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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, December 22, 1868, Image 3

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W.- J. Savage, Jeweler, !M
YSStttwmg street;
T A. M
It 18
m i JA.. : f l w"-
H M.
Raa RtaM . ...T1TS' Set-...
H. M.
Cl -" "it") . r f xr1
dromedary style."
c'J XW Frw year, agd to-day MlchwU
Corcoran tM killed, , - "
-r1 faf egierday was the todtth; arrafyersa-
ry ol the takioir ' mji i t,
1 in a o .u 1 1 1 mm 1' " in' 1 1 -. ,r a''-'
a fS-Ihe December dayl' are; jKWng -
- te6ttteiMeoUy snort at, .w noa j 1 1
waled Cio keep" Warm la tne winser. -,. 1,
tThe Township TrMtees on. yesterday
expended ft45 foraupe?, townsnip ?
roa ptfrposesi1 ""
Beet is seAi'd ;toJ thy-. Kewj ,Tsk
market at 5 eencs per pound, end it U not
',: . kit.'"1 ''' ' ' :l,-ri "
'i thing,- bat'5'stanaatf' outaante sy mpawy ia
-s '"tar Wedding .-earUaJ 1 according the
...- nf IubKIoii' ihbbld"M ' teaned
tthrea weekafeefore tho oeoeaur.0. event
transpires. , , -t va
a. tWparatious. tor 6UieiJil&! P
f Turkey. ver lbKtsk; and the feftalamght
iraB wnH fni lot of Parian busts a
. "T ,.J -SU,-.:. i
2tatiMtsea at Watwatera.?ii .r-
Jt33r Keady tj! atonaioc :fajlrf in
.ur country for yeara, past babeeo.pauseil
:y apeenlatlona M gralo, gold .r'Jshoddy
.tO0lC9.ni i wfo -f rr "i! : :T '
Ji3i f . .. I''i ." J . mdc:-- I
j".There.la now liying ir pur town, a
inaa vb average ca.a vreniemler bow a
allVei TaH dollar looked apd baa -falnt
idea Of teelbld jojirnpg J3ltJ
ESSrlSiUiiein oatda iareLiaaWLJS b
changing ; and many farmers are now go
(S la for tb Dutch stock as the most pcof
ftable description to ynlttTtH.Vi -Vt-SSl
" ViKlliii Au'dre w"' Haller? ilmrt
ot. Frtoa,araaronr yntayeBtjrsiized
by Judge Pn- v Ha badbewi a soldier ln(
ike 4th .Ouiow Vol -nteer, g?alry;
iteiKC-haa aatAawarreatedjrfifor4Eaning
this paper. - j
owrJT'A'laTjra ttoek ofCbldaiaillneEmna
LYeaVMtMUia. vaaea at .jtvestwates;.) .,;iJ,i)
-.t! lit jiii ht 1 i-rmmm w ' ' n'"nni
; ceivedri Ikmd j Andrrwa . fc Bollthe" irs
"tdmTSef'dif the1, Sr Iwepkly.ieaAlj:
Jbore natt edited-1y Donald O jMIrchell
-ttte Karrel) dlHarrteirBecber tp we.'
'It 1 a .eery, ;andacfni; pa'pc iindlsHiaJ
'teream ta' tte -taUd of jjonttntaj Wbeo'wfl
(Th CToijo 1 oHij).Tb : January
'Hterattire and ctetrce IsTeeelTe: .Tbe p4
-per oa CMUcaiiti, tee ilFIprentlueABj
.wv-'erer readV tliowlcv'aa-lt --doea fiiew
gii':;rtrt'eTtor "M'anrt'-ii
costs but $5 per year, and wlU -repay-the
Monet 0J(R3,rT& biueessor Issuing
money orders isxetingto be a large one)
anil it s one of the best features of ourpos-i
ItA system. tiPwriwt the wiei ending J)eci
19th there were, issued from -te' Colambas
Piffldelii money ordera,'iBOuntiQg' td
9i,7liSS.a 6nJbls subf the teti 'were but
fl&tfbv, Bl'b6t,wttmigly pay jtha
'amaii iee charged2 for an order Jor $5Q when
t Mkes a utf tbDgioo4heUKmey going
TowsaBTf 'Txtnm jIktiso. The
foUowing'oVderVe 11.i br.
TowusUiii trustees yesterday. directed
td;jac. IivtotsflWki8upehtiaoB;.of ifioid
District No. a-You . are hereby,
ordered bj the 'undersigned, Trustees:
repair, so much of the public road leading
frtrt'Xrm" cfeeli W th on
ihe QwusbiIhiaetweeTjiro andMonti
gomefyldwnsbtpjtfal riibsso'ilth 61 tbel
,rpa4 leading to what U known, as (he lower
'iarmjuaejalfr 2)T. Gray. , , .Signed. y the
.jCryjteees ajjiTaini .iTiKnTua sci j
ing materials and rfses at Wettwater'a.
iil-iK f j ilT '-'.'! 111 1 1 1 111 .Ai'. norfilV?
Bandall &Astoa have an extraordinary
and bfflJlariti" sCock bf "sfa'tuettes cliromoe
sterescopeB, Scotch goodai frobks, Ac, suit
bt for holiday 5re8enta.A nTe wftlie
ibJpMfto Vl4al la, any oir painttng vei
seen, though costing1 leas' than11 halt' as
much. The.dlspilyofLboliday books and
annuals, CraddB'l41ding;) blocks, cuu
nf gol';fens( abd .ptbe Jnert er'tbe
'JUnd.'U imense airf ntlseeiie' be
appreciated .'.Astoi eays -R; 14 'top. trouble to
aabow goodraDd-weay W$'itp trouble td
buy them, eitbe,,attie Iow rates they ask
4em t Haiti
fiacates bi incorporation 'were, flled With
the Secretary el State yestejday :
Of the Laborera'Savipsiand Building
tXoai (Association, organ bted ; for tbe-Tror-'oae
61, ral3itix funds to W loaned among
-its oiembeml Prmctpal. fflee In ToledoJ
Capital sUct3DQIOunsfiares 61H20O.
. Kebi-ateraMm, lutt Vdtf BteselfiftThlri
ieHowelVf ter LeubyWrn. W. Jones,
David P.Chambwiain knd Chas. E. Blireb
are tbe cprporaton.t...V'ia''' !
