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isorrected by Vr;.avage, Jeweler, 83
LOCAL NEWS. THURSDAY, Dec. 24, 1868.
1 A.
? SB
A M. .... ..
. Sir.
Hm Rises . 1 l ; "
ITCiwU!ra) -MS CaLh0
llo and EplscopalUnbjirchto-oay.
xa rrtdajs, u uuiiy..'. prr
Tirdafr Vatf,Sndy to rtratgbteflbp fa
fTh watiooa sHaswofncee, toa Mayor
V.wrtrBeiM' by llQ'.OiqA
i . ni. ... mwlved about MM-a W
i oVtofcfaqr wertttgonf. 0C,;o
-t3f Skates areJl theTage to-day. an:
tariimua leemt to i ha w run to skates, -.be
inclen skater, wbosed' K'M It. J
bones woold b astonished aotdd .hey see
the m'agniHcent skates now owied bj our
tally toZA. Qf
Imp' Wa have received IrW,oa Jrldpdi
r th.Pnbllc liFi!MT1rtdWa a
rnSUtu.toos- ibd-'otber
list of the publ W
4lea of Interest In PhflWjaphla; :'t
York topxy January, teterest on the;Fund
ed Debt of Ohto.:i -.r.ivt i- : in
Ottawa, county; taring filed the aMvun
was o7t,to.a!hoi
anlncorporated rUl ' "
6w4m Bell lingers t-ft4D
iJottse Satnrday aftwon
TPt? tM Cokikxs-Th eomtaftree
appotntteColuntbus Ty99f&&i1
Union to consider . Uw jpsopilety of cele
rtleg FMWi'i Birthday, x VXU
tetweei aTtl : fAftfab ditorlal ,wa
on Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock .
baclr of "tlie Blnk lreatar?-cwUiOT .iii
staictloosto?Vaters, , There- U, j,they
b.ve neglected, U hts r Neverttempt
o skate iff two directions at once.. 4 1 ha
ba 'Ottea tdedf butnerer iBUccSessralljr
Ammkxatiom or Ibritob rXhs; nec
Wrr PPM foexten3Irijr tne:.fiUage of
PJeattntTallet ud he ; Incorporated!!
lag ImdoH hoiii
yh4nwxatto4 6rwnt!gs.Wtyttoryt
were'flled la the 8eeretty ol State' offiw
resterdy,:i(iio v.t iai qai :f .-inu-t t.
mi 'ii i "irt T-- '-'i - 4-
iiin of feftfor the lltiltws affjhe
certot tSwIsa Bell Ringers 8turdajfr
ternooBr i-jnftvr.-ir -r- .-is-.t r .". .m oe-r
IHO-i.KiOj -. .f. ' II ,1 I . 1191 M87iTj?. V
Frek Lurch Guards, ATTNTioThe
beat Lunch ever spread ."la, Cqluoabus will
be set by Dent 4 C, on South Bigh street;
next to Constant Building, M morning
from 8 o'clock untMI2."The Lunch Fiends,
Tt e Lunch Guards, and' our Izens gea-rtaliy-.re
Deacon wUl get things p rta hot
. r m iiumwroJfei
IsrtxRisir BiTtafui SfATtxto.-CdflecWr,
Martin has reeeivd $62,000 sis the revenue
Ux of thts dlstrict for the mont&.of Jfoveni
.bett425,f 0 ;h rteewaaaeasedJwkhwtaa
lor h ttohfcl; DI1exusl4-of
hjWbUky,.'it'r?(58eTeii dlstU
leiies ln;ith! dlatrlcti. three in Greene,
three In Clarke, indA wQrtetfw Demo
mi3c6Xfary"ofTrnkttn. ; , .
Eow merrily ring the bells! Grand Mat
inee of the Peak FamifyT Saturday at 2
SiATisa.-rThe kUag at both.Klnk and
Parkf to-ay,lids fair to be exeeUAttv wd
It wUl Jcsiaeddyja aEtxxsaedpws: to
the Ice on skates, and -some who go down
on luMrearai-siTheZfeW lnteemptloei
from wm weatheiseeins:tO iiaWglven
tboketWr fereaew-stir,'itfdrtis last
becoming pWeIia Well,! rrtJv 4r it,
and hurrah er -every mtMeBjoyment
that may beluireWtedi. r:? a'.i -;;m
.l u.- i y , ) y .i n i 'I I.;!,
SpLKKDlfeMiATS.-ui1 thknlts are due
John Peakei the batcher; t! 23-WestSroad
street, for a.tpat .of.bieeXiltlJegof mut
tQKMneiruaUedla richaesc and juicy-ieft-derte;
fni thedy,flT,thi !nynaor f
beef andmutton" Mr-Peak: has won Xhe
repuution of ke ,4053 sale the best
meat sold lntb-inare ,W 4le cuU we
wee Avedwith re .aamptoe,ti vepai.
.MixlaiKBr.th igraad i&UtiaMi otnthe
Jef If amy Bell BJ Ogett.'jtolPefa
House, Satnrday at o'clock.
DxuFQuaonA'AXcCiM'We'wul publish In
1181 01 trennqueuk jauus, iuis u ymm-
loU In FrankllacixmiitjBTWbliQb will be sold
on the third .T4ay.f-Jry next, nn-
leswtbetates and penalty due thereospwrei
of sach evperfjr,l ;ioOTaiJ TaSwi
will be published according to law.
