl sir baA
el Ja-:e aq J a) :
And tbe addition of
ok bna .niain ar:"r bo Jifmoiq Jo;n !?t
mai:liv.aA JKi'nsw eK.dl loirorJneJJ orij i;o
eiftojani airf ni
,jGeneaUy CQncel4M b&ihe fastest
t !
Tne latest1 ana Most Approrcd z Style
irf ;'coinecllon'wltb KTJGGLTES', GORDON'S and WELLS. 'tol iPresses, Jhat hard
prvrvn vuen saccesnCT in irar uiinx,- suu
bu'ialng in thiseity in wnicn to operate,
f ft f-SO.M
In behest and neatest style of the art, and
0 t fast New Presses, our Improved Economical Machinery-i-the result of the ing :
iU-L. j,a-,d. inventive taiei.ot xoe pert
al "JUfJIdLCHErKK KATJiJjvtiaB cjurDe done in the old Btvie and,wlth only the pld
fat. .ities. The Office is complete In all Its arrangements, ana can do the workiwitUiirl
otl'.i:i'r T.r.,u;u n.-ll , -..sisl'! ijw ff i
J andbillsr . fT 0
Legal Blanks, ,
E lanH .Books, f ...
b usiness Card8,n,na
I ;'i :-tT,',i' ,il ' TtTTltl nH at'':'fi'';'aa Tt:'ail 4J
ac' H Ol'
"irv'r r
s !!
' In this special ty
r. ja jit . '
j f..
l.i -j7 ,,M ?
lYgAl?pre irjesses
exdcuU ftlLkilidsJof
i,-i ;
an i
iJ"i!S. .
wv A.i
Ci! 1t; i ila'-lsjl h ri',".nH t . i fit::-- :.- fl.''' J
; ftn .S :,6T. i'
i. ni i.- i". i.r.a .tc- ' -.i
..TUtab 5(in- ..j-.-iatJ 1 1 A.
t iia , 'l.ie.T..-:i;ii:i tsci.ijn
- til TOO
?tit I if-fiuoj xi ortj ni !' 's
n uJ StiJ nf) jrD A J.;it ' 1- i .
I I, rfrw ra.'i'T Jot. iT bls I. '!iaci o'ri:T
.liJi. rl' :ii :i; ;ai:- p uT rrv-li r.r;7,ii r.ti
4 .11 ii.'... u.i.;. r :mt tj,.i linn, puii ai is:
dit. ec; c! -s-.i iin'J s--af
visa anirtoT, a.-.B i eT.fi-ob a ii,aj , A
. a 'ij.i In : in u-ia will ja i a ier. j
.J-,' I , j I fitlt lo thvi eiii ni ii d t'la .Ta
l.ia, o ...u.o 'a n-j -.,i..jb Sfr nfi' nfl.-.-K A
Xisiit -'ti ..J hrtiv;it v. .f inir-v.rrnii iK.s-.x5.1-7
10 ni siiiiriw oi .viei'J 'J I. 6vJ?- ei'i ci .dnaio
1.1 't . . f . . - . -. J
.iiti'-ic;r xnTitri'.
!; .e?i?.;y 11. 3 ,ii; vi i I
iwn.it .---) ,a.: ' dns it:iii 1
sut'.'ff' Ij Jn'j.r ; 1.1 I
.'.-v.l .'Ovajiift
Kew Presses, Including a
.W"..I1 .jtrr.'! ;,i' V; '..(-ir', -c i
ltt.:r. 'l.i in ;.H'.t. si':,iJ
i- :i
1 at)"1-".
jand best Printlnflj Machine fa tbe world
li.lt! t
-l ,!.'lSi (Jl''
c,''.'. f. u u
: em 1 !-'-; -.":
. .
uavtiig uie largest ana most COmmoaiOUS
we are now prepared '. '-' "
. -ii;.' i -ti.l i-..rt'r.'.li' ti r.M .1 t "'?-'
.;-t j -'i :0'-h--... J. ;jT .i-a.iii . "1" ' :' '. : 1
i . "I if i-s'i ":.i.si i-t I s i .-I'i.i; ev ' -i
j.!-.. -j- em ir, - in i ...f -:. : ':u h'i'i . ; i
1 aai ii ... i.
