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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, December 23, 1868, Image 3

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tuck on Fort FUttar.
par's Baxar lor Janjtary2d.
"dark ufmtoiiekatmlidO
James J&
lafcnafc. .nam Jtoc dentist Is a
DMfeU a lU auyif ." T 'ubaaw ,niq
'look out for snow.rtM!,w4fcoW.'UU
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'an ,ru a Wi.:
taf be otffJarua, of tqtflCofegrigatioual
Sabbath hei arei to hare.' a Christmas,
tree aniLiiandv.dolngs itid? lot tf fuh ! af.
tfc'e chnreb toinorcejw-ailghs.ia .-! a:') -j
$5 and costs for'belng drunkVald ,'Jfj!,';,de
Aiilf himmereth. He haa- only yesterdas
t' t .-.1
bee t released froaajsll
JBMrrrlstt; to th' .f-Bobort A Me
Cuttoch,o BeilefausalBeV was Oft yestetdfij
admitted to the practice iol l-JtrHth
CborU f iJiit" States by U-Bupraie
in being fcble 'to aunouncU lat"Miss Capr.
line Schneider's next afternoon Canetit
. will beglvBi.tt'ji'auKhtqn ?attlr7
dayKJan,uary adU- .y f
"Divpac GussTipi Four divorce cases
weremealB the-frtttc oTCdttUisenJftesj
yeeterdeyTVs4nd Mtiird f, poo ly
thatra sneertil. j ohk Crlf gWiwas
granted a decree Td'Awrce from bis wife
MMjatl Brigs fbrgrwss aeglett dutyjr
o'clock last niglit tbe-tbermomtter loo Irs
"dfapoifft cWi'nsr-tfialSosneWand
blew and got a aoId: Mja -fllckory Qna-VeVs-
driatity.: 'As werrtWrtheMTdspect
rbV6otlrer'katlnJt featolaVtttf jrejiisJoi
to say bully.
.1 Than Our thanks re.idne; EwK.
Sryff.nclpalf the "Cdlnnrtus Busi
MM CoHVg for a" pacfc-of tnoet beantifwUjr
written; feitlMr cards'.! NxCc,ln7 booS
teephig, penmanship Is thet speciality
tMs"CoIleEK :d certainly a Jiandsoiner j
specloaeu thai that exhibited on our 'jcarr S
teere ls'hot?-'" ' j
i).f t. ..i.'rr,- J 1 " ! ' ! ' . I
isgHOW BKFJhn Peake, hutcher. No..
8S West Bro'a4 street,, wtf hVye Jrf elrhibN
oK'fid'"fdr("8ale; to-morrow: (Thursday) j
vanbrning) the Anest beet andj muttoiiC ever j
:bld cijRmT5(u.'!( Jolin.haf a 'snjatl po,.
M tt 1 wonder faw moeh aneat he sells,
-and yet w wonder tojt U. Ue,e 4es7jieTl Js
iluperlqEio any sofd .IVy; ahyxtler batcher.;
tip-ivs . '. , u ' js . i jiVXj i
-A BitTirpi." PR'jooosHeadl-fti-..
"Cbrare displayingecine'1)rtni large'sr atd
most beautiful atoeks-of dry' goods they
have'e vef broulKJ to'tfif c!ty?s'AtebnVbe
Immense stpclfc of-, laces, gloves, scarfs'
wool in and knitted goods, dress goods,;
hawls and cloaklngr, are many articles
laiublolBrihe: tadays.1
attention of the Jadles : ol.,C61ulnbrt to tbdr
aSiOttiifentI''tf"!. I'J J -i j r, nr. :rfi.V .
Tb ; a MiKSTHg is. Another crowded
" tonse last tiiglit testified tho high appTecl
ttaa ln,wj!ih oufcertizSBottbe.grej
mltMUel tfons of Erurson, Allen A Man
nVagf fThe eayet; here to-day for Billy
UaoalDg's paEadisePlqua where every!
IJody ahdhtewlfrrill urout, to, hear
thenii They-aro gen tleaaeo, the beat delinr
lUhel "presaioncti h-,ve; iciir
best wishes for their success internal ak
we say cf the reven'liVxiiid eternaL
Cokcert. To-niflrht Parepa.1
the" Qneewrot 6ongfrwill.-!appeat.t the
Opera-Honse.- Btftnuefr has- been said in
herrWse y tr -Brst-iueieaV oflOcs of
the country, tharTlhey have nearly ex -
i-..ik,T hJ nfoh -Ua.lni1k.rir. 4tttit 1
'liausteff tfie- Tfdfecttfe.Tbca6ula.ry:: 8he
JlvaUtte'uSrfiereCyocarjstajo forest
" la' vocfin elody,", iCfo;r4qr;e 7Tlcfi tliah Tier
voice ar the. plrdepng ihat nth. be
onrod cfc'afii miv"hi aemirpd' triav at Selt-
i o exua narg tua FeseFcea aes ta
Thk Faib. The storm last night kept
away front the Catholic Fair at Naughtons
Bll ;ftarty.wlioj: fntentfetf S b jwsasht.
notwiUistaBULng tnre-was a greater num
ber there than on Monday" night" We" do
bope our cldiAis'witl'-rimfember this call
upon th'bdT pOiid' 'cheerfully and
lU'ndsoieiyf.td Outf.Cailiotfq'TrrJeiids
Heed : every dollaf , that tbeca&'Jraise and
ai talts'lalr they offer yoa : .av leashtand
s happy tAnhi "for 'ydttf: JJVestrhnTlie
Toting on the eaae ,to be. presented to the
most popular, candidate 'for Mayor is npt
yet very; brisk-VWe suppose, U UU-;e to
be bot before the" fair closes, : .
Ohio PKrTEtriAKT. During the laft
. fiscal year, Which sed. to' the 1st of TSp'
."penltentlafir wer fll,03746, stud the dis
bursements for k general expeaaea : were
UL294.4& . and rfortnlargement and ro
pairs $21,953.01 leaving a balance to the
- eredirofth tate 'oi 929,342 50 over geta
eral expeWs,' aud'17,94j oje; !a ds-
From the aboegures.lt.wlirbe seen
, tqateneraWalputtrstJeArdejjlJas o
o nmaas-ed Uvlastfcutlod to make Hi 'bay-
all expenses rid taT-a-suTpln of 97,2S
FivUrgeiSjioffcavApeeBrected abd
many other permanent Improvements made
" faring th year1.- ' wtm"JUZlA
k TuNsnBitzn Yktbdat. The follow
Ing tfnsfetiof Teal esUte were left aXtbe
Eecorder's office yesterday : .
