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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, December 30, 1868, Image 4

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TnnKrrtT- "i1 ? train. n C!
ambus. Ohio. On and after Mondav Mar saT.
.OUidaMMaiaMCiani At. ft.
! W 4. - av ?!"' ABaiYl
. M
".7 . .!' i.......n:lo A. M-
W P. M.
.' .!". S P.M.
38 r. M.
rDpruujaeiAeeinvutllj:SOP. M. 101 A.
iio. 1 Aoooaaodtioo....... 9M A. M. 1.45 K
i: rUttamUlMTM Sunday morning not Monday!
:jVW--v.fA M.; m A. M
Cincinnati Accemmodation. S.-00-A. M... 3& P. M.
f X?I! ' '- 1:45 P.M. 11:00 A. M,
Sxpraaai aw p. m. im P.M.
--i-isi :Seu si W. H. H. Sb.bw, Agent.
alttar St af eaaUraaa, Ceatrmt
Fight Express ..,. rK A. M. ., 12:10 A- If
lightning Kxpran.'.....r,ll:M A. M. S.SJ P. M
Xrre- MaiU........ 1:15 P. M. 133 P. 11.
-vs-s Yof,ntf- i ,. u.motb, A.;ent.
IWwiMu 7ktcwa-a sue laateuaa, Cea-
a -ituii-ii 4niiiauwart.a -.
:...- .......a L.aVB. ,', gIV
Firtt Exrr......;. .T9:4o A. M-. , CA0 a. M.
TuM faxer. 80 A. M.-'.t:0i P. M.
fwwnam mwi. ....... o -.n. 75 t. Mi
lax.Kxnree.T,.,... ...... Ida P. M. U.-os A. Ii.
cAakj-k(avawfllfcNawrk, K.B.
-, laava Newark aad nw as follow
iaad et-ivnun-!! -".s IKatk. : AMVB.
Psjr Express. ....... :4S A. M. A. lb
xmiat. aD Aeocmaaoaauoa 75 a. M. 1-M P. M
JuU aad Kxpnsi' 1?35 P. M. 8:16 P. M.
. A. n.iKIS.An. I
Hll .
J:iiA-M, .. 12:00 Mid't
Ucbtaiei K
A. M. 5:46 f . M
..i.TttMP.ll. 11:45 P. M.
Mail and K
aaMdatiaa MUMsMBP. M
-aai a -Aaeagimodatina ' -atarta from frairht
.in- it t.JoHii. Brf.ggrMaV AxenU ?
XasWra "rtnms Mafia, a. . f. m. ' a. m. r,x
-Tia '8tbliUa and i - t:
.rittsDarlk -,.,.. 11-J. BUM 10A ,,T
erunrMt, -n f t, w. ' - -rO.O,O.C.
AC. K. R.. iwt.l Mli.J-T
Tc. a c. r. r..." .... ni . Ads
Wtfl. Miami R.R.. Thro' ( . "j3?.. .,55; y.j
Little iaml R,BWaT.
'Aanesvine at ry Deeliog.
1)0 7 7 JO
TS ....
" ay
11M T;M
Cireleville, ChUlicothe A . ., ,
Pot temonth. ' . '.
jaeeaster, Uhio.vj..... : ....
Ext ay."ational Road. 10:30
Ait. Vernon War. Waster- . u
Tilte.ie.. 'lOje
4enTilIev.....A, ....... 10:30
Tinburg. ' (tri-weeklyjl-"
rrivee Meodaya Wed-l - ''
...... rs
jeave Tuesdays, Than- i
l-:Jii-' .) :r
oars sna oaiuraays...;j . t
4y, rneeaaya, i aanaays u au
JULIUS J. WOOD Postmaster.
[Telegraph Markets Inside.]
[Telegraph Markets Inside.] Weekly Review of Columbus Market
APPLES Have advanced to $4 00
6 00 per barrel, and $1 502 00 per bushel.
roll. " f
i BROOMS Firm mnd anchaneed. We
noie small gaiex oi comiiivii it d ana) 10;
medium at $3 00 3 60; and extra at $4 00.
Fancy are quoted at $5 00. '- .'
CHEESE Firm. Sales of Dairy at 17
17WC and Ohio factory at 20c. , - -COFFEE-r-Firm
and in good demnnd.
Sales of common Rio at 2022c; medium
'do at 2325e, and prime to choice 25
26c. Java is selling at 3340c -r,
t DRUGS k AND DYES Unchanged at
Drlces subject to tbe usual variations in
the market. We quote : . Alcohol.' $2 15.,
per gallon; Allum 44,c ; Borax 4042c;
Chlorotormi $1 70L Hi perabft -Copperas
22Mc? Gnnr Camphor $1 20l 25 per lb
Indue $1 351 65 per lb; Morphine (act-:-tatel
has advanced to $1616 50 per-oz. Oil
Cinnamon 4 X3 50 per oz Oil, Cod Liv
en, $1 S02,25 Pr gallon; Oil Olive, $2 60
275 per gall; Quinine (sulphate) $2 SO,
2 40 peroz.; Epsom Salta.44Bc; Salty-.
petre015e; Sulphur 78o.-f.--- '
.0tiij 2o ehange . We quote at 30
35c per dozen, -. -.r
FISH Sales of mo. I Alarkerei, nan oar
Tela, at $12 50-.'N, 2de, $U 00; White lish
new t $7 25, half barrels; Gibbed Her-
inr IV T.nhrorW rln. at X7 ife dried
vug. a -vv -" . - - - - -'1
doattRM new uw r isnBj iosow -t .r-tr
FEED Sales of Bran at$l 25 per bun
' dred; Shorts at $1 50 per hund'ed; and M.i(i
dlings at $2 00 per hundreds -.. --. : :
LOUR Sales of Spring at $7, 608 OOj
and white at $8 609 00. -, vik ;,.'
rFBUT AND UTSTh ;JemancJ tor
foreign, fruit is good. We quote Layer
Raisins at $3 60 for old, and $4 60 for new;
Crrant 15 Prones l8c; Figs 1820c; Cit
ron 40c; Almonds 2540c; Filberts 20c; Pe- ;
cans 2022c; Brazil aots- 1820c; Sardines,
quarters, 25c; Oranges $6 60; Lemons
$i6.--' -!j!Tio 1?ILJ
f3RAIJT Wheat Continues : steady at
uSOAl-SO foe primeqred;. Oats 40(3453$
Bye $1 15; Coro 50c per bushel.
nUAM AND BA30N-r?Tb5a. demand is
limited wiag tg the progresa of the kill
ing season, and quotations are nomiaal.
We give Mess Pork;' at $28 00, and Dried
Beef t8628e. ,a.i.t i! j r-m
"BOGS Remain the ssme as last week-r
at $7 608 00 greea.
HAY4tood-sopplyT W ote sales
of clean bright Timothy from' waeons at
$14 0015- 0w per ton; baled $540 higher.
