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to statesman.
C. H. ixoou, t
News and Otherwise.
FGold closed In New "lork yesterday a
13 V- ft'i,, r! o -! vino
;:ici U being pat p tit Zaoesville. -d train
- SrAlwIe reported entirely tranquil. 1
; CBiciao hiei ' suicide on Tuesday.15
Pl'.vhla(ju has a Soolly eostcr Club., j
Cwvuakd has seven cases ol araali-pox,
-Tb peach trees of Florida are blossom!
InaT;':.'WfI 8;.!.:il. V." j.'':",n'in fi.'" a't-r
f AiAwwLCirr had a suicide en Tues
gjay.i v .vsi. 1. 1 :.;!.;! ;i i iL.fi i i:t,.i-J:j
" Cahtos has 'eitended'. her corporation
rimtu.'-;-"'!'.J " ';:.:V,i:;lu"':", V"1
' Booth is playing at enga&emeQC.. In-
?nfial0' ),, , i :."'--
Thb total Indebtedness ot Wisconsin is
' 9 2,252,067.,.',, ,:.' ; r i .,-
I Th first MYB. Church of Xenia has an;
ettcoarazing revival. M v. . . -'
Tu Cindnnoif Timet Is befogged , od the'
anbjeet of specie payments:."' 11 jU;.
33i.' kxoBO seduced was found dead near'
Jtashville the other nibrningl "" . j' ' "1
, ConcpRB, N.H., does not enjoy the" lux-j,
Hrj of publio billiard tables. T w j-,., t,; ,..ii
t-TBaxaan three hundred and forty-three ,
casjeon the Jlaboning docket. :
- HaHli stands- ehance of being chosen4
TJnKtd States Benntor from Maine.' ;:V"
Tobe ' htindredH'and- 'thirty-one Love's"
wertf irist on the lakes the past season.
" Th 1)ay&n ledger hn'ow a morning pa-
per( Jjriguifi jucauitwi . ,r ,"f iii.'-fi
, Th . .people' of. Alliance .are ferries hlinj? i
at the charges for gas pipes and figures.
JMabccsj XJtmTteci Geneta, one of the
Delaware eoanty ptoaeers, is just dead at
tI't:!i10 L.:u ,CtMH ' -
Mb. McCoMSEThas been appointed. At
aetsot ot Internal Revenue for Champaign
cottnty. , . ,
Thb' BellvlMe (Elchlapd cpunty) new.
Odd Fellows Hall-was dedicated, on tfce
.ttHXjui Is to , be an EdlteriaL State Con-i
TenthA at FranJkXort, Ky on the lSthof
Jabuarx,. z, , !;., ,'I.v zt ,. '...uii:
Tains ia promise of an unnaually brill-'
iant fashionable' season at Washington,
tbW'wiiitar.t-'';b ; .-i'vt-.
Th Bryan V Williams Wunty) Normal'
Academy has aa. unusually large attend
ance this winter. '', ' I"
TBCaiumber of. new structures put up in
Delaware county the past year, is UH, val
ued at $i20,63a - . ..; ,(
Tbbj Ashtabula County Musical Society
numbered two hundred singers at its ses
sion a week ago. c, ' .
Tiih TiirM no-Ant: nt Rnlm fi .a hnn oi
moved for making excessive 'charges lor
delivering goods. :,),. a-)
A White-winged Ceossbixx was cap-v
tnred last vetk in tne nortbern part ot
Williams County. ' '
Coopeb, Bccbakam & Dcmnat's distil-
lery at Monongahela City, Pay has been
destroyed by fire. "
The SL Louis city council on . Tuesday
appropriated seven thousand dollars for the
benefit of the poor, .... ;,. ., ,.:
Political matters are beginning to boil
in Cleveland.' Candidates are urbane and
ahake hands cordially.
CoMMisaioiiEB Rollins, it is said, will
Insist on ' resigning, and the country will
be resigned if be does. '"
Chablestok, S. C-i'had a $50,000 lire on
Tuesday, whereat two firemen were killed
and several others badly hurt.' : ;
The receipts for prison goods at the Illi
nois peuitentiary,. trom July 18, 1S67, to
December 1, 1S68, were $334,373. (
Fouk persons were killed last Saturday
by .the, xUeion of a, boiler; connected
Uh the skating rinkatMaiquttte. , .
About one hundred natatalisatlon pa
pers have been tuned: this year' by the'
Pre-bate Court ol Mahoning county, --
Colefidoe gave PIlgrim's ProgressB
four readings, to extract lrom it the story,'
the poetry, the philosophy, and the relig
ion;' , " ' '' ' . "
If is stated that the daughters of the late
Chief Justice Taney copy reports and pa
pers for the Secretary of the Interior lor ja
livelihood. , . . ".,
Bsnbucab papers are trying to ex plain
how it came , that Boston just elected a :
Democratic Mayor. v They aay he. was ,a
very popular man. ;j .. . .. ; ,
Kate Fibbib, the actress, almost made'
her exit from Hie, at Pittsbnrgh, on Tues-
day, by mistaking the tincture ot arnica'
for a cough mixtare. ; -J -'- !
Thi Ntw Tort ITorfddenies tliat Angast
Belmont hss'any ownership in that paper,
or that he was either Inke arm or indiffer-'
entln the late Presidential Contest. '' .' '
Auasa Cubkx, of Edinburg, Portage
county, baa just died in his 99th year. He ,
contracted a cold, from which he did not
recover, in attending the Presidential elec-
tlonv.f Jt ikn L'. ,.
Mas. JEate Bdhdt, danghter-in-law of
Hon. H. S. Bundy,. on. Tuesday afternoon,-:
while returning home on horseback, from.'
