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December 29, 1868.
..... ,W Boys In Blue, yon are hereby or-
evening. Dec, SO, at 7, o'cioc-.ior wswi
action of important business, tomi?
J. B. MILLER, Adj't.
rsrlVJIijnBtitO hire a tedy fcTrual
1 kui, .nrf hair work. See advtrtiae-
JffPWTJrr.! TT'f ""IIT U
" --fiiVCTfy1 C tf01 k""" changed
l,;t!:rfl.H i.
1 A tar UeaWa.bttru8t oV yesterday
O lTr:jl.l tt KT9aA''VAaA 'arid 1 toWmhlD
murDOSeS. .e.u,iMBWaa jo ----- I , H -J
T wept1 rryMrdayna'fc , OavvieUee JU?,
a. . i i.'-"" . al . v Jii.tVAlTWl r
w m iW" Jim rop:
rnriAi-.se 2hat iaaies'rorBW
uiiru win
lo etwa-ibi ai nieii enw vf' " " "Si'ti1 -Vl. it. rViaJ
Pskbohai- Col. Sam
W.TT a"-
fall, this evening,3 whtcll7ec.soh the
uard4'wlttb4prew:w'8 W
-7.3 tote1ratfHnft"y'1"r
o promise tM a no cm am )
i MTfTrtj.-Cbariesl 'Howardy erged
x,irttlvtHDgTnBdrsWrt andrawers
; - from 'Harmon's clotWng"torl,J3outh
SitiVHlgh atreeW waa! fined: $10 n4 iw JH!
i?,;terday morntag, Vnd," W.dftfaril Vaa born
..Ihltted. f Aft wner la wanted or-lhflTur
Tait rooUar fooad on' blin yTiep'ds'tresed,"
lo ftv.-irTwvm Bochdabt The faeces-
'y ("Pen and jUt were, flle4 he See-4
retary of. State's 'office 'jeslerday; for the!
extension of Jhe boundaries of the.corpoij
te limits of the Incorporated ijiuage 01
4 warren, XrumDuiiiCouniy. ii'"u
jodd!tfoB adds about 1700, feet tonhe(CO
. "' Poration In each direction. j
.erICVAli-There-" wllt ia: ai festival at
m Mtv Pleasant Hisslon ChurchvtbU Jf.venlng.
Cli imJiB.MMAedandallirleDd8 are
nn.t tor& Op and see this new and
handsome shnrclr,-and give it ibev-encou-iiragement
ot .their presence. It Is situated
D f law sqnarei north of the Stliallroad
atobles, on tiig
Ubles, on High street.
Imfrotinq-M1m JKjng, the girl whose
it r xhroaS BilIU attempted, to cut, aardetalled
la by as -yesterday.trlmprottflg Somewhat,
though still very weak from loss or bjood.
,l:r HU1U sticks manfully to tlw story that be, U
.fa: nart. thouch no one ber.eves.bloa.1 He
Will have, a hearing on Baturday.if iMlss
King, be sufficiently
recovered 'to appear
. irrf-A; Dawokbous CouNtaFErr.--We learn
w from an exchange that a '.most dangerous
counterfeit five dollar? treasury Bote is In
i clruHlatloiuIt 4s : eald, that 'te , easiest
.w!mi(mf detention' Is- bv tb'irren''orna-
i'.lihe cbunrfeft is of a paler coloi1, And con-
' BeqaeHtryhat a brighter look than the dark'
: Jfreen of the original. fe 0i.4 . wSW, oJ
r- 'l JWqtod jsot APPEAB.J-Mrt. BakeT; j the
Si wife of Isaiah Baker, who' epjoyed j W
I; Irteasurt of a beating at the hands of- ber
a lora ana master eo Sunday nlghf; refused
to appear against ttm" andhea idis--charged.
He-was fined 10, however, ba a
1 'charge' of ylslting a nouse bf in-Tame. The
abused! jvifa, 'procured "the" indney to pay
the flnel Oh,"Wbjai a heart Is a woman's. .'
i.u V JktnrT-The Manaerf tne BinkJ
'"" "wtehapoldgise to thei 'rjaUnfl for the
manner in which the gas went out so sud
denly last evening, and wish, to sUte that
tt was cawMacoWenUlly.iAftbe Ice was
-acij'in poor cooditlon-the belt waarang a little
esrlerhnU8uar bV.cl,?-ritr8 lr?e Vdl
thft skaters dift pot leave promptly, uiey,
wishing to turn the gas down low, accl
',f4entailjitured lt;conipletely off. !
