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MctkorologicaL Table, preparea ana
by W; Savage, Jeweler, 83
LOCAL NEWS. FRIDAY, Dec. 18, 1868.
Baron eter. Thermometer
IS 15
r. ii .:......-:r.:.--.. -- -
U H. s
flwi.Rises. -' ' ! 8 -
. 4
- -. S"
tThe TrertjCWftWe to-day.
tST- 'the'rfd State Street Ttetet U to be
tliS Supreme OouriwMot J4
ffion yesterday
iST Wood sell for fuui$450td 6S0 pet
t'taTAmo. Weleh, lor -WngVoB. a ilaln
'drunk, paid the Mayor W yesterday.,' t
,t;.t e,!t ' hi isaeu ! v '?
f-The rioter' wheat 4 the aouthera
portion of this county looks splendidly.'.;;
tFi'A. batcher' boy; according W
lively reporter. Is a ? juvenile ytvlsector.,
-.;;. ; sl-B'i , . .. ' n i i i i . ' " -.' n - if '
ts Wtime'tor 'PVt without
Tensity expiree so-day, the Sth coming on
Sunday. . . - - a .a:'- jt;. ;
'Ifr.Miv Hanwn, JPiiuelpai of 'the State
Street buUdiui. ji.aa,, we heafYTeslgned that
fOSmOB. f . ... .., - M , ., ;.- rt . .tH ,'.
y The price or pork Is still advancing.
Ten and a quarter . ceats' per pound, ,p.t
calgWla the ruling 'ttre;'aji'i
Etnersrih, Allen " Msnnln g's Mln-
atrels will appear at the Opera House ob
Honday and Tuesday : eyeninga Of next
pi, AQB.TThere is, a nejpro woniai
KvfngTiearinirard; In tMJ'c6unty,it wlio
bas 'reached the ripe age of llft years. She
ta as .Hrely as a .crjfckett , wd bearahar
years "brayaly. ;ii.:.t:.t-, l . i . .ti . !
jt"iiBOi'o"WMati-'Gray got
jn..i. i.rt-iiT -hpuntifnllv blue uleht be-
for last. J. In addltioii, ahe sraC arrestee
Beaidea these-snefgot aoed Sahaaleo
got a"chance" tbierubtthe ealabeoserteihg
devoid of ducatg.
a beautiful lot o rarlau" bustil lad
Hull are makiug eaqh purchaser ot the cur-
Bent number ot Franlfc:islie tuustr atea
newspaper, a. -presents 9i JiP1'Piu.r
printed in oil colorev-Taey have also all
the magazines lor JanUSty, anda ue stock
f presentation took!M '. ''' .
.13' tux 1 - m f-itT ; . !
Botb whose arrest on a charge Ot stealing
wagota fr(a John McCabe, afid whe jrwre.
baU iothe sum of f 300 torjiis.appearance,
(aila tb'pat fn an appearance, and biff bail
waadeciased forfeited. : ', Adam Trau tmari is
.Taxa'AwaT-YpcR lai8Ttre are in
toe iBecbrder'aofuee ' a greali ldi of deeds
haw a been' JiqcUmnattng,;tbere. for J
years. tTneKeoorder.wlshea every person
vbo knows thai he or she has a deed in his
office to caU.and tilre'K.alyay lorthWUhl
Be will be no longer responsible for their
aatesyv-i-,. ' . ( . i - s-jo
A large stock otGhina idhinerand
tea sets and vases a- est water a.
tit til a nrn nr. ' '. " I r - t'I
Tsturxa-aSD VatKa.Tuere is no mis
take about it, J. A.Tandlgriff, 102 South
High street, has tWjbest assortment -ot
trunks, iraliaea, eo, suitobtaiotpresenta.to
bfoiind Iff the city. ! Those toy trunks he
makes are selling rapidly for Christmas
preseb'foV the,iitUe ouCaftjaud See
' "Gbamted. In- the' case.' ot
TBettaa' Hr teTKd applied 'fof a dl-
Torce from his wife, Anna Lewis, the Court
onyesterday granted a decree of divorce
on the ground ot adultery, and she is lor
ver debarred from receiving' any alimony
and suopor TroriTlk. estate.," The parties
areedlored? 'X'"
JQhristms Do.i.ng. filndeman.u, .& ,,Cp.
asVeUltaeelviun 'newYrlstMa gods.-
They have got their bouse so full now it
lokjilka a boy alter ,3k heavy dinner o(
plum guding, completely -8tuedTTr It
is fun to see GusStevenson packing np
Eode.fQr the country ,r j He does so much
of it aad does It so nleely.: : a a K A : :a t
TiiX5iJieiCtuSEa; bpxes of work
ing maWrtsls" 5'(f vaies.' atWe8twaterTa.
yMj8.r-Jamr Boas and, WilMana Thomp
on wert pip'', beToj;,tfi Mi yor, yesterday
morning charged with loiter pg iround the
city unable to give a satisfactory account
ot themselves,' and Having no visible means
c4 iwbport In other words, they . were-'
vqgrats of.the lirstr water. . In default oi
payment of the sum of $5 and 'costs each,
they were permlttecfttf'eafa their bread by
the sweat of their-brows at' the stone pile.
largest aiul tiuest stock of gas
fixtures at lowest prices at Weitwatera. .
- .M il l" " ' ' . '
War Claim Paid. Aejtitant' General
Schneider on yesterday1 received $261,
73L14 on account of Ohio v war claims
atfsXthejTJnUed 'ajz ip,G00, :6i,'Xt
was a draft on the First National Bahk- ot
this city, and. the balance on the United
States Depository at OineinAatl. General
Scbuetder lias been riot 1 fled that' the' 11th 1
iniUlltoent oi Ohio's war .elaim would be
setftled in a short time;1
Patty LABCENT.-Amian named George
Stanmeyer teems: t have Jkatfaery aeH
rious attack of .Kleptomania. He stole
some cloA?f.)e:6wo Merchant Tailoring
Company, then be stole a coal from a fel
low boardoTV' Haviag captured i clothing
enough, he then took a City Directory from
Gso. Hu88noar 3.'be Mayor on yesterday
bald tiii oram'ping'G.orgto ball ltt the
aum of $30QP6n,' eacbhirgeU XsTcould
d i uaa uib oan, ne went to oasue uaver.
