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News and Otherwise
2tziQ,4$e'jtYetF iculrjlor; Is dead at 81.
"vVura whlploiliosGjiin Lexington,
icy: :
Abizoma famishes hops wild in afcund-
Th wyiUlorlp. Cubs progressing
Spanish a flairs are rapidly running Into
'fljrto'tffwlU ti morning par
per be lore long.
SiiuSEBOAmTkilcMv iiiarslAal of
Cay Wm,,U dead :i ico niod tea sv.'f?
2SH fcuspiaco draws on Origan for her
apply onfeftea. fy" " w'2-
Tavweaiber moderated,!!! almost every
d.laittTaUed State.- '-to'- .v. i oU
Ih the forests of Iforth western Texas,
Two prominent Stocky houses ejr
Tork.fiUUd oo Saturday .j
Erckiuv tbe French aovelist, is
and pale, with light hair.
Extr a dozen dry goods houses failed In
kad Col. Many paan's third article c&
our Indian ihfplI&tfokf.TJII '
-If atbollc8.Jnty-nd J JwiM a. aew
f but Hijlma Alabama, ili kl I ? I J
THBUiff ad I iPtft jtere.-ii a oldestrays
There is a floatlRjr -steam saw mill on
litii a officials are1? Washing6on' ttrg
lng a peace policy withjtbelnBlapsy '4
Gkorox 1,mL8. a writer lor New York
Sunday papers? Browned hlmselt on Sun-
flJ a 1" i "'' iTk-i.''J "'
bTtJt tf a" schema on foot to "raise tna.
tax n yWaky, to-twttyUars-r, gallon
agajb4Tx tii.
BQtKK4CK;r .clerk is saJ4 jtoava fialdjila.
place for,a,year on a lorged. order, or tne
A tkcton in
Cincinnati, last .week, on
being honored with a serenth heir, took to
ntt polsonv' i ' - w 2 1 f" ' J
SsNiTOB'HBNDESSON, chairman of the
India n Com mission, attributes the present,
Indian war to Congress. .,.-. ; . i.
Mas. Summer is soon to rfjoin Mr. Sum
Bar at Washington, his' houte having been
fitted up in elegant style. . ; ,
f Ta coolies imported into Texas were
east: Iron figures, designed for cigar, tea, to
bacco and grocery stores. , ' " '., : , '
l"A'piJiiio"'tuner In Cleveland 1 celebrates"
each aniJVtrBary .cf his WlfeV "death by
getting excessively drunk.
- a, CaTHOUQ Missionaries are- very nomer
oris id 'China, and converts 'are numbered
by the hundreds oftbousands. ' ' :!
. TH3Tet York Eerald does ' not ' fancy
BTwrVnnsPTpToJece.'' We- aonf
know what seasible person does.
Cokore8s is not likely to bother with
the iraods' alleged by Bepublfcaris to have
been perpetrated in New York city.
'5jm SvS't ahow ihe safe 'of spirituous
o r, jdsU. Jiquors- on Sunday, -nor f he emj
plymant af waiter girls in-saloons: ' -' '
Grant got to- ChicagOKyeaterday morn
in g.' Had he not desecrated the Sabbath
hr would have got there In the evening. v i
iTB Sepubllcan politicians in New York
eIrt,a'r.'lWranglUig,J;tIolently' about the
efiices that are to be dispensed by Grant.
THapectatora in the Albany court room
gave three tremendous cheers, when the.
Jury" brougb't In General Cole "not guilty,"..
Wall street was In an anxious state with"
regard i-lh probable - decision,- touching"
the constitutionality of the ; Legal Tender
Act. ' ' "
EKCRSTiYra CoYinectlcnt. lady, "caught
and stopped a runaway horse. It Is now,
claimed thkt she ought to have ' the privl-1
lege of suffrage t , t r , , , ,T
Thr authoress of "Beulah" and "St. El
mo," Miss Augusta J. Evans, has been mar
re3 U ljSMi Wilson, President of the Mo-5
bile A Montgomery railroad.
iTa Ohiel Stdte Journal speaks of theGovf,
ernor of Indiana, who is a Bepublican, as
hti perjured :oBpIL!; 'Cqrnplimentary j
bdlben," they know each otter.
Don Makukl je Cespedes, the leader
oftHe'Cuban insarrectron.U a lawyer, suar
planter!, a large land owner,' worth 700,000
and about forty-eight years old.
jyixw Esxux has giveq bail ia the sum .
ot $5,000 for his appearance before .the
United States' district Court for jNorthern
Cht to MjwOo the cfiatgg ofjssuuig
fraudulent naturalization papers.
Thr fcfeWbnd Eerald declares the' "Ikr
Partington "who,, lectured ; InC CJeyelarid
Saturday 'night, "a humbug." When asked
l&rthe naltTnCai fPpned,-''nrT)e back?
in ten minutes," And he has not been seen
aihee .M ,,,1?l
vA.KiuFRSSoiWxiTing a leettire- t some'
boys,,wa.xplainii!jr itownA: one eould
live without fifpaitheajsaid: fcYou
have all heard of a man drowning how
does 'that happen r" The ' answer was,
aA tnnaA ha ASknf . I M
irfg Jn the sidewalks has btgnnSandutiy
.tiatayos lorgoKan-wnen you iwere a
boy .Have you a - farret rwt)ere,-.mong
the rubbish, are your old aled and - your
"gutteif skates and yoorrockeri"your
"smooth" bottoms t If so, go up there and
apologize to therd for such . heresy.'. We
were passing some boys last evening skat
ing on the flagging. One proposed to skate
dowa the street. "Ne-i" said his compan-
9Au1. would have to go by Mrii; '
hpuse, and he's got no boys, and never had"
an v. and alwavs DUta uhn r.n vi. n.
eoniound tilfa?r0lae. Herald . ; "
Tmr Ml. VernonBanner In,ootlc"ng that
the follewing gen tlemed have been named
irf tt.nectioa,.with the, fjemocratie notul-
n alloc lor Governor,' Col: George W, Mc-'I
Mof - r.xtanoey, Getk Purbin
Ward, Hon. H. J. Jewett; Col. George W.
Haaypeuny; and Hon.huton A.: White,
while it concedes the eminent qualifica
tions ot each, giyea It as its "decided belief
that CoL George W. McCook would make
a better,canvas of he State, would excite
more tnthftsiaim' kmong' the people, ni
wouhl oait forth a most earnest and nnan
inlbui support ' from the Democracy- and
conservative voters oi cne state tnan any
other 'gentlemen: whose same has been
mentioned iu connection, witi the office.?,
The Doings of Congress for a
The of whil
days of,thje Keafcirtlcj befoiisliunion be-:
came a fixed ftet. wai ti Coriairesi of th
hTiStted States, itod-wnicKls-atlllTby court
tesy called by the name, has been in session
fW5HWBB)UJi "QUI HUffErSt-rlay; tnfl. pfUCEBtt?!!
ings were opened with prayer, after the
fashion of the service at John Alum's
dance house, New York.
fglerTllTmed lw4
additjonal member frojn bs-jtaeca.uae
Vh'e .'aboI(to.B V or atayerx'.soj.rcn on god the
RKLlptrodced a, re.seuUo declaring tjtat
PffJf.T mAnftfSiS WnjB, c)
MNanicjKa Vottoduoed. bill providing
for aniexteuaioa of the right of suffrige to
eiery mate negrbwer 2Li years of age ie
the country, and proposing beavyifinesand
ottier papisbdnnts upon etery registering
dices who shallirelhse to plaice such ne-
groei upott Toting lists, and topom persons
who shall wilfully hinder or obstruct them
ih the trxercisetef tbe light of anffrage.
