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io statesman.
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,C B.ILOi , ,
tBGHSDv immune, - a ;'- toEc. 4.
" 1 . f . r . v
Tint Morning Journal will be IssoedT on'
Saturday, in order to avoid the dilemma of
two days ia. succession without- a paper.'
It is "rather rough on'? the . workmeri , (
this office, who. nay be supposed to bare
the ordinary faculty for enjoying Christ
mas'. But toey are not accustomed to make
their own convenleoce the' first oousldera-.
tiott-Morninfi JtKrnal. ,,i ! "i is- ' -y.U
ii A Christmas ia the .only Christian, boly
day tfee competitors on a morning . paper:
cm bare, from one year's end to another--
they beton' compelled , to toil, every. b-.
bfttbvinj order to.: Jurolslk: the , newt; for;
Monday mwrninz't edition--at tirlsta
bh, betides its Christian character Is the
day of til day t set apart . bybustom , for,
family redniontr-a : we bate ver held;
that printers have rights that ;a Christian)
community to bound, sometimes, to regpectt
-that they bave feelings as well, as other:
peoptetbai .' they caa eat 4 Christmas tnr-i
keTiUibeynre tofortabsteet i to posset-
one, with at much test as anyreader of thr
STAtzsMAK, J or .' any other, paper--ctn.
enjoy a quiet evening at home, with their
family, just as well at the- nan that toys
not, and perhaps more, because of Its ex
ceding rarity as the law makes Christ;
mas bolyday in -wblch oo jbuii
nets' an be-dne all notes due io'money!
cbaftgcrs,: ratlmir ' due' -b' Christmas
belagV y ilawy da and payable the day
previous--at the Telegraph operators keep!
Cbrittmasi to do other white meal -as even:
during tba worst days of slavery, the ne-i
greet- all bad-' their Cfcrietmasy jfreev f roo
torp-atxj at Printers are 8 good as negroes
4s god as "money changers good a
Telegraph operators-as' goo J as any other
people id" to Jantf; and have- the same'
right t tha' law and to the customs of tbe
coutiery-at Do paper' evef haWbeenr;
vet will be issued from tma emee-ontw
aornmg alter Christmas,: thefre wfli be nd'
OWi iwiu ivImh All r n RiLthrria-w miWfilrttf.
The Crisis—Repudiation—The
Revolutionary Fathers as Repudiators.
,alts. TriV.'hf hi)v: tl ' -;fq
eTbejSTATKtMAK 'a-.i previous; rejoinder to
tVe. Crisis n . the subject,: of Bediation(
teems to JiaTe ; stirred that, r Repudiation
coari SR. very i-o,BideraMjft! TbOnEir
BneUrtiele?nd;tbre editor! Altar in.
conteqaocce devoted to. the Statjsvah byj
k CrUU, and the Crawford County JJo-
nun Is called in to assist. j .i, -kju 'it.L
I And to what do the efforts W the CSrisbx;
ail amount to ? '' .1--lA'-fiid-aidur.j
I la the whole codtroversy thot far wbichi
wit provoked by the Criais not an effort!
ia made to show that the' Status mai hat:
nitbeet a fuitblul exponent of itheJlieuSoM'.
oratle State Platform or cf the . financial
vlewt ef HonGtoaG H. PisDrroi ior
of the sterling honesty of tbe'greatipostle-
. X l. 1. ' A . .
tempted, we are not obnoxious -to the-
charge of "having apostatized from either
And becaose we have not abandoned' tber
Platform and the inculcations of these
great Democratic teachers to follow the
vtgariet ini cbtehets f .the Crisis," it is to j
tb'at concern "a matter of "grievous" oftenseu
'Instead of "mourning for leaders," we
have disclaimed eueb- leadership as It
would bave cs follow.
Jn wbet plight we thould 4nd ourselves-;
h4w Adopted tueb leadership, Is appt
rent from the last Financial article In the
Crisis.! iJays tbte gieatlumlqary ii.i i
"Ai we htve eaid on previous occasion,
we regard this as disposing of the question of
the payment iti Oreenbucks. i-' ' '
-'1'here are but three waya ot disposing
of the Public Debt; .lsw Paying, it inr
uoeooacka.; sttiunKrupteyjduiauepa!
diatton; or 3d, Funding it, and thereby
fastening it upon the people for all time to
come." . .
The first of these propositions, as "orig
inated" by the Crisis, that paper says went
tdj seh$ ,'obi $tfa Presbientlat election,
jectid rr." We quote its own language.
And thereupon it decided and 'declared
that this settled the question, beyond a
doubt, "a&regaxds the payment of tbe.debt-
i Ceebeke, "not- a taugbf by' Hen
Giobok H. PKKDLtTON, but as taught by
the Crisis. So, then, the Crisis will bave
nothing more; to do with the Greenback
proposition v Surely, the position, op this
pifcilsaninitkable.- jLiilLj
As to the second way of disposing of the
PrfjWie iDebt,. by bankruptcy or Bepudia-ii
tion, the Crisis again inlorms its readers,
that "during the past few weeks, since the
NdVBmber elections,'- it has been runitria-'
irfg through mnsty, dusty and cdbWebbed'"
documents to see whether it could not find
precedents or pretexts for the advocacy of
Bepndlatlon. Withtbe third way of pay
ing the Public Debt, that of Funding it, it
will have nothing to do. inasmuch as. in its
esBniition, Hwoold fasten thePMie DebeA
" upon the people for all time to come."
Here, then, we have. Jits explicit declara
tion that it will absolutely not give its as
sent or support to either of the. wp put ot,
l3hiiicways in5 !Tbich;the PobliolJebti
can be paid, leaving Repudiation as the
Inevitable alternative to it, and yet it coolly
and deliberately says. 1 . -
"For ourselves, we would here say, while
we have heretofore laid before our readers
ery briefly the history of what betel the
vtni fcfcttonBe ievolHtiott In taWountry
and the part taken by the leading statesmen
among our fathers, in repudiating those
eaered obllgatfen' -upon their posterity,
and the history of the repudiation of many
of oar State debts in modern times, toe have
never) hitherto amnounced Zsf TeaderT etlr
otMjsea? 4?.iOpectL rxXlijLX
If " there are but three ways of dispos
ing of the Public Debt" Greenbacks, Re-pudUtpjijwd-;Fundmg,iawklttwill4iot
have anything to do with Greenbacks, and
Funding, will it to far unbend as to inform
its "readers " what Ht-ewn views upon
the tul ject " are ? This is rather an awk
ward position for an assumed great leader
x0TJ84eJV''.wbo sjaeers;at-aiBso
and by Insinuation derides Mr.PNDLTOM,
to be Jo. , H fbece. Is .an editor IntbttH
eofUMWyitdi0'8hoaaavav a -Hsg
through his nose, with a rope attachment,
like a stray irtedunty farrVnb guide
hit faltering steps through this Intricate
world n of finance, ate u redly that editor is
the "Financial and Commercial w editor of
the Crisis, for he is in the utmost danger
But is It traeitbf1the.fatjhe,rj) of the Rev
olution Repudiated" their War Debt?
