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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, December 24, 1868, Image 3

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Mbtiokolooical Tabls, prepared and
corrected by Savage, Jeweler, tw
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O'olixk. , ttmuw. Thermometer.
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H.M, ... H-M.
..7WI8n Seta- M
Ala Rises...
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tyiMorasnew iMUtuacb ,poW yester
HlSoet it pafto' advertise f il Cloud ft
rsn' ..1 1ifc SaiilrctaT ' footed tpf over
600fi07:i ';!T--"
" iy'3.rtiaclal' egg 'areJhe last sens
tJon.J '-The chap wo tay."m, .Inres to
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i tHlirht iitnbliHh A'; La Buiiar
round'5, VoWcatro'n'alJ ikatiflAff
weosldV waU 'it We doit'' banker after
lea4 pencil omirincatloD, tow bow. ;.'.; i
O ,t .1.1 y 'M- ' "-raSM" " ' " " i
GS J.': IL,." Johnson. ''? P01 !-D,ui
joined (Jeorge If aiding oo the: editorial
tuff '& UalUwaajJJ&ia?"!
Sncti flefcm ihWmak red;hot -new
pepe jm :t . ""fT!"' " .
la v,rT,A 1 " 'H V.M..S'
Hr.roats 'Xeokived. The -Governor o
jresterday received tbe annual f reports oi
te djn,flnt General Andito of Btatej
fecttieyeu itrjbavs' . q ...,:.. .o.-i...Ti;
q w.J r f hi I H'awtiii'-"' " ' "" "ui
Arw)uT. Tbe Board o f Education pti
tkk cUy-kare appirinurfi-Mt Geargefl,
Street School boIldtn.fM.&j1ut jreat
ekperlenoeHas teachandaexved most
acceptably Jd thla clty a few yearaamce.
iPuza BsKF.-r-Tbt proinfc-''It -ill.Fe
remembered, tfie pirtid peet,njT ld lil
tin market tor the beneiU o the Butchera'
atalt It will be sold; bat tmj of the batchers
will ilra like oeeeaaaxjiBfocauUion.u yoa
ukthem. ..;.-..t
Yzuociikdk Baob. Tfnere u to oe a ve-
loalpede race lo tbls city.on Xew uTeaa.'s
daa. ..Tbe vehicles bare been built at rival
eaUWlsaAa-toe at Aodefsan'i and one
at BaoUi'..'3f be cnteatattta re v(x vtart
froft tJowe)r endWT Big h etrind run
tk-beatrttfl :r"oihParia,8tt d4
aUtuetteVat WeatwWrti
CHMTIAa XHKETO-Oligb t U-bildT4
atteadiug. r the Correif atlonal iSabUaih
ScJwH graie, j A
Christmas tree haa-been prepared, and
there wHl-be mere'real, ireuulne eJeryiaet
for the little onea thaa-tBey Have had since
tMb' 1t 'holiday . cTheir WtU'mlr'totPoiH
iuuik) ,,18 To wrs-Fja. JLanetweU
koMrm torlLarcUiaeai i dowawitU
amaIpoi,v.,It la, Jhpught he caught III froin
contttwlth aoeone freui Cincinnati.-'-"
Dr,C C.Shaxp Jaiia piiyaicianV jGeT;a
ciMted, Wl yon Who hav riot bewiiJArth;-wlthv-'Pertoiieebould
be revacdnsted ev
eraevea fear. l ,o(io.i,
J. .Mokostixablk ' il am. The Sherl?C of,
Cbampalaeouuiy brought in'; prisoner
tvt&iiympiui ytraily'-coirlM!e
ot fcrand larcepr vndet1 the um of Jade,
aqd aenUtnced tot two year, Jack wanta
nafdUpnty" about flrttanieB,rlBO- last
oamaa, but ia wUling to ierve eut Mi time
uqder jtbe almpH mpnqsllibfe;
i!,tt . ;: 7 I'.. . u i 't-.. I -ii m 't.
M AersBADB ,B4U!.ra' Teitcboreaii
dawteear wUlirenaember tliaa the .grand
maWiuerade -Bait W' bf Vvetf'at" Ambdr
Ball by the Excelgior tn(r Band la 'set
eipected thai j.woolf thig'most
enjoyable dances oUhe.aeaeon. The boys
can certainly farnisb-etar-dancinK music.
ITiivii nl Hiiw ii -ill ( "
ly'A itTgO Btook-ot Cailna- QTnBetnd
tea aeto and yasea aKWestwate'r' '
LoaRxmA'" Comisq. The 'jrreat tBbnfarer,
Loerenla, ' whoeonextraofdlaary nagleal
illuaions, last Seajtfiu anafetrTbutloHiOt
praata eroated o great a aeosotkicla ad
ertUedi'lt win-bweeen,5 tor 1 aigit8,-at
the Opera, Bouae,IJBMtrlcka border on the
marvelous, and almost' pass comprehen
sion Eidh bight bf hUaUy here, -one hun-q
drgnpreeuu will be diatrlbute4 among
thetaiiakorsi W&mtll, I flUijiu 5ii.i4,yes,-idlmpled
Petit Larckny. John Blizzard was up
Lohfsa Mosterwlthtrt larceny in
lng iwo comfortSiPne skirt, s dress, basketl'0?
andiwoilra pf glo?e He was hetd -in
the sumea 30QJcrdJia -ppej anceeftm
the Court of Commoa-Pleas. In default
be aw teat to castle Gater - Tkii8 "pretty
tough on the he Bl heiard. ' E4 has Jifst re-cov';Jro.i-fet
'if Dread "and- watte,
admlnlsteredld rhat' InstTUitloA on the rec-ommendatiofa-ott-Jaajte
h'T f.-r it", ! ,r' -.'"
Ekpobt.; BitCKivt. Xue Governor ion
yesterday received- the "re port of Messrs.
W. ClendeoAn, Dw-HeMiUent a'ooaa-xfiober,
E. Messenger and, James Stqckdale, Commissioners-)
appointed on the pai;t of the
State lotteed the Cattle Convention held
at SVrtneidt'tirTe'fiasa'Jiionr
taina but little more than, baa, already been
given to the public through our telegraphic
dispatches, and. fa, too long; a document Xofij
ouf elm.a todaji ' Trtrey reflommena ea.
dlt&oal legiftlaiioB on theam jeet oi lexaa
:f'1 1 V.v
Dbcalcomakib pictures, boxes 61 work
ing materials and vases at Westwater's.
5i i 11 vCZTT nrmeir..-i I
meeting ot the County Commissioners,
beld on Wednesday; Messrs. Edwards, Gu
lick and Lisle being present, It Was ordered
thanwde belsraed td the trustees Oft
Nofiwieh' towoship for $100, In, full for the
cotfirty V pTrtio'iprbptldlnjr . ridge
on the Milliken road, -io-eaid township.
