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- MrrrOROLOGiCM- Tabu, prepared nd
corrected by "W." J.Saage, Jeweler, 83
THURSDAY, Dec. 17, 1868.
O'eloek. " " Haron eter. Tharaomett
t--I A.
a A
- sr. u
. as s
Int..... 7 M I Sao Set.
Cl 11L W
tReadWe- LUt f Mwtised letters
In this morniDjtViXkper.
and beautiful and almost as nanny
tniJ;:;-tt 00:8
morest and the Galax; lagaan$ roryaev
fiary . J- Taey are prtsa number
.1 ti.
&rt Ja:wUn;.ibe: ftnest.or ordinary
- needlework done, send It ton th Sisters oi
the Good Soeppard'iTey f oF d-
'Orders may be left wttli Thee; BeTgl. :
-s -No SaATrsa. There waa no skating at
, the Kink i lat night, the , warm weather
having destroyed1 toe lcThere "wUrte
no skating there until another -lreiv
.7 i -1 :;.' .1i Ti ! ' " 11 ) .i' . A". '
Vlca fAsB Tak lloTca. iThere Is a
. City-Ordinance.. problDiting Uie cutting
" of Ice within the city limits lor ny , pur-
pose. Tire public will do .Well to take no-'
tice ol thia fact and govern themselves ae
. eordlngly.. , . ... "'uiV s'..-a'""'i
SVkstwinstkr Soclai Th ladlea - of
" Westminster Church will have one of their
attractive and, favorite social -the
-church, this evening. to whlch.they invite
; the congregation and their friend, Notc
hing so enjoyable ha been given, here thu
-winter as these socials. . -; : ' j
I County Ikfihmabt. During the week
ending December 13th, one hundred and
two loads of wood and coal Were distribu
ted to the poor of the city. Dining the same
-period twelve paupent were receive Into
and six discharged, from the County La
-Urinary. - It baa now 181 Inmate.
,...: .,..., V ,. ...... -- "-- "T -
" , Consolidation The certiflcate of con
solidation ,of the Marietta and' Gales
Fork Petroleum Company, and the Pioneer
City Oil Company, -was filed with the Seo-
'retary of State" yaUelay. The consblid'a
tion r, is made ,upderf the act jrprr3d,
186& The capital stock of the consolida
ted company .fe. $7,200. ,
tDrvQRCne. .GHrKO In Court, JfeSi,
fndge OlAs ptes!dlng,d Ivorces wlre'granted
toAn n Kile fron Sebert Kile for adultery.
The lady is restored to her maiden name,
rA.no, Beard .7 $100 alimony was granted to
theBlaintiff-w Xbomas LewU applied ior a
divorce from hie wife, Anna Lewis, on the
ground of adulterjTThe case wascontln
aed notil this morning, and the Court ad
journed until 9 o'clock to-day.
n-j.-Mi If"..' : -s-s :-:-
t-TBw.EcLEcric MAG2ts.-rWe have re
ceived the January -number of this very
valuable Magazlnf, published by Turnbiill
and Murdoch, 64 Lexington Btreet, Balti
ptore, at $4 per annum, and alter a rather
careful 'survey of , Its ,con tents, .hold ; th"
opinion! that it ia one of she very best
Eclectic Magazines in the country It can
b Nothing else." -14 ls'madtip'.ft'ori)' the
best articles of .the best Magazines' in the
world, and in Its arrangement, show's taste,
talent and industry. .
' .' -r ' : - .
' TRAU6FIBRKD y9TKRD4-The lollowi
Ing transfers of real estate were leit'at this
Becorder's ofHce yesterday : : l ' ' " .
John C. Jones and wile to Susan. Wat
kins, Nov. 23d, 30 acres of land in Jeffet
son township, for, f 1,350. "" J "1" i .. :
George Titus and .wife to J. T. Snoddy
Sept. 15th, lots No. 68 and 59 In the town
Ol Westerville, lor $500.; , ..T
UJ). Huff and. wife to Wm. EIde, Sept
2d, inlot No, 1 of Timothy D. NeU's sub
division lh the city of Columbus, for $600.
Samuel Hoover, to "Nathan Gorsecb, Nov.
31st, 80 acres of land in i. Plain towhship, for
$993.07. ' " - ' -
n l-'mi
The Ix)nk GAiPrThTere Vas but one
devotee of the fflowfnjg bowl" before the
Mayor yesterday hiornrag. He was found
the night beiore in a painful, but horizon
tal "aItWoT"fevWently ."enjoying , himself
hugely He had hoisted 'so much' benzine
that navigation was impossible without
ttje. assisUuce of , one of our efficient ud
attentive etars el the night," a polieeman;
who kindly volunteered to escort bim to the
lock-up, where he would beprotepte4 from
the cold. Had. ha not heeo incarcerated
early the chances arewe would have bad a
chance to record, bis death by freezing ttis'
morning. .He paid $o and costs for kis fun
ta the Msyoi&xn ?r j-j jTASiiWiin z?i
.:: -r .'! : - '
Christmas Beir.-r About J2. o'clock to
morrow there will be a grand procession
of the. Butcher' Association through the
principal streets of the city They will be
mounted and move in the following Order :
First, A brass band, .then the monster ox,
weighing 2,400 pounds, that is to be alaugb-.
terd for Christmas beef, then a wagon con
taining three of the fatest pigs ever seen,
after it a wagon containing, a lot of laS
sheep, and then the butchers of the clty
Tbe animals will be killed on oesdayand
bf allowed to thoroughly cool alter killing.