Vags. Officer 'MeEwen-on - Saturday
. flightarrested-Job Culbersont Geo,Redgers
8ia And Tames Smith", "as vagrants, wbomhe
found loitering around the city in a suspic-
-louamanoerWhen-iaskeawhera, tney
'"lived; th-pokesmaa of the party replied
ln .Colambus.i. Jn answer to the question
r lajriat part of ihe city they resided, they
mreilojEGBeen.atTee:tJLi. There being
no doubt abpnt-their being dead beats, the
X Mayor. flaee them $f each aad U default
thefliaTiimerctlf: t
inir transfeci.oCreal estate were left at the
jxecoroer's pmce on yesteruay ; i t
yi J.aa. Icvauu. auu fcw j,-. - K?h f,-
Dec. lStTiiloSNo.Sof Bartlit, Hubbard A
SmAth'a addJUoa-tAh elty-ot Columbus;
for 2.r00.'. . , ...r- i
John W. Baker andjWlfe.to.Ellaabttb;
VI Ehodea, Aug. 37, 1867, lot No 115 of KWg--
-wa'ysaddItioh to thecity pf Columbus, tor
John Bhodea and wife to David Ned row,
n,Marc26U16f, No? U5 pf -Eidgway's ad
i drthm to the city of Columbus, for f 310. -
GontikbedC The ease of James E. Cams,
itiir, young ihan-abdut 13 years oldVcharged
with robbing Patrick Smith of 46 oi the
highway "near. Fran kli ton, was continued
.until clok"Thur8dj:fejWonJ It
; seems that Cams atf another poy, about
nu age named .J,9nn a. rerrin, unowuig
tUat Smith had considerable money on his
persop', imd 'seeing that he was somewhat
).Vthe worse for; bensiaei followed him out; on
if tboTpad 'and'khocked bifn; dpwn' with a
atone, 'laey- tnen Beat sw smcii' ne was
. senseless and ft went tbMnghj.'J.hJIa Dockets,
Perrin left the city on the ears on Satur-
J day "night; after the 'plunder was divided
Resolutions or, TaaskS.-r-At a meeting
of the' German Butchers,' , Association, of
Tnnslln nnty't held on Saturday evening
S t peJ2BtB tte folio Wfngpreanible and
runli'iilnn wra nnahimouslv adoDted :' f
WLEKXAsiiThe peoplsJof iCtolumbus so
UDerauy patronised in is Association i on
last Tuesday whea che kad their Christ
mas beet tor-sale at tbeir stand in the
oi Market Houee,-thereby ahowlogtheir sym
pathy witn us, tnereiore be it '' t
.n!J i R,Joe7l'That the heartr and alnfcere
K -4tbanksot the rGennaa Butchers' Associar
S . tion beV.and they are fhereby jreturued to
' 'thai nunMiHvA p.iifitnraerB and natron. -
R, nnrioaof the Aaauciatlonu. . . ' .. -M
i CbaS' KcEBJiHEBLE.Pres't.n-atenk
;w'.A-CHASv'WiEW,8ec7,"; --' ?rTi '.
u u Galoot jaECOBD.-.CoBsldjirlBg that we
'.u '." in the taldst of tlte holidays, thegaloot
''TJa-tt"5t'e, '
.ju DGotlefbBeodefwas on a beeder on Safcj
.iraviaighli aGofielb was fired with a dis-
3,i,poslM6Tl to sroaslJff;hfp'gs'aHe wa arrested-
, la his mad career ana nnea i, wuica ne
.( j Paid. ;-.!- t .,.,( ,T;n:i-a'i .KiiiLJ .if . K
'Bella faster, a social evil, wno smoites
cla, ;plp,,W..beri.laiud 'rnUt"
jnakes erselfdgweablewai pwujtted
In default of payment of $5 and costs, j '
Jacob BobowasJou a drunk. Jacob's
vras a plalnrnestnpratending drunk.
He WMflned"tlia'une tending sum of 91
, and eostsA He, eoulda't.'pay it, so Bobo
bammeretb i ft .'..; ; ,t i
Wm. Davis' and Anderson' Howard' were
found la a house of ill repuf."' Falling
, loan, the city Treasurer $5 and cosu, they
tiqriiflI7)rf f !8lntMei a
I bones of animals under the 'soles ot tn
' Th Ajt Sxatoriai.; The Rlhk. wm
warad' with )adles anel i gentlemen j yes
terday and last nlzhfr. The ice-was ia -ex'
cllejit condition, and all who attended re
ceived every attention from the polite and
genial managers-. We noticed a large aum
ber of oar most prominent and distin
guished citzeni present last .evening and
M Fas, jndeed; : tappr' carnival lot, fun
if Of DOUtHtoliaodyoiln folks, v
Where the Rhine
Branched cut in many a lour caoal extendi.
"rStarta TGshi fnrfh. ,nj thnr ,VMO t
i UaAonrMMr.g t,kets thoaj dtftwa ways.
in circling poise, ae lain ae toe wioaeiuna. t .
a ne men tj land u maddeaed all to joj.
hecmiffllaoTOrtEhJfBJ cliara-
pion skater of America, are wonderful, and
were receivedjKith shouts of applause and
clapping of hands. It seems almost! im-
0&ihX,tamlcfli ahirtrmroeMotivemeDts
4a e prfWF, ahd 1rt-e(fdTreonsfder-
able faiti toljeUeyp ytheji have,ieen done,
eysri .fter yes tigjrei see then, He Is a
most exttrAHlnryV&fln't! maCbn joe,"
Goodrich is. I :
-Tne? Kealtnirfi a'nkWuWtifc'f xerclse
f.8kaitogB'tajtetfaWii!a-hqld dpon
oar cltlrens, both old and youn.'and. as it
lg iiowHkweU cstebHstlA Jssrttmtion lti our
skating may not be out of place. j
fleets tytbg'Theitfaroiind fbaaailind
then, by the aid of an Iron-shod pole im
pelled themselves' along on the ice in! the
exaggerated tonuageof yeiiclen khfon-
Ickler, ""as swiftly as a -bird flyeth In. the
air, or an arrow out of a crosse-bow."
piaaa Hagous, a, Swedish: jrrjtentlf he
sixteenth century describes the skates
being at that time made of polished
Iron; they were also rudely construct
ed! of iihst httMloiia 6ftl aihp or
stag At .the , same , lerl r also, wjere
wooden i shoes u9ed,i armed -'with Iron
iron. The- wooden skates, shod with steel,
and similar' to those now jn-jjse, bound
arbo-nt the feet andean ties, are generally
supposed to hare teen fa fen ted In (he Low
Countriesand wtkiiiirQcIuced Into Eijg-
lana trom MouanqAii Jihe prese.nl day,
the Dutch, both taaie aod fenaalarare prob
ably the "best ikaterVln Europe. On the
frozen canals the ju'tpj peasant girl skates
to markelvitb previsions on her head, and
the clergyman to His church. We read that
in womnyea, jn. 1SU4, two young women
skated thirty miles In two hours, for, a
prize.? We are also told that in Friesland
it is not an "unusual thing' lor a person to
skate at the rate of fifteen miles an hour;
Our American skaters hve brought the
art to Its present standard of excellence by
their untiring efforts la the practice of the
twenty-four legitimate motions necessary
to be acquired .in the skillful performance
of what is knows a "fancy" 6f 'figure"
skating.. ,( ,a , t ,., u.cv.- . ivi i
Lltively nodanger -trlt the exception ; of
: The dress for skaters should not be too
loosed Boots which lace up and Kt closely
to me anaies arefpreieraoie co any ptner
kind, i The heel should Wibout "an inch
high ana rather broad.. ,V I
urSend he- children totthe Rink te-day?
