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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, December 31, 1868, Image 4

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rf ghowtng taeairTval and dene, tm a of Mm at Co'
mow, umo. mm w Monday, nor. 13:
e trains wiu raa a. oUewstr- i . -r-,
CUnlaa. ClMk tttm R. It
- , ... LIAV1.. ASxUTw
n. Y. wesrern Etprn.. lrio A.M. . 1:44 A. M"
-New York Kpreoa.i,......t.lt:ie A. M. ''IMP. Mi
ail and innn.!..i.1.. a P. M. ' MS P. M.
t prinQa Aoeoua.Tievuei :wi r, jl. l:o a. M.
o. 1 AooommadAon....... S.-OS A.M. 7.44 P.M.
.-. tseia leaves 8nntay emrntnt ant Monday j
' .' "" ' 'Ml.-" -'AMITS.
Jfitht Exposes. IM4.Kii!1Mt.M!
Ajinoioneti aoaianwdaUnai a) A. M. , e-M p. M.
Express,... ........ 1:45 P. Id., 11:00 A. il,
fcxprses. ............ ........ 4:08 P. M." lMlf.ll
. . i. ..i ; WiH. U. oHIKll A Kent.
Salttaw m hi Mitlnst, Ceatrsxl
M.i hle MrtolN. .-v ... -
- ., ..- . LUT1.' V ARIV.
.Hight Era-OS! ... 3:35 A- jl. . 19:10 A. M
Lightning Kxpreas. ...... .11:1 A. M, . Hi P.MJ
lynn Biui.iwtM.w m.iw r. m . A. :" r. at.
Ostlstaalme-, Chle AM xtlaxara Oh.!
mtM Express. A-..'.... 9:4 A. M- i t:O0 A. H.
Toledo fcxpress KO A. M. ' 3:S r M.
Westera Kihm . 4:50 P. M. T P. M.
PayKxgroAS.......ti...d P. M 11 A. H.
; ... j v Axent.
'aa4eieky Maaaf 114 He vark K. K.
.Trains leave M ewatk and arrive aa folio '
, -. ..iSAYS. ABRIVB.
PT Expras
.... 5:UA.M. 9:40 A.M.
frritbt aa4 AeostaBwdatloa 75 A. M,
m 7:03 A. M, 7:30 f. M.
au ana axpraar .
........ .... J. X . JM. X-W X . M.
w ;6 . iii 'A. w. it turns. Agent. "
ntamh CiMlaaatl A t. laila
tnwci '' t"'aaUaairJ -!. i-'
i . . "T LIITI. iwn. 1
KairTor Epraai :is A. H,. , K.-ooMidt
tifbtntntt Kxpreaf ,.ll) A. M. ' - t P. M.
Kail aod Kipret ISP. M. ll:P. M.
Vanniaea Aaoomiaodatiaa 6.n A. U. ; : P. U.
hew i ork ICiprw fun dilj. All aikaf train
tan di!j, except Sunday. .
Daaaiaoa Aaeaounadatioa ttartr nom might
-d ji..'i-f)iij JOHN H. rWKMB, JLfmi..'-
inra, vmo. ua m amr Moadv, Hot. Bi
. trains will raa a foUewsti'- Mi , 7
A. M. T.
A.M. r. M
Xattartf nimnA Mailri
- t- KtaabenT.lls and
Xutern Way Mailt, C. C.
AO. R v
Jorthwest, Tia Ft. W, i
Chicaao, ria G,F.L C.
tJ. AU.&.B
tittle Miami R.R-. Taro' ,
Little Miami R. B.. Wav.
- C. O. K. R-. Newark.
ZaneariHe A Wheeling,
C. O. R.. Wat ....
tfcSav 100
' Mt - .... .
118 ,
C.f I-. Throifth and
Crclevilla, Chilliootha Jk
.ri.trtotDOUtn ............. .....
aoeaatax, Ohio- --. .
East M at. National Road. 10d0
' 730
, 11:45
.... W
kt. Taraoa Way.Waatsr-
Tilla. to 1030 ..
ISorth ColambataadCIia- V
tonriHe.. Ud
yf ashinaton C.H., rta Hm
risborg, (tri-weekiyj
arriTea Mondays Wad
eadays. A Fridays, and
leaTss Tnesdays. Tkiura
dara and Saturday!.. -.
h.- M .'v.. 736
rtT VillMe. ftri-waek-1
ly Tneedays.TkaTadaysS 13 K. .
.... M
JULIUS J. WOOD Postmaster.
KabbIts ad
vx THARD8. I ueeTarions preventives go-
ing the ronnds of the agricultural and
horticultural preae, to keep rabbits and
' ' mic from gnawing the bark off young
fruit trees; but I consider nine out of
ten of them perfect humbugs, and worse
than nothing- First, the -daubing of
young trees with tar, grease," is de
- cidedly -injurious, as there is seldom but
little if any dead or dry bark" to absorb
it; and the pores of the bark are closed '
. up with it, and hence the damage. -Seo-y
- ond, the -Application of alkalied sub'
staneea, such as soft soap, ammonia, &c
are toon washed off or absorbed by the
air; and the tree left as defenceless as
before, the application. : although they
- axe good to cleans and invigorate- the
bark if applied in the early partjof the
season." Third.he heaping tip o-ma
nure and litter around the . trunks , of
yeung trees, is injurious in sevwaj ways; ,
although a, mulch on high and sandy
. soils w beneficial 'sometimes -the rab-
- bits that it keeps off.--; Alao, if it is fresh --
stable' manure, it is -liable to - heat- and
rJ . kill the iree and again, it forms -a nu- "
", cleus for- Jhe . collection of water over
the roots, which is as great an enemy to -.
,tho tree as either of toe others, becanse
. in that case it is the roots thaare in1'
- jnred instead of the topLTj , '.'
