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MrriflioLnoiciL titu. prepared and
corrected by WV'Jv'fiAvage, Jeweler, 83
LOCAL NEWS. THURSDAY, Dec. 31. 1868.
O'clock. -Diomm, Thermometer
J4 JA m wHi i Wtj., 7 "
8 Rtaee J 1 w
na'.) !i - .i'ii I.' iaa ' nii.n i -i ,vf
QTlrmn of the but mlnd-rrone who
mind big own bullae.
tfjrth Vaiaa of the property11 transfer
red yesterday fooiaTup to .13,67.1V1' '
C9 Thi Supreme Coart will meet again
Saturday morning at 9 o'clock. ;.' ,,;.J
JThlrigs are very slippery at the RInV
At least we think eo irom WDat,.weaw
-.- r ' ."" Til''" '' i .".:.
In tW The pigeon shooting eet for yeater-
Jlir u DuatDoaei oo. account ot tbe
Weather. v .' . . T'k :"!;'.: - . " ' ',, V, j
' tST- We trust that we may be permitted
to remark that ttie last day ot the year was
ue of the worst.' : ..-J.
V't3jJ. W. Clendenln was the only galoot
before the Mayor yesterday.- In default of
payment of $5 .be hannnereth. ;. E r
j: ' "i" t r - . i mmmt i '' -'"l'1- in..:..::
? t3yThe Posttfflce' will be open from
balf-paet eight until 'trine' o'clock tbl
morning,- andfrou' tkree to four o'clock
this atternoon. ,-. , 1 '. . -'.
There will be a matinee given at the
Opera House, to-morrow afternoon, by
Lugrenlafor ladies and children.: I very
child gets a present. . '. .", ; i...... . '.
t3T" J. W.Dwyer, U. S. Pension' Agent
iter tbe Columbus district, baa disbursed
during tbe year 1868, $759,064 37, lo 10.194
separate' , and ; IsUnet.:, pAy ment.Mn'; Thst
smallest amount to any one pensioner , was
60 cents,' the larjeet $1,362.
Public Installation. The1 public gen
eraily, Odd Felrows In" particular, Ate4 no?
tMed that there will be a public Inlstala
tion or the officers of Capitol Lodge this
evening,, u4. that they are all invited to be
."-r.' ;-W.f ,'T
eTAiipiNOToaACCO. The time; for re
pclilotaad stampinrsmgkkrai)d line
cutchewlng tobacco has been, postponed
by Congress the 151 jof February next,
at which time the requirements of the law
Witt b enforeedr-; -r-rrt: - 7T
KfnrBKt JHsrj Poc-t, thuv .most
nifsplcfous "seasfin" Minerry "makrajj, Ve
hope -thoaerwnb era ijomrtftnllysapplled
with the good things of Jife wiU not lorget
the many hungry months, bothr' little and:
big, sha, wlUian aMnrtssfia nary 4ham
who are In comfortabtofefreamstances
wriff Tp;;f,,irtW:imes f
ftood, the young man arteBted on SuspU
9f stieallii apalr olnen' shirts, was
on yesterday 'sent'.thfi ; municipal stone
peHn.flcfauit of aymanl of . the sum ot
$IQ audnostenlmsed '.npon him: by
the Mayor, for Tngraneyvi The shirts be
lodged to VtOUam, JMe, pt Brown. ; town-
,l ,U..HV&1 rah irj jifo' ..V .4 :! i
,vH i tt,.I ' 1 ,m' ' I !!.' t i;- W .'i .
JStam &rsKT THATBiu--There la truly
n first el'perfoxanfci 'tvB!.ifihtly at
tte ga peet Tter and tbe talent of
the company' is drawing .crowded, nouses.
Ata and bafaa, ray'nre,1, stars In', theit
rtspectlve,liaes, and r - nightly encoredv
The ssen'ee of TirglnayVby Billy McEw-
adrttsMnenLi iii(i' s7ai air.ii w.-r r .i' .'i oJ
PrLTEBisa. A yoaagjsan named Elijah
O'Haont Uctag atAlbuo. -wff.iijte tRurn
er's Aucttoro6m )ubt attr sale,' accom
panied by twbweofflrMnlojlisV' knd stole a
pair of India rabbeV-joxeirshoes, while the
others cenpied thntMntiO rf the oterks
He wsi captured witft tbj4piMi
sesslon,, at iindemindA ' Co.'s, by officer
Daler and lacked ucbTiriii its? t !
tMAitiuIas Ucknbh roa-fM Mount Ann
Ysliu -There nave been Issued oy tbe'PxOr
bate Ooxrft? tor ftffttJJUlB r-Deeemter?C7
marriage HcenseT,igaln8t!89 roV the' same
month in 4SS7V-63 Id 1S68. an4 67 in 1865.
During 'the year"-ending yesterday, there
were 604'iicenses Issued! Ia;1867 the nom-
ber-TenaTSeQv719' S0,J'12S(
lS5i&18M tne'r wcr fcw'SSfinarrlage
llcensesissned. y-
Tan Lar Dar-nrrowfla-llgbtv
the fast day for the payment'oilaxeswtln-cut-Ahe
pe salty, bufcTreasurer Qeadley,
anxious to aceommodate the people,- wflj
con tinu to "receive -taxes -aa 4ong4-tn
books are In bU possession. When they go
into tbe hand of the collectors, the penaltyj
will be aadeaysure. xnce wno are qere
llct'UlIidtfwett to attend to this maiter
forth win.1 A1- .