Of Kent, Baldwin fc Co, organized for
Ihflimrpftafl Ot Fahfatfirlng' wnnl ma-
hlafry0(!Jola offloe Iit-Miadjibf gh,:
summit county. .CapUal atock &Qx,000, in
shares, 4fc ($dQj Eeaeb. CXUaaJ Sank J. A,
Baldwin, M. A. Baldwin, B. H. Kent and
Melissa K KenVkrl tneWtWrttora.
r Tkaksfkbkko YsaTBRDAT. Tbefollow-
nrf transfers 6t real estate we"releft ftt' tbe
bJ&tyr't'bBfi yesterflayl "''XJ
.v IW3oodale' -execntoagi te ri Ci'TJamJ-
beU, July in, lniots mos. aniTJSJtn the
r 4 1SrW..Moorand:wlfe l JaneE. Max
' ineJd Cec.' Kth, lot No.'. 15 of tue sab diri
' teo of 'outiot Njtttor .tim'.'l'.a'ili:
'.r Henry t :W. Jobaaoaand wife ter Joshua
McD6nd?,or .7WL1, pcM Und.Jn
'WtWpSLiU and to jaBafeoni
"Dec. AotWo. 7of WV AVNeliVaeWnd
addition. tobi eUy Colnmbus, Jpr600.
0 James Dalzell ,'Mntf tiVe' td George' Earl
andWUlUmEwi, De 2Ut, , .6Ji acres pf
ianu tu juiiuia townsnip, loro.i3fi . 1
and Annie D. Mahety, Nov. 30th, 8 and
-29-100 aoreaof land in JNorwich township,
lor 6aj.7iaA4-.
tr V-L M i "
Ham Towna, Deo., I7th, InlPtrNo. 11 bt
TreVItt'i 'subdivuiPn , M 6. Airy addition
to the .city jot Ctlumpu,j6or 8113,
.Richard Pugb to isaUh Saowj-Oct. 28ti,
10 acres and 73' poles, pJJ land feasant
towhsbip, for c -.!'?.; Tt
1 ' 'J
GAI.OOT jEecpRDt-pThey galoot businessj
waspretty fair yesterday," and yet the
cases were all plain drunks. . 1Ymissthe'
regular- Monday morning 'petty 'larcenyj
chap, the fellow who makes love to the!
servant girl and uses his knowledge of the1
premises to "go through" the house while)
tea folks are at church. He; of whom the
poetipeak,'whenbeBayt:! 1 j ;1
' rHtookBnieBliml;Li
Ha took her kaad; be took a kin. .
09 took do notio of the ehjeme
.rrit ,at flowed 00 her prettj obetk attkii.
T He took tt'eomJiirafterBooMV"
He took an oath he'd ne'er deoelre ;
Be took bin maater'1 eilTer ipooni,
-T Vnd aftee that he took hit IsMre. Cf
xhla sort of chan was not before the
Mayor yesterdaybut Paddy Miles was.!
Paday Miles' boy was not with him. Pad J
dy: bad gothli keg ootfuU eafort.S
He war flfied- tland iS'osfti,' Which "be ' pald.j
Dennis, Grimes, .the pwn born natural,
brother of "Ptd Grlmefi" he that diod, was
on a drank and dtserderly spree. 'Not hav-!
Ing $8 be bammeretb.
Behj.'S. Hoffit was tbe peit victim bf a
Blabi drunk. ,.ile paid $3 and eoeU lor the 1
privilege of going borne to get a square
6ej Tucker," unjike hej.gTe'af panleit
the same name, never eotnes too late to get
hU'iupper. nor: his whUky either, if It
comet to that. For beltig drunk and diu-
oraenyne paiir5 and .coste. . These last
two galoots have found out that It costs
HMri fo'4:oar.auliidwalll Chair' aV a
Thomas Blcbarfson' got on a delicate
with benzine. He was as limp as a rag.
Be paid $3 and ccBtSTor bis headache.
Gbarles-Moran. was onlyttghtoaHy alight.
He didn't have faonex enough to get as
drunk as he wanted to be. He was fined
$1 and costs. In cieTault he bam mere th.
1 i xue largest ana nnest siock 01 gas
pftxttiree at lowest prices at WeitWater'a.
MTHatjagar!lteeat Cwcsai-The-TPti-
cert to be given ,by -this; great artist to
morrow nUht at the Opera Bouae, . Is the
seneation lor the holidays. such con
cert troupe baa ever visited purxlty.;; JJot
a same la pn ihe ; programme but ranks
among-tbe highest in the "art "of music-
First, ae-th Qrfenf 'Sdfr"r.I,re'TiaV be
peerless, matchless Fareniu..wbose blrdllke
voice haa .wvu ittom the . educated every
where the bhzhest'-eneomfums' then her
husband, Carl B6sai .whose "manipulations
of.h.,.Tiolln jarethe , yery witchery
orp music ; , then ; Brookhousa VBowIer,
the " greatest English '-' tenore; : tften
Ferrabti, the brilliant barj tone; Whose voice
now-'rtagjngttke an organ, now soft as a
whKs'per oi"love," W the very perlectlcn of
melody; then George Wl Cbtby, who; In our
udgment, equals Gottscbalk. on the piano,
and lastly' the greatest cornet player. In the
world, the king of the corneal J.:ivy,
whp has mastered every tone of bis Instru
ment a;no man . fcefore hlm ever-did,' the
BJOTIf brflllaht; tp8blescphcert; player pi
tbenrall.. Can audi k combItiitin'iU' to
give most Intense- pleastire toou inuak:
lpng citizens I. Wa tbrnk'flQC'Th6 sale
ot seats !:wlll be continued to-dav at Selt-
WniUste! atbreVH.:v'.'.;V';', n'-Tu1
Opera J3ousa WMvlullr tp: rep) et Ion last
plgbt tp wfthess the performanca adver
tised by the favorite! Columbus, Emer
aofAilB fc."Mannf ;MlMtrdr.jTie
tq'ukL- ol thUV ttoupe tHer Ik nU la t&e
Union. jThe sjnlnsqjwaa superb, the In
strumenjal parfe of tbffi berforoia1ce bril-
TO'ttdtW! eaymgir of thirno! mfa"
Manning's account fcf ' lili iCaJailtv.',
Bridget Pickles, the funniest thing we ever
itetenejljlo. iJJpbnnyA)h3na greai'ehatw-
ter act, Josepnus Orange Blossom, brought
the, boHse Billy Emernwrrln jiii 'songs
and dances, "took the br6bm., He suffered
'ovr encores, and even then the audience
Wert not'aatl'Bffedl The Trl'p t6:Parli,' and
'Obi Hush! ivere, too full.of fun. for comfort.
