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M.focre.fUid.ff.J, Jtewk ,Jwelr, 83
Batcsd AT. Deo. 1. I8M.
Daro" eter. Therm orojitef
HtM. a. m.
II. M.
,7,tl l.pn.8tt..j2T
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,11 5
' tarthureaay wIU be'the shortest day in
the year,
f&r-Qw. Haye rewrned. eon Chicago
HrfStf ir WBtwn -awl poultry t tindej
nirarrA':;oay leujtwii nus-'wrwm uvst
boors aiq Bweii mnmw;s.,t -.
s Mr- Wot the thin kie th Etnfc the
Wm,ther of yerterdayV ?7f
TcHday I the two hundred and lorty--sahitghth
niviversarywfit the lauvjltag; Pf the
. J : ., ,i
H ; 91
- ' ' . ', .
1 '
io , TTi ril"
at the, Fifsf Prwsbyte,rian Church JOMnor
row evening at 7 o'ciock yw
row evening at 7 o;oloctee Kv)ji'' y'' na
saie of seat for , the.Parepa-Roa
.1) b 'in ii.'
.oncertoh .Wenaar-wnto-wu., ryT
t aiseilierti'to-day.
1 . - - - '
m .Yesterday wassd 6r,ght ann
iTJtvX;. thatone, alflaost'ihoaftht It, Re
-i,''Bi)ribttm,cotne,'gentltf Annle.3' 51
,P-VU . -4 't I
" W-Thore are bat itow? egrantaaKlr'
o'..m vsccol frnm
Ing now. JThe next enligirant, yessej vmm
m-r Bremen-will not sail for lien flay ret. , i
c'LllZS ' ,", It "'AlTli..
4nat to-day neet begins.'' 'We suppose
S ch wld anai We Wva had fraftcowtj: '
o'( irW-ti' nnMio School wfllelbs
rTburaday: antU the first Monday: Ja: Aaqu-
arv. Thursday belne ninety 'percent
" J.-l rTif.mtnrvl irrecle(l.,l DohHshed
.ail' 7'TT;r 1
'.14 ;-' ni rrr.3
..t l-tha.AHAaf.XeM.hM tiKiauied
.eopyJMTro .xwiv.lV-' .
uh-m 1iiiiwtf-' V --ii i ' t I
Jfiey have Jtot a.jiesr .horae tft tbe
,3Tfrepartmenji!lBens a monster la 'siie,
Willi! UCR WWl
tSvBTgteenawttt be ln great dCmirid
Ithisandthe Tpfek: Christmas'treea
Slid UiU2ri-lrataoft-wBI UDUtxMBM-
haust hejaupirty, ,
tSThe. nmret Off SJWrflay was an nn-
:etoin6tiyvia'rfre-ont,wter? There
rara reguIarTh-rtnwSjnSiflaylHnrfe
-i.rC--vS - f
null Tani-m
Ireaeurerfa office was
baveBCUJed 1
i-ceiore. y--; jy:, n.y,:u;i
. . it .. . ,-.,,1 tt w tt ii life f.
c there th live-4ong tfay tapa'fc to aey
..oould haveiettJieain Hve'minutea' 6ie. week
.n'ff -J .- '"-JUmng.a-hanflgpBie-
loggrWlll give one' graiiqconirt n
; LLriT .UM to, ?Un. f
v Votfa Ss:-i-Som ! Meiaft Frlda'4
jgwtote-'resKin woe-irom on ine k
.ibackM tMvfuorse Detongingnta uoBtisamn
-i.TC6stdtinsterhnrch.'J u:ih..uh
the annexation
aJ i u
:;.A-Atios"'a iuki,TOSr-Th!e. plat
ston of the limits of the city of .Tillliw hy!
mexation ofcertain territory therUiirisrieBjt'St
?iA,A'K.vi!...'iiJ',ratiK i
5V.WiWr :,.a.ia
. -i, irj j r
Common Pleas, on-Saturday, a decree of
(ttfeorobras rrantett to Sstanan''Banerolt;
from Ephralm Baucroflu':uina& wiuntttj
aence pr ppjreth'att; three years,,, A (J
Marriage Licensks There .wereil
mrtiae jttQtanWuiUsue4
Court during the week ending l"atdrd,
Tuesday, 2; Wednesday, none Thursday, 1;
Friaffigflrtdf l-i''"
Il.n..l.. I .. !Wi mM9'
CbuKTY lKFinMAnlf.-Tha receipt of
hlrtean pauperis Oil thedif charge of nine
ia&lrlg tttii pasi ieV ieaVeVlBo' inmates
there np to last-Saturday. During the
vek.iWj-ou4uado wood jtod-eil mf
mstrWuted to TheVborufcfdVottliblnslt
tution,., ... -
r'. T,j
. EmiTgktA gent's JtePXrRttHls'm
pen, Oeral 4'te r n' gmn?raiB t&gen Cre-
tltf fiartng;.jthe.e44 vfl4y? Saturday,
dhio, our pjfolsj SlIodiana,
32; TehneiQisilgija; Mlchl-
Ji il rt horn !" f I'l mti ''- "-"- uo-f Ji'ff
wag on Saturday sent to the county jiil for
thirty day;'1 fbVtdng ea regular vagrant
and loafer. .iBffbrts'haVe 'beearepeatedly
nadA'ir hert etormeioa try that noble'
Shepherd, but aU in valn'WbTk 'she will
not, even to gctienoutbto eat.
Hptb ax Chii8t-0 h raerehaniit have:
all -Mi lY,f!fCw!f theholWays,
batUhabMoremaykcat that nwny of them
ar jbaj1'''erjani the(r
ghods'ahd placing them "proinlnfentiy 1)6
fore the people. Wow ft'tiftPtime that our
country frlendaiare arehltig the columns
of aewsrppf ttf fln'djintyjip'a'tet
atnl' cheapest goods. ' ' . i .H t :
Reliable. The BndaifjSialias Sun
day I$hwaeUtestr reliable sheet.;) On yea
terday .rtt stated 'that - Mrs. Rofnafne Was
hnrte.4 on ..Saturday, jwkhetapding the
fact that the raneral'bf that" most 'infor
tunate lady is fixed fef4o o'clock this a'
ternpoq. B.ut thq lji jsd jfllaybbjijat jt
can 'learn notning from the city dalies
Kris KrNOi-r-JQUjjal4-Km lberain
all his glory'.'anahe little foika are U Aigh
winp tut viiriim yrcBKUutijkuii
the streets were on Saturday thronged "wlh
ladlei 4.jieirayf poM&tgh tb9f ke
thfetHiollday purchaseajFrom'all appear
ances, we jtiUKaVce a gaytestive and
merry Christmas.