they will be highly pleased, and you will
K ..11.1.1 Kn" 1. ... ; . i. I . . 1
what bumps .they get from falling down,
bht who ever heard of s hlld belnsf hurt
from learning-to. skatel Skating under
these irau-stance4 is on th same princi
ple ofth Bpeech'of, the' mother,'' wlio when
asked 'by 'her offspring to be allowed to
bathe J In the-; pelucld awater, jOf a limped
stream that went purling by, ejaculated in .
plaiativg tones, feyesbty darliug daughter, '
hang your clothes upon a hickory limb,
bat d.on'rgar pear tUf itfer.7! J T j
Little Willjams. Cbrjstmasday haaw
Come and gone and with it, the pleasures
and happiness immediately attendant upon
it. In a day or two yn biveiTeWi Year's
day. ndTiow we have Ule conun
dram to as ioliiuiooouection. Why is it
that the first month is always" chosen as
the time to present those disturbers of our
peace, known as "iUtle .bills?" !-.';Why are
they not -brought around in December, be
fore good resolutlon8"have been ' made?
We are-afraid that this ancient 'euuom of
3fu'difir5g'in-5rauuary seriously Injures .the
prospects In the next wOrldV.of a.goodj
fany people; it certainly hajhat effect In
this world. The following "pomeJ? tells
the story exactly : 'Jyva
;si y,'OH. the bMl. thoee New Year bills t
What a world of misery
y,2 Tbeir omio ininetilln! - "
A the merohmnt with their qnllll.
-Stack behind their "eare polite."
is.j ho ar!etely invita ? .-.jtj -v-u iii o
Tour kind and prompt attention
r-. i omeir biiUl i . .titT!in rru'Wt
How tney dan, dan. don. I'.si
'Am thev kitullw nrve nrvm
; 1-a our caruaataMenaun. tneir oiessea lime duu.
9-tfajw -da
BoiltB of lBEfcTTV'oRKS. The anuualr
report pttoeparjotPubiic.Work8 shows;
the following! facts $ The various public
wsirK8areiu gooa repair.xne. receipts
tor the past" flscat yeat from all sources,
except Rational Road, have, been $ 1,200,
ana: the ..expenses exoiuslve-of . salaries',
$17,227.49. The-table of receipts and ex
penditures bf the National Boad from Nov.
15, 1860 to the year ending Nov.-. 15,'868,
inclusive, show that the average yearly
receipts- during that time Including the
balances -.frot -preceding years, was $22,-
857.21.. The aotual receipts, however, are
about tqoal to rthe 'expenditure th aver
age of which for the same, years, waA$l9,
661.62. The balance in the Treasury Nov.
15, 1863,wac$2,172;87:'Tnereport men
tiohs the filing" of theapplication tor the
purchase of the -WalUooding canal by the
directors: dffte Pittsburg. Tttt, Yernon and
Indianapolis jrailroad. The Board favor
tberaleof -this canal, as it will relieve the
ajcsbccb, nuu cicuiuwiv luc obair. ul. b
heavy expense:
The Catholic Fair. We are pleased to
see the great Interest now taken lathe Fair
for. the ibeneflt of SU JeepbV43atfledral.
Naughton; Hall was - crowded 'agalm last
night and the various articles were dis
posed off rapidly.11 The chances, in the
House, and lot lu Franklin ton are-set all
3ld Hera is A fine chance for invesElient.
The Ice cream'aud oyster tables were doing
a fine bDsiness'The 'vote.on the cane at
the close of the Fair stood as follows j. Wm
Naghtao,'137jt Geo. Wl M?eker,r117-?I. H
Marrow, 67; 1 Donaldson, 99.. The lair
ill continue but two nights longer. The
poles will close at lT o'clock Wednesday
nlbt If , you, wouU enjoy delightful
evenings, ;drop in at Nangbton Hall to
night and to-morroW night,' .. . j
LcoBENiA.-j'Thls'excellent and popular
lUifslontfiV. was g'ree'ted, last night by a fine
audience wb,oi were delighted with his
manyand exceedingly clever and myste
rious" performances."' The distribution of
fpreeotftRreaJs-uttfaWloif.The num
ber drawing the principal prize, a dress-
m&z bureau3.was, ad it, was
therefore awarded, to the next highest num-
vuh uuuiuci w, ueiq p Charles
night ai splendid prOgVamm is; offered
ThePl-aClpal prlaeadH be i bsautltul par
lor lounge. I -3Vecau reeoaimend the en
tefUlnttient Id hlf. hot- iiB( j
New Yeab Presents. Pianos, new 7
octave, for $300. ' Organs,' Melodeons and
all-' kinds" ( smallinstruments." silver
Plated (. Ware, of all 'varieties of style and
cheap. '36 North Elgh street. .
dec23 W i. - Harris & Co.
Council met pursuant to adjournment. ,
Present Messrs. Armstiong, Bergin, Csv-j
ren, Chad wick, Comstock, Donaldson,
Frankel, Gibbons, Janney, Knopf, McAl la
ter, McDonald, Patterson. Belnhard Bosr,
Wall and President Naghten. .
