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Metfokologicai. Tahi.; prepared and
Mrrtl bv W-. J.: Savaee, Jeweler, 83
South High street:
TttmbIt. Da-- . 18t-
T M..,
4". il
8aa Riiaa.
Kan muter. Tnermom.v.
:rri-fI3 St hH
h. m. M:
. a. ru. w.ts.. a
... .... i
White Boys in Blue, you .re hereby, or
dered to meet at TBurmao u "
, n-. 30. at Zi 'clock,for the trans
ition oC!mrrtant bestness;-, Ctommittees
Ball -lUreporC It U important that
very member be present; ; '
Br Order,"' - 1 ---J. B. Mux, Adj't.
r & Bootblacks-llttle mbi who shine
ty The
will 1 meet
' RT-Hon.-William Muogen was In the
city yesterday,
EffThe Mute's Chronicle for 'December
S6th, has been receded
BT The weather for the past two days
baa been very proveoauve oi mmm.
tar- A ndrews & Hull have Harper's Ba-
Vat for January tb. and Hearth and Home
lor January 3d. Both splendid numoers.
- aa -i -T-- '- -, -. ' '
- 'Bf The latest weather prephet predicts
that this winter In the Mississippi, vauey
Will be mild, but ft win be very severe east
of the AHeghenles. ' - "
" Magnificent . mosses and ,elegant
evergreen V which abound around us, make
- the prettiest and most ornate panor oruv
stents lb, the holidays, -gr
. 13" Fancy colors for neckties' seero to be
all the rase among ouryoung men; - They
are mostly worn large, and effectually con:
eeal soiled white bomaKri :t lit
tWThe Executive committee of. the
State Teacher's Association have been In
session; in this city for a day or two.;, They
meet again in Cleveland in July next,: ' -
.fr Some one curiously -calculates that
the people ot these United States spend an
nually for tobacco-and cigars nearly
enough;: money jto pay the interest' on our
National debt.
135" From "the manner .in which JIrd ot
paradise tails flatter and flaunt in the mini-
ature hat worn by our ladies; e?thibj
that the bird mustUnd hishead haunts'
anything "baf paradisical. """
t3T We- cannot remember . .flight, so
dark as to have hindered the approach, gf
coming day, nor- storm" so furious or
dreadful as to prevent the return, of warm
sunshine and cloudless sky .
- - - mm ' ''' "
b Bicotkrino. We were grattfled "at
meeting Hon.tlsaac' Beekey on the-street
yesterday morning. He has had a very
severe time ot it, and. we are glad at his
recovery.' ', ' - ' :
: .!.:.t
D Assaui- akd BatTert. Fred y olz, lor
eemmltting an aaaultand. batteryon a
young fellow h6 went home with his girl
from a dance on Christmas eye,-was fined
$10 and costo by the Mayor yesterday- i
" A,'GoAxLr-We have been endeatorfng for
some time to discover what sortot a young
man . the clerk; of the Supreme court Is.
nainncr at' hlsf office1. Testerday, the door
being, locked, we were- satisfied
bad found Mm out. , ' VV.T :tt
. that' we
Cold Cautios. TUU- is
period of theyear for colds. ' People should
be careful? Mrs. Partington" says-she has
got a romantlo afTeeHon, the shoulders,
the necrology in her-head, and the embargo
ia he region of the Jocular; vein ahd ll
trom opening the window to throw a bott
tie at two belligerent cats on the shed. -,
Galoot Becobd. Charley Brown came
to town and swallowed a gallon of benzine
down tBelng anxious ot winning a fight
ing renown, he went round knocking peo
ple down. A policeman tapped him on
the crown; nd, that did oulet Charley
Brown.. The mayor npon his acts did
frown, and becausewith $5 "and costs he
couldnt come do o, to. the calaboose sent
this disorderly Brown, lie nammerein.
-Thr Y.M- C A. Xkctub Tp-NiOHT.-jr.
The celebrated-Englisli tecturer,-Henry
Vincent, Esq.... will lecture before the
Young Men'a. Christian.. Association to
night at thf. Second.Pbjtcro;Cburch.
His subject" The English movements I
bare taken part . in, and the' men I have
known," should be most interesting.' - Mr.
Vincent 4s cap! al werd-palnter; and a
most Interesting lecturer. The ieetum will
Cataolic Faeb Last Night. To-night
brlng the Fair forthe'Jbeneflt of St. Joseph
Cathedral, at Naa(ihto-1111, ta a , -close
The latter portion,-of the Fair has been
most suceesfuUand, after,- many .fears, a
good sum will be realized, Let every eiti
. sen Who cadi attend the Fbt .to-jDight. Jyet
us make the rece'pta, as large as possible,
satisfied that every dollar invested there
will be spent in the city to beautify it with
a magniileent building. .At the close Jast
sight the vote for the cane stood as follows:
Me,eker, 31 2Dorialdso4 2S4; Kaghton, 144;
Harrow, 67. The polls will close to-night
t 11 o'clock, .?-:- 'i
fFcB at Auction. We had the pleasare
yesterday of ekamlning the fine lot of furs
flitch, mink, ermine. And gray squirrel
muffs, collars, capes.and vlctorlnes, beaver
collars and gloves for gentlemen, wolf, fox.
beer and buffalo sleigh' and carriage robes
OOWj being, offered, at auction at Beat's
suction room en South High street neat the
cornespf Broad Same f, the .fipet patent
muffs ever brought to the city are offered.
