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iTtBD4T ROBHINfli . JATV.f;. '
The Telegraph.
At most, there Is very little news sstlr
New Yean; but the Inclemency of the
weather so' far Interfered with the tcle
jmphie lines running Into this place that
w,were unable to get what little news
there was. We had the telegraphic assur
ance 'on Thursday night that we should
hate telegraphic news last nlaht.' It has
always been customary heretofore to re
eeWe telegraphic news at this station on
New Year night. -
The Telegraph. News and Otherwise.
4at rpesl Is good for laying hens. ;. .1
TwrtBDkY was ft dull drizzly day. ; '
Tbuuc were
151 fires In. Cleveland In
lease - "''-
Jtpi BJbloaa goes beck to Europe in tie
In Pennsylvania Senatorsblp Is yet In
the for.--i-.A isw '!! .:
MixkbsotA has just tost her oldest mar,
who died at 104. M - ''- 5
Otaqx Oxakgk plants hare been shipped
tot Ireland from Iowa.' -:
Thx SalnU are forbidden to deal with
thGkntUes to Salt ke. j " j ;
Ouvc Logah lectures In Zanesvllle on
Monday ere viag, January 4. ,:
Kaw ZaAiaMAsavagea recently slaught
ered fifty "European families. , , J-.-.-.i
Qovi Grew Ct Smith bas reslpr.ed
the i&bwnorehlp of Montana. , ' '
CLKVrLAND. during the year 1868, ex
pended $187,588 07 In improTing the city. '
T9koikbs Tilton will Lecture in Del
aware on the night of the 8th of January.'
Tn New York Tribane says the collec-,
tion of dalle was newer more corrupt than
iowii-il !'!' "ir- uT eel .v vr..
rnns sells it 37X cents per pound and
eggs at Si cents per dozen in Delaware,
As unusual number of business changes
are announced in St. Louis lor the new
year;ij; ;;;;!' 'T'-V
Cpmrxd citizens of Maryland sent Gen. 1
Granabigfat turkey lor. nia unnstmas;
dloV; r"r ;, ..,,V' 7
Fy dollars; Is the fine, in some parts of,
Wfecnsin for winking at ladles on the
8tretS.'-j:K it ",T j'lf k .. -ir-.J
A Lifcox number of stores and dwellings
were built In Logan in the year that bar
just dosed.j ;;";;;7 .', v.-,'"'.
A bighwat robbery wss committed" nar .
Tort Wayne, Ind, on the night of tjie 30th .
of . December. , j, ;.1,!, f
In Chicajro. dnrlng 1868. there! were
5,960 deaths, 8.312 blrtbar-and 77,333 immi
grants arrived. .yiH mt tlaU
Tmt iruioi pairs of shoes were- manu-
iactnred In Lynn, Mass., in the year that
has just closed. ..rli,m
Foa,.the week ending the 5tb of De-;
eember there were sMt, births and seren
deaths la Dayton, b.-e.-iV'T-'hr
Psmki-rtoKS at Washington anticipate'
aa immense - crowd ' J on : the occasion' of i
GrahW Inauguration.. iat
WlOli-Sfti-.-iUilS H'-itPOW r't-l rt)fW Ofitfa
Thus waa.agTandrpwajfcwdaysagQ,,
at Bird wood, 111, in which six were killed,
anchor, toadlyJWored).';ip thl ii tfrJ -Ai
Trt estate f the late' A agusta N. Diek- '
ens. who reeenCIy committed snleide' In"
Chleago, tt valued at 3,800; l!: . r"ili i
THx'jcItlzens of piftonfc Clarke country,
wllj not allow any, . kind of liquor to, bej
aolt in their mideti.not i eyeri beeN ji 'j
Thb Lebanon Patriot Is ta be enlarged t
to an eight eahann paper J r It is a good pa
per and deserves a liberal support. ( i'-,
Wjpiiiit HtmtER, one f the 'oldest and
most reaper ted citizens of Seneca county,'
died In bia 71sti year. earTiffini las$ week. "
Ir seem to the Cincinnati Gazette tut
Governor Morton and Mr, Greeley effect-,
ualjy-.i demolish: eachi ptheV: financial
"plans.. a f.i
HoniT CxirC aas: just died in Klch-
moed. Va-, at the extraordinary age of one
hundred and 'twemy Kme- years and six
-mAitl)a.t(?3!-bb in-.: ,1- ' .-'r,r1 -,!a"A '
A bicokd In aa old family Bible makes
It appear that New England experienced
a very eoniiderable earthquake October
29,1727V .' '' ' ' ! ' V;;
How, P. Vjuf. Tbump will please accept
our thanks for a copy of the report ot the
the ComwiMtoner of the General Land Of
fice lor 1867. ,v , ,. .'
Wb acks9w ledge the receipt of a mag
nificent scarf as a New Year's Gift, for
which the donor will please accept our
sncere thanks, i ,
Jhk Cincinnati Enquirer says, that the
only tme road to resumption 1 that which'
shall square off our public Indebtedness by
paying It at par with Greenbacks.";
Ajcax and. wife, aged respectively 83
and 89, calmly and quietly . died at their
home nean Cedarville,. .on , Wednesday,
within forty mlautea of eath other.' ;-
Thb tearing of a man's thumb off in the
Agricultural Worka -ttSpringfleld waa
thought of so-"mieIk:conBequence as to be
made a special Jto the Cincinnati Gazette!