Think of that, ye P0,000 Republicans,! who
voted against NegrofBnffrage in OhU3
Duriair the',w'eek';nhfs: so'-cailed:j Ctfn'
gress has twice1 ,been"''Ip!sh1ted.f 'The firsl
time' .'by Hie'Legfshft.ure "bfOr'egohi asi
fog rfationa'rdcnifeir'Seliars
fivl liberty" a'nW'itree : BOveVnnieri 'J,ihd
Consigned citlliens b,tl'everitate,a 'io.dt
bo's'and despotic dictatorship: .'
that tbe.'Urjion' Was' dissevered, because
States' were kept from' ttieit risbtful place
111 bue y uiuu uy tuc nrvnuru icvuiiabi u-
tlbn aewt. Tbis made theri Sot6'ns'!s6 mad
tfatin the Senate for a whole day they rei
fused'td aTloV fhe'lre'm'ainderibjf the mesj
saite'to be read,' on" the ground that It was
InsuVtlb.' '"The? 'next' "day'the Senators
pocketed the insult, arid the nation breathes
uceper, ireer anu easier, Because jine re
maine'rtof th'e message. was pad!
Mr. riik6hAM?of Ohlol introduced a new
schetnef' 'to " allow 5tee negroes I afld . theTii;
naoicai antes to noia an. election in irj
glola, to decide whethetliejr, need'.'.'new,
Cth's tilutlon or hot po aa to get aq'ad'dt
tional Vote 'ior the' adoption ' jbf i'the loth.
ani;'bL'mehi to the Constitution.' "
1 veral'bills were introduced lookiog to
the resumption of specie payment"'
Mr. Scmnbr introduced a bill to put the
State' of "Georgia back Into a state of y as-
salage, because the negroes elected to th
Legislature were ousted from their seats.,
In Senate Mr. I)eakb eiplained the pur
pose of his resolution Iri jrelation to fbe
gradesof General and Lieutenant General
in the army and' Admiral and Vice Admi
ral in the navy, to be to keep these grades
in re erVe as rewards for, extraordinary
public services, a sort of tit tit apd not
leave th m open to be reaoijed by regular
promotion and accommoOatiopr. , The ob
ject is to prevent Herman from, getting
uBAKTb place in tuearmv. .. ...r ....
In House a bill was passed in hot haste
to transfer all jn liters .relating to Indian
Affairs to the War instet d of the Interior
Depa iment. ; The object is. to carry out
the idea of war. without cause on irleudlv
Indiansj. sqch ss, ,within . the, past few
months hai.disgiaced. the nation, when
tribes, marching, pursuant to a call ot the
United. States Agents, , to receive the an
nuitles due them by Government were
basely mardered by the standing army.
In an. Indian, war,. the chance ot plunder
by the Indian ring, composed of Senators
and, others, .is, greater than in. time .of
: All .(he above Congress has uone,Jtbat is
of .interest, and nothing more. ;
;. Thtf.Becdnd'liisult was iiithe PreSidehs
messajfe'whoj tn'givi'ng tnjreis'tnlbrma
tioion'th'e WaWl)f he'tJnlb'h-' Wd'them
Repudiation Now and Then.
T.ie Journal, of this city, is. terrified, be
cause President Johnson, it says, is in fa'
T or of repudiating the bonded debt of the
c ountrv, because that functionary says that
he debt bas been paid in interest,: and be
proposes to pay it once more in' interest,
and then let it slide. This proposition the
Journal, in iis new born zeal for the bond
holder, brand as. "'shameful" and 'atro
ciom.". ltimey besQ, but is it less 'atro
cious."' or.leks Shameful,"- than tbe virtual
repudiation of the contract made by Ohio,
with bet creditors, that the semi-annual
inter -st on tbe public debt shall be paid in
coin repudiating the ' contract, because
State : cannot, be brought-into Court
and made fulfil her obligation, by paying
the interest in greenbacks, when that cur
rency was worth but thirty-five cents on
the dollar, as was the case In 18G4, when
the atrocious scheme was batched and car
ried into effect -" i ' - .j , jfca.
This violation of the plighted faith of
Ohio found in the Journal an advocate and
an apologist.' Everyman concerned in the
disgraceful and scoundrelly act, was then,
and is now, a Radical. That sheet, too, sus
tained the Bepublican Legislature in sell-
ng the gold in the Treasury, and with the
premium- received, paying off a portion' of
the interest due the men who, when Ohio
needed money to dig her canals, loaned it
t" the State, 'With- her honor pledged to its
repayment in gold, in which the bonds wet
purchased, and the interest' in the same
coin.-!. - a ;-' '"' --
Now, because President Jobkson, elect
ed by the Journal and its party to high of
fice, alarmed at the vast debt which has ac
cumulated under Radical rule vastly in
creased as it is, proposes to pay off the debt
in sixteen years, in equal annual payments,
without intemt, that sheet is terrified-and
devotes a column of 'weak argument and
Billingrate abuse 'on - the President of its
own choice, because he ' Is unwilling that
the untaxed bondholder shall continue to
eat out the substance of the people. (
We are not the advocate of the Johnson
policy of paying tbe debt.- The bondhold
ers took a mean advantage of the necessi
ties of the Government and exacted hard
terms.' We go for living up to tbe letter
and the spirit of tbe contract, and to pay
the bonds, as. they become due, dollar for
dollar in the currency they were prom
tsed to be paid in, which Is the same - cur-
renoy paid for them. "' "" -'
But the bondholders say they will not
receive greenbacks ' in payment of the
money loaned, although that was the cori
tract they will demand and receive gold
or nothing else. Tbis would be a repudia.
tion of the contract,1 and the Journal sus
tains them in their demand.' President
Johnson has just the - same right, and
much more of justice in his so-called re
pudiation Of the contract, than the bond
holders have lit theirs. The latter have
received their ' money back many times
over, and yet they demand that it be paid
In hard money, which, at tbe present ruling
price of gold, would add near, if not quite.
a thousand tatllionfdollars to the vast in
debtednessof the country. ' '"-
; 35. G. Sqoier, the well known explorer
South; and Central America, has set aboat
advocating a retrenchment of $45,000
our diplomatic service, which he claims
be perfectly practicable. A great deal
retrenchment Is practicable; but have Re,
publican politicians the will to make itr
Thal'a the question. s. . ,.
i Thk JVew York Jrilune claims to have
confidential information that the Supreme
Court will decide the Legal ' Tender Act
unconstitutional. Other Washington spe
cials ol the same date do not verify this.
Minister to
The- President, tfydajv mmkMSed tor (he
Senate Heary,ua SfdjithtiBoi-baL MinWtw
to Russia; Alex. Cummins, of Pennsvlva-
swa,iiiBtiiaiiaaiaaaaieii Is tin iiriKsvenaw.
Dyer Court of Inquiry.
jo fvkl ia- rented f i
Postmaster, General RandaU has sent to
the House tbe estiTiat.es of mnnpu rpnnirpil
,r .te-slrp:ati)iidpkrtlnentloflOv
vear, ending june,aazth. the sum total I
twonty-four millions and a half. Of this
the inland mail transportation, including
overland and J seai'mail' : to lHfornU.re-
quires nearly .thir.tee-nimMliona and a third
Indian War Expenses.
