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E. B. ESHFISU(I, ,,,.
. DEO. tS.
News and Otherwise.
.Cow closed la New York Saturday at .
-. !WHiLraaha8aeloclpedr, -L-vt.,: .
"Bbookltn baa bad a mad dojr Mutation.
JTT had a rainy Christmas In Calllor-
Puai raising In Maryland la not profit
rTBK.feet of enow He upon XI lc coun
ty vP- " ' :"" " "'
6kajIt wanta the Teonro of OfBc) j.
repealed, """ -
CTBC &ptb Ind., baa packed 30,00 V
kogs this season.
Kkw York ia to hare a new capltol a
Albany costing t5,000,000.
Tiw Lord Mayor ot York, England, 1 -the
editor of a local paper.
Pxiladklphia has gone into the akatin
rink business by the dozen.
pvTXttf Soon baa a nephew in a ehai
luieWloatitutldu In Montreali v -; '
Ta first tewing machine was made i ;
Vienna, by a German, In 1815k -'"-' a
Emtok were burned In cfflgy durin
the recent election In England.
St. Louis naea 600,000 bushels of barle.
wmwwct?H??rC .oil
A Kssobknk factory In east Boston wi -destroyed
by fire Christmas night.
Thk Springfield Advertiser has enterc ;
' upon its second year in good cheer.
jFtMAtx teachers In'Clncinnatl want ih
aame salaries that male teachers get.
Watmihousz Cassimere factory, in War
mich, B. L, was burned on Christmas. "
Jornt G. Sax recently lectured on Love
laTCanton, Ohlo.That'e a new subject.
A Hiss Long, or Txrris, has just re
coTered $2,600 in abrt ach of promise case.
It cost the Western Associated Press for
the past year $150,000 for telegraphic re-port.-
- - i: . S) ,. t .....
Isabella, the deposed Queen of Spain,
will buy a furnished house In Paris for
$400 000.
Thiri appears to be an army ring that
scads as much looking after as the whisky
ana tobacco rings. ' J '
Box. Johm Pkttit and lady, of Indiana,
a few days ago, celebrated their thirty
arxth wedding day. " " '
Thk Canada papers had rather a poor
opinion ot Greeley's lectures. As an ora
Hof, be Is not a success. J -
Tbk Akron City Timet say a it "is not
; bow, and never lias been, in favor of the
doctrine of Repudiation."
bTirtt-bix thousand bushels of corn
'were raised this season by Major Dnnlap,
In South Union, Boss county.
There were an unusual number of de
af rue t.1 ye fires throughout the county on
Christmas and Christmas night.
J'T is becoming customary in New York
for the brides to furnish the material for
tbe.dreases of the bride's maids.
It i stated that many New Englanders,
to avoid tbe insecurity of life and property
6 tht section, are moving South, t r j
' A iionRoI driving street 'railroad ears
by ccmprefsed air has been Invented and
ia about to be tried in New Orleans.
Ih Crawford county. Wis, sixteen thou
sand acres of mineral land were knocked '
down at six and a quarter cents per acre
A Jaw has just been converted and bap
tised n Chicago. .This ' i taid to be tbe
third conversion of the kind since the set-
tlement of toe country.
f ''Statistics show that' children are de
creasing in New England. So are the men
since Daniel Webster's time. Who trow
dat brick f Botton Pott.
Thk Soldiers Kennion (an affair of offi
cers exclusively) at Chicago, from all ac
counts, closed with a banquet that was
'nothing else' than a debauch. : . . ..
- There is a scratching of heads among
the Radleslf, because General Grant has
.expressed opposition to remanding Geor
""gia to a Provisional Government. ,rf
Tax dry bouse and planing mill,' with
10 CCO feet of lumber, at New Philadelphia,
as we learn In m the Democrat, was de
stroyed by fire on last Thursday.
Two joung ladies at a recent donation
' party near May ville, New York, sold kisees
at ten cents apiece to ihe gentlemen. A
line turn should have been realized.
Postmaster General Bakdaix states
that during the last political campaign
politicians saved one million of dollars by
the abuse of the Iran king privilege.
- Kinder, of the Ottawa Sentinel, pro
' poses to vote for only such candidates for
nomination In his county who are square
en tbe printer's book. A good idea.
. 21 188 Keixogg appeared in a Metternich
I green and a stunning "bend" in Spring
f Held, and that spirited hamlet glowed with
-delight in consequence. Boston Bott.
l bopsi this hand is not counterfeit,"
."said s lover as he was toying with his
. sweetheart's fingers. "The best way to
Had it out is to ring it," was the reply.
v The Leoanon Mar says tnat w. j. Arm
strong, the Washington correspondent of
i the Journal, is a clerk to one of the Senate
" committees, and formerly resided in Leb-
CP .... . . . .
. nosw, . , . ,
'1W Dresden (Germany) there is an asso
- elation (4,000 strong) of tradesmen,' who
- protect themselves against dishonest debt
ore, by publishing lists oi those who are
. bad pay n ,.-. : i . , s
'Thmw was a verys destructive fire In
tynn, Bias.; on the night of Christmas,
t- ,4estrojing ihe Lyceum Hall, and other
.' ; 'baildings. Amount of damage done proba
ktWy.i300,000. J::
Mi. J. J. Moo ek, of Putnam, is the
Democratic candidate for. the Legislature
-Jllo fill the rseancy caused by the death of
l Hon. Henry J. Boebmer, t The nomination
Is a firstrate one. '
A MAorancBnT gold pen was voted Col.
gain Pike, senior editor of the Akron City
Times, at the Fair just held in Akrou for
tbe benefit of St. Vincent's Church. We
k congratulate him. " .
Z. Tax Cincinnati Gazette (Radical) saya
that the Constitutional "Amendment now
v most needed is to repeal the 14th : Amend-
- Bieut," The Democrats did - what they
, 1 Aoeuld to prevent its adoption j - ? i
j- Th wile of the brother of Charles Dlck-
. sjois, the celebrated novelist, committed ul-
i id tu -ChieagObon Christmas... Poverty
appears to have been the prumpilng cause,
which certainly CouM and abould have
.""i been ; alleviated .'brt. bar adbtingulshed
: brother-in-law, . ; :y ; ' '
The Columbus Gazette thinks that Hen.
Samuel Galloway ought to have a better
-..j posiOoa thaa a-: Cabinet appointment a
reign Mission, for instance, inasmuch u
oir Government could not send abroad a
''" more true' American representative" than
. him. This is rather rough on Lour Government."
The Amnesty Proclamation.