T-i sr) -' '!"''- : -,
Ow, Tuesday morning,, a woman was
foaid starved to death, in the presence of
a helpless husband and fiye helpless chil
dren,, within eight miles of the city of
LOUlSVille. i,";. . ; . , ;, , ',,
Tea ' Urban Union calls tbe franking
prltflege the franking pillage," and raises
its voice for the repeal of the whole con
cert. : It' wants members of Congress to
$1 tbetrown' postage. : ' '' '
Tmi Hooking Sentinel ssya that the big'
hog of Capt. J. O. Beamy, at Hocking
Fnroace, was killed on Wednesday of last
week, and weighed, when dressedseven
tuadred and flrty-three pounds. :"4-
Twkkb are one hundred and ten bills and ,
reseluUoDe in the Senate, and one hundred
and twelve ia the House, asking aid for
the new Pacific railroad routes or connect
ing.', lines 'Jw the Territories and Paciflo
States. ( i
JjpHk T. Glmskkr, Esqn the capital edi
tor of the' Shield and Banner, hat pub-'
llshed that paper near twentyeight years'
andvever missed a week's publication, Tor
1 ssu'ed a half sheet, is often the case with '
difbw."' ' -: :s " ; !r y 'i" -
An approximate statement, ' carefully '
prepared, puu tue amount or the bond
subsidy, asked for the tributary lines to
the paciflo railroad, at about 12,000,000,
and the lend, grants at one hundred and
tweity tattoo of acres, . 1 . , ,(
JeaK 1 McABDUe, of Sepublie, Seneca
county, who te a practical printer and
book binder, will be. 94 years old next '
spring. ' The Fremont Journal represents
him to be more active, springy and wide
awake than many men at sixty.
The Crisis More Lost than Ever.
"'the Ohio STAYwuiw, the New York
w onn. lit ew . i wn riuune, nun. o. o.
Cox, Manton Marble, Augist Belmont, Jay
Cooke, and others, are in favor ot the pay
ment to the' last cent of the War .Debt pi
the United Stater, contracted in depreciated
paper worth but forty cents on the dollar.
"oaae statesmen' are in tot ot pay
Ing the public debt in Greenbacks, but not
until lireenbacks are made tue equal In
value to rold. Out. Dec 9.
The Statesman favors the continued
Use. by the people, of a currency which, it
is said, will soon De decided ry me su
preme Court to be illegal and uncoustltu
innot i ! ,: :
i-The Statbsman Is far behind the times.
The world moves. The Statesman stands
still.'" Criti. Dec 16.
We am unable to discover whether the
Statesman ts in favor of attain paying the
bondholders, interest and principal, in gold ;
whether it It in favor of funding the debt, or
whether In lavor of the mitigated and lDdl
rect repudiation now so popular among
many truly loyal Government functions'
rles; or whether, conceding: the irapossi
bllity of paving the debt, it is in' favor ol
its perpetuation, or the speedy deliverance
of the country from its oppressions."
CrUiSi Dec 23.
The world Is left in doubt as to whether
that paper the Statfbman lavors the re
peated pavment of the bonds in gold
whether It still sticks to the rejected proffer
of ereenbacks : whether it larors I s per
petuation and the slavery ot the people, or
whether, like Webster, It proposes to pay
the Debt itself, and have no lurther trouble
about it." Criti, Lee 30.
.We sympathize with the Cibis, or rath
er with Its readers. Its continual contra
dictions of its own ' statements Its advo
tacy of one sort of doctrine one week and
Its advocacy a few weeks afterwards of a
diametrically ' odpobI e . doctrlue cannot
otherwise than confuse, if it docs not dis
gust, its readers. In its issuts of Decern
ber 9, 16, 23 and 30 it devoted considerable
tpace to the Statksman'. The Statesman
having protested against the effort that was
being made by papers claiming to be Dem
ocratic to commit the party to Eepudia
tion, the Crisis classed the Statwman with
the New York World, the . New York
Tribune, Hon. S. S. Cox, Mamtom MabBlk,
August Belmont, Jay Cookb, and oth
era" with being "in favor of the payment
to the last cent ol the War Debt of the
United Siates.7 , It was a kind, generous
heart that prompted this notice. We very
good naturedly showed that the States
man stands by the Democratic State Plat-
fofm, by the Financial Plau of Hon., Geo.
H. Pkkdlbtom, and by the teachings of
Thomas Jcffersox. The Crisis then mod
ified ' its. charge to far as to say that we
were in ' favor of the continued use ol
Greenbacks, "which, it is said, will soon
be decided by the Supreme Court to be 11
legal.and unconstitutional," and that, con
st quently, we are " far behind the times,"
inasmuch , as : the ; world . moves,'
while we stand still," , arid - refuse
to advocate Repudiation, because Bepu
diatlon would derange all values and in
tensely impoverish, the poor and industrial
classes of the country. And now, for two
weeks past, the Crisis testifies that it does
not know what the Statesman is in favor
of. It should, in the first place, have been
certain as to the Statesman's position, be
fore undertaking to classify it. Had it
done so it wonld not have iuvolved itself
in eonfiicting assertions.
The Crisis knows, provided its memory
Is not totally impaired, that we are in favor
or paying, the Public Debt according to
contract in coin where so specified, and
1n Greenbacks where It is not stipulated to
the contrary. The Bonds known as the
5-20'a 'are payable in Greenbacks. Such
payment will untie capital and: put it In
circulation, energizing business and indus
try and making times prosperous- Such
payment contemplates the; retirement - ot
the .National iSasE AOtes. as naa Deen
shown, time aad time again, that by the
exercise of rigid eeonomy in all the. de
partments ol Government, and by putting
the South on a peace footing, yearly a large
portlori of the Public Debt can be paid off.
While" the tax-burthens' of i the -people
would' thus sensibly ' be' decreased, i the
ability of the oeoDletd pay- their taxes
Would be Increased; TbUJs; in substance,
Mri PrabLfcT6N'S0plan. 'It has m It no
element of Ketfudlatlon. It does not aim
to flooii the untrf with currency to 'an
extent that would render it valueless lit the
hands rof the people. No-' such erime is
nojedited against the people by Mr; Pbndlb-
toh 1 and those who give support to hi
Financial doctrine. -' ! 1 r
Because- the' Democracy were defeated
In the late' contest, it does not follow that
tVt doctrine should be abandoned any
more than should the 'fundamental princi
ples of the party : be abandoned. The
financial question is not settled. The dom
inant party is distracted about it. 'They
have hot' harmonized on a plan, and it is
highly probable that the people will come
to reartze.' and that before long too, that
Mr," Pendleton's ; plan' is the' only one
that' offers relief to the country, ' without
Inflicting Injury upon any one. ' For him
or bis friends to abandon it now would be
a confession that it was a mere temporary
make-shift i that it was the oflpring of
the mind of a demagogue and not of the
mind of the statesman. We stand by that
doctrine and have' faith'' in ' it.' Can ' the
Crisls understand this? ; "1! ' ; 1 :
We are accused wi;h having belied "the
hlEtory of the Revolutionary War Debt."