,0'U,- - jiiioiAgaic "
Ohio Sats Agkicdltubal Socibtt.--Tbe
anQUHl meeting oi Uie Oiiio eitate Ag
rlcultunU Society will take placV on Wed
nesday of next weekV or leetlonf idem-
be rs of the State .Board atl for the transac
tion of ither busieaa, The ieuib?rs.pf the
Board vhose terms iszpkw at that date are r
ham, BK.Donnelljt jia J. Park Alexan
der. Tae Board W,be In session on Mon
dax ntft. t-., '-.- W .!' ,a txsr. tm
Miss 6cwsjc8'i:vAtXMBk.Thr;Mt
of -Uio tiatkueo eaaoarts,o popular with
our mutic eldreris, Wm be kUea at Xaughr .
ton Hall, y MiasCaroliQehneider, to
morrow afternoon Ko concerts ever given
"Tnhia eitynnavobeea productive of more
sattotttetioa tnif weseot Miss Schneider's.
The best of our awateurj musical talent has
been called to her assistance, and. the pro-
granaaies baye'beea oi .that attractive sort
as eaunotfail o please. -; i-o-mor ro w ai
ternoojs 0oacr being the lass -of the- ae
ries, we saall ezpeei Witt if well ittend-
ed. . Cn toejiPPMq cQntinu&il sjqo0
A Xanr Sauts-rr'A'-new; style of skate,
called iths Acm4ibaa'1been. lately ln-r
Tented. Th pain teatare is the mode ; of
fastening I At the bacK oltne neei are two
stationary crampsrnd artbe joe band
ot iioniaod 'clampa t hojd tb iolai the
whole belutocmaectednbjr; spring-fever
and screw,1 wlrithrwh'eii ad gated, 'secures
the skate tfhgo.pftvm additional
fastening. To adjust tne-skate, it is only
necVsfary to release the spring lever,1 pull
it to .one.alde, puvse the slut against tbe
foot, with the Heel firmly et against the
back ckmBS, then piih the. SDrlng: baebv to
its resting plaee on tbe runner, and. In
woijt of fastening ft completed., ;
LoaaKau.The rain storm of yesterday
and: last night did not: visibly nffect tbe at
tendance on ithe aoire ot this expert and
mc popularyrjrtdlgftateuflsDd'i most
certainly did not prevent the auaienee De-
ing.blgbly plekssd with, the many inexpli
cable tricks aad changes presen ted for tljeir
amasemenU-iNor were they less pleased
with tlie.very fair and generous distribu
tion of presents alter the performance. Tbe
principal priM was drawn, by MfHie" An
drews, J13 f prlng. BtreeL Juther JJonaia-
Son drew a very handsome detached lever,
thirteen jeweled boop-ifOB bound wheel
barrow, pickaxe and shoverr Tbe outfit is
very useful, bandiomeiad strong, and will
come J good play when, the water works
are being ballfcr rt'.t r ' '
l o-niL'ht a sDlendid programme will be
offered, nd'aI1iandsome: set bf bed room
furniture will be offered,, as the principal
present. Remember that to-morrow night
is the last night of the great Logreauu. ,
HAFJsjregrtfti'on, read
er, with the compliments of a Happy New
YexMy an ,th little ills and annoy-'
ances of life that, last year, so annoyed !
and worried you,thls year be kept far J
from you, and the greater woes and sor-1
rows, those that wring the heart and make ;
jdeSola teTbe far' from you during the:
Vet we cannot all hope, immunity
from life's Ills and accidents. Xot an hour
In the day, not a day in tbe week, or a '
weetlu the year, but is frought with dan
gen Templei, that brlsht Lore W ballded.
Cnd raperaat Mamty tilded; . , '
TwMid tnrre totters, crumblM, -Then
to hopslem ruin tumbles ;
Hoosehold idol, rends ad shatter,
('berisbed relics rudely scatters
Bars with heavj weicht ol sorrow.
r.verj sunDeum irom tne morrow;
ioI Oft witb Titreoas nut and ranker -i.
Haapt the boois from life's anchor.
8 I
Eywy aDri8 bears some troabje,
Showina life a strange, dark babble i .
Every night flings shadows deeper . '
if O'er tome sad uooonioiou sleeper.
i.'- One bright boar Hope thrtlla and hashes
1 he wrpt soul with wild, weird Hashes -
uw umuiuoj ceiesuu,
.3;7 Wooina itfrom all terrestial. " :;!
Then a crash like heaven talliac. - ' '
TWJ kindred heart appalllna;. . . .u w. '
And no sunburst of to-morrow
hrr breaks their night of sorrow.