;Cg, 'MAivrrOirk ' l&erJ
Neil House Block, whose advertisement
wUI be fcuf Irf dtrtuthnrhSve5 re?
ceJved JbQe w.ipter,;style;;(rf a!Ut-,lMrt8.
Th'ey r beutte' J ,'dditlbni; thta'm
keeps iCtkff large-: stock -of -caps iof men
and bSj'ftfrrtdjd: ,gl6ves,; 'oVtt'ls ,U
the'jiargast fir ho ate 1b this etty, and ladies
will find agreatassrmenprinlnk, gray
squirrel, astiacnan, auu oiuer uiuua, vie
tnplna. .ail luiai .t...'-J ': .' 1,t - I! '"c nm
I ,1 ii i ' f.:u'T 1 '1
f Kkw MiaiiiNEfiafews ft Hnlf! lavi
alwiva the: awt r srA bests agasine.
etorhx, pamphfeu,'hewsrpe mJ,dt,iiU!
for Mayne Reld's new maeazine Onward,
dedicated to the yo'uOi of A.meiUyiIt Is
full of spirit auddhjaaaijigjtoroye an
acceptable addition to-the magazine litera
ture oltie dU try. , 3 J A .
Ther hav fclso pTaieff rfb6t" tabl4 ihe
pquant. Drignt, .saucy,, spatkiio ffie
Logan's' hew storyn Tbe.QoodMr.Jaggis
tliorpe.' It i"s i attractlye fHttlis gem
of a love story; as fKJW)itma.:Vive tm
bell Olive !
I of
r as
to latten jruy do not feed, grain Ito
winter catUe, buteed fod.er.r bay, br
temporary Ttheltero; but fto!thf8trr-IW
le' wUt 'Jiave. ro'tf" 'r.rfeV.i houjs
7a.Mt:vher,) .,, 8 .
little i
BTMl',r-L wu
thev will eat. Rootcrnna n rnnr? an-riL
toes to milch cowt- not
; The Franklin Ooufity Farmer' Club met
at two o'clock In the State Agricultural
Rooms, Mr. Merlon In the chair. j
Mr. B. F. Reese gave a detailed account of
the mtnod Ot cutting tin inrn fnriilor hv
JwftUS feede" J ln!:Mter, Pa,' There
T leen fTl-Minif Mm urlrll tha Ant fnHlloii
.V" -"?Vra 18 MMe.wMc ground, andJJ
tne coo is not ground. Lancaster county
laiiuers .urn out very (rood cattle, it we
uu xuuu aneoa wnere eatiaouia go Into
and b shattered from the- Inclemency of
the weather, we could keep twice as many
cattle, and in better condition than we now
rio: but ca tiff with "ua taIh am
-budly' wintered that 16' tales them until
"fly time" in the rpring to recover from
H..l , ln . i i j .. ,
flesh and (to on improvint; then by that
Urae Uiere . la a, .drontivMCi aomathtajr ' or
omcj fcuj-vup so tfint tbey.remHin nearly
in statu quo until it la time to put them up
for. Hw but a diq hence much, .food aud
time fs lost. :.WUn a (rood breed of cattle,
fed liberally with ' frroirrrd - jttain ittud 6ut
feed all the year round, at least one" year
in time may.be gained in got tine steer
in condition lor market: and a three-var
old. well ied with groand grain wiir,$ein
better condition and worth more thah the
general run of ,four year ld.., Nothing is
xainea oy ai
tie-on fodder,
u. s-mnis
laPJ'tDln, tpe-. Itraw which
wrcui oie luruuzo sne winte
opinion is that it is best to feed grain ail
T 1. 'ZJZrJZfi:?''
mith t m vaov .1.1 ma ) .1 -. ta
months in the ordlnnrv wnv nf toortinn- 1
.4B?tolcMrii.wUI)iWy to
kiCte44iS caftnotWwell keptaifd be
"eps improving autne time. By proper
management cattle can be kept in good eoq-
ditjon without feeding, grain. Mr. Gwyiine,
or Madison county, . kept cattle always in
condIti0I1 on'Mue rag8 alone. hicaS.
tye ran oa goodblue-grass pasture summer
aid fall, and when winter came they alwayB
was good all winter; .tbe,catq,e would pai
nti':e -w et '
then; of course, he atU were' sheltered
and ted on ihiifcTtn. Of course aj
larare ransre of Dastnraife la reffulrJ
ed by this system, and It culd ndBerae.J
tieed Vfn w Verr-hnCl rttn it trvshni rlmtt
cattle amv he- kebl InV Irood "condition inl
rtpn wufrfesortlnglagwtn feed-t
lwtlMeiMb tiHMt tUrn fW'lbrsea on
the Wne"cr5. ViiiiT'TyhtnV i. A miioh
better "than to be stabled aod grain led ;
they 8:iitroer,iapd able to en-'
dure morit'"''"
Mr. Meriofi Hay lg getting to be a very
vainame crop, and good , hay U always
rcmiymw imiiiif price; uuiing roe past
ten yeais I have sold hay, and 'fed ' my
horses on corn fodder,..and:find that they
come out much stronger in the spring., and
much better lnevery way; Borne years; ao
had a horse that I never dared to feed hay:
led Mm oft corn airsumirier;, and fodder in
the winters! o cattle feeding, if the fodder
Coiibe- cut nn and mixed with "round
grains, will hoc the extra labor and grain
amount to more than will be realized out of
G. S. Innis-lo'me year atro T wot. to ell
Irtgcorn foddeK.ahd tt
n g com fodder, and ihonght"! as,reaj-
ie sum JrootrUie ais,
wuwwBwwtMRiit awe made out of
mer8-yehanBsgody Wuureasy
n,anare nd teiJ-rthe fodder or corn stalks
tjthlts; Md ftpctt mac4 ttie festfonufc.
Straw by ItseK wiii ndtmkfcemiclta,ah.rt..
uav va mjj
is best to mix oor-water course wahlnw
ylth thla wBS-l.It. Icticable.
rood. I'feed'pdta-
potatoe increase the
flow or miikui.oeraw theHty.