Let us see whether we have done so. '4 '
We said that a scheme to fund the Conti
nental money at the rat i ot forty for one
was enacted by the Continental Congress,
and that when the Government was organ
ized under the present Constitution, the
Public Debt was funded, and the debt as
thus funded was paid. It does not matter
fa this connection, whether Hamilton was
a "Federal monarchist and consolidation-
ist." He was the first Secretary ot the
Treasury nnder the present Constitution
and his statement of the Public Debt must
be accepted as evidence. No doubt the
advocates of Repudiation and the conse
quent impoverishment of the great massoi
the people would rule out, if they could,
aul historical evidence detrimental to their
sideot the question.
From the report of Mr. Hamilton to the
second session of the first Congress under
the Constitution, we extract the following
in relation to the Public Debt :
"It bas been stated that the
debt of the United States
consists of the Foreign debt,
amounting, with arrears of
interest, to , - $11,710,378.62
And Domestic debt, amount
ing, with like arrears, coni
' Duted to the end of the year
. 1790, to - 42,414,085 94
Making, together .. . -$54,124,464 56
These sevt ral sums constitute the whole
ot the debt of the United State?. That ol
the Individual States is not equally well as
certained. - The. Secretary, however, pre
sumes that the total amount may be safely
stated at twentv-fire millions dollars, prin
cipal and Interest. The present rate of in
terest In the States' debt is, in general, the
same with that of the domestic debt of the
Union i . .: .. .
Two hundred millions of the Continental
currency was funded, under the act of the
Continental Congress, at forty to one, and
formed part oi the debt stated by Mr. Ham
iltonv What disposition the first Congress
under tne Constitution mde of the Public
Debt, is thus stated IB Hildbeth's History
of the United States, VOL 1, pages 214, 215
216: .... J I ;n , .: : mSs . :';
"August 4 1790. - Funding Act of the
Public Debt, . -i ' "I '- i i' :.
! "The act, as finally passd,authorized the
President to borrow twelve millions of
dollars, if so much were found necessary,
tor discharging the arrears of Interest and
the over-due installments of -the Foreign
debtj and for paying off thejvbohl ot thai
aeD couia l ne enetea on favamageous
terms; me money inus oorrowea w oe ref
Imhunablo In- fifteen years. A 'new loan
was alsnto be opened, payable tq certiftf
cates of the domestic debt at their par
value, and In continental bills of credit at
tne rate oi one numirea tor one. t or sub
scriptions in the. Interest of tbe Domestic
Debt, certificates were issued to the full'
amount, redeemable at the pleasure of the
Government,' and bearing interest at the
rate of three per cent, the interest to be
paid quarterly, and to commence with the
rirst of January, 1791 ; all Interest becom
ing due on continental certificates to be
lunded as above. Subscriptions In the
principal oi the domestic debt were to bear
Interest at six per cent.; but upon one'
third of the amount, known as deferred
stock, the Interest was not to commence
till 1800. As a compensation to the hold
ers, this six per cent, stock was not to be
redeemable at a faster rate than eight dol
)ars upon the hundred annually, Including
the annual interest. It was lelt to the
option of , the continental - creditors to
subscribe or not to this new loan.
If they did not subscribe, they
would still De entitled lor - the - year
1791. to the same amount of interest paya
ble to subscribers. But there was this argu
ment in favor of subscription the act made
a permanent provision for the interest ot
the new loan, whereas the holders of cer
tificates would be dependent on annual
! " Besides these provisions for the ContI
nental debt, the act authorized an addi
tional loan, payable in certificates of the
State Debts, to the amount of $21,500,000.
aud distributed among the States as fol
lows: Massachusetts and South Carolina,
$4 000 000-each: Virginia, $3,500,000; North
C rolina, $2,400,000; Pennsylvania, $2,200,
000; Connecticut, $1,600,000; New York,
$1,200,000; New Jersey and Maryland
$800,000 each ; New Hampshire and Geor
gia, $300,000 each; Rhode Island and Dela
ware, $200,000 each; but no certificates were
to be received except such as had been is
sued tor services or supplies during the
late war. In case tne subscriptions for any
State exceeded th. amount allowed, there
was to be a pro rata distribution among the
subscribers. If the subscriptions tell short
and the allowance, in several cases,
was known to exceed the whole amouut
of the - State debt the State itself
was to receive Interest on the balance un
til the Revolutionary accounts - between
the States and the Uuion were finally set
tled; and in case a balance were found due
from the Union, till the balance were paid
or secured. As to the interest and pay
ment, this loan differed somewhat from
that for the Continental Debt. The ever
due interest,, to be. reckoned to the, end of
fie year 1791 was. assumed to - constitute
one-third of the whole subscription, so
that one-third of the entire amount was
to be a throe per cent, stock. One-third oi
the remainder was to be deferred stock,
bearing an Interest at six per cent, to com
mence after 1800; the balance "was to
bt-ar an Interest of six per cent., to com
mence at the beginning of the year 1792.
For superintending these loans, and for
the general, management of the public
debt, the old. Continental system was con
tinued of a loan - office commissioner in
each State, with salaries rangiDg from
$G00 to $1,500 per annum." -?
Federal Securities for several years prior
to the adoption of the Constitution, sold
at 15 cents on the dollar ; but on the pub
lication of Hamilton's report they went
up to 50 cents on the dollar.
By relererieel to the report of the Secre
tary of the Treasury, dated Dec. 3, 1866,
and to be found bh page 220 of the Message
of the President of the United States, to
the" two . Houses of Congress,' at the com
mencement of the second session of the
39th Congress, with the reports of the
heads of Departments and selections from
accompanying .documents, U will be seen
that the Public Debt on the 1st of January,
1791 was $75463,476.52, and that by the 1st
of January, 1796, it had run up to $83,762,-
172.07, notwithstanding the receipts of the
Government' were in excess oil its total
ordinary expenditures. ', This debt was
paid, principal and interest. . ' j .':
It this Is Repudiation, then did the Revo
lutionary Fathers repudiate' their war debt.