Tbe result of the visit of this1 troupe te
will be to taiaeUNfrlcebr battens. The
SiwerrTBodentBJJy-lnfc us that he
aWept.pr about t"twobu8ucl of buttons,
assorted si ej at the close Pf the' berfofm-
nce.11 Thla Is tbe last night of this intmlta-
Je. tdupp, . an4 Vi recommend them to all
artavlove a hearty laugh, kMj.toarl 6o
have the blues.-.;.
TSfi bUn$iiclrik. The attendance on
the fair now being held at Kauehton HaH.
ibrNi!beneflLbf Bt.f josepbV fcathidral,
jva? not very, largf.yas Is usual pn-tbe first
niKiii, ueiure peope get warmeo-nptP tneir
workv-The aispiay js we th Ink,"' handsomer
than that of last year, and the tables re
flect great cred it loivftie adie Vho ar
ranged them, and fairly glisten with bright
and, btautyul things suitable for Chriatmas
presents, and articles nseTnl and otnamen-
tal.Among the many things to be raffled for
Is a co w, bouse; and if housd aad iotTlie
hnpressrofttbat outSofd ' frlerfd hdrVw
tbe raffle lor-a iipuee and' lot donated by
him to St. JPsfeph's' Cathedral building, la
wrong and -tinjput; to WBK,jriie winner of
Itwiil have, a warrantee, deed (or 4t.Jrll;hin
t Ttejkty -tour Jioure of ibe lucky, day Jdr
saying this we bave-tbe highest authority.
The lateness of the hdurv and the crowded
state- of puxjoclumnsi ..prevents- as1 eay&fg
11 we want to in regara to tne iair, or
particularizing the beautiful arrangement
oXbtetabfnt There will be time enough
though for this befbre-it closes. We would
rgroU wbo wish te awtKelianffsome ed-
flw WjtidK tq"'ald .)prbilei4 iar j
is beld, to attend -andgive what they can
Vfws-tm W rim"1-Boots and slioetfare ex-
iSr)f 'jbw-a-rayexeept you biiy of
Cloud JOP4' therefore-' a' ytbrd or two 6f
ad vke jlnregardJo Jtheir jreseq?aUpn will '
uut w eiauwmw L uitl yiacc UO not ex
pose youy aboea or,. boot -to-xteme heat.
It dMrjl the TltalJty'Pt Itbleainer.'fcid
renders it liable to crack and' break, 3 This
la especially tbe case -with those made of
isdeoidedly .detrimental te leather.!. Tne
beat antf dampness caused by them destroy
the life of the leather Shoes oyer which
they areworn. Never nse blacking or
polisbrthat COJIpms'varnteTi; filanylpe
sonr ruin their sTiaeahy using cheap black
ing, of wbrfloIfn3 Srinclpal In
gredient. Vitriol f blacking tieatroySf .be
tfHln'tiiVttatner'lf used for any length of
rflolel, To obviate" this difflcu'lty, "shoes that
are-regnlarty pbHa&ea should 1e?washed
0AM Casoatlf with afsn.Water, and, when
hall dry, a coat proipHnd; tallow, applied.
Tey buld thep oaset aside lor day or
two ory,; Thus treated the upper leather
arill mntf vreolr nr hrpnlr. '
J r r-i Ttfi :t. E
Frenish China
own Importation, at
W nmtn'1.1
Thb Conductomh' KR(vrwitRnrmri0-iTifn
latareeiftlt 4n4b ebje5 4f VhV rofter
hpodPf iifjfpad,, Conductors, UWlj-or"-aaaiat4luaUyv
ia teadUv-mk amBl in
creasing. Inptd4itte,tae letterg pnb
xiautu il uieso cuuimua, from - railroad
JtPA,! ' AnAn,ipa4lni.'.fVr., .....
T7 -rr ,r T";"fL"" "UTFmbt'we
nave rcueiTeu luo loiiowinir : " J
11 o.i:fh vwwoMaKa, outer uonduetort bh
Gkntlfmicn The enclosed fcall for rnn.
ventipn) meets, with my approval. I.wUl
fender yon 'alt assistance in my power to
neip yuu aiuug iu iub enterprise
LrlZ-'ls u Yours respectfully, --il'Of
Asst. Superintendent.
MONDAY EVENING, Dec. 21st. 1868.
Council met pursuant to adjournment.
Present Messrs. Armstiong, Bergin, Ca
ren, Chadwlck, Comstock, Donaldson,
Frankel, Gibbons, Janney, Knopf, McAlis-
ter, McDonald, Keinhard, Ross, Wall and
President Nagh ten.' 1
l(ereslda aaftd thenoTTto frTer.
TbeCle"rk rea(Tuie proceedings 01 the
previous meeting, which were approved. ;
The City Civil Engineer made the fol
lowing report of estimates for work re
quired to be done:
For building a double carriage way, sln
ele span, iron bridge across the canal at
Friend street. $4,082 67. j
For building a double carriage way, sin
gle span, stone arch biidge across the ca
nal at Friend street, $4 440. 1
The above report, 011 motion of Mr. Boss,
was referred to a select committee of five,
consisting of Messrs. Naghten, Boss, Don
aldson, Beinberd and Bergin. j
Mr. Gibbons presented the petition of (?.
Em rich and 125 others, asking that proper
action be taken to divide tbe Sixth ward
and make therefrom two wards, because
of the great extent of territory and great
number of voters. j
The petition was referred to the standing
committee on Filth and Sixth Wards. ;
Mr. Gibbons, from committee on Ordin
ances, reported back the following ; 1
An ordinance to assess a special tax up
on the real estate bounding McKee allej
from Seven tn street to uieveiana avenue,
which was read a third time and passed, j
Mr. Donaldson, from the committee ap
pointed to visit certain Eastern cities and
examine the Holly Waterworks, mide a
report. It will appear to-morrow. The
Clerk was ordered to furnish each of the
papers in the city with a copy. I
Mr. Caren, from the select committee tq
whom was referred a petition to change
the name of North Public lane, report! 4
an ordinance changing the name of North
Public lane to Naghten street, which was
read a first and second time. j
Mr. Belnhard introduced an ordinance
making appropriations for purposes there-;
in named, which was read a first and sec
ond time.
