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io Statesman.
( ; C. K. FLOOlh r ' j Edltera.
News and Otherwise.
Gold closed in New York yesterday at
,j Poor J. Q. Howard I He's had. another fl t.
'.East Liverpool,' 6', has the'measlea
bad. : v ; ":
,! Stokbtwall 1 Jacksok's ''daughter Is a
belle. '" " tHnnti-i ?"'- -o'iu;.-,
-Th1i fcettTlty'1! the Vrtifielal hair
trade, -r-o ;:i:m oft ..;!. '.'i :-.'u:. l
Johnhoh's Island la about entirely de-
ertedj In j:i V; .;'
? Cai-utornia
oountxr. .
is becoming,- great wine
,Thb confidence game is being played In
CleTeland. . . ,
A keoro attempted a rape in St. Louis on
Thursday, '; -;J-':- -' .'; ' "'
' Edward D. Mcrpht, a New York mil
lionaire, la dead. ;:---'"if' J : '
XTrc anticipated cotton crop of the South
b 1700,000 bales. " -, ',-.'. : : v
Hot milk is said to be a successful rem
dy for diarrbo3i. . ,. ;,"
t ATIAHtA, Ga proposes to- ship - veget
WeaNew York. : . , ;
( ,Th annual carrying trade of the South'
Is valued at 2,500,000..
lu latest name lor a cock fight, is or
nithological discussion, r ' j f
The safe arrival of Hon. S. S. Cox and
wife at Bremen to 'announced.; f i '. 7
t Duanto, the past week 23 divorces have
. been granted in New York City.
' BoBtirr Bomner has just tast a horse(tbe
Auburn horse) valued at $20,000. 5 '-i?;. i-!
Svem th Jf York Tribune talks of the
time as jf these pinching thaes."' : .
.Tnm first cholee of the iSeseca Advertiser
for Governor is Hou, Kanne ; , ,, j
lGBTOwa?),-rMexlcan .millionaire, was
orlglnailv o( Eochesteri New York. .t ) ( s
Bce9 are dying n.. great .quantities In,
ieflerson townsbIp,Tayette county. tl
'Gemebal Gkairr passed the Sabbath at
Westltolnt without attending church. r-I
ThM first steam fire engine built In tbe
United States was built in Cincinnati in
lS5A.,fIt.ii;::;-,.: Jo-j.io v : i--.
hBos., X. J. Godfrbt is the candidate of
the Allen County Democrat for Lieut., Go v-
rno V, ,!t '-;: 'v-j ?..-?? -
.The one horse street railway cars in In
dTanapoiis are pronounced1 a failure and a,
nuisance;"! ' ; ": 'J'""' "
ftaciorrtY, fifteen hundred hbgs'were
hipped by one firm from Murfreesboro'toi
Louis ville.-i :::. r. vi:.-j.i vih !.
. Gemxral Grast's name it not sufficient-'
I y potential to carry every measure through ,
this Congress. . .. .(.,;)..;
California, at the late election, did not '
poll as many votes, by nearly four thous
and, as In 1860. " .vhr-T.J t:---raa
,Geh. Geo..W. CaSs has many backers
for tbe Democratic nomination for Cover-,
nor in Pennsylvania. -t
THxi indications at , Washington are
stronger for an increase than for a de
crease in the standing army. ' -.' : :
By estimate, there are at least two bun-1
dred establishments in New York city,
where stolen goods are received. ' --l-j-:-
Tfi young Prince of Asturias, Queen
Isabella's boy, is said to be in that unhappy
condition of never knowing who was his .
father. ' -- .
The Wetter Star (Radical) is at a losato
know why Grant is running around so
much.' Doubtless, he is trying to make up
Cabinet.' " ' : .
The Ohio Patriot returns thanks to those '
friends who are sending it so many new
subscribers. Now's the time to circulate
Democratic papers. .." ; r
Tax waiters (twenty-two in number) of
the .Everett House, Chicago, struck Thurs
day morning, just as the guests were sit
ting down to breakfast. ,: .
It will be found that all the carpet bag
members of Congress from the South will
vote with New England members to pro
mote the interests of New England. .
- -The Christian wars since 1853 have cost,
computed in American gold dollars, nearly
Bine-thousand and five hundred million
dollars, and destroyed about 193,491 lives.
Johx Willis Mehard, the colored Re
pabllcan Congressman from Louisiana, is
disgusted with the' reception he received
in Congress on his first appearance therein.'
Tbe Democratic press geDera.ly: re"'
showering Just praise upon the Newark
ASvocate, for the beauty of its new dress
and the able manner in which' It ta con
ducted. ' ' ! :" '
An extensive brewery in (Cincinnati, has
just imported' 2,500 bushels barley from
Germany.' It weighs eight pounds to the
bushel more thairthe barley raised In this
country, - : ' ,;-' ' :- '
The Cincinnati Enquirer vrM told ' by a '
leading banker on Thursday, that no such
atrinKency of money has been known '' in
Cincinnati since the times, that followed
tbe Financial break down of J837. J ' '
"Tbe Tikedo Blade calls President John
oa a "wretched political abortion." When:
Mr. Johnson - was 'a' candidate for Vice
President, the Blade denounced everybody
as "disloyal" and all that, who would not
vote for him. ' ."V" "'
Canr Jcstice Chase is represented as
saying that not one of tbe Supreme Judges '
of the United States has Indicated what the
decision of tbe Court will be on the Legal
Tender Act, and that a decision may not be
reached for a month or two. ; ,
Wi learn from the timet that Thomas A.
T. Jeti, who lived on Little Muskingum
river, about one mile above the Clay-bank
mills, and six. .miles from Marietta, was
found dead, Sunday morning in his stable.,,
The firm belief is that he was murdered. r J
State Printing.
John M. Webb having, some months aeo.
bid for aud secured the contract for exe
cuting portion of the printing for the
Bute, an injunction was prayed for by
another bidder, and was Issued, to prevent
the contractor from performing the work
thus contracted. " In the Common Pleas
Court of this county, on Monday last, this
Injunction was dissolved, as It must have
been under any circumstances, because the
contractor enjoined was legally and liter
ally entitled to tne contract under the laws
of the State; and tbe State printing reverts
to the Columbus Printing Company.