TheTOiiowing Trtus were presented ana ai-lowedietehtnd-A
Fetser, advertising tax
notice, $1.75: Mwy Daltonvclearrtog, $20;
Relnhard A Feiser. blanks Jor'-Treasuirert
42.50; John A. Kile, services, $20. U a
Otdrd, That all -latants' fees or cost
Ordered, That 40.3n1Vayofr'hnd
Patrick Mphy,Mafshal,elowed-'the
sum ol $25 each forthelrseyt ices J p crim
inal cases, whtfetn'Oie State tias bailed to
avv- ;i"M
BUls, oCJS. B.,. Armstrong Co., to
amount of $595.27raod coat bills to amen!
Thxathomc Fair. We were piease,
lutB&hs fiD see a larger crowd at Naurh-
Vavi jjtf&air.pfi! erpC JrVloii
veblBiIt enjoyable plaeep
pa8sLTai(4Tenrug,Ahe ladles-' have greet
quaailUea-f toy a and atsjefat aadoraHnrea
which tber iwWfier-A''a4.,lPVf ;tates as
to see aUxietni to -bight,' and tlfey
will do ail lehetr power to m akf the tlmeitoo;.
paasSijJfeeabtrt hi&ktfs iter tabre? preaid-
cream table by Mrs. B. Turney, a repine?
an ice are made wekfoJnt,,rjThe voting at
the polllnybooth Jpr goJd4ieA4edcThe,
to glveo the eJoel fpifajafdate for
vote Ms
39: G. W. Meeker, a.ittvdaaramr-t 41 L.
Donaldsottt iJ2;rt oee-'that eatt,f o
the Air is given, and aid U4 fee as to la
chinandjittle red nose be
luaae as mucn n9lses apy pr?r
teaNJ2Chi48tmeKnd herraV4
eateh' a hu
dollars worth In he 'Iast 'ten, davs
The PAJtEPA-MACoitcTOr-j-The great
Parepa met a most enthusiastic reception
at the Opera Hoate last night, 4 Her name
Is the kynony m of song:, "and her presence
seems to make a devote worshipper of the
coldest hearer. She'takes her audience by
storm, and elevates and depresses It at her
imnerial nlonann1 v n o n f i m I lit
i The cpbceri,opeied with nie&nlearem
the Grand Duchess, arranged for the piano
by De Meyer, and performed by Geo. W.
Colby.. Xhi -gentletnaBr- evrncea- pro
foaad kBowledge -of hli instrument iud
great delicacy of touch, but, with the au
dieoee anxiqpsly awinUigrtWappfarfivee
6fthe Queen o7 Melody, his" excellent ren
dition seemed to Jail on unheeding ears.
He was followed by Brookhouse Bowler,
duo by tenlzeUL" 'ThoOeh alngere' of great
excellence, stars in their line, t.hey( too, left
the Stage .feeling hy;waot-oi wa'rmti' la
the audience.-' jrjA .. i .as : eiuoiH-u
Carl Rosa followed with a fantasia from
per- Fretechuta.' whlcli tie- 'rendered -with
exfluislte eellbg, but' . the I audience were'
waiting for Parepa. At last she came,-and
sucha burst, ot applause. iasrareliiJf
ever, shaken the walls of the Opera Bons.e
as she received It was a 'perfect ovation.
Slie, aaDgIillard'a song, H'alUog, superb
lj.ahe onld hm aing It Otherwise; - For
afl encore the gang theLast Rose of Summer
aa we never beard it Jsahg-before.1 She"
w tofiejin better jfole.tJ(an eyeriknof
ialrly reveled In the melody with which
she bewitched her aBOTTdrs.
! Brookhouse. Bowler -followedr ndl h W
merits received' a: prompt' Recognition this'
time. Parepa had -warmed all hearts to
mclodyan eyes were brighter and hands..
k:n3tier,' because she bad -been seen and
beard. .- .
: Tha Exile's Lament, by Mr. Levy, com
P1? PW, oftjie-regraiumev
His performance elicited, the .warmest ap
plause, which was sustained until he reap
peafed. '"He then feridered the Carnival o
Venice with wonderful effect. .No flute'
performance weaver 'heard 'excelled it in
flnTHnfirering and expression. His tippiosr
i un approach able, whileo sustained pow
er there la rfothtu'g';nke;t?:ia ipy instru
mental iwrfWrnamioxtantiiiAgaln-he
Waa called; for and. played .Yankee Doodle
the audience making Jtlto. house lng with
applause at itselose.'We'cSiiBot f the
late hour at wMctf e Vf fte dp moire than i
to mention thAbaUad ong Jy; farepa as '
an encore In the seeomt-parf. ' It Is entitled
"The Love Letter," and la the most charm-,
Izig ballad ever beard lo this city.' The an-'
dieneeaeemed to be filled with enjoyment,
and went, to thefrbpmes,. loud. In their
praiao of i.tiie divine can ta trice, and the
company,of rtists associated, with her..
! tW The largest and finest stock of gtta
fixtures at "lowest prices at Weatwater'a.!
t To-Moebow. To-morrow will be "Mer
rieXftrietmas." when" all the ftrtfe1 neknlt? ..
of xhriatendom will have a world of bae- '
. ..-. i f - -. . r I
plness j,We; can see them aa their iEjei jKjp.it
.nriMi Ana Atarn 4 rrtn . thj, -iiaiVnai-M,inrl
--- j vmm m uub wuurea- .4
jojf' plethortffstocklngs' hanging by the
chimney, stockbigsr that tools' as fat and
.aMmpjjuf.;tfie'Ilttle:Jen.tba..-by"ji'd by I i
wit satViFthwtfdteBu B
shoutings -and ijbepgjf jarnrasj and
squeaking of trumpets, and -crunching of
xandles, and hurrahs,' as oA4 ind another
new discovery of &qtta CIkn9 ipf'septs Is
ttaoei 1 Goo-bye sleeV for -papaJ Viid mam- '
ina now. E.erytljljig Is-to.h shown and
rattled and tofifcaked, until pVpa, good soul,
sweaWr prayir' b to'Tn -tehiiifrf the
faoise, aod mamma laughs and becomes as
youn a(f tie;you"est ' of her . petsj and
jPlns in the general happiness. Why,'
even bfeby hgl nevfir before waaf iutbwnl '
to wake up until John made the fire in the
rPFH b 'fy Wide j)pen itaHhg A
in , wpnaer , atiDJie.,racjcet,.-t pod-:1 finally ;
4nt6 crowing, . like ; ; bajf '.'fledged ; -delighted
Shanghai, whereat the other children shout
and feed it candy utVtir lts lftfle '
Jace looks like i cfect1oiief Storf after a
firf kadjKEaSustiiajhdljrjippela-
Boo b weet,? Mow be it known that there
ever; was a pby1 w hpseiacda' were sticky- ! 'i
with candy, that did not make a '.raid .'.on
papa' whiskers, i andthere -never was ' -ondition.
papa who are whiskers that Aid hot at first
like saying cass Words at Such treat-1
pent, ut' BAaHy-,- looking at the briebt
side hlnrdld j represevbls ,wrathind!
the tVT chlldrenZly Wiotfl Its ad
fent bi alously.lopkeX for and; Au tensely ?
enjoyed. TbtiUttle tpoem i)lovX f f iven
paints a scene, many-, a child baa pictured
5?!4Chr!" .KH?WM T r.:
On Cbnetanu ever, wtiea the noon those brigSt.