Heaven Jknpwa , they had tbeif! , hardsbips.
and If ,fTv'R.V mP.MT4r'JBepndiat
tion, those great and heroic men' bad4bat
atotlre. Fewattmbtr- vWth',iddevel
eped re8oarces,thjey;!gpied'wlth tb'e
proudest and most powerful .Monarchy of
the world. Untried in the science of Gov
eminent, their first eflort was futUer-Tbetr-arUclestfpB!W5f?rwerj
a, pel 5
and, totauy powerless to raise revenue to
pay the expenditures of the Governments
ltValrxi ityetatl Its in-'
aebtedness or to contract new loans. The
ConUnejMxnasBylthgcgk VOilfiitatb
only retched three hundred aiUUen dpllanfci
anderweiit depreciation, beeautethe pow
ort of the Goveranaeat ooder be Artietas"
of Ooiftderttiea were inadequate to rail l
money, and because, there did not appear
to the pnbllo anv brosDect that there
would eveeome a time when the Govern
ment would be able to raise money to pay
its running expendlturesand Indebtedness
already contracted. A scheme waa de
vised by the Continental Congress to draw
this Continental currency in at the rate of
torty to one, and funded in Government
bonds drawing Interest. Then this cur
rency dropped out of circulation alto-
Kouncr - - - -w- - : '
" When the Government went into opera
tion under- the present Constitution, on
thftth ot March: 1789, at the first session
of Congress, acts were passed reorganizing
the Executive . Departments. . Washing
ton, being President,' selected Alexander
Hamilton as Secretary of the Treasury
At the following session, Mr. Hamilton
presented an elaborate report on the Pub
lic Debt and the re-establlsbment or the
public credit. According to tbat report,
the' Debt was of two kinds loans obtained
abroad, and' ' certificates issued for money
lent,' supplies furnished and services ren
dered at borne. As to the Foreign Debt,"
there '.was b disagreement all agreeing
;that it must be met in the precise terms ot the
contract., ;There ; was not this, agreement
touching the home, or domestic, Debt.'
The certificates of this Debt bad largely
changed hands, at a -great depreciation. . The
idea had,, therefore, been suggested of pay
ings these certificates at- the rate at which
they bad been purchased by the then hoW'
erg. v By , thu. paying them the holders
i would. .have lost; nothing on their invest
ment; r The Government was Just taking
a new ' departure. -.The" country., bad
been impoverished by . a protracted war.
Inconceivably bard times, prevailed. The
luture looked dark- And yet.' that firs'
jCongress under the present Constitution
made up of the Patriots ot. the Revolution
refused to. lake, advantage. .of this sug
gestion Mr Hamilton Jn his report took
strong ground in favor -of the payment ot
these certificates at.their face, as essential
to.' the establishment of .the .public credit.
The Funding system . which he proposed
put . the .Home Debt on the same footing
'with the -Foreign- Debt, and tbat Funding
system, despif e. ,a jriojent opposition, be
came the law, and, thus, lor. -the time, an
immense . Public Debt was fastened" .upon
the Country.: That Debt," thus funded and
contracted ,iu the Revolutionary War tl was
! fully Ptid, principal and interest. it i,,...
,i Iq the face of tbU, It; will not do to say.
that, the founders pt, the. Government were
voluntary Repduiators.'
; What would be the effect of Repudiation
at this imet , This is an. Important quefr
tion,-and It should be considered dispas
sionately in all. Its' bearings,; It would in
evitably .yitiate theubllo Credit.'-i)VblIe
it ' would wipe but the Public' Debt,' it
would render worthless all the-currency
now In 'circulation,. 'and put" a complete
stop to all kinds of business and en terprise,
It would t carry poverty, distress and
wretchedness to millions. Instead of bene
fitting, the great mass of the people, in be
half of whom this measure, ostensibly
urged,, it would blight,vwithejr-and curse
them with, extreme poverty: : ; Where . it
would Impoverish one ..Bondholder, . it
would overwhelm with helpless aud bope
less poverty.. thousands of those who are in
moderate circumstances and those wbq are
already too poor.., It is. not in the interest
of the Bondholder that we oppose Repudia
tion..; It is In the interest, ot farmers,
b usiness men, mechanics and laborers that
we oppose; It. When it is shown, and
shown conclusively", that the Public Debt,
which embraces the Greenbackt and the
National Bank .Notes, can , be Repudiated.
without injury to these classes, it. will be
time enough for 'assumed -exponents of,
Eemocracy .to endeavor to put under ban
1 Democrats who do not favor. Repudia
tion,.) Im the present state of the Finances,
with: oar Greenbacks and National Bank
Notes, webave dull times, hard times and
scarcity of money bow wouia umu tne
proiectpi the Crisis, for total Repudiation,
were to;:preyal? ;The proposition Is so
simple that. any man wbpworks; for his
daily bread can answfcrit.S ;t tr i-;: :
in tne aucus8Mn. Bl mi Question wilu
the, Crisis, we have made no attack, direct
or insinuated.flponrthe Democratic State
xecutive Committee. ; a be Crisu.ciaimea
to be the author , of the Greenback, issue
the people passed upon and rejectedn..at
"the Presidential Election.", It was care
ful not to ssy that "the people passed upon
and ejected" fit, Pkkblkton's financial
policy. -We did. not say that the Commit
tee, .circulated ..the , Crisis. . We did not
charge the Committee with responsibility
for its circulation, nor did we whine about
our.oiroubition. ; The point we undertook
to maker was this; The writing editor of
the. Crie is being the Secretary of that Com
mittee, the people, at Urge who read .the
Crisis, took its discussion of the Greenback
question as authorized, 'and .thai; its expo
sition 01 tnai aocuace, anu tue avowal ui
other notions taken as authoritative, helped
i. . :' '.. ' ' . 'tl.i ' ' . I".
give : tnet itepuuJicanB a : mjorii.y( iu
Sta,te at pe Wiqenpuu jiieciwa qi
kW. . .. f - -f . .. . .. .. f ..
! We showed, In this connection j tbat here;
In'tbe county of Frariklini embracing the
citv of Columbus, where the Statesman
was looked upon as representing the Views
orHot. Gsokgb H. Pkhdleton, and of
being m narmony witn ine Aremocrauc
County ; Executive ' Committee 'and 'the
Democratic State Platform; the Democracy
not only held'at ' tbe'State election their
magnificent majority; of :th preceding
yei brtf largely Increased It.1 : ai 'J
1 he crisis naving eiaunea tnai u origin
ated its policy two years preceding the last
election, we cited the fact, that the Demon
cratic : State -Convention tbat nominated
Judge iTHintMAN did not reeognizef;tt
finamilal folly; but. that the Statesman
was understood in that i: campaign rat re
flecting the views of Judge Thcbman and
the Democratic State Executive Commit
tee, the Demecrrafic party and cam within
a6S of sweeping away the Republican
majority of about 43,000 of the preced-
ingi i election' The Statesman does. not
claim ifoariitaelf aay merit to. the achieve"
ment !of:rto grand result, except inso
much that it faltfully expounded tne duc
trines of the party as decided open In Con
ventioni and did ; not teaperiment with
crotchets to Oku annoyance of candidate
ani the. county Demoeratie press -The
Demberaticii Stat. Executive 'Committee
of that year did not circulate any copies
ot the Statesman. Through' agents atart
iriir ra".Fbmarv; werhn Dp a large llsty.'