..Thi' plan 1 that t have 'adopted ' nd :
-practiced for four years, with good suo
cess,4S to go round my trees in the fall
. V" -nd clear away all weeds, grass and ' lit
ycter from, the tree, at least four feet all
'i around, and remove 1 v all superfluous i
; ,' sprouts; then throw enough dirt to the
tree to form a slight elevation all around,
- so that there is no chance for. watar to
. , collect or stand over the roots, and there
. ,is then no harbor for mice or. moles, no
. Aiding place for a rabbit, ..and ::con8e-.
quently ' they -will let .them alone in
. ninety-nine eases out of hundred. ;
--- In the four years of this treatment I
-. bave had: but one tree nibbled out -of:
. about four hundred of different varieties
.o fcuit; : while. soms,-of my. neighbors
-c. wh neglected theirs ' bave bad about
twenty-live per, cent, of their trees xde-
- 1 stroyed by these pestaThe best remedy
Nthat I know o tor srees that, liave their
. . bark gnawed or inocked off, is to "cover
the wound with a -mortar made ot equal'
?parts of fresh eow-dung and garden soil,
r , . 1 r 3 3 , a- i VI?
ana men Dapasgea to Keep it irom isuing
W: ; on; it close 10 uie grouna smear wun tne
it. :This' treatment should be done as
.- soon as possible after the injury, because.
..the -longer it is exposed; to the to
barder it will be to heal up.' ,' :
.When it' is. done, take your dog and
gun -and do not. stop till you have Mr.
rabbit in your stew kettle, which is t be
only preventive that I know of that 1?
perfectly Sure" and does no injury to the
trees. Neighbor Shaw had about fifteen
. hundred dollar's worth of trees ruined in
bis nurserv last winter bv the rabbits.
It would bave paid him well to have hired, -
. m hunter, to looi atter Um aoctumai
pests, with a good dog and gun- iiVnow
: Cor. Ger. Tdegrtph. ..-l ' j V
A- XsOdtT Smoeb-aTousb-TTs lately
" observed a well planned smoka house on
the premises of a good farmer, worthj of a
brief description, r Jt was-about six.fdet
square, the lower half built ef brick, Tnrn-
ished with ah iron lined door, and servingj
ss an ash bouse, and place for the 6r.
The upper part, about four feet high, be
sides the ascent of the roof, was made of
wood. It was separated fros-,tbs lower
part by scantling joists,, a space of two
or threw , inches' between them, through
which smoke and air could freely pass,
but- sufficient to catch any ham that
miffht accidentally fall, and thus save it
from the" fire. lie upper part as well as '
the lower, was entered by a door trom tne
-outside; the upper ,door .'may be kept
locked,' except when admitting or with
drawing bams; but the lovrer may be un
locked to attend to the fire, without any
'. danger of the contents being stolen," as"
th thief caunotpassthrough the openings
. between thejoisu.-- YVetlem Murau - . .
Britain and Ireland, Vy titeamship and Sail
Jni V- ket, by weekiy liaas.ataaaaxad rata.. TAP
b ii' BKOS.A C0 Boath streat. NaK
ysra. continue to tBsoe Passaxe Tiaketo, availabla,.
for t-i montfan, from 'xindon, LiTerpool, ot
fcaeentoirn,and iirft) Tairabla aa demand, for
' nj wDonnt-fruin-tl andoowaJJa; .
wAiLky aAP.. , "O-Aawrts...
lekil-wly-BUT . ' lambns :
1. (SltS V IIust. lue Board of 8ebooI
KxaaiinoTiof irankiin ounnty meet at the Probata
Oart Room on ha last Friday and tiaturdar j
aack month in toe year. AUo. on the second tir ,
day -i Saturday ol tbeigciMt a ad Jail mouths.
apilO-wU ;
peculiar and important relations which
tby sustairL, their peculiar organization
and the offices they perform, are subject
to many sufferings. Freedom from these
contribute tn ."no small degree to; their
happiness and welfare, for none can be
bappy'wh'tfaTe in?"Not only bo, but no
one of these various female complaints
can long' be suffered to run on without
involving the general ' health of the in
dividual, and ere long producing perma
nent sickness and premature decline. Nor
Is it' pleasant to consult a physician for the
relmf of these various delicate affections
anJonlylSpon the' most urgent necessity
wills true woman bo far sacrifice her
greatest charm aB'to do' this. The sex
will then thank us for placing in their
bands simple " Specifics which will be
found efficacious in relieving and curing
almost . every one of those troublesome
. r.-. sr
r. T" '?'
" I .' :
HnBTdreds suffer; on
in silence, and
hundreds of others apply vainly to drug
gists snd doctors, who either merely tan
totalize them with the hope of a cure or
apply remedies which make them worse.
I would no yjsho assert airythingthat
would do injustice to the afflicted, but I
am obliged to say that although it may
be. produced Iron-' excessive exhaustion
of tbefpowers ofiife, by laborious em
ployment, unwholesome air and food,
profuse menstruation, the use of tea and
coffee, and frequent childbirth, it is far
oftener caused by direct irritation, ap
plied to the mucous membrane of the
vagina itself. .
: ' ' . . .
When reviewing the causes of these
istressing complaintsit is most painful
ts contemplate the attendant evils con
sequent upon them. " It is but simple
justice to the subject to enumerate a few
of the many Additional causes which so
largely affect ttie life, health Snd happi
ness of-woman in all -classes t society,
and which, consequently, affect more or
less directly, the "welfare of the entire
human family. The mania' "that exists
for precocious education and marriage,
causes the years that natnre designed
for feorpbreaF development to be wasted
and perverted in the restraints of -dress,
the early confinement of school, and es
pecially in the' unhealthy excitement of
the ball-room. Thus, With theody
half-clothed, and the mind unduly ex
cited by pleasure,' perverting in mid-
urbt fefVel ths honTs designed" by natnre-
for sleep and rest, the work of destruc
tion is half accomplished. , r , .. .