i Manhood vag. George Marshall, a
manhoods daWWMWrisf ibotUe of Ink
cpiUed on the hack of k bWc fat la ,eoal
cellar. wafl;np befowAhe Mayor yesterday
on a charge of -vagrancy. George-, tolls hot,
neither does hw fpincTrt be wifaru Blghtyi
gibirtMthooBookUsaysi iHel
was flaed-93 snd oasH 9d Is defcolt, will
eat his Chfisfiia'dlnneyln'-thb'STnner's
Best. ,3T !OH Mf II r.All KA1
.Gqfndlhitw&iawefli!!!! the
bells at the Matinee of the Bell. Ringers;
elation bad a grand lime In market yeatef
had haad of muaie engagedtc and" U the
njjjrqlirig'tne market, house, ratig: wtthlwtl
odt' The sUll'wbere thei-, boef -as joM
waa liahasoineijrjflmpWifpeoiprefl
caudles aadaowen and fUgsJ.smdi looked
leiirC!hrtstma Mmes4tsar;fcU. tlW
beet'w'as sold yesteiday.J Wht,seanaJna
wlU hf offered to-morrofrrr r,n
.0 ,.ii'"u 11 .1 "H itmi'mini. ,UM A3 .7T
TAH8FntiYksTERiAT. The follow'
!ng transfers. wer Jfl fe ih,:Beeorder'i
Johnson, Nov. 30tu i-Aots Nos. 66, 12 and
13 in tbe town oj) UotoS-jgL
Harvey WJobhsojliyrwIIeand Henry
C. Johnson ancj.wlfe.to 'Pty-"TJompJh,
July lt,!0icre farenwit-i
.hl,v for S60Q. ".tit u;. .d j a
- Haryey' YT. Johnionihd Vlflfi Hd'Henry
C Johnson and Ue'.to Anna Thompsoo,
Aug. 24th, 18 acres.of lam? la'Sbarob. tpwA
ship, for i,800. ' " ' ' xni:.-c
' .iE3":"f J!OHl .111 c "ii-a "hl
I I II T t H II - IT r.U 3 I
MRri8TuayipAi-rWe rise
from 6ur couehesthis' morning to greet
the, day on which with many all the joy
and jubilee of winter culminate the ad
Tent of tbe acred and sainted Christmas.
Few there be around" whom cling man
hood's caret or age's sorrows, but at such a
time wish they were" a boy pgtiiit, when
ittfjk lad, ove Vere. flowing freel when (be
feftfVUIes of "Christmas hoped Tor or en
joyed, were as a garland to the heart, to
bay kept green and rnanrmntvntit tbe next
annnaTTeturt; How thetnemorfes "of our
boyhood's Chrlstmases cling like the fabled
I Arb1aBgerfumeJfiaf ejfoe, Jsedemalgld
forever, to us whose manhood's social greet
ings are moulded all over with sorrow
spots, and whose life-flowers are wlther-
Ub'.h'XM-mw -onr youth r, ty
cMcrlDatAff ta Che pleasures and pastimes
of the cb'ldish. cheer, who, hail these holi
day pUtfieV with the hope and happiacU
that onee was trrai'and by alfowihg green
backs and gayety to gallop over life's
Mane-wlth mirth aid merriment. ?J;r
1- Wii eat last nifht c-azinff tntA'tMiiftee-U
it flickered and glowed, making quaint
jko4,-p quiet -ahado we dance loA'. tB. wall,
4RdtfaoiTtb'e,rlav jt'n
long years goue for be it known twenty-
yeacegoi lot this-last age is asie een-
tory W loblt back fen anS how different
things weretheff:'JhenCWistaiag wajtke
t'.me for tbe gathering of the" family, and
J99&ir l plate 4 table lor each one f
her bairns, well knowing that naught but
sickness or death would prevent their com-
4ng.;arhe"a. the -heuse'Vfo deeoratodi wtfh
eveYgfeed. v e see such decorations only
in our churches nowrTben, on Christmas
Svecatnetbe Mourners, orBeUsnickels'
boys large and raaU, tn fantastic dress,
who sang Christmas carols and said tunny
things, whereat we all laughed the next
dsy-widtti:eray-atlreiVIISec aabearry
as the youngesii though, be bad heard it
all a score of times before. and ve4 had
tebt;he; jan;p;ifj;;bifiiJtlyem.
lad the sly' old dog .These Mnnimers
were a queer ldt-Uet ik 'Introduce them.
This is Sir Tenore ; he Is- gajlyjdresse in
a red dreBalDggown and sight cap, bfth
trimmed with cedar Bpyucgnd. sports
a hge moustache asii dtefluliS-He-Blngs :
1 ta Qor lioiiMsw ...
To ria-B drira rnnmj utttm, t
For It CirolnH tuaw awheas.
Aad w. wieh joiuA Warrj CiilMUsM
And a Happy Stw TttZ!?
Having sang his part he retires to. make
way for the Barkone, the bnffoi armed
with k broom.'" This young man gives his
nam and mission In tbe following sUnzao:
Heraeom LlittlD.Tily DoabU . v
If you don 'I sir ncaoney, f'.l mtmo oa alt oat.
Mooej 1 waatand money IorT,-. . ,-r..-!. .
It jou don't tiy m uonej jwaen . von, ail to
your-aniTo.- ir ,,...,..,,.
And thed he srtves his' hronm a wnndfrful
flourfen'aa If indeed to carry .out his ter- .
rible threat. To mollify him a subscrip
tion's t once .started.atjrsuttt'lrs
sufflcUjat , sum t ta buy eyg-iiogg tor th
patty; the nearest public housi-v; Deyjly1;
Doubt departs-ia all doubts Should and'
theii conies 4 terrible figure,, one that fillsr
the little. ones ,wlth awetand ppmpels them'
to poll r the bed ; clothe' over their1 heads"
wheu-V. they jt tire,, la very fear of him.
This au jg ire person age jvea r crft wn jjgj
wnicn are iaeieneq. iw;o nuge uorns. - lie
wears a'iracWigowBMel'1j
wTES patches. " ofC n&-n& yellow
flannel, ( representing , flames Behind
hlo faappdnded'jtail not a.fo heconrl
tinued affair but a-veritable tail, ending
in a dart b ftor-heaiT sort of 4 abom
lipo. QnTeat shouldep be" earries .
huge stuffed olob, which he is sure to trW
on the refractory boys of hie congregation;
on the other he sports a lorig handled try
log pan, which anon shall eervebf a on4
tribution HxiThus he announces'him-
e; Ui aiy.ihoaldar latrry jb solas, i f i ' l"on(
In Br hmnd MdriDnin. nm.n. eili
ftf,Jl h'nkjf ib jly -oM niniJ aioo'l
W hit, jou uk, dow la do h, . T.. ,,,.
a: Ontkintbt.of all thoyeart '-
An. tn DMtt-tv-nioiTow'ii dawn.'
bball im all Bliababtrar oi f --I
Aod tho wUh)ll jflpicj ia tk.iio47 On.
iT.heV pVroj was Are wbapplej;
man thevr. -Hut awsviiwitfcT mormllzlns-'
iOnd thts'tfay5 6t lenerai!,jbyrt'h jbi
ppyiffbls bwtf;iiray; 'oZ,
Ao eaciiAnaaii-wespeciaity to our prompt
paying patA-ons--we wish merry.Cfirisjt
mas I and' may: thfiy Ji'tffe a thousand years !
