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.--i W.njJ.fiavaze. Jeweler, 88
I'UI I C " I w -
O'cleek. .. . Baso.. eter. Taera-oraetei
Haa Rises
. 7 Ml 8 "
el -a In e;n
t-Ibe Pea iFlly,S?l
era arc
coming. - -'
ra-af Nary galoot Wfota
2, r Th" -State .lk waa aa irreh.
;iten yesterday s a vmttWWVFZtt'
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iron Ji
rtpayUielo?: O&S
lP'xUwlkwti M.oWe's&ryllr
waHrrightthwugr. -- " .p.
-..A .til q 'Viii mm : - - -J:
q sftW i notice that.ee Uijejbg $ft
rlTer wlUitn the ttrnto prohibited" J
oaifcel.Whose.1 dat U W tq tJWfttto
matter r'V:,:'H-'':;1,
fine lot of jrlme Fitch and Mink
wbickt they eU at from UUrty tq fllty oar
trliN BuunuT8rSale.tbts day at
1 P; M. and t P. M.toy W. X. jtf duto aou
High atreet, next door to Sataga'a Jawslty
--'j-.-i Ionian yrj.
frifludaimwona la the, qpera ioca,. rv
...Mnid. two bodom JnUliiwry
price p eiTar, 4ay,by-a tomawhat
noTet-piao. - ,tt
J)iroScieGiAHTroElti M. nsher. on
Teaterday. waa granted a decree of divorce
from ner nusoana, 1
nP Bi-aertion. Urunkei
tery. and almost everything
etae. Ji t.
KUharda waa her attorney w -
ciaVof i crimlnaT -tharacteV tried ytslxr
bly until the new,. Proaecu.Unjr Attorney
MMMtnt sower. ThaHlme. both the
Gotanoo Pleas Court was ocaufileAlaTl
11 eases. --it.l , ,
JA:s. We .' havf .A0"1.hak'Mr?;
iUi of th Columbus Nursery -for the
present of one ol the saost.ieaatltul boii-i
ouets of.liot house nowm' we nmnw
nui "It -caaie h i birthday preseofri to
ur beUer two-lb Irds, and. she Jas'iietlj'
cHBjo)irted hernoxrsBielHng at .-A,
niiad "WooOfflcer Ho'rn'tht
4$0ltf 'laalVllriNwted , maw fcamed.JohB
Bitk, charged wftb stealinjf wajto from
Sprlns: street, belonnln to Jbn Mi Pdbe
was ukpft before SalreGullck yesteri
day and held to baU la the sum of, 300 tor
blRfPpeartncfl'on .tbe J9th ln,;Hefurr
nisbe the neibesgary oitrity. f .r.
Xwwoaaii NKw'.EAuioAbwtConven:
M6rf qCtanroad men an tltlsena Intprest
ed'Uu the proposed new road iicom Pitttr
burjjh to Indianapolis, pythe way of Mt.
VetaontiUi b -ealted the Pfttsburchn-Ut.
Vernon-A -Indianapolis TallidaA-moC in
thU city yesterday.r 'A very full discus
sion was hai on two proposed route?, and
a sn vey tof botlr wia finally rddV-8tid
an assessment made to meet the xpAse.
f3?f Aeafhl lot of rBS8 ?d
SrKCUtfcN of Penmanship.--
JTobtf MDywsVHSerk W tube t the
Commissioner , of Railroad b, has prepared
for the Clerk of th Senate, on parchment.
copy of the resolutions of that body, on
cerrrrpajftireTrrjf penmanshlpTanil rtflects
hljfliait oa th skill of Mr i Dynes. The
resolu'ious are surrouodedby a represen
tation of a wreath of JaureJ draped by
heyert--C----The-coa6 of artna of le
tete are placed at the top, and a broken
haf ajiibejt ? the wreitSJThe
whole pieJihyi v&V i r aft
some. They are to bfitorwarded to Mrs.
Hali.jsy-d ,wre prepared with a-vlew ,to
having them, lranaed. .. jsilq r . 'liJiT
tr 'jL'pu&j$jjBk.;6t Chlnainnet ajid
tea setf and vases at ,WesVwater'ij l" .
To cx READiitnere some ;men
In tlil town wh'e carry. tI poUt-csl Into
their business as well as thelr,rellgUn, aud
who Dositlvelv refuse.. to. adyertUe in the
c...w.w wtnaii it Ta'a'Democratle pa'
perJEiThere -sia!' be' -at xQn coocluJoi
draw from- such refusal, and. ths Is, that
inch men do not wish Democratic custom.
By lookingover outadvertising and special
notice, column Jon. wjlf Hod ' Jhe pames ol
thosk 7wke desire yous trade Give to
pubiicana as well as Democrats wlfddver-
tlse with" us fcre willing to aid n.is ua
Ulning a first class' paper: of your persua
slon, and wm;trw;jrouiwll.lthout re
gandtoyour political vieway .
Decalcomanib pictckes, boxes of wbrk-
. lng materials and vases at Westwater's.
FaTAb AcCidebt Theodore ;Gtch, - 4
treikbi conductof on'tbe C'C f,trail
roadvwas klled yesterarjoacirijlng" about
10 o'clock by tailing lrom bis train while
It was in motion. The rata and snow bsd
mads 4bi tops of. tha tra-weryaiipperyT
and, whUejumpingromecaboosetothe
er iilroht Ifelk-Miiweeiithem, the ca
boose passing over and cutting btTfcoth
legs. The acetdest ccurred near St. Paris,
Champaign county. He-lived ohtirabout
halfist twelve p'plocks retaiarog htefspjl
ultles to;the last We knew Theodore well!
He was a nbble hearted yoanjttap, nd
by" bis exertions "supported a Widowed
mother and two'lsters.'They reiiile is
Piquallie had fllleii the Doltlonf89J5!c.M
ductor for about a year.
" . -.- 11 1
iggpThe1 largest aud finest stock of gas
fixtures at lowest pnees at westwater's. :
.. ; immi ' I "' n.... -.-,-1:
ing trattbfeW of real wfcre lei t. at the
Becordert offioe yesterday;: --' if .