The Secretary of.Wahsent a! communO-
cation to the Iluse to-dav stating tbat
it is Impracticable,' w.iu,' EU0icient accura
cy, to ascertain the atnotrnt' expended' dur
ing the vearendinir June 30. 1S6& hri!:
count et. the. India.uiwaw i.1t!KI!
Supreme Court.
Among the eases argdedin tneSuprenT
Court tndav were those from Nsw.V"nrli
involving the question whetUer certificates
W indebtedness are' sedurlties of tbe United
AJt.tbe 9tate.cx-M.il !o :; ::bvi-ifj-i biiiij
i. Mfc SHESMA3T. preeKted a Wm6r?l
and .address oc-.the jBemnr8t the. Leg S
latUre of , JHlssissippi alleging that Uf
Constitution, was, adopted by a majorTt'y bj
rejtistered voters in the State, and prayin
tjongress to- reocvinize It as the UonsttlU'
tlon of Mississippi and put in. neratiita
tiie State Government under it. i Referred
to committo 6it Judiciary: 1 ' ""
Mrs MORTON Introduced th I' follb'wingi
'A Btli Pi provide- fot Ihi ' redemption fn c'ora
-i of the U.i tS'. notes, and fraationni eutrsaey.
j-and requiring: ih 'National, .Jianjct to, rtr
i aeem ineir non in coin. , -,. ,...,,, ,, i
' 'S'e'it enacted, Aciic That hereafter
there shall be no tales of gold belongin'g'to
ttifei Treaniry of the United btaces-, and tht t
tne.suitpiuaigqiti now in tne rreasuryjand
tbat which may jienealter accrue, iver and
above "the amount required, to pay xhe iw
teresj or tne pnniic a;pc ana lor otper spt
cifle oscs, by- law1," shall ber rtseryed "an'3
set apart for the redemption ot tbe United
States notes and fractional currency. n- ioi
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That on
and after; the 1st day of July, 1871, the
Treasurer ot the unttetl states shall pay
in' -coin, at: thei Treasury :of the. 'United
States, at, .Washington.. -ii the: :Djstric!t :p
Columbia, and at 6uch. other points as may
be i designated by the" Secretary of. the
Treasury, all United States notes and frac
tional currency -that may be presented for
redemption-,,.. s f,.,r i.-
Sec, 3. And it it further enacted. That oq
and after thtf lst.darot Jaiiuary,'1872.'the
National Banks shall - pay in coin such of
their notes as may be presented -. fori.ren
demption, , and shall, on and alter tne- 1st
day of July,' 1870. reserve and hold iu their
vaults all the Coin that may be" received by
them- as interest On tbrir' stocks, fteld by
the Government for the redemptiim. of their
stocks. , ..... . .. . r, , .:
Sec 4. And oe it further enacted, That
hntll the 1st of January,-' 1872, at which
time they are .required to bvgln - the re
demption of their notes, the National
Banks shall keep and bold in. their vaults
the whole reserve of legal tender notes, as
now required by law; and' that on and af
ter that time 'the1 reserve of -legal '' tndei1
totes, as fast as withdrawn, '.shall, be re
placed with coin, and said banks shall
thereafter be required to hold a reserve in
coin to the like amount, and tor the same
purpose, as now required by law to he held
In legal tender aotesj provided,- that -the
Comptroller of the Treasury- allow said
banks to hold a portion of said reserve.'
not exceeding two-fifths of the' amount
required , by .law, in ihe: United States
notes. ;' ','
Stc. 5. And be it further enacted, That the
Secretary of tie Treasury may cause so
many ot the United States notes as may be
redeemed under the provisions of this act
to be cancelled, as may in bis judgment
be necessary to the proper limitation of the
currency; provided, further, that all frac
tional currency that, may. be redeemed
shall be cancelled. - -
, Sec! 6. And be it further enacted. That on
and after the first day of January, 1872, the
- United States notes shall ce.s to be a le
gal tender In payment of debts, but shall
be receivable in payment ot Government
dues, as now provided by law. ,
: Sec. 7. And be it further enacted. That the
Secretary of the Treasury .shall have the'
power to negotiate and. , sell bonds of the
United States, to bn due in thirty years
and redeemable by the Government at its
pleasure, alter ten y-ars, bearing interest
at the rate of 7 -per cent., the principal and
interest payable; in gold, tnsuch- an amount
as may be neT-sary to. carry into opera
tion the provisions ot the second section
ot this act. - - - '. ' -'
The following bills were also introduced.
By Mr. WILLIAMS, A bill to establish
uniform rule of naturalization and to re
peal the acts heretofore passed upon that
subject. Referred to committee on Judi
ciary: ' ' t
By Mr. POMEROY, A bill' to create a
Department of Indian Affairs, and to pro
vide lor the civilization and government ot
the Indians. . Referred to the committee on
Indian Affairs. .--' ,
By Mr. COLE, A bin relating to paying
contracts payable in coin. . Referred,
By Mr. DEKKi, A bill to amend the naw
uralization laws. Referred to the commit
tee on Judiciary. . '
. Jiy Mr- KELLUUu, A resolution request
ing the Secretary of War to communicate
any information received 'by him from the
officers of the Freedmen's Bureau in reler
ence to the late disturbances in Louisiana!
Adopted. 1 ' -,-,
Also, a resolution asking the Secretary
of War to inlorm the Senate what number
of troops are employed, and whether any
volunteers are so employed; if so by whose
autliori:y. Adopted. ... ' if
The Senate went into Executive session.
at 1:45, and continued about 15 minutes,
alter which, !'. ' "
-. Mr. CAfTELL Introduced a resolution
censuring tbe President for the views in
his message relative to the jsationai debt.
-The resolution was, briefly debated by
Messrs. Cattell. Edmunds. Hendricks and
Nye, and then was referred to the commit
tee on Finance. - . m i-- -. :
Mr. YV ILLEY introduced a similar reso
lution,' which was referred to the same
committee:-' ; , .
-The Senate agreed to the House resolu
tion to adjourn from the 2Ut Inst, to Jan
uary 5th, and adjourned until to-morrow
A bill was introduced providing for the
defence of the northwestern frontier, and
making grants to the .North American rail
road. Referred to the Military Committee.
A large number of bills and resolutions
were introduced and referred, including
the following ..
By Mr. MILLER, Declaring that the
principal ot all Uui:ed States bonds shall
be paid in coin. Referred to committee on
Ways and Means.
By Mr. GARFIELD, To legalize gold
contracts. Referred to committee on Ways
and Means. . .
By Mr. SPAULDING, Declaring that
Congress will not entertain any project
tbat look, directly or ; indirectly to re
pudiation of the debt ot the United
States, and that it abjures unhesitatingly
the proposition embraced in the President's
message ot applying the interest nf tbe six
per cent, bonds in liquidation of the prin
cipal. Referred to tne committee on Ways
and Meaus.
By Mr. PLANTS, To divide the State of
. . . . .. . I'.t.l .-...., . T... ,
UlilO into tnree juuiciai uisincus. xieierreu
to Judiciary committee.
By Mr. PAYNE, To repeal that provis
ion of the act ol March 2d, 18G7, which for
bids the maintenance of State militia in
North Carolina. South Carolina, Florida,
Alabama and Louisiana. Referred to the
committee on Reconstruction.
By Mr. HUBBARD, of West Virginia,
A joint resolution of West Virginia Legis
lature asking Congress to aid in the com
pletion of the Chesapeake & Ohio railroad.
Referred to the committee on Roads and
C!la n & 1 9
By Mr. PALSLEY, A like resolution
asking Congress to pass a law to incorpo
rate the Washington & Cincinnati in the
National Railroad Company. Referred to
tne committee on Commerce.