Banadem Vtatoo eonntyv was thrown iro&T'
her horse andnstanUy JtlHedlTH 'i
Thb Xenia 6zeMe .(Radical) has so over
flown at the eyes, that its. cotton pocket .
handkercheif is perfectly wet, because the
Democracy ot this State do not intend to
hold their State Convention on the 8th of
Jannary.- .! .? .. ' t '
1st Plain Dealer advertises a J. E. Day- -ton,
who claims to be an elocutionist, as
champion Dead Beat of America. After
flourishing like green bay tree at the
Kennard, he was given quarters In the po
lice station. .i . ;.--- '
v Hakkisoh Scott, living at Berlin Cross
Boada, Jackson county; one night last
week, while under the influence ot liquor,
undertook to turn his family out into the
bitter cold, and his son, in attempting to
prevent It, struck him dead. - - " --''
The Democratic vote in Franklin coun
ts 7,806, which at the 'usual : rate vi 6 per
sons to a voter.makes the Democratic popu ,
lation in (he city and county 46,836. Do
the b'usinesa men who do not advertise in'
the Statesman consider the trade of this
1 mmense population of no account t , . C ' ' ,
Thb Cincinnati GaztUe joina the cry that
money is scarce, and complains that there
is a disposition in the country to hoard
Greenbacks.' Strange that country people
ahouM do this with the currency Bepnbli- '
can politicians have represented as mere
lampblac-andjaga. -
Jcnoa Gdtbbib (Republican), presiding'
at the Vinton, Coaiflaon Pleaa haa jast
decided that aa election doe not .become
invalid In a township where the officers
adjourn to dinner, where notice of Inten
tion to do so has been given, and where
Injury ia not done to voters or fraud per
petrated. . . . '-
Democratic and Radical Rule.
. The Cincinnati Gazette hit., an article on
taxation, in Ohio, In. which the writer
unwittingly gtVea a-'iext on. Democr.tic
and Bepublicaataxaion which taay be of
proilt to lGLreaders TbeL valuation of the
property on the tax duplicates ol the five
arrest counties in Ohio, together with the
otal taxes paid, form an Interesting chap
ter, as but one of the countUs, Franklin,
has been constantly under Democ-atic rule.
three ol the .pthers, . namlUontXuy.J.'oga
and Lucas, "constantly under Bepubllcan
and the fourth, Montgomery, so long ruled
by' the sdieala as to enable us to class it
as a Republican county .""The article says:
"Ihe followinar table exhibit the vilua
tlOfi of the counties named and the amount
of taxes levied1 for county purposes in
each?; ' i-i-'-; a- I ...'
. ' Ta'nten. County Tx.
CnyahoKA...... ,...S5l 363.44U Sl.I08ie
Hmilto.....,...i...-....lae.,5 497 S6SR.S5U80
Frmnklio.... S45u,7iS 4AI.MB U
MantKouMrjt... S4.XM 160 !- 53S.8M 7
LUOi.., -., .....j lil7(iia I rfiAWi9JJ
': Thus Cuyahoga county, with a valuation'
one-lirtu larger fhan Franklin, pays a ta.xc
in,, round numbers, two and one-halt times
as great., .
Hamilton county,- with a valuation less
than five times as much as Franklin coun
ty, is taxed more than eight times as mnch
Montgomery county, with a valuation of
property a trifle oyer. : that of Franklin, is
made to pay a, tax of over $89,000 greater
than . the constantly Democratic county of
Franklin,, j
Lucas county, where Radicalism rules
supreme, ftas a valuation but little, over
one-third hat.otr Franklin county, yet for
toe Dle8ing..ot Uadlcal rule ber citizens
pay, in rouna numoerg, one nunarea, ana
seventy thousand .dollars greater taxes..-!
, ,,Tlie great difference is brought about by
Pemocratio economy 1b the county affairs
oh. the one hand. -and Radical ."wasteful
ness and peculation on the other.
' The aame marked dlscrepency in taxa
tion occurs in ,the follawing
The valuation of the five largest Cities
in the State, together with the amounts as-.
sessea la each lor city purposes, Is as fol
l0WS:iH gf'r-n I vi- - . .i-. .'U
.r-. ...! Vltion. .1 CitrTx.
ClereUDd.. 35,424.419 SI. 059,14s 89
VUHnnnti;.....UU.-.. J31J3 5J j 8,678
l5.48e.68S ,,rr- ,J S30.?56 i
! The average rate ,,of - taxation Hor the
cities nd .villages of the State, is a. frac
tion ever twenty.elght mills.'.; 1 : .
! The cltj ot Columhus is Democratic by
a large majority, , The . rate of taxation,
although the city expense is being largely
increased t hyw sewerage, .Is 1 but ' a small
fraction under nineteen, tnllls being' nine
mills under tbe averages ' Cincinnati, a eity
under Radical rule, levies Ave and one-
half fnlils: more than Columbus'. - Clevis.
land, also Badical,-Increased her rate to
twenty-three and two-tenths mills, being
four milk! over Columbus,, while Toledo,
the hot-bed ot Radicalism, iwellB her levy
to within a small fraction ot thirty-three
mills, not far from double tha' of Colum
bus. ' . , ' , . . :.:r . .
Dayton, occasionally Democratic,', has a
rate ot taxation a little less than three and
a half mills greater than Columbus.-' " '-
' Passing to the small; cities, we find the
rate of taxation as follows '
: . .. - ri. t"- ': KILLS.
Athene .. .......rf .........
JDiddleport 1 31 P0
Pooeroy.. tw.. .'m. ,.. . 96 85
Cbillieothe.... 93 70
Jackson 33 06
Portsmouth 99 69
Ironton S6 06
arietta. . 4. ..... Sd 00
! .Cbillieothe, pays less taxes then any of
the others named, in the. list.; Cbillieothe
for ten years past baa been under Demo
cratic, tbe other clfies named lor the last
ten years under Radical rule, ', ,
These facts-, sre . worthy, of, attention.
The inference we draw from them is this:
Since the., so-called Republican party 'has
been in power, reckless extravagance has
been- so much the order ot .the day that
the leaders deem it almost a duty to spend
money. -; That which, in the better days of
the Republic, was held as a wrong in a
publio officer, Is now looked upon as a vir
tue. Congress spends millions to feed and
clothe the negroes of: the South and to
school them Congress, at .a great coat.
supports a standing army to keep the ne
groes in idleness andto protect them in
wrong doing, and why should not the Kad'1
icals who control the counties, cities And
villages of Ohio, spend the people's money
too, in making improvements that increase
their own property? This sort of economy
by most public men of the Radical school,
careless of the rights of their.nelgbbors;
thus enables us to charge end to prove, as
we have done in the above, that where Rad
icalism rules, there. is costly government
and abuse of the public trust-r-where there
is Democratic inle, there is economy and
a due regard to the rights of the tax pay
ers. "' -" ' " -
Our Business.
contains twenty-eight coluronsot live, good
paying advertisements, ibe business men
of Cbillieothe know, how to do bufinets
Ohio Statesman. . . ,. ..