.' 'I'A:Brchd'Bd-wife'to Paul Smith, Sept.
: ! jOth, lou, JSosi 10;. apa ,42 u tieorge W
-rce EUVfliVlslOB bf Hitlot No. 49 ot the
V Borthwest addWoa'to too city of Colnm
WHii-a JeWttt addrHe'tO", Heletf M;TJon
ren, 8ept-12th, 2i
acres of land fn Norwich
iCfa : Ti3ii .v . tt ! e -
. , TfieOdote H.- Butler and wife to John M.
Newkuk,;Augnt2tWlat'NDa. ,S, 4, 8, 64
..8JdlQipl Jheodore utler'fi sub-di
' vision of lota Nos. 2 and S of the Manns
heirs sub-dlvfalen-ef lands la Montgomery
" townsbla fbs? f agOOr- 1
CarlosM. BancjfTanoTwife to PelatJab
.WnHntlKton,aBiilca3J,vt NdT 24 of
J. & B. Miller's add'ttlotB to Ue cicy ef Co
lumbus, for $250.:';
Eobe'ft 'Armsrbni lo Reoben McClearv.
Septembur 26th, loU Not and 4 ol Kobert
Armstrong's ub-dlvlslbn of lots UjIont
goniery township, for 9550..ir -M j x
LOCAL NEWS. The Report of the Committee on
LOCAL NEWS. The Report of the Committee on Water Works.
KieMpfMnwa By neuuy hjomU to
Ult certain Eastern cities to examine the
oily Water Worksraad-report their adap-
biifty lor the use 6f this city. The report
jfr'nTP" yfl JH Mwej 0tyj civM
msfntfktj anbVla f-clear ewreniosW
statement of the Investieat.ons of the
bommltteeaud of theirrepo6seaicip-itt-a-jvorfaf
md Jaeger deserve great credit for
h terseness MMLfoif tMMeixrt. JrVs-
jaTesTOsBeaT hSWefer,-thaTfr mtfertrtft-kT
are built In Columbus, It must be by pri
vate enterprise. "Under other circum-
muters as close as they are now, and taxes
To At Honorable Citg Council of Columbvil -A
alHi-ofcedtetHKla tcw resaiaUon. efi ihe
234 NovemtorUdrrecttng th ttneiarsicnada
a isomftrttteeto visit the-eltleSof1 tw1cpQrti
and Anbnrn, in the State of New York, and
Oitiaaiby the HoUy.UanbficUirijig 6omrr
pany, respeeMly report '-that :theyi have
perlormed tLat duty, and now submit the
IMtflWilig nooiiHiiH J ridi o?1-.i3o aor
.iYcjF-btanttev rtTTlUrt LbckDort.;
WarK:h ptatwis 4oatedsaiWorjsl'fte
Holly MaiiutacturingCompanyaandlOttdd)
set upland, being run with. steam r.he.enr,
rfc liulr). far the VaXbc Works af Ffioria
Illinois, and found them a complete piece of
mechanism. Youreoeraittee did not wit-
jifss any trial of the vyorks In that, city,
not wJ rt'jnf ia4ry(jsiofqeti dron"Bejtaj
that the Works at Lock port are'obly used
for fire protection. -x-ur committee, how
ever, witnessed a yery satisfactory trial of
tne power oi sne pumpooanectea wiiB intf'
Holly Manufacturing. Company's Works.
They threw two streams of Inches
tnrougn ou teet or neee-so a height ot from
13lto HO eet These, Jtreaqv-wer? verv
retfuran' and" exfilbltetf treat uower,"withv
oat Vtermission, for at least three-quarters
ut ail miuiu J 'i t :f,TTnfr , 'i ,o r .v ,j
Ttfy next visited the iy of Anbnrn,
which rontalhs popnlatloVoPrSiWiTJXJa.
to 20,000 inhabitants! Here we found a
complete system" of ""Water" Works, con.
structed on the Holly plan, for "flreculir
nary.aod for-lL ihe purposes that Water
Works are commonly -used? for -.tu : cities.
The pumps'are driven by hytrauHe power.
The works are locatedaboutl -miles from
thecenter of J.beclty, and,,wejs,cens.truct-
eu in.ine summer oiis0i of a private. com
pany. Fowteen -mUeSiJil mala.'.pipe are
laid dowiw TJm hiifhest hjorantis about
40 feet alWFe..he,, Wwkft,-Xhrputh the
courtesy of Soperinteniilent'.Alass, of the
Water Works, MnCasevaodtfeis Honor, the
Mayoc, .witnessed the trial of the iy-
drants at a pressure of 60 - pounds o the
quarelnch at the pumping works the
co ut pany Mins In time of a fire a vreasu re
of 80 pounds to the square inch. Two
inch streams were thrown through 100 feet
of hose to a perpendicular height ot about
130 feet. Atthesame time there were lour
streams, ill rough nozzles, being thrown
fromthe windows of diflertnt stories of a
larsre factory, and were thrown to an aver.
sge height of ab ut 65 feet. It will be ob
served that these streams were thrown with
efsurerofc only 60 peunds to the rquare
ieefi. -wiille durinar a firengO pounds, totbfli
square inch Is comn4niy nsed-Thlr triaf
ws made at aboutl) miles from the puriin1,'
There rwera severai .ther trials equally,
satisfactory and gratifying to your oom-
miMee.,.,..,... , . :l:.,,",1-!';v''
Ttere are three-of Holly's pumps in ob-
eration at Auburn. a Each one is driven by
Holly ttrDlh'wireel rtperatlng separately.
Que pump at a pressure oj 40 pounds to the
square inch is found sufficient to supply the
city tor domeslio purposes! Two are u.ed
of tire, when the maximum force is
pounds to ahntneb; tb" third pump is
kept as a reserve to be used in .case of ac
cident ta the ethers. We ,'wer. informed
by ills Honor the Mayor; that upon one bc"
casion at Afire J2 streams .were thrown
without "apparebt diminution of force and
supply,! The4r8urepf water in the pipes
reirniatea y a governor wniea closes
or opens the gates in proportion as the force
increased or aimtnisnea. -in case or nre
suiden openine of a hydrant rinsrs .an
.alarm. bell at the pumping workSv-imraetll-
aceiyvBTuinK iue engineer mat nil rxin
supply of water is -being used. Safety
valves are attached ta the pipes, so that any
quantity if -water beyond the amount re
quired, that may be forced Into the pipes.
