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W j. savage, -
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Wometer. Tnerieemetar
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morrow ia Uw Jt ' f "!
lor bankrupt-
KartiA nt Stone River i
1tt MWttaed letter, will ap-
-- l.t .morrow'a paper."," i- t, !.
1 -- i -, ,
- Tb Value of Um property traiufer-
rd jesterday iwa'P"""
c-WTlrtlW of delioouea taxes U print-
d in the WKMH.T tatw " - - w
. nrif roo want a beautiful I of farsto
vr v..r oreeenW Clark &
JE.IVC M " . . ,,
farmer' la the place to get them. ,
i2arGool Burgee' Minatrels, one t ft
' best In the country, wUl be in the city on
the fourth and Attn of January. f
: rsr-The weather couttoaea' dull and
win. Our- Cherry jnctortaT Almanac
ava "cold," and cold it will be shortly
ra-AU our readers will bear in mind
that the next Masnnerchor concert U aet
for Thursday evening, J annary i tn, ao.
f rjf-JBarcus Co. have about finished hog
e'laughtering .for this season, Tbua lar
i 8.600 head have been killed? Hogs , are
V telling now for $9, gross weight
.1 " t CoL John Geary left a hickory cane
i surmounted with a dog's head, In market
j on Tuesday.' He prizes It as a memento of
Bhiloh. The Under ean leave It with us-
H Owmer Wantkd. The Marshal wants
, ' mm. .
vii owner for the two linen -shirts taken
' torn a boy. on suspicion of their having
ken stolen off a clothes line. Call at the
Xayor's office this morning.
rSHOOTIKO MATOtt. me - Dporuuu
t Clib ot Columbus will b.ave a , friendly
, Noting match at pigeons, for a supper, at
?itnirv Park, this afternoon. , All who
'; Drf
: io the sport are Invited to attend.
ITho's thk Lockv LADT.-rOurt- lady
frhnds are getting excitoJ over "the pros
pet of drawing some very ' handsome
praents at Simmons' Millinery Headquar
ters to-morrow. We shall announce the
nane of the Itrcky lady In our next Issue.
Osoiercial Bank. The Commercial
Bant, located In Sessions BIock,oorner of
HIgi and Long streets, It will be seen by
the announcement in another column, will
open for business on Monday next.: The
rooms have been fitted up In good style,
sad tbe location Is a good one. ,
-. - " --
'Tios Hiram Hays and Daniel Wilson
- -were arrested tor- loitering -around the
4ty unable to give a satisfactory account
it themselves, in other words, for being va
grants. The Mayor fined them $5 and costs,
and in default they hammer at the munici-
Removed. Andrew, J?erry & Co. have
abandoned their; old quarter4 pa UigH
street and have bow established their pop
' ular paper warehouse 7 iW llMler's new
building on the East side Of Sigb. ; streot,
between Gay and Long- The new
la advantageously located.
A New CoKPOftinaS.rTBe tertlflcate oi
" Incorporation of "Devon Jk "Company was
filed with the Secretary of State, yester.
day. It la organized for the manofacture
and sale of .millinery goods In Cincinnati.
Capital stock 950,000, in. shares of $100
each. , WJ. Devon, L. J, Devon,.Waiiam
Beach, E. B. French and John G. Wallace
are, tbe corporators. . 0, .'. . . r u
JTaw X bars' Addkkss. Our carriers
wll wait apoa their patrons to-morrow
wiUt a very handsome and well written
New YearsAddreas The ; address was
written' by; a .lady of finopoetk ability,
and will be weff worttfa perusal.'.' it U faf
; above the ordinary fan of New fear's
ptetty-sj5r7T --7t -r. H ri
Coal roa ths Poob The gratuitous
distribution of coil' to the poor ' of the dif
; terent, wards of the clty Is progressing
nobly. In no instance has the Common
Council exercised more humanity than .in
placing this fuel within the reach of the
destitute, without money and- rwHhout
price.. It It really a godsend at tbia, ime
when financial distress Is aH bat unt verbal,
r and winter wears, a ,grim and scowling
f face. - The -objects of this timely bounty
will never Cease to be grateful to the giv-
JBaxoot Becoko.-t A here was not a very
; heavy consignment t the Mayor's office
' . yesterday. Cbas. Green, was green enough
oget on his muscle, and for beinsr disor
derly he was fined C10 and costs. In de
fault be hamuereth. - " . .
: i John Flaherty was on a plain drunk.. In
endeavoring te reach his respective place
-' ortbode be fell down BQd trod on his eye
At least that was the way he accounted for
.' its being so blood? and black. He was
. fined $5, and, in default, daaimeretb.