The flesh will be offered Tn th i inarket on
Thursday and Sator&ay, the day before and
the day after Christmas. , This Will be as
fine a display as the Butcher's Association
oyer made heres: and the hftvejhad some
ffne OheS,,'; 'j i' m .slr.a'i. iT .Li .13 nviri
Gins. This ti the gift' season. Every
body Is thinking of what' they shall buy
for some loved one, or1, possibly, what they
may expect to get, says aexchange. Al
most all the goods we see exhibited, now
are "holiday goods," and announced as
appropriate for gifts, from the stoat walk-
inetboot to a grad piano."1
Strange It is, that la he midst of so ma
oy'and such multltarlous objects, people
are sometimes p jzzled what, to purchase
and fall back on the most, common-place
article they could have lound leaving the
pretty and ; quant 'earvlngBT1 tBe" Tlenna
leather-work,' the moss-pictures,. the ex
quisite Btatnette4!an4 the charming little
DracKets wnich do so much to adorn a house
to persons of,' perhaps, less means,' but more
taste ana artistic perceiition-. .,.
Gifts for gentlemen flourish about these
days, in the shape of gaudily striped era
vats and Horrible jewelry in oxydhted, sil
ver, consisting of death's beads,' skulls.
owls' beads, .cross-bows; Sphynx head,
and other grim Ana ghastly objects.- Of
slippers, smoking caps,' dressing gowns,
smoking; apparatus, and the like, there are
always immense quantities, .
.Ladies are very often puzzled what to
get for ; gentlemen, after they have exr
bausted the slipper and smoking cap bus!
ness, hat a peep into a bachelor's room the
other day convinced us that they hadas
great a fancy for pretty toilet and dressing
articles as laaies themselves- ? such lovely
crystals! such dainty china 1 such elegant
bronzes I Take the bint, ladies; vary your
gifts, and see how highly they will be ap
preciated. - - .1---
Embroidered chatelaines of leather are
in great demand, this season ftr' gifts to
ladies. - Some of them contain a set of sew
ing implements, others a vinaigrette, a lit
- tie pocket looking-glass, and a little case
for puff powder or ion-ion. Articles in
fancy leather-work are among the fash
ionable fancies ot the season.
A Woman Hangs Herself.
A Woman Hangs Herself. PROBABLE INSANITY.
About 12 o'clock yesterday, a lady som
thirty-two years old, named -Mr. Roj
malne, living on Town street, one1 door
eastot the corner of Sixth, committed sul-
lMe bjr banafcgtierselfS; X-f. J "1 j
sue went into an unoccupied room and
locked the doorwandthen divested herself
of part of her apparel, and then, taking a
Ismail s. plece.of rope, fastened it to : two
aooke In the waif, jumped lronl a chair. j
When found her eet were not a, foot from
the floor', j fvV.! k RI.9 ; . iivi tX
5 Her:4nsband,!-Rev. BenJ.' fiomalne, Js a
minister of the Dntch Reformed Churchy
knd i Secretary,' we believe, of the Arderi-t
can Colonization Society. They have lived,
in the city but a short , time. " ' !
There la -no doubt but that she was suf
fering from an attack ol temporary losaai-i
ty, and committed the fatal act while de-i
ranged. Since the death of one of her
children, 'she has been subject to 'fits of
melancholy, and yesterday morning told!
one of her neighbors that she was tired oil
She leaves four children to mourn thej
loss of a most loving mother. Her father j
live la- Albaey, e"YpIfes-r r.Z'l'd 0 il ':
me coroner neid an inquest on ber re- :
mains and found a verdict in accordance ',
with the above facts. . ;: i ,
There Is sbmethina: very picturefaue and
very pretty, as well as varied, about the
fashions of the season. - Never were they
so independent, so striking, without being
grotesque so convenient, without uni-
lbrmltyt-1-':' - - .
Costliness is no longer 'necessary In or.
der to impart an appearance of elegance to
street dress. A simplo arrangement of
dranerv a shawl, or .talma. srMsti.liv
crossed and looped op on the shoulders,
a 'ds grace, as well as warmth, to the sim
plest waumg-aress, and is more effective
than a stiff, inharmonious toilet comnosed
oriuuchjuore. expensive materials. , .
Of course people can dress extravagant
ly if they choose. There is always, plenty
of opportunities of that kind, but there is
no necessity to do so in order to produce a
very tasteful and lady-like effect.
The richest suits worn -this season are
made of silk velvet, black, claret, mulber
ry, dark green, and purple. Black trimmed
witn reaiMce is probably the most distin
guished, although the colors, with a trim
ming of handsome chenille ringo ot the
same shade, constitute the novelties.' "
Next to the real velvets come the figured
velvets, which are composed of black vel
vet raised in thickly traced patterns upon
a colored satin groundwork, green, garnet,
purple, and the like, which has an illumin
ating effect. These suits are ornamented
With heavy chenille or knotted silk fringe.
Handsome black tricot, and the new garnet,-
mulberry and bottle-green cloths rank.
nexVand are almost as desirable as either.
Certainly they are much more serviceable."
For the cloth softs,' handsome' braids and,
galoons, corded silk fringe, narrow bands
of fur,, and curled leathers are used as
trimming. : . .