Mr. Belnhard moved that the ordinance
be referred to a select committee of one.
Mr. Keinhard was appointed such commit-:
Mr. Janney, introduced an ordinance toi
assess a special tax upon tne real estate;
bounding East Public lane from Broad to
Vtjm4 vttlnk ab ... a fi re r .nil
second time.
On motion of Mr. Janney ,the rules were
suspended and tbe ordinance was read a!
third time and passed yeas 14-
Mr. McAlister presented an ordinance to'
assess a special tax upon the lots bounding,
the cast side of High street, from Noble
street to Strawberry alley, which was read.
a first and second time.
On motion of Mr. McAlister, tbe rules.
were suspended and the ordinance was.
read a third time and passet1 yeas 14. .
An ordinance to assess a special tax upon
the real estate from Oak 6treet to Wash
'ntpnavwuereaiscppdtjme. j
.Hatoogop orjiK Jiaieyf tffe rules were
suspended and the ordinance was read a
third time and passed yeas 14.
An ordinance to build a double row flag;
crossing across Center alley on the South'
side of Long street, was read a second
On motion of Mr. Bergin, the rules werei
suspentli and the -opdiaance was, ffad ai
thii(iandtsfi-,Ss 14V(,L.
An ordinance to assess a special tax up
on the real estate bounding East Public
lane from Broad to Friend street, was read
a cecond time.
On motion of Mr. Janney, the rules were'
suspended and the ordinance was read a
Aa oimaveeto--bT5ird-rtf6Trt)Te WwTBag
crossing across Center alley at the south
side of Spring street, was read a second
On motion of Mr. Berlin, the rules were
suspended and the ordinance was read a
third Mraeawi rmseedrT-veaa. Wax,, ,
air. rimiHei preeeiucu a similar re?oiu
r - ' --. f , . .. , ' .7 ' .
tion lor Hunting Third street, south ol
South Public lane, with eight gas posts and
lamps- Beferred to-comraittee on Gas and
Gas Lights. j
Messrs. Donaldson and Bergin were adi
ded to the committee on Gas and Gas
WT9 .If) VOdTi? .QITUHtJ
J-OTiafiaidaon 'intttxnioed ia-rslfi6n
directing the City Civil Engineer to pre-i
pare plat and estimate for building a thirty
nch brick sewer in Gay street from Fourth
to Fifth street. Passed, I
An ordinance to assess a cpecial tax upon
the real estate bounding on High street
from a point 125 feet south ot Friend street
to the south lineo -South Public lane, was
read a second time.
On motion ot Mr. Belnhard the rule
were suspended, and tbe ordinance read 4
third time and passed yeas 16.
An ordinance to assess a special tax nix
on the real estate bounding John street
iuiiik uunn Kiret-i
to 'rasblrfglpn
id timjs.
ii, theiruleswM-e
front (leviand avfnne
artmue, : Was read a second
HM tnonn of MA Caren
suspended and the ordinance was read
third time and passed yeas 16.
Mr. UiPDons presented a resolution di-j
reeling the committee on Gas and Gas
Lights to erect seven lamp posts on Mew
street tor the purpose of burning coal oili
Keterred to tne committee on lias and Ua$
Mr. McAlister introduced a resolution
directing the committee on Sewers and
Drainage to construct a droD at tbe south
east corner of Bicb and Seventh street.
Mr. Frankel introduced a resolution dl-t
recting the committee on Gas and Gas
Lights to have erected on South Public
lane tilteen lamp posts and lamps for burn
ing coal oil, lor the purpose of lightiug up1
said street. Beferred to committee on Gas
and Gas Lights.
Mr. Koss presented a resolution direct
ing the City Civil Engineer to nreoare a
plat and estimate for building a double
row flag stone pavement across Fair alley
upon tbe South side ot Chapel street.
Mr. McAlister Introduced the following:
which was adopted :
Besolved, That the City Clerk be In
structed to notify I. H. Marrow to return
forthwith to the office of tbe Chief EngH
neer of the Fire Department all vouchers
and papers in bis bands belonging to the
city 01 iwiumDus, and taicen ov him from
tbe office ol said Chief Engineer.
Mr. McAlister offered the folio win 2 res
olution :
Besolved, That the standing committee on
ways and Means be and they are h re by
Instructed to purchase for the use of the
city a lire proot iron sale, at a cost not to
exceed $500.
I Beferred to committee on Wars and:
Mr. Donaldson presented a resolution
directing the City Civil Engineer to pre
pare a plat and estimate tor grading and,
paving on Young street from Broad street
to State street. Passed.
Mr. Donaldson introduced a resolution:
directing the committee on Ways andj
Means to purchase two copies of Mitchell
New General Atlas lor the Ciy Clerk's
and Civil Engineer's office. Passed.
On motion, the Council adjourned.
Chbistmas Doings. Santa Clans' bead
quarters, kept by Lindemann & Con is as
lull of toys, candles and all sorts of Christ
mas doings, as a cat is of fleas. Talking of
fleas, it is worth ten cents to watch that
(Jus Stevenson. Fleas are tortoises com
pared with the way be gets round, selling
here a cocking horse, there a toy. cigar, to
this one a doll, and to that a set of furul
ture. Oo and see him for yourselves. We
can't begin to tell ot It.
Sherman Guabds Attention. There
will be a meeting of tbe Sherman Guards
at their armory on Wednesday evening,
Dec. 23d, when ' it Is hoped eyeryjncmbei'
tW Have you seen Humpty Dumpty t
They've got bim bad at Deacon' 'Dent's'.
Bakdall & Aston can frame yonr pic
tures before the rush comes. -' -j ' 1
W W b . ' ( I mwm . it z i affc
Gbahd Masqderadk Ball. Our citizens
will remen ber tbe Grand Masquerade Ball
to be given by the Excelsior String Band
on Christmas Night, and not fall to attend
Eeporta have been.-oircuhUed, by .Inters
ested parties that the - Ball Is to come oil
on Christmas Eve. This is not so Chris tJ
mas Night is the time. Tickets admitting
gentleman alaBles"! LW. r', SH'l .1 j
dec23-d4t. !