Inasmwch. i .the wftting editor of ithe
Crjai Is the " Secretary of tbe;, Democratic
Statof Exoutiv; Conjnaittee,, ,we ' protett
agilnst hi ttsingthatposifiloa to give favor
to Repudiation tt taught by the Crisis, be
ctuso the public, large woald b likely
to eobstrue that at an effort of theComndt-
tee to commit tbe 'Democratic Party to
RiepudiatJonvartd tfit it. to a policy which,
If H could,. be successful, would swserp the
land A with the txaom of Obstruction.-. uH
Probably It s true tbat. ie Critif ,bas a
large, circulation, ancj. probably it is; true
flta., .'; FfW b! . 4te tOr
culatlpp. .WajajepttJte, statement of the
editor to OjAtefiefiaa-uendieingtrne,
wa.deduce rpm It tbe-conclasion, that it
has been largely itriDuiary w tne aisastious
defeats that nave "been, visited1; npon ' the
Demoeraoy ra the State, and that! tHe party
mu4tntuiue,A0, suffer these diaaters so
1oog at it it upheld and permitted to speak
witbaome show of authority for the party.
Judge Woodward in the City.
TbU dlstingnlshed; Pennsyivantan dis
tinguished as a Democi'at,' as a lawy'ef, as
jurist 'and as a state (nan is' ht tbe city,
the guest ot Mr. Ashasx Chittendeji. ''
Proclamation by the President—
Universal Pardon and Amnesty.
Universal Pardon and Amnesty. WASHINGTON, Dec. 24.
Universal Pardon and Amnesty. WASHINGTON, Dec. 24. By the President of the United States of America
—A Proclamation.
WhkbkaS. The President at the Ttnttoii
States has heretofore sent forth several
proclamations of friendly amnesty and pars.
uuu iu persons wno nan oeen or were in.
cerned in the late rebellion against tbe
lawful authority of the Government of tbe
(United States, which proclamations were
sttveraiiy issuea on the 8th day et Decern
ber, 1863, on the 26th day ot March, 1864,
uu toe zutu aay or may, ivia, on the. 7th day.
of September, 1807, and on the 4th dav
July, in tbe present vear. anil
: Whebkas, The authority of the Federal
Government having been re-established in
all the States and Territories within the
jurisdiction of the United States, It is be
ltevea mat such prudential reservations
anu exceptions as at JChe dates of said sev
eral proclamations were deemed necessary
and prop', may now be wisely and justly
relinquished, and that an universal amnesty
and pardon for participation in said re
bellion, extended -to all who have borne
any part therein, will tend to secure perma
nent peace, order aud prosperity through
out the land, and to renew and lully re
store eonHdence and " fraternal' feeling
among me people ana their respect for and
attachment to the National Government,
designed by Hs patriotic, founders for the
general good;---t --
Mow, therefore, be it known that I, An
drew Johnson, President of the United
Stalet, by virtue of the power and author
ity In me vested by the Constitution, and
In tbe name of the sovereign people of the
unuea sweep,; ao nereDy proclaim and de
clare unconditionally, and without reaer.
'vattotr, to all and to every person who di
rectly or indirectly participated in the late
insurrection or rebellion a full par don and
amnegty for the Offense of treason against
tbe United States, or of adhering to their
enemies during tbe late civil war, with the
restoration ot all rights. Drivileees and im
munities nndertbe Constitution, and laws
which have been made pursuance thereof .
; . By the President:. . . .- : .:. i
F. W. SEWARD, acting Sec'y of State.
' r.The full pardon and amnesty proclama
tion just issued by President Johnson, in.
eludes Jeff. Davis, f Breckinridge,' . Jacob
Ihompson, Mason,-SlideU and all,, others
who were directly or indirectly engaged I
tbe; late-Insurrection- or rebellion.- The
parties above named are now iu foreign
countries. .
F. W. SEWARD, acting Sec'y of State. Treasurer Spinner on Finances.
ilJnited States Treasurer Spinner, Is S
letter w non. awviu wilder, ot Miss. con.
demnt the letter's plan for resumption of
specie payments oy striking down instant
ly, at one diow, tne nominal value of TJni
tea states legal tender notes to. an arbl
trary. value of only three-fourths of their
lace, as lorced and violent, and argues" it
wouiu cause jar ana contusion -and mis.
chief, not only in monetary, but in all bust
riees affairs.- He eulogizes Governor1 Mor
ton's bill as proposing to build up and fos
ter the appreciation of the greenbacks to
par value or gold bv a orocesa so prai.ual
steady and smooth chat the change would
scarce be perceptible by the debtor or
creditor, and both alike would be able to
meectaetrousinese'eaicniauons and bus!
nets arrangements from time to time
during the process ot appreciation. - with
such accuracy that no- serious harm could
come to either class. ' He, however, prefers
to see the bill amended in various particuj-lars.-
The two leadingones aie first, bsnks
snouia not ne snowed, to remain in
state of suspension Tor a day, much less
six months after resnmption bv the Treas.
ury of the United States, and second, the
dividend on Government stocks belonging
w uaiiks, out neia in trust oy tne l reasur.
er as security for tho redemption of their
circulating notes.should be retained bv tbe
n ., . . . .
AreasureF.ana not paia over to tne bank,
to be held by them until the day of -re
demption, and the selection of these divl
aenas Dy tnajireasurer should commence
a year earlier than proposed by tbe bill.
Letter from Admiral Davis.
A letter to the Secretary of theTTavv
from Admiral Davis, dated aboard flaeshlo
Guerriere, Montevido, November 13th,
says; This ship anchored -in this road-
Stead on the 4th inst- just having been in
company, with tbe. Kansas. . The Quine-
uang anawrawnee arrived snnsequently,
General McMahon Is instructed bv the
(secretary of orate to stop loag enough o
communicate with Mr. Webb,- and also at
Montevido and Bunos Ayres to communi
cate With tbe Consulate and legation there,
and ascertain whether military obstacles
to bis passage up tbe river, heretofore ap-
preueiiueu, nave oeen removed, , , ,' r .
Uommuntcatlons on this i eubiect have
been addressed to tbe-Government of Ura
guay and the Argentine Republic by the
Minister resiaenc,: Mr.- wortntnerton. re.
piles to which will probably be received.
I shall proceed to Paraguay in the Wast.
taking General McMthon. -The Pawnee.
VluineDang and nausas will go up the Pa
rana ana rendezvous at Uiantic, one of tbe
passes, ' which will give' me command ot
the nver, and there await further orders.