; Aftrot EsciMPJiKirt No.8, I.O.O.F
' " At a meeting of, this Encampmenti held
'.Tuesday evening, Dec. 29th, tbe following
j'TOQcers were elected to srve the ensuing
. .era : 4 David Clark ; HJVWm. New-
i oerry ; S-W WmX Horn j J,Wm. George
Jfthrray; Scribe, JoDowdallf Treasurer,
- Fl, iUrblej . epre8flUUves- to Grand
.Encampment L. K. Holmes, C. M. Morris,
? W.T. Slater. ;H. O'K&ne, and J1. E. Will
son. This Encampment closes the vear
with 601 members, lielng the largest in the
Order. . -1 ''' ''
certificate, pi incorporation of the Cleve
land,' Port iCHn&oD and Toledo - Esilroad
Company was filed With; the. Secretary of
Bute yesterday, it-is- organized for tbe
purpose of constructing and maintaining a
-railroad commencing ia Cleveland and
terminating at Toledo, passing through tbe
x counties of Cuyahoga, Lorain; Erie,- Otta-
. waanaxucas. capital scock 2,30a,00flL
Aa shares of $50 each. John E.Cary, Rus-
sell H. Penfleld, William B. Slpane, W.
- S. Streator, A. B. Nettleton, J B. -DeUefs
: . and Oscar White are tbe corporators
-. H :i V ; ' 1 1 ,f i- n' - n
' iDnraviNO r Aptkobation. The nt
form' bonesty of the conductors,. on the
- street railroad cars to the subject of nnl
-z-i yersal remark aad of approbation. - It
Vonld astonish our 'readers could they see
'he great yarletjr of articles left on thecars
( iy careless people.' At the office of 'the
. Company are. parasols, rich fans, purses,
ves and the like awaiting owners.
ght Uforenast4 1 Kentleman left Lis
oocketbook contaaunaCbuite a sum ol
llSaney ahd-papersr -wat-vslue
street car. Ttesterdajr he-found It at the
- ; office of the Company, intact where it bad
. - been left by Adam Dessam, conductor of
t.'. the car on which it had been left. : The
4 temptation to "cramp" these little things
: C W be great, but we are glad to be able to
9 ' Vrurd the fact that not a dishonour, man 1.
conductor on our street railroad cars. .
Thk Passino Yar. Another year is i
winging its flight far beyond the reach of
mortal man; and ere the Statesman makes
Its next visit to yOur homes, will be nnm- i
bered among the things of the past.- With
silent footsteps year after year wends Its '
onward way Into the fathomless depths of
a taj-tterious eternity ; mingling there like -(
ihe j thousand rills and riven mingle, to
form 'the great ocean, after hurrying from
mountain Bide and sunny glade. ' What a
storyvthese departed years might tell ! .
What-volumes ot sorrow they have seen on ,
their Journey I What tales of blighted
hopes, brolrf promises, tiniqurted love,
injured Innocence and cruel wrongs ! 'And
then, again, what joys they, have known!
They have seen the sinking heart made
light, the heavy heart made glad. . They
have teen new loves, new lives, hew joys
springing up 'like bright and beautilul .
flowers, beside! the graves of heart-treasures.
Oh, it is true, that ' - ' V '
For ever- pain, re-rat or ill,
. ,WboM poitoooui clcoiwiti dUtilL .
lntolift-i tall nugn, - . ; . ,
- 1 Some eontmreniDf wectnet fiowt
- C i And where one weeps, another slows ' ' :
Withiaul-awakening pleasure. ''
.What a record of mingled joya- and tears,
innocence and crimes, virtues' end. sir !
As the dead years dead to us but' living
somewhere atl.l, are marshalled in solemn
tllence around the royal tUroneol Him who
sent them on tbeir silent, yet eventful mis
sion, what joys, woes, tears and smiles
bang oq their pinions.: These quiet, unob
truding years, sreminely harmless or pow
erless for good Or evil, passing us without
a whisper of recognition or of welcome,
may carry with them to their unknown
gathering place the seal of our eternal
destiny. May the new year bring to the
readers of the Statesman- nothing but joy
a joy undisturbed by the ruder elements
of nature, a joy unchecked by tears or sign
of sorrow, but miced with toys and sym
pathy tor their race. May those upon
whom fortune hit smiled and who are
surrounded with all the comforts snd lux-
dries that wealth, can furnish, remember
that there are some In our midst strangers
to friends and fortune, whose joys are few
while their sufferings and wants are many.
For these we make an appeal. Let your
charity reach them, and bring to them,
what we wish you, ene and all, a happt
"Time 'oils his eeaeeleei eonne. The race of jore.
Who danaed onr infane, noun their knee.
And told oar marTelins boyhood lecends store.
Of their strange ventures hapn'd b lend or rea.
Bow ere tbey blotted from the things that bel
H ow few. all weak and withers 1 of their force.
Wait, on the Teres of dark eternity.
Like attanded w eoka. the tide retnrnina hoarse -t
To (weep them from oar sight. Time rolls his
e.aseiessoourser ; ..
Transferred Yksterdat. The follow
ing transfers of real estate were left at the
Recorder's office on yesterday :
Eobert Scott and wife to Bennett Thomp
son, Dec. 28th, 2S0 acres ot land in Truro
towittnipi lor i7,000. I t I
Samuel Eigal and wife to Plain Town
Ship Board ol Education,' Jan. 26th, 1857,
84 poles of land in Plain township, tyr
Cyrus E. McComband wife to' Mary
Wickiser, June 27th, 18661 1 sere and 32
rods of land In Truro township, for $500.
Bennett Thompson and wife to Eobert
Scott, Dec. 23. h, 77 acres of land In Madi
son township, for $8,000. '
Chas. W. Eice and wife to William
Dackln, Aug, 15th, lot No. 16 of Chas. W.