9 iHy and Kate taw a wonderful aigbi. j j.
- , .Wink tlir.k.ri r..A yvm Uui -V
man. wfthape MWHriy.M r,':,,f1T"T
iy beard: anl afac., sunny?"' a S
That It care"t
And eeamed io
1 ka inan j arid aaamj aliin ItK-tywr"
na us tofcsva laeit aowa WHautajjy ooue.
Till in hitAiitif.i h.im ll.. U. TT
Sot a whit frirbtnd m9m Nelly sd tSato,
j t muugui us oremm ill wu BO TtTJ MIC),
And i hftT fllaot skrain n n. k air-jk
j TSelrtt eriniau r., hen it earn to (el! jTfc -2 -lkae-Ohrietmw-nad
risen, and all u well "
Saw tiel y and Kitty amaogHae rest.
Happy, and loving, and marry, and blest.
Taking their treasures from itockinn and floor.
And thanking the giver a hundred UauaVei-
j M at ne ajkal .were (fay and baT' - 1 i -
A-"splendid "lot offencn China
Vjos? WMialeres, Motto Cups, of their
on Importation, at " Westwatkb's.
' ,ru .-.--.-'r : a'1
Trahsterred Yisterdat. The follow-1'
lng transfers were left "St" the Recorder's
Jha G. Mitobell and wife, Walter Mor-
rispri and vlfei 4ad James Watson, to Ben
F.i Stage, December 18th,'1 lot No't'of
Mitchell, Watson and Mofrisoq's addition
t ithe cfty'Qfl&l ambus; fir $800 ia fi '
Edward M.Owena and wife toC.fi.AL
C.J B. !Rr Company, December 19ch, .lots :
Npslrj; 1 1 and Vi of John R. Hughes' tub-
division of lots in the northwestern addi
tion wycpiopibUB,-jot ii,boiL2n
1 nomas g. Mors? and ;lte -to John S.;
iharpe,iAffgu8t 2i; T867J 'quitclaim to 2
acres ot iap io, ijparon .township, for
4tifj0. rlJ'i."".';
James-j Jay cox) aedj wife ,Jphn sSs
ShWpej April 18th; '2 aires Sr lknrT'ln'"
Sharon townshfe-far$49.T.TT"f
Margaret Jones eT oi, to William H,
RareyffiH'f8tbiraftcl4im tok jSo.ef
lAtotH'&Si'f, WthetowVof Grovepoffc lor
tp.OOO. ,.j2 ttgiH rtJLSOB OSS .oirt
W-JVs,SWIlfcTfllJXjewis Shlrlv.
T3!i: T ";rBfl "f hm3 in iwal
'i ; GeorireiotarDeBtr - nd wlM w WaHr-
'oka. Anrll 27th. 19 acres and im1iifif'VVrcee-
! TjWtft CuFfcOTjcKKRYrT-The loveof
HlScH?Sef.t8..r ,atjiral:iJto thje Jhsja.!
,pito u pora ana Deans to a JNew Jfing-'
taddeiSM toclffsa ballg.fca Ilitrve'lCson-
ttnj's Suhday dlune-jt is a great civUI(ertu
ei I HiJiiai a BiiiTi
dumb company faeAaUt- them in ten"
mlbutes will be as' chirping aa crickets. A nd.
mm -m -m.Mr J ' a: ; . l. f. u m, m 1 ja - -
bring idllr Linden tT4 hYVi
a uagnificeatiot bf 'It, aAlfef toVsmhd all
Wf5 H. f eerWepe w JknmijBaocniarl
till night his jaws .are waggiag, chewing
ndfrid 1
Woang 0 Hhpa. 'Boston: "Lee anl 8h;pArd. For
oj uanaau a Astoa, voinrnMu.
This Is one of the handsomest books we
have seen from this bouse. The paper,
press-work and binding are unexception
This is the secend volume of valuable
atfrliaBtnofTteWVleeUons pWflBrtffCyJW.
Meto$uMtTfl!ts as great ereflirb'n
him aa the first "Golden Truths." It
will make a beautiful Christmas present
i own thb Rives, by Oliver Op tie. Boston ; Lee
and ttnepvd. J! or tale bj UandaU Alton,
The latest work from the pen of that
pleasing author ot books for boys, whom
we consider second only "toMayne Keld In
tasclnatlng the youthful mind .
A KISS FOR A BLOW, br Hanrr C. Wrieht.
Boston: L A. Sbapard. for le by Randall &
onion, uoiumous.
A collection of stories for children, show
ing them how to prevent quarreling;
showing how quarrels begin, how thiy
progress, and how they end. Let your
children read It.
GOLD EL8IB, from the German of E. Marlitte, by
nn. a. u. n later, rni adeipma: iiippen
oott A Co. For sale by Randall A Aston. Colum-
Those who have read "Old Maniselle's
Secret," by the same author, will find that
there is no falling off of spirit and Interest
llu "Gold Elsie." We advise all to read it,
as there are few romances of German life
that equal It, and none that have been ren
dered into better English.
Staple and Fancy. It might seem
little strange to offer dry goods as Christ
mas presents. Young gentlemen of a ro
tnatlo turn would hardly feel like bring
ing a Boulevard skirt, or a bolt of muslin
to their particular lady friends. The minc
ing Mr. Thinlegs will not perhapa feel
like grasping a pair o corsets, a pair of
blankets and a hoop skirt, and saying
tily dear Amaranths Heliotrope, permit
me to lay at your feet these offerings typi
cal of my affection. These blankets will
represent the warmth of my passion. Take
these corsets, and may yoa keep them as
close to your heart, as yours is to mine."
We repeat Thlnlega may not do this, but
he can find at Naughton'a a line of dress
goods, gloves, laces, and the like, from
which can be selected presents suitable for
the most refined and fashionable lady.
Call and see them. We know that Mr
faugbton, or one of bis score of hand
some and accommodating clerk?, will find
what you will be pleased with.
.Finances of Ohio. From the forthcom-
trig report of the Auditor of State we take
the following statement of the finances oi
Ohio to the close of the fiscal year :
Including- th balances on hand Mot. IS. 186T.)