NuVcWk ireid the "iwoeWdinS of the
previous meeting. j
The City Civil Engineer made the fol
lowing report of estimates for wofkg-Q
quired to be done: j !
For building a 30 -Inch brick sewer in
Gay street, from Fourth to Fifth street,
$82811. j
For grading and paving the onpaved
sidewalks, gutters and crossings on Young
street, from State street to Broad trectf
594.2Q. j j
For building a double row flag crossing
across Fair alley at the south side of Chap
el sreet, $3340. j
Mr. Boss presented a petition signed by
Charles Ambos and 43 others, citizens of
West Columbus, asking for the erection of
gas lights from the National Bridge to the
Hocking Valley railroad. Referred to the
committee on Gas and Gas Lights. - j
A communication was received 'from
Tom C. Thurman in regard to the codifica
tion and -collation of the city ordinances.
The communication was placed on file.
Mr. Beinhard from the select committee
to whom was referred an ordinance mak
ing appropriations therein named, reported
the same back with certain amendments.
The amendments, were agreed to and the
ordinance was passed yeas IS.
Mr. Donaldson from the special com
mittee to whom was referred an ordinance
matlnrr a arwwfnl ftavanmAnt for wnrlr rfnnA
on Gay street from High to Fifth, repottad
the same back and recommended its', pas
sage. The ordinance waa read a third
time and passed yeas 15. j
Mr. Boss from the select committee to
whom was referred the plat and estimate
of the City Civil Engineer, for the building
of a bridge across the canal at the crossing
'of Friend street, reported the same back
( with an ordinance to build a bridge aoross
the canal at the crossing of Friend street,
which was read a first and second time,
j tnd referred back to the same committee.
,j Mr. Knopf, from Standing committee
.jon Highways, on leave, presented an prd
; inance to assess a special tax upon the. real
testate bounding High street from a point
( 125 feet south ot Friend street to the south
I line of South Public lane, which was read
-, a first and second time.
! An ordinance to change the name of
j North Public lane was read a third time
t tnd passed yeas 14.
. Mr. Bergin introduced a resolution to
., contract with Michael Galvlu for building
a double row flag crossing across Cepter
j alley at the south side of Spring street.
i Passed.
i Mr. Bergin presented a resolution to
t contract with Michael Galvln for building
t double row flag crossing across Center
j alley at the south side of Long street.
j passed. j
, , Armstrons oresented the followlne:
d;leofeThaethe1 - eaignatlo1of Charles
J TTaftzer, date Sov.'l't, 1868, antf banded
; to the chairman or the standing committee
' on Police, and by him mislaid, be accented
I from the date ot said resignation. j m
After a very long discussion the reaolu
' tion was adopted, and the resignation ac-
, cepted. I j
XMr. McAlister offered the following:
Setolveti, That a-sekct committee ot three
jnrmb.ers of IthisCouncit 'be 'appointed
wnose oiuy it snau oo to mase tne neces
sary arrangements for having numbers
placed on all new bouses and buildings
not already numbered, and the names of
all streets placed on corner buildings where
such names are net already placed, and to
report t the Council at an early day. Pass
ed." '
X Messrs'. McAigbBgerginnd Ptterson
were appointed such committee. ; y",
Mr. Boss offered the following: j
Besolved, Tbat In the opinion of this
Council the time has come when it Is nec4
essary for the Council to adopt measures
looking to the lighting of the public lamps
oy pwues ofner loan ioe uicy ronce.
isesoivea, inai a select committee ot dve
members of this Council be appoinbed.-t.
whose duty it shall De to inquire into and
investigate the matter referred to in the
foregoing resolution, and at as early a day
as practicable report to this Council by
or oiherwite
Passedn 30T? ii3TV!WL
Messrs. Ross, Caren, Janney, Frahl
and McAllister were appointed such com
mittee, i
Mr. Naghten (Mr. Reinhard in the chair)
presented the following :
Resolved. That the Street Commissioner
be and he is Hereby directed to loweri the
wooden culvert directly north of the street
railroad stables on High street, so that the
water resting in tne gutters may flow
freely tnrougn tne same.
Passed. I
i Mr. Frankel introduced the following :
i Ets-Aved, Thst'thes Police are hereby di
rected to report all fas or coal oil damps in
their districts that are not llzhted. to th
Captain of Police, so that the said Captain
may have tne matter attended to Dy tne
proper committee.
Passed. ' ! -?
On motion, the Conncil adjourned
Wanted. A house full of friends at Mtv
Pleasant church to-night. dec29-dlt
Persons wishing kindling shavings will
have their orders promptly filled by leav
ing them with Aston, Taylor & Huff, No
20 North High St. The money must; ac
company the order. Price Two Dollars
per load, delivered. Hutf & Co".
Wanted. Your presence
at the M,
Pleasant festival to-night.
Handsome New Yeab Presents Fbee at
Millinery Headquarters. Who wants,
new bonnet or bat? I will commence this
morning to give a card having a number
on it, tor each dollar's worth of millinery
purchased by any person between now and
New Year's Day,-at which time two prizes
will be distributed, consisting of a very
handsome black silk velvet bonnet and
full trimmed silk velvet hat. The draw
ing to take place on New Year's morning
in the presence of two well known gentle
men, and the bolder of the card having
the first drawn number upon it (which
will be advertised in the newspapers), will
be entitled to the first choice of the prizes
The prizes are now on exhibition in my
C. W. Simmons, Opera Block.
Columbus, On Dec. 16, 1863.
Millinery Prize Drawing. To 'the
Ladies My friends and neighbors, Messrs.