In consequence of this early strain
upon her system, unnecessary effort is
required by the delicate votary , to. re
tain her situation in. Bchool at a later
daji hus aggravatinghe eviU a When
one excitement is over, another in pros
pective keeps the mind morbidly sensi
tive .to impression, while the now con
stant "restraint of .fashionable dress, ab
solutely torbidding the exercise indis
pensable to tbe attainment and retention
of organic health and strength'; the ex
posure to night air ; the sudden change
of temperature; the complete prostra
tion produced by f excessive dancing,
must, of necessity, produce their legiti
mate effect. : - At last,-an early marriage
caps the climax of misery, .and the un
fortunate one,, hitherto so utterly regard
less of the plain dictates and remon
strances ot her dehca to. nature, becomes
an unwilling subject of medical treat
ment. This is.buFavtrntbful "picture: of
the experience ot thousands ot our young j
women. J : . I f fi.'i t &
- '
Lioner before the ability to exercise tbe '
functions of the generative organs, they
require an educition-of their peculiar
nervous system, composed of what, -is
called tM tissue, which Is, in common
with the female breast and lips, evident
ly under the control of mental emotions
and, associations at an early -period of
lifeiandt aa -we lmll subsequently setr,
these emotions,' when excessive, lead)
long before puberty, to habits which 6ap
the very life of their victims ere nature
has self completed theb development...
For Female Weakness and Debility,
Whites or Jjeucorrncea, X oo Profuse
MenstpiationJixhauBtion, 'Too Lone
Continued'. Periods, for Prolapsus and
Bearing JDown. or Prolapsus "Uteri, we
offer the most perfect Bpecinc -known s
Buchu. Directions for use," diet, and
Females in every period of life, from
infancy to extreme old age. will find it a
remedy to aid natnre in the discharge of
its functions. Strength ia tbo glory of
manhood and womanhood. Melmbold s
Extract Buchu is more strengthening
than any of the preparations oi isark
or Iron, infinitely safer, and more pleas
ant. ' Helmbold's Extract Buchu,
hivffigjreceiyed the indorsement of. the
most prominent physicians in the United
States, is now ofEewd to -afflicted hu
manity as a certain cure for the follow
ing diseases and'symptoms, from what
ever cause originating : General Debil
ity, Hental and Physical Depression
Imbecility, Determination of Blood to
the .Head, Confused Ideas, Hysteria,
General Irritability, Restlessness and
Sleeplessness at night,; Absence of Mus
cular Efficiency, Loss ot Appetite, Dys
pepsias lumaciation, Xxw spirits, Uisor
ganizatiOn4 of Paralysis of the Organs of
Generation, palpitation ot tne .Heart,
and, in fact, all the concomitants of a
Nervous and Debilitated . state of the
8 stem. To insure tne genuine, cut tnis
out. Ask for Helmbold's. Take no
other. - .-" -'.'"-"'''-:.'
Sold by Druggists afiffDealers . everywhere.-
. - .';
Price. $1.25 per bottlei or 6 bottles
for $6.50. Delivered to any address.
Describe symptoms ia all' comrxfu'nioap.
tions. , Address H. T. HELMBOLD,
Drug and Chemical Warehouse,j594
Broadway, N. Y. " " ; - - - ?
- -None are genuine unless ; dons' np in
steel-engraved wrapper, with i'ac-simile
of my Chemical Warehouse, and iigned
- yM-dwA-weowly U. T, EUtiaLD. -
Paving Notice.
itoaUviAomitmayconoarnr '
' -' COLtTMBUS. O.. Kny. 18. 16S8.I
rlotioe is hereby ri ven, that proceedings bave been
institntea in tne uity "joancu ot uommoui, lot
making the following improTeioents, to wit!
JOTgradint and parine the ni. pared sidewalks,
gatters and crossings on the west fide of Washing
ton area ue froas the north tide of Battel) Plana to
the aonth sida af Gay street. . -i
' Also, for raravinr High street frjia Perry street
ot the corporation fine. .
Also, for grading and -paring with Twnlrlers the
railway af Pnbiio' alley from Filth street to Sixth
-1 he saaeto ha does la accord anoe with theplats
and estimates to be prepared by the City Civil tin
tineer. and filed in the ofnee of the City Clerk.
. All persons claiming damages an account of said
proposed improvement? , are required to file their
elaima in the offioe of the Clerk, in writing, od of
before the First day af January. A. II.' 1B6. .
novlS dltawsw -, City Clerk
Paving Notice.
To all uAom it may Concern : ' n
- CoLFMBt's, O., Nov. 83. 1S68.J . n
' Notice Is hereby aiven that Druceeriinzs have bean-J
instituted in the City Council of Coinmbus, for
making the following improvements, to-wit s
For grading and paving the unpaved sidewalks, i
gutters and crossings an the west side of the va- ''
cant ground west of the market bouse, and for pa-,'
vingtbe balance of said vacant ground with Nievl
son pavement from Town street to Kich street.
Also, tor lavina a donbla row of tiaa- ornimina )
acrojs Center alley on the south sida of Spring -
street. '
Also, for laying a double row flag crossing aorost
Center alley at the filth side of Longstreet.
a ae same w oe aone in acooraance wiin mam ana
aitimates to be prepared by the City Civil Engi
neer, r.nd filed in the office of the City Clerk.
All persons claiming damages on account of said
proposed imBrovements. are reauired tn file thai
claims in tnoomceoi ids Clerk, in writing, on or
oelore the fcighth day of January. A. I). 1869.
ii. ii. ivii.au.1
novis-dltawaw City Clerk
Paving Notice.
7 all WAS? may eomsent :
Citt Clirk's OfwicsJ
" r tf.CoLOsravs. O..leo. ai. lass.
Notice Is hsnby given, that proceedings hava been
Instituted in tbe City Council of Columbus.fur mak
ing tne louowing improvements, to-wit;
r or builuing a doable carnage way single span
bridge at the orossing of the canal on Friend
street.' ,'. ' , - . " '?