Crfstt. .. . . , i .;
The Court decided all the legal points In
the tbove case In favor ofNsvnrs & Myers
holding that they were entitled to the con-,
tnuft and that it should have been awarded, j
to them; but they having failed to Insti-.
t its' suit 'immediately upon the dlscovery
that the award bad been wrongfully made,
lept upon their rights, and hence the Court .
dissolved tbe In) auction. ' The suit of Nev
ihs A Mtkrs, for the recovery of their
rights in this matter,' is yet pending, ai d
will be prosecuted to a conclusion for the
purpose oi ascertaining whether there is
redress for the Injury done, them, in the
withholding of the contract rightfully
theirs.".' ;" " ' . " '
State Printing. John Sherman and his Resolution
to pay Gold to the Bondholders—
to pay Gold to the Bondholders— Ground and Lofty Tumbling.
In the, so-called, United States Senate.on
VTednejsda, so. the telegraph informs jas,
. Mr. Senator Sherman reported back from
the Finance committee, without amendment.-the
joint resolution Introduced by
Sir. Edmunds In November, 1867, which
reads as follows :
'Joint resolution pledging the faith of the
, m com or ut tquivaleiu: , ;
' Whereas. Thebubllc debtioftheUnlted
States was, except where specially other
wise orderat, contracted upon tne faith and
credit of the United States, that the same
would be paid or, redeemed io. coin, or. its
equivalent: and ' ' ..' ,.:
"Whereas, Doubts have been raised as
to the duty and propriety of dlscharginic
ouch debt in coin or its equivalent; there-
jore, :, . .. :. .. . . ..... '. - . :. :
' "tleaotzea' bv the Senate and House or Jleb'
retentatives of the United States. Ac..' That
the public debt of the United States, except
in oases wherein the law authorizes the
ame, or .provision was expressly made, as
owing in coin or Its equivalent, ana int
faith of the United States is hereby sol
emnly pledged to its payment, according-
, Aiubiguone as he above is, it means that
the bondholders, who sold ttelr eold Sot
three dollars la greenbacks for one in eolo,
and purchased bonds with the legal tender
ootes,,dollar for dollar, are to be paid in
gold, which will add over one-third to the
vast indebtedness ot tbe country, i." ;
Five months after this joint- resolution
was offered .by Mr. Edmcmds, and' after it
bd been in the possession of tbe same Sen
ator Sherman, as chairman of tbe Finance
committee oi . the Senate, that sentlemen
wrote a letter to a friend In New York,
which was so sensible aud so patriotic that
his friend published It, as follows: i .-, r
"WASHINGTON, March 20, 1868.
" Dear Sir : I was pleased to receive
your letter. My personal interests are tbe
same as yours;, but, like you, I do not In
tend to be innurnced by tbera. My con
struction of tbe law is tbe result ot careful
examination, and I feel quite sure an im
partial court would confirm it,' if the case
could be tried before a court. 'Your idea is
that we propose to repudiate or violate i
promise when we offer to redeem the prin
cipal ln legal tenders. I think the bond
holder violates hit promise when he refuses to
take the tame kind of moneti he paid
jor tne bona. If tne case is to De tested Dy
tbe law, 1 am right. : IS it is to ba tested
by Jay . Cooke's, advertisements, .1 am
wrong.' I bate repudiation or anything
like it, but we ougnt not to be deterred
from doinsr what is rieht bv fear ot unde-
erved epithets.' If, under. the law as it
stands, the holders of. five-twenties can
only be paid In gold, then we are repudia
tors If we propose to pay otherwise. ' 11 on
the other hand the bondholder can legal
lt demand only the-kind ef money,, be
paid, then he Is a repudiator, and an ex
tortioner to demand money more valuable
man -n xruiy yonrs, 1
"To Hon. A. Mann, Jrn Brooklyn Heights
In the fall of 1S67, Mr- Sherman made a
speech , in. Hamilton . county, commented
upon at great length in the. Cincinnati Ga
zette, of July L 1863, in Which speech that
Senator took the ground that . the bond
were payable in gold, and that "any body
who was for paying them tin greenbacks
was a repudiator that the . bonds were
promised to be pa.id in eoin; the Govern
men t would newer violate its pledge,, and,
says Mr. Sherman, "it never has been vio
lated, and so help me God, I ; would never
aid (n its .violation, whatever may: be tbe
consequences.'! : So much for John Sher
Man .in. 1867. iv: , , :-..'::.! .. . :
In 1868, forgetful of his claim that tbe
20's were to be paid in gold, be wrote to
his Brooklyn Heights friend, that "the
bondholder violates bis promise when he
refuses to take the same kind of money he
paid for" the bonds," -which, in every single
caie, was greenbacks. r :
Two months after this, as chairman ot
the Finance committee ot the Senate, he
reports back and has passed, a' resolution
pledging Congress to pay' the,' bonds -in
gold, i i" !!.. f-"v
These facts make benator b Herman like
the Duke of Buckingham,, who Dhyden
describes as having ,--;-;.:.:; . j. ( ?
, "A mind m varied that ke irenirto b -.
Not one, "but all mankind's epitome;
-' And in the course of one reroiving moon
- Is fiddler, statesman, ehemiat and buffuon."
I . nnere ur.sHEBMAN wiu Deon wis great
question six months hence, nobody knows.
and nobody cares. On both sides of the
same question denouncing men as repudi
ators for wishing to pay the debt of tbe
Republic in legal tender notes, and then
denouncing the bondholders as repudiators
because they will not receive it, and then
voting to, pledge the Government to pay
it in gold, when he knows; that it was not
promised in gold, was not expected to be
paid in gold, and that in gold it never will
be paid, is more than sufficient to make
men think that Mr. John Sherman has no
mind of his own, and that his opinions are
not worth the rush light by which they are
written. ''
i xn February, 1S62, Mr. Sherman voted
for, and advocated the passage ot the so
called legal tender act. That law, making
greenbacks the only lawful tender in the
payment of debts, anticipated the loans oi
Which the 5-20 bonds were Issued. .Thus
tbe law gave notice of the currency in
which they were to-be paid, . i . ;
' "And such United States notes shall be
received tbe fame as coin, at their par value.
in payment for any loans that, may be
nereatter mane or negotiated Dy.' tbe Sec
retary of the Treasury."
