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News and Otherwise.
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'""I fjfttti eloaT In Vw TrirVSaturdav as-
Iti'I -""i 6; ..m"7 ,mr,r !
Lira Cir6aindftsed sftjmnt Jo the
Nwsbots and koetb!atkiar to pay a
-"IWfenselnlCbreaift.' ami w -til
" lioWyonntnen1! Boston adl
Sew York' wear corsets'? tl ni
I jS Pyv.. : wait, V
Qmaba. was dedicated'od Cbrlttnas.0, .
iTbb pew .German Catholic church i la
w 1
-i'jsJ A-V-cmi millionaire ias, baa. cnt on
I tUtombstonej: '.'He always paid caslv."
j:n'r-s; Joim-'Ck SRBCKnrKisaa is-expecfed! to
-7' reathT bt borne In ' Kentucky la a day; or.
K tw,!f rJi!t. silJ iu itV'B'i:
Tfflir work on the Fort" Way nei Mnncle,
, and Cincinnati Tallroad toproere8Sin'rp-
... . . ..... t . Ml
' WisHixaTON city U described as' "the
' , dullest, place known to civilised human'
WhpbixPhixxifs, has jost,notined the
5 flulifi
.a . . . . . T A. 1 1 A - J
-i8 by CbrULiae (KUsson, doe not intend, to
kodnnMhi Hl1t.nl till-.; i.'li! ..la't I -ir'i
sw etfci Kw York Sua boi that the life
I-jjsTofa toborlnjr ian Ih'llew' York city Is a
bA hartf on p.' It L a hard One ariv wherei i :
"?.& ,0ThI earthquake thattrotessor Detesskr
lh December, has hot yet tint In' its appear-
ia " .Gbeklxt and the Mayor of Montreal had
e,,j. race on skates at the Eink, on the occa
fi:jh;ion ot his recent Tlsit to that city. Gree
; jej beat,, &,t,..;:;;3 : ;' j ''
Xhkkk were twenty-two( eulogies pro
.io1 nouneed upon Thaddeus Stevens i Con-
ui re ijthteeu In the. House and ibue in
-L the Senates -.it i,ta ;i a',!
A crnzKH of Portland, Maine, believlnn
fc that there is soon to be a aeeond delugej Is .
' - building himself an 'ark,' to be ready for.
-"'' the occasion.' ! ' n " M r- f
" ' " It is quite probable that' there will be a
' ' teuton of Conj;ress immediately after the
'''"'.itU ;of "March 'probably; at least two
K'1 months in duration.' " ' , . j j
u( Sfcioua 'trouble is predicted this week
. !amoo the jobbing .bouses of New York
city, many or which have been paying ex-
u. ,f ewlve Interest lately,
t It i stated that the Danish Government.
io are disposed to Insist upon the United State
. accepting tbe Danish West JadU posses--t
iq sibos bargained for by Mr. Seward., ,X'
ln-ii S' Mijok Wm. Taylor of Brooklyn, N. Y4 ;
-"- veteran ot the war tf 1813 and the Mexi-'
"ttna- War, is just dead, at T4-4eaTing a
a iwlle and child, the chHd tne year old. j 'f
v Th Supreme Court of Georgia baa af
s firmed the decision of a lower court,' that
"; J the consideration of a note given . for bor-
n! rowed Confederate money, was a good and
n valid one" . ' '' " ;, '"' ;
,,11( t Hwb financial authority in New York ,
r claims that there is not now in the Uiited. : .
(SUtes more than $160,000,000 in gold cola
: and bullion, and that faalf of that, even, ..
d cannot now be accounted for,. , tih
Tu SpriDgfleld Advertiser of Ifondsyf'
- ri came to us in mourning for the ! death of
nub Di Wi.A.McCrackeni one M ita, proprie-i
L tors.I Hedfad at ' Vlck8burg: on Friday.'
Be bad gone South lor the benefit of his
: fcealth.K'i 1 bm ,i:i.-;i-i't. v-A A !v' ;.
-""1 Iw'a recent French press trial, one of the
lawyers urged that there- should be more
- calmness and gravity in French politics,
' aaylng bat in' America the people;pre
- ;'' pared themselves for an election by sever-.
'"' al days ot fasting. -This will be news to
'7'AerinfcD''ff itl 70 "!" :r . , ;v'
r , A Shidow White, in Laiayette, Sussex
u county, N, J., who was a member of the
. Methodist Church, and had always borne
."'an Irreproachable character,' made the;
death-bed confession on Saturday, that She
bad at intermediate periods, latally poi
soned her infant child, her father-in-law
and her husband, r . j
. ) : Ox Christmas day, members of the Su-
preme Court, Cabinet, military officers and
'' other persons of distinction, called on the -'
"' President and congratulated him on his
' Amnesty Proclamation.' Tbe members of
1 . the Supreme Court should be particularly
- ' thankful that the case of Jeff. Davis has
' " thus been taken off their hands; ' ' ' --
- A Wasbikgtoh dispatch credits General
: Grant with having expressed the opinion
that he was not eoine to turn any man
; out of office merely on account of bis po
litical notions that If he were honest and
t. capable to perform tbe functions of his of-'
. flee in tbe highest degree of excellence, he
, should not be removed no matter what his
.politics are. We do not believe General
.hi Grant has so expressed bimself ; but if he
fw shall be governed by such considerations
in bis administration, the Bepublican poll
tlclans will abuse him as soundly as they,
have abused President Johnson.
' '
The Impudence of "The World."