AisewioT gTaaing ana paving tne unpaved side
walks, attors and crossings on Young street from
Broad street to Mate street.
Alao.fur bui ding a double row flsat stonw nave.
meat across Fair alley upon the sou tn side of Chan
el street.
Also, for building a 30-inch brick sewer on Gay
street from Front street to Fifth street.
The same to be done in adeordanea with plats and
estimates to be d re Da red bv the Citv Civil Kniriik-
eer. and filed in the office of the City Clerk.
All persons claiming damages on scoount of said
proposed improvements, are required to file their
claims in the omce ol tne Clerk, in writing, on or
oelore tne xourtn day of rebruary, A. l. 188.
Ai. . WUiSOJN,
dec28-dltaw4w City Clerk.
lAn Ordinance ) i
To assess a special tax upon the real estate bound'
lngJonn street tro in Cleveland Avenue to Wash
ington avenue. ,
Section 1. Be it ordained bv the Citv Cnnnftil
it tneci(y of Columbus, lhat the sum of Eighty
seven cents. Six mills be and the same is hereby lev-
ad an i assessed upon eaoo loot tront ot the several
lota of land bounding or abutting upon John
street from Cleveland avenue to Washington ave-
ue. excepting lots os. 29. 30 and 31 of K. Neil's
addition, lot So. s of .Morrison's subdivision of lots
Nos. 88 and ST of R. Neil's addition and lots Nos. 1
aaa i of BurwiU's addition, as the same are desig
nated upon the plat of tbe Civil Engineer, on file
in the office of tbe City Clerk, for the cost and ex
pense of grading and paving the gutters ar-d cross
ings and grading and graveling the sidewalks along
the same, according to the estimate of tie Citv
Civil Engineer. -
o so. -1 nai tne owners ti tne several rots f
land upon which the foregoing assessment is made.
saau pay taeauroauts ot money oy tnem severally
due in that benalf to 1 homas McDonald A Co.. with
in twenty das from the dateot this ordinance, or
be subieot to tne interest and penalty allowed upon
we same oy law. - ? -
na. nAttrJifiH,
. - President of the City Council. .
Caused t)aa. 41. A. I. lKfiR. . '1 . Z
i Attest.-- L. E. Whson, Jity Clerk, - fa? a
An Ordinance
Tn -assess a special tax upon the real estate bound
ing Mea.ee alley lroin oeveotn street to Cleveland
Rkrttoh 1. Be it ordained by the City Council
of the city ol Columbus, That the sum of Una
Dnl.ar. Kleveo cents, rjeven mills be and the same
is bereb'y levied and assessed upon aach foot irontH
of tbe several lots ol land nounomg or aoutting
noon McKee alley from Seventh streetto Cleveland
avenue, as the same are designated upon tbe plat of
the Civil Kngineer. en nie in tne omce oi toe uity
Clerk, for the cost and expense of grading and pav
ing the sidewalks, gutters and crossings, and grad
ing Mmi A rravalinf tbe roadwav along tbe same, ac
cording to the estimate of the City Civil Engi
neer. , . .
hkoi I. That tne owners oi tne several lots 0!
laaA.unniM,hinh the fore&oing assessment is made
shall pay tbe amounts of money by them severally
due in that nebau to saicoaei aiaione, witoin tweo
t dava from the date ot this ordinance, or be sub-
)eee the interest- and ponalty allowad aoa the
same by law. ,
nin. flsuniii.
President of the City Couroil.
Passed Dair. SI. A - D. 1868. . .
Attest: ii. H. WlxaoM. City Clerk.. , . .....
dec-Jo-dlt - . , , ; . . -. ... -,. -
An Ordinance .
To ass rns a special tax upon the- rval estate bound
ing bast rublic laue Iromcroaa street to rriana
Hamnvl Be It ordained by the CltT Council
thecity of Columbus. Tbat the sou, of One dot-
ar, 1 wenty-nve oents, ?ix miua, oe aaa iu same
herebv levied and assessed upon each foot tront
tbe several lots of land bounding or abutting upon
East Fublio lane from Broad street t f riend
sti et, excepting lots numbers x, 3, 4, 5 and a
(ieorge Bellows sub-lot -numeer u oi Arm
strong s addition arm lots suinnere i -ana a-oi
Miners subdivision, with the tallowing credits:
iotNo. 29. Armstrong's addition, 40 leet oi old
curb, at 0 cents per toot, as the same are desig
nated upon tba plat of the Civil Engiueer.aa file in
the office of tbe city Clerk, lor the oust and expense
grading and paving tne gutters ana crossings
and grading and graveling ti,e sidewalks along the
same, according to toft e.-ti uate of the City Civil
EDgibeert- . '
tSKO. .' ifat tne -owners oi toe aererax iua oi
i.n , it nn. mhinh the fox ani it ai-sessiuaut is made
shall pay the amounts of tuonsy i)y ..then ewarally
due lu tbat oenaii 10 vveus. - xisoa o., wi.mu
twenty days liom the date of this ordinance, or be
subject to the interest and penalty allowed upon
J . , Trr w r i nnrrrv
Parsed Dec. SI. A. U. 1H. . w '
Attest: ii... w 11.8ON, city uieru.
decas-dlt . 3 rm 5
An Ordinance t.- .. .
To assess a special tax upon ahareai aetata bound-'
lngEaitruDUOianeirotn jroao. stxeefc w x rieuu
street. . ; . . ?
Section 1. Be ik ordained by tba City Council
Af t hA nitv t,tlnmhu.4. That the sum of lQirtv-
une cents, fine mills, oe ana tne same is uereoy
levied and assessed upon each foot front of the
vrl 1 is of land bounding or abutting upon
East Fublio lanatrom Broad street to r riena streev
exeeotiug lot No. 3 of Miner et al. subdivision and
lot Ao alvr Armstrong et at tuDaivision oi ouliuls
Sinn. 31. 47. 48 and 49. as the same are designated
udod theolatof the Civil Engineer, on file in tbe
office of the City Clerk, for tne cost and expense
of grading ana graveling tne loaaway aiong tne
same,' according to the estimate of t-e Cixy Civil
xvagtaeer. - - , - - - - -Sao.
