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io Statesman,
C. B. 1LUUU,
DEO. 82.
News and Otherwise.
. Gold closed in JTw York yesterday at
UtX.U' w ' , , hitier.; ..;'t i j
Acstbia pys its diplomatic ajjenti $143 -
600. -:'v ;..'. -"'-
' Waihingtos society is reported rather
anil. i-' ' :,' ;
. Thb destitution In LexlngtonEy Is
great, ... r , r (,, ,; . . ..'J.
Sitka has more bar-rooms than 1 private
residences. ' ; ;; .. ... ,.- -v r
' OuvLoas's new lecture is 'Paris,
eltj of Luxury -'.u o o::i
h BurrAtOES id' Immense herds are to be
found on the Plains. r ;
"Mi immortal," Is what the wife of Ros
siki always' called him'"',' '.... '' .' '
,. A mokuiisht bas been erected over the
remains of Aaron Burr. 4 :i ,
. A cocru oi papers want Alaska made the
kome for cenvicted criminals. :
' TisnxtiHM, the great Violinist, is to
tlslt this country next spring.-'--"'
'jBKBi.ru ts going' to establish an asylum
lor old bachelors and old maids; v ' .
it. Wt.:t ;L." ;.sii . ; ":. . j- !
rBiJtD Tom has, a rival ,1(T a negro serr
yantglrl, aged eighteen, InL.Ylcksburg.
t, StfcTT million' Jrancs worth of watches
we yearly manufactured In Switzerland, r
"HKnr'WASo'BRECHKxdoes not believe
In a onrrejrattoo, that- newer dare smile, j
-"Thb sale ot church property tat Italy the
-present year bas amounted to- 914,006,000.
A gaw3 ot railroad th Seres were cap
tured at Fort Wayne, Indiana, a few days
'.'.Li id ol i. ,. ..mi t; .-j;l ,-3
Pmidekt Johssok is reported In favor
of Uift immedia te rcsumptioiof specie pay
ment. r v J- VV
- Govwunfsan; wl, only., pay Jour-fifths
lor eight boms', work that it paid for ten
. hours.
.tyro f.'-jov .u.'i
rjt cohtmtrjji of Oiose Interested la raiA
to bees. heUed;ClevlBd for-the- 30
el January. ... ; .
? ItrrTVTM-O'EBiLLT, Vicir, Genera M
the Hartford (Conn.) diocese, died sudden
ly on Sunday J 3 13 J
Thb Chicago Germans have resolved to
support no man for office who is in favor
ff prphibitiooJl -2HT- HO itfi'H iO
Thb Supreme Court of the United States
will adjourn from the 24th of December to
Mobb than twenty-nine hundred drunk
ards have bees reformed, ss thp Mfashlng
touian Home, in Boston.
Gbsbbal Boshcbans, our Minister to
Mexico, arrived there the 1st ot the month
and was formally received... . 3
A sou mm mass was sung In the Italian
church In London, on the morning of the
4th last, for the rest of the soul of BossiuH
Thkodokb Kathhass, a leading citizen of
Clarke conttty, Kentucky, ' felTdead at the
Sootheru Hotel, In Lexiugton, Ky on the
A laboreb, named Dongan, was killed
Saturday by falling under and being run
over, byjB'cai t BrowiV Bonnelt & Co.'s
WOrkS. i...M I'nz.-KK !;.:-,
Thx- Intemal Eevenue Department re
ceives nearly double the amount from the
GO cent tax est whisky that it realised front
the 92 tax."5 '; - 'L-yw-i
. Thkrb a Xbb in the Begister's office;
ot the. Treasury, Department . whose "ac
counts show a deficiency' of several thou
saod dollars, d'erf: zi- ij1",jT.f7. i uit ;
lA .affonate wife ia Allegheny t a few1 !
days ago, ; pinioned' her husband, --while
lying down ia a drunken doze, and then '
honewbtpped Waul L$t;JZiZ-
Mb. KoTTTNGHAM having resigned 'the ,
SupertateBdeney-el the- Lake Shore Bail- '
rosd.. Chsrles Collins bas.been, appointed to. !
fVlthe positka tbu vacated, , , . '
Taa Pbihtdelphia Union-" LeagBe claim
the honor of having first nominated Grant
for the, Presidency. The -object In this is
to' secore favorable consideration at the '
hands of Grant. . ; v. : . v .'".-.' i '
vSbkatob Bhkbmau does' not stand welt
with any body, in consequenee ot his flnan- ,
clal double-dealing. The New York Tri
bune Is among the: number, that raps him
over the knuckles for ft' . .1 . ' i.
A bkvivausz, encountering an African ,
ataed him 1 1 " My good man,' have you
found the Lord?" To which Sambo re
plied in a surprised manner : 44 Golly, mas
SaTamSlelLord lost?.. ,,8..t!. ;i! ,;t,K.,
Greixit pitches into Senator Morton's
financial speech to the extent of three col
umns. Nothing short ot the immediate re
uniptton of specie -piyments Will 'satisfy
GMleyi The Indications are that there is
going to" be considerable trouble on this
question in tbo BepublieaD party ,j
--Dowii-.PiaTT writes "from Washington
that there sever was a time in the history
Of the Government "when Cabinet makers
were so much at fault, and the whole tiling
ac lost In a fog back as now.:1 It is his opin
loa that General Grant Is as much in the
dswk..toyoBej.'i:ji',:.t '.d
s ,SrAi Co'tFAX SaEnrday night made a
tpeech at abapquet given in bis honor in
Philadelphia.; He said , the incoming ad
ministration would 'inaugurstg the most
searching retrenchment, honesty, efficien
cy and, higkeharacterj in J all-oomiected
with the public servleW-' What'T to become
Republican pofificiaus' f; ,1' "J X
r la many lostsiices, the action of some of
ursnUitary.commandere I toward the In
dians baa been 'atrocious4nahd( no milder
word Is lit to tise in -speaking of It The
blowing of the Sepoys from the mouths of
eaanon in India was jot as disgraceful as
the Chhrinctoa massacre. There were eef
ta4a''ei,cnsea fot the English, which took'
away some shades from the blackness of its
horror But , Chivtogton and ,hls .white-.
eavagW surprised a'ampf friendly Iui
dlana, over whose village -the American
flag and a white-ftagTof peace was flying,
and ' butchered,' 'with all ' eonceivabie 'at
tendant - outrage, j . men. - women and
babesi' while Indian messengers from' thi
very camp were oaa long' journey acrose
the country to warn out soldiers of au im
pending attack from hostile tribes; 0 The
cob duct of General'. Hancock iu. buroinjr
the tillages' of these same Indians was;
eareely less brutal in any of iu features.