A cotemporsry has got hold ot a Pros-
pectus of the New York World, In which
! it finds tie following compound ot egotism
and impudence, which stands without a
l '- parallel In tbe annals of newspaperdom : ;
tc- In spite of the Democratic journals of
- -Chicago, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Cleveland,
these cities continue to give Bepublican
majorities Chicago, 5,160; Cincinnati,
6,794; St. Louis, 3.693; Cleveland, 2,151; and
the want ot the West is a bold, progres- '
Ive, vigorous paper like the Worm, which .
to o$ to matt Dtmocraiie majorities.";,
at k . The idea of sheet like the World, whose
principles are flexible as the muscles of its
cltor's abdomen an organ, not of the
Democracy, but of a cliaue ot Wall street
.? Jjfokers making Pemocratio majorities, is '
something, new under the sun. f '"
' between the October and the November
9w electionir tbe 'effort f the World to'lorce
the Democratic members for President and
Vice President from the track and ; to
give their places to men who do not even
profess to be JJemocrate or to endorse the
paltforn) ef principles aaoptea Dy tne JMa--.1
Ational Coaveatioa- of the Democracy, did
,t- more to, defeat. the pemocratio candidates,
' than the efforts of any and all the Kadi-"
.carpape'rtfn ibe United States eomblned
. 4q tbiaeity, a "paper like the World,"
H presenting the principles of Demoenes"
Y's that paper7und'er the Wail street in 11 a -.'
ac, gave: henfjjwonftf. h'aVe'more than'
swamoed thelarge majority Columbus gave
2"Jct both elections. i And yeVaiter doing tbe
a 9M Democracy all the harm it possibly could
ptaylng Into the nandif of the Radicals, and
t M editor, prpTlng hlmself after Jhelash-
ion of the Athenian orator's account ot his
lero, that be la so well made up that there
; nothing tost in him, all that is not knave
a being toot," that sheet has the impudence
?' .to appeal to the Western! Democracy it so
. y pudeuc. be carried to a greater length ?J
Attorney General West and his
Latest Opinion.
, Mr-AttofneH3eneras Wiest, lately got
new Idea lato hit bead,! and save a written
toinion to the Auditor bt State, that mem
bers of theXejfislgture are not enUtled'to
compensation for service rendered while
tSkTody"faTb'ot lAlessIonranathariaiSS
fact or resolution directing payment for ex
tra services of either members or officer?,
nflfc nnwMul Kw law ni-lr. n .V... 1 tamn
trhou4 reject-all suchtlatoos.Qnly
VtfH VCUcinnfttl tron!stl4 a J&adical
sheet, in ability and in fairness the peer of
.-;-.. .t . . . -
vj iT ,n ine
It Is 'iviiltt that thKauestlon had not
been raised by tbe Auditor at an earlier
-OAy-Oeore Kepnblicaa Legislatures bad
set the examiner As it Is. it does not took
well to be cellaring tbe Democratic leg
islature tor following a custom established
by the Republican party which in not onhjr
right in itself, but which has lone been rec
ognized as. proper, .Services "Jendered-in
special committees. as in tbe case of the In
quiry instituted intothemanagementbf the
Northern Lunatie Asvlum. bv the very first
Republican -Legislature, Is often laborious
aim lruporwntvana.tnere ino more justice
in reiusing to pay menjDers or tne uenerai
Assembly for the time -spent 'during-' a re-;
icesSvXbaa there wojuld be duriBZ a sesaiun
oi ,ioai poay JUemoers ot .tne legislature
are not paid such onurmous per diem that
tney can anora 10 tnro w in ineir nine wnen
on special duty-iThe -othee theory .wbuld
compel tbe General Awembly to remain iu
session,, at .an -enormous expense. -to! the-
otace, wnen-. any. special1, liivesuxanoa
was oemg conducted. It was unaouetediv
on thiauobotnitvthatv the eastom of special
committee ; was ef-tablisbed.- and,, havine
the question , of economy in' lis , favor, it
should be Contlnned."."". ' ' - ' ! ,;
-'The select 'committecs bi the two'houses
of the-. Legislature,' In session during the
I ' . - ii -.1 .
recess, Tare performing a duty that It would
be next to an impossibility to do well dur
ing the Session of the Legislature.'' Messrs.
ScRiBKiit, Everett and Litm ql he'Senete
are engaged from! ten to fifteen hours pef
day In the endeavor to 'codify, and to per
fect the mass of crude and conflicting leg
islation on the subject-matter of municipal
corporations,' and te compress the -whole.
into a single law. - The necessity of this is
shown in the fact that on One single sub
ject,' embraced within the sphere of their
duties, there are some fifteen different laws
scattered through the statutes ' and all of
a conflicting character. "''" ": i
The House investigating r committee
which examined the frauds connected with
the building of the Deaf and Dumb Asy
lum, are pushing that matter to the bot
tom, and have already found that over one
hnndred thousand dollars of the people's
money has been squandered or stolen' by
those employed by the State, and almost
every step tbe committee takes developes
new frauds and more pilfering. '
The attention of ths .committee being
called by the charges of the Cincinnati
Commercial, and by others,-' to specific
charges of fraud and peculation in the
location, letting of contracts, &o., for the
building of the new Lunatio Asylum at
Athens, an examination is now being had
into their truth, with what result has,
however, not yet transpired. " -
The ..int committee of the two bouses
to investigate the late burning ol the Cen
tral Lunatic Asylum, have been in session
in this city, and have examined numerous
witnesses,'- and will make a report of tbe
facte, together with the estimated cost of
repairing the building. , ' " '-'
None of these things could have been
satistactorily done while the Legislature
was in session. Half tbe time, the absence
the members of these committees would
have deprived one house or the other of the
necessary quorum to do business, and yet
Mr. Attorney General West, by bis decis
ion, bas made the discovery, tnat no pay
can be allowed tbe numbers wbile thus
neglecting their own business to attend to
that of the State.:. And that, too, after full
pay bad been allowed and paid, in similar
cases, by almost every. Republican Legis
lature that bas met since that party bad a
name emong the political organizations of
the SUte.:f; ; ,tf r :
Verily,. Attorney General West is a sec
ond Dasiu. corns to judgment.
Radical Retrenchment and Reform.
Among the items of interest to the tax
payers, included in tne retrenchment
schemes of the Radical, leaders Ja Con
gress, the New York Times names as a
part ot the programme for instantly de
veloping the resources of the country for
the -purpose of paying the national debt,
that ten or twenty millions are wanted to
build a ship- canal around Niagara Falls;
must have large subsidies for ocean
steamerf ; three or four Pacific railroads
must be instantly finished; we must buy
Cuba,: Lower California and Mexico, and
carry out a great variety of great projects,
to get the means to pay our debt, which
now greater, in the way of interest paid
than ever before' exacted by any country
the face of God's earth.' - ' '' "
Besides -these, the Times might have
enumerated the getting npofan Indian
war, by the massacre of friendly tribes,
and the refusal on the part of the army
officers and Government officials to carry
out treaty stipulations, and the resolve of
the bondholders in Congress that the whole
debt ' be paid in gold this latter alone
adding eight hundred million dollars to the
burdens of the tax payers. ':
The majority of Radicals in the present
Congress is sufficient to pass any plunder
scheme it pleases, even over the veto of the
President. In the next Congress that ma
jority is largely reduced, and the Tribune
bids the country remember that the main
hope of tbe plunderers ' is to crowd its
schemes of depleting the Treasury through
the present Congress. "The " next eight
weeks," it says, "are bur dead point ol
If, as 4b Federal party in tneaaysoi
Hamilton used to aver, and as Jay Cookk
hired a writer to prove, a "national debt is
national blessing," the people ol theUni
ted States are more blessed than any people
on earth, and the blessing Is in a fair way
being magnified to an untold amount.
