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E. B. GSHCLBI&Hi I jitH.
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Gold closed in New York Saturday at
134 ...r . , ; .;. '
B. W.IjOmqmixow U Id Borne, .-..r
Mcscatinb, lo-mM, baa a population of
,500. . 1 r -.:' .. -; -;
Mart YTatkbs hat just died In St. Louie,
ajedlOX " ' V' " " ' : " " ': ' "
Au the fonnderlea in Troy, New York,
ire now closed. " . .'.-'.,.,,'-
. On the Vera Cms railroad two thousand
laborers are engaged. . ... , , ., ;
. Eysst night Pattl sings In opera at
Paria she receives $600.
' Thb French Mission is set down as sure
for Hoo. E.B. Washburne. ' '
finis amu authorities have just bro
ken np a negro gambling den.' '
Hickory wood has sold at ti per cord
in Toledo within a few days. , -
' Twkktt-thkkb thousand irRiti bare
been made in Chicago this year. . ,
The amputation of the little toe Is rec
ommended as a corn prerentive. , -
vThb Mexican Congress has been peti
tioned to abolish the death penidty.
ScasxR FKvxk: is rery prevalent and
fatal In Its results in Albany, N. Y.
-srraarnoui hundred petitions In bankr
r uptcy have been filed in Louisville.
Thb contributions In. Philadelphia for
the relief ot the Swiss amount to 93,849.
Am eflort Is being made to establish a
Newsboys' and Bootblacks' Pome In Phil
adelphia. - v ! -.. . ,
' Obm. Grant Is represented as desiring
the re-election of Senator Henderson from
' Grant has spoken touching bis Cabinet.
Be went tnake secretary oi rrar out oi
Jeff. Davis. ,
SBTBitALOf the recent New York fail
ures are attributed to extravagance and
peculation; .J I u. C: ?
Gkskkai McClxtxaw Is said to have a'
yearly income or irom. niteca w ciguieun
- Faahk Kibbtlb, engineer, was killed In
a steam planing mil, in Cleveland, on
Tuesday evening. "
A mam brutally ' murdered his wife and
then shot himself dead in Cincinnati on
Wednesday morning.
.TVhih the trumpeter was desired to play
louder, be replied, "You say louder, loud
er, but var Is de vlnd ?" "
JIissClaba Lours KsLiooa, the great
American soprano, wilt sing la Cleveland
on me litn oi January .v ; . s siTCf
1 Fiitt thousand two-hundred and thirty
five acres of the' pnblic lands have been
aold during the past month. :, I r i. . . '. . I
Mabk Twaim failed to fat in his appear
ance) at Fort Wayne. Tuesday night to the
w rriik uiMuuuuiuiicui ui uuu ts ...
- ' Hnns, AX.LBN & Co , hop dealers at
Blchfield Springs, Otsego county, N.
have tailed. Liabilities 200,00L- - - r ,.
A SLKioaixa party, numbering 30, Is
reported to have been drowned in a . pond
-r i c- i . Mni s 'i
It is stated that the public debt state
ment for December will show an Increase
of between two and three millions.
A Ladies Fuel Society it one of the bei
nerolent institutions of Charleston, S.C.
It has been In existence forty years. -.
' Thekb have been three hundred and flf-
ty-elght fires, destroying rthree million
dollars worth of property, in Chicago this
' year.
Naflbs accounts represent the crops of
allk, cotton, olives, and other articles of
export irom that country, as most favor
able. ,
Thb cblldrens) party at the White House
on Tuesday evening, was a delightful af
, fair. About three hundred of the little
folks were present. '
It Is stated that Hon. Alexander H. Ste-
, pnens nas seen oserea twenty-nve thou
sand dollars for the first volume of hfs.:
"War among the States." .
"No policy, Mr. Grant," cry out Radi
cals. "All you have to do is to appoint
honest men to office and execute the laws."
wevenueiess ?rani may nave a policy. .
: Thb New York Sun, after an examina
tion of the election returns, Is satisfied that
the Democratic party is yet a very power
ful organization. We should think it is.
w nr.. v '.
ask. v m scibsiu tuemocraij nas Deen
elected from Bicbland county to fill the
vacancy caused by the death of Mr. Ger
. hart, by about 600 majority.- The vote was
light. , . .. .'
. . . " .1.11 J J, , a
ujuiuji unu. ciiiturva ueciinea at
tend the chlldrens party at the White
House. Grant takes pleasure in cultiva-
ting unfriendly relations with' President
Johnson. ,
- Thb House Carpenters' Protective Union
that was organized fourteen months ago in
. San Francisco, has real estate valued at
$40,000, with only an $8,000 incumbrance
. upon It. .
Thb dispatch instructing the Associated
Press to "Drop Weston," is what lamed
him and caused him to abandon his five
thousand mile heat. There was no noto
riety in it. ' ' : ' -
Thb discovery has just been made, by
. the aid of the spectroscope, of a hitherto
unknown envolope of gaseous matter sur
rounding the sun, of a thickness of seven
or eight thousand miles.
Co i- Fobmbt writes that " there is no
longer any doubt that the Southern people
have made np their minds to accept the
situation." They accepted the situation
tbies years agi, ar Gen. Grant lied.
Thb Washington special to Col. Forney's
. Press says that with tbe exception of Gen-
eral Butler and Mr. Washburne, of Illinois,
It appears to be difficult among Republi
cans of either House to find those who are
open and decided in favor of repealing the
tenure of office act.
J Tub business connection between Judge
Blrcbard and E. H. Ensign, in the publi
cation of the Warren Constitution,-has
been dissolved, according to terms of agree
ment. In the hands ot these gentlemen,
the Constitution has been one of tbe best
Democratic papers in the State.
It sanst bare been a man of science who
gave hia child tbe following clear and def
inite explanation in answer to the ques
- tion, "What moves the steamboat f .
flrrt yon that Ionf thine , ...
T acoiDf up and down, - ? ' r
And tbra yoa m that Char thlof
; . Atarnioc round and round t
Ami ton joo tbna MW thiacs
Look lik a pair of toosa,
Tb posh acuoat thorn other thinfs,
' Aaahothaboataloa..