Bice's' subdivision of lots In the North
western addition to the city of Columbus
lor $300
Jesse Fenton to John Stump, Oct. 24th,
20 acres and 49 perches of land In Pleasant
township, for $900. . v -. : -r 1 W'
John Stump to George Boucher, Deo.
14th, 20 acres and 49 perches of land in
Pleasant to wnshlpr-for $951-
Jas. W. Conger to David Auld, Dec. 29th,
lot No. 5 of. Brotherton"& Walcutt's addi
tion to the city of Columbus, for $4,000.
Semi-Annual Rkport of Commissioners
of thk Sxkkino Fund. From the report
of thb Commissioners of the Sinking Fund,
made to the Governor yesterday, we take
the following figures :
total MeeiiRs from ifaj 15 to NdViis' fc.iss.Bts-o'
t otal disbursements- .-........w...., f 837.4W (
Balance... t35 463 11
Total Funded Debt Mar IS 10.968.878 76
Redeemed aurint ix -jbouUu .,, Aisui as
OaUtandisc :t..f.'.'..i':t'tt..:'..eio,S32.67S 43
The total amount of the Foreign Debt
payable in New York, 4s as follows :
Loan payable after DeSl, 1850, not
i beariuflr interest
J.828,170 SO
,095,30 47
'j'.4OU.0OO 00
Payable July l. 1S8, no interest
rajaoie alter Alee. i, Deanng o
: ner eent
Payable after Dec. 31, 1875 Jteariot t
- rai toui- ..........................
Payable after Jane 30. 1881, bearing S
' per eent
feyable after Deo. 3i, 1888, bearing 6
per eent
nr. eiojaa 350.07 :
Domestio Debt, pa) able in Colrabos
' '
They are very urgent for the amendment
of the act of May 5, 1863, so that they may
have a permanent agent In New York, to
pay principal, and interest as it falls due.
stating that rip banker will attend to the
business except at heavy cost, if it be lia
ble to a change 'every six months. ..
Penitentiary Arrivals. Nineteen
prisoners were received at the Pen i ten- '
tlary yesterday nine from Cuyahoga, sev- '
en fromHamilton, two from Monroe, and .
one from Trumbnll.
'jfrom Cuyahoga county. Daniel Francis
and Dennis Burns, grand larceny, one year
each; Martin McGrash, manslaughter, two
years; Chasashingtonrandlarceny
two years; Jonn vymtmore, manslaughter,'
two years; James O'Malia, aiding in mur
der, .two, years;, James Trumbull, horse -
stealing, three years; Samuel Eelsch, grand
larceny, three vearsr James English, mnr.
der in the first degrel, life.
From Hamilton cojirtfy. Michael Calla
han, rape, seven years; Chas. Wilson, grand ,
larceny, five years; John Geffel, burglary,1
&c, five years; Chas.Baker and John Haley, '
burglary, four years each; Jesse Kelley,"
grand larceny.four years ; John Welsh, :
malicious stabbing, three years. . ....
From Monroe county. James Dass, grand
larceny, five yearsj Homer W." Gibbons,
poisoning a colt, one year. -u r:-. '
From Trtonbull county Henry Schermer- i
horn, grand larceny, one year. ; c t. :i s!
1 Logrenia. The interest In the wonder
ful performances of this wonderful man
continues unabated, and large audiences
nightly attend: his soirees. Some of his
tricks pass all comprehension. They seem
to be impossible, and yet, we suppose, areJ
ss simple as a sum in .addition. Besides
the great attraction "Of Logrenla's per
formance is the additional one of tbe dis
tribution of presents Nightly are given
to the audience $20 gold pieces, lounges,
bureaus, loads of wood, dressed turkeys,
whole carcasses of 6heep sacks of flour,
and many-. othery presentsrvaluable snd
asefuUw'X'he winner of tbe $20 gold piece
last "night was George W.' Haskins, 102
West Ecb-treeti. The?-? rincipalresent.
toiilght Is a- complete Jfrench China tea
sett. ' . v'-'. - :
! Hurt , ViNCEKa Lscturbj The lec
ture of this distlpgnlshed genjleman.'at:
toe Seceoa Presbyterian- Church, was at
tepded by a very large audience, and they.
expresseq tnemseives aeiigbted: with the
kctureV Itiwas ifutt of Interesting facts,
facts and blatters entirely new to most of
his hearers.. -;. - ; i - .
Chanob m Paica. By the advertise--
ment In another portion of this morning's
paper, it will be seen that the price of gen
tlemen's admission tickets at the Rink has ''
been raised to fifty cents. This has been
made a necessity because of the great ex-
pense of carrying on tbe establishment. -
v Thb Fair La'bt NiaHT.r-The last night
of the Fair was the . most Interesting of
the week. Naughton Hall was crowded
and nearly all the goods, fancy arti
cles, pictures, and the like, disposed of.
At the voting, booth things were
red hot. The excitement about five min
utes to 11 o'clock was intense, and a
syeaV deHtinoneT was "paid In. before
the hotrr Tf elosirig. Luther Donaldson
was the successful individual, the vote
standing as follows: Donaldson 2,107;
Meeker 1,172. The announcement was not
entirely unexpected. Mr. Donaldson re
turned his thanks In a speech on the an
nouncement of the vote. A very hand
some sum has been realized, though dnring
the first two or three days it did not seem
as If it would be a success. We congratu
late our Catholic friends on the successful
conclusion ot their fair.