Maya kind arid protecting Providence
keep this city, this State and country from
all harm during the coming year. May
peace and -plenty abound, and good will
prevail among us as citizens. Far frfcm us
be bickerings, and . Jealousies and ..heart
burnings, and then indeed will we bave a
Hppy New Year I ii 1 ; ' '
Traksfesred Yestekday. The follow
ing transfers of real estate were left at the
Keoorder's office on yesterday : - ' u 1
Ii. Goodale's Executors to John McCabe,
Jan. 1st, part; ot lots Nos. 31 and 32 in the
city of Columbus, for $1,500. "
Wm. D. Adams and wife to John Qutncy
Adams, May 15th, 1 acre of land in Pleas
ant township, for $50.- v x-r-.,,. r
George Evans and wife to Matilda Beth-
ard, Feb. 27th,1 1867, acres and 5 poles of
land m Perry township, for $2,400. '
-Jesse Twlgg and wife to Jacob Klnajjer,
Oct. 30th, quit-claim to 100 acres of land
in Norwich township, for $165. :-- '---'
Francis Jones and wile to John F.Jones,
Oct. 3dI15J acres ot land in Brown town
ship, for $5,837.60.
John Knight and wife to David Stanton,-
Aug. 31st, the undivided one-seventh part
pt inlot No. 236 in the city of Columbus,
for $500..; oJ boui. 1 r-.i'Ci t" a 1 a:.' - tat-
John Holton to BenJ. B. M. Hoi ton, Dec.
?9th, 50 acres of land in Jackson town
ship, for $500,
,John,71oion to. William !N. Holton, Deci
29th, 101 K acres of land In Jackson town
ship, for $1,500. -
LJohn Holton to George W. Holton, Dec.
th, 0 acres of land in Jackson town
ship, for $500.
Ellas Gaver, Acting Sheriff, to John
Clots, Deo. 31st, 37 acres and 140 poles of
land In Jefterson township, for $2,28Q.07
The Bink Last Night. The ice, not-
Withstanding the soft weather, was excel
lent, and eprcta'tors abff Skaters went borne
well pleased. Goodrich, the champion.
gave another display of bis skatorlal abili
ties, which elicited the enthusiastic admir
ation of air present; after which he was.
joined by Mr. Roberto, the champion of
Ohio, 'and gave a variety of combined
movements, the best ever witnessed in this
oity . The' most noticeable was the " Can
Can," which was new and very laughable.
Tbe Blnk will be open this afternoon; andj
evening. Do not fail to see the champion.
Leasing of thk C. C. & I. C. Railway.
The Erie railroad has perpetually' leased
the Columbus, Chicago & Indiana Central-
railroad, covering seven, hundred and fir
teen miles bf track." The details of the
transaction are not fully known yet, but it
Is understood tba&tbe M rie road Is to pay
the floating debt of the Central, the semi
annual Interest on its bonded debt, and to
guarantee annual dividends as specified
amount of stock. A third rail.wlll be laid
from Urbana, Ohio,1 the1 crossing ot the At
lantic A Great Western, to Indianapolis
andcago-tj- aJ IVZl
Cool Burgess' Minstrels. This floe
ttonpe of minstrels will make their first
apeararicd HaiU i; Jity.aji'tbebpera-0
House, on Monday next. Cool Burgess is
well known throughout this State, and, In
fict, wherever tbe CorkOpera has been
heard. In addition to tbe singing and
dancing, and jokes and witty sayings, this
company has a panorama'of a Trip Around
the World, which moves while the aoiura-
artfbeing snogs in the first partrof-the peWi
formancc. Tbe brass band, of eleven
pieces, U said to be aplendld one.1" ei
Proceedings of the Teachers' Association
of Franklin County at
Westerville, Dec. 30th.
rinrlni, tho Aarr ail. lfl:InaHn.
iAuaaaaaa, auu weij aanksociav so va kllV aiiovitUlCf
e lecturers proceeded with tbe same
branches ; as yesterday, iarsnf interesting
and instructive! .manner -SpeciaV pains
were taken to incite a professional spirit
among teachers, to lead them to teach su!-
jects rather than text books, to lead them
to increase tneir siock oi general informa
tion and to use It In their classes in such a
manner as to develop, "not overburden,
tbe minds of their pupils ; and efforts were
malutrUsteeteaxo pointing oat the method.
o accomplishing these results, using top
Ids as illustrations. The principal subjects
discussed were Tense anoTVoice in Gram
mar, v mapdraw-ing, (ueiDg Applegate's
Syste'm as a Dasie) in Geography, the fun-i
damental rules In Arithmetic, the prepara
tipsMwqoiBed by-the teach- r in Beading"
aad "Incentives, to, .study, in- rTheory and
Practice of Teaching: i
'irirevenlno- was occnnled In a verv snl.
of teaching was discussed. The prevailing
, W 1 1 . T- J w .A .A U V. y. r-
Mtt mi lvo,M aa tiv AprtMiUHni, mnA thm -A
pnpil should be required carelully to write
ttie words prononnceth vTt was the prevail
log opinion of the Association that it tbe;
parent and school officers were .alive to the
Interest ot the pupil knoVthe teacher qual
ified lor bis work,jnaay. ie .branches, of
Instruction miebt be introduced in our
common schools with great ad vantage;? In1
doing so tbe number of claaees jnuC. not bo
lncreasea, out one or cwooi tnese orancnes
sltould be introduced, each term,-i W the'
LONDON, O., Dec. 30, 1868
7 The grandest concert or the season took
place last ntgbt at Toland Hall, under the
direcUon-otSrProft' Strohmenger,: assisted
by Prof. Carl Schoppelrei, ol Columbus.
