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nrro..i.a hr VV. J, Savage. Jeweler, S3
v Saut High r tf T a v r
LOCAL NEWS. TUESDAY, Dec. 15, 1868.
34 a
H. M. H. .
8aa Rises . 7 11 Sao Setfc...
'"ilon.. jfc.W. Stambaugh'wa. ! the
' . : l.-.e m.t '.-.-4 t-JJ -
Uy yesterday. j
CTI Anirow Uotthava AtJaqtlpand
Our Yong Folk, both
;7VJ. tr 'tbe iiolunilius :flni, -1u J ;hae; a
MM.r.tnr ta-Btoht AH the ineaabera Are
desired to be present, u.itistl .lt . u-;-a'f.i
l I ii r i i i ' n i v r i i T
1t of -prime Fitch;. and uiol'sets,
; wbicVthW aeliatfroiia thirty uflttf dollars
per set.--' ; .m r - " : v - - ;
'....).. .. -j- " " - ' x:t-:-1
ifar' Postmaster Wood' has placed a desk
f.'and pet , and Irt ft' Jn-the TJostoffiee for the
convenience of those wiw .wish, to direct
. . Adkittid tq thk Bah. Theo.W. Brotb
ertom of Cleveland, ahATbomaa Etbery, of
' ttma. were on yesterday admitted oy tne
Supreme Court, to practice lu all the, Courts
"'TSr-'Th streets were brilliant with la-
vestorday,.,.We were half Inclined to
believe 'each one was c special committee
n Christmas 4olgs. i fc ,-..j . ; ;St,
kCff;Th- Weather was jrala -wy8'
terday, thoogh cloudy. 'OjirCb'erry 12i$-
torial Almanaq t'ayj'i ; 'Iook outf lerraJn."
If It should happen to snow, look out or
We-wfere wrong im sayragn
yesterday that he:' onercbo .-Concert
j.:had been postponed tq', January "n-,
has been postponed, but only ueUl .Tues-
day; Deer S9th a toy latee ihjtit jthe
.orlKiaal time fepiioldlna Jtt. n: n.-l !
t u Jiq n i.i ii iip"jl i n.' . ! i
... Dascumj School. ,Mr S. ,8, Plnuey
open A morning ;cli In tlat)clui, for
JttBtt3.;on Saturday,: Pee.-,19;h, from 10
to 13 o'clock.' A wtassWr Misses and ladles
from S toSoVloc-!l M: .
rhom iB'FNTAmHh delegates
to the Railroad -Oondoctors Convention iii
this city yesterday; was J..:AlwiTflii of
itheTTnioa -Pacsiflii RaUroad: ' Vthatdlt
i'ifroheJiw.iofi UCTiattoa,
Thb AWiTtRVCABi-i-THecasebronKlit
Jjfnstf Jadob- Hudson, by Ji1iiteehaii!
"llninf With aau'lte'ryiVaa ealled'yeeter
day morninbefftreiheayor. Mrs. Hud,-
o'ston -failing to' pot in appearance, tne?: ae
;endant;waa dUcSaredTj Jt,$ j .
"OnsNTANfr pA-i-K; E. Nett hae piiP-i
ebaeed thetumoSf fJlentangy ?ark,'ar.a
'will preserve It as K51 forracftift1. b-
J'poses' Tve are tatuaea:auB:snrinawwi
fet . tracks in the. oua tfy Miban. the T01ea-
ten ry. t d " i "-' - j m i ':! '( ' i. jit. 'i'
a V - .K .'I
rt&D Fas L abc icr T-rrThe tyrg uegitte8
"'named Freeniao, iwBose arrest on Monday
knight for stealing Mur.tifoiii .ohnOtiffy,
have roention'eff, , were 'ried befdre the
'Mayer yesterday iot 4oe larcenyio TUey
..Twere fined 5.Q0 i9h,;andli defanlf tfere
;ommitted l"7.
of Commissioner " of Kr'-
that there are thirty-frbc MBIOa
s in Ubio,
'op&a&AW 2,920 309 mTle v.-'iVgleWaek;
83.2S2 miIeadou'ble tra'faod 335.617 miles
branches, making toil of 3,344.202 miles
of railroad in thetate. t 1
I i1--- - r j
Ndghbobhood" Bow There was a rB
nlar peighborhoodT ro w aetlled before the
Mayor 'yesterday' morning." , , Mrs. Ellen
Dugan .charged MaryEian with using
abusive aaad UaulUntt langua towards
her, jThe Mayor'wassatisfled that riq such
language had beea ) used,, .and discharge
the defendant i .y . j
,.Ioor :rHt $K4TE8. --The attendance at
the Rink last night 0 witness the entrtest
oTtbe priae 6T a psir .of .TSTew. Tork Club
ctkaiies, to 6e a Warded W:iihesbe8t skater
living in Columbus, who had never coni
,teateUpjp pri,was large JThe, Qonteajt
WiM siiptrttetr-on, and Henry MilleVtaok
the skates JL . 1
wTHif XLf-A.- CoMMiTTEB.'-rheMolnt
contmititte -ftHnqbtfe-into he-ufolng of
the CentralLunatRjAsylum met yester
H day. l Hon'.6bert' HuWbeson iot ei'nc
ness-wai. exanii, fiu't nothing liew was
to-dar .'