"i Pfugrr and velveteen are both seen large
Lr la the streets, but they are not Jaanion
able wear, and are nof to be recommended,
because they so 800. look -shabby. They
are employed principally because the re
duction iu the price -formerly asked for
them has made them comparatively cheap,
and they addross themselves rt0. that, large
class who, If they are not able to get the
real thingtJare willing to take n imitation
Of it. ,J i fi , fit t
Much, newer and -tmore. --effective 'than
these are the Scotch costumes,- which are
varied and very pretty. . They are usually)
trimmed with fringe in the colors ot the'
plaid, or with bauds and bows of black
velvet.. :-i ' - - '
'-Round cloaks, double capes, and talmas
of tartan cloth are very much worn, and
are arranged In graceful and, picturesque
style, sometimes as an Africaine, with the
"Arab" hood,and sometimes as a Highland
carf, with a corner thrown over, the left
shoulder. , . ... ; . . -.- , ..-1.- ,-, ...
This drapery gives a 'Scotch'' effect,
which Is very becoming to costumes ot
simple gray serge, or dark water-pvoof.
, The fur garments-worn are small, and
partake of the fanciful character of the
fashions generally. The little boas and'
many of the muffs are ornamented with
the heads of the animals. The large fur.
cloaks have gone out of date entirely, and
have given place to the pretty jackets of-Beal-skin
and black Astrachan. Little bags
of fur are carried, and little chatelaine
pockets of satin and fur- are worn with
mourn. ng dresses of satin or cashmere.
AH are small and dainty; in tact, the
smaller the size, the greater the fashion,
and the cost." " ' '
ft ?
. . .
' Lecture
Widows and Orphans of Soldiers. By
Invitation of many of our prominent citi
zens, Brevet Major General John Gibbou,
Colonel 36th Infantry U.S. An will deliver
a lecture this (Friday) evening, at eight
o'clock, at the Congregational Church, lor
the benefit of the widows and on bans of
soldiers; General Gibbon is a graduate of
WesttvPoint; served with distinction, in
tho-wa with Mexico, and also In the war
of the Rebellion, commanding? the 24th
Army Corps during the operations which "
resulted in the capture of Blchinond and
Lee's army. ' He is now In command bt the'
Eocky' Mountain "District of the Depart-'
ment ot the Platte.. General Gibbon is a
gallant soldier, a cultivated gentleman,and 1
a nne speaKer, ana it is no pea that for his
Sake, as well as that of his cause, the. citi
zens of Columbus will turn out en masse
to bear hrnt "
Millinkbt at Greatly Eeduces Prices
Our stock' of fall and winter mtllfnerv
will be sold- regardless of cost from this"
flatp, to 'paake room for spring goods, at
No. 149 Sooth High street. ' 1 " ' a " '
dec!8-eod3t Mrs. H, PwMPros.
Bemember that the sale ol Household .
Furniture at 170 South, High street will be
eontinaed this morning at 93 o'clock, and '
we will sell the very best of marble-top
bureaus, wastwtaade. center tables, center
Stands, parlor furniture, go6d carpets, And
- Ia A A 1 ' . 1 . . . :I 1
at iui yi muv eiictu cuKraviugB, au OI wniCU
ire good enough for any man's bouse.
Call and see. ' . . decl8
I A" DisfinotnaHKi ( Hethodlst , Minister!
and prominent Temperance Lecturer once
remarked that. go. where he would, from
ne end of tbe country to the other, he
jiafdl ffer failed to find Plantation Bit-,
ters, and while he condemned tbe practice
of using these Bitters too freely, he could
fiotrconsclentloasly say that be would dls-
ardhem from the side-board, for bo him-;
self bad experteaeed beneficial results from
their use, and that, from a long and .close ;
observation, he was convinced that when
used moderately aad as a inedicio exclu
sively, they were all that was recommend;'
ed? Af the same time he' warned' bis
hearers not to pull the cork too often, for
they were far too pleasant a tonic to trifle
wlth;.V.'; wv: ' - - - "
Magsolia. WATitjt. superior to the best
Imported German Cologne, and sold at half
the price. . ' ' ' ' "
. If you want to see cue finest assortment
of fancy goods for. the holidays ever
brought to this city, call at Felton's China
Store No. 46, North High street.
decl4-eodlw ,
Toilet Sstb, .cheap, at No. 46 North
Hfgh street,
; Jevreirjr made and repaired by C. E.
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
SxATirsk!Ai-stb Taylor & Hall
have just received anew lot of the Barney
and Berry New York Club and Blnk skates
dec!7-d2t '
Skates, Skates, Skates, Skates, at W.
GUI & Son's. i
Vases of every variety very low for call
Feltoi is selling fancy goods lower for
cash than any house in the city. No. 46
North High street.
A fine assortment of skates just received
at W. A. Gill & Son's. j
Smoking skts so low that none need do
without, at 46 North High Btreet.
decl4-eod6t W. Felton
Skating Boots for Ladies. The only
article of the kind in the city at J. R.
Shoemaker's, No. 69 North High street
Barney & Berry's Celebrated N. Y.
'Club and American Bink steel skates, at
W. A. Gill & Son's.
HsADquARTERS for Skates, at W. A.
Sou's, No. 30 North High street.
music lor toe Holidays, at greatly re
duced prices for cash. Melodeons as low
as $50 ; 5-octave Organs, $80, of the very
best makes. Agency for the unrivalled
Chickering Pianos, and also the Emerson
Piano, the best lowpriced instrument made,
Flutes, Guitars, &c at low prices. Piano
Stools and Covers. Fanlares and Harmon
leas for the little folks. A. P. Lewis.