(Uscnargea, as,. waste, in tuts wayaji
danger of bursting the pipes by undue jires
sure Is avoided,, ., ( , .
The injury resulting from the recoil efAhe
water occationeti by the ideo shutting
of iiydracti lsa voided, by placing waste
valvsa-at proper points which, open at a
certain pressure and allow the surplus wa
ter weecape.' 1' .1,. s-.- ,
"Your 'committee' foahd'trom the state
ments, made at Auburn, "by both officials
and citizens a unanimous approval ot their
Water- worics; mat m no-fttstance- have
they ever failed , to perform .the purposes
for jwhieh they were constructed. With
these works no fire engines ot any kind are
used, requiring but hose and book and lad
der companies; and -thus making them, the
rriost ertatnflre-extingulsher-ever-'yet
devised As you are aware he matter of
xoeiiditure In keeping op a well Organized
steato- ire uepanmenc : is 01 . necessity
heavy, and muse as your city increases anil
nils up with population .and buildings be
srreatiyrncreasea. Witrr tnese works, the
eftlaens aie relieved from wis heavy item
of taxation, leaving that Department to be
lot cut nominal expense.. , . ,
. As the resuitof tneir investigations your
committee have Arrived at the unanimous
conclusion that the Holly svstemof Water
suncrior to the void
reservoir plan mainly tor the following
reasons, ui' ' am 1 '
It is more econorpieal in first co?t of con-
ucUon dispensing with stand pipes, res
ervoirs of aiaptat altitude, and force, and
supply main 'to and from the same. As a
DroteetioB-agamsi nre kis more TSltaMe.
efficient" artid' economical than thepreeont
system of Steam -Fire Engines.
H ot tne locality 01 tne city 01 uoiumhus.
the Holly system ot Water Works is par
ticularly adapted, as by It water Kiia be
snpplled to any required altitude in the
city.A Whilst by the Reservoir. lan the
height) whcD. water can oe supplied is
limited by the altitude of the Reservoir.
Another very important advantage In case
of Vflrotaghtv obtafned ry-tlie adoption of
the Holly system;, wouldpe, that the; water
ot both ' the Scioto and Olentangy rivers
couldVbe. made"avaHable.Jy, bayipg the
pejnps,-located ueiow jtae.WncMonuot the
two rivers above f be city, where the works
woukl. also bl easier of access bot for
Mppliea-t aad aupeTvisioo,-T than at t a
distance 'or' several mires- frem-tne crry,
where tbey womd--bave to be located
if ttvfiremrolr. plan is adapted, -t t
t Our committee, tnererore, nnhesltatine-
ly-recommend the Holly system ot Water
works, as tne 'Beet adapted to middIv the
city' of Columbus with' water both tor gen
eral city purposes and for fire protection.
. Jn conclusion, your committee are satis,
fled trom lhe txaminatioji they jnadej and
from all the information they could obtain.
that the true .interest, of the city of Co4
lumbns teat enoe to take ' the necessary
steps to build these Works . for the use of
tne city, Delievtng, as we do. that the Im
provement-hSithis. style, wf Water tWerkl
makes them-vastly exceed in valuatheolJ
reservoir systemtntiBefulness. and at tin
same tlm0te. fn the "iudjiment of rou
committee, not more tlian about one-hat
1 .1 K.. 11.41 T : v 1 i. T
,.33 rlfH niuoS.WMiN4WTfi
OattO M'itl St J.H) E. B. Armstrokq,
Jamfs Patterson,
IT iaIM! il H." WtjAKJHL V
Si HimB? . .
Prisoners SsK.wscw-Thjyeof' the
prisoners dbend guilty during the present
tm-of thtf'Coor -f- Common Pleas were
bn: yesterday Sentenced" as fbl to ws i . ; "
-i bamaei P.-Jleadville, lan eny of horse,
feorJVd.haie frorn VVingiiShlv'ely.
twl 'veara at arfrJwi.J IA VhH-HMDiin.
Jiary - .r.v ti'n.. ,
- ist - ai
me Daru o),!,,:!!!, four years at
bard labor" hl'the Penitentiary.
iff ;eicamtituclunan, horse stealing,,, four
years acnara laoor in tne Penitentiary,
THrBSToViJ-We rbnld call the
ftlwttf&to ,iho'adyertisVment"of':ffllI &
Beeve lavfanother column of a new and
mostxomplete Coal Cooking Stove, called
thi tFlaaefaiWhiobntboy manufacture sand
sell at No. W .North High Street. This Is
oriebf th"o'niostt complete stoves all its.
paru we paye seen ana is worthy the at-
ten tion pf Duyers. can ana see u.
Scientifio jSirjoMKRiA-Q. As this Is
he season fortfflWg' b'ogi'tM following
Jan for dispatching them, by a "Chested
ounty farmer, may be of interest to some
f our readers who desire to do their
mtcherlng quietly, expeditiously and with
1 due regard to humanity. He says, kill
'our hogs by shooting them. He has tried
aaiCSiildS.fSJo Ktuaq&) Cf J
ticking and squealing routine. All that
s necessary to be done, is to place a small
lug, made of hickory or some hard wood,
nto your gun, and with a small charge of
powder drive it Into the brain of the ani
Inal at a poiut between or a little above the
eyes. This wlU-oauae instant death. In
line cases out of ten the hog will turn on
ts back, and can be stuck and bled freely.
fhe advantages ot this method may be
numerated as follows: It requires less
lelp, is more expeditious, the hog dies
vtthout a struggle, is not excited, and
hie eds as freely, if not more so, than when
tuck alone. The pork not so warm after
kiU'-njr, Is much better, will keep as well
and lastly.it ts more humane than to use
the knife exclusively.
Thk Lost Found. The Mute's Chronicle
t -which, by the by, is a very neat and
eadable paper, costing only 91 per annum
j of Saturday last, has the following :
In September, 1862, a boy. Henry Davis,
was brought to the Asylum from Coshocton
County, in twenty minutes he ran away,
Or what is more probable, strayed away.