In i lain t fff i 'fl
AawawiSKT or ivvQU. Tbe:-follwIngJ
IS a list 01 tne circuits ana .ssignmenu ei
the Judges of r the "Supreme' Court to Dis
trict Court, as made by thVSupremt Court
Testerdar'ii - i- ! s ?sJ
rirstCitcult,' composed of th"e,'1fst' JU-
Clcial district, cnieirfusuee iay. uiou. ) i
Second Circuit, composed ot Second and
Third Judicial Districts, Judge White. I i
Third Grcuitfi composed of Fourtn and"t
bixUi Judicial Lnstrk'is, e nage t eicn.pvi i
- iFOurth Clrpuit, iomposedof? Fifth, and
'Seventh judicial putfiot&Vdge Brlnkei-
.ll&tr..:V - a.dvo.l .-im i''i .f-HK '- .l riui ' I
- Fifth dreulli,"; eotn pbBed of 'ighth jand,
X4 intn J udiciai Districts, j uaga scow, j
The Tkavxua Hooa-."-By the adve
i aisemedtlu another ootuqpihi'K Will -beBek)
popular and sucoesslnl, caterers in the State,
has re-opened the Franklin, House, late tbe
Merchants', on South High street, betweep
:;Frleni. And Rlgh streets, wjiere he proposes
bus. It is hear tbe center 6f busldess, and
but a few steps rronrthe Opera House ox
. Court Hpaaev. The eUUiUy o theiotel,
together with Capt. Eeynplds' well knowh
lind'ac)wTeea'RbWtivas a landlord,
should make this one of the meet suoeess-
ful hoteUiaeUy.9t'"''P-TaV X
Mohkt OiDKBB. In answer to i
CincWWee; tooth' ftom thddUhtril
city, we gtvetne Following" 'iates' of com
mission, charged, for mooejj at the
Columbus Post-offices- On orders not ex
ceeding 20, 'ten cenfc; overllO and'not
-exceeding $30 fiteeR eentf: over 130 nd
,P9t. exceeding $40, twenty, oents; 6(ji 4fi
,nd not exceeauix PW twenty iTe eents.
Np larger.suh than 54 e ft sent lu one
Xrder, and no more an, three prders'wili
ilbm lasaed to the same applicant ojs theaame
!dy2fo faceng otceucian p injtrodud-'
t-ed In an cet, Wr wui nytiung?T)ot uni-
'.'lted fitatea '..Txeasurjr ii Notea ' or "National
SoWteIvedalraa 1
.:.. ,.,. .... ,1 -rlrii ,7'' -r1.,.'! iMin baHTL
Another fin hou ;gre'e'JiheUIeited
artists comnoslnr ' this 'combination. n The
progrjmM&a'gav IhSiTfhilg'hesD Bati.8fact.jon,
There fm use'talktna1." Air.aBdfdeft"and
Jatnes Taylsr are ; tte two unnksj men la
the world. Al. especialiy ieeta' ewr dls?-
tffigulShetl appToflaHbwgHe ao
make It warm IdrA f yojurs truly," somef
times. 'Prof.harplejgnncertina-BOtot
are very beMl-Wdeflt If there ii-
a more perfect mas ter . of "his, instrument
tnan rie Mlsa Nash eyeryoe knowVvid
admires tor. I'hef. beautiful leadinja- and
ladyWiKeeaepovcmeaav" xua-t,roape goes
from hereto Dayton. ; We commend them
"to bur brethren of tbe press in that vil-
lag?. I xli,oe :tai
LOCAL NEWS. TUESDAY, Dec. 15, 1868. A Man Found Hanging by the
i Coroner Gaver on yesterday about itoon
was notlfled that the. body lot amanj Jtvas
nahglrig from a tree at the gravel bank,'
near Sulllvant's hill, two miles west of this
City. -.-.r- -1,7-, ' j
On reaching the place It was found to be
the body of a German, 65 or 70 years ofr
ge, and bad been banging where IfftTgd at
lease lorty-elght Hours. He had fastened
a new rope to thebrancl.es of a tree a
short distance Irom the bank of the excar
.yationtben.cllrablPg the tree jastenedthe
ottMnend around is neckband jnmped oft
He was Ilr6ti discovered, by a negroboy',
who thought, from the peculiar position of
the body, that be was standing agalostthe
bank. . : .
7tFrodi papers and Tetters found In 1.1a pot
8e3slon,'ft is thought that .hts iiaue is
am Kolte or Nolde and that he had lived la
SliadevJJli;, One , of the letters, 44atec$
Camden,VNew-;jersey, land . Sr addreastd
My Dear Uhcle," and ' signed" by Miss E.
NpldCfc Jederal street. . All. the letters
are written in-Germans .There was-also
found $1.60 and a receipt from R. Shields
for his certificate of discharge from Cd: H I
41th Reg! jaentQ V; I, to be seot to- Whi
ingcon to secure bounty. I
There is no doubt-but that the unfortn
nate man committed suicide. , i i I
p ' The Coroner inpanoelled a jury,- wiio
on a view of the-ptemises and body, found
verdict, in accordance with .the above
The body has been placed In the dea
house to await the action of the friends of
the jlsceased,
Conductors' Convention.
the, frorri
TartoMTattVMds of tbe TJnWsd States"ie
at the Good ale,' House yesterday morning
In pursuance of the following call :
We the Conductors of tha frtrnhnrorh. Vt
WtV ne A I :hirai7n Rallvav. nrniuirn m
to join us In a Convention in the citv o
Columbus,: Ohio, December 15th, A. D,
1S6S, at the Goodale House, at 10 o'cloc
a. j., lor tne purpose ortorming a broth
erhood of Conductors. ' . . !
; Tlieobiectbeinir to nrotpp.t onrBplves nnill
families in case of sickness, accident aud
death.-- . l
For a long time we have telt the necessi4
ty of an ranlzatien of this kind; know-j
iiiir your Gangers ana necessitiB are nar
allel with our own,, therefore, we feel con
fident this move, will meet vour annroba-
Hon, we therefore tall udou vou to- send!
one or two delegates from each division of!
your respective roads. . -"'
In behalf of the qondactbfs of the PltU-
Jfbbegr names. M .luu xutt
i At 10 o'clock the Convention was called
to brder by 0:tB. Cruzen' who stated, the!
objeotf .'the meeting .and read; the above!
