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ilBTFWBOLooicit Tiui, prepared
.. iui h WJ. Savaze. Jeweler,
O'clock. -
t a.
i.ro. etr. Tbermomeiei
mil Jt
Hma ..rtis- .
jd Sete
t3.Xbf City' Council nJlgbt
tjt- Thu rim uweouinience getting
lougarY lwigJ ajl 7 J .J gJ AS T- SUOU
tf 'we had a rlakt "'y now on
13 Th : market
8tuttiay ;was
Try aUw-oB-!- -
r- A da) 'a lentit this VJt ) nip
jioMra atul seventeen toute J n
taTli next Masiiaerchor ucert-will
D glTtO OO DUTU3fr.-yV,. V
u i. 4 - I i .i BW I I I
tS".To-day is Joins, the Evangelist's
day. A holiday among wm s reoiuw
fC Charley' Warner Iai b'of thanks for
a sample d (lie bear steaks ne uaa ior aaiv
Tuft Velocipede race on Christmas
a. rtiHnt ome off!' tha red ijna bine
--- -t,-tt - .... a. , ,. .
"busted. '! ,'- a ; ":- .: -i-
sTtSSl jrM;m bexVWtjrlnesday the
first Monitor waa lost, off Cape Hatteraa.
w bellieti:i. .i--. i.-.y... .uj
dT" If la aald that Jthe convicts at toe
prison have a nretwrate'eholr. Thejf.best
hold-by way of a songls,'?I ask ot to
- t3T It U credit to our city; that not a
galoot was op before the Mayor n Satur
day. Chrlstmae, this yeari wat celebrated
aoberly and sensibly.'.
-" tW The eouivty Treasurer informs ns
that be will receive taxes until next oaiur
day. Do not neglect Wlslast opportunity
If, you would save the penalty. , ,;-J ":5
The comuiittfce appointed by the
'Leuislature" to lnvestigite the ' alleged
frauds In building the ' Athen Insane
Asylum, will start lor Athens this morn-
lag.' iisi-i a.-A tru-a,-,o"l
IIabriaqs ' LiCBKSBB.r There were-, 19
marriage licenses Issued by the Probate
Court during the week'ending Saturday,
Dec.36ib, as lollows: Monday, 3; Tuesday,
X Wednesday,; Thursday, 6; Saturday,.
- - m ' - e v.iiU
Statk STRicKT.THBTtK, The line va
riety company at the State Street Theater
,wlir to-night rectire the addition of the
Wray Sisters, Louisa and Ada. Thla i
capital place to pass an eveufng.' Bee ad
vertisement. "
J. FmoBATB Court Bcsiness: The follow
ing '. appointment waa made by Judge
' Pugh, last week: John M. Keller, ap
pointed administrator or the estate of Benj .
. Stuttler, late of Franklin township, de-
- ceased. Bond $3.000. ; .'.;'
High wat Kobbeb ABBBSTab-Offlcera
Uaddy and Mara on yesterday arrested a
' man, whose name we did not learn, for
committing highway robbery on the Na
tional road, near Frankllnton,; '. ' He will
! bave a bearing this morning.
' t3T A beautiful lot of Parian busts and
- statuettes at Westwater':
Admisistbat k's Sale. We call atten-
tlon to the advertlseuient of J. G. McGuf
fey. administrator, In this morning's paper,
Announcing the sal of the personal prop
erty of George H. Earhart.- Two- splendid
,M ami a Una hnvrirv will be offered.
Adams Exfrbss Co. For many ana con
tinued favors, Anson Gorton, Esq Ager
nf th Ariainii ExDresa Company, in thia
city, has our thanks. " Not a' day passes
that the press are not under obligations to
thla great company t and its gentlemanly f
itMIQRHNT AOKItT I n nmr v. ii.viu-
pen, Ge eral Western ' Emigrant Agent,
reports the arrival of 31 emigrants In the
city, who will find homes as follows: In
Ohio, 49; iliawuri, 63;rIUluoia, 43? Indi
ana, 47; Kentucky, 3K Tennessee, 35; WU-
' consln, 29; Iowa,.' Total 814.
Wit WHiPPau. A man named J. H.
Domlgan and Niclaus for beating bis wife.
He tore her shawl and drese all to flinders,
and . hammered ; herlin a most scientific
manner.' Such " a -brute should hammer
tone for three mouths unless sooner shot.
A large stock of "China dinner and
1 ea aeti and vases at 1Wt stwater'a) i !,
Revival in Hamilton Towhshif.--There
" has been an extraordinary revival going on
In the Methodist church of Hamilton town
ehlp aurlng th. past four weeks. One hun
dred and eight persona bave been received
into the church, and the good work is still
progressing abowlng no signs of abate-
Hooking Fubl. Several of ourcltizens
sre complaining that their stocx of coal
and kindlings are diminishing faster than
. bome consumption would seem to warrant.
.. Hay be seme chap baa-gone into the coal
business oe his own hook. There be those
who make light of such thlnga as Coal and
kindlings. j
. Petit Xabckkt. Officer Engleke, on
Saturday evening arrested a man for steal
Ing a lob of undershirts and drawers at
Harmon's tailor shop, on South High street.
' opposite Tburman Hall. The fellow had
stolen a fur collar somewhere before bis
arreau uu uau iu uw pvjh.mwiu " mw.
l. -1 l. . B,ia nnr.n.nlnn n. hen
taken. He will bave his goose cooked this
morning. 1 . ' '
Tbahsfebbed Satcbday. The follow-
Inir transfers were left at the Recorder's
office Saturday : x ':-
George C. Tone to Miner P. Tone, Dec
8th, qoit-clalm to 90 acrss of land In Perry
township, for ......