Proceedings of the Teachers' Association
Proceedings of the Teachers' Association of Franklin County at
Proceedings of the Teachers' Association of Franklin County at Westerville, Dec. 29th.
The Association met at 8 A. M, and
was called to order by the President, Mr.
Hese. Praver by Prof. Williamson.
Lecture on Primary Geography by Prof.
Orion. He urged that tbe first important
step to be taken in tbe successful teaching
of geography is to know what constitutes
a map. - As a specimen he gave a map or
drawing of the school yard, village, town
ship &c and concluded by saying that
map drawing should not be cairied farther
than we can secure accurate impressions.
In tbe afternoon be lectured on readlnir,and
strcneiy urged the Importance of a correct
pronunciation, and held that teachers of
common schools should be responsible for
making and preserving a pure pronuncia
tion of the English language; after which
be presented some valuable thoughts on
theory and practice of teaching, and rec
ommended to tbe teacher a careful study
of the subject as presented In the valuable
works of Page & VVlckersham.
Prof. Williamson gave two lectures dur
ing the day on Arithmetic He claimed
that too much time was spent on this sub
ject In our common schools; that the pupil
is too otten required to wate bis time
studying portions of the subject which he
cannot comprehend betore he fully under
stands the meaning of such expres
sions as two and five are seven, twice lour
is eight. The addition and multiplication
table should be taught by oral and concert
exercises. Accurate Ideas of weights and
measures in ordinary use should be convey
ed In the same manner, alter which the pu
pil is prepared for notation and numera
tion, in connection with some table book,
is David Robinson's or some equivalent.
The subject ot notation and numeration is
J Jvofully neglected, many of our school
1 .vachera being less proficient than pupils
: if this class would be had they the proper
, instruction. Mr. Payne's lecture on gram
1 nar In the morning was lull ot interest and
' rery instructive. He inquires what is
; grammar. A knowledge or language, not
is taught by any one author, but a thorough
.'.knowledge of the structure of language
-btalned only by a careful study of the
'tsageof our best writers. In tbe after-
ioou lie lectured on penmanship, and
irged tbe Importance oi teachers qualify
, ing themselves to teach this essential
. arancti of education, and the absolute ne-vws-lty
of system. He claimed that Spen
der's is the only national system, and all
j 'there which have gained anv popularity
tre only offshoots of this system. In the
vening Prut. Orton delivered a very elo
quent and able lecture on the "Puritan
Element In our National Character,"
DUBLIN, O., Dec. 29, 1868.
On Sunday, tbel7th of January, the
new Methodist Crrtcti"-willJbe-dedicated.
The dedication sermon will be preached
oy the Presiding Elder, the Eev. Mr. Van
, Anda. Tbe Eev. Mr. Sibley and Eev. Mr.
Tippett, of Worthington, wiil be on hand,
nd assist in the services. A sreneral in-
- vitation Is extended to all well-wishers of
- the Methodist Church and others to be
present, and an opportunity will be given
. so those. who wish to contribute tjpward
: the completion of tfie.iiew;' church, as they
i are behinrl"8bouH700. Although thepeo-
jpile and church have done nobly, and have
L'ontributed largely toward the building ot
. the church, yet it has cost more than was
,' anticipated;
1 :
j FRiopJjbreadTsmdcralrerS'
; prices, go to P. S. uydam and ' Co.'s, ' 29
j North High street. dec31-2t
'ij Fur;! lars S Fun!
'.. The universal success attending our busl-
ness Induced us to make great preparations
" for the holidays,' ; Oar; stock. Is .'entirely
fresh and new. We Invite all to a critical
examination of the largest and best assort
ment of stock in this city.
! Ckark & Farmer,
5 Neil House Block.
;. dec30-d3f ... .. -,r-ft"
Though " intelligent Christians" doing
business under a " cloud" may show their
religious training and good breeding by
oalllnjf their competitors "Apes of Borneo,"
!;yet W.H.Lum, at 270 South High street,
will still continue to " draw the crowds"
by selling prime Boots'-and Shoes at lower
nrices than anv Cloudv Chrlattan run fur.
j nish the shabby relics of a shoddy jobbing
I house. Let all, the unbelievers come and
(see.'. ' . r-
1 ,
Tourtbkh fl those Jsrga loaves of bread
i ati Sujdani &jDo.'a Bakery1, for one dollar;
seven for half a dollar. Crackers 19 cents
per pound. Toys and fireworks cheap.
Wm. H. Lum, 270 South High street, bnys
pays lor and sells his own Boots and Shoes,
His stock was bought for city retail trade.
and not to job to cross road country dealers
In split vamps and paper soles. Notwitb
standing he has no Eastern creditors to
fear, he will continue to sell first class
Boots and Shoes cheaper than the cheapest.
Persons wishing kindling shavings will
have tbelr orders promptly filled by leav
ing them with Aston, Taylor & Huff, No.
20 North High St. The money must ac
company the order. Price Two Dollars
per load, delivered. Hufp & Co.