Ladles and ad desiring iuc goods will do
well to drop In during the sale, which com
menced yesterday afternoon, and will con
tinue during the week;
iKsVftciLK Coppk Cob.Tb5 IbTlQW
ing la a description of the proposed new
series of "trickle copper coins, ot the denom
ination of one, three f o4 five centa weigh
ing respectively one- and s half, three and
five grama. " On- the Obvrie la ah emblem
atic head of Liberty, with the.word Lib
erty Inscribed thereon, and surrounded by
the legend "United States of America,'
sod the year of coinage. The B merit Is an
olive' wreath', (emblematic oi peace) sur
rounding the Eoman numerals I, III. and
V Which indicate the denomi nation of the
respective pieces.' The i peclmena will com'
pare favorably In execution, with the coins
of any -other country .
..., ' . i i i 1
CocirfY CoionssiojiEBs' ; M bents a. At
a sneeting 4 the iJommtsstoners yesterday
Messrs. EdwardVand Gulick were present.
The following bills were presented and
allowed J. O. Smith, cost bills In sundry
oases, $18 85; John Snider, cost bills in
sundry cases, $11 60; J. B. Story, cost bills
id sundry cases, $2 SOf John Ceary & Son?',
printing for Auditor,' $5 60; John A.Kile,
services ss night watchman, $40 00-
Ordered that Hartman Debus be allowed
9126, in part payment for building a vaul
in the court house building. . . ,
Ordered, that the following transfers be
made as follows : From' Veteran Bounty
- Fund to the credit of General Expense,
$850; from unclaimed costs to the credit ot
General Expense Fund, $1,500. ; ,".
Transferred YiSTEBDAT. The follow
ing transfers of real estate wereleft at the
Eecorder's odlce on yesterday: y ,
Jacob Miller to Abraham " Miller, Oct.;
15tb, 69 89-100 acres of land In Jackson
township, for $3,850.
Samuel L.'Quinn and wife to James Car-'
peirtfc, tiepu mb, a ht In the town of New
Albany'andalotof land la Plain township,'
foVteou. 14 ;
Abraham Sage and wife to Abraham
Myers, Oct.. 2d, 60 acres of land in Truro
township, for $3,600. - ' ' '? u ,
John R. L. Seegar and wife to W. H.
Dnmmlck, Dee, 28th; partot 1nlot No.' 886.'
fn the city of Columbust for $11,000. ,
John B. Hilliard and wife to the Trus
tees of the Christian Church and Trustees
o( the Disciples. Church, Aug. 39ttu.inlot
No-i48 in the town of Hilliard, for $U ,
Amos J. Furbee and wife to Charles W. '
White, Dec. 18th, one-fourth of an acreh of .
land in Clinton township, for $700. 'l
Jacob Shetrenger and wife to Thomas i
Owens, Dec 19th, lots Nos.7and 81n Sam- .
ael'poyle'a subdivision 4n Clinton town
ship, for $80 66. ' " I
Bichard K, Evans and wife to Mary C. !
Davis, Dec. 16th, 6 acres of land in Mont
gotnery township, for $4 000.
Samuel O. Henderson and wife to 0. 1 P. :
Madison township, for $1,413. ; " V" f
Hiram Henderson and wife to O. P. Cha
ncy et al,. Dec. 22 63 acres of land in Mad
ison township, for $5,500.
Allen J. Yeoman and wife to O. P. Cha-
pey et ali Decr 18th, '20 acres .of land 'fn
Madison township, for'$l,B00.'' " ' "
A. Hathaway and wife to O. P. Chaney
et al No. 4, 50 acres of land In Madison
township, for $2,500v ,
George Derr and wife to O. P. Chaney
et al, Aug. 18, in--tots 47, 48, 49 and 69 in
Deve'f addition to the. town of Winchester.
and three tracts of land near . the same,
containing about 4 acres, for $3 000. t
P?C7HarrI:j to. Chaney,. Decker, fc Co.,
Aug. v, a; acres or iana. lor fbw, t T
juitcueii Alien ana wueroJnaney; deck
er t Co, April 25, 1864, the undivided one
foortbrof the north half oi In-lotslSCand 17
ia the town et Winchester, andother prop
erty adjoining, for $800.
Hail Glorious Queen. The air of the
Police Court yesterday morning was balm
ier, the dull old building was lighter, there
was a divine fragrance ' pervading every
nook and cranny of the place Sister Mary
Blizzard had been there ! Her angelic ap
pearf lice; charuied all holders, and Jibe)
majesty of her carriage filled them with
awe. She is a hunky old gal, this Sister
Blizzard. On Sunday week she left her
apartments at Castle Gaver to take a "walk
a id talk" about the city. Being overcome
by the depressing influence of the weath
er, and mourning fomher mate.. which is
Jojin. Blizzard, who is In jatf for f ramping
some small matters, Smith's Block had no
joy tor her, so she histed in an immense
load ot benzine, so much that she did not
care continental:- lofflfetts Ills or its
joys. A watchful "Star" found her dam
ming the gutter. Not profanely denounc
ing the water course. Not by no means.