Henrr CU- Johpson and wife and Harvey
W. Johnsorr and? wife , to Crelghton N,
Eaktav June iUi,.lnlpt No. 17 in the town
of Flint, for lioo, 'v-m-t.-
J.CGray and wife to S,D.; CruoK, Oct
34th, lot No. . 69 la the town of tuuiara
tor LS5. ...;iv-. ma k'.
Edward Clark and Wife tQ.Henry Qark,
Hay 16th, quit-claim tc. M acres 8 rods and
6 2-3 perchesotland In Jackson to WDJW;
tor iWlt Y'- "'
Francis Johnston and wile to Wellington.
Landon, January Mb, &8ffif$ seres
laud in Plain township, lor $7-u Ui.
A. B. Parsell and wlf WWiUlam Os-
born, July 2Ub lots Not. 12 and 43 la the
town of Beynoldsbnrgh, for IISO
tS" -- -splendid tot of Trencli, China
' Vasos? Jardinieres, Motto Cups, &n of their
own UnporUtloh.at o: -8 WxsTWAtgB's.'-.
.U th mo.td4loai Mats. . Th, to
LOCAL NEWS. WEDNESDAY, Dec. 16, 1868. Grand Division of the Brotherhood
of Railroad Conductors.
of Railroad Conductors. SECOND DAY.
The Grand Division met at 9 o'clock yes
terday morning.
A motion to amend Sections 1 and 3 of
Arelel was mldelb VrJ SuM. ftd
adopted. The amendment does away with
the equal assessment on each member for
enfrthtiiinl)jr' "err deceased
brother Bhd""-substitutes tbererbr a pian
for mutual insurance, similar to that adop
5XJ? WjgFtivi. dD jKoqU its En
gineers. The amendment was adopted.
Mr. Packard moved-that a committee of
five be appointed to draft a Constitution,
UjHavta:nilea, ftranthnbotAat tntkfr-
weVcwmn J.frYcpoft" ihe samVuAbls
fession of tQACadpDlntaiorw Messrs,. L.
1 WBrowtu wV K. GHsanNV 0.' Crary," JF$.
PackaVdT 'and W.fi:6rtswold were appeioi
ed such committee.
j -i i f
ait t 8 a per I ntenden f of 4)ie Ind iaha'polui;
St. Louis railroad, expressing bis heartr
-sympathy wtth thmj.tomeiig, ind'ariifiiir
tne formation,.. uroiiieFBOoav was roao
The lollowinK letter from J. D. Herki-
merGVrtfcfalBperlrtteriaeTit "of the Indl
ST. LOUIS, Mo., Nov. 26, 1868.
NM iVlnclosinif-a calf for convention
of Conductor, is at hand. If the conduc
tors of our road wisli to send a delegate to
Coluasbuis i ,iUl Juraish him pa, and
How btin '. time, whllu absnt. If not gou4
an unreagonabl length of time.
Yours truly,
ST. LOUIS, Mo., Nov. 26, 1868. J. D. HERKIMER, G. S.
he following letter was presented by J.
D. Alverson:
December 3, 1868.
the appointment or Mr. J. p.'.Alvrrenn to
thft convenrlou to be. held" t iCblumbus.
QhlOt Deo, I5uas contald fai yeuc Im iss
to me. is most praiseworthyr and receives'
my most hearty. approval-aad support, and
m-otv-he Is that thev may succeed far
their commendable efforts fobtnefl 1 1 he ffta-t-rnltv.TI
itelosr a Dessv- and wish tbetn
Godspeed l; their: undertaking. Mr. Al
verdon has th Hoe
Division Sup't.
Mr. J. A. Ladd, Bryan, W. T.
i A. G.'BIacr'ieiQrted Jeefof the
following Yeter
Mr. J. A. Ladd, Bryan, W. T. NEW HAVEN, CT., Dec. 12th, 1868.
Gentlkmkn: Dri committee
ppwfrtKl by the Associate; Conductors; of
the JJew Haven Hajrtlord and Sprinylleld
railroad company, X must Inform ' you of
Our lnab1Ht to be represented bytltlejrate
St the proposed Convention at Columbus
on the IStht insU; cA-a .meeting of the
eonduetors of this road such delegate was
appointed arid bad made1 arangeraents ' to
iitend, but the nnneuslly early closing of
She rirer has caused- an Increase ot both
lassenger and freight -business that oc
cupies the attention and necessitates the1
attendance of employees at at) hours pt tne"
day and alttixys of the week., ,So far
the DroKosed Brotherhood ,1s concerned, it ,-
has oar deepest sympathy and you may -Hj
mw our earnest eo-ODeratfon 'In anv"
and all arrsneements i which yguif organ-;
izatlon may adopr. ' . . ! -
i H oping that y on' will forward a report of
roceedlngs' :r ;;.r::;';j ,W V.
Jlfemaidypura, -.' : i
I Tw-A Black andOS. Cru?n.:
a. panrth,rof '4 TJoioa : pacific
road,-having been delayed on his-way to
the Convention? sptteferea, " presented his
A..hU .h,l lHAVhUaMC f I ' -i '.-ft Tim
D. S. Iver, Division Superintendent sent
the following, vr -r.
' I Furlousfh-grenti'd to- Coitdnctor -E. . A.
Dai) forth -fortM fchroos of ntti-ndlne that
Corivention of Railroad Conductors at Co ,
lu tubus, Obio, and the oljects ot the Con-.
veottoa.are mostbeartlly approved.
The following resolutions were resd and .
unanimously adopted : f i ' ' ' lu,c""''
1 Ttnnlve.iL That the thanks of this Grand
Di vishrti txJ returned to the proprietor's a
the Goodale House, for their care and atten-
Lm during ourstav here, and we recom
mend .them and their house to the traet--
lllZ public. ... x, yr-j-f 7i
' Heaolved, That our thanks are due to the
reporters of the Statesman and the Jour-l:
nal, the Columbus city pspersf and to the
CtgicJouaLvpapersr for publlahir our re-
DOrtS.tfA.V r v, ..liii- -i-
s eofoek That Harvey-Bo rdell, for his
kin-.1n8 in fortilihlng- carrUties for, and
attention to "this Brotherhood,-, has our
MeioHed, That when we leave this Grand
Division and return to our homes,, carrying'.,
with us the liveliest feelings of Iriendshipi
and good; 4vill engendered (hiring our fra
ternal meeting, we will use every. Jienora-.,.
hletffortto incrtase the efllciency of thi
B rot herhood. bys exte ndiu g its -jXten t and
conse quent Influence. " '1 ""'"
i ' i?Wei.-nThat''the ! members' of-,tnhr
Brotliernood are ' opposed to any andall"
Strikes or combinations' for the purpose of
producing strikes, and we wul use our. nest.
fiorts' to prevent all such oombinatioiis
and strike's, nor sball'tliU Brotherhood be
used as a means ot procuriug passer."
i eso?cei. That we remrn our most sin-. .
cere tuuHics. i-i.;6. uruzua ana' AJb.
