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News and Otherwise.
i; -Gold closed la New York Saturday
un ;( "4rATn.HA' Hbrron Is BO.
w.i t. j;i. v
' Bpwsgfikxd U to have a skating park.)
' Florida la to have an election, on : the
29th., : ...... . I v.'Misi I I (
J ( v, Sprikgfisxd has an extensive coffin fac-
;h.tory..-. v...,r '. :): - ' i-t-.'.J
Bat county, Missouri, has extensive coal
-u! Hohbt continues toJ tighten tap in! Hew
Gounod, the composer, Is reported.be
corning insane.
J . Ta Jlfi. Femo JBaansr testifies that tl
;;r times are bard.'" -.! in.'.-- 'tv 'j:il
-iii Odd Fellows' Hall ' In Waverly I
isMng enlarged.' yi' mn wn
01,1 fisWi8 BUgnatlon In business at" i?ai
i'i- ! V -J " Kfc'-' -A . 4
, .Trc Oood Templars'. Lodge at fiketc
hasOQ members.
i I jr.!
j jjajr. tapn goes into tne tr residency! n
e iKftOjon poUege.f i sti;.,)!)-
iiAreci'f General Sterltb? Price hi
iltkih thetar.- K-'-ii J i -i' vpai
-Jra-w-OriMAtfs- '! worlcIng for the trad
jX tr; to 4at two ho packer UChllllooth
veesa nntatbe 6th of January 's- 1
How. S. Sjpaijwo Is, urged for Attor -J
per General In raotfi cablneU
.0ll,af ghrifllitle otheiray. Ihad hU b'a'i
. tolf te the Ooprt roomIoldo.-i o
viI.-Tka preieRHOe ot&e'Atem'SttfTime
-lot eovernbra-HooJ Chilton A-J White.u
d fa 2yn6'UfaitV6 sra thlrtyifour I
' Ibpltcintt' lor 'The-' WapMkbfleta ipstoffli e .j
pstcian &'e'oescoai)t55 Jail, tor 1868.
,'.,'-.X jstillery,? .James irimitt ,4 i3o.t
.a' .yerly SVPP Ofieratioaa jjtst jMob-
Tm cashlerof the TisbWU BankiiN. Ys
nJmaping from jilroad traia list week,
jOtkUle4. Ln? ii txiJ i!:jot!!1 ?:inHl
. .,(1 of the latest rtiaMra la, that General
Hcpiellan will bft offered vhe Secretary
hiptot, Wa .,!; T.il- we. I bt:-)n'.i . I
, A SApOHTBRol Ell Parcela, Botototowi
jshlpiJlckaway; conn ty was: burned !o
.death en Satojday Weeki 2 Jt fs'"id ti!) ;'J
f)--1pH Jaoktok- O.' fe- BeroiJ flayS th'at 'Si
nan ef teore worth thafl Jadge 'feaniiey
ten be named-tbrGoTerndri,j!" V'1 "''j
? Tplt CftMZotA liegitter Yearns thiV!ia(t
Week Wrlliam Miller1 caqae to his 'deatt) la
Balnbrldge by iallini down stairs', j 'Wjl
, Chicago has been swlndled,'by frandn
lent tax tides, and forged deeds. iut,o4
about two million's worth of rea estate, i v?
TaiirrT-gixtore8 )c places adapted' to
general business pnrpoes:hTe been erects
edon Summit street Toledo, "this peasbri;"
Lxr IrriJi, Esq, has retired froim1 tW
editorship of the Cambridge; CSty in$J
Jirrr, 'and has resomed the practice W
Ttti Custom House frauds In 'ITew York'
cftjr,lturri1 ont .to' be' mucbriarger.than.aiC
first 'Supposed.' 'iAgain'the taxpayers re!
Tictimiad'. if''f-;. C r ;;.v'a
XMAinair'Bpera. Jeei' outraged tha.1;,ithe;i
Ena brothers were ;1ianged by a mob.-i-.
They Insist that' ifsuch things are to con-";
. tfnue.Jextradltlon' must cease.' t Vl."5
The TTpWa estimates (ha$ Uie cltlicens of.
the city, of Ne. York are yearly swindled'
out of abpulj OOOfOOOrby, Vlse, weights ,
and naessureSvla e pnrchasaofood , a -i
iA ooiuasTONDKirrsays tbattheeommit-'
te n Eleotiotis ire Congress held" the case 1
ot thenegre OoogreMnmn from LoulslariaS
to be knotty -one. ; It te'eertalniy kinky;
-lT;h the3 ep1ilittni;of the tirittnmtt &a'
tttteiiix at" Senator drton'ffirianctal pTaiij
cannot' be trted without bringing' disaster
tffaS wohltKbfeak ft down,' and wifh'i the")
ottencyl te '&ul&iM
WHIs said. tos bp , found at Jhebofc. 1
tom ot ft WeUjATbe'next.tinM VN,Eoes
down fora fresl-suppjjrjcan' some pn l
manage wj.ievne ,winaiass,ia ftiijMnc,!
Send bill to IhtioRoetChiUicotha -Begitter j
fA'woir'1'ji! ' c - ' C I -.
o r k;wn hA ".vrln .J-mt tad hiwc
PFflday, at (ejreland.the. pinixDedU j
says, Conrad Ktzer. WM vfaStfnmdtoiiGof '
taoo in gold, taklngn -rhnr thereof .bogus
checks purporting to hire beenId1Vh by ,
Edooa Arden, 6o the,FirstiNati6nal fcuik '
Of-Xitoerlllet ll'l" .e-Jiiot. di. bio -.
l'oT'caa't mate a faCkassloolcWely "by 1
(iiutuj( uw rare neimer can a natural, tool
brtaprottd'ty&eprrassea bt wdiieationl
-&MtriiiVi sii -itw ; "'"' l,i
TlurrriWmly'SapoIogy for 'jfaTilovr-.
r4 'ftjiftttsfjcjprp V b AVV 3 lL
hexbt, accprdlng" to thelyetes, has in
operation tw plaining mills, one woolen
factory, two foundries and machine shops,
one wood-work- manufactory, furniture
factory, two carriage -factories and several
steam flouring and .saw milU, , r,.,.
RiOBAxt) Wkxfob has last been con-'
Ticted in the Lorain Cejnmon Pleas of ille
gal Toting at the October election. It was
plead, ta mitigation, that h$ isc Wnpis.'
In consider ation of which he was sentenced
to thirty days Imprisonment , -c,
- Ow Thursday last, as we learn from the
Chillieothe Register, a trfrSeyear old daugh
ter of Heary Smith,, who.llves withi-twa
miles of Chlllicptbev fell Into a Urge kettle
In which they-were,MnaerIhg'"lard., and
was almost literally boiled to death.
Dpira. Piatt . writes,, la iseueslng the
corruption at Washington After all, the
increasedexpendttureB, akfias anlx
traagance fali withi heaviest' weight ton'"
the poor laborer, who finds; his Ireuta "tot!
creased and his cost f living5 -augmented .
by the capitalist who thus seeks to reim
burseiMstllll V-MiZlKAii'
What can , be effected by an extended
elrcu atiopjOlJudicioualyenddcted DenT-"
ocratic papers, ia thus shown by the Spring
field Transcript : . The.73emocratie Central ?