And to make tbe assurance thus given
d nibly sure, and to the end that there
might be neither cavil or dispute, the very
greenbacks given by the bondholders a
purchase money of the bonds, had endorsed
thereon'. ' '"' ' ' '" " '- ' '
i "This note is a legal tender for all debts,
public and private, except duties on imports
and interest on the public debt, and is re
ceivable in payment of all loans made to
the United States." - '
And for the law under which these votes
were issued, and the bonded debt was in
curred, John Sherman voted.. No law, ho
authorized promise -no good reason has he
or any other man advanced, why the debt
thus incurred, should be paid in any thing
but the-currency promised, yet we find
Congress, at his instigation, after he
had furnished, 1 to his Brooklyn
Heights friend, reasons why It should
not be done, pledging that the bonds
thus Issued' should be paid In gold, thus
to make tbe taxpayers responsible
r the money tbe Senators, who voted for
the resolution, attempted to vote into their
own pockets.
'AH the- resolutions Congress can pas
cannot make wrong right, and tbe bonds
will be paid in greenbacks, and in nothing
else. ; ' '; " '"'
So much for John Sherman and his feats
of ground and lofty tumbling. .
The New York Tribune says of Senator
Morton's resumption bill: "The tender
hearted genius who, fearing that his dog
could not bear the pain of having his tail
cut off all at once, decided to cut it off halt
an Inch per day, is no longer unique. Sena
tor Morton has outdone him in bis own
line." " ' '"
What is your consolation in life and In
death?" asked a clergyman of a younc
miss In a Bible class that he was teaching.
The young iady blushed and hesitated.
Will you not tell me?" urged the clergy
man. "I don't want to tell his name," said
tbe ingennous girl, "but I've no objection
to telling you where he lives." ,
The Cincinnati Timet (Radical) has come
to realize that nine-tenths of the most use
ful business men of the country, and ail of
the farmers and others of tbe working
classes, are in favor ot preserving the green
backs. .. .-
The members of the Jndiciarv commit
tee who have charge ot the -investigneiot
into tbe poliiical affairs of Maryland, have
at h request of tbe Maryland delegation!
ueciaea not to enter in an examination oi
tice in the Supreme Court to-day, remark
ing to his friends that he had withdrawn
front i: i
The Georgia Question.
The Senate committee on Judiciary foro,
ally considered tbe Georgia question, but
came to no conclusion, owing to the ab
sence of one member. It was decided tha-
tbe bill reported by Senator Edmund;
should be presented as It waa to-day, an.'
referred to the committee, to be taken ut,
after recess. This Is regarded as fore;
shadowing Congressional action on th-;
subject. ' There may be some addition
made to the bill, such as that proposed b
Mr. Stewart, for the punishment of person
holding office contrary to the 14th amend
ment. The action of the committee tha
far is in accordance with the views pre-1:
sen ted by Gov. Bullock, at the commence
ment of the session. , . .
- A bill abolishing the franking prlvile? :
was reported from the Postolfice commit -tee,
with a recommendation tor Its passant;
Mr. EDWARDS offered a bill repeal!. i ,
the act adniitting Georgia,- and providing '
provisional government tor that State. Rt 1
lerred to J ndiciary .committee. : .
.Mr. HARLAN introduced a resolution
requesting the Secretary of the Interior t
communicate -any iniormation in posset ,
stan of the Department In reference to th 1
hostile or peaceful character of Indians re;
cently killed or captured by troops, and :
to whether tbey were at tbe time residin
in a Government Reservation. 'Adoptee'
: Mr. DAVIS moved, to take: up the joirif
resolution pledging tbe faith of tbe Unite !
for the payment ot the public debt in col i
or its equivalent, wbich was done. ' ,
Mr. DAVIS then ' moved to amend b?
making it declare that the true and eqult'
able measure of the liabilities of the Unite
States upon these bonds is what , was rt
ceived by the Government .for tbe bond!
with Interest thereon. Laid On thetabh;
- i Mr. WARNER introduced aresolutioi
instructing the Judiciary committee to en
quire whether the bill removing the polii ,
leal disabilities of certain citizens of A
bama, passed before the ratification of trj '
14th amendment, operated to Tern we disir
bilities imposed by the amend ment and b,-r
later reconstruction acts. Adopted. . i
Mr. EDMUNDS, introduced a bill to" rt !
peal the act of June 25. 1863. admittlnl
Georgia to representation In Congres ?
and to provido a Provisional Govern men j
therefor, and for other pnrposes,wbich wi i.
referred to the Judiciary Committee. 1
premises that the Legislature of Geofgi'
has violated the 14th amendment, by rt-i
fusing to purge itself of ineligible-meuH
bers, and has, in violation of the Constitut
tion and ' fundamental principles - upo !
which Congress consented to the restora f
tion of the State, exnelled a laree .number
ot regularly installed members, on tbe sol ;!
sround that tbev were Dersons of Atrica -
blood, and that the local au horitles of th,
to project the lives, liberty and property o
its peaceful and unoffending citizens froe;
lawless violence, and refrain purposely, o t
from want of power, trom bringing sucl;"
offenders to justice. The preamble there
fore tuny declares that it appears that tb-
people ot tne state of (ieorgia have nor
complied with the terms or conformed tt
tbe principles on wbich its restoration wai
provided for, -and that the Government
therein is not in fact ReDublican or rezu.