Black, for issuinir tliexall which has re
sulted in the formation pi the Brotherhood
ud mouon.ot .a. u, urary tne following
wasuaaoMBOualy. adopted 8 r.a-.
Xesolved, Thai thef peclal thanks of this
Brotherhood be' returned to Spivinslhe
local reporter r t Aha bTATrsMAN for his
excellent report of the proceeuiuits of this
Ane-commmee on jnutuai insurance re
ported the following as Sections 1, 2 and 3
of Article 7 of the Constitution ;
ficiittri.-FoT tha pur peso creatine S '
fund lrom wnicn, in case ot tne aeatn or
any brother in Agood' standing, fiecuniary
assistance shall Jhe granted to the family of
such -deceased brother,there shall be estab
lished a Mutual Insurance Company, to be
kaowh"MtbeCMidhctordBrbth,erhpod Mu
tual insurance .vompany, wuion suau oe,
under the control of this Grand Division,
and ah all have branches Ju anchDUU
slons an rosy -desire ibem-.'i The-iafoauriv
ot premlunx to De paid, ana U t De i dv
each memberi From tueiund th created
the t shall be paid, - o ttieiamtiyreacri
deceased brother, - ihe assessment to De
made and collected by-the 3rand division
and forwarded to the Secretary of the "Dro-i
per Subordinate Division. " '
bllitv-ot anv brother. It shall - be the dnty.
or tne wana secretary tonopiy suD-uivt-
sioiib to assess ana collect tne same amount
that they would upon, tbe deaths! a, broths
er.j The aihe tyfe paid ,to. the disabled'
Brother, taking n is receipt therelcr, , ex
cept aa an honorary member.- r u
ascmoN 3. upott tue aeatn or aisaoiuty
of a brother, it snail be tbe duty of tbe Sec
retary 01 nis suD-Artvision u notuy tne.
Urana secretary .wbo- suaii ootrlv me auo-
-Uf ybUqj tbe saiat who shail collect the
sta(ed amount in tuirttiayv .
Aoe useaamsru jtiu tiuopteav
On motioe. J. Packard was elected Grand i
Marshal tor, the purpose ot Installing the 5
officers of the Grand Division. r, - , 5.,
'' Cn motion, the ftodventiou adjourned
tiMdte:'"' Jl.
'The Grand Pivlalon was then placed In
charge o tbf .Grand HarshaV who" pro
ceeded to install tbe officers elect, and give
Instructions in the ritual 4 the Brottwri
hoofl in secret ktesloor. ri a
; -'As theclose '6t' the secret session, tha
dobrsNvere opened,' wben' the Grand Divi
sion selected Chicago as" tbe place foi the
aext meeting, at the call of the Grand Chief
.Conductor., i . ',7
oejtTHMi ljT.-CmrCherryTI5rlff
almanac is "old rellaDl' unseu. Taken
in ton junction -witn -our own-weather
rrroenbetfcatlcnsVtliereean be nothing "de
ceptions" fn the state of the weather. Our
almanac said "look out lor'xaln." It did
rain. We said "look out f9r snow." It did
snow. For a while ytsterday morning the
Ttlerk ol the weather passed but snow with
one band and rain with the ether so equal
If that'-people' were bothered to know
which was which.. It blew, and snew, and
rained, and friz "until the streets were as
sjlppery as the well tallowed side-locks of
a country beau.
HAVKBX3rClOA)tEi2fina audiencp
greeted the adwnt-ot tbls troupe of-burnt
cork artists, and right well did they enjoy
the varied performance.' The singing wasJ
superb. How could it be otherwise, wltfc
Bldeaux and Brandlsl in the quartette?
Charley Pettlnglll is a brick. He kept hit
audience In a roar from the beginning
tfnhnlftBS8kforman2S. CETisiTTe.
cTs! SerldSoDganaSance lft mTthlngl
Everybody knows Charley Reynolds, anq
that he is excellent. We must commend
the violin duett ot Kneeland and Voos. I
was delightful, the gem of the evening1
They give another concert to-night
Parkpa Connrq. The-great artist Pare
pa Kosa will give one grand concert at the
Opera House, In this city, on Wednesday!
evening next, December 23d, assisted by,
Brookhouse Bourley, the great Enifllslij
tenore, SignorFrandl, baritone, Carl Bosp
violinist, Georjje W. Colby, ' pianist, and;
J. Levy, the king ot cornet pla era. Selec
tions from the operas, ballads, solos, &c,
will be presented. The ber.t programme'
j ever offered the citizens of Columbus, has
I been prepared. The sale of seats w ill com-i
mence on Monday, December 21st, at
Seltzer's Music Store.
Board or Public Works. At a session
ol the Board of Public Works, held yester
day, the application ot John Cooper, Pres
ident, and J. D. Johnson, Secretary and
Treasurer of the Pittsburgh, Mt. Vernon
& Indianapolis Kail road, for the purchase
of the Walhonding canal, under the pro
visions of the act passed April, 1SU8, was
presented. The application was Ordered
to be placed on file and the applicants re
quested to comply with the provisions of
the law.
Serious Accident. Robert Hughes, a
driver on the street cars, was seriously
Injured in front of the National Ho
tel, yesterday about noon, while attempting
to stop a runaway team. After he caught
She animals he slipped, and their struggles
orced him against a post where one of the
wheels caugtit him, breaking his breast
me and otherwise seriously injuring him.
e had a very narrow escape lrom death.
Dr. Helmlck was called and gave him the
necessary medical attendance.
I An Old Citizen Gonk We regret to
announce this morning th death ot Mrs.
Mary E. Kent, wife 6f C. W. Kent, Sen.