. Handsome New Year Presents Free at
Millinery Headquarters. Who wants a
new bonnet or hat? I will commence this
morning to give a card having a number
on It, tor each dollar's worth of millinery
purchased by any person between now and
New Year's Day, at which time two prizes
will be distributed, consisting ot a very
handsome black silk velvet bonnet and a
full trimmed silk velvet hat. The draw
ing to take place on New Year's morning
In the presence of two well known gentle'
men, and tbe holder of the card having
the first drawn number upon it (which
will be advertised in the newspapers), will
be entitled to the first choice of the prizes
' The prizes are now on exhibition In my
show case.
C. W. Simmons, Opera Block.
: Columbus, On Dec. 16, 1868.
' decl7-eod2w - . . .
; Millinery - Prize Drawing. To the
Ladles My friends and neighbors, Messrs.
J. H. Barcus and B. Kinscll, have kindly
consented to superintend tbe distribution
of the prizes on New Year's day. Ladles,
take advantage of the few days left and
secure a chance. dec29-eod3t
! Jewelry made and repaired by C. E
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
nov6d3m- - : .-
V' " : - sqejSJlfaM
' Millinery, less than cost, Opera Block.
Oysters at 40, 60 and 60 cts. per half can,
and 30 cts. per dish, (dozen), at Hennebo's
Eestaurant, West Broad street, No. 13.
decl5-tt&3tojanV ..
I MrtLTjrtaiprerf cheap at SinimonsY f
j "Barrett's" makes the head reel fine.
; sep30-dltaw&wly-cw .,',- " 1
New Year Presents. Pianos, new, 7
octave, for $300. Organs, Melodeons and
all kinds of small Instruments. Silver
Plated Ware, of all varieties of style and
36 North High street. ;
dec28 Harris & Co.
Millinery, largest 'stock at Simmons'.
Sherman Guard's Ball. The Sherman
Guards wilt give another t their popular
social military and fclvlo balls at A moos
Hall on New Year's night, January 1st,
1869. Music by Excelsior String Band.
Tickets 91, to,be purchased of any of the
members. . tsveryeoqy is invicea.
?Slec3bfd3tU 1 ItUi V : 0
Millinery Simmons, millinery,, Sim
Hollow y's " Ointment. Suppurating
SnRFB. -Thonsands eo down to their craves
suffering from chronic ulcers which a few
pots of Holloway's Ointment would have
healed." it is ' no siin-deep remedy, but
drivea in the poison of a sore. Its effect is
to eliminate the poisonous element, and Its
work of nuriflcatlon mav be accelerated
and perfected In many cases by taking oc
casional doses of Holllway's Pills, which
Improve? the condition of the bloodf and
thereby promote the formation of healthy
nsgires. soia Dy an urugists. - - - -
J9-dly-cw .
"Where la Drake ". T. 1860 Xt " We
have heard this question asked many
times, and for all we knew for a year past
he might be dead. Recently, in New
York, we called at bis Laboratory in Lib
erty St, and there found this gentleman
barricaded behind a tremendous pile
of - boxes, distributing funds to a
SundayScbool Committee, Our busi
ness was to secure an' "advertisement.
He said : "My dear sir, what is the use of
advertising the Plantation Bitters ? Tbey
sell better now than when I advertised at
such enormous expense, and now I have
not made - a contract for a - year.
I have all this amount to give to
the poor. To satisfy the Press, how
ever, who have always been my"
friends, . I think I will give you a little
something to do again, for I have Improved
the Bitters greatly, and It may be well to
have you. let the people know It." And so
he ran on In a happy, cordial, apprecia
tive manner, showing ns the wonders of
his place and' jthe cords-" ot certifi
cates. Everything is on a magnifi
cent scale, and is done with neatness
and . promptness. While there we saw
at least forty orders come In for these cele
brated Bitters. Cases were being shipped
to the four corners of the world, . Drake is
not dead, nor his Bittera either. Exchange
i Magnolia Water. Superior to the best
Imported German Cologne, and sold at half
the price. -
RNY-sept25-deod&wlvcw - .
Nervous Debility, with Its gloomy at
tendants, low spirits, depression, Involun
tary emissions, loss of semen, spermator
rhoea! ioei of power, dizzy head, loss of
memory and threatened impotence and
imbecility, find a sovereign cure in Hum
phreys' "Homeipathic Specific No. Tweu
ty-Efghl:. Composed of the most valuable,
mild and potent Curatives, they strike a
once at the root of the matter, tone up the
system, arrest the discharges, and impart
vigor and energy, life and vitality to tbe
entire man. They have cured thousands
of cases. Price 95 per package of six box
es and vial, which is very important in ob
stinate or old cases, or 91 per single box.
Sold by all DfugglsWand sent by mall on
receipt of priced - Address Humphreys' '
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co, 562
Broadway, New .York. jyl3-deod&wly..,-
',' The' clergy use " Barrett's,, "J-'f"-
A case of Humphreys' Homoeopathic
SpiXUFiq injb hoasVis awell-sptlng . 9TJ
satisiaccion. xou can always una the true
remedy lor a cold, cough, sore throat,
croup, face-ache, weak stomach! calarrh,
or other of the thousand ailments to
which a family. are subject, and thus save
doctor's bills, sickness and suffering. Price "
of a lull case and book of directions is 910.