Let us unite in sweetly singing -i.;.-f.w
Ot diomluK poat heanrttsvntoa. ' T!
t j-And mmm bella-wwa rtmpDt'.'J
An D)tel eboirs a CkriatnMU fcm r r -.2T3
TjfQ !nn!5 fere iinsiris u zilijlia
1 Anne. oebuei forfhibo not of paoA-n
. J.TitfKictoim is deat, u ,c..jit..n'i
God bless ereh friend, forgire each foe,
st-ak j fC-ChrUtaia;dayii kre." 1... . .je.'i
-iThx great eonibirration-of the Peak and
Burger Families all appear at the Matinee,
of tho Bell Bangers; Sitflrday tfternoon at
3'JOL'h)ck nv et " vur t !. :.a Ilal "ui
,til'CTAic FAiy-he 11
thrfTalr at Nkaghton Hall stilJL ;pijlinneB
There are several jehancea in the house and
lot yet unsold. We advise . every one of
lOiir readers toyrtend 1-theJair to-night and
take stock in one or the other of thenter
prlM8!elei f re anxWif ,ioj fee iitt
who will favor tbem-wlth a visit. The
voting last night: o was 1' pretty warm.
The4ypt stood ,a, follpwa atJje clP"
ofWeiwlflti -VVdV. tf agntenj Y?ttteo.
Meekem, -70-f.L H.' .Mamsw.c 66 ;o Luther
Dogadon, 40 xed, Beck, 1. We were in
error yesterday in naming the ladies In
cjbarpf ihe ojster and eeffaa. table. Mrs
McCoonell a'nd Mi Annie Qolnri have the
control of this mattfiZi They do dispense
juslThe e fr oupof eoffeea human ever got
n iub uuusiuo ui. uu uu .uiiuemuw.
ittts4ei5;randtijby; you&etf Vud aid
hTanc at wHl b money Well fteht.; '
Fiutp,TwTaRpAT--'Tbe, following eer-
dflcafeief Incorporation Were filed: with
t)Xfii4 Cjatizens' Sibgiand Loan Aieo-
biation, organized for the piirpoiie uf rats'-'
fngfunds to be )QaJedp).ongJts members.
PrlnUpai ifBco U the city of Sandniky.
tpltaj stock tpOaj'Bfaret'-tSW'toato
jRusfrtf.'Slowief James Woolwortb, Homer
Goodwin, -T. DJ WeitJ L: Cable, . JtCmna
hoe, George Barney and John McKelvey"
ui me jjomesuc -tsewtng fjompany, or
ganized for tbji pjtrpose aianaaufactnrlng
sewing machines. s Principal offieffat Nor
Odd, In shares ot $500 each: W. A. Mack,
N. SiPtarttbsV f. MafckYpP; Smith' and
jjWet M-fefkins irer'tfi'corporators.
UTii-r rt Hill J" 1 ji - J . S'flfl T
I tXaM Bix Rnioawftoos?; deljght-5,
ful evehlfig' cdtiimend us to' the 'jt?esk and(;
Berger Families and. thi ' dellcioas ieU
music JXoJs grfta ciim4oat(oa ienao well
kth?QfrHWtIe'-ftr us to do but.
olriieat St -thelirlmprof ement ;m4 ,' wkc-.
ihftsi jfiea AdoIb! Beiterbas developed
Into yeryndaomeuyojjing, wwmd
in a"vrltthr'iTn'1ier serio-oom'icWngs.
btieeodered Capt. Jinks splendidly. rThe
SfWraeB -Sord byTCtrtre'-Sergep ivai aneiy-
1. . -'r r r .
piayea, ana wutj, n vueori The whole
perfoiuiauce was ttp-top. To-night greaJT
I Gbahd MABUi!ADBAU.r-Oqtrcitizen8
wUirejney per tUf Grajid Masquerade BaU,
to be given by the Excelsior 'Ekrkig Band 1
n Christmas Night, and hod raid' tbUeadL'
Reports haver beetf "circulated by-- Inter-
VBCU Bw-w vusb wuv -vim, a bv VUU1-0 aJAA
6n.C,hiiatmasTEve:."1Tns Is of so Chrte
mas'NIgtit is thitime 'JTJokeU admitting
zsatleiBan and ladies $1,00. -
'idecM-dtt; ..-
"Twbktt-Fivx 'Thousand Dollar TJakic
rupt Sale ol fine jewelry, watches, silver
plated ware and superior Sheffield cutlery,
at No. 85 High street, American Building,
This is a rare opportunity for all who de
sire to procure holiday goods, for thi
stack jnuatbedUpo8ed ofUyeniUt does
ttsifa sJL ksif origiuai Ifiale
commences to-day. dec25-dlt ;
Rakdall & Aston can frame your plcj
lures ueiuro iu rusu cuuiot.
Fzltom Is selling fancy goods lower toi
cash than any house In tbe city. No. 4j
North High street. ;
Reconstruction has many votaries but
the right way to get re-constructed Is to
o to Randall Jfc Aston's.
Jewelry made and repaired by C B
Smith, 27 3. High street, over Bain's store1
But one of Randall & Aston's pictures.
Toilet Silts, cheap, at No. 46 North
High street
Don't feel bard it you can't get proper
attention at Randall & Aston's, if you wait)
till the last moment.
Get your oysters at Hennebo's Restan-
rant he has some of the largest you have
ever seen. dec24-dth&fr
Randall & Aston have 1000 new Stereo
scopic Views.
Vases of every variety very low lor cash
at 46 North High street.
W. Felton.
Randall A Aston are ahead as usual
with the best assorted stock of articles
suitable tor holiday presents.