Lhave communicated freely and fully with
r. Wortbington and Mr. VVashburne, and
my interviews with both gentlemen have
been satisfactory. . . ,
Mr. miss, according, to latest accounts
from Paraguay, continues in the service ot
r resident .Lopez, and is engaged in the
pi-eparation of ,work -la Purai:uav. The
rise in tbe river hat ; fortunately begun.
But for this it would, bave been impossi
ble to take the Pawnee, Quinebang and
Kansas up the rivers, and even were the
task an arduous one, it being difficult to
Carry twelve feet through some ot tbe
passes. . Tbe health of, the squadron conr
-Th: Supreme Court adjourned to-day
oulu uanuary i,a.
Departments Closed.
All-' the' 'public'' departments were closed
to-day at one o'clock.. No business will be
transacted to-morrow T he purchase of
presents and other arrangements ' for
Christmas bare been more extensive than
on any previous occasion. .. .i : -
St. Louis Items.
St. Louis Items. ST. LOUIS, Dec. 24.
' Tbe President of the Board ol Assessors
has Just completed a eensus of St. louis
city and county, which gives a population
of 241)91. an increase since 1864 of 53.251.
i The National Banks in this city yester
day petitioned the County Court to grant
stay: ra the collection of . the, tax on Na
tional Bank stock until the legality of the
Jaw .can. be decided by the United States
Supreme Court. The petition was denied.
The amount of tax due from the banks ef
this city is between $300,000 and $400,000.
no tax haying been collected . for three
- ;
San Francisco Items.
The bark Annie Weston, from Philadel
phia, went ashore at Point Pedro,' thirteen'
miles south of Golden Gate, this morning.
She floated off and was towed into the Imr
bor by a steam tne. She) now lies- in 18
feet of water, off Vale1 street wharf. . '
Arrived Panther, New York; Duke,
Ediuburg; Hermann, :New Castle Njg.;
W. -"
Whalen Further Respited.
TORONTO, Dec. 24.
. t
' Tbe application for leave to , app.-al In
tb Whalen case was laid over -'for argu
ment before a full appeal court on the 31st.
Ths prisoner has beenlfunher respited un
til the 1st of February. .
TORONTO, Dec. 24. Fire.
TORONTO, Dec. 24. Fire. PORTLAND, Dec. 24.
TK4r nrovklnn More oF JoSHus L?. Weeks
was destroyed by fire this evening Xoss
about 12,000, Insured for $5,300. u -lau.'i
TORONTO, Dec. 24. Fire. PORTLAND, Dec. 24. Killed.
BOSTON, Dec. 24.
ioeorge " Moffett'acene' sbifteraL the
Theater Comique, twenty-lour years oi
age, was Jnstantiy killed, last night, by fall
ing twenty-five feet from the flies to the
Churches Burned.
HARTFORD, Dec. 24.
St. John's Episcopal church, at Watei
bury, was destroyed by fire this morning,
loss one hundred thousand, insured for
HUDSON, Dec. 24.
The Reformed Dutch church,"at Ghent,
was burnt this -morning, it waa on of tbe
oldest churches in the country. j n i. -1
Fraudulent Passenger Tickets.
NEW YORK, Dec. 24.
Wm. P. Wright was charged before Jus
tice Logan yesterday, with selling fraudu
lent passage tickets on the railroads run
ning West. A twenty dollar Chicago ticket
was sold bv him for fourteen dollar. He
had charge of ,wbt purported tobea rail
way ticfedtpffic at 300 J3 road way, tud up
assortment of implements for the manu
facture ot bogaa riakete waaaeiaed -our tu-f
premises.- The exact dimensions "of the
fraud are Incalculable' at presept. Wright
Was held for examination. r
Banquet to Prof. Morse.
Chief Just ice Chase ha5ailsBated to
preside at the banquet to be given Prof.
Morse, at Deluionico's, on the 29th inst.
Among the distinguished gentlemen who
will be present on that occasion are Ed
ward iThofntolii lEsq.,-- British. Minister,
Prof. Goldwln Smith, General Rataft,
Danish Minister of War, Theodore Wool
Bey, President of Yale College, F. A. Bar
nard, President of Columbia College, Hon.
Amos KentiaD ex-Governor: Curtini and
many others. Telegraph instruments will
be brought into tbe banquet room, and
communications sent to and received from
all parts of tbe world.
Interview with General Grant.
- reported to said
to Congressmen.4 vesterda with whom
he bad an interview, on the subject of sub-
siuiea to tne iracinc rauroad, mat no mat
ter what, may be laid- about tbe pro pec
tive Denent we are to -derive from these
roads, it is too long to wait and we should
make the best possible use ot our nresent
resources without increasing the burden of
our debt by Incurring expensive ri-ks
which are hazardous. .The Congressmen
who were at the interview were astonished
at the frankness with which the General
expressed his views, while they one and all
pledged him their support. - The General
at the same time gave his opinion that
there should be an extra session of the
Fortieth Congress. The existence of the
present Congress Is for so short a time that
there will be just barely time b part the
appropriation bills, juiJ it . is , doubtlul
whether tbe great question of our finances
can De properly cared tor. ": j
Colonel Wynkoop Defends the Indian
Colonel Wynkoop Defends the Indian Bureau.
I Colonel Wynkoop, in an, address . to the
American Geographical Socletylast night,
ueienueu me iiiuiau uureau against cer
tain cnarges maae against tnem, and ssid
At the Bureau existat-present I do not
.see how it can be bettered. 1 have tailed
to see, sq far, how the Department ef fhejl
.iiiicnurui iiieuuiwui iu jinuiun joureau
has been to blame for any of the Indian
jtroubles. Let tbe sympathies of the people
of the great country be aroused lor the
.Indian as they have been for ,ue African.
and irrespective Of Indian" Bureaus or
Congress there will be such a radical
change in the condition of tbe Indian as
will be an, incredible beneht to him in tbe
future, and Consequently - to our .whole
country.-, c k-.-i .VKiav.-t-i-.u
Tribune on Grant.
i -The Tribune-commends and extols the
remarks of (ieneral Urant. made vesterdav.
and says this simple declaration will save
millions to the treasury. Let economy he
tha wptdudtbe .couatry , wUW respoaaV
ja.ny ' tjongressman t wno i presumes : to
stand in the way, r will be rebuked bv the
people. . General Grant is right and tbe
uatiuu nriiA lvo uiui nu eubUUBiayilo sup.
Erie and New York Central.
; A report was current last night that the
magnates ot the mrte antt JNewlork On-
tral railways had formed an alliance, but
nothing has been made public yet. It is
Stated that the basis of settlement is to be
the withdrawal of all Injunctions on tbe
.Erie and Central roads, and a combined
effort to legalize the scrip dividend of the
latter in. theL.Iegislature. T ,
Extraordinary Levy of Troops
Asked For.
NEW YORK, Dec. 24.
23d, says: The Greek Government has
asked of the Chambers an extraordinary
levy of trcops.- The National Guard has
been mobilized.
LONDON, Dec. 24.
