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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, December 15, 1868, Image 3

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corr.-ied by ti a Savage, Jeweler, S3
O'clock. "'"'
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rfaa Rim lSTSunSeta.
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ready cutting a odp1v for the summer.
3 JOO InMjoJl .A 7' 4v.,SlfeaaeVWfr3ed
505 03 yesternajvii f
?ii:irtawAMAU fa jtWetved Har
1 i 1 1 A.
ttfntMlAUua. warns jard
... r- .Waai-enained to Jieai col h .d"-
.r r.ri.n Fiti h and" Mink eeta,
W. set,- . I . i; - bi.: ri! :
rkrfreo'lri.twrj laifirtraebt orllgl vo-
tint-Mt yesterday continued iuotil (life
m-xtterm ol Court, onr utotlon bl 'the j M-i
'CoiiTiKcrB.--Th.,'asa io WBrJKeelyi
haried wtth' '''$$&9&- W .bAA
ltnUh.ttu -xt twrrh t Court.
ily , grave. M4tava oj tiJoaffbls
ODeataneStBrt1m.-,'"''-''fc''l. '- i
p0jlnted Tof ; theev f:bf-lsrter:
DRR88MAKINO Attention i! ilirtMUsUt.W
U AdvoB&CrlKflUbt AlW.fSCMleanllP liaa
petted, raaVkwiaMnesamaJntT.
JMhrnent IH thfreWyr1'bnldi.i(i.
aqolore citizen,, waa.anj yesterday held td
baii byJaaVwta-' Jn'' of 200'
to keealhe peaoa lofTtie term. of ppyear.
VspecWllf towards fte wfte dt hk buzwtn.
bus,Oblu, is the name atone of the per ns
lort 4i-be.-eameiH4JU4-tej u i4
tttti fatedlsaste Whei bniW' ifrio
bf5CflCVlt caJf3jrieJtaqSft
i':rn .TT7.ngV, t-ov
BnsrsMS MfBo4fcas.ji;jou want to
- w a twaar as b'uiy jw.-k. oift.Al
ttf josJbW. fctrifiiw&;&,:a.i,ij?l
on Gus. 8tveiisv-ffha,.mount of toyp,
capdjes, dolls.aiidJCT-ChrlstmM
(bey are seU.pg irt'wod'rfiJ' i,'. s, n'' Jf '. I
wrtteHMrIaberry,;iol 90 Btreei;!!,
rsad-, asklnor iiodeT, atoyes; d
' on oar uwK:ar8the iatne.;; whereof taas
spbWtedloiu vei)f.vte, the jnaatteckf the
burnlftst of hXnPrjttaV.r)
Bnj KoberS' Hutel,-Catrmavlll
ltjn'thenate (Chamber 'JtWWriojK
gd jfte:hcj6i.,cAtliiuW
their investijtationsi v-- t-oihi yd)
, -:i I r.,?, it ,1 i.i 1 '1 i ? Hi.' i.-: -
ut3T -X beauUfBl lot of Parian 'busts and
aUtuetiea At Westw-.t'i.: .i.fc -.ii
fiBforiKiTQAeHiEi' Some aevenor
eight indictments .aand2lnat Wm.X!ox,
SaMaditl.er,' Arv iafhtierlnx wttbttf
a mlleoTtbVeltyonWftrjr tbIaH'about
a year since, were all q.uahed fn the Uourt
ot Common Fleas yesterday, because of cbe
fomfflclencjf of the law.
-. ).. ..T -.H
catjcb'.-tW e are requested to .tfotlfjrian'di;
dates for examination .for teachers' certlflJ
osytetv thai the Board of i xaminera will, be
'in session on Saturday, December 26cW 6n'
iy. ,j.uef wvijjs uu, bkosiuu yuyy
that being CbclsUnas day.
.0,O ,njf". ill, 11 I 7
Eio-NiaaT.---The following srentle
meh will compete for the prize to be given
this evening : , A" well know
jr wj 1: IJ t3 -jj oca urj j-jwo uj, iuqi,
Booking Vallpy Bail road official, and an
attabe-ofahe XlUle, Miami, Balload. As
th above genclenren are the ftrost rnagaift
cent skatists in this city, we may look for a
vqry,iae oiafiiay v i -- iw-fS
THrftaVrias-i-pB'ESEij Yrf Those
tiny trunks made brJTA. VandergrifT, No.
tta'Sotfth' HighT street;,' are, the "prettiest
presents tnaVeould be given' to' ilUle girls
thelr.llttle,7ieari;ain;ce ior, y. Besldfi
these, there is aTarge assortment 5t trav 1
iift 'aidj neaping-' aicbe7s5 6?ilfsT4Jr.I
the like, 'ail Mil table tor presenW.A Call and
ee tbema.,j, t'ji, tic h saa;')
Social Erita. KateT Cammtngs and
Eic KeasuU, -.Uving ImBtll Pol's hou,'
05 fair at'ey, ana.onq rj.uni.er, 7 ra tien
and li'.' McCarthy, vlsitbrsv wera- arrested
on Sunday i;igb:iyTBfBcer Daly and
Shufflln and.cpoveyoditftha station house.
Tbai.Mavw. yesterday-'flneJdrtb men
acaJwhicb US'yatd.;.T. woea ui,oe-
fart of pay tnBt o t'ndeosejclijj .wej'e
amtAiauoU-. .a. V jj'y
t A largef;tocltj.ofblpa dinner and
tea seU and vwes ft, ,li-fter
ISsfafl&a tiMUrTfte bigh.1 price, ot
coal at tbe present time affords tr painful
proof of wbal iberiuiabrs tan do to add to
tbe diwomRrw-Ot'thirJ6iprrflThere is no.
lm h wages ol the jetr whoworkrem, no
adVknce In tlie rateso WanepWtatluTbe
rise is clear gain to the speculators, and 1
nlf thine thpv are makino: of it at the Dab
liatkiwii,;., it "t att9'l
v tiiei'VKL'itonTX'i party of Ken
tucky drovers on Saturday" ftlghb1 having
taken mort eW. aaoeliln.aieire.'jibtlnB
benzine aboard tbaifevr,rBeyr loaded In at
due tiaaetbeiore, ratfud'ed ouWm tbeiMeavq!
et. U1i weat inlevwobf threwrstaHrr
ante and Vklckdb4 uTVITtMJa Tow, jist
thin." tne'w?r'e arreteailid ffned $8
eacb, waicbi-tbeyj pnkii Their aames are
Parker Hambrick, Davie Maddux and J as
Hunter. :...i;
nil ''.