For U he deserves only disgrace. ( And
from;the scant advices, which alone bavr
been received, bara since Sheridan's fbsees
bad their late battle, it seems almost certain
tbt'thecodotry wui bfay thlft;whMfral,
heralded as a great victory over hostile In
dlans, wsJittJeless than aesacieoitin
4iani. oi).((bf. march, to reaerviona set
part ior theoajand to whksb the naUon
through its PeaeeOoowissioaeastbad In
Vltedlbeim s If this prove true, aaesa and
everlasting disgrace sbouldbermetedoutto
&ll who connived at "or executedlhe move.
mwi, however high their offlclai, positloa
may be, op however brilliant their former;,
tomCorretpondeiice CitwinnatU GatUe.m
News and Otherwise. Radical Organ on Specie Payments.
! eata. '
The Cincinnati Gazette takes strong
ground against the immediate resumption
of specie payments,, but in doing so for
gets Its ancient cunning.
The ground assumed by this able Radi
cal sheet" Is thus briefly stated. The peo
ple are in debt The great indebtedness of
the country was contracted since the law
made greenbacks a legal tender, and
when the legal tender currency was so de
preciated as to be worth but sixty to sev
enty cents on the dollar In coin.' To force
specie payments would be to Increase each
man's indebtedness from thirty to forty
cents on the dollar, and hence the objection
of the Gazette, that unless a law is passed
mac all debts can be paid in coin, at the
selling rate of gold at the time the debt
was contracted the - resumption of specie
payments would ' bankrupt' the peo
ple, i As for instance the "Instance"
Is-' ours, not the Gazette's the man who
contracted a debt of $1,000 on' the 11th of
July, 1864, . payable In five years gold
then selling at 35 cents on the dollar in
greenbackscan liquidate this. $1,000 debt
on the day It becomes due, with $285 60 in
gold. , If this Is done, then the Gazette goes
lor . the . early resumption of specie pay
ments, but not otherwise. "' .. ,w, .
The legal tender act. Immediately after
Its passage,,, was., construed by "loyal
Courts to( data ,Jack,,: and to cover all
contracts previously made, even where coin
was nominated in the bond. Nay, so far!
did the courts carry this doctrine that decis
ions are now to be. found, where, In the case
of a special deposit of gold iu bank, it was
adjudged that a tender in greenbacks, then
worth but thirty-five to forty cents, was &
lawful ones because greenbacks were a legal
tender for all debts. The Gazette entered
no. protest against this, ? lawful swindling
by bankers, .but on ..the xontrary, as
"loyal" sheet, it approbated it.'v ,i
, The; first bonded debt of. the United
States, in amount six hundred million doi
Jars ($600,000,000 was crested during the
year ending July L 1863,. the average price
of greenbacks ranging a$ seventy cents on
the dollar in gold...: r tno.n ; .i: ;,.r. , V, ,,:
..Jorthe year ending- July .1,-1861, Gov
ernment bonds to the amount of tlx hun
dred and nineteen million: dollars ($616,
000,000.) were sold, and payment , received
ia greenbaqksv the average price of which
in gold, was sixty cents on the dollar. iq
For the year., endirg July'l.f 1865, one
thousand and thirty-five million .dollars,
($1,035,600,000,) . in. s, bonds were , sold fd
greenbacks, the legal tender rurrency
ranging at forty-five cents on the' dollar.
From the first sale of bonds, amounting
to six hundred million dollars ($600,000,
000), the Government realized butvfooi
hundred and twenty million dollars ($420-i
0O0,00Q a loss of one hundred and eighty
millioB-'tlollars ($180,000,000) hi r-'-q in i
From the second sale of bonds, amount
ing t six, hundred and nineteen million
dollars x $619,000,000), the Government re
alized but three hundred and seventy -one
million-four , hundred thousand dollars
t $3Il,400,ODO)-ra loss of twd hundred and
fbrkr-seven million six hundred thousand
dollars f$247,600,000. ;r - :h;i. iaus
fOB the third loan.' amoBntini to One thou
Sand and thirty-five million dollars (1,035,1
000,000), the Government realized but four
hundred and sixty-five million' seeh hun
dred and1 fifty thousand dollars ($465,750,
000), a loss ef Ave hundred and sixty-nine
million1: two hundred and fifty thousand
dollars ($56a230,000).:J fct- 'r- H giri-
Gn' these three loans,-amounting In the
aggregate to two thousand1 two hundred
and- fifty-four million dollars ($3,254,000,
000), the Government realized but one
thousand two hundred and flfty-sevea mil
lion one hnodred and fifty thousand 'floDars
($I,257,150,000X helnif? a loss -of KIKE
THOUSAND DOLLARS ($996 850,000, in
round numbers, ONE THOUSAND MILi-
LION DOLLARS. ' '"iV"'1 '
'The Donda" to'aolu .'.aiP-W,: 60 and 45
cents on the dollar, were stipulated in the
law providing for their issue, to be paid la
greenbacks. The Gazette has heretolore,anf.