She was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky,
In 1808. and emigrated to this State in 1826
trom Virginia. She was the daughter ot
Hon.Wm. H. Henderson.ot Kentucky.whose
political tame Is written on the history of
the nation. She was an affectionate wife,
a' tender and loving mother, a kind friend
and a devoted christian lady.
Skates ! Skates! Aston, Taylor & Huff
have just received a new lot of the Barney
and Berry New York Club and Rink skate.',
f Bargains I Ba roains I Gents' Under
Clothing, White and Grey Blankets Flan
nels. Cassimeres. Ladies and Gents' Ho-
sterjfTjGTovesr&c.Uci seffliSUst aNo.1
41C6rtw Hrgif street? fopposire wiwm
Office). decl7dlt
Kindling. Persons wishing kindling
shavings will have their orders promptly
tilled by leaving them with As Taylor
and Huff, No. 20 North High St. et. The
money must accompany the ord 1 Price
$2.00 per load,, delivered- O
declfarfitL VJ fl IBu lAUDo.
Gents' Under CLOTHi&tr at cb at No.
41 North High street. decl7-dlt
; Handfome New Year Presents Free at
Milliner Hkadquartkrs. Who wants a
new bonnet or hat? I will commence this
00 It tor each dollar's worth of millinery
purchased by any person between now and
New Year's Diy, at which time two prizes
will be distributed, consisting of a very
handsome black silk velvet bonnet and a
lull triin.nied7ilk.eIvet.ihatP.Tha:,draw
1 n g to takfl Tpl ace on ' NeV Tears' "m'br nTn g
in the presence of two well known gentle
men, and the holder of the card having
the first drawn number upon it (which
wU be advertised in tha newspapers), will
be-entitled to the first choice of the prizes
THejprtz32re"iow onxbJQtiojH WT
show case.
C. W. Simmons, Opera Block.
Columbus, O., Dec. 16, 1S6S.
It drunkenness curable? It is, and the
desired remedy canbeotyridjn a prepara
tion contaiulng the marvellous alterative
and curative properties of a precious plant
found in the Orient and hitherto unknown,
and called, when combined with certain
fiudigenous herbs. "Dr. Johnston's Spec! c.
All respectable Ylruggf:s'bave it "for sale
'Wy-iiU J Mil.
Skates, Skates, Skates, Skates, at W. A.
GUI & Son's.
Jewelry made and repaired by C. E.
ULBtnith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
A fine assortment of skates just received
at W. A. Gill & Son's.
KATTKa Boots fok Ladies. The only
article of the kind in the city at J. K.
Shoemaker's, No. 69 Nortn High street.
Barney ft Berry's Celebrated N. Y.
Club and American Bink steel skates, st
WJ A. Gill & Son's.
Oysters at 40, 60 and GOcts. per half csn,
snd 30 cts. per dish, (dozen), at Hennebo's
Restaurant, West Broad street. No. 13.
Headquarters for Skates, at W. A. Gill
(f Son's, No. 30 North High street.
The Great Oyster Hodsk. Wm. Dick
inson, 61 North High street, near Gay, has
the finest lot of Oysters ever brought to
Columbus, which he will sell wholesale or
retail, At lower rates than they can be pur
chased for elsewhere In the city. Go and
aye lor yourselves. Also 120 barrels choic
est winter apples j ust received and lor sale
g Grand Masquerade Ball. The first
grand masquerade ball of the season will
be given by the Excelsior String Band
Ueoemoer zotn (uuristmas nignt;, at .am
bus Hall. Tickets admitting a gentleman
and ladies, $1.00. Tickets can be had at
EinUemau &, Co.'s, or ot the members ot
tbe 'Band.
Costumes can be had at C. Eampman's,
corner Third and Mound streets, on rea
sonable terms, by procuring them two
days belore the 25th Inst. decl5-4t
Twenty fee cilkt. vu safer than the
Cheapest, to Cash Buyers. During
'the next thirty days, I will make to order.
Suits, Overcoats, irowsers snd other gar
ments, twenty per cent, cheaper than any other
Merchant Tailor in the Union for prompt cash.
Lhave the largest assortment of fine and
medium grades of woolens to be found in
the city. The excellence of the materials.
style and fit of the garments made at my
establishment is well known to the com
munity. I offer my goods as above stated
lor tbe reason that I want money, more
than I do an excess of stock,
: An Insfletlon'of stQck -anj pricfiiis.re
spectfully solicited.
; j ( C. W. Nl8WANDBB
rjti w AUYertm6Ge,nts,
or THS
Uflite4oState&tv:of America,
'chartered by special act of
Cash Capital, - - $1,000,000.
To whioh all feosral eorreapoDdeooa ihoald Va ai
d e?aed.
JAY COOKE. Chairman Finanoo and Executiro
HENRY D. OOKE, Tioa Pwident.
EMtRtJOM rEKT..Saretary and Aotnary.
Offered by tail Company are s
,B VarNAticniliCoaipanT, chartered by speoial
aet of Conareaa, 1868.
It b a paid op capital of S1.C00.0O0.
i It offei low rates of premium.
. It tarnishea larger Iniuranoe than other Compa
nies for the same money -.
It is definite and certain io-Hs tarsi's.
, It is a borne Company in every locality.
, la Polioies are exempt from attachment,
i There are no nnnflHuirr reatriotions in the Pol
icies. -. rr r f ' I
V.vm PkH. Unflk. A.r..1.Ti
VoUeiee-nay be taken rtmVwrtl tu
full amount and return ell the premiums, so that
the Insurance eostsonly the interest on the annual
after a certain nuesber of years, during life, an an
nual income or one-tentn tne amount named in tne
folio j.
I No exra rate ia charged fur risks noon the Uvea
Of females
j It insures not to par dividends, but at S a
cost that dividendawill be impossible,
Cincinnati, Obio. Oeneral Agents for Ohio Central
jgana aonthern lDdianaA t J
Colnibns. Speoial Agents for - Franklin. Licking,
Muskingum and "Joeboeton counties. "
No.1 33(1' Broadway.
Capital, - On ffliflion Bollar.
DABtrsK Mano4M. Fres't. 4 as. Merrill, Seo'y.
Kec-'iTes Dermsi sand allows FOUR PER ' NT.