;CUI";" iunf-ana eteamea, -ana
nuxefl with corn meal, it 4b as good food as
anv for mii..h ow. r B . -j "r
.JaMerloBI'never - Tiacf afrlng51 co'w?"ao
better-tb an 'by deeding turnips. F' am of
the opinion that tnrnlp aretha cheappat
mi. TT c van ihiw:
thetleld'ia verv" larire.
they bring .td'ftricnlitar1vet. then
seJHlienijyjot, t5e4fee"4iSlf Coarse
thev yield very well: and the ; ortce' luvs
comes to low that It scarcely pays to Jiaa
die tbem. . I remenihr Iawi VMrtf- slna
growing a large jot, and could, nOt'Kelr
tnem. une year l gTew-jnHy-'-lOuf Tiifn
drec(9iaelieispericre,'faRO' the very next
year did not net ten bushels from reW .
B. F. Bees Good -wheat brsm i the pUtf
fa?hlpSlidiuilLolbraa scaldeel-or stewmed?
the best to-increase-the flow of milk, and
maintain" Its quaUtyl 'When corn is
ground, fori.oowsfthen- always in1xi"0ats
with th corn lo reSgronullwUiiU-
Mr..Kenick If orn ia anwn-.hivwiWct
and Cut with a reapioft machine, will give
moKlCMilwr lr. than ll.'imn'l' liiif
and makes n mueh1 better feed lor cattle,
b0ut.i,tJis,difll;ulttocureifi .i st
Mr. Inhls.-! drilledcornatAtit 2h1riiheK
apri idi wrnt tfeisagh; H twifctf"sath
cnfmv4tor:'dri3led, about 3 bushels per
icS'' J?S JtiLb ft ,Jp. JnuH sbeaveaOMti
nTIry a month, aiyl, -tlieu iiauled in, bu;
found that it wro taken 'in -too soon : and.
although mnch-tnow-pa r.ned.theraiae ate"
very readrty theprodudtltrtinantity was
fullyeqqal t eiitht lons..of hay per ae,,-
A very eeseral and ram'tiHiiir difK-ankinnl
enUed "upon pastures, craues. meadows
and management of them
Mr. Knw.Lr IP hlr.u1r..,. I.
fcrokjen, up; it Wilt nayferr bbecjnje. asf gpeO;
fttti. xu iiiBuisuu cuuuiy some sou was
broken up fifty years ag and aay one can
yet detect it by' the different appearance it
prvatnn wea worn pared witn that not dis
turbed. The natural-sod-produces the best
blue, fijr&sgrj-the sod lOnee broken; never -e
comes ia, as good conditional rtghHHy.
u motion, aojoornea eotneetbn;Satdr-i
flay, January 2d, 1869.
cession otohe mwabers of Btiteher,"'As-'i
iociation, on Satartrayj with. their. fat
stockwa4 fTd3b,3mimetd Very
tklyMflfcrfirCbe batcbera,puntod o
taHM'. .Uy;eapMtooBedlftj
shirts; 'blfce gfovplue sjshe8.ija(i i-ro.o
4ettes, bearing Immense-horns, and axes.
niTevud ffirWDjeMnia'fTiaiie
ae, looked spjenoiUY,, ,4ae, .fijajlwajt,.!
UowinWiM aitlJJAcfcompauied by a
and ot muic, tby paradedj ibe streets,
aving with them the prize. steert . ralseoL.
a pen of fas -ehecpy-ralseq- m Sharon
townsllin: a nen of fat lini. nprfpot mnn.
'sterssTaiaed'in Ham il tab. affd iB4therr.iia- 3
In Praifier township. Tbe&S "anlmaTs
are to b saughtecd;iofm6rtt5"-andyaf-
Urt d,f2t ie plq, jparkt. on Thursday as
'Galoot Record TwoiuScyrfTmi
nicipal jni(htij'fJidm were
IllatHauser was upon a charge of bern"1
druhfc andrflsoracrly.00!; does not'al ways
fullowaf Aepajse a mia aSAidK QiaLiiial
Is, drxietry,inor that he . is djsqr-.
ai manner oi means, r-Uthe state "may
result irom a siug w nenwns four flngersl
riiljdruwkikl diLrderiymeSfj
to surhzsmjgat jost, as sdr i egg ft eg 4.
We trust ow readers see and appeciate
thie deeppWlosophy of the" kbo vej remark'.
W.dq. ijMai did we-' he paid $10 for the .
headache he was eujoylngj ? : ,l;,ri'
Vm. 3ffedles wa fijuadia slikMf
condition with the aljove uaud. Needles
'sharp a'H kicked )UP; Aall ButiSei
spectable row in the market ipkee, and was
tided. tie;sjpan, btitr respectable iuui .W .$&t
therelor, which he paid. .
Christmas meats. We-beepeak a chunk out I
that ft-Iyfllfe as tena.ej 4d Julc j a
a'Ch'ris'biias roaatnght to be''J'", "' '' ' "1
rrm ;
Held to Bail Again.
Saturday, Judge J. M. Pugb, of this
county, was tried before United Spates
Commissioner Halliday, on a charge of la
ming fraudulent naturalization paper to
James Lynch and Patrick Scanlan, of
Springfield, Ohio. Be was held to bail in
in enef ccsr. it2fetnmi&:
JLApWiralrfdwVld hrfrtPi
cient evidence had been adduced to prove
that a large number of fraudulent natu
ralization papers had been issued; bul
whether Judge Pugh was particept crimtnis,
he did not pretend to- say, but there was
evidence sufficient presented to justify him
in holding Judge-Pngtrfor trial. Thatthis
whole matter is a conspiracy to break
Judge Pugh down, and deter the issuing of
naturalization papers to other than thost
who will vote the Republican ticket, no
man can doubt. But it will not succeed'.
Judge Pugh, our citizens believe, has com
mitted no unlawful act, and they will bus
tiin him to a triumphant end. i
Dkab Spivins : Some time since vnn nalrt
me uouncu naa unuer discussion an or.
i city to
' pass
7 the
Don ud the nrice
on the dear people the first cold snaD that
comes, ana men aon'C give wnat they are
paid for, the amount or measure. Hadn't
the Council setter send off a committee to
ocuer cities to "inspect" coal laws as well
as water works r Hah! A disgusted
We publish our friend's communication
for the purpose of calling his attention! to
the fact that the ordinance to which he al
tuaes wag reaa a nrst time, and was re
ferred, as we think, to Mr. Beekey, chair
man of the committee on Markets. Mr'
joecKc una oeeu aangerousiy sick lor a
T , , t . ..
a month or two, and this we suppose bW
prevented any further action ln the matter.