Mr. ARNELL offered a resolution recit
ing that Ku Klux outrages continue to be
practiced in Xeunessea and elsewhere, and
instructing the Reconstruction committee
into tht
wnoie iDitrrr, Adopted
Mr. RlinoVTAI.T. ..r Ann- ftanvedto
suipend the rules to enable bin) : to offer
tbe following preamble atitl resoliltioni
Whereas, The PresideriVofthe United
States, in Lis annual messageto the For
tieth Congress, at its third session, says:
j jinn) flays aa MbSjOj&'tt04AetiAAfla!
in reference to the iraulJation orslrm1
c . . o.. .1. i. I !,f.,
ftest,"dght be understdodT toTie the senti-
niencoi tne veoate n tne' u eitea otaces.
and ot therepresentatIve8injConress;
thererore, "
tttfA&t TnaTfcll frtV-fTi'flifT SHpfrsi
fftmdtatloii'bl the natidhil "IhflebteCii'esk
are odious to the Amerii-an people, and un
der nocircumstaneewill their Represen
tatives consent to offer the public creditor.
mffneyfhah'tfiarhlch tbaijoVernlrient
contracted to pay.
a ne ruies were Buspenoeu anu tne reao-
1 lution adopted 154 aeainst 6,
. .A WRENCEvtc Qhio, preaeated a
tnetadtlal ibf ithe UniorLiLrfagalevko ie
; York, and offered a resolution tor the ap-
, polntment of a select; committee of seven
to investigate the Irregularities and frauds
therein alleged to h'ave occurred in the
I cltyjand Sta loflNeJTDoVfcjraffedtlrti
tfie Ttcknt'elr etlod ifot Reuresentativts te
. jnntrces-4rnd-el0eHt'S av Vfresim-wtviirtfl
i Vice President, with power to hold ses
I sions in the State of New York and else-
i where, by aouoruc, or bv. a sub oramifc-
pV iM torswnrf- fei persons uant'Ti
&o. Under a suspension of the rules the
resolution was adopted.
The SPEAKERrpresnted a message In
reply to the resolution of the House, ofter-
: ed by Mr. Vood,,caUin2.lor.Xh9,crre8
, pondence in reference to the. 4.1a,oama
claims. The Secretary of State kays he is
, ot opln!o'tn-'WiMmeatton:'6 suell-'cerres
' pondence would be preulature.aad-itlcoin-
l patiole with the public Interest. ; icKrred
w Lne vuuiuiittee un riirein AUdirt.
i On motion of Mr. LYNCH, the "bill re
; ported by him at the last flestiioa:. from the
committee on Bankiug ,. and. Currency lor
i r firml iiaI rpfliiinnr.ion of "Rnei-ie nnvment.
was made the cpecrai-x)ruer Tor tiw nrn
Wednesday ia January; j.ws ni s-r..;i
j Adjourned, t,basxiJt. ha irH
to make a careful Investigation
Military Celibrities at Chicago.
CHICAGO, Dec. 14.
Gen. Grant staff, -Bieni,-TlmasyScirfl(bMcpfll,
Terry, Storremirtt, BWry,iHrrcratt'f, Ing'alli,
i Buttertit-ld and other -distinguished sol-
i diers arrived here tois morning, and are
, Quartered at the Tremont and &herman
Houses. To-night Li' uti Gov. Bross will
! give s-reeeptltAi tFitfSllrfuwnTfioin:
as, Sherman and their associate, which
, will draw together a large crowd ot our
i leading citizens.
CHICAGO, Dec. 14. Weather at Omaha.
I Ah Omafifc-di'spatch of yet.erday says the
thermometer nay mnqeracea consiaemoiy
ainceThursday.. . . The-hennomeier to-
' night is 15 degrees above zero. The rail-
i roads west and south are clear of snow and
i trains are running regularly. Most of the
freight that accumulated on the east bank
df "'the llfeourirriver lasrTjeen tradsletred
; tne, f t !
Overland Mail Matter Stolen.
A dispatch from Bryan station to-dy
' savs intelligence han been received here
, that large quantities of overland mall m-it
i ter have.bern sjtalen from a coach near Fort
. Bru)ger.Bie rebbeis' having. cut opra the
. sacks. A portion of the mail has already
' been recovered. Strict Inquiry will be m-
' stituted as to the manner ot carrying these
Explosion in St. Louis.
ST. LOUIS, Dec. 14.
r-An iron tank in the-rellar ot En no "San
der & Co.s drug store, under the Snuthern
: Hotel, exploded early this morning and
damaged the store to, the extent of .about
' $2.500. The force of. tbe explosion passed
upwards through the heating register, on
the floor above, and broke twenty-hve
panes of plate Kh'ss tn the windows of the
store, and pres.-ed one ot the side walls out
of pluuib.butdiu uotxlUturb a bottle on the
sneiTOR .ins iaiiK was simpiy oisea as
,rceptacle of steam and waste water re
ceived from, the steam healing apparatus
of the Southern Hotel," and tterexplosion
.cannot be accounted for ' on any known
principle'. Tin reports that-.the boilers
tlie-Southern Uotet.had bunt, doing great
damage to the building, is entirely un
Weather and Navigation.
.The weather has moderated a great deal
since Saturday-and- a tbriskthaw is now
progressing. The river is still lull of heavy
Ice. but it is expected .that navigation
the South will be resumed in two oe three
, days.
Snow Storm.
OSWEGO, Dec. 14.
The snow here is about, two, feet ,ueep
antLmucb.drifted. A train from. Rn-hbtnd
arrived here yesterday which bad .been
iiuurdMUCK in Mie biiuw, paseuera
remaimng'on Doard au night.
Bond Robber Captured.
BUFFALO, Dec. 14.
H. V. Clinton, who robbed Wni. Fargo
$2Q0,b00.ln bopda, J'ast. January, -: w'asxtefe.
ceutly captured at Panama and brought
here or trial. tiiv- isi
A Mysterious Tragedy.
CHICAGO, Dec. 14.
that earlv on Sunday morning John Tres-
ley-who resides justoutsida, f that Xumoi,
-was found dead fitting in a cnair, in nis
house, with hl head split open. How he
came to his death is a. mystery. His" wile
testifies that he came home some time after
midpifcht .tbat slior-Uy after she; heard
. mow, ana rooKing'onTaw-.nyepiacK men,
. wUp tbrateied to kill the wuole-Jamily
she screamed, and then fled.; z . '
i Tavid Price fell from the Peoria & War1-saw-
railroad bridiie, at Pann; last igfat,
and waa-alatost instantly kllleo -v
Accident. The Reunion.
Our city is already beginning to fill up
with soldiers, who coins to take part in
the grand refinldn 'to-mofrbw' and the day
.following. Among a large number now
here are General GrantTaiid staff. Lt. Gen.
Sherman and family, Mai. General Negley,
Palmer. Cortla,1-A; J.-Smiths Giles" A.
Smith, Bel k nop. Hinkerloeperi-4.H. Ter
ry , ..Meitliih, McClernandsT'ner, Bnw
man, Liogan, wo. nx l nomas, rppe, buck.-.
land,1 Slocum," EHior, Van Drn. Tilnian,
Sawtelle, Baxnuio.' Williot, Gibson, M Ar
thur, Jordan, J ngalla.-. Buttertield, MiDo(
tll.' Cogswell. Bbooifield, Pnfin, Cox, aud
a'lat-ge hnViibefot Cesser tniiltdrV iiglit-.'"