lar, and the bill provides tbat as much or
the acts passed June 25, 1863, as relates M
the State of Georgia, be repealed, and thai
the-' military government heretofore Dro
vlded by law be revived, subject only to tbe
limitations now prescribed; that tbe Gov
ernment organized under the new Consti
tntion oi lieorgla shall continue in
operation during the pleasure of ' Con
gress, as promised only, and tbe ex
pulsion of African : members shall ba
considered null and void. Such expelled
members shall resume their seats, tbeir
successors vacating the same, and- no per
son shall be a member of the Legislature
or hold office under that Provisional Gov
ernment who is ineligible to the terms ot
the 14th amendment. It in further Drovld-
ed that the Circuit and District Courts of
the United States-6hall have: concurrent
jurisdiction with the ; Court3 under said
Provisional Government of all offenses, but
such United States Courts shall not pro
ceed unless the1 party1 Injured, or some
one in his behalf shall make oatn before a
Judge or Commission that justice cannot
oe oDiainea in saia rrovisional uourt. 4) i- i
nally, it Is made the dutv of the President
ot the United States to cause to be sta
tioned ifi the State such part ot the lanci ''
and naval forces oi the United States a
shall be sufficient to carry tbe foregoing
into e it ecu
On motion of Mr. SUMNER, the Senat
took up the resolution expressing sympa
. 1. : . u. , . i .
wy wilu iuc people oi spaia. -
Mr. DAVIS did not like the latter Dart
of the resolution, recommending the aboli-
tion oi slavery, and characterized it as
piece ot officious interference.
Mr. SALISBURY agreed with him.
The resolution passed. It is in thesi
words: ......
Resolved, Tbat the people of tbe UniteC
States, sympathising with the people ol '
Spain, in their -ffort to establish a mort
liberal form ot Government, exprees theiil
confident hope that it will be conducted U
t6e end in such a way as to promote tlx
triumph of liberal, institutions, and the
earnestly appeal to tbe people not to allow '
the present opportunity to pass without
securing the immediate emancipation of i
nln.,nn n n ,1 K 1 i I C I
9i.,ca auu 11 11 (i i suifiitiuu ui JBiavcrv
throughout the Spanish, dominion. ' -
At this point tbe Clerk of the House an-
peared with the House resolutions on the
death ot maddens Stevens. ' ..'
Mr. CAMERON formally announced the
death to the Senate, and read a brief ad
dress, tracing the history of the deceased,
reciting nis past services ana eulogizing
nis cnaraeter. ue men ottered tbe resoln
tions usual on such occasions.
Messrs. BUCK ALEW. MORRILL. ! of
Vt, and SUMMER followed with eulogies,
wnen inenenate unanimously adopted tbe
resolutions offered by Mr. Cameron and
adjourned till Monday.
A resolution to print thirty thousand
copies of the eulogies delivered yesterday
waa suupici. - -
Mr. W ASHBURNE reported the Denslon
bill, which appropriates twenty-three mil
lion dollars. Ordered printed and consid
eration postponed until the 5th of January
Mr. SYPHER presented the credentials
of J. M. Menard, as Representative from
Louisiana,. .Referred.
Tbe bill to admit Midshipman Josenh
Moorebead, of Ohio, to the Washington In
sane Asylum, was passed.
Mr. TAJ! 1 introduced a resolution in
structing the committee on Revision .ol
Laws to consider the propriety of extend
ing tne time in wnicn Daukrnpts may avail
themselves of the provisions of the bank
rupt act, and reducing the tees. Adopted.
Mr. ELYoftered'a resolution Instrnr-Mno
the committee on Banking to inquire what
legislation is necessary to enable the Con
troller of the uurrency to wind up the af
fairs of banks that have no officer or place?
ut business, to stop payment ot interest ol
banks on debts tbey owe to the United
States, and prevent insolvent banks being
made depositories by Government disburs
ing rffl-ers. Adopted.
Mr. JULIAN, Irom tbe committee on
Public Lands, reported a bill to extend tbe
Drovisious of tbe Homestead a.t to orphan
children of deceased soldiers who are un
der the age of twenty-one years. Passed.
The SPEAKER announced tbat under
the authority ftiven him by the House be
bad asked tbe senior member (VVashburne
ot Illinois,) to preside as Speaker pro tem.
on Monday next.
On motion of Mr. JJKUU&.S, tbe Recon
struction committee was authorized to send
(or persons and papers and examine wit
nesses in reference to the States of Georgia,
MiPBitsippi. Texas ana Virginia.
Mr. BOUT WELL, from the Reconstruc
tion committee, reported back the Senate
amendment t relieve from disabilities cer
tain persons elected to office in South Car
olina and other States. The amendment
was concurred in bv the reauisite two-
thiids. .
Tbe death of tbe late Mr. Pinnev. of Pa-
was announced by 1 U successor. Mr. Pet
tis, and remarks in eulogy of the deceased
was made by Messrs. Pettis.-Ansell, Ran
dall and Woodward, f S
One of the resolutions offered' by Mr.
Pettis on the subject having provided for a
committee of nine to receive the remains
of the deceased at New York, on- their -ar
rival irom Brussels, and accompany them
to Pennsylvania.
The SPEAKER appointed the commit
tee. f Adjourned until Monday. f r; - -r
Farragut Prize Association.
A meeting of the Farrasruc Prize Asso
ciation was held last evening. A letter
from' Admiral Farragut was received, sta
ting that lie was doing all in his power to
forward the claims of his men for prize
money for-the capture of New, Orleans,
j Other letters were read from naval officers
who participated in said capture. The
I meeting adjourned to meet again on the
list ot: January,, . ,,- , ,, .. .-
j r The United States Court -yesterday
'found a verdict against four hundred hogs-
- heads of sugar, invoiced as molasses to ue-
' fraud customs- r The.- amount involved is
; thirty7twothousand dollars,
' A banquet was given to Dr. McCosh, last
; evening, by the alumni ot Princeton Col
lege. " ' '..: '. ,'.:
North Carolina Legislature.
RALEIGH, Dec. 17.