Smoking sets so low that none need do
without, at 46 North High street.
decU-eod6t W. Felton.
Rink stock Is running up and Randall A
Aston's prices are running down.
Inquire for the SCOTCH WOOD articles
at Randall & Aston's.
300 Presents to bc Given Aw at at the
China Tea Store. Every one buying one
bound ot Tea will receive a nice Japan Tea
Canister as a Christmas or New Year's pres
ent. I have"on hand tbe greatest variety of
Teas, Coffees, Sugars, Spices; Fruits and
Extracts, and will sell them at tbe lowest
prices. Come one, come all, and try them.
Every article Is pure and warranted to give
satisfaction. A. C. O'Kank.
Ir you wish to train your children in the
way they should go, buy good books for
them at Randall & Aston's.
! Music for the Holidays, at greatly re
jduced prices for cash. Melodeons as low
as $50; 5-octave Organs, $30, of the very
best makes. Agency for the unrivalled
Chickering Pianos, and also tbe Emerson
Piano, the best lowpriced Instrument made
the best lowpriced instrument made.
jGui9trs,Y,N ftowJAoes. laiA
aurtveil. nniares aha HaVmSn
leas for the little folks. A. P. Lewis.
21 South High street.
Vesuvius may bury cities yet, but you
should not bury your children's hopes by
falling to call at Randall & Aston's to get a
preseggprwmt 1 f , ijG
The ladles all say when looking at Ran
dall & Aston's holiday Goods: "Perfectly
splendid !" "Exquisite V Ac.
Inquire Within. Tbe mouth Is like a
honse to let. However pretty it may be
merits uniii you nave seen we maiue. xt
1 i 1 I 1 .1 T
behind tbe ruby doors there are plenty o
pearl-white fixtures, you will exclaim at
once, "how beautiful!" To impart the ut
most possible brilliancy there is nothing
A bio stock of games at Randall A As-
jton'8. Good tor old as well as young peo-
mU12 10 ;i30T2 B3TH1W
Hollowat's Ointment. Suppurating
Sores. -Thousands go down to their graves
suffering from chronic ulcers which a few
pots of Hollowat's Ointment would have
healed. It is no tkin-detp remedy, but
drives in the poison ,0,1 sore. Its eflect is
to eliminate the poisonous element, and its
work of purification may be accelerated
and perfected in many cases by taking oc
casional doses of Holll way's Pills, which
Improve the condition of tbe blood, and
thereby promote thejfpt sfetion ofrhfeal
Planchettb says go to
ton's and try me.
Randall A As-dec22-d4t
Twenty per cent. Cheaper than the
Cheapest, to Cash Buyers. During
the next thirty days, I will make to order,
Suits, Overcoats, Trowsers and other gar
ments, twenty per cent, cheaper than any other
Merchant Tailor in the Union for prompt cash.
I have the largest assortment of fine and
medium grades of woolens to be found in
the city. Tbe excellence of the materials,
style and fit of the garments made at my
establishment is well known to the com
munity. I ofter my goods as above stated
for the reason that I want money, more
'than I do an excess of stock.
An Inspection of stock and prices is re
spectfully solicited.
Nervous Debility, with its gloomy at
tendants, low spirits, depression, involun
tary emissions, loss of semen, spermator
rhoea, loss of power, dizzy head, loss of
memory and threatened impotence and
Imbecility, find a sovereign cure in Hum
phreys' Homeopathic Specific No. Twen
ty-Eight. Composed of the most valuable,
mild and potent Curatives, they strike at
pnee at the root of the matter, tone up the
system, arrest the discharges, and Impart
jrlgor and energy, life and vitality to the
entire man. They have cured thousands
Of cases. Price $5 per package of six box
es and vial, which is very Important in ob-
ttinate or old cases, or $1 per single box.
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by mail on
receipt of price. Address Humphreys'
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co- 662
road way, New York. jyl3-deod&wly
I Handsome New Year Presents Free at
MiLLiNBRY Headquarters. Who wants a
new bonnet or hat? I will commence this
morning to give a card having a number
in it, for each dollar's worth of millinery
purchased by any person between now and
New Year's Day, at which time two prizes
will be distributed, consisting of a very
handsome black silk velvet bonnet and a
full trimmed" tlk"velver bat The draw
ing to take place on New Year's morning
in the presence of two well known gentle
men, and tbe bolder of the card having
the first drawn number upon it (which
will be advertised in the newspapers), will
be entitled to the first choice of the prizes
! The prizes are now on exhibition Jn,mv
show"easeT O O rEl A' i
W.ffMM6NS, Opera
Columbus, O, Dec. 16, 1868.
! decl7-eod2w
DTBPKWiAv.weakr fltomacbi -ooatWex bow-1
els, 'coated tongue', "diill and sYuplcf 'feeling,
are the bane ot thousands. Cathartic pMs-or ;
drugs don't help lt,but rather make It worse.
What you "need Is Humphrey's Homoeo
pathic Dyspepsia Pills. They tone up tbe
stomach, relieve the distress, and make you
over anew, without purging or prostrating.
Price, six boxes fqr $1.25. Sold by dealers, j
or" Ise'nC iytf'ma&VddrMS ttumphrey's j
Specific Homceepathlo
Medicine Co, 562
Broadway, N.'Y.