He was missea at once, ana every errort
was made to recover him. The Doy got
aboard 01 some passing train, stopped
somewhere, eot aboard of another train.
tnd so wandered over the State, and, as the
quel proves, over other States. After
tracking the boy over the State lor a week,
no farther tr&p.A nnnld hA iroC and the
search was suspended. ..
I Two years ago, at Grlnnell, Iowa, a deaf
I nute boy appeared at the depot. He could
Uivn no account or himself and no one
knew anything about him. Soon after-
vara, tne citizens sent nim to the laws in
titution tor Deaf Mutes at Iowa City nn
ler the care of a gentlemen, who in 1860
vas a teacher here. After retaining the
oy for several months, he communicated
;be facts to the Superintendent here. A
horrespondence at once sprung up between
.he Asylums and tne relatives ot tne miss-
ng Doy. rnotoxrapus, hair, and at lengtn
the boy himself came under examination.
AH the relatives declined to own the waif
except the mother of the lost. She claimed
(lie wanderer as her long lost son. '
I He is now connected with the school and
iliows not tbe least disposition to wander
away, aitnongn ne does snow saa results
mentally and otherwise ot his wandering
Filkd Ykstrbdat. The following cer
tificates ot incorporation were filed with
lie Secretary of SUte yesterday :
Of the Youngstown Printing Company
The ol jcct of the Association is to do a
teneral newspaper and job printing and
pook binding business at Youngstown.
Mahoning county. Capital stock $25,000
ii shares of 950 each. A. J. Packard, An
drew Kirk, Anthony Howells, John O'Her-
ron, Kobert Mackay, Charles Cissidy, S.
jGibson and Mark Sharkey are the corpora
tors. Of the Northwestern Savings Depository
organized for the purpose of raising funds
to be loaned among its members. Princi
Dafof&e Irf TofeHoJ fCaoltSI "BtociniOO:-
(fM-ih shares, ot -500s' He-aie ffj Wal
brdge, Eicbara Mott, Valentine Brann, Jas.
M. Comstock, Edgar H. Van Hoesar and
Albert E. Macomber, are the corporators-
Of the Hill Grove and Union City Turn
pike Company, orgauiz3d for the pu rpose
of constructing a turnpike road from
li n, Amos Cook. Jonathan Mott, Thomas
E. Teal, J. Br Penabaker, John A. Blckel
and Jacob Hunchberger are the corpora
tors. Penitentiary Abkivau. Five prison-
leruay, as ionows : ,
From Lucas county John Diffby, gran d;
larceny, three years ; Michael Owens stab
bing with intent to kill, one year; Wm . H.j
Bell, burglary, three years.
Fr.om eersot county Zicharlah Har4
rlsobv horse stealing,1 four' yearsf Thomas
Watt, murder in the s erja , dur ing
lite. !
The health of the prisoners is very goodi
There are but two sick at the present timet
and they were both consumptive before
BlfeJ ,iren these) Xff Bgn1 WAr
- - - a.t T fa. fc? f
j siicuieui. ui nie ireuireuti&ry uoa niiu lue
much desired effect of keeping the inmate
in a remarkably healthy condition. I
Union City, Darke, county, to the town of
HillGve', saofejeoffn Cjrfitt tock
$5,0fJ0 in tfiarestf 92a each. Johnftow-
Misx Fcrs. One of the richest and most
acceptable presents that can be given dur
ing the Holidays, is a set of liandsomp
Mink Furs. For the extent, variety and
quality of Mink Furs, Rudlsill's establish--
merit is UBkurnassed lu this market tlb-is
Tfl je place to buy fpre i For rich' illnk, or
dar Mink,' for eleganrMink Fars,J 'go "to
their well known fur store. Their four
striped Mink Mufls, asthe ladles say, "are
perfectly splendid.'- dec23 dlt
An examination of applicants for ap-
polntmenU as teachers in the city schools
will be beid in tne Hign sonooi liuiiding,
commencing at 9 o'clock A. M-, Saturday,
Dec. 26, Inst. No certificates will be given
to extend beyond the present school year,
and no persons will be examined other than
actual applicants for appointment.
By order Board of Examiners.
dec23-d2t '
Randall & Aston can frame your pie-
. l.. .1 u '
turca ueiuris iuu rusu voiuca.
High street.
cheap, at No. 46 North
Reconstruction has many votaries but
the right way to get re-constructed Is to
o to Randall & Aston 's.
Je-welry made and repaired by C. J5
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
nov6J3m .
But one of Randall & Aston's pictures.
"Va8B8 of every variety very low for cash
1 at 46 North High street. -
Don't feel hard it you can't get proper
ittention at Randall & Aston's, if you wait
.ill the last moment. j
All persons having claims against Olen
angy Park Association are requested to
resent them to me for payment. !
dec21-3t Richard Nkvins.
Kan d all & Aston have 1000 new Stereo
scopic Views. j
Felton is selling fancy goods lower for
-.ash than any house in the city. No. '46
North High street.
Randall & Aston are ahead as usual
with the best assorted stock of articles
uitaDle tor noitaay presents. '
j Our stock of fall and winter millinery
lll be sold regardless of cost from this
late,.to jnake room for spring goods,, at
f No. 14S South High street. j
j decl8-eod3t Mrs. H. Plimpkm.
:; Bink stock isTunning up and Randall &
Aston's prices are running down. ; t-
' Smoking bets so low that none need do
; without, at 46 North High street. '
S g4gd?D 'Wf?EgwV
.; Inqdire for tbe SCOTCH WOOD articles
at Randall & Aston's. !
Ir you wish to train your children In the"
Way the'y!&ihldlcyo(kjV8lfor
hem-at Randall & Aston's,
f5tS fcklWnoif 41fi ?a$i?
-The Capital City Guards will be pre
sented with a handsome Silk Flag, at Am
bos Hall, on Tuesday evening, Dec. 29th,
ty the ladies of Columbus. There will be
6trn4BaU Ofl theoocasios, to,wllch,Ur
kre cordially lnvltedl Aflmisslon, 91..
dec 22-2t
'ailing to call at Randall & Aston's to get a
3 resent for them.