If it is not, then they did not repudiate.
Will some of ti e advoeates of Repudia
tion tell us how Repudiation can be made
successful, without for a considerable time
stagnating all kinds ot business and indus
try aud without Inflicting terrible poverty
upon the great mass of the people? .
Not Payable in Gold.
A writer in the Cincinnati Gazette an
swers the question, w ny not scaie me
National debt down to Its gold value, as
well as private debts," as the Gazette pro
poses to do, by the round assertion that the
"National debt is payable in gold I" .
This assertion Is grossly false. The
greatest part of the" National debt is," by
law, made payable in greenback legal
tender notes the law that made the green
back currency also made provision ' for
the loans, and made them payable In the
same kind of currency for which they were
sold by the Government and purchased by
the bondholder. ' '
If the law had provided that the debt was
to be paid in gold, the Democracy, blmost
as a unit, would have fought and voted
that they be so paid, for that is not, and
never will be, the party to vlolate'con-
tracts, but as the law said they were to ba
paid in greenbacks, in greenbacks and in
nothing else will they be paid.
Affairs in Arkansas, under liadicaj
rule, are in a deplorable condition, as tbe
following special to the Cincinnati Com
mercial, dated Duvall's Blufi, Ark- plainly
shows: The militia In Woodruff county
have been augmented to 800 men. Business
has been suspended there for three weeks,
and paralyzed in the adjoining counties.
Officers of General Upbam's staff are here
on their way to Little, Rock. Raids on
other counties are anticipated. The Radi
cals as well as Democats severely con
demn the militia and militia law, and call
for its revocation. General Upham's acts
of oppression meet with unmitigated cen
sure. General Allers Is expected hero to
night, though for what object Is uncertain,
as General Grant has.no authority to con
trol the acts of Governor Clayton. Tbe
river is rising rapidly. .
A Washington special to the Cincinnati
Commercial says : The agent of the Choc
taw and Cherokee tribes of Indians bas
written a letter to the Commissioner of In
dian Aflairs, in which he states that a
large number of the. members of these
tribes were volunteers In the Union army
during the war, and that some of them
were killed in Gen. Custar's recent attack
on the village. The agent also states that
the above tribes are opposed to the transfer
ot the Indian Bureau to the War Depart
ment, and he expresses tbe belief that the
of the loval Indians by" Custar
should be investigated.
the Delaware Herald states this truth :
It is a well attested fact that the Demo-
nrt.tn vote In the various counties is in
proportion to the support given the local
Democratic papers. Where they are well
supported, the Democratic vote is large
and shows an annual increase; where the
support Is small, the Democratic vote Is
correspondingly (.mall. -
Not Payable in Gold. Who Shall Decide when Doctors
The Toledo Blade, an ultra Radical or-r
gan, is thus down on President Johnson
for his Amnesty Proclamation, la an artl
cle headed "The way Treason Is made
odions." It says :
- The recent Amnesty Proclamation,
whereby the Acting President absolve
Breckinridge, Davis, and other oeilured
traitors from all future accountability to
the laws of the country, they conspired to..
ruin, is oi a piece witn me more promi
nent act of his treacherous administration.
He gained his office by promises to "make
treason odious." Traitor in this, as at all
Other points, he relieves treason, so far as
be can, of its due shame, and invites a bold
repetition of it at any future time, when
traitors are strong enough to renew their
attempt." . - -....
. The New York Tribune, equally Radi
cal, and with more power and standing In
that party than any other sheet in the
United State, thus gives Its opinion on the
same Amnesty Proclamation of President
Johnsox :
"We seldom of late find a decent excuse
for, praising Andrew Johnson; but we
thank blm tor putting an end, even thus
tardily, to tbe swindling legal farce, en
acted every tew months, under the deceit
ful title of 'Trial of Jeff. Davis.' A swindle
by which nobody Is duped a farce at
which nobody thinks of laughing -must
have outlived Its day. Now, there has
been no intelligent person deceived for at
least two years back, by the pretense of
keeping Davis in confinement or holding
him to bail, as though it were intended
that he should be put on trial for his ile.
For a time there was some such expecta
tion; and the good natured public thought
it rather a nice thing to spend $100,000 or
so per annum to kep him safe in Fortress
Monroe till the day of trial should arrive.
But he who does not know that trials for
treason must be brought on while trea
son is still rampant and perilous, or
very soon after its collapse, '-else a
conviction Is Impossible, cannot have
read many volumes of history. We doubt
that it ever was possible to convict Davis oi
treason in a civil court, unless by exclud
ing every active Democrat from the jury
box. Judge Underwood, who would have
reiolced to trv him with a tolerable chance
ot success, testified before a committee of
i Congress, that no verdict could be obtained
against him In Virginia unless the jttrv
were packed for the purpose which is un
doubtedly true. And that truth doubtless
affords one of the reasons tor not trying
" If any one is sorry that we are not to
have another procession ot lawyers to
Richmond another tableau In court and
another announcement by telegraph that
the trial of Jefferson Davis has been post
poned to the next term he will doubtless
make it manifest."
SI While the Blade a dull Blade it is thus
hacks away at President Johnson, for his
Amnesty Proclamation, the Tribune
praises him for the same act. This the
Tribune does, because the act complained
ot by the Blade was a perfect God send to
the Radicals, as it enabled them to.get rid
of Davis without trial, and before the Su
preme Court decided .that he must go
' forth unwhlpt of justice.- The Tribune
realized the humiliating condition of the
R idlcal leaders the Blade. I was so dull
that Its editors could not see It. '
. m ' ' 1 ''. ri.xt
A New York special to the Cincinnati
Gazette says that negotiations have been
closed between the Columbus, Chicago &
Indiana Central roads, and tbe Erie rail
way. The former is to be . made broad
guage immediately. There Ij a report that
the Ohio & Mississippi has been sold to the
"Erie. but nothinsr Is positively known. It
Is confidently asserted that the broad
guage will be retained, and a sale or lease
Is highly probable.' Ohio & Mississippi
certificates strengthened to-day owing to
this report, and some heavy blocks were
Boid.; - ; : i . n i s
; Thb Zanesvllle Signal.tb.us expresseslt-
self In regard to, Repudiation : " "Every
Democrat will agree. It seems to us, that It
would be a bad and mistaken policy to ad
vocate repudiation and hold it up before
the world aa the doctrine of the Democrat
ic party, which it certainly is not. ..Be
sides the . Democratic party is not in
power, and is notT likely to be soon, and
could not -carry repudiation into practical
effect, 'If every man in 'the party was in
favor of it.," . .. . r i9
Thb Socking Sentinel' agrees wlth. tj.e.