John Kilter and wife to George Kaiser,
Dec. 23d, lot No. 7 of J. J. Briggamon's
subdivision of lots In the city of Columbus,
ty A splendid lot of French China
Vases, Jardinieres, Motto Cups, of t heir
own Importation, at ' Westwatek's.
CaTTCBSD. Officer d. Davis on Satur-
day went to Cleveland, where he captured
B mau named Morgan, on ausplcion of be
ing concerned In tbe Worthington . rob
bery. There la a writ here for mm ior
breaking jail in another county, ' should
th. .hiria of robbing Dr. Snow not be
' proved. He Is notorious rascal and will
never get bis dues till he goea to the Pen
Itentlary for life. The poBce are alter an
other suspected person.
Burglary. The merchant tailoring es
tablishment ot Scbaibansen Ar WohUebeo,
No. 68 North High, street, was entered by
burglars on Saturday morning, before day
light, who stole an overcoat and six oi
seven pairs of pantaloons. .The key ot the
front door having been left in tbe lock on
the inside, the rascals bad an easy thing
.opening tbe door with an outsider. Tbe
family living above tbe store did not bear
tbe burglars at work, so quietly was it all
perfermed. '
A Man Cuts a Woman's Throat.
Arrest of the Would-be Murderer.
1 3Abit f o'clo
clocV lnat: nlirht & man mmpil
ft. yt Blllla, a ahoemaker working for
Sager, went Into a house on Sixth street be
tween Friend and Mound, an cattteg for
a young woman named Mary King, got Into
conversation with her. Suddenly drawing
alrazor.'from .;iila .pocket, he drew '1$
twice across her throat. Inflicting two
severe but not -necessarily danarerous
wounds. As soon as be bad committed the
aao.he ran dowat bealley- north ot the
hie until he reached tlrt 'alley 'between
Fourth and Ftth.,street, when he turned
nortQ and came out on Friend street, near
Ims grocery.1' Hrre he stopped by
Lieut. Hannan and Officer Charles Engleke.
Just ; fter Ibey stopped b'm a man came np
ouceif breath and told them he bad cut a
woman's throat. - On searching him they
tmad a bloody rssor In one pocket- and a
shoe knlte In another. . " ', ' :' ''
We vUlted Hillis In his cell last "night.
He said that he never saw the woman be-
fort; that he" was a victim to masturbation;
and was crazy when he committed the act;
that be bad no spite against the girl and
doea not kuow why he done It. We are of
opinion that there is more in the matter
than appears on the surface. A man would
not arm himself with "a razor -and, 'shoe1
knite and cut the throat of a person against
whom be bad no spite.
r The girl .also declares that she never saw
the man before, and says that be called her
to him and placed his baud on her mouth
at once, and, without" hardly exchanging
words' with her, cat ber.iZAa near aatwa
can make It, she came here from Mansfield.
Dr, Crethers was called in and gave her
he.necesyary. medical attention, .She was
as comfortable as could beexpected. The
case will probably come up before the
Mayor as soon as Miss King Is able to ap
pear against Hlllls. . u ;
The promptness with which the arrest
wa made reflects great eredit -on Lieut.
Hannan and Offie-r E igleke. ... .ir
The largest and finest stock of gas
fixtures at lowest prices at We.twater's.
The Risk There waa an immense at
tendance at the Rink on Saturday night.
Tk. 1 i ,
ico ji cocuicu a gay scene, ever cnang
ing, ever nv,w, bright and brilliant. ' The
exhibition of skating ot C. V. Dodge was
One. He executes some of the most diffi
cult feats with the greatest apparent ease.
He is a graceful and brilliant skater, and
won, as be deserved, round after round of
applause. The double skating by Messrs.
Roberts and Dodge was received with .
every mark of satU-factloa by the immense
audience. It was announced 'that, owing
to her Illness, Miss- Jenny Morris would
not be able to give the skating exhibition
advertised for her. ; The managers of the
Rink have, with their usual liberality, ex
tended an Invitation to all the clergymeu
of the city, and those here in attendance
on the Preachers' Meetlns. to vUlt the
Rink thia morning: and enjjy tbemselvrs,
and we tit-ar, the invitation has been ac
cepted. We shall look lor some " back- '
sliding" on the part ot the clerical skat- '
lst8. ; .To-night Mr. Goodrich, the Cham
pion Skater ot America, whose efforts in
Humpty Duinpty cave so much satlsfac- 1
tlon, win jivf a exi ibition of hla tkill t
on the ice. One who taw blm exercising;
on Saturday afternoon tells us that tils toe
evolutions are wonderful, and that nothing '
approaching the skill he exhibits has ever j
' in Colt mbus. Go' and see htm;
for yourselves. , . .' .r. '
The Catholic Faib Last Night. We
were gratified at seeing so large an attend-!
ance on the Catholic fair at Naunhton
Hdl on Christmas nlgbt and on Saturday .
night. The scene was' as beautiful and an-
mating as need be. This Is the lasr.nlht
of the' fair. ' and Its interest ill be
helgthened by the auctiou sale of cakes,
ornaments, toys, chromos, a id o her arti
cles. A barrel of flour, a cow, a house and
lot ' an. oyeicoat, articles 'of ladies and
children's . w. ar. are to be disposed of at
raffle,-. Go o th - hall to-mght. It will be
red hot. While you are In the hall do not
f .11 to get a dish of oysters of Mrs. Mi Con- -4
ncll or Miss Quinn, or a plate of Ice cream
of Mrs. B. Turney. The excitement at
the polling booth, on Saturday nfcht, -nade
voting lively. At the close of the polls, the
vote 'stood : Wm. Naghten, 132: Geo. W.