General Rerenae fund 1.660.7,5 39
Canal fund 41,533 64
National Koad fnnd SI.0O2 8
TiinKinc iuna j,ra,s6 74
omnioK ohol fnnd... 1.407 498 73
Seldiers'Y'lainii fuuH . 3 Kifi M
oneoi xana..- ..........
" Alloiment fund 3.4HB 90
Bank Redemption land
s.t:3 si
oanai r una
National Rjt.il funii
14 639 39
U 8.' 34
.inkiiis fund
Si-hoAl fnnd.
1,471 - 33
1.41!6H SO
Allot" ""fuVdS I fTiso ! 3
Redni)ti fun. -.J aV
-4.455.354 SS
Bal. in Treasury Not. 15. 1863..
.. $i70,lW75
by enchanting music none
can resist on a Christmas eve or a Christ
agaln. ,as day. We suppose many will enjoy the
8ink during the holidays.
CtoTAjt, SxjATjasci, .PARXj-rThla popular
place of ' recreation ' and amusement' Is
ready again for skaters, and is in beautiful
To-morrow, if the weather be
!jiPtpltiou9' tbere will be a regular corn 1
feel val. The best pair of skates in Columbus
J iai.j. twaue.. a-iii;iii, wo arc
goffered the, delightful bJlmuslQ -.pl the
Sxatixq at thb Eink. The Eink was
flooded yesterday on the frozen bottom,
tad has frozen splendidly for skating to
day. It will be open all day, and to-night
offered regnlar Christmas CarnixaL
Charlesdge.lhj apton sfkaeipf
Long Island, will give his exhibition of
fancy skating movements this evening, and
it is the first time a Columbus audience
has had an opportunity of seeing a skater
from Nevr York, wa nrwlir. a trrpaf prnwH
The Ice could not he batter, and
the luxurjL.oiUkaUiurJn4)tatected dL-.--.
wlllb ipres.eted ft tlbestlady slater,,
JJHaroooniandltbiJ wdrsu lpisrkw
will be giveu, at night, to the worst
There is no extra entrance fee
tyarged contestants for the prizes. The
fee being paid at the gate, all may co ntest
without c-xtra charge. It the weather be
unfavorable, the contest. will take place on
the first good day thereafter. A flag in
the day, and a red light at night, indicate
when the ice Is good.
Thb Bell Ringers. To-night we
Pik;i ! forger far together feti
tsoDicdtniciii senti lieotaJ, harptkio! vkt
lira solos, brass band music and all that
v'p to make up one ot the incomparable
concerts ol this Incomparable combination.
Long ago, when the first troupe of bell
riggers ever in this country, were giving
concerts, we thought the music ot the bells
the sweetest we ever heard, (always, ex
cepting the violin,) and we have not relin
quished the idea yet. We are glad to know
that we are not alone la our appreciation
ofjit, as will be shown by the large attend
ance at the Opera House to-night.
Bdrglary at Worthinoton. On
Wlednesday night the store of Dr. Snow,
father-in-law of our fellow-townsman,
John G. McGuffey, Esq., was entered by
burglars who burst the safe and robbed it
$24,000 in Ohio war bonds, $2,000 in
and a large sum in greenbacks on
deposit. Detectives are on the track
the rascals. We wouldn't be sur
prised If one of them turned out to be the
celebrated cracksman Jem Ogden, who
was committed to the calaboose here a
short time since as a vagrant. He has a
partner . with him, and the two are the
smartest meals In the United States.
Corner's Auction, No. 89 South High
u,me one' come aI, nd y them
300 Presents to bi Given Awat at the
China Tea Store. Every one buying one
pound ot Tea will receive a nice Japan Tea
Canister as a Christmas or New Year's pres
entj. I have on hand the greatest variety of
Teas, Coffees, Sugars, Spices, Fruits and
Extracts, and will sell them at the lowest
rv article la nureanrl wirranM tn alna
satisfaction. A. C. O'Kane.
and all & Aston can frame your pic
tures before the rush comes.
Auction. W. R. Kent will continue the
sale of goods for A. P. Lewis, this after
hopn, at 2 o'clock, at No. 7 Gwynne Block.
;r Wee -Men To- fill-Under
flh fcf B SI nil
shirts and Drawers, at Burner's Auction
$0 not fail to visit the great bankrupt
ale of fine jewelry, watches, silver plated
Ware and superior Sheffield cutlery, at No.
85 liigh street (American building). The
goods offered are of the best quality, and
wijl be seU o jfcwnead perejeitrTWi
thai. tUyVAi oeihWhere Sale-o eWi-
mence on Christmas
J. F. LMGHT0N',,
UsBFf tPRHSffiT.-Atapfig; tji6 Ihultl-
tade of holiday presents that will be given
this week,!, there, can ,be none-ioundbat
will be received with greater peasuBfrom
the donor, tban a handsome set of Furs.
Fqr the extent of their stock, for the beauty
and style of their goods, and for reasonable
prices, the old and well known firm of J.
ad.isilj & Cp. Is unsurpassed. : As their
purchases are largey for their extensive
wholesale and retail trade, and as they are
exclusively cash buyers, they are enabled
tp-qfftjr luperic Inducements to allpf thelr
patrons. To all that wish to make an
elegant and a useful present, we would say
Rddisill's fur establishment is thb place.
dec24-l;- iT'--ii.':
Beconstruction has many votaries but
therigli waytto ge); re-constructed Is to
o to fenfla jtAstonja. j j j
. Get your oysters at Hennebo's Restau
rant he has some pf the largest you have
ever seen.
Go to Burner's Auction for Flannels and
Woolen goods.
P. S.Sutd1m fc Co., 23- North High St,
have a good stosk of Toys, Candles, Cakes,
&c, at low prices. 'Wears selling the best
Soda and Butter Crackers at 10c per pound,
retail. V Ifti t m'-.v .- dec24-dlt
But one of Bandall & Aston's pictures.
Ointment. SupprttAtiNO'4
Sores. Thousands go down to their gravea
suffering from chronic ulcers which a few
pots of Holloway's Ointmt would have
healed. It is no tkin-deep remedy, but
drives in the poison, of a spre Its effect is
to eliminate the t)olsoTiotis element, and Its
Work ot purification may be accelerated
and perfected In maoy cases by taking oc
casionardoses of Holllway'b Pills, which
Improve the condition of the blood, and.
thereby promote the formation of healthy
tissues. Sold by.allDruzistsr
J J 9-dly-cw
1 1 HpjDdSf tradefshirtsT atTBufnlr'sf nf,T
tldti for iOeentS, worth-1.25i- dec24iditk-1
Jewelry made and repaired by C. E
Smttbej SHlgh 8xeet;jb7eriBalnTs':'st6r'e
j noveaitm
'Don't feel bard if you can't get proper
attention at Randall & Aston's, if you wait
til the last rnodent ' ' tr-":'
UTSTKRs ae-40, do and Wets, per half cawry
auu cut. per aisn, (uozenj, at ttenneDo a
Restaurant, West Broad streetNp-13.