A wbitkk in the Washington Evening
Express says that shortly after the break
ing off of effort to avert the dire catastro
phe ot War, a gentleman who had free
access to the private office of President
Lincoln repaired to the capital of South
Carolina and deposited with a high official
that State a, manuscript proclamation
by President Lincoln, duly prepared and
ready for bis signature, announcing to the
American people, that rather than plunge
the country into Civil War, tbe Executive
Government of the, United States ac
quiesced in ; tne dismemberment of the
Union. With this was a column editorial,
in slip form, with corrections supposed to
be Mr. Lincoln's, reciting freely tbe words
oi the instrument, vindicating the Execu
tive act, and challenging for it the ' ap
proval of the . American people. It is
claimed that tbe reason it was not Issued,
was the intense feeling caused by the tiring
on Fort Sumter,? we have no doubt that
bad not the people responded as they did
to tbe President's Proclamation calling for
seventy-five thousand volunteers, imme
diately after the firing on Fort Sumter, the
South would have been allowed to with
draw from the Union and set up for itself.
That Sumter affair always seemed to us a
mllii.nD case to try the temper of the
Northern people. , , ... .
OPicaf eating has greatly increased in
Maine since the enforcement of the pro
hibitory liquor law. t
WASHINGTON. General Grant.
- - day
evening fnn-BaUlaaere,. whet9 h wiH
remain until Thursday, and then leave for
Phtladetpbia, se)nltng-yw-YearjHy
wo inner city, mere urani wm oe tne
guest of MWAlHrt.lt 1 I
The Financial Question.
.SenaterJ)lorte is preparing reply!
AerbanjiewEpapers which. liave.assailed
recent speech. Other Congressmen are pre
paring speeches. pu Ihe.flnantial question,
inuDK men uenerai tJwitr,?wno win ep
pose resumption of, pay men
Retiring Army Officers.
NEW YORK, Dec. 25.
A Washington special says: President
JhBsonp4t ldTjBderstood; tntend retiring
all. army .'officers 'overv 63 jiars of ape,
among whom are Adiutaat-Geiieral Lbren
ao Thcmaa, Paj maater Geaerat-Brice a!iid
Brigadier-General Philip St. George Cooke.
Attempted Assassination.
From Information veeied a membef
ot the committee aDDointed bv the late
ConveaUoti at Jacksqii MitA -urge be-
rare uongress tne aamissioa ol uiat state
to the-KJnidii it appear "Sri attempt bas
been made to assassinate General McKee,
who was eeeted-. Representative to.Con
srress for the - 4th ' District of Mississippi.
The following Is the dispatch J - - - t
Bill Hewitt nr Whersattemoted i to
assassinate General McKee, ou the steamer
Lee. McKee was slightly -wounded, and
Hewitt severely.,' Gen.. Dudley, the mili
tary eommander ot the post, is inveatigatv-
Serious Accident.
NEW HAVEN, CONN., Dec. 27.
A train en the Shore Line railroadwben
near Clinton, Connecticut, yesterday noon.
ran into a carriage containing Hi. inowen,
a prominent merchant of this city, bis ton
and another-man. Ilo was very seriously
injured, and bis son bad one foot cutoff.
Confederate Money—Interesting
SAVANNAH, Dec. 28.
The Supreme Court of Georgia bas given
a decision sustaining tbe decision ot a low
er court, which held that tbe consideration
of a note given for borrowed Confederate
money was a good and valid one. Tbe
plea -was the failure of confederation in
that 'Confederate money was an Illegal
money, hot money or any other thina of
The Indians.
ST. LOUIS, Dec. 28.
Cheyenne dispatch, says seventy-1
seven bead of horses and mules have been
run off by the Indians from the neighbor
hood of La Porte since' Wednesday. The
Indians are believed to be from the North
and belong to Red Cloud's band.
Central Pacific Railroad.
A Salt Lake telegram says' the Central
Pacific railroad reached four hundred and
seventy-one miles from Sacramento yes
A heavy storm has been raging here and
west since Saturday.; j i I
David Karmon.'wbo escaped from the
Illinois Penitentiary iu October last, was
arrested here yesterday, and will be sent
back. - i -1 -n
Tunnel Completed.
CHICAGO, Dec. 28.
It is expected that the Washington street
tunnel. connectine tne soutnern and west
ern portions of the city, will be opened to
the public on new xears oay. - xne last
brick was laid this morning. ' Tbe total
cost of tbe tunnel will be $330,000.
The new German Catholic church in
Omaha was dedicated by Bishop O'Gorman
on Christmas day. -"
'' Otto Cristman, a -German , restaurant
keeper of Omaha, -committed suicide on
Saturday. The cause is unknown.
Card From Senator Sawyer.
RALEIGH, N. C., Dec. 28.
Senator Sawyer publishes a letter deny
Ing- the " statement -""Tecently published,
chareinsr' General' W. : T. Bennetr with
bavins obtained bis appointment as Rev
enue Snpeivisor for North Carolina and
South Carolina1' upon fraudulent recom
mendations. . He-also pronounces as false
tbe statement that General Bennett bas
been called to Washington to answer these
or other
NEWBERN, N. C., Dec. 28.
Gov. Holden has issued a proclamation
railing attention to the law providing for
the holding of municipal elections in i-ities
and villages ol that State on the first Mon
day in January. -
Chicago Items.
CHICAGO, Dec. 28.
'Frank E. Aken, manager of Wood's
museum, has leased the new Dearborn
theater that was opened two weeks, ago.
The actors complain of being swindled out
of their wages by tbe bankrupt manager.
Cornelius Urown, a notorious cut-throat
and rufiian,was shot dead on Saturday, by
Peter Uoyle, in a saloon in Lemonc, this
county. - The coroner's iury partially ex
onerated Boyle, and heavy bail will not be
exacted. The deceased had resided twice
in the State prison.