' Gbmbxai. Fxamx Blaik was In Washing
ton City a couple days ago, and while
there reiterated his helief that General
Grant would drive, instead of follow; that
he would be more likely to demand new
. powers than to 'relinquish the right of a
single prerogative, lie looks for lively
. times in politics in the future. .
Terrible Outrage in Virginia—The
Punishment to be Inflicted.
The Rev. Calvin Fairbanks, a hot gos
peller of the Radical persuasion, in a letter
to the, Anti-Slavery Standard, brings a
serious charge against tbe F. F. Vs of the
Ancient Dominion, whlcb, if true, as we
doubt not it is, ought to consign them to
some other country, whose geography has
not yet been written, and at the same time
blot the name of the Virginia which gave
birth to Washington, Jewbrson, Madi-
son, Monroe, and, by a free gift of her
lands, to the States of Ohio, : Indiana,
Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and other
States and parts oi States, from the roll of
the Union. Tbe charge Is " In the words
following, to wit: n
The old citizens treat Northern people
teachers, business men. and their families
with negative courtesy.
This is terrible, and glad are we to see
that our ancient friend ot the Cincinnati
Chronicle, in sober seriousness, thus gives
vent, not only to bis Indignation, but to a
remedy for the evil complained of.' The
Chronicle says :
As long as tbey the old citizens of Vir
ginia exhibit such a disposition they have
no claims upon tbe generous forbearance of
the citizens of tbe North. A firm and un
yielding course toward them on the partof
the Government will melt the ice, ana
bring- them again Into harmonious relations
with tue rest or tbe United States."
What business have these old citizens of
Virginia to treat the school marms sent to
their region to teach the negro 'ideas
how to shoot" and to hate their former
masters tbe Carpet baggers,' whose busi
ness Is office--their wives, who, with them'
selves, only prate on the interesting sub
jects ot Plymouth Rock and Boning Com'
mon with but M negative courtesy ? These
old citizens are a u conquered people" and
live In a "conquered province," and they
have no rights tbat the New England Rad'
leal is bonnd to respect. Tbey should be
taught to be subject to their masters, who
are the lords of tbe New England loom,
owners of Plymouth Rock the admirers
of Boston Common and the eulogists ot the
Boston organ and are ready to make oath
If necessary, that Boston is the Hub ot tbe
If the Radical majority in Congress will
but exercise, as the Chronicle urges, a
' firm and unyielding course towards" these
old citizens on the part ' of tbe Govern
ment" Congress being the Government
it "will melt the ice, and bring tbem again
Into harmonious relations with the rest of
the United States," and lorce them to the
exercise of potitive, not "negative courtesy"
towards all New England people, good,
bad and indifferent, tbat may stray down to
that part of Dixie In search of fortune,
official honors and lame.
These Northern people nine out ot ten
of them from New England when they go
South, confer a favor on old citizens by no
ticing tbem, and yet these advances, from
the unknown, are met with but nega
tive,"! bat is, polite, but frigid courtesy."
When England was conquered by the Nor
mans, the churlish Saxons did the same
thing toward their conquerors, refusing to
accept them as husbands for their daugh
ters, or wives for their sons. ' The Normans
did, as the Chronicle wishes the Northern
Congress to do with tbe Southern' people
They gave tbem laws which, if tbey failed
to break their spirit, added to their hate,
Unless forced to do so, the Saxon refused
to receive -tne Norman conqueror as his
guest or his friend. ' For this, the wise Nor
man. like our Radicals, and like tbe Chron
icle, wise In their concelt,euacted that when
"the curfew tolled the knell of parting day,"
every light, in every Saxon castle and ham
let, had to be at once extinguished, to the
end that, if a family had visitors, they must
entertain tbem in tbe dark. Tbe Chronicle
wishes to "put out tbe light, and then, put
out the light," of Virginia to learn the old
citizens that " negative courtesy" towards
Yankefe school marms is a high crime and
serious misdemeanor. This full realization
oi the situation by our Cincinnati cotem-
porary, shows that it is not destined alone
to u Chronicle small beer," but has higher,
nobler us-pirationt., .r. ,i .
Senator Harlan Certifies for Senator
The charge persistently made by a por
tion of the Radical press ot Michigan that
Senator TChandler, whose term of office is
about to expire, is a disgrace to the State
and to tbe Senate, in consequence of his1
habits of .beastly intoxication, has met a
denial on the part of Senator Harlan.
who, as a " swift witness" testlfie as fol
lows: f ' " "' : ' ' ' ;
As I have served with Mr. Chandler in
the Senate for nearly twelve years, sitting
by his side, at an adjoining desk, during
tbe greater part of tbat period, it seems to
me but a simple act of justice, due from one
triena to another, tbat 1 should say tbat at
no time could the charge of drunkennes
have been truthfully applied to him; and
that, during tbe latter part of bis Senatori
al service, he has abstained entirely from
tbe use. of intoxicating drinks as a bever
age." This ought to settle the question for Mr.
Harlan Is a United States Senator, and
the time was when tbe word of a Senator
was good evidence. But times change,
salth the adage, and ' men change' with
them. ""'
Against the evidence of Senator Chand
ler's neighbors and friends against tbe
evidence of the Radical press of Northern
Ohio, when ' the Michigander made
speeches in favor of his boon companion.
Ben. Wadb against tbe combined evi
dence of ail who have seen him fuddled la
tbe Senate and fuddled out of it, tbe evi
dence of Senator Harlan weighs - but
Senators Wadb, Sprague and Yates are
in the same category with Chandler, but
neither of them have, as yet, been able to
get a Senator to certify for them. Per
haps tbey will call on Senator Harlan to
aid them, if, indeed, after his testimony in
favor of Zack. Chandler, bis evidence
will be worth the paper on which it is
written. ' ; ; -
Radical Swindling.
The Government has been swindled to
the tune of $150,000 by the "principal offi
cers othe Freedmen's Bureau," through
the use of a new kind ot brick made of
sand and lime for tbe Construction of tbe
Howard University at Washington. The
building intended for the Medical Depart
ment came dowu with a crash on tbe after
noon of tbe 2l8t, and tbe walls of tbe main
building are cracked from lop to bottom,
and it is considered unsafe.