Meeker, 111; I. H. Marrow, - 67; L. Don
aldson. 95. " .;
P. 8. Since writing the above, we have
been Informed that the fair will be con
tlriui d until Wednesday evening." '
DecAicoMAKiB pictures, boxes ol work
ing materials and vases at Westwater'at
LoGRtMA. To-night this wonderful il
lusionist will give his first entertainment
at the Opera House. Tbe great success
attending his efforts last year, the variety,
and the suddenness and dexterity with
which his tricks were performed, the value
and style of the presents d stributed among
his audiences, made blm very popular with
our pleasure-loving citizens, and warrant
us la predicting' a good attendance to
night. The. genial and ever-popular C.
P. Sherman is still with Logrenla and Is a
guarantee that every present will be given
fairly and without favor. . We have several
times bought tickets, hoping to win one of
the many watches distributed by htm, and
have always had to take our chances with
the rest. If we got a ticket we - got just
what the number called for, aud nothing
else. It is the fairest distribution we ever
saw. - - ... ...... ,..,
Teachers' Certificates Granted. The
County Board of Education met on Satur
day. Twenty-five persons were examined
as to their qualifications, and five of this
number failed to pass. : The namea of the
successful applicants are : Clara Thomp
son, Columbus, 12 months; John Wallace,
Columbus, 6 ; Frank M. Marriott, Harlem,
6; Hurlbut, Westerville, 12; Wm. Cub-
bage, Central College, C; Geo. P. Robin
son, Unionville, 6; Samuel Hawly, Colum
bus, 12; Charlea B. Golliday, Alton, 6;
James L. Leckliter, Worthington, 12: An
drew J. Rickey, Alton, 12 ; Laura J. Rickey,
AltonK12; W. C. .Tripp Clinton ville, 12;
Levi' W- ShermaBrColumbus, 6; Ella Plat
ner, Delaware, 12; Wm. Waring, Oberlln,
12; Byron Davis, Dublin, 12; Lyman B.
Cook, Dublin, 6; Thomas B. Pinkerton,
Columbus, 12; G. D. Wilcox. Dublin, 24;
S. H. Pinoey, Worthington, 6.
Shot While Hcntlnow Two brothers
named Wyman, living in Frankllnton,
went out hunting squirrels yesterday
morning, on tbe hills west of the river.
Tbey had been out but a little while, when
by tbe accidental discharge of the gun in
the handa of the youngest, the older
brother, . George, was shot la the fleshy
part of tbe thigh. ' Tbe wound is a painful
but not dangerous one.
A Centenarian. Dr. Tbos. Hoy, a res
ident of this city, who has reached tbe age
of 93 years, last week walked to tbe Coun
ty Treasurer's office to pay his tax. He did
not use spectacles in counting out tbe $56
taxes be paid, bis eyesight being excellent.
He says be feels younger than be did twen
ty years ago.
Christmas Evk atFrakklion'. SanT&
Claus came tfr.Frankl.Iatoa in the way be
never came before A beantiful Christmas
tree was put in the Church, and on It was
placed one or more presents for every
scholar In the Sabbath school, for each
teacher and officer, and many presents for
persons not directly connected with the
school, yet supporters of the same. To
thCpSBaTWqlSPtintenaest; Mir Har
ris, weTCpreseriTed.Tjy some of "hW friends.
a beautiful silver-headed cane, a copy of
Smith's Dictionary of the Bible, and other
articles. To each of the teachers aud
officers was presented, by the Superinten
dent, a silver napkin ring, as a testimonial
of respect, for their faitfulness as teachers.
On the whole, Tf wag a very"pleasant affair,
no doubt long to be rembered by all that
were there.
Filed Satcbdat. The following cer
tiflcates of incorporation were filed with
the Secretary of State Saturday :
Of the Odd Fellows Hall Association, of
Ripley, Ohio, organized for the purpose ol
purchasing real estate, erecting buildings
and other structures for the benefit of
Lamertine Lodge, No. 18, I. O. O. F
Principal office in Ripley. Capital stock
$30 000 in shares ot 923 each. W. .
Young, A. A. Patterson, I. L. Vorbes, A,
K. Williams and J. H. Williams, are the
Of the Enterptlse Building and Loan
Society of Youngstowo, organized for the
aurpose of raising money to be loaned
imong Its members. Principal office in
foungstown. Capital stock 400,000 in
hare8 of $200. Wm. Z. James, George
Rudge, J. C Bates, A. J. Packard and O.
P. Shaffer are the corporators.
Thanks. -We cannot refrain from return-
I' lug onr heartiest thanks to our friends for
tltt-.lr kind remembrance of us on Christ
mas. It Is delightful to feel that the hours
1' devoted to the amusement and instruction
i of the publio during the past year have
not been spent in vain, and that our labors
have been appreciated, and have made us
friends who remember us in the general
'jollity and joy. It is an incentive to fur
'Tther efforts to please. We tco to work this
morning feeling like a new man, our love
'jof approval impelling us to determine that
.'I luring the next year, as in the past, the
Statesman shall be the most acceptable
(newspaper in the city or in Central Ohio.
(i As we look upon the tokens of friendship
h & . l... if
lent to our wetter uau or to uurneii, we
rsnrega the exclamation.
would live without friends?"
1 '
Don't Dbink Benzine We published an
item last Monday morning saying that Mat.