According to mayor inline tne popula
tion ot Muscatine, Iowa, is 9.500, and the
assessed value of property is 93,614 053. -'
About midnight a drunken sailor, U.
Lawson, fell from tbe propeller Trusdell,
anchored at this place, and was rescued
from the water, insensible. He died within
an hour. -: "
Moses Stilson, fifty years of age, got
aboard a train at Cordova, this morning,
apparently well, but died from congestion
ot the brain before the train reached Port
Byron, Illinois. -pi.
ROCHESTER, N. Y., Dec. 28.
Tbe Kellogg House and contents, post-
office and news room building, at Bath,
Steuben county, N. Y-, were burned this
morning. . Loss $50,000. -. . . ,
Memphis Items.
MEMPHIS, Dec. 27.
A negro named Lewis Street shot another
named C. Cox, on Pigeon Roost road, yes
terday, killing him instantly. Street was
firing the pistol recklessly. Cox asktd him
to quit, when be turned and shot him
through the bead. He was arrested and
lodged in jail. . -
On Christmas a negro named John Bell
was murdered and robbed by another
named George Biggs, near Bartlett, on the
Memphis & Louisville railroad, and then
placed tbe body on tbe track, where it was
run over by a train. He then proceeded
to the house of Wm. Miller, set his bouse
on fire and concealed himself behind a
rosebush with an axe, and afterwards con
fessed a purpose of killing Miller when be
came out. He was discovered and traced
in the snow by citizens, black and white,
and hung to a tree.
Geo. R. Rutter, President of the late
Tennessee. National Bank, was arrested
yesterday by an officer from Nashville on
charge of embezz ing school funds of the
State to tne amount ot near three buudred
thousand. Some rich developments are
expected in connection with the matter,
iuvolviog officials high in authority. lie
was taken to Nashville last night for trial.
A Horrible Confession.
NEW YORK, Dec. 28.
In LaFayette, Sussex Co N. J, a widow
White made a confession just previous t
her death, on Saturday, wbih horrified
the town.. Being a member of the Metho
dist Church she sent tor someot her fellow
members to attend her in her dying hours,
and to them she confessed that about seven
years ago she poisoned ner infant ehild and
that it ditd, and a year afterwards she ad
ministered poison to ht-r husband's father
He too died. Later still, on tne return f
her husband from the army, she dealt lo
him also a fatal poison. . The woman h.ui
borne a good character. The reason as
signed for making this dying confession
was her desire to rid her conscience of this
load ol crime prior to her death. She was
perfectly sane up to tbe time of her de
Death of a Veteran.
Major Wm. Taylor, one of the veteran
of 1813) ditd at his residence in Franklin
avenue, Brooklin. ol general debility. He
was a toldier iu the war ol 1812, and also
in the Mexican war. He was, atthetlnje
of his death, 74 years' old, and leaves a
wife and child, the latter one year,- old.
Gen. Grant's Cold Shoulder to Aspirants.
piranta. y !
It is' stated that Gen. Grant expressed
himself opposed to turning men out of
office merely for opinion's sake. The our
pose of hteadmTnl-tratioowtinteJTa
lul performance ot the duties of his great
"ofBceJ to. see fnt Ufe at f Gsn-rfco tuf? ttmt
-mmesiy -ana economy prevainn tnepuBHc
service, and tnat alltOe. officers are capable
public servjae,baa sboxfoa peculiar fitness
ior ins posKiotu ana -eviaenee oi nis aointv
-to-penormcs functions l-v ttte highest
top fvefejeellenear aadthf kenestt
ions may be it would be improper to dis
place that office rwith one wiio at least
could perform the duties no better.
Gen. Grant's Cold Shoulder to Aspirants. Danish West Indies.
The Tribnne savs tbe Danish Govern
ment Is disposed Jo insist upon the United
Dunes accepting me uanlsb west India
U possessions, barealned for bv Mr. Seward.
BSft Government has accepM JheMHrms
proposed by Seward in behalf of the Gov-
New York Liquor.
A chemical analysis of the brandv and
.-Whisky sold as the Ibadlng hotels-In this
Mt shows thal.-ihey are cauipr-sed. two
i Vbirds Jwater,itti other - one-third - beinu
. 1 - A 1, - t , , "
nun iu, iusii oil ana sugar. i:
letter Hon.
stone, dated August 8th, 1'867, to C. Ed
ward Lester, Is published. He says : With
respect to the opinion publicly expressed
at a period during tne war, that the South
had virtually succeeded In achieving its in
dependence.' I could "not be surprised xr
offended if theexrriS-'ion ol such an ODin-
ion at such a time had been treated in your
work mucn less Kindly tnan the notices I
find on pages 527 and 533. 1 must confess
I was wrong, that I took too much upon
myself in expressing sncb an opinion, yet
tbe motive was not bad.r-ily, sympathies
were then where, they bad long before
been, where tbey are now; with "the whole
American people. - i
Canal Across the Isthmus.
The Evening Post has a report that Mr.
CuHMng bos been sent to Bogota with full
power from our Government to j close the
contract for a canal across the Isthmus.
towards which, it Is said, our Government
is ready to promise a guaranty of a million
dollars. Probably- a part of the sum is
needed to make a survev. -"f'i
'j It is rumored that Cushihg has been ex
amining maps to report upon the most
feasible line for a canal, and that he is con
vinced that the canal must be built at or
very near the line of the present Panama
railroad, and that the Canal Company and
rauroaa company ougnt co De one. 1 1.-.
The Post says-It Is asserted that General
Grant has been consulted about the Panama
bip Canal, and is warmly in favor ot the
8cheme, Iti is said he thinks its speedy con
struction necessary to preserve our com
mercial and naval supremacy and our em
- pire on tne racinc,
Press on the Conference.
LONDON, Dec. 28.
Tbe Times and Standard. In editorials on
the proposed conference to settle the ques
tions at issue netween Turkey and ureece,
BRUSSELS, Dec. 28.
says pros
pects ot tbe conference are reassutlng.
Greece Ready for Sacrifice.
LONDON, Dec. 28.
- .A dispatch from Athens.., dated i last
Thursday, says-the Foreign -Minister of
Ureece haB officially declared that bis Gov
ernment is ready to make any sacrifice for
tne maintenance ol her rights ; ana inue
pendence. - - ' ' v - .-
French Chambers.