Sbe had slipped on the" Icy sidewalk and
fallen like a gentle flower, broken from the
parent stem by a -ude hand. Twas a sight
worthy the pencil of Michael Angelo, to
see the queenly, fair and frastte Sister
Blizzard lie there in the gutter resem
bling Cleopatra reclining on her couch'
going to meet the fickle Antony. Yet the
angelic Blizzard could not be permitted to
attitudinize. She was .carefully gathered
up and taken before his Honor the Mayor,
who presented her his compliments, and
requested her to walk down to Castle
yer with Marshal Murphy, and remain
there for the next thirty days.
Association op Presidents and Pbo-
FR880RS. The Association of College
Presidents and Professors of Ohio Colleges
held a session at the office of the State
School Commissioner, yesterday. The fol
lowing resolution was unaminously adopt
ResolvccL Thai the Colleres will admit
students from the High Schools who have
not studied ireek to the College classes tor
which they are prepared In mathematics ,
in the' natural sciences and in Latin, and
Will furnish to such students an opportu
nity to make up their Greek to the grade
Of their other studies. n .
The officers ot the Association are : Presi
dent, Dr. S. Howard, of the Ohio Univer
sity, at Athens;. Secretary, E. T. Tappan,
President of Eenyon College ; Executive
Commlttee,-Prof. H.R-Geigeryof Witten-j
berg College", J. HrFatrchildf of" Oberlih,
and O. M. Hartshorn, of ML Union Col
lege. The Association adjourned to meet
at the call of, the .Executive Committee,
but with the Understanding that It take
place in July In Cleveland.
m " ' '. ' r;
High School Superintendents Asso
ciation The State Association of High
School Superintendents, Which was organ
ized at Dayton last summer, met in the
Governor's office ar 10' o'clock yesterday.
Some twenty-five "Superintendents were
present. M. F. Cowdery, of Sandusky.
was called to the chair, and George W.
Walker, of Newark, acted as Secretary
W.'D.Tientlef of Salem,' delivered an ad
dress on "The best method of examination
for the promotion of pupils." A full and
free-discussion of subjects of interest to the
meeting followed, in which nearly all par
ticipated. The discussion 1n " favor Of a?
"Truancy LawT was paosj spirited, and all
seemed to favor the enactment of such a
law.T 5 '? fT". e, i' : :
The following officers were elected for
the ensuingear: President, M. F, Cow-
dtry.of Sandusky; Secretary.Geo. W. Walk
er, of Newark; 'Executive Committee. J.
Euhoff, of Cleveland; Geo; 8. Ormsby, of
Xenia; Wm. Smith, ot Dayton, and John
A.Norria. of Colnmbui: .. .
I The Association ' adjourned to'meet W
Cleveland on the Btiday Of 'J'uiy next.
cal readers will remember that the matinee
Jo be given January, 2d is the last one of the.
Season. These concertsihave given Derfect'
satlsfacttoBj and teeny have expressed the!
wish for another series. The artistic and
pleasing style in which Miss Schneider has
brought forward the-home talent of our
place is proof sufficient that-in this particu
lar, at least, we are not behind, but a little
in advance of some of our neighboring
cities. These entertainments should be
kept up. Let all who can do so show by
their' presence at this last concert, their
appreciation of this new effort to cultivate
stilt farther the musical spirit of our city.
; Arrested on Scspic'ion. Officer Sarber
on yesterday Arrested !a young Jad who
Was bffering.4br sale two linen shirts, on
suspicion that ' be had stolen" them. The
garments were -wet as' Jf they had just
been, takea off of a nSeTE Be said that they
belonged to him; that he- had them at s
washerwoman's In Oevelkod, and had to
take them before they were died, and that
he offered the m for sale cheap bacaase he
was ouli of money and, wanted to realize ,
as soon as possible. He will have s hearing
this morning. ... - :;
! Filed TTmtkrdat. The certificate f
the Urbana Union Printing Company was '
flled with the Secretary of State yesterday.
It is organized for the purpose of publish
ing a newspaper and for doing a general
job printing business at the city of Urbana,
Champaign, county Capital stock $10,000,
in shares of $50 each. John H. James,
James Taylor, S. L. P. Stone and John U.
James, jr., are the corporators. ..-
Franklin County Teachers' Institute.
(ate. r
WESTERVILLE, Dec. 28, 1868.
The Teachers' Association for this coun
ty met to-day at 2 P. M., Vice-President
Payne, of Groveport, in the chair. Owing
to the fact that it is impossible to arrive
at this place from ixdumbus by any pub
lio conveyance in the morning, the attend
ance was necessarily slim. Quite a number
arnveq late, tn the anernoon oy uie coacu.
ThlsWditloni with the friends ot education
in the village turning out in the evening,
made our meeting appear more.like a suc
cess. In the evening the Association
was addressed hv Prof. Orton. of Xellow
Springs, on the interest in the profession
of teaching developed by properly con
ducted Teachers' Institutes, after which
the Association proceeded to ballot for offi
cers for the ensuinsr vear. The election
resulted in the choice of S. H. Hess, of Co
lumbus for President; A. W.Williamson,
of Central Colleee, Mr. Clover, of Canal
Winchester, and Gideon Wilcox, of Dub
lin, for Vice Presidents; tor Secretary, Z.
C. Pavnn. ot ftrovennrt. and A. J. Wil-
lougbby, of Westervllle, and D. C. Wax, of
Columbus. Executive committee. Alter
election, the Association oroceeded to con'
sider the best methods of conducting
Teachers' Institutes.. The discussion
was carried nn nrincinallv bv Mr. Payne,
Mr. Williamson, Mr. Wax, Mr. Pegg and
Mr. Hess, whose remarks were to the point
and very interesting.