Gbakd MAScjoWADE BVilOuV citizens
will remen ber the Grand Masqnerade Ball
to be given by the Excelsior String Band
on'plsltn'ai light, and not'bir Blteha
KeBojSsiae bjen ycula(Se(i bf f4'
tated parties that the Ball is to come oil'
on Christmas Eve. This is not so Christ
mas Night is the time. Tickets admitting
J dec22-d4L
j Music for he,vH0ljday,s,Tat greatly re
duced prices Tor cash'." Meloaeons as low
as 950 ; 5-octave Organs, 930, of the very
best makes. Agency for the unrivalled
jDhickering Pianos, and also the Emerson
Piano, the 6esttawrlced Instrument made.
Flutes, Guitars. at low prices. Piano
Stools and Covers. Fanlares and Harmon
icas for the little folks. A. P. LftwR?'
21 South High. street.
The ladies all say when looking at Ran
dall & A stop's holiday Goods : "Perfectly
splendid !" "Exquisite'r &i.
PTSPtrsr, wealf qtomach, costive bow
els, coated tongue, dull and stupid feeling,
are the bane ot thousands. Cathartic pills or
drugs don't help lt,but rather make it worse.
What you need is HJUiiPHRex's Homoeo
pathic Dyspepsia Pills. They tone up the
stomach, relieve tbe distress, and make you
pvernevf vfifhout'purglng $r psostxallifgi
Price, six boxes for 91-25. Sold by dealers,'
or sent by mail. Address Humphrey's
Specific Homoaepathic Medicine Cp,;fj62
Broadway, N.-'Y;1 J"1' JylS-i&wly-cw
A bio stock of
games at Randall A As-
Good for old as well as young peo-
4v A . ft JJ
SHoixowTTs PlLtS?- BilioTb EkhttT-.
TKNT8- xuai unruiy memuer, iutj iiver, u
piore than; unusually ungovernable, in the
fall. Remittent Bilious Fever is especially
a rail compratrm jrna; its ;nrst symptoms
should be promptly1 met -with4 few1 doses
of Hoixow.vt's Pills. In all stages of
the disease, as we as jBleyeryispejies of
bilious disorders, from the mildest attack
to rnnfirmed'ianndice. Hiia admirabW veg
etable "aperient 'and alterative' is t hi very
best medicine that can be administered.
Sold by all druggiati, 1 A Jijjfe-fllJ-cw
Planchettb says go to Randall & As
ton's and try me. dec22-d4t
-X J .-.-LA if 1 a IV I IZ fl
Inquire Within. The month is like a
house to let. However pretty it may be
externally, it i impossible to Judge of its
merits until you nave seen the visidtv.ii
pearl-white fixture,; you will exclaim at
once, -how beautiful!" - To impart the ut-
moBl poftlbl4'brTinancy .Uier Is brnhing
like fragrant Sozocfontl ' ""
"3rAOixal CMie.'I i '1 A 3
eJ3 Unix., ix r -i9 rnnl
Cheapest, to Cash Bcters. During
the. next thirty days, I will make to order,
Suits Overcoats, Trows rs and other-gar
ments, twenty per cent, cheaper than any other
I have the largest assortment of fine and
media rargrdes"f woolen- be-fouad. in
the"clty. The"exceirehc"e 6t rtletliBtCTrals,
stylejind flt.pf the garments made at my
estabfishmfeblf Is well hcrlownfo -he com
nrtnityl ttifter my goods as above stated
than I do auie$86f si0$k;
An Inspection of stock and prices is re-
JC. W. Nis wander.
a HT 51 ?
A DisTiNGrn'HkDSletnodist Minister
and promineut Temperance Lectures once
remarked .that, go where, be would, iiom
one end of he country p the other,, he!
hardly ever failed to find. Plantation "Bit-1
ters, and while he condemned the practice!
ef nstng these Bitters too freely,' he could !
not consciectiously say that bo would d is-;
card thep from the Side-board, for he,him-
self had experienced beneficial results from;
their use, and that, from a long and close j
6bservatldni"W was conWhced that' when j
used moderately, and as a medicine exclu-'
sively, they were "all that. was. recommend- j
ed. At tbe same-time, he warned his
hearers not to pull the cork too often, forj
they were far tooIeasaftt a tobWto trifle,
WHIli xaj"T .-Jji:at-r sji la d!Ja.
MAGN'dWATXB-Superlbf to the besB
Irhpbrted Germati Cblo'fre, and sold at "half!
the prie.! b:iM mvrjnO ti ....
, km T-sepJ25Tdeo3b wly c w, -w .
7 Handsomest eYkab PkesekVs Fkkk at
new-Monei ortiiU?T Jl;CBMneaJce this
rnruit t'fi give yc card hftvnfc atifimbcr
it, tot' each dollar' wbrtlk bf millinery
fd.TJalry anJifrspir bejtttiind
Newi'ejtrVDay at which Xime tWP prizes
will be distributed, consisting of a very
handsome ,black sntvelvet bonnet and a
full- trimmed - silk velvet bat. . Tbe draw,
ing ijn take; place i bn Tewi Teir'f iabirnlng
In fhf prenee of two well known gentle
men, and- the- holder of- theV card -having
will beTsdvertieed a the newspapers), will
be entitled ' to the fl rst Choice of (he pt izes
" The'prlzes are no ton exhibition .In my
showoasea-.:"' j .jv i -v. . i
C. vv,. Simmons, Opera Block. '
Columbus, O., Dec.
16, 1868.
iMMBNsi Si6gi't &ft Ladies' ces. The
popular and extensive houae of dark
Farmer. N"6. fTNeil House BlocKrfesents
daily a scene of W,Ue and activity,' which
auu.w ... ,..i iuo- ne-.
gan sates rooms pa. always thronged with
customers, whj are atyarted by the huge
pljes pjl fasljioabiendtjlfuraf ftian-
uiaciurea irom an kinas ana grades of ma
terials, such as the famous Hudson 'Bay
Sable, the pretty mink the, plicate Er
mine, tbe GennanFjtsha the rich Siberian
Squirrel, theefegtait fefebe, the splendid
Water.Tlkik;8hd the beautiful, black and,
wnua AsiracDsn. uunaren s anarJUisses'
'sett's. Gent s &ne Beaver Collars, Fur Caps','
and Gloves will also be found fo profusion,1.'
together with aagpicsqand stylish
stock of Men's Hats and ' Caps, manufac
tured in tbe Be8t'mVnner:arid,most4'fish
ionaCle sly leS? wMch have long made this
.Hat: and Fur.; Emporium popular
With the people.- Customers favoring Clark
" Farmer with their ratfOnSge have many
decided advantages.ln their 'favor, among
which 13 a wide range -for -selection.: The
6ods are all warranted, and from . fifteen
to twenty-five per eentT is economized la
each'purchdse, as the articles gold 'are, that
much cheaper than at cotemporary estab
lishments. ' 1 " dec32-dtf
aiii-aii.uiiiiii in 1
putwitnoat ra1
at th itora in 11ESH
oaargen .