21 South High street.
decl4-eod2w-m w&f
Grand Masquerade Ball. The first
grand masquerade ball of the season will
be given by the Excelsior String Band
December 25th (Christmas night), at Am-
bos Hall. Tickets admitting a gentleman
and ladies, $1.00. Tickets can be had at
Lindeman & Co.'s, or ot the members of
the Band.
Costumes can be had at C Kampman's,
corner Third and Mound streets, on rea
sonable terms, by procuring them two
days beiore the 25 :h Inst. decl5-4t
Hollow ay's Pills. Bilious Remit
tents. That nnruly member, the Liver, Is
more than unusually ungovernable In the
fall. Remittent Bilious Fever is especially
a rail complaint; and Its first symptoms
should be promptly met with a few doses
of LI ollo way's Pills. In all stages of
the disease, as well as in every species of
bilious disorders, from the mildest attack
to confirmed jaundice, this admirable veg
etable aperient and alterative is the very
best medicine that can be administered.
Said by all druggists. jj O-dly-cw
If you want a reliable and useful
family cask of medicines, we can con
scientiously recommend one of Dr. Hum
phrey's Homcepathic Specifics. Having
used them ourselves, and know of their
excerislve 4fse B Jul friends! Ve hazard
nothing ibpeakrng well of them "to Mt
who desire having such an arrangement for
iamily use. Price of lull case and book $10
See advertisement in another column. Ad
dress, Humphreys' Specific Homoeopathic
Medicine Co., 562 Broadway, N. T.
Cheatest,to Cash Buyers. During
the next thirty days, I will make to order,
Suits, Overcoats, Trowsersand other gar
ments, twenty per cent, cheaper than any other
Merchant Tailor in the Union for prompt cash.
have the largest assortment of fine and
medium grades of woolens to be found In
the civi.TbaexceJfencajo thaiiaterhJs,
style and fit of the garments made at my
establishment is well known to the com
munity. I offer my goods as above stated
tor the reason that I want money, more
than I do an excess of stock.
An inspection of stockand, . prices s re
spectfully solicited. "
C. W. Niswander.
Nervous Debility, with Its gloomy at
tendants, low spirits, depression, involun
tary eiuisUrrisioM pf genien, spermator
rhoea, loss of power, dizzy head, loss of
memory and threatened impotence and
Imbecility, find a sovereign cure In Hum
phreys' Homeopathic Specific No. Tweu-
ty-Eight. Composed of the most valuable,
mild and potent Curatives, they strike at
once at the root ot the' matter, tone up the
system, arrest the discharges, and impart
vigor and energy, life and vitality to tbe
entire man. They have cured thousands
of cases. Price $5 per package of six box
es and -vial, which is yery important in ob
stinate or old. jcase8, flr. tt. per single 'box.
sola Dy an uruggisw, ana sent Dy nati on
receipt of price. Address Humphreys'
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co- 562
Broadway, New York. jyl3-deod&wly
Cleveland Market—Dec. 16.
FLOUR City made XXX white 811 25
11 50; XX amber $9 75 10 00; XX red
winter $9 009 25; XX spring $8 008 25;
X Spring f 6 757 00; countrv made XX
white winter $9 259 75; X X red wintr
8 008 75; XX eprtng $7 257 50. Buck
wheat 11 ur steady and in fair demand at
$3 50,9 00.
WHEAT Dull, heavr and lower. Sale
t car No. 2 red winter from store at 91 70;
No. 1 do nominal at $1 90.
CORN Rather more dolne, but market
lower. Sales 5 cars new shelled from store
at 75c; old inactive.
OATS Quiet and steady. Sales 2 eara
No. 1 from store at 62c: 1 car at 61 l4o.
RYE Dull and nominal at SI H.i tor fin.
1 from store
BARLEY Quiet. No. 1 Canada held
at a uixa.2 05 irom store: No. 2 State
$1 70.
i DRESSED HOGS Receipt Improving
and market steady, but rather weak, at
u(go ior medium to neavy, dividing on
2 0 lbs.
POKE There Is very little demand, and
the market Is quiet and steady at $25 00
tor jno. i mess; z uo lor .No. 2 do; $27 00
for clear.
t BEEF Quiet and steadv. Extra mma
lio w; mess io uu.
i LARD Market quiet but firm and 1c
better. City rendered 16(17c in tierces
ana Kegs; country r jaered in(d,wc.
smuulu a is uuji ana unchanged
Sugar cured hams 17c; Dricf beet 17c;
shoulders 12c; breakfast bacon 16d.
BUTTlfiK The market Is without chancre
and steady. Choice Western Beserve roll
and tub is in goo l local demand and firm
at 39c$40c; common to prime do 2535c.
, CHEESE Stocks light and market firm
at 1719c lor choice dairy and factory.
jciuw-iuaiftcb uiui Kb oiaOOC.
ers, Broken. Publishers, Stationers, Print
ers, Companies. Lawyers, Architects. Schools,
Olergymea. Circulars, Price Current, Letters.
Quotations. Catalogue.. Music, or any documents or
drawings may be obtained at the following extraor
dinary cheap prioes : 100 oopies, fae "taiilies, of
any document or drawing. Ac. SI; 500 oopies, SB;
1,000 copies, S3, Ac; 100,000 copies. $450, or 60 per
cent, upon ttie above priees msy be saved by using
Maurice's Patent Autographio Printing Press, ior
Omoes, Publishers, htatiooers. Printers, tiohools.
Companies, Ac. Price 80. A young boy ean strike
off 100 eopies, letter sise, per hour, of any duou
meet, drawing, music with the greatest facility.