Tbe programme comprised many classic
gems, among -t which the. "Fantasie Cap
rice," rendered with taste and precision by
Prof.'-Scboppetrei (bis own" composition),'
and '-Carnival of Venice," by Pagan n in I,
were repeatedly encored. Prot. Stroh
ipenger'a rendering ot bin own compost'
tion, 'tbe .Devil's Tea Party," was excel
lent "and ' powerful, though some of the
piano passages : were a little forced, be has
shown, a marked geure in ritbm as well as
in harmony-. "The concert closed with taste
choruses from Rossini's "Moses In Egypt,"
and tbe-Inhabitants of London render sin
cere tbattas to Professors Strobmenger and
Schoppelrei for the rare treat they have
ShebmajGjabds' Parade and Ball
The Sherman Guards are to give a grand
New Year's ball at Ambos Hall, to-night,
where)iapplness:and jollity, will prevail
This" afternoon , they will parade through
the various streets of the city, and fire
salutes at various points , Success to the
Guards, sa -l
i . is
Nw Stork ak New Goods. Shower
t Bro. have just opened in Miller's new
buiiig, 62 North High street, the larg
est and cheapest stock of Boots and Shoes
ever offered in this market. Ladies and
gents call and examine lor yourselves.
janl-2i, Showm & Bbo.'"
FoRgoobrtid :ndYfikers at lo
prices, go to P. S. Suydam and Co.'s, -29
North High street. dec31-2t
' Hoixoway's Pills. Npthlng is baider
to deal with than a deeply-seated purulent
sore. This all surgeons admit. And yet
the worst species ol sores some of them o
tea. and twenty years standing--bare been
cured absolutely 'and entirely, -ia-a lew
weeks, by Holloway's Ointment. Hosptr
tal practitioners, who have used It, ac
knowledge that none of the officinal salves
possess the same healing properties, and
the public long ago arrived at the same
conclusion. Sold by all Druggists.
jy9-dly-cw -
And he did many wonderful works, in
somuch that his name was pronounced In
many tongues. And there came unto him
Judith, from the sea port of New Bedford,
who had been sick for many years; and
alter some days her pains were gone. She
slept soundly, and did rejoice in eating her
food. And Asa, Iromthose which are call
ed Quakers, in the great city of Philadel
phia, wrote an epistle, saying : O, Doctor!
accept thou this money, which Is cal'e 1
greenbacks, and hath the picture of Abra
ham, thy friend, on one end. For verily I
was weak, exhausted and despondent; I ate
but little, and suffered many pains, and tby
Plantation Bitters gave me health, liken
ed only unto the vigor of youth. And upon
such as are afflicted with liver complaint,
with sour stomach, with general debility,
and dyspeptic pains, In all parts of the land
did these Bitters produce astonishing cures-
Magnolia Water. Superior to the best
Imported German Cologne, and sold at half
tho price. .
Far! Fan! Font
Tbe universal success attending our bus!
ness Induced us to make great preparations
for the holidays. Our stock is entirely
fresh and new. We invite all to a critical
examination of the largest and best assort
ment of stock in this city.
Ckark & Farmer,
5 Neil House Block.
Fourteen ot those large loaves of bread
at Suydam & Co.'s Bakery, for one dollar;
seven for half a dollar. Crackers 10 cents
per pound. Toys and fireworks cheap.
dec31-2t .
Beware ot Tooth Poisons vended un
der the name of Dentrifices. Adopt and
adhere to the only preparation that really
preserves the teeth arid hardens the gums,
fragrant Sozodont. Its effects on decay
ing teeth are marvellous. -
, " Sfaldmo's Glob"
Wooden Ware, &c.
j TSY-dec21-eod6m-cw
mends Crockery
! Millinery Prize Drawing. To the
Ladies My friends and neighbors, Messrs.
J. H. Barcus and R. Kinsell, have kindly
Consented to superintend the distribution
Of tbe prizes on New Year's day. Ladies,
take advantage of the few days left and
secure a chance. dec29-eod3t
I --n 5 ; i j j , 'in g r
"r's,pr ma(p5nd.jeDal,re(! by C. JS
Suiith,17 S. High street,over Bain's store
; nov6d3m
j Millinery, less than cost, Opera Block.
! Oysters at 40, 50 and 60cts. per half can,
and 30 cts. per dish, (dozen), at Hennebo's
Restaurant, West Broad street, No. 13.
i declo-W&tojanl -ryr
I Millinery very cheap at Simmons'.
i New Year PRH8KNTS.--Pianos, new, 7
octave, for $300. Organs, Melodeons and
all kinds of small instruments. Silver
Plated Ware, of all varieties of style and
cheap. 36 North High street.
Millinery, largest stock at Simmons'.
1 Sherman Guard's Ball. The Sherman
Guards will give another ot their popular
social military and civic balls at Ambos
Hall on, New .Year's night.. January A 1st,
iau. music Dy jxceisior string isana
Tickets $1, to be purchased of any of the
members. Everybody is invited
! Millinery Simmons, millinery, Sim-
TAia 10 iOOT2 f!3THIV
j A case of Humphreys' Homcsofathic
Spi-cific In the bouse is a well-spring of
satisfaction. You can always find the true
remedy for a cold, cough, sore throat,
ctoup, face-ache, Wekk atemach, catarrh,
or other of the thousand ailments to
Which a family are subject, and thus save
dbctor's bills, sickness aud suffering. Prict
of a full case and book of directions Is $10.