. A large nuniberrif our'-citVzns talleff
upon Gen. Grant and Lieut. Gen.-Bnennan.
at the Tremunt.HouserATdav.i to-uav llitir
respects.' To-.nlgd't tneyare "t)ie guests
IJeutenantGiiverntir Bross, at' his nl-
deaca omallcBlgan avenuet A large num
bar of army officers . and hundredj-ot our
cItlze'nsMwith their iamilie?, are present to
Accident. The Reunion. Check Stolen.
i P. S. Knoles', '.'df 'Ja'cksonvflli'. 'Illinois,
was robbed oFw&ieCk for $9 076, - at 'the
UniMi tstock Xards-T onl Skearday. j'iTne
check was drawu on the . Third National
Bank of this city. "When' he. discovered
the robberv.' M t! Knoles 3 started "Tor th
bank, but when ha reaohed ; there be"dis-
covered that Jhe- .thief was ahead . ol biut
ana nad drawn. the vmoney. Airr .tuioit-t
kept auiet about his loss until this morn
ing,' when he made It known to the' policeS
xtiere is no ciue to tne roDDerw--- n
CLEVELAND, O., Dec. 14.
' ..Two men named TaJlmadge and Ripley,
have, been , ares ted here for stealing two
notes of the value ot eleven thousand dol
lure, from Bowed, Whitraore & Co., New
York, on the 4tb in6t and went to New
York this morning in custody. ,
Municipal Election.
Hon. Nathaniel Pierce was re-elected
Mavor to-dav by 182 minority. The Board
of Alderman' and Common- Council are
nearly equally divided politically. , . ..
Boston Election.
BOSTON, Dec. 14.
-The returns of the Mayoralty election
from all the wards but the Third, give
Snrtliff (Dem., and present Incumbeut).
fl R79: Kimball (Rep.) 8.5G9. The complete
vote will re-elect Shurtliff by about 1,500
---- ?.-."'' J'v; .aa
PORTLAND, Dec. 14.
The fire at Yarmouth destroyed the pa
per mill of Charles J. Little, value J
and insured for 920,000. ,
Milwaukee Market—Dec. 14.
FLOUR Quiet and ri-i-cc unchanged
, WHEAT Steady at 1 for No. 1
store. . '-- -
The Whisky Tax.
NEW YORK, Dec. 14.
he Times 8ayaa schepfe is - on foot to
-tht!W on wrrkkwairain raised to $2.
and Congrws is being quietly secured in
support or It.
The Alaska Purchase Money.
iraartttdistofv -rel-
Ae AR&ka ciiiobasekJikiiW anil
says $7,200,000 were sent from this city to
Baa Bn illliniu is i
ferred to as having been sent Troon London
were in pavutan' Ifori Tlrssian railroad
loans. ' '
The Liv
erpool, has arrived.
Arrived. Havana News Suppressed.
Important news dispatches prepared at
Pr?ss have been suppressed bv the r.uhan
nttiii-rrnie?.- irmo-wis ii is to-ne mrerrea
fl,tli teaur)jreptg.;u th,ls(apd tare
some important success. ,, ... , ,
Arrived. Havana News Suppressed. The Legal Tender Act.
s The f Tribute eS Itorialiy iifa I We are
confidently advised irem!,Wa$hi1Ktotithat
v. o . . . . ....:. . . , . . ,
Liun oupicujc vAiuib is (jreLLj. certain to au?
,yere twld,Merq,w111 probably be hutont
lj Mbaey-ls' aetlve.1 the Jbtnmerelal5 sayi
hat.atniUioni in' currency .was -swi west
to-day by one hank. .The reported Su-
ptemeu Court' declp ton rl the if sal tende)f
act-causes, aojue, anxiety in Wall: street.
Rumors are on the street of coniincr coin.
plications' bet'ftet UiiglaB 'an J otitQov-
Financial. Gold and Currency to the West
Financial. Gold and Currency to the West and South.
i The dratrPt gld18aaiourrel1ey, to the
West, 'and SoMth,f,cpntiu.ues.n. 0, bask
alone this morninz had orders for. hall
tnlllloS' durre'tidyi from- Chicagoi'-arid the
rifiuictanqesite-all sectiona mqst reacK foot
millions per week, , A nfovement has ben
started by-a feity bnk fnlsvor of abolishing
tUC,, present system '-Qt ..makinavquacteuji
1"u" "
tne ooinptroiieroruurrency.
BY ATLANTIC CABLE. Treaty Negotiations.
LONDON, Dec. 12.
I)rd. Clarendon..in formed . ther foreign
mihistry'formally on Saturday that 'n'e'go-
tiaibnsjfpr.-a treaty; ti eommeteeare tobe
Affairs in Spain—Proclamation
Affairs in Spain—Proclamation from General Roda.
Affairs in Spain—Proclamation from General Roda. MADRID, Dec. 13.
, General Knda has transmitted aommu-
hi-tioh that nbei'ng appTUed 'of evenrs
In Cadiz he had Jelt Lisbon toxiffer his se-rr
vices to the Provisional Government. The
PniViBlAnal BHtboriries!say that theyi re-
.Spectblm .tor: Ixhf intentions, but he ujujit
return lmmeuiaieiy to uisoon. uenerai
Roda y4erdy issued the lolloWlhg proof
lamaJian to, thetiiibabitantof Cadiz :a01,.
A revolution Incited' and . fomented by
the secret enemies of the" tettlntryi has aV
readyeluged itb; blood ,t be .street ivl
tMb'b'ekuf Uut'cfty."lt has ioun'd' no ,'ecljb
in any other part of ttoe peninsulH.i I hav
come to suppress this rebellion. , with the
forces placed at my disposal by our Gov-
ranie'at. R-Lay down yiiii arms and', your
Jives shall, be saved. This I guarantee, in
the name of the Government, opon whose
clemency you may rely: Such iarthoniy
means by whh h the insurgents wiUescape
being 'treated with inflexible rigor'.' 1 will
g rant you- untj 1 to-morrow au nod,' in or
der that tbe old uien,r women and .children
and; citizhs 'may be ' Peaceably removed
and withdraw 'trvm the town jm It will not
be my fault, if with the meats of attacK
which the lm periods law ot'hecessitV com
pels me to-ediploy, there should' come: tor
Cailiz a day o I mourning aud ruin. I shall
regret such a result to the" bottouv of 'my
heairt, but I shall do my'duty. i:i.l : iu; . !
This proclamation produced. a marked
impression -brr'the Insurgents, Who sent a
delegationwith the United, States Consuh
to General Calbeno, and offar. d to plac
their amis in3 STieb'liands. General Rnda
expects to enter Cadi :to-M3!ay-.i .Notwjtht
standing Rnda's proclamation there are vaT
rious -accounts ot cbllistons- In different
parts of, Spain. , BiUernesa.'betvveeu : the
Republicans and Monarchists stiil contin
ues. " 1 - ' '
Foreigners Leaving Cadiz.
MADRID, Dec. 14.
. .Foreigners have left Cadiz.! It is thought
the insurgents will be bioodiessiy, sup
pressed. '" ; 'i r,,i
MADRID, Dec. 14. Postal System.
LONDON, Dec. 14.
, The Times Jiopesnglami will adopt the
American newspaper postal, system. : : .
LONDON, Dec. 14. Return of Ministers.
Advices from .Sapkew, China, report the
safe return' ot two ministers of the Lon
don Wesleyan Mission. While traveling
through' Ghina rliey 'were-weil' treated.-
Tbey-sawiahiindane of coal and evidences
1 gold,, silver,, lead and iron mines., -The
Catholic missions are very numerous, and
converts we're' numbered p'y hundreds of
thousands., ' ' - '
Surrender of the Insurgents at
PARIS, Dec. 14.