Maurice's Patent; 6 tales High ts are sold at moderate
price. Public experiments each Saturday.
N.B. All kinds ot Lithographio work are done
with tbe greatest care at the lowest rates. Maar
ioe's Patent Autographio and Lithographie Print
ing. Writing and Engraving .Establishment, 10
North William street.Now York.
Elijah Culp
t vs
) Before Jas. M. Pax ton, a Jus
il(U f - Peace. . r l L
Amos F. Seofiel
A ' WRIT OF ATTomfwt was Tasnp.n
f- on theSStb dy of November against the de-
lauuau.iu luoauuvo caae xor Vu.s tj Said JUS-
Halliards Ohio, Dec. 17. doclT-w3w
United States -of America, !
Cash Capital, - fOOO.OOO.!
To whioh all general correspondence ib.ou.ld be ad-
CLARE NTT! H. CI ARK. President. - '
JAY COOKE. Chairman Finance and Eiecutiy
V. (Mil III 1 LLCO.
HENRY O. OOKE. Vm. Pr.,iH.rt.
EJdtKdON; W. fEKT. SecreUr j and Aetuarr.
iti r .?ered by thia Company are :
aot of Congress, 1868.
11 ds paid up capital of SI.COO.OOO.
It offers low rates of premium.
It tnrniahes lartrar InjIiirAnna t.Tinn r.fhe.r Clnmnm
nies for the same money .
11 is aennite ana eertain in its terms,
it is a home Company in every locality.
It- Policies are exetnDt. frnm Att&fthmAnK
There are no unnecessary restrictions in the Pol
icies j ' f 4 ; . , :, ' 'i.
JiTery rolioy Is ncn-forfeiUble. f . ?
- Policies mar he takn that will Mf Inani-Ail thI-
full amonnt and retnrn all tha mAmiBmi. mn th.t
the Insarance costs only the inter.-st on the annual
Polioies msy be taken which py to the Insured,
after a certain number of years, during life, an an
nual income of one-tenth the amount named iu the
No extra rate ia ehsrffAirfnv riaVa nnnn h livaa
of females.
it insures not to oar dividends, bnt at a a
eost that dividemd will' be impossible.
CincinnatiVhio. General Agents for Ohio Central
Columbus. Special Agents for Franklin, Iiioking,
Muskingum and Coshooton counties.
TVn. 't'tf Ttinarl-nrav. !
V - I" U -,
Capital, - One million Dollars.
UabicsU Uanoam. Fres't. Jas. Mebkill, Seo'r.
Uee iv9 Dennsi'aanil allnwa FfinR PFRCRNT
INTkHSS'Tori aU UaUr Balanaek. snbiect in cheek:
at sieht Hpeoial Deposits for fix months or more.
mar be made at fire per cent. The Capital of Una
Million Dollars is diridail amona over 500 Khar.
holders, comprisi at man j gentlemen of lanre wealth
and financi&J experience., who are also personally
liable to depuaitord-for aH eblisations of the Com
pany to double the amount of their cspital stock.
As ihafiaWaaU'rast-tjonniapi leewitea -danoaUai
in laree or small amounts, and permits them to be
drawn as a whole or is pa t by check at sight and
without notice. aflowinE interest on all dailr bal
ances, narties throughout the oountry can keep ao-'
count in tail Institutioa with speoial adraotaget!
oi-seoani. ooreeiencaaoa nrcaw.. it t 1
re Hr-aeoi-QAWm
'.A . preparation, introJuoed last winter, baring
reoeired so .manr flatcarina -AoramandatiAra frnm
tboee whausd it, hiduse tbe proprietors to bring
it asain before the oublic. aasnrinff tham that ifc
standi anriralled as tbe best protector of tbe skin
asjainst tbe inclemency of the winter season. It
nptonly itnparta to to skis a. delieate. freshness
and beautj. bnt also conduces to its health, purity
and preservation. For healing abrasions. Chap-
led Hands, face, liip", or Roughness of the Bkin,
eliht'ul iratrance render it a necessary append
age to tbe toilet. Prepared only by MAKPLE A
RITriOW. 4 ipencing 0hinistsria(r8oeiUi HigV
Street, Uohsmbee.-Onlo.- rhrdeodAWm
Yaleable JProper.j ior Sale.
Keeidence. on Broad street altin. twn RniMina
Lot-i. on Kighth street: an improved Farm of 60
acres in Hancock eonntr, barn,' orchard. Ac. all of
which will be sold on reasonable terms, or will be
exehanged for a goedr business property in Ojlum-"
poaoreresiuenoe nar mgn street. Apply to -I,
uec..qiw-n T . . . j-r p ?
': DIALSB XK 'S-!'1 :- - ! '
... :: -AirD ' 'J t ' . ') 1
A full stock, of Condray'a. Rammel's and Labia's ;
nxtraots ana romaaes,
254 Worth Hlg-h fcWreeti' X!'-"'!,T'"i
anr? the Ladies crenerallr. that she has antah-
lisbed herself in Desnler's new building, on High.
nortn ot roaa. wnere sneis prepared to do fash- ,
ionable dressmaking in all its branches, at reason
ic s. A lib ral patronage is res
ectfully so-
1 HA K .
TestifV-to its merits in restoriog GRAY HAIB
its original eolor and promoting Its growth. IW,
makes the hair soft and glossr. The ol id appoas-i
anoe are made young again. It is the best
ever used. It removes Dandruff and all Bcurvj
Eruptions.' It does aot stain the skin.' ' "
; Beware of tbe numerous preparations which an
sold upon our reputation. .. . .