JrV' GooD paaxi.The CitytConncli Jatrl
oigwsaxoereis thavpurcham ot 3,000 busbJ
e)a 0 coal and25 cordo( wood to' be dls
tribaced to tbelpoor of the city, through
tbe inerabei1 of too different Ward Com
iriittees.'-aa wJdone last winter, rer&pns
VnnwiDii ot casta of dWstitotlnn can. send
Wbrd'or; jo (WTqlt&er.df tbePqurScJlnieh of
tbaorooer Ward and make tDenr Knowtr.
The jwllt be taUeBiled , , to; 1' It to a iioble
daed.aad refletsu credit.WjihCW 40.:',
changes are hot yet ilirbui'h telling sfo'rl
of -bow this or thafolo uianof ninety or
hundred year?;' trudged ' trembling up to
tM-pollsTn tHe Sftr' waarbbght by
beautlf il young lady ia la carriage and
deposited bis vote; said old ,jnan having
voted for every uecesslver'President since
1783, lrom,, Washington, -down; to Grant.
Tue're Is only one objection (4 these sterlearl
they are not atriatly true. . Indeed '. they
- cannot be, tw Washington? waa not Voted
for at all by the people, but by the respecV
tlve Scutes. Tne first - popular vote for
President was in 182' L " V'c-'-"tti
certain Than that a dead calm precedes a:
storm except .be ; adage Mia di r neverl
ram brit tt-potxtT tot two orttree days
the Mayor's Court baa been as barren of
interest aa a basrUddler's head is of bair,
Thla was the calm. Yesterday morning It
wasaaerowded Wtjf Udt)lg?iri Trek tin
'a -. T- a . t k ' x j
Kular place, tbisToTTce
Court, and nearly every day offers a study
fui-ib-uriM hraocfr gratters ran old
M berefnre eome jre set to court T
Ifrnsin'MjauBaa. spoil.--v tr
'ITllinv fiu.l. m.nA & a man liKtmnff !
Bullies among brare men ju-tiinn ;
peggars iiood &uolflAJus nig
hkciluas iimn ftU glunoui spurt.1
sVorA aaiae UiuUetiT i8ntli-Wt)abbMb-
teoW TortirtfATtS "fipoo br V.sWiWan.ent
in all a woman's charma-and, lovlioesat
Hi9w we';Uia' Jace3?K'la i' U'ia!:ii"
lovtd Slstei' lSarne'r HariiaY tlTMhp
and untrammelled she walks the earth a
batJelt upon .! neatKMoks-iwsfr nnh&tj'a
diadem, while her black shawl, gathered in
aer jteetu. tofcta Ubdiit t 'mlfertt sil'bo
m!sajbti o'oyj"CaWr;rw
has been on a benzine bender. There is
aver, she took lq0 qnu sctajlfy
water, and the Mayor .aentxer back, there
ftf fcsnafiiijirtBeiltaftiAfer moM,Hj3'
Another form appears t Oh matchless grace
'i'bat beams from ctcij wiiiikle 01 that laoe.
tier biauty. lihe tbe inurniDi's wfiea Aarura draws
t ooruosbi Wiav hSjjfiiM!rSailwLCaB-
nounee Amanaa lurpiu.
I ISister Turpin, ittre-TSister Garner, bad
bejttryiviK;on tbcrbeadi .Iike SigterSsr-
ner, she too bad )untr recovered from
thirty daya imprisonment in the county
ail. In company with the queenly Elizf
SJfl&iAtiitii.da sararitTulala aatiafae iA
atB. hearth toV.bwwelitnowoSair-
aua strawai v seseuva p;
fie set 'em.BeiiU.hej f-l dua.
rTiie Alajur Uiessat'em up -
AmanaVon't .gufltfr. meanwhile, for
she drank nouxh wUil6 out to last her till
she gets, out agitin. .;'. i 'C-
He'nry uuher, a ..colored vcit'tzen, bad
been dancing alfnijjh witb- the lraa;rant
and 'jflutealuar belles of Atrica's' sonny
clime, till.,, ;i, i
'.hm4 mountea th"sstera.ikT-. ri
!. . . A couple of janlorso." t ' -. " '
He gut bu Jy drunk. go arrested, got flrred
SI and cOU and got a' ' Job at the atone
Tom Pugan and Bobert ; Fox r we re ar
rested for belnx o atlaiii drunk. . They
weW. )Sned 9 and costs', each..- la' default,,
be pair haflyaereth."-Vc .. '--'
iAcoT'6ibixej.o works
Injj'nisiedflfcinCvaseJ itfeatvaterWl U
bflj.reprt.!of then Auditor . ot FranUlin
for the year ending Aagt 8Ut lS63?AVe
take IhefolWwfr'gVery ihtereMg'cts :wj
There bas bien'tl95r27,4 shjobl mofiej?
received tncludrn'g 'balancW W -bant. . -Of
this Colnmbrn h as id. S114.797 55. 7
The amount paid tearhrt 1 $33,038,41
ciilurubus tt-athers $4?,8G8. 'The total t X
ptnditurea fer the year amount to f 15(1
906 77. ' Of this Cojumbus t has received
fs.w, i ii 5. 1 1 V t1
jToere are -309 "schools In" the i-banty.i Of
tpese,12 are
14 males'nd 159-jernalr 'intne fiigb
cil.rr,l ; K7 mtlti ajld- 053 ff Pitt 1 09 la-the
Jerman r-ftbd-. fin lrah"5 school?; 261 males
amrSoO femalea fn the-cblored -scTi'ools,giv-
lng arand total of 14.71J ixibolarsr ' a
Tl Rtal"avrage number Tn daily - at
teo'danoe is 9C062. htfaverage'nnmber bf
weeks -cbool-i'are In session Js r Common
CS7.19j High 67; German and English 39,25;
Corbredtisi?2 -frf"1
! The averao-n nrlee n!d In tHi'iHu"nf
Columbus7 to teachers is males $120- fe
males $49. During- the year there, have"
been$-teaoheiseraployed,tbough 5ut
299 are jneuessary, to snppljrtbS chopls
were there noyacanclci toflll.rij.