Sent -to any- address on receipt of- ta
price. Address, Humphreys' SPECiFrc
Homoeopathic Medicine Co. 562 Broad--wayj-NrT.
Jyl3 d&wly-cw
Great demand for "Barrett's."
Most Diseases of Inebriates are to be
attributed to their excessive' paitak'ing of
strong alcoholic beverageiV- These diseases
can never be eradicated as 'long as the
patient Indulges too freely in strong drinks.
The first step to be taken is to destroy tbe
appetite -iot liquor, and this can only be
done with "Dr. Johnston's Specific," the
Infallible remedy for Drunkards.
gep22-dt&s&wly-cw. r6- .
lr. Tobias' Venetiaa Horu sLint-'
. . nient.
Pint bottles at $1,' for the care of lameness"
soratehes, wind galls, sprains, braises, splints, eats
eolie, slipping stifle, over heating, sore throat, nail
in the foot. Ae.,' It Is warranted cheaper ani bet
ter than any other article ever offered to the public."
Thousands of animals have been eared of the colie
and over besting by the Liaiment; and hundreds
that war oripplod and lama, have bean restored to
their former vigor: It is used by tbe first horse
men throughout she States, Orders are oonstantly
received from the racing stables of England for
freshapplias if this invaluable artiole. Urer
1.500 testimonials have been received. Remember
one dollar laid out in time mar saVa the life of;
tour horse. Sold by all Druggists. Office, 10 Park
Place. New York. y . -. . .- .
j Thonsoof ' l,
Will restore it to its natural color and promote its
R. P. HALL 4 CO.. Nashua, S. H., Proprietors.
I for sale bj all Druggists.
jaJTiS dltawiwlj-ene -r -r .p . y .-
IjAlCHfcLOIKSiUAItt, ... This
XJ splendid uair Uve is the best In tbe world ;
tbe on It true and perfect Dye: harmless, reliable
instantaneous ; no disappointment : no ridiculous .
tints ; remedies tne ill enects of bad dyes ; lnTig
orates and leaves the Hair soft and beautiful, Tolaet
r brovm. Soli by all Druswists and Perfumers ;
and properlv applied at Batobelor's Wis; Factory
No. 16 Bond street. N. fork, pht apr38 d&wly
1 ....
Corner Broad & High Sts.
feb-dly '
lanJO-dly-r Ctlnmbas, O.
iif r ui siaw e uvi auiraiiui Hnio, auiuiauiua
Vil I T u a UTcauut aKn nun hDEli unnTu
A. Stock of
... j . kH..s
vu iu u, AuoEa avis vuiuvuuti t i w a
out, without reserve, at the store in DE.SHLKtt'S
compare them with thcue usually charged :
meai's Kip BootiH all Whole Ksathert
Boy a Kip Boot, "
Tontha Kip Boots, "
Child' Kip Boots. x
men's Crnlf; Tap-Soled Bootts -
Women's Call Shoes, Bret, - - - -Woraest's
Best morocco Shoes, . , l.SO,
ladies' Boetble Soled sLnstlnsr Coaff.
Ladies' do.. Silk Gore, Tory Best, -
misses' morocco Shoes, Polish, -
Childs' morocco Shoes, - -
These coeds are tuaranteed to be of superior material and workmanshin. and will bear mmniriioi
with any in the market.
Don't ferret that the sale is nositiv. end is limited
will never occur srain. Be sure and find tbe riffht place (there is but one) before buying. ,
DESHLEB'S NEW BUILDING, opposite the Staixsmam Uffiob, Uthe place. Go and see ' -Uoods.
- t - u. : . ..- I.J.i l it
Having greatlyl enlarged oar PrintiDfr Facilities by the purchase of a complete new
outfit ot
The Latest and Host Approved Style,
And tbe addition of New. Presses, Including a
Generally conceded to be tbe fastest
In connection with EDGGLES', GORDON'S and WELLS Job Presses, that have
roven such successes iu our office, and having the largest and most commodious
uildlng in this city in which to operate, we are now prepared
In the best and neatest style of the art, and
f r - -.T T T 1 17.
iur nub iiew msvect, uur iiupruvcu xjcuuuuiicai ma:iiinery tue result OI tne WgP.
nulty and Inventive talents of the best minds of the age enable as to do good w- '
at MUCH CHEAPER RATES than can be done in the old style and with only the old
facilities. The Office is complete in all its arrangements, and can do the work with -
Books, ;:
Legal Blanks,
Blank Books,
Business Cards,
In this specialty we
Having Hore Presses
r y Offices in the
We are prepared to execute all kinds of Printing,
'" our neighbors.
Nos. 36, 38 and
Columbus,' bino;
tk;.. s 4.1.. & uciiia't vnUTKHl
w i w iuiii iu tua nun ui nono vw vsidii
a hi i t u ual' j r i e 1- j 4 u. .u..J
u n i' u 1 ' 1 a v imiw uucicu iui aaio, uu imj ww wit ipv
NEW BUILDING. Look at some-ef the prices and
--AX'ia Ltf ' :- ' -it
99 OO. Rttmlar price
- ,- 900,
. - 1.50,
.. i ; - 1.3S,
41. OO,
. ; 6 CM
.,. ... ao
" , .