Traksfebred Saturday. The follow
ing transfers of real estate were left at the
Recorder's office Saturday r i
Jas. McCloud and wife to Herman Lje.
Desicy, lec. 18th, the undivided one-seventh
of six acres of land in Montgomery town
ship for $200. j
J. W. Baldwin, Master Commissioner, to
David Taylor, Sept. 23th. lots No. 19 and
20 in the northern addition to Eastwood'
for $881. j
Wm.Trevitt and wife to Margaret How
land, May 1st. 8 acres of land in Mifflin
township, for $1,500. j
Zebedee Parret and wife to Geo. W.
liams, Dec. 19th, 14 acres and CO poles of
land in Truro township, for $1,600.
Probate Court Business. The follow
ing appointments were made by Judge
Pugh, during the week ending Saturday,
December 19th : i
Isabella Parr, appointed administrated
of the estate of Jacob Parr, late of Col u mi-
bus, deceased. Bond $4000.
Martin Cullen, appointed administrator
of the estate of James Cullen, late, of Cc
lumbus, deceased. Bond $1200.
P. B. Case, appointed administrator.
with the will annexed, of Casper Glelsoer,
late of Columbus, deceased. Bond $1500. I
greatest of all great minstrel troupes, that
of Emerson, Allen & Manning. In
tneir peculiar specialties these gentlemen'
have no peers in the burnt cork operaj
combined they furnish an entertainment;
that cannot be excelled. We bespeak fori
them a rousing turnout. Who does not
wanAtq Jjear Emeraonjs 'On,-lh (Beach
at LuOi &anc!ViofU tCapyfcjiks,"
or Manning's Weep, Little Chilnren,
Weep." They are the cream of the busi
The Catholic Fair. The Catholic Fair
for the benefit of St. Joseph's Cathedral,
7ulbku&rIilraX Joi7rM&
the ladies of the different Catholic congre
gations of this city have been very attrac
tive and productive of much pleasure, yet
is intended to make this far more inter
esting. Drop In to-night, and every night
whil5l fllfe7P)ttniajTt: teyour
mite towards the completion of the grand
structure which will be the pride and orna
ment of the city.
'angy Park Association are requested
iresentthem to me for payment.
dec21-3t Richard Kkviss.
Furs! Furs! for Holiday Presents
The choicest and most elegant furs the
market can produce; aoVund in great pro
fusion at Eudisill's. For presents strik
ingly appropriate and acceptable, we com
mend our readers to the extensive assort
ment found at this old reliable establish-
iTfthnpji una wtffrr.
i Evrtiir-The riMUauctioi JaTfi ,ot
jtim - 3 . 1 . 1 1 1. t
Linens and Blankets, which has been eo-
K on for the past eight days at 85 South
gh street (next door to Savage's jewel
ry store), will positively take place this af
ternoon, at 2 o'clock, and in the evening at
o'clock. Great bargains will be given
Jet all attend. W. K. Kent is the auction
eer. dec21-2s
Ikquirk Within. The mouth is like a
fiouse to let. However pretty it may I e
extorually.it is impossible to Judge of its
erits until you have seen the inside. II
mind the rnby doors there are plenty o
tarl-whlte fixtures, you will exclaim at
once, "how beautiful!" To impart the nt
nost possible brilliancy there is nothing
Ike fragrant Sozodont.
"Spalding's Glue."
Toilet Stis, cheap,
at No. 46 North
High street.
Jewelry made and repaired by C.
$mith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
Vases of every variety very low for cash
at 46 North High street.
Millinery at Greatly Reduced Prices
biock 01 1:111 ana winter millinery
win oe soiu regaruiess 01 cost irotn this
date, to make room for spring goods, at
No. 144 South High street.
decl8-eod3t Mrs. H. Plimpton.
IFelton is selling fancy goods lower for
cash than any house in the city. No. 46
North High street.
;We will close out the balance of our
stpek of Woolen Shawls, Breakfast Sbawls
ad Blankets, at prices which cannot fail
to give satisfaction to any one wishing to
purchase. Kenyon & Wiggin,
decl9 2t No. 6 Neil House.
jsMOKixo sets so low that none need do
without, at 46 North High street.
Hollow ay's Pills. Bilious Eemit-
TisTS. That unruly member, the Liver, is"
more than unusually ungovernable in the
fail. Bemittent Bilious Fever is especially
a fall complaint ; and its first symptoms
should be promptly met with a few doses
rtf Hamaw . vTn Pittji. Tn nil cfatrca ,f
disease, as well as in every species of
bilious dlsQxdera, from tbenmilaeattw k
to;cpnJ&-dyijkindlc, admlpahleiegHpresent1
etable aperient and alterative is the very
Ott medicine that can
Said by all druggists.
ii 9-dly-cw
a ! certain specific in. the "shape' of "i
. Music for. the Holidays, at greatly; re
duced prices for eaah. Melodeons as low
a8$5g5-octav8i Prgang,"f30,'.of Xhi ter
oest makes. Agency for the unrivalled
Chickering Pianos, and also the Emerson
Piano, the best lowpriced instrument made.
Flutes, Guitars, &c at low prices. Piano
Stools and Covere.r Fanfares and Harmon
icas for the little folks. A. P. Lewis.,
21 South High street.
decl4-eod2w-mw&f I
veak stomach, 'costive bow
els, coated tongue, dull and stupid feeling,
are the bane of thousands. Cathartic pills pj-
uruitf opnt neip it.ouuratbet make it worse.
What you need is Humphrey's Homoeo
pathic Dyspepsia Pills. They tone up the
; tptn aglit relieve tie diatreisand make yon
!!yeif anew, without purgiog or Jbrostjrating.
Prioesix boxes for $1.25.' Sold by dealers,
or sent by mail. Address Humphrey's
S Decide HomceeDathio Medicine Co- 662
I Broadw,ay, If. Jfwo ojJyJS-dwly-cw,!
Cheapest, to Cash Buyers. Durin
the nut thirty days, Z will taake to order,
Suits, Overcoats, Trowsers and other gir-
raents, twenty per -sent, cheaper than any other
Merchant Tailor in the Union for prompt cash.