Qoyer is quoted doll at $550800. . Straw, -brigbl
pWB,:4i given at $3 009 50 per
(OBt'J, -j fK. ;' -' n'A
HIGH WINES Firmer.. We now quote
$ SJi K8i-iT!i.'"M'4 -!.:! i-f-'iiifit
I.AliLH-Firm t 18(a20 !! - :i
. JEAD, AND, SHOT Firm, with an up
ward tendeqev. Small sales.oi Drop Shot
at $3 75; Buck $4 00; Bar Xead 13c . -
(LUMBER The demand Is active, and at
each of the Yards a very desirable ; busi
nes fe hrepoited. W quote:. Common.
Pine hoards at $22 60 per -M feet; Box
boards, roo eh, at $40, and planed-do at
$45; -clear Pine boards at $60; Pine joists
at $24; dressed Pine flooring at $37 60;
dressed Oak -and Ash do-. , at -$40; dressed
Fine weatherboardiDg at $25;. lath at $4,
and shingles at $6 256 B0 peu M. ,.
In prices Wa note sales ! Sugar House
8yrup at 65p; Good do at 85e$t 00; Extra
do at $1 101 15; Drips at $1 251 XT, P;
P.Mr.luM stfi!WMVt aad'MKJtien N'aw
Orleans $t $l 00131 05. - -a j-, , ri '-.
OILS Sales ot Lard Oil- $140l 65;
Ljnseed 00aifJ2s AadFjsb Oil alt L 10
1 15." J
PETROLKXJMTrHw fadyanced; to- 303
31c Sk ( il fii-HJ it
;xtATOE3r-Firi:,at-)c$lj 0Q,T
bbshel.T .in -. ' Iiul xi f i"
IB. LCE In good demand at lOo for choice.
SALT Dull and in limited supply. We
quota Hocking and ZanesyUlo at $2 75
t 00; Cases Dairy $4; Barrels with eaeks
. . ma
SEED Cloyeri-aon, ia market.- We
quote Flax at $2 25, and Timothy at $3 25
per bushel, t tc f - ' i
SOAP Sales of common at 810c; Ger
irujatU;traslve;lli124c; Bab,
bett's l .tjaeripaa Castile .,1Z4 Foreign
do 25e. . j. .-1 v v 'S'1 Li tx '
STARCHUncbanged. at 8c i -. .
4 r -r- . ric' L-it-n. an4- in muid rlomanrl ac
white At and-. 17o for naros. - -, --? r
'T ALLOW Unchanged at 12413c:
- TEAS Firm at 95ciaf 1 25 for common;
at uiaii m for medium: $1 So& 90 lor fine
to Clio young Bysoo; $1652 00 lor Im
perial;" tt 1r52 00 for, Guwoowderajid ,
TOBA1XO We. quote manufactured
dark lOaTidwa '(JU'lffi
bright Jis and pounds. pX 9oo$I iix
twist at 40c; SmokinS at 2232cv aad
chewing, fine eutj.at.65o$l 2tk -.!,r1 J
WOODEN WARE-T-Wegive No.1 Tubs
at $13 00; No, 2 do at $11 50;.No,3 do at
$10 50: No. 1 Churns at $14 00; No., 2 do at
$13 oS No. 3 do at $12, 00; Washboards at
$3 257two.boopiAtrMifl three
do at $3 60. - - a -T,vl-r.
WHISKY Sale? of common at, $1 0o;
Bourbon V;$2 003 00. And Eya'f. OOO
4 per gallon.. 1 . . 1
lie for Molasses sugarsii4?sts tur vu,
13W14?ic for Porto. Rico: 150 for yel
i7 iiUo for extra, white C:-16ator
- I
E, i
Philadelphia Live Stock Market—Dec. 28.
BEEF CATTLH Are scarce And In de
mand at full pricea, with sales of 1,100 bead
at lOOlOo forex'ra; 89cforfalrto good,
and 67o par pound, ftreea, tot eoranwii
SHEEP Are in fuif demand; sales 6.000
head at mWt"?"fmrAJ
nri aw hiirher: rales wire made of
4,fAXkbjiad t $W CO 160, iir-ciTt,-iet.''
Cleveland Market—Dec. 28.
FLOTIR ntr mgd W"V -,f,if. 11 OS
11 60; XX amlwr f 9 7510 00: XX red
? 009 25; XX r.priDK $8 008 25;
X Spring 6 767 00; country taade XX
wmi wincer vy 25( 75: Jl Ji. red winter
S 008 75; XX epftng $7 257 60. Buck
Whenillnar ateadv And ia fair rinmanrl at
$8 80 9 00. i
WH EAT The market to-dav was Inac.
tlv Kll r XTa t mi ..!. U 1 ,1 1 OA
Ifrom store; jno auofl 66. V r. I
c cuKN-Wittiout tnorcmenC, bot lima
;and higher; new No ! ahelledjiield at72o
irora storr; aid nominal, jj v .4 4
OATS Nothing tlointr. bnf market
' stead r and firm at 62; lor No & frflm fore.
RYE Dull and nominal at 1 20O1 25
from tnrt. 5 r , . ..
BAELEY Without movement and nom
iARESSKDfHOGS-iMarke quiet -and
steady at!010ator medium .to heavy,
dividing on 200 pounds. '
- POBK--Market ouiet and firm $28 00 for
Xo l mess; $25 Oajor No 2do;.$30 00 for
BEEF-xQuiet and BteadVi Extra mess
$16 00; mess $15 00. v
' LAKD In moderate demand and steadv.
Sales cityreudertd-at 18-18c la -tierces
SMOKED MEATS Qalet and steadv.
Sugar cured hams at 17; Dried beel-17c;
snouinera I2c; tsraktast isacon iec. .
-BUTTER The market is without
change and steady- Choice rWe.ern Re
serve roll and tub in fair demand at 3s
40c; In firkins 36(333 ? good Western Ks-
serve and Central 3033o. 1
CHEESE Stock iight and market firm
it 1719c for ehoicertairv and factory.
iiius-rSteaay at iMj$,iSz lor iraiiu
SEEDS Dull; Clover held at $S 50; Tim-
.X'El'liULIuUM Market to-dayoie
and eteady ; crude firmer at $5 35; redned
dull at 27c in car lots, SS29c in jobbing
lots. - -
OILS Linseed firm, with an active de
mand. We quote at 1 -02(31. 05. for raw;
$1 071 10 lor boiled, in jobbing lots.
Lard steady and without change. Extra
w. s. si 40i 45: lio. l $1 3d l 4a JSo. a
Boston Wool Market.
t lue ivooi marKei is arm iw mi graaes,.
but the current demand is moderate, ow
ing to the operation of general causes pe
culiar to this stage ot the season. Just
now there is very little to note in this
branch of trade that is new or interesting.
With the Money market working very
close, manulactorerrare baying to the. ex
tent ot present wants only, liut many of
them are short of staple, and will probably
be forced in for considerable supplies with
in tha next thirty days. -A few large or
portlon,who bought heavily early In tbe
season, will be able to continueon for some
time to come without recourse to the deal
er. But the season Immediately before us
must nect s warily be one of actlye andjarge
consumption. - ';:
Double extra and choice fine Wools are
more inquired for, and large sales of these
will doubtless be made in the coming year.'