Gaiters, 1.410,
' - - 1.65,
; 9.95
, - , - 0.40.
to but a few weeks. Another inn la nnnortonitv
ifl. CJ. C3 LOUO OO ' ,J
t :
i -i
f-. r;.
5.1 tot
H o e
.1 it.ft
and beet Pi in ting Machine In the world.
upon terms that cannot be competed with.
I 1 . . . 1 I . 1 1 . f . . '
Bill Heads,
Letter Heads,
Drue: Labels,
Bills of Fare, Etc.,
7-. j:- .'.s,r -- i
are unsurpassed.
than all Other Printing
City Combined,
.a ai .-ift"'c-
In any color, at lower prices than
.-!- n.
Bnilding a .
.y m
40 North High Street,
Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 30.
-rOLO 134? btrylng. -
iunt. .-
Market contiaiMev clese
New York Money Market—Dec. 30.
- "JIONEY--The mBticf for moner' was
very Active np to nearly three -o'clock, and
the market continues stringent. &eomtnis
.lon or 4H H Per ;0rmrtt addition
n sue JfK"' raf in-eiirrrnci nejnir paia on
-tock' and 1 l-etgljif; 'on Government.
Xber wa a suddeit-if(.p joat ppeviou to
and a4tr 3 o'clacW, when goli Interest was at
its highest rataiOMtewka and ieort m mailt
dealers had moyey offered tbem at 7c cur
rency DUcoants doll, and the transactiooa
are only at heavy losses. The Erie company
has closed .negotiations with the Columbus,
Chicago A Indiana Central R. R-, by which
ix is to D" mauOf oroaa guagra, mereoy. glvr
ing the Erie a-uobrnkea etonnection with
Ctiicatro. Tbe Ohio & Mississippi Company
have been brought . into- closer 1 relations
with tha 1r! and th-i itiiao-a ia tn rpmm s
"broad one. .a
109Jii09 for prttne bUlsi
'GOLD Unll and lower: ODened at 134
and closed atl340134.;;;
New York Stock Market—Dec. 30.
qniet and baoyant throughout the day un
til late in- the afternoon, when there wa a
slight decline from extreme figures. Cou
pons ot '81 lUKIl-ldo 63 llOlfailO?-
do '64 107107K; uo 5 1073108.- oa
new 110( l W do '67 1 11 1 1 IU: do
"68 UilXi WMO-a 105KW5.it .
An order has beeivobtaJaed in the courts
restraining the Merchants TJn'.on vCom-,
pany trom itsing any of Ita assets ia.car
rying out the terms of coniolidatloa with
the American ComDan Va The -Aasfetmis
Treasurer to-day oommenced the dhbdrBe--mentot.
the January Interest jsn the &-20s.
Tbe quarterly bank statement will be made
Saturday, nJa preparations therefor be
completed to-morrow; Friday belog close
uouuay- xo-morrow is, tnefetore, likely
to be a stringent uay Iff money.
The stock market was strong during tbe 1
morning with a large business and general
advance. There was a difference ol UCctX,
percent, between cash and regular tmni.
actions. ; After thexetrular Board SDennla-
tion became buovant. and nrices rose. . Atr
second regular Board there was one sale ott
New York Central at 161, although all the
rceii vi me uusiness was at joa. ana tnero
was a general falling off of percent,
throughout the list.. - At the last oiwrt1
Board: New York Central lS.Sii'faiiiPV:'
Fott Wayne 116J Ohio & Mississippi 34;f
Rock Island 118; Northwestern 80& SOJi;
preferred 83. tbe market closing neavy'
Subsequently therewST a-recovery totu,
tne lowest point, and though the market
was rather unsettled, the tnnn e tha w
of the day waa stronger.- . . -' . --.
o:ou prices. WeJU'lSjepts ' 2o26;
American 45 : Adams TTnlti
lox Merehanta' Union 1516i:
Paoiffo Alail 119U; Western Union7
TelegraDh 3333; New York Central
ioa;io; lirw 3839; Hudsoe 33 .
35: Keading 9898; Trrre Haute 88;
Wabash 689; St. raul 68(a69: ; Fort
Wavne 113113; Ohio & Mississippi'
34?431; Micliigan Central 115116:
Micmgai. 8onthern 87J87K; Illinois Cm
traM42H Pittsburgh 8383Jf; -Tole!
do 1CC100; Rock Islanu 118(1118)6
Northwestern .80J81; Chicago & Altou
147; St. Joseph 9a . ..
Cincinnati Market—Dec. 30.
s FLOUR Dull. - r . -
WHEAT Dull.. -; V 1 -,iit yai
CORN Firm and in In lair demand at
C567c for ear. , . ;
RYE $1 36, and in moderate demand. V
OATS-Dull ; 5960c for No 1.
DARLEY ;In moderate demand at-
$2 102 25. - - , r -
COTTON! Higher and more active;-
middling 24J24.
WHISKY Steauy at tl 00. '. '
HOGS 1- Irregular; - slaughterers paid '
$10 0010 50 live ; dressed, dull at 10 75
II 75 ; receipts. 684 head. V
PHnVKinviirrtiscrrlo .A r l
no demand.