I have the larc est -assortment iof fine and
medium grades of woolens to be found W
the city. The excellence of the materials,
style and fit of the garments inadiatmy
establishment is well known to the com
munity. I ofier my goods as above stated
for the reason that X want, money, more
than I do an excess of stock. I
An inspestion of stock and prices Is re-
spectf ullrrsolitttaic ! O 3
Nervous Debility, with its gloomy at
tendants, low splrito; depression, ln vol uni
tary emissions, loss of semen, spermatorj
rhosa, loa Ot.'pOWnr, dixif head, loss oil
memory and threatened impotence and
t 1 111. 3 .1 , IT ! I
mo6t valuable,
mild and potent Curatives, they strike at
once attfterootOt the atterj tone np'the;
system, ari,est"the discharges, and impartj
vigor and energy, life and vitality to the
entire man. They have cured thousands,
of cases. Price $8 per package of six box
es and vlaC'w'hi&ti Is very Important in ob-j
ii L hti. L I A .1 " J, .
parey xawuw iHtLLiuu poccivu
ty-Elght. Composed of the
Istlnate op,ld cases, $1 per singleJoxJ
bUtbruggtsUr and aenVby mSti&ni
receipt of price. Address Humphreys'!
SpeciPi&"EeiATH1!fEfetotirBCo 662
Broad wayv Jew YTk- Jtl.'dfiojfcwly I
A DisTiyiiufiS iethoaist' Minister
and prominent temperance Lecturer once
remarked chat Q JlrJtiuhrwouId, from
one end of the country to the other, he
hard(aV-WUeditoQ5nftn Bit
ters, aha while The con,aemuedthe practice
of using these Bitters-toe jfreely be
not conscientious! 'e.yihejhfwoBl(
he-woald dis
card them from the side-board, for he him
self had experienced beneficial results from ;
their use, and that, from a long and close
oser!aJforhe was cenvfhceS llfit vnei
used moderately, and as a medicine exclu
sively, they were all that was recommend
ed, f gllifi ajm jt jaV he war ned nIs
hearers not to pull the cork too oftejfor
with. :anini7Lisi
f3LiGNfli.iA,WAT.7-:iperi9r tohe best
sBpertvoVGermaa l;eloiu ana sold (it btiff
tho price.
RNYptde&Iycri f Q
JLMDgorNwyKA jt.PRfl5Ki FjwbJt
new bojrnfhUtWlIf iQtom8noe this
morning to give a card having a, number
on-it, tor-eachdoUar's worth of millinery
porohasea By any person1 between'ndw4 krt5
New Year's Day, at whiehtlme. twoIzes
handsome black silk velvet bonnet and a
fuinnrtjjr vjtret WITftdgJ
ingTo fake place onNew Year's morning
in thejpresepgf JWwjll nvnj pintle
men, ano"t1ieTi6l3ef or the card having
th flrttf nufber upon 1t''fwhlch
wBral!feMseT?nfievnewy win
be entitled ti&l(aat c'aoloe'of the prizes
The urlzes arenow 011
C. W. SiiiMDss, Opera Block.
. ffigp?iil--i i-ifcims. si 01
decl7-eod2w . .
Jno. B. SiadilU lsq Jloent New England
Mutual IJ(i:Iak(wof-Bbtion;Maiitii
Dear Sir Latnnformed. that there.baya
idends paid by your -Company to my Life
Policy, whiclPf havjBLnid n 'ttiP'Mw ng-
lanekilutuAt t or '24 years'. Fer thldmrmk
tiou ot those Jiitereflea U lAIe amtrauce) L
will state that 1 am;eimrely atisfjet.lwlhl
the New England Mutual. I receive my
dividend of profits reijilarly, and that thev
wwnnKmaf"W about Wne' hAadred' V&i''
cent, on my preiuAO,ii.Dlvldendg paid au-
I Sup t CCULunatic Asylum.
I Dr. Wm;'LipecKiiia- DirrMorrell, his
aasietait,have bot to-day made- appMeU
tionctn h. New; Kugland Mutual for, more i
Life Insurance,,. 0t....iT..fc,,D
Geo. F. O Harra & Co -ag'to.,, ,
! : c3 WNJdhtoiLBloct; Cumhu;
Hdvl2-dltaw8w;w4t 1 -tt.-o-ni:3aha
Nw England. jJutual . Ltek, of Bos-
tON. Bepdrt ot the Superi'nfcejident o tha
fJew Yorkuf Prom ConarlaiioffeT'S feport,
ianuary 1st, 18,rp'ae263.') ,iv,
I rTbe.,JIew .England,) Mutual, Llieiastras.
the pioneer ol Life lanorancein New-En -
fen,drthfeitifehut etremeiy conserv
ative guidance of jiaeeoitiplih.ed jurist,'
Jtfdge 'Wli.phffiins; 'mesitlent of the
zea in omces, cou.ninjr roopast1 panics,
worWghojts and 'firesides' 'eas'of ther Bud
sod, und' no Bank Bill br"Stat Band jTrajr'
ever more eredlj regarded than the pol
icies under wrlttenby JijdgePhUlJps-r
The Idea' of "fraud, deeepttoh or overreach-,
ibg was never Msochited with a parchment;
containing hW ' BigniTnahual.A f fafeo-i: !'.'.'
O'Hai tm whgAitrTOYfniri
Kewhig43ttujualL1 ns,iiranc(S X'o'n
Piilnmhi. Ohio.
npyfcj.wUii2t J iSi .A .1
j The Cheapest b66tnd: Sho'eI. Each
and every pair warranted peftfet, to be hTJl i
only atClonfl &ot', Ww DeshleTTjuild-'
log, North High street. -g ji.H tf.i .
j Jeletp" & DeButts, Locksmiths and
bell hngers, at No. -141 Nortfl High street,
are nov jyeparfdtohan parlor and hotel
bells In'the neatest and latest style. Sew
ing michrne 'ripirred and satisfaclfo'
guaranteed. Models built; er.tttntc?,
and all kinds ot light mahjiierynjae and
repaired. Keys ot all' descripVion always
on hand, and sale and JaiHockg tftaSe and
repaired .tv ?s:50 may23-s-ly
Consumption 'CaW.be'vted. Recent,
diEcoVerfe bav, delihopitratd, tgVfact that
consumption can pertAlnly pf ayej-ted.'.Af-.
ter every' remedy ottht Materia Meqicq
failed to Ward off tnfs'.Xerrnjle' malady'it
wai f ese,rved for dend A Jo-.-In the new
feshler. huilding, just abpci BroaJwa.yt to
neV and;flrstrrate booto ani.'hpes:&t oldjl
fashioned prices. They keep the feet dry
and warm, aud thus avert consumption.
btates of
ta i 6 t I
To Which ah geh&al C(frfegpbr)donc ihoald be
nT.iRBvrp TT f i 1DIT l- : .i .