Combing Wools are in demand and very
scarce ; all passable lots of native are taken
at sellers' prices as fast as received. Pulled
wools are the most active of any descrip
tion, as they meet a want of consumers
that could not otherwise be supplied.
iThouch the current rcctiDts are liberal.
the stock of supers is sold up vary close tor
Sales of Domestic for the week nave been
moderate, and foot up about 650,000 lbs. at
a ranee ot 45(570 for Fleece, and 25(2
55c for the various grades ot .railed. In
cluded a e zuuo ids medium unto at 4S-,
5.000 lbs extra do 50c, 17 900 lbs extra and
Nol do tic 2.000 lbs ,Nb I do 60c 30.OC0
los unurana Wisconsin io i 4sc. (Com
mercial, Bulletin loth.
Albany Live Stock Market—Dec. 27.
BEEF CATTLE -rThe market opened
with small supply and limited inquiry, but
at i prices J4c per pound higher than
last week; sales to-day about 700 head at
5(36: for State and Canada stock; 78c for
ordinary r. to ifak; 4$i lor good to
extra, and 10c for premium. .
SHEEP AND LAMBS Are in lair re
quest at 56JaR.
DRESSED- HOGS Sales were made at
12J13e for light and heavy.
m nartnershiD with ii. HORlfiKR. for the
purpose of carrying on the Boot and Shoe trade at
Would respectfully invite their, friends and' the
Repairing of all kinds neatly and promptly done.
We would respectfully -solicit a share of public
Datf onage. Please give as a eall. No trouble te
sbowgoodssJ In ; - v- -!;.: .v.
Itemember the place : so. ids sontn nign street.
Vjoldnioui; f; Bept M. 18S8. - sepKtf
J)T, Barton's, Tobacco Antidotes
Trademark X Copyrightod.
Cautlea I Beware of Irrfarious Counter
feits advertised by Humbugs. rr; j
nov30-dA a 3meeyirr sa-
An Ordinance
To assess a special tax upon the real estate bound
ing tbe east side ol iigJxiret irom jxooii
to titmarbarw alley. - -
Skctioh 1. Be it ordained by the Citv Council
of the city of Columbus, Tbat the sum of Nine
oents. Three and four-tentn mills, be and tbe same!
is hereby levied and assessed upon eaoh loot front
of the several lota of land bounding or abutting
upon tbe east aide ot tiiga street trom noble
street to Strawberry alley, as the same are desig
nated anon, toe, plat ef-tae uiL animeer. ea nie-iT
theoffice,of, thetiity Cletk. faeuhe oust uA-evx pease I
ot loweriua lu, liaa ornBiun aoxuvo nuuuuatmii
at the east side of H gh street, according to the
estimate ot tbe Ulty civil engineer.
ceo. 3. Tbat tbe owners or tne several lots or
land woon which the foregoing assessment is made.
shall pay the amounts of money by tbem eoveraUg
due in mat nenau to jonu narimau, wttnin twenty
days from the date of this ordinance, or be subject
to the interest and penalty allowed upon the tame
tt n. s&uniss,
President of the City Council.
Passed Dei. 21, A . D . IMS. v
Atust: L. E. Wilson, City Clerk.
6UJ- Ari OrdinanQe
Toasse.s a special tax upon the real estate bolthd-'
ing on High street trom a point r icet soon ot
Friend street to the south line of South Public
Kumnil Beit ordained by the Citv Council
of the city of Columbus, That the sum of Five
DDllars he aad the (use U hereby levied andassess
ed upon each foot front of the several lots of land
OOUnaing or aomilDK upon nia;u iirai iruut a
point 116 feet south of Friend stieet to the south
line of South rublio lane, as the stme are desig
nated upon the plat of the Civil Engineer, on file
in the office of the City Clerk, for the partial cost
and expense ot exoavating ana paving tneroad way,
gutters and crossings along tbe same with the Nio
olsnn pavement.
&EC.2. i nat tne owners 01 me htow mh ot
laa- iir-arTwrneh the foresroinr assessment is made.
shalr new tneareri trots of money by them severally-
due in that betiait to Jno. waisna mo. witnin twen
ty days from the date ot this ordinance, or be sub
iect to the interest and penalty allowed upon the
same by law.
Presidentof Ihe City Council. '
Passed Deo. 81.1868.
Attest: L. E. W ILSON, City Clerk. .
preparation, introjuoed last winter, having
received so many flattering eommendatiors from
those who nsed it, induces the proprietors to bring
it again before tbe public, assuring tbem tbat it
stands unrivalled as the best protector of the skin
against tbe inclemency of the winter season. It
not only imparts to the skin a delicate freshness
mr,A kantr. hot also conduces to its health, purity
and. preservation. Eor healing abrasions,- Cbap-
ped MarWSVraee, Lrps.ef Boughnest or .the- Skin,
it-lies no equal, while its soothing qualities and
rlaliahtiul Iras ranee render it a necessary append
Se thetoiiet. Prepared only by MAKPLE A
R1TSON, lispen6inn Chemists loo booth High
street, Columbus. Ohio. ioAw,
public generally to call and examine their fine and I
well veiemea etvaa-vt xjaaiee, wouur, siisnv i
Childrenls Boots and I Shoes, this '"
rect from the iast.and which tbey are offmos
"'". -1.1 r;;-V; .T
ofaotuiing depanment special attention is given to
arXir 9tBatdeumd Ammtttm. mai Is abo an axeelleDi a.
petizk IipmrijUt andaineAe tee blood, mrlgorstcf'the V
mleiA vossenei rreat nourishine and etieDrtheiucGniow.
er, enaajes the stomach to digm the heartiest foodoaka,
eleep retleshing, and establubes robnst health. JSmoken
mnd caewV for ciKy year, cured. Price KifTyXenU par
box. Poklrea. An Interesting treatise on lUC injurious
affeea of toBaeeo, with Usta or testimonialaf refieranees,
etc- IUI rasa. Agents wanted. AodnsjT i
X Ds-T. B. AsaoTi, Jeryfit, S.J. j,
Fosnusnca's TKSaraonv. I iejtel.,Sa box of Barton's -Antidote
from Bar. AM. Pealtoe, and find It m. eeruaL
ean. S. Oaisat'CwinotaaiyBarrleoa Co., Ohio.
and a supply of tbe Aanposa.-yca is rem 1 fd Aae aawa.
te work soaaiT. , . . - i O. X. SaaaB. '
Paoa New Humana Bsarg Prrso-w. Gentjetnen of
tnfleence hare harlng been cjfcred of the appetite lor tobae-s
eo by asing Dr. Barton's Atikipta. we essire a npphj for
the prisoners of this inKitjftionX - - - - '
Joacra MATOrardeoyr H. H. State Fitsoa.
A lintti Tarrraxx. J DrRartons sarlnote ftw
Tobaoco Aa. aecmnpliMrd as clinvfor ..
W. lUn, let Ket. Bank Vew Albany, ExL
' A d.moTTeis'rrsmro!TT. OsObox or Ajranoxa-,
eared my mtberifnd uiyeeU. JvaaxXraiLS.
a t Jtaa. iJW. aaeaatata, -tUllaSiacae, Pa.