K. P. HALL CO.. Naskua, N. Proprietors.
For sale by all Druggist. ' ' ' .
, julr25 dltaw&wlj-em , ''.,':
gentlemen, young and old. desirous of having their
hair beautiful for tbe Holidays, should use a bot
once. Bead Chevalier's Treatise on the Hair.'
Free to all. Given away at tbe Drug Stores, or sent
by mail free. ' This book should be read by every
person. It teaches to cultivate and have beautiful
bair, and restore gray' hair to its original eolor,
stop its falling not, removes all irritatioa or dan
druff from the scalp, thus keening the hair beauti
ful to-tae latest period of life. ...
- SARAH A. CHEVALIER. M. II.. -Jirr-ieel-eodlm
1123 Broadway, iUX. , -
YOUTH restored in fnnr waaba
guaranteed. 1B. RICOKD'd ESSKMCE OF L1F
restore mahly powers, from. whatever eaus ari-r
sing; thai offset of -eertr pernicious habirs, self-
aouse, impotency ana climate, give away at once to .
this wonderful medioine, if taken regularly accord
ing to the directions (which are very simple and re
quire no restraint from business or pleasure.) Fail
are is impossible. Seld in bottles at S3, or four
ouantitieb in one for S9. To be had enlv nf tha ml.
appointed agent in America, ' H. Ukbitzin, 87
inira Ave., oorner fJin ov Xew xorK.
vHV-iySlsllyr -
ANl4oOI. Another Sew ' Mtdioal
PamohUt from the van of Uu. Cnnvia
The ''Medical limes" says of this work;- "This
valuable treatise on the cause and cure of prema
ture deoline, shows how health is impaired through
secret abuses of youth and manhood, and how
easily regained, It gives a olear cynopsis of the
impediments to marriage, tne cause and effects of
nervous debility, and the remedies therefor." A
pocket edition of the above will be forwarded on
receipt of as eenta, by addressing Doctor Cubtis
tfo. 68 North Charles street, Baltimore, Aid. .
era- maySS-dly-r
splendid Hair Dre is the best in the world ;
the only true and perfeot Dye: harmless, reliable
instantaneous ; no disappointment : no ridioulou
tint ; remedies the ill effects of bad dyes ; invig
orate aad leave the Hair soft and beautiful. Hack
or brown. Sold by all Druggists and Perfumer t
and propenv applied at Batcbelor- Wig Factory
No. 16 Bond street. N. York. PNT aprSS d&wly
A faib and delicate skin, free from every blem
ish, is tbe reward of an occasional use of Palmer'
VegetabIe,Cosmetic Lotion. eep21-d4wly c
$50,000 . mn mmmmmm
WORTH OF.- : i n. . ,-. u -I I
.a T?S?i?,ri7. f?JPiolbr5,,'
vuh resjr m uw bww id frjcmutfc o
- .k . L. 11 I. J .
.1 w HIM1 buvn DU1I vuRini
raea'aKipBootis'all tTboIe Eaiaier,
Iloys' Kip Iloola, " m j
Child' Kip Hoots.
Tlen'a Cair, Xp-SoIed BoUs - :
Wonea'i Call hMsyBcsl, -r- y -
VotEirB,a Best'lflorocC Sfaoea, - i
Edtdlea Doable Soled Lnatlasr Cobs.
ladies do., Slllc Gore, Tery Beat,
fliaaea Morocco Shoes, Pol lata, - j
CbJItUC Morocco StaocsV'S-I fF?
w : T 1 a
These coods art cuaranieedto lie of snrjerin
with anr in the market - '- '
Uon't forget that the sale is positir. and is limited to but a few weeks. Another such opportunit"
will never occur aiain. Be sure and find the right Dlaoetbere is bnt one) before bnvinr. I
decTaod3m-r : I J :--.' I
fr 'i. ji
1 . . , .
Having greatly enlarged our Printing Facilities by tbe purchase of a complete new
v s.'-..:.?. . --. outfit Ot .'.v -..i-,i
"jis ?i;t..' 1r
!fs.fc 1
The Latest and Most Approved ' Style,
. m f m w
. "iTi . B A JB.
-! M h-JLoA thejaddilioa of Nev 'presses, Including a
ud) 04 P ' ' Vj i i
Generally conceded to be the fastest
i-li.-ii'I fta.1
proven ncn Buex.-cB.-cB id ouroince, ana
building in this city in which to operate,
t w
J(J () J
Jn connection ; with. BUGGLES', GORDON'S and WELLS' Job Pirsses, that have
TKTO tOliU ittn TKITA,!
In the best and neatest style of tbe art, and
Our fastyNew Presses, our Iroproved.Kconomical Machinery the result of the Insrr
tiulty an4 inventive talents "of tbe. best minds of the age enable us to do good w k
at MUCH CHEAPER KATES than can be done in the old style and with only the bid
facilities. The Office is complete in all its arrangements, and can do the work with
Pamphlets, .
Legal Blanks,
Blank Books,
Business Cards,
: i f ir? o n 51 1 ' :'v' -
t t -
. ' :ij'r- 3 -"O" I1.'
In this ipeclalty we
Having4 More Presses than all Other Printing
j Offices in the City Combined,
We are prepared to execute all kinds of Printing In any color, at lower prices than
; ..-:'. our neighbors, -.
I I oil
Nos 36, 38 and
I '-VS.