', -"The: bill re-enacting and'eonflrmtng the
, appropriations made last August to - the
; Williamson & Tarooro, ana tne yvescern
North Carolina Railroad Company, passed
' its final reading in the House to-day, and
is now a law. . The 4th section directs the
Public Treasurer to subscribe to the capi
ital' stock of the Chatham Railroad Com
pany $1,000.000 -when the road between
Raleigh and Cberaw, S. C, shall have been
! let. This subscription is to be made in
! bonds running thirty years, bearing 6 per
j cent., and is to be preferred stock, paying
a dividend of 6 per cent, betore any aivi
; dend is declared on any other Stock. ': The
oonas issued in August in Denan oi xnese
companies are to be surrendered to the
Treasurer, who shall deliver a like amount
in bonds under this - act In exchange tor
them. J A special annual amount is levied
! to pay the interest on all these appropria
tions, accoruing to iue Vyonsuiu'-iouai re
Chicago Items.
CHICAGO, Dec. 18.
Regular trains will hereafter run west
on' the Union Pacifi v railroad as far as
Evanston. Utah, 97 miles wst of Bryan,
the present terminus.'-The 960th mile has
been reached and is readyJoi inspection, i
Tbe weather continues mild and the
snow is melting rapidly. A heavy storm
Is reuorted nortli and west Ot bait Lake.-
A desperate fight took place in a disrepu
table saloon on Clark street last jiixht, be-
! t veen some detectives and a gang of
thieves, resulting in the shooting and mor
tally wounding of- a desperate character
by tbe name of Thomas Cody,, whom the
$1,000 Reward.
1 Governor Swann offers $1,000 reward for
the apprehension of the murderers of
Dove, in Conacomlng. ,' '
Distressing Accident.
A boy named Thomas Stuart, while coast
ing, yesterday, was run - over, and - cut to
pieces by a railway train.
General Grant.
' General Grant and' st'afT arrived In this
city this morning. A public reception was
tendered by the - Mayor, out was declined
He leaves for Washington to-night, . ; ..;
NEW YORK, Dec. 18.
- In the Belnjont branch of the Erie litiga
tion vesterdav, a new affidavit on the part
of Belmont, to show that the suit waseomH
menced In fair.h, was read. Mr. Vanner
poel and Mr. Kapetlo argued tbe ease, alter
which it was adjourned till this morning.
The Press on Morton's Speech.
' The Herald says of Morton's speech on
the resumption of specie payments, that:
the effect of his bill would be to increase
tbe monopoly of the National Banks at tbe
expense of the public. It says the laws of
trade and growth ot the country will regu
late 8pecU? r-r . -J-: f- i -rr
: Tbe Times says bfs Speech shows how a
return to specie payments may not be ef
fected, rather than why the bill before the
Senate sbonld be relied upon tor the ful
fillment of its purposes. , .. , ; ..,.,.
Tea, Coffee and Sugar.
'The World, to-day, In a leading editorial,
proposes abolition ol tax on tea, coflee and
suxar. . . .-; d .
i The Republican General committee of
this city claim tnat they nominatea uen
Grant by a resolution of Alfred Smith, In
July of 1SC7, six months before the nomi
nation by the Philadelphia Press.
PARIS, Dec. 18.
Tbe Monlteur announces that Lavette
has been appointed foreign minister, in
place of Monstier Foscade, appointed Min
ister ot the Interior, in plan-, ot Pinard, and
Grissier Minister ot Police. Moustier has
been made Senator. Pinard, who has been
removed,. Is said to be responsible - for the
recent severe measures against the press.
The Times on the American Debt.
LONDON, Dec. 18.
The Times, in an article on recent pro
ceedings in the American Congress con
cerning the National credit, fears am
biguity of purpose apparent in the resolu
tion against repudiation, and argues thitif
the world . was certain the United States
would surely pay the interest on the debt
in gold, as England and France do, the an
nual burden of the country might be re
duced one-half, for England pays no more
interest than the United States, although
her debt is twice as large.
The Postal Treaty.
; The Standard exults over the completion
of the postal treaty, between England and
the United States as a triumph of the Tory
parties, and declares the benefits on man
kind one immeasurable. -- . -
Turkey and Greece.
PARIS, Dec. 18.
The Moniteur regrets the breaking out
of hostilities between Turkey and Greece,
and hopes common action on the part ol
the great powers will shorten the duration
and circumscribe the consequences ' of the
rupture. . . , , .
PESTH, Dec. 18.
i The people of Hungary have presented
an address to Mr. Deake, thanking bim lor
his services to the country. ',
Affairs in Spain.
MADRID, Dec. 18.
: The elections for members of the Cortes
commence in the cities to-day, and in the
provinces In a few days. Provincial Gov
ernors report the public peace not likely to
be disturbed. The Government remains
neutral In the elections. A slight demon
stration at Miranda, yesterday, in favor of
the CarlUts, was soon suppressed, and two
ot the leaders arrested. Miramon. bearer
of the Republican proclamation, was ar
rested yesterday at Maderia.
Arrival of the Montana at San
Tbe steamer Montana arrived from Hon
olulu Ur-day, with advices to December
General McCook, United States Minister,
was a passenger.
, Malaio Keknanoa, father of the Kin? ol
Kanihamha, died November 24th. Tbe
body was laid in state. Twenty eight flags
of foreign Consulates in the shipping nar
bors were diplayed at half-mast. . The
United States ship Oasippe fired minute
guns during the day.
There was no public celebration of the
255U anniversary of the Independence oi
the Hawaian Government.
The American residents of Honolulu, on
the reception of the news ot the election cf
Grant and Colfax, had a torchlight proces
sion. The shipping in the harbor and a
greater portion oi the 11 ig stiffs of the
city, Displayed bunting.
Advices Irom tbe island I lli'vnil state
tbat there was a heavy euock oi tarthqnake
7T n
November 16th and frequently in the lat
ter part of November. Tbe air was filled
with sparks, f i ':
Manuloloa volcano 13 again active.