The Monl'tuer to-day .publishes In an ex
tra iisue the tollowiijg ,-iaprtant . intelli
gence from .Madrid;. TJieinsurirents .in
Cadiz, y Ielding to the terras set forth' In the
proclamation issued by Gen. Caballero De
Roda, surrendered yesterday; and the peo-.
pie have given -up their arms :to ,tn liov
ernment. The troops duvv, hpld all quar
ters of the city., ' ' ' - , ,
Quiet in Cadiz.
CADIZ, Dec. 14.
Tho insurrection here at an The
insurgents have given iip their arms to the
military officers, and the-people' generally
are returning the anus which they had se,
creted at their. homes., .Perfect quiet now
prevails and tln re are no indications of the
recent disturbance except' patrols bt son-
diers in the streets --and -inilitary guards
around the Hotel de Vwle. and other pubr
lie buildings.... . i,..',
New Advertisements
t" The Ohio Statrsmaa ajs at
Lurger Circntution than Any pay
per pnblisled In ;tliitl Cpy or Cen
tral Ohio.' Advertisers will bear
1 1
Wisitf lui-VFUiiniHK utEivna
and ths iiadiea grnenlly. tbat abe baa estab
liahvd berelf ia ileaule'a nttar builditts, on High
north of Broad, where abe is DreDnred to do fash
ionable dreaemakioK in ah -its orauehea; at reaaoa-
aoie p.ioia. . Alio r4 Datronate ia lespeuttullj 10-
lie ted
fi:aikli house,
;' Vi (Reoently Merchant's HoteU , ' , '
Nos 230 and 232 South High Street,
- ' ';"''' COltXBBS'. OHIO. "1
a her of yeara proprietor ot ti, atlonal Hotel
of tblicitr, iake pleasure i annou-oin? to tbe
public tliat he has. 4eased tbe -above named House
lor akeruiof jrer, 'h d it thoroughly renovated,
supplied Mroucbout with entire new fuanitnre. and
ia now ready for tbe reception of jueats. botn
tranat nt and rrctilar boarders. He flatters himself
tbat hia lfn cxperlenoe in the botel baainex and
bia determination to devote his entire personal a -
tendon thereto will enable him te give perfect sat-
a-taction to an wno may iavor mm w.t o tneir pal
mnu.. u rkynoLUS.
H; ii. A Falooa and Restaurant is attaohed to
the Houa - also, extensive MiibiiBf. attended by
eompetent ana attentive nosnera. a. it.
dul5-dlm i -
Of the Receipts and Diabnraemenisef
the Severajf Fonda for ihe tlacal
year endinff Movembar I5 1868:
General Revenue Fond.... ..'.'..'.
Canal Kund... r
Sinking tuod...- -
Coinuion School runrt....
Soldiers' Allotment Fund
Soldiers Claim Fund
National Road Fun.i.
bank Kedeipiin Fund
' i . -
A i.l
! 51,800.755 S9
1 41.634 54
. l.&24.a,9 74
1,487 48 73
3.469 0
, 3.825 78
i 31.CW Tl
. ' 2.733 31
5.025,475 61
General Revenue Fund ... .
Canal Fund
Siokiog Fund
Common fohool Fund--....
Soldiers' Allotment Fund.
dolditrs' Clim Fund
National Road Fund
Bank Redemption Fund....
(1,518 210 35
14 B3 39
,41i.-22 33 .
1,428.888 80 -' - '
4SSt !. ..
" 8,781 SS " '
JS.S-.'S 38 '-''":-. ':
las " .
' - H.455 35. S6
Balance in treasury Nor, 15, 1869.,, S670.120 76
- ' ' ' " ' 8. 8. WARNER. '
deot-dltairlw-l T H Traisnrer of SitU.
new Advertimesents
.ii via a
goon ni ioIa(J s.'Nfoff '
-lSinl'.JH.fiai. -
- United States of rArifericaV'
, 0.
v i t fi .... ,: n
tash Capital;
1.:; .'IV1. PHIL A D EL PHI A,
To whioh alletKizUoorreeaovdeaoe akooldiba ad
CLARENrj H. Cl ARK." Pleiet.HI,'l 'VX
9A COOKE; Chairm&a Finance and IxeeuHvt
Vommiuea. .
HENRY' l): lOKE, Tice Vrnident.
:t ' AWercd or t il Conpeir ares: ."''
It las National Cowpany.eaartared bj apeoiarl
Mt-of AJongreea. ISfiav . ; - ' . ' V,
it baa a paid up capita of 11. 0O0, 000. :
Itj.ffertjww rata ff pfemiuiav vi : t t m
. It iuroishea larger, lusuraiiae.tfian other Coin
nlc for the same motier. torn.tfj
ta definite nd eertain in its terms. ' -
It. PnlinieA are ,lmnt from attainment. .. I
" There are no'-uiraeoesser? TesUMtiona l'l
Every roii"y is non-Torteitabie.
TTBttctea tnaj- be fak en tbat will Ca'jTn'hrria
full amount and retnre aJhthe nrenioinf so tbat
tne Insurauoe eoanbnlj the-jotef avaatba annual
taymenla. - - -
Pniimea may be taken wMr-h pay to theTinnre.
after a eeTiaio nuasber nf years: -dn-ing life-, aa aa
n oal income of eae-tnth tbe aauount named in
No.ex'ra ratals chrgl for rTskVbpon hellv4a
It insures not taps dividends; 1t afrl-'"-31-
east tbat dividends will be impossible. -
Tnnii w pi t w virV 7
TjlnclnnaU.yh'io, General Agents for .Ohio, Canral
' " and Southern 1l diana ,- , , . .
Col n-wtwal Agents fot- FtankJin,' ticking.
JaaamngaiB ane) 4J..aneeten ceuntiesi
reyT eatvvita4Htaawi r .
f. rv r f 9
a l i','ei''"',' O
.aliirf-. t,r.,,.-ni(! -.a. : -. w i
l.iad n-. f'ol-i- -i -i -:-.ri V' a--t--J'l
Funs, cnrivusirs'y f
.e.-..itt.-., jfxjesL.'::.
Of all vaxiaties. qualities and atj4ee,uA large
.... i i.i .... :' ,. stem- ! ou anj !.... i
We woulrt rail tile attemtV-nV of !the rjilAioio
uniivalled st.k of tbe.above Uooda. saiifned
in - esoect to qnalitr. aad Ptioes w.a oar. o&ec Better
lntiuoeiuenu tBan any oitter l.ou.10 tie oit. 1
decli-dtf . ,- ; ,.-hi. 'I . ! I : 5
liroadwa y
Capital, - One Mil ion PoIIarg.
VABirsR MiNQait. Pfes't. Jas. Mjkrill, See'y
Rec ivea Deposi sand allovra FOUR PEB- EMI.
IN I EkE81' 9D all liaily Balanoaa.aubjeetto ehkek
at sight, i-peeal liepus -tafur fix mrnths or more,
anaa bajaadat.n pw peat tm lmi,itwirrr
Mi lion U.'llara is diyided among over 50 Sbare
holdera. eomprisinv many gentlemen of larce wealth
and financial experience, who are a 120 personally
liable to dep. sitois lor aU-tblisatioae ef aoeiJotn--
pan? to double ttie amouLt or tbeir oapitar atjcll-
As the Jati nal . rust cmpanr receives deoita
In large or small amounts, a' d permita them to
4iLrwi.as4Wsb(de4ti4a.Ba. t bj chtok at. aia a4
without nrtTce, rllowins inter, st on alt daily
ances, parties throughout tbe country can keepae
eounta in thi- Institution with eptoial adanLages
ot security, convenience ana went. .
re wy.-deel:dwin ' ;; " ...'