Committee, about, the- 1st of last August,,
ordered Us to sen d.; the Transcript ior the
campaign to certain: yoters Jn; the'cbuntyi
and kgfeeable, Jto their' order we ecu out
about 250 copies to se many different "pew V
sons.', In h main these papers were sent
into German; Pike, Madison and Madrlver
townships; nd DonnelsyUie and Med wa'
preclnctt; glance at the returns of the :'
October election shdir Democratic gaiua hi i
each ot these townships and precincts over
the returnj of, the, prtrloug yar- :But he '
gains were not neariy.O-large as thv
wouldjiave.bah4 Democratic Meas aad'
ftrgumehu been broaght to the attention of .
these voters before tb. heat of the caaj1
pigw iwjfp&'u?;?:2j V, : . 'I
..oill'-LH "
The Doings of Congress the Last
Congress, or rather the part made up
concern calling Itself ft Congress, com
menced the week by Mr, Morton, of In
diana Introducing a bill to commence spe
cie payments on tbe 1st oi July, 187U- All
greenbacks and fractional currency are to
be redeemed In coin, if tbe bill of Mr. Nor
ton Is passed. On the 1st of January, six
months later, the National Bank notes are
to be redeemed by the banks. This thing
of allowing theNatioDal Banks six months
longer to redeem, is lolly in, the extreme,
as greenbacks are the, legal tender for Na
tional Bank-notes. On the 1st of 'July,
1871, greenbacks are to be 'redeemed j in
gold, but to save the pet National Banks
they r are- allowed six months- longer
to prepare ' for' resumption. The man
that has a five dollar National Bank
note will present It for resumption on the
day thevlegal tenders are specie payable,
He will get his $5 National Bank note re
deemed with a $5 greenback. " This he wUl
convert Into coin, and this fact shows that;
in effect, the National Banks will be forced
to redeem the moment the greenbacks are
redeemable. We mention this fact to show
hdW little brains is necessary for men njhp
attempt ' to control .'the great . monetary
uiuvemenis oi inecouuiry. j , ,
...Congress cannot pass a law to redeem
greenbacks In coin, which will be opera
tive, without causing, a great crash, with'
out first, repealing . tne. laws whiau . now,
and for years, have, destroyed.; the . great
commerce .of ; the , country; ;and.. second,
which would follow, as a .natural conse
quence, the decrease Df the i Government
expenses. ;,i:B j a;!i . : ; ;
A resolution In the House wis passed,cajl-
lag ob the Secretary r War to commuill-
cate the . number of troops''' employed by
Governmerit.'lf answered ' correctly j the
tax payers will find that the-' "let us have
peace" jKliifyaer the' Kadicals In' the em
pioy or a large 'Btenaingjf nyto protect'
tdfeed,'ftM to kepl!ii'egroes in Idleness; Is
ftobsUTgffailf''"' w---1 -o'S'
' 'The3Pfitfet1t"rerurtio;sehff
bama claims betnmJiftUbffity to
thphyiW'lhterestV, ,, V
; T w.i it .nil llnw Vt'to mw 1
An, uoHsualfy Jarge potioB of the week's
aotngs wa copsumeq i. abuse prtn res
idenr hi's suppoaed,, repudiating , .dc4
tnaes, an. Jn'support- of, tUe- claitua of He
pond holders, to.be paid ingoldr luj ina
:j MrJpiN.ol Wisconsin, proposes teri
peal the law which prohibits negvi anililla
(4 Southern fitatesr. to i keep the poot
WJittesI hi order, so a to give theSbettr
raoe, better .chance to show! that i the col
ored' troopsj wbea engaged4 ftgatnst'unarm-
ed white teen, can "fight bravely. n iz'.-. i
Or. McChbebft submitted a resolution to
atnemitiie CoBStUutloB, designed td: pro-
Mt tan! rttthtjrhf ilVir1HeH. nd to novitfe
kgatnsC tbe eontlageucy or wincing tne
election of President and Vice President
to the House bf 'Representatives.1 "Keftrred
ill. iPoMkiibi' ihtroduced jomt resoluf
ttbn 'Tproyldiig that; all meriwhpvoiun''
teerea td' jiefve1 'soldier or .coo.ksi for
thtee.,yjeiir8j or during the rbelliqni; a'pd
Werh honorably, dischargedv shall receiye
th 'same "additional, bpuntyr as, ptber, .fiai
dlers 'lender , thf acpf July ,2,16, and
Sets amendatory tiiereto,"nbtwitbstanding
they may have, been rput en the .rolls ai
slaves'" Referred to. oommUtee on iliiitary
Anaira. wnere, as.isis ft,ei.uua to jtivo
the 'intelljasenti, contraband'lj. addjtional
money, Jwl Receiye pompt.attentionj ';
, on to ursaay, tne ; cieaip. oi., jhaddtos
gTvsa .WP$ announced Jn, tje, Housesud
jir A'sjTwnp & as dead ,poliUcaly asi
Srir'sJNS ia in .'realBty, delivered:, areuiogy,1
as jyiofrjers among themSht.ojtei
Feeble". I4AWkkcb of Ohio! ,:j . r.-;
Sir. Harls .introduced , a .Tesolatioft
requesting 'the Secretary of the Interior, to
commupicate . anyiInformatiqu ln possesr
slon of theepaitmen'reiice tf the
hostile or, peaceful character of, Indians ,tbt
cehtly 'killed' or .capture by irpops and as
tp wbether .thejj were ftf the tlinejXesjdlnij
In aGoverimcnt Reservation
' The resolution was' jidoDted. and if the
Secretary pt ithe Interiprt la; Apswering the
resotutjoh,. Is not qyerawed, et, flafBeei
by the. India h.jUng of. Senators and other.
tne puDiic w.uvnaye,a,jiMpry ox, trie.m.osjf
inhuman, )i;emorsela'ndscouudrellyJc)nh
duck towards friendly . Indians tha ever
dbgrsce4 ahy:cquntry:', f,,; Vif .i'-, :
4 Thus ends, the second week 8 chapter of
thedolnge ofngress,;-,, , r ,,n, jroj
f.,i- -' ii ' - it bwi 1
Senator John Sherman, Again.
tbttettltitloil hif b&& passed. Th New
''ITork'LTimei sa'ys':'Jii 1 1 ,!,! ''- "
' jj s''He twnbrati aa- whirls akonV emrr
', ' , Aod does jastrin, ", , ..
1 ; && wvrr iMiie htf whirls sfcont,
; . . Us jumJ.a !SSw,"! ci i, )3 r. .; .v
j JobN' Sbkkmanv wiio ib'as' done more
prrond and Jolty tumbling oh political ques
tioos than any otbier living man -who1 has
been greenback and anti-greeniiaeli de
hounclag' tbe Democracy as- rep'adiators
bcausie. they wished,) as. he 'skid, WlMibut
1 iw o equity, to force the bondoWersi to
ak$!kgftl tender Motes' for theirr btinds
& enounoingthe bondholders as repudlato'rs
because they would 'not takeRreeribabis,ag
laW and qutty sald they should,' has made
another tumble i'.' h:'...-uj J r
1 ,Oneda lastWeekfi1 a:chatrmai offfi
Senate' Finance r committed, he' Veporfcd
back! Vnd recommended :lthe' passage ot A
r solution, 'declaring that the Government
wa rilnriorMi to Y)t t1i hnnda fn frrlld: anA
I "What wffsara In praise of Senator.SnerT
mail jrcsLiuajr xuivca u, iu baiw
to-dayw He-has explained that the Secre
tary of the Senate and-the reporters ot the
press were alike unfortunate in so far mis
understanding blm as to "imagine that. he
had reported the tinging resolution in fa
vor ol National hbheety in' the payment Of
the bonds, printed hi yesterday's issue. In
stead of wanting it passed he wanted it
laid on the table which is pot so, good as
we had hoped of Mr. Sherman." . '',
The long and short of the above is,' that
although Mr. Shbrm an' reported ( back the
resoltitlori and asked that. itj'be passed. and
although on Its passage he voted' tor it, he
w a opposed to its adoption,' and was a,nx
ous that It be' laid oil thetable t ,. ,,",
John's position in regard,)to this resolu-.