Cail.iur' .--.t'i.-.li.;.' I - a Ti'Jot;..! f r:-
A. G. Black was-'elected President pro
ten-, and u. Z.Cruasa was chosen ecreta-1
;.;-- - I :
ry: C. Siloore" was"
keeper; . vt
n .urownana A.. i. cnnrcn werdap
pots ted a committee on' predeatials iThe
eqiaimttea. reported (a'presVts ; dele-j
Browft Itad A. E. ehurchi' P.W t C
raUroad X inief. i OT V. railr6ad -J IT,
Q.Criry tfc St. t. rajlroad; Ci ' 8..Meord
arid.WiGraDdsUit O. railroad; J.D.
Alveron,U. P. railroad; W.-fiGriswoldJ
Desmqinea "Vailey railroaat"R. HoylaudJ
P. C. fcSt..L railroad J.:HiUey, C. C. &!
L.C.railj'oad; Jfiarpman,PC;i&-.St.
railroad; W.B.GUsson, B. &.O.: railroad;;
Joseph Packard, Illinois ' Ceh traL railroad.'
On motion of . O. Crary, the Tepdrters.
p.i i. . 3 ri i' ' t, ' .
of the city1 pTess' and "Cincinnati j&pera
werelrfviced fo BeatripheConvehti.
Ow motion trf N. O. Crary Ta committee:
of Ave was appointed on by-laws and Con
stitution. The 'Chairman ; appointed, N.
O. Crary, J. D. Alverson, L. W. Brown, G.
Z. CruaenrC S. Moori ..
'On mottob of A: R-.Churcb, a committee
of two, consisting of Messrs. Griswold and
Harpman, was appointed to prepare busi
ness for. (he action ot (he convention
Me. Crary was, on motion,, added to the
committee "On TjusinessV" . ' "'
On motjon the ..convention adjourned,
until 2o'clookPM.-'"S" I
At .the hour appointed the President;
called the Convention to order. ' The com-:
mitteea not being ready to report.
Convention adjourned until 7 o'clock, "
At, 7 o'clock, the .Convention belnx called
to order, the' committee7 on ' Constitution
and By-laws reported a Constitution and'
laws for tbe government 'of Grand. and!
Subordinate Division&of the-Brotherhood'
of Railroad Condnetort.','".' '
is proviues lor- me election ot a Chief:
Conductor, Assistant Chief Conductor .Re
cording Secretary; , Financial Secretary,
Treasurer, Guide and Sentinel, these offl-l
cers to be elected annually In December. I
The discussion of religious and political!
matters la lorbldden.at meetings, sor shall!
the organization be ud for poHtiea? orte-
llgloupafposes. ;ltei means-necessary for
4he- relief of sick or-disabled-members1
shall be raised bjr aJnaf assessment up-i
nuthe members of the divlsiojil eise
,ne ueaui ui a uemoer, me pecuniaryt
situation, oXhls. family shall be enquired)
into, Ad"if eedy- assistance shall ltej
rentferedf fjjsVliildren' shall ta 'cared'lp'r as
long as need may be; the widow shall be
assisted and eyery effortCQpsfstent with
propriety made to prevent her from corn-!
ing ttt desticutlou or disgrace." 1 1 n ill: 11 '
The various articles were discussed by
Messrs. Crerjr.'Paekagf, Hoyland, tillean
aud others, and considered In- all the bear-l
.An article requiring six months proba
tion as Conductor before granting mem
bership, was lost. .J''"" '"Si;
TheConStitutibn and By-law were then
adopted,- 'nd the committee was dis
charged. "v1 - ' f - p -' ; ' -
On. motion, the ritual of the Conductors'!
Brotherhood, prepared by Mr. Packard, of
the Illinois Central railroad, was adopted
On motion of J. D. Alverson, -tbe Con-;
ventjon proceeded Jj organize Itself Intoj
the Granif Division 6f the Brotherhood of
Bailroad Conductors.- .- ' - - - j
TiitilelJowlng gentleman were elected'
officers. oKtbe GrandiDivsionf - Grand'
Chief Coriductor,-A. RChurch; Assistant;
Grind Chief Cbnd'ictor, W.' -E. Griswold;'
Grand Secretary, J. Packard; Grand Treas-'
urevMnterfGrand'Gulde Cift. Moorr;!
Grand Sentinel, J. D. Alverson. --c o j
On motion, the Grand Division adjourned
until this morning at 9 o'clock. w-' '
oiiofl ,7r.rri -r mi i.mi ' ' n'i '
Tjbassfe?ei YESTEkDxy. The'laiJoirr
trrg transfers of real estate were feff at tne
Ijft.ecorders offlce jsterday
Peter Doersam,an ,wita to Adam He'
fteck, M acres of1 land In Plain township,
fer 1700, April 1 186j ; ; , . v.,,
'Hr'afrtiir "Decker and Co to At,i.
j , n uo US
Burns, 01 acres of land in Madison town
ship, fof $4,600, Octl3; 1863. l-
'.Tacob Arnold Wife to Cf )P. Dildin& :
TeL P-Woodring, lots' Noal 11 ad 12 in the
town offirpyeport, fpf $300 January 25th, !
13634. n --f sb fcti.f .fv :
Samuel Sharp and wife, to C. P. Dildine &
ft p, Woodrlng, lots Nos. 13, Id, .17 and 18, !
in tbe-town of Grpyepo'rt,' for $3 500, June !
H,iS07. . "' ' - ' - -
Filed ESTERPAT.TjTJie following cer-"
tlflcates of idoorporatJbn1 Sfere filed with
the Secretary of State yesterday :
Ot the Canal Elevator and Warehouse
Company, for the purpose of receiving.
storing, delivering and forwarding of grain
and doing general forwarding and ware
house business. Principal office in Clncln
.natlCsDltal stock $100X00. in shares of
liopd eacb.(The. Brown, A.. Woods, B. R
Cowan, John R. Ingram and Frank A.
Taylor are the corporators.- J
Of the German Saving and Loan Asso
ciation, organized for the purpose of raja-
Ing funds to be loaned among Its members,
Principal office in Cleveland. Capital
stock $250,000 Jn shares ot $500 each
Adolph Retterberg, Jacob Schroveder,
Adolph Gender, Wm. Meyer, P. Boeder
and Gustav Schmit are the corporators.