Springfield Transcript in Its opposition to
Repudiation. It says that Brick Pomeroy 's
Democrat, Crawford County "Forum and
Crisis may advocate what they choose, hu
they have no authority to speak for the
Democratic party In thia regard, to our
knowledge." - - -' ---'-
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VhK, FA IRC HILDA CO., was this daj die
io.vel by mutual oonient. George Fairehild with
drawing from the iuh Tbe busineas will bs set
tled op by tbe remaining partners. Wn. 8tein
bsrger and Wm. Fairchild, who will continue tbe
bnsines of Wholesale Liquor Dealers, at tbe old
stand. IT and 1 West broad street, where the so
licit tne lame patronage extended to tbe old firm.
Colntnbns. Ohio. Jan. 1. 1869. janl-dlw
Sherift's Sale.
Joseph Wittmani
In attachment.
Coort of Common Fleas of
Henry Maurer ) Franklin county. O.
vs i
X. from said oonrt to me directed 1 will offer for
aale at puhlio auction at the door of thl court
bouae.-in tne city oi lioiumous. Iranian couaiy,
Ohio, on . . . t - -Saturday,
the 30th dnv of January, A. D.
- ,.. - r 1869.-
at S o'clock P. M., the following described lots of
7. u . .Jj:t;.. i. tk..;i. .JMMU.
attached as the property of Henry Juaurer, defend
ant, to-wiir -t - - - -
Lot No. 11 appraised at $125; No. IS 150; No. 13
ISO: No. 14125; No. lStlSS; No. 1 aiBO: No. 17
125; No. 18 25: No. 19 flOD; No 30 SfO; No. 21
HO; No. 29 (30; "o. SO t65; No. 31 S';5; N
31 toO: No. 33 (50; No. - 34 65; No. 35
nv No. 3 S50: No. 37 (70: No. 3a
75: No. 40 f5: No. 41 (65; N-i. 43 ('; No. 43
6; No 44 f 65; No. 45 40; No. 4S (40; No 47 $50;
No. 48 ; No. 49 40. No. 51 S5: No. 61 (65; No.
6 (50; No 5.1 (30; No. 64 (.15; No. 65 (35; No. 59
40; No. 67 (40; No. 66 (40; No. 69 (40; fin SO (40
. . .. . - - E. GAVtSR.
Coroner, acting as SLenfi.
Printer's fees (8.25 .......
Daasaii A Matoi AH ys. dec28-dltwtd
The only Infallible and Harmless Remedy. Can be
given with or without the patient's knowledge.
Rrad Dr. Johnston's Treatise on "Drunken
ness, its Consequences and Cure." Try
the SPECIFIC, and be con
pleasant pieparation creates no vomiting after its
use. Tobacco need not be dircarded all at once,
for the Compound destroys the desire gradual y
and positively.
sepV7-dT4sAwly Proprietor. Columbus, O
Of the Receipts and. nitkuriementsol
the Several Funds for the) H
Year ending- November IS, 1868
General Revenue tfuod $1,660,755 39
Canal und
Sinking Fund....
Common School Fund.... .
Soldier,' Allotment Fund
Soldiers Claim Fund
National Road Fun.t
Bank Kedeptiun Fond
41.53 54
1.S24.6S9 74
1.47.49 73
3.469 90
3.825 78
31.(10-2 IS
8.733 31
5,033,4,73 61
General Revenue Fund. ...11.518 210 35
Canal Fund 14,939 39
. Sinking Fund...... 1.4W.2M M
Common t-cbool Fund Ii6.868 go
Soldiers' Allotment Fund.. 493 U0
Soldiers' Claim Fund..;.... 3.781 68
Rank kedemotion Fund.... '195
.45S 354 88
Balance in Treasury Nov. 15;.18. .". . (&T0.120 75
, 8. 8. WaKNER.' c
dec7-dltaw4w-r Treasurer of State.
i.vJLns) Ua sULl.
generation, the vegetative powers of
life are strong, but in a few years how
often the pallid hue, tbe lack lustre eye,
and emaciated form, and the impossi
bility of application to mental enort,
show its baneful influence. It soon be.
comes evident to the observer that some
depressing influence ia checking tbe de
velopment of-the body, (jonsumption
is talked of, and perhaps the youth is
removed from school and sent into tbe
country. This is one of the worst moveS
ments. Kemoved from ordinary di
versions of tbe ever-changing scenes of
tbe city, tbe powers of the body too
much enfeebled to give zest to healthful
and rural exercise, thoughts are turned
inwards upon themselves. - . : .
If the patient be a female, the ap
proach of the menses is looked for with
anxiety, as the first symptom in which
Nature is to show her saving power in
diffusing tbe circulation and visiting
the cheek with tbe bloom of health.
Alas 1 increase of appetite has grown
by what it fed on : the energies of tbe
system are prostrated, and tbe wbole
eoonomy is deranged. . Tbe beautiful
and wonderful period in which body
and mind undergo so fascinating
change from child to woman, is looked
for in vain : tbe parent's heart bleeds
in anxiety, and fancies tbe grave but
waiting tor its victim.