: ThetbtalaTeof, 8chool,.b20?es..and
Kro'upds '$'tjbA eowfifr la" $2Siii29. ,The
value of-tbia property rn Coluinbtfils-ISS,-fiOO.
The,iho61,'apparattis"!in'ttie county
to $2,390; in tpe'cj'ty,$LoaU:,.ib'
So tar as reported the bnd4tion of schooj
houses .' i generally; gnod,;'bulj a Urge
number of them ar in great need, of f.'nce
and outbuildings for , the accommodation
of teachers and scholars.'' ' " ":" r : .'"
E3?"' A" splendid lot of French China
leases. Jardinieres, Mottd Caps, of ttieir
own importation, at ' ' ; . Wkstwater's.
Thb Burnett Tayi.or Combisatio&t'
Last - Pabform ancb A-farae' and 4a-h-
rhable auqlence(.assembled' at tie bpVra,
ouse last night to witness the cons 0UJ4-'
tjoc. of, fuaand buukit aa,xUibtted by .the:
above oelcbrated'joriginals. The ? pro-'
gramme was brim full of mirth', and tbe-:
asdpptronbat the pair are tbe 'ft wo fuiiv
niest men In the world" was fully realized-.
oucficbv is iuu American repreaentative on
Momas.nd - whilff'bis 1 i tyles --etfe
tiiict from! bU lEucTlsh cdnfrtril it is
jually replete with side aptrttrng origin
nality. Taylor presented 'a mew phase of
ectsentrtd 'domeuyl' whicbT ;waxhe?'lnbrS
ojlibie'ak U'was-interfarded with' chai-
auteristic, aoa9iitergrttd.-i -a style
wiiicu wmram uemr irenro eqrrareu. ills
fjrt appearjrige as 'barab Wi'ike'r was so.
decided a. sociess. ' as to ' fully' eulist the
iiijrt(4ti''mpathy ol the atuUenca for Iba'
balaiice p( theveuing. Ti Caudie-scena
Wjlh AH Burnett ntf J MUs' Nash5 was ad'
mlrable. The lady is an exceUeueoniet-
enji aal WeuWjuakea hit Lnaoior iegtcia.
mate pbasa1 6f the drama4. ibosioi v."""'
,We .Mv,Twv;, heard; tba aencertina:
Piay.ao exquisitely ae it was laatmighti)
IProiessor Sharply lr;lndeedj',lp.Jglol-,the1
Instrument, andwas, deserVptyy greeted
wtyh ?njencorewrperfoiriiance. Al-tbgetbr-thepHrtairrrrierrt
wasrone of the
qrdit pt.Joyable.eYe iresented to the citi-(
ze.ua of Colambusv and we regret that, big
evening will oe-tne-iast or tbeir appearance
bere. ; Secured, teats can be obtained at'
Scluer's mnglc store. ' ",'
PEwarbir LAW--The following decision
nas recently peen jnaae unaer tne new pen--
ionrawaf JjilfJStbi I86X3toLfiidtjf
he case, which was-tae application ol tber
paraotsoi a Oteeeased eoldler lor additlonaf
bountyv-were as follows r -The'solcHerVas
killed, pa .IecetBbeoJiH.b.lia63, nWalng'.
widow jKidi fpareaut, tea oobUBi. The
widow remarried 00 January 6th, 1365, and
thus forfeited htrjigM..Tha second, opni p-j
troller ot the Treasury hat decided that as
there was no wldowof the:,oldier it the
date of the act ot 1868, tbe ttext Hvn heirs
naaied -iatiie law and thb elaitiis df the' pa-')
rents were admitted. :
' tW The largest aud Unest stock of gas
fixtures at lowest prices at Westwater's.
1 . " " uuuuiia
and Daly last night about 9 o'clock arrest
ed two negroes named 'Freeman, residents
of ne classic locality known as Smith's
Block, lor stealing a sack bf flour from
John Duffy's grocery store.' The1 negroes
went iato tbe store, and while one of them'
engaged the proprietor's' attention the
other 'walked' off! with the flour.' They
ill have a heajflnjC' this morning, we pre
MONDAY EVENING, Dec. 14th, 1868.
Council met pursuant to adjournment.'
Present Messrs. Armstiong, Bergln.
ren, Cbadwlck, Comstock, Doualdsoi
Frankel, Gibbons, Janney. Knopf, McAll
ter, McDonald, Patterson, Beinhard, B01
Tbe Clerk read the minutes ol the la
meeting which were approved
The City Civil Engineer made the foil
lowing reports of estimates for work rcf
auired to be done
For grading and paving the unpaved
sidewalks, gutters ami crossing on the
West side of the vacant ground, West of
the Market Houe, and for paving the balf
ance of said vacant ground with Nluolso
paveraeus lrom Town to Bleu street, $2,
416 65.
For building a double row flag crossln
across Center alley, at tbe South side o;
Long street, $33.40.
For building a double row flag crossing.
across Center alley, at the South side of
Spring street, $38.40.
The city clerk made tbe following re
COLUMBUS, Nov. 30th, 1868.
7o (he Honorable City Council:
' In obediem-e to a resolution passed by;
your honorabl body on the 231 day of No-t
vember, 1868, 1 paid over to the Mother Su-J
perior of the Sc. Francis Hospital the sum;
of $18, bein 2 tne amount of a dividend coH
leeted by Mr. Donaldson on $600 stock ot
the Central Ohio railroad heretofore owned
by the city, tor which she returns to this
. 1 ., , . , 1 . ,. .
iouucu ucr jgrabt'iui actiiuwieu-eeuieuba.
L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
The Mayor reported the collection ol!