Sent to any address on receipt of the
pricey i jAuuresg, huahreys' OPKcnrc
HoMCEorticjMEDiciaa ,Co. 662ll3qoad
way, N. Y. jyl3-d&wly-cw
New England Mutual Life or Bos
ton. Report ot the Superintendent of the
Life Insurance Department of the State of
New York. (From Commissioner's report,
January 1st, 1868, page 63.)
The New England Mutual Llie Insur
ance Company of Boston,Massachusetts,wa8
the pioneer ot Life Insurance In New Eng
land, under the able but extremely conserv
ative guidance of that accomplished jurist,
Judge Willard Phillips, "President of the
Company," the Life Policy was popular
ized in offices, counting rooms, banks,
workshops and firesides east of the Hud
son, and no Bank Bill or State Bond was
ever more sacredly regarded than the pol
icies under written by Judge Phillips.-
Tbe Idea of fraud, deception or overreach
ing was never associated with a parchment
containing his sign-manual. Geo. F.
O'Harra & Co., are the Agents for the
New England Mutual Life Insurance Co.,
Columbus, Ohio.
"Jeleff & DeButts, Locksmiths and
bell hangers, at No. 141 North High street,
are now prepared to hang parlor and hotel
bells In the neatest and latest style.' Sew
ing machines repaired and satisfaction
guaranteed. Models built for patentees,
and all kinds ot light machinery made and
repaired. Keys ot all description always
on hand, and sate and jail locks made and
repaired. may 23-s-ly
"Barrett's" Wonderful Hair Restora
tive. Imitations of Hall's Vegetable Sicilian
Hair Renewer are beinz thrust upon the
market in great numbers ; do not be de
ceived by tbem, but demand Hall's.
Jy25-w&dsly-cw -
Dr. Xoblast' Teaetlaa none Llal-meat
Pint bottles at 91. for the euro of lameness
scratches, wind rails, sprains, bruises, splints, eats
eolio, slipping stifle, over-heatins, sore throat, sail
in the foot. tc. It ia warranted cheaper and bet
ter than any other article ever offered to the public.
Thousands of animals have been cared of the oolie
and over-heatinc by the Liniment; and hundreds
that were crippled and lame have been restored to
,thir former vigor. It is ased by the first horse
men throughout the States. Orders are constantly
received from tbe raoios 'tablet of England for
fresh supplies of this inTsJuable artiole. Orer
S.500 taetimootwli are bean reoaived. 'Bam ember
one do)2af lai&poVja aae'anay save She life-of
yoar horse. Sold by allDrncgii ts. Office. 10 Park
Place. New York. x,, .
j aneia-di wlyont-rarr
t jut:
n ft
.oiiio ;:i
ti'l r?T?
s 5 i I ifi ..
:.:;-! r. i
HTE A 15 Q U A R TE li S
.i T'r-r U-T-' t7t
',:! H": til.
ii ni i.-.Aiua
' La fl.-A J
i nmnz'i 22000
; r'fi .nfiaftin !-;if yjRvx IcjuK'Tj Jzotr aiil .1
' v.-..' v.: cui'j hi
T.f rj t .1 fj.1 tl 1
ti.vy .!
j ;'( I J.13H vt llcl aa?- toA
I THa JlOHO Imm 'XirLX.'X'A
- O -
JU!&a e.fl Xi)iisnus
.nor; ja.c;-
j 0 K,l,-A .!.1A
! I.oiiinnois?
Ca.ll enrly and make eleo-
-tionss, so aejg.-tp.j aSTe tne
olaoioe of our Iarge
. . J9tock ot
,'JJ.i Kl
U..LM l.
i t
hie mn
I :r . si) nl '.b.'U -. l.i'i'! wiilo ;"
Which is now complete in
every Department. x ,,,
f.ij4:fii.I fTT-
t 9 ,7
oflered than can
had elsjervrhere.
250 AND 252
South Hieh Street.
The AfrTEX'iriopi or eveki body is .called to fas non irtccnT
Stock of new and superior coods, etnbraoint; ererjr thin in the line of MBN8'. WOMEN'S,
TOUTH'S. MISSES' AND CblLUREN'S BOOTS AM) SBOErt, now offered for eale.aod to keelreej
oat. without feurre, at the store in DESHU'ri NEW UUILUlKG. Look at aome of the Piioes aad
compare then with thoaa Biuallr obarced : - - , .vi .'. .;;..-., t : j
HIeat, Kip Bool, all Whole lxalber,
Ran' Kin ItoalB.
Toaithf Kip Boots,:; i'C X
Ctailda Kip Boots. . ; , ;
Mea'a Calf, Xap-Soled BootP, ... , , - '
Vwa,m Call 8hoe, Beat, . '-''
Wtaa'i Best Morocco Shoe, '
a'.aas ni ali ar.s
iLa'aiedo., SI1U Gore. Tory Beat, " f
Hteea, Morocco Sboea, Polbb -M
Child' Morocco Shejea, i -
- ikc ' eke "' '
Thew foods art guaranteed to be of eoperior material and workmanship, and will bear comparison
with any in the market. ? .-. r m r.-jk,. i .. ..-j-i
Don't forget that the sale Is poeitir. and is limited to bdfc a few weeks. Another sneh opportunity j
will Uvivr woui saaiui u3 sum m nu nuu tuv iikui
DESHLEK'S SEW BUiLDiNG. opposite the
UOOdS. . t ...
decT-deod3m-r "l - ' I
HaviDif greatlyl enlarged onr;Prlntlo(t Facilities by the purchase of a complete new
TLatest and
And the addition of New Presses, including a
f i.
i." ,KV-UVCU w "-,USJ"!"?