INT K REST on all I )ailr Balanoeasubieot to ebeekJ
at aiglit.1 rinemalBepoe te for Six months or more.' n
may be made at are per oent. The Capital ot Una
MTlion Dollars is divided imoni over 54)0 Share
holders, eomorisinar many eenUeman of larae wealth
and financial experience, who are al3o personally
liable taeHjaiarsior ail blications of tbe Com-
pan-no double the amount of their capital stock,.,
As the National Trust Company receircs deDoaita
ia large or Smelt anxmnts. a"d permits them to be
drawn as a whole oran pe.t. by chen at sight and
without notice, allowing ibtereat oa all daily bal
ances, parties throuchouttheoountrf can keee ae-
eounta in thi Institution with sproial adTaotagea ,4
nf IMnrltT. AAnvuninnr. fend btSL U 14
yasuv-deol-dAwSXm - ,v i 1
A preparation. intro rniei fist .winter, having-
reoeiveaso many nattenng commen'iatiora lrom
those who ussd jt, ii.duce.tbe- -propri tore Uk bring
it attain bedir the smbta. a.fsurin- timn that it
staads unrivalled as the best protector f tbe skin
ag-tinst tne inoi.mncy ot trie winter season. It
noteftly imparts to the skin a delicate freshness
and boauty. bat also oauduoee to its health, parity
and preservation. For ht-alng abraaioos, Chap
ped Hands. Face. Lps. or Roushness of the Skin.
rft.hasno equal; while it- Booihing qualities and
amgnuai tracranee reraer-it a necessary appond
aire to tbe toilet. H reputed only by MAhPLE A
RITSON, ivpensing Ckemists li S.iuth Higli
1.., MM .IT, 1. j -- - -
Valuable Properly tor Sale.
,t:i:is 'iSini Jr. si
r Resilience, on Bp ai stieet; also, two B uildir.g.l
Lots-oir-Kighth-sfreetr aii improved Farm of 60
acres in HancooK coanir.-bavn, orvhard-, Acall of
which wi'l be sold-on naoabi ternrs) or will be
exchansrd for ag iod bu-iess property in Column
oua or uesiiignoa Baa SHgn street. -. Appty-tv r
Jtt&Jj.i.. W . t, JAMISON,
decli dlw-n
fcKi r in thu-eitj f Uolumbns, atamot leo.
ox iana near uttawa. tne county seat ot rut-
nam county, OhU, and will p?.the:xiffTeBee, if
any. in cash. Toe land is situate at the corner of
cross roais. has fcoaao en i aad twenty or thtrty-t
acres cleared. It is very rieh4-.nd, and well tim
bered with walnut. ao, sugar-tree sua apioe boson
A good bargain will be gives.
I Office, corner of High and Broad streets.
marS-wly jtn auii-ai tiesi i -i W-
pRcH:! c. helmick
rilVES 8l?CIAt.'ATTErrriOrI TO
'XX the treatment of diseases of Kemales,, There
are many ladies In every community who ,re afflict
ed with what is teru.ed female weahneas. Dr.
Helmiok hss discovered a remedy that is warrant
ed tj cure tbe matt aevere cases., no matter-bow ,
longstanding. - Ladies can consult tbe Doctor at
his office or by mail, on all diseases peculiar to their
sex. The strictest pritacy observed in all cases
Office o, J53 JM t,ith tlujb. street, Colmnba,ibie..
PHYtfi? SIC lahCrgRRVfliriV' X
Testify to its merits onSKWtoring GRAY HAIR
its original, ooior, en promoting' ita" grewtb.-1
anoe are made young; agaiaj M'islbebest ' ' 4
ever used. It removes Uandrnff and all Scurvy
Eruptions. It dees not stain tbe skto. -i - .-
1 :1-.';.ss!rr?si BTjtAiL.
Beware of tle Bumerous preparations whieV are
aold upom onr reowtation. . "'" ' - ' "
R, P. H ILL A COv. Nashua. If, Proprietors.
Fer sale by alI Draagiita-r u ; . --w '
july2S ditawAeij-oia . .1 ..i
A HOUDA1 PBKSjetV r-Ladies .'and
sentlemen, young and old. desirous of bavint their
hair beautiful for the Holidays, should use a bat
onoe. Read Chevaljer'a Treatise on the Bair. ,
Free to all. Qivaujtway at tlie Drug Stores, or seat
by mail free. This book should be e-ead by every
person. It teaerres to cultivate and have beautiful, .
bair, and restore gray bair to its original oolor,'
atop ita fellies; ant, seaiowee all ivrttatlorr or dan-"
drug froa the scalp, thus keeping tha hair heauti-'
ful to the latest perlod'of lire.' " : .'. " J
' v.,SARA.ttA.-;HEVAUER. M. I)..
jrrr-W-jBodto 4 J j ,.; 1123 : Broadway, N. Jf.
Vllltil restored in four weeks. Success
raaranteed. DR. Kl CUKE'S BSSKHK OFS.lkRr
restores qtably powers from whatever cause ari-
on., . -vuvww v. ' -, umiuu. u.ui'Bi BOl 1
abuse, impotency and elimate. aive away at Qnse to,
this wonderful medicine, if taken regularly accord
inc to the directions (which are very simple and re
quire no restraint from business or pleasure.). Fa)l -ure
ia impossible. rSld in bottles at S3, or four
quantities in one forf9. To be had only ef the sole
appointed agent in America.' H." 'Gkbitzen, 87
1 hinl Ave., corner 13t 6tiow York.
YHY-jy.olr . a s.i .-"a.
VTHHI MoAr JTevi Mini
Jyl Pamphlet from IA pen y Dr. Curtis.
Thef'Medical limes" says of thif "work: iflhia?
valuable treatise on the cause and cure of prema
ture decline, shows how health is inparrea-torauah
secret abuses of youth and manhood, and how
easily regained It aives a clear .ajninsia of the.,
impedimenta to marriage, rte eause 'and effects' of
nervous debility .and the remedies therefor." A
pocket edition of the above will be forwarded on
receipt of 35 cents, by addressing Deetor Ccbtis
Pa. S8 North Charles street, Baltimore, Md.
era mayS6-dly-r .
splendid Hair D is tha beat. in the world;
the only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable
inxtantaneeoa ; no disappointment : no ridiculous'
tints: remedies the ill efieots of bad dyes; invig
orates and leaves the Hair soft and beautiful, black
or trown. Sold by all Druggists and Perfumers ;
and proparlr applied at BatohelnCa Wi Factory
1aefi Bond street. N. York. rNT aprSS dial, .