A committee of tbe Ohio Legislature is
now In Athens investigating an attempted
fraud of a similar . kind, by contractors on
the new Lunatic Asylum in that place. :
Thb BuffUlo Courier states tbatJudge
Prentiss has decided that a promissory
note, founded - upon tbe consideration ot
and for the payment of money lost - at
gambling, could not be collected in tbat
State, and is absolutely void and of no ef
fect In the bands of a bona fide Indorsee
for a valuable consideration.
Thb Radical officials In Chicago have
managed to steal about two millions of
dollars worth of real estate, belonging to
the pnblio schools. It is hard telling what
a Radical official cannot steal.
It is now claimed tbat the late Thad.
Stevens was the author , of the Legal
Tender law, and that Chief Justice Chase
pronounced it ; unconstitutional while It
was pending before Congress. . , , .; .
Theke is greater destitution and suffering
in Washington among the poor than for
many years. ;-..
Another Letter from Mr. Spinner.
Mr. Snlnner has written another another
letter to Mr. Wilder, of Boston, reasserting
his financial position.
Snow Storm.
A snow storm prevails here.
Committee on Appropriations.
The committee on Appropriations is still
in session maturing bills for the early -ac
tion of Congress.
Instructions from Commissioner of
Internal Revenue.
. .
Tbe Commissioner ot Internal Bevenue
has decided to, allow repacking of stocks
of tobacco now on band, in. bulk pack
ages, into packages to conform with tbe
recent legislation Dy (jongress, nnoersu-
Dervision of a Government Inspector.
Acting Commissioner Harlan has issued
supleraental regulations intended to secure
correctness and uniformity in monthly re
ports of assessors of tax on distilled spir
its. ' -
The Acting Commissioner has also issued
instructions as to survey of distilleries, in
which it is stated in estimating the number
ot drv Inches to be allowed lor ferments
tion. The assessor aud person designated
to aid him must be governed in a great
measure by tbe depth ot fermenting tubs,
From the best Information received it is
believed a fair allowance will be from
three to seven dry inches tor corn and any
mixture of corn and rye, not exceeding
one-half rye to one-half corn,, and from
seven to twelve dry inches for rye and any
mixture of rye exceeding one-half.
Tbe snow that fell to-day affords good
sleighing. -.. ,
Accident to a Sleighing Party—
Thirty Lives Lost.
NEW YORK, Dec. 30.
A sleighing party at Jackson, Pa., last
Thursday, while eoing to au entertain'
meet, endeavored to cross a pond on which
tbe thick ice had been cut. The thin ice
immediately let Che sleigh through and
thirty people were reported to have been
drowned, none "but the driver escaping.
The Peruvian steamer, Maranon, sailed
to-day to join the monitors, and will es
cort them to Pensacola, where tbey will
be made sea worthy.
CHICAGO, Dec. 30.
The Dunleith & Dubuque railroad bridge
across the Mississippi was tested yesterday
in the presence of several engineers and
railroad men. The deflection beneath the
weieht of five locomotives weighing 245
tons was about two inches. The bridge
was opened to tramc on tr.e zza tnst.
George Francis Train.
Georze Francis Train was enthusiast!
cally welcomed to Omaha yesterday by the
Fenians. The citizens give him a' recep
tion to-nigni at tue Acaaemy oi .music
Arrested for Wife Murder.
John Fogarty, a drunken Irish laborer,
living at Cicero, beat bis wife so severely
with an iron Instrument that she was dead
before tbe neighbors arrived. A coroner's
jury returned a verdict of wilful murder
against r ogariy, wno was lmmeuiaieiy arrested.
. ... J -i '. A f
Murder and Suicide.
A horrible murder and suicide took place
in this cltv this morning, at two o'clock
Wm. Ashbach killed bis wife, Josephine,
hv blows on her- head with a hatchet and
stabbing her once In the left side with
butcher knife. He then shot himself
through the head with an Enfield rifle, the
ball entering tne leit lower jaw and tear
ing away tbe right back part of bis head,
scattering bis brains all over the room
The deed was done in an upper room of
their residence, and Dotn parties were par-
tlallv undressed. The husband had for
months threatened to take bis wile's life.
It was the second marriage for both, and
thev bad keen married four years. Their
aires were 65 and 67, respectively. He
was a basket maker and she kept a confec
tionery on the first floor of the residence, at
570 Central avenue. JNone duc tne victims
wen in -the house at the time of thb trag
edy. Officers heard tbe woman's cries and
report of the gun, and broke into the bouse.
Death in both cases' was' instantaneous.
Both retired in different rooms. She was
jealous of his visits to a woman, keeper of
a saloon seam ana ne aouoiy jeaious oi uer
on all occasions, xney also quarreled
about their property, each owniue some
real estate, ana sne maKing more money
by ber store than he by bis trade. They
had temriorarllv seDarated. She was on
tbe eve of applying for a divorce. He
leaves six children by the first marriage.
The coroner is holding an Inquest. I be
excitement is intense.
The street railroad passenger depot of
the Richmond line, on Lehigh avenue, was
burned this morning, with twenty-two
cars. Tbe depot was occupied oy Jinaes
buren cars, heated by stoves, line ot these
stoves set lire to tbe cars, which spread so
rapidly that tbe men in' the office had to
break away the iron bars from the window
in order to make their escape. Loss heavy
Chicago Items.
CHICAGO, Dec. 30.
Yesterday noon John Rvan. a German.
while warming his dinner in a tin pail, fell
into a tank ot boiling water at the Union
stock yards, and was terribly scalded be
fore extricated. - His injuries were not fa
tal. -
- It has been proved in court that the late
Mrs. Augusta JT. Dickens who left real
and personal property worth $3,800, to an
acquaintance ot Charles Dickens in this
ltv. savs mat uicKeng' Drotner neu irom
England with the lately deceased woman,
deserting his wire, whom the novelist sup
ported comfortably. "
ArciiDisnop ivenncK.oi ou Aiouis, is vis
iting Bishop Duggan, of this city, who is
During last year there were 358 fires In
this city, entailing a total loss of $2,964,
785. it cost (300,000 a year to run th lire
department last year. The police of this
city made 22,707 arrests. The property
stolen 'amounted- to- $275,COO, of which
$198,216 was recovered. About $143,000
were levied in fines. The expense ot tbe
pol ice department is $450,000 a year. '
Yesterday three stores were destroyed by
fire in Lacon, Ills., and this morning a ho
tel, drug store and one dwelllug house
were also burned. Loss heavy but cover
ed by Insurance.