Hauser had paid the Mayor $10 fine for
being full of bene ne. In last Saturday's
Westbote Mat. denies that be is a benzinist
He says : "Ten dollars and full of ben
zine ! This Is too much ! I care not for
the money, but tbe benzine ! My reputa
fion! That Spiv, should God knows
what!" Mat. don'tdrink ben
zine; he dont like benzine; he is a young
Cambiinus and sticks to beer. Mat. also
lenies that he was drunk on benzine, but
n beer only. Now this cannot be so. He
nust have taken In tbe benzine, as we al
leged. IfTMatVwfll'think'awhile.'he will
recollect that t hag 'been 'decided that
lager beer will not intoxicate, that a man
annot get drunk on it. There's no use
talking, Mat- it must have been benzine.
The Pbizb Skates. The proprietor ot
the Central Skating Park having an
nounced that be would present on Christ-
maiday( pair' 6f 'efifttes to the best lady
skater, a"commltr.ee was Selected' from the
zentlemen present in the afternoon, con
sisting of Messrs. Henry Failing, Gorton,
Curtis. Thompson and Clarkson, who
awarded the prize to Mis. Hattie Beatty,
as the best and mot gracelul skater. The
prlzeskates are very handsome and are
well CworttaT.thel wlaulfttTi Our friend
Kuhns, we think, is entitled to the prize
awarded to the worst skater. He cau fall
oltenerand harder In a given distance than
any skeetlst ot them all.
CousTXp Commissioners' Meeting. At
a.ineefing of the "Cou'ntyCommissioners
held on Saturdav, Messrs. Edwards. Ga-q
lick and Lisle being present, the following
bills were allowed: Fred. Uhlman. sta
tionery for Clerk, $22.50; Adam Snyder,
cleaning sewer to jail, $11; Rein hard &
JfeJserJ advej-y?ln.g time of holding Court.
$21. blanks for Clerk $& blanks for Sheriff
$42, advertising Sherifl's Proclamation
$74; James Reed, part payment on bridge
near Worthington, $75; C. Shoemaker.part
payment on brick for vault. $135; Leonard,
Walsh & C balance due on Nicolson
pavement, $937 50.
Fine Seating. While at tbe Rink on
Saturday night our attention was attracted
by tbe handsome appearance and gracef il
skating of; one ot the young ladles, f Upon
Inquiry we found It was Miss Laura Mitch
ell, ot Cincinnati who' Is spending the hol
idays with her uncle, Mr. Anderson, of this
city. Her costume is of light plaid, trim
med with gray, and is about as pretty as
could be. We understand this is her sec
ond winter on the ice, but her skating
would indicate that she had learned the art
6katorial years ago. j
i i
Blood Tells! So do low, reasonable.
honest prices for good new goods at Cloud
& Co.'s, new Deshler building. Don't mis
take the place. ;
New Year Presents Pianos, new, 7
octave, for $300, Organs, Melodeons and
all kinds of small instruments. Silver
Plated Ware, of all varieties of style and
cheap. 36 North High street.
dec23 Harris & Co.
$20,000 worth of Boots and Shoes at
Davis' at less than wholesale prices. 59 cor
ner Ga. and High. dec20-dlt
To Printers For Sale About 300 Su
Brevier, 200 lbs Long Primer, a large as
sortment of Borders, Cuts, Chases, Cases,
&o. Will be sold low for cash. Address
or apply to Andrews, Perry & Co., whole
sale paper dealers, Nos. 93 and 95 North
High street. dec28-dlt
Three hundred per cent, profit,
charged by many of the retailers, is a big
thing on ice. for boots and shoes. Cloud
& Co., new Deshler building, are content
to take less than one-twentieth of it, for
first-class warranted goods.
" Barrett's " Reliable Hair Restorative.
Jewelry made and repaired by C. E
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
Davis' Boots and Shoes are custom
made, and he is selling them as low as any
house in the city. Call and see. -
"Barrett's" produces natural change.
Lazell's Saloon. Now open for oysters
served up in any style, and other refresh
ments, at No. 74 North High street.
dec22-doed3t Lafayette Lazell.
An earthquake in Licking county
would not bave stirred up the honest yeo
manry ot that section to a greater extent
than baa the great reduction in prices o'
good warranted boots and shoes, at Cloud
& Co.'s, new Deshler building." " ; " "
v.. '
No poisonous drugs in " Barrett's. "
"Ttftta r Tors 1 f Frost !lLaigo' -auction
sale of Ladles', and Genu' ,Fura, , 8elgh
Robes, Ac, by John G. Beal, ' Auction and
Commission Merchant, No. 3 South High
street, on Tuesday, Dec. 29th, at 2 o'clock
P; M, and every day during the week. '
I bave just received the largest consign
ment of Ladles' and Gents' Furs, ever of
fered in this city, and as I have positive In
structions to .close out. the entire stock,
this will be the" best opportunity ever of
fered to buy fine furs cheap.
The stock consists of sets in Mink, Fitch,
Ermine,, Siberian Squirrel, River Mink,
French Sable,1 and' other ;Fura. An- Im
mense assortment of Children's Furs,
Gents' Fur Collars, Gloves, Ac. Also, a
large stock of AVoll,, Bear, Badger and other
As this stock Is from one of the largest
houses in New.Xork, will guarantee every
article as being genuine and perfect. All
made up this seasonJ u 1 1 t i , j i.