A Viaaod daltoate skin, free rem every1 blesa
Uh. is the reward of an occasional nse of Palmer
Vegetable Cosmetic Lotion. lepSl-dAw ly o
$50,000 FIFTY THOlMfvD D0LLMSV'''$ii0(
' j liq m -Mt uoAt.ir.iui u Dna ,m-.i i
w, wnnmn wetr. a tbeatore in l'brtliVKq JiW KUAUUiau,laoka mmiI too. prioona
MiUMS thanvith tnoM-aMalir-ehaiiodt V I ind-iKi ,s -;i n.tn jh: - I
' lnt -".ri.ioJ Vi-.ti- UiJmAl cl I
ltle' Kip Boslm H Wbole Lealber.
soys- AAip HOOI
Yooltiw' Kip JSwwOSr- r-r ir-r
. jt i ..La .jiiv- i u.tli'i Cta-a.
Men'a fjair, Xap-8oled froot,
Wmmn' Belt Moroccor hoe, -
IrfMliea Doable Soled E.natiais Co4.r3iaIeraWr l-ilO, ,oi(-:.:-,.:., e
Ladieat do., Sillt-3tore. Tery Beet,
Jllssrs' Morocco Sboetj Poliab, -
i t, V . a a
m aoeas are rnaean
xidl art te
goaeantaM to, be ofioperiOr tiatbrial and workmanship, and will bear Comparison
arkeUi - A AaT ff a. I J . , .. ..,.. ...,",-..- . , .1 T,.-:
with In. i. f Ik. m..L.r. .
lion't forgat that tha sale is positiv. and ia limited1 to but a few' weeks.,- Another such epportniti
will never xooar again. Be aure and find the right place (th-ve ia bo too) before- buying. , i - -j y,,i,:ij
UsHLER's NW BUlLDlNVJ, opposite tha
Goods. I
decT-4edJni- I5II05i i
a-?ir yd)
T23TAJ jSba bhmektI'
I v.:ti-nc-!t rrr -
- :i
-W e.l;
J;H j eti--
Having gteatly; enlarged our Printing Facl
'o jr.sjn."r i-iwmaji outfit.
j sw flfjan qvl V
The Latest and Most Approved 'Styled
And the addl'lcm of New
-....i. i...--..:- , -Ja .':
ad: w) aci fc-J n
1 -if. .11?'
'.. '.. a I
Generally conceded,. tobo the fastest and
iiis.ih'l dot ..S T'1 -.e.:I1 i i; la o-ita'.-Tsi s
In connection with KUGGLEST, GOEDON'S and WELLS' Job Presses, that have
proven seen successes lit our office, snd having -the largest and most commodious
bnilding iu this city in which to operate, we are now prepared ' . 4 ,.
In the best and neatest style of the art, and
ilnm fna XTAn. Dhu... .., Imr.rA.tA.1 T.... .,
fouitv';a-d Jnventlve-talfliit ef tae pe;t minds of theaze enable us todo mod w r
vjiuva viixj.-i x i xi-o biiaii can uc uuuv in tuts otm ebyie ana Wlta only tneoia.
facilities. Tbe Office is complete in ail its arrangements, and' can do the work with- .-
.r- 'i . v. j s- t .asis r.jtys e
mnm; iictresses
p ,heo-.iicf
RtSniptitbts, a
Handbills,; )
bz-iii u
Legal Blanks,
Blank LBooks,
Business- Cards,
-W XXjZj
.n-CirH, !?". .lijvoil i"ji ; .- drriK ei ' 1 ' ;
" iBtVLGCTGZ croHl y .-.'.r -.' -. - n
-. I- lunh
'" In this specialty we
Jf-V -.1 L' " u... "
Having1! More Presses '
WAinjca in me
We are prepared to execute all kinds of
i . ,. . :., ... , . ,uraeismors.
7. ,1 Jt r.. - " - - -
lol f.-t-1'
?s w-
Nos. " 36, 38
ni'rf ?;(:
! H 1
U il 1" i
11 1 ,aif! r
w bat I
A U FHOB .W offrd for tale, and to b elrmf
ia - Ti. -.ii afi-.-i. I
----- X- S.OO. ef o.ae.lt T S.Od
a, 8 wi "; rtMiii-i vl
iliil Jtt.ii n.RMVi ia sa! uii- i " rW.-4fVi
9 SS
r ;i 1,
a jtaifciintesiol .M
fit 5a !,r-w in! .1-. :m I
-n.tta' r-e.'!.M
t.-;-.q--iq el 'i 7u;an-.-i.:i I
e. -,:,., .;jbumI
miv'tmo iiee. A 1
fi.T.mevv.Aw.1 1- --.
-O A i
hie" Vi ''WW - - -s
TO'- ?7T
.jtrai; l 'iJ
1.40, ...
v, A-c, dtv-.
1-tatsskaii OfeitJB. iabha plaoe.i tio.and aW 1 e
-f-y " . ' i'-.-ii- --.-'iijus
J.JkjE5.Oa CLOUD A) CO. "J
.... .
4 w iJi.: i..
!JU i j m. - u .
' - VP r
f V.: ,iW'i';
'. r-i,--'' v--n. Yt f-iv? ' V.i.
T1 I
-i tl:;
a 1
Ities by the purchase ol a complete new
J: pi! .1
Xi:' 1 Mhi !- :l : tI t-
- jPrecses, Iccluding a
. ,.. .
j t-!-.-i ,; i-ji '.) ' 4 ''
-i .... - tii.'
best Printing Machine in -the world.
- iT I .--. t . i - --;!- - - - '- -
:.v-.v s-
npon terms that cannot be conifieted with.
1 I R I .... L. I . I 1 1 J
i - - ' . . t - .-
,,"1 e.ll cr-.i .
- i;tt-j;i.s
i q tua t'
1-1 i
and new maciimrv,
.3 ..!
Bill Head ,
Letter Heads,
t3 s-j:
to a i'
'ris vmui Ol
Drug Labels,
Bills of Faref Etc.v
! , --
t.;t.-. f- u 'd
si ,sc- a
- .v Liu.