donbt, hereafter will, demand that they
be paid in gold. This would increase the
amount to be paid by the taxes of the peo
ple, greenbacks now selling -for seventy-
three cents on the dollar, in, gold, to two
thousand' - eight -hundred and - sixty-two
millions five-hundred and eighty thou
sand dollars' '($2,862,580,000), being one
thousand eight hundred -and' sixty-five
mlllloii' seven hundred and 'thirty thou
sand dollars ($1,865,730,000) more than the
bondholders paid for thenu'"l : ; '; ' '
Now apply the doctrine of the Gazette
the bonded debt of the Republic. . That
sheet demands that a man owing bis neigh
bor a'debt, contracted during the present
greenback era, only pays back the .amount
that greenbacks would cost in gold, at the
date the debt, was incurred, or specie pay
ments ordered. "This, it argues, should be
done, because it would be equity.,., But ft
refuses to parry out its doctrine when; ap
plied 6 tihe', bondholder.; although It fws's
covenanted that hit debt shoulJ be paid in
the.sair.e currency la which he purchased
(be bonus. To pay the bondholder In gold
would, i s , we have thown, Increase .the
value of the bonded debt, on the first three
580,000.) being one thousand eight hundred
id . sixty-five million seven hundred and
hlrty, thousand dollars , ($1,865,730,000
more than the Government received in
value for the debt thus, created, and being
bonus to the bondholders to that amount,
who,- ia the hour of .the nation's peril,
ook, advantage ot its necessities to delve
bard bargain,,,,; ; ..'l,,,', , .. ; '.jit
To give an adequate, idea of the Immense
sum of money wnict liaaical politicians
propose to donate to the bond holders, the
amount above stated, over and above what
the bonds cost, which - it is contended, is
justly , their due, and, must be paid, is: six
hundred,, and-; twenty-six A million s sine
hundred;! and,. .seventy-five thousand two
hundred and twenty-two dollars ($626,975, -222
mara; than the appraised value ef all
the farming lands, the real estate, in ail the
cities, fwns. and, -Tillages, - and-; all the
chattel property la the great State of Ohio
combined. .;,
It bas bees computed that it would re
quire four hundred and sixty million dol
lars ($48000,000)- to purchase' the mate
rials add to replace- the1 houses of the city
New York, were they, and the materials
imposing them, destroyed. ''The surplus,
be given as a gratuity to thobond hold
ers, by paying , thearin gold, over and
above 'the' amount the ' bonds cost tbem,
Would not only be a sum sufficient to pur-
chase all the land:, real estate in cities and
t)wns, and the chattel 'property of the
State,' but would pay for all the buildings
the city of New York, and leave' one
nandred and sixty-six ' million 'dollars
($166,000,000) , M e. surplus the surplus
being more than the entire cost of tl.e
United States Government from the Inaug
uration 6f."rVasHiNQTto' to the election of
Lincoln , as President, which, election
commenced the rule of. Radicalism, and
would be sufficient to liquidate the ' entire
State, debt of Ohio, were It a dozen' times
greater than it bow is, and with it to pay
the entire taxes oi tne state for all. pur-
DOeea. And all tills tha T? aril I nirti
, j i ..t i . ,
r?uav w u,c
Stir at the State Department.
NEW YORK, Dec. 21.
The Herald's TVashlnBtoa dlsDatch savs:
There was great bustle apparent at the
State Department yesterday .notwiths tand
ins its neing ',tie babDatn day. The cause
of the unusual stir, is supposed to have
been the preparation of dispatches for
Minister Johnson. If is suspected " by
members ot Congress that the firm of
Laird & Co., builders of the Alabama, are
trying to obtain the proceeds of the sale of
the blockade runner Wren, which they are
supposea to nave Dunt, rana wnicn was
captured during the war and sold.. a .
A clerk in the Register's office of the
Treasury Department is missing, and his
accounts show a deficit of several thousand
dollars. t--. x. "-:,: -,i :,!." l. t.m ..,- , C
The Walls of the Howard University
Give Way.
building belonging to the. Howard Univer
sity, gave way this afternoon. ' The work
men, about eighteen in number, one-third
White, the others black, who were roofing
the structure, fell to the ground, a distance
of fifty feet. They were ail injured, several
seriously, it not lataliy. -.
,r Mr. THAYER' presented a remonstrance
against the ratmuatton oi tne usage Indian
tr aty, except ooC3rtain terms., i Referred
to committee on J udicarv Affairs. , '
Mr. SUMNER offered two resolutions.
one directing the Secretary of the Senate
to lniorm tne senate wiiai naa Deeu done.
in pursuance of the resolution authorizing
him to turnUh eaeh state a set of standard
weights1 and measures metric system, and
tneotner directing the ostmaster Ueneral
"to give fnfbrmation of what bas been done
to -Turn isn - postal oaiances or tne same,
Adopted. ... .. i. -
Adjourned to the 5th of January..:: '-
Mr: E. TB. .WASHBUBNE caUeA;the
House to orders i.itir-'. o-.i !-. r
Mr VAN WICK made a report from the
Retrenchment .; committee on whisky
irnuaa. wneu ij? v m . :,,
-. The House adjourned to January 5th r
DOMESTIC NEWS. The Eight Hour Law.
Orders have been received at tha United
States armory, in this city.- to pay work
men fonr-Alth of the usual rate per day
for all work done since August 20th; when
the eight hour law went into operation.-
Work will be .-resumed jiext, month upon
ine ten nour system.
St. Louis Items.
ST. LOUIS, Dec. 21.
The Woman's Suffrage Association of
this city is actively engaged getting signa-
'tvres' td umemerial8- to Congress and the
State Legislature, praying for the ptivi.ege
or voting, a memorial to congress signed
dv over two thousand persons, win De lor-
warded to-day. The .Association holds a
regular meeting every week, and consid
erabta general Interest is being-manifested
In the matter. ..r-;.M tytil ,.., u
The expedition of Col. Carpenter, which
left-Fort Wallace last month, has returned.
No evidences were found ot Indiana being
in General .Sheridan's rear and no fears
are now felt that any further' trouble will.
occur' north ot tne Arkansas tiunog toe
winter. ; - -:.. .;"'''
-Andrew Beilty,' a' prominent railroad
contractor of this State, and well known' in
Pennsylvania and the East,- died, here Sat
nrday evening, after a short illness, of con
The schooner Champion sunk-dn Satur
day night in a collision with the steamer
and three lives were lost.
block destroyed the millinery stock of T.
mr- t , . t iir , , , .
n.gounsoQ. oi iiuuaio, nu Hie jancy
goods store ot-O. T. Van Orman. .-Loss
ai,O00; partly insured.- -
Fort Snelling Destroyed by Fire.