And in addition to tne twenty-eisrht
columns inserted in that issue, we bad five
columns of live advertisements standing
over . to make room for our customary
amount of reading matter, making in- all
thirty-three ot the longest columns in the
Wei-t, equal to forty columns of, any other
Democratic paper in the- State of live
good paying advertisements. :And this
was not m :rey a : spasmodic effort on
the part ot eur business community.
Excepting the fous columns ot receipts
and expenditures, of the county, oat last
issue was but little above the average tor
tbe year. Our. fifty-two issues for 1S68
win average twenty-eight columns to the
issuer, icb column thirty 'Inches in length,
tbe total receipt for. which will!' exceed
Mtven thousand dollars. We confidently as
sert that this amount is in excecs of the re
ceipts of any two Democratic Weeklies in
the West, (out of the large cities) lor ad
vertising, combined. Chillicothie Adver
tiser. .. , . .-. , .. ..,( 1 . . ,
- Hon. John H. Putnam, who so ably
represented Licking county two terms in
tbe! Ohio Legislature, is -the editor and
proprietor or the Chillicothe Advertiser. He
Is inot only an able editor, but avcapital
business manager, as the above abundantly
testifies." We know ihtlme when the Ad
veriiser had only a list ot 25 quires, and an
advertising' patronage ot not to exceed
seven hundred dollars. M.Then the Democracy
of iEoss , were seemingly in a. hopeless
minority. "By patient and hard work its
list was increased to .52 quires and its ad
vertising patronage to about $2,000. I,
will, be seen that Mr. Putnam, in a short
space of time, has fully trebled the adver
tising patronage of tbe establishment,
making it the most valuable or any nut
Side ' of the leading cities. We heartily
congratulate him upon his success.
Willing to Accept the Situation.
. '-Once upon a time" for want of other
material, or from some other cause, one ol
the Journal editors received an appoint
ment to a little Consulship somewhere in
Canada, and as accredited representative oi
American lrstitutions and American dig
nity In the out-of-the-way place where.
. Learing his country for his oonntrj's good," .
he chanced to be located, be' there learned
diplomacy, and that little office fitted him
for greater things. What there is in diplo
macy be don't know is not werth learning.
. i Rumor says the " perspiring youth" cov
ets the English or the French mission
Ia yesterday's Journal he inflicts near a
column of "Advice to the Diplomatic Nov
ice." It Is to be ignorant as possible and
In all sorts of ways when the appointment
is secured to make a fool ot himself. Nature
did that for the editor, and hence, as he
possesses the necessary qualification, being
born to it, we second the motion that he
get the double appointment, and succeed
Dix at the French Court an Rkvekdt
JoHsaoif in the English mission. If prol
lered, he would gladly accept, for he is a
willing sun, where office is concerned.
'"' i . . .
Mr. SHERMAN reported back,. from, the
Finance committee, without amendment
the joint resolution introduced by Mr. Ed
munds In November lSGwULcbi read a
fnllni rr
Joint resolution plcddnf th f stfh of tbe United
S'to to th payment of tbe publie debt ia coin
-.Ml aw run ifwm;
Whereas. The nubile debt of the United
States was, exempt where specially other
wise tirdt'refl, ontracted upon 'the" faith
and,cridlt of the United States, that the
ssme would be paid or - redeemed . in coin
or irs equivalent; andj ; ?' : I j ' U Jj
Whekeas, Doubts have been raised as to
the duty and propriety of discharging
such debt in coin or its equivalent; there
fore.,. , ..-,.,. . I. f,.,.,. ,-r
''Resolved, By the, Senate and Bouse of
Representatives of tbe United States, &c..
That the public debt Of the United States,
except in cases wherein tbe taw authorizes
j the same, or provision was expressly made,
as owing in cnin or its equlvolent, and the
faith or the United- States Is hereby sol
emnly pledged to its payment, according v.
Mr. WILLIAMS ofiered a resolution in
structing the Judiciary committee to in
quire into the practicability and expedi
ency of some immediate legislation to pre
vent the discharge of persons convicted of
crime bv extraordinary aeclsions or Dis
trict Judges of Virginia.
rAiter discussion, the word " extroordl-'j
nary" was struck- out, as perhaps reflecting"
on Judge Underwood. . .
The resolution was then adopted. . J
Mr WILLIAMS, from the committee on
Military Aflaira, reported a joint resolu
tion to donate condemned cannons to erect
a monument to Major General Kearney.
Adopted- r .- - r , - .: t:.'
On motion of Mr. MORTON, the Senate
took up his bill for the resumption of
specie payment- pn which he spoke at
lengtn. ' - - -
Adjourned. .
A resolution was adopted calling on the
Secretary of War for the engineer's report
relative to the bridge across the Missouri
rlu.r t Klntan Hlto. . -
. A bill passed temoving the disabilities
from twelve South Carolinians ana latent,
Governor Senter. of Tenn." L ; ' ' ''';'" "-'
Mr. ELIOT introduced abill prohibiting
carriage as freight irt .passenger Vessels of
nitro-giyeenne, petro'enm or oiner ex
plosive substances. , Referred to the com
mittee on Commerce.
Mr. PAINE reported a hill to repeal the
sixth, section- of .the- army appropriation
bill of March 2. 1867, which .-prohibits the
organization and malntainance of militia
in the late rebel States, so far as applies to
North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida,
and Louisiana -t .,: v'
Mr. ELDR1DGE inquired why Georgia
was left out.
' Mr. PAINE replied he was not sure but
he should be In favor ot admitting Georgia.
but there was an inquiry going on- before
Congress as ,to tbe Constitution of that
State, which made it questionable whether
this bill should be extended to it now..., .