. - 4 ; - ' -: -d r .'..
.1 1.-.7
v. tr .
.iafliiiic J cj iioijiiiotvix
! VJ
are unsurpassed. -
I - - V '
: , 1 efTi3 '
;f a vie-i-iJ " n
fo pia-i a !; ii
1 -1 na.i'1-iA-l
f. tr.
b -.1-T--I'
thair allv Other -printing
fwiiv y 0111 Uilieu,
Printing - , irany color, at lower prioes than
. .V,
1 ic
i A
BnUdlnjj .
40 Koith -High- Street,
J.H. GOLDWAIT. COMMERCIAL MATTERS. Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 16.
per cent.
: rwolioi aa nan ill" 'nun ca
H .11 MItTl
u aw I an aaatwa?
J.H. GOLDWAIT. COMMERCIAL MATTERS. Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 16. New York Money Market—Dec. 16.
opt Mflt..n cali r- (USiUutuatriy ae4ivet
79 0rent ..!!. :V.roooAlil .1ilS
" -rtrKRlJGEXtJHANGir Ttfttl-At
VKSe(&H--mta raf-irnB sevaelclai siilX
.iaru9.amupeneaiiliTaTjoV, aavancea
6eawr Msrton's bill, if adopted, will de
cidedly coijdrctp higher jrrerMdrW.Tli
market waadbU, boweverfttlfd Tn tnA iSLei-
noon.reactea to io on.reporxoi.toeataeaaia
fioancecommifrtee, at which rate the closlnsr
4y,iQB:Werenfi(inWiO a e-ioanUlaSl
New York Stock Market—Dec. 16.
f GlufcRNMIaT 6T0CKS4firmC6uf
JrOUS tiOK -8I I14!oj4r- OO- rtJrtfX
(ail3if-doi'84-10Tti107; do '65 JOlHtfi
;Jliaor aewi ViVmtOla' ljgrj
110; do 68 iiyivSt"a" i"o4S
lp5 , i:' An ..wriwr '
Stoeks dull a'BdtbouL.SDeelalrleataireS
Market firmer in ihe -forenoomlsk IrarW
and -lower in; the ftemoon.---A-snarp coh-t
have' already 'jjutLout shorts to a cqtisjdej-ai
hie fextanton -manj; leadini(.sharVa'eelt
fa on ld bile 4.000. shajsiaiat, BcaDAlsaaf
and.warit jiromptly. (Jelivered at ilee 11 of
flft bujl.4h9wui4 fiiey,WBre,'Ft.itir"i
supplied with casbsobstf t is hinted they
can at amy mvmeot. throw it on tha, ma-,
kt,:!call,in loan and 6ct4up .'grvenbckai
Express snd'mlscelisbebusahevrea dull iii
; 6 'ixrices!.-WeHsr -ExTJvees tA$i&3$i
AmerrWan' 4(343" Adatrs3. iAri
United Staues -lo4C; erbants'AJtUuloK
(aio Pacific Mail UlWrairi : WesUwat
UntouiiTe)egraphi3f, -ftew- York Central
yior3ifok l ..tvriff To" Jiuqson
126Srf Heading
nem iau
Terre Haute 3538TWaoash 65Jia6W :
St. Paul' 64M64?iV Tort' Wayne 110 ;
Ohio & MississipbT29H2; Michigan
(tVtfrig'nigaiir.Bootliernr 86j
107(ain7k-: NdrtuwesteruT7oK(i
75; Marietta & Ciiicinnatl fir8Wrefcrtt,t
2ar .... ens t .ji . s .! .-.; ...
The Milwaukee and St? taul? 6TrforjP
hive (it is stated: agreed on dividend bt ?
DAT rent' Vn rush: 10 ner i-enri"iTi wimmori'1
stock ou preferred shares, and -10 per Cental
in stock on common, att saDjecfJo.ratuxcar
tion ol stock holders;. .. .... -r.' h h '
teft gomg qeOTMBe. .ua ana, (Pear
lntefists'Iii ft quiet way, Moh iyjlkely4n
a short time to 't?fredtfrtt:ea. Tli'a Matter
New York Market—Dec. 16.
,CGTTQJJ-r-Bather mora.iteadr :
for middling uplands. -; "."
FLOUR Oo-ed a shadrrflrmet on cSai' 2
moi grades; moderate .demand for export
wheat very ilrm -aud qulewm cnon
HYE Steady at $L 50 (or western; ' ",lr
OAT Dull; 77c lnstorn4,79j afloaij"
for western. ,. . i .'.' -a- n-, i-ra
CORN Dulf: St 1&t 1S tor eld mixed
jwestern in store and afloat; SjL, .PQt 03 lor;
jnew mixed western. i-..'- ", 9-aO
' fOliU.T- Fir;.-nM"Sf S2S 60 selrww -fori
JaniiHrv and $26,75seUer.a;FebTaty:'1
jiKH,r teany ana a mooerate aemana.
CUT ME ATS Quiet and steady rS.
BACOX-; Firm request sodetaady orieesw,.
liARD Firm'; Wi&Tc for lair tor frme
EQGSi-Steadf :S!J(a;40f for' fresh:8"
Cincinnati Market—Dec. 16.
FLOUK-Firm ; sales middling at ST 90
S3 00- - v - -it svi' '- r '--fa Joj
WHEAT Firm; salt s No. 1 at SI .80,,.,;,
COEN Sbkdyat:6Sf?7 c. .
OATSSales at 64(d5isk '.',"1
RYE Sales at SI -4&it a.S"l tii iilrijj
COrTON Steady; raiddlin,33K'-i''ti T
WHISKS' Closed flrmei; saleaal 93ffi ,,
HOGS Active and .hlghei; live SS W3
9 00. and dressed S10 405511 00. Becelfitef1
4,500. ' ,i:, .v i 'fi i-.iia .gitibiiisT
I fiiOVibiUj5 AUvancing. " i, -j mi r
I PORK Mess pork gold at S26 60: flew
held atS27.00. r . . ;.-n - r,j
I LARD Active dewriindf at:17c forkettle,'1-
and I6riJbrsteana;:-l vo 'rsuiv .ri.t f'.'-iu-l
I BULK y MEATS. -i-w Hipbe HS0Ulcrs.,:
lOJir-, . amlsidjES. ZUK$,-foi cteajjtih-r
fi- GREEN- WEATS--Ir 'tjemano t,'&,';t
1234oard,133it5. ' i !J f.n'i v.: ncl ui: L
! bUTTER Scarce and flrnxst,36340c,iwcA
- EGGS Sales at 33c, and in. fair supply,,...- .
i OILS Linseed oil firm at SI 00I 02; 1
Isni oil SI 38(1 40. and gbod demand:"1 ""
' GROCERIES mndiaiiged aod quieb'i T
Chicago Market—Dec. 16.