UbiMitx ii. UOKK. Vies Prnident. I
EAltltdON W. tEb-T. SeoreUrj and Actuar.
C I Itilfarer h Li in. nnmiiM.
It Ii A lVatlODftl CotODAnv. fthrArrt K anrtiai
on ui viuuKrera, leva.
i- '
it dbs a paia ap eapicai or si.coo.ooo.
It OiTarfl low ntflAf-Mminm.
It tarnishes lararer Inaurmnoa thun r.ttinv DnmiW.
ii is aeoniw na certain tn us terms. I
r It IB aV lUlttM IUnnaiiB in Mtr . 'f 1 .
11- r
'olioifiit ar eiAinni frvtiri attaihmanl .
Etmt PoliflT in tinn-fnrfflifjM
PollOlM ma.T ba tftkAn thnfc will tmw tninM)
full amouDt and return all the pretniatua, q Lbt
th IojOaaoeooftU flilY U Hrtart cmrtkaVAhatuAJ
rolioiea may be taken whieh pay to the I mured,
after a oertain number of Tears, during life, an an-
uum luouma oi one-cenm tne amount nainea in toe
No extra rata i eharffArl fnr vislra nnnn tn Itwks
of femalesi.
It insures not to par dividends, but at a t
COiiiaat dlYaaiasliial.iaJ ha iitvunMlaali- a-M.-M I
ryjK)i was. Wi iuLLi&aeVco., I cad
Cincinnati, Uhio. Ueneral Agents for Ohio Central
ana ooutnern icdiana. . , ,
cAa'nBvil'Speci'al Agont for Franklin,' Liokinl,
..-i-1." IT kf z f j - .r
iiuuLinuu. oiuiLirui
Testify to ita menu in restoring GRAY HAIS
Cnie th bkr hti-m4 gifts,. ThViM lnttau-.
ance are mada joung iein. It is the bet
Beware of tfae nnmerona Drflnm-iitfnna !,;.?,
R. P. HiLL CO.. Nashua, N. H.. Proprietors,
jnly25 aTtatf&Ml;-oin
Dr. Toblab' TeiaeiTan Horse Lini
PlriteqjTXl.'irrfc-ltKBjonre f?i
rltafcArkidkiilfipkAfci, bJbises, prtnWoAj
colic, slipping stifle, over heting, sore throat, nail
in the foot,4o. It is narrauted cheaper and bet-
Th.niaods of nimaie hAve aebnred' of tkMolie
and OTeiibeatjnftbj ihenfciniaiBntf acdiundreds
that were crippled and lame have been restored to
their former vigor. It is nsed bj the first hor.e-
M thranshi. thelites. Ordan areleMaaat&
eivcdi fpwrf ihJiitg sUMbt of HtiJnj for
freah supplies if this Invaluable article. Over
.600 testimonials hare been reeftiveri- TlAmAmhitp
one doUMlaaiifiPfcnAri of
your horse. Sold bj all Druggists. Office. 10 Park
Place, New fork.
A HOL1DAX PHESENI'. Ladies and
inr iwm rg aaoTd. desirdarjr hTiiTEi
baU biaiAif for theoUoays, boAinSise a.
oneeBead, JlhejjAUex'Sp Ireatiion.,tk1Hw-.-
rree to ail. ui ven away at tne Urn Stores, or sent
by mail free. This book should be read by every
person. It teaches to cultivate, and have beautiful
hair, and restore 'gray hair 'to Its original oolor.
stop its falling out. removes all( irrjIJrwB; ytj AqC
iiuui uinsmy, luua Keeping lUODBir DOautl-
ful to the latest period of IAaS Ot ! ' B H
SAKitt A. CHEV AUSR. M. 1)..
T-dcol-eodlm ft lEBiMreadway. M . T.
DB.-A-B8TII.I.I A MH Wt Kr..rfn. ....
Ilajh street. Cofumbus. Ohio, has devoted hina.ll
ir a series ot yoars U-tbe tmamtnt of certain nri.
rate diseases. He mar boansnlteJ at hia aBi-r
Broad wa . near th0fiifihna-e Bank .Koa!I I!;f1
mav31-tf . .ij3j I'.auju Jii
11 nrtJCTH tet0r?f In fnnr wk.
restores mahly -ptAymr' from .. Qajiateen cawti Jr&
sine; tbe effects' orearlv prnicioaa babirs. aelf-
aonse, impoiency ann climate, aive away at once to.
thin wonder! ufcirird'criiet if taken reiralarlAlKnirlin
ncto the dirMtiODatwhieh are nr. aiinnld anT ra.
'quire no resirnini irom pu.-abeas orpieasore.j Fail
settles at A3, or four
flnantitiot iq one for9.
p behadmjy i
rneiSea. Ot I;r
atrpoibtee lagont In ' km
IlhK't ATeotne
.1- rJ.-.:-r,. .ill .a I khaH
HfiVliOOD ' Another Xra Xmdixol
iYr Pnmnhl&t rr-w raa nim at lis r'rD.u
T ie "Medical 'liuiea" says of this work : "'This
valuable treatise uu the oaif ekc4re eftarenia
ture decline, shows now health is impaired throngh
seoret auuses oi youtn and manhood, and how
eaaiiy.rpgaiBea. i wvs a;er agMit M at
impwnmems o mnrrn, tneeaase Mi a treets
ueouity. Ana too remedies fberefar.T
rfiftonof Liabve wiU betjutaatldiail
roceint ot cents, Dy addi easing Ilootor LiUBTia
pa, ,S ortb.Cbar aifaaiAejDa;,4VIu nau
A splendid H
ia tbe bent in th
tbe only trae and perfect Dye; barmleee.
ntnUnmi nn iliHnn.inimiini
no ridiculous
tints: remedie-teiat eujacts of bad dvea; iwmm-
AT frrAtefla. l-inl 1 hw all llrnmUll mtifl P.nm.M .
raies ana leaves me nair anrr. ann riaiitititi Mima
nd-f jopsbJ W'4-.H.-Tlohelor,,' wr mCift
i e.-o jtocar street. A I aril, ruruor.