T .! m i i i rt.1
tWA. splendid , lot -of French China
Tasos, J ardinleresi Motto Cups, &eMr of their
ova importation, at - WestwAter'.
.1' .. t. ' ' -'J
Business. The most certain and econo
mleal method of building up or retaining
trade ia any legitimate line, is by - liberal
advertising.; This fact Is stated as the re-
ault of the ordinary business experience of
every man who baa made a fortune in trade
in JbLs country Wherever trade is sought
under competition, advertising holds the
balaeee of power and the merchant who
uses this great commercial weapon In the
most spirited and judicious method, la cer
tain of success, V ..''- '-' .
Hbcxnra Vallkt EaILboad Offices.
The officers of the Hocking Valley , rail
road have taken possession of their new
offices in the C. C. & I. C. railroad build
ing. They "will occupy five rooms on the
second floor ol this bulldlng'all pleasant
and convenient in location,' The Presi
dents office will be Boom No. 1 ; Secretary
- and Treasurer will be found in Boom jXo
2; Superintendent In Boom 6; Englneei
Corps in Boom 7. The Ticket Department
will be in Boom 5, under the, .direction t
' Ur.E. A.Buell. -
TBAfcfeFMWtflTkfirKBDX-nTlie follow
Ing transfers of real estatawere left at the
Kaeoraet's office yesterday T.v EiSt
Bichard Nevins and wife to D wight Gay J
property in CoIumbuslDec.l2, 1868; $6,500,
John W. Jlilligan to Daniel Dless, cast!
half of In-lot 6 In Wm. M. Awl's addition to
UefeUy Of ColurDbiiS.tpil(i.iafii 3O)0.
scott, 12 acres oi land in Prsirie and
Pleasant townships, Dec. 17, 1868; j$203. .
t; WmrMcFee and" wife, 4o Mary A. 'lav-
Ior,1ot 8 in tUe town of Bey noldsburg, Oo
1 1868: S356.
CMooia& jJerFawTfee'argaict
Jicoby, two acres of land in Montgomery
township, March-81rl866; 23 00.
Kichaid Walsh to Windsor Ateheson,
M)ek rtbfl aer vf lantr Iff-Cltotbtf'ftwti-
Fred er 1 ok . . L.I trtifarrl. . , kI min I r triLarr tn
kichard Waishr April 14th. I acre of land
Id Clihton township, (or $209 " .a
B. F. Corbin to Qeorge Corhln Feb.t28,
1854," lffacris of land In Washington, to a a-
abipf tor SI 5 .-.it .a u i i i -. iwjni,(
Catherine Lattimer to Geo. Wl Corbin,
April tbyJ867, 39i acres of land i'A Wash,
lnSton fOwqship, for $700., " ; !- .Vi:Va
'David W. Boyd and wile to William
MeNultyov.'Jftn, qatt claim to lot No,
8'o Howard's' subdivision; 'of lots'in'the
city of CoTumbu8rfor,5iT: ii ! .i;
David W. Boyd and wife to Wm.McNul-
ty5'2fovX27r'quit claim-to lot No. 65 of WnS.
A. Neil's third north addition to the city of
Columbus, for $5.
J. Carty; and wife, to Harf ApioldJApril
13th, 40 acres ofland in Madison township,
for 92,200.
r George Davidson and wife to Edward M.
Owens. Nov.27tn, lot No.S of J. R.Huglies'
subdivision of lots Nog. 52, 66 and 67 of
the Northwestern addition to the city of
Columbnal forfl 4-"-43'717
e David A. Hamilton and wife to Edwaid
M. Owens,' NovSlst, lots Nos.-.10i U and
12 Ugliest n bdlvisio'Wot8 'In tne
Northweatadditlpa thecity of Colum
bus, for 1300--"'- it.
tLiort's ; Photograph "Booms. We
called on our yoqngfriend- 1L Elliott,
No.;10Z South High streetT yesterday, and
wore glad to mark the evidences of pros
perity everywhere .present.' ,Ths .parlor
has been enlarged,' baa been-ientirely refit
ted and refnrnlshed in handsome style, and
ornamented with! a genuine artist's tate.
Two jflresslng rooms,, one- for lad ea and
children and the other for gentlemen, have
been added, and fitted np in a style excel
ling all .others that we have seen for com
fort and convenience: The operating rooms
are advantageously situated and the whole
establishment is complete in every depart
ment. In taking pictures of children, even
of the smallest infants, Mr. Elliott Las no
superior, and we were shown some of the
nxpst perfect photographs of babies w hae"
ever seenx For a present for the toolldaiB,'
what can be more appropriate than a pt o- .
tograpb of yourself or childreu to send to'
absent friends, or one of the large, artistic..
(colored Ferreoty pes for the folks at homi 1
in the making of which. Mr. Elliott has'.so;?
great ft' reputation ?.J He is ably assisted by"'
Mf .' GeoV'B. Elliott,, itf Jhe !printibff.'.' and:
finishing departmeot.. who brinics,jexneri-
enceand oloeegt aftentida to this Specialty
AssaplTtWith I.nteut to,Eiix.-i-A few.
days j since; a quiet and anoffensivV man,;
named Joseph Busheiy-of Groveport, was
set upon f aTleHdw named Wm,' B. Van-
born aud, after being jxaten and kicked ip
brutal mannerias : nearly i( Hied by be-j
Ing repeatedly struck over the - head wjth:
afstol; L Oh Thursday VanboVd war ar-1
rested pa- a charge pf assault with Intent tax
kill, and fn default of $500 ball was lodged"
iiV jail, The citizens of -Groveport have
issued a- handbill notifying '-the Yanhdrn'
family that they must leave that neighbor'!