' Tbe Illiuoi Canal and River Convention
met in' Peoria this morning. Hon. J. C.
Dove, of Chicago, was elected chairman.
Being Tried for Murder.
The trial of Wm.. Brooks and Charles
Orem, f Jr the murder ot Theodore Broad
bead, near Delaware a few months since,
commenced Monday. The most important
witness is Thomas Uroa ihead, who wag
with bis brother at the time the murder
was committed. The trial will last tour or
five days. - ,
Sale of Condemned Ordnance
A large sale of condemned ordnance
stores took place at the Fortress to-day.
consisting of old cannons, muskets and
sabres, damaged during the war. They
brought a fair price.
Tfthahod Washburne, originator of the
wire works in this city, died this morning.
Ran Off the Track.
YORK, Dec. 30.
A locomotive on the New Jersey Cen
tral railroad yesterday afternoon, ran-off
the track near Spruce Run, and smashed a
wooden bouse. A baggage-master was se
verely Injured. " The passengers escaped.
None ot the inhabitants of the house-were
injured. - ;
YORK, Dec. 30. To be Hanged.
1wis Davis, for the murderx of D. P.
Skinner, ot Independence, this fall, was
to-day sentenced to be hanged February
BOSTON, Dec. 30.
Augustus Perry, alias Blanchard. has
been arrested in Ogdensburg, New York,
and Barry Jennings and Charles Stedman
in this city, charged with robbing tbe
broker's office of Charles H. Gooding, on
State street, over two years ago, of $10,000
In told coin. Tbe accused were held to
answer to the oharge.
NEW YORK, Dec. 30.
Prince & Bacharael's distillery, on 48th
street, was burned last night. Loss about
Stabbing Affray.
An Irishman, named PatPlemann, as
saulted and stabbed a German, named Geo
fiioning,' last evening. ; A scufflo ensued,
when the Irishman broke aw y, staggered
Into a neighboring store, and died iu a few
minutes. He had been subbed to the
beart. Gionlng has been arrested.
The failure of Hinds, Allen A .Co, bop
dealers, of Richfield Springs. Otsezo eoun-
ty, N. Y, has been reported. Their liabili
ties are placed at $200 000. It is thought
their assets are large enough to pay tbe
greater part oi tnetr debts, it time is given
to wind up their affairs, without great sacrifice.
Fishery Commissioner's Meeting.
A meeting of the Commissioners of Fish
eries, appointed by tbe different States,
was held last evening at the Fifth Avenue
Hotel. Attendance very numerous. Ad
dresses were made bv one delegate from
each State, on the subject of fish culture,
showing that the fish in our rivers are be
ing rapidly depleted by over seining dur
ing tbe spawning season.
Board of Conncilmen yesterday
adopted an ordinance subscribing $1,500,
000 to the capital stock of the New York
and Brooklyn Bridge Company. t . ... ;
The rumors yesterday relative to the
; failure of an up town National Btnk were
A statement is made-tbat Grant has re
ceived a letter advising him as a peace
measure to appoint Jeff.. Davis as his Sec
retary of War.
Blaisdell Distillery Case.
Tbe Blalsdell distillery case, in which a
large amount of distillery property Is con
cerned, will be tried to-day.
The steamship City of Baltimore, from
Liverpool, has arrived.
The Herald on Failures.
Tbe Herald considers that several failures
recently reported here may have been the
result of extravagance and speculation, as
much as the envct ot business mismanage
ment. The profits of business with manv
are so nearly consumed by keeping up this
display, tbat little is left to the nrin where'
with to provide a margin tor bad debts and
like ot trade.
National Institute of Letters, Arts
and Sciences.
A meeting took place last night of tbe
National Institute of .Letters, Arts and
Sciences. Two new academies were crea
ted, that of National Sciences, and that of
Mechanical, Physical, and Mathematical
Sciences. Officers were elected for both
Auction Sale of Coal.
At an auction sale of coal to-day, prices
were from $1 00 to $1 50 per ton lower
than last month.
Commercial Travelers' Meeting.
The commercial travelers held another
meeting to-day, at which it was stated tbat
Attorney General Evarts had expressed
himself to the Committee as opposed to the
present State and municipal laws, as con
flicting, and also that $15,000 had been sub
scribed to test tbe said laws before the
United States Supreme Court. ; .
C. fraternity, a secret College association.
is in session in this city, with delegates
from ajl parts or the country.
The Conference.
PARIS, Dec. 30.
Official papers speak confidently of the
meeting oi tue (Jon terence.
LONDON, Dec. 30.
Hon. Stafford H. Northeat succeeds the,
Earl of Kimberly as Governor of the Hud-,
?The house of TTm-JBranner & Co, heavy
dealers in manufactured cottons suspended
yesterday. Tbey had extensive connec
tions in America. '
. Weather throughout England continues
wet and mild., . . .....
Movement of Soldiers.
MADRID, Dec. 30.
from Cadiz to Cuba and Porto Bico during
The Eastern Question.
LONDON, Dec. 30.
! The followinfir disDatch from Constant!'
nople, dated yesterday .comprises the latest
news on tne Jbascern quesnou : --vrreat
oreDarations are makinz in arsenals on ac
count of the threatened war with Greece.
Transports loaded with supplies have been
House of Commons.
The House of Commons met yesterday
for Drelimiuary business only, ine min
isters wLo wore re-elected took the oath
of office. - Writs have been issued foreler
tions to fill vacant seats; after which the
House adjourned ontu the lota ot r eoru
House of Commons. Minister Johnson.
Keyerdy Johnson,-in a speech, yester
day, to deputations of the London Work-
lnjjmen s nociety eaiu uio luwrsinuiuu
treaty between the United States and
Great Britain was certain of ratification by
the United States Senate. The treaty pro
vides that a British subject who has been
naturalized in the United States shall have
tbe same rights to protection on his return
to Great Britain as a native born American.
House of Commons. Minister Johnson. Budget to be Reduced.