tlon reminds "us of I'tbe tnfidiL itfo, ;to
show his contempt-, of "religion made .s
practice,'1 within hearing of bis neighbor
In the same cabin, to go to the large firer
place and 'there' to kneel down, and in
mocking .'tones, . to call upon . Lucifer to
send down , a large' stone; to hit and, kil,
him, because , he was . a sinner. Deter
mined to punish, the fellow, a mischievous
b y was sent up to the top ot the cabin chiia
jieyi and just as the .Infidel, .with closed
eyes, uttered tne, mocking appeal, the coy
dropped a stone, ' which,, striking, pros
trated hlm.' Surambling ;up, and, forgetful
of his infidel .notions he exclaimed: "Lord
Lord,the devil takes ft body to be in earn
est, whep he wasonly in a little bit of fun.''
So It was with Johsj Sherman when he
reported DacKne uovemment-pledglag,
gold-paying resolution,. and asked its pas-
took him f'iie o earnest when lie was only
In ;litUe bit Qt.fan'l,,,., !: !r'. i
;) I;';-.:.'..",-;.' " '- .
Last session a bill was jntroduced into
the United States Senate, tojcut down tbe
nunfber of office-holders,,, .the. object .being
to curtail president Johnson's patronage.
The, bill passed tbe .Senate, but not tbe
House. It will not pass the House, because
the House has all confidence,' in Grant.
That Is to say, there are ,not too many of
flceatogoround. (.' ,.,! ;. ,
Mr. POMEROYlntroduced a bill to'iiro-
viiie for the reassembling of the Constitu
tional Convention of Georgln; and instruct
ing it to amend the Constitution tonlnre
beyond all possibility of doubt the right of
every cmzen ot 'tne State, black or white,
to noiu omce. iteierreu to Judiciary com
mittee. ;
Mr. EIAKLAN offered a resolution re-
qm sting the Judiciary committee to report
a out ior me reapportionment or Kepresen'
Mures in congress, in accordance with seC'
tion 2d of the 14tti. amendment.
' Mr. NIB presented, the credentials of
Mr. uubert, senator elect from Florida
Laid on the bible.
Mr. MORRILL. Of Maine, offered a resn.
lutlon requesting the President to inform
the Senate whether any. instructions were
given in the proceedings instituted to pre
vent tbe payment to Laird & Co., builders
ot tbe Alabama, the proceeds of the steamer
Wren, built by thein ior the Confederate
Government, and now in the hands of the
AssisUDfr-Treasurer at New York, and to
secure the payment of the proceeds of said
steamer to the owners of vessels destroyed
vjr mo Aittuauia. Auopoeu.v
f. Adjourned; j t '. - tJ
Judge Pugh.
- Judge 'Pugh, ortSiIumbus,' was' before
the United States Commissioner yesterday,
charged with issuing fraudulent naturali
papers. '...ui'K -v. . . !
The Recent River Disaster.
The charred. hull of the steamer United
States was towed here:,!yesterday from the
scene1 Of the .late ' dlaater. k The. body of
airs, ii.ua Jones, ot I'ensacoia, Florida, was
recovered Jrom the wreck: also another
body supposed tOLte.that ot Mrs. Brooks.
Owing to the illness of one of the United
States Inspectors, it will be some time be
fore they fender their decision as to which
pilot is responsible ior tbe collision. . I
Ohio Female College.
which was .destroyed, by tire in April last,
has been., rebuilt and' was reopened and
dedicated last night,' in presence ot a large
company of relatives, and friends of tbe
' -ni:.' i ti . -!)
Missouri Pacific Railroad.
ST. LOUIS, Dec. 19.
of the Missouri Pacific railroad that at-fthe
coming-, -session ot the "LfcgltlafureJAn
amenamentto the jompan.v's charter wilt
be proposed in regard to the manner of
electing. :direetort': which' In eflect 'Will
abolish: tbe present eradiiatlrig ' scale, .of
-voting stocfc give one vote to eab-shareof
stock, and require the wbole board to be
elected annually. This will eive small
stockholders 'more power- in-the manage-.
ment or tbe anairs or the Companv. ic is
stated sin this1 connection that 'a project is
on -foet to shape matters in Buch' a way a to
make the Missouri railroad a direct link in
a great chain-ot roads-from the East, to Hie
-Kaesas iPacidc jralVroad. The City Coaatil
yesterday rejected a proposition to sell the
citLzena,,stock4q the.-MisBoarr-PaeifiO trail
road, i : .11 '.-.i.-iw MRMl
ST. LOUIS, Dec. 19. Indian Affairs.
H. D. Reese, J. P. Dans and Arcjiy Scra
per;"miie Cherokeej'natioa.fare herei en
feute to Washington on business of the na
tion, but more especially to procure the
ratification-of a treaty made last Jfly, be
tween - Commissioner Taylor and Col.
powlin'g, Cniefof the Cherokees. vTbeRe
pubiicao, in an editorial on the fcubiect.
says the intelligent portion of the civlliziid
tribes, take great,. Interest, in , the present
movements against the future disrf ition
of the wild, roving tribes ot.Jhe plains.
Air. Keese,-In this connection. states that
last spriiiir a ioint representation Irom the
Cherokee, Chocta w, Chickasaw and .Creek
nations called. On Gen..&rant,;at, the War
Office, in .Washington, and made a tro po
sit ion, agreeing to-make pence with all the
wild tribes below the Arkansas: receive
tnem Mtoineixj-eFecvauou and teach them
the arte.. oX. kixilised Jife.--orvided the
Govern m ant, on its part, would guarantee
aad-staad-by-ehem in every" afrftngcinent
to. effect that object. They -required- that
every promise to these wild Indians should
be1 kept and adhered to in good-faith. This
ine maian, representatives agreed to .do at
one-twentieth of the cost-expended 'by
the Government under the present system.
General GrauL seemed lo. approve of the
uenerars iaea,jul Jjalt was-the last of it,
and no further progress was made in tbe
The Steamer Havana.
NEW YORK, Dec. 19.
;"A New Orleans special of tbe 18th,. to the
Herald, says the steamer Havana,: ' Which
eleared from New; York foif'New Orleans as
a merchant vessel,, Jioisted the Peruvian
flkg when-the .erew Ban tinted, -nd were
discharged. The custfWoftlcers-'boarded
her on Friday, and the Captain refused to
enter ner at the ;uscom Hwise, on the plea
that she is a' P- ruvian naval vessel. Col
lector Fuller has demanded ot the Peruvian
omctai the proaucUou otnthe ves
sel's papers,-, showing why ' what au
thority a - vessei -clearing at New, York
as a merchantman ior Jiew. Orleans, ean
appear here' as a vessel of war, -and -not
getting any satisfaction- will to-morrow
seize the vesel'tiniess he receives.contrary
orders from' Secretary McCullochj iThe
same difficulty ioccurredwhen; the iron
clads cleared.: 'Fuller was fir ml hut. Sew-
'ard harmonized j matters.'.. -His Excellency
Garcia ignorta the course of the collectors
and marshals to enrry his point, and unless
Dicuuiiocn orders otherwise tbe vessel will
Custom Frauds.