Becomstbcction has many votaries but
the riglt way to get re-constructed is to
o to Randall & Aston's. ' j
Grand Flao Prkskntation and Ball
fee Capital City ,'JGuards wfll JoeJ pre-j
sentedl wjtli la. handsome SUFlag, at ip
bos Hall, on Tuesday evening, Dec. 29th,!
by the ladies of Columbus. There will bet
a Grand Ball on tbe occasion, to which all!
are cbrdialty invito." A&mrsslon,' f L
dec 22-2t
But one of Randall & Alton's pictures.:
Iktemperamcb not only destroys the;
health of its vlcthnrr"but most generally1
tbe happiness and peace of his family. i
Therefore,; wives parentsv ehlldren and;
relatives, It yon know among you an un
fortunate loved one stricken down, and en-!
slaved by King Alcohol, the tell tyrant) 6se'
your utmost endeavors to reclaim bim. In
"Dr. Johnston's Specific" yon will find a
certain and reliable remedy for f bat borri-l
ble disease. Don't fail to give it a trial,
success is tbe reward.
Don't feel hard if you can't get proper
stiBatioif ktBbdaJl & Aston's, if you wait
till the last moment.
Immense Stock of Ladies' Fubs. Tbe
popular and xtensiYJhouse of Clark &
Farmer, No. 5 Neil House Block, presents
daily a scene ol bustle and activity, which
is )ftt rpsf abfet similar Bofiscsinn$e
tamb Htte oitrade lit thla -city. The efe-
gant sales rooms are always thronged with
cuitome8, who are. attracted, ,by the, huge
piles of fashion ame. ana atyusn lurs, man
ufactured from all kinds and grades of ma
terials, such as thefamous Hudson B ly
Sable, the pretty mink, the delicate Er
mine, the German Fitch, too rich Siberian
Squirrel, the elegant Grebe, tbe splendid
JTater MfnY; and tte;t)eautifnrblacliraTid
white Astracban. Children's and Misses'
setts. fiect'iKflueBVTr dollars, ,Fur Caps
and Gloves will also be found In prolusion,
toe-ether with a ma.niaoenaudn stylish i
stock of Men's Hatatne? HApaj ' Manufac
tured in tbe best manner and most fash
ionable styles, wrjlclejlopa mfijle this
great . Hat and Fur Emporium popular
with the neopje. Justpinerfavtlng Clark
& Farmer with their pa wiirg' haYe many
decided advantages in their favor, among
which i3 a wide range fprj eleetipu. Tbe
goods are all warranted, and from fifteen
to twenty-five per ceaL. is economized in
each purchase, as the articles sold are that
nmckjpheapjjr than at octempprary qstab-
lishments. dec22-dtt
Band all & AsTONnave 1000 new Stereo-
sc.pJc5V3ew m nr.
mm 'itoa
Fwa wusjba, eotda andr Xliroat dlsocdig,
nse "rotcn'aj.BrqncftiafTrocAe,'' having
proved their efficacy &y a" test of mauy years.
ii. r. : . . .... 4 lfc'.4.. m u.
prescrroed oy rrrysn-ians ana- Burgeons- m i
the army. Those exposed to Budden
changes, shppldjwjys bflisijppliij with '
" TheJTrochesun as they give prompt relipf-
Nda-iw-w-go7ti TsxnoU
Plahobbtti. sayrf-gloUliiclill & As
ton's and try me. dec22dt
LiELL'sv SAthbir. NoVpen for bysiers !
served np In. any style, and .otherrelresh
meat8at''74Norh Hlgk WeeLfli
dec22-doed3t Lafayette Lazell.
5slV(iSiiv -Jt .A sniiNaret SeadTaa siul
with the best assorted stock of articles
suit(iktalDi1it)UdarpreeosBAi .or.
WE7efiMir Bootsand SfOE'iEttch
andevery pair warranted perfect, to be "had
only at Cloiiifro&, newDeshler build-
All persons bavJngclaims against Olen-
tajgf J'aAsseoakltjrr-pre rejtested-ro
present them to meter payment.
dec21-3t 1 USyoififeljARP Nevins.
Bikk stock 1s"ruhiTug upkn'd" Binaair &
Aston's prfcfes' arejidtfttihgdwril ' JI
The CALiFpaNiAljfTjjEEjs i oot the best
in the market, is sold-only by Cloud & Co,
neesb1:ennlldlngi ' Spleiiard; 'im& for
railroad nieyn,i 1 """ tn,i 'i.ioiiut;iol )l
'6ysteVs at5?), 50!and 60ctser'lI3ff can,
and SO-raVpferyishiabze.'atHeebb
Besuuratt, Wet Broad street, Noi 13.; ;I
isjw you wisie toitraiu jifrurtiblldrpnln tbe
way they should, gOapny good books for
them at Randall & Aston's. . .
i:r-i -Aiaufo7 L e -.370 la7:oeT zmd !l
fSfWJVa may . Uujy..-citie,yfit, but you
suouia nos, pury yourcnuuref nopes oy
falling to call at Randall & Aston's to get a
present fbr them.
anal ni n iw-r
BsT, BAN-MApKAu; Booy, tqbe bad
only at Cloud Ss Go Jf new.Deshler build
IngMonVhalf tbrlces nsuaTl charged.
Tili-Vgfi-im-Twri .... , c:!;'j9i.ia8
Important.- The-final nctio. sajes of
LlneosandCBla-keta, iblele aa beear go
ing on for the past eight days at 85 Sonth
ter noon, at 'o'lopkand; jjn the evening at
7 o'clock. Great bargains will be given
let, ag "attniL J,'. Kejit AVauctn
eer. o; t, j. -.n vt-at e..'.. ?de21-!)tt'
n.. . 1 na , r,l t-i ' - -? i i , I-"; n ' . 1 i. -a
at Eamdall & !Atton'sTroB-,-"- .!?i.-;. m
r-rr. i j n .:
Trfil.AtA. .11 HA ' -i
flail & Aston's bondayJGdoas! : fjetectly
gpleadid !" KiqnWte f,&c.H
'-TeWeiry 'made''aud repaired byC'E;
Smith, '27 S. HigH Streefj oyer Bala's; store
nOV6d3m .-'r-7 w?' " :- ?. v.i -!!'l .7
.T)i '.J ' .n:" ' i i ;h 1 .r.:-o',
bct on SBoi .isqTT.s -
Ing new-and good -oodsVat old-fashioned
LOtffareapjgac)jrireg , nm(t .y, rnT. aaw
Desbler bulduig. North Higstreet is the !