. Tbat the owners of the several lots ot
land unnn which tne foregoins assessment is made.
shall pay the amounts of money by them se.er
aiiv dua in that behall to Martin tvellyand William
UarrisoDrWitnin twenty oaysirvui lutuxw vi uie
ordinance, or be subjeot to the interest and penal-
t, auowed upon uaasiaa n-
President of the City Council,
Passed Deo. . A-1). 1808
Attest: JU E. WliaON, City Clark.
deoiS-dlt . ..
An Ordinance
To assess a special tax upou the real estate bound-
Oa su.et irom aeventn street to n asainit
of the City of Columbus, That the sum of Twelve
...t, v-mn .tM fnnr tenth mills be and the same is
hereby levied and assi-ssed upou each foot front
of tbe several lota of land bounding oraoutting upoa
il.k ,i,..t f.nm Sivanth street to Washington ave
nue, as tbe fame are designated upon tbe plat of
the Ciii k.n?ineer. on file in tbe omoe of tbe City
Clerk, for the cost and expense of graveling the
roadwav along the same, according to tbe estimate
of the City Civil Engineer. -Sec.
S. That the owners of the several lots of
land upon which the foregoing assessment is maae.
shall pay tbe amounts of money by them severally
.hM. in that henalt tt Walsh A McDonald, within
twenty days from the date of this ordinance, or be
subject to the interest and penalty allowed upon
thasamaojiaw. -, WM. tTAtiHTEN.
. " . .. , . . President pi the City CouooiLT
. Passed Deo. JU A. 1. 1SSS.. . , c iX
Attest: i,. hi. lxaoM, uity tJiers.
""deeas-dlt - . -
Paving Ordinance. '
An Ordinance to build a double row flag crossing
across Center alley at the soutu side ot Spring
street. - -
; Section 1- Be it ordained by -the City Council
aF rh. it. of Columbus two-thirds ot all the
members concurring), itvatinere ue eonstruotea a
double roflS crossing aoruss Center alley at tbe
south side of Spring street, in accordance wito
the p at thereof on JUe in the omce of the City
sbo' 3. Tbat all damages, costs and expenses
arising from the fnrexoiug improvemement shall
be assessed and levied upon the sevrral. la s of
land fronting or abutting on thesouth side of Spring
Btreet from High streetto Third street, is propur
nontotbeu. foot front. WM. 5AGHTEN,
President of theCity Council.
Passed Deo.Jl. A. U. W68.. , .
- Attest : L E. Wlx.BOM, City Clerk.
, deeSSdU- - -
- ; Paving Ordinance.
An Ordinance to build a double row flag crossing
aeruss Center alley at the south aide of Long
Section 1.- Beit ordaioel by the Citv Council of
the City of Columbus (two-thirds of all the mem
bers concurring). That there be constructed a
double row flag crossing across Center alley at the
south side ot Long street, in accordance with the
plat thereof on tile in tbe office of the City Clerk.
&eo. 2. That all damages, costs and expenses
arising from tbe foregoing improvement, shall be
asasssed and levied upon the several lots of land
fronting or abutting on the south side of Long
street tor High street to Third street, in prupor
ruon to tUi? feet fronts -jj KaGHTEN.'
- - Prasiilenf of the City Counsil.
Passed Dec. 91 , A 11. 1SS8.
Attest: L. E. Wilson, City Clerk.. :-ecsa-dit.-A
-''. v... '
most con
Nos. 36, 38 & 40.North High St,
The attention - tba Business Public - ealled te
the superior facilities of this Establishment,
We have In constant use
Eleven Steam ' Power Presses
r or ths
Ad & oar ability.' to gat out wore promptly Is ;
surpassed in tha Wast. Wo hava lately -' '
zaado additions t otualraadr . .. - ;
And we feel confident to satisfy all who may give
as a call. Our large fonts of type enable us
T : - to do all kinds of
n tha most prompt and excellent manner, and we
call the attention of those wanting anything
in this ino to the
, . That wehaveexeoutedinth past year. ,
Tns reputation of this Honse for lu Job Printing
- la well known' to ttiS'bufinees'oommtinity.';
Employing, as we do; none but tha ' "
"5 1 ii'i i i' H '" . -i J.
Best of Workmen.
. t i m ' -I :r.-J . - - ..:'! -' -
And having a fuU assortment of th .
.;,!. 1 f - '!' .'
. .. - ' - -'. .','''.'. !.'- '..')"'. ' :
We will guarantee tha utmost satisfaction.
RallrOeajdaxrv.-J i:l..i.'.'.!is v-i-
--r. -n-Bank and; ;" ' -v."; ' :
' .-' Commercial ", .''
" ' -stTrt as- f u ' .;
Bill Heads, Cards, ., . v . ,
Letter Heads,
Blanks of mn kiniu
-. ',-y. 4i.nu
- - - 15 FACT. ; - '
....... :. . .. . - . - -
-. , UeededbythebuaiBoaspublitt.
-,..! I v t i- ' " ' tt Mr- c "
- -bi( j-i - ai - "- i -.
Wa also keep os handa largarstockof ;' ;
j - ' . .r i 1.'- .--.';- - r T '" titiV;
; Than any other Printing House in tha city- auchaa
Snper Roywile Medinna,
'Demji X Crowai Cap,
- : i : 'j' "' " '
Cap'-'J , abetter aaid
: Of the bast qualities, and. purchasing them as ws
' , do, directly from tha manufacturer, wa ara y.
. onaoiea so ao our wotk at coTrespona
ingly low rates. We ara Sola
j ..- Agehtsfortho
Wa particularly call attention to tbe Blank Books
manufactured by us. Wa are prepared to
. all all orders for
Tourrialsi, ' ' .