CHICAGO, Dec. 21.
The Commissary house, at Fort Snelllug,
located on the bluffs between St. Paul and
Minneapolis, was destroyed .by : fire last
night. It was, with the utmost difficulty.
that the fire was kept from the magazine of
the t ort. . All the guns, &c,and the round
bouse were destroyed. Loss about $50,000.
The fire had its origin in a detective cbim-
bey.'-.,.l:, '', ".- , - .. ;
Death of Charles H. Wignal.
years commercial editor ot the Chicago
Journal, died of consumption yesterday.
Washington Items.
The committee on Reconstruction to-day
examined additional .witnesses - In the
Georgia and Mississippi cases, and without
any definite action adjourned until Janu
ary 5th. : - '- - -
The Supreme Court will adjourn on the
24th ot December to the 4th of January.
The President to-day nominated- to the
Senate W. O. Taft as Collector of Internal
Revenue for the 1st district, and Adolphus
Bonebard, Collector, and . James Hart as
Assessor, for the 3d district of Louisiana.
The President has approved the bill giv
ing cannon for erecting a monument to
General Kearney.,.-.--. d: si
The Senate bill providing that any Su-preibe-CoxiiiUudits'ef
saveoty'yaars of
age may resign and receive his salary
thereafter until death, was referred to the
Judiciary committee. ".' . I,
SACO. ME., Dec. 21.
The York Hotel, with stable and out
buildings.' barber, : shop, ! the American
House, Lib by 's tenement and several
buildings, were burned last night Loss
Providence, Dec. 21.
oJJev. W.O'Kelly, Vicar General of Hart
ford diocese, died suddenly yesterday
morning. . , r
RUTLAND, VT., Dec. 21.
The boiler at the marble works exploded
Saturday, killing Amos Powers, engineer,
and badly injuring four workmen.- -
BOSTON, Dec. 21.
Sixty of the prominent graduates of Har
vard ;Jollfgef i. Including ' nearly; all "the
classes back to 1819. have issued an appeal
to graduates throughout the world, in I e
balfot a clas subscription fund, for the
purpose ot increasing 'salaries of. Proles
sors, and the college library. '. It is, p'O
posed to raise halt a million dollars, tha ii -terest
of which is to be used for the pur'
poses named. - -
ROCHESTER, N. Y., Dec. 21.
"A fire yesterday destroyed the Democrat
Office, Sargent's bank lock factory, Union
bank building, in which was the Flour City
Bank, and damaged a few other .buildings,
in which were grocery, bat stores and of
fices. Total loss $100 000, mostly insured.
Four flremea were injured by falling Iron)
a ladder!
Greeley on Morton.
Greeley has a three column letter to Sen
ator Morton, on his recent speech upon the
resumption ot specie payments. Greeley
differs from Morton in that the former be
lieves that prompt resumption Is practica
ble, and argues upon that point at length.
Whelan Refused a New Trial.
TORONTO, Dec. 21.
V The Court of the Queen's Bench to-day
refused to grant a new trial to Whelan,
convicted of the murder ot D'Arcy McGee.
Chief Justice Richard and Judge Wilson
sustained the verdict of the Ottawa jury,
and Judge Morrison dissented. . The pris
oner was remanded until Thursday, when
he will appeal against the ruling of to-day
to the Court of Errors and Appeals.'
TROY, Dec. 21.
Dennison'S saw mill In Berlin was burn
ed on Saturday. Loss three thousand dol
lars. Moshores lumber yard, in west Troy,
was damaged six thousand dollars by fire
last night.
The First Presbyterian Church, of the
Fourteenth ward, was totally de-troy ed by
tire on Sunday. Loss $20,000. Insured lor
Retrenchment Committee.
NEW YORK, Dec. 21.
Yan Wick's report ot the commltte on
Retrenchment, on the subject of revenue
frauds, ts printed. It says: Continuing
.the investigation commenced more than a
year ago, this committee find many frauds
yet existing Jn the. Revenue Department,
In kind as hereto-fore, but not -to the same
extent, by' reason of the reduction of tax
on, whisky and maklDg estimated capacity
one of the tests of production. When the
capacity system shall be 'improved and
modified, as experience has already dem
onstrated to be necessary, the frauds will
be lessoned and the revenue increased. The
' greatest want Is undoubtedly of honest
officials, but no improvement can be hoped
for in the department under the present
Executive, a fact Congress should nave re
alized and acted upon long ago, and then
devised a system- which human ingenuity
- could not easily circumvent.
Gouteman Bro's.
The counsel of Messrs. Gouteman Bro's.
' assert that they will be proven innocent of
' alleged smuggling of silks ' through the
Custom House, wnen the trial takes place
Miscellaneous Items.
Acton. Esq., President of the
Board of Police Commissioners, has-an-
nouoced his intention, of resigning. ;
r'-'There are more rumors of an orgaoiza
tion in this city to aid Cuban insurgents.
The Congressional committee on the al-
' leged .New York election- frauds, to-day
, examined-' District Attorney Courtney,
Marshal Murry and others.
Report says the New York Central rail
road will hereatter "prorate with western
: roaas in ireignt, close relations having
been made with the Michigan Southern,
Michigan Central, Lake Shore, Cleveland
: & Toledo, and the Wabash and Northwest
' ernro;idi.-: 1-;-ilr' --
Gossip says In inaugurating the present
Dull movement- Broad street (borrowed
from ten to twenty millions of gold and
exchanges on collaterals, and sold It for
currency, thereby putting themselves in a
strong financial position to hold their Cen
tral stock. It is reported that gold and
exchange are to be returned in January.
Rio Janeiro.
LISBON, Dec. 21.
Rio Janeiro dates to the 6th instant are
-received ; o wan - news. Tber- American
'fleet under' Admiral Davis had gone up the
Parana river to Ascension, with Minister
The Time on President Johnson's
LONDON, Dec. 21.