Randall fckTQ i8Te lb6o"n ew sSreo-
sooplc Views.
L ) 1 1 a n ri
Lazell's SALooNNeiridpenfor oyiters
served up in any style, and other retresh-
Ibakdall & AsTONariihid !as fiaual
with the best assorted stock' of" articles
suitable lor holiday presents. -
An examination of annlloanrs for in.
POlntAonlait faiphera In'&ir' ntttr-fcnrfwflo 4
will be held in the High School Building,
ieommencing at 9 o'clock-!. Saturday,
Dec alnftro-partiaqfitss will be given
to extend beyond the present school year,
andTKredhswin "fie e'xaTneffot'&ef Suva1
actual applicants fohappidtiDent.
By order Board of Examiners; "
Eink stock is running up and Randall fc
Aston's prides ne rnpnLsg down l
win remeu dct ttie urand Masquerade Ball
to be givenCbylib) EdSeMor Jifring'iand
oq Christmas Night, and not fail to attend.1.
Reports have been -circulated by -inter--
ested parties that the Ball is to come off
Lou Christinas Eve. .This Aspot sp-rChrJsi-
masNjghf lathe tlniev Tiokets admitting
gpntleman and ladies $1,00.
Inquire lor the SCOTCH WOOD articles
at'RandaTt ftAsfioffsf -
els, coated tongue, dull, and stupid feeling, 1
are the bane ot tHodsadcrs. Cathartic pills or
dru as iOD,'belpfit?b.ut rather nw.Wit wora.
W.hat yoneed- hr-HrmpHRET V-HoMtEO
jlatbic Dyspepsia Pills. They tone up the
wniacii, relieve log uisxress, ana mase you
over anew, without pucgqg of prostrating.
Price, six boxes for $J.?5-7poldJ)y dealers.
or sent by mail. Address Humphrey's
Specific Homceepathlc ..Medicine4 CoV 562
Broadway, N-K"-'-! 'Jyl33&wlycw
If you wish to train your children in the'
way tbef' sh'durrr -gdi buy good books Tor
them at Randair&Aston'sU n -Jwjii-.-nai;
Chlapbst, To CASi Buyers. DuTirlgi
tliewxt thirty days, I will make to order,'
Suits, Overcoats, Trowserssnd other gar
ments, twtnly per, cent. piiaper than ,tnyother
Merchant Tailor in the Unn for prompt cash.
I $ave tbe largest" assortment of fine and
medinni grades bf wobjens'-to he fottnrT fn1
the city-Tha excejbance of the-- materiabi,.
style and fit of the.gArinets . made at my
establishment is well known to the com-, (
munity. I offer my goods as' above stated'
fof the reakdh' ffiat''Twant 'mohey.'ni'ofe'
than I dO an ext-essef stock. .vti ' ;;7s sfcc
An Inspestlon of 6tockand - prices b re
specif Mj solicited.. , , y,iv..-d
I jC-WNiswandkr.
deci5:8j 2, To;iTiaiv X
V"e8dvius may ' bury cities yetl but ypu
should" noci bury your 'iflUireaWltopea by4
falling to call at andall A Aston's to get a
present for them.-- '" -''-u".i.
Immense Stock of Indies!. FrjRS.'-rTbe,'J
popular and extensive bouse- of Clark "4
Farmer, No. 5 Neil House Block,- presents '
dally a scene of ,bustlend' activity which '
is not observable at similar houses", in.- the
same line of, .trade ta tWiiiliiy The ele-','
gant sales rooms are al waysthroBged with "
customersnwno are awracsea -ey ine ituge
piles of fashionable and, sty lish lnrs, taan
ufactured from all kinds, and grades of ma-'
terials, such as 1 the 'famous Hudson '3sy
Sable, the pretty nrlrilf,'the delicate'ErJ.
mine, the' German Fiteh. the rioh Siberian
Squirrel, the eiegantj GrebeJthe; Islettdld
Water Mink, and the beautiful black ana :
whiterastraehifu. llChdmflaidr8WH,'
setts, Geat'a t'ii Ssavtt 'Coilxra;lrnr-Caps'''
and Gloyes, wjlLalgo be fomjd la profusion,
togeAexjrtu,yiaiisiiitlceat and stylish
stock of Men' Hatsndpaps, , manufac
tured in the'best manner and most fash-
ionableylesrwhdhafeionmaa, thf
great nai una rur emporium popular
wih the people. Customers favoring dark
& Farmer with their patronage bAye, many
decided advantages in their favor, among
which 13 a wide range for Selection. The
good8eaJl,varrajitedaai from fifteen
to twenty-five per cent, is economized. in .
eachpurtiaBet as the articles sold ar?tnat
much cheaper than at cotemfofafytestib-
Thb ladies all safcweitrOklpg atfinn
dall,4tarl'J)olicJay4 Goods: "Perfectly
ontDnrilH t' "TT-innlalfo t" Arn.
si.jas is selling fancy goods lower for
than-ariy bouse Irt'tfifc , city." No. 40
ortfaHlsh'treetJ!iii i'immj i-wt-n'A -J
lti.AjiCT8 .sajr go to'.RBdaH & A;,
ton's and try me. dtc22-d4t
t tl! i'.-p
xi t;a I
s s t
- o
r- - - O
Sir tv-1
,1 .JLV . ::w 1BO Kl oj.x K
T.!o;al ot-! 'W -sW ;;: ci i'ti'i,!ii
iu-:iiuu cl uti:.'i U i.'-ta
Vis. T4H c4r
llYfJTT.l.Vi 2IOOS
lew t.
i .
i.'f 3 . z:
j, j ni
jj -;t "sin 1., c-i:t-3:i r
a.li V .'iis.aJi wn Vi u a,Tji ta A,
! ieviUIOUO lma Xf al A
- o
HO i- yAa .i.IA
Call early and makc jeolec-
'tlous, so ais$:i-et the
-El !V-
Staple r & fa!cy
IDJT121 HOi 0 C13 YHIi
s a 7
Mm m 10 nm
every Department,
has. i-II-kI
. - a - T -
W tJ an
iw'fa an?., sr..
1st 9 V .-3 I '
:j tfw.- -.-ii -J I:;rfl
u) 5i bnaiMluatai
0 Iii-rjroT.
--lX -srmmOL
t r't a? i?t-l ii I
250 AWD 252
"" I
J. 'yZS. U II V I
,t r-Ttil laJ5
ili inPI oa A i
JCS J4-1
Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 23.
; GOLD 134JDUvtng::'. J " Jjtofl V--
EXCHANGK MU discount buyleg,
and par selling. ,'! ,i!cl, b u-. 1
. MONEY Market continues ,cloa at 10
12 cent.'-.;'" "... ' .'.,"; . j .... : i
.... -1 -
New York Money Market—Dec. 23.