$146 for tines and licenses for the month;
ending- Nov. 21th, 1S68. i
The Street Commissioner reported that!
during the month of November he had em-;
ployed horses and carts on the streets toj
the amount of $43 75. There had been!
373' days work performed at a cost of.
$566.50; other expenditures $97.05, making.
a total for tbe month ot $707.30. The chain:
gang has performed 225 days work during
the time.
fcC. K. Cuckler, Clerk of the Markets,
made the following report of moneys re
ceived by him during tbe. month of No
vember: c
Kent i f stKlls tiu SB
bout of stands
Rent of (Jity Hall
Ligut batter
51 80
1U 50
15 52
Total t2M 17
The City Clerk made, the following re
port of receipts into and disbursements
from the City Treasury from the 1st day to
tbe 30:h day of November, 1S68 :
BM. in Treis'urr Nov 1st. '68 ... U.U9 83
James G. Bull, fines and lieenses
for October $135 00
C. K.. Cuokler. rent of market
Hc.nse Ml 89
J. Reinhard, temporary loan 4,000 00
L E. Wils d. tapping main sew
ers 30 00
Same Graral Bank 90 00
Street Commissioner and chain
gans 98t SJ
Fire Department 1.173 88
Gas and Gas lights 84 S3
Goolale Park 33 65
Incidental expenses 70 70
r et Houe ana marKeu..... ou ou
iti QS an tstati
H l IM
1 ka salTi
. 00 n
. . L...1 :
1 ou
xpenses f Elections
'ity Park
Veteran Bomty Bonds
Gravel Bnk
Cleaning and repairing street
145 19
65 oe
650 00
304 71
40 00
50 00
4.233 95
Balance in treasury Dee. 1. 188 14.343 48
.Mr. Caren introduepd a petithn8ned
by sit.jRa3ecrianti tkty-foumjofciiers,
asking the Council to change the name ot
North Public lane. Relerred to commit
tees on Eighth and Ninth and First ward?.
Mr. Frankel asked to be relieved from
serving on the committee on Gu and Gas
Lights. His request was granted .
ictinmtlteief'onl frurttda fGut THtsV1 'He'
was relieved.
Mr. Bergln introduced a ordinance to
construct a double ro w fl ig crossing across
Center alley, at tbe S uth side of Long
street, which was read a first time.
Mr.-Befjtfn", Mn'trodoeea 'ih'drdtriairce to
construct a double row flag crossing across
Center alley, at the South 6ide of Spring
street, which was read a first time.
j Mr. Janney introduced au ordinance to
assess a special tax upon the real estate
bAatK.?iVR Tv4!A
Friend street, which was read a first time,
j Mr. Janney introduced an ordinance to
asses las special tax upon the real estate
pounding Oak street from Seventh street
to Washington avenue, which was read a
first time. ,
j Mr. Knopf introduced an ordinance to
asses a special tax upon the real estate
pounding on High street from a point 125
feet south ot Friend to the south line of
South Public lane, which was read a first
fMrj jur Introduced! an ordpnapcf to;
assess a special tax upon the real estate
bounding John street lrom Cleveland ave-
jnue to Washington avenue, which was read
a nrst time.
Mr. Armstrong presented the resignation
of John A. Kile as a regular policeman,
which was accepted.
Mr. Boss introduced a resolution direct
ing the City Civil E igineer to prepare
khe necessary plat and estimate. First.
For building a double carriage way, single
epan Jron bridge. Second, For a double
icarriage way, single span stone arch bridge
at the crossing of the canal upon Friend
'street, and report the same to this Council
!next Monday evening. Passed.
Mr. Chadwick, introduced the following:
Sesolved, That the Street Commissioner,
together with the city Civil Engineer, be
Instruction to have opened to the publicou
lor before the 1st day of April, 1869, all the
streets and alleys recorded as public streets
and alleys ot the citv ot uoiumbus in the
Recorder's office of Franklin county.
Mr. Boss moved to refer the resolution
back to Mr. Cbadwlck, with instructions to
fco amend as to name the streets and alleys
he wishes to open. It was so referred
Mr. Boss introduced a resolution direct
ing the City Civil Engineer to examine tbe
dykes or levees on the west side of the Sci
oto river, and ascertain if they need re
pairing or filling. Passed.
Mr. Wall introduced the following :
Resolved. That the City Clerk be and he
Is hereby directed to draw an order on tbe
Citv Treasurer, in lavor 01 tne uirectors
pt the Hare Orphau s Home, for the sum
Of SlsU, to oe ustu in me payment 01 me
current expenses of said institution, said
amount to be paid by the City Treasurer
hut of tbe money belonging to the Hare
Charity Fund. Passed. .
Mr. Donaldson introduced the following:
Resolved. That tbe standing committee
pn Wnys and Means be, and they are here
by directed to purchase two thousand
bushls ot coal, the same to be distributed
among tbe poor in tbe city in sui-b quan
tities and in sucn manner as said commit-
ee may direct, and that tbe Street Coin-
tni-sioner be and he is hereby directed to
deliver said coal as maybe directed by
said Committee on Ways and Means.
Mr. Reinhard moved to refer to the com
mittee on Ways and Means. Lost.
(Mr. Bergln moved to amend the resolu
tion by adding 25 cords ot wood. Agreed
io- "
j Mr. Boss moved to strike out 2,000 and
Insert 3,000. Agreed to, and the resolution
On motion, the Council adjourned.
! ThbMilleniom is Here! Cloud & Co.,
at No. 33 North High street (Deshler's new
buIiainfX ar seinnkf the besTeJuaHty f1
Doors- anrr snoesTor Men's, Women's and
Children's wear, at the. old time (before
the war) prices. Go and see lor yourself.
rine tnirq lecture or toe course win pe qe-
llvapoil i I o avnnlnarln lha flonnH T't'O c Tl T7 I
Re. nrTBurni?. SnHpRt. "Toets ofl
England." All the remaining lectures of
the course will be delivered in this ChurcbJ
We clip the following from the Chicago
livered there: "Tb hall was crowded to
overflowing by a- highly intelligent audi-
dlence. Mr. Paine Introduced Bev. K. F.
who delivered a lecture on 'The Poets ot
England.' It was an eloquent production,
replete with classic lore, beautiful imagery
and soirt4rin56e1weJ,fcetc ''and
elicited tbe most hearty applause."