'i The bill passed. A i.i '? f i f
Mr. SCHENCK. from the committee on
Ways and Means, reported a. bill to amend
the 18th section of tbe internal revenue
bill of July 20th, 1SG8, by extending the
time fixed therein lrom the first -of Janua
ry, 1869, to the 15th ot February, 1869. so
that the section will provide that alter the
loth of- February,- 1S69, all smoking and
fine cut chewing tobacco or snufl shall be
deemed as having been manufactured after
the passage ot the bill. Passed. "
Mr. DAWES, from the committee on
Elections, report) d a bill adding registers
ia bankruptcy to the officers designated by
law tor taking testimony lncontestea elec
tion' cases. Passed.1"
Mr. PAINE offered a resolution instruct
ing the committee on, Banking to inquire
into the propriety ot reporting a Dtn
nroviding. . under severe penalties.' any
National Bank trom certifiying in eheek
unless the maker has en deposit the funds
necessary to meet it. . - .. - :
Adopted. .vi :-,-7-i. '-.it-
Mr. VANWYCK introduced a bill sub
jecting compounders of liquors to the
same provisions as recuners, ana promot
ing that no compounding snail dj allowed
within 600 feet of a distillery. . Referred to.
comraitee on Ways and Means.
' The House passed a resolution to draw
for seats, which they did. . .,
Adjourned. .,- .,...
The Reunion at Chicago.
CHICAGO, Dec. 16.
The various societies of tbe Grand Army
have been in session to-day and accom
plished much business. - J.very thing was
harmonious and tended - to - unite still
stronger the ties which bind in good lei
lowsbip those who have experienced the
hardships ana triumpns ei lour years nara
The 8rmv of the Cumberland met at Mc-
Vicker's theater at 10 o'clock this morn
ing. General Thomas in thetrtnlr.
Col. Whitman, ot UI)lo, read an -epitome
of the work prepared by him, on dead
soldiers ot the army of the Cumberland,
and collection and bnnai oi tneir remains-
Msior General Butterfield, ot tbe XiLh
Army Corps, was named as orator for the
next annual meeting, and Gen. J. S. Neg-
ley, of tbe lh, as alternate. -'
The Secretary read a communication
from the Armv bf the Ohio, proposing a
ibint committee to arrange for a const lida-
tlon ol tne society vi iut Army vi tne
Cumberland wilh tbatot the Ohio.
Col. Niel Anderson moved a committee
consisting ol the President and Vice Pres
idents be appointed for tbe purpose desig
nated. Carried. " 1 ''""-'''
Gen. Brooks, from the committee on Per
manent Officers, reported f For President,
Uaj. Gen. George H. Thomas, ana 17 Vice
Presidents; Corresponding Secretary, Maj,
Gen. Wm. B. Whipple; Recording Secre
tary, Lieut. Col. Geo. J. W aterman; Treas
urer, Brig. Gen. John'S. Fullertoh. ' The
committee's report was adopted.
' General W. Anderson, speaking by au
thnritv ot General Thomas, moved that the
complimentary resolution of yesterday de
manding that tne statne oi wen. a nomas oe
placed upon the national monument at
Washington, be expunged from tbe record.
' Gen.- Barnum declared that the resolu
tions were a superfluity. - Tbe Managers ol
the Monument Association,, have already
expressed the determination to place Gen.
Thomas' statue on themonument : i r
Alter remarks from Gen. Dnranfc and
others the motion of Gen. Barnum prevail
ed. D I i. .' .IX ' -r-2"-i '-
Gen. Barnum then moved that the whole
matter be. .expunged- from the records.
Carried amid great confusion.
The Army ot the Tennessee met this
morning at Crosby's Music Hall, General
Giles A. Smith presiding.
. The committee appointed to .nominate
officers presented : Rawlings tor President,
and five Vice Presidents; Recording Secre
tary, Lieut. Col. L. M. Dayton, of General
Sherman's stafl; Corresponding Secretary,
Brig. Gen. A. Hickenlooper, ot Ohio; Treas
urer, Brevet Mj. Gen. M. F. Force, ol Ohio.
The report as adopted by acclamation.
A communication" was had from the Ar
my of the Cumberland, requesting the ap
pointment of a committee to confer with
one from that association on the subject ol
the societies. A committee was appointed
and instructed to take no action tending to
the extinction of the army ot the Tennessee
as a distinct organization.
Letters were read from Admiral Farra
gut. Commodore Foote and others. Gen.
Sherman and others spoke in regard to tbe
proposed McPherson movement. Other
interesting business was transacted.
The members ot the society ot the army
ot Georgia met at the Sherman House at
10 o'clock this morning, General Slocum
presiding. '.
General Barnum, chairman ot the com
mittee of ; constitution and by laws, re
ported for adoption . the constitution
adopted on Tuesday by the Society of the
Ohio, with a lew modifications..
A communication was read from the So
ciety of tbe Ohio, stating that that body
has passed the following resolutions:
Besolve'd, That a committee be appointed
to confer with the several societies of the
Western armies relatiye to a time and
place for holding tbe next reunion, and
that a committee consisting ot the Presi
dents and Vice Presidents ot this society
present in Chicago, be appointed to confer
with the societies of the armies ot the
Cumberland, Tennessee and Georgia, rela
tive to a union or consolidation of the
whole into one society.
- The proposition was agreed to by the
army ol Georgia.
General Slocum was appointed a com
mittee on consolidation . and time and
On motion ot General Whittlesey, the
congratulations and thanks ot the Society
were tendered to General Cogswell for his
address at the Opera Houseoa Tuesday
evening. A y
On motion of General Yfhittlesey, It was
Resolved, That in case- a conscldatton
be not effected, the President and Execu
tive committee cause to be prtntcdHV
hundred copies of the Constitution and By
laws, together with the proceedings of the
meeCTngffTyrenMttarjrtff tHB etgftHrMlten
of tbe Society, and that to the said commit-
teereof ethen with." thePreetdeat,! be? lefr
ithe 'fixing 'et the tlmeV ands placfr'of ' the
next meetinsr,
fESi' alstf inxryeoTTieftSad the'finff ofTST
committee to cause,., hls'pry I the arm
jof Georgia to be prepared. - Adopted.