19 n A I I.Sr.Tt TATUl! M icllcllirsT
Ter thine in the line of UStiS'. WOMEN'S,
a tuvf iuiiiiJiju. Xtookat sooio of tn ptxommna
93 H. R'sralai- price f a.SO J
-"ifiMMS "t'-,""5 S.OO
; i.i -rf Y 1J85,
iT - ,'. - ;"
9 0a
- '"-wit Jtt dOfic.',
!.' ,- l'rO, ".'''! -. --?"
t.-Vi. 1.SO,:.. i '''
Oaiters 1.40, , -:. -'. .
- l.S, '- -r ''.
- - ' " 1.40, ' '
p.... - 0.40, ',,,
material and workmanship, and will be comparison
Uo and Me-
o r-r 7
! i
OK "
) (
w .1
lit' "
andbest Printing Machine In the world.
.3x a
v.: T'''iJ;;i.;a--'
naving ine largest and most commodious
we are now prepared . ., . . ..
' - '" -
! ,,'.oi?-ti!f''. ci i r
nvon terms that cannot ha mmnAM in,
Bill Heads, ,
Letter Heads,
Drug Labels,
Bills of Fare,
t i : V . " t
are nnsurpased.
I 1 i
40 North ffigh Street,
i '
1 -lull
Cleveland Market—Dec. 16. COMMERCIAL MATTERS.
Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 17.
"h:BASOEiua it Md discount
PHylna.r-i.a :a.. j . i-rrf lwrf
? ilONET-.Market ODobanro. .,""
Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 17. New York Money Market—Dec. 17.
DtttXNEYVMarkei ,aj5tiy ,Blflri as 7
per cent, currency, to i par cont.ro(4 f 7
narmicy with commission -f 1-19. Tiie
drain rl currency- to rtie, Sooth,,n(I1Wft
Continues. The banks' are Indisposed -to
cStpetid -more--in- viewbf tboaODroaofftnir
Ufoafterly stated ent. A1" heavy shsve Is
uDuuiMu i i or lira use oe inoany iwjuor
60 days. .Discounts are quiet at 710 for
prime-short papers- k ria-ii
lor prime.- .s i.:i -.iS
.-GOLDLoweft Influenced by sales of
nrxxH-h. ODamrd ' at1S4f.'and closed at
il3ig134-';1'be Com uiercinrs -money
anion: says Aiortoa is misutitea in ats utif
ment or tbe quantity. ot gold Ui the eoaa
tryv J savs tbe supply outside the Treas
ury, available lor market use, eaaaea -
ti mated at macn H any over forty millions.
Exports to-day ISO, 000. A dlspatoh frofD
a member ot Congress says.K is considered
certain the Supreme Court will sffirm- the
constitutionality ot-the -teipri -tended trci,
and thedeclsion-willbe rendered within two
or three weeks. - iiitr- r t -uijm
New York Stock Market—Dec. 17.
under i'ree speculative sales but lese4
steady: Coupons of '81 I14114; do
'62 lI0Jiim?; do, 764 106106a, M
'65 107K10758; do, new 10010; 00 67
10Jg110; tlo "68 110; 10-40's 105 Wffl
105. '- - ---I V'T
, In stocks the. New York Ontral Is tha
Kret feature; It roso from 12o to 128
but subsequently felt to 126J. under' de
nial of the reported lease ' of the Great
Western Road of Canada, but azaln recov
ered to 127128t. (Other shares, thoush
quiet, sympatnizeu to some extent with,
tbe New York Central, and tbe. market
generally closed strong. The reported
dividend, by the St. Paul, road wag prema-tun-.-'
. ' '
5:30 . rices Wellsr ExpreeS 2425:
American .4W4C: Adams 48ffl49: Uota
tetl Stares 4545; -Merahants'' Uotoa .
K15i Pacific AlaU lll112: West
ern Union Telegraph 36M36; New
York Central 127?128 ; Krle 40(a40J!
Beading 9J(a7;- Terre Haute- '353S;
vv abash 55M5M; St. Paul 64465j Port
Wavne 110W(illu; Ohio & MissfgaioDl
292; MichigHii Central 122; Michi-1
gan Somnern 86SC; Illinois Cmtrat
1430144; Pitteburh 82i:82-; ; Toledo
lOlifaiOl: :Enek IsUaU . 108106?
Nortbwestera7576).-- ' " -
New York Market—Dec. 17.
.,M . ....
adj; middling uplanA
t Jj U K Closed steady tor common aad
and heavy for medium and irood"-
tadea. - , . v,--r" .. . "
WHEAT Quiet and less active; prime
'or spring: and moderately active and very
Arm lor winter. ' '. -.
itiii-r irme ana active; i oi(gt.6ilor
western. , 1 : a J
OATS Dull ; 76Jo In store- and 7t
float for western.-- ; - " 3
CORN" Dull and heavy at tl 111J14,
'6r old mixed western in store and ulloafc
ind 98' $1 -02 for ew mixed estrn.
POBK Firm and excited; old mens S26;
new mess sales oC new mess at $28 lor
laniiarv, February and March.- - -
BEEF Firm; with fair demand ' 'r
CUT MEATS Quiet and unchahired.
BACON Aotiv.and very ftrm. a rr
Li A ED Very firm at 1Xlii, for fair
to prime steam.' - ; '
EGGS Steady at 3750c. ' i ul-
!.! a .I'-, v
Cincinnati Market—Dec. 17.
TTT.OTTR .Trr n. Arlnrftfp Humanif famllv
97 508 00.- ' '
WHEAT Firm at $1.80..,!