Johnson's amnesty proclamation, so far as
Jvfmkson Datis is concerned, does not
meet our approval. If issued at all, it
should have been issued just after the war,
Mr. Davis, if pardoned at all, should
have been pardoned after conviction, and
not just at the moment that tbe Court was
to pronounce a decision that would set him
free. ,r , 1,1 . . , . v. . , -- 1 . , i
' In the issuing of this amnesty protlama
tion, President Johksom has been made tbe
tool of the men who have scorned and per
secuted blm.i The Radical leaders found
the person ol Jeff. Davis in our courts a
troublesome customer. , No court could be
found to convict him of crime the Chief
Justice, in whose jurisdiction the crimes
for which be was indicted were committed,
we have declared time and time again, dare
not try, and if. tried, dare not convict him.
The doctrine. Davis carried out,' was the
doctrine that-Chief Justice Chase, when
Governor ot Ohio, preached, and for every
act committed by the ex-President of the
Confederate States of the South, a justifl
cation would have been found by tbe law
yers employed to defend Davis, in the
writings, the messages and the speeches of
Chief Ju-tlce Chase. t
Tbe party in power, at the late election
stood pledged to make treason odious. This
could only be done by punishing the ring
leaders of the seeesh movement. The Rad
ical leaders dare not redeem this pledge.
It was made as an appeal to the vindictive
spirit of the country, and they dare not
carry it vxxi. Among all tbe men who par
ticipated in the late gigantic war, not one
has been tried and convicted. Either tbe
laws were powerless to punish, or Judges
were afraid to enforce them.' And-now
the belief Is fixed in the public mind, that
treason, in the shape ot armed resistence
to the Government, is not a crime to be
punished, and this may lead to future re
sistance, war, bloodshed and death.
The making ot treason odious is now
confined, In Its operation, to the punishment
of States which, under our form of gov
ernment, can commit no crime, while upon
the citizen, who can commit treason and
murder, no punishment is or can be in
flicted. ' .. ;, '-
Our objection to the general' amnesty
proclamation is more to the time and the
circumstances under which it was Issued
than to the amnesty itself. We would have
left Mr. Davis in the hands of the law. II
the courts cleared bim of crime or, if the
decision of Chief Justice Chase, that the
14th, so called, amendment to the Constitu
tion inflicted the only punishment that
could be awarded, and left him without fur
ther punishment; should have: bt-en bus.
taiued by a full Court, on the difference
of opinion between Judges Chase and
Umkkwood, then, there would have
been no . necessity for Executive Inter
position. Tbe country had a right, we
think, to demand this, but the Radical
leaders, by means to us unaccountable, per
suaded President Johnson to issue a gen
eral amnesty proclamation, which rids
them and the incoming Administration of
the elephant they had on their hands, and
hlch they could see no other mode of rid
ding themselves.
Tbe proclamation is jp accordance with
the terms of Lei's surrender to Grant,
and should have been issued at that time.
As this was not done, President Johnson
should have left it for his successor.
The Debt and Liabilities of the
written by United States Treasurer Spin-
k to David Wilder, Esq., ol Boston, In
which be takes ground against the forcing
procss of resumption of specie payment.
Mr. Spinnkr says:
"The Government has of its own over
$550,0000(0 ot outstanding liabilities that
are over due. It it the indorter of the whole
issue of the circulating note of all the nation
al banks, amounting to $300,000,000 more.
Then bear iu mind that these bunks owe
depositors some 9650.000.000 more. Here
you have an aggregate ot $1,600,000,000 of
debts, immediately due, and payable in
coin, for all of which the Government
would have to stand the blunt. The Gov
ernment b-s, say $88,000,000 in gold in i:s
vaults, or about f6 per cent, of this in
debtedness." - .
This letter discloses a state of facts which
gives the reader an inkling of the vast debt,
greater by far than our Radical rulers
have been willing to admit, which op
presses tbe people, and paralyzes their in
dustry. Retire the circulation of the Na
tional Banks, pay off the debt in Green
backs, and It stops the interest and gives
the people a currency adequate to their
Advocating Principles to Disrupt
the Radical Party.
The New York Times, charged fre
quently within tbe two years past with
not being very friendly to the Radical
party, advocates, as tbe programme for the
new Administration, "the most searching
retrenchment; honesty, efficiency, and
higher character in all connected with the
public service; rigid- guardianship ot the
Trearury against unwise and extravagant
schemes ; a financial policy which shall
maintain our credit untarnished, appreciate
our currency, and place us on the firm
rock of specie payments." ' ' j ,
If this programme be carried out.
Grant's Administration. . within six
months after his induction -to office,
will be the most stupendous of failures.
Honesty and opposition to extravagance.
would set every Radical in the lanl to
howling at Grant, and with it, the charge
of treason to Radicalism would be pre
ferred and sustained. If Grant loves his
ease, he will let the thieves in office, and
those who wish to be in office, have full
swing at tbe Treasury. This is the'only
way he can "let us have peace.".
Betting on Elections.
It is reported that a
formed in the West, which has for its ob
ject the purification of elections, by chal
lenging at the polls every voter who bets
on tbe result. The laws of every State,
it Is believed, disqualify from voting every
person who has laid a wager on the suc
cessful ticket, and yet the, question is
hardly ever put at the poUtthiladelphla
Ledger. .
The Ledger is so generally correct in Its
statements that we are surprised that it
has taken up a popular fallacy as correct.
There are few, If any, of the States of tbe
West whose laws make betting on elections
a loss of suffrage. Even in Ohio, where
such a law was never even proposed, the
belief exists in the minds of many that a
person betting even a small amount on tbe
result of an election,' loses his right to
vote. There is no such a law in tbe stat
ute books, and . there never was and
probably never "will be, for the reason
It would work an injury to thoughtless
persons. In a hard contested election,' a
person willing to lose his own vote that he
could deprive many others of their right,
might make a dozen small bets, and thus
defeat the opponent of bis favorite candi
date of enough votes by challenging the
voters be made wagers with, to secure tbe
election of his favorite.
It is supposed at Washington that tbe
Financial question, and the question of the
transfer of tbe Indian Department, will be
handed over as a legacy to the next Con
gress. Somnbr is preparing himself to make a
'speech in favor of the speedy resumption
of specie payments. He proposes to take
issue with Senator Morton,
Washington National Monument.
The Washington National Monument;
Society has addressed-an appeal to the pas-t
torso! the religious congregations of tn
United, States, asking 'them to cause col-
lecuons to ne taken up In their respective
chureties on tbe Sunday immediately pre-:
ceding the 22(1 of February next, thnj
atuouot to be remitted to the treasurer ol
the Society, in order that the work on th6j
monument may De resumed.
Alabama Claims.
The State Department has not received,
from Re verdy -Johnson, lor a week past.
any intelligence concerning tbe Alabama
claims negotiations.'.; '- f.':-'i t
San Francisco Items.