PARIS. Dec. 28.
Tbe French Chambers will assemble
'January 18th. . ' .' , :f 'V'A
Steamship Columbia.
The steamship Columbia, which has been
reported missing, has arrived here under
lost her -
Grecians Fleeing.
VIENNA, Dec. 28.
The Grecians are fleeing from Turkey
on account of threatened war. Several fam-
'illes of fogitives have been received by the
people or Komania. i ney hav been warn
ed, however, that they must preserve ab
solute neutrality in case of war, on pain of
expulsion. -.
MADRID, 27, via LONDON, Dec. 28.
' - The Government 1s taking measures to.
Tedoce the budget for the ensuing year.
Emilio Castellar, the well known Republi-
'can,-gays the republic has been morally
lormed already iu Spain, as the Republican
party carried all great cities In tbe coun
try except Madrid, in tbe late elections. .:
The Nankin Affair.
LONDON, Dec. 28.
The Star this morning "condemns! and
Standard approves, tbe recent action of the
isritisn authorities at JNankm.
Sir Richard Maynes, who made himself
notorious not long since by breaking up
Sunday meetings in Hyde Park, died yes
terday morning.
The Porte.
PARIS, Dec. 28.
J-The Con8tltntionel, semi-dfficial orgau,
publishes a telegram from Vienna, an
nounciog that the Porte will decline to
adhere tp the proposed conference if the
terms of his ultimatum to Greece, in the
matter of Crete or international questlous,
are mooted.
LONDON, Dec. 28.
- The following dispatch, dated Constanti
nople, 20th, is received : The proviuces are
entirely trauquii. ine lurki-n cominan
der, Kymil, has arrived before Syra. ;
N. Y. Cattle Market—Dec. 28.
. Receipts of week: 4.000 beeves. 24,496
sheen and lambs, and 21 Oil hos.
BEEF CATTLE On Wednesday ol last
week, at the JNationnl i artls. wbere the of
ferines comprised about 1.800 bead, trade
was without activity. Butchers generally
were very liberally supplied, and holders
being anxious to realize, accepted of prices
Jc below those current at date of last re
port. Extra steers were disposed of at
17lSc; good to prime at 15lGe, and
common to fair at 10(S,14Vc. Dunne the
balance ot the week the arrivals were di
minutive, and but little business was trans
acted. - Piices underwent no chauge of
8ignincance. To-day the market was mod-
eretely active, and with moderate receipts
prices were steady for extras at 17c ; prime
itsCojiee; lairtogooa l518e: ordinary
1314 ; inferior 1012u. ;
SHEEP AND LAMBS DurlnV the lat-
i ter Dart of last week the market was onlv
moueraieiy acuve ior common stock, wnicn
was in lair supply. Heavy and good.
which was scarce, commanded the prices
of last report. , To-day the arrivals are
moderate, with a fair demand, which was
for good to prime'. Prices quite steady at
quotations. t,xtra eneared 77e; com
mon to good 56c interior 44c -
SWINE Almost immediatvly subse
quent to our last report, consequent on
light arrivals, tbe market got- firmer and
E rices o higher, common to prime
eing at 9(a!.10c. These prices were main
tained during the latter part of the week,
when tne market though quiet was linn.
To-day with tbe arrival ot 359 -head and
1,900 at Communipaw, the market was firm,
holders demanding 10c; sellers offering
9c.' " .-,-.--.
There Is' Very -considerable trouble
among tbe RepubltcanVpolHicinns on the
subject of tbe finances some are for im
mediate resumption ot specie payments;
some for resumption a couple ot yeais
hence, and others forf an. indefinite post,
ponement of resumption. Better at
once adopt Mr. Pendleton's plan and thus
lighten the taxes and relnvlgorate the pros
perity of the country.- '
-. Senator Harlan has just written a card,
stating that it is ' untrue ttiat Seuator
Chandler could at any time be charged with
drunkenness, and that during tbe latter
part of his Senatorial service he has ab
stained entirely from the ue of intoxicat
ing drinks as a beverage. The Cleveland
Leader (Radical) coutrovwu i-U statement.
New Advertimesents
The. Ohio Statesman has as
larger Cfrcnlatton than any pa.
per published In this City or Cen
tral Ohio. Advertisers will bear
this In mind.
He oil h "xaqiiJ If
A ' HIW'
COfllPI.F.Xf:,! COAL
i COOKING STOVE. corabipiDca laree or,
fikod bakiu! mlitie. beauty of daticn. cftnotny
of I'nel. and oheaDness. for sale bv the maDUfao-
torera. who hate a final line ot-Weod '.coking
.-torenand Hollow-ware. Ktf.v t.,
. dec23 eodlm-T , ' -, . .. n " r. SOSorth High&t,
y- Sherift's Sale;"!1"
John P. Traboe et al,
etal. ) Court of Common Fleas of
, rraiiklio count j, O
Alex M. Trabne et al.J .S In Partition"
1 sale in the abore stated case from said eosrt
to iae direoted, i will offer for rale at .the idoor of
tbe court bouse, in tbe oitj of Columbus, Ohio, oa
Saturday, 'the 30th idav'of !,Tanuary, A
:jvr iijiii'v .;iir.)..186fV,,rrt-- p'.fiaii :
at S o'olock P. M., tbe followins: described real es
tat. ' e-wi tne same Deinsj annate in f ranklin
township, countj of Franklin and estate f Ohio,
bnd bounded and described as followr. to-wlt:
Beainning at a stake on tbe margin of the Scioto
river, beina tne eoutneast oomer of tbe Trabn
survey No. 630; running thence on the sonth line
nf said enrvey south 84 degrees,, 3 minutes: west
ST eo-iuu voles to a stake: taenee nortb 40 decrees.
25 minutes; west H'4 80-100 poles to a stake; thenee
north 64 degrees, 30 minutes, east 40 4-100 poles to
a stake in the margin of the river; thence down
the river with tne meanders thereof sonth 15 d
areas, east 11 poles and 60-100, south S degrees,
is minutes, east u e-iuu poles to the beginning,
eontaining 20 aores. 1 rood and 38 poles.
. Terms One-third easb in hand on daiv of sale.
one-third in one year and one-third in two years
trom an? oi aaie, oaoa payments sec area. Dy mort
gage on tne premises sola.
. Appraised ftt.S5.000. ,r ::. t-jtu- ' e,iki.
