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COLUMBUS. n OHIOt ,( . (
News and Otherwise.
Goxd closed in New lork Yesterday as.
Hi-fi i i.i ;.,'"'' " "' " '
Twt.'wan . dogs : ar Thnrlow Vera
P,p . . . - - - w
v, - '' tan TIP Y.YTi
empty. ?j-:ur s'j.n-f-a vin,-:.'i
Niwschooitulldlhgtr toUtxecteiJjD,
Delaware, j
Tit baptist Churcb, W BeUefoatalis.,
bae a new beir. . . ;J!;,;j('
Tjaai are fco Velocipede tnanuiactorlea
In Newark. NjJ.';.;; -J,ai
At Porlsmpitn, Va4' oyrtera aell t 35.;.
cents bosheL;- : ..........
SaBASBoTOlIedof start-Oipn
TaieoaBaturaky.,,...,, ..ae.)r!, .. .. '
CtensAUZAicoii grows in fayor with
publican polttienil ft
Tm Sherilt ot bocon county bM i.b--'
cMided with- 10UX-
MiioYcLi rftpftees to bare a Life Inr
nranee Company of itaown." i
cTn bine dres coat, with brass buttons,
trill probably eome in fashion soon,' V , ,
'fliaiaTBiicM'a nouae, near HunUvllle,';
1 fan county; was destroyed by Are en ithe
ur. : ..v- .iiu j.c,5i
,A " t'ivl a.i-0. oil ?j;t
. 7IBiK!i3iri"OTJKG got drunk and Iroae to
death In Grosse Potet Michigan, on the
16th. i'!','- .-of
Esxxoirr butchers' glVe away ; mnttott-!
and sell beel steak'. ; at "eljjht, , cento per
f'.'r: ,;. - e-.-.-M.,
rfAtucA tEOBA sang nratnKiy on Aioiv
4ar nlgbTto large and brilliant audience
In IaytoBAV w H
Jl "Qiirrtcaiui has recoTered 1.000 dam
aireci' sr breach of "nromtse case, in an
" Josjitu, ptriiA,"of Hadsom JlewiYorit,
Is aaW to be the .Sshampion eater" li the
United SUteft.-,';:;.,-::.''!
;Vt,:4tk"tn' the Union Paeifie railroad
banns one maa week en ao aTerago.
. Thi eatiinated yalue of the mineral pre-i
ducU of Great Britain and Ireland for 1SC71
Was $217,000,000 a .!tJi u j'.'''i::,t
Mas. Wk. HMtamGTOK and dauzhter, of
Washington :townihlp, Stork copty, be
caine Insane last week.; .'".t,.-j ..r
The son of aa EnjtlUh. Archdeacon, the
other day, told a story,, and then,' baying
ben, lounfi touti shot himself, !: f j . , , f,
Bublaks ? Dotify ' people in Cleveland
that they Intend to robthem;'and then do
it Pleasant place, CaftTeland Uoy:r
Thk dwelling of MrT Keeper, three miles
north of Winchester, Guernsey cpuotj,
was destroyed by fire on the 12th; ,f
BipitMiN Fbanllxn, who rose to great
fame as a philosopher and gtatesmaa, was
at one time a tramping jour printer. ; ' "
The blast furnace of JamesWard Co
at Klles, Trumbull eonnty, after thorough
reconstrnition, bas resumed operations..
Th Shelby County Democrat is pleased
to learu that Judge Banney will hot reluse
the' Democratic nomination for Governor.
( - - !.:-. ,. j J i t ii ii'u j i
Cot. Bamskt delivered a kcture on
" Poetry!: at idney,- on Tuesday week.
The Democrat praises", It ini the "highest
terms. . y uict : s
Tbkbk is" a' declining tendency In Gdf
ernmeui Bonds. .Before the election,-we
were assured that the reverse would be the
case 1( the Republicans were successful.
i ' s i I ' ' - " TT
So Badlckl' presses protest that they
are alarmed .at the- Impunity with which
crime walks abroad-,-even at noonday.
,Why should they T It is a legacy of the
war.;';' ' ' .- ' . ' . ..ii
Thb Nattonal intelligencer 'will have it
that the real amount of the Public Debt Is '
lour .thousand; million dollars., 1 It is not '
- that bow, it will be before long, at the rate
: a ai e tunning in debt. - i ." j j
-: A widTta in OiBmber's Journal seeks to
; reconcile people to cartkqualu-a by the aa- 1
enrauce, that they are necessary to the
continued 'habitabliity of the globe. "We
don't ant any in this locality. -. -r '
. ,1 is stated that there is more anxiety on ,
' the partof CoBgresmen to get on the Pa-'
eiflc Ballroad. -Committee than upon any
..other ommtttee. That is because this com-'
jattfee promises more stealings than any
''otheirv.; ' V'J bnr - ; ,
Mas. Jchw Comcajt, who resided in the
' Vicinity bf Bock Mill, kbout six miles west
- of Lancaster, came to her death last, week
by the explosion of an ordinary coal oil, -I
lamp, which she held in her band at the
-'tine of the explosion.
-f'CLiTB LcoaK, at her recent - lecture in .
-Sew York chy,. was dressed in blue velvet,
"with a long and graceful trail Pompadour .
corsage, and - had; a coiffure a la Eugenie. '
- Ber ornaments consisted of a necklace, ear- -"-lngs
and a brooch, all coral. ' " T
j Hz. -i .- ' ' - -; n ' - ' , -(
Zj.Bxsvn.LK lire .s proof Zanesville
ZanesviQeTtltit pats in a claim for the lo-.
tr cation, pf the. Central Lunatic Asylum
thereat, because It has Water .Works has
:" just bad another tire and allowed a two .
"stbfy brick building to burn up. This be-'
Lr.evmi on Sunday morniDg, and the build-1
f '. lngbeloBged to Judge Ham, ot Cincinnati .
i Truly, the Water Works ol Zanesville are '
; wonderfuLr:':": 'V::z: ',. " :; j t
Tax Washington correspondent of the
Cincinnati G autte, writing on the Indian
question, writes j "TSo letters which have
.r appeared upon this subject have attracted
Such general attention in Washington, as
itbsa lehly puhllahedia th$ jGazette, from
Hon. George . W.j Manypenny. They have
- been bailed with "the liveliest . satisfaction
by all who desire to aid in uncovering and
..wiping.away the'. disgrace which has so
' long attached to the nation in its treatment
fI,thelndlanV5vV 3fiu V:?,f,J 1
Domb Piatt writes hla disgust of the
' Congressional eulogies pronounced upon
' Tbaddeos Stevens. :They were "slcken
: lnc," and would have caused old Thad. to .
- grin bad' be been present. Says Donn:
...'Take, these eulogies and make np lrom
them, if yon can, the real lite of Thad.