It has been raining tbronghoat the State
for the last three days. - For the twenty-
lour bourn ending at 8 A. M the rain
guaeee shows one and a half inches. i
The First and Second Mates of t.ie ship
San tee have been- sentenced to the State
Prison, tbe first for two years, and the sec
ond for one year, for inhuman treatment
ot two apprentice boys during the voyage
from New York. ''
Tbe steamer Colorado, from Panama, ar
rived to-day.
Another rich strike, equal if not superi
or to the famous Eberberdt mine, is report
ed in the Whir.H Pine district, Nevada, one
estimated at $1500 a ton.
Flour '. $4 755 75; Wheat $1 751 80,
with heavy sales of good shipping a( the
latter. Legal tenders 74.
Tbe Block board has adjourned till Mon
day morning.-' Stocks weak. Alpha 40;
Belcher 173 ; Bullion 17; Cliollar US; Con
fidence 39; Crown Point 62; Empire Mill
120; Gould & Curry 98; Hale Norcross49;
Imperial ' 112; Kentuck - 247; Ophir 40;
Orerman 84; Savage 76; Sierra Nevada 19;
Yellow Jacket 1320. : - i ,
Prisoners Identified.
BOSTON, Dec. 26.
arrested in Salem on suspicion of being
implicated in the murder ot officer Faulk
ner are State Prison convicts, ' who bad
been living in Salem. It is said they have
been luenunea as tbe pair who weru
prowling about the depot the evening be
fore the tragedy, and that officer Chaw,
who was on duty with policeman Faulk
ner when he was killed, is of opinion that
tney are tne men wnom tbey attempted to
arrest. .....
Massachusetts Liquor License
enactment of the liquor license law last
winter did not repeal the law known as the
liquor nuisance act, or the sixth section ol
the eighty-seventh chapter of I be general
statutes, which is -as follows: "All build
ings, places or tenements resorted to for
prostitution, lewdness or illegal gambling,
or used for the sale ot intoxicating liquors,
shall be deemed common nuisances." This
law, it is well known, allows the prosecu
tion of both the occupants and owners
ol buildings so used. Tti decision is quite
a surprise and an unpleasant one to many
parties who had been complained ot under
the act. and wlio.'e cases have awaited thi.
decision. , . .
The Peruvian Monitors.
NEW YORK, Dec. 26.
The Herald's special from New Orleans :
25th, savs: An inspection of the Peruviar
monitors resulted in tbe board reporting
that they were unfit for sea. They will sai '
next week tor Pensacola for repairs beion "
taking final departure. It report is true ;
tne Peruvian uovernment lias been swin
died in the sale and a month may intervene
betoie they sail lor feru. .
Residence Burned.
LAWRANCE, KS., Dec. 26.
The residence of Georae W. Dertzler.
together with the furniture, was totally
destroyed by fire at one o'clock thi morn
ing. The loss is $25-000, insured lor $17.-
000 In the North America, ot Philadelphia.
t he lire was undoubtedly the work ot an
incendiary, as General Dertzler and lamilv
are East, and no tire has bei n in the build
ing lor seveial days.
Fire at Lynn, Mass.
BOSTON, Dec. 26.
Lynn, this morning, and at last accounts
was destroying a large amount ot proper
ty, (several steam hre engines have been
tent to Lynn from Boston.
Nkw York. Dec. 26
A Lvnn special to the News sav tne
fire broke out inLvetum Hail ahoi.t mid-
livht and extruded to Fr .zi r's buildinjr
and Ruber's new block, fc hlch U totally
destroyed. The fire is now under control
anil tbe loss will not be as great as feared
before the arrival of Bt"n engine. It
will probably nottxeeed $300,000.
Lynn. D o. 2G
The fire this mornintr destroyed L-, ceiim
Hall building, occupied by tne Fir.-t Na-
lonal Hank ol the United ares, farr.
ridge, clot hing dealer. Purl-y B. Man- Held,
Hatter, Ex-Mayor Johnson, inrurinct
astent. Tne property ol the bank in pro))-
ably safe in the vaults. -
The trazier block, a larye and ostK
building, containing the postofhVe, was al-o
burned. The letters and principal contents
of the pnstolfice were snfely removed.
Among the occupants of the block were
the Lynn Light Intantry, who lost all their
arms and uiiitorms, the bayani'ire Temple
of Honor, the Lynn Wood Lodge ol Good
Templars, a temporary tlx liter ot tbe Boa
ton Theater Company, nnd Wells and Mus-
soe, boot and shoe stretchers, the. latter
employing a large number of women. Mr
Frazier also had a shoe manufactory in the
The flames next communicated with
Ruber's block, : which was destroyed.
Among the occupants were Win. il. Gale.
Sanderson & Bro., Geo. II. Beetle & Co.. S
. Driver & Bro, and Beede & Berry, also
shoe manufacturers. W. A. Atwel), dealer
in leather, occupied the basement. The
firms all bad large stocks, the greater pari
of which were removed before much dam
age was done.
The loss is roughlv estimated at $300,000.
There are probably 600 people thrown out
of employment.
Suicide of Mrs. Augusta N. Dickens.
CHICAGO, Dec. 26.
Augusta ot
N. Dickens, a brother of Cbarles Dickers,
the celebrated novelist, committed suicide
yesterday, at 568 North Clark street, by
taking an overdose of morphine. She sent
nor children to the home of her brother-in-law,
Mr. Lawrence, on Christmas eve, to
take part in getting up a Christmas tree.
They remained there over night, and on
their return to their home in the morning
their mother was discovered on the floor
dead, with a bottle of morphine by her side.
Mrs. Dickens was thirty-live years of age
She leaves three children, respectively
eleven, eight and three years of age two
sons and one daughter. She has suffered
much of late from poverty, being depend
ent almost entirely upon her friends lor the
necessaries ot life. The acrimonious con
troversy growing out of the conduct of her
distinguished brother-in-law, Chas. Dick
ens, towards Mrs. Dickens, on the occasion
of his visit, will be remembered by all.
Under Arrest.
BOSTON, Dec. 26.
James are
the parties under arrest on suspicion of be
ing concerned with the murder of Faulk
ner, the Maiden watchman.
Factory Burned.
NEW YORK, Dec. 26.
The Waterhouse Cas9iuaere Factory in
Warmick. R. wag burned yesterday.
Loss, $60,000, insured mostly In Boston
offices. ,
Travel Uninterrupted.
BUFFALO, Dec. 26.
The severe snow storm which occurred
here Christmas, has not impeded travel
All trains are running into the city from
east and west on time.
BOSTON, Dec. 26.
The Farrar Kerosene lactory, East Bos
on, was destroyed by fire last evening.
Loss heavy.
Speaker Colfax.
Speaker Colfax had a reception at thi
rooms of the Springfield Club, last even
ing, and made a abort speech.
SPRINGFIELD, Dec. 26. Fire at Ottowa.
OTTOWA, Dec. 26.