The Institute adjourned to meet at 8j
W. A. J.
Logrenia The entertainment given by
this most excellent prestidigitator was well
attended last night and the performance
gave general satisfaction. One of his tricks,
the Magic Drum, is a wrinkle ahead of us.
A person in the audience wrote certain
numbers on a piece of paper; the paper
was folded and laid upon the platiorm, and
without Logrenia having seen the figures,
they were tapped off on the drum as read
ily as If he bad the paper open before
him. -It was wonderful. The parlor couch
was drawn by A. S. McDonald. 168 Water
street, and the load of wood by Joseph
Gregory, s boy living on Front street.
A Nick Present. Nicholas Ackermann,
the gentlemanly prescription clerk of the
Drug House of B. Jones & Son, was, on
Monday evening, the recipient at the hands
of his employers, of a neat, solid gold-lieaded
ebony cane. We had the pleasure ot gaz
ing on the aforesaid, and pronounce it one
of exquisite finish and workmanship, and
that it could not have been awarded to a
more worthy young man. By his upright
ness and gentlemanly deportment to all,
Nick has won many warm and admiring
An Upset. Yesterday afternoon, as Jo
seph Given was driving out to Green Lawn
with several female relatives, his horses
became frightened at a dog barking at
them, and plnnged into the ditch by the
roadside, breaking out one of the wheels of
the carriage and upsetting tho party. One
of the ladies was slightly injured. Mr
Given's presence of mind in controlling
bis team prevented a serions accident.
Sherman Guard's Ball. The Sherman
Guards will give another ot their popular
social military and civic balls at Ambos
Hallfln New Year's nighty January 1st,
1SG9? Musiftj by lijeHigf tclngand
Tickets $1, to be purchased of 'any of the
members. Everybody is invited.
Blood Tells ! So do low, reasonable,
honest prices for good new goods at Cloud
& Co.'s, new Desbler building. Don't mis
take the place.
Jewelry madeand- repaired by ft E
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
Three hundred per cent, profit
charged by many of the retailers, Is a big
thing on Ice, for boots and shoes. Cloud
&A)pw-Peshler.buildlngaxe content
te take" leslr th an onet wentt 3th-or lti Vor
first-class warranted goods.
New Year Presents. Pianos, new, 7
octave, for $300. Organs, Melodeons and
all "kinds ot small instruments. Sliver
Plated, .Ware, of all varieties of style and
cheap'.' 36 North High street. "
dec23 Harris & Co.
. Ax earthquake in Licking county
would not have stirred up the honest yeo
jnanry ot that section to a greater extent
than has the great reducCloo inj prices o1
good warranted boots and 'shoes,' at Cloud
& Co.'s, new Desbler building.
Hollow. y's Ointment. Suppurating
Sores. -Thousands go down to their graves
suffering from chronic ulcers which a few
pots ot Hollo way's Ointment would have
healed. It is no skin-deep remedy, but
drives in the poison of a sore. Its effect is
to eliminate the poisonous element, and its
work of purification may be accelerated
and perfected In many cases by taking oc
casional doses of HoiXlway s PrLLS, Which
improve: thef condition of. the blood, and
tnereoy promote nio loruiatiuii ui ucanuj
tissues. Sold by all Druggists.
Wolves in Sheep.'s clothing blat trem
uloufly in order to attract attention, but
the original and truthful mover In the re'
d notion of prices for bdots and shoes of the
best quality, still hold, and will eontinve to
hold, the inside track. Cloud & Co., new
Deshler building, are the only low-priced
A case of Humphreys' Homoeopathic
Specific in the house is a well-spring ol
satisfaction. You can always find the trut
remedy tor a coid, cough, sore throat
croup, face-ache, weak stomach, catarrh,
or other of the thousand ailments to
which a family are subject, and thus save
doctor's bills, sickness and suffering. Price
of a full case and book of directions is $10.
Sent to any address on receipt of the
price. Address, Humphreys' Specifm:
Humceopathic Medicine Co. 562 Broad-
way, N. Y. jyl3 d&wly-cw
j There is but one place to buy cheap
boots and shoes, and that Is at Cloud &
Co.'s, new Deshler building. Don't mis
' take the place.
. I mm -
' Furs ! Furs !! Fubs! !! Large auction
sale of Ladies' and Gents' Furs, ' Sleigh
Robes, &c by John G. Beal, Auction and
Commission Merchant, No. 3 South High
street, on Tuesday, Dec. 29th, at 2 o'clock
P. Mn and every day during the week.
I have just received the largest consign
ment of Ladies' and Gents' Furs, ever of
fered in this city, and as I have positive in
structions to close out the entire stock,
this will be the best opportunity ever of
fered to buy fine furs cheap.
' The stock consists of sets in Mink, Fitch,
Ermine, Siberian Squirrel, River Mink,
French Sable, and other Furs. An im
mense assortment of Children's Furs,
Gents' Fur Collars, Gloves, Ac. Also,
large stock of Wolf, Bear, Badger and other
robes. '
; As this stock is from one of the largest
houses in New York, will guarantee every
article as being genuine and perfect. All
made up this season.
' Auction sales at 2 P. M. Private sales,
at all hours, during the day and evening.