' ;.-Xs,,v- Soolssi,
, -j "iL "-: '0walx'Soo3bK.aj
And all kinds of Blank Books now in use. Thasa
ooki ara all dona in the beat styla of paper, rul
ing and binding, and wacha' ienge competition in
this Una. - .1.
U s; A30A EE-.
iTHviwsra Lrsriins,
34tV S9 North .tHIcsi Strt,
1 ,tl ,y--?.-,V'.? : - -." ' '
"f '3'
: i.' il' C ' ' . ". .
.i ."ii-. ' - . : i
. ti i.'i ! , ' ..;
Kjslt lit 4ii:. n ..n,v
"-'! telAt V14
T ) .', -.
.wi !-l
I "' VI -'.':
1 .
it ' ! i
250 AND ' 252
:i i..
, . -n .'. .i.t i t'H .''i I r-,-
; .. ' '. ! .!: - : .
t:- ...... :- - Cl L-1 -r - --
- . n : St-"' ...'.!C ;-iii-. ':'
i -v. - ANLV a -.,:...,. ii---
:: ! (? ) vh:-'l". ; .t 1 - i-.'
, i ' ' T',r..--'i i . .- --' 'f-- -' : ;
Vi? '"ii... i c. '..-..-.' liij .,("..' ii V't-i. ..-
'-: '-iUi. J."
ti-. u -l''
!Vi :: '
.W'.. i...S'
Inf. '. :
S -' ' ' : '
- ii- - n i
: - " -V -N - ' , - -fabT-aadlr
u - , y
Tbrea Traina laTeColsimbsia (Usitaai
. f ) atattlw (snstdstra axceptaalo :
! . . -.: :.-.''''. ... -i '., : : .... .
J'3:25 A.' It. t(I0HT EXPRESS.' arriving at
Kanesvllleat M3 A. M., Bellaira at loao A. M .
Haltimore at t-M A. Ai.; W aaaiagton City Htsj
A. Ai. . i
' ' - s
ii!in a l tTrirrneTwra frroto.
at ZaneSVlIla at 1:47 P. Ai : Bel aire at fl-LO P u ..
Baltimore at 11:10 A. M WuhinnA. nii..n.i i
!sj P.'M.1!XPRB83 MAIUarrfviBgatXanes
.vill tmUM P. M.: Bel I aire at i-.l P. M.i rlaltuBora
at 4Ai P. H.; Washington Cky at SD P. M.
"- ', -, -.- -. -"-j i
Clesaoonneeiiens made atBaltinrbra and Vulr
Inaton with trains for Pbiltdelpkia and Vow York.
.. Passenger holding through tickets to Eastern
cities have the privilege of t.
Fisiting WashlnglM City Free.
fjo Change of Cars at Ohio River
i'i lo
.1 ,
'-"i !"J ,v TRAIXa' '
) l.il a : - ,. - i :.: . -...' -iIH.
f . . . .' i. . ."i
'"JSO L. WILSOl. Msnier of Trannwtatlos
f L. M. COLE, Genera) ticket Agent.
JNO. W. BROWK.-n'l Passenger Agt.
Tha attention of the Trade is ealled to tha superi
v., . , otstockof . , .
Just recerred
ndf sale by
!' 1 -ill J
86, 38 40 NORTH
Ti- . - -.ii . ...
., --' .: ' I
C O.LXT It BU..B :
f ! Our stock oomprises a full line of
Book 1 ;
.. 'i'-i'..-.1 inlt:;:H ' ' -if f!'-!Vf-'i uo.- V
Colored and u i .
Prln' Papers.
.1 .1 -. : i -
"'' ' V:i'7WioaTafullBtMkor!'' 'v
, -C . .. . . i . .. -: ',
i j.-.i-.'i . . , ... " -t- i .. .
Of all sixes and -varieties; which -win be told at th.
. - urwwbiuaixnniiBi,
- r
OK jfi.
a'f w-it ci
. Is unsurpassed in tha city, including .
COLORED of ail kinds
SSii-r S !
fr;.'!.-:'Tn . .
GIVE uej A.
Improved 1 5 -:i;H w-tY
His an elegant Dressing for the Hair.
, .
It causes tba fiair to Curl beautifully. ,; 4
It keeps tha Saalp Clean and Healthy. 1 . ,
It invigorates the Roots of tbe Eiil." " ;
: It forces the Hair and Beard to grow luxuriantly.
It immediately stops Hair Falling Out., n . .
It keeps the Hair from Changing Color from Ac..
It reatorwOeylir tort a Original Color.
: It bring! oat Hair on heads that have been bald for
.- ; , r-"U; .; TO", i.--- '
t is composed entirely of simple and purely veget
' . ' ble substances. ' "'.' "
It has received over six thousand, voluntary testi
monials of its excellence, many which are from
. physxoians in high standing.
: It is sold in half-pound bottles (the name blown
in tho glass),' by Druggists and Dealers in Faney
Goods everywhere, at One Dollar per Bottle. Whole.
sale by Dcmas Barnes A Co.; F. O. Wells A Co.;
Bchieffelin it Co.. New York. Iscamr-mcMT-dly
' IMS Nasaan 8ieit
' -We beg to -ealli the atteatVoe of sdrertisers to
our agency. Ojrf facilities with all tbe first class
dally papers dh the country are second to none,
kBa waarofully prepared to offer terms and oon-
ditioos which cannot fail to give superior induce-
mental' Wa also send advertisements to all Cuban
' atdrSdath American papers,, with whom wa bare
' exe'usive con'racts Wesretheonlv housedoing
. PiklsU lUVtRTISIKU KII.SIN1--.SS: -:- -
v' We oan, by special permission, refert u . .
Messrs. S, R. andcesb A Co.. 198 Greenwloh
street. New York. - - ,
Messrs. Hali, A Kcckil, 318 Greenwich street,
Mew York.