'9 mfrj
Li J
reporated o
Y. M. C. Association.
declS 2t
The Erreat.calaat85ilizh street of.those
splendid all wool Blankets and choicest of
housekeeping goods, will be resumed this
day at 2 P. M. and 7 evening. Mr. W. E.
Kent is theaudtfoneeri5 i O D dec!5 It
' Lumber at AqcxiOdT. All the Stands,
Fencing, Stable, Ac, belonging to tbe
Olen tan j. Park asqcUtio&.wjU be sold
at public auction on Tuesday morning next
Sale to commence at 11 o'clock A. on
tbe grounds of tbe Association, dejfy rQ
Oysters at 40, 50 aud 60cts. per half can.
and 30 cts. per dish, (dozen), at Hennebo's
Restaurant, West BroadfCreil,;lf5r13.
MERCHAfmln Sxoottioali good variety
of Hosiery, Gloves, Shirts, Drawers, Hoods
Nubias. Scarfs. Yarns. Zdnhvr Worsteds.
ftJtfona';dancyi, Goods lor the Holi
days, will find it to their interest to exam
ine the Immense stock of Harris, Carpen
ter & Co, Nos, 101,105,107, 109, EistTown
street, Columbus',' Ohio."1" ' decl5-lt
eir fray, j!s
Oysters ever brought to
Columbus, which he will sell wholesale or
tetaiUat tower Mtej thari;thjy eabe1?
cnaseu lor eisewnere in me city, uo ana
see lor yourselves. Also 120 barrels choic
est winter apples just received and lor sale.
decl5 eod3i
4.0 y r.'j aT
Grand Masquerade Bali.. The first
!cMd maaEerade-SaULof tbXaeasonin
be given by the Excelsior String Band
Decembefc 25th r Christmas nighty, it Am-
bos Hall. Tickets admitting a eentleman
and ladies, Iftgkejajqag fbpQbad at
LIndeman &o.'s, or ot the members of
tbe Band. Mm 1 n n
Costumes can btfWdJjT-C. 'Kamy man's,
corner Third and Mound streets, on rea
sonabbtejnisjjfbyrSarJriJtbeSi two
days belore tbe 25-.h inst. decla-4t
Twenty per CkKVI !xHAN THB
Cheapest, to Cash Buyebs. During
the next thirty days, I will make to order,
Suits, Overcoats, Trowsersand other gar-
memtS4ftatyer csW. cheaJ- thixL alylthe
Merchant Tailor in the Union for prompt cash.
I have tbe largest -assortment of fine and
medjugTades.ofwooJUjns. to be found in
the city. The excellence of the materials,
saBlMFCfe'TtaTmSrrts'Iria'ae'at mf
establishment iaelf Ttu6nT to the com-
mwiity. I-oSer my goods as above stated
fosft&e reasontriayjT want Jidone'inora
than I db"an excess of slock."
An inspection of stock and, prices Is re
spectfully solidlted. ! v C4
Ii drunktrineM auraSte'J' - - It As, and th
desired remedy can be tound in a prepara
tion containing Che marvellous alterative,.
and curative properties of a precious plant,
found in. the Orient and.hitherto unknown,
and fcalfed? when 'combined with' certain
Indigenous herbs.-Dr. Johnston's Specilio.'
AlU'rptUbJitflrii JMtra bavo. io&salev
S'J PJT rl f
A FltfE assortment of state's j list received
at Wi Gill -Son's.
A Sad Case otTrvbt BrrKxan be entire-
lyohviated by purchasing a pair of tip top
boots-?? besjjtitliee w stoferji the Pesh-C
le1rtuild'ingrN'oT33 North High street.""
j FaVse1- ERiiYs!5e.6braterf nV"xV
Club and AmirfyaA;6uijc teel skates, at
W.A. Gill Agon's,,... .... j3t,rj .
j Jewelry made and repaired by C. ;B'
Smith, 27 S.High street, over iaia's. store:
! o n
' FiSEtrRCH.CAJ."SEWEJ Boots, wsr-i
ranted perfect, are, sealing at $5.0Qier.paiy.
at Cloud &'Cb:,ln ha'-new Desbler build
ing; 38 North High stree't: ' 1 'h ' r'"i u
j . .! .' i 'T i '.tO t'i J I
' Skates, Skates, Skates, Skates, at W. A.
Gill Son's? - - "st-" -'
, .Buy Booja, SHObS VispjGAixERBrtPf .the,
best quality, at one-third less than usual
Belling prices. The'placVtd get theoi is at
Clood & Col's; No. -33' North; Hlgh"street,!
Deehlec's new bujUiug. 1. u
! Skatino Boots' i6R Ladies. The only
article of the kind" in the' city at J." ft.
Shoemaker'j,No e9NortQ High street. "
. decll dlwj , . .. .:..' -,,. .to. ,x)
; Ukto thi'P6or the GospEt is PreIched;"
and-uoto ttfe poor first quality boots; sbbeiH
and- goiters are t(l jtt.$Q6f rmenJawprfcesT
Clond'S Con N6. 38' Nbrih: Higlrsrfeet; hie
the only parties seHin si them. '' '5 ' '
r"isQ If-V- lo. t lVe , new feoot
and Shoe Stof 33 Xorth. High street,
Deshler building, and buy your winter's
knpil of" boots and shoes, at poor inen's
pricey.'-1 The goods "are-;warrantedofjbest
quaiiry.';;3-.'';,','.;'.T'':J decia'saatu.
i - ' ; ' 1 " '" - - -" - -"!