Printer'! fee 13.75 , . "
. k i ei7-ti : ::t rr-i ' E. GAVKR,
Coroner, aotiDg as Sheriff.
By J. S. Bfll, Deputy. . jti. . ':
UbisxlA Mayo. Att'ys. deo28-dltwtd
' Sheriff's Sale.' -
Joseph Wittmani j; -- In attachment. .
ts Court of Common Fleas of
Henry Usurer J - , ,. rranklin county, O.
X from said eourt to me direote-t, I will offer for
sale at publio auction at the door of the eourt
bouse, in the city of Columbus, i ranklin eouaty,
vnio, on .
Saturday, the 30th day of January. A. L
r H .iliii-ii!.-:. -'1869,1 i
st S o'oloek P. M.. the followiDe dercribed real es-'
Ute. attached, as the property of Henry Maurer, de-.
ienaaai. to-wit: ...
Lo Nos. 11. 18.13 14.15118. If 18. 19. SQ. 81.39.
.n a, "K 9A 1. IV 4o An ai An .9 . r . m
47, 48! 49 50 61 2) 63, 54, 55, 66. 67. 68. 59 and 60 of
rianry naurei-s adaKion to lueoiiyo! Cutunibus,
i raniuin county , unis.
.. -. B,GAVER. '
Coroner, acting as Sheriff.
Printer's fees (8.25 - i .&,:.-.
. Dbkssl A Mato, Att'ys. dec38 dltiwtd
THE fift edition of Ok HrNDMD Thourakd
of-Vice's Illustrated Cataloouk of
Skeds and Ouipk in thk 1loek Oakden is
now published. It makes a work nf 100 phci
beautilnllv illustrated, with about 150 Fine Wo
Enrravines of Flowers and Vegetables, and an El.
egant Colored Plate, , . t ,. .
T. a ., .t t.aan.;rnl mm wall .0 t,m Sn
structive Klorel Guide pu)Hvbed. eiviDg plain and
thoronah directions tor tLe Clii.1 UKJ1 ot ILUW.
Tbe Floral (juide is published for the benefit of
my customers, to whom it is sent tree without ap-
plicatinn, but will be torwarded to all nn apply
by mul. for Uen Cents, wmch is not rit tne cost
Aaaresa . itv.
Rochester, IS. Y
decl4-deod3t&weow3w-NT-a , i ,
A full stock of Condray's. Rommel's and Lubin's
xtraots and romades, i , i '.
No. 254 North HiajU Street, '
deell-eodlm ' COZVMSVS, 0BIO?
i era. Brokers. Publishers, stationers. Print
ers, Companies. Lawyers. Arohiteeta, Schools,
Clergymen. Cirenuus, fnces Current, jetten,
Qaotations.Catalogaes. Musio, oranv documents or
draminas may be obtained at the following extraor
dinary, cheap prices! 1U0 copies, fao simhies, of
any document or drawtnc lo., ; tuu copies, co;
l;0H0 copies, $8, Aa.; 100.000 copies, 44oO, or 50 per
cent, upon t-e abore prices may be saved by using
VI aurioes Patent. Antographio Printi eg Press, lor
Offina.4- Pnblishers. tstariouers. Printers, bchools.
Coaipanies, 4c. Price 80. A young boycan s'rike
off 100 copies, letter size, per hour, of any dooo
mert, drawing, music, with the greatest fa-ility.
Maurice's Patent; States Rights are sold at dioderate
price4.. Public experiments each baturaay.
N.B. All kinds ot Lithosraphio work are done
with the greatest care at tne lowest imteu Maur
ice's Patent Antosrapbie and Lithoaranhio Print
ing. Writing and Engraving Establishment, ID
North William atraet,Kt York. , i ::
decl7 d3tawly TNr ;
cubed -with
The only Infallible and Harmless Femedy.' Can be
given with nr without tbe patient's knowledga.
KeadOr. Johnston's Treatise on "Drunken-
ness, its Conseanences and Cure." Try
. the SPECIFIC, and be eon- ;,.. '
. ,!"llhl-,l it : .
pleasant preparation oreates no voroitiof after ita
ase. Tobaeo need not be discarded all at occe,
for the Compound destroys the desire gradually
enapositiyeiy. ... ,- . - : ;
- Proprietor. Columbus, O.
.Dr. Barton's Tobacco Antidote.
LVABaaMTfrD to axwora aix pasiaa von ToaAcco.
Ml MSuM and AanMeM, and is also ma excellent j
ii punHm ana enrwu ins oinoa, mTigoraiei
Twavesses creat mMiriibinar aod atrenatheniDan
r, analUps tbe stomach to digest the heartiest foodmakes
sleep retaealllila-. and aatataisaea roouat aeallh.
and cAevA for lixtv veara cm red. Price FiftvAents
box. iot llree. Au iuterestias: treaUse on tuft injurious
effects of toOBCCo, with lists of testimonial; references.
jatfi aajiT rant. Agents wanted. Addresf
iv- a. Ik. ASK). 1 , mxtj .Ikjj a. W.
TfjwnASTBa'ii Tkvi m ont. I rcceivrl a box of BartoB0
Antidote trora Rot. AM. Poalion, d find ft a. eFeetutU
tstcru. 8. GATSHia, CcmnoticyUiixtiAOD Co., Ohio.
moA rappl of iix Afl tViot . Ih on recei red Kcu don
it work BUMKLT. O.JT. EDOAE.
lnflaenc brre harioc beea cited of lb appetite for tobao
eo by OBlntT Dr. Burton's VitMpte, we de&iro a tuppl foe
i thopriiouerB of thit InrtltjnloD.X
A BaitkbrI TBTnytxr. DrBnrton Antidoto for
Tobacco has accompli mned all daitnfor iL h
W. UASjflBt Nat. KnkNrw Albany, Ind. '
eard mj brother Vnd myolt It KETKYrAtLfl.
fiAH trc rmAtm Hia doit a rtxr s . LrkN. Uarr.
' avt gained hirt-ftvir pound of jtWA 4n cArV month br
viias Dr. flnua't AntidH, and ail dtvwe f tobacco m
nmoTed. ... wn. j wun,.!.
Wttnttifntm flmrrtmaff Hon JocRKAL.