MADRID, Dec. 30.
For the purpose of reducing the budzet
tor tbe coming year, a suppression oi m oi
each of tne Caotam ueiieraisnipf, uover-
norships and Bishoprics has been suggest
Ready to Comply with the Demands
of the Great Powers.
VIENNA, Dec. 30.
; The Presse saya the Greek Government
is ready to comply with the recent de
mands made by Turkey and supported by
the great powers of JCurope. -
MADRID, Dec. 30.
Marshal Pavia, recently Governor Gen
eral of Madrid, is dead. .
Conservatives will be Successful.
LONDON, Dec. 30.
It is the general Impression that the
Conservatives will be successful in elec
tions for members of Parliament, to fill
vacancies. ,' 'J'. "' .
From Montreal.
MONTREAL, Dec. 29.
Two men, named Townsend aa Dillon,
employees ot the Merchant's Bank, were
arrested yesterday and brought before the
police court on the charge ot stealing f rom
the bank, the charge arising Irom the fact
that they, had advanced funds to J. J.
Frank, who absconded last week. They
were admitted to bail. A heavy snow is
falling nere.
Much destitution exists anions' the poor
here, and soup kituneus nave agaiu been
TORONTO, Dec. 30.
.Mitchell's house .furnishing establish
ment, on Young street, was gutted by tire
last night. The adjoining store ot Suther
land, tailor, was considerably damaged.
Lostea covered by insurance.
HOOD ET HOW LE At the residence ot James
N. Howie, brother of the bride, Wednesday morn
ing. Deoember 10, by Rev. Geo. W. Phi lips, Johm
8. MooDIT.of Steubenvllle, O.. and Miss IIakT
E. Howlb. of Columbus.
Turnpike Notice.
stock ot the Lancaster. Lithopolis A Grove
port Turnpike Company are hereby notified tbttt
there will be a meenng of the stmkholdera of said
Company on SATUKOAY. FfcBRU ARYSth, ls9.
at tbe office of John itorehart, Esq., Lithopolis,
Fairfield county. Onto at 10 o'clock A. M. of said
day, for the purpose of electing seven Directors of
said Turnpike rnsd for tbe oaauin year.
Jannary 6th. less. .
8. O. UK' lRKN. Sf.,
President of said Tuiuy.Ve Company.
fJew Advertime merits
tW The Ohio Statesman has a
Larger Circulation than any pa
per published In this City or Cen
tral Ohio. Advertisers will Dear
this In mind. , .
r, , ,' , Sherin 's Sale. r , .
Joseph Wittmani ' In ttMhaeni. ' '
i Court of Common Fleai of
Banrj Manrar .. .r'rnklia county. O. ,
A from said court to madirootsi. I will offer for
tale at publio motion t th donr of th court
house, in the city of Columbna. Franklin eoubtj,
Ohio, on
Saturday, the 80th day Of Janutry, Al IX
- ' 1869,J 1 "
at 9 o'clock P. M .. tha following described m! m.
Ute, attached as tha propertx of Henry ilaurer, de-
xenuaHt, io-wiv;
botlto. 11 aDpraiied at vizs; No. 13 I50: No. 13
ISO; No. U 125: No, IS li.S; No. IS S1S0: Now 17
145; No. 18 S26:'No. 1 eo: No 90 SPO; No. 81
0: No. ' sn- o. SO 65: IV o. SI SAS: No
31 St; No. 33 tOO; Mo. M o: No. S3
5; No. 3 S50: No. 37 TU; No. 38
75; No. 40 S85; No. 41 SOS- H .. 42 8".; No. t
SI; KIO 4463; SO. a4u; no. H'J; No 4T S50:
No 48 S: No. 49 MO. N0. SO tsfe No. 51 tax, at.
KiSSO: No 53 B30; Mo. 64 B3S; No. 55 IIS; No. 54!
4U; ao.&74U; QO.Oe 4U; SO. 6 4U; No SO $40
. , , , Coroner, aetinc as Sherill.
Printer's fees S8.25
Db8l A Matq. Att'ys. 'decM. dltiwtd
j removal:
llx teneiTO Paoer Dealers of this citv. .r. .r....
In removina their stock to their new nr.mii.. NM
wt du .o una niKa street, a snort aistance soatu
oi meir present location, ana will open out in
tew gays rrc't'7 emare-eg ana improve!, dec 30
Stockholder's Sleeting;.
COLCKBtrs, Chicago Ind. Ckkt. Rt Co. S
COLUMBUS, O., December 34th. 1888. .
xV. ers of the Columbus. ChiosRO and Indiana
Central Railway Company will be held at the of-
niooi tne vompany. in tne city or Uolombna
State of Ohio, on FRIDAY. theSSTH day of JAN.
i Anit ibo, Detween ine nours oi iu A. At., and
P. M .. to anoroTe or reieet a cnnfrftAt vltl, th. A f
lantio A Great Western Railway Company and the
an, mii.it v imi in o t, ana lor otner purposes.
bj oraer oi toe Doara.
deoSO-dtd ' Secretary,
TBE CeianEROUL RAK, legated
in "Sessions' B.ock." oorner Hiffh and Lnn
streets, will be open for business January 4th. 1869
AocouGts oi iniinauais ana firms soiioited and
satisfaction cuaranteed INTEREST ALLOWED
ON TIME DEPOSITS. Gold and Silrer. Foreign
and Domestic Exchange, Government Bonds and
loeal securities bought and sold. Passaee Tickets
to ana irom ail the principal ports in hurope is
The above Bank will be oven for the transaction
ot Dusiness. except paymc enecks. Wednesday and
Saturday evenings of each week,fnm 7 to S o'clock.
aec30 eodlua J. a. JtttKtl, Cashier,
For juveniles. Saturday afternoon, from J to
r. M Gentlemen 8 evenmt:
class at AMnOa
HALL.z3d inst.. at 8 o'rlnck P. M.
experience,, an; entire tncceps: Siirple
Prompt Eflloieiit and liuliablc. They are the
only Aifaicuie perioctly ndaptod to popular are,
: wi fitnplu taut mistake cannot be -made in
Ubfitr l lupins eo harmless as to be free from dan
frr, and ro cflicient as Iu be alwnya reliable.