. MONEY Stringent, with an active -de-i
mand. and; a general calling la ot Joaus.)
The pressure is equal the worst tlmeof.
last spring. The banks are' trhable -to ex-'
pand. -owing 'to the neAr approach' of thei
quarterly statement, audi business lattbe'
lay al' rate, oi- 7 per cent-currency, was;
quief asii small; per cent, gold, or 9 perl
Htirum, was generally the minimum rate,'
arf'i as high B8 3 per cent, gold, with i j
rtfH- n(nt.. lipr rlnv pn'mAiianlnn in, SA d9.1fui !
per annum, was pahh, as was 7 per ceut.
currency, with per day commission or,
per cent, per annum. Atter .3 o'lock
louuB were made at 7 per cetif gold and 7
per cent, currency, with commissions at
1 82"to M uer cent. , ' : -
' Friday will be a close, holiday, and there
will probably be only a limiud business
on Saturday, which will cause" many-bot-'
rowers to provide to-morrow for four days '
in one, and there is every prospect of an-: '
other active day in the money market, '
The extreme stringency is the effect of a '
locking-up r jjreenbackJi, continued ship.
ments Of currency South:- and Wst,.dry:
good -tul urea bero, ssseesioiiaaB4
banking firms in Louisville and St. Louis.
The leading, : speculative1 ishareaU New
York Central. Pacifie mall and Rock-Is
land, were held jo "some leatlingn&locks.
Previous to the Central' "dividend, j-umor
said Yanderbllt acd family beld 13,000,000
shares of Central, a prominent dry goods
prince 16,000 shares, and the Erie party .
thirty to fiity thousand shares'. The buoy-!
ant market enabled large holders to sell :
freely, and stocks have passed into weaker
hands and are more widely diffused. . This
increased the number of needy borrowers
and affects the money market considerably.
The January dividends and the return of
money from the West and South will tend .
to relieve the market early; in the new
year.' -- . - .- - -. ; ..
fellOtor 60 days, , and 101K101ii lof
short sight. .. .
i GOLD Dollf opened at 135, and closed
at 134134. ' "- - ' -
New York Stock Market—Dec. 23.
closed stead v., Coupons ot '81 114ji114?i :
do '62,H0lY0Bd6 "64 ,I06,106K; Jo
"65 107 107; dp new a0810JJdo
'67 10t110; do .'68 110110$ 10-40s
H)5HUoZ. """-.- ..-
ue stooK"! market! baa'.'ylelded to ihi,.
money pressure- and weak- holders have '
been forced to sell. New York Central 1s
quieter and moves more iiiiympathy with1 .
the remainder of the. list. i. Laree. amount'
of it were offered 1 to-dav, and l it felt tor
148), and though rthe stock subsequently''
rallied to 1501- the closinsr'.rate was about
the lowest ol the day. . ReDort aava an in
junction was served on the Treasurer Mon-
aay mornrng, restraining Issues of dm-:'
dend certificates, but that he declined to.,
regara ic xne report is, nowever, consid
ered doubtful. One per cent, was paid tor
cfl! Central at 16a, in .thirty days, and the'
same rate to :phtv7the JBtOckT at lifkin the
Katlin t i mo lhaa (ronoral tnoiLAf ia 1rnrj
t?Ut elosedsteadyt... , , . . "
American , 40(340; Adams 48481 LlBiu-d-
States45j40: Merehanta' Union 16(816)4;
i-acinc man l itfeiia: western Union'
Tetpgrabh 3S33; New York Central
is(l486; --h-rie a830;- do. preferred!,
60: Keadinir ffiUanmt Terre Haute-SSrit -
39; W abash 577,V4; St, Pql tJ6B62i;v
iFort .Wayne llOiillOi; t)h!o & Missis,-
-fcippt outs; Biiciiigau central exrrav
aiviaena Jtti. hlgarr Sorrthern 8686
IBinolsCintral 14ICJ143: Pintsburtfh SAttH,
83: Toledo 9888 Rook Island 111
ai"i -ronnwe8ern'78()j;';nieago
SS Aton 137; do preferred 139; O.C C. &
lad, 73. A dividend,; ot 5 per cent, stock.
has been declared upon Resiling. . r
New York Market—Dec. 23.
dling uphuidsiii ( i J l KU
FLOUli-Closed dull and slighUyIa
buyers' favor. .e .
1 WHEAT; sNonilnflrtlyp ttBehangea f. the '
advance Irt'freiirtit- has checked the export! v
demand, whilpxherej a dullness. n flour,
and has driven millers out ot the market.
' JOTdfty SV rt.fr HH7,fot wes-
vi-io isatner more acaoy at i i &s:i
Uiu( jyujji 9oi ior -pew. mixed
we6teru,a and 1 00l.ll for old .'mixed'
western.-': ,'-,:t ,'cf..e.l - i-v,--or". -i
PORK-Nomlnally 'Tinetanrtdi1 1 mess'1
3l5ei'UHJ5 for Fcbruaxy..,V, .,
BEEF Firm and a fair demand.
CUT ME ATS Quiet.'. witboatr decided
BAixm-rFlrm with fair demand. ,
LARIS-Steady at J7g17o for fair to
nrime sream. -
I EGGS-Steady jat ?84"66.'J "d) '''nn
Cincinnati Market—Dec. 23.
lj FLOUR Quiet: family CP8 00.
p WHEAT OuIlNo l glB0.J5
luuitiN-uuii a( beeeforearjadgeyne,
DATS Declined to 61cj .- .-.
BA,R,LEJf--4uli beet gradeaare qacdesl
,CQ-KONPll?iddl'ms; 23ciTi Yl H U
iWHlSKYr-Firm at $i M. -r : jt. h, t
10, Otti-'dresF ed $11 25lkV Oo'--.Packtrs
are troiamg on under expectation, ot large
receipts to-morrow. :erd ,-(rr
POBK City mess pork Bold' af.2S' 0f;,
country eouta nave oeen Dougnt at 2T 60i
JBULK MEATS-Held at-fll14i and
lotffor shoulders, clear rlbatid dear sides,
but 'emmtry is pfferc, at 40 Jess; .'aid not'
uiucii iiemanu.
ged rBChrallrfd'
ii no demaad,-nor. is there
1 LkttD--Uijb-mgl
loo, Dut mere
much onering.
' BUTTER Scarce, and. firm; sales at3G"
WU. j. H Lmx -er rf4B "Jte V V
t ITT? tT'ctt1 17: teMn-
rj vj-iju-CjiJI j? uui nit cola7w
OIL Linseed 4Hj&it tprn ft $1 00
(cgi ou; iara on nrm ac i pU-
lilJGEIiCS Uneiiancea knd nulefc: "D
Cincinnati Market—Dec. 23. Chicago Market—Dec. 23.