Ot the London Loan and Building Asso
ciation, organized lor tbe purpose of rais
ing funds to be loaned among Its members
Principal office In London, Madison coun
ty. Capital stock $200,000, with the prly
liege of increasing It to $300,000, in shares
of $200. A. L. Messmore, A. Thomas, J.
Sweetland, W. S. Sheppard, A. H. Under
wood, B. F. Clark and Owen Thomas are
the corporators.
A Card To the Citizens of Cui.um-
bus. Durinir the twenty months in which
x have had the houor of a home in this
city, the foundations ot a structure fit jto
be an ornament to the Cipltal, have been
laid at the corner of Broad and Fifth
streets. The means for discharging some
debts already incurred, and carrying on
the building, have to be raised as the work
goes on.
I ask, without hesitation, all classes
' id an interprize, In which all citizens are
. . 1 T- 1 , 1 , ,
aieresieu. .every one guouiu uaveaauare
i what is destined to be a glory to all.
'thollcs should be liberal through a motive
t religion ; others through desire of the
i ity's prosperity. i
A Fair will be held next (Christmas)
-'e.k, tobe the channel through which
7ery one's interest in the great building
1 an be manifested. I ask for It the liberal
atronage of all.
Bishop of Columbus.
Dec. 18, 1868.
Fatal Accident. On Thursday even
I in, December 10th, Mrs. John Coffman,
' ; Blendon township, met with an acc Ident
i om tbe explosion of a coal oil lamp that
; roved fatal. While In the act of lighting"
, . it burst, scattering the flames in every
' irection. She was so badly burned that
i te died on Friday, after a night of intense
' i Bering. She was boru and raised In
tendon township. Her death has cast j a
loom over the entire community. Site
i aves a husband and three small children,
t asides a large number of relatives arid
! quittances to mourn her untimely
- jath. j
Court of Common Pleas. Tbe only
use of Interest in the Court of Common
leas yesterday, was that ot J. H. S. Train
vs. Lewis V. McCoy. Mr. Trainor is an
torney of Steubenville, and this actidn
as brought to recover fees for set-
If?M inefenWn5 McppeontrUffQr
- nirderna the ffit,deg1ee., McCoVwas
nvlcted of murder in the second degre e,
t d is now serving a life term in the Pent-l
utiary. He is said to be very wealthy,
I d the amount claimed by Trainor is
i 1,600.
Mavkrly's Minstrels. Though the name
t Ch?pteprletf)ifol ftis troupe erMtostreis
Hew to our rVa"ders -the metnbers are
i- ell and favorably known to all lovers of
minstrelsy, being as they are. Us highest
'hts. Such names as Gustave Bidaux,
' ''larley Reynolds, Charley Pettingill and
illy Barry are guarantees of a first rate
i irformance. They appear at the Opera'
JTuftSwgJltTahn Ib-aSoTrovf "WghQn
.... . - .
imeof their choicest
songs and wittiest
Auction Saix. of, EorsEaoiD ,Furni
I due. Persons desirous of purchasing ev
! y variety of household furniture, will do
! ell to attend-the sale at No. 170 South
i igh street, Thursday, December 17th, at
J o'clock A. M. Particulars in posted
l ills. V R Ri i7g
iijdec'lI-Xt iO MOO i i AuetjiQueec ! .
If you want to see the finest assortment
t f fancy goods for the holidays ever
'-. -ought to this city, call at Felton's China
1 aire No. 43, North High street. ' I
decli-eodlw j
A fine assortment of skates j ust received
t W. A. Gill & Son's. j
Jewelry made and repaired by C.
tnitb, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
,.nov6d3m T it
fisAhHg& BERsJCelebriitjdi , JT. Y
i luo 'and American Kink steel skates, at
.A. Gill & Son's. !
Toilet StTS, cheap,
I ligh street.
at No.' 46 North
Skates, Skates, Skates,
.Hll & Son's.
Skates, at W. A.
Skatinq Boots for Ladies. The only
i -rticle of the kind in tbe city at J. R.
boemaker's, No. 69 Nortn High street. !
decll-dlw j
aaaaaan i
Headquarters for Skates, at W. A. GUljwh
Sou's, No. 30 North High street. j
Vases of every variety very low tor cast
!. 1 45 North High street. ' j
W. Felton.
Music for the Holidays, at greatly re
duced prices for cash.' Meloddons as low
s $50; 5-octave Organs, $30, of the very
-.est makes. Agency for the unrivalled.
Jhickering Pianos, and also tbe Emerson
Piano, the oestlowpriced Instrument made.'
ITlutes, Guitars, &c, at low prices. Piano
itools and Covers. Fanfares and Harmon
icas for the little folks. A. P. Lewis.
21 South High street, j
Felton is selling fancy goods lower for
uash than any bouse in the city. No. 46
North High street.
Grand Masquerade Ball. The first
grand masquerade ball of the season will
be given by the Excelsior Suing Band
December 25th (Christmas night), at Ant
bos Hall. Tickets admitting a gentlemab
and ladies, $1.00. Tickets can be had at
Llndemau & uo. s, or, ot tbe members
tbe Band.
Costumes can be bad at C. Kampman's,
corner Third and Mound streets, on rea
sonable terms, by procuring them two
days before the 25th inst. dec!5-4t j
Shoeing sets so low that none need do
without, at 46 North High street. ,
decla-eodet W. Felton.
Hollowat's Pills. The blood, impov
erished the summer heat, often at this
season develops boils, ulcers, and pus
tulous eruptions. The cooling, healing,
disinfectant properties of Hollowat's
Ointment render t tbe best possible dress
ing for these external nuisances, and In
order to bring the whole mass of the blood
into a healthful condition It will be prul
dent tft-fcoue theinteroal orga,M0 aad regu
late tha, secretions., with a JawHntnderAte
doses of Holloway'b Pills. Sold byall
Druggists. -. . " '-.fyft-dIy-cw
If ; you akt a" reliable ahddsekoj.