John G. Bkal, Auctioneer.
dec28 d3t
.' The Galled Jade Winces, but Cloud &
Co.'s withers are unwrung. The people
are wearv of navtnir thrM hundred imt ami
'profit on hoots and shoes, and are all goint
co-uioua .a. (jo's, -- jx ew . uesuier Kuuaing
North High St where they get the best
good at old fashioned prices. T -' " ' '
- Beware op Tooth Poisons vended un
der the name of Dentrifices. Adopt and .
adhere to the only preparation that really
preserves the teeth and hardens the gums,
fragrant Sozodont. -Its effects on decay
ing teeth are marvellous. l
"Spalding's Glck" mends Crockery!
Wooden Ware, Ac. ! .
VNY-dec21-eod6m-cw ;
- -x II !' I M Sf'I f
Tray, Blanche jt-sn Sweetheart are;
all barking and snarling, but good goods
and low prices at Cloud & Co,'s are beat
ing them badly. Call at the New Deshler. .
Building, and Bee tor yourself. 'tj-'Ai7 !
I, li-r f :? J !
H Immense Stock op Ladies' Furs. The
popular and extensive house of Clark A
Farmer, No. 5 Neil House Block, presents
daily a scene ot bustle and activity, which
is not observable ttlmUar-1)onscs In the
same line of trade In this 'city. The ele-'
gant sales rooms are always thronged with
customers, who are attracted by the huge
piles of fashionable and stylish furs, man
ufactured from all kinds and grades of ma
terials, such as the famous Hudson Bay ;
Sable, the pretty -mink, the delicate Er
mine, the German Fitch, the rich Siberian
Squirrel, t,he elegant Grebe, the splendid
Water Mink, and the beautiful black and
white) Astrachan. Children's and Misses'
settsGent's fine Beaver Collars, Fur Caps
and Gloves will also be found in profusion,
together with a magnificent and stylish
stock of Men's Hats and Caps, manufac
tured in the best manner and most fash
ionable styles, which have long made this '
great Hat and Fur Emporium popular
with the people. Customers favoring Clark
& Farmer wlth-lheir patronage have many
decided advantages in their favor, among
which Is a wide range for selection. The
goods are all warranted, and from fifteen
to twenQr-r five per eenti economized in
each purchase, as the articles sold are that
much cheaper than at cotemporary estab
lishments, r dec22-dti
The Pilgrims to Mecca form a tremen
dous crowd, but the' rush of the peopletb
Cloud & Co.'s where they get the best of war
ranted goods at old time, before the war, prices,
eclipses the former entirely.
-,c.-.q .- - j - - ' :
"Where Is Drake S. T: 1860 X?" We '
have heard this question asked many
times, and for all we knew for a year past
he might be dead. Beccntly, in New
York, we called at his Laboratory in Lib- ;
etty ; St,' andthere "found, this gentleman i
barricaded behind' 'a tremendous ' pile
of boxes, . distributing unds .to a
Sunday School- Committee,, Our -business
was secure.-an: i-'advertlsement.
He said : "My dear sir, what is the use of .
advertising the Plantation Bitters I They
sell better now than when I advertised at
such enormous expense, and now I have
net !-msdT contract fer ?a vyeer.p
I'liave aft -his-' ainoant - to - giro- to
the poor. To satisfy the Press, how
ever, who have always been my
friends, - I think I will give you ti little
something to do again'; for I have Improved
the Bitters greatly, and it may be well to
have you let the people know it." And so
We ran oh in a happy, -cordial, rapprecia
ttve manner, Showing "us thewoVders' of "
his place and the cords ot certifi
cates-. Everything ,, Is- ..on a, magnifir
cent' scalev-and-Hs-done with neatness
and promptness'.'1 While" there we saw
at least forty orders come in for these cele
brated Bitters-j Cases were being shipped;
to the four corners of the world. Drake is
not dead,, nor his Bitters either. Exchange
Magnolia Water. Superior to the best
imported German Cologne, and sold at half
the price, j I f H i UOl
Th Apss or Borneo endeavor to follow?
the example of intelligent Christians. Cloud
& Co., New Deshler Building, Inaugurate
a system of fair dealing, and a host of ex
tortionists at once, come in lu the guise of,
second fiddlers, 'and endeavor to draw the
crowd.". They can't do it. Prices and ma
terials tell!, dec28-d2t-M&W
Most Diseases of Inebriates are to be
attributed: to their excessive -partaking of
strong alcoholic beverages. These diseases
can never be eradicated as long as the
patient, indulges toofreely in strong dflnlts.-
The first step to be taken is to destroy the
appetite for liquor, and, this can only be
done- with "Dr. Johnston's Specific," the
inlallible remedy for Drunkards.
' Nervous Debility, with Its gloomy at
tendants, low spirits, depression," involun
tary emissions, loss-of eemenj spermator
rhoea, .loss of power, dizzy head, loss of
'memory ' and ' threatened impotence and
imbecility', find a sovereign cure in Hum
phreys' Homeopathic Specific No. Twenty-Eight.
Composed of the most valuable,
mild and potent Curatives, they Btrika at
once at the root of the matter, tone up the
system, arrest the discharges, and 'Impart
vigor and energy, life and vitality to the--entire
man. ' They have1 cured thousands
of cases. Price $5 per package of six box-;
es and vial, which is very important in ob
stinate or old cases, or $1 per single box.