J.H.Barcus and R. Kinsell, have kindly
consented to superintend the distribution
of the prizes on .New Year's day. LadiesT
take advantage of the few days left and
secure a chance. dec29-eod3t
Notice. It is generally known that
Warner & Emminger, Dentists, Buckeye
Block, have, a flourishing dental office
London, Madison county. After the pres
ent week, Dr. R. G. Warner will be
London for a few weeks. Patrons in either
city please take notice.
Millinery, less than cost, Opera Block,
; uwelry made and repaired by C.
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
' Miixihery very cheap at Simmons?.
Oysters at 40, 50 and 60cts. per half can,,
and 30 cts. per dish, (dozen), atHennebo's
Restaurant,: West Broa itreeWlfO 13.
bUuma'usjei assortment of i Children's
MiixiNKRTflargest stock at Simmons'.
Millinebt Simmons, millinery, lm
fnOUf inlltr ti 1-tT edi 19 oi:iiJl edT
Most Diseases or Inebriates are to be
(Wrlbutedjte thehcxceasireT paitakiog of
f s A-Ang ifcohollc Deverages.' "ifiese diseases
can never be eradicated as long at fthe
patient Indulges too freely in strong drlaia.'
Tbe.4bsy stTRitaiMiUkna Ja to destro'the-!
appetite for liquor, and this can only be
done with "Dr. Johnston's Specific,'? the
aJUble remedy for Drunkards.- j
mjvg miaul i
Spfcific la the house is a well-spring of
sajlsfac'lonjj qo, papfaway s find the trod jj
remeay ior a coio, cougn, sore mroac,
croup, face-ache, weak stomach, catarrh,
or other 01 tne mousaua auments 10
which a facSlly' are subject, and thus save
doctor's bills, sickness and suffering. Price
of a full case and book of directions is $10.;
Sent to any address on receipt of the
ptv.'t iAddMBBia HDitPHStys' SPECtFrp.
Homsopatbic Medicine Co. 662 Broad
way, N. Y. Jyl3-dfcwly-cw
Hollow y's Ointment. Scppcrating
Sores. -Thousands go down to their graves
suffering from chronic ulcers which a few
pots of Holloway's Oiirrxaitf would have
drivt in the noisorkOC a sore. Its effect is
to eliminate the poisonous element, and its
work of purification may be accelerated
and. perfected Jn many cases by taking oc
casional doses of Holllwat'b Pills, which
Improve the condition of the blood, and
thereby promote the formation of healthy
tissues old by All Druggists.
r:- rr tt
Cheapest, to Cash Buyers. During
the next thirty days, I will make to order,
Suits, Overcoats,' Trowsers ami other garH
ments, twenty per cent, cheaper than any other
Merchant Tailor in the Union for prompt cash.
I have the largest assortment of fine and
medium grades of woolens to be found in
the city. ' The excellence of the materials
gtylejjjd fit ofhfij, garments matle at my.
establishment Is:ell knoWa to the com
munity. I offer my goods as above stated
fortbefeasoij that 'Irf waritmoney, more
than I do an excess of .stpek.
An inpeationI$f stock ud. prices Is re
spectfully solicited. I
declS-aw.''''-'-1"-' "
'Nervous DKBiijTY,"with Its" gloomy atw
tendantk.'low spirits, depression, involun
tary emissions, loss of. semen,, spermator
rhoea, loss of. power, -dizzy head, loss 'oft
memory and threatened impotence and
imbecility, find a sovereign cure la Hum
phreys' Homeopathic Specific No. Twen-tP-Eleht;
Composed 6f the most valuable,
mild and potent Curatives, they strike' it'
once at the roet-efthe matter, tone up fjhe
system, arrestthe discharges, and lmpar
vigor and energy, lite ana vitality- to tne
r''niai!r'They havecured thousands
of cases. :Pric$5 per package of six box
es and vial, which is very important in ob
stinate or oil .Cases, of $1 per single? boxl
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by mail on
receiptof .price., Address Hcmphreys'
SpkcificJIomkopathic Medicine Co- 562
Broadway, New.York. Iyl3-deod&wly
FdrsI JnESliilHttllihlArge auction
sale of Ladies' and Gents' Fursj- Sleigh
Robes, &o, by John G. Beal, Auction and
Commrssiotf Merchant No. 3 South High
street, on Tuesday, Dec. 29th, at 2 o'clock
PlLi and every. day during the week, j
I have just received the largest consign-
meirtrof Ladies1 and-Gents' Fur?f"eyer of--.
fered In this city, and as I have positive In
structions to closeout the entire stock,
Thli will be thebest b'pportunity ever bf-
feredtobuy flnefurs cheap. "'' - j
Aiiv oivta liuiiotuio t i ojho lu iuiu. i. i yn, -'
irminebibenan Squirrel, Biver Mink,
French Sable, and other - Furs."- An im-
Urge stock oCWolfBear, Badger andother
robes. . , 771 . , t !
As this stock is from "one of the largest
houses-ltfNtrwYork; will guarantee every
article at being genuine and perfect; All
made up this season.'; ,t ; 4 -j iq5,i I j
Auction sales-at 2 P. M, . Private, sales,
at all hoursi during the day and evening.
",c wo' JohS.G.-eal, Auctioneer.
dec28 -d3t 1 4 'J "Z" t;liaiai .. i
ll 3'!- A'-' 1
Immense Stock op Ladies' Fobs. Tee
popular and extensive house of Clark &
Farmer, No. 5 Nell House Block," presents
dally a scene of ! bustle and activity, which
is not observable at similar houses ' In the
same line of trade in this city. The ele
gant sales rooms are always thronged with
customers, who are attracted by the huge
piles of fashionable and stylish furs, "man
ufactured from all kinds and grades of ma
terials, such as the famous Hudson Bay.