! -The army of the Ohla met at 12 o'clock
at the Briggs House, General LX Cox in tun
jCpaUv. t tt 4 a ;s c-
i In the absence of General Schofield, it
was decided to leave the business designs
ting time and pi ace "of next meeting, with
whatever else that may come up, to an ex
ecutive. tomoaltteeauBistiiiit ot Gcoeial
Scodeld, the Secretary and two or three
others. r
The powers ol the committee on confer-.
ence were continued. Thev are to report
to the Exutiye commftteronj time to
i A vote of thanks was tendered the Board
kt Trade and local committees. An invita
tion to the rooms of the Historical Society
,wss given, and yie meeting adjourned, sub
ject to tbe call the Executive committee.
Fire in Columbus, S. C.
i' building on Main street, Columbia,
known a8-Gregg's Hail, was burned yester
day. It included the1 crockery" establish
ment of Gregg & Co., broker's office of
Gregg. Palmer & Co., and a restaurant.
.loss tou.uuu. xwo nremen, na.nea Har
rington and Squier, were killed by a fall
ing wall. Several others were severely if
not mortany injurea,: ,;.:: , .;!!,..:.; ;:;.-. i
North Carolina Legislature.
RALEIGH, Dec. 16.
postponed puis tin tne second Monday In
January. The Senate passed a resolu
tion disapproving ot the action of the
Legislative committee in purchasing 8 000
acres lor tne Penitentiary, ana directing
tbe Public Treasurer not to issue the bonds
agreed to be paid. .- j 1:1 '
A fire this-, morning destroyed the mar
ket house and town ball, a restaurant, and
the jewelry store of Theo. Moss v Loss
TRENTON, N. J., Dec. 16.
i .While trying to navigate) an tee "beat
tniourn tne Delaware canal, tof-a ay, oeiow
this city,- five men, residents of Trenton
and workmen on the loe boat, were drown
Soldier Killed.
Soldier Killed. NEW YORK, Dec. 16.
j A Raleigh special&tates that in an alter
ation yesterday, Lewis Thompson was
shet-dead by Wnu King, both privates of
the iOth Infantry. King was arrested and
will be tried bv court martial.. Tuompson
was buried with military honors last even-
Railroad Election.
ST. LOUIS, Dec. 16.
F.N. Minston, of Chicago, has been se
lected president pt r the Leavenworth and
Des: Moines ; railroad, and arrangements
have been made for tbe immediate comple
tion of the roau lrom leaveuwortn to uat-
Fire in Quincy.
A fire in Quincy, Illinois, yesterday de
stroyed Jay Brathford'addlttry store, and
the clothing house of M. Jacob. Loss about
. f 27,000 insured.
' Tbe daughter-in-law of Hon. H. S.
Bundy, of Hamden, O-, was killed yester-
thrown from horse. - -
The Reno Brothers.
' The bodies of the Reno brothers, hung
at New ASbsny,vlraye' been' delivered to
tnelr Iriends and taken-to Seymour for In
terment. The remains of Anderson were
. buried by tbe countv authorities. He was
at one time mate on the Steamer Louisville.
Bodies Recovered.
There were three, bodies recovered from
the wreck of the United States, at Florence,
Ind, yesterday. One of thern is believed
to be Lew 11. Vonce of MadisOn, Ind.
Three tables and a house on Gest street
this city, tbe property of H. Kruse and
Wm. Custer, were burned yesterday. Loss
BOSTON, Dec. 16.
Ex-Mayor Wlgbtmaa's .'residence, in
Newtonville, was burned last night. Loss
12,000; insured,. - .
Samana Bay Purchase.
NEW YORK, Dec. 16.
i The Herald. . of - this . morning ' states
that the Savanna bay purchase bas been
completed.'' A company. of capitalists hss
secured from tbe Dominician Uovernmen
a perpetual lease of the bay and peninsula
and pay a large sum down to secure tbe
bargain. It is understood that the United
Stateswill proceed to establish a naval
stiitfcmx there "as soon as the Domlniclans
give up possession to the New York lessees.
Morton's Bill.
' The Times says the financial bill of Srn--ator
Morton is used on Wall street to keep
up the gold premium.
The Supreme Court.
The Herald's special says there is no need
of apprehension from reports re atlve to
the action of the Supreme Court. The
higher Jaw of public necessity and public
welfare Will govern the matterV '; r- '
Running Match.
W. ''Cpaad,' of Iowa," won "the running
match ye8terdayfor $2, 000r against' Perry,
Tbe distance was 80 yards. . Cozad won by
3 feet. Time 7Jseconds. r4 -
Running Match. Arrived.
Tbe steamships Pennsy and Manhattan,
from England, have arrived.
Great Western Railroad.
f It is rumoreit hereVthatVanderbilt has
'made an offer to the Great Western rail
road company ot Canada, totease that road
for 10 years, wilh the right of purchase.
Should ..tha often be .aoeeptedvabe "Great
Western .raUroadrill, to all , intents and
purposes,' become. part, of the New York
Central railroad, and 'all mechanical de
partments of the latter obmpany will be
. removed tq Hamilton v s-.n ? .v.
Great Western Railroad. FOREIGN NEWS.
The Eastern Question.
LONDON, Dec. 15.
It is reported that the. representatives of
it ranee ana lingiana at v lenna bave been
instructed to represent to the Austrian
Government the dangers that may result
to the pence of England from its attitude
on the Eastern Question, j Tbe recall ol the
Austrian, Ambassador at Constantinople
has been the result or-tbeir representations.
MADRID, Dec. 15.
' Matters 'are riot perfectly tranquil.-' The
Government is xecniivinjj congratulations
.from the provinces on there-establishment
of lawnd order,at.Csdizr .. .. . ...
Completion of Fortifications.
' Orders, .have been received from- the
Prussian Government for the completion
of permanent fortitiehtlbns at Sonderburx
and Dunpell. vJ U" '
Popular Meeting at Florence.
FLORENCE, Dec. 15.