Sold ,by -all Druggists, and sent by mail on
receipt'of price. Address .'Hdmpbrjcyb':
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co, 662
Broadway, New York. 1yl3-deodS;wly
New England Mutual Life of Bos
ton. Report ot the Superintendent of the
Life Insurance Department of the State of
NewTork. (From. Commissioner's ieport'
January 1st, 1868, page 63.) b H j fit
The New, England. Mutual Life Insur
ance Company of Boston,Massacbusetts, was
the ploneerOf Life Insurance ln New'Eng-:
land, under Jhe able but extremely conserve
ative guidance of that accomplished jurist,
Judge Wlltard Phillips, "President of 'the
Company," the Life Policy was popular
ised "ta;;Offlcts,f 'counting roomp,Cl)BnksX
workshops and firesides east of the Hud
son, and no Bank Bill or State Bond was '
ever more sacredly regarded than the pol
icies under written by Judge Phillips.
The idea of fraud, deception or overreach
ing was never associated with a parchment
containing his sign-manual. ' Geo'. F.
O'Harra & Co., are the Agents for the
New England Mutual-Life Insurance Co.,
Columbus, Ohio.
Jleff; & s DeBctts, Locksmiths fandj
bell hungers, at No. 141 North High itreet,
are now prepared to hang parlor, and hotel
bells in the neatest and latest style. Sew
ing machines repaired and satisfaction
guaranteed. Models built for patentees,
and all kinds ot light machinery made and
repaired. Keys ot all description always
on hand, and sale and jail locks made and
repaired. " ' may23-s-ly
A Neglected Cocgh, Cold, or Sorx
Throat, which might be checked by a
simple remedy, like "Brown's Bronchial
Troches," if allowed to progress may ter
minate seriously. For Bronchitis, Asthma,
Catarrh and Consumptive Coughs,."The.
Troches" are need with advantage, giving
oftentimes Immediate relief. Singers and
public speakers will find them also excel
lent to clear the voice and render articula
tion wonderfully easy. i; Sj '-
Oysters at 40, 50 and GOcts. per half can,'
and 30 cts. per dish, (dozen), at Hennebo's
Restaurant, West Broad street, No. IX "
, dcclo-U&otojanl
T.lr,i'VT;;ll;il BOOTS AND SHOES;
.... u j i . . . ii -in i ' . i "
B00TS & SH0ES!
Stock of near and "operior conda. embracing rerr thin ia the lina of MENU', WOMEN'S,
YOUTH'S. MISSUS' AND CHILDREN'S BOOTS ANU fKOKS. now offered for nale, and to baalcaid
oat, without ranrva. at tba atora in DESHLiSK'S NEW BUILIJINU. Look at soma of tna prieas and
oompara them with thosa nioaUy charged : ... i '
Meai'a Kip Boete all Whole Ieather,
Rojs' Kip Roots,
Yontba' Kip Itoofa,
Childs Kip Boota. ... t., . c'r.'
Kleai'e Catlf; Tap-Soled Boot, - .
Won'l Call Shoe, Bt, - . -
Womea's Beat Morocco Shoea .
Ladies Boable Soled L.nallas Coag.
ladles' do., Silk Gore Tory Beat, - ;
iniaaes Morocco Shoea, IoIfabt - -Chllda
Morocco Shoes, . - -
These goodf are roarantead to be of ioperior material and workmanihip, and win bear eomparUoh
ith any in the market. i
Uon't forget that the asle if poeitir. and ia limited to bat a few weeka. Another faeh opportnniV !
Ill never ccenr anin. Be ure and find the rieht place (there is but one) before bujinc. , j i
1)KSHLF.R.'S NEW BUILDING. oDnoaita the KriTigva Ovvma tha nl. Tin u 1
deo7-deod3m-r - . . , .
w-' r -'-i PRINTING. ,
J ; OHIO : . STATE SM A N - ,:
11 L ;
Having greatly! enlarged out Printing Facilities by the purchase of a complete new'
The Latest and JIostppOYcdi Style,
.... . - ,s.
"-'a And the addition of
' , ' ' "' '
Generally conceded to be the fastest
In connection with EUGGLES', GOBDON'S and "WELLS' Job Presses, that have
Sroven such successes In our office, and having the largest and most commodious
uUdlng In this city in which to operate, we areoow prepared
In the best and neatest style of the art, and upon terms that cannot he competed with.
Our fast New Presses, our Improved Economical Machinery the result of the inge-
nuity and inventive talents of the best minds of the age enable ns to do good' w-
at MUCH CHEAPER RATES than can be done in the old style and with only the old
facilities. The Office is complete In all Its arrangements, and can do the work with..-
. . ')':. . i : . 1 ' -.
Handbilisy '
ft tt ,
Legal Blanks, '
Blank Books, :
Business Cards,
In this specialty
Having " More Presses
umces in uie
We are prepared to execute all kinds of Printing, In any color, at lower prices than
' our neighbors. . : ? -.....,
Nos.: ;36, 38 an
4 -I xi' txiKlWrl
WORTH OF ''il'-ttt
f . . . . .... i . i i
f3 OO, Regwlar price f 4JS9
- a.oo, ' - ; ' s.oo
'-" i ' .