Auction sales at 3 P. M. Private sales,
at all hours, during the day and evening.
zM E ,Johx G., Beal,. Auctioneer.
de'c28 d3t" " '
Wolves in Sheep's clothing blat trem
ulously in order to attract attention, but
tLe original and truthful mover In the re
duction ot prices for boots and shoes of the
best quality, still hold, and will continveto
hold, the,. inside track. Cloud & Co- new
Desbler building, are the only low-priced
Prematckb gray hair and baldness may
be prevented by the use of Hall's Veget
able Sicilian Hair Renewer, a harmless
preparation which Is indorsed by the high
est chemical and medical authority.
Apply " Barrett's " and look young.
Now Is thetlme for bargains In Boots
and Shoes; at Davis', 59 corner Gay and
High, for a short time. dec23-dlt
Bewabk of Tooth Poisons vended un
der the name of Dentrifices. Adopt and
adhere to the only preparation that really
preserves the teeth and hardens the gums,
fragrant Sozodost. Its effects on decay-
ng teeth are marvellous.
"Spalding's Gltjb'
mends Crockery,
Wooden Ware, Ac.
vs T-dec2l-eod6m-ew
There is but one Place to buy cheap
boots and shoes, aad that is at Cloud &
Co.'s, new Deshler building. Don't mis
take tbe place; " ' " v
A cask of Humph rets' Homceopathic
Specific In the house is a well-spring of
satisfaction. . You can always find tbe true
remedy tor a cold, cough, sore throat,
croup, race-acne, weait stomacn, catarrn,
or other of the thousaud ' ailments to
which a family are subject, and thus Bave
doctor' bills, sickness and suffering. Price
of a lull case and book of directions is $10.
Sent to any address on receipt of the
price. Address, ' Humphreys' SPEcrrrc
Homoiopatuio Medicine Co. 662 Broad
way, is. 1. jyi3-aBwiy-cw
Tray, Blanche and Sweetheart are
all barking and snarling, but good good
and low pricks at Cloud & Co.'s are beat:
Ing them badly. , Call at the New Deshler
Building, and see ior yourself.
300 Presents to bs Given Away at the
China Tea Store. Every one buying one
pound ol Tea will receive a nice Japan Tea
Canister as a Christmas or New Year's pres
ent. I have on hand the' greatest variety of
Teas Coffees, Sugars, Spices, Fruits and
Extracts, and will sell them at the lowest
prices. Come one, come all, and try them.
Every article is pure and warranted to give
satisfaction. 1 A.'C. O'Kanb. ,
dec24-d4t ' !
"Barrett's" Improves the appearance.
JThb Galled Jade Winces, but Cloud &
Co.'s withers are-onwrung. The people
are weary of paying three hundred per cent.
profit on bnota and shoes, and are all going
to Cloud & Co.'s, New Deshler Building,
North High SU where . they get the best
good at old fashioned price.
"Hollow. T'a - Ointmknt Suppurating
Sokes. -Thousands go down to their graves
suffering from chronic ulcers which a few
pots of Hollowat's Ointment would have
healed. It lis no tlcin-deep remedy, but
drive in the poison oT a sore. Its effect is
to eliiniuate the poisonous element, and its
work ot purification may be accelerated
and perfected in many cases by taking oc
casional doses ot Holllway's Pills, which
improve : the conditiou of the blood, and
thereby promote the formation of healthy
tissues. Sold by all Druggists.
The Pilgrims to Micca form a tremen
dous crowd, but the rush of the people to
Cloud & Co.'s where they get the beat of tear
ranted good at old time, before the war, price,
eclipses tbe former entirely.
Twenty per cent. Cheaper than the
Cheapest, to Cash Buyers. During
the next thirty days, I will make to order,
Suits, Overcoats, Trowserssnd other gar
ments, twenty per cent- cheaper than any other
Merchant Tailor in the Union for prompt cash.
I bave the largest assortment of fine and
medium grades of woolens to be found In
the city. The excellence of the materials,
style and fit of the garments made at my
establishment Is well known to the com
munity. I offer my goods as above stated
for the reason that I . want money, more
than I do an excess of stock.
An inspeition of stock and prices is re
spectfully solicited.""
dec!5-2w. - - - -
The Apes of Borneo endeavor to follow
the example of intelligent Christians. Cloud
& Con New Deshler Building, inaugurate
a system of fair dealing, and a host of ex
tortionists at once come in in the guise of
second fiddlers, and endeavor to draw the
crowd?. Tbey can't do It. Price and ma
terial tell I dec28-d2t-M&W
Immense Stock of Ladies' Furs. The
popular and extensive house of Clark &
Farmer, No. 5 Neil House Block, presents
daily a scene ol bustle and activity, which
Is not observable at similar houses in the
same line ot trade in this city. The. ele
gant sales rooms are al way 8 thronged with
customers. Who are attracted by the huge
piles of fashionable and stylish furs, man-,
ufactured from all kinda and grades of ma
terials, such as the famous Hudson Bay
Sable, the pretty mink, tbe delicate Er
mine, the German Fitch, the rich Siberian
Squirrel, the elegant Grebe, the splendid
Water Mink, and tbe beautiful black and
white Astrachan. Children's and Misses'
setts. Gent's fine Beaver Collars, Fur Caps
and Gloves will also be found in prolusion,
together with a magnificent and stylish
stock of Men's Hats and Caps, manufac
tured in the best manner and most fash
ionable styles, which have long made thla
great Hat and Fur Emporium popular
with the people. Customers favoring Clark
& Farmer with their patronage bave many
decided advantages in tneir favor, among
which is a wide range for selection. The
goods are all warranted, and from fifteen
to twenty-five per cent, is economized in
each purchase, as the articles sold are that
much cheaper than at co temporary estab
lishments. ' . dec22-dtt
Iannis Drake S. IV-lSCO.XJ.tsJVe
have heard this . question asked many
times, and for all we knew for a year past
he might be dead. Recently, in New
York, we called at bis Laboratory in Lib
erty St., and there found this gentleman
barricaded behind a tremendous pile
of boxes, distributing funds to a
Sunday School Committee. Our busi
ness was to secure an advertisement.