BULK MEATS 1015Ju lor: hams,,
and I4cj lor, shoulders, siuus and .clear,.
GREEX MEATS-Dnli's -shoulders' f
lered at 7c, and bams at 14J. . "4
prime kettle 170. v'VrH
Butter Scarce and. firm at 3(i40c j(or . v
western. - - - ' ., ' .
EGQSSl(i32c. "-' ' 'i;ii ' trtBiS '
UNSEED .OIL Firm at L08f holder r
ask 9 1 05.. , -; . j,,,"
LARD PIL-Firm at 145150, ' - .
oUtrAK In demand.; sales of 260 Dads' "
at 13.14Mc for best gredes - .fc.ii- ud
COFFJSli Flrnier; sales of 760 bag' At
2225- v. .: , :, .--?,
Chicago Market—Dec. 30.
FLOUR Quiet and 'steady at $5 62 f
7 12Xefor low grades to good spring ex--- -tree.
.-'t J. -- ?.- -j
' WHEAT -Moderately active; . No. 1 -.
spring sold atl 19J 20 in Illinois Cen-
traF, and at $1 221 22 in Northwestern;
early sales No : 2 spring at 91 1 2." Sr-
scquently the market weakened, a. id $111 M ,
was all could, be obtained. -Toward tlu.. '
close, however;- $1 13 was paid, at which,
figure the market fclosed weak; Sales No. :
2 since 'Change at $1 12. - e
TXT T'i ..11 1 . . . .
o053c for new shelled; 64 55a for No2 .
kiln dried, and 50c for new shelled, sellers
January; at close, iiew shelled dull at 50
50c; old dull and nothing doing this after-
noon. . . , -,nf i.-f .! rji-jd
OATS Dull and weak and prices de-
clined the demand was altogether"
to fill shorts at 4546i, chiefly at 46c,?
and closing weak c 46c; sates at 4&Xn3
seller January after the 5th. r ....! . ;
RfE-Dull and easv at $i 12I 13f
for No. 1, and $1 10l 11 for No.
closing nominal at $1 i for No. 1.- '
BARLEY Dull and drooping; No. 2
sold at $1 56 1 57 cash ; $1 66 seller Jan- ?
uary; closing dull at $1 66 cash. . , ,
HIGH WINES Quiet at 93c lor free.'
New York Market—Dec. 30.
-ActiveAnd o better 26c for -i .
FLOUR -Closed dull and allirhtlv In
buyer's favor. ' ."sr. ,
WH EAT Very quiet and nominall v nn
changed; very limited milling and export -
ftYE-Dull at $1 50ai 52 for WMfirn?!
OATS Dull at 75ko In atorO and 7Hn
afloat, for Western.-- . -' a
CORN Steady at $1 07I 10 for oid, and f
9395c for new mixed Western, . , . , ;!.
PORK-Quiet and unchanged. ' r.'"s,i,st
BEEF Dull and unchanged. ' k 'Jii
CUT MEATS Steady, with moderate A
demand. . .. , s ;-. ri 1;o. 3
BACON Firm and moderately active- . .
LARD Firm at 1717)io lor fair to
prime steam. . "I
EGGS-Dullat3739o.": " - sTt
St. Louis Market—Dec. 30.
FLOUR Firm, wita more .doing aadr
priees unchanged. ' ' '' -
WHEAT Firm for high gTarrcs7"'''d
CORN Flat and lower at 606Sd. j.-vt
OATS Easier at 5356o. v -RYE
Unchanged at $1 25. "
BARLEY Unchanged at S3 00(543 20.1
WHISKY-Advanced to $1. Z..rft
PROVISIONS-LitUe firmer.
PORK-Sales at$2S, r y';i
ivjttiSATS Dry salt shoulders 10& a
Hot lor loope, and 1515o lor clear miaeLn
B ACQNUnchtuiKedi sales clear ide ; I
at 17c. " r
and lSUoio kegs. . ii 11. ui -
7 -" uuu.e lxuuij mbuiii
Toledo Market—Dec. 30.
- .
,WEA?,nanea5 wbiti Michigan
CORN A shade firmer for new; 64o for 1
new, seller, next week. .' - '
OATS A shade better, sales of: No; 1 at 1
Jt QUlet. k -,J w -
HOGS-i-Dressed" unchanged at lOigllc."
Buffalo Market—Dec. 30.
Little doing, demand light, except' new I
cotn, which 's in lair request and scarce-, t
WHEAT-5052c lor Chicago 8prlngi ?1 s
CORN 75c for new on track. - - " ?
UATS 666o oratorei-Otber duU
wl.,nomtnaUy unchanged.
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Dec. 30.
The market continues extremely dull 1
but prices are without essential change.
Milwaukee Market—Dec. 30.
FLOUR Dull, and prices Unchanged. ,
WHEAT Weak at SI 21 for 'r 1 in
' ' . !
I sin heard it faighlj extolled and haw seen fta
wonderful effeots. writes llerthi M ih..
- - . uwuvii V4
I Derby, Ct.; about Palinor'l Ition ' ki. ...WH "
seill dwlm-r

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