NEW YORK, Dec. 19.
herujMW much lartrer than at first feported
They have extended through, a series-of.
years, and there bas apparently been a col
qson.betweeaiimporters and officials. Two
persons, named xegeistock and uentlna,
Who have been suspected,, have fled to
CanedftJ Tlley were the agents in the traa-
SactionS, the principals ' being Guateman
Brothers,, -of.Leonard: street. Stlks and
OtliergooUsi to tbe mount, aat present
ascertained, of two , hundred, and hfty
thOu?and dollars, have been ; smuggled
through, the appraiser's luce. Guateman
Brothers have instified ' to the extent of a
quarter of a million dollars' to the Government-,
-Tbe .Distttut, Attorney- ja pursuing
Fire. ALBION, N. Y., Dec. 19.
I A fire here this -morning destroyed -ithe
Emrire block and' Hill's block. The fol
lowing are the chief losses: Mr. Dinsmore,
on' building, $tt),000,i insured for $6,000;
vjoie and snuuen, iz uuu, lnsurea ior wo,
000: Orleans Americaur office.. $7,000,' in?
su red' for $2,500; John Bradsbaw, hatter,
3,UUU, no insurance; u. JJ. Mill, 3,U0a-"--
Death of Dr. Usher Parsons.
, Dr. Usher an, and ven
erable physician or this city, died to-dav.
aged 80.-'. He was Surgeon ot the flagship
Lawrence in the battle ot Lake Erie, and
(tie isbc surviving, commissioned omoer ot
HARTFORD, CT., Dec. 19.
. Judge Nelson, of the United' States Su
preme Court, Issued, a temporary Injunc
tion .to tbe Shore railroad, restraining the
VI iu Wiim iibibuu A t TCI ,
LEWISTON, ME., Dec. 19.
Garrison block of stores and offices was
burned this' morning. Loss $ 15,000 j. in
Wind Storm-Destruction of a Fine
Wind Storm-Destruction of a Fine Building.
CHICAGO, Dec. 20.
' The wind commenced blowing last even
ing about 10 o'clock, with great violence,
and has continued without any seeming
abatement up. to ibis hour 7-o?CiOck. p-
M). Considerable damage . bas resulted
therefrom, the most serious of which is .the
destruction of the new brick buildiug iu
the course of erection, covering lots Nosi 71
and 73 Adams street, just went ol State. The
building was 60 feet front and 200 deep. The
walls, which were of brick, bad reached the
top ot the fourth storyLand each story was
a tingle room. It was to be occupied by
Coan and Tenbrock as a carriage" factory,
and when completed would have been one
of the largest and finest in the country.
The owners of the' building are Ogden and
Fleetwood. With , the exception of the
rear section, thirty to forty feet long, the
building is completely demolished. The
logs on the Ogden and Fleetwood building
will probably reach ten thousand dollars.;
which wilHaU on the buUder.,,;
Bridge Burned.
CLEVELAND, O., Dec. 20.
bridge at Elmore, Ohio, en the
Cleveland and Toledo railroad, was burn
ed to-day. Connection will be broken un
til Tuesday. - -.
BY ATLANTIC CABLE. Constantinople.
NEW YORK, Dec. 19.
s from
18th. says: The rumor to tbe effect that the
Turkish Admiral, Habart Pacha, followed
the Greek steamer Erosis into the harbor
of Syra and. sunk her, lacks 'confirmation.
It is said that thecommanderof the French
war ship Faibin, requested the Turkish
Admiral not to adopt any coercive meas
ures until he beard from Constantinople.
j.ms tne Admiral agreed to dp and now
awaits orders .'I a ..-!-.!
Carlist Conspiracy.
The Herald's special from Madrid, 18th,
says: It Is announced here that a Cartist
conspiracy, hns been discovered at Navara.
several arrests of parties implicated In it
nave Deen maue. .
Imprisonment of Insurrectionists.
A from Cadiz. savs: Not
withstanding the proclamation of clemency
recently issued to the leaders in the late in
surrection, several ot tlie prominent ones
' haVe been imprisoned here. About seventy-five
altogether have been arrested and
submitted to trial by court martial. Busi
ness has returned Its natural sway, .aqd'the
people are "returning to their homes. i '
General Dulce sailed with his fleet for
Ministry Changes.
Tbe Herald's special from London. 18tfr
8ay3: French official journals say that the
tnangesin me ministry are a confirmation
ot the Emperor's; programme ot policy,
which is liberal at home- and pacific
aoroau. A
Greece and the Great Powers.
LONDON, Dec. 19.
great powers
to control the action of Greece 1 in the
pending troubles with Turkey excites dis
trust in financial circles here. ..There Ui
general falling off in moneyed values. This
distrust is only Increased by the reassur
ances of the French pjess, il ia the cen
eral' opinion that Bussia is not in earnest in
her remonstrance. - London papers urge
tne great powers to make a nnai remoa
strance with Greece to prevent war; if re'
Contract Renewed.
LONDON, Dec. 19.
The postal contract with the German
steamship line ha been renewed
BERLIN, Dec. 19.
A resolution
guaranteeing immunity
from arrest for wjacda6poken in debate has-
been rejected by a small majority in the
liouse. -,, -.- v
Laird and Johnson.
LONDON, Dec. 19.
Laird publishes his correspondence wifli
"Revefdy Johnson to-day. Laird made trie
first friendly advances in October, before
the Liverpool banquet. Laird Invited
Johnson to visit him, to hear the former's
rwishes for lasting peae . Jolinson could.
' urt ii-Vnt the invitation for lack of tlm.
closing hfe Jiote lias- fallows g 'totw fth-
VStandrng-yQB sympathized wish eay-soiAbr
ern brethren during the war, I shall have
much pleasure in making your acquain
tance and hearing your sincere wishes lor
peaces. rT rv
The Latest Concerning Greece and
PARIS, Dec. 19.
It is said the Prussian Government has
sent a note tV the -French Government in
relation to questions at issue between
Greece and Turkey. Telegrams XromSt.
TffietSb,irj gsajfRuagTaAiiLthe .other great
powers agree that ootn the forte and
Greece should delay action for, five davs.
iu order t?al w gotiations'for ft eetdement
of tUe quafction -ufty.be attempCed. The
public newspapers says the envoys of Tur
key and Greece have not left their respec
tive posts at Athens and Constantinople.
The Patrie says naval commanders in the
'Pierarus ii ve bee n 'ius tr ObtifV n .t hey can
helpk it,nd fcyoid atfuggle with Turkish
- vessel.-s which could at present only weak
' en the Greeoian cause.;. 1'
! The same journal says the Athenians are
: exultant over the prospective war with
, Turkey, wblle' the 'deputations from.Nou,
plia,' Patras, CorfU atad 'Corinth 'protest;
j against the Government as ruinous to
I Greece. Tbe Athenians expect a revolt by
the Greeks in the Turkish provinces oi
I Thessaly and Macedonia-, ,,. , .. , .,vfl-..M
: " The'latest'advices from Atuens state that
I the Government ot Greece bas yet taken
j noteP? t a decisive character, , r- - j.
CUBA. The Insurrection.
NEW YORK, Dec. 20.
The .Herald's. Havana-letcer of lUe i2ch
FaysCA :tt is a .tact that a gUantiC'-iatirrec-tion-extstSiia
this, island; ittatb'Jt:.U sup
ported or countenanced by the treat mass
or the native population, tbe exception
being insignificant la point of numbers;
that it has had many encounters with the
pifeh troops In, which its supporters In
nti't-rj qnite hs luncn 11 not more uamage
tnan tney gunereaana tnt, tne . Dest In
;formed ablohirthe Mlsltrftresfced ' and' un-
prJudiced ar already beglnnins; to.ealcu
late on ultimate' sacuess, which shall leave
Cubans free and independent.