T ao .?T(':- i.i ,
A Hi .11! '
"t '
l J
t."'-.t- ?r
i' I'.a r i
. ,t s ,1 iti.j
a it,L I
upon terms that cannot b competed with.
ratttas - ot tne age-fenable us to do good y"' a
,f.J nt.f. .'t. U
.-. am'Jl f. am i) '
anf' Mud it! ,:m!7.J,
a-tXt o;imu ! dion.', fcn-
BUI Heads
Circulars. -
Drug, Labels,
Bills of Farei Etc.:
riifl .irif-:'i s h'.,j
tuna 'dJ
iljLiJSZ9 T '4
ji'Iliti'l T'W
V- J'jJt.iiV
S'O-.iP.Vr' .1! .t
I TS T" 1- l'71'J 7'i
i .;it'' '"i I nli,r.lih riii l.'.r;'! .
wb are. un'sflriissevU, , '- .(?.'.. -
:rt irr.iT" t-iiti- t I l i '
-..J ,8.n" ' i i-l ii J !0t vC I iii . ,J3.!K 1.'.'
' TTfi fAir
i i1: ;eMH
T'T.il ,?iliW13 l'
1 . I
.vol tJ'
:)..vn .1
than all Other Printing
Priniinr in Any olof, at lower bricea than
P'Jitlli TflOl i
ir-r 7ri
' X A.A".
C :il -' J A 3 0 III.
.. . IHMII ff ;r JO
; ' iiblia ba J"- I"Jk:
to Jirtll lti .' isil
. '. ua .'
'S uu
.ir-.. ..dt ot riirc a rJntn I
ba-i Oil
;aal io taimi.c i':a
iia Pir i
(. '.'t.' - 6: ' ii '; i: - V !); i
. v. i ,6; "' iv.Q.-i-.A ;
Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 12.
.00135 bnylng.' C
1-juaioeouus. n
HOKEV -Msrlet. close
New York Money Market—Dec. 12.
nt. on Call early io the davx-elosod ach
aslfr. wltb .'mnreliberaTfteTlnga,- The
buHt'of business In tlift af'rhoon waaJlbne
at 6 per cent.-. 6m.faurSire reported
JtBOnjr small 'diy goWr flrms daring the
weA pM a Urm Wa6leWi bucT anotber
in TOtto:iSi' :
' '-- '--
New York Stock Market—Dec. 12.
Sb Co. furnlh the-ahnexetl 4:30 quotations :
(eriMBents sCeBdvVwIf.ii itlriilAstMt
rmaliiFss ConnOrisOfStJiaiMTi: Ho
'62 HOIIO; do . !64 liffjfc 'u. J66 (S
llOrO-WalOSOiOo: -l
Stocks have -beeB-dull. Market onened
heary.'brtt Improve ftef the 5r-J m?Hr
Board on " repnrrfnrn''Washlngton that
i be Supreme Court will decide-in 'Javotvof
d..Jtheili:alTuaderacU. -Large street -A.
;llnjt was don ln'New- Ve Centfar and
uooK.iiianu, Ef ,v a.iracted attehtTbu
.id aAyaBcfd-hUt.QWftn iMrSalWppl
iluderawojuUteaBpasaAloiUiat It
Jl,rtm to be-beoefltred by the lease of the At-
aoll ,Tei,,yrestern yr. j Krty-j'rjM
market fcibe 'taK.Qu.'.Sew Xurk. lOrtsls.
iSed dull and drboLnji on Western shares,
areui arrrdfy aeensaJ Yf't((isjrra;BaBtl'ie
rumor that Wrefprfeseni nnajjement baa
.eau rjeep-writs' ..jutprait-niwiigssti:
Ahierit n 42(943 Adams 4Sf48f:' U1
twl -.H' 454;MphHno.V.Unrba
15J ;lacidlMifliallS;Wet
rrn'i i Diua)-il'elejrroh. &i(&dt$it'llw
Yor Central l24Hii; Erie
KV Vlerred 8i)60i Hudson 124U
IWiftJteaiiaiflijJi TerreJlau'e
87:W;" v-abaab j'-Io St." Paul 62tf
OW.t ft, VVarne JWXQmXi Ohio &
MiwU-Ii" f 2!(29ji;" Michigan Central
i causnnitaii soatdern Sdtaao;
: v tral 144:. tcfebura-h I &ZtK:
Xoledo ,70101; Bock Island 5Mai0ri,
iTorttff Wruy7flMvr;aV.'i:US
New York Market—Dec. 12.