1&M& s33kLdf UW. Raafhe
popular and extensive bouse of Clark &
Farmer, No. 5 Neil House Block, presents
daily a scene of bustle and activity, which
is not observable at slmltanouses in the
same line of trade la this city. The ele
gant sales rooms are always thronged with
cilstatf irslwho areattracftd -by the huge
piles oJjfashj9pablend stylish fupvmsii
ufacturedtrom all kinds and grades of ma
terials, such as the famous Hudson Bay
Sable, the pretty mink, the delicate Er
mWGtruattFrttftflihe ric Siberian
Squirrel, the elegant Grebe, the splendid
Water Mink, and the beautiful black and
white Astrachan CbUdHjnAs -and Misses'
setts, Gent's fine Beaver Collars, Fur Caps
and Gloves will also be found in profusion,
together with a magnificent and stylish
stock of Men's Hats and Caps, manufac
tured ltVftie lie&fcan'ner tfnd'mdBt fash
ionable styles, which have long made this
great Hat and Fur Emporium popular
with tbe people. Customers favoring Clark
& Farmer with their patronage have many
decided advantages In their favor, among
which U a wide range for ieeleetien. The'
goods are all warranted, and from fifteen
to twenty-Aye pec cent-, economized in
each purchase, as the articles sold are) that
much cheaper than at cotemporary estab
ItohmepSfc; ynhi dec22-dtl
"Where is Drake S. T. 1860 X?" We
have heard this question asked many
times, and foralLwe.knew3 for a year past
he might be" dead." Recently, in New
York, we called at his Laboratory In Lib
erty St and there fourfahfeieiaeniftp.
barricaded -benkfd- a trnendods pHh
of boxes, distributing funds to a
updy . SbCojnmle, f .fiurbusio
ness was to-'-seonrea'an,-- advertisement.
He said : "My dear sir, what Is tbe use of
advertising the Plantation Bitters t They
isell better now than when I advertised at
such enormomsi expense, and now I have
not made a contract for a year.
TTfkave affl"" this 'amount tO Kivet
the poor. To satisfy the Press, how
ever, .-KhoaftWsiiialwayftpjbeen my
friends, I think I will give you a little
something teffBgstefoqliiEYBjterj roved
the Bitters grtAfly.TlM ft? hiifyDe'weU to
have you let the peouleqaw it,' ' And so
lie ran on In a happydbrdiaL 1 apprecia
tive manner, showing us the wonders of
bis plsfceanftetSw gordan of) Certifi
cates. Everything Is on a magnifi
cent scale, and is vdopa .with neatness
and promptness. While.-'there fi we saw
at least forty orders come in for these cele
brated Bitters. Cases were being shipped
;to the four corners of tbe world. Drake is
fnotHead, 4of BUtert'ilherv.EcAir!5
MAONouA.WATESri .Superior to tbe best
'imported German Colos'ne, and sold at half
i RNY-sept25-deodSfcwlvew
' 1 1 Ml7i ' ' '
j "New EnclanJoi Mutual Life opBoi
koS-RAportwt jtTt8pprtntepdel 0f the
Life Insurance Department of tbe State of
New York. (From Commissioner's report,
JanuRiHst868rp:age"63.) ''"
; TheiNewEnxlaututIJasurj
ahce Company bYlJostonilassachusetta, was
the pioneer of LifInauranctln New Eng
land, under the able but extremely conserv
ative guidance of that accomptished jurist
JudgV WhlaVd Phlillps, 'TPresideht bt 4thrf
Company , the. LifepJIcy was popular
jiredjlaoface, coasting i roeast 1 baa kg,
iworksbops and firesides east of tbe Hud
'sorTmdnnBgnrBrttTgr folate Bund ffif
ever more sacredly regarded than the pol
icies jpto xm9. by. Judg. PhUps.
The luea of Traua, deception or overreach
in was1 nereV associated with a ba"rehhient
O'Harra A oiLirel thVCigenU for the
Ke w E!n?IttTuaTXllSiraaceEo
c2lsbW6Ho;- iiAVuUu
Intemperance not-only destroys tbe
health of its vi!etaMbqfi08t generally
the happinesgt.taaA Tpeaeaf uhis.tunily
Therefore, wiv.cblidren. ,n(ly
relatives, It you know-ampng you an un
fortunate loWd oneifjtelidown;' and en
slaved by KiHtrlfcohbl,the fell Tyrkntttse
yQdUtmet oiieavors t reclaim himvvld
"Dr. Johngtn'jftgjteqjou wmAnd
certain and reliable rexaedy for. that borrl
ble disease. DoiTt-Csu-to give it a trial,
success HUB? 4wardiiL 3 Tid T,iJ "S'T,!
The Cireat FctrJnl Aaaaal.
S Bostetter's United States-Almanao for 1 860. or
iHWitim. tntpont the bnWSUtes
ajMlllekvjbMd countries .tafeWssento Bamiaa
pbere. will be pnblisbedvbont the first of Jannarj,
and all who Wsn to;ttffataUniT the'trne philoeo-
BbircPl SeaisbSQOaistoaad and pnbder Ahe'rela&iile
sot?etiorisit contains. braddUon to an admin
iblsV AdiBflileatie W'ttiiaujei. TJrerentfon" "anj
owf st'vanej! el UfeAaes;Tit' arnemgee
large amount of, luforffllelbrx jhiterestinf; the,
ImextihanlV the mecnaiiiaJ3ie miiierrthe1farmer.
th clantAr.aad irroftgiknul mast; and theisailaala
tians hare beeu uiade lur sue jnjrtaisnsjsiiiQatl''
itndes acXre matt suUhi for uu.erihaAand. eam-
preheniive 5AVIOS!M.,'CAUNl)Aa4 y 3 ,5
ine nature, uias. and exlraopoj nary saaitaaf
theUplWniOAn41terViT tf.rtban balf
the Christian worjdafei fully , set forth ia its
(pages, which are also interspersed with piotonal u-
lostaaiwaeiiseidabla reoioea fee the hrwsehnldirnd
far, hataotos needetesi and otbfci- instnirtiTe'
aflliiBatffy'bil'jtMs fadaal :aadiatea
iA mails tbe Aaaaala teyejpear with the opeaincist
iM yeK'CMs wMPfcewee'of the'mosf (hfni;janl
'ift ?tf$t1k2?iyffl:p$ sovies to the,
(CentrsXI(aaalBtAitatiFiUsldihS'si; er to the
'nearest delet-f- HOSTCTTCR'yMTOMACjl
BITtlib e-'fERSaresWtfinieTyiW
ItcwtssnaiHlaca. aad)aB exteamverfash Areata-
DR. A. B. WJJAMS.WoBi.ardrat.y
,!liKhsttaet"i;elambaathiiwiaar,deiu4ed Eunae
braseriesof yoamtttla rtmerat eloriii pn
vote diseaseaiUe bxeeneaUed a hia' ooim:
llriisiiwm rimrthi I iTnbnHiTlr - ..iaf.
tnaySl-tf u
i A. lPMOAXTa8EI- rr Ladies A4d"
entlBmenl oansaad olaydeiireaaJotbBJranaAadir
hair beautiful for tbe Honda7rsbonldnsa.abotiT
tl.XfJffifVALlijy LlFfJ.fFOBXHE flAIBet.
enoe. Bead Cneralier'i Treatise on the Hair.