heod forthwith; peaceably, if ''possible,' bat
they mast eave.' as they have' become a1'
terror to the community -ists--?; ; r ; a
s" vob-Monday Night's
CoNCirf.-rTrankel," agent for EmerT,
son,' Alien - Manning's Minstrel . troupe,
lifforms uS that he will commence the sale.;
ol reserved seats at -Seltzer's music store
at 10 o'clock this morning. There is no ose"
of our telling the public .what a splendid
troupe- this, is. Everybody knows Billy
Emerson, admires Johnny Allen and
laughs with .that Inimitable, wlt Billy"
Man nkig; -Bueh an other trio tb ere- is 1 not,
attdbe-ethor'-members ofthee&mpany are
worthyltliM great trinity. They open their
budget of melody and fun at .the Opera
House on-Monday evening, ' ; . , " " '
Thb Peak FAMfiir BaLiv Biscbrs". By'
the announcement in '-another column it
will be " feed ' that' the well 'known' Peak
FaoliIy,; assisted v by ' the '. Berger. Famllyfc
will givanr entertainment 'ConsisUng-oJ
belji.music And an eptertajnlng variety pro
gramme at the -Opera House,- oivThnrsday
Friday and Saturday next, December 24th,
25th end -36th.-- -Ou r-readera k nowbow-at
tractive is the delicious melody rfl the bells
lathehandaef these artlstsi and will tes-
tlfy their appreciation bylliHng the hohte
during their stay with us. ,
w4 DjaxJHSiBD-The Joint Legislative eem
mittee ?to investigate t te, burning of the
Central Ohio Lunatic Asylum 'adjourned
yesterd.y'TheJ'have taken a great mass
of testimony In relation, to. the, burning.
nou we suau oe mistaaea ii tne puonsnea
testimony does not exonerate the Colu mbus
fi'ire Department froth The cbftrg made by
he redaubtablel Dr. FuUertoowho swore
he knew nothing of the matter himself, but
tbarhe "heard so,'' A very strong effprt u!
being made to remove the asylum from this1
i ah vathoijc X air. Ann iaii; jor: tne,
benefit oi .St. Joseph's Cathedral, will open i
n,:Nanghton "HalLon .'onday;.1 evening
wnen the ladies bopetoaee all their friends
Every peetibte-aTrannnientiias been made
for the comfort of visitors and every prep-,
arat;!on foe their entertainment.' Articles1
of value and" suitable for bollday presents
will be offered, and the bright eyes' and
Charming, ways, and happy smiles of the-,
uwu curm ins last uounr iiwb1 '
man's wallet, That they -.may succeed
abundantly, is our wish." J
lJfTAA A icniu. Ul tiui trcov P
(ached to a carriage, 1' took the bits In their
mouths" yesterday, and came down' Friend
street af a terrific pace. ' They were only
stopped wheB :one of . them fell. . .-The-ariver4,wbo
had used every effort to stop5
them, said they bad been running with him
lor three miles. l.-.-r ". Tj- i , -
i ,New Book Too True. A story of to
day, republished from Putnam's Magazine.
G..P. Putnam & Co., New. York. For sale
by Bandall & Aston, Columbus. Prke
60c. -A1 very interesting and wellVrieten
story, and one of the bests reprints of this
enterprising firm. - t-r -
; Show Beef- To-day. The Butchers'
Asfioclatlon,as we have already mentioned
will parade the streets of the city to-day
noon, headed by a brass band, with their
prize ox, sheep and pigs. The flesh of
these animals will be offered in the mar
ket oil Thursday next ! .
Bodies Arrived. The bodies of Geo.
Thompson and Ed. Haskell, engineer and
fireman, killed on the Central Ohio railroad
on Wednesday, ,. by their, engine being
thrown from the track near Bellair, arrived
1 in this city on Thursday night.
SKATisaVtitl Taie'if tftlmes the rlveV
Iskters have had! Nearly a weekaf skat
ing enjoyment. On Sunday last over two
thousand skaters were on the river. Old
and young, great and small, were enjoyinpJ
tne e.yslan pleasure or gliding over iDe
smooth, glossy ice. Rome were showing
tneir skin oy skating on one toot, wnue
others were showing extraordinary skiH
by skating on their backs. Ladles,
tdhnjgT BlrtdSiaT wertftaBJg tTthe
aaiisagW off' th' smooth iee Mne
were beautiful to behold, with rosy
cheeks, sparkling eyes and ruby lips looke
ing sweet enough to tempt a Saint, let
aloue a youth ol the present time, while
others with two inches of paint on their
laceg, were homely enough to keep Prince
Satin off the Ice while they were on it.-4
But the pleasure of skating on the river is
now played "but for" aipell. Interested
parties have descended so low as to hire
triends to cut the ice in the stream, so as to
spoil the skating. - With the aid of the last
snow storm they have succeeded in this
I. O. O. F. Fdneral Notice. Mem-j
bers of Capitol Lodge No. 334, 1. 0. O. F.
are notified to meet at your hall this (Sat-j
urday) morning, at 9 o'clock, to attend the!
funeral of Brother Georsre H. Thompson.
Members of sister Lodges in good stand
ng are invited to attend.
C. A. Poland, Sec'y.
Burner's Auction, 89 South High street
Wa will close out ihe balance of our
stock of Woolen Shawls, Breakfast Shawls
and Blankets, at prices which cannot fall
to give satisfaction to any one wishing to
purchase. Kenton & Wiqgin,
decl9 2t No. 6 Neil House.
Burner's Auction, 89 South High street.
Consumption can bk Averted. Becent
discoveries have demonstrated the fact that
consumption can certainly be averted. Af
ter every remedy of the Materia itedica
failed to ward off this terrible malady, it
was reserved for Cloud & Co, in the new
Deshler building, just above Broadway, to
present a certain specific in the shape of
new and first-rate boots and shoes at old
fashioned prices. They keep the feet dry
and warm, and thus avert consumption.
Burner's Auction, 89 South High street.
The closing out sale of those splendid
(ill-wool blankets and choicest of marseilles
quilts, chintz quilts, table damask, llnens
napkins, doylies, towels, bath towels, table
jtowels, table cloths, and other housekeep
ing goods, will take place this day at 85
Blgh street (next door to Savage's jewelry
store), at 2 P. Mn when Mr. W. B. Kent will
be present, and also at the final sale, which
Will be held at 7 o'clock in the evening.
Burner's Auction, 89 South High street.