Vlilj iai;o -. . . . ,
Xiiiid stock Joi gam-B at0EUndarkfc Ni
ton's. v9od lor olij jis veV.a-jroung peo
rasiA.jrabk etimatii.
DjfSPraiA.i'abk etemadb, cosUve bo.
els, coated tongue, dull and stupid eeling,
are tne nane oi tnousanus. tjatnaruc puis or i
drugs don't help lt-but rather make it worse.
What you neja IIupmucy's Homeo- I
fatbic Dyspepsia Fills. They tone uo the !
BtoWSA.lleveimi distress, and make you
AniPlt purging or pjiestntlnj:.
Price, six boxes for 1.2i Sojdbyjclealers,
or sent by mall. AddrsSHanipnrey'8
Specific IIomoeepaOIitftMaJlcrao Con 6C2
Broadway, N;,JA t.&T)XWm.
CoN8ipdN'iAfK be Aterted. Becent
discoveries have' demonstrated" the fact that
consumption 'cari'certainfy be a,verteI.!'-Af-Uf
4Very, 'remedyolT.'e; aivlajddicfi
failed 'to ward off j this terrible malady, it
was reserved for" Cloud Wife (hp new
Desblex building, Just above Broad wy'; to
present a certain specldc in the ,ebapQ of
neW anOnrsl-rate: boots' a'sttoaa'atiold
fashioned prices,' They-eej tbe.ljec.djy
and warm, and thus avert consumption.
5 J
WORTH OF' n 3 ""-.- it "'' ' '
B()()TS & 8HOE8!
a Btook of ner and
BQDftnor e-oodn. emhrAcin
KISSES' AND CHILDREN'S BOOTS ANIPHOEH, now offered foraale, and to ae elreed
treMrra.Bt.tkaetora.ln i)l'HLJ4ii.'.S NKW.iUJIL.Ult!U. Wakat enaaaof the onaaeaiid
outwitbeut reaarre.'st, tkt itorein
oompare tbem with tieje -uaoaliy oheped4-) , 7 i
oompare cutis with tb
J- 1 I 'A I T i
meafa Kip Boole,
3oola,atil Whole leather,.
Itoya Kip Baola, u
Tontha Kip Boots, -
Mea'i amir, Xnp-Soled Boot,
Womea'i Calt Shan, Bent,
VVooKii'i Beat Morocco Hhotp' f
LAdlea Doaibie Soled LnallBK Cowg;
IadIeado , 811k CSore, Tery Beat,
miMa' IHorocco Sheet, PolLab, - s .-,'
Child Morocco Shoes,
uuiiue uerocce aoen, -
$Tkaefooi raaranleodto leaf in pen or n
fitk any in he market, t ..('.
. e'i ,
'en i iorget au iDa,.saia ia pqeitirr.ivnn
id U fimlted
will ncrer t conr amn. Boiare and find I
DfcStiL.fcH.'S DbW liUlLiUmti,
opposite tbe
id, niDi
1 X!
num CTATrisMAiti
;2 is-Hl tlrioKOWIW- ?!:.B."-,Wif.1
J . S.W i.u'l' i -.i'u, . ,.,.
I -is :M t:-r:' -Jt' ni i ts-:--'5 ' ' ":aa:iJ
.:hat:a edT
loqi-a ad
5 xiix2xr'
ain io I
l jTAJ Qa i
Having greatly enlarged our;Prlnt!ng racllltles by She purchase of a complete new
outfit ot , m. . I
fcT;)i rat
n C'.'f Ki ol Jps!?no lotilawfcttA
lo siaoi inJ .11 4 tit
And the'addltion of
a- r .,irnenx fcia'Ia.j f-ne iq;a..?q Jtom i.(fj n
Bsiiii'i sa:luw -.'J V'b iJnJ;- etlj i.'ao
.iCenej-aHy conceded, ,9, b jhe fastest
? iTTrrTyrTntT rriT
ty x-rttef i? ijk a te-o' JsaJ
in conneciien -wiin ooBiAJjx a luff it r,r.iJ5 jon .presses, that ha vn'
proven ench noeeapes'ln oor otfiee; nd
nuuunw ii whtojui vnira w oiwreie,
Tn the Best, ana neatest Style ofTTffaft,'imd
uur laaii new rrewia., uur iiupruvtu xcmiuiiucai macniflery tne result Ol ne mge
nuitv and Inventive talents of the best mfnrfs of Ihh ao-s Knahlnn tn An wf nr -
$4 MLYeHEAfEl? RAXES tf aV ctbe flone in the bid style and with only the old.
facilities. Tbe Office is complete in all Its arrangements, and lean do -the work with"-: i
bns !ns3
S.' T"i-p
Legal Blanks;
. ,?lLlB31ii
Duninaee tir mri rs
i UU9II1C0O WfcAI uo. ,in
: colcrd:ahd FOSTER, printinq
iec'sBe x-'i'"' riM-s .h j!iil!iht ilo xat am X
,i.toit3i" ,ih oil I'HiU"
Ol.) K-f'OS ,T '
e o sri'nif-.rii . In tblspeclaltyw.
Seifl ,--:Ti.'i'r-'i-.'ai . - i.u .-'!
'',tinu'j -ii .-t't. iv' b - Le.jj".a
'30 htlA'il. ' Ccia. ' 't.I.'W I siu: jr.nr- a I .anaitnl .a Mi-m.lyaa I j
h - Having more Presses than' all Other? Printing
.JiiiUiOl m LAVi'j. 'v ,11L,. . --.Ji... - - , ,. i
i UmCCS m tne
erepV?to exaitjiklnSsof
iv: V- Hi ij2
tlooO. n aO
.,B CI T 1 i v .. AJJD
cm., y.o erfia Ht'.d e j . .-
. on L&a ,:.nil.uj J 1.
a. xjz-:s-
l r l
Nos.36,-' 38 and
w V ot
II CALLeVtoTHE Iff aemiFfCRltT
-wrmrv tbfnv in -the line of-MENH1. WOMEN'S..
.u.t .1 ...j . .. . , i .