The Popular Vote for President.
Annexed IK a;hiT)le dxhlbLtliJs' the popu
lar vote for .President, cast on- tne-Sd-ult
iin thirty-three ot the. States ot tbe Union.
:Fierf chose ttsJElectptS; ty the sLfcla
ItuVe'j jVkTClla;TsIssJppi:aiV3:xa: did
bob vote.By-alitiularaumritrlyinBer-toijr
Corvrtittion,tb'e"peopleol'tl)e fTeTpritorifs
jef Indian Dakota, ilontana, VVasbif.Ktcui,
Alas1MarrorWybmiflg, Ucan, JolFado,
Aihi and J!fevv,Mexirolahdhe DUtrict
bf OolunlaJafls jQt allowef :tb partioipate
In thiLktioii AtUsvOSattonal i let-Magistrate.
South CaroHaa, for the first time,
chose its Electors by the people; whilst
Florida assumeavtHeosKten ef ihe former
in be inS the QxilytSClte "ftaiiik chooses its
Electors by the Legislature. Nebraska
voted for the first time. Lo California, for
the first time, a native-born citizen voted
ntates. unni. DBjinm, Aotai.
lMaohott,-.vv B.7a? i.-t 9.4urll9.18
Rhoae inland, W.883 , .... .J?.?!!
'w'tirr -
PejiiMTtranim.Kv SaeV.W ltO-S3tMS S''J64ffi
Delaware. - 7.J1S 1tv,l10.!W
North OsrSinV.:!7:1K9,48 eS.3U. 181.799
SoW-yniUiiak...-V":WJ.VV J87 'J 107,47
Georgia ....,...., . .1 JW. 1 16S.i3
AlabSma.w'...VL'.v W6.4V Woal,AS
Mis8iMipsL.vA,.' J.'y'"-yt ?- .liM -'.
Louisians.v". .1-3
: j. . e-M v - . .-. a-
Arkansas.. w.. t KIS j,-;8.49i ,w1.000
Missouri;." 5,14 3 "74.976 v 170.11
Tenneseo..,..,.. --90M1 .;-61.W os Ma.llBS
Kentuckr.".. 39.5B8, 115.&- , 165,4.15
WeA iiintk.AS.;'.J,ljK V . " 85,089
Ohio ...,M-5-.TO .M0.s.A-a.0Mr 619-K4
nm - iK.-i.iw sii m
1 11 inois rv V-t -0 v'i
4)!s8Vvrill.tl.i ai.4n
W iseenelo jl.'.i .S-' l(t4 i 4.68tf-sv' lsr.riir'
87 ,16(1 So,i8
ljaV.:rV..:T.Tr."KO,389 '"7f2 194 527
Nebrsk,.eA4M. . .w;To,iiiv'a,V V 15,458
Kan. 3 ....v... 99.7K3. . .13.4U8.. . ,.M Ul
NevsdattsuX.l aeiT1 791-11 te W
ci?f d?nia7.7TT7!r.T. J w.689 " ' 1 4,ui k.b7o
i!iW ,i .MHir-Miiiii, 1
d total .
c.T'a m-miu. ' via niR
: Thetotal vote In Iwas 1.162.186: in
1840, 3.40485; a 18o'4 3,126,375;iln I860;
i4.e62,lJ0. anjsa Vermont, : JNw Xork,
DeljijWAce, . South t Civrpliria, Xieoria -and
Louisiana ciiose tneir Electors Dy tne JUtx
.isl. attire.- ' "''w y
r -
The Ohio Statesman for 1869.
snria CteiOSTAtfts'SiAN has-fsuSa-'ita :an'
nutalproepectnater the yeaf 1809 and asks
the active! interest t Denfociats throngh
nut the State Mil its Iehalf. We -have no
.heiitation in seconriina" this! appeal. Thel
publication of -a daily ijemoorau newip
rief at theaoitalj W a i)Mv neoessitv; and
, to hwke such h pajieraju.ajble aijdefticieBt,
(tie eatafliisonieniir vyun;a pu;iii wusa ic
eeive tliat'backiuj? V4'hicli is es8entlalJo
'keep it in vigorous operation. It is unreas
onable to ex peot ra6t'neviwpaper to exh lb
it the desired vigor and ettractrrehess wtth
ou t, recei y In a a re m un e ratio if su pporw Ver j
many of on?lneTJtl3 in" Licking county are
able to take a weekly joTrfBaUfrorn abroad
in addition to the paper Dftheirjsounty..
To jt,he' favor and'; patronage of 8uch,,-e
recommend the STAxraMaN. - In selecting a
city paper, It is vastly better to Ketone tfcnt
is published In their-own State tbari to send
for ,onerfrom Jew Tiyk-.Any '.of our
friends who -may Wrsrt nf r-'4 d in ordering'
the (Statesman,' dan "-'u tik' i'- "ir wishes
Newark Advocate.
rrij.innn,.. tk.im, tn.f
O. Wabhinotok Kom aims. iooiiet ion of Her. B-!
. Komine sol Alrnret Messiok Romaic.
KOMA1NE On Thnrrl. th 17th Imt . Muni.
T Msssicr. wife of hr. B. K. Romaino. sad
daughter of Heorj T. Meafiok, of Albany, N. Y.
-l unaral to-dajM S P. M st Ho. 170 Eatt Town
Eastern paper! please eopy.l
t3f The Ohio Statesman bas a
Larger Circulation tbitsv.any pa
per pnitlisliea in this City or Cen
tral Ohio. Advertisers -will
this in"mind. 1
itu nftiK.VM.i be beld THl!-
MO.UAV) EVENIJiO. Dee. tl. st 7
o'clock, for work in R. A. dmM.
By order of H. P. -
decai-dlt-r H. J. COX. Secretary.
Frances Isabella Sutton. Plaintiff.)
.".! ' i
for ,
W illiam Sntlon. . I
ber oetUion in the Cunrt of Common
Pleat of 1 lie enuntr of Franklin, in the State of
Ohio, praying for a dissolution of the marriage bevl
tween ine saio aeienaanK, William nation,. sno:
herself, alledgins foe cause . bia "froea neglect of
auty lowaras ner,
. i ruAnucis i. Bu i rua
John G -Miller, Attorney.
i deeal-w6w-p , -, i t :-. ill ' '-' -' I
Agents Wdnted---?10 a
TWO 10 MAPS run 4.
Patent Revolving Double Maps
Of America andRnrSpe. Amerlca aad
- me iniiea siaienoi America., ,
'" ""'" ' Celor.d intooi) Counties.
eomoleted. show every olaoe cf imoort-moe.
all ' Railroads to date, and 'the latest altera
tions Hi the various feuropean rnta-'.es... lhase
Maps are needed in every School ami family In the
land tney occupy tne space ot one map, and by
means of the Reverser, either side can be thrown
front, and any nart brought level to the eye.. Coun
ty Riahtsand (ar&re discount aivea to good Agents.
- Apply forirculan. Terms and Sample Maps, to
dea?l-dlm-r ', '- 23 UoMlMdt St .1
pr -FAN HANDLE BOTB.l''r i j
'. i.? -j a y t t fi
.. .
' On Walter Deilj8th. 18lrs4aC wiB mi. ..
Leave. X . Y. Express.
1oluro'bu8..'....S:l6 AI M.