Iloya llp Boots,
Toalhi Kip Boola
ChlB'V noou. "
Womew'a Call (Shoes, Heat,
n'a Beat Mororca Shoea, -
' Af1"V T rr"'" A r - r "r t
baaks'-DsnbU faoledLIaaUait CbJ
H.adlea' do., Gare, Tery Bees, -till
saea MoroccaJSUsanBa, Polish, -Chllde
Blorocco Shoes, - -
ti i
, T!
. .ftOiT
l.i oito or .j.9. tfti ni iwrqiet
JIJl'5 f 1 3, FJ f ?'I 4 I .9S'tt) -l.-lv.-l. Jll-.!1l ld. t.,i..-WT 7,H.f
WiTlil u?1h marte & P IoIo)bafial Md workaisaakip, ajjia,ar papiparifoa ,
fe"fo'tlhVaaftps!it&p.njiiiaJlal to bat a few waetS.ifiiofliiJr WPySrtaa3
will acs-ari octu acain. J3eabrni iaS Blatrlcba BlaasMarU t ana) bMrnbaiiii. :. -:i -I ; '. t
. VESHLEK'S HEW "oppolitS-QiS HtAiaaMAB f)isha plaoa-Uoi
j decT-deod3m-r j,),. JtJV (C.
fimi 1 11 Mil i TkimTTaT-ri-M ."TTAirnn
Having greatly 'enlarged1 Mrr Printing Facilities y the 1 urcbase of a complete new-
O S i.il StiJt.-W 3lfliJ
gotiH 73iiine-n: tidivb;siio3 Jid jL-xth
j -!,." . -a i'nn i.iii; stun ,Um -U vi 11A .s-.i-.q
4w -m 1Sj. tiiaf.ioaTi"- I 'e ulrsvUf. 4-.0 V IS p-IM ".nH' : i
fix iW A .livtlf ti,.a llOij!.') . liiYi
A 1 11.1 n T.
nonnrallir onnivHpri in lw tYta fuliil
j .v -
iti i;x,rrin air ;aa i
,1a, .connection .with RUQGLES GORDON'S and "WELLS Job Presses, that have
proven Mien BuccesfPB in our oraw,'Rna
build in ATI n cms city in trmcn to operate, we
aiiJ l.i inaauiotf I Iui a e'uti be A
fti-tha bastnnd neatest atvlc af-tbeMrt. an
Our fast New Presses, our Improved Economical -Machinery the result, ui uim iuuh-
nnity and inventive talents of the best
at ILUQaCHEAPER RATES tban,can be done in the old tyre and with aaly the old
facilities.! Tbe OCfce1 is compjett 14 al its arrangements, and can do Che work with '
tk!n1ri. I;'W fiT
Legal Blanks,'' Bra
rAL-? .'ifJii')
9 ft It
ra....:j4l!.iqr.' ::iJii' t' i i.-i... - ' . .
1? -f-KJ tfV
H 7art'. nt aeiJ . ;
J O OH - j
,. l
-L.; T..- Jv .
'f in; -. I .ajia
,Ti ool
1 t'Siit
Office in -tire
t ffll kinds of
4- a. v.' a. t r . .k.A our
! Has V1-!.
-1 J i-o-.
-1..- aH
5 ?i..O; ,
Nos.,1 36, ,-r. S8 andc I
ajv - ii.a .s.-.i-aid t 1 1 u .as t I i.-r,.
ij a Yin!
1 ' --
-h jfrr
WORTHF1103'' wt nt b"K t"9JS
.tW ! Vl!5
I'M' W wf 'lohLSl
In u
.a) a
tt thinaiiuthe MuS of MBSS.''W R'8.8
tifcf Ofttf; arms for aar aadbalcW
W BUILJUlfiU. lkat.aunarf Uapioaiaa4'
is 813 S o!3 .iswoi bn lli.U HYH
- a.oo,
hoe J-.Iim - aJ4M-;0!I C-.f?i kU.
,(V "1 01 111 -.11.
'lU l-'l Uil -
.- - .s-,!!, tiiifo
I -i4- 'Al ULtlUTH
: bfi.1 l'r:t' ir
Onlters, 140,
-.00 619 nii :(.
1 yv'cl JUL ii I) .-j--...i.-jt
.mi n.Tjr?)SBii iJ
f T
TKIlNTIlVi 5 W"Jf XdlotuiT ;l!o( AAA
1 U I r hi i 1 11 1 )
I b if ii-.f litoi5ti-w '-.ifi.-i-'. ir JvUKlUXH l
VHTE S ITA Nl nil tiim""1. lup Vi'dja 1
.Jo! jiciddotnl o : .fc-.xto!
ah avir- i:b it 3 i ...nii f)iii.l c!-Ii
X a-yjd tr'l.i liljs lo tivlo-jll
ri.' rt Ti-'fi ri ban jn'mrt tni rj rf
i 9Vat Vj-d T,t iiAu.tt aili 3.1'ITA
y. i.l J(.I I,ty i5w rJ;iii7T 5ino:nf
Ai-iin-j ii,rt lis.jt'I its Uoa iloiii w .wdi
':ri T"! r.ll i ., i..i I
iui' 1 !.iu.'ii'-b itr;bu.tf it rfifw t-nm .If.-i-:l-uT
. l:ais l! v l-a)i4ivi j ?i-iii
' '" ! ',:. ai!,d ,n.i :w iuit.'U'fi
ESTABLISHMENT:"'''"".' iitil-i 's-- iM"i;f
I'j.ol t:
.-iut9 i(iif.i:vr oir-kt
i '''llo 'T-F-f.l'n'I
nia.i a a nii:i
J(l . J Wily l-.i-.a -01 -. f! .ill-
i-X-.Mib.? J-jiilK.Tl 7BU-.1 .l.irt -..nil
I ':1 1 rn. ; -If
s-!m- ; 'if 'inaiijit ti'.'s 3rli-:l vi-join;
, ' J lii 1 :
'ltd. vi
Li'; noi'iiii--1
I , , .
f. ni-j-jo '--iininj aiiX -
M l IT
H-ll H-jl-l ItIH .liiifl
.'11 nt C'in '.an L;li
l: I . . I.'1..1,:,J . .
atari rct 'p,Iti(lJ-Lr;l,V,I--'l-' J-L.ii''
,aLai5jjvji.AwJf.ti ui...