COVaOK Very flf-nwltliB fSlr de
njand; ssw f.at. 2c or' tnliidlihHf uplands,
dosing with so-uel olders jeiualDis to sail
under 25c.
FLOUKClow- .'JadeTn?ibeF,idrl',liIe-
uldiuaaaiidootnui n Bad.w'a ,i;'.Wj'
- WHEAIii-D U nd heavy for spring,
quiet and Arm for winter. -
p r!?ooni'i-.H
dxed western In irWre'Sibttacitra ij athd
$1 05TJJI "12-tor new,.-v;- y-
POKK-Dull: meLsSZ'AM:flW
BKEF Q'lli t andancbaaiged.' v-vina
"Tl f TV Tl ' . 1 . J , BJ . , - . Ha . ,
. uiuuo aciuuy", w j -iu w rlue-
i -..i. .1 .i jTi,i
La D Steady at .6 '.. j.imiiflt O
f Im-. 4am. J1-' litAisiui.r..aiieBTi.,i
..shiM ..-teady at 583j.'-M'''-!
Cincinnati Market—Dec. 12.
nnnd u
i ti .
Sff Srd't'. mou.-ato de-.t75f6,-4lly.
- i". t.a.id "dy, with sales
-I, rtaSy-:, VV tViot 6G(d67c.
AttNo. la d
..I;', k! ei s j I
r. t$l lort0l !it
.ule..,.,,!,-,.,. .dt ss-i I.
- IM,-;; a .in a.-ii iad t
. tl '"! t."4,ipi dT
! Ill 7.1 tTST'l Jf T.t
(hcsiiikj attnr ha
. 'V.' T' U iiSSli- TuudioK
,19-1 o to- 3 i.i .Tvid ail
a .. ..iilLi Svl iilliii ia.
.-.d'y f -:hCB loelf
.liin 7. It iraid liarfs sie; aiii"
tjii: bWow aoj moi'i vi'f
STy.'ia Irtra.ivq i-..'a .a t
uVil Tfav aiA
1J; JA$SaW4 l,,,.t
riri r.': a i!ii i.s.
SsW twW 'ani'ii "! i so.
the rMtrpV' -"'"''W tif
lard oirwrr
..l.Tnudi ptmtngpk vti.1 .!
:r !.'I.,vitHijve'lft iiifli.TiY "
: -' cTy 'i'.ni i '. .
: To i'i;t-ii:r 'i'in ;--.itij j'ir 'i''J'
i-FLOtTKMarket firm and pty maffe ad
van. erf 25.-- We quote :' City' nade -"SCIX
white 1I 60; XX amber $9 10-00j IX
red winter $3 608 fo-; fXSoftrlu 7.35
(8 00. TCoufiti-v utade XX ) t sod amber
1 vV' jrjT-Market''' ft raff ' fof r'No;i"ted
w ren which isgcarcer'heli.atio 1 85 itor
o. 1 id IU5 1. Ni 4 rflO i Vt,041 5
Tor we tern pprlog.,(1f f, , .
.. CORN-Falrdemana'jror hew'a f ilHoat
S4S5.r;' old: No;. 1 held a. tiM r new
enra-ovi tral k 750-r''it uioa vinocioa's
. (OATS--Tlvi market is uncnao; , dj,and
KVE -Ouii-. and in'nioderate renWkt:
'htekartl ofor'Noi l.1' "' iru;n,ut
1)11)1 "CIVj"V. .na'a,(lnna-v.A Mn .1..
' w iMii.miim. wus uj aiAtH
riomiiml. u ,(. viiio .y;, fU3 vijtt
. PORK Q'jletand nominally unchanged;
held at $25 00 for No. 1 mess; $2 00 for
No- do; 2'00 ' brrime mess; 828 00 Tor
tWrs'M 'ii.in-(T:Til3 "i i i.; !. an ',!l
J)RESSF4,,OGS M ?rket!doll; packers
paving 9P,:,rfor mpdiu, to heavy., ,i,
LARD- r carce and in , " emabd at.?60
ltyfi tor ttt n-nderedr 18c ''"W country.'