, -rt - i,ii.,.. . . : v 1 :
Heajxjoabtkrs for Skates, at W. A. Gill
A Son'sv No. 30 North High street. ' . ';! '
.deda-dSt-i .n.si.iii'1 .-''' "!':
: Holloway's Pilj.s. The blood, impov
erlshe'd by the suuimer heat, often at -this
Bason develops " bofls, ulcers, and pus
tulous eruptions. TKe'-'cooling; healing,'
disinfectant 17 'properties,,, of V Hollow ay's
Ointment tender the best posaible'drees
ng for these external nuisances, and in
bttfeTT6TrTrighe wboleThJais bf the Wood
Intor a ihtaitkf ul condition ft wlll-be'pra-dent
to lauexbeiaternal orsrans and rearu-,
. y-::--: .i-' i . ... - - v. -z . -r
ias xue ecrenot. wit a lew moderate'
(loses of , HpttpwAY's ilm . S,old, by all
Druggists. Jy9-dly-ow
Pamilt cask of medicines,. aBeon-
scientionsly recommend one of Da. Hum
phrey's Homospathic Specifics. Having
used them ourselves,' and know of their
extensive itse by (Our; friends, we hazard
nothing In speaking well of them to all
wlio'deslre having such an arrangemen t for'
family use. Price of lull case and book $10.
See advertisement in another column. Ad
dress, Humphreys' Specific Homoeopathic
MitniriwK Ho Kfl Broad av? N. Y.-' '3'
! Jkletf' & . DeButts, Locksmiths and
bell hangers, at No. 141 North High street,
are now prepared to hang parlor and hotel
bells in the neatest and latest style. Sew
ing . machines repaired and satisfaction
guaranteed. Models built for patentees,
and all kinds ot light machinery made and
repaired. Keys ol all description always
on hand, and sate and jail locks made and
repaired. may23-s-ly
f ! f I I f 15 11
ing,ci Nolthsh Itreet n
tbe finest lot of
; p,-.,..-!.. " .: .- 1
Stock of new and superior e-nnHs. emhrae'ct er".tMnr fn the line 6r
f annul Ikseetre.U lojrtstoreln
Neai'a Kip Boole, all Whole Leather,, - f S OO, swlmi; jprlce aJJO
soya aaip uools,
If oath' Kip Uools, "
iflen-a Cmir, Tap-Soled Root,
Women's Call Shoes, Boat,
Indies- Doable Soled sLastlias; ColtirsciiOy r.qin.Hi
Cadlea'do., 8111c tore, Tery Best,
Misses Morocco Shoes, Polish, -
Child Morocco JShoc
h.segor.a.aaarlitaeafc e o ipsftopmateaf ani rqrtfea'nsfi?'!
rdhdl amvaaraataeiab Be df snrsrtnrimatif 'inA lAMfoikiMi1 An 'wVIT .mirr'mnAiTnr14nW
tflthsttat ia t aaarket.C? (1 C 1 a I it T .
m vnosi somgiacsaaJtneaiHe lsvnnu, wniTTt nmited to, but a few weeks.- Aeoth'S saeb oPporUoit"
i will never , oenr inin. Be sore and Snrf th right nlawif i.hw& U KwfeA..Wf.- hn.ln ' 1.. . : .,1
UtSllLEB'S &avr BU1LD1AU. opposite the
decT-deqdSp-r . f y . , c ,
tefUe elIicK so.In!! tat miilnmi eJi
JcodsilrfsnJ tidi V i)ii'ti'.iiqol etU
r ; ir.aaoo ni ei e?f
292391 13701 rtl92 n3YS!3
aar ' I
tW T23TAJ mXBZ!S?&2&
H;U -Tri 7f .iii'tV 9dt at bMT-P
Having greatly enlarged our Printing FalmtM tyjtlrfj
Tfl " TT
The Eatfjsirand Kjf8tiflplNrSt$l&
And the addition of
ee Imis .r.isfii J,i'txe jura irtnatq lera sii a
aaidftBS aoii eMit In cc.!.'aiM sit! Its
e-.iolaJ ,.,:Jul
GeTieinyOiicede to'.tw tbe fastest
J'T -X V j 4 .'!
T"IHi3T C3Xja.S
In connection. ,w'lth. BUGGLES', GjpBDON'S and, WELLS' Job Presses that have
proven .such successes jo our office, and having the. largest and most commodious1
Dunning iu mis city in wnicn to operate, we
. - . .
In the best and neatest style of the art, and upon terms that cannot be competed with.
Our fast New Presses, our Improved Economical Maobiuery the resale of tfie inge
nuitv and inventive. t8lent-ofi the best -rain ds of the as;e enable As to do' good w
at MUCH CHEAPER RATES than earVbe done in the old style and" with only the old -facilities.
The Office is complete in all its arrangements, and can do' the work with
Legal Blanks, lrfgMtjCircijlarsr77r"
Blank Books, ,;, Drug Labels, o;r
Business .Cards,
1 jfD
0 fi I I f If 9 flip ?fi
v..;. . . . ,..
In this fpecialty
. . i' - t. - --lis
. ... '
e:i. ev
Haying, jMorePresses-thiin ; all Other Printing";
Offices in the City Combined, - t
are preparea tc execute all kindsbf
our neighbors.
Nos. 36, "38 Jand
lom inrit" ,7Dino
Juoda oha
rto"fifl on"
m yd
as est
fl limifrtli.
Woilrrt) ("noileZa en enit,tb tr() ,niia aid
.! etif 10 tiuqg opt yi-rca cl i.'fts 10
Bull " erlJ ,J3iiiaTt,t " l3n'. lH?(!ir
Lua-.fcliffiybSrtftiiOT oin LiiifjsililJ.M
71I tl-niil ilyS(L if-)irtf noij;.4ii3 fliBJSO
TflSMilt f.d! VAiV"B
odl tunc
j l,i.ai-u h -uil .'awIa
roJi T10 jI?JiefShiafi-ii.nf-rf H-jhi
i. 1
'to ed ili-a ",,i;.'doul'-" 1j t,3i!J!n
on h.A .,..-,..., ...,.. .,.,11
Apayfa AllaVi.Gtnd,aiotuJ
t-Idn et
. Mr,:.
ftVI.ll 3W D-;l!T
5 bnn otiiioil
L-jh-xjo mJ oJ ei rfoi J'Wi-sl
St- -
Liis .iiansb
,;iofn on ,nsf.J
J s Jf tol
:-iU..if .fin Lie.