' At a popular, meeting held here it was
resolved to send deputations to the Senate
and Chamber of Deputies, requesting the
intervention of the Italian -.Governsaent to
save the lives, of Agano ,and huiti. who
are conderamd to- death . between 1 native
and foreign born troops in the Pontifical
service. Two more trials are to take place
nut week, and both defendants will prob
ably be sentenced to death. , ;
Official News.
Official News. PARIS, Dec. 16.
The official news from 8palnu,0
is published here: The country Is entirely
tranquil and addresses Intended for the
heads of departments In' the provinces will
not be forwarded.: , 3 .j; J!r . : ; -
Defense of Reverdy Johnson.
LONDON, Dec. 16.
A letter from Eevefdy Johnson to the
London Workingmen's Society justifies his
Irieudly intercourse witb Laird and other
Iriends ot the Southern States, by tbe ex
amples of Grant's and Sherman's treat
ment of rebel officers. Ii he is guilty ol
treason, 60 are Grant end .! -man.- Gen.
Grant bas entertained at his u vu house a
distinguished rebel leader. He ascribes
ttm-attarlrs upon him in .American news
papers to k secret dlslika nSr1 the nreserva-
tion ofpeaceful relations between Ensland
and the Uhited States. - J
Latest from Spain.
MADRID, Dec. 16.
Leaders of all nolltloal iirrle havn nnl- I
w nr-mnmrxg B Buiemn pieugo bo ub nit
their Influence to rJreserve rwace and order
",r!v'n? ?tnxonjrtryunta tl Lppstlts-
uovaLKAM? las-niet turf seulefl tl
tlons at iRRn.
iauiz, nas greatly strengthened the handf
of the Provi-iono.Governaient and dlssi
pa.fed. iiia alarm which - previously pre
vailed. ,
Tne subscriptions to the new-loan havi
been closed. '-They "amdunt te 'feOO.000,000
It is officially announced- that th elec
tion of Cuban deputies to the Cortes, will
be held lihiinediately after theisjirivat ol
'jfptain enrai fytcUsran. ir,;;
CADIZ, Dec. 16.
board sailed rrsterdav 4ob CnbaJf '- ' '
John Stuart Mill.
LONDON, Dec. 16.
John Stuart Mill has written a letter on
the res ul tot the recent elertiofis. He as
cribes the. defeat 01 th Workingmen's
candidate to tne neayy expense of a can
vass: as now conducted, anil as a remedy
for this evil be urges .the Government'"
py tne necessary expenditure, and: make
an i iner outlay penal. o -- o
Minister Johnson.
jur. joc nson. - a merican :M.inistfir--in s
short speech at the anniversary of tbe
French 'hdepltal, declared Lord Claiendon
was ot the - same mind;, as Lord Stanley In
regard to tbe settlement of Questions pend
iiir -ueinreu Angiana ana America, ann
that peace between the iml countries wjis
certain..,, . , . .
TORONTO, Dec. 16.
It is exnected that Whalen will tret
new trial, and the venue be changed so that
tbe trial will' take place at Toronto, or in
one of tbe country towns near It, ,:
KENT On Wadna.'San fin. afitk.ilSSS. at
t'clojkA. M., Mrs. MaryE. Kent, rifeof U. W
lLaoti(sgo SO, cav, 4 month sod IS ian. ;
1 Tk tonerai services- take place tram tier
!jfoMSdntIo. 333 fast Monad onFrt
flaj. Dee. 18, at 10 o'clock A. M. The friends and
Aoqaaintance of the fawilj. ara, leqjieatod :ot
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rwrr, :n::rml :::va
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deol7-d3tawly TNT '
New Advertisements Probate Notice---Settlement of
a. tiled in the Probate Liourt ol r rankun county.
Ohio, tor settlement, and will be tor bearing 00
Tuesday, January 12th, A. U. 1869. to-wit: .,
Tbe first aeoount of Louisa Port merer, adminis
tratrix of Fi-derick Kortmeyei, deceased; first ao-
e mntot, t. nch.iniey, administrator of James Ale
a.ile. deceased; first account of John Helpman
guardian of Jane AUent first aocouetrf Charles K.
all. guardian of Ho nr eh. P. tieoree anH i. Thm
odore Sohueller. Drat account of William I.. Hl
aduiiniiitratoroi Dorothea L. .-chocs; first aooouot
oi jonn uenm, guaraiaa ot Benton u. Uehin: sec
ond ; eoeoants of. , yf illiam Saepard, guardiaa of
Lora.. ana Virginia c- uaiiell; second accounts
of John Htioimell, guerdian of hdward M Virgin.
in, Milton a d i-hasies Uaghes; teond aecnunte of
ueorge nagner, gnarnan ot vv. v . and John M
Jones; sjeeond aocouns of Joseph H. Case, admin
iatrator of 8eth W. Case, deceased: seoond as.
tiunt of -Ueorge- Gocbennner, administrator of
ewis Bearers, deceased;' fonrth aeoount of Ben
jamin ieatley, guardian ot Caroline obiery; final
account ot ann (a. Bnirnt, aamioiatrstrii ni j.tj.
bright, deceased: final aeoount of E.. S. HaiMnrlt
guardian of labell Laxelh final anAtinntnl' llhBrl
Busb. administrator f ianiel ush. deceased; see-
"do -ccoont ot jusepn uuuen,- executor or isaao
rarger. aeceasea; nnai account ot 1 oomas f . Urif
no, Axecutor ot James it. Urimn. deceased.
- - ' John m. fdgh.
Columbus, O.. Dec. IS, 188. Frobate Judge.
decl7-w-w - . . -
30 mnd 238 " Hih Street, .
Elijah Culp i. ) Before Jss. H. Haxtoa.a Jus
ts f ; , fc tice of tne ...
Amos F. Soofield.V Feace. '. 1 "
xa. "on the 25th day of November against the de
fendant iu the aboye case for $70.72 by said Jus
tice, i 'i-r . : . ..ALUAIl: t:u LK.