.3 OiJO "
Having -tne largest and most oommodiooa
are now prepared
it 1 1.:: r i ,
nan l:t n-' - -.J.ii,i py
lia.M f!t I 'T:.jt.i ,...-!(.
.! -A .i".lni-:')ti to il!ia-T.ur'i- aJiav rt
npon terms that cannot be competed with.
minds of the age enable us to do rood w-
) 'IIVIO Vi,T3-J M'i
r "; ."I t "' ..U-roir 1.1. )
1 mi -i TV..--. .iiJ l -tr jgi I..1 '. A
Bill Heads,
Letter Heads,
Dru llnbefet
I ''I'M !.""- j i-a V : ,
i 1; S' ."t
, Bills cf! fare, Etc,
-ilF,.l :
1 AUi
.''931 - , ,l,Vi: , --0(i1i,.,. - ; J-t. w, 3ntt
!t aoO r.r mw
Bn,nrPMsedJ , ,., w n';';--
"I 1 .
ii- i
i'i W
..j... , ,p ..j, al
. .' tail i r! -;- -.
:ai. ,if ti "i ..'. 1 .) --. -i -. i
than aU Other iPrintinj
City (Jomffietl;
T.J 1
L--a1 .jlioi. tjj
ll -.-.;.!. - . j
..V . .C r? .-: j
PrlBting, in any color, at. lower price, than
Inf.) '
1 J fcfJnfor.-:
.- -. ., r .i.
i :
1 -i. .r
tfi J-a-.
lo A.na.i
,.r,t I
. . r .
-' i'lior, 1
.Cl iO ,ITAlU,
- -'t . . -
40 North THigh Street;
1 ti-x'i?
5.;ia? 'tj'-v !
'- I ii? t !. i-r t', r.- ir,r. :..-.,.-.,.... !
. . .': !.. Tin ..: -i. a iol .. .IA
v.-r ?, a i
LOCAL NOTICES. COMMERCIAL MATTERS. Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 22.
MONEY Market closer- C
LOCAL NOTICES. COMMERCIAL MATTERS. Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 22. New York Money Market—Dec. 22.
ey4i-d-wmli,llrarOOrBisaioqi -
eoodj'lBfl-Wii ovvuMaeso waaoatiM
Sqmevosf4t'"Ioan srer
niTToineriwrj WBBsnr
nxeafcy, DiicoufitwasM
UtriivaJjed.thA Sta-rn.
lootxid bv JkaXallata.o aJaieaauaw la
rtrOiVfL wexia hua lost
ml,p-4 wtri"rtea -a aaaoU tndwamT
OpetiexfiaF354oBed'iitl84. Bbip
.aiMWrnHabiy OaatlaTiaitiassssTaXsmaj
tinnavkut oir a diminished scale.
New York Stock Market—Dec. 22.
Cobie'-ol'-'lll4JiOlM; do '62 HOW
nattRsnt-ot JaauBrv ifttara
esteB( (jWyerBmeursla-few days before tbe
lgffa aaalaol Mi orll3 faaRlo9
Isrgel "tusinessitjiafl usual. Ns.york
Cenutl testUl the eiiie'f. AU'raqfton Ap ras
vefy'lsteady-ln h l raooon. a Ai til iH&
mpany,-, tonunueto-fesf we
certinrtatpsTlt; thchtnt-o of the Union Trnsc
CblfipHny.'aTtd If ifstfMecr' tbaCtrrOftywa
uen jtofetglrteaT'mltlot)BBoitsi laswt
befeh'statopi'd and1 tcrlp certificates given
thierebni ii TneietoekxehanM-'naiiiofteayt
bbtre( M.Ve 4eclinednWtarl the Vtek'iextni
dividend aitbe ,ceTgcates caHnot M xrsed
speculation tookdownward'flrrii pie iW
funUy in obtaining mdne&:frrciig Aeayjft
salM :orkl 'Island. telU Ser-Ult, I'scvfis
Mali.to 116 Wabash to-;B p'oiti
western to V8. tCentraf was CompahfttvelJr
steadytBdd it U nndersteod ttiat many losses
by the recent rise thereon, have been pri
vatelwrdejeasoi failures nave been announced. IMA Ttrlhe
atternopq.the market . became .decidedly
heavy,' Central follnifjril30?j (gltKSJf. from
wiiion.lt)recowed before the close to 152
1324..kA4 cls.4th, woJasfke1aca
unsettled, a.iieiiia! ;t
B'prtce Pelfs' "Ean MKH,
Asnaricao 4043LAda"ins 48(3.ft;'1JSnecl1
States 4446; Mersbarrts' Unlon-JSSwe.
New York Central-'
3$fc do preferred
07JG7; FoTt WByrre:iToWUoQlJiqI
Ai-Miseissippi 8030niUonifra-O(XJentrar
2i( M!chigsn-8outberuS6S6IUinls
GiHtraJ,a42J144: PrtMbbrjrh1 8a83?
Toledo 8797?," Itock.; Island v?J4C
1R; Mortnwtsteiu 72,(A;iuiif4.
I..75; Chicago S Alton ta-;-'au.Mtwa
' TheTrlbune to-dayjsaf f'ThC'stwcks'wf
alt the western reeds are last disappearing
from the street. The ChitnBnu.atucUneton!
fc Qutncy, -Mictrrgai) CentraU Chicago' sfc
Alton and Illinois Cea3v'1l. befjr
absorbed by ia vestors-'bolsls- imported thf
eleven "million doIlirv'ot'aKorttiweeteca
preferred is held tor lnvesttneritj6tit8lJr
the street, and that tee President ;andVhlS,
rrierias-bold-eigbilioaa!tlara. men.-of
prejttttred sto9Hyha;;IkiW-flboak8
Btotshw.,ljiat SXJBtockon the
strpet now than there was w tven the Tssu
ol ,0fXStia8msjl4alptto&
(il5iV.do-6I)!((aiiuK; lOalopk
lu&i-! iTbeK A8iiit; ; Tr.eBure wiai
saDaratfiyjas cpiiapexflis.auuaon agywicea
tolSo in sympathywitb5to 'CerrCTaC6mm
panyT'wttile -Bockt Island touched 114,
tLnk 'VnpHn .tail.TH4...'it!l draVwaW
New York Market—Dec. 22.