Fscreot. Si Terk. rNlSprSS
I i AT BMrd'It BfshlT ertolled an dave' seehlta
onderfuf effeet,:'writes 'Martha 'M ' Jbhhson, of
Cor. Kicb &IIitb Sta.a Colamba
W9sale Grocers,
Island Saxars. Coffee. Teas Spices. T Laco
iJofW.TQTTO-n Rl'n'' 'l
IfebSrlor- ,Tr,w:- 9-n . n -J 1. .-iii;:j.Uina.n
I i
(1 Cappat) - j
DEMOCRAT AND SUFFERER. Probate Notice---Settlement of
filed in the Frobate Court c f r'rauklin oounty.
Ohio, ol h6ieiit. rail. wille lur hearing on
I nesaay, January lain, A. u. ioe. w-wii
The next account of lisaiaa' Koriree terv arlnilnit.
tratrix of Frederick f ortmeyer, tU'teaaeili Ural ae-.
a.-iimtnf.'K jMK'inlnr- ailninistrator of Jamei lln.
Kinlev. deeeaaedi an-abaeoowft of 'Jehflr 'HHrtfrnrnt
guardian ot Jane Allen; nret acoonntot unirJae-a;.
Kail, R-oardian of Hemr oh, V. Ueorge and L. The
odore Sohueller: first acoonintot William L. Huyle,
Cera b. and Virginia O. Dalzell; second acoonms
of, John Summell. guardian of Jsdward M., Virsin
i, Milton a d i:harles Unwhenr-tenond accounts of
George Wagner, guardian ot W. W. and John M.
Janes; second account of Joseph H. Cape, admin
iatra.tfw.aifth W.-CaaeL deceTm Jl ' -.nri
oonnr -ef -Oere'Ochen0uTr-,, adminTsdrato'r'Of
ljewis oeavera. aeceaaeu; wuuu atcouum 01 isen
amin Beatley. guardian ot Caroline bhiery: final
account of. Ann M, Jlnght, aaujinWatrix-ot JvCj
Bright. tteeease; final aeoount of E. S. HarxockTl
guardian of irabell L,aseu; nnai aoeoontof Charles
Bush, administrator ef Daniel Bush, deceased; sec
hnd account ot Joseph' tislieai.'taftcutor of Isaac
Harker, deceased; final account of T nomas F. Urif
fin executor of James L. Griffin, deceased.
w John m. flgh.
Columbus, O., Dec. 15. 188U. Frobate Judge.
dool7-w.w .
k il.!. tin - '
'.ilj.-ti rri'
al tj ei7; yi1'.
T--1 f.iiA
3-. f.
- .A
rj '
- 1- -..'.I: j-.i:
iTi-'ii.Dr--. !'
.- '1 tii J eul 'i
fi4Jfl.. it"'
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,1 lo'.l
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J il S-niv rfq ,-. tij:
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iv a 0m1
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:. , to
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ai.".i J i.'l .i -k.
3 .1 J i
vrji-v4.fi. J-in t".
7 ivsifa, CIi a
.-..M'.'-IVV ;
i - : .! .
J'?i H V.f rt:'i u
1 'i,- ii(A.r.T.pu ---f'5
f 1 1.. -sv i , ... :.- .
O T'VjJ Mi." il.IlT
tj :j it s.:ivni A
Tt J.fJ tO 3' :'(.
2fK-J J
.-ir-nw nr ,-iel J .'
. !!ji v .a .J
lai j vi'J
si : iihi J eili e'ied
iu n i-wiWIXlAL'kBI.'iv odt To
-Ht oi vffni-:;: i :n ;u J JO h-:a-,'TfT1H V':'d
tl . .to:: . t(.1l ,b. ei"qoTi-- aT 'l.')-r-.al J"': T-u
:J;w- j .vnwnj to
.n.iii.Tii.,nJ. lot.r-se Kaivacr edj -r.i'-i
itm.I .in,) nieuvi l.aa-Kiw'il
0Ml: i J to soaOMixa i. jnsm ' j e.'U To 1
.1dsM 0 tit) To'i
.OJO.rt .fTitjJ vm-oqui'i V- j 09?; ri 03 T
rfF lt nMr--,fin d.'li s.it tdfcwnasinwnni.Ti
" '..' tr10 ii J odl ie eeiJMbe.-ll nnDb isiifca
.dt x-
" ."HT1IUA -fW
, - i TJt j udl 1o ir-i'.iseil
8WI . I K t ie-VI
.lulO x'.i'J xueji fl .3 .J ;!.-;-.! A
IJ.. uk.1. iiiJd Jjr.H lo abi9 169W sni an:
AO'iaJ'i to t :-dsu1 iadX .anJmuWvi !oTli5ii 10
iv-i -jit tT-.fi i-f a -fat! fti 1 tHljr frj .a.';! ii ftvt ) .alflfi1)
nliM f!li i0it 4i"J.aJMn9 MI
i x i ) e.-it 1- nfi-.-i,r
.ta-I .'.t .A .rj vo -eH
,'wr v'i'- h W .1 tl!;A
,i3iiuo'J oi noiJaloBoS
bi? .oJ -waiM -l Uri'i Tli' eilt ia.1T ,lvSoA
I'-artnos bo-':ii t..t.! I. --i-wi.,iia wa i on
allTJlwli lllr Jy aH r irl ar6 eft
iit-n SU wnwpara" "rt-wra'1'" .''"i'-
dvil ., !,. Mri.Vil V1IU,1 d'B.. aatriM
lw-01 .urn- lfW(ii.-I oil .-T.--t" ,aau
ikios t-ji e!a3 S7B-;ito'1 . livsq -ratio I mi
,i".i Us
.I'lT ,11 .voK fc-Jli'A
.ji-el'l vt, U rb-9viT
brra .n' 193a is i 3 Iiv?'J rti: U'J Uiri T ,i-r.osV
Ul Jral-'-n nt ijDa-iib tr:a !.'jsiludlld v.'ii' ti e:E
nciriilaiA rl-'ji .foo'nii'loJl' YJ.neaJ'lj euiau edj
I--UT t 'i eidiioD a jnifcuuo tjI .yne-i
10U :lati la l.l 15' erJ 31 199TJ p:u" s-w
oirliien.i alato tw''l ,siiil.vju saiJava-je i' J.