I Itry have raided the highest comim'iiualion from
nil. and will always render satisfaction.
Nos. .i Cent
1, Cures Kevena, rorrrstlon.Innmmstions.3
Worms. Worm Pri or, Worm C'oltc.as
rylns:-t"olic or Teething of Infaot23
uiari iiorsi oi i hiiilren or Aflults..3S
yscntrry. Grtprni;, Hilinua Colic. 28
4'laolora-7ti;orluH, Vomiting 25
C'otlgllM. Colds, ltroncliilis 25
Neiirxljrla, Tfotliachc. r"accache..as
lleadsi' licsSickUfadadie. Vertigo25
s lepsia. ltilions Slomnch 25
. !SlilircKcd. or l'ainlul l'eriods,..2S
A llilce. too prornse Periods, j. ....25
roni. Comrh. Difllcillt Kreathlng..25
S:i 1 1 44 lien iti. Kryi pclas. Erupt ioiM25
l.'i ssiif-fiiitatlNlii, lilK'umatic paim
Au 'Ae abort areimt until VIA LSvAtltitwfum
tcit-iii,atiNiii. itiK'umsuc pains. .so
"HnttAhing dmbe 'jminlitiet each.or j. j. .,60
TUt foUoiciiig art alo pttf ttp in tiait and- an
al tilt mine price given below.
.ti, " Fever At Ague, Chill Fever, Agnessn
1", " lfil-M. blind or Weeding 60
IS,' u Optlial,ii. and sore or weak Eyc50
lit, u 4'larrli.amtc or chronic.lnflnejizaSO
2D, " ;Xvi,ooxiuc;.4'oug;h.vitiientcougb50
21, w " Allim:i. oiircsFud lJrcathin'r 50
u Kar iaiKeliMr:ett,itiipairud)irarin50
St, " Pirrol'lila.cnlurgcd L'laudBwcllinKf.
21, ' 4cnerall)cbility.i.'&v'icalweakuettd0
25, " Jtropwy. and seamy Secretions fiO
2li, Soa-Sii-klieNM.sickneffslYom ridineTiO
7, . l&Uic)-lMMeaev (Jra.vel.. 50
fcS - " Nervous UeblUty Sonilna.1
IihImaIoiis,. 'iiiV4iIuniary Xi-cii;ir.-i
1 00
Sere Irlwritll, f'nnkcr."; 50
1 i-iiiary vcaKnetsKwctt!nt;ned50
Vaiiil'iil fcriodw. with hpaFms..50
Sillier! Bigs at clmuc of life... .1 00
J'.(iilo'.sTnnii..st. itns Danrel 00 -lslplsuserlaw,
uleorated sore throat. 60
Of 35 tfi04rg''vlil moroccei
sfrohf u ood vmnc. eoittalutit-r 1
m Nprcilie. f'i' every ordinary
dicaMe a lainlly 1h ftllliject to,
and book ol'lircciioiii, N
From $10 to $3S
8inall-r Family and TrebTerfrtr caws, -
with i I" s vials ..Iroin 5 to $8
Specifics for oil lri vnte AkfneaffeM.lM.tli
for 'uriii and Tor I'rcvc-ulive
treatment,, iu vials and ixtckct caes,$2to$5.
Cnrea lsiirux. ISruiHew, liameness,
SoreneftM.orv Xliroat.Nraiiis.X ootli
wclie, l-:xi-a'lie. lenratia. lClietiiaia
Icmiii, 1.iiiii1j.io. lilcs JSoile, Mtinsa.
Hare X.yvs. Ktleedinu: ol' (lie I.aniiw,
NeM, Stoinneli. oror jIIcm; Coras, L 1-
err, 4li Korea.
Irlee, ft oz., S Octn. ; Piute, $1.00;
QuarlK, $1.70. ,
t7" 'lliese ItemciHes, except TOND'S KX
1'KACT. by the tac or pintle box. arc sent lo
any part ol the country, by mail or express, free
3f clutrgc, on receipt of the price.
Addrom Humphreys' Specific
$ Homeopathic Medicmo Comjjany,
Ulnce atift ilepot, 2ik oft? IfitoAliWAT. rciv x orsu
lr. IIi-mpukky iaeiiiieultfd dally at his oftlce,
lniwiuii)v or Iry letter, at alMvc. IV; ail forms nf
'luHMac ; . J. j.f : -.
A fresh supply of the aipra always on a
tor sale Dy
8. 15. SAMHP.L.
'"' - A. J. m'HUEl.I.ERena
All fresh and genuine Medicines have on
Dottom ol tne box, or in tne eaes. Humphreys
Speoifioi. Homeopathic Medicine Company. iJuy
no otuers.. , i ney are no reiiaDie.
,Dr. Burton's Tobacco Antidote.
s dksiu toe Tobacco,
emd Karmdea, and is I
i blood, I
l poueuef ktwU BoaruLiintx and twraoctbeoj
I the stomtveh to digest tb beartiesn foe
.bins, and astablubea robost health, j
tr rtxtjf ytart curea. raca 1 utjA
fleet of to!
ui iniereninc ireaTtM i
A seat
wiui UMim oi
Da. T. R. Absott,
a box of BirrtoBa
AntidoM from Rer.
an. S. Qats
. Poalton.
And it av tfeehU
i.. Obi
Fro th U- S. 1
end a rappl j of tbe
teetrea Muam
Fko New HAnnarma
tnflaene here haring been
: Pxnojr. GtmUemmaf
or tbe appetite tor tobao
. ve deaira a tmppl for
kj mttng Ur. jsnrton's
ftksi nrisviiitin at this intrtit
tJosxra MATo'anletVf K- H- State Priaom.
A BAlfna't TkstiiiXst. DrBTjrtons
Tahaoco ka aeeommiMud all autncV far M. a
W. Man 1st Nat. BankNew Albany, Ind.
A Clxwoykxm'f xsnwowT. OrkBox or Ajmooza
annul bit hrotrMtr Mna mvanlf. IT Kl
Vuta m Fnuni rTtinoiTltTni.
ao gained Jkirtu-Av poind of JUk j tkr moatsW
nsinr Dr. J&rtoa's AxtUdote, a&d ail denr U
Fmonnm Botmnrm Hon Jovmnais.
c of Barton! Antidote i
t frnm ua. I take talaasiire fn I
i recommondii
r reader. . . .. I- Y.