S 4tO. Beenlar price $4.50
: , - --.3 :;
i r
. .. .oo
.f; ; X0,;
Oallers, LAO,
-W. u-d 1. l.ttK-
i-.l & '. . -Uv'- O . 1
e ,.;. . a.Ot
i-, " i
r material and werkmansMD. and will Iwar eempariioa
.. .- ' . ,. . ,i i
to bat a few weeks . Anothor taea epportaalv
d aoe (mere in hi ,dij nAtnre nnvinv... . j hi
hTAT8Mn Vrnoa. ii the plaea. Go and soa
-. trvv,
. ..- tm-,il7 ICS'1
ri i-td Lets
ei5 e';l .-1 iii
JOB '.vE R I NT IK G '
itji - .'.i till ' a1 ' ,b tis;. .:"" .oii ten. -ij I
mm .0.-
,c: U it'J 1 eI:.'l, .tj.tstjic er.i T-i'-i
1 liil--. II - ,i
AH ttffttl VI!i.i'.l ilt::?
A'-- .f i. 'nil .a vmti usi
t 1
I L4ia-; .:-'im.J hj
en; i-j ZJi:LvsdJ n..-ii-.l.
.Tirl it&Sxiil'.
.V4THUA .!
auoU ii J eii; io !;-.'
ffi .il A .SS.v.t fcaoo.'!
- -
l :"IJ -l J iJl If ..I .J i:wt; A
and Mcst-ADDrorcdbSlrlb
-I .1'-.
'-.IlHB Oi
New - Presses, Including i . iu-i
'Tia :
n -i o-T-n ; l . (.l.. i,ii 9.1 ,.!::, ii e. 1 1
.i re 1' -j 4ri."U':u TiaiD.'iu. d iurtl 1-.: 1
T-1-.fl fl : o-l 1--$ll- t,i.'u . -u-T il-.lU 1
.t-;;S Lr rvi'J
ndsi JXSpg Machine in the World.; ;i,r
T i it
I ni'rr
x v :ac a
.1 :t.
I '.
havJngVtbe. largest ' and . mostj.conuaodlousj
we - axe now prepared, .j ti ,.,;: -.uien erti
j S(Uhuyy 3 WOl In il :i,:i,.":a Toi ,5t;i'.1.
I i!s:!l 10 el- w la ea: -itdi. 1 d.'K-iH
I I-.'fJ 1T tlilM (IT ,1,1. ;ilJ".j!iU?tM Wt
.o-Mivr ..i .a
upon terms thaj cannot be cofapetea; with J
Bill tieadSj!
lis 3rf r tt"V-'.
7.j5ii i r--;
Lejtter: Heads.
ri -.il s - - - v . !i, l a
nil J.,OU
Circulars.' b' r ."'v i"T
Drug Labels,
7"t 6iJqol,A
... A
I trfo.' .-i -jn'l
j jf.-.r .'
':ua U?-id
lu aiBn oi'
V,' -il
i !d I.t
H rioa-a
' bslq -i A
irt.'J 1 .'.Of!.! i 7 ..H
ai.iT'? -I .1 .0
o i o Cl "3 o r ;
un nnaurnfisaed J '
.oiiio .. iniT.
., ..Ml -.i,.jir-,-ii: htetzs ..r,'.,.-. T
tltV XOm DmeQe
Printing, InAyIeolor,"at lower prices than;
""I'li . ..! ! A i
tA -oi; Ila J" 1-iaS '-J-'iiM Is. T - j
.ols .. ' .-oiia: I V.7 ,a:-.'J ;
'-ip Nbrth: mghStrt.'
Jiir -.J b.' lu
9iiJ Oji.uu jt hlq. --.i .
Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 21.
crOLD 135 bu vine. "r
-EXOHANUE Dull at l-sm-10 "dis-
eoant buying. ' if ' !C-ii .iiU 'i
MONJcyMarttet-rery close at icia
per cent, and bard to borrow;' "Good pa
per offered on the street at l2,fer
jenu per montlie t r., -r ., , j, r j,i , -, j r
New York Money Market—Dec. 21.
,MOKEY-Actlve at 7 oer centcurrenoT
' 7 per cent, coin for ball , loausi !aiui-ors
of.tber loekia tr n p of. green backa- caad
jorpe apprehension. , .. , . .T-.
STEStaXfi ffiMXTl1!,Ji;'X:aV'aheed
to lOeJicglOO'for prime 6(J dayillsand
IlpX tor short sigllt. This has bad' eflebt
on goui, wnrcn opened irreguiar.aodj.ua
settled at 13J j,butgDbs-jiieiuly sdyaoeed
toiaot; ciosni)?ai ltogOloo cash. Ooja
concinuea pieniy, y -;!
New York Money Market—Dec. 21. New York Stock Market—Dec. 21.
tive, and 4lits' better, . closing steady
with' large, bids ' on - bu vera' '. option. 4-
rVinrwnne nf 'Bl IAIitriWiiiC -An 'AO - injtf
110JS; do i54 IpejiaiOO; do.'65ip72l
lOTjIr-do' hew, fltlSlr doW
110; do'68 110&TI0s; 10-40's 105U.
scene ol tbe wildest excitement, the canto
of which Was; an i apnouncemehfcby ,th
treasurer i Ot . tner Jiiew lork (.entrtl
ia.ia-,card.beai5iog,U .datP.hrfikat
at a. meetinir ..of . the .vaircctcirs-ot
tbp.road .on , the 19th Inst a scrip divid
end ot SU per, cent was declared, ,a4so a caan
dlvidebd f 4 tM?r jceut- oavablo Ktbruarv
50th, on the old-etoek and oaisepasertfi
certiflcatesv 1 bcMpA. dividend is Issued to
e-Jchstoekholder irfbT nt evciaaara,
signed by the Pratdent'itnd Treasurer Kt
the' Cotbpany.vlt declares ,tbewner4enr
ti tied to 80 pericenu of. .the anwuut of tbe
rtoclr held by Mmrthat the same arridends
Shall ' hereafter ' be paid thereoA Hsljf-fl-ci&red
on ' the bid capltaLstock, Ua4, tbat
eectitioateB rmay boat the -eptkin.ao the
Company converted into, stock wheoe
the Compaby ha b "authorized to in
crease Its capital W an amount sufficient
lor-flcMotulvcEsiotMl J Hlf i.xtrj
This dividend was-aa-astonndingsurprise
not out tea, majority etf tbeasook opera
tors at the Ezchangerbut to many who
weroanniMinert 4n sliarn the conlidenne of
b controH'tngWnefs Of Vfrip roa4.""9cbfe
business, oh Saturday thev kaew the dirl-
fdehd-was to be declared! and, it ie reborted,
Uhe truth ofwbicb v' aanpt'.y)iob Vt,
iimt a meeung oi uio .weot.ora wanaoeiti
late Saturday-night at-the.bouaejbf otiaof
their-nnmber, ahii'tliat evwytUtngbsa-iioen
prepared forr'thfe. Immediate .coi laummatlop.