' Stevens as be hobbled into the House from
a night of cards, and .hour alter , hour
. - frightened . and . coaxed, and bullied and
controlled (be members, , and controlled .
them along the path of humanity. H i
acts AT ere grand, but bis ordinary -lite was
sot grand, nor even' good." k !!.-
U'-i's '"t!!" l t" --n -!iii!-,(,' I''
The Chicago ; Tribune (Radical manl-i
feats strong Indignation because tbo Morei
head, Tariff bill ,' iboal ,tp, fcejrushed '
titMnih finnaress " DT the renresentatlves
of special Intoresis,'' aided hy the bulk of
1 the Southern carpet-baggers."" 1 declaret
It to be "a diabolical outrage on thirty
-. BtlUtonao ipJ" ,.J'Jt.-."oi.g as.these'
thirty fBllliona of people" shall send to'
Congress Republican politician to repre
sent them therein, they must expect, as an
inevitable consequence, these "diabolical
News and Otherwise. Col. H. B. Wilson's Book.
One of the most readable, Ihterestlug and
Valuable books ttfaHia israed from tha
; ress for a long time, has recently been
published by-the-nterprtatng houseef.J.
B. Lir-PlNCOTT & Co, of Philadelphia.
It ia entitled the "American Juror"; be
hig riV guide for jurymen throughout th
bontalnioK rules for testing the credibil
ity of witnesses, and welghlBjc and atluaa-
forensic Reason Id k for juror. '- .' ' y
,Tbe author of this hook CoL J. B. Wn,-
w avauviia. ui ....iiuiiu iim nu iiik
wur7r"V,Dreaa oy v,ncitins oil raoic-
lln coobtyiwlth -peculiar pleasure and in-
fterast. fi i,.;iu- rwi; -.tr.R ,.
W have examined the book with milch
u.h w m .waiuycu mill (im
-""j iranai, aim uinu is nests a
universal want in this country there1 can
benodJUo$.:'-!'- m-.-it ww.' Wt-J'-i
. I The book notonlv enntalna i inin nl val.
liable InstPuotion; but the text Is illustrated
With numerous narratives of the most in-
tereBtinc and thrilling trials that have ever
token place, and the book is thereby ren
dered so readable and Interesting that it
must, ini oar ludgment meet with as large
a sale as any work that baa recently issued
from the press. "' t ' u " j-
I Indeed we So not see how ady elt aen can
afford" to- be3 wlthotrt' this ' b6ok,'-, and'it
should be placed In the hands of every boy
in the land 1 i - r r"' "
the work is liot only valuable to- jury.
Died, but it will alto be lonnfl ot great as.
slstance to the, practicing' lawyer. -! Be-
aides, it embodies a system bl right reason
that can hardly tail to make it of great
practical value to business men; " "' J J
.'It Is a matter of wonder that such a work
has not been written before this.'' By the
provisions bf the Constitution almost eve-
ry citizen is ellzlbie to serve hpon a; jory'j
and.lt cannot be denied that the Ignorance
of jurymen, in the discharge1 ot their duties,
haabesn proverbial, it Is, thcrtore,reinark-
able hat a work adapted to the instruction
of jurymen, throughout the United States;
has hot been
written until bur. Govern
ment has existed for
three-quarters' of a
Colonel Wilson has had the good sense
not, only to make tne rooa instructive ana
Ipteresting, but he has condensed his mat-
ter so as to make the work small and cheap,
thereby bringing it within the reach of
every citizen, ,, ."..'"
'The publishers have spared no palhs in
'he mechanical excution of the work, and
have issued it in a very, neat duodecimo
',We predict that the book will meet with
a very large circulation : and ' that it will
furnish the entertainment with which Tnany
a long winter evening will be whlled away
In a large number of the families of our
land. .'
" , The "narratives of the trials of Wnd.PKNN,
the Quaker, Richard Baxter, the celebrated
preacher, and numerous others, Contained
in the. appendix, are as interesting as
hoveland are themselves, worth the price
of the book. '.'.. . , '.-,"
Jeff. Davis' Trial will be "But a
Mockery of Justice and a Useless
' Speaking of the proposition to . pardon
Jaw. Davis, the Cleveland Leader says i
Vlt bas become painfull v evident that
Mr. Davis will never be convicted, and that
the continuation of his trial will be but a
mockery -of justice; and a useless expense."'
And why has he hot been tried ? ' He was
in prison lor over two years, and ha been
a prisoner on ball for the same length of
tiroes -His counsel, over and over again,
nave endeavored to get the Court to try
htm; but has never succeeded.' - The 14th
A mend men t to the , Constitntion-rwbich,
by-tbe-byerbas. never been ratified is
said, by counsel learned In law, has already
punished him, and that no new. punish
ment can be inflicted, and Chief Jnstlee
Chasb bas held that the point ot law was
well taken, and that the prisoner must go
forth, acquit of crime and ! acquit of pon-
lehmcnt, save the light ene which prevents
him from holding office. " And had It not
been that Judge Ukdkbwooo diflered with
the Chief Justice, Jeff. Davis, the great
head and front of the secesh movement.
would have been ' relieved ol bis- bonds,
Without trial, and with none to make him
afraid. The case goes to the Supreme Court,
where, without doubt, the decision of Chiel
Justice Chasb will be sustained, and thus
Jeff. Da vie' will be released.-';;
We trust he will hot be pardoned. Ever
since' he Was captured and 'imprisoned
we have urged that he be brought to trial
and, if convicted, that be will receive the
punishment the law inflects. While we
urged this, we, at the same time, expressed
the opinon that he never would be tried I
that Judge Chase would never consent to
his being tried, 'that some device would be
hatched up by the Badical leaders to pre
vent it, and in this,' we are sorry to say, the
action ot the Radicals have proven that
we were correct in our estimate or
their, coudact. .Now they are anxious
fiat President Johssou pardon bim, that -thus,
without further trouble,' they may
get rid of the elephant on their hands.
We trust the President will not gratify
them. Davis is in the bands ot the Court
let the Judges, sworn to do' Justice, dis
pose of him, without Executive interposi
tion, as to them may seem right and
proper. So far, the attempt to try him has
been "but a mockery and a useless ex
pense." ,:; T;--'- '
Soldiers and Shoulder Straps.