.n vM .V. .l-n4
Y.ii:.ty ;tl
i .j:j;uJ (.'. Ma: ... -;i-:v.-i
In connection with . JSUGGLES, GORDON'S and WELLS' Job Presses, that have
graven such successes in our office,' and having the largest and most commodious
uildingin this city in wbicb to operate, we are now prepared t .?rj 3 rl
j 90UHititH Hii. '" ' '" '- . ' ' .
I , . . . , . .. .. ; J 7t vtAsoauua . ; .;h7 r;d r.-'..
j u. eit-i oi . ',!i.i . . .i -. -. . ;. v n j (t i. 1 "virtJ3V ttMti 4 ?'i i-!Hip-i
Siil.....: .lltnai'l- '.' I J.--.. ..;';
a 1?!"'tAv'U'--'-:;..''j"'
l -:.' '": .
In the best and neatest style of the art, and upon terms that cannot be competed -ilth
Our fast New Presses, our Jmproved Economical Alaehfnery-the result of theing- ''
ouity and inventive talents of the beet minds of tbe age-rqnable us to do good .wr.-t
at MUCH CHEAPER RATES than can be done In the old style and with only the old ;
facilities. ...Tbe Office is complete in all its arrangements, and can do the work with .
. tfii; c-i
Books, .
Pamphlets, . -HandbHIs,
Legal Blanks, '
Blank Books,
Business Cards,
Wllils 3FI. EOBIVH
. ,r. '
In this specialty we
- -.. i-
Having More Presses
Offices in the
We are prepared to execute all kinds of Printing, in any color, at lower prices than
our neighbors, . , ; ; ., ..
: . ; ri i') C.'i :
j) ... - ! i. ; 1CI J
.-. V. : ...i'
. r '., -".
Nos. 36, 38 and '40!nlrth MgliStt,
DOLLARS $50,000
1 ' '
'' f 3 so, BesrWlsur prloovf 4.S4
1 fat'.IU't 'Jf-et-t
l-r.i :j c iaj,i.n e. 6i:i.!vr
I r ' r f
. !.,
r -
- -; ' 1.0, -':'"- '
' a Mtv -',.-?'
V' - ' " l.iB5j 1-1 "'ies'i10'1 SOO
- ! '-'ih ! 1.4. ( ' -'ti,:07'
- '"'- .oO,5) "''!'4 UrO.?S
e okc-i"''! "-'wkeV''
il; khiIi Vu-ii
lv r ... . -. -.iff; ;:j f.'.TRi
yimva exacsivy ia uuii uho; tfC,Vl-9 DByiUKs ' ' t -. -e
bTATSSMAH Urrioa, U the place. Go and see
j V ,. I .1 . -.. ' . llCO
. O. CLOUD & CO, :
. , .i
, :.
: ...
V1 v5-'l'i
-f I-',-- --. t?-.i-r :oa Lino I
oL Hue,-
! .ifo:
:.-.".D ij!;-3lo
J: ot L-ii.'q
U'l t!
mis J!T
-imna'i ct t'1 i.';''
r - i
-nS'.ii s;iJ 'to
a 1 ..lifaiii iii'inj.-t!
.its rj.r;j-..-:;l 9tswH-ji i
Jin ih'Jl clft' 7. till ft-MMM
. ... . t . ..
iiii tkHii is 3ii
.n.mu.i T.l.i3-M ir..ti : ... ifirtirr.i
aiaruiDB in ine woria.--- - i.
, .
! ,
i s if iii
f -f.-...f ...It -.- i.Uh.
i- '. ..'.' 1 . . i . .V
.JJJ!':;l.Tn:0338 liCu &l UQtl
i ti:i .-.Kt f.ffffn S!f fcqS'ijl UVii'V i
!! 'it rfi sliifw ,(i-ji83.-..jni of 'jt-
-i.-j' i-.-TI '
. - . il.i
i.l.ily')" S'fl ; .!-!.: i
i (iO;-l-..'I 1'.;:. : ' ; - 1
biii Heads, ;
Letter Heads, ! ;
... .. .. . 7 -i . ' : '' :
Drusr Labels, ;
Bills of Fare, Etc.V
1 .
.'! ''
I .-.it;
;;.,... :.-:. .:i-.:r.
are unsurpassed. ; '' -'
i --.'l, . J. .D'-'--.iiIr:i.:
'j-mni Bur. .1
;1 r.aiH
than all .Other Priiitiiig
City Combined, -Q
!.i 1
: i' .!
v.! f-t,M
;,.t.:..--.L..!u a ft L-t iti-I .0.V5 i
' - I .!!( Ia i ;ttiqntvi K-'h-'ia.
Building-.- .ji ,
i: :V. .
.laoaKiU -OHIO.
Cincinnati Money Market—Dec. 31.
Sffi-Wet ;tri
New York Money Market—Dec. 31.