Five store houses near Sapper's bridge
were burned last night. Tbey contained a
large quantity ol matches, sulphur and
S,U50 bushels of oats, all ol which was con
sumed. Loss estimated at $20,000. .
Finance and Indian Questions.
NEW YORK, Dec. 24.
Tbe Herald says the finance question and
proposed In.llan Department will go over
; to the -
. fire avenue Tast rfli nthiirnefl
three small buildiost occupied by Jones'
jewelry store, Wilson's auction rooms,.and
others. Loss about $10,000,' mostly in-
aureu. - r
Fight in a Ball Room.
i A desperate fight between negroes and
Germans encored in a ball roonr in Mc
Kenzie street, Newark, on Christmas eve.
At the commencement of the trouble the
lights were put out and the greater part
ot the fight took place in tbe dark. Five
persons were inj uredV and - nine neeroes
ree arrested.
NEW YORK, Dec. 27.
The ice on the Hudson river is said to be
in a better condition than lor -se vera! win
ters, and the Poughkeepsie Ice Boat Asso
ciation proposes to have an ice boat regat
ta for a piece ot plate, by next Tuesday, il
the weather continues favorable.
Lathrop Ludington & Co.
The liabilities of Lathrop, Ludington &
io. are stated at l"ur millions dollars.
The Greek Chambers.
The Greek Chambers. NEW YORK, Dec. 26.
The Herald's special from Athens, 25th.
tays: The Greek Chambers have acceded
,to the demand for the approval of an ex
traordinary credit to the amount" of one
hundred millions ot drachmas, and also for
extraordinary levies of men for tire army
and navy, a called for by the Government,
and reported in the cable dispatches ot the
23J lust.
The Alabama Claims.
LONDON, Dec. 26.
The Times this morning has another
long editorial on tne subject of the Ala
bama claims. The people ol both England
. and America, the Times says, are uneasy
1 in regard to the relations which are to ex
' 1st in future between the two nations.
This uneasiness arises from ignorance of
the true state ol negotiations pending the
Alabama question. The Times believes
Secretary Sewerd himself obstructs senti
ment, but that the Question will be finallv
and amicably adjusted under the incoming
administration of Gen. Grant. Reverdy
Johnson is not likely to be removed by the
new administration, out will be permitted
to remain and. complete the work already
beean. It Mr. Seward seems to delay set
tlement oi tnis -important question he
should be removed, but the basis of the
protocol already agreed on by Lord Stan
ley and Mr. Johnson must remain fixed,
and will sooner or later command tbe con
sent of both countries.
LONDON, Dec. 26.
The Times publishes a letter from Mr.
Dilkes. son ot the eminent journalist, de
nouncing the recent violence by the Brit
ish authorities at Yougthow, China. Dilkes
says such acts are more dangerous to
the peace between Great Britain and the
United States than the Alabama claims.
The Times agrees with Mr. Dilkes and
pronounces the outrage a violation of ex
isting treaties, and justly offensive to the
Chinese Government.
Grecian Chambers.
LONDON, Dec. 26.
A dispatch from Athens, 24th, says that
the Grecian Chambers have voted thi-
money asked for by the Government. The
Chambers also, granted the Government
lull power to raise more, it need be. and
made extraordinary levies ot men for tbe
army and navy.
MADRID. Dec. 26.
The Duke Montpensier announces Lib
eral views in a manifesto. The Imperial
siiugegt-i the nomination ot the son ot the
Duke Alontpeueit r lor King, under a Re
Interception of Greeks.
LONDON, Dec. 26.
An Athens di.-patch states that two Turk
ish ships have been placed on tbe coast ot
Ceiao to prevent the departure of Greeks
lor urete.
United States Intervention.
MADRID. Dec. 26.
Ganlois says Russia urges the United
Srates to rake ptrt in ' the Turkey and
ureece dim uity .
After the Allies tailed at Villeta, the
Brazilian iron clad attacked the pla-e and
Colony in Nebraska.
LONDON, Dec. 26.
Reverdy Johnson his received a deputa
tion of irt z inf desirous of founding a col
ony iu Nebraska Johnson encourages
The Oriental Question.
LONDON, Dec. 27.
Th- Oriental question absorbs attention
That a conference will be held is not abso-
luti-1. certain, and il held sinister results,
predict' d upon similar att- mpts a concili
ation, are foretold.
The Sublime Porte declines to yield the
independem-e or to make a stle of Crete, or
to transfer that island to Egypt, or any
otner oi tne necessary oases lor a compro
mise. Lord Ciarenden, as was to be expected.
auneres to the old policy ol England in
regard to Turkey.
Napoleon and the Emperor of Austria
are undecided in their views, while it ia
thought Prussia leans towards -Russia.
It is certain that the Greeks count little
on direct aid from Russia, but much on
insurrection on the part of their own
countrymen in Turkey. -
The Cretans seem quiet and indifferent
The manifesto from Garibaldi tells them
the proclamation of Spain as a Republic
will be the watchword of a new move
ment in Russia, and exhorts them to be in
readiness for the event.
LONDON, Dec. 27.
poet, declined a public dinner at Rome
He had dined with Hon. Wru. B. Reading,
in that city, aod Geo. W. Cbilds, ot tbe
jrnuaaeiptiia meager.
MADRID, Dec. 27.
The semi-official journals say that Spain
will not even consider the subject ot the
sale oi uu Da to tne united states. Addi
tional troops have sailed lor Cuba.
Argentine Republic.
LONDON, Dec. 27.
- of the
Argentine Republic, has engaged the kind
offices ot Gen. McMahon, American Minis
ter to Paraguay, for an attempt to mediate
wun Ajopezand uou fearo. Xhe Brazilian
Emperor has in consequence threatened to
withdraw tne Brazilian envoy trom the Ar
gentine- ItepuDlic
Jacmel Still Besieged.
HAVANNA, Dec. 25.
Advices from Hayti. state that Jacmel
continued closely besied. On the 9th
Inst, the (rarlson repulsed the picqueU.
Both parties sustained heavy losses. Sal
nave's men ol war hover about the coast
The revolutionists are confident of forti
fying tbe iuterior.
Excitement in Havana.
HAVANA Dec. 25.
reported successes ot the revolutionists. It
is thought the; reports were started to cause
an outburst in tne city, out everytning is
quiet. . "- i
Latest Advices.
HAVANA, Dec. 26.
received by the steamer Washington, from
Wra Cruz :
Gen. Rosecrans, U. S. Minister, was re
ceived by President Juartz on the 10th.
The Conjjresfioiial committee on the satui
day reported treaties, except the cousulai.
Mr. Plumb, late Secretary ol tbe Lega
tion, aud acting Minister, was to leave
Mexico January 1st. .
Concessions granted to tbe Tehauntapet
route were under discussion.
Payments by the Treasury had recent j
been punctually,'m de.
Public meetings luvorable lo .he Cuban
revolution bad been held.