The Chieagd Pt,; Badical, speaking Of
the Army reunion in that city says: ,:
"We re not sure that we have seen a
man of less rank than Brigadier General,
in the last three days. Our eyes have been
longing for a sight of a private soldier a
volunteer id either' one of the lour great
armies whose reunion and celebration in
this city are hardly ended yet. " . ;
The private soldiers who did the fight
ing, while the Brigadiers drew the pay and
got the honor, are never seen at the grand
army reunions where men meet to glorlfiy
each other.-- The men that carried the
musket, gives place on the Tickets of the
Radical party, to the men that carried the
shoulders straps... The private, promised
his miserable pay of tbelreteen dollars
per month in gold, receives it in depre
ciated . rags the bondholder who loaned
greenbacks to the Government, at a
high rate of interest, conditioned that he
was to be paid in the same kind ot cur
rency he loaned, Is to get his pay In gold
It is no repudiation in Radical eyes for the
Government to swindle the private soldier,
but in the eyes of Radicals it is rank, repu
diation, to refuse to give the bondholders
ne-thlrd more than their contract called
for.' And not a Radical shoulder-strap ad
vocates justice to the soldier not one but
advocates injusUce to the country for the
bondholders. .,., !. .- ' ' .
The men who bore the musket in this
city are Democrats the men who bore the
shoulder-straps are Radicals.
The same thing, doubtless, exists else
where, and that is one reason why the Post
could see no. soldiers at the Army Reunion
In Chicago. '. ;
,' Th Detroit Free Press denies that Sena
tor Chandler has an excessive regard for
the ''wine cup." It 'says that "he prefers
whisky iii ts natural state." '
Ok Sunday morning, the. walls ot a por
tion of John M. Hughes' brewery, Cleve
land, caved in, causing damage to the
amount of about $15,000.
Soldiers and Shoulder Straps. LATEST BY TELEGRAPH.
Affairs of Arkansas.
ThffTrlbnm WasMagtewaispateksays
uenerai urant nas ordered ueneral - Ban
cock to visit Arkansas and inquire into the
eandition.of aflaiip in that. State, and to
report at once to headquarters. The reports
received ttrrongrt, -rebel sourc s -represent
mac ineoiore people are tn aggressors.
General Qrant desirea to be fully informed
oa (lit subject by a trustworthy berson be
fcMlj takes action. s I s : i i f i
Pacific Railroad Committee.
' The Herald savs there is more anxietv
to get upon the Pacific Railroad committee
or congressmen than upon any others. ,ri
Court of Claims.
are at least one -lore
the Court of Claims, inselvlng several
Bullions of dollars, on account of cottont
alleged to. save-been illaally seized or
uestroyecfcy United States officers. fS
. I The Treasury Department bas employed
i.wBM.i iycciaujr i protect i ioten.
Toe Court adjonrasd un till
Railroad Convention.
! At the recent convention of leading: rail
roads here, arrangements were perfected
for a more prompt transmission of freight
lrom this city to the West. Freight cars
lUgo through buk.
New Tariff Bill.
I -A new tariff will
be put into effect Jan
Transfer of an Island.
Mayor McMJchael. of PhlladelDhia. nr
eorapanled by several members of the City
Council, arrived last even in sr. This morn
ing he delivered over to the Government
authorities the deed and papers for the
conveyance or the League inland to the
ITnlforl Ktofoa k - - -'
United States.
Revenue Appointment.
' 'Commissioner Rollins to-day -appointed,
and Secretary McCnlloch confirmed, Julius
u. isurrougns, ol Kalamazoo, Michigan, t
Supervisor, for Michigan and Wisconsin,
This completes the list of supervisors au-
irronzea dv law. tne entire number.
twenty-five, having been appointed and
oonnrmeu. - -: o,-,i . -... .-.
Revenue Appointment. Personal.
1 Secretary Seward leaves here to-morrow
lor AUDurn, mew lorlc, to spend the holi
days.. The French and English Ministers
accompany him, having accepted an .in
vitation to become his guests during the
uonaays. t f o
Chief Justice Chaser with hlstamTlv:
leave also on to-morrow evening for Rhode
isianas, wnere tney will be ruests omen
ator Spraame. at Narraeansett. until after
new ion;
Alabama Negotiations.
It is certain th within the nftRh fnv
days there bas 6een renewed activity in the
Alabama negotiations, and aside from the
very long dispatches which . have nassed
Detween tne untisn Minister and his uov
em men t, Secretary Seward bas been in
coramBnication with Reverdy Johnson.
Ofncials about' the State Deparment are
again confident that a protocol will be
agreea npon.-' ' . -
The Turf.
MOBILE, Dec. 21.
The first race to-day, two mile heats, for
$300. was won by Fannie Caeatham time
3:6Sii; 3:47$i; 3:o7. The second race.
mile beats,- tor $2(KJ. was won by Bettie
Bay time 1:49; 1:49. The fourth race.
mile beats, lor S JW, was won by Whitsen.
hunt time 1:54;
A County Seat Difficulty.
CHICAGO, Dec 22.
Dnpaze conntv. In this State, has lone
Deen tne scene ot an internal conflict In
regard to the location of the county seat.
There are two contestants for the .honor
and profits, Napervllle and Wheaton. The
former bas heretofore bad nine. points of
tne law in its laror.. not so now. The
Inhabitants of Wheaton formed themselves
into a vigilance committee and -on Sunday
last went over to Napervllle and captured
all the county records, and have them now
under guard at Wheaton.', This ia but the
beginning of the end. ,'.... . 4
CHICAGO, Dec 22. Billiards.
In the gam'e ot billiards last nizht for
the championship of llHnofcrVermillion
beat Bhines2SIn a game of 1500 points.
Subscription Repudiated.
ST. PAUL, MINN., Dec. 22.
The Board of Directors of the Chamber of
Commerce last evening passed a resolution
repudiating their subscription to the Mis
sissippi Valley National Telegraph Com-
any, on tne grouna oi misrepresentation,
'his Company, which is now about on its
laat leirs. Is now demanding higher assess-.
ments than their called for.
Distress in Buffalo.
BUFFALO, Dec. 22.
Great distress exists among: the canal
drivers and poor persons temporarily stop
ping in tnis i lry. ine foiice justice daily
commits numbers nt them as vagrants to
the work house, at their own solicitation
most instances. ,
Policeman Shot.
BOSTON, Dec. 22.
A policeman of1 Maiden, a highly res
pected citizen, was shot dead, at three j
o'clock this morning, near the depot. He
hailed two vounir men who had been ob
served hanging about the depot during the
night, wnen oneoi tnem snot mm tnrougn
the heart and both fled. There is great
excitement in Maiden over this.
Circular from the Seymour Vigilance
A circular, purporting to emanate from
the Seymour Vigilance Committee, states
that the Committee hav been informed
that certain parties in and about Seymour
have been making threats against the Reg
ulators, and that if these threats are- car
ried into execution the parties in question
may expect to be summarily dealt with,
but if they conduct themselves civil
ly toward .the Regulators, they will per
mit the warned parties to live at their
homes, and will protect them. - i
Messrs. Tucker & Co., extensive bankers
and stock brokers, failed to-day. It is be
lieved that they will soon be able to extri
cate themselves from their unpleasant pof
sition. --- - - !