He sala : "My dear air, what is the use of
advertising the Plantation. Bitters -J!hej
sell better now than when I advertised at
such enormous expense, and now I have
not made a contract for' a year.
I have all this amount to give to
the poor, f To satisfy the f Press, ho w
aver,; 't who i have always been, -my
friends, I think I will give you a little
something to do again, for I bave improved
the Bitters greatly, and It may be well to
hav you let the people know it." . And so
be ran on In a happy, cordial, apprecia
tive manner, showing us the wonders of
bis place and the cords ot certifi
cates. Everything is. on a magnifi
cent scale, and Is done with neatness
and promptness. While there we saw
at least forty orders come in for these cele
brated Bitters. Cases were being shipped
to tbe four corners of tbe world. Drake is
not dead, nor his Bitters either. Exchange
paper. r-ih '' 1 f
f Magnolia Water. Superior to the best
imported German Cologne, and sold at half
thu price.
RNY-sept25-deqd&wl ?c w j S i 7
New England Mutual Life of Bos
ton. Report ot the Superintendent of the
Life Insurance Department of tbe State of
New York. (From Commissioner's report,
January 1st, 1868, page 63.)
Tbe New England Mutual Life Insur
ance Company of Bos ton,Massachusetts,was
the pioneer ot Life Insurance In New Eng
land, under the able but extremely conserv
ative guidance of that accomplished jurist,
Judge Wlllard Phillips, "President of the
Company," the Life Policy was popular
ized in offices, counting rooms, banks,
workshops and firesides east of the Hud
son, and no Bank Bill or State Bond was
ever more sacredly regarded than the pol
icies under written-by Judge PhlUips
The idea of fraud, deception or overreach
ing was never associated with a parchment
containing his sign-manual. Geo. F.
O'Harra & Co-, are the Agents for the
New England Mutual Life Insurance Co.,
Columbus, Ohio. " - -
Tbe in of ; ,
Will restore it to its natural color and promota its
growth. V , ' -i .
sent fbcz ar mail.
R. P. HALL & CO., Nashua. N. U., Proprietors.
For sale bj all DraigUti.
july25 dltAwA wly-orn
DR. A. B. WILLIAMS. Went Kmrl-. ,.
diub atroet, Colnmbua, Ohio, baa dorotod himrnif
isennoi jaara to mo ireatmetit ot certain pn.
tadtfleasea. Ha war bvoangnltad at hia offiei..
nsartheKxchante Bark . . .
A HOLIDtl PHKSEKI, Ladies and
gentlemen, young and o'd. deeirons of baring tbeir
hair beautiful for tba Holiday, rhoald use a bot
one. Read Cbevalieri Treatise on the Hair.
Free to all. Given away at the Drag Store, or lent
by mail fre. This book should be read by every
person. It teaches to cultivate and have beautiful
bair, and restore gray hair to its original color,
tap its falling oat, removes all irritation or dan
druff from the scalp, thus keeping the hair beauti
ful to the latest period of life.
JXT-d. Sl-iodlm 1123 Broadway, N.Y.
lai' l'M restored in four weeki. Sicmii
restores mahlr novers. from whatever h,m ari
sing; tne effeots of earl, pernicious babi'S, self-
m. u u.a, iuijuieuiTy idj oumitM), Kire away a, once IO
this woodertul medicine, if lakes regularly aocord
inato the directions (which are very simple and re
quire no restraintfrom bu.sioesn or pleasure.) Fail
ure is impossible. Sold in bottles at as. or four
quantities in one for$0. To be had only of theaole
appointed --agent in America. H. Gkkitzkn, 97
inirt Ave., corner I3tn St., Av lork.
MANHOOD'S 4notW Jfev Medical
PnmvKUt from th dm ot Da CruTin.
The "Medical 1 lines" aara of thia work? -'1 hi.
valuable treatise on the cawe and sure of prema
ture decline, shows bow health is impaired through
secret nouses of vouth and manhood, and hnw
easily regained It fives a clear synapsis of the
impediments to marriage, the cause and enacts of
nervous debility, and the remedies therefor." A
pocket edition of the above will be forwarded on
receipt of S cents, by addressing Doctor Ccktib
No. 68 North Charles street. Baltimore. Jdd.
era map-aiy-i
snlendid Hair Dva is the best in the world ;
the only true and perfeot Dye; harmless, reliable
instantaneous ; no disappointment : no ridiculous
tints; remedies the ill effects of bad dyes; invig
orates and leaves the Hair soft and beantifnl. Hack
or broan. sol 1 by all Druggists and Perfumers :
and properly applied at Bstobelor's wig rectory
no. io Bonn street, n. torn, fnt apras diwlr
Tbe only Infallible and F armless Remedy. Can be
given witn or witnout tne patient s Knowledge,
Ktad Dr. Johnston's Treatise on"Drunkeo
ness, its Consequences and Cure. Try
the SPECIFIC, and be con
nleasant Dieoaration creates no vomiting after its
use. Tobacco need not be discarded all at onoe.
for the Compound destroys that desire gradual y
ana positively .