General Escob do was pushing bis move
ments in Tamaulipas. Bargus had offered
to su-render, but the terms proposed were
A plan of conscription had been intro
duced by the Minister of War.
New Advertimesents
' tW The hti'Stafnan: baa i
(Liarger Circulation than any pa
per published in thi City Cen
tral Ohio. Advertbersf will bear
tbia in nlnd..
AdmintetratorsJSale of
Personal Property.
i O 'H. Batharf. late. Sbmiff. wiir b sold Taei-
' (39Tb) next, at 10 o'o'ock A. M .. at th court
domm, eoosiniiHCoi iwohm loim and two bot
giej, and other property A credit of six mqath
decS8-d2t f Administrator.
Sherifi's Sale. ,
Joseph Wittmatii In attachment."
vs Court of Common Pleig of
Hinrv Maiirer J Kranklin Mnnt, O
L from (aid eonrt to me direeteil, 1 will offer for
sale at pnMio aacttnn at the door of the conrt
nnuae. in tne enrol lioiumbai, franklin eonaty,
Ohio, on
Saturday, the 30th day of January, A. D-
&t 9 oVloeV P. M.. tbe following iten,Htid ,m! m.
tite. tohed the property of Henry Manrer, de-
xenctnai. 10-wii:
I,o a Nod. II. 1. IS 14. IS. IS. It 18. 19. iO 81.59
ill. 91. JX, Jyt, a-. 0, jo, .-w, jo. u. i. 43. 4, 40. 40.
47,48.49 60. 41. 6a. 63. 64. 53, 60, 67, 68. 59 and 60 of
Hnnrr Maorert addi'ion to theoitjof Columbus,
Franklin eounty, Ohi3.
...... E. GAVER.
' Coroner, aetint Sheriff.
Printer's fees S
Dbkssl A Mayo, Att'ys. r : ifc"-dltAwtd v
Sherifi's Sale.
John P. Trahne et al. ) Conrt of Common Pleas of
vs . Franklin ennnty, O. ;
Alex M. Trahne et al.) - In Partition.
sale in the abore stated case from said court
to me iireoted, 1 will offer for sale at the door of
the courthouse, in the city of Columbus, Ohio, on
Saturday, the 30th day of January, A. D
18G9, , , ,
at 1 o'clock P. M.. tbe followinr deacrlbed reiki
tate- to-wit: the same being; situate in Franklin
township, eounty of Franklin and State of Ohio,
end bounded and described as follows, to-wit:
Beaii.ninK at a stake on the margin of tbe Scioto
river, beinff the southeast corner of the Trabae
surrey Mo. 630; running thence on tbe south line
of raid eorrey south 64 decries, 30 minutes; west
ST eo-luo poles to a stake: thence north 40 decrees,
25 minutes: west lf 60-100 poles to a stake: thence
north 64 degrees. 30 minutee. east 40 4-100 poles to
a stake in the margin of the river; thence down
tbe river with the meanders thereof s uth IS de
grees, east 11 pole? and eo-ioo, south 3a decrees,
15 minutes, east SO 41-100 poles to the beginning,
containing 20 acres, 1 rood aod 36 poles.
Terms One-third easb in band on day of sale,
one-third in one year and one-th ird in two years
trom lar oi saie. oaca oayments s eeured by mort
gage on tbe premises sold.
Appraised! $s.ooo.
Printer's fees $13.75
Coroner, acting as Sheriff.
By J. S. BptL. Deputy.
UbbselA Hato. Att'ya. decSS-dUwtd
An Ordinance
Toasiess a special tax upon the real estate bound
inr on High street from a Doint 125 feet snoth of
Friend street to the aeuth dine , of South Public
lane. .
Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Council
of the citr of Columbus, That tbe sum of Fire
Dollars be and the same is hereby levied andsssess-
ed upon each toot front ot tbe neveral lots of land
bounding or abutting upon High- street from a
point 125 teet aouth of Friend steet to the south
line of 8outh Publiolane.es the s,me are desig
nated unon the pint of the Civil Engineer, on fiie
in the office of the City Clerk, for the partial eost
ana expanse oi exotvauuK ana paring toe roaaway,
gutters and crossings along tbe same with the Nio
olson Darement.
Sec. 3. That the owners of the several lots of
land upon wnion tbetoregoing assessment ia made,
shall nav the amoun's of moner bv them aeverallv
due in that behalf to "J no. Wal-h & Co. within twen
ty davs from the date ot this ordinance, or be sub
ject to the interest and penalty allowed upon the
same oy law.
President of the City Council.
Passed Dee. SI. lbSS.
Attest: L. E- WilbON, City Clerk. ' '
dec2d-dlt . . . i
An Ordinance
Toassess a special tax upon the real estate bound
ing the east side of High street from .Noble stieet
to Strawberry alley.
Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Conncil
of tiie city of Columbus, That the sum of .Nine
cents, i hree and four-tenth mills, be and the same
is hereby levied and assessed upon each foot front
of the several lots of land bonuding or abutting
upon the east side of High street from Noble
street ro Strawberry allay, a- the .same are desig
nated upon the plat of tbe Civil Engineer on file in
theotfioe of the Jity clerk, for the oust and expense
of lowering the flag crossing across Mound street
at tbe cast side ot M gh street, according to the
estimate of the City Civil hnkineer.
Sao. 3. That the owners of the several lots of
land uponwbicb tbe for going assessment is made,
snail pay tbe amounts of money by tbem severally
due iu tbat behalf to John Hartman, within twenty
days from the date of this ordinance, or be subject
to tbe interest and penalty allowed upon tbe tame
by law.
President of tbe City Council.
Passed Dee. 91. A l. 1S68. - -;
Attest: L. E. Wilson, City Clerk.
An Ordinance
To as.ss a special tax upon tbe rtal estate bound
ing cast ruoao lane lioiu Eroaa street to rrioua
ttreet. .
Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Council
of ibecity of Columbus. That the su 11 of Une dol
lar, i weaty-uveceuts. ix mills, be and the same
is hereby levied an I as-eased upon each foot trout
ot tbe evera 1 ,is ox land bouudmg or abutting upon
East fublio lane trom broad street te friend
sc. set, excepting lou numbers il, 3, 4, S and S
of George Bellows sub-lot number 41 of Arm
strong addition and lots nuun.e s 1 ana 3 of
Miner's subdivision, with tbe following oreoits:
Lot iSo. 29. Armstrong's addition, 76 leet of old
coro, at 20 cents per loot, as the same are desig
nated upon tbe plat ot the Civil Engineer, on file in
tne office 01 the city Cierk, for the cost and expense
of (railing and pavioa the gutters and orossings
ana grading aud graveling toe sidewalks along tne
same, according to the estimate of the City Civil
Sec. H. Tnat the owners of tbe several lots of
lan uoon which the forea-oi .a assessment ia unaJa
snau pay tne amounts 01 uiuney by tnein severally
dueiu that behalf to Wens. Beck A Co.. within
twenty days trom the date of this ordinan e. or be
subject to tbe interest and penalty allowed upon
me same Dy law.