BUT"! R Choice ia soar'ce -atid Arm at
30(40c for Western Reerv lub an4 -roll;
3038c ordo in firkins' j 25j33b for' com
mon tVjrood.'5' a'- '
rCHEfctt-TbflTiirket Is very rm; the
8-ock; .-ia, lijrhtj snd,boldr: ara aplilnjr an
ailyance; held , t ft , xap, J7l?c4)r
dairy and,Tactory. . - . '
Cincinnati Market—Dec. 12. N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Dec. 12.
fttovi PrlnJ Cloth -market eielt)d, atid
prices rapidly advanced. .(Bales ot 6a picks,
7,yards-to.a pound, at (3,9Vo, and .even
lc js now, asked for future delivery in
February and March. Alltheleadfntf prftit
men-are in tma-apeeuiauon, anu neno we
find: Boatf tbena-have withdrawn tbeir
icinta,fromrtbe, market turday forbizber
Y-iices,.' Putin els hag' advanced lis, irooda
c per yard', tariff rtotwltlistaiiafnit fUlhU
eiCiletrfeetlBabjwrket iS'q4etd bera
liam po(lahnfeerbttrr.rtoes iaitt iileait,
t.tw. wtjJit-U'i piooas priAU. ,cn
wire reduced to 12a bv Clailin A I .Hat
vvrtrifiji.'' Breached 'jfoodgltaTe 1mp':vd
ip common and all medium (Trades ot'4:' tt-
trMike.rope, LinnsdaM and. BdmJS rer.
4(lii'c,per. yarit t Fine unbleached mu, in,
vke 'l'epii;rili; Blacona.B and Atlantic L
oods. whlcb'bave bpenst-IHrisr atone Yiktz
Bl.iHlrie'.'aro getting' v-ry aesroe and inuat
jLO'.tojl3c at Dce. UtbercUsses ot sjodds
are devoid, of anlmapiou and prices are tm-
' ""
Chicago Market—Dec. 12.
TtOUR Quletj sales of sbflnff eitra'at
$5f362 pt CWSi.l i'.i fj"ll,ii.;,K7
. , yv HB A 4Vf-f as active and , easl er a 'ssjes
No 1. at $1 22W1 28 . No.. 2 'at tlWZ(A
1 clc.8in, t-dy it tl" ' 17)4 tor1 K J 2;
sale No 2 since 'Change at 91 17. -
!'UOKNlDu11 aitd atead t; sales of okl. No
1 ,8( 800; new shHlerf52J53c; No 7 kiln
drlen 60Cli'; closing st. aay at 63o for new
Bbell.d; nothing (loins this PM.i-i-.:j'
- OA'16-rnlI and steady at 480. for No
2. and 4546c fur rejected, f.., ,.7, i . . T
" RXE-ln, '"odiTate r-quet: .'lc nfVhar;
ales at f 1 15l 16 for No ' arid tl 15 tot
No'3 Irt-Stnre; r.'i- ul v.4;. fjtii
' BARLEY-More actlvet sulistliNA'tat
flaU-Vcloslnyilnside,,,., Vi
Chicago Market—Dec. 12. Toledo Market—Dec. 12.
"FLOURiJriiet.Vi'-.i r. ;r. ,:AT
'WHS .T- W. i nter-? steady; -sprkiy dall;
wbit.airchrKan 1 94;iainbr $1 69.
new 4o lojwfri pid
uew wi usnis.
iOA'l,!-t'ady;60bforNo.ilnij Lnsf
BABLEY- Quiet. .
HOCJi Dressed Safes ' 'It''
cloFintr wenk." ''-t - a'i.
'.1 Tli"lj
Foarth Street, aicaur Malm,
AJ J 'tJINfclNNAn.Hld.
'Jswllioa s'lammoSl . -- V i'J A
cated aaa eaavanrB a? nasai aad to-all
points oi irav. I. is id. most aasiriaoie stoppina
plaaalor paraou visi iat tha eitvt K paiaa will
a spared u. mak tba lUy et nest pleasant in
varj partiaiJir.

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