The message of -President Johnson is re
ceived. The Times refers to the President's
stubbornness,: denounces - his repudiation
proposition, and approves the action of the
Senate; and House in their .disposal -.of the
LONDON, Dec. 21.
Gladstone, Bright and Lowe have been
re-elected to Parliament. Gladstone, In
speech' at hustings, la Greenwich, 'said be
was not yes wholly in lavor of the ballot.
.but If freesvoting was impossibleiwltbout
aucn a saieguara, tnen ne- waa. ios we, o al
lot. Mr. Bright also made a speech before his
re-election, at Birmingham, in which he
explaiaeeHhat be had-declined bis first ap-
potntmenras Secretary-tor India, because
the labors of that office were too severe for
him, in the present.atate ot his health, and
also because be thought the views of the
country in regard tq the, Indian policy
were not sufficiently advanced. He argued
that the late Parliamentary elections offer
ed great evidence in lavor ot the. adoption
of theJballot..He denounced tharafllgaoy
of the Tory party, and closed witn prom
ising on the part ol the Cabinet economical
reforma ts the Administration1 of. Govern-
Berlin, Dec. 21.
Tne Prussian Diet has adjourned for the
holidays, until January gui.": f- ri vi
CONTANTINOPLE, Sunday Eve., Dec. 21.
The Porte approves the conduct of Ad
miral Hobart Pasha at the harbor of Syria.
Declined to Act.
The Ambassadors of the western powers
decline to exercise protection over the af
fairs ol the Greek residents after their ex
pulsion from the Turkish dominions.
The Eastern Difficulties.
PARIS, Dec. 21.
It is reported that Prince Metternich bas
received instructions, from v tenna to act
in concert with France on the eastern
The press represents the war excitement
as intense In Constantinople as in Athens,
, ...... .Ll, 1 1 IT, 1 .3 I 1
ana suites .mat me r ruiu iiajf utm ueeu
publicly, Durnt in the streets. , , .. , , ,
Tho..Greck. subjects of the Sultan- have
sent a memorial to Athens, praying the
Government to avolda war with Turkey.
MADRID, Dec. 21.
v growing
out of elections
are reported In some towns, but are of an
inslgnltlcantehsractef.""' - --
Cincinnati Market—Dec. 21.
WHEAT Unchanged and quiet.'
CORN Firm at 70c for ear and 75c for
shelled. ,
RYE-JJiinr JTo 1 $1"J3. -1..-' "lj
OATSQuietat636ie for No. 1. j
'BARLEyNoralnallyjinobanged.i .
COTTON Firm and in good demand at
23&21 for middling nplandsc -..
WHISKV In pood demand at' full rates,
OGS-i-pressed $11 23!. 75; one lot of
extra sold t $ia , . i r .- ts 1 t
PHOiS10if!---H'iietr-spectlatrve de
mand has ceased and there is barely any
thing done.
PORK MesKelty packed offered at $28,
BULK MEATS DhU at 11c lor should
ers: 13&ai4ai4 for sides.
LAK1J Held -fr-1718o for prime
steam and kettle rendered; no demand.
BACONVSold to opoia out of niokten
days' hence a( 13 ! for shoulders; I617c
'f.-ii" olmr rib and flear sides." -.-. vi
" GREEN MEATSFtw; sold at 9l0c
10 r enouiuers ana vi, (giOMer siaes. -
. HAMS-1414iiu., ,t , .. ,
BUTTER In sood demand at 3640c
CHEESE In irood demand at 17($19e.
-3-APPLES Greens -are -aroe and prime
. . , 1 J, 1 i Laps.
OILS Linseed neid, at, si us iara.nrm
at 1 4K(1 Kn.
8EED-No ehanaeH r
St. Louis Market—Dec. 21.
FLOURr-Actlve for all grades and 15
Zoo lower on rower graaes.
v WHEATS Choiee very firm but no
ebange-in prices. .miainu'-- v
r.-COKNt')at and unsettled; sales, at C3
64c for mixed. - ' .
"OATS Very dull and lower.at 5356c.
, BARLEYiDtott aad drobpltig.. t.
RYbVSteady and firm at, $fc 27Q1.-28.
, WHISKX-Steady at 85c. .
'' PROVISIOXrety stiff and not much
doing.' "'J -
PORE Held at $28 without sales. -' "
.BACONr-FirBa and u,nohangod.. .,,(,
Chicago Market—Dec. 21.
- FLGUB-Eslexj spring extra!
7 00, " . ,' i 'T A ' - - -' t
sales No 1 at I 15V 17; No 2 at 1 09$
1 lO.eloainffatl 09l WAiw Wo3 In
i storey sales KoS s4uce,'CbaMe st 109..,,
I - CORN.-7-ftuiet and. a shade, aiex new
-opened at "44c, declined Jc'and closed
I steady with buyers at 43,lveellern at - 41c,"
I kilp. dried dull at 51c for No 2 and 47($
48 for rejected; sales bid "this afternoon at
6Sc.- ' ":- ':' "-' - -,: ' "- - --.---j
" OATS Quiet and easier; sales 'at 43
' 44icfor No 2, closing at4444. ,
! KITE More active and 3 ie lower?
j sales of 'Nffllat I 08rO94,u and No 2 at
! 1 0Z1 08, cloeiBfc witbt buyers of NoJ
! at 1 ttS, sellers holding le higher. ; , r..n.
, - BABLEY-jDuli aud. nominal. - . '
Toledo Market—Dec. 21.
: vr)TiR Quiet. k-" "r ' -."'-'
i WHEAT 2c lower; amber $1 751 76
'No aaprlugfl-3i;ioaoi iu
i CORN A'shade"iower ; new" 60Clc;
new rejected 55c; new condemned 53e.
! OATS lc lower; 58c for No 1 and Mich-
igani.-' ''','"' ' -"-' ".' .
; RYE Quiet, j r ', -v -. .-
: SKEDS-Clovev seed firm at $8 50. '.-
I - HOGS Dressed hogs firm at 1010c.