. MaU ,
.Past Line
11 SO A. M
Newark ..-.., f:35 A, M.
.vu 1 , .'1
liie.:a:M At ju.
ir.H. 5 JO P.M.
Arrive, at
, I
Pittsburgh ....12 00 M- ,12:05 A. M,
J2K A. M, ..7S0P,M.
HarrUbarg.i.'.lti:3d Pi-M'J1X-P; M.
- 6:30 A. 11
Philndelp ua.. SW A, MH 4:10 P. M.
a 10 A. M
Now York-i.."v:lA. '' 7S PI Mv ' li.-ea P. M
Baltimore tS:M A. .60 P. M, i.iSaoAiM
Waahiotoji..'j tilSA.-M. :1HP. M. "Ti33 f.U
Boston... 6:WP M. .-0A.Mflr, BsoP.M
EleSnt stae room sleeping cars' on all night trains.
Unitba raac Litnetne eeiebratea r oirver raiace'
day and rriiiht cars are runthrough from Columbar
to Pbiladelphissnd ticw York withoutbange ;
AS" Passengers by the 8:00 A. M. Sunday train
arrive in New lYsrk at b'oleck Monday morning
an advantage never before oflered. '.., I
1 GenTficket.Ag't, SteubenvilleTO.t
:.W W.CAbU), SapeTincBDderjt. teobenville, O
.... H. B. BR'JOK.S.
i A ': .. I :. 'i: Ticket Aitent.tVjrainbQsjO.i
JOBS B. PETERS. Agent. Columbus, O. , , ..
..tniuillUI1ta3B'.-,'.i. i '.'J ii.liJlnl
j to
TV j
iom -AT,or:T.8.01'l;'i''-n'1I'''J
1 or:
firt edition of Om HfntjrkI) .THoriAUD
riiVicK-'g' lLLceritArEb' Cataloots op
now tmblitbedJ. It 'mafcesi -ay Wrk ofJ loo- tm;ls.
beautitully illufltratad. with, about ISO Fina .W d
a: nara 1 rfe. oT ?low era and T ecetables.- -and kn Et-
egantlplored Plate,, , ,,(.,,...,.
1 a bWqitct.of flowers.1
't K Uf JhsmaH' besntif rrC'sir Weil 1 :as' the 1 most in
structive loral Guide published,-iiTing plain and
tbomnsh direotions lor the (JULTLKi. of i LOVV-
ens ana tstxi.iAnie.. n j , 1
Tne Floral O'uide is published for the benefit of
my customers, to whom it-is sent free witnout ap
plication, but will be forwarded, to all who apply
Dy jn--.iL lur 'lettnu,wUfil is not nau tneeoat.
1 ' "6p'tHB CITT Or siV TOBI, w , '
':' -' IVo SSO 'Hroathvay.'1 1
Capf tiil,'r " 0fle; MiKi6n Fbilarfi.
-Tifi i G HA Rf EKEUI BY"DHfi STATE. !' ,Ji3
U ABius R. M ANfAlc,-Pres!, , . J as. Mbrhhjl, Seo'y.
Receives DeposT s and allows FOUR PER -ENT.
-IN 1'bKBSToa airuiily Balanoes. subject to Check
atsighU ripeoial l)epos:ts for Six months or more,
may be made at five per 'cent. The Capital of One
Million Opllars is, divided among- over iuO Share
holders, c&mprisin many gentlemen of large wealth
aptnancil;eiperienee, wuo are. also ipersOSsUy
liable to depositors for. sH pblicstionsof tUeCoau
paii to double the atnoucf of their' capitar 'stock.
A (he Kationat iruto!paipiinj-Teoerres deposits
fn large or small amounts,. and permits them to be
nrnWess a whole or in pa by ebeak sv sight snd
withautnoticeallowiag intetsst on all- daily bal
ance. parties thtneghout tnecoontrr can keepao
coanU in this Institution with peoal, advantages
of security, conrenienoe.and VKifit,'.,,. ; ,,. ..,
- E m o 1 1 i i e tvts C f earn-;; .
' preparation, IntrnJueed last winter, having
reoeivedso; manj-atcieyiBa oommensirtiors from
those whousid it, induced the proprietors to bring
it.again before the poblie-,' assuring them that it
stands unrivalled aa thebes protoott-r uf the skin
aziinsttbe iuclimcncy of tbe winter season. It
notpnla impaztB t tne sk5o a delioaf freshness
and beauty, but. also conduces to its hrajtb, purity
and prBserVation. ' r at Tjcaltng anrasionir,, Uhap
ped Bands, face. Ipr Rous hn est: of the 'Skin,
itbasno equal, while its suot,hng qaalities. and
deJigbtrttl traarancw render it a nesesaary append
ase to the toilet. Prepared only1 by .JdiARPLE A
RITSON. 1 irpenfins Chemists ' 100 South High
stret.;olmbps.-Jt)hie.i.-. 1 1 ni aove-4eoeliw4oii
TtTISll KS ' im F 11 l sjK t in E1 Ds
T V anc the Ladies etnerallr. bhat gbei fan estab
lished herself in Dea Tier's new building, on High.
north ot Kroad. where s le is prepared to do Taan
ionhle dressmakiagm all its bnuichea. kt reason
able p.ic s. A lib ral patronage is respectfully s'o-
The Colnmbds ' and ' Hocking Val-
;:'..'ley IJailroM ftimpanyi r
IV of i co to tstoelciioltieirs.
"i ! -i-i-iiT CburuBca. Onio. Deb. 18th 1H43.
meetins- of the SiockhoLit of this ComcanY
will be held at its office, in the oity of Columbns.
on tues lav. January iOtb. 1S69. between tbe hours
of koo'olock A. M. and 3 o'clock f. ei., at wbieb
thirtMn Diretors for said.CoinranV wiU be elected.'
and such other business transacted as may be
brought before tne meeting. tHtockhotuers are re
mindedtbabthe lair provides that "after the first
election of Dirdctors, no person shall vote on any
IrShare en whjoh snjr uistalli
Liinent ia due and unpaid.'
dcl-d3tawtd-r -
'"'" , Seo'y and Tress.
nvf-r.i 3i'i BBAt,a'm
7-.mil 'l: 1 "1
A full stock of Conray's. Rnmmel's snd Lifbin's
.! jxwaers sua jromaaes,; - - (
254 HSrtls Hiffb Street, '
t decll-eodlm ' ' ' '; !' - COLVMEVS, OttiO.
r 50 i PEft (lENT.-EEDUOTIOlf .
-era. Brokers, fuhlisnerr, stationers, rrnf
Companies, , Lseyen, Awboects.. bohools,
Clergymen.' Circulars, Prioes Current, Letters.
Quotationajratalogaes.'Musicvor any doouments or
hrawinss may be obtained at the fallowing exuaor-
dinary eheai prioes : M0 copies, fke similies, of
any document or drawing, Ac, sa; Aovcopteg, 6;
1.0CU copies, 8, Ac; 100.000 copies, $450, or 60 per
oent.npun the a.bove prices rosy be saved by using
Offices, Publishers. Stationers. Printers, Scbools,
OniiLDanies. At PrioeSu. A yonrigbovean strike
Murio; s ratent Auwsrapnio rrmiifg rress. ior
kS lou oopies. letter size, per hour, of any docu-
'mei)t,raing, music, wnu tne greatest la-inty.
Maurice's Patent; rjtates Kightsaresoldatmoderste
price-, ruoucexpenmeuiseacu Daturaay.