For Weakness arising from excesses or
early indiscretion, attended with the
following symptoms : Indisposition to
Jiixertion, JLoss ot .Power, .Loss of Mem
ory, Difficulty of Breathing, General
Weakness," Horror of Disease, Weak
Nerves, Trembling, Dreadful Horror of
Death, JNight bweats, Uold i! eet, Wake
fulness, Dimness of Vision, Langour,
Universal . Lassitude of the Muscular
System, Often Enormous Appetite with
Dyspeptic symptoms, Mot Hands
Flushing of tbe Body, Dryness of the
Skin, Pallid Countenance and Eruptions
on tbe Face, Fain in tbe Back, Heavi
ness of the Eyelids,- Frequently Black
Spots Flying before tbe Eyes, with
Temporary Suffusion and Loss of Sight,
Want of Attention, Great Mobility,
Restlessness-, with Horror of Society w
XT .1 ' J 3 LI -x ' ,
nuiuiug id more uesiraoie 10 sucn pa
tients than Solitude and nothing tbey
more aread, for rear ot Themselves;
no Repose of Manner, no Earnestness
no Speculation, but a hurried Transi
tion from one question to another.
-Chese. symptoms, if .allowed, to go on
-whicU this Medicine invariably re
moves soon follow Loss of Power, Fa
tuity, and" Epileptic 'Fits, t in rone of
which tbe patient may expire.
'During ,tbe Superintendence of "Dr.
TXT; 1 .i"; il - V i t . 1 , 1 1 ,
iviisou,at tue xkioomingaaie Asyium
this sad result occurred to two patients
reason bad for a time left them, aud
botb died of epilepsy. They were
Doth sexes, aud about twenty years ot
; Who can say that these excesses aret
nor. irequentiy loiiowea oy tnose aire
ful diseases, Insanity-and Consump
tion T X he records or tbe Insane Asy
lums, and the' melancholy' deaths, by
consumption, Dear ample witness to th
truth of these assertions. -InrLunati
Asylums the most melancholy exbibi
tion appears. The countenance is ac
tually sodden and -quite destitute
neither Mirth or Grief ever visits it.
Should a sound of the voice occur, it is
rarely articulate.
.t-.T- - . .- ,i j . i. : T. r ; I
"With woeful measures wan Despair
Low sullen sounds their grief beguiled." - '
Whilst we regret the existence of the
above jliseases andsjmptoms, we , arel
prepared to offer, an invaluable gift of
chemistry for the removal of the conse
quences : $ Hklmbold's. Highly Con
centrated Tlcid Extract op Buchu.
There is no tonic.lik it.f It is an an
chor of hope to the surgeon and patient,
and this is, tbe testimony of all who have
used or prescribed it. .
Sold by Druggists and Dealers every
where. Prepared it E T.T HELM
BOLD'S . Drug and Chemical Ware
house, 594 Broadway, N.;T. . . ; ,
Great Smlt Lakx City, Utah.)
- ' January 23, 1S6S. j '
Mr. H. T.'Helmbold Dear Sir
lour communication requesting ' our
terms for advertising was duly received,
but from a prejudice-1 had formed
against advertising "cures for secret
diseases," it was left unanswered. Dur
ing au accidental conversation in a Drug
btore the other evening, my mind was
changed on the character of your Bu
chu. It was then highly commended
for other diseases by two physicians
present. Inclosed please find our rates
of advertising.- lours, &c
Editor and Proprietor of Daily and
Semi-Weekly Telegraph.
N. Y. S. Vox,. iNsnTcnt, )
Cor. 6th Ave. & 76th St, Ceutral Park ,
(A Home and School for the Sons of de
ceased Soldiers.)
Dr. H. T. Helmbolo : Two bottles
only of the package of your valuable
Buchu presented to - tbe Institute have
been used by the children, and with per
fect success. - In the case of our little
Lieutenant A. J;, bis pride is no longer
mortified, and he is free from the daily
morning anathemas of the chambermaid
who bas charge of bis bedding. I feel
that a knowledge of the result of our
use of your Buchtj with the children
under our charge may save many a Su
perintendent and Matron of Boarding
Schools and Asylums a great amount of
annoyance ; and many a poor child snf
fering more from weakness than from
habit, may be' spared punishment, tbat
is (not knowing it as a weakness instead
of a bad habit) meet unjustly inflicted
upon them Thanking you on behalf of
the children, and hoping others may be
alike benefitted, I. am respectfully
yours,., ; , . COL. YOUNG, ,
i ' .General Sap't and. Director.
J une 16, 1866. jyM-dwAe-weowiy
New Advertisemerrnt
or thb'
United States of America,
Cash Capital, - - $1,000,000
: .paid i.v full.
To which all general correspondence should be ad-
aiessea. - - , :
CLARENCE H. CI.AEK. President. ? , -
JAV COOKE, Chairman Finance and Executive
committee. . ,
HENRY D. OOKE. Vice President.
EHLK30N W. PET. Secretary aad Aotuary
OrTered hr this Cnmnnnv ,nt ,
' It is a National Company, chartered by special
act ox vonaress, ioo.
It has a paid up capita of $1,000,000.
It offers low rates of premium.
It tarnishes larger Insurance than other Compa-
nice lor ine same money.
It is definite and certain in its terms.
It is a home Company in every locality. ,
It. Polioies are ttmnt from attach mfmt.
There are no unnecessary restrictions in the Pol
Every FoliT isnon-forfeitahle.
Policies may be taken that will pay insured their
full amouDtand return all tbe premiums, so that
the Insurance costs only the inter ft on the annual
folioies may be taken which pay to the Insured,
after a certain nnmber of veers florin life, an an.
nual income of one-tenth the amount named in the
No extra rate is chsrged for risks upon the lives
oi iemaies
It insures not to pay dividends, but at
cost that dividends will be impossible. ,
JOHN W. ELLIS A CO.. ' . '
Cincinnati, Ohio. General Agents for Ohio Central
- - -i and boutnern Indiana. .
Colu-nbus. Special Agent for Franklin, Licking,
AiuBKir:gum ana ifosnoctnn counties. .....
ppNY-nc'M-ileodweowly '
No. 13. .
experience, an entire tficcw : Simple
Prompt Efficient and Reliable. They are the
only Medicines perfectly adapted to popular use,
bo simple that mistakes cannot be made in
using them ; so harmless as to be free from dan
gcr, and so efficient as to be always reliable.
They have raised the highest commendation from
all, and will always render aatisiactioii. .
Hoe. SO . - Centa
1, Cures Fevers, Congestion, Inflammations. 25
5, Worms, Worm Fever, Worm Colic. 25
8, " C'ryliix-Colicor'l'eetliiiigof Infantilis
4, - " - Diarrhoea of Children or Adults..)