Un atia hn nf RiirtOTi'ai Antidotsi rtmnwrd ail
mil ojtrrwdera. T. T. Slater, dil
hsa wsaVsi rmtm RaaiL.- I tmk """- III rocoinmnni
i Trademark X GopyrigJUsd. '
nContit,n! Beware of loiarious Counted
feiu advertised by Ham bogs. vl :
dot 30-d 4 n 3 moe-PNT
For iuTenilefl. 8aturdT afternoon. frnm 2 in s
P. M GentUmen'i eveDins clasi At A MROK
HALL, 23d inbt., at 8 o'clock f. M. octU
I wr j. Wl ' .j , If
a -Mi : , , nJ
VS U'v- -r 4 r v, 4k
U,;u. . AL
sinM'i link'nV fiiTm3- id !.
.1-. miriMj aiajitvn rf..o.Dn1 bem
w t
t is A . O
S-'o'.a .eiilifiadw '1 la-i-ul. rinlnll .t
04 Tl
.A iaicoqi m r-.. U tmii has ,ieaoi)
''- rejc t-io .wo-! ,-ei---('j erii i, j
H .wo .lwr,f ,ri'H dlo JJ oti .. r.nirll
Vh rtluoK tsS wail bua
-tl fif,r
. w'l
) Ml
I t lOM lAOiTJ.
.1- jjc Lima ti
if.-, if. it:
,fiJJ . I-1''. 1 .,1 .'. .
k c. EMM. km
1 1-
, - i 1 !i J
':i i 1 1? Hi.
'U.:.v! ct liv:s . i
V . A tttt.t
aloiimi' ;,.
. M til' -Hflf .It r y '
1 1 T i ft
tir . il
a A .J S. 1 1
. Ua.S.l.t
ii?rt ;
lilt .
- " " . I T 7 '
.if. eCiMt .i ' J
4ie-ii .ci'-t f.it'i a. f. 1 i
Tj. IiIa ii . i I j
I.KMrf! a . s..o-- V e
,:.?- j:n I .
j .- tt rl
a . aa Jai
Call early and nialte met
"t ton is,
sSO . aasB tO get
- clioloe
Large '
tii'J I I JW
- a.Lr 1
..j:. 9tui.utKi
i i- "i .. ja .:. j
j a
yirlh )( X.
;t t. it .-if. f
1 a
eiii JTi.
r-jemtmss i mm num
, il .
i Al
A 1 S A
..! i
" 1
rVliicli is novr ooiripletci in
every; Department. ! "!,
i it ft II UTO -y :
. 7 :iiiil.i - -i
' -e-.l
- ".O Oi ...
, ::JJ91
1 5
oftered than oan
.liad.elaewhere. .
i ? ir. t ,
.... .1
.V li'U I,
irs :!
" -. .1.
.! r-i
'A 90 ,
j ul TO.
' Li ,J.
. 3 fi
A ...
B-jTsf iaflJt A .'
n.: i
IAWD 252
-1 !: la X-4 3C 1 .-.I-;'- !iT
i I. . i.o-ffvsi s. i,Li,uiasa
1 fc-b-Hjeb
.k v.
ii i.-jui:!.
, awl.
South High Street.
febT sodly
M Im- m a mr I . .
, WW At ms J J A mm W WK
Sale," iLost,t ((Wants, ('Feainat,
'HearaJgintc, sset xeeedlnnsr f-istla t
Ilnee, pnlsllalieel fa tai. carl at aw at fa.
iO Cents esacb laarm.a.
WAWii'.KV; rVr tiri. Apply a Collisr'S
. !n' Unrl -Factory. 13S S. Hiirh St.
mmr,. :.at- ;.v-?mrmmA.
contains IS rooms. 4 garrers, and S oellar, arid ia
I manner. 1 alio offer for sale in utiwir r i.rj
Vl!raVlSf'1S- lt0,h! V,Ptber store in the
AN.Ta-TV4awnrr a ,u r
eVl'Vftli,000,'t"r'f''r tbe sale of the
MwkmnbmA add fcat'titch)
" ? ior full particulars call on
t Urn W.lJ.lOl JWN AGKK,
dec.dlw ft.1
M ta-aW tv Obi f
FJrst week ofjthe greatest 8enjatlonAc1
sua asjtsj - .
ma 'io n 'm
r See Progratriri.
... i. l lit.
fleadstr aMMlet astn. 1S8S.
.?t d-jf, :j: Betwaaf theafroritei,-n I "
t, -If rf?"1B07.w1t?,' fttT T Cearned
Birds, Perfojnuog White Vice, and Trained Kos
sian Cats. -- - - .
8ATURU Y- AF1 BllNIJON. January ii, for tbe
accommodation f Hhoola. whiob ooeation each
Child will reeekre a Present. s ... ... ...
Admission,'" H cents;; Reterved't,Seas;' SS, oents
ramuy iicKers. admitting Six persons, $1.00. Adi
,'' aHi-hildre- oents. .JLdnlU.
I. Doors O' en at 1 n'rlnrW M i m.,., . a
iS cents.
1 1 J. F fnr.ti.JiA3, vasaser,
- dee-dt r
Whereby, tbe -airoulation of the blood becomes
equalised' upon the part' wbere applied, causing
pain and morbid action to cease. j . -
Was there aver publiihed itarooser evideaet than
tbisf-4- rf-" auwiw -j-.
Certificate f roos VP Sterlistft-, Eaej.
for two years X hai-a been: a creat sjnfferer from
neuralgi ia the-head, and found -only teaporary
relief from all the various remedies that I hav
tried, until I applied e of VALLCOCK.'S FO
KOUS PL4STliS.'',I mi U into three) strips,
placing one noder each shoulder blade and the oth
r over- the srcair of my baci. and for tbe past
three months I have had searcely a twisge of the
old pain.:. 1 Advise all who aaffer from nervous dls-
aasee te Inee sje time im saasaes; svteiei-ef the won.
derfnl plaster r , ,t. . . -r .it
- - A. F. BTfcKLINQ, Seo'r Singer Vfk Co.
New York, June 8, 1P68. . , . 4 , , T
Pjinoipai: Agency. Bbahpkktji Hovn. New
York. , Sold by all druggists. v r-.. !..j
' iunelS-dAwljcm-reKT
- AH1-
PRO VENCE. R. I., h Ting the largest; mann
factr'ry '.'So 8 .. er in the world, with
the most ruproved mach - 'y. and employing the
most skilled labor, ere enabled to offer n nn
equalled variety of ne" and beautifo4 designs In
Dinner Services, Tea - e-Vicas. and very- article
specially adapted for y -Jiiisy and Bridal tiifts.