President of tfre Ci y Council
Pa-sed Deo. SI, A. it. leas.
Attest: li.E. WiuoM, City Clerk.
An Ordinance
To assess a special tax upon tbe real estate bound-
mxjoun street iroui t;ioreiana Avenue to vvesn
lnglou aveuue.
Section 1. He it ordained bv the Citv Conncil
01 tneeityol uolumbus, mat the sum of E gfaty
seven cents. Six mills be and the came is herebv lev
,eii an i assessea upjn eaon loot iront 01 tne severe.
lots of land bounding or abutting upon John
streeb iroui vievtiaou a7enue 10 wnsnuigtun ave
uue. excepting lots boa. 29. SO and 31 of K. Aeii'i
addition, lot . 3 of Morris a's subdivision ot lots
jos. 35 ana dl ot It- ieii s addition and lots Aos.
and i of Burwill's addition, as tbe same are desia-
nated upon the plat ot tba Civil Engineer, on hie
in tne omoe 01 tne isity uiera. lor tne eost and ex
pense ot grading and paving the gutters and crocs
ings and grading and graveling tne sidewalks alo:ig
tne aoie. acoording to tne estimate ox t. a tJitv
Civil Engineer.
SEC. . that tbe owners tf the several Iota of
land upon which tbe lorecoing assessment is made,
shad piy the amounts of money by them severally
due in tbat behalf to 1 homes McDonald A Co.. with
in tweuty dav s from tne date ol this ordinance, or
be subject to tbe Interest and penalty allowed upoa
the same oy law.
- W 31. PIAUtl l fcH.
President of the City Council
Passed Dec- SI. A. D. 1S6S. -
Attest: L. E. Wilson, City Clerk.
An Ordinance
To assess asoeoial tax upon the real estate bound
ing .Hob.ee alley trom seveuta street to Cleveland
avenue. .
section 1. Be it ordained by the Citv Conncil
of tbe city ol Columbus, Tuat the rum of One
Dohar. Eleveu eeuts, oeven mills be and the same
is hereby levied aud assessed upon eaon foot tront
ol tnesuverai iota 01 iana oouuoiLg or aouttiog
udoii AlcKeealiev from Seveutn streotto Cleveland
avenue, as tbe same are designates upon mepiac 01
tne ifivii engineer, on nie iu ioe uuica 01 me iitv
ciera, lor tne oosi ana expeuse x xrauius uu pav
log the sitewalas, gutters anu crossings, aoa graj
1DK ai d graveling, too roaawa along tne same, uo-
coraiug to ius estiuiabo ui iu, umj vivit uuiti
Sun. 2. That the owners ot tne several lots 0!
lanH unnn whiah the foreuoing assessment ia inadt,
snail pay tue aiuouuts 01 uiuwj ur lubio several. v
iue in tuat benait to jaicuaei aiaioue. wiiniu twen
t, ditvN from the date 01 this or-iinauoe. or be sub-
ieot to the interest and pualty allowed upou tue
sauiebylaw. , .!r,-..
not. tiauaitji,
President o. the City Coui ail.
Passed Deo. Jl. A D. 18W.
Attest: Xj. E. Wilson. City Clerk.
An Ordinance
To assess a special tax upon tbe real estate bound
ing ta t rubl 10 lane irom ciuaa street 10 r neu
SkotionI. Beit ordained by the City Council
of tbe city of Columbus, Tbat tbe sum ot unity
one oenls. t ine mills, be aud tbe sauie is beiebj
levie i and assessed upon eaob foot Iroul ot in
several I is of land oouLUiug or abuinog ujoi.
bast Publie lanetioui Br-ad rtret to r leud street.
jxce-.'tnig lot Mo. 3 of Miner et al. subdivision anu
ot Ao 41 ol Arujstrt.nK et al cubdiviaiou 1 uti..ic
,os. 31. 47. 4S ai d 49. as the sauie are desiLnate,.
ijpon thepiatul the Civil Ecgiueer. 00 ule iu tiv
uffice of the City 1 lei k. for tue coil auu expense
of grading and graveling toe loodway aluu tu-
saine. according to tne estimate ot t e ijity mvu
SKO. a. T:.at tbe owners 01 tue aeverai lots 01
audUDOo which t. e foregoing assessment is maer.
.hail thA imimnu of uiouey by them se. el-
ally due in tbat bebali to Maniu tveliyanu W iliiam
uarrisoo, witom tweuij uj. nuiu ,u,wl, ui tuit
..niin.. .. r.r ha subi et to the interest aud tonal
ly allowed upon the same by law.
President 01 tha City Couucil.
Parsed Deo. 31, A D. 1808
Attest: it. E. Wilson. City Clerk.
New Advertisements
i United States-of-America,,
Cash Capital, $1,000,000.
To which all general correspondence should be ad-
OFFICERS t - ' s
CLARENCH H. Ci ARK. Prp.M.nt. '
JAV COOKE, Chairman Finance and Executive
HERY D. COKE. Vice President.
EMr-KrfON W. PT. Secretary and Actuary.
Offered by tnis Company are: '
It is a National Company, obartered by special
act of Congress, 1888. .....
It has a paid up capital of $1,000,000. .
It offers low rates of Dnminm.
It tarnishes larger lnsuranoe than other Compa-
ui tor tue Miua uiouey.
It is definite and certain in ita terms.
It is a home Company in every locality. ,
It- Policies are exempt from attachment. '
There are no unnecessary restrictions in tha Pol
icies. Every Policy is nn-forfeitab!e.
Policies mer be tahn that will pa v insured their
full amouot and return all the premiums, no that
tbe Insurance costs only the inter at on the annual
f olicies may be taken which pay to the Insured,
after a certain number of Mrg Anrir. ir. n
Dual income of one-tenth the amount named in the
No exra rate is chirged for risks upon the lives
vi iviusm
It insures not to pav dividendi, but at S
cost that dividends will be impossible.
Cincinnati, Ohio, General Agents for Ohio Central
ana noutnern Indiana.
ColuTjbus. Special Agents for Franklin, Licking,
AiuBBiziguin ana ifosuocinn counties.
An Ordinance
To assesi a special tax npon the real estate bound
ing Us, street from Seventh street to Washing
ton avenue - -
Section 1. Be it ordained by tbe City Council
of tbe City of Cotumitns. That the sum of Twelve
cents. Two and four tenth mills tfe and the same is
hereby levied and rscil uoon each foot front
of the several lots cf land boumlinp ora'iutting upon
Oak street from Seventh strut t to Wuhinftnn uv
nue, asthe tame are designated upon the plat of
tbe Civil Engineer, on file in tne office of the City
Clerk, for the cost and expense of graveling the
roadway along the same, according to the estimate
of the Citv Civil Engineer.