The Bridge the Mississippi
CHICAGO, Dec. 22.
The new bridge spanning the Mississippi
river, between Dunleitb and. Dubuque, was
completed yesterday, and its strength thor
oughly tested to-day.
The bridae is pronounced a success. Its
entire length is 1,760 feet, consisting of four
nana of 225 feet each, two OI 25U leet eacD
and the draw 300 leet long. The bridge is
composed of iron and masonry, and cost,
witn tne approacnes, nine nunorea wou
sand dollars. I
A special from Prairie du Chien, Wis.,
says that a sleigh load of passengers In
crossing the Mississippi river, at. that
Dlace. on the ice, broke through. ,A11 the
passengers were saved, except a child
about three years rid, whioh froze to death
Tho horses were drowned. i
Suit for Libel.
The suit of Mrs. O. B. Wllkins against
tne Chicago xrioune, lor iiDei, was com
menced in the Circuit Court this morning.
Loss at Fort Snelling.
The loss by fire at Fort Snelling is stated
be about $15,000.
Dangerously Ill.
Gustave Fisher, the newly elected Sheriff
ol thia county, is lying dangerously in,
with scarcely a hope ot bis recovery.
Postoffice Robbery.
The postotnee at &outn Mountain was
broken open last night and some three
hundred letters rifled ot their money eon
tents. Other valuables were not disturbed.
It is supposed -the robbers - got from
Seventy-live to one hundred dollars. '
John Fickler was run over and killed by
train on the Ohio & Mississippi road,
near the depot, at ten o'clock this morning.
Verdict for the Government.
Tho inrv in the United States Court,
Southern District of Ohio, Judge Leavitt
presiding, to-day gave a verdict ior tne
Government against three lots of whisky.
First, Twenty barrels claimed by Charles
Stevens, New Richmond, Ohio; second,
three hundred and fifty-nine barrels of
whisky, with distillery, rectifying bouse
fixtures, claimant same as above; third,
twenty-six barrels of whisky and other1
bv Wmii McMurchyJI
property, claimed
New Richmond, Ohio.
each case moved for
James L. Worthingtoi
Agent, was informant. The value of the
property Is sixty. five thousand dollars.
a new trial.
The defendants in
n iat T?PAnnl
Woman's Suffrage Convention.
CONCORD, N. H., Dec. 22.
A'Tvmafi's SuTageQfawJrtibril.wbrcJi
A Wbtnati's Sirfitage Cdntorftibri.,wbrcll
Is to continue lor twodava. commenced its
eeAlotr atr EifrmTlhlr muiaisg.
aoenoance was not large.
ALBANY, Dec. 22.
ivernOrrSFehtoB anoftirfcl I ti-fTW
reeman J. Fithian, or NwTrorlr TJIty.-no
fid the vacancy in the Superior Court, oc
casioned by the death of -Anthony L. Robertson.
East River Bridge.
NEW YORK, Dec. 22.
i Common Or rrclr Jasr
'eveiiih? voted to subscribe 1 3,000 060 to'ai
jin buildings bridge across East river, such
sum to be paid In installments after $2.
000,000 have been subscribed by other par-
-i ,wi ri -Tl iV rj-r,,f;rfn
Arrested for Embezzlement.
Geci.. beLanjr Jm. elerk m tae-Ne w Ybtk
poitoffice, was yesterday arrested for em
bezzling a valuable box lrom the niail-, and
; neiu ior trial in ceiaui(o a,000bau.,
Examination for Smuggling.
j Slgismund Guiterman and Simon Gutter
man, importers, in Read-street, were yes
terday held for examination by Commis
sioner Betts, upon the charge of delraud
ing the Government out of many thousands
ot dollars by means-of smuggling silks,
shawls and other: valuable articles. - The
examination of the matter will take place
vu uexb.
Indian Affairs.
; ThenTlmes saysot the Sheridan troubles
that the policy now determined npon and
under execution by Sheridan ia entirely
new. The army commander has been com
pelled to adopt it by the miserable failures
or tne inaian agents and Jfeace (Jonimis
sioners, and he ought not to be obstructed
in its execution, by delay upon the part of
Congress or uuadvised interference by the
President. A permanent peace can now be
obtained tnrougn energetic and successful
The Decline in Bonds.
Aanlinnt fan.
dency In, Government bonds is due t6 the
Al l 1 1; r, - v
.laneriux policy vi congress.
The Custom Frauds.
Further particulars of the stupendous
frauds in the customs revenue have come
to light.- -From- the- affidavits' of- Thomas
R. Toolevone of the special agents of tin
Treasury Department; tt annears that silks
to .the value of $525,000 have, from time to
time, oeen invoiced as cloeKs and shades by.
tne vuiterman Drotners ana otners
To Reinstated.
i -A number of letters have been received
from merchants and others in New Or
leans, stating that since the reduction in
the clerical force in the Custom House,
business has not. been transacted as it
should be, and It is necessary that a num-
. oer oi tnose aismiasea De reinstated. In
accordance i with these suggestions, Mr-
McCulloch will' reinstate a number of
clerks and Inspectors.
Miscellaneous Items.
The Congressional committee to-dav ex
amined quite a number-! parties relative
to the alleged election frauds in this c'y.
' A large number of documents bearing in
the case have also been laid before the
Judge Cardoza to-day appointed Gratz
Nathan referee to take compulsory afUda
vit ot Alex. S. Diven,. Vice President ol
the Erie Railway Company, for, use in the
argument now pending in the case of Bel
mont,yiz. : Railroad Company argument.
i ne ease - ot tne i contest ot tne win ot
James H: Rosevelt, who died ia 1363, leav
ing tne bulk of his property for the loun-dation-and
endowment of a hospital, was
commenced to-day before Judge Ingrabam
of the Supreme Court.
Latest from Constantinople.
LONDON, Dec. 22.
The following dispatch, dated Constan
tinople yesterday, is just received, em-
bracing the latest news lrom that quarter:
The Sultan has extended 4o three weeks
the time tor the departure oi the Greeks
from Constantinople. The Emperor of
Russia bas authorized Greek, vsssels,
probably those- carrying away-: the
refugees, to raise the Russian flag. Uobirt
Pasha, the Turkish-Admiral, with seven
men-of-war, is blockading Syria, where
the' Greek steamer Eraatus took ' refuge.
ine Turkish- Minister at- Athens - ha re
turned, to Constantinople. . The. Grecian
Government is rapidly preparing lor war.
President Johnson's Message.
LONDON, Dec. 22.
The press here are "unanimous in con
demnation of President Johnson's message.
parrtBtrlarly -the portion relating to United
Seriously Ill.
PARIS, Dec. 22.