Free to alk 1 Qsna astw at-tha 'lira KMrea. or tent
bj mail frea.hisJiapk shouldta, read bj ejvx.
bersoM It teaches iolultTale anj haTeAeautiuJ
bair.Snid MtorerKrcy bafr to "fts orttinal eo'ot,
top its falllnc out, removes all ipttfMpsTTSslatie
fruff from the scalp, thus keeping the hair beauti
ful to the latest period of life. P" HU J
m 1 nncviiTrv u n
JNT-dee l-eodlm
mbam 5imS Ureadwar, . V.
Xnn Medical
XI R. -ampMM from
th4 SWM Of 1)1. CrjBTtS.
Aluable fria
are declioe.
irtoatuneeljaays ot this worka.ffWhXo
freafTse on the cause and euro of prema
ioe. shows bow health ieyiasoainsdheaush
Seoret abuses of youth and UanboodT and -flow
anily regained It riTesa.clear synopsis of the
Impediments to maiTiaMMOaue and -ffeots of
Serrous debility, and toe remedies therefor." A
pocket edition of tveuea.BeUM Sree baft
teoeiot. of i cents, by.aaacessing uootor VDBTIS
!yfiS Wwdh-Cemrleii SSrifrt, Baltimore, Hd.
I cra maySS-dly-r
P. aplfrndid BaicJie. btaa ,heeV to&XW44 it
the Only true Add perfect Dye ; harmless, reliable
instaataneffus no'dtsappeinTmen, 'Tiaicif,ut
rint.! remediM thnill ftets of bad dres: inrig-
orates and leeees theHsir soft and beantifuT;JA
or orovn.. bold by all ilruggists ana reytuners ;:r-
ana pro pen BHpiieq m DKUii' x wkwij
Drnnerly aoolied ax .
IS Bond street. S. Xork.
rsi apna aawiy
H ATI heard it highly extolltd and hay leeaita
..-Akw us . e
derW effects, -writes Maythh It. Johnson, of
Ot.-. about Palmor'sl-eUoni" "l '
.0'iT7in.lB00TS ANLV-SH0ES;?rriIT7aA YTIO -
FIFTY THOtmD DOIMM, -$50,000
, I
A 8 took of new and superior goods, embracing
eus, witnoat reserre, at we store in unirutbssuo
eumpans theCitWity these asually ehargedi! jjj
Meae asttp Itoom, aUl IV bole leallier,
A , wn V as .as
Youths Kip Boost, '
men's CsslT, Xap-r3klel BootK,
Womca's Call Shore, Beat
(Vdimem'si Bstjlhlorlscefo Khpau4
sLAmlea isoaihle Moled KiaatlBsr fjosig;;
Iadlea' do.. 811k Gore. Ten Best. -
miasM-s' Morocco Shoes, Polish, - j
Childa' Morocco Shoes,
ma 1 dm.-
These sjoods ar guaranteed fi Veof saWlsrAaterial and workmanship; And will bear; eompariip
ith any ia the market. 5 Vt j- f. Til ! ' ; i', ' ' V'
1 lloet fprga that thetol
f ie is
is lfmiosd
will neTer ocoar amn. Besnreani
ths nfrat
DEriHLER'a X&W BUILDING, opposite the
-7 lr"o nVMii I 8ef.i'nl r).ittoi sdT
si t-isam ;;.mw llo i ul XJIMA -fiwi ilff
T'osZ OTs.f eV .jeq77 srfj ni reeaiiTirs
teciiaio oj u?rii;:-.tA eL u
Having greaOy. enlarged onr Printing Fsqilities by tbe parebase of a complete new1
ikii -r-a - t ouuB
-rrr :i ow !'Tl,;.ai ot lae 5ii- -i i-1TrJ.3A
The Ltitest1 and Host j-Apprpycd. Style,
And the addition of
sci liios 3 - - -'r.-' : 1o io-''.ie;ls siil Itso
Seoerally conceded to be the fastest
: i f j i " s :
In 'corirjecrton'wltfi RTjGGLIS,' 00lxN,Sbd VET,US, Job" Presses,1 thai have
proven such succesces ih6nr otficeVand having the largest' and most commodious
ouuaing in tn cicy-m wnicn to operate,
In the best and neatest style of the art, and jnpoit temsr that eapnot be competed" with, .
Our fast New Presses, our Improved Economical Machinery tbe result of the inge.,,
nuUVfand inventive talents of the bet minds of 'the age enable as to do good w sc
atiCCHEAPfcRJRAl'IBajthintaJ be tioire in-ttnrold style and wttfronljrtbe old
facilities. Tbe Office is complete in all its arrangepiahaBoT cin thq work vyirji t J
..To::ut1.:Jci ; .oy,Jii v:l 'li:j!irj ilin (!
I iil-i!A y a
Blank ,Bo9ks, liMl3
?i:Jui Mai-3if adj (i lsLs'
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sw u merlJ inhnnno'; .iinew
err. ew ToJosln.'wm
eioh iu oV .); wul tiaoi
edj i. 1 A
Offices m the
Tr t:t
exeoOfc EU- Kiaisol
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uur ucij(iiuvrsr.-,
aaooH SBalii eas es MneJ tiss vjt5itfr.bi: eW I ' .PTZsr.'.Tj.TJfel'
..i; T. .-u.lillIJS!II
s7fffc- iu
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.-soar ; i .ANO; fiATlSFACTIONGHAjJANJIPjU .-,rV' ,no
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. kX fc.1 ' Im -
irosv 'S8i ;?3S W 40iloithHigli:;13tree
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: ,? ;tf;f.V'ir.i ? 1 mtj t.a.