; FLOUR-Ouiet at So 85ffi6 75 for fair to
good sprfng extras.'
WHEAT No. 1 quiet t SI'1J1 ii
No-2 opened quiet at SI 15M;- declined, toiob
Si I46; closed at sl lotj-lqji; eaieaS(T
since diahge 'at S1-16J.' c '
CORN In demand, chiefly for new, at;
ajdedine of llr; saleS-at 4951c: elos-i-ing
at 405i-;; old com .steady.- and quiets w
st 80Slu lor No. 1; ear corn sold, at $2(aR,9
64c ou track; kiln dried corn- neglected.- "
nominal and unchanged this afternoon."' .
- OATS Unsettled and quiet; .les-teade i'"i
at 46(ii6tt iq regular, and at ito, special; id
housts. closing at,4Ge, . .tc,.-',
' jRYE-Rather qultt and dtclined ,2c. r
per bush;'Nn. 1 opened at SI 18, biit'fciosed
quietatSI )7 J'woo b us unaia
iBARLEY-rln better irfquest And ,morol
doing at a decline ol 67c per bush; No.a.
2 sold active at SI 53 1 oS4. and reitotetl'
at SI 33fo;l 37, dosing atl 65 lor No. , ,.t
i'iia 'I.. I ll mmr ;?rui lamu
Toledo Market—Dec. 16.
FLOUR Quiet. .. -ua -:.tt rfcn e-.-Al
i (WHEAT Opened -dull -end heavy t
67c lower, but. closed . tinner with 3i f6
the decline recovered ; sales amber SI. 773; '
1 80; for all December $1 77, -allJanuary 'I,'t
SI 77l 80N',!(i .ir.-i l iio-v inn: Lcuoi
t iCOKN le lowers new ,at- 680; neirf T.ow
jected at 6465c.V " - -. , ....
jOATS Lower-at S9:; forNef and Mlch-if" ,
igan.iT-iovi j--j.-iii iic-v i.nH i.ov ii .'llu-1
RYE-tUnchanzed at SI 30 tor Mleb.-nir- In
CLOVEKSEED-r'5c better, S8 00 .- ,-i ,.iT
-HOGS Dressed;' u
nchanged at H.
St. Louis Market—Dec. 16.
FT,OTIJi-Flrmer wlrh vintaiueh Hfrlrton-
i WHEAT Firm and unchanged.- -I l iu: .alis
CORN Uuchanged at7780d4 Jivin l baa
OATS Unchanged at 5760c. , ,,,.,.,
, BYE Firm at SI 30,' " V 101 , . V,
BARLEY Unchanged.--1 c '!'i-a -
hx VHI.SKr-rFinB.Btfi4e.-.ilJ "yd .tt ti il
, PORK Advanced tSJS 6027 00, rr-i-:!i
BACON- Verv little out.ot smoke, andr ,
- BULKMEATSrtlgher atr10WcipaoJ "
shoulders 14MH?c. s.fi fi Jjad .ni-.ra
laAitVjnta at IJic, uiJpp.l v,.:,1 .il-; lot
Buffalo Market—Dec. 16.
i FLOUR-Steady,' with sales city1 gronhd .' ,
spring at S7 7 25. 1111,1
" WHEAT-ralaacUvei car JotsN.CbJiA
cago SI pQ.-, v. It : i ' ifarl d-jv ol Ijifr
COKN Easier.-r Sales five-cars jiewi oa wt
trsck at 80c old do ib store.. SI.' , ' , 1
OAT-Nominal a 66c. o i ''(i' si
- PORK-rVSalesatS25. : yol-ws a b-iILLciJa
IiARD-a:15lSc.. 7- r.i:3 aunt vb 2i
Milwaukee Market—Dec. 16.
FLOUB-Qulet ajidsteady-mt f esterffaf A
I . r. . .7 ' j , - -3i,,iHiS 'All U (5aJ
Fa' oe tor o
-r i?sd sawLs
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Dec. 16.
Fair business doing In staple cottonsfor
the season. Prices hardening:, although poLf
material advance is yet established, except' ,
a few brands of unbleached and bleached '
muslins already reported. I oh -d: viH
' 1 j ! .eaaaaasMaaaaaa aeaa eawt, 1 If. ltynx
Hoi-LowaT's Pills. Biuops Bemtt'
tekts. That -unruly member; the X,iver, ia
more than unusually unpovernabl In thtj'.
fall. Bemittent Bilioiis Fever Js especially"'' '
a fall complaint and" itiflrstf symptoms '" '
should be promptly1 met : with r few doses'
of IIollowat's Pills. In all!r stagesC of u1t
the disease, as well as in every 'species f 1
bilious disorders; from the mildest attack;1 5'
to confirmed jaundice, this admirable veg-1
etable aperient and alterafiye is 'the Very '0
best medicine that call be kdminisbTe(I.'T"",
Sold hv all drnrefatft. f ' T'lV-ojli.... i voa
tr c- " - -J -vww
.(U;S 1
If too- wist a relubLk.Is Vsrrtii.'v''
Family cask of MEmrrvii ' rtt 'can' con-
scientiously recommend one of Db.'Hcm- 1 )(' I
phbey's Homcepathic Specifics. Having V 1-1
used them ourselves, and know of tri'elf '
extensive tse by our friends, we hazard '.'
nothing in speaking well of them' to all '"j '!'.',
who desire bavirigsuch an ariar'-'-'ent for
family use. Price of lull case a a W k S10 '
See advertisement In another tOi.... Ad-, ,
dress, "HcsiPHRf Ys'SPafciFic1 ITom kopatuic V1
Mcdicimb Co., 662 Broadway, N. Y.

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