.'MONETMarket durinjT.the rreatw
portion of to-day was not so stringent aa
yesterday. Loana were made at 7 pet cent.
;nrreney. and commlssloti over Ua-
Tl Satorday. Tu.a ws the ruling ratajrai-
noujrh at one time loans-were made at 7
per cent, currency, only for an interval,
tmi 'was readily takeu and"ttes asrain'naT
'eaed until just before and-aftorSo'eraeK,
hen the. market beeamo ery atrtnsrent.
Ba(es rose sharply trmn simple interest tto -a
commission ol ft4ri& Ji and 'flnaTly '
i.per cent..;,iIoney was.freejy Irshtaam
4old In the room at tbi ae Mtea, and lare
amotmta changed bands between 3. and 4
P. M many bank accounts not belnff made
up tmtil.4:30. -. - V.af
Ube prima ana) i0946r jrood CO day bHtSf J
GOLDFirm 'btit "not aHve; opened at '
134.and closed M134134JiVCT3
Now York Stock Market—Dec. 31.
stroDir alljifty aoi avttlmpMredeiMad,
mostly. for rearisMretk taek rwoiabawas
nlwaper than ooupons at first board, sales
nimportaotv being held ilrmlyasid blaaU
injr rates fully sustained.- At ueoa, pricta)
were better, aad at conclasion of 'call the
boMd, atljdurneditin Satiirdayddnae
sfock closed flrah, K Coupons of '81 Y14K(&
IlSrdoea UHnm do '64 107K107?4i
do-65 ,108108; . So new jroIH;"??
67 -., UiHisdo: ::8f .uxUuxi
H)-40'sl0i106,)t' '-1 nortbi:Tat..'.Ia jowr.ail
' Tti railway market darfnfctne jndrnlrfg'
was rather-quieter Xhw lately, and , . -decline
' in some New' York Central aiMk
Northwestern showed exceptional activity.
The former ranged bctweenj.59 an 4 158,
while North western" wal esrjeclariy strbnjr,
common havins: sold at 81. and preferred
at 84iTb principal hotuers"of North
western expressed greatconfidence in their
future Value, and ofiered lorl per cent. ta
sell prlvfleg es to deliver common at 80, and
preferred at 81, 'IttOO days.-- Rock Island.
Ohio & Mississippi and? old Southern, were
also dealt In" to a- considerable ,extentrai
A.t, the.l o'clock. board.. the market 'was
strong and active, mainly) en shares-above'
qooted,OL'lry& Mlsslssippt selllnir at 34:
old- Southern 87K; ;Bock - Island -i!8J
Nnrthwestera 8182' and preferred a&
S33i(3iK. The usual subseauent 'boards'
wer omitted, to-morrow. btiosr boUdar
oui ine maraet on tne axreet was.nos mw
terlally affected by the tightness in monein
and closed firm. V9, ; f "
6:30 " prices. Wells' VXzprcM SfaaSt
American 42; Adams 4348; United ritatesf
4546; Merehants' Union 15igl5J Paciffo4
Mail 119(8119; Western Uniot, XlerraDl
33K33; Jiewx York'.. Central-- 158(A
97: Terre Haute nrelerred; ea ifTabaai
50)36O(- S( Paul-69C9 Fort Wavae
34; Michigan Centrjl n4XU$ ivolL
gajifSonthern 87387jiiAUmois Centra
101 Vf410r: -'Rock Island nii&cm$it:
. . " i
r r '- rrimi T r,
New York Market—Dec. 31.
- less -
at6u for middling uplands.
x Likj v k CJiosea steady tor low grades
and doll and heavy for other kinds., , .
WHEAT-Qnleau lo4Aeciae(Jt
Cbanzo: " r n!-: A uaeiUiA
Rl E Dull at $1 C01 52 for western. .
.OATS Nominal at 76o;or Wester la.T
store; 7778o afloat. rw' tat.w.4l
ORN-.Dull h93955 for newt' $17 1
1 10 for bid mixed vestera..;; i,V
A-van.-iuet ati itrffisl.issi casn fori
mess; 2a fiO, aeller, February and Marca;
HCL'L' n..(na J a..J a-. H k.. A .
BEEF Quiet and steady.
CUT ME ATdr-Flrm and rnpderately ac-
iAARlWfOiiia&t at lU(&VHt W t4l iw J
?..amA c-Aam. a-J TT.aT ..- a 1
EQQgj- gQjoi -ij.a rwwae-fafl
Wiiiic rbrniu. nil U 11 TSa ra" ninrcu.
Cincinnati Market—Dec. 31.
FLOUR Unchanged and .firm: famil.
l WH BAT Dull ; No, 1 rod 91 75.
I CORN-DulU ear eeBTc-, m,,,.,
OATS-Dull at S960.,!S.;1 " l w.i t
RYE Quiet at $1 35. utsaianHtcK aa'
J COTTON Firm; mlddllna: ZiUmEit.1-
WHISKY Firm at SI. . . ..