OF"-" f- Jf :' -t t x"'ni
..if;-- li UiA I" t- C t fry r.T'vn" is J J
t--iT-, 7 - - 1 .ajv I
wrery thinsr in. she lrne ef MKM8'; WOstEM'Sl
AKO SHOKSi.newefferedfor sale, aadtabealeeed
sitn tfUXlilAU-Ajoekai secaeai saeprneaaaa
,U r. ,r- J la u;.d-tiaM -;,
,. ' -M Vf OA, Besraissur jprlco 4.50
- see.
Ml .:ttlmal.-U ': a''''-' :" ' s i '"iai'SrsJ
ft It,
!,,,: -
? u,"f, -Mt '"?- V' 9MS
,;, 1.1'
Itfi ,1
to but a few weeks. ' Another such epportnuit
ablsUM ft hem. m hot nna) Birfnt4 havinr.' '
TAJBSMyUI AIFICB. II til pUO. ,UO, sVDtl tff :
ee. ,Go, and se
''A. 1.1:1 1
72 ,;"')"ifl .'-"A
sift i-j ; tf 3
M too
f; ravt :f ; l .i-ya
; A . :. -aat u vij AirjJiii;' sii i -lad
.XHTTTVTTT' - rvr'T'
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. 1 :t lli tS.ilM IH'JOf. SOfl .OsT
il .a. rr,rfl ..TalVi.HM..t Muo-W
. 1 I .. i ,r: l
- or - ,v,;n',;' , ,' ,;vntj
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'.l-.'W line l3-.li aii"N lie iu "i-.lrr.T.
:f-. ;n rfiir r .i .0 .-os:i8di-;'oiaii'Ji
1r-SIw .lu-H! .if .O is!,,.
leO'fJI J
New Preues, lociuding a. , tie j, 31
.iS0 ,? I5if: .1 ti-J
r-j Mil i
iajt St-lAT
and.best Printing Machine In thfj woiid.'' "
1 . .
.::i,-'l 1 - t
we are po prearea , it , ;. 4 a
ii.iT to
lit II J-j:jfii .. rf; ?U i 'J
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nisiff. nc-t-j ,i--strt y.-i-iuv'S
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Druar L,abe!s, '?;, ; ""T
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It.-i U's ;'ii w juu i" s
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n-x'iljlojfilooi' or o-ifroVX
A 1i.KT. V.:iVil YH.-W.-iK -I STFTO
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.be9-le ' li; v.n tn-c'J ! wt tw-iilt seeiiiai
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liB e.-'i wite" iri! C'.!.i7.n rl oiIUkiU tufc.ii a
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s:l fit Himst -piliia- i i
. -DC f'i iA li.
J '.-y .12
r tii'a -Ji ijvf
Println gj In any color, at lower price than
I rX.:-."1,. k.:sifJ.iMlm.--
l: t.H . bic -i iffl'.'t.J
.C.iT,r hr.ni a-!;'..; J.
iw .... tsu'-f i.'fi--; DoromcO
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OlSVUl'Slf 11 SOUHt.:
j .'a.-i.n.'.v f. .a
t. JO
j .MDJ-l Milf. I!SjiJ lialin -i
l..!;i Til-rf"! . - i-i'H 1!T n- tsl t; -":tt r...i.'
I i';n - -' '-l'- Oiil- lti.
j -jut i . Jyi rtn
I I X l-tr
II 11 I
1 ,X
awjaaeaasai 'j',' 'm'r ' V tl
t sl3i 0:
1 Ta If .JfT'
Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 24.
fcJOlyD : 134 boyingrirr-
ing. "
0oJtONZT:-aiarket eontlueaeloaevafl
New York Money Market—Dec. 24.
tiaiid call loans made at 7 cutrner-tf,7
Kottw witd comailasiau. aaaaet i-j
per esse. . JUMer tee aeaMmr escsn- -tesp
pntaitand; easlef? feeling prevailed; rratea
falling to 7 per cent. gold, and flnally-to -3
pfrt!ent.-erriicyr Before SHllocsV Ote
otrats weredoll-At ban.- 7 per cent, is
IbaaaeaiBwt rat4aaretTwjCDasrr Oat 'Lb
ibe-trettb ranze is. 913 per cent.
1 JittirfJH ,iAV;ilAJNfcrH--XWnf IW
inoi41or6a days: And 110i&UOJ:fcf
k slier t sbfht. .'r.-j .
.tiWlUr-Uflfieuiieaii .Dot closed tinner;
acea lor carry lag range iioan i to il pr
cent, per annum and 1-32 per., day, .Taa
report Is carrendTtbat tbe easury ', ef
pHntaent is aoous. d issue .Mreaty.mtiHona
Dear -greenbacks to take tbe place of an
-aottalAcgoun cf muUlaiedibMWaaas, baa
been burned. leetnvwWwer,ioDe ua-
New York Money Market—Dec. 24. New York Stock Market—Dec. 24.
and under an easier monev market a shade
trrsrher.' Cotrbonff ttS tl4IWjao"te
noKiioj' aq',64--ie6o,ie; wes
iOj107K; do- new HOOllOJi; da fia
l,10i110 ( lfMO-s lOSttfi&rj8"
m The stock inarket transattiuna frligbj
and prices higher, and closed steady at aa
advance. V-The rno acUyphares tbaj
New York UentrU.Xciedcs Sock Island,
Northwestern- and Pacifio jnalL Tbe
sirehgtb of he-?narVetls pafWy attriWftecf
to 4nd .rarnored, settle-fbent-between, ,tb4
Erreand VAnderbUfcstiosn-AceordlBia
towportall Eri litigattonBoeprtrifc tlie
Belmont suit have already been arrange.!,
and this will be in ten daysl It Is said tbatt
thaErit partr nBld a largaamoant of Cen
tral, 40,000 shares in oae bouse, which they
purchased i "Willi ttbes utuMtHtAddlilg Hhat
the scrip dividends-should be immediately
declared :andi larcsoasidBrattaivaalu be
withdrawn and both parties combine to
hgwobe Letalasure legislate the serin
d?vHeno legaVwtticb'jias 0ow' beeri ,de
elare4 op jneteen mtiliob. jf shares eap
ltal. There was no board aitf l'loefc3
o Tbe- following were-, the -street - prices at
630 P. M: , Wells' J'.Epr3.s' .7, 3525
Adams "48 (49;' United . ittates .46 WjHta
Mershants'-Utaien-166i; Faoifio Alail
12aj120K; " W'esteid Unioai TWegraBtt
33)234s(N TOrk 7Cestrali.1531533i
Erie 3833; Readinri (3S"; UbuW
son 134135; TerreHaTrte-353&, Wan
bash 53ki,8; "St. P;67)ff(B7jSff Fort
Wayms idl112; Ohio "A Miksu-eippl
3131?: Michiiran(5etitri ll3:MiehT!ran
Sbothern 8787;Illtnois Cintrat,j4I
14 Pittsburgh ;8383K;- -Toledo. lOOQi
100; Rock Island UelUftXotttrweaua
era t ?jtaj tv
New York Market—Dec. 24.