6, ' fiyacntery-. Griping, Bilious Colic.35
8, " Cliolern-Iorbua, Vomiting.. ...25
7, . fouffha Colds, Bronchitis 25
8, H Neuralgia, Toothache, Paceache.. 25 r
9, . " IleadachcsSickllcodache, Vertigo25
10, Dyspepsia, Billons Stomach 25
1L, Suppresacd, or Painml Periods.. .25
12, ' -Vftltcs. too profnse Periods.. 25..
13, " CJroiip, Cwgh Uiflicnlt Brcathing..2S
14, " SaltRueuin.iyEipelas,Eruptioiis2S
15, w Illieuniatfsin. Rheumatic pains.. 25
All the above art put up in VLALd.uUA direction,
containing double quantities each, for. 60 -
The following ere al put up in vial and are
sent at the tame price given below.
16, " Fever & Ague, ChiU Fever, Agnes50
17, IMIes, Wind or bleeding.. .. 59'
18, ' . Optlialmy, and sore or weak EyesfiO
19, ': C atarrli.acnte or chronic.lnflnonzaao
20, " YVlioopliig-Cougi.vioieutcongh5t).
21, u A stltma. oppressed Breathing. 50
i M ICar DiscbarsresJmpairedheartngGO ,
S-V" " GeiieralDei)ilify,pys!calweakneefi50
25, " jropsy, ana acanty accretions. ...50
2i; u 8ea-irkness.elckneBSfVdmridinB50
97 " KMnfiv.lHnB.A rnv.l KA
OA M KrvAii. nKll,v fimVnal
O- Kmlsaiona, involuntary . lJis
charges ...1 00
, " Sore Month, Canker , 60
SU, " I rlnary Vcakneaa.wetflngbedSO
81. h 4 Painful Periods, with spasms. .50
82, " Suilerings at change of life... .. .1 00
. 83, " Iiiilcpsy.Spasm9,bt.Vitus'Oancel 00
. 84, " Ilpu Uteris, ulcerated sore throat. 60
' . TAMIXY . CA.SES " ".
OfTS to BO large 'Mala, morocco" "" '
or rosewood case, containing;
a spet'IUc lar- every ordinary
disease a family is subject to,
and books ol dlxeclioruK.. ..... t . "
tii : .,-! i'rom$lto; 93S
Bsaaller Fasnily and Trawelina; cases, ' '
with 20 to 2S vials .. i.from 5 to f S
BpeelBcs torall Private Ilseases.noth "
for Curing and for Preventive
treatment, in vials and pocket soses,$2to$5
O poiniys K XX IX act, - -
Cnrea Burns, Urnisca,' ' Lameaeis,
Borenesa.Sore Throat. Sprain. Tooth- .
aene, Earache, Nenralgia, Hbrnmrn.
tisin, LnmbsES, Piles, Bolls, Stinga,
Sore Kyes, Bleeding of the sjunss.
Nose, Stomacli, or oi Piles Corns, ll
cers. Old Sores.
Price, 6 or., SOcts.t Pints, l.OOt
Qnarts, VI. 75.
pry TUeee Kemedles, exccpLPpXD'S-EX-.,
TRACT, by the caeo or single box, are sent to
any part oi the country, by.iuail or express, free
of charge, on receipt of the price. '
Of auiueuuauuu luauwiuu vuluJauJr
Office aad Depot, No. 602 Bbouuwat, New York.
"Dt. Hckphrsts is consulted daily at his officer"
personally or 07 letter, as above, for all forms 01
diBease. - a - - -' ' - - - ' ' ' -
n- ' S ! . i .V ' . . ' . : ".?r .. 1
A fresh supply of the above always on .hand and
tor saie? ny
.ri eTT-r-8, K. SAMnKii. -" .
ii.'..'.'irl . All. ricbOELI.ERaad
AU fresh and cenuine Mediolnes have on tbe
bottom of the box, or in the eaee. Humphreys'
ppeoincs nomeopatnio sienicine uompany. uuy
no otners. 1 ney are not reliable. ,
- jylS-deodAwly
J)r. Barton's Tobacco Antidotes
ysjr vtpttabU ajad fcxnnfeM, and oiso an cxcellenti
ur, it pmtjm avna mreut uw Diooa, lnwigi
jitcA. posuMMsi grt DoorisDinf ma nMngu
anaiUei the sUommch to due est too besJtsMti
iImh rafWshiDr. and eatablubea ratniat health.
aita ennrv for eTuiy yeare catrea. rnco rvry
xna er '
box. fottrVM. am inwremwg mM on u
necta or toaaoeo. witn luts or tenmotiiai9
ale. skht rRsla. A treats wanted. Address
usu i. tt. sUBOtr, l eraf Uttjr a. tX.
P(ymcASTKKs TMniroxT. I receiTaq a box of BtrrtoB!
Antidote from Ber. AM. Pooltos, anfl Sad tt m, ifmt
eara. . 8. QatihaV CoimouoDysHaiTteop Co Ohio.
eosl a ooppaj of tba Aipot- imTe$n9d hot 4am
itt WOrk SG1UU.T. - X OwI.soaju
Pkoh New Hampihiu Wti FateOsf. vetjUenieii of
influence here haTing been Jed of the aopetite for tobao
co by oeiDK Dr. Barton'a ilktoio, we OAeUreaauoolj fo?
the prisoner of this inMitlion-X
A BAirxaa's TatsriaUTNT. DrRarton Aiitidoto tot
Tobscco Aa accomplished all daimefor it.
W. Ham lsi Kat. Baaikew Albanr, KmL ft
A CLmoTif aw Awnwofrr. OjfaBox or AjrtzsoxS
enred mj brotherrjd myself. It VarrxrAiLeV.
Kev. yw. Shoxmaibb, KeilejStatioa. Tm,
kaM gained JMrty-jtM potmd of MK in thr awNOAj br
nsiDs; Dr. Pirtoa's An4rtt, Bad aU oVnre ft tobacco it
removed. Wb. Is. it, Jb,
Md. Qfia box of Barton's Antidote removed oil danr Air
the wsmd from me. I take pleasure in recommend tr H ta
aU (str readers. T. Y. Slatxb,
Trademark X Copyrighted.