FAMILY' cacti o mkbiclnes, we-oan con
scientiously recommend one of Dr. Hum-t
phbet'b HOmcepathic SPKomcs;.", Having
used them ourselves, and knewef- their
extensive use by our friends, we hazard
nothing in speaking well of them to ajl
who desire having such an arrangement for
family use. Price of full case and book $10.
See advertisement Id another column Ad
dress, Humphreys' Specific Homoeopathic
Medicine Co., 562 Broadway, N. Y.
i I t tl ' I J '
Neevocs Debility, with its gloomy at
tendants, low spirits, depression, involunj-r
tary emissions, loss of semen, spermatorv,
rhcea, loss -ef powrT dizzy t head, loss of
memory and threatened impotence and
imbecility, find a sovereign cure in Hum
phreys Homeipathlo Specific) Npj Twenj-ty-JElght.
- Composed of the db valuable,
niild' and potent Curatives,' they3 strike at
once at the root of the matter, tone up the
system, arrest the discharges, and Impart
vigor and lenergr, life and vitality to tbe .
entire man. They have cured thousands
of cases. Price $5 per package of six box
es and viaj, which is very important in ob
stinate or old cases, or $1"" per single box.
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by mail on
receipt of price. Address Humphreys'
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co., 563
Broadway, New York. - fel3:deod&wly j
Twenty per cknt. Cheaper than the
Cheapest, to Cash Buyers, rr During
the next thirty days, I will make to order.
Suits, Overcoats, Trowsers and other gar
ments, twenty per cent, cheaper than any other
Merchant Tailor in the Union for prompt cash.
I have the largest assortment of fine and '
medium grades of weoleas to be found in'
the city. The excellence of the materials,
style and fit of Uie garments made at my
establishment Is well known to the com
munity. I ofier my goods as above stated
for the reason that I want money, more
than I do an excess of stock. '
An Inspection of stock and prices is rev
spcctfully solicited. : .-.
2. V i i.
There Is no mistake about It, PlantaI
lift BiTtEBS iirVaa ipffFeVef andAgu
and all kindred diseases, it used in time;
No family necn sufie.c from this distressing
complaint If they will keep Plantation
Bitters inbe .house, and use it according
to directions, rne most important in-grediept-.pf
thismadicine Calisaya or
Peru vfsrnr Bark, which is known to betbej
finest .and purest tonic- in the yegeyible
kingdom :3CThe extract' of thls Bark is tbi
active prU:lpl of 11 the-QO.Fever and
Ague Medicines prescrlbedciy . in telligeni
doctors. Caiisaya Bark is used extensively
in the manufactdTP.LANTXtiqBiTTERSj
as well as quinine, "and we' dare say they
owe .their, popularity, mostly. tOrthat fact!
w e-ean recommena taem -
- i
Magnolia Water. Superior to the besj
imported German UolOinej and sold at bal
the price.
Cleveland Market—Dec. 14.
ajuil -4 a auii r trni nuu an jail 1 fr j ia t o I '
flsh hda m $7fTrout? at $6 OO;2
FLOUR City made XXX white 11 60:
XX amber 9 76W 00; XX red winter
8 500375: XX sarins S7 75(38 00: conn-
try mad 5X refl-wrtd amber $88 75:"
spring l80()U-XX-white. $lU,.opj
0 50,
WHEAT-OIirket 'firm and winter
grades higher: No. 1 red held at $1 Q5i Noi
2 do at, 1 7C1 J7;: No.1 spring t.$l 62
CORN Old No. 1 shelled dull and ne-i
glected. held at 35c;. uew do in,fair demand
at0tt new ears held at 75e on track. I
OATS Firm and unchanged: held at
62e tor. Kov 1 State; receipts malU-f ,
-RYJCIiowerand tn tadderate-'reifue'st;!
jno. i snip. ati on. ,..,..
BAftLEY-Llght treraancr -No. 1 Cana
da 2 05; No. 2 State $1 701 75. !
- PORK Qjiietaiid nomiuallv unchanged:
held at S25 00 for No. 1., mess ; 924 00 for
No. 2 do; 23 00 .or prime mess; 23 00 for
clear.. - ,r.,:-T,.-.
'DRESSED HOGS Dall and auiett Back-t
ers paying 9J9c tor medium to heavy;!
dividiugon 2U0 ltav-. - , . . i
t-J,A 1D Steady-and in good -vqoest at
16(o?.16o for city rendered: 15Jfail6c tori
country do...,., v ,.. r-r J
SaiOit iSD M JC ATS viDod demind andi
marlyf 6 firm at 17c for sugar cured Hanii
12vs W- Shoulders 16S Jor vJidooa; lie Sot
Dried Beef, '
BUTTEErTrie tmarket 'is unchanged;
nd firm r choice Western Reserve- in tubsi
arid roils heifl at' X840e; do in firsts at:
sUCaasc; common to ooa ao 2o33c.
UtiEESK Market firm aud demand fair;:
held at 1719c for prime' to choice selected
dairy and lap tioryr . !
EGGS Steady 'und :ian lair request ati
3334a. . i T.: : .,. . !
i-OULTKl-There is a moderate de-i
mand and the -market is -quiet at 1212c!
for Chickens; 13I5Clor, Turkeys. !
POTATOES Market quiet; Peach!
Blows from Sddre held at 70c. ; ' -a tii
ONIONS In demand and. yery firm,at
5 dOQS'SO PerbbL " "sJ ' " " I
DRIED APPLESn-The market is steady!
with a fair request at 99c, lor good. to!
choice fruit? - r - ' - u t
GREEN APPLES-Quietand unjmaog-l
ed; held at $3 003-75 per barrel. j
CIDER-"-Steadyand quiet, with a fair de-i
maud at 1012) per gallon. !