: The following dispatch from Constanti
nople, dated tbe 23uis just received : M
Delijannis, the Grecian Minister, has
formally retired from his post and returned
to Athens. isawara joy Morris, American
Minister, has Consented to extend the pro
tection of his legation to Greek subjects In
Constantinople. 'The -Porte declines to
recbgniza tiie proposed conference 61 the
Half Time.
-' The cettSir mills here a re to be run only
tnree days in tne.weeK tor tne present.. -
Accident near Smyrna.
I Dispatches have been received here giv
ing particulars of a ' dreadtul accident
Which occurred recently near Smyrna, in
Asia Minor. -Two Egyptian mall steameit
came in collision -in- the-Gulf'of Smyrna.
it was said that over 2Uli passengers were
.kiiiea i. . . -
American Finances.
LONDON, Dec. 24.
ceiving the recent report of the Treasury
of-tfaeUnited Otatesv-derives altogether trl
dUbeartentng yvrjof t American finances
The Eastern Question.
litis regarded as almost eertaiafcbat
France andEaiglaadwiIl iota, to the eoa
ferabc forsottlUiff-the atterauestion.
The Eastern Question. JAPAN.
Intelligence via San Francisco.
Intelligence via San Francisco. SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 23.
: Thlalat .nngra Jpjq- Japan if as fol
low's: c:-.-,"'
j The Mikado left Keota Nov. 4th, passed
Yokohoma on tbe g56h, tmd entered Yeddo.
the next day.n Tbe4jooci9o( Yokohoma
turned out en masse to witness the proces
sion. It was the nrSlJiistance, according
to Japanese authority, where the Mikado
visited so distant a portion of the dominions
fc'r 'nearly 'twenty years.' YSddo. before
nearly deserted, was'repeopled; and ruined
palaoesjwere repaired to honor his visit, v
" The report ofthe defeat and surrender of
Prince Aldse'oMs discredited at Yokohoma.
Affurrff 1 are -simply lnabeyance until- -a
men faeorablo season; '. 4 A -x ' oun
I Snow baatellenihaavUy.ln the Northern
provinces!' Nothing was, expected" to be
done by tire Softtberners before spririg1 It
wasantWfpated that a reeonciHation wbald
; Meanwhile trade was languishing, mat
ters Were' becoming worse at Osaka, .and
Kabe paper money- was issued oy the Gov
erumctit. V j":'! ) -:.H5i i'-SiVvi
Owiugj to, the. great .increase. of .trade lo,
tea, silk:, silKWorms, Kti- several Japanese
merchants bad failed to TlU'contracts with
foreisborsv L'fiie Gevernmtnt there lore de
sired the actb tints of njejrcbAnU to be here.
after exralueaou nropef -ameext, ana. on
JtVIcH men licensed. Out Ot ten men now
allowed to deal in thsesirtlt'le only ftrree
Intelligence via San Francisco. SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 23. The Nomination in Richland for
(tichlanof a&a candidate for Representative
jip fiU the.vaca'ny 'jcajised n eeath of
' DrBcsBNELL was a member of the last
KegisTatufe under the pld Constitution lot
inio, anu was rc-ciwwu w luc 11 i b l ijcj;ia-
are under the present 'Constitution, and
ix)kblgh rank-as ea -able tmd-iBdUttrious
iiihber.- - We cotfg AtUlaW tfie1 Imocfacsy-
jf 'ftao'fi'&$9 iM the. people 6 the
tate, on tne reiurn rui Hj-j-iwf i sue
i ila.,pfPt!f?g6Viiftn.ei UiTopBopenttr
ipddubttoif wsaiXTr.uBiiECUR-' V hen tae
I hMoewas eon fined to such men as Blbck-
ita'Snd b5a iLLv' th Democracy could
if,t make much of a mistake, for tbe choice
f :tlAersw,cHiWlfaelntnSmb
iThe Itaaicai nominee is oobn wood,
irVt fee f!tfi WlH'inwera't were in
tuited for their opinions, presented a
ioyaJ,"rmagant,ln ae shape; caiemale,
vlth, a new dress, for publicly assaulting a
oung lady trom the country, for the bleu
i time ai misdemeanor of wearing- a bbt-
rtrpuiib-(ea8t.pin.!,rb..aod the. fact tbat
I M is a bondholder,eutiUtis li.n to the votes
i'B all who go fordisuaiouaMdU thenar
elve "loyal." 1 "' .runstrt s. ori .1
rinminaed hV the ttemocracV of
News and Otherwise.
Gold closed in New York yesterday at
136 1, i .. )
L. D. Cook, ot Detroit, offers to play a
match-Of draughts Nrith any man in the
Western States, Including Ohio, for five
handrvA or a ttntuanH dollars "a tldavr
. Senator MoBi;q wants to I)ulld a costly
vibiteDUOB for tbe PresidebtJ The pres
ent onedoes not seem to be magnificent
enough for ouf ShMnl're.ldeirt?1'
; An exchange excIftlmi- Lf-How lucky It
was for Forney-tbat-h- had- brothw.'1
But be don't -happen- to, ha-re? brother,
and we don't think tbtbe-ve Wad any.
, A nick young gentleman in Cleveland,
Who a few evenings" sliice solicited a street
corner interview., with a young lady-rgqt a
eowhidingfrqm, the young lady's father jn-
; Therk Is eobSderable complaint' among
the rank: and file tbat: they we're " not: In
vited, to the,; recent. soldiers1!: reunloaiin
Chicago;,. It. was" a meeting, of .pfficcrs
purely. " i t
It will not be a very great while before
tion. ueorge U. Pendleton's financial prop
osition ''iWill be unprecedentedly popular.
Wait tor the sob;r second thought of tbe
American) people. ; 'Mtih .Ji j.-.j-.-s-t.
It is tbqught that the Judiciary commit'
tee ;of the Federal House of Renrcsenta
fives; will report against the repeal of tbe
Tenure of Office bill.They don't propose
to dispense with, this ebeck rain upon Gen
Grant, in-frv,!! torn ;!? i i"i v i lr
Tbb Democrats. ot Richland,. have. nom.
nated Dr. William Bushneil as their candl
date for Repi-esebtative, to fill the vacancy
caused by the death Of Mr. Gerhart, and
the Republicans have 'nominated John
Wood at ntbelr candidate..; The election
will take place Tuesday, December, 20th,.
I The oldest daughter of Honr Thomas H-.
Benton, and in her early day the belle in
Washington fih tjetcher fcf ajrimary
class In the public schools' tn San Francis
co:.? Her husband was an able Itwyer who
amassed a fortune, : ap d thep dranf Ais
iamuy into poverty ana nimseu into the
News and Otherwise. A Grand Act of President Johnson.
!. w " . BOB. . .