The Cheapest Boots and Shoes. Each
and every pair warranted perfect, to be had
only at Cloud fc Co.'s, new Deshler build
ing, North High street.
. Burner's Auction, 89 So nth High street.
The California Minkr's Boot, the best
in tffeiarkit, IsVbTl InfbjFCfcud'a Co&
rllshfertuimWiff Sptetldia tufngforl
railroad men.
: 1000 pairs of Blankets at Burner's Auc
tion House.
Barrett's" Effectual Hair Bestoratlve.
10CO pairs of Blankets at 1
Burner's Auc-
Best Hand-made Calf Boot, to be had
nly at Cloud' & Co.'s new Deshler build
ing, at one-half the prices usually charged.
All kinds of goods at the people's own
price at Burner's Auction House.
; f5Ta3nel5 JuadandripairadTby'JX
auiiLii, 4i o. o.ixu blxccl, iver jum a store
10,000 yards of
Auction House.
Flannels at Burner's
Goqp.Qopps. AspfAu. pgoFiTs sre the
features of the new Boot Store of Cloud t
Co new Deshler building. Go and be con
vinced. 10.000 yards of
Flannels at Burner's
Auction House.
decl9 d&wlt
f 11!..,.'
arrefW' caps the climax'.
1U I .i n
But One Shoe Store in the City is sell
ing new and good goods, at old-fashioned
(before the war) prices. Cloud & Co, new
Deshler building. North High street, is the
only place. r a
Oysters at 40, 50 and 60cts. per half can,
and 30 cts. per dish, (dozen), at-Hennebo's
Restaurant, West Broad street, No. 13.
ThK. Cejjtbr of Attration is Cloud 4?
Co.'s new Bot and SJioe establiiboHinti ia
the new Deshler building, North High
street. First-class goods at old-time
prices. , decl9-d2:-sa&tu
None such as 'Barrett's."
Is drunkenness curable f It is, and the
desired remedy can be found in a prepara
tion containing the marvellous alterative
and curative properties of a precious plant,
found in the Orient and hitherto unknown,
and called, when combined with certain
indigenous herbs. "Dr. Johnston's Speciflo.
All respectable druggists have it for sale.
"Barrett's" improves Whiskers.
i The Great Oyster House. Wm. Dick
(nson, 51 North High street, near Gay, has
the finest lot of Oysters ever brought to
Columbus, which he will sell wholesale or
retail, at lower rates than they can be pur
chased for elsewhere in the city. Go and
see for yourselves. Also 120 barrels choic
est winter apples just received and tor sale,
declS eodSi
Jeleff & DxBurrs, Locksmiths and
bell hungers, at No. 141 North High street,
are now prepared to hang parlor and hotel
bells in the neatest and latest style. Sew
ing machines repaired and satisfaction
guaranteed. Models built for patentees,
and all kinds ot light machinery made and
repaired. Keys ol all description always
on band, and sate and jail locks made and
repaired. may 23-6-1 y
If you want a keliablk and tjskfdl
scientiously recommend one of Dr. H cm-
pur ex's Homozpathic Specifics. Having
used them ourselves, and know of their
extensive use by our Mends, we hazard
nothing in speaking well of them to all
who desire having such an arrangement lor
tamily use. Price of lull cage and nook $10
See advertisement in another column. Ad
dress, Humphreys' Specific Homoeopathic
Medicinb Co., 662 Broadway, N. T.
; Jyl3-d&wly-cw
' Hollow ay's Pills. Bilious Remit
tents. That unruly member, the Liver, Is
more than unusually ungovernable in the
foil. Bemittent Bilious Fever Is especially
a fall complaint ; and its first symptoms
should be promptly met with a few doses
of Holloway's Pills. In all stages ot
the disease, as well as In every species of
bilious disorders, from the mildest attack
to confirmed Jaundice,; this admirable veg;
etaolrf aperient!' and alterative is the "very
best medicine that can be administered.
Sold by all druggists. jj 9-dly-cw
TW?pBKckJyAC6EXpaiTiia thk
Cheapest, to Cash BuvebAt During
-thasjflKt,tbirty ays, I will make artier,
SuWjQJfiO1. Ttowsera aa.lataar.gar-
ments, twenty per cent, cheaper than any other
Merchant Tailor iiUhallnion for prompt cash.
I have the largest assortment of fine and
medium grades of woolens to be found in
theeity.vj Tbaexcellenoe of the materials,)
style and fit of the " garments made at my j
establishment is well known to the com-1
munity. I oder my goods as above stated .
fcGtWreasou? tlat l'!wantmoneyt mdi-ej
than I do an excess of stock.
An Inspenion of stock and prices is re
spectfully solicited.
yBarsettV to-your tolleti
peojti New Year Presents FW at
1 f l IT
Millinery Headquarters. Who wants a
new bonnet or hat? I will commence this
morningto. give. a. card, having.a number ;
on It, lor each dollar's worth'bf millinery j
purchased by any person between now and i
New Year's Day, at which time two prizes !
will be distributed,' consisting of a very !
handsome black silk velvet bonnet and a
full trimmed silk velvet bat. The draw- -
ing to take place on New Year's morning ,
In the presence of two well known gentle
men, and the holder of the card having
the first drawn number udou it (which
will be advertised in the newspapers); Will
be entitled to the first choice of the prizes
The prizes are now on exhibition In my
showcase. ,i,!,'fi
C. W. Simmons, Opera Block.
Columbus, O., Dec. 16, 1863.
Be not deceived by imitations of Ball's
Vegetable Sicilian Hair Benewer; call for
Hall's and accept no other.
Central Ohio Lunatic Asulum,(
Columbus, A ng. 31, 1808.
Jno. S. SiddalL Esq., Agent New England
Mutual life Ins. Co,, of Boston, Mass.
Dacar SXR--t am Informed that there have
beenWlsstatements nlade In regard to div
idends paid by your Company to my Life
Policy t which Lhavo had ia the Nta Eng
land Mutual for"24 years. ' For the informa
tion ot those interested in Life Insurance, I
will state that I am entirely satisfied with
the New England Mutual. I receive my
dividend of profits regularly, and that they
now amount to about one hundred per
cent on nSxemiuui. JjivldshcUpaldan
nually in cash.
f Signed,' .tis o -.'.! tW L. Pec,
Sup't C. O. Lunatic Asylum.