BEANS Firm and in good request at
$3 04 for medium to prime white.' -
PEAS Demand moderate; No 1 Canada
held at 1 40. ' . j
SEEDS-Quiet; Timothy held at $3 00;
Ciover atfSOO. .-.; i
' PETROLEUM-Actlve Vestern" and,
Southern demand. Reded:, held at 28j
28c; small lots 2930c. . . . , , , . . j
HATGood demand and firm at $25 OCX
tor bBled iftstore. M-:i:'q t r .'-.j.:. rf0i
JME White Lime, Steady at $140.
barrel -Water 'Xiime in-good request at
1 ?0 febarrel : for Os wego and Akron.-,, I
LAK! FISH FFn and in fair request:
new AdVertimesents
n't ( i ' ' -..' -
i-d i oi'J w ill;
!'ia .l;
No. a Neil House aalock.
I v.
Of, bQ wietiea. aaaUties and atrlea. , A large Ta-
We would eall tbe attention of the public to oar
anrixalled-atoek of tbe above Goedat Mtixfied that
in lesfeotto qaalit and prices we can offer better
inducement than Bnj other hou.e in the oit. 1
or the city or kew toex.
TVo. 330
On UlilHon Dollars.1
DasitsH, IUnsaji. i'res't. Jas. Merrill, Sec'y.
' "Rec-ivea Deposits aniTallowa FODK PER CENT.
IN I'fcREdl'on all laiU Balanoea. subject to check
at sight. 'Hpecial Deposits for Six munths or more,
rhav be made at 0r per cent. Tbe Capital ot One
Million-Uollar. ia divided ainOB; orer AMdhare
bolders, comprisinx man Rentlemen of large wealth j
and financial experience, who are alio personally :
liable to depositors tor all . obligations of tbe Com-
paoy to double the amoatit' of- tneir capital stock. '
As the National Trust Company reeeiTea deposits :
in large or tmaU amonats. and permits them to be
drawn as a wbole or in pa t by check at sight and
Without notioa. allowing interest on ail daily bal- !
ances, parties throughout the country eao keep ac
counts in-this Institation with jpecial advantages '
of seourity. conrenifincaandtirofiU : n .-1
r Kr-deoi-Uwaim
.?t,Kh,.,,.,,.e.,n,i.nI,!rior.foodi mbraein
oat, wHboat tnent.-v, tko ton in -J KSBLUK'S
fenanra thsutath tha-usaaUr oharceBvi i '
n.ip asoofKt ail w little steamer,
Boys Kip Uools,
Vomfan' Kip TtoolB, -
TOen'a Cialf, Xap-8oled TBootm,
lVomea'i Call Shoes, Beat,
Women'a Bnt Morocco Shooa, s-
LadleB Doible'Solett aLnstf ne Cong.
Iadies'do., Silk Core; Tery ReafJ
Minaea Morocco Sboea, Polish, -i "
vui.u. uawrvwv inuurR, i
- 1 1 tLi,
Tk lrtd!1 ,,rs a"nteo4 W. baof kuparior material and workmansbip.' and will bair eomparijin
f .V."1'1 fof e that tha mleii VOi$J$ n4 ijf limited
UEsHLEK'd MiW BUILOlNG. opposite ths
STEAM l'!IN-f 1N'It-JKI;iS,
' -'.i ci-ri i jt,, ,'s i't- cT l
f t 4-F
?ST '.ol
3 W" iliT.',
. ; .-r.'.-rl - 1 r !'Ct tSt ' p .-i ii'i S'.! tti'I .' I
J . t 1 .Hi "J -O :r '-.') I
Having greatly; enlarged our Printing Facilities by ib .purchase of a complete new
outfit ot i.j' r
The Iaticst"W Hostpproytll Siyle,
jl Vk! JikiKst ";.-- 1 ; "' s ".' -;
And the addit ion of
3 n
IS ! '
-a - :
-iti i,'
:.- !.j
1 S Ht no. 1 xx s
Generally conceded.tobo the fastest
r . - r r riv 1 .'iff t r
In connection-with JJUGGLESV GOBDON'S and WELLS' Job Presses, that have
proven such successes, in ur office, andr having the largest and most commodious
uuuuiuK ut iiixa cttijr ux nuicu mj uraw,
rflfift HIiylJuCfilPIIOOlPfllHTIIifi
i.' :-"aijv .,a I'ul ;i;rd oA I lv ' . ' I
fn the beit arid n extent ityi of th'sTaftind
uurmiijjew rrejsw, our iinprnveu iiconomicfti macninery tne result of the inge
nuity and inventive talents of the best minds of the age enable us to do good w-'i
at MUtjtt UHHAf KK lU'lt ctiaa can be
lacuiiies,- iue yjmcc is complete in au its.
Legal Blanks,
'1 :'t
.1 i I I r
Business Cards, ;
.1 ' t 'i YA
n .
, Jn thlssi aclalty we
, -j-'f
Having More Presses
WeTsve' pteparedTto executtTarf klrJd if
.t o
r 1 1
Nos. . 36,. 38. and
aj -
- Try thine in ths tin W ' MKN8'. WOMEN'S'!
AND SHOES, now ofond fornix ndtoeo4r.f
tiiW BLlLU
lriti..,.Look at some of ta pi;ioa4nd.
iv-co .iiow !o -iti"f
$S OO, Resilei price :
il'l.BB,'l.ll I
- - '. 1.6,: '
Oaltera, . Jl 40,
- !!p . ; it !!
-(;'i,W.Bia J
to bat a few weeks. Another inch opportuoif
Statesman Officb. i the place. Uo and Bee1
y 1
.. . . .1 -.J.
( -coil., 1
IT. 3 V''l
a nil . tlA
0 lr- - .o -!-ri1i
'I M 01 , iim.-T'nq, ii .onir
.TCI.) 9 -fl!'i -.;t
-t i. : V: .
'.ijr.m if
'J ::'
1-1 i! HJ
AJ -ii. I
t i'J
tf-.H .-.J af,;'i-K
'i 11:
Li: li..
iiJB'i .
91 !
,ur 3m Hi:
ill ' ' t f
i) f)')i: 'f 't ' S.'OO
.Newnesses, Including a
: .
and best Printing Machine In the world. .