Trademark X Copyrighted. v.rf
tCttuttnn I beware of IiJurioDi Count
feiti adrertised hr HambugB. ;
BOTlW-dtw3rBO-PNT ' ' ' ' -
Emollient Cream.
JL preparation, introineed last winter, having
received so many flatterine eommendatiocs fn
those who used it. ibduc&s the proprietors to bring
it again et..re tne puoi c. asjunnx mem mat
lands nnrivalled as the best protector of the skin
actiinst tbe inoUmeney of tbe winter season.
not only imparts to tbe skin a delicate freshness
and beauty, but also conduces to its health, parity
and preservation. For healing abrasions. Chap
ped Hands. Face, Lips, or Roughness of the Skin,
it has no equal, while its soothing qualities and
rieliirhttul Iraxrance render it a necessary append
age u the toilet. Prepared only by MAkPl.E
KITsUn. ispensing uoeausts. in rvratn nign
street. Columbus. Ohio. nnv4-dend.Tw4m
national' TOST CO.
No. 330' Broadway.
Capital, - One Million Dollars.
r: . va&ailSiii-ai' sa ins oiai'-.
UabiusK MANQAX.Pres'U jAavMsaaiLi..See'y.
Tl.no.i aand allnwa FOUR PER - E NT..
INTEREST on all Daily Balances, subject to oheokj
at stgnt. rtpeoiai uspH iw pi mynini .r iohv,
mav be maae at nve per ecu, a ds wpii wt vuw
Uiiiinn llnllarsia divided among over 50Sh re-
holders, compriaint many gentlemen of Ursa wealth
and financial experience, who are. also personally
liable to depositors foi all obligations otthe-Com-panT
to double the amount of their capital stock.
As the National Trust Company receives deposits
in large or small amounts, a"d permits them to be
draws es a wbole or io pa t by check at sieht and
ttt,nnf nntioe. ftlkiwinf interest on all dailv bal
ances, parties throughout tbe country can keep ae
eodbts in this Institution with epeeisj advantages
of security, convenience and profit. -
re KT-ect-uwarsia ....
Lnr. Mass-
t atoatsW br
A tobacco s
on Attn tor
nondirV H t
cm, BdaWe
K(-i' -itTMarBBW"
oa iiia w MssfM
, O i .
a .t
: j - .
alXenrly and make sjeleor
tion 8, Bo. -asa ,.o jet tibte
choice of our Iarge t
. . ' Stock of ,
. - J
Si .
,! It
TTniola ia now oonaplete in
every Department,
.... '
than can be
'... . . : . '
... .. . '
J :t
SO AMD 252
HI ,
South Hieh Street.
.r-! - t-i
i " : .:' '-' '.-., . '. '. ?
Kg"HOTlCEJ-Te Lt, rr
Loet, MVuibj', sFoaiBi, :
" Brlr,''.., exeeeetlnaa; lB-h(
linee, paollakeal fai hia coIbbbb for
eenta esieti Insertiaa,
I 1 . IU S-MMS-tiftl If UH S 4 XJU
a 1 el',a1 the two-storr double brick boas
"T o"ruDiu ine. n door west of High street,
also the frame storeroom attached thereto. Boas
contains 1 rooms, carreia. and t eeliara. and ia
bmlt in the most Improved and and sabstantial
manner.- l Also efler 'fat sale my stock of Roods on
the premises, eonsistins of elothinr. boots, shoes
ilaeesas aaiaaa as a a so ae, aaat. Ieea
than they
be aoBcbt at auy other store in the
decMiwirr.t i -
Vy Aie-rjS-A 11TB ACTIV C MAlf-To
-LL. e,nIir Franklin eonnty or. the sale of the
oelehrated trrarer A B aker (Lock andE Iatio Stitch)
ew," Maohinee. Wao faraiahed and a lar(
otamiasioaaUoweuViiot faU particulars call oa .
v,-.f w ;J. C. BlMAGtR. .
Aft ai -vi Viti States hotel . f
decM-dlw-r . ...... Colnmhns. O.
for Gentlemen to the Kink on and after th
first day of Jannary, ISO, will bo M s T Y (JKNTS,
wnien is tne once adopted at all other Rink in th
uaitea Hea,ana atnrst ny (OeuaplUI Uity Ki
it waeehaneed toCSeeeU as an eieerlmant. w
after a fair trial it Kas Proven insufficient to
fray the necessary expense, and the xtanaxers are
compelled to make this change.
jvt oruer oi tne Aiireetors.
decll-dst P. A. KLLIOTT, Secretary.
,. . ' ' ' VIII A ,'" .. .
first CK.A8S coMPArjr:
First week of the rreatest Bensation Aetreuet ef
tne ace,
AW Bee Progratnn.es daily. . . , ,. . dectt
SIX SIGHTS OSLT. Commeneinc .
ITIoBday, Iecenaler ' SStta. 1SOS.
Return of the favorite.
The Great Conjuror, with bis Troupe of Learned
Birds, Performing White Mice, and Trained Raa
sian Cats.
"Will oe riven away every night. MATINER
SATURDAY AFTERNOON. January Id, for the
accommodation f Schools, on which oooaeion eaea,
Child will receive a Present. . .
Admission, 15 cents; Reserved Seats, 60 center
Family Tiokets, admitting Six person', S1.00. Ad)
mission, to Matinee, Children, 16 eents, AduTt
3i eents. Doors ni en at T o slock, eojmence at -
Chab. T. 8LOCUM.) ..JL
(iso. Fbabiib. J APmfc.
decU-dSt r
KxubersiMt Heatlth .- i
Is a blessing vouchsafed to few Even tine who
have been favored by nature with strong oonetitn;
tions and vigorous frames are apt to neglect the
precautions necessary to preserve these) preoioa
endowments. Indeed, as a rule, the more healthy
and robust a Ban is, the more liberties he is in.
dined to take with his own physique. It if soma
consolation to the naturally weak and feeble to
know that ther can be so invigorated and buijt np, -by
a proper use of the ttean which seienee baa
plaeed at their disposal, a to have a mnch better i
chance of long life and exemptions from disease J
and pain, than the most athletic 'of their fellowr I
who are foolish enough to suppose themselves in.
vulnerable, and act accordingly.