: President Johnson has' j u'st Issue! a'f ult1
parddh abd amnesty to all engaged In the
late: Rebellloni. . Ic is a glortous 'act ' for
ChrlBtma3'-7'T tr-."K c) lir.iv j .g Lin:, v 1
tOtT'-MoMASTKB n 'TBuftaay.'tieoeinfew
ztt a, at o-oiocs, r. M.. at tne reaadaapa of 11. W
CieTelaud, to Mif s-Sadi ilciaria. hit
JKWBTTSHILT Id, worth, -fJoluabivDa'
comber 13d, at to reaideaoe of G. 8. Deminc
JuiDjJtm-tt Ili li-AMaiM tiaiur, both u(
rnoklin count. t, . , y
, irhr kibt asaad6yety tied 'hf our friend
'Sair OoBiBarwbo thoro-iehljf aodentudt tins
Branch of too business, be barms been th-r'
hlfflaerf.' Mar all the blesiiofs and Soft of life it-
tend the nappy eonplo. and dt they hT ooeMioa
alwaA to bless the day that they, with the ist-
anoo of tbe kind bearted 'Squire, tied a knot with
their; ,'tnnsTwir; that they eaa'f -aatiaj Uh their
teetn. . ,
New Advertisements
, tST-jTfcO ObIetoeoiiJB(, Umm
Larger CIrcalation thaa mmj pa.
per: paMfaaed la thin City or Cea-
tral -UAlo. Adrer-JserSfWUt
thia in in I ad.
I-Lv- Ki Rv ' FRE fGHT
...... .i, , .. u .. . . . . . v. .. uu. .w vf iw u,om
bicb, iv or six tears old, and had on- a leather
aairer. . a liberal reward wiube pud for the re.
turn of the horse. .
dec2S-dit , , , G. A. HILL, Arent.
Notice to Bridge Builders.
oeivf d by the undersigned, at the office of the
Board of foblle Works in the sity of -Colambns.
until THURSDAY, Silst JnuarT.,3P89. t 13
tor ontiame.toe snperemiotiire oi a trnse Bndre
ihe Bis; Welout oieek.on the line of tLe JV
toad. m FrankHn oounty. ot two spens, each
span to be about li 2 feet lone,, and 31). feet wide,
from out tooot: to be eorered; by the bet ef oak
Dingles. ana weiunerDoAraea witn tod ,lirst,oun
mon boards. '
-Bidders to furnish tkeirLOwnf!aosrwHhspeeifio-4
Hum in avbaii. All ui uiu wurK w dp aoae VO ine I
atistaetion ot tne ttoare oi .ruoiio n oru andi tbe
remaent ennneer oi toe national road. ,
The rfc-ht to rejeet any. or alt bids, plane or seeoi-
noauoneairaervea..., . jurij A. Ci.AJtt. .
- ' -. Resident Enkineer Katiynal Road.
; dec24-(itd,.f;,;:, jii-uj, i-.u -tnj vi ;,-vi!,i-
,Tj7 0 i
B O O IC S E j L, E R
t per ' aoui
h r.-j!i!
. . .:. ll. J l-.i. i
i'i- SI!
decs datr-r.y-n S..?a -
'b n-;:it)--'ir:
fin yy.R. fir nt. rk n uivv inw-jo
111 u t t.. 1.1 i.V, i..;..bil.;.
ers, Cooipanies. , Lawyers. : Architects. uHchools,
l;lersymeo.' circulars, rnoes current, L,ettcrs.
Oaot&ttons.Catalornes. Mrrsio. or ibt dosuments er
drawioss may be obtained at the fullowinflex(raor
dinary cheap prices: luo'oopies, fee siiiiilies, nf
arvr aooument or asaannr. ao.; ex; oweopie;aa;
cent, upon tie above -prides may be saved by agios
1.0110 eooiea. C8. A J.: 1UO.U0O eoDim. (450. or 60 ner
MianK i ratem Antocrapnie rnnncf ness; lor
Offices, Publffthers. tatiooers, Frinlers,, 8cboola,
UomnaoleB. Ac. Price SSS. A "roana-boree.it-strike-
off lua eopiee. letter- size, per hour, ef any doonr
mot.arawLDK, muaio, .wnu iu Breaiesb ia"iiiiy.
MamWs Patent; riUUa RigkUaresold ataodefAbe
pnae.l.., rnouc experimeiiu eaeu oai,uraay..r,,., .
N.B. All kinds ot Lithokraphio work are done
with tbe greatest care al the i lowest rated. , Maur
ice's Patent Autoaraphio and Uthocraphif Priot-ine-.'
Writing and fcoeraTiTig ' Establithment, -10
norm yr iinam sireet,few AfT,j ..uil
;r .'i.tA .vitri-. i ri, i mi Hfi.i
Prtco fram Tea , Onta to,. ,FIt
. Hundred I foliar a.
PlAN"d. ORGANS And meXqdeons,
New 8eTen Ootare Piaook. Roeewbod. and war
ranted for fire years.-for onl Tbree. Uondrad Hol
lars. . .Now is the time to bay anything in. the Mu
sic traae or Buyer riatea v are. vncir, -
i.) BILVIDR PliATHD WARD." Ylvjt i
A cood aseorUntnt. either in Sets o Sierle Arti.
'Oies. .
Call and examine onr Btock. "whether ton bay
OI ",.-.... ,4 ,. .., i-;l run
No. 33 Worth High Street.
dacSO-dlwrn,.,! j,rti ,i ,'. HStaia .4c
V V tea of the City Civil nsiaeet in Columbuj.
UUlpb.DnUl.I-.l ,lrt l II-l-.-.... V.DlI r ,-!,.
it 4oclo-k P M.. for fnroishlnc material ad
fioint the fallowing amount of work, to-wit:
ror Duiraiua; a aounie row uaa; -vrussiiiK: moras
Cetuter alley attke south side of bong ItreeCl '
LJ .. .. : : . Jnnhl A . MM.a.;n-
leMer aller at the seutb aide of f pries street.. -
fl'he bid tU beopttoed bythe oommiUeeoT the
ward in wnicB tne improyemenuare lo oe maae.
The committee reeerre the right to reject any or all
bids at their dis oretfon. , if. F . BU W h N, .
City Civil EogjneeiJi office, 5qj, tS: poqth , Hick
- vrir ciTii E,nnnnT.
street,- up stain. , dewa-dtd
1 " "I " 1 I
!I IT JLB i. Ii noil UN-
.!!! lV.i Mtf'AUUU,1 LJLV
. '-hit Ail' ftln4 -M.c.i-r.'
Capitaf,' - ' One SiiRton Collars,
D Antes R MANOiM, Pres't. is. M irrill. Seo'y .