There were meteoric showers on Novem
ber 14th V
The shin Cevlon sailed for Boston No
vember 23d, with a cargo valved at $90,000.
SOUTH AMERICA. Letters to Oct. 27th.
SOUTH AMERICA. Letters to Oct. 27th. NEW YORK, Dec. 18.
Letters from Buenos A vres to the 27lh
of October, and Rio Janeiro to tbe 7th of
November, stato that an expedition to flank
Lp z s position at vuieta Uacl tound ttoops
and lortifications to resist (h'eSiriUaxiasJ
army was encamped in a swamp.
Mr. uould, the British Minister, has re
turned Irom Paraguay, and is on bis way
to England, with dispatches.
Lp- would potBurreuder his English
1 he American fleet, wltn Minister Mr-
Mahon on board, bad -not yet arrived at
- - - '
St. Louis Market.—Dec. 18.
Steady, firm
WHEAT In better demand and firm,
but not quntablv changed.
. CORN Lower and unsettled at 737Sc
i yjA 15-r-iac at oecsow. : -1 - j t
,(EYE 'AND BABLEY.-Notbing dolag
WHISKY Unchanged at 949oo
POHK-RBtter at 27a27 50.
BACON Little more than nominal
boulders clear sides we.;; ,f ,or.
JjAKJL Uiichangea at uc
. HOGS Stiff at 8S?c.
Milwaukee Market—Dec. 18.
FLOUR Closed dull: prices
WHEAT Dull and heavy; $120 for No
1 in store. : i"'
New Advertisements
tW Xtae Ohio Stateatstasi h" a
Larger Circulation thai stay pa
per published in thin City or Cen
tral Obio. Advertisers will bear
tbis in mind. .. ..... -i
Is the new prodnetion br fhe author of the ca't-
brated 1
Of the most singular power, and impressire to an
absorbing degree. thi fine-work will oommand uor
osoal atteotion.
r'-daolAdltrKX. J n it 1 't ii
The Colnmbns and Hocking Val
ley Railroad Company.
IVotioo -to WtocltholVid
ColumbU8. Ohio. Dee. 18th. 18SS.
IN meeting of the SioekhoWrs of this Comranj
ill h hidii at. itjt nffifta. io tbe eitr of Columbas.
on Tuesday. January Mih. 18SS, between tbe hours
of lOo'oloek A. M. and 3 o'olock P. M., at whieh
thirteen Diretors for said Company will be elected,
and sueh other business transacted as may be
hfar the meetiriF. Stockholders are re
minded that the la proTides that "after the first
eleot-.on of Directors, no person shall Tote on an
share on which any installment is due and unpaid '
decl-J3tawld-t !
Seo'y and l'reas
' 8? KOE'S '
"Sold ly all NewsaealeraT
YE. Mn7Cme. A
crass with
P e a I F I c
The only Infallible and Harmless Pemedy. Van be
given witn orwitnoat tnepauent s Knowledge.
Kfad Dr.' Johnston's Treatise on "Drunken
ness, its Consequences and Cure." Try
tha iFECUIU. aad be conT
i j-'w vinced. . -
it-.- 'r , - ra - -.
pleasant preparation oreatas.no Tomitinc after its
use. lobasco need not oe airoaraea an at once,
for the Compound destroys tbe desire graauali
and positirelw :. , S1, t , ,i ,,, s-, .
a Proprietor. CeJumbaa, O.
Printed in seren colors, from a desirn by H. 1
STKVBN8 en exquisite work l
Fob Salk bv "all TCawgDSaisBS. '".'
deolS-dlt-FNT-r - -
Now Ready : No. 1 of the Illuminated
IosacaraUns; the new process of Printins Seven or
, more ULU tuuuns at one uevoiouoa
of the Press.
Thin lanff snarht for nroeess has at leairth culmi
nated in a complete success, and we have the pleas
ure of first preeentincie to tnepuDiio. r
The Western World,
Beautiful in typography, and exquisite in illustra
tion; will excell. also, 10 the interest ana wortn oi
. its Literature. Spirited. OrmoaLaud Afe
tractive. It will answer the soknowl
edffed demand fur a weekly paper of -
standard merit, yet of great pop-
ular excellence.
Purehasersof-euirentpubliestiosxara requested
to examine taitneweanaiuata tnr iaror. i
a- For f ale by all JSavadealera "M
Arldrfl'S. ' " ' -
. It K A CIT W H E AX. Publish;-
V ' .. , - -.w Kasasa jStreetJJiew Xorlt,
1 ' i : i 5 .
N. B. Specimen copies sent free to applicants by
man. ueeiu-ait-FXY-r
those splendid All-Wool Blankets and ehoieeet ol
Ltineos.will eouunue Kl the remainder, of thi
present week at- ' .i.,r-
" xss high street;-n!n
Vert door'to Savaoe's Jewerl v Store at S V .'M. arid
7 eveninir. tioeds can be examined in tbe after
noon. reat bargains, as all must be sold this week,
deel7-Si-.v ,- W. R. KENT, Auctioneer. -
' (Recently Merchant's Hotel.) .. 4 ' '
Nos 830 and 838 South nihtrect,
JL- bar of rears aronrietor o tha'NatiABs Hntai
of this city, lakes pleasure iu annouocin to the
public that ne nas leasea tne aoove named House
nr & term of - run. hid it thoroushlv nnnv,bH
suDnlied tbrouihout with entire new f urnitnrn nrf
.is now readv ior the. recentien of enestji. lw,rh
transient aud regular Doaraers. tie natters himself
tnat bis Ions; experience in tne notei business and
his determination to devote his entire personal at
srfaotion to all who may f .Tor him with tbeir pat
rnn H. RKYNill.llS
tention thereto will enable mm to aive Dertect sat.
N. B. A Saloon and Restaaraht is attached to
theHousv also, extensive 6 In bliss:, attended bv
competent ana attentive nosuers. a. H,
dee U-dluv- - .
AT -
Via. S Ieil House Block. .