:li a- rl ,Htci&l pntrtOii-i mi noQtf
. j . .bu-
oi 1MI sJfl3 evU-Oiu l lillu. J jo I
Jas leq Eia9 xflii ,V:sibia usUnKa t-'U
.'flRJl'ff .3 1 :iHL
r!:c aH tnnrsn.-i Irv- J v) 1 anj Jen L ,wvti
. -tioaiiS, :Oiia3 to:l'tSt sth''
lajs'i --. w ,i.i-uiofi . ! -Tiia s' Iw eui-.l t';t
.1 l.i lo 3: t; ITUU Sri. i. ; '..'.S : '-i' enna
i''-'-al--'lr'l'Tfi ' -.'J "'"l"
aa(3i)7a&Z0 1" 'I
.'jq 10Li30 i-.'I
: IT .snisxaSio'-l
.tn l94(jobA
:sq aifl-sa Ir. ,i.WJiii
-r t Mvrnn i!l ani-?avi r..a Li-ua-ia t. i .taqinn
(iwi T im-.i le-. dlxi1-. ! sbi-i !-o "i.'i oo erflair
vt ,iflii Br.jiiti edj .JeaiiK joii o ;o-tt
-us'i!g aiau tcJto'I .niba-ni vs x uivw toA
.l-mr eni
.Huf.I .4: ,Toi lteiuoiiA
xu.Avn .a
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ed rwrtiaa.! livir OV-t oil 5rfr ,W-1
fi? oJ l-.i--ii;.' ! . a ii'-srinhwa Tti-iwd i ed tna
Hiir .m'rb;: V" ! 1o Bn eift ni o
.n a jniijio '! ni--"'I l'i't .nenmaH dui-i l.
-10 ul 1 nil oai-'l 1" orf' J ie-8 LauoU
lot eili auqo ocievij al..oi erll lijiw bn'0ae-i
: ;:f-'i .sea -M niw..i
.ef-j.vnT-'- ,a-ia'-rfb ovil-YiiriJT
u:i .t .to 1'sjqJDA
-.'.miin .KO!.Tl7' .8 ii :i-i:A
WijJkrtar lrau ay- yvjvnrpitia:
every lTiafciit. B
.0 -OJ.I33 .1 -..
jisji'i t .J .3
J. yO.I.i -ST
CUlUvf t -liin i
it jr,ui!i;nu 1
tit ra k&i""-& ?is a in a .o:
.01110 .
t o luo1. l 'r vr'M-.iiti'HW. -"' 'v tHftS)
i.LubiO -iA
' I -aa? ilod t' dim) ,?o
irO i. B-'-: . K m3 'Hv
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f icy.
LLro -bfliecl - than - can" t
a H .
.3 h , 1' tS ,3J'II
( vi7 "--ifiil Uf- Jil
.' la
1 ;-i rs 1 : 'i
Trimeri- -'
-Si i USi eSaWs-iaitl a
I ,0!HO ,lTA.r-'ia!.l3
UalvPT.u'i - - - WW .1 V.IV.
South High" Street.
vn-jo i
eiJ r . I-van ;l emi
j l Oil.! "OI -lhV .TOnffi lt SI.
10 Xiia
L j'nm'
Accounts. COMMERCIAL MATTERS. Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 19.
JfnuediEeeslug at 10 li per cent, for the
iMBt papewrr ..iwx.T n.n'ff i . .'.'-
ft! t n-lf ,-in. mT
New Money Market—Dec. 19.
MOXSr-t-The 8trin(rn Irrfnoney was
TJ r,y, "ere durinjf aiie morniiyand also
tlrr ftWWon. The demand is
TWUVn on call: rate .nn.l1 jui 1
WrtrtWMy per ola; as
ell m J;3J per cent . cflwwao-taiaddi-
tttHI tO-IftlcurreBByji.m.M.A n.wa
hijB tbe Stock JixhBji at nun HimAi,.-.
was aaiueren
.laUUCed snih'n nl rha ShvlAAl'. .A
uaiiui tuDiriuuucj. .me . Biiil'-rroBter shave,
but towards three o'okjdt tha.fleiiiand les
hed andthe Jnaritet'wag a little easier,
tonsMnVmaffe at P7. ier cenU.and
..pERLlKCT'EXCirAXGE-Is dull
l(!)4'J0aV'.:U e-e-KjiH JdaiW
rates have
New York Stock Market—Dec. 19.
ttyVS1? i. 1 i i4iv Jfcisa. iw
UOK-i do, m 1C64106, do '65 107)2
10734; da .new inord),iOtt.4i-fi7-Tn3?
Bi09Ji i io. .-'Gaiaoiio; i0rW ios
IUO.:'. . i ii-' L .TiI1i.u.:iu -
:fctck8 etronsfl New York Central jcon
tUueatbtfniajtarirrfe? suetrfirilifl'bre
porte of 8tpckrJrMPr!a before January 1,
and fcas touched. .134;-but- Xt(bwim,
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Cincinnati Market—Dec. 19.
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Cincinnati Market—Dec. 19. Chicago Market—Dec. 19.
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1 11; sales No. 2 since 'Change'afmVfr!
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Cincinnati Market—Dec. 19. Chicago Market—Dec. 19. N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Dec. 19.
The market fof mniolerJlrarwiflilairarf.ttPF
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market for """"" gotals la nnn-rimr with a
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Toledo Market—Dec. 19.
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ucr iuwcj, Hirinnaainne Winer; white
Toledo Market—Dec. 19. St. Louis Market—Dec. 19.
riJOCliT-Ql fTrra ami feTiehaTrrfd.1'""'
MllEATraioIce: fall) and! low! rafcf i-
C'OEJr Depressed and lower at 4ffl68oi...,
OATS Flat at 565So . obowpi..
RYE Easier; ; 4U 213Q.", ..,., . .
WHitiIi;V-Flmji 95j.-'i'a ;wi y.iSUi'i
PROVISIONS Verv firm and nn.i
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Buffalo Market—Dec. 19.
WHEAT Market eeneri.ll v. 'dull auirl,.
unohanjeed, with transactions of car lots at
fl 5Jor.Chicaeopriiig. ,.,T
CORJT--Old $1 00; jifcrv SlfjSlc.
QAJlW-i6.Tr3l66c. -.iiJ yTj-rii f.iirr ,ir I ill
MOiUC-TMeSfhavjtai 2Z:0fJiro nO
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Milwaukee Market—Dec. 19.
stoTe" eadi fiH
Co.'s Hew B6tt'and'Bnoe1 fetaUishmeiit. ia' '
the1 Deshler ibulldln, jrth . .iUgb. '
street. i:irsi-ei kuvuh . nuja-ime . .
! Otstkrs at 40, 50 ari4fc4sjperia'f :ya','"
and au ccs. per aisn, (aozenj, at lietKieoo's
Restaurant, West Broad street, No. 13.

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