LOUR Quiet; " spring extras $5 25 '
6 65. : S w ; i 1
WHEAT fEirn adaotlJi tllie,
higher: sales of No 1 at $1 14U1 18: No
2 $1 09! 12; closing firm at $111 fort
N Wenles oTNet MehM4rt 9F
lr, - V ' . IV VII 1, y 1 1 , I . n , 1 1 v. TT BUC1ICU
4oC2-4je; losing air oicgj40c; . Klin
tried a4ku255d for N-2.Jtnd ,u3cior rap.
jeered notaing j3aing W ok!,; a ck&uga '
since noon. , -.. n , . ... .j:.
OATS-rPuit pd firm; iSclijcIpsin,
t45i4a 1-7. .--T. , ........ ,.,,
RYE Dull and firm 234enigher: sales
ot: No 1-a 91 12; Jbio.a tliWQl Oft
closing atcWO for no-L m-'i-, ia- vi-i
BARLEY DuH; sales Vt No i kt t
! .closing at 1 .50,' ' " ,
St. Louis Market—Dec. 23.
O FLOUR Firm and Bnchaoeed,' but not'
COBNTT-Very dull ab41oy
6Sc--- i""'y:-t -K
fl'ATCL.It'rrnk JIt-KSCTOi, ' f am-lj". .h
BARLEY Quiet and unchanged. je::, eioejj
IV ttlSKlf Advanced to
PRQV-ISiejrA-aR.rfak -a n a I Tt
ttALTSipoijtttVl jW4UI CtvV9es
HOGSTkhr;.9Xo.,3AiJ .1 YJi.
St. Louis Market—Dec. 23. Toledo Market—Dec. 23.
.FLOTJKQntet hd i-hade better !"?.
"WHEATrAmber- 1. 74(31 ;25s do, seller .
. - , W-, r.rt-.ft , O .
"1""!.-' - . 7" "Tt.
CORN Old scarce ana new uncnairjrea 5 '
new'Sgcf-klln-Werl'TOct fiew-'fVJected 'ST'fV
lew condemned) 60ci andy new,' buyer for
nrvij linn ui uuiiuaij, . .
OATS--Unchanged, at 67c, fp,r Miobigaoj .
and 55c for No 2. r ', , r . -,
RYE--QrttVt.'r f l ' li r 1
DHESBKtt HOGS Are is betters sales)
i'wiIf' dnl.B w.tl .(JdJini'i IS I f rl Vf
trygw m'v-t--".jtM ts viuii ,
N. Y. Dry. Goods Market—Dec. 23.
The market ia devoid. oLanimation.:buti
firm for alj staple c.ttwoode;vjMle:wool-
una are fpncrallr rlnll. and fancv strlea-1
somewhat depressed. We qaotePetraot A
hf avv brewo soeetinga rat iot; Aopdeapw
A ISJefchirsertlWrlndianHeaa-ioc"
Stark A 15c: St. Lawrence A 14c; Massa-
chusfttrA,14cr Mystic 'ver2Parford
OaK iic; awirt iver ne.
Prints steady at 12$c for standard-brands.
13c for Spaasneraao WKc-wrjjocfleco imd
AlerrimacK i. ivor8et jeans firmer;. iaco-
uii, umiutu w v,( tr.a inuaiijct :
Milwaukee Market—Dec. 23.
fLGURWDiill and prices unchanged.
WHEAT Firm;$l 17, lot o: 1 instor. .
Buffalo Market—Dec. 23.
-- -
' rally iC7 00g7 50 foreity ground spring.
, wjtiSA.X sales 8-cars amber Uanadat
1 ffieSaleV-r56osb
' OATS Sales afoujtraetiiw tCv! ee
BARLEY -Sales m'4rt'ClWaysf, 9
.atvaw. M ... "MTUr
. "' i-mmmmmtmmmmmmmmmmmtmmwmm
"m Great Pltitortial Aae-anl.
"fttAtrfrr-, CritW! -SKfe.Ti?nanl8 foVlsetJ.'y
ditriBt4on, irfattj; thronghont the lniUd ratatea
aod all ei vil ted ooatriee eCtaV -VVeciera, fleari-
phere. will be published about tbeirttof Jwtraarrl
iod all who with W tmdentaod- the" "trta- pTiUoio
phy of health sconld Vead and' ponder the Tajntbla
iV'tlertion'. fr'eoatslroj to's'tf Waitra?
bl-oiadipal treatise a the eaasee, prevention and
Aire of a taut Variety 6f dinariee,- t-n.bnee
large .antqnt of -hformkeioa IntefeiUnf. Jt4:tiaa
merebaot the. n)eebanio,tbe miner, the farmer,
e. vPf0? ft &u4v&
tiunt bare been made ierawhaiienaanf and lad
todetaaaremoAsaHable for a oorrect and eom,
;The- natare.'-aiat. and, itranreiaacr ieaaitajryT
eflfcetarof HOdTTTf R'3 BTOMAOd BTTTKBM J
the staple tonio'etid rrttcrative of more than balf
th hrithnbfldf are TolrPsefforUl-lJjf
pages. whlobaealWinmmrteffwIttf p1i3tdrla1"a. .
lustration, valuable Teoipeafor the household and
far a, hamonms aneedotes, -and oOrpj "stftirl j
and amusU'f reading mttf, ot'jgi"! Jl)tiftiWt
Among the Aouualt to; appear with the opening of
the year, this Jrill b oae,1of ,th tosJfeMtakaa.ri
may b had fr the ojMtfk i Beat for eopiet to the
Central Manufactory, at .Pittsburgh, Pa.oroh .
nearest daaler in' HOSTETTE'l': STOMAKi
BITTERS.1 TheRIITERareaoW-inTy-e1tV
town and village, ,ani are extensively asetag-
out tbe entire civilised world, ? :f.i ji, ut
majMeoaswirw-B - ,.'KUeiu.ooA tutiadvU
1-3 Ski wa t li luksa w wf a MJi a aaei
Testify to iU merits in restoring ttRAV-HAl.ti'a
ill original oolor and promotiiiJ; its grnwtn. T
makes the hair eoft and gloss:., The aid lq appear-
ance are n.ade young again. It iathe beat - . a"
: . ; ; H A I K.-X RESSING' UJ': J,
eve nsej." Jt -removes- Dandruff ahd'a'tf ScjiftJ
Eruptions. It does notetaintne'skni. i" '(:s'A
! ..... or? Um FBII B MAIlM-.'JrV. H .'J .3
j Beware of the numerous OTeparatSori wbio Are
aol'd upon bur reputation. 4 e.-'isniii- n i .tii nuniO
K. r. UAliL UO-. Nashua, . proprietor, "t
u . , t. . n . .A..bU
f or mo dj an xsruKipabt,
jnlytt dltawA wry-om "
fi-J ian-ii-'. ,tj aT
profession a. Lm.:)
BR. Ai-B. WItLIAMKWeet flroadwa.!H
rJih street, Columbus, Ohio; has derotad hhufwtf
era series of years to the tmtiutt ofeertaen pri
ratediseases. tie may bien!ini at bi oI-ii'
Broadway . near the Kxobame Bark ' ' t - "
I may31-tf "- .-.'Ti !