Sable, the pretty mink, the . delicate. Er-:
miue, the German Fitch, the rich Siberian
Squirrel, the elegant Grebe," the ' splendid
Water Mink, aud the beautiful "black and
white Astracbau. ? Children's and Misses'
settsrGerrts fine Beaver Cojlarsrjrur Csps
and Gloves will also be found in profusion,
together .with a magnificent and stylish f
abocK ui juxu m naui muvvapi, t-jnanuiao-
I . C -m , IT . 3. r . - '1 r '
tured In the best manner and most fash
ionable styles, which have long made this
great Hat and-Fur Emporium popular
with' the people. Customers favoring Clark
& Farmer with their patronage have many
decided advantages la their favor.'ainong
which is a wide range; for' selection v. The
goods are all warranted, aad- from fifteen,
to tenty-flye per cent..! is 'economized ia
each purchase, as the articles sold are that
much cheaper than at cotemporary estab
lishments. , ,. , , . ' ' : dec2a-dU
" '
-"., S
New'' England Mutual '.Life or Bos
ton. Report ot the Superintendent pf the
Life insurance Department of the State of
New York. (From Commissioner's report,
January 1st, 1S68, page 63.)
The 'NewTlngland Mutual Life Insur
ance Company of Boston,Mas6achusetts, was
the pioneer of Life Insurance ia New Eng-
iana, unaerineaoie oucexiremeiy conserv-.
ative guidance of tbat accomplished jurist,
Judge Willard Phillips, ."President of the
Company,'! tie Lie Ppilcywas popular
ized in offices, counting rooms, banks,
workshops and firesides east of the Hud
son, and po Bank Bill or State Bond was
ever more sacredly regarded than the pol
icies under written "by Judge Phllllps.
The ldea of -fraud, deception or overreach-,
lug was pever. associated with a parchment
contafnlng " his sign-manual. Geo. F.
O'Harra & Co., are "the- Agents for the
New England Mutual-Life Insurance Co,
Columbus, Ohio.
- mm
Jeleff ' -& DeButtb, Locksmiths and
bell hungers, at No. 141 North High street,
are now prepared to hang parlor and hotel
bells in the neatest and latest style." Sew
ing machines repaired and satisfaction
guaranteed. Models built for patentees,
and all kinds ot light machinery made and
repaired. Keys ot all description always
on hand, and safe and jail locks made and
repaired. . . may23-s-ly
' Agi
$50,000 i m muwm 11
I'''" 1:
he attention op Evrai aW'Wi;feit'Wr'&Nf ri
Stock of new and Bn peri or i
rwwii. etaaraflTna
ovtwitfaotrt reftrre. at theatore in a;CrmL,i Si WKUILUliieV liek at tomCof tea' prfceadalaMamtl
o mparethaoiwitkUwe .oali ,o"' dj rff9W ni'jn!! lol li lloe oJ esili;i nJ.is
Me.UlD'Boioia.all Whole tlbrfA.Dibi rk o9.TluMkt?i
Bon' Kin Itoota. . I 9niJ ua10 'a.wflC'IT sLs3a na 'ua. I
Boys Kip Boots,
Yontba' Kip Boole,
Child Klp-noow. trrryr
Meai'aCaiir.Xnp -Soled Boot,
Womea'a Calt 8hoea, Beet, -
IVonea'i Beet Morocco Shea
; r
CAdlea' do., Silk Gore. Tory Beeii
IHie, Morocco Shoes, Polish
Childs Morocco Shoes,
rr t r f c-" X.
1- J .6. i i !
lAdiea Doable Soled Ziaetlai; CmK.Mtfn,mf.4.0.
These goods are earantead w b of mpenor material and workmaniblp. and will boar eompariasariaaA
with n v in the maraet..
l(n''fnTiu t that the tnloil B08Ui'.'a
ill never eeor anin. 'Bssere ad fred-Bo!riiibt
' iiiuiim
DESHLEK'rf KKW BUIJUDlNQ. oppoiii the
d-deodr I ?flin OA'prF -ag
m .t .y.'jfi i
1ST 0 1
1 tvotaX
.-t C.-JJ C!
Having greatlyl enlarged our Printing Facilities by the purchase of a complete new
U.-i--- ...
The v--Latesf and IJIost Approved Style,
And the addition Of
,15?.mb ti'iss bat S'iaun" jcaj edj a
lgH tnlnsK.Hoess
Generally conceded to be the fastest
E".Xt. ST ;Oli
Is connection with BTJGGLESv GORDON'S and WELLS' Job Presses, that have
proven such successes in our office, and having the largest and most commodious
building iu this c,ty .In which to operate, we are now prepared ' '
1 -
IrV the best and neatest style of the art, and
Our fast New Presses, our Improved Economical Machinery the result of the inge
nuity and inventive talents of the best minds of the age enable us to do good W c
at MUCH CHEAPER RATES than ean be done In the old style and with only the old
facilities. The Office Incomplete In all its Arrangements, and can do the work with
Blank BooksV
II.. J I , . . .
Business Cards,
ii iai:a.-i 1 -..') tT
In this specialty
ei'.-ieii ''
Having1 Mdfe Presses
Offices in th$
We are prepared to eiecute all kinds of Printing, in any color, at lower prices than
.it v O t -J -- a - our neighbors. -" "i.;. . . -., 7
j, ... , . , T.' T' .-- -i! ' ' ' - . w- t i lr 1 '
. .. . ...AND
Nose ,36, 38 and
r1rI AAW
. jy.VSifriM
rids eiii no baaon diael d1
wttftIPf9li soun edJ A erfj
vIV3D!ril jma-mform irrsaHlwsjc,
. r
eaiWrai-infuiF thiq
A S I TSTIOfc. nnw ofT.r. fnr uleaniltn hi elreadafVF-MOrfOeV
ii.l no BoA-ii a ai
9 s'f
edT .Jtaieltf f ?ioI
ioI oii ttnods aeil
helniiMl t.tSW M
- 1.40,
- - - O.40, -
la As.
iuij,.i,.i.i v. in... ..i. i
place (there i bat one) before bayioC
aw wm as isn TovaaT auvkud atavta Ufkrvi vMUla .
if nr hnvin 1 -
Statesman Opfiob. iithe olaoa. Uo
5 i
, i
251 A JO
a. .i
i;A id COM
New Presses, Including a
and beet Pi in tics Machine in the world. I -i
r: v-- r 1 1 t j
upon terms that cannot bo competed with.
i - - -.