Fada m foutm BsADQTAKrvaa, LrVv, Masa-j
Vim aofeai Mrry-gM fxunub of pmh 4m (Arte emriat by
msinc Dr. BjartoB'e -Antidote, and all oVrire i tobacco Je
noaorad. Wa. I. VrUlT, Ja.
TMaAaa 'JOTnBxair Hon Jotrajrah BAxnioaa,
If D. Of,, box ot Barton's Antidote wisioatj oil dhn're tot
1-, rrTiftf-rm rrrti 1 tatoplesaure In luomaiendhSl tttal
aUoalrieadera. T. T. fiuTaa, Bdiarr. .
Paving Notice.
7b itiom it may eonotrn !
. . Columbus. O.. Kot. 16. 1888.1 :
1 otioa la nemo j gi ven, that proceedings hare been
insLiutea id me iity i;oanoii ot uulumbua, lot
mating me lunowing improvements, to wit :
For grading and paving the ULpaved sidewalks,
cnttersand crossinn on the wentaifle of Wa.hin.
ton arenas from thnoHh aide of Batten Place to
Vie aoutn iiae oi barstreeu t j
- Also, for repaving High street wm Perry street
ot the corporation line. .s v
Also, for grading and paring with -tboaldera the
maawaj et ruono ailer Irom t u tn street to Sixth
Thesameto ke done in accordance with the plats
ana estimates to do prepares dt tne i;itr ;tru
gineer. ana niea in toe omoe or tne uitr uierir. t
All persona claiming damages on aoconnt of said
proposed improvement, are required to file their
olaiina in the office 9f the Clerk, in writing, on or
oeiore tneriru oay oi Jaauary, a., u. utw.
Li. i.. v IbSO.M,
norlS dltaw4w
Citj Clerk
Paving Notice.
To all whom it may Ome&rnf
. Notice is hereby given that proceedings have been
Instituted In the City Council of Commbus, for
maaiuK uie xouowing improvements. ,ie-wu s
t or grading and paving the nnpayed sidewalks.
guirirera ana crossings on tne west siae cx tne va
cant ground west of the market honse. and for Ba
ying the balance of said vacant ground with Nioiil-
on pavement irom iown street to men street.
Also, lor laying a doable- row . of flag crossing
acrors Center alley on the south side of Spring
street. ....... ,.. ..t- . .
Also, for laying a double row flag crossing across
Center alley at the south side of Long street.
The same to be done in aooordance with plata and
estimates to be prepared by the City CivU ngi-
ucc i , idu uieu id liiv unjee oi toe vity Vfiera,
- All persons claiming damages on account of said
Proposed improvements, are required to file their
claims in the office of the Clerk, in writing, on or
oeiore toe tuntn day ol January. A. u. ltea.
nov5-dltaw4w City Clerk
, .. . .. . ,. .;
Paving Notice.
To all whom U may eoneom : "
Citt Clsbk's Oppiob,)
T- -V f"i Cdttanrus. O..Ieo. 11, 168. J
'Notice is hereby gitenYthat proceedings have been
mstitutea in toe uity council ot voiumbaa,iormaa
ing tbe following improvements. to-wit:
For building a double carriage way single span
onage at tne crossing ot ijie canal , on friend
Also foT araaiaa and Mrlnc the nnnavad si
walks, utters and crossings on Young street from
Broad street to tate street. t
Also. for buildine a double row flag stone nave.
meat across fair alley upon the south side of Chap-
ei street.
Also, for building a 30-inch brick Fewer on Gay
street from Front street to Fifth street.
The urns to be done in accordance with plats and
estimates to be prepared by the City CivU ngin-
eer. ana niea in tne omce oi tne uuy uierc.
All persons claiming damages on account of said
proposed improvements, are required to tile their
claims in the office of the Clerk, in writing, on or
oeiore tne rourtn uay ot reDruarv, a. 1. lttsa
. . L. E. WILSON.
dec28-dltaw4w City Clerk.
ing East Fublio lane Irom Broad street to FrieudJ
- street. ' ; j . ; ( '
Siotion L Be H ordained the dtj Ceuiieii
of th,city ot Columbus. That the. saia of One dol-
lar. Twenty-five cents. Six mills, be and the same
ereb and ,88,ed noon each foot front
t v 5 a . sa
To assess a special tax nnon the real estate hound.
ing John street from Cleveland Avenue to Wash
ington avenue.
Section!. Beit ordained by the Citv Conncil
of the city of Columbus. That the sum of Eighty
seven oonts. Six mills be and the same is hereby lev-
lea an i assessed upon eaon loot iron! ot tne several
lota of land bounding or abutting upon John
street irom lyievdand avenue to w ssniugton ave
nue, exoepting lots Nos. 29. 30 and 31 of U. Neil's
addition, lot No. 1 of Morrison's subdivision of lots
Nos. 36 anil 87 of R Neil's addition and lots Nos. 1
and S of BurwiU's addition, as the same are desig
nated upon the plat of the Civil Engineer, on file
in the office of the City Clerk, for tbe cost and ex
pense of grading and paving tbe gutters and cross
ings and grading and graveling the sidewalks along
tbe tame, according to the estimate of txe City
Civil Engineer.
8 kg. '1 bat the owners' of the several lots' of
land unon which- the foregoing assessment ia mada.
shall pay the amounts of money by them severally
due in that behalf to 'l'homas McDonald A Co.. with
in twenty das from tbe dateot this ordinance, or
be subiect to the interest and penalty allowed upon
the same by law.
- President of the City Council,
V Passed Deo. SI. A. 1; 1868i , . f f ,
ijJj.'1?- Wttsosjt fittl Clerk.
. . An Ordinance
To assess a special tax upon the real estate bonnd-,-ing-MeKee
alley from beyenth street to Cleveland
Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Council
of the city of Columbus, Tbat the rum of One
Dohar. Eleven oents. Seven mills be and the same
is hereby levied aad assessed upon-each, foot treat
uf tbe several lota oi lana -sounuiogj-or aeinung
nrjon McKeeallev from Seventh street to Cleveland
avenue, as the same are designated upon the plat of
tne liivu engineer, on mo in tne omce oi tne uity
Clerk, for the cost and expense of grading and pav
ing the sidewalks, gutters and crossings, and grad
ing and graveling tbe roadway along tbe tame, ac
cording to the estimate of the City CivU Engi
neer. ' Sso". -X," That the owners of the several lots of
land upon-whioh tbe foregoing assessment is made
shall pay the amounts of money by them severally
due in tnat behalf to Michael Malone, within twen
ty days from the date of this ordinance, or.be jsab
ieet o the interest-end p"lt,y allowed- upoe tne
same by law.
President of the City Couroil. ,
'Passed Deo. 21. A i). MSB.: si
, Attest: JL.E. WlxSON, City Clerk.. ..-.t-,.,
decJft-dlt , . .-,i.:-T ; .. :::.