CORN Firmer and bibber; new- 72
KYE Dull and rleclined to $1 40. "
OATS Dull Bt 64o.-, ! , i
BA RLE Y Unchanged and quieUr
COTTOJJt Firm; midillinfr 23rw a
WHISKEY Firmer? buyers at 98rt ask
ing: $1 00. . . .
HOGS ct(ve"and hlbevelg'To
9 26; dressed S10 5011 00.". ' i i
PORK Mess advanced W 25 HO.'1
I,ARDI7'$efJV, 1 " m!",,J
BULK ME ATS 10Ke 13 lfo and
15c lor shoulders, sides, clear and rtt) and
clear sides fully cured and loose. VS.
GREEN MEATS Firmer; shoulders
94C sides 12c and hams at I4c. At the
close this afternoon tbe feeling: was mora
subdued, and the belief was expressed fre
quently that it Is a jrood time to seLvA '"''A
BACON Wanted; none oat of -smo'ke; y
clear sidos soidvto come out next week, at a.
7H7o. '' i. .-m:i.
BUTTER Scarce and firm at 3640c.
EGGS Sales at 33c; . -; -i , v y- ,
OILS Linseed Oil 91 001 02 ; dtsmatifl
is light; Jard oil very ftrm and prices high-,,
jar now at $1 401 45, and maiiufacturers.it
.inly supply customers sparingly at tbeae '
quotations. -: -."
SUGAR Firm; New Orleans 13Xj4a(si4
refined c higher.
COFFavE Steady; fair to choice Rio 51,-,
APPLES Not m neb doiaff. -.! i ji u-vt
POTATOES Prices nnehanjred. ' .,T: !
OAiii A-n.ru s isiana scarce ana soja, at ,
65c per bushel. . - ,' , '
...I; ' aa -"- 'i -'f
Chicago Market—Dec. 17.
FLOUR Easier at $5 257 50 lor.,lowlt
grades to choice spring extra. ' . . ' ' f!f
WHEAT Unsettled, irregular and l
l.c lower; sales Nol at$l 25, No 18a
1 15, closing dull with a few sellers of Mo
2 at $1 13 sales No Sines 'Change at 3
CORN Less active new shelled de
clined I2c, with sales at 4849V1
closing dull and weak at 48c lor. iiuw kiln
dried, 52o3o for rejected, and 6052c for 1
old. it
PATS Moderately active and
lower; pales No 2 at. 4545Kc. cJoaiuK t-
45K45c. - ' .
KYE in fair request at $1 171 17 for k
No 1, closing steady at inside price.
BARLEY Quiet; sales No 2 at $1 54,'
1 57 and rejected at VI 37, closing quiet m :
VI 65 for regular receipts of No 2. . .
HIGH WINES Steady and- quiet; sale'
at 94c cash; round lots sold at 46a in bond,
seller January.'. i- ' -:-n :;-:,,(. l
St. Louis Market—Dec. 17.
FLOUR Firmer but-nnchanged. t n5
WHEAT Steady and unchanged; faney -i
qualities scarce and wanted."-' . - ;-i i .--a
CUKW uncnangea at T730ci c "
uats uncnangeo at 58(7Uc.
RYEUnebang5d at$l0. ,"! ,'r7-'- r''-l
WHISKY-Upchanged at 94c." :';,.V l
PORK--StIffatV27. ..Tj
BACON Unchanged.
BULK MEATS-Higber; abouldera t r
105llc; clear sides at I415o.' ...-
LARD-Gdnerally held higher, wfUi.buiiJ
little on the market. . ... . . 4 ...i. k -,. &
Toledo Market—Dec. 17.
FLOUR Quiet. , ' ,v.'; ,
WHEAT-r-Amber 2e lower; whlbs 4e
lower; sales amber at VI 78; white Michl- '
gan at VI 80, and No. 1 white do at VI 90.
CORN Old steady and new lower; sales, -s
No. 1 at 86c; new at 68c; new rejected at '
64c, and kiln-dred at 79c.
OATS Steady and unohanged.and sales- 'i
No. 1 at 59c --t
KYE Steady and unchanged at V-L'SOV - -
BARLEY Quiet. .
DR ESSED HOGS Are U better; sales
at 910c.
Buffalo Market—Dec. 17.
-Tbe market is generally duil and ana :i
changed. . . A
. WHEAT Sales of car lota No 2 Chicago
at VI 50.
: CORN New SOo on track: eld 5c.
' OATS 66c. ' :
PORK $26. "
HIGH. WINES Firm at VI. -
- ?.
Milwaukee Market—Dec. 17.
FLOUR Dull; prices unchanged,
j WHEAT Steady; VI 22 for N. .
StOre. , . . . ,:,-(..:
1 In
For 1800. v....
THE rt edition of Onb Hukdrid THOtTSAMD
deeds and Uuidb in the Hovm Uakdem it
now published. It makes a work of lot paxes,
beautllullr illustrated, with about ISO Fine Wood
KngrarinKt of r lowari and Yagstaklaa, aud an Kl
egant Colored Plate, , .. , (
It is the most beautiful, well a tha most In
structive Floral Guide published, cirinc plain end
thorough directions for the CUlitfj&E of F1.0W
tKSand Va-UKTABLES.- - ,
The Floral Guide is published for tn benefit t
mrcustoDiers, to whom it is sent free without ap-
glicatinn. bit will be forwarded Ito all who apply
r m.il, for Tea Cent?, which is not half the eost.
Address JAME8 VICK.
. j ...I . Eoohester.K.Y.

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