.- ! t
I -
Bill Heads,
Drue: Labels,
Bills of Fare, Etc-V
t.fTt i ' i A -'1 'Si.
21::. . '
MS-''- r
1 1 ' L W k. r -
1. :.(: 'i. - '? vifJawsw tH- 'it j
3 t-Tt
I. 9 j
I- I.U.M I
e-Vut J al
. ....... r ,
we are unsurpassed.
than f all i Other 1 Prmtuig
City Combined, '
: e-'-r t.
1 :s fas
ti V e
40 North High Street,
in . 4
Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 28.
30LD iai'W huVtnir.
taeaj0mtt It
repotted thatthey have small prospect
jjjjtAjtojferiulUJBlrw iiui',lHnged,
W-w m r n
iv r.rMia,..r iiVm.t-ix-. ,
lM OSluX--.i,e ! with less
ok loans were
nade at leVirttf'Wfe!rH!eneln coin.
A..t . . r. t- k mt-f nit i W) l Qn..v.
lflqonl!lnue,; utaaraTox.ln cwatferhnl
kvl Jmcpi hv the.reoeipifM.tlV8t. The
lIi4enwndfWnwrrtf'eme.VSrYiw're af-
reuil dry goods
1 wi -.uvi lb C&CUlGlHUiiWUI.
wmw jnKiiji .at very. iWJaww"'""'
pv'c'1 -Ugaf rate in currency was
iiaeaowiia easAteajK
teenth .eatebaMBto cent. These are
trraonghfdeare8t rates ever BVdli Wall
street nd ere-OTtr"teJjq jpeimaffeit lm
t$0.i prwe'Me'ntiuatJIJaii.ljiuW'Wf Jbank
stateanentiavtoade, as most of the banks
was bid kTllttM9aTjatrrow. Discounts
"GOI'D-a-W Vithfmt-oCTeBge and
4uif though the undertone is
.R.fmm&TtemtMmanm-wlf were
Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 28. New York Stock Market—Dec. 28.
n'ctif el ajid l.lahef :"'fea(linr dealers reoorfi
ctlniye Investment wdepmnd principally
Tforfssues oa;wiichliitereSClsflue Jan. 1.
- Tbere iatj also been considerable pur-
ha'ses -Onfwnla1rrvwerk)r!Ttf. Coupons .
erf 7.81 lMriej-do-llfJtlti-flo'f
mteQXWi d 'KIOSSWS--! new
lll&lis&jdoier lHWlkiS ao'Ce 1I1K
i 1 ioo'i loss; 3
The s'toctf market 'Vas actfvlf IfM Jov-
rn duflogheanxM-nUig. with New York
Central, iirleJiocK osiand, Michigan
-outhf5iNoaiTast rvuPw (Jbioand Mis
!sisslppi as leadiniuhares. while Piiteburg,
Cleyeland, i4,e4edo1.aadAFort .Wayne were
also' largely dealt-ln, and higher. Mar-
set coattnueo Duoyant uncu airer second
reaula Boards at whlcW- JSew TCevn Cen
tral, sold, at 158$ Ohlrf'and- Mississippi,
33iif33 , with enarkedj acti v ity jErle
40; Toledo. 101Ji101; Northwestern
81 J-4. and preferred 83 ; Reck fsland, l07.
Subsequehtly the market weakened under
tightness in . money,' and. slosed Aimettled,
an lower. ' J - aa U'n'J
' 50 : prices. Wells' 'Express., 25i2C:
American 44;" Adama SliafaiS United
States 4546; Merahants'Oj'ulon J515;
Pacific Mail 118118 Western' Union
TelpgraDh 3333?i; New York Central
155155?a; Kriea 3939; - Hudson
134(gH34 J ; . Read ing - - 989S ? 'Terre
Haute 33; preferred 62; Wabash 5Si,8?;
St: Paul" 68J68Kj iFort tWayeell
111 ;. Ohio i & - Mississi ppi. e32i;
Michigan Central 114114g; ilithmau
Sonthern &i81 Illinois Central J4l
143: Pittsburgh 83(83: Toledo 100(4
100K; Reck Island 115ill6; Nortltwesi-
ern 79?79. .-'.: V j-
j ne iiiuicauona. are. mat toe two great
cliques controlling Erie and Central having
buried the hatchet are intending a grand
.bull campaign-1 railroad stocks to enable
i,&eui (o unload respecuveiy-0(- js,na ana
Central at high, figure... As yet the move
ment is mostly In lavor or western roads.
Hopes are entertained ot a favorable set
tlement of the affairs of Lathrop, Lading
ton and Co. A statement of their affairs
will soda be laid before their creditors.
New York Market—Dec. 28.
COTTON Opened qureraha steadf and
dosed a shade firmer; 35 25a for suld
dllng nplands; closing 25a,253oi'j.
, liUUA wo6eu..very .uuu. i Amsiao
lower; " 1 'i. : " '?-sff
WHEAT Nominally 1 2e lower.
RYE Lower-and dull; 1 50l-fS for
western .'"-m Iw !'?. r-nl'm:''
OATS Quiet and .steady at J634C la
store and 78JC afloat for western: . ; ,
corn Dull at i owai lie tor old, ana
96o tor new aiixed western. ; '1 i
POKK Quiet at $27 0.for rness, cash
for Feburary delivery Jr( . r s.