Receires Deposi sand allows FOUR PER' E T
INTIt RUST on all Daily rJaVanoes. tdbjectto check
at sight- - npeouu irepuaiw lor MX m. nins-urmoro.
mar be maae m nve per cent. imwph. ' vm
MiHioa IMllara j divided. among otret" bhaiw
hrilders. eomorisinc many aentiemen of laraje wealth
and financial experience,' who are also personally
liable to depositor lor all tbliratioosiof thaCom
pant to double the amount of tbeir eepital itock.
a. tk. K,innal Trnnt Company-raceiTaa' dwrumlt.
i nB.m&u Ant nuntji. and btrmitatbam in Ka
drawjn ai a whole or in pa t by check at sight and
without notice, nil owing intaren a a4l daily bal-
auoes, parti ea jurounouuv tneouuDiry can Beep ao
eounts tn tnis i
Institution with special Advantages
of reqrity. eon veBieswe.tnd profit. .7,,,,
re v-aeci-ow7in
n Tia -i
t3 -?
fS iYfrs .U..OlA'i'
.m i f- i b a i
i .A
j-izi .ft ; t s far
,2t.-tii i:j."UT.iTr a ii-i; ii fVj
ec n r. 1 lbl 1UHJ--.G A 1 Miik l Di f.jSH
; j ."it i ii f-.t. irft utr.itr
:-H,--r t8.es. ira lit
'J T TiXI -J J I
..r -.'
r. f t . .. .i- tt 1 1
.i'ii:-: ni-.-.'ia If,
ii.r. . l:-
i " .it t
.V.Iri.l.l.CtlO .. A r.'t ft v LJ'
ij..'i'ciifroti eUj i bi-.n tv-iizT J.-.fl- :.' f
5 tftriW'a ehoioe selettioa of
-il !(ifl'..
.s-.n.--'-. ; ii.'i;:-.'I J t... mi. -..A -ii.v..i s-mutu
r. , !! lil
o.ri a
rtij(:J fctiy
ji , i. itn ;ti . f Alio
f -jr. .ft.'.ii. .' fli ie.,t !l I.'if, t , :r. : -Bi!".-"-'' V
.fb ' . . .u 1 Ti::i,
- . ' '
-: if:. . H.'tf:' :':d:ui') '':'-v ; c'.
misses' runs, - .
-:sa k i i li'-.-o c s.9i-':-b -l
,i3 CV.ii ll.'tur'- Hi -.t, ,'.;: "l jl ttix,,M 'tl t'lfi .tl
FOR .- ' f 1 1 -
en. t I tt i...
. t.f.i i .V: T
J0t fi'-li jJiav'- rt ..li'lftiiiTtlli I .!
Nothing More Appropriate.
r 'i V I .v '..,nOf .2'. ev.O.
Nothing - More: Acceptable.
, (j a ii .1 tl
Nothing More Appreciated.
. . I I
, x t I..L 3 1: - a;
tl A
-i J
aio-jt) C fc.a I C .v.iow ut ai
tai-iA ir:.i' ,.ia!.i' 14 .'I'
sd edl X.
sioT j.i 11
, .(- a li a f!v'li.l
-r.i l i l fir-. t ... i . ii. if ot ino't-o jj
miM - ... "
" ill ei''i.',j l!'. IQ.-l il. rt . At 1 . t, .(
'it .ir, dy'H r : ' .' .' . T 1 i i. l rt k'X
-Okl i J ) WT Y JT'J! J1T8
'..lU.- ,.V- ... .f.f ,-!,;.- l! t.l- :i.C H t
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ai:j n.i ti i ;. i r
I s Vf. IU? , 'tr I J'.'! IS iltv lSaMUV I.-
,! .til .' Ji.l'h' t; '.:. I - n ;-r
tin n.iii t.i--c .ci-i .i.j-i: .' '.Jin i i"jiit; .f-ttfrtv
d T "1m iwtt.J:.-: a ilt :-i .)''.; U- .ll j tit t,: i n-J . t
-'1 l-f'B i.fl ,f!lllil V. J'Ji.3 t.1 J i" J1 1 . i tJl
cnu-fiiXKa! sJ! t .1 .B' i v ! jh ti" ti m u ae 4
';j; t.RUDISILLtCO.; ir
; .-jiiu eii j'-i 1.1 .! f.-j.;. a ui oi x. nii-;i o.
.1 olal-S'lUk' t" - -. I..
I; -i-.u iitiftceri-.i. -.1 i
et-rlir ,L-ur.. -lj
. tVtlH VWiJTi
nt..faT 'it 01 uii
j i -j !! .oj't
j..? t i.ni Dfl
ioi.T. v 1 -ii'.'
n:'J 1-. .R.
79 South
(t?'(iB'u ,H 'la ; ; i idT
1 Mrj j iii .u.i ihi i
a., -liqu.-j 'i; .i,.:)tj -iv,
si .M.J .- -..-.fa....- ,
.; tji. '. ..i- Oil
if) -.1.1 :.,.J..ijj . n jt 11 1
j-iiCt-Jii ui ;.eii.l 'U. as-iB i
- -V-s .0--- ,AT.ilit'i
.ItUt C Iu U7!J-
t4itaV-A J.
TAv:a'..ij : fci f.auvA- iiiozij
r-1 - ! .'iat '- i!,!!.!.. ' ,il i -iV:-l -eueo
.ii.'i i-,1 'r r iu , ij.n LJS ,.l J.
V- . .HUM
i' ' . L'ilJt
il. ' 1.1
December M-eMt-rl
.OKIuJTTja c
MPKOTisriiiv. ,, ....
5U,M "L,, "Wt, fmmm,
Brur,"c1., ne.t txeeedlnnc eight
"-" riaie In tmls eelma far
40 cent each Ittmertlsn.
VV, nT. frankli, otT,;1.;! JSt 1
ommuiioa aUowed, lorf nil w!??
.1 V ,?.CB1NAGK1,A
i-i ,A A tm hot?.
Col am boa. Q.
M.u l-i -i ... n II f
6&ntsmivm- tVA. tat
V: . TCn-tan. DA I aa4 BIOH ,
cft 3'
Chr&tJJ-ras; lye; ; CWstinag ;Da 'iif. Kfil"
Chmtrlrm Skater of Lonf Island, will firs exhlM
tiomof iMXtJktin. . -. ,
FsntaabM Ubrumu Ere.- . 1 deeSt-dSt'
. .i"-! vA . ! ! ' oi -T 1-. .
Wondaiy,; '.Iemliei"-, 'astb. IBS.
r MRuwei -vna lavortte.' - . .
3 . VI
... - " , m m w . . a
Birds, Perfarsuna White Hie, and Trmioi, R
sun Cats. ... . : ,- ... Hf ,.,
; loo.. ':.-'! PBEIEnTIt lot
"W;n . .... .:.v. 'u,.,na
8 A TDB1 It if .A FT E BNOO J , ' Jn nnry Id. Tar Am
aeeommoatiorr.r nnonis, on which ooeiea.ec
Child will reoeiTe frwent. , . .t, . ... -)..,
fnir, f R.hM11. ah ,.!-!. ' 1
Admission, ss eents; Keserred Seats. SO eeatai
i.w4HmMHiHiin nu .IDfti, tljuv.' Ad .
nisaionvto.Utie. Childrea, JA oenta, -Utdnin?
r. B-jKiUiAH.-iUua---.
'. docU-dSt-r
WmmmBWmWmmmmmmmSBWtai:- afl 1 1 in IT' ' i ' .