X preparation, intro.:uced.'last .winter.' bavjag
receiveu au many nattering couimenaauors
tbose wbo'oasd it. induces the 'proprietors to brine
it again before the publ c, assuring .tbjm Uiatilt
sland! unriVaTIed as Ihele.-t protect- f the
agunattbe inolenv-Doy f fli winter season.
notonly imparta-to-the fflrin-a'-deifrtaie freahneaa
and beauty, but also eo.iduces to its health, purity
and preeeiwa. sua.; For heat,fig atbraajonsi AJhar
ped Handa. Face, Li pa, or Roubueas 4f be ti
ii naano eqoai, wnue ata aoocniair qualities
delisUfnl iraKranct. render it a neceawiry apnand.
aae. ta the toilet." Prepared onlv by JlAKPLK
RIT80.N" --rfpnn ,Cteuiiaii' l0ri.,uth High
street, OoVassbe, tlbie. - - '-' nov4-deodaw4iu
. OF M-OV f 3r OODS. .
A full stock of Condray's. Ttummel's and Lub'in's
, .. - jxtraoia a-je romauea,
aecll-ijodlai''" r" ' COLVVttfgjDBlO,
Tni. 1rtrk.
Br edition -ef Ok tlrwtritirD THotrstwD
Seeds and UuiD'. I - thk ;f.L0EK Cakdek
trow published. It makes a work nr loo paEes.
beanli nllv illnstrated. eith 'about 150 Fine Wood
KsHSrawiaes r Fiewers aad Vegelablea-. andaa
egant Colored nate, . , , . ; r, )-'
It ia the moat beautifukas well aer the moat
struot.ve Kloral Guide publi'hedS giving plain
tborouah d.reotiona fnrtfaUUl.TURia of F1.0W
.its ana ituiuw.M.,, i '"itni'
The Floral Guide ia published for the benefit
my customers, to whom it is sent free without
plication, but will be forwarded to all who appijf
by m il, for Ten Cents, whL-h is not 1-alf theceatr
' ' . . - , .RoobestetjjrY.
dec14-deod3tAweowSif-Cjrr-B , , . , ,-..
Valuable Properly lor Sale,
Residence, on Brnad street; aJUo. two ruilding
Lot on Einbth s-'ree:: a a improved Farm of
acres in Hancook count., barn, orohard, Ao..all
which will be sold ou reaeouabie terms., or will
exchansed for a g d ba'inesa property in Colum
bus or a residence n.ax High street. .. Apply to
i ,!,( '- ...W, JAJuitfOX.
dec!4 diw-n ,. .. ,. .! . j
t" physic m Aso ciiREYBiEn
' Testify to jts merits in restoring CRAY HAIR
' its original eolor and promoting its growth.
makes tbe hair soft and glossy. The old is appear'
anee are cade youtrg sgain.-'It is the ber'-w
ever uaed. It removes Dandruff and. all Bearvj
Eruptions. It dree sot slain the skin. ,
- sam raaa bt mail. ..
Beware of the numerous preparations which
sold upon our reputation. '- '
R. P. H ALL A CO.. Nashua, N, BJ., Proprietors.
For sale by all Druggists. ' "I. .-:,,!
July26 dltawAwly-em ' . '
: DR. A. B. WILLIAMS. West Broadway, bom
, fiign street, Columbus, Ohio, haa devoted himself
or a lories of years to the treatment of certain pijl
1 vite diseaies. He may bionsultcd at hi oftoi
bronrtwai. uoar tbei.xciar.ge Bank ..'. r -
ijv- f- f V oa '
1 idooi atr intl
IS "rlgbtr LM.v'.TttLif'rl
Amour who
tYVillvrt .,.M.-iAy BIDACX,
With a full and fficjani O Mleittd Orchestra
fAdmtfitf.JftjRePe-rved etatarls eentl
9f xtra efcarje lor eMured rmvx 4orrar mt: 4ba
offle dijrihj tlfaaAt,,., B. B. HOtUEif;
, ..t:l6-.8t , .-,,.) ,i hfat.'i.
At 8 Wclek-.s ' Ml' "
Mi CI . . . . .c , .-.ao isw .y, n I
w .". t. hj tats v lai w s
.y Judc
tTi Uwd for a
Music During the ; Evening.
A'dirisaion to the Rink. 4. .1.-1. j SSCenta.
ilbildrau nuder 14 Jeara -jof aga,..k.v IS Cents. 1
Competitors j .r the Prize- .Si oo
c3f ,ol iokit admitth holdetat aU timee.-i.entlewtBK.-......,........
ia no
Ldy.........t.....,.....J..t...,..-... 5 no
tientlemea aad Ldr.j-.....,...t. wa jc 19 00
lloy under 18. J..-;.j.ijj...a.4...t 400
Chi uxoK.uuuxr 14,,..t.. ,ij oo
Sknti K-rery My aaa; Ur'ilm.
f'S H.en rw itted ta.akat during thoda-r aad
UBtil8'alok in tbe-evning.c st of -.
tf. ,j ci
Tabla Talk with a Victim et Jn!Je-
-Reader,1 wiR-iirppbsei yod Vmartrr tp' dperr
sia. If jott;arei.aoniuebF4he iar fr vtm.
If yom are. pert-a pa year may- prett by "tkis - para
graph. You have jut fioUhad "jsnV.'djninariia
WHi-aay.Maieaiaa irm fead aaaliawaa laual.in
stead f wholesome food.1 You bave-a arovafion
pbragm. as if aomeaEaj!a o f the.ojutriiloi; triae
kaloj 7tti iM 'TObrK.anhaJ jt oyJrt
p'B r'Toiir'' ilimacA, 'ycu feel supremely
-nriserablei-andjjinjeh is, the, penalty wh'ehour
pompiamt gxaeas etarary- aaij VY Cat (20 you
inrse. ApfSemplion Scorn TEe
incubus that robs jon.0f,Ul eijy inent' during )e
daj raarkiata iorae;t.a aigbUu Take, then.
tmf" SVuRitsrV.
eertainly care alt atOTjiirBiOitaEtoinLajiJIja
da; on which you read tUisaJtiole wjlUlwesaaasf
ed by another- AHarnlpe yoi-'ata Incredulous : Vet
if to 1iaT feact tnv tesvlmdiry-'of the eminent eltt-
ens, in ever walk pfiiTs.jrho hare tasted the
preparation, and submitted toe Mult ef -thai fx-perienae-lo.'the'pebHWbTOugh
theprea.-yeu ought
at least fotk-fe Sufficientfa-th to maVe a trial nf ii
in your own ease. . U ia pure yataeabt'e teaia aad
alterative- fit. . a(in JVW.ewrldaxiatra-
lmdnptti tyr.mpliht. Jf y0a are ia the
h. tit of taking any aicphulie, azoitaot as palU
ative. ahandoo (v'and iry 'tbia whoxesomi
crD rriMUi.iKi.,,lf itdoeaaa-ao geoeXer;
hat aea ssiUaat as ikaiifer It has uuim jutiailuB.
isj,siigbviataaoe, ear 0apapila, ibiBeusaeai.
and their various complaints." '
mayMdeodAwly-cw-a .ai-tts 'a J
' 8TudEA.a ULTam,VVnItBd
39 Us bap-!l i U : . v'
Wa?"TFtfceTTO-lirATEl WAKE.