' BEEF Steady, with a very , moderate
demand. J mmw OiiJ iaJ
CUT MEATS-r-DnUand without decided
change, ".jjj-n pi vijo'S'fi ?iartfj
-iJAUOJN-ssteauy :wui..a moderate: in-
. n- ........ C L. 1 . ' - .
quiry . . , , , . , .
LARD Dull at 16re ftJr orlirSe steam on
spot, encL17a torMarchvst nd)at at
ijuii atacg jww, jua bCaw
Cincinnati Market—Dec. 28.
FLOURv-Cncbaaged ;talesof &mily at
.7 60800.K- r-iz r3:--S y,iiw
WUJS at uuu at wi jo inr No l red.
CORN Firmer; ear, 6768c i shelled,
70c. . r ' .. . . , .'"
RYE Closes tame aad 4w demand at
$1 35 for No 1, but ittls held higher
OATS-Lull at eoeicj , ,l
' B ARLEY Unchanged and ttuTet
COTTON Unchanged ; middling, 23?aC
. WHlSKY'-Firm atMOO uf
, HOGS Firmer ;- live-solci .st Wm3
10 50; dressed, 112512 00: receipts 1,200
head. ' " . :'"t,
1 - PROVISIONS Still tmeettletf Wugh
there Is a firmer feelingv.but. some agreed
Bales of country, . .--hfi J i' .-.j-afft
: BULKMEATS Market unsettled; conn
try sides, three weeks in salt, sold 'at l2gO
and -shoulder", fuBy cured, lOy.l a1"0
. GREEN 'MEATS ShouirtPiw brbuzht
10c and sides. 13c, and h8JB3J4apjuptry
packed. . '
- PORKr-Mess sold, at 27, arid city sold
at t"28'.' lK-' ' A '"- rw
LARD Prime kettle sold at ITWouand
lsteam at,17e,.but It ia generally held ic
I ' .. V . I . . m ' Vj. Anno.imn.lna rl ..
mand, and " Speculators ;ard timid, though
tlie extreme-light receipts' of hogir tnake
them more restless,' under the isopressioa
that possibly the hogs are nearly ll-inv
- BUTTER Firm at 3640o fur tiesu.
' EGGS-3233c. '
OIL Linseed held at $1 '3.'
t GROCERIES Quiet, i. er.j lo neit
u SUGAR Shade easier-, 'i v nja
, COFFEE Firm at 2125a- n ittmJtm
Chicago Market—Dec. 28.
FIOUR-Qulet: sales at S3 W&IM for
low grades to eholce 8pring.extras.:i
WUJS AT" Moderately active; 3io 1
firmer; sales at' at $1 201 22; No 3 opened
at $1 13 and ubseqaerrtly weakeoed and
felt to $1-111 lls; sales -el No lnce
cbnnee at $ 1 Ilk. . . , ......
CORN Fairly active; sales of, new
shelled at 4850Mc; closing firm at' 50. ;
old Kquiet; No 1 nominal at 65e, jcaslt and
seller for the month; No sold atf5758c;
kiln, dried &(aoacj nothing acung uiy at-
O ATS Dull; 4647c;'lbsine!Suil at
46X463e.i .m-. JJ ai rv-T
Kliwuuiet and le lower; sales or, jno x
at $1 12l 14j No 3 1 101 12. , . ...
BAKLKx Dull; Holders nrm at Z2o
higher; sales of No- S at $1 531 667 closed
qaiet atfl -63(1 eD- '..-iggj eaJ i
Toledo Market—Dec. 28.
0 FLOTJH-Dnlet. J "1 i0 ,'! ' ' 3
-lWHEaT-DqII and 3c lower; sales; am
ber at $1 781 0, ploslng at InsidftHgure;
v. n rwut. , on. xrM a I . ,
iU. d HI, VA O, AU. mt BfJKAUK A OU.
' f nRN Orjened a shade better and cloaed
lduH "at3o .fof oew; sales new at'6a63ii;
new yeiiow we; so reieccea ouc-aj
. f.a , i . . x . . m -
SE ETares' Cl6ver SO.' ll
, DRESSED HOGS Unchanged ttlOO
4rUtLri. oac lower; saies new at eaawj.
- 1 .-
St. Louis Market—Dec. 28.
tFLOUR Quiet; vervJlttle dodairu-n
(WHEAT Quiet and unchanged. v
CORN-Sold at 6063c. 7 . , "
' OATS-'Sold at 5458o w d'-'"
RYE Unchanged at $l'25,-ira efil
B A R LEY Unchanged.
.WHISKY-98e.-"--l-il eulT
PROVISION Held , firmly, without
buyers. - , ' , .- , ,
POKK-Nominallv 58.1-5!.b .i.4
BAOONShoulders -l3)frf ! clear tides
17aC '- 2 - .' sia
LARD 17e.', - . . . lad
- HOGS Unchan eed at 0(9 9c. ,.
..:J -. ! t b. u3.iS)
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Dec. 28.
The failure of both of t be, well known
bouses of Turnbull, Slade & Co- and La
fhrop. Ludington & Co., has exerted ad un
favorable influence on trade, and the mar
ket consequently is extremely dulL Prices
however are generally , very firm for all
staple styles of eotton and woolen goods,
but there is very little business doing.
Other failures In this and adjacent cities
are talked ot a good deal . ineiiUBioea cir
cles, but we only know ot. one, wUisb, has
failed for 140,000. ' s ;
Milwaukee Market—Dec. 28.
FLOUR Dull and prices unchanged.
; WHEAT Firm at $1 20 for .No. -l iu
store.' ' ," .,' ,' '", ".T.'.' .r'
Buffalo Market—Dec. 28.
' Market generally ataguanUi QqotsUons

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