Dr.Wm. IpPeekoandrDn MorftlKliis
Assistant, have both to-day" made appllca- -tion
to the New England. Mutual for- more
Life Insurance, t ' i U i i i vJ . . I if"
Geo. F. O'Harra & Co., Ag'ts,
--piNaijghfon Block,' Columbus.
New England MuTuiz. j XipV or Bos
ton. Report ot the Superintendent of the
Life Insurance Department of the State of
New York. (From Commissioner's report,
Japjaiv 1st, 3868, page 63; r r s ;)
Toe JNew .England Mutual J.Ue Insur
ance Company of BostonMassachusettStWas
the pioneer ot Life Insurance in New Eng
land7,' trnSer theable buteXtremely consery
stiveguidauoof that acoompliabed jurists
Judge WillarcTPtiiUips, 'President of the
Co.mpany,1 the Life1 Pblldywas populatr.
zed. in offices, counting; rooms, 4anksi '
workshops and firesides east- of the- Hui-'
fon, and no Bank Bill or State Bond was
ever more, sacredljregarded than the pol- '
icles nnder written by Judge Phlllips.-
The, jkga fifriufl,i&cfefcion.;doyej're?icjQ
Ing was never associated with a parchment j
containing ' ils aign-nanaaK '-'Geo. F. 1
O'Harra & Co., are the Agents Torcth"e 1
New, England Mutual Life Insurance Co.7 .
Columbus, Onto.
nov2ft-dltaw6w&w2t ......
Testify UritKimrtiXa-in tatoripg AIR A Y UAIS .
lit original color nd-promoting its erowth. It
make tpe fcsiijsoft nij floay. ""fhe oldld appeaij
anoe are u-ade joung agAiik- It ia the best
ever used. It xflnM?M TDaodrnE and all Scnrrj,
Eruptions. It does not stain the akin.
Beware of the numerous preparations which are
sold noon onrrepotatibn. ;" ,:- " 6 i'-'kv-'ui
R,K.:BAU, t Ca,MluiIfBa,J,rpprUtorai, m
t'dr ule by all Drusgislac
! AT.JHOA.PA.rii)iHNrLliea;. txd
gentlemen, rouDg and otdrdesiroos of bavipg their
hair beautiful for the HoliAaya, ehonld nse bot
once. Bead Cbevalier! Treatise on the Hair.
Free to all. Given swat at the Drug Stores, or sent
bj. sum Iim, Q This book should; be read by eeir
person. It teaches to oartivate and have beautiful
bair, and restore" "gray hair to' its original color,
stop its lling out, lemoyea all irritation or dan
droff from the soalp, thus keeping the hair beauti
ful to the latest period of lift. ' ' "
SAKAft A. PflKVALlER. M. D..
I JNT-d(d-eodlm 1123 Broadway, M.Y.
-A'J B; WltLlAM'West Broadway, 'hesi:
txet, Colnmbna.X3tito; has devoted mmsdl.
rfitn street.
orateriesof years to the treatment of certain on.
rate diseuei.. He may b.?cnsulted at hia offio.
Brondwny, near theEiohante Bank
vaystrtf .. . ... 7.7-7,,- -
Vtli'AH. To8tord in four Weeks." iSuscesa
restores maHty, jowersr from iwhatever cause ari
sing; the efieots of early pemjoious habits self
abueeinH?eiKv and cHraMe. irire away-at onee to
ttris-wonderfetsaedieine, if -taken regularly aooord--ins
to thadirections twb.'ch arTry simple aud re
quire no' restraint from business or pleasure.) Fail
ure is impossible; Held in bottles at S3, or four
quantities in one for To be had only of the sole
appointed agent in America, H. Gikitzin. 87
Third Are., oornec 13th St., Kew York. -VMVjyS7-dlyr
: '- ,. . - - :-r -
VI ANHOOD. .Anotter --vtVets Mtdieal
-a1j PmmpMet fm tAs pen of Da. Curtis.
The "Medical Timet1! says of this work: ; "This
valuable treatise on the cause and euro of prema- -ture
decline, shows bow health ia impaired through
secret abuses of youth and manhood, and how
easily regained. It fives a clear syncpsis of the
impediments to marriage, the cause and effects of
nervous debility, and the remedies therefor." A
pocket edition of the above will be forwarded en
receipt of SS cents, by addressing Doctor Ccbtis -Fo.
68 North Charles street, Baltimore, Aid.
era mayas-dly-r . - t - , '
splendid Hair D is the best in the world;
the 'only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable
instantaneous; no disappointment : no ridiculous
tints; remedies the ill eflects of bad dyes; Urn-,
orates and leaves the Hair soft and beautiful, black
er.(WuhM byU DrMaM-atMl Periumar-
ana propen v applied at catcneiors wig factors
Mo. 16 Bond Street. N. york. PUT apr!8 diwly.
Of tba Reccrlpta SLnd Uitbaraemenlsef
tbe Several Funds for lb Fiscal
Isar endiBR- November,15s 186S :
General Revenue Faod.
....'...,51,600,755 39
, 41.53-2 54
f.SS4,SB T4
1.467 ,4'J6 73
v. . 3.469 90
' 8,826 78
31,003 13
........ 2.733 31
(Jaoal rund
inking t una
ommon School Fund
oldiem1 Allotment Fund.
Hoidiers' Claim Fund......
National Road Fund.....
iiank tiedej.ptijn Fund...