' Moustler, late Minister ol Foreign Af
fairs, is seriously ill.
LONDON, Dec. 22.
Mr.Cardll' .was to-day re-elected to
the Parliament from the city of Oxford.
MADRID, Dec. 22.
', The elSttdiCfoi IheCCort? In this city
passed rjrr witn -comparatively -sllsnt dis
turbanee of public order. ' All the monar
chal candidates were elected. The R
-publicans have carried the cities of Servilla
It is stated on official authority that up
to the present moment 6.000 troops have
been sent to.reintoroa' the army in Cuba,
and more Will soon follow. The Govern
ment announces it will never abandon a
Crisis in the Cabinet.
LISBON, Dec. 22.
' A'erisis has taken place in the Cabinet.
De-Silva has resigned and Count ' -aval
lievre. has - accepted provisionally . .the
ministry of finance, and Marquis Bandierra
that ol Foreign Affairs. '' -v . .
The Revolution in Spain.
HAVANA, Dec. 22.
Intelligence 'bas been received here that
' Colonel Aquero Betacourt and 12 other In
surrectionist, arrived at- Neuvitaa yester
day as prisoner?; also that-.a number of
wounded Spanisu officer and soldiers had
' arrived at that town ' for medical treat
ment." All the journals are unusually si
lent on aflaira ia the insurrectionary dls
, tricts.. There-are many rumors of engage
ments between troops and the Insurrection
ists. - One report states that Colonel Bene-
ffossl had been defeated la aa., engagement
, near Atalgin, but the Diaro.denies the cor-
. rectness pi tnis report, ana asserts, on xne
" contrary; that the Government' troops in
that region have gained successes. Nearly
Vail the soldiers who, arrived from. Spain
have been sent to the seat of war.,, The
reports that the" Inhabitants 'ot several
towns on - ther-Hauana Western' railroad
have ioined the.- revolutionists -and - thai
. bands of insurgents have been formed, are
not connrmeu. . .
HAVANA, Dec. 22. The Ohio Statesman.
A prospectus for this.. valuable central
organ of the Ohio Democracy will be found
in our columns to-day,.t The' Statesman
has made for itself a reputation for ability.
; truthfulness "and fair-dealing towards our
-"political opponents, that' few other papers
' In the State or nation have acquired.; Give
St. Clairsville Gazette.
Kow Is the time, to subscribe for the
Wkbklt Ohio Statesman, published at
Columbus-Ohio, by Richard Kevins, E. B.
Rshelinan and C. B. Flood, titon"., The
j TATtSBAN is one of the best Democratic
': apers published in the West, adhereing
' aitiifully to the idea of -Government
- -nght and practiced r by - Jefferson and
' 'ackson, which gave to ouf country ber
lory and greatness.. Persons wishing to
' ike a city paper,' can' do no better than to
ubscribe for the Statesman. For terms
i e prospectus in another column. Nation-
- ' - j
. Ppematcbs gray hair and baldness may
,e prevented by the ise of Hall's Veget
iie Sicilian Hair Rehewer, a harmless
- : -eparation which is Indorsl by the highr
, t chemical and medical aui. o ity.
rVrho!ohia'fliiiihiM t.
... .s . .
FrnerCIrcnlaUon haa mmw .
I" I " ,cu iajkinis HIT or fjen
tbis in mil
'Tir-f t riv
j nnaurea ueilari.
I P1AN03. ORGAiyrflMfcLbDEOHS.
pes tie row Uelew Inuj .n.i
ranted for Bve jeers, for only Three Hundred LM1-
wrs. now ii ioi imie w oer irrvint -nru, un
lit trade or SurnJtiea A'l4a.Mltf
A rooj asaortmeot. eitheiiBSeU or Single Arti
una ewaiae ear auu. wnetnec tqb hn?
ornofc -- -i i ) ,rJkuZ.A.Ii 1
No. 36, North . High. Street,
fie ot rthe CO Civil finsiaw in Colambqi.
U)io.uatiI '
at 4 p'alttik P. iL foe fnrnibinir matsrials ana
oincth. following amoant of work,-to.it: '.-i'l
' For boliainf s donblsi row.flar sresriair aoroMr
veneer alley at toe soutn nae o- lont itreet.
For baildiitt doable, row flat sroaeior aoroee
Outer aller at theeonth fide of iSprini utreet.
. The bid be opened br the fnamtttee of the
ward ia whieh the iinprnTementeare to be made.
1 be oommittee reeerre tbencot tOTejeot wly or au
Dioa u tneir. anoreuoo. a. r . Biiyyi.i,
CUT Ciril Engineer" office. No. Mi South Hub
street, uH stairs. . ', !"- "J i'deoJS-atd .
' A "BW. AND
COOKING STOVE, combiner larse oTent
good baktnc qualities, beauty of design, economy
of fuel, end cheapness, for aeM-or the mannfao,
turers, wh have .a fjoe line ol Wood .1'ookins
MOTes i
ana noiiow-ware.' - v.ii KELVt,::;i
deo23 eodlm-r
OOJSvrth High at.
iJIIri f- j3 lo SSO
!l .IMi-MI'-tVa !: - .'.;
Christmas Exhibition
t"0 .- TM.rlft ',J -.Jf n;-.T t-- -
Now open for inspection at
!1 t
No, 5 Neil House
Axe showing the most attractive assortment of .
.l"-i--if.fi!l'OS K': -:
Hare on exhibition a splendid assortment of White
:, - and Black ' ' '
-1 ii
' - (
Alsjbefonnd the
!-' ' t.c:i-i - ;i , :
;.t : it : ii a l-i,' .: I I' j
.' Those 'most delieais -i1J
' Admired by every person of refine'msat. -
So com fort bl for Invelinc. :
' i . vi- ; i ,:J -.m'I u'n : -:
Great Emporium for
. . - tiHANS, FUR GLOVES, ,
.... ; JiUFFJUERS, CAPS. ,
Ac.. Ac.. Au. , , ' '
decS-rUr' ' " " ' ' '
..'.' i ..: ... T H E
. ' ' o tH oitt op aw Toar,
Wo. 336 Broadway
Capital. - , One Sliliion Dollars.
Darius R liANOAM,Fres't. J as. M aaRiLL. Sec'y,
Receives Deposi'sand allows FOUR PER ENT.
INTEREST on all Daily BalniMM. .nhlt tnh.V
at SMiat. special Depos ts for rix months or more.
may m mwv ii ui. lr nut. ine vapnar ot Une
all lion uouara is uiviuoa among over;eo share
holders, comprisinx many gentlemen of lame wealth
anil Snannial exoerienee.
:ial experience, who are also personally
epositors for all oblieationa of the Com
liable te depositors for all blications ol
pany to double the amount of their oapital stock.