I i -: -.r.-, 1&XJ
" AN HIM,D " toother JTdte.' HedicaC3
1 ll Pamphlet from' the pen it i)a.cjtisj
rhe'Miedical 'fimes" says of tnia-'worki "Thir
valuable treatise on the cause and cure
ture decline, shows bow health Irlmnair
Secret abuses of youth and manhood, and how
easily regained It fives a cWsft synopsis of the
impMimests te nuffriagvfei cawtei aw eWl.efI
nervous debilit", and tbeasaaiiies therefor." A
pocket edition of the above wuibe fotwarded on.
im 01 weeata.cty aaaresn inietnrvcaTie
"-it . 1 r .-iiT.yn ff,. i ttIum naib
BATCHtLOK'Sf Halt JBtB, This,
-splendid Hah" Dje it the beat fa the worlds '
ineenijr true ana pertent lrrt'eanleeNtieble ;!
ltantaneout ; do dieappointBieDt : bo ridicnlnna . ,
tintat emedtesthe iH3e of bad dywi iavi- id
eratee ant leavea the Uaic eeft aad eaoAtfal. ooea
fr trovm. bol l by all ilrogsitta and Perfumer J
and prpr applied At Jj.tok4-fa Wia Faetalrj9(T4
i IATheatditihlreTtolidaoabaea:li3d
wooderf ol effeetSn ritee ; ilariaa. iUn Jehajha.-vf oi
Derby, Ct,bou$ falaier1 UCo... , 47 nHT
4 ! aep2l-dMrljr-era-r , l
.'sn'i esvr
I -si) Ac "Al 1 ' JJl!-o lo vat
r.--to Amijyi Ha ni
11 n.w no) .
(3S .iwia-it
a S'llx-ivr
rsr' .J-"-'!
Or THB r
United : States- of America,.-j
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--:rr '- r ' ' v n---T fr'jn-ii ftiiflwr
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JAV- COOKE. Ohairman Finaoea an Ejeentlta.,..
Gommittee. 0 - - ri'" t-T.-.ilSW
aEUy. U,-i.UOKE-Vicaresidetit.T
KMtK80N -W: i;ET. Secretary andAdtntv. 'T'
1 9.1 i,o.inum uiwii!)!,- tyoioi .alrir
l acTHE ADVANTACEftd ri fcloS
I 'Offered by this Jomperare-'rf ff-t- j. ojj-jr
' It is a Rational Company, ohartered br snecial .
not of Uooerrees, 186. r .Ju-h..-. ci; t no
ilthasapaid upeartts4of.S)COoof.'a':
, It offers low'rates of premium. Xtuirq -vbji
1 Itiarniahee iargar lasorance thaaiatorjnmpafti
mns for the same money. ; ,r '1' 1,, -r,
!ltidefieite and eertaia iBfte terms:' Jrt olliaA
!V!,??M0,BW-lttVerJ'JeealitrylI .isdia
1U Policies are exempt from attachment.
Taaroareao-uaneceneary reetriotMiK ia tM
.IPoiioiieeujai hauhan that will ayinsttrt theirs di
fall amount and return all the premiums, so, tbat
tie Inauniaee-tpetanly the-intetvet a the aeimal'i9'
i folioies may be taken which pay to thelnsWeaa
after autoi nuatbut JoCwmits daring litJ mmgA.
DQaliBeoxa of one-tenth tb tmoiwt :un uit
'N r ATtwam. l-BaWl Tmtt-ttit-limit : r
I dtisHarenoVtopay oeidends. fvit.'fft sV'iilJ Aaiil
.1 . JQHK.W, JSI-llC C0.'.tj ,v. J
Cinoinnatl, Ohio, General Ageirts' for 0oIt'rtyfl,
11. j -.'land boatheni ladlaojuil v ,njdi bna
Colueibnst Speoial Agent for. FmnJklim, UcUbs,;..;,
a eirr-iet9aTiewjKiwlyjujjiui.tio3 euj oi Liow
J.irr!itr-"'.-. --. i Xvu (
isa.ee:- oa j jseaB-6.iJ 0tss.mnjJ3aI
!Wrn'r.-f en Ilf r i I hluow tloii?.miio
M.tar. ki, I ill 'in z-M ., ..t u,tf i ... .:.
a.-, ina ., a:- r ri-a -v-t
I b'w.-iib oil i-t utovr hi i'fov.l iMifii m
1 vf
rt "ft frir if -i7 'Jvr ivrjT c-d
fO-Hi. HJ A.'S-JAJk.lJLllJ.ll a.i AJ Jt,
! f lil
-i DR.i;JOHNSTOPPS xi'"loT
,ionetiil fc irii'-wb ei ia of tuJi nh
ltl 1 1 '.lbrl-..,.lT,n.a t jT?IJ : ,T
" e " 'i " I L" t-t vi ''I i :u '
. t .-ii ji . J'JU-: rr e l i-iil 7 f rr JO
The amlylnfalUHeraBA FsmnVsn PMnedgr.. t'anrbe
given wiiu orwunoui rnejpatiepys gpowieeae.
EtadrJrOinston'B Treatise ori 'lrtrrilteti!"';odS
,ite i.oMQueDtesaedl. anv Itr.,
'J J9oi
uie, ol f-Vir iu, ana 00 oon
. .11 Tinoed.
J:!S1'OCKI!.T'0 A
Onred with UR. . JOHNS'
pleasant preparation creates ne vomiting after it -use.
Tobacco need cot be diFcarlJ all t niir- "
for the 1'omaouad' aatnia.Uia mmmm MJud
aadpojitiye,,, Lllo MMfHg
i r ti- f i tail J'jitirJ.3,7'8fiBteltETrno oi
eprL-oTxaawif-j , ,wri)(tr, MnaniauviJ, j.,,
17 9i' tr
re TtruoTiia
Ty 1,(At tn On ys .i . .
i- 'jseteed. That' the City iCiril , Bngioeor-b) ()
and he is hereby authorised and ditectrd to oVin-
raccla the name of the rrty-ef Cota robust Jl
losenh Hartman , for.lowsruis tfce- erestint gcrota
MnnnI treet at th Bast side of Hurh street In no,. "1
respond with the iiicelsoaBaYajijent.cpeniliA fci.J' ur
towina terms, to-witv . . .
1 hlrt5unTweo-'rarg. oeujpieie, -i.y.
Adapted Nov. 33, 1868.
Attest: h. . WILSON, City Clerk.

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