! HOGS-Flrmer at the closer Hv,t037,lj
10 25. dressed $11 5012 00 for city, and
$10 3511.25 oreotuiLry..-' ,,.aA. ;k -niaH
PRO VISIONS Firmer; wfth a better I
UliK MEATS In good demand with
large sales, at 11c. 13kle. Ulto and I5efor-"f
shoulders, sides, clear Tib aud clear sides ,
fully -'wired.-:'- ,a.T" tri'.rThL
i (iKEEN MEATS Firm ;"smoders s85t
10c sides 1213c, iarns 14l4Jc.
t LARDFirm but quiet at 17017 id for
prime steain.and kettle rendered : but it Is
generally held Jc bigner.
i iiui'iEK-rUncnanged.-'"'!
j CHEESE Firmer, at 1830c. v"d
OIL .Linseed 1 041 05 ; lar f l 4a v
1 50. T- " i". "! ,. ..-'A, 'Zit.mi.rii
PETROLEUM Refined 28306ii4 waiiA
Chicago Market—Dec. 31.
t FLOUR Dull at $57 12a fof Vprins;
extras. ... ,-.r
WHEAT Quiet and." firm and JiM
higher; demand chiefly speculative; saieSnO
No. 1 at 1 20ffll 23: No. 2 at 1 lliUl 13:
closing at tl 12)1 12; sales No. 2. teUn
er, after the 5th of January, at, JU12i;j i
sales No. 2 since 'Change at $1 15.
ujkjn liuii; demand., principally ; for, a
shipment and 22c lower; sales old NowH
1 at 6165c; new at 4850cj Soi a kiln'-!
dried at 53c, for last half -January-1 new5
shelled sold at 49c, seller's option; closing
quiet with buyers f -new at 48cj and,sell--'U
era at 486. Nothing doing ia.ioa'.tbis1a
aiternoon. . ;.-;.- -l uii-M '! wasa
: OATS Dull Arid weaker: galea-No. atvd
45K46vel08ingqtiietat46c ' '. ' ",'5
niJ!-irm ati i2iio for .40.J,an(Lrf
closed at $1 11 Jl 11-
BARLEY Quiet, aud.. unsettled; salea.T
No. 2 at tl 55ai 5i eaah. and SI 660,3 00l' t
sellers, January, closing. at inside. a " ' r
St. Louis Market—Dec. 31.
FLOUR In, better .demand, Jmfe n- T
changed. " '.j .; .v ' j, 4 owimi
WHEAT Buyers i standing off, and
jukjn JNone inmaricet. .lf, ,.,,,
OATS Unchanged..' .and.: , Wrv Jittl fl
doing at 5356c. r
B ARLE X Unchanged- at 92 0Q2-9uVf
for choice to.faaey spring.;- .ttn
wuiski sojo ataso. n a nnn
PROVISIONS Nothing doings A m.HSfl;n
BACON Shoulders 13c: clear sidenffa
17Kc ., . -, v - v' -""' '
; LARD-UnchanerT at lTOilSi'e tor
aerceanrf keg;- ' -
HOOSr-Very flrtp afi 10o ptf jduAaV
eros. - - - -
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Dec. 31.
Business Is extresnelv dull, aa r.rarU im
occupied in taking tock,-jind consequent- T
ly there is scarcely enough doing -to war- '
rant any alteration in prices. Certain styles, r
of bleached muslins, like the Langdon, are
,iowever, marxea up jc per y ara. 'J. he
Xarnaska bleached have also risen tn IRf.
rtind 40 Inch brows, totba same price. All
"brown and bleached muslins, in tact, ant
iheld yeryflrsalyts.Printaeteady and in lla-
ltea request at ia$l$ I3c lor aarK fancies..
The present week has been characterized-7
oy a noating rumor or numerous, failures,
but we are happy to state that they aVe all
mostly groundless, with h fjcqggtipii of
tbo6e already mentioned'.
Iissaaj I'litmH-TfilJOT
Toledo Market—Dec. 31.
! WHTCAT White shada rwftj.i- ami...
opened at le- rbwer.but recovered tbe de
clinerwhlteMtcb1gan$l8ll8 2 amber H
1 7TI 78; Ne. 3 red tl "67? N. 9 pring'
$1 iGV ."-iA .i.-an' i.aoii ini -uni-, ml
CORN Quiet and tmcbanged; new 64c.
OATS-Shade lowerl Mlohlgari SHe.
RYE Quiet iJ.fTJaW
SEE DS Clover lower at f 8 So."1 1
1 HRKSSKD HOG S-r Firm at ll)llc.-a
j mm . .-a:-mta
Milwaukee Market Dec. 31.
. FLOUR Doll, and -price-? nnchaaned.' ' ;
i WHEAT Quiet at fl 20itf for No 1 In
store. .. .... -v.-
:i .i.
Stockholder's: Meet lil?. .on
CoLCKBCg, CHioieo A 1n. Cbkt. K't Co. J t L
I Uaawmbar Mth, 1SSB. i ,au:i
era of tha Oolamboatf Chioaao aad Indiana
Central Railway Ummi, U1 M. aii
Dn , luv wuitu., I U LUD U 1 1 T Ul VMUUlDUa.
State of Ohio, on FR1DA T . tha Mrs da of J A N-
uaai w. iwiwoeu ma oovra s t.. a,(siidSUl
lantic A Great Western Railway Company and the -lirie
Railway Company; and for othar purpoeea. 'jj-
r-, oi.. w fh"itib ur man, oonuaoaT-itn toa At
G0BD05 KOO'-yoO bava K.f
d,oS0-dt(i aing out into thsn;a
tf v-artshed gentlemen and la-rjtri

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