As the National Trust Company . recoives deposits
in large or smau auounts. aba permits them to be
drawn as a whole or id pa t by obeck at sizht and
without notice, allowing interest on all daily bal-
counts in thii institution with special advantages
tiMM. DMi-iitjs luiuuinn.i infl m.nir, ... n baan .
OI IKUtHJ. wwuicuiBuu. luu yrusu -...rl i :
y NT-decl-dAwUHm " ' ,
w. a. aaooas. -iiu. bobbtob. vi. b. l b
J. Jto W. B. BKOOK8.
Cor. Rich AtHlfb. Sts.y Colosnsn .
Wholesale Grocers,
1 -i tjt , ,.-!-uaa.aji -, .. , .,
Island Sugars. Coffee, Teas Spices.T lace
,u IiXOUORa, cxbo.
Advertisers will be a;
i ,A ;;r.hr4 Hit os nsn "ii r. IU
I Jt'' a'! i' r,', of oi Anj'l '
'Z1 I'-'11-
! i f V-.- ., i t-(.:. "ll, Sijlll
Ih - - :,: a.
.. r -.w-,m i :T mVj
' I -3 ' .
n rt-
'f-4 llH-T--i3loO r;l
wasbtoto. nf eA
1 !?i
w m m
( :n ' -:i iM.
, To whwk all general correspondence should te ad-
I . .. aressea.
! , ,. ,.,?"' JI ITT I
ui.iuuia.-o..i wrrii;svBsi:H I- irlO
CLARENCE H. CLARK, Presiaen. -"
JAY COOKE, Chairman Finance and Execotire
Committee.-' - " i
i HENRY O. OOKE, Tiee President.
; EMLKdON W. PET. Seoretaraad Actuary.
. i Offered by this Company are: t
It tea NsUoosJ Company, chartered by .special
at o Uoneress. 1868. . -
it ae a paid P capita of l.CSO.tta; . '
ft furnishes larger Insurance than ether CbmpsA
nlii forlka urn. bodm . .
it is definite end certain In Its terms.. J IT
' it is a home Company in eyerr locality. ' -
IU Policies are exempt from attachment.1 '
(l'tiare are no nnneccsgarrestrictiona in tho Pol-
xvery roniy utnon-iorieitaoie, t - '
Policies may be tel.nthat will ayiniued their
Tuiramouni ann return ell tne premiofns, -eo-bat
the Insurance oosts only the inter st on the annual
payments. .. . , -v,-
folioies mar be talren wbleb my la IB, Tnanred.
after a certain number of years, during life, aa an
nual income of one-tenth the amount named ia the
Policy.- - ' - . v.-.
No extra rate is eh treed for risks' upoa the Utss
or temaies
it insures not to pay dividends enti it l H aa
cost that diyidends will be impossible, i -'i , (,
, ' . .. . JOHN W. ELLIS ft CO..1 "
Cincinnati, Ohio. General Agents feir Ohio Cratral
i I and sonthern Indiana. j r
ColuTt1o-8ptal At:erts for Franklin, laiokinc.
nasKuigem ana ieneoron oounuee., e .
PeKT-ooi33-deodAweowly ,i-'..' -.tr,-"
"W"!" rw t r -Trey
-,9- iV-. Jf- ' i. . ....
rHM .itIABlfc SlClUWIi
Testify to its merits in restoring- GRAY HAIR;
its original 'color and promoting' lis growth. It
nkestoe haw soft and glossy. .The oil iu appear
ance are made young again. -It is tbe best
; 11 K VREissmo
ever used. It remoies i Daodmtf and all pcrry
Eruptions, i It doe not stain the skin. i:
' ; Beware of tbe numerous preparations which are
sold upon oar reputation. ' '- " -- -' .
Prfi A1A. COlissksa, aaJEsoariatora.
For sale by allDruigists. ;r ct,, , ,t
july26 dltawAwly-esa ' Ul . . i
I'HIaTaliaHAIi.anFi ,
Is the offisprips of a great faot. No one can think
ol denying that bis
Brings out a finer BROWN oc BLACK, the aay
"8lhor,Tn"a .hoTtsrttme.sn't-withofit iujuiy eg the
hair. This is truth as apparent.as that tho sun
lights the arth.
CristadoroV Hair Iv PrVs'eftaHve
AND BEAU TIFIER. The toilet, without this ar-
tide, lacks its most useful, attribute, i Nethino) is
so eomiaoa in this country aa the talliag oat of rbw
hair. The preeerrative prevents it- The fibres can
no more loosen and drop off, if this artio ais rsara
larly applied sight and morniog. than if eiab were
io-ajooi J3iatcstiniony,on ,tiiaj?oiPiis
OTewn iming. while (Me DeauutMng and tnnrora
piopertiesof Un fluid are edoallyi well stavblishedl
Sold by Druggists, and applied by all Harr lrress
, ers, Uanufactory No . S liaiden Xrfe. Prinoipal
Aiepot no. Astornouse. a - i ;i. ja.-s t -i
anelS-dAwlycm-reNT !. , .
A UOlilDAI.. FHbtiDKi, Ladies and
. gentlemen, young and old. desirous of baying their
hair beautiful for tbe Helidajs,,shold . use abot-
; tie of CHEVALIER d L1FB i OR THE BAIftat
enca. Read Cheralier's Treatise on the- Hair.
free to all. Given away at the Drug Stores, orseut
by mail free. This book should be read by every
person. It teaches to cultivate and have-bfcautaful
' hair, and restore gray hair to Its original ool or,
atop its falling oat, removes all irritation or dan-
I ' flrufffrom the sealprthna keewtertho hair heastt-
f ul to the latest period of life. ? - f
xKT-dcel-eodlm 1123 Broadway. N.T,
( f f , t i
DR.- A. . WILLIAMS. West Brand wra
High street. Columbus, Ohio, has devoted nimatlf
or a aerie of years to tke treatmeut of certain pri
vate diseases. He - - - r at his offic-
Knujl.u n.a. t tv. immK..I
" i'l HHIJTH restored in frof-ireetrd:'' noerll
guaranteed. UK. KlUOKU'SEttEMJE OF LIKE
-rsoMe.XBaeiy-.pware.. rronr wnetever e w an
. sine: the effects of earl pernicious babi s. self-
abuse, impotency and climate, give away at oooe to
wis wondariui medicine, it taken regularly socerd-
ina to aoe aireciions ivmca are very simple ana re
auire no restraint from business or pleasure. ) Fail
ure is -impossible. Held in bottles at S3, or four
quantities in one forSS. To be had only et" the sole
- appointed agent in America. -H. (jxaiTzaK. 87
mini avs.9 corner uto Dl.,( joraw . -: .,- I
vnr-jyS7-dl7r - . . , --;
JLA-- solendid Mair urm is tne beet in the srarld :
the only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable
ir-no dieappointment-a-
tintsi remedies the til atfeota of had. dves - invis-
orates and leaves the Hair soft and beau til at. black
or orovm. bol t by all Druggists ana fertumers ;
and properly applied at Batobelnr's Wig- Factory
no. io nana aireet. n x or a. par aprae oswiy
An Ordinancd ?a.