Milwaukee Market—Dec. 21.
' FLOUR Dull: iirleVa.Wa.-1'tinged.
I:.WHEAT-Steadj3l 17$: .-t No. 1 in
store. - .' .:'..;-.
tW The Ohio Stateamaa haa a
Larger CIrcalatioa thaa aay pa
per pabltshed la thU City or Cen
tral Ohio. Advertisers will bear
this la mind. ..
ASTATRTI MRKTIffO ctv f'nr.rlMRtta
. 1lhllU V. of, E 1 a 1, : 1 1 l 1 ,
' S. .V i'v, wr.mu a. in. will oti Baia
nie (!UltaLAI JVAiaU. UM.S3,
docM-dlt-r H.J. COX.SecreUry.
Christmas Exhibition
i . .Now open fqr inspection at ., .,:,.. i
' - 1 ' t , , . . . u ji-.
No. 5 Neil House Block.
. . i
Anibowinc the mort Attroti asortmnt of
! i, i'-J'n .-)? i: ': .i nrm-- mij:1 a '.in
. -:in:
cLARfc:;: Farmer
Hars on xhlbUio i ipJoniid a
-and Black
Bortmant of Whit
,3 'u ivn
Is ih
' I.' .'.l Vi.ih'j.l
i; ;-(H3i: 03 lis
l . a ,!;. v I
i : ; : -;; i ' , t bs f onI th : : ;
, i
.ij lil-(l-
H I., if:
ii. ,
IIW'lJIIf Oil! tj) l'-,!iil
Those moetdelica ,a'' m'W
(uil r-.i : L .ni'K'.'j ,10 :j ju-ido-iK i
""1 'Adttnred by eviry person 'it refeneinent.';i!:i
if -.'rrii nnofJititia -iiipi silf 1, ';
I Una i:!IKti! nil la-.flft V UiM I
io ni r;r,iMvr 1" ea-in !
mi ,''. b ,7l?.'i-ie'jT'.i!Oi .ihyii'.-n '..nr. ,
-i j'-i! ii,-i-.',r yiiT virrr ii cim -uA
-v.n go eomforUWs for traiWiniT.q':' td
f if'S t-.r.r 'i, : -fTi-tfiilmi, v!
!l3Ii -.
'f:..-; --!f fK,
-i'l1 ..,'ff.i.J!,:.! -. ft'
1 ' ' Great Emporium fbif. V i ' ' ' ' 5 ' ' 1 ,
m;'R(t If; ;. ..-i;oil Hut 1-,V!- :il"-l'l I
" LAP BLANKETS.'1 lAFi- ' 1
-t a---, i;'.. v OHANSt FOR OLOVE8.T" tiwit
7 . 5 -'!:;i.JiUFFLt!RS. CAPS.i l-wut.;
easts-dtr :.. ., ,
Agents' Wanted---0 .'.a." Day.
ran mmr a . m a n. mm a na . via a m. a
LLOYD'S , .'
Patent Revolving Double Maps
Of America and Erp, America Mil
7 . ueuauea buhi amoica., ),,
i ' Colored in 4000 Uorraties. ,
eompleted, ' ahoir ererr pUe ft impnrtanee.
all Railroad to data, and -the latest altera
tions, in the various European Sta'es. These
-Mmm are needed in every bloheol and family in tbe
land they occupy the space oi one Map, and by
means-of the Rerereer. eilher side can "be thrown
front, and any psrtbrouf htlevel to theeje. Coun
ty Kignts ana lerge aiseoant given to gooa Agents.
apply tor viroBiars. 1 erms ana (sample nun. 10
dec-21-dawlm-r ' 33 Cortland: St., S. T:'
336 ; Ufroa-rl-wayv
One Million PoHars.
DaricbR Manoam. Fres't. Jas. H-ntRiLb.Seo'y,
Rec.ives Deoosi sand allows FOUR PER ! ENT.
INTEREST on all Daily Balanoes. subject to check
at sight. Mpeoial Deposits for iSix months or more.
may be made at fire per cent. 1 be Capital of Une
Mi1 Ron Dollars is divided among over Son Share
holders, oomprisinc many gentlemen of lane wealth
and financial experience, who are also personally
liable to aepositors lor ail oDiigations ot tne com
pany to double the amount of their capital stock
li theKatkinal Trust llomuanv receives denosita
in larse or small ammintA. and Dermits them to be
drawn as a wnole or in pa t nycnecxat signtana
without aotiee, allowing interest on all daily bal
anoes. narties throughout the country can keen ao-
counts in thi Institution with special advantages
of security. coorenienca ana pronu , ,
y- Hr-aeoi-aawiim ,
1 '.II!!'
JOHNSTON'S :' ' 'u
S P E ;Q I JF I O !
The: only Infallible and Harmless Remedy .-- Can be
(iyn with or without tne patient a Knowieage.
tttad Or. Johnston's Treatise on "Drunken.
11 neas. its Oonseoueneee and Cure." 1 Try 'rf
the SPECIFIC, and be oon- ,
v. :, t . - 'j viaoed.-i '' - j; - - vt;.-.
pleasant pteparation creates no vomiting after its
use. lobaMO need not oe aiccardea en al once,
for the ComDound destroys the desire gradual. v
'.Ii -FOB SAJL JXltHS U0 GISTS. .' , ,.
Proprietor. Columbus, 0.
THE flrjt edition of Ojib Hvndrvd Thocbakd
-op Vicrg liLUSTRA-nn ClTir.onra of
Sikds and Uuidk in thb 1-lowik Gabdsh is
now pnrxisnea. it makes a work of loo pages.
beauttluliy illustrated, with: about ISO Fine Wood
Engravings of Flowers and Vegetables, and an Kir
egaut Colored Plate.