S5.0M.475 01
General Revenue Fund.'... 10 SS '
Canal Fund 14,939 39
Sinking Fund 1.47VSS S3 t t i f
Common School Fund 1,426,668 80
Soldiers' Allotment Fund., r -. 4SS SO
Soldiers' Claim Fund....... ' 8,781 68 "
National Road Fund . 18.8-J9 3S,. , 7-v,v-
Bank Redemption Fund..:." - 18 95-" -
;-..:. ' t-.:. $4.455354 s
Treasurer of State.
i Vfclnable Properly lor Sale. T
Residenoe, on Broad street; also, two Building
Lot-, on Eighth street; an Imrroved Farm of SO
acres in Hancock county, bam. orchard, Ac, all of
which will be sold on rarbonable terms, or will be
exchanged for a good business property in Colum
bus -or a residenoa ntar iligb street. A pply to
.Mrrwi oirj-:ig8.?iT:i:i7QA yti-
mm FIFTY Tn0USAM0IMRSia:$50i)H)
vll 3M
-B-,?iS!ltc.f..,,'r and snperior goods, embrscn every thing in the Him of MBN8,' WOMEN'ri
TOUTH'S. KISSES' ANI CHltORKNM HOOTS A N U SHOE, new offered for sale, and tn be clrsed
ut. without reserve. at thestore in- DE.iHf.Erfd NEW bUIbUlNQ.- look at some of the prion and
eoinfheutwitktaoo Maallhanitdi y U j KO..lI7.' 3 .1 I
"a'i Kip Boofw, all Whole Islber,' S OQ, ResiIaU1 price f SO
Hojs Kip Boots,
Chtlds tpJBboftV
Men'si Calf; Tap-Soled Boot,
WonieB'a Calf fillers. Ile.
, i t i - - . 'a r ' T" f -m t ;
Woasem'e Beats Morboott SboesJ ' -
aLsadlea' Bossble Soled Inatlassr Cosjsr.
Xdsdlea'do., Silk.Cior. Tery Best, -
Mlsssee' Morocco Staoea Pol tab, - Ji
Cbilde' AlocoCO flhots, m -wm ry S - '
'iH It Vi Is .Sf 3 j i f
'4 ' 5 ti SCs'i
$ :v H j ir . . .5 st -1 hi !
.with any i the m.rkeCT J i T 7VT" i 7l
t Wo"'1 fo,et th t.l posltlrf. shdls Ifmlted
-3 nese rfMMia are aniBrancflM an uni imMn,ii,hi.i ..AmuMhi-mJ ,it lu,. 1
"V,'d m, Dn.i VSVS V,8,"n..B?,a noa tn.e r,llt
W BUILDING, opposite the
dec7-deod3atTS,r-,-- f .,rr y
t? if f - ' OHIO "STATESMAN
iff i " : i-
l' -'r'jiv-:7 :. J.-o lea ci v!', 'e tr 1
g greatly enlarged onr Printing Facilities by tbe pnrehase of 4 sKmpleteew
- r . , x . -p x Outfit OI ''"- i uui.ii.-...i.
otit3T onw I'a li-.i-'si ef ifle;aiij t BuA
The Latest " and- McsOPiStll
4S" sWJr JtS .sl
in baa .T-.n- -r-
.. 411U luc.suuiuunoi jjiew
eri'J i.ii fe:Cl ai
Generally 'fcdririederl to' bir tie fastest
In connection with EUGGLES', GOBDON' and WELLS' Job Presses, that baya,,
iiw.irufiivu oiawhc, in v vu., "u
luilding in this city in which, to operate,
, m m
kV. C U Js. J A. A A -aa- C . '
In the best and neatest style of the art, and upon terms that Cannot be competed with.
Our fast. Xw Prpsspp. onr Imnrovpri lilnnnnmi-o.) AlanhlncaviV rkA Moi.u A tkMin..
' 7 r . w..w..v.... hvuiuvi j una VCU1. VI bllC
unity 8nd inventive' tslentS" Of the best mirids of the age enable ns to do itood w .
bii jnuvn unuar c-u ia iua kiihtj run ue uune in toe out siyie ana witn only the old
facilities. 1'be Office is complete in all its arrangements, and can do the work with
' ,-'-:,' e-'-'f-ir-a "iw W
Pani phlets , L e tterHeads JSCS
Handbills, Programmes,
Legal Blanks, (Dircula''jv
Blank. Books, .':Dru
Business Cards, . 'J
:.V.-Mli til i t'jc i
i.-i.'. 2 ; a ji- i iiS
!. j 1', ! 1 t ,', 1 Ti i ' .' ( i R "I
. tjri-5?v '..
rJI.') jstwoV
.w .e.:-... -v, I zmon -3HAV: BnuTiv'pui
e -j.. -n--.-.: In this specialty we are unsurpassed. - ; ;si- uss x ,-:- .-w
i - v '- '' t! . j -,j V;r i 'i ) ' l "rM n'w-.-
Hay ing. More. Presses ithan" all" Other jPrmting
Cfltices in the Citf Combined. 'li:
i - giai 'ii mi i ' i " r iiiimi,- ii i - '
We are prepared to execute all kinds of Printlnjr, in any color, at lower prices than-
our neighbors, "'J'
c Statenoan
Nos. 36, 38 and
a ALb I mf.i n.-set
WOaTH OF' !,-1 ;: iJ'-u :-i--' (!ii'J
11 1.
rm 1
i- i . J.rfji's .iw.ilr-'t.- .jjM
'J ).- MA
Gallers, 1 40, - .' es "i-4M
. a.'i-r-. . j
- - 1.65, '' -e'nn .474
- ' - -.. 1.40, .-- ,n -..iJa "
' ''"-' 0.40. ""-b -H ..'
', . !-n-fli e 1 ot ir.:i'., . , .
': kss.,--.! 1- A -inn:-., r !-.:.,
' i. 1 r -1 rn -i., w.Ti-r ,-j ; A. I
" '"?"?
to but a few weeks. Another suck (rpporrunit
iace (tnere is bat one) before buying, , , .
Statksmah Officj. is the place. Go and see"1.
T ii ; 1
- T
: i.Pi V : :-..-:. - -. . j - -
: ;:') ir1 "t- v,'rM it. i.t hr .-
;- vs -al& '"'i :."r,:r- ,' 1 1
1 iif ; f , . '.Mii e- ' 1'.:. t . V - q
-.to' , i.ti'f4 fv
!5 .-7-9 1-1
jiti? ".'t'f-ji 1 . x,r.u-;& ii'icu'.uf'-: -;t i
.0 V; i .4.:ti -1 fin.
- I . . . .J -. . t
Awai!nt; t.:i-.' ci w t! Vf!