J'SVI i!
we are now preparea i - e i ui
f .'.fJ-UO i.t !' If '!'. i:i l-illlM-.l!
npqn'terms that cannot bb competedVwithj.
dene in tbe old style and with only tbe'old
arrangements, and can do. the work with
.o-.i A
Bill Head
ftrr - '
Letter Heads.
Programmes, -Circulars,--
v ? -?
Drug Labels, v
Bills of Fare, Etc;;
1 f1,! J.-."
a in-
are nnsnrpassed.'
than ; all Other Printinff
City Combined;
f -t r-r Tr '
t iO'fnIo3-i5
Printing, In any color, at lbVer prices than
40 : North High ; gtieet;
. '.-nip ff-,.
i . . -...;;a I
COMMERCIAL MATTERS. Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 15.
GOAif 135bnvlnir. C
L EXCHANU-A .shade firmer. l-10dis-
HONEY Market nnchanged.
New York Money Market—Dec. 15.
. MONET The demand Is lralted.r and .
the uniform rate Is 7 per ce'nt Two banks
sent $900 000 In currency West yesterday.
Discounts are active e-wingto the en (urged
t-an -actions in ..prodiice.,;, Pape 7 5er
iscuviuii kuvu uHtnes. 0. ;. . m, i .,!
mercnants are now purchasing titiake
deferred ."payments ' Id . Eurona. . Prime
ba'nsr 109100,' Short sight, "ffdldt" at
GOLD-Markef. steadyi prloes ranged
between '135.135J.. - Senator. . Morton's
bill had no effect on Wall etreet, ft having
a very stnbborrt'oplnfdn that Congress can
ad-'nothiog"aj 'prCseVt. feniedy thesis
pension, lie port say a' that the sub-Treasury
is prepared to. come to tb rectievof
the banks in' ease of a atringency -in ihe
market, by cashing 3' per cent. eeritSdtnea
;rT r" .grf f Jgt le,U
New York Stock Market—Dec. 15.
tlveand higher. ' Offers td . exchange $7
ot new, for 6os, net with 8tftod!ig theiljSfr
ence of in the price. There were free bids
ifr reuiMlots f all -aorta" tWsJfroon
i t under regular -prleea seHer at BOrdRys,
and 42' above it. buyer at 306O days.
Conp.ns ot fSX 114rg,I14: l6a UOJtf
1105b, do "'64 "107107J; 'do 63 10743
107 dd new 110ll0i; dd 'e7"'T10j
110; do'GS ll01.0)i; 10-40's 1053
lOSK.--"' J' '"!''""' ' ,oateiiji4
,-PacJfic wilro'a'a'bbricnf 99?99J.
Stock market dulV -withouw jefMii fea
tures or sensations..-. Western '4lrstsfre
buoyant nntil ; 'alternooTi,,';jWorthwesteyn
reaching 77J4 and preferred -79 St' Paul
66iG6 and preferred -854 New York
Central also advanced to 126 Ijsfe? the
market became heavy,. aud drooping,' ind
the advance' waaLiost, closing dull but
stedy t"t 5 :".! r.' .
5:30 rices WellaL Express 25li2o
American 14242; (Adamer47?s48;
United States 45i4Lerehant8' Union 15M
lo';PaeifioMail 111K112; Western
UnioBA Telegraph 36x936K; New--York
Central 125125; Erie 4040 ; Bead
ing 970973; Terre Hauto 369;'-Va-bash
5di5K; - St. . Paul fi3(S64? Fort
Wavne 1 110?, OhldAA ( Mtssisstppt
2929',f ; M ichlgati; Ceutrsl l3i Michigan
SouxJiern.'86.S6t; ITlinolsAJ N lrl 143
Rock l.alatid WiygQiitiHi jovteaten
76768.' "" inw, ". H ".A ' .O "'J
New York Market—Dec. 15.
r COTTON Shade 2o25if' tor
middlinstuplands. o.-jotdiuJ ..iu w
j FliOURTrClDsedqnietMrj'sh'adeeasJer.
liWHEAT Dnll and heavy; snring qiiiet:
?rm tor winter. -wt'H .re fi oogi .-4
;f OATS-Qulet and' steady;" 57 Upiitore
and 79o afioat forwesterhi..H.'Ju.iiiini-'
CORN In favor ot finyers at- $t 12
113 for old western mixed histsire; $0J
(31 15 afloat and "$1 03(5,1, 04 Jor , uew
mixed western. I l"u
POR IC Firmer; $2 for" ueif mes.Vl'
dgjM ateauv una iu njuucrautuem&nu.
. m in n m T7 a nvi " -.. s
prime steam. .s . j I .i ,i j .l Hi i,
JSUus-Steady? 39e for fresh.
Cincinnati Market—Dec. 15.
:FLOOR-3ttadtt family $1 60iQ0 w
:. WHEAT Firm; No. red $1 80.
f COBN .. AN a OATS-hUnchangerJ and
quiet." N;ir.s: -..i i Wi r. f i.i
RYE Dull t86(a.-!l-.l n-ry'
HOGS Actlvi ; au sold at $8 408 75
gross aud $10- 26 -net;, bPyers-offer,$25 75
(or January.: it--mf"' '. 'A i','iT
i .BULK. ME ATS Je Mither; shoulders 4
weeks In salt sold at IOJ40,. loose clear ib
sides at 13Je and clear at, J4Jis,-loose nd
lylly cured. : No bacon ia market.-, Sugar
cured hams 17c paok?..i;X jr. yi:- i- ,.'.-
n-LAUB Advanr.ed ,3.d sold at 361,0
on the spot, and 500 tin ees, sellerifor Jan
uary, at 17c. :-.r f .,( -,:-, j - x,. .-,!,
GREEN 1 1 Jil EATS Firmer ; , "Voulders
0c, sides 12cjnd. bapi8,1313c iThe
market continues excited, aud 'ltuidera oi
tering to-sell sparingly.., h
: 3UTTER Firm at 3640ft, ;.,-!:,, lnl
. -i EGGS 33e, supply beltea. rT:-.i..T !,r
4. UIL Linseed oti firm at SI, bat the de
mand light;, lard oik $1 38i .-.40, good de
mand.. 1 1 !-, --. 74., i. ll- , .-,i (Vft
1 iEEF,GATTLE--Ftrm and In rgood de
mand at S4a6 2a fot common to Drimeaad
$G6X)7 2a lor exttfaUiCuristnaae, beeves
n..t ! .. . in t n ...
out ap, jviuit V. ZUW & ; r: r ; :r .-1 j , - w
SHEEf Firm at full rates ;;oommoo3
4o and extra at 436c-n i ; y
Chicago Market—Dec. 15.