- Milliards. Ohio, Dec. J7. . , declT-3w
. For 1800. '-''.-' '' "
THE firt edition of Owe HuNDRgn Thotjsakd
of Vick8 Illustrated Catalogs or
Seeds and Uvidh in thb lower Garden is
now puousnea. it. makes a work or loo pages.
oeauuiuiiynin.otrated.Kita about 150 tine Wood
ikograTingsot flowers and Vegetables, ant an El
egant Colored Mate, . , ;.,, ,jn:.;f;0 y..
It is the most beautiful, aa well aa tbe most in
structire rloral Guide published, firing plain and
tnorougn airecuons lor tee CULTUtttt of lliUW
EHSand VtGKTABLKS.. . . ....
Tbe Floral Guide is published for tbe benefit of
my customers, to wnnm it is sent free without sp-
Slioatinn. but will be forwarded to all who apply
y mil, for Ten Cento, which Is not half the cost.
Aaoress . JA HbS v lU'ts., .
S , " ' , Rochester. N. Y,
v FURS ! -
.'. .' - "
i . . ' '!: .' ' . :-' :
No. S IVetl Honse Block. : .
' .-: ; , ! ,: :.'.:
. . , ;r . FURS, '
Of all Tarieties. qualities and style; A large tb-
-.,. ,T' i . - ;. not' ef;
We would call tbe attention of the public to our
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ia lesvectto qnalit- and prices we can offer oetter
inducements than any other boa e in the city.
decl'4-dtt' :.:.-..
ii: v , (Recently Uerobaat's HoteU . ,u.
ber of years proprietor of the National Hotel
of tbiscitr. takes pleasure in annourcin.- io the
publie that he bas leased, the abore named House
for a term of years; hd it thoroughly renovati-d.
supplied throng bont witb entire new furniture, and
is now ready for tbe reception of guests, both
transient and regular boarders. He flatters binuelf
that his long experience in the-hotel business and
bis determination to devote bis entire, personal at
tention thereto will enable Mm to give perfect sat
ssfaction to all who may f tot Mm with their pat;
ronajie. H. REYNOLDS. ,
N. B. A Paloon and Restaurant is attached to
the Hous?; also, extenuv Mablifig, attended by
emnnetent and attentive hostlers. H b
fcdeol3-dln v l-.i- .. - "" ' - :
V , ii ?s.
.11 I IU
7i i"-.-:)n':injff
-s t e i. .'i
U V"i: If. n -rIs'i
sl.'.l ! -1 r"j- f
U-1 :''- -iV; -V
,.1 ITDD ,IA.cll I a.
.0IJ1 1 !:.- .- 0
11 .tl M i.
; t I
.t .
t V '
ec.i .iv
1 , 1 B l.'. ., " - -f
. .or'.
j; H'EAD Q U A R T S
t tij
-m'i siiic i
-'- .-i
r . "
:! 1
... ,t-.;.
17111 IK IV
! i u.l i.
BEST '"'l-JBSPll-a-ffl
A 4 If i :.tl .
. 1.1 Jl
i ..'
'. 3-
s.ii r
..in . i
Gall early and make fcelek;
oholoe oi onr Large
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ii i
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II A r.r i:i
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every Department. ,
ofiered than can be
had elaewhere.
250 AHD 252
,fi. . i lir.n
1 A.
South' High Street.
. A. C. HEADLKT 4c CX.
ii, o t 11
wiu, oris
Monday ElniTeSmnlPifsf.
A ,MaliAai rfjsO-'fH.lt
1. .The 8t. ratrick'l Total AbstUwneev8eVta
raole, under-lire direction of Mrs. James Coones-.
SlfA? Msrm and Jirt. Jliihaeljf i,
rf.. Children . lUry. .Tablev- Usctiissie
, i ue Wot' rTigh Schixil Tmklm , UlM'Sfef
:JV The S?t- V (poentof Paul's Voting Beetb.wher
tne coming man for M... ..r ir. . . ;i k.
chosen. -r,.- .. v'T. 2."-' v 'rci',.i
Tire-tairwiii remain yipen EIGHT 0AT
The nrnaaere uf the Tablea hare rAm, J.. t .
secure not only Christmas Toys, but articles t.f user
; --..jlJI;, ' , r e n
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tnamooantand unparalieled auceesefal stmt on of
vjmwiviwiiniHBCWt.ju giveaa 1U1S eilT OL1J
Wedneanay Evtalar, Memfcst tid.
I. .a, 7. - -...aw
wm' ie krrisied V i:l
Mr.BROOKHonHR Hnwr.irn . vnt.i.T.. -
i. H, r-tRKAM'f...., Baritone Brilliant
Mr. CAKL KOSA......,.Av.'.-.-.-.i... Violinist
Mr. GKO. W. COLBV...Hanist and Aecompaunt
3E.yyeT i3-XsT3UllrV'
The greatest Coraot-a-Piston player ot- the-worW
engaged at great expense expreaslr fog fayra Kna
sas Concert season of T868. s. a -
1 no sale of seats will, commence oa Mowday. a
dec!7-dtd - j.XjiaXZ7 jl.
treelndar Vnnranskyr te'.4"I:Tr
from their Minstrel HallCliicago., ', '7
J. H. HAYHRLT T-t.v.-,n....UAMAOsi
-IjI-j!? snJ nA .. sClsmpssedjofjvr: -. .o'. ,:J
18 Brlathteet K,lshts or 9I!natreI7a
Among whoaiarsr: ir,jii
CHAR LET- PETTI1PU1LL. - t ,i -io i A U
,. liOLi.lx HOWARIV
.ail.i.-'l v-mi t. lB-.ttUstATJa' BTDAUaC.
With a fall and wffiaieat Quartette and Orchestra,
Admiaish SO aauta. - ttiieiseil amwtwr Ta m,u-
No extra charge fdr-aeeatwd.aeatst fr sale at tbe
Box office duriiia.the eafv
JJ. lt. BULGES. ' I
Table Tstla wish n VleUnt mt InsliawsS.