XTJlJ 1iJ KtJJl 1' .a !.
I'1'1'"'- uifW ds: ' i ri.
1 -
I It-irr--.' Mil T'l I.--: -nKl- t 'i f V:''T'.5i -
presses, inciuoing a i-e -j . t i u -.
t ' ' ..I - -T T A "-T til
-i. -w a? e s a i
'1 zei.t
ancrbestPrlhticg Maciine in' the world r.ri
tjariiig hue larCfSb SU1U UlOSb COfflulOQ40US'
we are now prepared . ,, .a ., t -: r
1 . f .1 .i:-.-.:.."t di i."r .'-ti
C R I PTI 0 H - 0 F -: P R I HT1 N G
1 ifiM') Hi itfTitft
?i,ue ?i tr79f .t-nh.aVaio"''-...'' v '1
Bill .HeadSeHvS,
Bills of FareV Etc.,
-it'?-. I . s ! ; i ? . i i i;
V.'l'-:.:: V
i' : 1
!, tnr;.r
u-.v .- . ; ' -: -.- -.-..o r"i .
i ! l ' i Sli" " 'I t.l Mifl-.t-rll -Oi,-.
,. i Ai . ii vj..'.:i4i; , It X.
40 North High Street,
V ra7 safj
Treasurer of State. COMMERCIAL MATTERS.
Cincinnati Money Market.—Dec. 18.
4 -GOLD AXT STOCK 13S buying.
juAiuaiiUKsi-vau uyH 'is
couot buylnif. tie pply large.
1 MOKBTOeMand ScHVd'WWirfUr
cent''- .rri-auA :u t .tc .-.TIO yv.tTj
; twc.H-
1 f. rr, itrw tti.nJ
New York Money Market—Dec. 1.
iw,AyP irroep nd..etiye. Opened, at
biiestion anryeollne in bonda MUo. J35
ns .elose .at.435KQaAVliUer
osinw wae h iiearvy .puroiMtaer -on st -cable
rdef lfonrPansi;-
New York Money Market—Dec. 1. New York Stock Market—Dec. 18.
Heavy and
own :CoiiiuBSf .'Sl.ll4tl4"dsjha82
1 oo-'ee
Tork Cen
tral absorbs the interest;. U--advneed fronl
127 tO;132vnnder--operation9 'Of BroatJ
sireec . combination, "Who ' ftre "ald.tp.
VprkinK to jrapwt.strenjttH to the mar
iftt the pwpose !o(ttt;j.iii Jle- md
noat their Bock lalancL Buvra maila o
outward demqiistration, although' the ton
tinued stringency in money is .partly xtr
Utbutable to, their ' aKeucyw:The marke
at tbe-closa was- steady out Central, .ball
duU-oa tbebalanop.A
American 44(31 AiaBr48a48: Unl-
tef Stares A545; Merehanta'. .-Ilnjon
em -Union Telegrsmh 363ti;'New York
venirai iammwjTz: ;Krt8ra3Sir'nT
ferrcd 60; Hudson 127128j; Keadinjr Su
v3i?6?i: Terre -Bauiv353iii W abash: .6SlT
82; St. Paul 65 Fort Wayne HM&
110; Ohio A Mississippi 29 30; Michi
gan Central 122; Mirtturan ckoothern 86
86is5 laiaol Uwtral 1431 PiCtsDJnrhi2
82.; Toledo 101101; Bock Islaua
Tne fuat says tbeadvance in New York
Central is chw-rtr due to purchases to cover
speculative-sales, the same- haWnefTJeeir1
stimutated by a report concerning an early
payment of larze scrim dividend..-, Thaw
stock la flrinly and -strongly held, and tbis
rO.lltt to ..ITIll.-la n nl .n C 1 , .
tors for' a decline into coverinjr. r Exactlyt
when a divMcnd will be "declared is only
known to etrolling ownerrot ttis stock j
and he seems; inclined to preserve aeeresy ;
The bou'yancy in Central strengthen theu
remainder of the -list, -thonsrh-prieetrvhow
but little chanjte. Larger dealings next to'
Gentralvftayer been In jKock Islfthd ,vrx
Milwaukee and St. PaOl. Concerning .the)
propose dividend-on -the ratter, we learn
irom en 'ofHcial source that alcbough, uu
formal action has been. Uken by tbeSiMHit
tiod ol-the corapany-and will cot beirntH,
tbe.early part of next month, yet 4 has
been aKreeff upon by lheAiajRrity oftbwr
d i rectors to dec lare tbe tallowing d i v iden d:
14 per pent scrip on opmuiorl stock and Tf
on preferred, 10 of which will. baMo scr
and 7 in cash. Michiiran Centras-ebntiauee
to advance, and has sold at 124. Thr?waii J
a dividend recently declared of 15 percent
5 in cash uii Win stoplbj j at"- - -
New York Market—Dec. 18.
COTTON--Oct!n6rSl;adr?HiMISfed a
shade lowerY sales at 2otf,25J4V for hiid-
dling uplands.
i LOUK Closed dull and ehede Kower.
V HEAT Dull, tiomirm-l aud lower, with
buyers and sellers .too, .wide aparf tot busi
ness.. .. . r . .
RYEQ-rlrt at I 85 for werertir 8lt 1
iOATSi-lilt and 4iKavyat.T6a In store,
and 7Sq;snoat, lor western. j,i.,.!i., t rf;,i
.COHN-aosed steady: at it 12 in store..
and $1 44 aflbat fo'r. old mixed western; VSo.
&$ 00 tor new mixed western! r;:"""
-JKK iau, without decided enangev
JJ EEF Quint and UDc5uiWjed.'t ; , ;j:v
CUT MATSr-Fairly active and Arm.; it
BACON DulT, withuh t decided Miansre. 1
'LA RD Dull and aroODlny-lriei.'ra,l7o5
for fair to prime te8nT.i-:.;jrr: iliSni iao'I
..ijjirteady at;.3aoiror fresh..-, tti,
New York Market—Dec. 18. Cincinnati Market—Dec. 18.