FLOUR--QnIei; aprinz. extra L$5. 55
tiV HEiCT-fModeratel w 1 activa And -i3o
lower, sales ot No 1 at $1'22,'1. 25;"N2
1 18(41 17; closinr weak at l Jt for iMo
2;incecbange lil5K asked andL 15
offered forNff.Siixiii.i iv- w i tsiTtih
(! CORNt-Quiet;new and kiln-dried 1K
2c lower: old No 1 nominal at,80c: sales f
new at 6052c; 6o53 for .'No 2; closing
cuu as 6ic lor new;: notnuig aotng uiiaat-
ternoom.. ; 1 r, .Mr. wi t'.. : imnin.:!
1 OATS Quiet; 414.48c; closing dull at
47c. -'.'i; ;-jtfi-.S bitr,m-. : -:- iT'-ti
ntes ot Norl at$V 18ia9; No
(d,l 174; elosinjrat 1 1S($,1 13torJHrJ..
BAKLEY DrlH an(rweHk46 tower;
sales ot No 2 at $li 621 67; closing weak
at inside price. .i,:!t-d 1 -no im-)
- ' f
St. Louis Market—Dec. 15.
(. FLOUR Firm for extras, and held-high'
eir.u i (i -s jui'i -ii viw
WHEAT Unchanged and very iittiejn
marked l.irvn;v nr. ii.r . 'OU
CORN Unchanged and -very UtUcIn
market.' .-( ins 1 -i.' I 7 A H
OAl'S Unchanged .and ;-very 1 lltUe in
market.- t-ii.-f ;t-i -jq (k) huu
RYE At $1 28l 30. ! iitenwilj
i B A R LEYeUochanged. ,-m.o ilvZgTZ
WHISKY Me. - ..t-j
' - PROVISION Stiffer and higher; I
PORK $23 502C 00; dry salt shoulders
at 10c; bacon and shoulders' -44c( clear
Side t1oj ' -: 1 A. UA3.I
I LARD Higher at 1516c for tierce- '
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Dec. 15.
The market for staple for cotton ii Iru,
wish a' fair demand, especially fof-Hti-ble
ached and bleached trades of lowiaad
4 medium muslins and calicoes. ' The "stock
of heavy sheeting and a few other makes
which have recently beerr selling at rela
tively Vow rates; have been closed out, and
have risen jcgsyard; the stock now cam
mands 15o. Standard styles of dark prints
are In fair demand at 1212c,-nd al
though agents hold these goods above job
bers prices, still it Is too late In the- seasan
to establish any advanee. Colored cotton 8
are In limited demand and prices are firm.
Heavy woolens moving more freely at " a
slight concession in ,the price or faniy
goods. Fine fabrics are in limited request
and' held with more cob fidence, i-t-t-r-i I
Toledo Market—Dec. 15.
FLOUR Quiet. .' ', r-r 7.,-t iy, v
- WHEAT Quiet; winter 5c lewerjsprirg
heavy; sales amber at $1 841 86. (
. CORNi-Oldateady;; new. lo , lower; old
Nol at 86c; new at 67c -Mf ! ,
OATS-Stcudy; No 1 at 60c. ; - .
RYE Shade lower; Michigan at tl 30;
No 2 at $1 23.iT l. na s ,4 -,...1 -.ioi ii
BARLEY Quiet .;- -,.,,
SEEDS Cclvereeed 10c better, $7 90&
784; llax, $2 25. !.!-! h B.n
PRESSED HUGS-r-Buyers. holdinjr .ofi
for lower prices; small sale 9J9Jc ,ob
Buffalo Market—Dec. 15.
Dull; -ir v..' v ,-uAf; n.t -. r
WHEAT Nominally 1 unchanged ; no
sales; holders firm. : . i.,r woj
CORN Shade: easier and about SitS
yesterday's qnotations, with- lew. ,tranac
tions. ,.t . v.- '-r.i: rn-;" i i' r
. 1ATS Heldat eenanddulkiV fv, v.
. WIGHWlfilKS-Sales at $1. .-.;,' , w
" uumiutw, , "F
Milwaukee Market—Dec. 15.
TIXUU Dull and lower; city XX. $6 50
6 62 J ' " "t " -,' 3..- -,f
WHEAT Dull at $r 22Jor3Nf l,fn
store. - N :"viJ ,'fn sun .Siit-!'
11 Panvohlet fmtm. A. ... 11.
The "Medical limes" aaja ot ibis work; "This
TBlaaole treatise oi nm S nm..
cure decliae.saows how heaitk Uimpairaa throat h
secret abases of youth eod raanboed,- and haw
easily regained. It sires, a clear synopsis of tne
impediments to inarrUee, the cause and effects ft
nerroos eMlity,
Pocket edition sf
md tM Temediee tncrefers' A.
the Boora srill- he jerwardid on
receipt t aa eents, by addressin
t Doctor CrjaTaS
no. 6B Ji orth Charles street, Ualiimore, Mi
ra nrayaa-iiy-r1 " ...
A fire ana delicate skin, free-frorh tmrrUni
ta, is the rewantbf an occasional -dm of Palmer'
Tejetable Cosmetio Lotion. teptl-diwly o

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