: r jell faisnintl haMivii'.l-Ji'. V
; Reader, we will lappoe a martyr' to- dyvpef
siaw If yorf are nef s nsnchtho better .fujwiei
If you ewv, perhaps' yon may profit by this para
graph. You have, jesl finished ijour dinner, we
Will say,aed feel as if you had swallowed lead in
stead of wholesome food.' -You" have a lenn&n)
of tightness ' round the upper j part of . the dlal
phragm, aa if soma, snaka of Aha eoastrietea iilbw!
held you in its embrace, and had AaoftesI its etils
eer tktpit f your stammtk. -fcW feel wuprenely
miserable; and such is, the peoaity .wiiali. yocr
complaint exact after easr smoA. : What de jo
desire t Ease, of course. An exemption froni'the
Incabni fhst fobs youof aU sjeyns dqrrng-'thgJ
day.and disturbs, j.our jest at night.-.Take, then
this piece of lnfonnatlon Tow tuft' nttdltttlf.
HOSTETTER'? .piOMACBi. sBT-B3 rwiU an
eertaioly ear alL your agocising synptomg a tne
day on which you read this arHole will be succeed
d by another. Pcrhtpssoa are insrednlews; but'
if yon have read tbe testimony of the emlne'rit eii-
sens, in every walk 0 "life,, "ho have tested- the
preparation, jtod submitted tne results of their ex-poftewoe-twtuo
vublie tuiBughThepTSasv yotf ougbP
at least to have suffkieot fe'th to tna-e a trial of it
in your own ease." It is a pure Vegetable tosie-ansV.
alterative A only mtdicin. in tit unri tmttrt-
If adapted to your OMapIotai. If yon -are in thw'
hsbit of taking any a)coholl6 ereitant as a palli-J
ativB atsiidpji.iUaiid: trj.lhis wnniisnna mi
catid snuuLAVr. If it does, you, no good, say set
but yea will not dotbwt. for H-has never yet failed,
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1 majre3deodAwlr-ewr-B ; . ,3-.vi - .--;"'
' .- AHar'iH) )
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in the world, with
and vsEgBsffaiFOiii
most skillet
labor, are enabled to 'oiler an nn-
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They offer also tbeit well-known and unrivalled! i
Nickel rSBvex Eleo ro-FlaUd Ware, in which tber
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1 he' Solid -Silver fs gnaranteid' to be. of sterling .i
parity by U. 8. Hint assay . The JUeetro-Flatw t -
guaranteed to be superior to the lines t S' effiel
wars. oraerJ receivea Rom the irade only,-he -these
goods may be. bhtaiDtd, Jppa Iresponsible
dealers eviiy ghexe.
......... t I JFrmAm f
U - . ... T.TT viVTfcf
Trade War 'i't3-lli, ' "S? -.H o -arj
; -ppaBAM llANUFACTHRINU CO., , 1 1
' '. , Balearebra No.S Maiden Lena' If. T."" "-
is the offrpring of a great fgefci ap on jaafiiwilt '
. .. ....'-of danvicta-tliat hial i:i
nnonl a finerJiEOWII r BLACK than any
nth in at. hnrtai tlmtv &rtl wytwhriiasn inftrwwtA-wihwi I
hair. TMrii m tratk m pprik m thAt lh ta .
IhtbU the eirth. ' . " ' ' " jnM ..u-iui
Cristadoro's Hatr- PrservaUveri
L4ND BSAC TIFIEB. The toilet, withotit this ar-.
tlolr, lscsi its mounsefnl attribute. Nothing .- J
so oommoe in this country as the falling our pf thsu .
nair. 1 ne preservative prevents it. I he DOree eaa x
no more loosen and drop off, if this artiole ia rega
larly applied night aad morning, than if each were
fixed in a viol. The testimony on 'this polot" g iy
ovewhelming, while the beaatifjiag aad iar igotj '.
properties of the fluid ara equally well established " -
Suld by Druggists, and applied by .all Hair.Drassi - j
ers. Msuufsetory fio.SS HaidCB
Depot No. Astor House. .- . .-1-
Kltt.-I '
junels-dAwlycmferji mid
Whereby' fhS etroulation of the blood beooaW 1
eqosUied apnn the part where eppHed. earning "
pain and morbid action to sense, t ; i T
Was there ever pubtlrhM stronger erideno thaav
,s , . .t. f
Certificate frin If. Sterling BaqV(,niv,s
For two voars I have been a great -enffsrer front
neuralgia in the head, and fonad onlr'Mnpofaty ll
relief from all the various remedies that I havJ
tried, until I applied one of "ALL COCK'S PO-'
RODS PLASTEBS." I eat iMetehrewgtriow.
nlnna one under each shooldef blade and tin ntn ' f
er over the sir all of my baekj. and for the past
three months I bar had scarcely a Swing of th
old pain. I advis all who safer from "nef-vous dls-
eases to lose-no time in tnaUn a trial of the wo-ri u 1
derul plaster ' );., .....-
A.. STBRLlNe. Boc-y-Btarer Jlfit Co. -T ?
New York, Jan 8,188. f r ' i ) ' t
Principal Agencv.' BiiKMiri Ttnrraa Haw
York. Bold bv all drmrcis-s i . t O ; X
iaaeM-dAwlyem-reMT . . " A . ..'
or. araia
Tentlnn Horae sLInl
.". Meat 1 r i ' I 1
Fiat bottlei at tVfor the euro" of lameness. -ratches,
wind galls, sprains, braises. spliais.eussti
olio, slipping stile, over heating.iaee throat, nail'
iu the foot, Ac. It i warranted-cheaper and bei-'
la than anv ntfiAl. ftrtieTii erar offered to the nnhllit.
Hfhtfneaods of animals h hea "" theeoMe 1
and over beating by the Liniment; and hundreds .
that wer crippled and lame hare been restored to
thrr forsawits.-- I-4-wd bribe fcitbora-
men throughout the States.-- tj risers are coostanQy
received from tbe raoing stables of EniUnd fog
fresh1 supplies of this ioralaaUe- artidei.. Ovwr '(
ife testimonials has- own rMsiTwd. ' Reui ember.
oa dliar laid out in time may save Ihe life o(i
rour horse. Sold by all Uruggis ts. Offie.MPark
Place, New Turk. . ' : i .. i f i
janeis-dAwljem-rwirr - -t w
I rntf r b S SIUNAI,.
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