of the scheme, and that the .businesawaa
hastily Sclosed. jjiisoti A e,ir.s
Various other rumors;! air grades' ojf
probability rare. current, among ibem one
to tne euect that recently tnerobas been
perfect- understandinsr-betweebf-tbif EHe
j)arty;$hdv.Yandfibllt party i that.tbeiEfte
is sustained Dy tne tact teat, oro iters p tae
flfm first nam1 'were conspksuoBS'bnr.-
chasere of the JSew'York Cerittklro'urrug
the past week. A-arao. puTObrol iiw
certiticates were Issued this -morning at the
ottice ot the Knkia Trust Coinpany, hoideVs
nt atmr ahnulnM A '.In.l ru TAlMsin
the same before any legal proeeeataga oan
be instituted to prevent the Issue, as it "h A
been' so ofKn reported that tbisdryidend
waasoontorwBdeclacedj.ana so bTten de
ft would ultimately be donVJiad become
Indifferent io reDOTt. afiQrefrarded it sim-
jply as one of the. means flsed to frighten
tptcu)a,tlve selltrs into coverlng.'iXhj cor
oi yunce is iuai u ip-cji's iiuiuutsr nave puSB.
eotrfipped, a6d muit sustain heavy lbsses'4
tions wen
L'liestsales H lBoW ICtS.aDdsiibs
of.stock was "as tonowsj'; AJtef ffrst open.
Jxiard, ; before t e'gular- :,boa:o . -the "price
-HiiL'n t'A 1.1f;t' hnr allhei rtlidhlfv Mr'n.nul
tcrl51." The yoecline"; rom tbeopening
was die' to, reboots: that :gal''.pro'ceedlria8
were to be lnstitatedlaid , a .CrDBDtct ol a
Judgft-Barnard: to-day iisSUcd an; order
upon,, the application oi. Isaac jh oeDKB,
retuiablA.D.eQ'-20.tb, dttn.,tke bfllceri
of . the Central to sno w ciisa whv tbe coni-
ia'ny,8Tiould,not oe j-estrai'ried frtWsulojf
no.l, IAol.io n fts Kan 'tdlAnlil.thda
millinns nf rnr1r.' -.'FliA rtiuipr hllft nnr.!vu
6weyerv.,'bi5ejvi;! jseryt Itn corr'e'spotidA
wiLu.juiuiex ane.aay u is taiu, p vunr
IraT ' rjimrinnv In finr1 ti1 at.rliVLl V . nhairil
Jioth. , Between, twelve, and iourteen mll
lons of stockibav-e already beeapriseoted
to the Union Truss, Company,. aQd.'new. S
per oentt.cerunLatesssneaon tne same.,.
,i,i The sudden rise in Centrat.caiised a flrinr
Lness in ithe balance.6f .the listj chiefly iy
;stfmula4Pg V, purchiseraV to, 'jcof) jPrt"
vibus, speculative,aiea. .The "JargeBt daj-
ii K ncxii io incrai, were: in xori.uweeiecii,
J.tock , Island,. Michigan ouern.lind-St.
Paul! all .of whli'h arl vanrfiil - f'aplrTft Mail
buoyant at tbe clotacet ilwd jtf
.strong onaxewioa, yenu-ajanifocJiAaj"
.'States ,ita4G; 'ilerehantii
, aosiM'
Jfaoino JttaU l'85Uii;Vv estern.Unlon
Teleerank ;
Jjrio -Ss; Reading , 98Ss5;
OBtral'i24li6ii;, iliohigtui -.Squtiiwii
burgb.. 1MX( iTaedorSWSrioclc
Island , lL23?kl cu-Uiwestew.TSJia
'78; C.X!. oi X. C. 'ViWilV'n iadi
U6.67 qrt.TVayneT,llJi(glUW;
isassioot2S3iC(a3ul'. ''alicbJ-au
New York Market—Dec. 21.
"''OtTOlJ-'cried flhn 811(1 closed 35tftt
and shade b'weri. sales 1.500 pales atr253iiS
23e formiddllig tprandaT'vl. .f3 7
-.-iLOUB Closed doll and
. jower.
' WHEAT-Duil and deeHnlal'forspririi,
and ouiet' and. stedy!:for'-Wrrte!rlfoJ2
uAtp-Liu'i. "ria i"eaTy f v '
store; an'd; T??? JWeFe.f
""waa vuiaQd neayy'at l votj
'Tof.oid mtxed'western In. store ''andTi
and esciat .00 for. newWrked WeBtetrf.-
EaG37Steadyat3939c: 3i 30,1
,'POBJ- aceaoy:i6alest miWTWsr atarjO
redlararid''fS iorrbrbS'ry'deyyery.
CUT'Jlf EXTSrririll antf Sncnangea:1
SApCvQai'ertBd steady:'
Buffalo Market—Dec. 21.
"' 1:1
1 POBk3a'leskt-l27ifofneavy. -n,J,.V"1
Ug"-:1,61.. .. . .TCt
;,tna--T.j. "! i. luin.uiiiin . i-H ojja
ls.new.jtapa.bnoa eeUDiismnuuVw
then aeWtiDBehJeri building, rNoijtho lligh
stre3'I,Flrst-clBas0'febod8'l at1 OH-lftae
TWBNT yE'fJEKT:' -ClAjfiK,' Tl ' JC
CHKAPgeT, 'to CA8n, BuTEJia Djourlng
the nxt thirty day as I will make to oMer, .
Soils? Oveioatft-Trowsers snd otber'garr
LmsnjSe" twenty 'fity&.cbeaper AatK; oity otAar
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bilious disorders' from tha mUdeat attack
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best medicine tbat-tean be' administered.
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