;. Messrs. U. Bbcci'b Son A Co., Type Founders, IS
! Chambers st'eet. - - - ..' ' '
' Messrs. Phawn A Son. ew York. ' - .
i Messrs. I uelon & Collcndek, New York.
Messrs. Tahkakt A Co.. New York. - - -Messrs.
Chicxskino ASok, New lorkv . , .
, Messrs. RadwaT A Co.,New York.
i. oolW-eoulai .'i .j.
ea.A- V
3 -
, new isik
i'"- . -'il"." '
.1 '.."-aJ a a-.- . 1
Tha Shortest Rotrta Wa-t-No ChanWlf in -
.- Chisago, Keokuk atvl Indiaaapatis.
FOfJB TKAI53 pAILYleave Union 'uapi i
lumbal, oa and after Jfov.tJ, 1SS. as
follows: t n '
si ;ilford:17.,lrbana .o'lfTStir'l.
1:05 p m, 8andusky S.Oftp m, Piona il-lff.'
iedo B-Mpm . letrolr-a-; 1" "An a
This train ia raa exsrassfr for TnT.n .-.j '
tT..itb, sine.., arriviriTt Loth -.ifflfS
of inrnthrrhnu , ,r . "
-nnda exaenuai.
... ' J rwc.'
" ."tr rlJ R.
Iia80n m. LoaansTuirt in-.a - . i-tLZl. i?l,nH
Paoria S IS a m. 1. , awia' -E? t
Im,.ins. m k.knkt i-m, 1
i wrv i ...on in, us wnsm wa a in. Hn.i
lows. 1 Wa m. Eaokok l'J:3 p as. Quincv ! . m ' .
m,' C"2.f?8 m; P" " . Alton 80. . ;
?J,itT.fi04 fMtta 08.-00 mid. aprinf
Seld0llls.,7:am,, ,
. Passengers b this tratn reach St. Louis tbe neir
"OT"'" -and for points we
or St. Louis and Keokuk one train in advance of
all other routes. . , .
Piqna9Ki3 p m. Toledo 60 a m. Detroit 8:10 a m. '
Bradford Junction J p m. Loransport 10 am.
Chicago 80 am. IndiananoHa m th u..
:30am. Uattoon t:15a m. Panall.-OOa m. Altoa .
S-uo p m. St. Louis 4;00"p m. Lafa.ette 7:45 a m. .
SpnogBeld. 111436 p m. Quiooy llo-p m. Keo- -kuk
1.-00 a m, Lnisvilla 8.-0U a m. KashviUe
m, Memphis 10:08 a m. v
. " KJeaping-cars run in this train from CoIot. i
bus to Chicago and St. Louis without change. Tl- v- "
la decidedly tha best train from Colrmbus to " " - " '
sago, St. Louis and Louisville, as it makes quiea
time and arrives at St. Louis and Louisville j
ef"n?nk direct oonntctionsf t
all potms West and South one train in advances? I"
aay other route. m -.
IndiAnaTwtlia f lln.... m-m.. ..j . . .
Lncanstmrt. Arrives at Bradford Junction 4:1 an
m. Logansport M0 a m. Chicago 16 p m. Heoriai'i '
fas p m, Keokuk 10:45 p m, Indianapolis 80 im, V
Terre Haute 19:15 p m,Evan;ville 7J0pm. siattooai' i'
3:16 p m. Cairo 4:15 a nvPaaa 5:00 p m. Alton 9300 p
m, St. J-ouis 1":I5 p m, I-afayette 3:10 p m. Louis- .
TiieSKM p m, Nashville 5 .00 a m, Memphis 4:15pm. '
Passengers by this train arrive the same day at
St. Louis 3j hours and Chicago S hours ahead of
any other route. - . . - s . . . , , .. j :
Bun in this train from Pittsburgh to Indianapolis -"
Call for Tickets via Logansport- or Indian- . -
apolis. - . . .
y Tiokets for sale at Union and Plan Depot'
Coinmbus, and at all principal Railroad TiokaV
Offioes.- , . ,- . . j
r. tuiffiiLtB. wm Ticket A rent ,
J. M. LUKT. General Superintendent J
Great Northern and Eastern Route.
Cincinnati Railroad.
'. I'X-VSB) Xrw,lzuas 3D,AX7-r,.f "
.' : EXCEPT SUNDAY. - : v!
Prom Columbus, in ooun action with. Trains oaths -
LdtUeBHassBJ Sc ColaiinaM Jt, Xessta
iriQUT ' EXPRESS Leaves Columbus at 1-1'
A. M. - Will stop at Delaware. Cardisgtan. GijeaA
Oalion, Crestline, Shelby. Shiloh. New Lomou,
Wellington, (irafton and Berea, arriving at Cere- :
land aie5 A. Hew York 70 A.M., This a-ata
leaves Sunday morning, not Monday.
NO. 1 ACCOMMODATION Leaves Coluribae
at 5 KM) A. M. Will stop at all way stations., This
train starts from the Freight Yard. '
NEW YORK EXPRESS Leaves Columins at
11:10 A.M. W ill stop at lieiawara.Asbley.Carting
ton, Galion, Crestliae. Shelby, New London. Val- -lington.
Crafton and Berea. Arrive, at Cleveland .
at 3C P. M..tiew York next day at80 P. M.
MAIL AND EXPRESS-Leaves CoJumbusatltO
P. M. Will stop at Worthingtoo. Lewis Center,
Delaware, and all Stations to Shelby and Shiloh.
New London, Wellington, Grafton and Berea. Ar- .
rive at Cleveland at 80 P. M.. New York 7:i5 P.M.