5 I SO, -,'..'.','.;":'.',.'-
"' - ' '- ' 1.85, " '"'-
. , . - - .. 4.00, r ; :
- . - l.TS, ,
'r -. , l.SO, . -
s : : .oo
J :;.oo
Gaiters, 1.40, ,
-: : 1.65,'., ,
. - . O.JO, v
fcci" .'.' &c' ':
-' .-. i j -.
ji-'.-.j yr'i ;
--.I )'" 'x'-l'.BT'
I . . ' - ij
'-;Ii"..-' -t'i 't .
VI ,
f .
-'(iiV ..)hfv 'C
.- ! "'- Sjt:-,tr.
New Presses, including a
in. i'
, 'I'- ii '. ..
and best Pi inting Machine in the world. ' - ;
.m hi
Bill Headso
Letter Heads.
Circulars, 5
Dru Labels v :;1
B ills q f Tare, Etc., ,j
-i: ' ;
r i-5fi j.' H-L
i ' p h it; i T'jte
we ar unsorpassed.
than all Other. Printing
I - -m n
- 1 .
Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 29.
pay Jil-10e discount.
i AIOciJKY-MMket .ftlosea-At 1&3-12 per
New York Money Market—Dec. 29.
1 MONEY" Extremely t stringent wntil
near the close of bank. . howra, and 7per
ent, currency with l-16tf per fcenf.
ommission per day was Obtanied, si vas 7
p-r cent, currency with per-cent.
till Monday : I per cent. ior4tn to fifteen
dayav sphI Ijf pet '-cent, for thirty days.
Before then, towOTi-,4he-stringency aba
ted, and as .brokers were generally sup
plied, an easier feeling prevailed, causing
a decline to. 7 'per cent, gold Interest on
mixed collaterals; 7 per cent. currency on
Government stocks.? .The bulls resisted
the money pressure -walk, sod-, paid, high,
rates for money,-sooner than, throw stocks
overheard. A report that one of our city
banks was in trouble from -losses on mer
cantile paper' resulting.. from, receui dry
Roods fkilnreavwhicb gained currency ear
ly iD tbedsyiis unfounded' ftUsta it-ta
to-day a creditor -at Tleartng house to a
considerable extent. Some of the -banks
have doubtless sustained losses by recent
failures, but none, it U orobabtevto anx
tent sofBclenb to imoalr solvenc -The
money strlneenev Is checkiusr all sceeula-
XIor to produce sod' all other departments
oi Dusiness. -Tneprospoct or sny-permanent
let up until after the ouarterl v bank
Statement, Jannarv 4th. is net good- "'
. GOLD-Dull throughout the day ostsi .
el at 134 and eloaed at 1343134. the
highest rate paid for carrying .was 2-18 of
me per cent, per day. 'Awl-Sfia
New York Stock Market—Dec. 29.
k per cent,t flrst call, owing strin
gency in money, but all stocks offered
found takers and market closed firm. Cou
pons ot '81 114K&H4?2rno,62 110?47ail044;
do 'mJ7W10?; uo ?107?i ib7;o3
new llOKHO; do "7 H0110Ji; do
'68 H0jfelll; 10-40's 105K105K:
Tbe railway, market opened at a slight
advance on the closing prices of last eveosi
loe, but when the money. Btriageney 'be
came known there was a pressure of sales
by .weak holders, which 'carried prices'
down iH Per cent.. At the decline
prices, were well supported and exhibited,
firmness. The larger holders or stocks. It is
believed, have .made arrangements for,
money extending, .into next year and will
be comparatively unaffected by the present'
stringency. -In the afternoons under 'an?
easier condition of the money market, tberfti
was a more buoyant feeling and a general
advance in prices.
60 prices. Wells' Express SoJ,-;
American 401(,43 : Adams 484 r&4ft4f
United States 454& Merwhants Unioni
15Ji15J: Pacifla Mail 117?4 OH Si West?
eni Union Telegraph 33J,33; Kewt
Heading 979S; Terre Haute 38; Wabash
113a 113,; Ohio & Musissippl S434;
Michigan Central 113: Mlchiffan Southt-rn
868GJi; Illinois C Mitral 14IQ143: PitU-j
buijth 8a483; Toledo 99J(g9?45 Rock
IsKnd ll7illS;r Northwestern 87
New York Market—Dec. 29.
COtl'ON-l-c better I S5ko fortnfd-
dling uplands. , , .
I. f ZM'TI J . 1 a arnvA.
WHEAT Very dull and nominally low
er. hampers --and millers .insist unon a
material decline. The advance in freisrhta
has a depressing effect. i- '-
i.icumi ana - nominal atii eu
1 53 for Western. i -n
OATS-Qniet at 70c in store and 7&Ma
afloat, for Western. -.-'--, . -. ..tr
TJORN Dull at$l 070,1 11 for old. and i
9295c for new mixtd Western. - " ' :.(
'iPORK Quiet at $27 00(327 121 ; for
mess, cash, and 27 50 tor February. .
lil.ni. . . .
xrcr yuiet anauncnangeo.,-.- i
CUT MEATS Steady, with a moderate i
dtmand. - - ; -i.--- : . i-i,js . j o.
BACON Firm, with a fnirlBqulry. c -LARD
Dull at a6Jil7c lor fair 4o
rime steam, v Ua. s- i : -.'-c.j x
EGGS Quiet at 3739o --V .i'-j-?..-..;
Cincinnati Market—Dec. 29.
FLOUR Unchanged; ; family 7 80-'
600. '' ? '-'- i 14 t.v....t
WHEAT Dull; No 1 redl T3tet 75V-'?