An Ordinance
To assess a special tax upon the real estate bound-
of tbe several lots of land bounding or abutting upon
East Public lane from Broad street te iriond
street, excepting lots numbers S, 3. 4, S and 6
of tieorge Bellows sub-lot number 41 of Arm
strong's addition: and lota- number 1 and 3 of
Miner'ai subdivision, with the following credits:
Lot No. 28. -Armstrong's addition, 75 feet-ef old
ecrb. at 20 cents -per toot, as tbe same are desig
nated upon the plat of the Civil Engineer, on file in
the office ol the city Cierk. for the cost and expense
of grading and paviua the gutters and crossings
and grading and graveling txe sidewalks along tbe
same, according to tbe eti u&te of the City Civil
Engineer.- - --r - i VVTI
Seo. a. roat tne owners 01 tne several rots 01
Ian 1 upon which the foxegoi g assessment is ma.re
shall pay the amounts af money by Ihesn severally,
due in that behalf to W eui: Beck A Co., witbin
twenty days trom tbe date of this ordinance, or be
subject to tbe interest and penalty allowed upon
the same by law.
tne same oy WM. NAGHTEN,
President of tbe City t'enel .
Pa-sed Dee. SI, A. D. 168. ' . 5-'i
Attest: L.E. WlLSUN. City Clerk.
; An Ordinance i
To assess a special tax uporrthe real estate boond
ing Eait Public lane trom Broad street to i riend
street. , ..,. " 1 a
Section 1. Belt ordained-:by the City Council
of the city of Columbus, That the sum of Tnirty
one cents, f ine mills, be and tbe same is hereby
leviea and assessed upoirt each foot treat- of the
several ! is of land bounding or abutting upon
East Public lane from Broad street to Krieod street,
exoepting lot No. 3 of Miner et al. subdivision and
lot N o 41 of Armstrong et al subdivision of outlots
Nos. 31,47. 48 and-49, as the same are designated
upon tbe plat of the Civil Engineer, on He in tbe
office of tbe City Clerk, for the eost and expense
of grading and graveling the ioadway along the
same, according. U the'estimatf of t-e City Civil
Engineer.' - j. i j v J. . ; .
Ssa. S. That the owners of the several lota of
land upon whtoh tbe foregoing assessment ia maoe,
hall nar the amoanta of mouer br them sever
ally due in tbat bebalt to Mariin Kelly and William
Harrison, witbin twenty days from the date of this
ordinance, or be subjeot to tbe interest and penal
ty allowed upon theaamebj law.
President of the City Council.
, Passed Deo. SI, A- D. 1868
Attest: 1j j. vv U.8UN, vity wera.
deoiH-dlt ' . . .
.JL 'J..
An Ordinance
To assess a special tax noon the real estate bound-
-traa atrtet irom oeveutn street to rraaoiujt-
- Bii0!6 -Ra it ordained bv the City Council
of the City of Columbus. Tbat the snm of Twelve
Vmn trd fnnr tenth mills be and tbe same is
hereby levied -and' assessed apoa each foot front
of tll, several lots of land bounding orsrbutting upon
Oak 81
Oak street from Seventh street to Washington ave
nue, as the same are designated upon the plat .of
tiiai'.iffii Knrineer.on file in tbe offioe of the City
Clerk, for the cost and expense of graveling tbe
roadway along tbe same, according to the estimate
of theCity Civil Engineer.
Seo. 8. That tbe owners of the several lots of
land upon whioh tbe foregoing assessment is made.
snail pay toe amounts oi bwimi ij iu,ih,wwu
Am in that benali t j Waif h A McDonald, witbin
twenty days from the date of this ordinance, or be
subject to tbe interest and penalty allowed upon
lb. same oy i.w. - WM. NAGHTEN.
i -President ot the CU-CoUBail.
J Pasie4 Dee.SL A- 1X1868. , ,tU . -i -
Attest: L. E. Wilson. City Clerk,
deoas-dlt - .-v '-j
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to build a double row flag crossing
across Center alley at the south side oi Spring
street. :, ' 5..' . . ' r ,.
; Section 1. Be it ordained by the City Council
nr mitr nf Cnlmobna rtwo-thirds ot all the
members concurring), Tbat there be constructed a
double roa flag crossing across Center alley al the
Laouth -aide of Spring street, in aooordance witn
the v at tbcreoi on me in tne omoe oi tue vity
&0. S. That all damages, costs and expenses
ia,n from tha fnreeoina imDrovemement shall
be assessed Aud levied upoa Jie sevi-cailoA
land fronting or abuttiogen the south side effroigf
street from High Btrtet to Thirdtroet, la ropor
tiontoueuleettront. WM. NAGHTEN,
Preiidertof the City Council,
Passed Dec. SI. A. D. 1S68.
, Attest i. E WlLSON.City Clerk.
Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to build a double row fisg crossing
-across Vent at the South side of Long
-street. - " - -
Section 1. Beitordainel by the Citr Council of
the City of Columbus (two-thirds ot ail tne mem
bers concurring). That there be constructed a
double row flag crossing across Center alley at the
south sideot Long street, in accordance with the
plat thereof on file in the offioe of the City Clerk.
Seo. S. That all damages, costs and expenses
arising from tbe foregoing improvement. shall be
assessed and levied upon the several lots of land
fronting or abutting on tbe south side of Long
street to" High street to.Third street, in propor-
rtion to loeir,ot iromo .v.v
yt si. a Autiiaa.
President of the City Council
PsssedDee.Sl. A- D.1868.
Attest: L. E. Wilson, City Clerk.
THE IB13erVeWlrl
: i-iivii , rtMn
inoax con
'- Il
ls llll'l
i: - : . - :'ri ii V. S r
1U o-
"J-i :
ir 9 r
Nos. 36, 38 & 40North High St,
The attention , - th Business Publio . called to
the superior facilities of this Establishment.
We hare inconstant us
Eleven Steam " Power Presses
or THI
And our ability .'to get out work promptly is
surpassed in tbe West- ' Wa haV. lately '-
' -.:! -- made additions t our already . .. - -.
C ('-.j, ; 4 usi... .......
And we feel confident to satisfy all -who may give
us a call. , Out large fonts of type enabl us
! v . , to do all kinds of .
!;... . J j. . 1- s - ". :; it .-.:- s
n the most prompt and excellent manner, and we
- - oall the attention of those wanting anthine
--. in this in to the ,--n-j-,-T
; That we have executed in th past year.
if. ;i ,n 1
v:i 1 wjotmt
Th repnUHon of this House for fne Job Printing
tiiis well known to-the business oemmmnity.
... , Employing, aaw do. non but th ,
Best oibf '-m Workmenl
t:1! J'ili.i J jAT
Y" 3
And having a full assortment of-tha '
'J ('. r:!A.. .i i-'i J:. - '
i ... ': i: - : -J V t
W will ' guarantee th tatmost ' satisfaction.
Mercantile,! '"r
Railroad,:, .;n;
- - Bank and- ': l a- r-'r
,. . -- , . i .... -n .. r, -. . . ,:
o m Printing.
t 1
Bill Heads,
Cards, - ,
Letter beads,
Checks, ;: ;
&e.7 &c '
Blanks ofall kinds,
". ,.i ': - . " Ii ' !.' ' .-. :
. . Needed by the business publio. .
.r- . .. . . "J- "... - '
"W also keep on band a larger stock of
Than any other Printing Dons in th city snob as
Super Royal, Mediaiaav,T.,,i ; .