Passengers for "ort .Wayne and Chicago, by tak
ing this train, will get sleeping car at Crestline r
OOP M arrive in 'ort Wayne at U-J60 P. M
Ch cago at 6:00 A. M.. being in advance of all oth--ar
rout-s, bave ample time for breakfast, and take .
tbe earliest train for the West. .- -
AWARE Leaves Columbus at J P. M. Will
step at all statroas between Columbus and Spring,
field, arriving at Delaware at 3::5 P. M., Springfield .
C30 P. M. This traia leaves Springfield at I.-M Axl .-
arrives at Salawaiw at A. Jl.; Columbus .
10:40A.M.-'- , -
; --i-il ii X' i . . -.. -: 'a
Pa tesit Slexrplsi K Cars art raa ot sal
Night TraliiA.I Cblcaso,
) WewVorlt j. .-., v
lO AiOfS,
. '(- - '
S9 Ssrmt eboeked through Haw York k
Doaton. via ieveiana ;
also, to Philadeiphia
New York, via Crestline.
. i: iRKTURNTNG i - '
Night Express arrives at Col umbos at 145 A?.
CmcinnaU Express' arrivas at Celambus at,
'M ail Train arrives At Columbus at S P.' M.t
-Springfield Aocommodstion. arrives at Qalnanb
at 10:40 A. M. .,- -.
Fare aa tatr as by anr Other Boats'
. Ask for Tickets via Crestline or Cleveland. ,
" E. 3. FLINT, " . .
... SuperintandeBt. Cleveland, Ohio.. -
James Patterson,
r" -n '-x-.'' Agani.Columb i.Ohro.1.-
.Columbas, Nov. 38. 1868-r- ? -..J
On aa ' -after irONDAY; Kor. SW. lflM. FOl'S
TRAXN8 DAILY win leave Columbua "-::.-,
ros crscnniATi, LOTJIBVILLE, CAHtO, T. :
'' ZOVlt, fiATTOr, BICHaiOHD, Dl. M i
irtniTnUtitGLU or CHICAGO.' :!
Withotf'dhange Of ears' to DAYtON and RICH '.
. - MOND, and only one change of ears to IN .. . 1 ,'
D IAN APOLIS and UtUCAtiO. . M .
v .'ij. - - i ----- -'Jyii , -
-, ' Co&neotions are reliable as follows ....
Leaves At " W f?lS. for5 Cincinnati. CirelevHIa
lncasteiHillsboraandlSillieothttttopsatLoxy.! -don,
Xema. Morrow, and LovelaaiL, arriving a
Cincinnati at WO a-m.- - - ' -v-. 4-t"
I ; ;t --;: 8EC0ND TBAiKr3 m '
; -hi- i -. - (jjany except Sundays.) '1,'Tf-
Leaves at 6 MO A. M. for Cinernnatl, DaytoB1
Richmond. Indianapolis and Chicago, and stops at
' West Jefferson, London. South Charleston, Sclma,
Cedarville,Xnisx, Spring y allay. Corwin, Movrow .
South Lebanon, Fosters. Lovelan', Mil ford, ar
riving at Cincinnati at 1&36 Ai kl., oonnectizig
with the Mail Boats. . , ; tt itt:: .-. :nujt
, ... THIBOTBAIirj .i - ::
(DaUz except Sundays J i: a i :: il
I .eaves at IMS P. M foe. .Cincinnati. Dayton and . '
Springfield, via Xenia. arriving at Ciiwtnaa
60 P. M. ". " ;
FOtTETrfTiAW.f' 'A
(Daily except Sundays.) -Imvs
at 0 P. M.' -for Cincinnati, Darton and' j
- ariBgtiaid via London, atopping at Alton, .Week - i
Jefferson. Jjondon, South Charleston, Selroe, t
C.tarvilla. -Xenia. Morrow-and Ixrralaad,' and ar- I
f riving at Ciioiniia4 at 10.-40 p, IL j-, : t ,L
StMpiagr Cani'ws "all "Irht 'STrsUsa,' j
HENRY BROOKS, ticket Agent..,,,'
; .1 - W; H. H.KH1NN, Agent. ' - .
j J0HI DUBAND, r ' - ' ' - mi
Genl Ticket Ar't.J -.- :
' -AIf BArlDSA HO'iTE'.
On and altar Dee. 18th. lrSRt traina jriU ru aa
follows: -. , . -,..-,. .
Leave. Hi ."Express. Vi Mail "a" Fatt Line,1
Columbus-. A: H. t P. M. .11 M A. M , ?
Newark ......j.436 A. M.
85 P. M. i i:30 P.
iviiie...v;oa A..ju
:45P.M. 6J0V.M.
Arrive at ' - -
Pittsburgh .... 00 M. KK A. M. . JseP.M.t
Harrisbiirg....loao P. M. W.-uS H. M. 6-JOA.M,.
Philadelphia..' 3)0 A. M. 4:10 P. M. A.Mi
New York.... 6:15 A. M. . 7.40 P. M. . KM PMri
iBaltimore iSOA.M. 5:50 P.M.. 830 A.M.
uhinstoa... S:15 A. M.i? 10:10 P. M. KM P. M
,- on 64)0 P. HraUlAiHi 130 P. M. ;
Jlesrant state room slaepinsroarsoa all night trains.
an advantage never Oelore oxiereav.y.g-jjj tio.y -
Nr.: CARD. Superintended Of
Ticket Agent, Columbus, 0,
.Agent. Columbus. O." i -1-
On the Kast Line the celebrated "Silver Palaoe'-s
Jar and night ears are run tnroom trom ,
Ito Philad.lphiaandNew York withoatebarge. v
I aa- P..nm. bv the 30 A. M . Sunday train -
I i. w.. York at 3 a'eloeh Monday murnixvg.
,NEsS at his present stand.,-" r ; . ,,
Ie). 133 North High street.
and will take orders 1n both CAMKR1DGK
UOCK1NG CO A L, which ha is prepared to sell
tne loweai m.rset price. - -v
sr Sperialattenuoa paid to Shipping.
' myxO-eodly - - - -
:.-T .'ALLEN , A gent; : 'J

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