They offer also their well-known and unrivalled
Nickel Silver Electro-Plated Ware, in which the
have introduced new patterns of rare eleganoe.
The .Solid Silver is uaranted to he f sterling
purity by U. S. lint assay. -The Eleotro-Plate i
guaranteed to be superior to the' finest St effiel
ware. Orders received frem the Trade only, b
these goods may be obtained from responsible
dealers everywhere. "
Trade Mar ;
for - !
- Silver.
I in' or
a. Ammm.
. Kalenroom Mau1.nl.ui. V V
nov5-criw4X-J, nr
: 4Tiiwnrr . luiun'U vang!
Is the offspring of s greaWsct.1 'Ho one can think
of denyiug that his. . .
Brings out a finer BRuWrf or BLACK .tian any
othetvia ahotfrtiiee. and iUinetenjaiyAto the
hair. This is a, truth, as apparent as that the sua
lights the eartk,Gji- J
AND BBAOTIPIEK Tbe toIlet.-VltItof this ar
ticle, lacks its mot useful attribute. Nothing is
eomatoe isreHs eew a U y eg thwfalliug wukof the
hair. , The preserv-ktiv prevent it. The fibres eaa
no mbre looMn and drop off, if this article is regm
larly applied night and morniog, than if eaen were
fixed in vie j. - TJhe teati atony on .thia' point is
evewhslming, while-the beaatifyinar and invigora-
p'r .tKrties of the fluid are eqoally well established
Sold by Druggists, and applied by all Bais Ureas -
en. Manufactory no. es Maiden. mne. mneipai
Depot No. 6 AstorHonse.4 ' a.o .a. J
'-i i anelA-dA wl rem- re NT
Dr.Tebla' Vessetiusa Uorava sLlatt-
. i. 4a. X C i auesatA
Pint bottles, at $V for the cure ofTamene
scratches. wind galls, sprain s.Tjrufses, spliqts, cuts,
colio, slipping stifle, over-beating, enre throat, nail
in tbe foot. Ae. It is warranted cheaper and bet
ter than any other article ever offered to tbe'pnblie .
TbonsAndsof animals have been eurad of theeoiie
arhTTtirg bKthe- iAni !; jsssi fcsmdreds
that were crippled and lame have been restored to
their former vigor It 1 ttsed by the first horse
men throughout the States. Orderaare constantly
received from tbe. racing, stablea.ot Eeajsind for
fresh nppliea f tbie- invalaable article.' Over
2.500 testimonials have been received." ' Remember
one dollar laid out in time majr Aave the lire of
your bene. Sold by all DruggisU. Offiae.JO Park
Pleoe; e York. U;;W..ti i .
Junel8-dAwlyoni-rewT JjJ .
i i FHUf tVelUnAl
DR. A'. M. "WlLLIAMHr West BroadwaV. nsv
3ih street. Columbus. Ohio, ha devoted himself
ere series of-jeers to the treatment of.oorain pn.
v te diseases. He may bseeosnlted at. bis effiw
Broadway, near tbe Kxehange Back
majjl-tr . .
lllfll OO II . A-SD AH Ka
aVI 1UUTH restored in four weeks.
restores mah.lv powera. from, whatever eaoae ari
sing; tbe effeota of earl petnieioas faabiie, self-
abuse, lmpeteney and climate, give away avonce to
this wonderful medicine, if taken regularly aocord
ina to the directions (which are very simple and re
quire no restraint frose business or pleasure J Fail
ure ia impossible, fceld in bottles at tX er four
ouantitie. in one forts. Toiehad only of tbe sole
appointed -agent in America,- H. OlaiTMN, ST
Third Ave.. eenieciatk-Stlieir York. ,
J MT-jy2T-ll7r.j..t, . fix m l
Itl rmmmlAi. Hmm. tmA nmm tit IIB. ClTRTIS.
The "MedioaJ limes' ears ot this work: 'ibis
valuable treatise on the eanse and -ewre- Prema
ture decline, shows how-health is impair! through
secret abuses of youth and meabooe, ead how
easily recained 4t eivee -dear ?..-pw.or me
impediments to marriage, tneoae am -etrects of
r..n. H.hiiit. .iiitki iwmedreethss-efer.' A
Docket edition ef the ebove .will be forwarded on
Jreceint of ii cent, by addressjng Uoeei-LiuATis
JiOi 8 Nortb Charles street, .Baltimore, aid.
era may-w-aiy-r - .
nirrHltOB'S. UAlKi.
DYiijr- This
XJ splendid iiaii Dve ts the beet in the world ;
the-only true end perfect- fere reermlees. reliable
injtantaneotisf BOdiaappotritinent I e -ridiculous
tialas rsaaediee theiU eaaotA anT bad dreg A invig
orates and leavea the Hair soft and a arfifah black
er OEOw. -itobt by all llrugaists and ferlumers ;
i nrarmrla annliaai a rlasahnsnrB W rw- Fartnrv
no. is Bond-streeA, n. Jtorsu rNT apna a wit
" I SATS beard it highly extolled and have seen fli
wouderful effects'wrltei' "Uartba 'M jjofcason cf
Derby, Ct.. about Palsner'AiUtteo. '
1J serai-dawiyTrn-r-1 ,J' - '- . .
lt dji'Jl'sjH'i'J'i
""'Op'THi' CITl OP AtW TOa-. . .
No,. 3i i Wratwtvvay,.
Cap.taj, OitMiiliotrl llarf.
!.- H MAeti Wes'tf,' jA.MRiii.,See,y.
' ReaMves Deposi a and allows FOUR PER UE NT.
IN T KKJist oa AU ixulf Ualaneees sakjeet te oheek
Asiglit-'.Hse'i Depoe ts fog ti aaisntka at more,
mas he made at fire per cent. . Tbe Capital et One
ill Mod Ooilers ie divided among over AooKh.
holders. eomprisinc many genUemenof lane wealth
and financial ezpeneaee.. wbo are also personally
liable to depositors for all obligations of the Com
panr to double tbe amount of their capital stock
As the National Trust Company receives deposits
in large or small amounts, and permits tbem to Hw
drawn as a whole or in pa t by check at, sight and
without notice, allowing interest on all J.Ti. k.i
aoees, parties thronghnut the country can keep ac
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