"rfeoeilithtAqaly. aoramanelnay,
XlutatatW .avvclngoeaafcevn.
owiss ue 1 1 Ring-era, t r
listed by Mr. SOL HI
ented Faoial Delineator. jETerytoint uii briK
liantand atftrai mi'n Am. 1 .nnu.. a.
uuussuKus taw
tiaRDs or ATJaTSsib. Tarqoettt and Tni Cir
elet tei Paiuilj Oliuln. tSu. Reterred Seatnret
fil.v3 i.ym "m Diore..iao., it,.
aATJSEia4urdTartnjHi. -T.iJ'JA
t-W.-FOWLEB. Aceat:
: " mil
SXondAj E.eniBg, Decfmter Hit,
'.s;iaajTi to(Jfl
-pUK TABUS ABE;'l!'" "' fcB- "w""'1
1. The Pt.;ratrVk' Total AbsthMBea Boelxty
Table, under - 4he direotiew of Mr. Jamee Coodwt.
kU Kate Hear, and Mr. Miebeel Fay.
9. The Younf lAduM'HtedaUty Table; Mils J4j
vsy.; . ; 'j j 'i" ' -i'1 r, . i
. S, The lee Creaat Table. Mr. B. Turnext laa.-l
4. The O'.ier Table. Mia B. BreaBaa.-ntt a
fi. Tbe- Children of Mary Table. Mi Linia
Doonan. - -. . . , i
. W The Boy' Bigk Bekool Table. Kisee Maggie
Fay and B. Lalor. . :ri
T.-Ibe Uary and MarSia Table. Mr. W iloo.
A-Th fit. Vineses.f 1'al'e Voi.g Us.tb, abate
the comlnt nan for. Mayor, of Columbu ii to be
chosen. .j I L i T i r t
The Fair wirtVematn opeb EIGHT DATS.
The manager of the Table bare endeavored to
aeeure not only Christma Toy, but articles of nsa
ia the seaeod. ' 1 - --s-- ' ' ' ; deeM-dlot 1
axxocia's j?OBiaija rbAsreas
Wbereby thi eirbultioB" of 1 tie Wood beoome'i
equalised' mpoh the part where applied, oaualna
Wai there erer pa hU shed stfeager eridenoe tbaa
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.fey twoyAar VtTfeen a'reat inSartt traia
nenawigia ia tka bead, aad foondenly taie'
relief ft-oiri-alt th varioa remedies that IIuit
tnSdTunta TAPplied Trow of "ALLCOCifa PO
SOUS PLA8XE3AiXJert U inie three (trips,
plaeing one under each shoulder blade and the otir
r over the call of my back, and forth pii
three montbs I bay had scarcely a twinge xtt, tha
bid pain. 1 1 adriaa all who suffer from nerwou di
sum to lose ao timt ia making s tfialof tha woa
uuwpwwi :T ill- M.KEl .V
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! Now Tora, June 8, 18S8. "y -
Prindpal " Agency.' BAurnatra . BocsaBa
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Iunel8-d4wlynt-raiir7.1i aiva
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AND ..t, id t. r.j ti
THE flORHAM li'-iirrAnrnRntfi nn nh
PROT ' ENCE. B, L. a Tint the larceVt'mana
iPTDTed maflh y: and emnT0Tin-bA'
port ikilled lsr'aabl4U offer an aa
qualled vrrlety of new and beautiful design jV"
pinner Serriees, Tear rices. nd. every artjplj
tpeoiajly 4ta4 for y, i liday and JJridal tiiftau ,v , J
1 They offer alto tneir well-kBowo aue) warlTdeeP
Nickel BllTer Eleclro-PlattdTWare. In wbieli the."
have introduoed newpatterns of rare eIeganee-4
1 iiarila-AniJa-uaa
purity by U. 8. Mint aay. The EleetrbiPratei t
uaranteeoTto be superior .to. the fioestS.amel i
.wrud Ordeaimjei.ed .fa to Irarfw-enry. ki
these "gr-ods "nay bbtaincd from SwoniiWe j
dealer every ehere."
,njr....i.. '""rxf Trade A
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Trade Mar rs-;-.ui..'.u - joi ,-r..-ui
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; noT5-d Aw Xm-r nt "b"
1 1 i n ri a . r r.a i
CKltfTADOIttyrl r ANE
ft the offspring tf kreat'fact. 0 oh eaVthin
,e7 deayiaa tbat hi .- '
Brin-ewta tnerBKOWN or B4.ACK than aay
dther. In a shorter fi are: and wtthoflt lnihrri tha.
bir:' Thi I '.ateii rr. a that the aai
glll vmH Ortm. i i si i s i i i j
A51TBK AU T1KIEK. TbeTollet, withe t thi
taoUrluk it Bot.aaefwl.AtrTiA.i Aotbing it
ap oomaseaia thi eoastrt -ti flHnrut of
haiTT The prwerrative prevent it-.he fbref oaa.
no more loosen and drop offif this article is regij.
lhrly applied night and monioa. tkai&easlcagaM'i
S.l. . ri.. . lil1!. iMtlmAnr nn thla Mi. I.
orvewhelming. while the beautifiog an 4 Jpj gfrr
raopertiMof tbetuidare eejaalli rHtabUhei.'i.
; SoU .kr Dugist,4 applied by all Hair lTea
rs. Manufactory KoV'tl Uaidea Luh. friooiaak'
Denot.Mc.lf Astor.SpJM.j,..uH r.u.oui'r.wil ti -A
junele-dAwljom-reHT ..i:;;ai;j. 1
-.: mni rii-io--.
r. Toblaa' TliBi . Ilarso X.I-aI-
c.i imena.xit'.t
-Fint "bottles at SI. for.th eon of.lanwnavMi
sr4ort..wu)d gaUi iwaaa.bruie.piUUvnIitl-
eoli slipping ytlflei peer' teaMnt, eer lhroa. taH 1
,lu uyiifbu, .ijh mwiwiwii wiwy.i.w 'n
ter tban any other artiele ever .offered to rb pnbllo .
Thousands of Anfaiali bTeibii edioi tbeeolia
and over heating by the Liniment: and baudriadT
tkat war pripold'4rid laifc yavii Vn' reetoreil tJ
ty foriner io.c .ft I.' ud by ftrHkorat- ,
Amen tanHMrnowt tne cnauav wo".-.iwiimiiu
Moeired from tha racipg tap', ra ingiana tor t
frash fupplles or inii.nva."".".rioia,0 vrery
rE0Q jsetdmeViaJt hay) herciTd, B amfl i
rSkb. -Ti I mi r- r-
K0',sJTaloilrUidout in time .jsayjyt ihe life afj
Vtil TH restored four weeks. Sneeesj'S
rns tares mehly power, from, whaterer causa ari-.
(inn the effect of arl 'pernicious hbf s, Self
abuse, irapstency and tMimat. iv away at once tT
this wonderful tnedieihe, if uke regularly accord- J
tr-th-diTectlfmiiwhfch are very simoleand rn.
qeire noTestraintfrom business or pleasure.) FU
ure ia impoesibiel iH ia bottled at t'or fbwW
aBaertitiaataone iar ta. To be bed onlv nf ta anlL .
abpomtedi agent in Ameia.'l. Ogarraan. .(0
Third A., escaet 13th tit.. Hem York. -. aa- r a

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