PRO? KNCE. R. I.. h virghe Urgestnaaa-fact-
ry So Silver - faLthe worlo. Stjt
the'mosf mproved rrach, y. and employing ihe
Ht k illei-Ubot.aranabUd .-taller aw aa.
equalled variety Of new,a(id beautiful deigrs la
Dinner Serfceea, Tea e Vicee.'and 'every article
specially adptedTor)f JidayandBodal Uifta, J
,1Thej.c?M,e)o their well-known and HBriTalbsl
Nickel Silver Elec ro-Plated vVar. In which the'
have intrndnnad new patter ne ef rare elegamiu.a
Tbe Solid Silver riaj oafantetd to be of sterling
purity by T: S.'Birlt asEay.-"The Electro-Plate i
guaranteed to, be , superior, spike inert 81 etfiel
ware.-.- Orders recei vest, from She Trade only, ba
these tods may 'W 'obtained' frwi. responsible
dealers every ahere. -- .
rn'" Trad
' i-" '' '--' laCl ' Hark
Trade MarkfxT j wuo, -, , .Si'-i-L '
. -1ie,leeToemNo.AlaideiiLane, N. Y.
nov8-dAw4j4m-reHT - "
" I hildrea's Li?e : S aicd for Fift
rhcesaida ei children die snnuailyf Croop.'
New, Mothers, if yon would spend tq cents, an.il
always have a bo. tie ,Dr, Tobias' Venetian W
iment in the house, you, jiover. eed fear losing
your little one hen attacked with this compltiSa
HlsTrown-yearsstneelhaveputuptoyLtpi (.
and never heard ol a ehild dyiag of Croup wbea
my Liniment was UsedL but hundredX of xoxae
have been reported to joe, apd many state if it was
Slupej bettlexhejt would not be without it-Be-sidee
which, it is a certain cure for Cots, Bums.
Mumps, Colic. Diarrhea. Djsentery. - Spasms, Old
Sores and Pains in.tke Limbs, Back, and Chest.
No one once, tiles it bo is tver without it,. It ii
warranted perfectly safe to tile' in ere ally.' Fall
uVections with every bottle.. Sold by tbe lrvg
giats and torekeepere in the United States. ' Da j
potlorarPIaoe,N.Y. ,!..-. .a
, janeJS dAwIaom-reiir ,
Dow a Pccliae is Prodaccd. 1 -
. .x, jiia .-jra a r.aMn -r-,-Tj.
' Pure blood makes ni well, bad "blood makes as
,sick. Vapors fiBBV poorly digested food ia the
blood ate condensed opon tbe virions CTgansand
serve tp make tbfem EVow'or" repair 'their waste.
Orgabs' made with a greatest or lessee- psopenioB of
suoh ma teriala cannot be sound.- If tbe bad con
dition of Hood Toatiauea hut for ifew days of
wSeks-the lrody will be tut of sorts; and if it eoa
tuaatta s)4e eljlie bed! ailaUspAitna km . J aa
inewed with imperfect blood, fnd tbe Tealth had;
itia in a deolinepatolyeailee) a- eonsnmption.
i -ftowBranareth's Pflll peuetr(elhe. wholemss
of b'ood, caasipg the'expulsloB of Jnpuiities; tba)
bodyeeissrelievied frum aisang'e dosa.shatHhea
may by expected from twenty!1 Vyjeentiauina
their use the aholeof the hloodn .Ume becomes
purifitd, andbe body reconstructed from good nae
teriaU Uiadeelias stepped. and a ae-W 'toaiSoDltfa
secured. Prinoipal offioe. Be AKTkEtH'.1jldCa!
New York. Sold by all aanagaaf . 4
! itrDlMAwiyemeiiT' . ' 1'":fl ". lJ
, .'u ftjxrt we owe a lhougandraces; "Ki
'1 Impioxingjiiatuie no disgtaee is. -
j 80, as gray hair dtat pleare tbe eye. ;.- i
Cristadoro's" Hair Pftservative
I Striking, a f undiatTT art thrf tft eta1 "proa tfcei
by Crlsttdproyaay rsael vatftajii.t Jitilerw
Be the bait ever so wiry, eoeree and anmanageabie
by brush and eoUib, tn one Neek this' artlol t wilt
render it flexible, fuitrousand inclined to curl
i S.ld by Dnigrhrrs, arid applied by all Hair prer 4
Ilsnufptvri'No..S3 eijeii JMFriiwipaJ
t)io Astor Houaeio r. ilx t.OiZ .?J i
I xo.
j A HULIUA at.aasi)lii-Ladies and
gentlemen, young end eld. desirous of bavins; their
hair beautiful f. r tbe Holiday. thotJd"use:a"Bov
boee. Read Cbevalier't Treatiae e the-Hsrir. -Free
to all. Given a way at tbe 4rut;torB oVtepI
by mail free. This book should be J-ead.b ever
person,- It teaches to cultivate and have beautiful
hair, and restore fray hair to he original color,
stop its falling out, removes ill ;irr1tafion W Sail
draff from the scslp'.'thiil keeping the hair 'beiuti-
ful to tbe latest period ef life.-- - -
B 1 u. ,,d uk-ar a a 4. oi t 1
jHT-dret-eodl m -
MB Broadway. KiT,
ttCrH Yeatoredln fnnrVeeka. "Success
reatores mahly powers, from 'whatever caue ari
sing; tbe effects of carta pernicious ,habi a, aelf-,
abuse, impoiency and climate' give away at once toj.
this wonderful medolne, if rakea regularly accord-,
Ine to the directions (wh-ch are-very simple and re
quire BOTestraint fTrni4ttHne8!' Or pleasure J Fail-
Bre-is inrpossible. -etd 1a bottles at S3; or f-.ar-tjuantitieb
in one for 93.. To be bad only of tbe sole
appointed agent in America. H Uebitzin, V7
hird Ave., corner 13th St., New York.
! Twy-ivOT-Hlvr .. ' H'- 1
' aiAfMMe M Another Jfeu Mtdieat
1 1VI Pamphlet frnm tht p t Oa. Curtis.
The"Medical dimes' seys of this Work: 'This
valuable treatise on tbe cauce and cure of prema
ture decline, shows be beetle re Impaired fhrouah
teeret abuses of youth and maabeneV and how
easily retrained. It ' y"'-Pis ef the '
impediments to mamaee, the cause end effects ef
aerrons deblHty. and the remedies therefor."- A
pocket editicn-of the above will be forwarded on
receipt it ceata, by addressing Doctor Cttbtih
JJcr. 48 North Tharles street, Baltimore, Jrld.
era mayas-d'yr ' t .;..... in... .u . e
splendid Hair Live is the best in tbe world.
Ibe oniy Uue and perfeet Dye; harmless, reliable
instantaneous; no disappoisstsneiit r ne fftdicBksus
tints: remedies tbe ill enarta of bad daaa, in.i.
orates and leaves tbe Hair soft and beantinl.iiicA 7
wr era.,, ouii tj eu.ArugciBis ana fertumers t
nd properl? applied at Bxiobelor's. Wut Factory
o. 16 Bond street N. XfgtnJ Bljraf jdAwly .
i A riipand delrcatekin.frei r6ai'iverysbleni'
khlj'liie'rewsJ-iloX aaljpecasional use elfaJmsi'
Vegetable Cosmetic Lotion. sepSl-dAwly

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