il x A. tn .iKi.ny I -rii . sf:i.u--?i? ti ivina
tl FLOUR Closed stearlyloriSet irraaeL
fl and dull and heavy for other fciodtws Tb
J KiWiaTei ana steaqy; r?ji(,Ot,ior
fl WeSterB.,.rT l."MX L II i ll '
CORJSteaaya3BB86 fwMw, and
109 L. a 3 for ldxeU:wern i.tlai.,?
POKK Oull and heavy rUa sellers- of
mess at $27 50; sellers February, and no
buyers ; f27 00 cash.
BEEFQniet-arrrr steadyi- ,,:fT."Lf,A
CUT MEATS Quia t and nnchangerf5"'
BAOP tjt Quiet f and. without deciijcd,
ihsinge. ",;;1:'. -. "...;.'. . -; ' -.V ',
LARD Closed very beavy at -l"18oi
fpr prime-steam r seller Jnnuary atl7ev ' ,i
-EQG3-9teady at 3839c, - ;
Cincinnati 24.
FLOUK -Doll and nficbsw(ged.?''"i'
WHEAT---Dnll at 1 75. - J -iu
CORN Steady at 667c for err. t
1 rOATS 6283cro.'. ni'icT , rV. :!:
BARLEY in demSnrr at a 203 Z5,?fl"":
COTION-Duli at 23; 7, ,5;
s"W HISKY" Firm atl ffo.n: iXi
HOGS Dull audi nominal; backers" not'
baying and drovers asking 8ff prior Ave?
andllll 75 for drefsed. Receipts S 300.
PRQ VISIONS Dull, there being qo dq-f,
mand pHces are nominal, .. .' i ,-,r ' .1 J
MESS PORE Can be bought at 27 50(1
28 00.' v.-tr-i .-! w.j-;-r y-B; J1
BULE'MEATS-At 13($14Si 8"'-a
LARD At 1718c, but there is no de-'
mand.' - L. Jo.,...- !"?
GREEN MEATS Dull and to wer; ham 1
14c. . .... .?
3DTTER?i-Stearr at 3640c. " !'r',r
CHEESE Higher; Western fiwerea aii
17X18c; factory 1920c.
OIL--Linseed oil,AiTpetroleqnA29d
30e for refined; laid oil tiros." sini.iei awkt
. l.:- . -1., i M.eeam,. .ii.i ;w 734li I
Chicago Market—Dec. 24.
at $5317 12jar -ow grades tr
choice spring. extras- : t,in'.-i --c it
.WHEAT-No. lin falrdomandaj l 13
tl !84;-No2openedeA8ler sales at 10;
I' JOjk,: .Closing firm at. 41 it. Sales.NoJii
ttiis aiternoossak 91 H. n,,l u s:Uiioiuii
CORN-Qotetj: and nnsettled : sales, 'old'1
No 1 at 65c : old No 2 biHctive anfffiaunualir
new shelled opened quiet at 46Je, sdyanced.
to48,,mibseqnent1y tlecMaed'ajad ctrtifed,
at 46c. Klln-drled N2 firmer, arid 23o
OATS ActfveHaBd,tttinen &t"'aiL
4546s, closing at 48o.
Ki In eood demana.aad4o,hjgb-.r
er; sales No 1 at $1 121 16,iNo.2al.U -
,1 12, closing firm ataU 151 15i foi No 1.
BABLYteady ; Bales of 2a 2 at $11'.
oo i:'3i.i ftnU ii.-Jj i otjri4ii'l
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Dec. 24.
Bein&ristnias'Eve Ihere" tVltft1sUsW
doing in this branch-1 business, but tbe -markiet-.iSifirns
ton gopaabivSklil a gloon bangs overbossW,
ness circles, owing ''tobeffallttre -efhef-,
honse of Tnrnbull,4Slade A Co, whose
credit was.-nntjues stoned-. op toMbwdayl
last. Tbis firm has saspended for $1,600,
QfAVUnttlte books shsWi aTrplaof urJ
ter of a million dollars, and rtesis fHotrghtM
they may be able to make a settlement and,
KW u . ., iim
St. Louis Market—Dec. 24.
FLOUR Very Quiet and unchanged
CORN Bulk aold at5253c. .H
OATS-4-Dull at aafWepoa ; -;mte5.
RE-Uttcbafrged'r-'55r v"lin"ia!?i
BARLEY Unchanged. - . 1
WHISK93c(Sll ,O0U-,.
liPwYISIQNSDutland heavy; nothingri
H.' v
Buffalo Market—Dec. 24.
The mackct Is geoerally-i sugnaAt,
quotations nominally nebanMa.'
w il r.Ai jo a spnng i oo.
COSNOlcLtl eO; new767?o'6n trackT
K x E 40C. . ulel cna r
PORK- $28 00 tnd hoary.
Buffalo Market—Dec. 24. Toledo Market—Dec. 24.
jvtJEAT3e,pttet; saiea, amber W,78
CORN-r-lc, better for new saia.atdi
Kiei olosinfirkt0H.:-o;;!i w nS.
60Me: closing at .
biuAiilrV (i2tiMli.mjilli
uixj d iicuaujcou
SEED Clover 10c lower ; aales at $3 40
HOGS Up'chapgedjajt JOjtc;-rs-
Milwaukee Market—Dec. 24.
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Proprietor, Colombo...
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