To ft 9888 a snecial tax upon the rral estate konnil.
ff -n thm aa,t aide of Hi ah atrunt troaa- Awihl.
street to atrawDerry. alley. , ,
Skction 1. Be it ordained bv tbe Citv Cnnnnil
of tbe city of Columbus. That the saw of Fourteen
cents. Five iriilla. be and tbe same is hereby levied
and assessed upon each foot front of the several
lots of land bounding or abutting upon the west side
.01 High street lrom aocie street to strawberry al
ley, ai tbe same are designated upon tbe plat of the
Civil Engineer, on file in the office of the liity Clerk,
for the cost and expense of building a double row
ling crossing a-rogs Mound street atthe west side of
msn street, accoraicf to tne esH ma toot theUity
Civil E"Cineer. ..).:. ,.u, , ,
Sec. 2. . Tt ot tho owners of tb several lots of
lent noon which theforrgoi g assessment is mate
snail jy tne amounts ot money Dy tbem severally
due in that behalf to -John- Murphy.- within
twenty days from tbe date nf this ordinaa, or be
subject to the interest mod pena ty allowed upon
aue sme oy lew. r . .. -j :
.u ; WM- AGHTE,I
' "' - '' President of too Ci-yCouDcil.
mn nov.zs, a. n. if be.
Attest: L.E. Wilson. City Clerk.
Be solution to Contract.
. Betolved., That the City Civil Engineer ho", and
ne isnereoy autnonxeaana airected to contract in
the name ol the city of Columbus, with Frederick
'Erfurt, for building a double row flag. crossing
aoroae oouin ruDiic lane at tne west siae oi xtign
street, upon the following terms, to-wit:
For excavating or grading. Forty cento per eubi
yard.: -
For boaider paving. Forty-five cents par square
. For flagging. 14 inches wide, Sixty cento per lin-
,- aai iooi. ,
, ...Adopted Nov. S3, 188. " 'l-"'" i
,n, Attest: L. B, W1X80NJ
novas-dlt . '.. City Clerk.
2: i'Eesolutioi? to Contract-- J
Xetolved. That the City Civil logInWir and
he is Jwrobr authorised a.nd directed to contract in
the' name or the. Oity-of Co!umbut. - with John
nurpuj, iiir arauins ana paving the anpaved side-
waiaa on ine west siae 01 sixth street lrom Towm
street to Biota aireet, apon the following terms, to-
wit:- i
For eaeavatiog. or trading. Forty cents per en-
Resolution to Contraet. !. -
.BeaoZeed. That the t!ilv Civil 1tni!nw be
and be is hereby suuhorised and directed to con
tract in tbe name of the city of Columbus, with
Joseph Hartman. for lowering the orossing-aoross
Moaud street at tbe east side of HiifQ street to cor
respond with the Nioolsos pavement, upea the fol
lowing terms, to-wit: .- ' '
Thirty-five dollars, complete.
Adopted Nov. S3, 1868.
Attest: L. E. WILSON, City Clerk.
y U1U 5LiL JJ
.1-. n JiTauM toi "' ''i '
II '
iety IV'Ptioks i let, rr
:eile.ve . v.- . . i. r .
Borsrri;,Mc. nt exeeestisng slant
Use,' nnklisheC-B tkUelanafer
jOcenls-fTaxcsV InsertrSnr"-"
"tofti ri ii TTIn Tit Tnrr ri iin.iii si
celebrated Ororer A Baker (Lock and la.tie Btftehr
.Sewing Machines. W axaa. (umUhsd and-a Jaiaa
eommiasioa allowedjji'yt Ml fiJ
Unite! btaies Hotel.
mmma A''sensm ftnun
'!T?'T."?tWt? Ue0tl.n4a.wife
fhee excharged. Address FostoiEoe. lock b-x No.
lie. llsVAo..4. -a,it 'V ndeeaa Mi
tt1 v.rtiQ
- -
ibTi ft
The. ookAoWieared Qt) KK .
w ir.iiiJ.7i? .".."y J. on ner,TO-
inunphaatsnd Prllra7BeeeuvTorf
Opereti perloeuiaaeas. wiU ie U thn,3iriifi,
one grand Uooert.,i ,, ;.v.,-, ,tV
Wsonssnssy tTSBlag, Jtocenkei tiJ
i an 'trtsk
n tas FARBrA HOSAwill be sssbted by
English Tenet
Baritone BrinManS
IMr. - UAK
..s-.VioHnis .
Thea-reatestCornet aPlst-in player of JJine wcr'tf.
vuicaxou ei. Br&t expend expresstj. IQI xrj
served seats; Bslcon.i- T5 cents.
s; jatcon.r -ro cenis- ; .1 '
of seats will commenoi on' MTmiay'l a1
nl jlpha. QiitMf f ,Po,5 hulo or
tne saio oj
ISA, M-.at
"ii Three Nights sealy, eeaameooing , 't-m
Tharsday' TenfnV, OetembeSii1
122 -"I1' "! ' " i-' nrraA
Swiss Bell Ringers;":' '?
ILY. Vocalists. Herniate mnA . V inlinial.
sisted by Mr. 80b SMITH RUSSELL, the tal
ented" Taeiat Delineator. Eyerything new, brlt?
hant and attractiTO since their last appearsnes ia
Cotnmbua. i . rt i .r i va
Oiimfl op A Darrsgtewv Farueette and Drasa Cir
cle, 50c; Family Circle, SSo. Reserred Seats tfo
lrt J, Heltaer Music 8tnre. 5e.
ISTMAS ilATINKB FrMay afteraoor. w
i MJn-n-FOiViB.AVgeutly
.-in-: I - , i- sr.-- i A i Ci
.: tLiliuti t j ,m j .-t fOE.t
..J 111 .it
i. Ha t.ir..
Bl.--n . J r - . ,;,. t f
T' BETTAlltES Aftte : '" - 1 - -' '-JL
-.(,,. i Kr i r
1. Th 8t: Patrick's TotaP Absfrbenee Society
Table, nnder the direction of Mrs. James Coosar.
Hiss Kste Bears and Mrs. Michael Fayj t ' a
J Tbo Fonng Ladies' Sodality Table, Miss Jea
lasey. ...:.,! .. t.i- t : ...1.,
Tbo-Joe Cream Tablet Mrs. B. Tsratjr:4
. The Ovster Table. Hiss B. Brennan.