Proprietor. Columbus, O-
xv era. Brokers, rubHsbers, stationers, rent
ers, companies. Aiawyers. Architects. renoois,
Clergymen. Circulars. Priaea Current- Letters.
Quotatioos.Catalogues. Music, or any documents or
drawings nay he obtained at the following extraor
dinary oheap prioes i ,100 oopies. fee siuiiliee, of
any aucumeni or arawiux, au., . , mnouini.,..;
1,000 copies, $8, Ae ; 100.000 copies, 450, or 60 per
cent, upon te above prices may be saved by uetng
Maurioo's Patent Autographio Printirg Press, lor
Umcu, rublisners, stationers, rrinters, scnoois.
Companies, Ac. Prioe80. A young boyeaa s'rike
off 100 copies, letter sise, per hour, of any doea
mor t, drawing, music with tbe greatest facility .
Maurice's Patent; States Rights are sold at moderate
prioes. Publio experiments each Saturday.
N, B- All kinds ot Lithographio work are dona
with tbe greatest care at the lowest rates. Jlaur
infi'a Patent Antoffrauhia and Lithograohie Print
ing. Writing and Engraving Establishment, 10
aorth W illiam street, Aew xorx.
l 1 C 1
The Columbus and Hocking Valley
Railroad Company.
Notice -to stockholders.
Columbus. Ohio, Deo. 18th. 1868.
IN meeting of the Siockiioldtrj of this Comrany
will he held at its office, in the city of Columbus
on Tuesday. January ih, IS-6S. between tbe hours
of lOo'clooK A. ai. anus o-oioca r. m., at which
thirt.n Diretors for said Company will Da aleetad
and such other business transacted as may be
brought oeiore too meming. cunsnoiaera are re
minded tbat the law provides that "after the first
election of Direotnrt. no person shall vote on any
share on which any installment is due and unpaid."
J. J. JAiVNfcF.
deol9-d3tawtd-r Seo'y and Treai.
It i ' J" MS is U' -
- ... , SVi. V -t ;
' o
- o -
Call early and snake aselec
tions, so ass -to get -the
choice oi onr Large
Stock ot v
"Which i noyr complete fix
every Department.
Are ofiered than can te
- : had elae-where.
250 AND 252
South High Street.
Railroad Company. COMMERCIAL MATTERS. Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 26.
9lliAjjGir-(8i-10o dlaocmat bu-.
New York Money Market—Dec. 26.
MONET-MaHe juiei yXfetticiaaVdar.
'njr tbe morning, wberr th rates for call -;oanawer7
per cent roMT And T percent."
:urrency, with commUalona; ot l-22
per-enUjor the atcond UajuLoana worst
ttsoaiiade at 7 per cent, currency, ith W per
Qent. cofnmiMiofl. lor ten dav. and ii net
rcent. lrl3 days. A tbw day advanced
were waa an eaaier TeelUsT, ao( Oelore 3
oVJock first claag. . borrwra g ot all thai
money they wanted at 7. per teot. Con
tinued railurea in mercantller circlet have
brought discounts to a stand still. Sea
dry good report for failure or" Lathropj
Lodington & Co. t j.-.
iNext .-weeK la likely to M A. trying ona
for borrower, bnt afwr that money will
be much easier.' -mtux
109(310tf.,i,, - ' s!.aiiiAJi
(jULD Quiet 8nd ateady,' and within
range of 134(3135, which wert-tht) clot
Ing j-atea. -, ; ...i,a eiBr.i
New York Stock Market—Dec. 26.
Coupons ot :81 lUXQMXt i 110
110)6 -do '64 106gj06i;do,'65 107"
107 do newllOHSnodo'eTllOH
has. A vo 1 Ins iia . lAjn'.
1 1 ' . 8, ww Aw8 AX"a i lu ww?ayjf
suhsks more animateq ana Dlgner. new
Tork Central led the upward movement,
which waa general. The other noticeable
stocks were St. Paul, Pittsburgh, Toledo
and Northwestern. The market Closed'
active and Arm, though the highest price
of the day were scarcely securable.
. 0:30 prices. Wells',, Expre- s 25t'25),
American 38; Adama, 4849; Unlrf
States 45(46: Merahanta' Cnlon IbK&liJi;
Pacific Mail 119lr9; Western Unloa'
TelegraDh 33W334'; New York ODtral
154: Erie 3bUi,mi: Beadinsr M: Terra
3 Hauie33; Wabash 689;8t. Paul 67&&
L67; Fort Wayne 110)i110)i; Extra
uiviuena unio a, Mississippi i'ii'i
Michigan Ontral 113(8116: Mu-.hiifaa
Southern 88; Illinois Central 14l144;
Pittobureh MXQMV; Toledo 101); Eock
Island 11C)U6 Northwestern 80).
The report that twentv millions of new
legal tenders were to be issued is due to tba
lact that tbe Treasurer recently burned
about twenty millions of fifties which had
Deen called In, In consequence of having
been extensively counterfeited, and tba
place of which waa supplied trom time to
The Springfield (Mass.) Republican aaya
that a highly important movement ot the
rtoogniieU kings ol Express companies la
going on. Among those engaged In it are
( the managers of the late American Express
; Company, R. L. Johnson, of Albany, W. N.
: Uelcher, ot Boston, and Col. Thompson,
: the original proprietor of Thompson's Ex- .
. press. It Is understood tbU combination
; with their associates meet, at the solicita
. tlon of a large number of business men
I not only ot New England butot the entire
i West, to establish express facilities through
out territory now occupied by the Amerl
can and Merchants Union Express Com
: ,anies.