Sec. 9. That the owners of the several lots of
land upon wbicb tne foregoing assessment is made,
shall pay tbe amounts of money by them severally
due in that benait t Walsh A McLionald. within
twenty days from tbe date of this ordinance, or be
tnojf cr, to tne interest ana penalty allowed upon
tne same oy law.
President- of the City Council.
Passed Dec. 31. A. D. 1368.
Attest: L. E. Wilson. City Clerk.
Paving Ordinance
.An Ordinance to build a double row fisg crossing
across Center alley at the south side of Long
Section 1. Be it ordaine 1 by the Citv Conncil of
tbe City ot cotumbu" (two-thirds of all tbe mem
bers concurring). That there be constructed i
double row flsg orossing across Center alley at the
south side ot Long street, in accordance with the
plat thereof on file in the office of the City Clerk.
Sec. 2. Tbat all damages, costs and expenses
arising from tbe foregoing improvement, shall be
assessed and levied upon tbe several lota of land
fronting or abutting on tbe south side of Long
street to High street to Third street, in propor
tion to tueir xeet iront.
President of the Ciiy Council,
Passed Dec. 81, A D. 1868.
Attest: L. hi. Wilson, City Clerk.
Paving Notice.
To all whom if may concern .- .
' Citt Clbbi's Orrtoi.
Colcmbus. O.. Dee. SI, 1868.
Notice is hereby given, that proceedings have beem
instituted in tneuity uounoilot t;oiumbus,tori
ins tbe following imDrovements.to-wit:
For building a double oarriage way single span
bridge at the eroasing of tha canal on Friend
Also, for grading and paving the nnpaved side
walks, nutters ana crossings on 1 onng street trom
xlroad itreet to tate street. -
Also, for building a double row flig stone pave
ment across Fair alley upon the south side of Chap
el street.
Also, for building a 30-inch brick rawer on Gay
street from Front street t Fifth street
The same to be done in acoordance with plats and
estimates to be prepared by the City Civil Engin
eer, and filed in the office of the City Clerk.
All persons claiming damages on account of said
proposed improvements, are required to file their
claims in tne omce ot tne tJlerB, in writing. on ci
before the Fourth day of Februarv. A. D. 186S
L. . WILSON. .
- dec23-dltaw4w City Clerk.
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to bniid a double row flag crossing
across center alley at tne sontn side 01 bprtu
street ,
Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Conncil
ot tiie city of Columbus (two-tbirds ot all the
members oonoarnng), tbat there oe oonstrncted a
double ro flag crossing across Center alley at tbe
aouth side of Spring street, in areordanoe witn
tbe p at thereof on file in the office of the City
Clerk. -
Sio. . Tbat all damages, costs and expenses
rising from tbe foregoing imnrovememeut shall
be a sessed and levied upon th sev-ral lo of
land fronting or abutting on the soath side of Spring
street trom tligi street to 4 bird street, xa propor
tion to uieir tees iron.
President of the City Council,
' rased Deo. SI, A. D. 1868. . t . .
Attest : L. E. Wilson, City Clerk. -
dtcSS dlt :
No. 336 Broadway.
Capital, - 0 ie Mill on I ollai g,
D asics R. MjtNOAM. Pres't. J as. Mebrill, Sec'y
INTEREST on all Uaily Balanoee. subject tooheck
at eight, special Depos.ts for ix months or more.
mav be made at five per oent. The Capital of One
nil lion Liouars is divided among over sue snare
holders, comprising many gentlemen of large wealth
and financial experience, who are also personally
iiaDie to aepusiturs ior an oDiications or tbeuom
stDf to donble tbe amoniit of their eanitnl atM-k.
As the National 'lruat Company receives deposits
in large or small amounts, ai d permits them to be
drawn as a whole or in pa t by cheek at sight and
wouuh, ui'viv., piiowiiik iiiierfat ou mii uaiiy Dai-
auces. parties throughout the oountrr can keen ae
counts in thi Inetitution with sproial advantages
or security, eouvenience anu pronu
re NT-deet-d4wzm
Notice to Bridge Builders.
eeived by the undersigned, at the office of tbe
Board of Publio Works iu tbe city of Columbus,
until THURSDAY. Ulst January, 1P69, at 13 M
for buildtnv tbe eupers'ruoture of a 3-truss Bridge
cross toe tg i aiuut oieeg. on tne line ot toe Na
tional Uoad. ir Franklin oounty. of two spans, each
span io oe anout i- a teet loi g. and 3H feet wide,
from out to out; to be ooverei by the bent of oak
auingiee. and weatnerboarded with good first evm
uinn hn&riia.
Hidden to furnish theirown plans, with specifica
tions in detail. Ail of said work to be done to the
satislaotion of the Board of Public Works and the
reirient eneineer ot tbe National rnatt.
The right to reject ay or all bid, plan or sneci
fioations is reserved . JOH A. BLAIR,
Resident Engineer National Road.
decS4-d'.d r
THE fl"t edition of On HtTNDRWD THOrSAHD
op Vice's Illustrated C at ALoatrg or
Sieds and GciD 1- IBB iLO'Ih Uakdin ia
now pnolished. It makes a work of lou paxes,
beaiiti mily iilust'ated, ith about ISO Fine Wood
r egravitursot Flowers and Vegetables, and an El
egant Colored rla:e,
It is the most beautiful, as well as the most in
structive Floral Uuioepubli-hed. giving plain and
rhon.nab direotions tor ti e CL'L-TLRE of FLOW
Tne Floral Cuide is published for tbe benefit of
my customers, to whom it is sent free wit utap
elication, but will be forwarded to all wbo apply
y tn il. for Ten Cents, which is not half tbe cost,
Addreaa JAMK.S VICK,
Rochester, N. Y.
mM, - M,Mia mm tiCi," srmr
Smle, "L,t, Wants, Feanel,
BearUg,i4;c not exeeedlnng elerk I
lines, nohll.h.j , . .
iO cents aaich inaem.
i v eranRun eonntj for the sale of th
oomauwioa tiloaed. -totiuU pJVli7i".ll JS?
TJnitel Hu bo2l.
Uolambna. O.
i 'rinsTr class com pantx
First week of the grratesi Beasatioa Actressu ef
i f tne age.
the crratest Beasatioa i
tha age,
i -. t-
See Programn.es daily.
. dM
: SIX NIGHTS ONLY. Commencing -Monday,
llrceaiber SSih.' IMS.
' i.' Z. . Betnra of tbe favorite.