' rw Cap'; - '
"it . - - ' ;i "
Cap, .r.:
i. Letter asaiel
t .! -.1 -' J. ".Vi
Of th best qualities, and, purchasing them as w
do, directly from the manufacturer, we ar
- enabled to do our work at correspond- '
ingly low rates. Wear Sol
-:: !. i Agenuforthe . ,
W particularly eafl attention to the Blank Books
- - manufactured by us. We are preoared to
tt:- ' fill all orders f of
Zjedgera, 3-.
- - Jottyn fl a. ' " -' -'
'aD,-v- BooIls, ,!k ' '"
Boole, as
And all kinds of Blank Books now In us. These
ooks- are all don in th best tyl of paper, inl
ine and binding, and weoha long eempetition in
thulin. . . ;- .,, ,, ,.: ;, ..... .
G i y e tr s; asc a.ee.
, S9 40 Norlrillljth Street,
- ' lo ,r..;- .-.i' -.-J-.J , ..:
''i 11 ii-i. -:- .-i. :. v; y.'U i
. ,'..1S - -,t! - -:' ( i-. .-I
. -V 1 f.. ; -:-, .? f.M- i
1 "-a:--wi-.i y"T .,.'!.-su.a..
i t-. -, . ' "r;-i;f ' t. ' . "I". "--i -
- -N . :.. . ., ;' .'
-' - eri 1 . .-". .1 '--. .'kVI
.- .- -t -fil!.-!!'.f J in' ? -'
I'.'i '.- . : .-I.' . : . ; i . . ' .-t
' : :;nJ;-:iv ,i ; . ti V. .
i -,. f.l:t . : i
'-IlC'lSfO .ft!! !8r t5f
-'.In 5. i J :
u'i -t :
.' ; :.' -1 1 u - '-(!!. " v'ft Y.i tit V, J
;;; ! :-,;-:; 1., -.':; n-i ij-t:-t
k; , 'it!: f:i..;. I.,. b-.J-L.l Sin
-:, x i ' ::: . iiiT- J Jrjor!!!w
i j" cti ",-u ;: . f. ! tj.'i
roi-J t:'-'; 'ixjii'. i-Aii ' i if. Tl
i-is-C. "I- i m I r i .! ! : " :s ff Mo .inl
.! !..i-.-,T V -. ,, f -r'1,ib our
! :
-:,-.; iv.i.i - , .. V
'i :. .'. : .... r..; :
'2 ... 1 ; . : -. .' v -: . -; ... :,,
: J i i: ' J" i l ,ij- -i.
'..fiiv.'t l- . t-.-'SW it. f.oi' --U.' :v
t (!'. l:
250 rAND 252,
I. i.llt'-
;;.. ( v. .-..n -.-.'ii saiii
i?-: v-.fn -if' i) i-.iiil-
.rf-.-.. i'.1ri"-r-!fi-f'
" .--Oil! i;,'l :,i-7 ;; : .
i)18 HilCvNlf '!: MieyO .0: -'. Ii 1 . -; . i :;
.4'- Tf is.'-.-; . 'tr.r :i .ii t A
A . ft:r
: : . .- r. .T ... t, .-. : .
'il ii .i ' - -: .-' i.., !' jsi'i-'! v..f -- l:u
i -. ; ,
i- -'t .-. '('
. "i.i..'i'i .' r:tl .fi-jVV A -i-s
iv -a; J.-.J t;!J ''
ii i 'i if . : i. i- m . '-l !:;-
Mi' .' - ' . - ' i. ''
Ja : --a u -. ' ,- . - : . :
, : - . i . , - ' : ! ,- r,i, :
!. nl-i-Vi!-;.- , -. ' -
' ;u - . - r ; .' - ; - - . ::' 1.
... , - I'! ' -: 'i': : , -'l.'l '..
.' I:-Tn:i. (-i,' 0.'- ti'JJ,"
i" -r) lit . N." -'j '.. j ' - ! --ir-E
V '".,. '-'r'l'A'.V-t -i "i :f
j :n ii ; -i.'j ' i. )'.) ?
.' '.' C': v i iiij .l.'ii;1 'i t
' I
I.., .1
' -"
. .-" I . I ' ' . 1 r- '
' Three X rains Leave Col arabns (TJataai
asejaerei, avail y taaaaayi aXfpaea.v ,
. -.:),- V?-.- - - -I UAiii... ;
. 8:83 A. M. NIOHT EXPRESS, arriring at
Zanesville at 6:13 -A. M.; Bellair at 1030 A. Mi
Baltimore at ss A. AU; Wuaingtoa City at
A. M, . .
!.., 'TT; .' '-".' v ! ' --.s. .-' 'tit rfo-'St. j
lltlO A. M.LIUHTX1NQ EXPRESS irriviog
at Zanesville at 1:47 P. M Bellaire at 6:10 p. M
Baltimore at 11.10 A.M.; Washington CityatlSAI
r,M i '.' '.:;
. 1 te$"P. M.tlXPRESS MAtfarVivlrif atZanee.
ville at :M P. M. Bellaire at 9:15 P. M.; Haltunor
at 4:45 P. Jd-i Washington City at 530 P.M.
.V -i -- , f".-:'-X
Close onneetieas made at'Baliimore and' Wash
ingtoa with trains for Philadelphia and Vow Tork.
Passengers holding through tickets to .Eastern
ities have th privilege of
Viriting 1 Washington City Free.
No Change of Cars at Ohio River
Y-na!?'J .'1 .O t
fcstiJ ."I fj m .--i-.-.i y'r
tsi CS U- -.1- -TT r-. ': .. . !
Aalc for TICKETS rlat BEsLsLAfttlG
JNO L. WIXSOK, Master of Transportation
L. M. COLE, General Ticket Agent. -
JNO. W. BROW A'. Gen'l Passenger Agt,
i :', . .'i
Theattentloa of the Trade Is called to th supori
... oratoekof . .... .- ,
v -i - ' -- - : v
., : -.. - ; , ,,. ')-! ..-v. r-
i t Jastxeoeived ndf sal by
. - .--.f u.l yj.
; , 1 i n-
S6, S9 Ac 40 MOUTHL
K " C O i MBU B
Our stock comprises a full line of
I ....
' Colored and;
--HPririt Papers.
' '.-." !..' ii'iar,i:ifc- A. Vs'T
.-.rii'k-'J ii''0 Jo ?irilfAl I -.RU;-fc?.i
sk'ti ; -r .'!'; oi.l t!i:",' a M'-;
r.ii'i' .WkTafullttok-of iii -i t.-.j!-.v
;',! - i.s ri' .:.;-.: v liwi
-1 I -i--J.i l f-llil' -1 -i- ? :iUS
Of all sixes' and varieties, which will be gold at th
lowest market rates. .
l -ii trM q.'I
t ?bil;:H
j Kin "J ?1;
!- n .-..iil' H.'.T
, .-nl .J.f!
I .-:
Ii ansurpused in tne city, Inoludiuf
j c:iw Jo
Rs .Rs CHECK, . -. ht.,lix
T. -.--.!
; COLORED of ail kinds
mi' :
1 .- :
:a -':.: i. -;
A J-t Jt
' Improved!,.,
It is an elegant Dressing for th Hair.