CORN Dull; ear or shelled 667c- ''
OATS Very dull, closing at 60o rtof
So. 1 and 58c for No 3. v !
-RYE Firm at $1 36 r ; : i j.-
BARLEY Unchanged arid quiet; prime i
grades at S2 202 25, buyer 30 to -0 days.
COTTON Firmer, middling - at 23(
WHISKY In demand at 1." s f .? i
HOGS Irregular; live sold at $10 00
.10 07 tn the morning and dressed at 911 75 1
12 25, but the market closed tame though J
not many offering. Receipts 6 60ft(,Jl
PROVISIONS Unsettled and holders-'
iirmer; there is- less pressure to sell" and
put . little or no demand. " -"i"- j- - l
PORK City mess held at 2S.r; f is
BULK ' ME ATS At 11, '15, i 'and
?5Ko for shoulders, sides, tlear rib and
: lear sides loose; 1 -;--- ' iu-' -i4 ..r.;l
BACON 13c lor shoulders and 17jeTo-
clear sides; ; ' ' : ' - - " : '4 mn
GREEN MEATS-Firm-st 10,-13 80
14C. - - J' -- J -;iuV r"- ilJJiJit'S
LARD Held at.l7Ji18c,for city, but
ountry can be bought at 17c, and there fs
Onsiderable pressure to sell without any
1 emand. i - t ttj . .... t , s tli
BUTTER Firm at 3640e 1or western
! nd 4748c for best New York. Receipts '
light.- -- ! t-'.-i u.-tH.-i'- jjiii
EGGS Declined to 3132c.'-i' "'U -'""
OIL Linseed oil unchanged and quiet'
tI02103." '"' : .:. - :,i
Chicago Market—Dec. 29.
FLOUR Dull; spring extras $5S 75.- V-
WHEAT Less active and firmer; 3
H higher; sales of No 1 at I 1 82t
o 3 $11012; closing at 1 1
r No 2; sales of No 2 since change at'
'il 12.' . . ' i i :.. -
CORN In fair shipping -demand; 5(31
i'Jrfc highenlold firmer but quiet: salenew
helled 62o4". No 2 klin- dried N(tt.mez
, ew shelled o2c; nothing doing this af-'
X k .S
OATS A shade easier and more active
- emand. principally for future salesi 45a
7e. for No 2 cash, and 46ic seller and 474
7o huyer' for-' January and Febuary;!
i locine quiet at 4604GJc. a -.
RYE Dull at $1 12(1 13 for No 1 and
1 1 Wl 11 for No i r. :-. -i ;. .'a 5
BARLEY Quiet and ? firmer; '2(38
I gher; sales of No at $1 85t 69; closing t
tith sellers attl 67. vu. - s
-- ' i-
St. Louis Market—Dec. 29.
t FLOUR Firm but unchanged ; super'
':5 606 80.' ' - -Ji i ' oo
, WHKAT Dull, and C3lowpr'ofhotce-i
CORJJ Qjiet and wtak at 630083."" '-
OATS trull kt 6358o. ' :- ii.iiO
BARLEY -Choice and fancy spring tat
2 20. . . X
RYE Unchsnged t 91 '.Xil'QttV& i
WHISKY A little easier, 879Sc.
PROVISIONS Firmer, -more i -doln? :
ork sold at $23 00, bulk shoulders 10
$llo, clear sides 15c, bacon clear sides 12 a
LARW Steady 17c' " tiJooH anp
-HOGS Better at $810. '1 2J M S
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Dec. 29.
Tbe inquiry usual at -this season conw?
. nues limited, and a feverish feeling per-'
ades the market, bat prices are neverthe
' -ss well maintained for all staple styles of
. etton and woolen fabrics. - Heavy brown ,T
: heetingsof best makes are in steady re- -tiuest;
1516c tor Warasuttai' bleached
inslins 22e;- New York mills and Ma-
ilia 25c Standard prints 1213o for r
ood makes, and 13o for extras. Whit-r
: rtou stripes in moderate reouest at miak I
' . A A 1 - U- A 1- . X -
r A A brand ; 20c for do A: 17e for RR nnv
nd loo for I
CdQi- ; - J - ; 0 ' t r
Buffalo Market—Dec. 29.
FLOUR-Generally Inactive at $7 00(&'
t 60 for city ground. , - .
.WHEAT Nominal. " '' ' - I?
COKN Only In demand for cir
fiAlp rn f.ran1r 7Kt. .
OATS Nominal at 65o?? 1
RYE Dull. - "'
BARLEY Unchanged.1 ' '
HOGS Dresiedllfat..." '
LARD Sales at lc,. '.:
'- 1 '.
Toledo Market—Dec. 29.
FLOUR Quiet. , ,
WflEAT-r.Qulet and unchanged; 5fo. l.
,hite $1 05; amber $1 78. . "';
, CORN A shade better for new;' sales' at
I 4c for new; rejected 6858a pew yel t
! .w68c. v jt
) ATS A shade lower; No.t SSia.; m 7
RYE 3o lower; Michigan at$l 20. 1,'. ;,
SEED Clover $8 45.-1 - f ,
HOGS &o better at lOQUe.1 . . -
Milwaukee Market—Dec. 29.
Dull, and prices nochantred
WHEAT Firm at L 19 . for.Njo.1 Id t
1. .ore.

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