FTiCrUR-In". mod 4ate1demaHdt family0
7'8000.'"''S:.-::ivj araoa i t:.t u-ni
iWUKAX FirnsbutquietatfSOiorNo,
CO R3T Firmer, under light supply, ask
ing 75c'buttnis rate.belhg 3xi above the
views ' i-buyers,! there is not Try imaoii
done. r, iittr.i i:"fs'i eHl in '-nr l fdr
UARLET t)nlF aarf bribliarlged-.''
COTTOif-SteadT; 2314 lor raWdllny'
uplands, - ; m-vf , v .v-rin,!..
.VYHISKYrr-Firm.aX tliOp, with .some;,
speculative demand, based upon tbe possi-
briny of the tax being advanced1." - '
HOOS-Still in demand- and tolgbenUveii
9 00p0idresseU0all(504i-.Ut baa
4UKK Mess advanced to28S0 Tliere,,
were large sales of country made at,f2S,'to t,
arrive nt week. -"4 m n'HM-t
-BGLK itEATS-In' demand atrTlc Aw
shoul4erst,.ad 13a,t 14 and JAo foe i
sides. r :,,.. (.., i r, ;
iARD-i Advanced'' to ISo toFprlVaiiet4
Ueand I7e for Bteany J ; o' "iJ
-GREEM lEATrt-i-Advanced;' forlr
shoulders, !212eA)r Sideband ij3T
14Xc for bauM. . The market for old doyisa ,
buoy anr," and there was inor offering. ,"
TALLOW Atfvaneedtblllci '
-Olli. Linseed ell aoahanged anitqlriet at;
$1 00;4ardoU:adviineed l 4VpQ'i-,
BUTTEB-Jirsa-at 3640a, ..n . A.
"EGGS 33ql', "' fU -'T:vo '.7ij n?
-CHEESE M Signet an Tn demand.'-i
- i
Cleveland Market—Dec. 17.
FLOUR Cittmifda XXX white- II 55 1
11 60: XX amber -7fW Q(kXXer;
Winter $9 009 2& XX spring $8 00(33 25; r
XSpring $6 757 005 country Jjnaoe XX
white winter $9-259' 73 S X wlriter-J
$8 008 75; XX eptTng $7 257 60... Bnek-i
wheat flour steady and ia lair -demaad at ,
-WlJEAi-buii an'ddecllning.ale"1
larHoi'2 red winter from storerarll 70;J
No. 1 dvat 1 SaTjiiciJi i:i 'i; "--iih7iT-Hi
.CORN Dull . and -steady,,' Sale lcat)
new shelled from store at 75c; old inactive
and nominal at 9092c. , ' ...
OATS-ulet autf eteady. Sales a ears
No--I-from store at62cj ) H ji.t f-j fir rv
' .RYE--DuI-aod nominal at l So tor Noi,
1 from' s'tore . , t 1 ' .
1 B A RLEY"-Ug let!. 'No; i ''Canada'n'elri',
at $2 002 65' Irom stdrtj'TffoP 8 Btate
$1 70.'-"-TH;-j l vti--'.rii flrij v:l sM-i
, DRESSED ,pOG&T-Rece)pt, ialr tnd,
market betteri.cjo8lng.firm SfelO(? ott
medlum'toVheavyj dividing' on ZW) lbs.' - a
rRKMarketqule&Mtflrm-and 91 00 1
higher; ssJs30bbla t27. 00, for iNebll
mess; QQibr No. 3 do; 29 $0. for-clear-
BEEF-Qulet, and steady, ' Extra mesa ;
WOtftmesertWOO.' '"2
LARD In better' reouet. and?hrgn;l
Sales 3000 JbaiCity.rcnQred.l8(i,18:a:ijr
tierces and kegs. . i ,rVdKt
SMOKED MEATS Quiet And steady.
Sales 2000 lbs Sugar' cured iham at 17e '
Driof beet 17c; shoulders 12 e; Breaklastf
Bacoa 2($e.f i-wiAUt no fn oi T.nqrr.'-T
Chicago Market—Dec. 18.
TLOUR-rDull and heavy: sales of spring
extras at $5 S76 t?3, ' ' ' " '
aWHEAT-.Duli,-weak mili lower-'skles1
otilio. lat 1 19M; lio.ia:i.il2i 13J&1
closing dull at 1 12 lor Xo -.8lea, of No,
2 this afternoon at 1 12&.
ORN Qniet; old sold at 75e Jbr No.' i
seller tor the month; 70e for No.' 2 on sport'1
new shelled at 47(o48c; kiln dried at 63 ;
(2:55a for No. 2; closing steady. but Q.jie4 at f
48o for new; sales of old JNo. 2 since change '
at 70c.' '" '"''.,,' -,'" " .' ' '
d ATS A shade more active and lbwer;
sales No.- 2 at 45c; closing at 45c , ,,l
RYE Dull and 22)o lower; sales of
No. 1 at 1 141 17: closing dull at insWe. .
'BARLEY Dull and '45c lower; sales 1
of No.2at 1 511 64, closing dulL ' " '
Toledo Market—Dec. 18.
WHEAT-Quiet; amber without decided
change; spring 57c lower; sales ot white .
Michigan at 1 801 81: amber 1 78; No 1
sprinir 1 45; No 2 do 1 30; No 3 do 1 12.'
CORN Dull and declining, closing wlui i
no buyers lor new at 64c. , ( : . , ;
OATS 2c lower Jto lat 57c. .
UYE-Qulet. ' -; Jl 3',"'': I
SEED Clover held at 8 60,' ,wltli"r 25
paid. ,l -.ri i-r-11,171.,1. v n'i:t- i
DRESSED HOGS Active , and ia bet- ,
ter at i0c, .- , w .
Buffalo Market—Dec. 18.
FLOUR-Steady at 7 007 60 for city
round.' im. ; ''
VV HEAT-i-No 2 Chicago teld
CORN Sales old No, 1 western at l. ,r
OATS Sales at 6Gc. . .,;,. .,- ,
RYE Nominal at $1 43.
BARLEY Held at.- $2 00.'- Msrket gen- '
erally stagnant and demand light. i,...
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Dec. 18.
Market rather qillek but firm for all sa-
pie styles ot cottons. The tendency is to
ward hardening prices.

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