The Oreat Cnniarov. with faia Tmnn. r r
Birds, Performing White si ioe, and Trained Biu
sua Cata. - -
100 ,": PRESENTS - OQ "
Will be given awav everv nivfit. 'MaTtwffw
SATURDA Y AFTbKKOO.V Ja .uary d, for the
accommodation f Schools, oa which ooaatioa each
Child will rteeive a Present. ,.
Admission, S cents; Reserved Seata. M eentes
Family Tiokets. admitting Six nevaim.. ci on ad
mission, to Matinee. Children. 1C aenia. AJnlu.
SS cents. Doors o en at 1 o'clock, eo mence at S. -
CHAS. P. SHERMAN, Manager.
Chs. T. Pioccm.I.
.,l.-,.i.;,ai.,v,, - decte-dKr-
" pom - ' - -
Monday Efening, December 21st,
i. The St. ratrick's Total Abstinence Soeletr
Table, nnder the direction of Mrs. James Coonev.
Miss Kste Meara and Mrs. Michael Fay.
a. The Young Ladies' Sodality Table. Miss Jane
- S. The Ice Cream Table. Mrs. B. Tamer.
4. The Ouster Table. MissB. Brennan.
6. The Children ef Mary Table, Miag Linie
. The Roys' High School Table, Misses Maggie
Fay and it. Lai or.
T. Tbe Mary and Martha Table, Mr. Wilson.
8. The St. Vincent of Paul's Voting Booth, where
the eomiag man for Mayor of Columbus is to be
The Fair will remain open EIGHT DAYS.
The managers of tbe Tables have endeavored to
secure not only Christine Toys, but articles of use
in the season. decM-dlOt
Exaberaat Uesalih
Is a blesalcg vouchsafed to few. Even those who
have been favored by nature with strong constitu
tions and rigorous frames are apt to neglect the
precautions necessary to preserve these preoioo, '
endowments. Indeed, as a rule, the more healthy
and robust a man is, the more liberties he is in
clined to take with his ewa physique. It is some
consolation to the naturally weak and feeble to
know that they can be ao invigorated and built up,
by a proper use of the means which science hag
plaeed at their disposal, as to have a much better
ebance of long life and exemptions from disease
and pain, than the most athletie of their fellows
who are foolish enongh to suppose themselves in
vulnerable, and act accordingly. '
It is not too much to say that more than half tha
people of the eivilixei world o occasional
tonic to enable them t support the strain upou
their bodies and minds, which the fast life of this
restless age occasions. . In fact, a pun, vhoUtomu,
unaKiting (onto is tha grand desideratum of tha
busy millions) and they have the article ia HOS
inal MSDicINg, 4. . it impart permanent strength
to weak systems and -invigorates delicate consti
tutions. Its reputation and its sales have steadily
increased. - Competitive preparations have been
introduced ad libitum, and, as far as tbe publio ia
conoerned. adnaUMum, in the hope of rivaling it:
but they have all either perished in the attempt,
or been left far ta the rear. It baa been th gnu
it is quite pertain that no proprietary medioine ia
this country is as widely known, or as generally
ased. ' - a.'; t , ; - r "
Ten lightning presses, running incessantly (Sua
days excepted) tbe whole year through, barely
supply the demand fot the Illustrated Almanac,
in which the nature and uses of the preparation
are set forth, the circulation bow being over are
millions a year. , ... .
mayS3deod&wly-ew ' '
Whereby t circulation of the blood becomes
equalised "'cn the i-rt where applied, causing
pain and atorbid action to cease.
Waa there ever published stronger evidence than
Certificate fraaa IP. Sterling;, Eeei.
For two years I ve been a great sufferer from
neuralgia in n head, and found only temporary
relief "pun all the various remedies that I bare
tried.'until I applied o . of "ALLCOCK'S PO
ROU PLASTERS." ' eat it into three (trip,
placing one under each shoulder blade and the oth
er over the so all of my back, and for the past
three months I hare had scarcely a twinge of the
old pain. I advise all who suffer from nervous dis
eases to lose no time io making a trial of tha won
derful plaster -
A. F. STERLING. Seo'y Singer life Co.
New York, June a, ISS8. .
Prinoipal Agency. Bbahdbztsi Horag, New
Yorhv Sold by all druggist.
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PROV ENCE. R. I., ti Tint th largest manu-fact-
ry So S er in the world, with
the most tn proved mach y. and employing tba
most skilled labor, are enabled to offer aa un
equalled variety of new Bnd beautiful design ia
Dincer Services, Tea . e- vices, and every article
specially adapted for t . liday and Bridal Gift.
They offer also their well-known and unrivalled
Nickel Silver Eleotro-PlaUd Ware, ia which the
have introduced new pattern of rare elegance.
1 he Solid Silver is guaranteed to be of sterling
purity by U. S. Mint assay. Tbe Electro-Plate I
guaranteed to be superior to th finest Sbeffiel
ware. Order received from the Trade only, ba
these good may be obtained from responsible
dealers every ahere. .,
r-r-i Trad
I.T.I Mark
Trade Mar . rn or
Salesroom No. 3 Maiden Lan. N. Y.
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I the offspring of a great fact. No on can think
of denying that his
Bring out a fitter BROWN or BLACK than any
other, in a shorter time, an-i without iojary to the
hair. This is a truth as apparent as that tbe sua
light the earth.
Cristadoro's Hair Preservative
AND B F A U TI FIE R. Tbe toilet, without this ar
ticle, licks its most useful attribute. Nothing is
so common in this oouatry a th falling out of th
hair. The preservative prevent it, Th fibres caa
no mora loosen and drop off. if this article is rega
larly applied night and morning, than if each were
fixed in a vioa. The teatdmony oa tbia point ia
ovewbelming, while the beautifying aud in-rigors-pioperties
of tbe fluid are equally well established
Sold by Druggists, and applied by all Hair Dress -a.
Manufactory No. SB Maiden Lan. Prinoipal
Depot No Af tor House. - ...
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Or. Toblasj Venetian Hormtt AJml-
Pint bottle at $1, for th cure ef laxnene r
scratches, wind galls, sprains, braises, splints, cuts,
eolio, slipping stifle, over heating, sore throat, nail
in the foot, Ae. It ii warranted cheaper and bat
ter than any other article ever offered to the publio .
Thousands of animals bare been cured of theeolie
and over heating by the Liniment; add hundreds
that were crippled and lame have been restored to
tbeir former rigor. It is used by tbe first horse
men throughout the State. Order are constantly
received from tbe racing (table of England for
fresh supplies of this invaluable artto'e. Over
600 testimonial have been received. Remember
one d liar laid out in time may save tbe life of
your horse. Sold by all UruggisU. Offiee. 1 Park
Place, New York.
junel6-d A wlyom-peirr
I B ATI beard it highly extolled and bare seen It
'onderful effects, write Martha M. Johasoa- of
Derby, Ct.". about Palmer's Letion.

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