., FURS,
Of all varieties, qualities and styles. A large va
riety ot -
We would call the attention of the public to our
unrivalled stock of tbe above Goods, satisfied that
inducements than any other hou.e lu the city. I
First Ku-nberwill be ready MOB DAT, Dee. Si
7 fsn.ls f all New. aisTeralTrr
F-mwc 'loon
.1 : u . ty.i
Is t htndsoro WeklT of 8TXTEKN PAGES,
hnnrlfintlv illnatttftd bw th bent Arti'tsi.
f int 5ambr will b ralj M01SDA.T X)ec'.
2" ftrfalebf all Nwi Iealra
Will gire erery week an 0EI0I5AL CASTOON
by one of the best Artists. - -T
iirst number will oe ready KURD AT. Deo it.
For Sale by all Rswt Dealers.
, 1 -
ULS,? !&J!t'lmn orlriual articles oy tbe
BEST WRITERS for all members of the family
in towa ana eountrv. --
First Number will be ready HON DAT, Deo. 1.
For Sale ly all Mews' Dealers. f
5.:i M'K!
; 'r e? A
r-K T t
Ol T, : I .
Will eontaia valuable articles on FARMI50 er
first, Number will be ready MOITD Dec.'ii
lar Sals by all Hews Dealers;
MU.II.'.T TALUDil'lir.
i. v- ! S tl it.-: :
m a-i.iJ-
Will be -rerr valuable to the FRfTIT OROWHR
First Number will be ready MONDAY, Deo. St.
(P,1;avr.eaia ivy; .ass auimm ucaiets.
5T r : s- v. .t I -
-??i,?o :-lfv"i
, r.-- t,;i at ln or
1 v-
nstrrn avaa wwnwv "
Will rive da snaee tn TI.OWKH CUT.TTJR'
' First Number will be ready WON I) AT, Dee. SL
Tt Sale y atl liews'lVealsrs.
..:-iLlj..'Ju h cii
f, i.- i s.J
earth anr none
Will rive wpeoial latteatiea to ORNAMENTAL
First Number will-bensady MONDAY DeoC M.
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' ' 1,
rl ;'lt;. If , j
YT .-;'..-i-u.;:-:---ic-i'i . -
y.iH J5iT?ano atUntioh to RtsAL ARCBl-
HUltUB, .-
Ji irst Number will be ready MONDAY. Dee.
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TT 1
jLLEiirnrAD' nonir
Will give, from time to lima. ?IAN3 of desirable
wumni nuus,
first M umber will be read; Ml,KDA.T.Dea. Ik
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H- - , , , -;.-r.i
.- ,, . 1 . . . ....
niuguuuuu ail tua uiterestf o? e 4am! .v i
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" 'j-iv ri MRS. MARY B. DODGE,
AnH tns.nv Atnem. will ....lar! w , Vn-'l' 1 -1
first Number will be ready MONDAY. Dee. 1
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; " i r'7-Tf- , . - . ;'.: st f ''
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poweriui Story, written expressly for it, by -
; " ' J. S.' TBOWBB1DGE,' . ' M
' - xirnTLiD -- -
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See next paper for Table of Content of Firs'
n umoer.
First Number wiU be ready MONDAY. Dec Jl
e Far Mala by all News Dealers. "
' Hearth and home.
First Number win be ready MONDAY. Dee. 11.
Far Sale by all News Dealers.
Hearth and home.
37 Park Raw, New TarU.
Hark Howt New Tark. '
rj T1"- n'iii (.'"( It'" w i
tr-irMtnn Sll ee-IHJSJ
,a.-5ri ,-::r r:r T .j: -i! ! ' ; -j.l ..i : . .'.-.(:'- 1'
Ui . It.i .'.u-
TSree Vichts only, eommenoinf
Thnrsdny Fenlnr, JHcember 3.
Swiss Bell Ringers,
sisteo. y HrVwh 'SMlf tt RUSSELL th? taT
ented Faeia! Delineator. VeVvthin. .Vfe
Counbur. belr1"' appearance
Oaans OT Amnsrton, FarqneUie and Dress CIr.
Ie. 40c: Fsmily Circle. o. Reserved sJS Vl
saie emyat j. seitser Musio Wto-e). 7Rc.
oecm-uiw. w. w. FOWJyER, AientT
rnalVAH Hall the ComtasT t -JF
v. ,. rosittvesyfbr Two flights Only, ' i
nsodajr aa4,r.assdar. : 81 audit.
EmejTsoii, Allen & Uaaning't) :
Ffom tbeir Onm
'"';- AtlN8TKBL8H- -Sl
; Butfreehanrejjf programme each Venfniriir
terpreted by 22 first-clasa artUte. aotually em
bracing more seauine talent than any other
pany in America. '
lery,S5c. The box-b'ook tor the sale of reserved
seats will open at Seltser's Musio Store on SatuV.
"b; atiJO 9'clock A Ji. where seats
may be secured. . .
Doors open at T o'clock J?;; JI.i tu commence at S
precisely. ' ' dee!8 dt
7 OPERA rr UOUE.tr
D,DVlTO.:.t..4 .........r...MAM9Mi
Tbeackrowledgerl QDEEH .OF SOSQ. uu heV r
torn from California by overland route..Uera
triumphant and unparalleled saoeessful seat on of
Opentie performances will aire in this citr orUj
one grand Concert. .---
Wedaeiasr Evening, December JT3T;
. M'me PAREPa'OS A will be assisted by4 "
Mr. Gi;PTW;.;COLI3iY...lianist an'ff 'oeouiiaulS
l ne greatest ornet-s-Piston player of Jhe world,
engaged at great esaenm expressly fur Far .-pa Ba
se's Coneirtseason of l6S.-'a.- ;1 A'J.. tT CZ.
Admiision SI, tb ao extra charge for re
served seats; Baleoav T6 cents.-
,n . ,",ie of s";, "IU eearaeaee'oa Hoadayi a
,0JA-.i1y i J aelt Co.'s Moiio Store.
Monday EVenln December 21st,
1. The 8t. Patrick's ToUl Abstinenoe'society
Table, under the direction of Mrs. James Cooney.