'N. B. All kinds of i.ithouraphie work are done
with the greatest care at tne lowest rates, Maur-
iee'a fMteat .ntosrsphio and l,ithni?raDliin Print.
ine, -Writing. and bneraving Establishment,-10
Norih William streetNew York. ... .. . j .,
dtfr7-p'3twly-vWT " '-
0f the Keceipte and Ulkkurienentsef
the Several' Funds for Itae. tlacal
tear ending Rovembei l5a 180S:,.i
1'"' CVrvniTfl
Goner) Revenue Fund.........
Cnal frund.,r
Hinkina Fund...
..Jl.WSO.TSS 39
: I41.53 54
. 1,834,6.9 74
.' l,4o7.4!6 73
3.469 91
Coiiimun 8ehol Fund.'.;...!...,
Sqlctiern Allotment r una
Soldiers' Claim Fund......
K'ati..n&l Rl)!ui Ullrl .. . . . . .
, S.8J5 18
Bank Kedej.ptiju Fund
.'."-lSI. -Mil v
2.7.13 31
ijt-:'.'- TISrfttS!'p'lliirv'ia '
. $5,025,475 61
General Revenue Fund... 1,S1S210 SSV '' "".
Csnsl Fntld,t.fy..,.-. !JI 14.9399 r - -ii
Sinking Fuud.v-.,. .. MM.S8 33" .
CominOD hooTFur.4.1... l,4i6Hl 89 J" -Soidiers'
Allotment J'und;.r ?! Jtll
luldiers" Claim Furfd.:.'.... .71 68 .
H.781 68
la us
W L. - i ...nnti..n Kll Till . . . .
Natienal ttoaa rum.. - ' V." '
Balauce in Treasury oy'IS, 1888.,.. esTO.lfio 75
Treasurer of State.
jomat jrati
. 1Y ...
II. .,14-123 r
.,1 iii
; Mary I. Hodg. '.
..lr'-i l. '
Mary S. Itoigt.-
iK '.-.- !h-j: - ' III. ' I i--;-' ';
. Luis' 0N HaL Pastures. . 'if
j J"-riA
f ref B. W. J. knsnmt Yals CoUsg.
"rUR IT.
-. Oliver Wmdttt Botmes. t '
. .-.!)..-.: '-: V.i'-iiwi vnv) A j;
... , -( . : BUTTER . W00t.b'" '""'"';
-M; A. 8Aa&6. j
l i ,i . BETTER w. WOOL.; ! WV
.- xau ':i--:i,'t
tt - . i " f fix II
! how tc
; j-n .i, i With Illustratiotis.)
O.'MUehett. 'uf
ihT f-:
. n.i.... n. ;',.A9.1 AT. :
'. V-II-.. '- '' Ti v. .-ita-(U
K TQK, .CARPE5TER,piBQ. (IllutntsdJ '
: STtrav -;l Uij:3iwiw -ooirv. ' ' . -7- j
THE CARPENTERO'mRI.rfIurtratedfc
H a-
. 1SI
rAB.K - ii is ut m irKT-K Aisrso
jo i.ii ' Ttii..,j i ' ' ' -..--.!
.31 1 J: .iiir ri 111" . rst
f- i. t.i:if!,-,r ui inU .'I tlXfO . I' '.it!!-
ailu-trated , ,V "r it ti .
l J.,,.. r' A S VWnJ.lt t 'U'S i I
i -. 41 f.
.ini n.i'i 1-ns
TZ: ,.13'''1 A i
.AVi rl 3r i .iiD-.: .o.
:. rtHnstrstedJ"1"?'1 '?. '-
. -ww .
James that
on 11 fc-is K::hV-
if .viw.i . i-
i.i t i. (! fx
- XII. '
,3. IIP i!j U iliU'
-T Tl.l ' i
.71.-- nanu,:u j..-..
; JII jl .V f
TiiIORt Jf TBK- times--'home AND FOR
.--.nnB--..:i-d 1 x
v-. injniesn ' wvusw, - " . .
PonaUt 6.'JMiteJUU. -
4 - ; .t .. j H .'J
a tie .:.! 1 1 u.:ji-l"Jyr: 1--j. :-. i; 'i
..'jvi; - BarrUt E esc her 6tov4.
TlUamMlle -iryaat
CtUUn Bryami.
it, 1 I n 1 .- ' Xylt ;.J ni lad u 1
- , - -r - -P.TAoninoa-,
.IFJ.-LU.il.'' hr?
: :: '( , :.VliA Ihotmpton, P.
o XVIili ..s Mr
. ET THE ICE. A Sroar, ? .
J". T, TromWUgs.J-
1 1, r
X 5
! it
lit M
i- IN THE 1CH. A StObtV
.-kl Ju-i Awll 'JliLlC5
! -XIX. -
...-..:.. ,... TOWNt" ''' . ..
'. Harriet Beeeher Stone"'- 'l-''
,1 BarrUt Beeeher ttowe.
j . A I.'.fctA
; XX
MRS., HUNWBEE'3 DIARY.: aii - ,
' ' Lawra S. Zymds.".'1 : ',':
: ': '; ":xx..". '.':'.' - -: ;
If n
Mil! I"
-,ll'-' snirif:
lu.l AXL! -I i l-i. BU-... -.
4 -Jjaill llfirt:
yr Is
,W 1 -9'
: ilf
-.j -w.iii. -xxii. 1
Grace Greenwood.
j ,v.'t xxiii., ,?, .; 1 f
BURIAL I OF JHE BIRD. (OlustratecU ,
, ;;:''..xxni-. : :, -,1i'.':'.'-'
' -wii-xxiY. --'i'i.',
. -. .r m - . I I '
,rJt.lXXIX- fOiiJotli
REtNARD'S BCHOOfcV-(IHustrsted-
,, : 1
Mary X: BcJg.a
1? :
- t
J'Marl'x:jodgel.i?' f'l
1 .'-r.- no 1
- j S7i PRICE IO CBYTS. i- Jili.'T
1 . . . . ..
'or ' Sale by all New
' i-na
"HaiI, AhSatTfBe CoinlnKtX
Positively for Two High t Only.
ann T.e.r:crT-,-4 it.
Emersoy, jUfcftfc .Mnli,g'fc
?rm thtr. P Pons; Ciaeinnatl.
ANlliTliatllRtlEIfTITHbnT PARAL-
OW. - M1JX8TKELSV1 - w
Entire chans-e of nrnrrainma Mh. ,
terpreted b S9 flrst-erass artists. aotuallV.mr
oraciog more tenuins talent tbaa smjr other .oom
pany in America.' '"
,V.An!iion.SoTresetved7fSaa, . We: Gal
iSllSfii J bo-bok for.ths.isla of reserved
a?, rw1 f ''s f osJo 'Store on Sstur
P?: 19th; t . 10 0'oloek AixM.k where seats
may oe securea. ,-.,,-, 1 .
Doors open st T o'elock p . Ujt to eonmenee at 8
. -Aeel8-44t
t W'JIE PtHKPl nnai.
Ths acknowledged QUEEN OF SONG, on her re
turn frosa Carrtornia by overland route, after s
inumpuamsna onparaiieied aoooessfal seat on of
Operatic performances, will a-Wa in th'i, .
one grand-Concert, .. '. ,. : , .. ' ....
Wednesdar' Evsalag, December t3d.