6. The .Children lOffjUary .Table..; Hiss Lioi
S. The Boys' High School. Tabla. Hisses. Vsggis
Fay and B. Lalor. , r
1. The Mary and Martha Table.'Urs. Wilson.
A. I k. tt. ViMMnlAf P.nl'. VtimUrw.th .liU.
I the eu miugieii -opslay or of Coivuib us Is so -be
enosen. . . . , - t i i . . .
Tbe Fair will renaTn open IIOHTDAYH.
The nanagereof tbe Tables have endeavored to
secure not ouirCariatnaa a?y,s)iitarticles of as
in Ibmawin. i ... . deplS diat
" Tta rent Pictorial Ann naii. -
Heetetter't United Ss tea Almanao for 1 Seo.W
pifhwiea-pawaer threaagejseraf
and all civilised eopntries pf tee, V'efiern Hemis
phere, win be puDllsbed about the first of January,
and all who wish to understand the, Irua, philoso
kr of health should seed and ponder tha'valsajils
suggestioasSt eowtarfrm. Ia addition t as adarisa-
UJleJoeicalJirsatiie otto pauses. PrejantjailJWd
cure o a great .Tarfexj ol diseases, it embraces a
iars'aawBnt of -loformaeiool wtenetia v to the
merehanrrthe mechanio, tbe miner, the farmer,
the planter, and professional man;' and the cakrajla
tiiau twa-seea xnada for such meridians aad lati
tudes as are most suitable for a correct a ad? eeen
prehensive NatioaC CjCCsanilair "iS?
The nature, ases,-lsnd: extraordinary sanitary
effeouoi HOdTETTER'd stnymn BTTTii-Rvf
th staple tonio ana a terativ -of. nars thaw kalf
the Cbristian -worli are fully Set forth Wits
pages, whioh' ar also Interspersed with piotbrlaTU-
i-.ki- .:r.. f. v- u .-i-nn
farm, humorous aneodotea, .and other instructire
and amusing reading natter, original and selected.
Among tho Annuals to appear wjth the opening of
the year, tbia will be eae of the :mbstuMefu And
awsy Ao4erAaatie Send for epieo earths
Cen tral Manufactory, at Pittsburgh, Pa., or to the
nearest dealer in HOSTETTJiRi STOMACH
BITTERS'.1 Tho BITTERS are sold ia every efty.
town and village, and are extensively used throaah
oat tbe entire oivilised world.
f-snayaadeadA wly-ew-arr-v -pu.-w
ALLCOCK s reRVOs .? t, A st efts
Whereby the. eimalatioa of Aha. hleosl Jieoomes
equalised --a pen1 tbe part where applied, ct using
pain and morbid action to cease." J -'
, Was there evorpabliinad strunger evjdence thas
thial i -i.it... i 'm ifu-i 't . i vlt yu-.', i-i .1
Certificate' front I? Stertlnx:, Esq..
For two years I have been a" peat sufferer from
neuralgia iu thaliead; said fouoi only temporary
frerhrf from all th various remedies that I hav
tried, until I applied' t)- of "ALaiOGCaVS FO
BOU 4, PL STERa." . Ii cut it Into threeVtrips,
placing one under eaeh sbouider blade and the oth
ar over th small of my back, and for the past
three months I have had"careely a" TwiXge of th
eldpaia. . I advise all who suffer from nervonguls.
eases to lose no time in making a trial ol th wpn
derful plaster , s
a - . A. F. STBRLISG. Sec'y Singer, Alfg.fjp.
New York, Jane S, 1868.. ...,.',.i - v'l .?.,.
"Principal 'Agency. Bbahdbith HoniB, Hew
york.1. gold brail drocgiaii.. -, j " ,
innelSlAwlyem-Tairr - .''' r. - .-1 . -I .
dl-UttLI.il d ssILVKU .VABK.
' " AN1 -" a
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factory ,.8o. ..9','V ttworiftViritB
tb most an pswred satoh y. and mpoyios..th
most skilled labor, art) enabled to offer an id
eq Bailed variety of new and beautiful deeigus ia
Dinr.er Berviees, Tea '- .vices, and every articis
specially adapted for lidsy and Brida Gifts.-
-They offer also their waU-knowa and t anrvalled
Nickel Silver Eleotro-Plated Wars, in whkaa lbs
have Introdooed ne" rtternf of rar"e1egaBe.
Th Solid SUvee S sjuaraaUed to be of sUrling
parity by U. 8. Mint assay. The Electro-Plate 1
guaranteed to he superidr'td thd finest Sbefflel
wars.. Ordera roeive4 from' th Trade only, bm
these good! may be obtained front respoueibl
dealers every ahere. ' ' - u
'- ' 1$) Oa-Hsrk
TradArJrrr St
- Silv'er. MmJi'
Salesroom No.3 Maidaa Laos, N. T.
novS-dAw4aa-p STrt ., . . , t
Dr. Tobias' Teacilaa Unrse Unl-
' a"-'- Meat
" Hnfoei'af'Vrfor' thuroof Ibb is
ecratehes,ini galis, apniae, braises, iplinta, outs.
colic, slipping stifle, over-heating, sore-throat, sail
in thefoot, Ao,. . His nerranted ebeadeV 'sniii bet
ter than aay other article erei offered to the pnhlio.
Thousands of animals hav been cured of the colls
andT over-heating by th XiniuieDtjanf tundVedi
that werearippicd and lam fcavs ween restored to
their former vigor. It is ased by the first horse
men throaghoat th State.' Orfiersaiwaewtontly
received from tb racing stables tif England for
fresh s applies f this, invaluable article. Over
t.SOO testimonials have been received. Renember
one dollar laid out t "tfnie nay r thalkf of
yourtorsB.' Sold by all raggisti. 4 'OOoe.ioPark
Place. New Tork. - ' . JJ
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tStArtHOttliestteftJ'rei Jftdtetl
M PampMttro (Ae jMWo Da. CrBTfa-
Tbe '"Medicaf Timet" aays or tbit work: .f'This
valuable treatise on the cause and nr of-prema-.M,i,n.
shows now beelah . iw .v. u
secret abuses f youth and manhood,-hod how
easily regained. It lives el ear synopsis of the
Impediments to mama, eease and .effects of
arvoaS debllitv. aUldtaM-raaandiaav tkr M
DntikM edition of tha Siaaiva avill h. f i --i .
receipt of 3S oenU, by addressing Doctor CrjBTi.
No. 68 North Charles street, Baltimore, M4. "
cra-mayas-dly-r... . i j , .
I havb heard it highlj extolled andsTejeen its
wonderful effecta, ssxitea. Martha. Mv Johatoa, of
Derby, Ct., about Palmer's Letion.
epU dwly-om-r

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