Ilia, -i' rifKi,
e rt ba twrari jf iM-viia in Vt-: rm
5 f l
.It.-iil" esH l U j-.- ct ntqo lcv
V Joiaep, jj, 91tT! :iwn.: -'os-T-jq IIA
3mO W.VAA'J t IV)
fx. ,.U ,!IHM 1
crricejv i;-n ivu atwso,-fr oaertwiaraauavsnawweiese
.ii.."inif, iii
I iisdl in.I
Irj v & v
New. Presses, Including a
i-a ,i !. i .ii -.ii;
1 'i ' ; - 'i-j-v. -
j : i t , J di w
ress ,
i -i Jim - i. 3f!l i f
!''.' .1
i i ..au ul
and best Printing Machine in the world.
5 i ;o v
S 13X31
are now prepared - ; , .
J . f i .. . it - ! is! 1
i-Ti's' 'l;Y.
Bill Head
Letter Heads'1
Bills of, Ipare, Ete.ii'
r ...
' Hi l.i
1 (Lctn:
.1 . TT, C ;
!5.i t
f ,oj3 ;e a: '
i . . . , . , . . .
we are nnsurpassed."
(: v ' f
; - -' -
Printing, in any color, at lower prices than '
1 v
40 North High; Street,
r.'ipob K'l ;--t ..-I,
tii Ou '4.0 Jt :J uTi
.; i' "i t: 1 i -'iili i !)
t : -M" --.I Of r:iT
- t ' t- - .3-.-
J&uV-VSSl4 buyinav
.P urfrri tneeHanali fcaa Iswfstseif-' mnhroiiB
DISBURSEMENTS. COMMERCIAL MATTERS. Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 14. New York Money Market—Dec. 14.
-BSori cW narketf rw easy this after-
otaon repai ffanaalutsrMf ttnfpn-yatlegratA-eiwrng-Wifefapt!
:illtjnl. ,u .A IK-.a sor)lwiiuao9eA I .u.
DISBURSEMENTS. COMMERCIAL MATTERS. Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 14. New York Money Market—Dec. 14. New York Stock Market—Dec. 14.
ftrrCff amf cTOtdt?!?:- .bupoo o -'flMM
(WUffr'M'&IMbHr&tlOW, do'64 106j?
JW! roHW Jftig L 'Wjit91 1Mf;
dOy." llOjtTPJif11''" 105l05Xi.
rly Mrttli rt advance! on NsviYora.Ceiill
o tB4 Erfe tH. Mtsrrijran-iSobtharwtb
85,aarTd'RiclcIsManrto 106K; the market
to, sell, and aaJl Bedtfttife Petter and more
active, ejose'r and ttrraer fnrir ttn
't 60"i ries WHa' .Eaprewni.K 2
A Vtrfoir. Any?ii9tZ-amrfsTBffl'4tlU?f TVifL
rn L
"iw74..- 6960; Hud8or4l(126i4(sA
Haute iH0t -Ttieo.d8-vvarW9)ia
StsalJ!FiWtyavnell0110W:: Ohio
AdUsissH. 29tt2t)Fe' lctairisfatr
I18118; MiotriaHM'fiftrthern 86Ji86?;
JOTortugeater, MjgsjJ
New York Market—Dec. 14.
sales of 18a bales at 25c. Jhm
jriIX)DKaQrt'tfc itou Wedded change.
K YE Dull: $1 TZmT B0 for wetorn.
OArr3terfmittJsttrr atiWt379Xo
afloat for western.
15 15 a'noat tele.miksern
fctjrl $1 Ban-08'fo new raised weetfemi
PORK Jiuiet and rirrtfat tiB-oiXtJ?
mefS." - "" lif''j;t'mti'jnwirtaK
c-BKKF Quiet.ancl sleady.;t a .0 .j
BACON-Steady wbaVa1p'iwawr.if3
tUT MEIStp-JQuII and-tfnchrrge-ir:
iLAtLBr-Eirm-r6(315 forAfti-4e?
priniateasai ..... .s'..m .'a iusiM .'t!ij
EGg-Qjet and -A?.
Cincinnati Market—Dec. 14.
orTLOUR--Quiet and.fij4ii; sabk of faaatlV
at $7 25X2,7.75. eoijaiuniD i;ii,
uWHEAlKjlnner, .'ttnd;;.nio6.rl.3C'
$1 80 for No. 1 radu ,f.;j
(JOKN iirmer and'Trtghe,..c4otr aa
89(70c;- 6 ; v " -''T''T
e-jOAXS-QRiet and iffiinglajeWNo?
1 at G6(aG7o. f-iaFTai..B.'JaoJsrfdaW
RYE Advanced lp-lthd4Mre
CO I TON Firmeri.-.i)T.ii-af t.-,i
WHISKY In moderat4eMt)d at xrb
..H.OG Active andrhlff?re Slid TOarW?
rxfclteVfsales'of Tiva'At tTie cfoeeaf 00
8 7txjrl.'trrteedafl. aio rjCtilO 60. Ro-
UBxB t'a-aoo.:iewra)niv3sna9aejr
Pisov iai,uaia
deal unseuledk'jitldst
IJtjuyanLi rflrket good
iraiUerinluiell spar-
ilE33PQPJC-!Ield at520and sold at
this rWfntWri aeliV'ery".rf;iM,--?t .
BULK MEAT TTfitFrer: ehoulders 0
lOjjHdose' ietOVM iaeked-sides 12(
m m ear rian,Mm,'M fofweaj
all loose niiH not ".Jly bured. - , . ,
i;GE'EESViI MEAT5-lovan'iedItd. $$9?
for f'nouidersf ai4'12eforsidf aotf-18
13iC lor buina i.s ij b-.f a .asLiat
JUAKU-p-Aavanceo .,t,q. . Jojjc jor prlrnej
steam and 16c tor kettle.' Then isa strong-
speculative demand. '' ' r-
i BUliifK-Htaee ''afttf (Peruana at 3091
,(.t -.-i-7 ,d , ;t i-ml
jCHEESE-fFair KQIStfe. 8 lt)!r,at S4
OiLLinseedat $lv l:'iJ', "
GROCERIES Uftchahged.' io -rinta
SEED-rNo(hiugd)ie;: Hax .duiliaad ja
saleable at b'.'ter tl an trl,;,T,,,; M itqt.oa.T
Y. Cattle Market—Dec. 14.
-The, roreipts-'.fdn ithe; wfeelLiwerfe : C33T
beeves, 22)82 sheep ndrJarab and ,31,77-li
BEEVES On 'Wedriesday of last week,'
...1 . 1 : .v. . 1 lui.-. ..a, jun: k.A O
nuuiiiit nnivais, ucmg suuab cwr dciv.
and SB aetlve.demand, the mal-Ket. for beet )
cattle was firmer and prices -higher. Fapcy.t
stens solil at 1712(2 ISo, while prime soldi
af lGKCWc, faifto goodl4i6cv6T(lfnaryJ
1313 anl inferior to coaimo98-3.