' Tt Is the most beantifnl. ks well as the m6stTiti.
struotive Florai Guide published, giving plain and
thorough direoliuns for tbe CUlTUKE,ai FLOW
Tbe Floral Guide is published for tha benefit of
my eutitooiers. to whom it is sent free withoiti .n.
plication, bat will be forwarded- ts all who apply
by mill, foe lea cents, whrjh is not balf.thaeosu
Address ' JAMK8VICK. '
j'-..1.:-,,..' ! Itookester, H.J.
docU deod3tiweow3w-CNT-n
holiday: goods:
i .J r.n
.si '1 j
! I.J 3 J ,H
:.,!.. 1,, -.'.jl
.ir.r-..;-n-v i.
i ,.B'!t -
3:t ton
... e 1 -m ,u.
I: ' -.1 .rl . t.
'if-,, nr
:U lit
i O , f
.is t 1 '
.TS !:.. ,-. si;,:,. .(.i! i;na ,ij i.1 j
.Ct.kJ.Lkij. JL i.lLJii 0.11 j
.--; iifjili. I.'-i-"-'.
c 1 A
,;s-n;z ;!t Cjii,, i' I-
,111111.111 1 1Y, :.:ii :w i,!m 1
Voe. ... atH . C-i t i'.liUU' -. 1
J wl HIV
, t-J H .- 1,1 ))H
iTlTIOm ' I -53.
a ttanTirrvrT!wt
.' d--'i:r r'til In.,-
.lO.!li- if .I' lii-ii'.
. OP -A " rr
. .J"'l- .is. ts .1-11. . ''..' '
i I
.it. 1 . i ......
-.'in t .i-'Mn :i i Ms
oil bun i-a,;:: "'-r
vH .i:;tr.;iM t;
. j C 1 U ' 1 A i I ? T v ) L I ' 1 ;
.e -. '.'!i ,. ii-- Ii j
.i-j tn evil i'J.
'1 w
-in w 4
1 Lit
el 1
,0 f -t ,
1 . IA
.,-'-tl fiii-'U f, ,t,v .."l
,-. tit. i"-,'r - .. ! .-si 'd
-1 : I 1 'x ;
1. U .A
. ,;i
,.:-.u- iial j. 1 ,V . I.
, .! -'!-.; ....s i,'.
V t,il. .;.,J ISJlj ;!
. "i.tii !! .: J
Call etxrly and make ivelec
tlonta, 4bo 'mmygt tha
caoloe.ojf J ouriXarge
. t . 1
:.i f I . it i.
::-;( 1 I
. i,:-i A
, yf; J.-u sJV 1
iu I
!-,'S.l - 1
I i. '
yj:- el
.l;.r3..jU)iiv 7Jijl;lT2
t - , ,
..-;i -
- ,.ir: .
,Whicla Im now oompiete la
tT t !.
. 1
. 1 1 TO"
1 . , : I .
t" .,. i-.,lji
1 !: ;,. tin ni,-
.ni . . :i,.
vl c: ..:
l - - i.,rjr
.1, e 1
..-,1 ,
Aro ' ofiebreci ihaa can be
. had elsewhere. -
, isii'.
t fit s.t , t: ,f.
, (u 1
" - - V IU.I .
t 1,1 111 .
-Jl' : '-I ill: i,
. 'nu - C
'.( 1-, Jl Ofl .av.- :i- ,
l-tll.i i
itfPW MUU eti52
'.i9iVi 1 .Uftt .o,.,j Ue
: -Ti"-!i--i
South ;Hieh 'Street.
i -I I ,T.K'- ' TKtUKi .();. Hit nitt't
'. . . ,,,34 l . i J '.' i, zr. tt ',. ,. irt
a , A. V, UEADLGk fc CO.
.,;;''ttL,;:BB'; 'i' -'J
; .f l f. .':.:. .1 . nil
-.'ti:T bau I- 1 - .o"i-ir:.-. 1 -it-.l if.
.leii.'s to-A'ii ri --. ? r'J , . m
, 1 .-J J .Si 1
KOTICEJ-MTs Lel.n tF.w
sale," lHiat,y s WanU,) tt Femn4,
BcaureUcMaic., aotezeeedlnng elwttg
iO ennta eaxca iaaertlan.
iL57?-T.B,?I!,l-F Gentlenian. wif.
andohild. Must be In good location hefer-
Mo. 11M
ii. """" rostomce. lock pox iv o.
deoM d2t
Hall. All Hall the J. t
v KV Positively for Two Nights OnW
nemdaj aiWcTTiieadaV; JDec.SI aid 25.
Emerson, Uen k Manniag5 'i
I. . .From thtir Open, Moumi. CindimaUJ
is M1NSTKEL8K i,,
""""" : iteeervwt reatt. We; GaJ-
d.. Deo. 19th, at M o'eloek A. Id., where.
may be secured. . -
1 , . w - , -, . -n , .
; "ywB upeo mm t v cioca r sa.s o oommence
precisely. 7 . " declS d4t
''fylE P4REP4 ROSA,'
TheaokpowUdgedJaDEEf OF SONG, on her re
turn from Calitorma by overland route, after a
tnumpbaotand unparalleled successful of
Operetiaperforaaaeea. will give ia this dtT o&l
one arandJUonoert. ,..;,. '
weaaetday Lvsalnf, Bmemier tS.
Mr. GEO. W. COWT;:.:XiWS3
uurati-truius Player ol tbe world.
. Ttaa Wgnlgonly. dommeWiis;
T Evealag, Pwcemticr TtA.
SwiSlCGAlkninyoroA C
I'A U4 kfBtEfeRiTBb BlieSRW.
--.VooJ'HarpisUand Violtnisfs, as
IZtZX v' - 1 r?i- . pV S.Bjka,, che tal-
ti ant and attractive siaoe tteir. ,ias t apojavaoM in
"ARDS OF ADKIS3I0K. FaMuatUrMsair.
,40or Family Circle, KeT Rescued Seat! or
sale only at J,
-1 .
B .f 0T.Qtt31 J lit .).eV. 4 K - f
kl ."VlTJ Wa -it
Jjttli,''Trf U.J 4
L Tb ?t. r-atriek'i'ToWlt1nej;.Mir.ty
lftDl. nuaer'ttae direction oz Hn. Javinej CoonaiT
Mist Kate Hears and tfn. Michiel Faj.