It causes the B air to Curl beautifully. "
It keeps th Scalp Clean and Healthy.'
It invigorates th Boots of th Hair-
It forces th Hair and Beard to trow luxuriantly.
It Immediately step Hair Falling Out," -It
keeps th Hair from Changing Color from Ag.
It restores Grey Hair to its Original Color.
It brings out Hair an bead that bar beea bald for
; ...... ;.. . . - T years. - . . ': : .: -
t is composed entirely of simple and purely veget-
ble substanoes. .
It has received over six thousand voluntary testi
monials of its excellence, many - which are from
. i : physicians in high standing. ' " " '
It is sold in half-pound bottles (the nam blown
in tha glass), by Druggists and Dealers in Fanes
Goods everywhere, at One Dollar per Bottle. Whole
sale by Demas Barnes A Co.; F. C. Wells A Co.;
SchiefielinA Co.. New York. l8CF.iT-mohx7-dly
.AdYertising1: Agents.
133 Mwr lew Ifcttttsn '
v , j .ia A'sfrtrTia).ataj r.fiwi:-'-!
We beg to ofl t no attention 'of1 advertisers' to
oar agency ur facilities with all the first ciese
daily papers in the country are second to none.
and weATo fuHy prepared to offer terms and con
ditions which canaotfaii to give superior indue-.
nr. rt e also sena aavertisements to an luoan
South American papers, with whom webave
iusive conracts Weretbeoolr house doing
V V c
c Vgu. III ovvuiai rnjiuiiooivui ivii i w
H. T. iUiJiBoLD, Druggist, 694. Broadway.
is Yo k. ...
New Yo k.
Messrs. S. R. Vandczsb A Co., 198 Greenwioh
street. New ltrk. . -
'Messrs. HaLL A KccxtL, 318, Greenwioh street.
New York. .
Messrs. G. Bbtjci's Son A "Co., Type Founder, IS
Cbambe-s st eet.
. Messrs. Philon a SflH, New York. -i
Messrs. fBKLoit A Collkndbr. New York. ' .
i Messrs. TariAit A Co.. New York. :i tJlfiila rl
; Messrs. CniOKBaiKa AoonN.w Vorkj ,,,T .amr
U.ii,Tli:n N. York. ?"raf
I ocU0-eod3tn iitjq h j f J i Sit ,gint
'4 .Ii r .,
.M5 r- . : i-,
Th Shortest Eont WW No Change of Cars
- ynieago, asoiu and iadiansjpous. ; i
I'.-L 1. uq,tiin. . j .
0UR,TRAl3,biaT reV."tfnrrneTiot.
'i jiumbu,-rt'nd for Nov.SJ, 186T. as
S ' '4-"'i folloar..';.V" i .v
V.y.y llE-8 !Sundara .irnta,r a i
at Mirrora stiT a m.-Urbane ib-ie a L itn.r:,.:.
1:05 p m. 8andusky S;TO p m k 'r,, a m
l.,ln5 S0r,m Detail in..! ' "I 11:16 A m. 1 (
ana 11:16 a m. T.
lBlsreia is-ronexprwlj for Taledoraadt
- -. - - - r ui . . .
liaSOp i Leg&afipoet 100 pra.ChioSTni
a m
rnrie .:m , osoure vw am. Burlinrir..
lowa. 11:05 a m. Keokuk 12:30 a m On ...
Lnuisville3:30a m. Terrw Haute 1 7 p m. Jlattooa
a ravCeimeas p m, fana 4H a m, AltoerSrOO a
m. 8t Louis :15 a m, Lafayette 18.-00 mid. Spring
field, Ills.,7:"i0a m.
Passenger br-thts staia reach St. Louis the next
meraiog saaara aliea4 and for points west
of f-t. Louis and h-eokuk one train in advanee of
all other routes. .-irftv-.T .. - . . . .
vlatlU PRKSS (Huudars excepted). Arrives at
Piqua p m, Toledo 6.-30 a m. Detroit 8:10 a m
Bradford Junction JO r tn, Ixiranspnrt Mtari'
Chicago 80 a m. Indianapolis Sd6 a m, Terre tiaut
6 J8 am. Walloon 9:16a m, Pana 11KK) a m. Alton
S O0 p m, St. Loots ;00 p m, Lsfarette T:45 a m.
HpringBeld. We S:t5 ri- m, Qaioey ll0p m. Keo
kuk 10 am, Louisville 8,-Og a m. Nashville SrtO
m, MemphislOASa m. .: ,
. S5" Sleeping cars nmln-this train from Colora
bastn Chicago and St. Louie without ebanre. This
is decidedly the test train from Colrmbus to Chi
cago. St. Lottie and Louisville, as it makes qnioket
time and arrives at St. Louis and Louisville a
sionra ahead and makes direct eonnrctione for
all points West and South on train ia avd-ras of
any other route. . . . -
lylfi A-,M- NIGHT EXPRESS. Daily win
Indianapolis (Mondays excepted), -via
Logansporf. Arrives at Bradford Junction 4:1 a
m. Logaosport 9:40 a m. Chicago 2:25 p m, Peoria
5:35 pm, Keokuk 10:45 p m, Indianapolis 8jtm,
Terre Haute 18:15 p m.Evansville VMpm, Mattooa
3:16 p m, Cairo4:15 a m. Paaa S.-00 p m. Alton 9.-00 p
mt St. Louis 10:16 p m, ifayetle 3:16 p m. Louis
vi reS.-OSpBj, Nashville 5KK)am, Memphis 4:16pm.
r Passengers by this train arrire the same day at
St. Louis 3'i hours and Chicago hours ahead of
any other route, ti . -i .t i. . -., h .,
Sun in this train from Pittsburgh te Indianapolis.
Ai" Call for Tickets via Loaransnort or Indian.
apoi's. -1 - ' ..-
a" Tickets for sale at Union and Piqua Depots.
Columbus, and at all principal Railroad Ticket
Offices. - - . .. .
r . CUANULLR. Genl Ticket Agent.
J. M. LUNT. General Superintendent.
aJaeaa of any other tcufe. r , .
I Jnnftion4:0 p nr. Itiuliiwend S.oSw m. lorjii,.
Great Northern and Eastern Route.
Cincinnati Railroad.
? - -- . i 1 . . ; i . . . ,
3EM.-ve Tx-rvl-n ea 3D.il-y, 1
From Columbus, in eonnoction with Train on th
Little RUsaml Ac Colnmbsaa etc Xeattai
v '-i.-:-: : t laUallrwtta., k
1 KIGHT EXPRESS Leaves Columbus ' at 1:1
A. M. Will stop at Delaware, Cardirwtoa. Gilead.
Gallon, Crestline, Shelby. Shiloh. New London,
Wellington, Grafton and Berea, arriving at Cleve- -land
at 6:65 A. 11., New York 7M A. M. This train
leaves Sunday morning, not Monday, r- . -,
NO. 1 ACCOMMODATION Leaves Columbus
at 5:00 A. M. Will stop at all way stations. Thir
train starts from the Freight Yard. .