Ou- Thursday trad was alow, but.pi:ieeJ
unchanged, and during tbe weektbe mar-r
ket, though . quiet, was, unsteady .tr, the
quotations above. With moderate ari-tyais
to-day, and with about 2.500'orf eftle ahd ai
lair' demand, tiie market : -was. : quiet and.t
steady at tbe. follow rag quotations :.Tue,;
major part 01 tne onerinus was common,
Wp quote extra at prime WJi
(-17e, fair to good ldJrflo6; ordlbaryl
la(i)c, nd interior J012e f l J03 .i-;-,q
tsUEEP AND LAMBS Market ,modTj
erately active and Arm np Thursday
when, with about 2,50c head on calh and an?
ae ive demand, prices advanced fully Muf-
commoq to prime sheep 47s a d lambad
ausame price,! uuring me. remamaer 01,
the week the arrivals were.falr, and tiie. de-j
ma'nd being passiblvactive'prlcelmprdvei4
Jc, closing at 6'2;74ii(iTo-dfty,'wUh: ri2hC
rtjceipts.L which .wre- mainly eolnposed.oti
of extra, stock, the ;demand, was fair ?nd
prices much bigher.sales bein'gmade at 4Jl
aSb.'-"" -1 '. ',' I?
S WINE On the day . following our lasts
report .the market-advanced full v-ito -with
small arrivals and active demand; sales be
ing at. 8f?9-; on WednesdayjpriceR-again
advancea JiS r ' ' rtngl hg; from to tlfii
these price the snetket mled qbltsteadys
up:to Saturday, rWhen- H . was r heayir'aiidj
lower; prices current being at Sfgjfor.,
cotnmnn to prime stock to-day:, market at
89C." - --J" t . J"
Chicago Market—Dec. 14.
FLOUR Sales at 5 257., fofr.commotC
grades to good spring extras."'," . L"J- -
-W HEAT Qiifetj"a1fe8' No.Yat $1 -23.fia
1 23; No.2atl 171 18r cloeinr Ouifat)
$1 17; pales No. 2 siuce-?change4ttSl 17-4
CORN Dull and a shade lowers .sales aL
80c for old No:'lr 625Se for1 new; B9aifor'
No. 2; and 5759o for rejected kiln- dfled;'
notbint; ooing tbis afternoon.,-.' r vv,o njr
OATS-rDulliales.No:a at7i48e.P
RYE In fair request; sales at 1 16(J
1 17 for No. 1 and l 16(11 16)4 lot "No.
'BARLEY Firmer, and a; sbailtf-more
active;. aalesNo. ,2 at SI 6ti(9l S, cloeia
8teady.at,.67.ti... .rf;.,; 3,rf, ,,w
St. Louis Market—Dec. 14.
FLOU Firmer and 1020o better ,for 1
superflnes. which are scarce. . rl, '
w-heaT Q'aiec'and unchahgeq'at f 2
218." v:."-;.'J .b.ir.:,, i.l iSu-il .rLsTa
xuwRN Better ai 576o for mixed and r
yellow, and 8082o lor white..-,; i,sj.o;
KYE-Advanced to$l 26iJ(0. ,
.WHlSKY-SteaSv. at 83?3'c.1','1 elirf-ar
PROVISIONS Very ilitie dblng.y wla
HOGS Very sb'ff and hlgber at 8($8eJ'
Toledo Market—Dec. 14.
TLOUR-JQliIet." - t
' W II EAT Steady sales Vrhite Mlditgarift
at $1 94, and amber at $1 89. . '-ni a jr:iod
COKN Steady; sales Old No. 1 at 88c,
new at 70c, and kiln-dried at 80c. . - -r
OATs Firm at 60c for.Nu. 1. -,T0 '
-R YE-Unebaogetf. 'C tfia.-a-.i
-BARLEY Quiet--.ii j to iiui.'j,-il
-SEElv-Cloverseed 00 lower, with, sales r
at 7 85.; , 1 . , . ,
HOGS Dressed !hbf a lower : iales af
99e. '' " ::i - "W.tl-. v.-,
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Dec. 14.
The excitement In printing, cloths cou-i
tinnes. 'Large sales for1 future, delivery
have been efl'ected at Eastwood '1tr'&iji
and holders. now-;ask9c "iTha -printers
have consequently withdrawn their.goodar
or put thenup balf a ceut per yard. Tlie
Lancaster and Oriental, which were with-,
drawn oh Saturday from sale, have openecr
for sale this afternoon at 1234c; Sprague has
withdrawn all his staple styles but, dispose.
ed of the bulk of bis, iaucy styles. Must
lins continue in request, and. Lonsdale and4
Hope have again risen another halt eerit '
per yard. Unbleached 'muslins are in bett
ter request, especially fine grades. As yet t
prices have not advanced.'. -. . '
- M Mr I .lij-i ;n 1
Buffalo Market—Dec. 14.
FLOUR Steady and quiet. ; fi.,
. WHEAT Nominally unchanged;: de--
mand very light. . , .
CORN Dull and ubchnnged. "' ,
OATS Inactive; held at 66.66e.
RYE Dull and nominal $1 45. .. t: .,!
BAHLEY'Quiet; sales t two cars of
Canada West at $2 OO.r .. , ...
POKK neavTi mess f 25 50. "
LARD 16c. b-: esiiiiim
I quality.
I10G3 Dressed nominal.

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