COTT6N-TiuH no" a shade tower; 25
25Jic tor mid lling tiplandH ehWfly 25o.
-ilYEQuietatl fprtwestewir,.,
OATs iJuil anaJjeayyiSSa XajstDtv Arid
77o afloat.-,.;. (ULuOii5ji i
COBN-Lower anaJ,-crnrt1t"tl 8
1 11 fer old tnlxed wes,t ri in store na
New York Market—Dec. 22. Chicago Market—Dec. 22.
508 3.;.- f.f. !f,tJ,uB.1ia-i,
-.; W BE ATmtActivei, sates r?To I-ttTH
i 05, and Uo:i- at 1 07l; 093. .tlojrtng
flrm;t i9l,09toroes-Jo
since 'Change 1; Wieuuafjt-l it.n; -. -s.
-COIiN-Totive (ndr Wsfber ou ,peV1n
store? saleaTnew, at .4446sc," klln-tlrjrfj;
So 2 at 6455c; xejecled da t 50352c: pM
No I at 68c ;aotWpg. doi? b In'j corn thlsW-
lnvnAnn olzicin rr at A.rtbteZt " . ' V
,.AilJ-iss :acl
lower: sales' No 1
active ., du'U ,-s.fld' 'lK?J
at 1 cei.wrosrn
at!07l 07s.
iloiiprfli-W at.X (lBQ-ii?I
1: 4Sl 62, oloeipg- Arm
Toledo Market—Dec. 22.
W h KAT dJull ,2c lowers amber
ai!78:ido aellee .January .Op 1 .
l'1 Vn.. 9 Hn l-4fk ... 1 ,T. '
coals JNawcao -lower
conaeraeq pus ; nyweu,uivi.u"3i, . ,
. . . ...... -. . r v. . A
1C WWU .WUIlllMtuUa'
7cf.fuTiJ Of'T--TX J'lS'I'IT.'
: r&TK--Lewer; Nqi.1 ad 44 tf,Jp-
Toledo Market—Dec. 22. N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Dec. 22.
The most: startling event Iq Dry floods
today i- thftsuspeBsioD 4 leadiag Gbm
mission House. for abeut one, millton pr a
million and a bal!iollar8v,owitir,BO
doubt, to tbe"3ibersl)d.vapces made to 16
mlllp; -otherwisehe markel Js active- 1
tttongh a falf iequiry, preyaUs Jbj ark
prints' like Pacaiotvi2eHa.yy btown
sheetings steady at 15lXo lor; Jaadijg
makes, sad a, fe w popular brands at 16c; the
whole toLe of .the matket-Ufq.uitt.'.and
teadyin -iti .7- !);.- r(..y nt AH
Toledo Market—Dec. 22. N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Dec. 22. Buffalo Market—Dec. 22.
JjAKt-lA1Miai74Ht i-jutt fit tU
(vtbuUKrBteaayjt, p..-j..l
-WHEATN..a pvfpagp.ogeTgajLs
wimoutuuien .
: c X)t6rt-Ne w - sellmg elow7at J5)o
on track; old $1 00 in store,, f .
uio moiuuiA owVifHWr
Toledo Market—Dec. 22. N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Dec. 22. Buffalo Market—Dec. 22. Cincinnati Market—Dec. 22.
'i iiuun-fuacmnKtu uu uun., anrr
.GRAIN Unch nged-BBd dulUvi ,ni
COTTON Firmae-aSjliCa bwulet.., f
Iff 00? dressed U 83(3113 XMLt, -(.r
.-PROVISIONS-Jul! and no demand.
I-J JBDTTEa-HJnchanged and flrni,, ni.
CHEKSli Unphangeaananria.j,, h...
-.VYHlSKVElrm-atl- 00.xi -mom
INekVot rJKBiiTT,:wttb!tjflooBBy at-
Msna'afltsi fow :sptrit,ae5r
rhoea, loss of power, dizzy ..kceaoV iosa. of
Wembryandthreatei and
imbecility,' find a sovereign1 "cure1 lii'Qdm
phreyK Home?rtJilcSpeefy N-:$wn-tyiElght.
Composed Of-thBIBfirtTiMf able,
mild and potent Curatives, they kUflkef at
once at' tba rooj cii'atte'rTOhd the
aystemarrest Ul6barges aot,mpart
vtgor- tcti -'energy; Ufa:aod UBiltr t,tho
entire, man. They have cured tboosands
atases. xriee o per pacaaKe ni uw
es and vial, which is very Imjjirtant iftb
stinate'or Old eases, o 1 'per single-, box.
Sold by sdl Druggists," and seiii by malson
receipt of price. "'Address fithewstrra'
Specific HoMKor-ATHic Msdjclj
Broadway, New York. , 1yl3rdeediwly
- ' - - -- . ' ' 1 " iss i 1 1 aii.!, tot 9 r
' New England Mctca -Iryg or Bos
ton. Re port 'of tie'SnperBtendent of the
Life InsuraufeDepaxtnieniif ptafie ot
New York. From Commissioner's report,
January 1st, i868, page '63.) '. l :. It
' !Thet,'5re'wiE6glan .Mutnalj, Life. Insur
ance Company of.BostoMas8achnsettiwas
the pioneer of Life Insurance in Hew Eng
land, under the able but extremely oOBearv
a'tive guidance of that accomplished iiij-ist,
Judge WUlard .'Phillips,, Pesldent pthe
Company-the Life' Policy rtras- popular
ised in offices, ; counting-rooms,; banks
workshops .and firesides eas of th4 Bud
son, and coBw.BUL.ir rotate on4wag
ever more sacredly regarded tktn Whs-policies
under written y-Trudg PhlTHps.
The idea of iraud,cdecerJtlon 'or.byerreach
Ing was -never assoeUited with'a parchment
coiieaTnitir"lito sign-nnuuL,!Jto. F.
O'Harra 'S? Cb-,Tei h -AgebU for the
ITew England Mutual Life InSurshce'Co,
k... nliA '. " - ; -

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