11 lee Cream Table. Mrs. B. Turner.
4. TheO.er-Tabl,-lrSsB. Urennan.
- tV Tba Children of Alary Table. Miss Linia
Doonan. . e 4, t vr i
. The Boys' High, Sskaol Table. Idiesea , Magkia
ray and B. LaTos.-... . , ... , TZjJ
. i-ibe Mary an; Martha Table, Mrs. Wilson.
H Th. K V . - flBlU'l--' 11. ill 1 I ,1 1
r""' 1 w . , Mii.g nnryn.
the coming man for Major of Columbu is, to ba
The Fair will remain open EIGHT DATS. .
Tbe managers of the Tables haveiendoavored to
.wu,v uw. vi. uiioauji fijuys. oiu.ariiciea.oi U.SV .
' decM-dlOt
..allcock'js aokoijs rAaaxajg-
n nereDy oo outxii&Moa or .the atoetL
equalised upon the part where srHedcauiif g
paiflinaTnorbiJaotlon tocease. '-"--
Was ther pver ppbjhoi itrcagsr eridence thaa
Certificate f renu IF. Sterlf nr.: Eeei
for two years I have been a great sufferoa from
neuralgia in the bead, and found only temporary
relief from all the various remedies thaj I hare
tried, until I applied one of "AUsCOCK'S. 10
SOUS fi.ASThKii." 4 utit into tare strips,
placing pna under each shoulder blade and thtfotJa -er
jiver the su-all .of mjr gank. aad fnr aba past
three months I have had scarcely a twinge of the
old pain. I adviasall wk suffer from nervous dis
eases to lose no time in making a trial of the won-
d(nl.l..lu'- ! ' ...... .,
A. F. STKBLI50. Seo Singer Atf Co.
New York, June 8. 1868.
. Principal .Agency. .Bbakdbith "Hotria, lfW
Tork.'; BoldbyUdragrfit. Z'nWi 'J..'-.
inn-aAwljca-reiir j.jag.V-t s i eai 1 1
PROV' ENCK. B. Ib ving tb largeet aaama.
factory 80 8 er inThe world,"iUt
tbe most mproved Vach y.' and employing, the
most skilled iabor, are eaakled to o&sr an , un
equalled variety of ne" and beautlfol designs fn
Dinr.er Servioes, Tea t .ricea, and. even, article
specially adapted for liday end Bridal 3ifsi---
They offer also their well-known and -wnrivanei
Hickel Silver Electro-Plated Wan, in which the'
have introduced new patterns of rare elttsenekr
The Solid Silver is. guaranteed to be of sterling
Poritjbj,U. S. Mint ajaejiHahe fUectro-late-1
guaranteed to be superior Ao tbe finest Sheffiel
ware.1 Orders received from tbe Trade only, bu
these' goods may lie obtained from responsible
dealers every where.
- '-m"' Trade
-.U r-.' 1 t- 0 ' - - IXI "'"Mark'
,iv,rnu"- '--" :Sf-!..iiM -er'
.t 1 1
Trade Mea
for -
v, 1 . . Phuea
iinitalii .1 -. tml'n,i nww iIa-i
-."- Balesroom Me. Maiden Lane, ; IrrTi-
novS-dAw4Xm.Be ar s.. ' ,
'BU I i l.auill., ' ' " i -3 S Al-
It tbe offipring of e great fact, i Ho one can think
;fidenyjaVtbat bis
Brings out a liner BROWN or BLACK than , any
other, in a shorter time, and without injury to the
hair. This is a truth, as apparent as that the sen
tiffhta the aarth.l . .1 1. v--'i '-- - ' V
Cristadoro's HaTrl Preservative
AND BEAUTIFIER.-The VoiieUwitbeattaisar
ticle, lacks iu most useful aUrihot.., Nothing ia
soeoaaou in this eooetry at the falling out of tha
hair. TbepreseTvaUveJ7rarep(aJU..Tbetbr'ean
o mere, loosen and drop eftV.it tbieareiole M rtsrsV
Iarly applied night and morning-, than If each were
fixed in a vio 3.' The"tesUmony on .this fioipjja
ovewhelming, while the beautifying and Invigora
propertiesof the fluid are equally well established
Sold by Druggists, andappliedby all r Vrtss
ers. Manu&oUrr No. D Maiden lajaew fiincipAl
Oep-ot No. 6 Astor House, f i' - iaJ iiu ll
innel-dtwlycni feKt"''' mimm,-
Dr. TobiHt'Ttkiltpt llsres Ilal-
Pint bottles f $V for-tbw ure of Ismmtesa
seratches. wind Wis; sprains', bruiser, splint, (juU,
eolie, slipping stiSsvavor-beating, aore throat, nail
in the foot, Ae.-It is warranted cheaper and bet
ter than any other artio)evey offered to the ptrtdia.
TbcmsanT$ot ardmals bav beea cured pfttfcolie
and bver heating by the Liniment; and hundrede
tBrwee crippled andTa'me Vaveeeen'restoredT to
their fokeaerlvigorj -1 iJaed1hfirsAborse
men througbout the States. Orders are constantly
received from the facing 'stables pf Tnttand fdr
fresh ";s)ipilies 'cX'bI. invaluable' fcrtlola,. Over
S.SOOtMtiaeoialakava been received. Remember
one dollar hnd-vut Ha -time- may save the We of
yourhorse. ,8o)d by all pruggisM. t pBe, tf Tark
Place. New T'ork.;, -.-.i.-.r. i mi
junele-dAwlyem-e'eirr ' .
I biti heera ft Bigbiy extolled aiij bave'seentg
Won ierful effects, writes Mattba M JohBsoa,o
Derby, CU about Palmer" I-tioa. J - -
mr. Admission 1. with no extra eharge for re
Uervedeeatn Balcony Tfteenta- - f T "r4. T
f Tee ml? of seats will eoamauo diilonday. a
io A. Jl. at John Seltisr a CoiTausio atori.
- UWiOiA - .

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