It is not toe muoh to say that more than half t'
people of the civilised world steett m occarlor -V
tonic to enable them t support the strain upo- .
their bodies and minds, wbieb the fast life of thin -restless
age occasions. In faot.ayir, whotnomt,
unexciting tonic is tbe grand desideratum ot the 1
busy millions, and they have tbe article in HOS-
1KAI medicine, i. 4. it imparts permanent strength i
to weak systems and invigorates delicate consti
tutions. Its reputation and its sales bare steadily
increased. Competitive preparations, baara bees' ,
introduced ad Ubitum, and, as far as th pablie ia .
concerned, ad nauseam, in the hope of rivaling it;
but they hare all either perished in. Oi attempt,
or been left far ia the rear. It has been the qui at
stsnioAL Buocnwg ot raa raise nt cimttjbt. and
it is quite certain that no proprietary medicine ifl
this eountry. is as widely known, or as generally
used. . . ,.. .... ,1... . ..,i' - ,i .'-x.
Tea lightning presses, canning incessantly (Sun
dayreateeptedT tbe whole "year through, oarely
supply sh demaad for tha JD lustra ted Almaaae.
in which, the aature and maos ef the preparatioa
are set forth, tbeeireulatioa'aow being ever five
millions a year.- e ... .
majSMeodAry-ew "' k , . 'x
AA.fiX)Csa.ssl rOBOCs PLADTEBS "
Whereby the circulation of tha blood becomes
equalised upon the part where applied, causing
pain and morbid action to cease. , r .. , , .,.
Was these ever pub liihed stronger evidence than
tbist ' .' '
Certificate f roaa t.P ptarttar, Beat.
for two yean I hare been a great sufferer from,
neuralgia in the head, and found only temporary
relief from all the various remedies tbat I have
tried, until I applied one of -ALLCOChVS PO
ROUS PLASTERS." I eat it into three strips,
plaoing one under each shoulder blade and the oth
er over the small of ay back, and for the past
three months I have had scarcely a twinge, ef the)
old pain. I advise all who suffer from nervous dis
eases to lose ue time in nuking a trial of the won
derful plaster ' . i
A. F. STERLING. Sao'y Singer Uig Co. .
Kew York. J use S. 18eeU : ... . -
Priaoipal Ageney. - Ba akdrkth Boras, Kw
York. Bold by all druggists. ' " : '
iunelS-dAwlyem-PeMT j . v
FROT ENCE. R. I, b vingthe largest manu
faatury - So . S er - ia tks world, with'
the most m proved mash -' y. and employing the 5
most skilled labor, are enabled to offer an. an-.
equalled variety of ne .and boaatifulr designs i
Dinner Set rioes. Tea e rices, and every artie
specially adspted fort ' liday and Bridal Gifts. "
' They offer also their well-known and unrivalled
Nickel Silver Eleetro-Platcd Ware, ia which the) :
nave introduced ne patterns of rare eleganoe.
The Solid Silver ia guaranteed to be of sterliaA r
purity by U, 8. Mint assay .'The Electro-Plate i
guaranteed to be superior To tbe finset Sleffiel
ware. Orders reoeived freaa the Tsade ealy. ba
these -gtiods may be obtained from responsible
dealers every here., ,; ; v ' .
Trade Kar rXT or S
I CO.. it-' J
HEX. ". V
Salesroom No, 3 Haiden Lane,
sovD-awim-re kt.
Is the offspring of a great fact. ' Uo one eaa think
of denying that hia w; .
B logs out a finer BROW" of BLACK than any
ether, in a shorter time, aad without Wary to tha
hair.. This is a truth as apparent as tbat the sua,
lights the earth. ' ' ; . . -
Cristadoro's Hair.;Prsenvativa
AMD BIPAUTLFIER. The toilet, without thu a-,
tide, laoks its most useful attribute.- Nothing is '
so eommon in this eountry as the falling out of th
bair. The preservative prevents iU,Tha fibres east -so
more loosen and dro ol. U this article bj rera u
larly applied Dightand morning, than if each were
fixed in a vice.- The testimony e this point: ia
ovewhelmias. while the beautifying aad iavisora-11-.
properties of the fluid are equally well established'
vwu W jvtuuwuiwiu.i'yuM wj wnwrunstaf I
ers. Hsnufaotory Mo. S8 Maiden Lane. Principals I
Depot Ko.BAstor House.-'
- I'l Pamphlet yVoot the new of 1b. Curtis
ine Siemens limes says or cnis wora ;,
m lBe
raiuaote treatise on tne cause ana care or prema
ture decline, shows how health is impaired through
seoret aDuses or yeutn and mannood, and how
easily regained. It rivee a clear synopsis ef the i
impediments to nsarriaae, tbe cause and effects of i
nervoas debility, and the remediea therefor." A i
pocket edition ef the above will bo forwarded sn j
eaitionei tne aoeve wiu ao forwarded r. I
of U eents, by addroseinc Deoter Cubtif i
North Charles street, UaJtiasere, Md. 1
Mo. 68
ora-may-aiy-r. ., , H iilru I
OlTH restored in fonr weeks. Sueos-
cumkvu. ..... ... u.yci-,-va ur Lilt .
restores mahly powers, from whatever eauso at
sium; ; aHio,iuaa naotta. at, '
abuse, un potency and eUmate, give away atone , '
tbia wonderful meeUeiae, if Sakoa secularly aator
iat te the directions whieh are eery simple and i-M
quire no restraint from business or aleasara 1 v.u
ara is imDOSsible. KnM In H-.Tr!Z '
qoantitiee in one for $. To be had only o the solo
appointed agent in America, H. GiRirvaxt a? "
lhird Ave., oorner 13th St Kew York. 1
TKT-jyST-dlyr . , '. '' :-
US. A. B.
High street.
v a series of
. v.ii.vuiiil ui uevotoa himarl f -n."?L
'1? "t of oertoi. i. .
reUdisMMS. HomaynsultodatAUfflrj: r"
Broadway, near the haoaaageiiaBA ;

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