New York Market—Dec. 26.
' ASHES-Pots quiet and steady at $7 75
; 8 CO; Pearls dull. .
' COTroN-Firmer and not very active ;
j ales 1,300 bales at 25c for middling up
: lands. - .... - . . . .. . .....
FLOUR Firm for common, and dull
and heavy for medium and good.
WHEAT Quiet and firm, with a limited
home trade demand. - - r
RYE Nominally unchanged.
OATS Firm at -70,c for western la
store, and 78j afloat.
CORN Sales at 1 10I'l J for old
mixed western in store and afloat, and 96
98c for new mixed western.
PORK V ry dull and nominally un
changed. -.:.
BEEF Dull and In buyers favor.
CUT MEATS Quiet and nominally un
changed, BACON Dull and drooping.
' LARD Dull and heavy at lG17c for
fair to prime steam.
EGGS Steady at 3740c7j' -
New York Market—Dec. 26. Cincinnati Market—Dec. 26.
FLOUR Unchanged and quiet; family
$7 508. - , '
WH EAT Dull at $1 75 for No 1 red.
CORN Dull at 65$l6Cc for ear.
RYE Dull at $ I 35.
OATS Dull; No 3 59c; No 1 not ia the
market. .
BAR LEY Unchanged and quiet; 92 20
2 25 tor the best grades.
COTTON Unchanged; 23o for mid
dling uplands. ,
WHISKY Finn at $1 00. '
HOGS Dull; hardly any demand, though
few in market holders are Arm and "not
willing to make concessions ; live $99 85;
dressed $11U 65; packers holding off. -
PROVISIONS Unsettled; difficult to
give quotations; buyers and sellers apart;
hardly any demand nor do holders mani
fest any disposition to press sales. '
PORK Mess could have been boagbt
to- dav to a limited extent at $27 50 for city.
BULK MEATS -ll.1314)tfe. -
LARD 17Wr. , ., -
GREEN . MEATS Nominal.? at 10
1214c. -
BUTTER Firm at 3640c. . ,
EGGS 3233c. . -
OIL Linseed sold at 91 03, but the de
mand Is light. '
CHEESE Firm at 17(3 19c and in good
demand. ,
SEEDS Flax in good demand at $2 10;
clover held at 1 13. -
Chicago Market—Dec. 26.
FLOUR Quiet; spring extras 95 50
7 00. .,
WHEAT Firm . and llio hlghe-;
sales No 1 at 91 16(3,1 20; No 2 at 91 11 j
l 13, chiefly 91 12)g. closing at 91 12)$.
sales Nn 2 since 'Change at 91 12.
, CORN More active and l)2c higher;
sales old No 1 at 66c cash, anil 65c tor last
half ot April; new active at 45V48c,
closing steady at 47)48c; kiln-dried
quiet at 5556)c lor No 2. ..Nothing .do
ing in corn this afternoon.
OATS Firmer and lc high r; sales No 2
at 46)447, rejected at 44c closing steady
at 47c tor No 2. ;
RYE Dull and heavv; sales No X at
91 131 16, closing with sellers and 00
buyers at inside rate.
BARLEY Dull; sales at 91 4S1 49 in
regular, aud 91 501 51 in special houses.
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Dec. 26.
-day a feeling of uncertainty and dis
trnst has been created by tbe announce
ment of the failure of Lathrop, Lndiagtoa
& Co ot Broadway, extensive jobbers.
This announcement, taken in connection
with the suspension ot Turnbull, Shade &
Co, on Monday last, for a larga amount,
has done much to create distrust in tha
dry goods market. Both thesa lailnrea
will do much to arrest tbe upwara move
ment in prices of cotton goods. All dark
good styles of fancy prints in steady re
quest at one shilling, but goods which
have been put up )c a yard recently, go
slowly, and the current ia against a rise,
regardless ot cost, of gray cloths, which
appear scarce and firm at 9c for 64-inch
square. On Monday next tha prloe of Lan
caster 32-inch prints will be reduced from
20c to 17)c for pinks, and purples from 20o
to 19c, but tills will not affect the price ot
narrow goods. At present the market for
unbleached and bleached mnsltna is -firm
but rather quiet. The best yard wida un
bleached sheetings command 15)j($16c, al
though good sheeting from Soutuern mills
can be obtained at 1414. Good tick
ings, like the Amoskeag. are io steady and
fair request at 2030c. as to quality.
Toledo Market—Dec. 26.
FLOUR Quiet. . . , .'.
WHEAT About 23c better on amber;
sales white Michigan 91 81; amber 91 81(4
1 82.
COR NV-About 2c better; old No. 1 88c;
new 6262)so; do rejected 5a(S6c.
OATS About lo better; sales No. 1 at
RYE-Quiet. ' -
DRESSED HOGS About )c lower;
10)$10c. . ,
St. Louis Market—Dec. 26.
FLOUR Quiet aod unchanged.
WHEAT Unchanged.
CO R N 63 65c.
OATS 53 55c.
RYE 91 25sH 24. -BARLEY
Unchanged; 92 50 for choice
PROVISIONS Market entirely nomi
nal and nothing doing. 1
Buffalo Market—Dec. 26
Steady. .
WHEAT Dull and nominal. .
CORN Steady; sales of 20 cars ot new
at 73c on track.
OATS Nominal at 65o.
RiPt ltV-Sales of No 2 Canada at 1.
90; others dull and unchanged.
Milwaukee Market—Dec. 26.
FLOUR Dull; 8 60.
WHEAT-Steady at 91 19 for No. 1 In
tore. . ' ; ;

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