-r "'nw.ui nil. .11 1 J 11 U1 ra.
i jaate aiaara ana Mrs, siiobael r iy.
Tiia Ing LadieJ Hodality Tablir,-Mlir3an
5. The Taa-CseuRi Table. Mrs. B. fcoraey.
. lThe O vster labia. Miss B. Brennan.
6. Tha Childran, oi JAsry labia... Miss LisUs
Dconan, - , . . , , . - ,r ...
. The Boya'Bigh School TaUe,'jaiaiai Kaggis
Fay and B. Lalor. . .... ,
T. Tbe Mary and Martha Table. Mrs. Wilson. -S.
The St. Vincent of Paul's Voting Booth, whess
theeoming aian for Mayor of Coiumbsa is to be
chosen - - , ,. .....
The Fair will remaia open EIGHT DATS.
. The managers of the-Xablee-aave endeavored ts
secure not only Christmas Toys, but articles of use
in the season. ': , ' . decl6-dl0t
Table. Talk with a Vlctii
i at Iadlsres-
Bead or. we will- mypose yea martyr to dyspes
sia. If you are a, so much the better for you.
If you art, perhsps you may profit by this para
graph. .Yoa lave juit finished your dinner, we
will ay, and fed a if you bad swallowed lead in-.
stead of wholesome food-Xaa iave . s sswalira
of tightness round . the upper part of the dia
phragm, as if some snake ef the constrictor tribe
held yes is its embrace, and tad tnatttd VeoCi
ovtr thtpit mf your ttamaeX. ' Yen leel supreniely
miserable; and sucK is. he penalty whieh youi
complaint eaaota after tvery meal. What do yos
desiret 1 Esse: (if cuuise.- AC exemption "from the
incubus that robs yofof all enjoyment 'during the
dajr, and. disturbs your' rest at nights Take, taaa
this piece of information : Tom nftr-mttdttiiii
certainly cure a0 jour agonising symptoms as tha
flay es which yos read this article will be succeed
ed by another- Perhips you are inciednldui : bu7
If 'you fcave read the testiraouy of tbe eminent citi
ens, in every walk of life, who have tested the?
preparation; and submitted tba result!! of .their ex
perience to the public through the press, you ought
at least to have iuffioieat ath to make a trial of it
in your own ease. It is a pure vegetable tonic and
alterative Me sly mtdtetn ana ewirf eattre-
ly adapted to four complaint.,. Jf yos are in the
habit of taking any alcoholio excitant aa s palli
ative, abandon nV-snd try tbis wbolbsoks midi-
Catzd BTrarji-ABT, If m does you no good, say to:
but you; will rfot do that, for it has never yet failed.,
in-asingle Instance. 16 cure dyspepsia,- biliousness,
ind their various; eceapaiats. I i . i
I Bay33deodAwly-ew-B
.... . .. . ... . Asn
PROTi:-EHCK;R. I., Tiogtbe largest manu-
fact rj So " Su er ' in the woridV with t
the most m proved mach y, and employing the '
most skille l labor, are' enabled to offer an un
equalled variety of new and beautiful design in -Dim
er Services, Tea a rices, and every article
specially adapted for , , liday and Bridal Vifts. r
They offer else their sell-known and unrivalled '
Sickel Silver Elestre-PIated Ware, in whioh the
have introduced hew patterns of rare elegance
the Solid Silver ia goaiantaed to be of sterling '
purity by U.-HMint assay r Th Electro-Plate 1
auanuiieea w us auvriur w voe uuest oneiuet
ware. Orders reoeived. frees the Trade only, ba,.
these goods may bo obtained from responsible
dealers every (there.
.! ran '"'-Trad
Trad Max , jtet - . ". ' .Tr! or
1 8&.-w. : rrr,Pts!tL' -
! Salesroom Tlo.3 Maiden I T,
B6vWwKm-re NT " '
la the offspring of a great set. Ko one can thjni ,
." or denying that ui,, , (11
Brings out a finer BR0V75 or. BLACK than' any
other, in a shorter time, and without ipinry to .the i
heir. This is a truth as apparent as that the sun
lights the earth. i"- i i , -i ;
Cristadoro's Hair Preservative
AND BICAUTIFIR.-Th toilet, without this ar
ticle, lscks its most-useful -attribute. Nothlna ia '.
so common in this eounb-v a th r.lllnn, n r ,k.
bair. The preservative prevents it. The fibres can
no more looses and drew off. if this article is rega s
larly applied night and morning, than if each were
fixed in a vioi. The testimony on 'this point ia -ovewhelming,
while the beautifying and invigora
piiperties of the fluid are equally well established ,
Bald by Druggists, and applied by all Hair 1ress-
ers Mauufaotory Ko. es Maidea Lane. PrinetpaT "
Depot No. 6 As tor House, - - -. - ; -
)unels-d&wlyear-reirr '
Ir. lobiaa' Veaetiaa Horse Ciai-
' meat. . .;.'-, ... ;
Pint bottles at f 1, fur the care of lameness
cratches, wind galls, sprains, bruises, splints, cuts
colic, slipping stifle, over-heating, tore throat, nail
in the foot, Ac. It is warranted cheeper and bet
ter than any other srtioleever offered to the publio
Thousands of animals hare been cured of th. .ii-
and over-heating by ths' Liniment; and hundred
that were crippled and lame have been restored to
their former vigor! 'If ig" used by the first hone.
mn throughout the 8tate. Ordere are oonatantlr
received from the racing stables of Fngland for
fresh supplies of this invaluable artiole. Over
,500 testimonials have been reoeivarl. p..Vu-
one dollar laid out in time may save ir" V
your hone. Bold brail Dmnnti. nm.. .
Place. New York. ; ."s"a
juneie-diwlyOul-yeKr '' ', " "''' .
A Para and delicate skin, free from a... ki.
iih, it the reward of an occasional use of Palmer'
Vegetable.Cosmetie Lotion. trnx'-d" 'J e

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