SEW YORK EXPRESS-Leaves Colnmbrn'at
11:10 A.M. - ill stop at Delaware, Ashley .Carding
ton. Gal ion, Crestline. Shelby, New London. Wel
ling too. Grafton and Berea. Arrives at Cleveland
at 3i P. M.,New York next day at 3:30 P. M.
MAIL AND EXPRESS- Leaves Colnmbusatfcaik
F, H.i Will stop at Worthington, Lewis Center,
Delaware, and all Stations to Shelby and Shilnh
New Londen, Wellington, Grafton and Berea. . Ar-,
riveat Cleveland at :50 P. M., New York P.M."
Passengers for Fort W ayne and Chicago, by tak-
ing this train, will get sleeping ear at Crestline at
6:00 P M arrive in iort Wayne at 11 0 P. M..
Ch caco at 8:00 A.M.. being in ad vaoee of all oth
er root-s, have ample time for breakfast, and taker
th earliest train for the West ' .
AWARE Leaves Columbus at 2:30 P. M, Will,
atop at all stations between Colnmbus and Spring
field, arriving at Delaware at 3:35 P. M.. SpringBeld'
f SO P. M. This train leaves Springfield at 7.-00 A.
M- arrives at Dalawaro at :25 A. M.; Coiuuibus
10:40 A.M.
JPii test Sleepiaia: fjar aro rasa oat aU ,
, nigM Iralns la fjtslcaso, '
'IMsntoaw" -xio'V",'. a
j.-i '.;r.::,i.i? f.nn tin. siii Hi vn ,!.)
SB- Bagirage checked through to New York and :
Boston, via Cleveland ; alee, to Philadelphia and
New Verb, via Crestline.
M X.1
L- rrt'.-il
. kp.i unninu
Nicht Express arrives at Cetambns atl:B A. tl.3tf
Cincinnati ExDreasr ail'ieas at Colnmbus att:
Pi M--i i .... .yii .rr-1'- - ; ' it'i
Mail Train arrire at Colnmbus at 95 P. M.
fpringneld Aoooaamedatioa arrive, at Cucnmbusit
sAlMaA.lt. .. -i
Fare as Lew'ai br star Other Ran tee.
Ask for Tickets Tin Crestline or Cleveland.
.-ii-!. !- " B. 8.'' FLINT,- 9ii
; 8uperintendent, Cleveland. Ohio. .
j-i r.,,, -.. Agent, CmamU S.Ohio. 0.
Columbus, Nov OS. 1868. . ,
Little Miami, Columbus & Xenia
-v-f .r.. ..f f 1 ) - - r "x- ; r
Oh aa I after MONDAY, Nov. Md.' 6a, JOUR T
l K TRAINS DAILY will laava Columbus 7!. ri;
fox iraciarHATL MuiBVjiiE, cairo, r.r
WUhou change of earsWDAYTON and RICH
: '- jaortu, ana only one enange-ot cars- to in
' j ;Jrra pLANAtOJa and pElCAUO.. , . Vi,:;1
.v Connsetiona'ar raUablsiaa followsr i.--ciO
''" A '' FIRST TRAIN (Daily,
Leaves at M. for Cinoinnat!,' Cirelevflla;
Lancaster. Hil In boro aod C hilJ leoth er stops- at Lea 4
dou, Xania, Morroa, and Lovelan
'u.. art
vincinnaa at iwa tn.
" 1
1 Ll
t Sul
' (Daily except Sundays J
Leaves at b'OO A. M. for Cintrrnnarl.' Dayton'
Richmond, IndiaBapolis and Chicago, and stops o
pii.1. ,,.uuu, a u .v. . , uu,uv, ninuni,sr"'
Hving at Cinoionati at 103 A. M., connecting
- wiia ute aui jjw.'
11 'i Z - J
(Daily except-Bun days.)
Leave a 1i5 H. M for Cincinnati. Peyton aad
Springfield. via-Xeaia, arriving at Cinemnatiea-r
taoy.ti. 7. -
; ' . FOURTH TRAIN. ! n ' ! "
". ' .. ' . .Ofiuii Cu
(Daily except Sundays J .
lieaves at'B'P. M. for Cincinnati, "Dayton and '
- Spriagfieid via London, stopping at Alton. Wast J
'. Jefferson. London. Sonth Charleston. Selma
, Cenarville. Xenia. Morrow and Lovalatyd, aad ar-
riving at Cincinnati at lOatfl P. M, t :
Bleetasr Car' sa sail' Nlsrht1 "tTtmlaa,
.-. ;i: , 01 ii ' .-.!"n -i-'-f tn
, . . HENRY BROOKS, Ticket AgnU ,
.' :! ; -. W. H. H. SHINNAgent.
JOHN DTJBANDv -", -: - - ' ' "''
uenl oupenntenaeut, if
t Cincinnati.
Genl Ticket AgJ
T -
On and alter Dee, 18th. It, trains will ranaa;
follows: .
Leave. ' fl. T. BxpressT : Mail- 1 " Fast Lin.'-
(IolumbttAi-...8:l6 A. M. i-1 P. M.
K.eark 435 A.M. , 135 P. 11
" 11 SO A.M.-
ia P. M,,
536 r.M.
-I "
Steubenvillc.-. 9:54 A.M. ' :45 P. M.
Arrive at i ' . : 1
Pittsburgh ....IS 00 M. 126 A. M.
Harrisbrg 1U:30 P. M. 12:05 I. M.
Philadelphia.. a. M. 4:10 P. M." '
New York..., :I6 A. M. 1iW P. M
nt p.
5:30 A. M,
1 t0 A. Mi
; 1S:0 P, M"
r timore i:.i A. Al. f. M.
9:20 A, 31.
wssnugtoa.A bus a. m.
,A 5:15 A. M. 10J0 P. M. I nit P. M,T
6.-00 P.M-.6:00 A, M-,, 12:00P.M..
Elegant staite room sleeping oars on all night trains,
lln ih. !.. 1 : n- tUm -. .V... 1 M-itl- 1'-11 1
oar and night case areruetbrvurb from Columbus
a Philadelphia and New lork without obaoae.,)
AsT Passengers br the JrflO A. M. Sundav traia
arrive in New. York ata e'eJoek Mondainaonine
nadyantage neves belor ofiered. jr , r
n. r . c-,-r; IjIj,
fci GeaTTieke AgX: teabmiae-,ai
I .i.A
rv. iV.CAUU. ouperiuteniierii, teubenvi
a. D. BKtlWbH
Ticket A rent, Colnmbus. 0-
JOHN S. PETERS. Agent. Columbua. Il ' ' 3
.A ft!, i. ,-. COALvf)iiA Tfl nj
'-U-'-iL-.O .
T. ALL E N. Agents'
ft.U - . LI .
... 'iiaaHBUWwntllUQ,'..--. .' . -i "
. . If o, 135 Nortb II fess afreet, . n
and will take -orders in both CAMBRIDGE a
HOCKING CO A j. which he is crenared to sell a
the lowest market priee.i ; i n; mi m ul v,;
aw .peciaiawcouoopaiow)CnippiLg i .
mylO-eodly - . ui.-sst;

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