M'mePARKPA DOHA win W ..i.j k
Mr. C ARL ROs A.. . . j. .... k ... i . . ; .. v iolinisk
Mr. JE0. W CO LB 1 w .Pianist 1 and AeaoreDaSist
Ikot H. a-.i:- -STk TS -1m. m
The greatest Cornet s-Piston player, of the world,
engaged st great expense wxeretslr for Par cps Ro
ss's Cpnoart season of 18669."- '"'
: 5r, Admission 1, with no- sxtrs 'charge & re
served seats; Balcony 75 oeor - -
i ne saie oi seats will eommence on Jdonday. s
Sj&'JIkk Silly, tjensiaai'-"!
Thnrsday Eveaf PecSnsbeg!ji-t.
: owiss Ben Ringerse :
ILY, Vocalists. Harpists and Violinists, as
lJil ?-L 8M-H RUSSELvih'-"-eeteoi
aeiar-Belineator..,Evrytairi new. bril-
cois'i?.? &?&ZhL
-, Cabds o Aiafisgrew'Parquette and Dress Cir
elaSOot Family- JJirole, Se. Reserved SaaUfor
sale only at J. beltkars MnsW8tore);r"r
decW-dlw.,; IrV.'Wi POWLER. Agent.
. uv - -
Wondaj;Tcn lag, December list
,A .. t.
u lVAtj.3 ttilv''rHAAll l
l.TH "RiV FTrirlr'n TaafsaV A klaaA. Cj1.-A.a
Jable undajr the direction of Mrs. James Cootie v.
Miss Kate Mears and Mrs Miohsel Yty. .. jruTlT"
S. Theloe
4. xne.
& The
. . Xhe Boye'iHUla.Sobeol. Table- mtss'lfAjgis
x ne sia
arr and Martha TM. .UW WII.WW a
the coming man for Mayor
a. i urn ot. v ineentot raul a '
Tie Fair will remain nseif EldHTDAYSi
The managera of- ihe-Tables have endeavored to
.sacursnnt nniy 'aiiiilmia-&bBtaTtioles efTlss
"rTmtattai'i tlsited OLalM AllnlBao I r TMS.far
distribntiooi oretiex Mmmahnnt stwi BlWitin t RtstM
snd an-cfvflfsetf dountrlet ol the WesUrs Hemis
phere, will be published sbestthearttofVsndafy.
sail sit whel wish tolantdenlan rtstrns'pfiltoiir
phy of hesttb-ehosia reksancl ponder the 'rsiasbis
ble medical treatise on the causes, prevention and
cure of s great vafUkyi 6f diseases, it embraces a
large amount of lufui'maeldn'iptyrysiina; to'ths
merchant, the Wethab1i''the.nail thw. famsr.
the pia'ntef. aad professiessl maasnd theealeahv
tioiu harg been made for sneh meridians sndbltV"
twdea ee eie uiilSUltJftiltrTol'a eorrooTa'nd com-
prehensire SAtiOKCAf. SKDai.', : J
The nature," rues, snd extraordinary aatritary
ths staple tooie and Itarktivs1- of more '.tfan, itsbf
the-Christian; ;;otiatft'ire Tully 'set fortk in its
pages, whioh. are also interspersed with plcWrtal ii.
lustrations, valuable recipes fB bWeb''oliLana
far'irmoroiU:. kqauiiybss,, nd' -hs-.itanrsotivs
and amusirg reading matter, originsl sad tereetedi
Amtmg tbe-Aaa-oalS' to appear with tla jp$iijs; ef
tfta-yearrtlrtl wilt be one or the most 'useful, and'
jKV be Aad fer the '"VV foj copies to ths
Con iraj Alanufactory.st Pittsburgh, Pa., or to "ths
nearest dealer in JJOOTBTTKft'S- STOMACH
BITTERS; 'The BITTERS are sold.in every Uy,
town and village, and are extensively ased-thfengi-
out the entire ciulrsod worMi ti . '
BjayStSdeodAwly-cw-W'i.. "i
.. .. ; ll ...l .-v;tl- .
e i-
.-.i'i laltf'mi
Sfrrcui.tcrsitviiu wake
pB(f f sisnthe Jsrgeet ana-'
factory So S eu itf he world; wttll"
the most mproYebt mach . employing ths
most skilled labor.-axe. enabled to offer an on
tqaaJledj'arietjjof aaS-andi lbea.nl Hul'd'efris In 4
Dinner Services, Tea e- vices, ind mry article
specially adapted for) liday snd Bridal tiifts. 1 1
They offer aise theiri well-k no wti as tf tmrivatleot"
Nrckol Silver Ele(W-Plittd Ware; In' which ths : '
have Introdneed sew pattarnsof rare elegance. "
The 8oHo -Silver ik" gnarknterd tbif pf sterling!,
purity by U.S.'Mint .MJlgrhp Efectro-Piste: t J
guaranteed to be superior t the finest BkefBel
ware. Orders received from tbe Trade'' only; bit ( ,
these goods may be obtained from respwuiW. .
deaTert every a here, '
m Trade .
Trade Mar i-.-rrj iVi b-a t-zrt' '-or
! . GORHAM ArTn4-iRIij0.; -C'
. ", Salesroom $i.S Maiden Lane, K. Y.
;noVS-a&WtKm-jrbm J
j . 1 . 1 1 . j -. ; ' . .
It Ihe uffsui lug uf a gieat Wet.-' Ne"dne can think
of jdeoviaJthatJiikU.
Brings outs finer BROWN or, BLACK -than-njv
ether. In sshortet. time, sod without iirjury tw tlis-e -
hsift This is-a truth as apparenr as (hat Uie sua .
lighu the earth. v ; ;.''.- V..vL ii.
Cristadoro's Hair rreservativri "
AND BEAD TIFIER. The toilet, without this ar- -tiele.
laoks its most useful-WttihriW' Na'hldgii
so common fn this eoa'ntry as the falling out of the
jisir.; 'The preservative prevents it. The fibres can - -no
more loosen and drds eT, -if thrlssrMele Is fsza-i
Isrly applied night and mornitig'. kBatf If eaoh 'were, u 1
fixed in a vice. ;iThe testimony' on this point it
ovewhalming.jsailavthe hassMfylnt sad tu HgulIJ
properties of thefiajdare eqaally wall established
SJd by Druggists, and applied By all Hair Dresn
ers', Mannfaotory No. 68 Maiden Lane.- Principal '. I
Depot No. tor Hbue.- '
jnnelB-d&wljum-reirt ,.
-r- ' s . --' ia " 1 1
Whereby' the cirt-ulatios f itaabiood: -heeomegi-
ittposi the part w ber applied, cessing 1-
pain and morbid Sottos le eeaei ',' ""'Vi 1 u4"
ever published stronger evidenoe thaa - -
ttrUT , .?!..; I't'ir.K'l'toni v
Certificate 'reaaAP SteVllQir sjgM"- '
Fprtwoyears I hkVoVen a great lufferer from ., !;
falief from at) tbej ysrhrsi tens ediee that S have
tned, until "f apphed oi. of"itLC6cKS PO
RODS PLASTERS I eat is into three stribt. '.(
nraoin ob sndereaelrlheOMer Uadft and the 6th v
W over1 the,' small, of my bscliand for the pitt, it
hree months 1 have bad soareely a twinge of the - -
vld pain. I advise all who suffer frota-nerVDtfs dlS- '
sues te lose nd trm'n making - trial of the won- " i
derfnlliUttar Y''V': . ...'-' ' "" ",U,,J .
I Al Ef STERLING, See Singer life Co.
New York, June8 tB4B.t A ito KM ,Mt4 .
PrinoVpat ' 'Agency''' B iiltjrBBTtf ' "Hova "JSeW ?
er."old byjaldruAsUiiV j .Li .iVau,' 1

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