JSCeisition ! Hewftr o. lujurioua Coantr
feiu ftdvertiaed by Humbugs.
IVo. 333 Broadway.
Capital, - One Mil ion Collars.
DiBiFS R. Manoim. Pres't. Jab. Mbkkill. Seo'y.
Receives Deposi sand allows FOUR PER CENT
INTEREST on all Daily Balances, sobjeottooheck
at siiht. Special Deposits for Six months or more
ST-te P?,e at.fiT?.P?r oent- Tn Capital of Une
. All lion Dollars is divided among over 5(0 Share
holders, comprisinc many gentlemen of larce wealth
and financial experience, who are also personally
liable to depositors for all cblirations of theCom
panv to douDle the amount of their capital stock.
As the National Trust Company receives deposits
in large or small amounts, ar-d permits them to be
-r"wn " whole or in pa t by cheok at sight and
without notice, allowing interest on all daily bal
ances, parties throughout the countrv can keep so
eounts in this Institution with speoial advantages
of security, convenience and profit.
! HT-deol-dAwSXm
TBE CeitlUlFRCI 4 fc BA"K laoatesl
in ".-Jessions' B ock" corner High and Lng
t'eeta. will be open for business January 4th MB
Aeoouct of individual and firms solicited and
ON 1 1Mb, DaPOSlTS. Gold and SilTer, Foreian
and Doniestio txchange. OTernnient Bonds an3
loeal securities bought and ld. Pa.aasT?eWt2
to and from aU the principal t, "
' The abor Bank will be open for ihe transaction
of business, exc.pt paying checks, Wedne.da. and
Saturday evening of each week, from 7 to
dec30 eodlm J. A. JEFFKEY.cishier!
ffVOTi4i'Tiet,n Fe
el.et, awauts,) stFaanat,
nMarelia,'fe. aot usstsi... ...
"-nbllsaoti In thia cola nam fa
eonta each Inurtlan, '
1 ofier for sale tke two-stor, donhl. hrf.w k-..
H'Wie-ins.ena in oaetef Hiabnaaat.
iSO tae -frame storaraom attakrf .T ,i '
sontains 11 rooms, 4 narreu. and S eellars. and ia
uuui. iu iu. bmi iproa and 'and sabstaarial
manner. I also ofles for aaJeny stock 7 oodl loa
ihe premises, eonsistmc ol eloibina, booUshoaa
and miscellaneous arw. at U to 60 per aatLM .
than they eaa be fcoufbt at aoy other store iilL
deeM.dx;;--t i t r -
rweNighis Only ulsaiay and Tns-
y, January 4,M . r8.
'" ? The Ureat ?'-- ? Uf
Minstrels and Brass Band,
A MsrniHent Brass Band h A Splendid Quar
tette 1 Admission, 3A cents. Reserved seats, 60
.tents, whi. h can be secured at Seiner's Muiie
store, where a diaaram of tbe HaU can be seen.
reats esn oe secureti wiuout extra charge
Uoorg open at 1 oVioek; neriomi&nfiA in w,lM.
menoe at 8 o'clock precisely. i . , .'
anl-d3t ? , -. Hasiness Asent.
'OPEN DIG II Y iilvi
, -with a : .. ..
First week of tbe greatest Sensation Actrease tt.
2 '-
See Programn.es dail'. :i
SIX RIGHTS OS LT. 1 Commenein : ' " '
9IoDdy, lccsaalr; 381am, 1808.
Return of the favorite.
ro GREniA
Tbe Great Cotiiuror. with bil Tmune rf
Birds. Perfotminc White Miet. and Trained R.
sian Cats. , . .
Will be siven awsv every nirht. MATIMER '
SATURDAY AFTERNOON. January Sd. forth."
accommodation , f 8ehoo1s, oa which oceaaion eaah
Child will receive a Present. '
Admission, 25 eents; Reserved Rears, So eenta '
Family Tickets, admittin Six persons, SUM. Ad
mission, to Matinee. Child res. 16 cents. Adults
25 centa. Doors or en at T o'clock, eormenceatS.
CHAS. a. UUkkiUAM, alanager.
Cm,. T. Pi.nons I . .4 .
OEO. rBASIHt. ; i Aeen ' V v i
Exuberant Ileal b
have been favored by natare with atroaceoastitsv-a.
tions and rigorous frames are apt to negleet the
precautions necessary to. prestrve these preeion r
endowments. Indeed. as a rale, the more healthy
and robust a man ia, th. mot. liberties be is in
clined to take with ni owa- physi qos. Ir "Irsoma '
consolation to the naturally weak and feeble to .
Know that they can-be so uiTigarated anc built up.
by a proper nsa of the means which science baa
placed at their disposal, as to bare a much better
chance of long life and exemptions from disease
and pain, than the most axhletie -of their f el lews
who are foolish enough to suppose, taemselves in
vulnerable, and aot accordingly.' i ' ' '
It is not too mnoh to say that mora than half. th.
people of the civilised world ased.oe, ejetatiouett? '.
tonic to enable them t support thaiatraia apoa 1 .
their bodies and minds, which the fast life of this'3'
restless aire oocasionj- Jn fact, aymrs, ukoUsome,
unemciting tonic ia 'the grand deeideiatum of the.
hnsv millions, and they aare the srtirle fn nOH
iHiT.HmaiKl. i. M. it imnlru aermaaent strength
to weak' systems and invigoraUe delicate consti
tutions. Its reputation and its sale, hare steadily
noreased. Competitive preparation! hay. been-'
introduced ad libitum, and, as far as the public isy .
concerned , ad aass. In the lope of rivaling it;
but they have all either perished ia the attempt, j
or been left far ia the rear. .It has been theosiAT -
it is quite certain that no proprietary medioine iaa
this country is as widely known, or as generally
usear -
! Tea lightning praises,' raining incessantly (Sun
days excepted) the whole year turoegh, barely -supply
the demand for the Diastasis. Alasasi,;
in wbieh the nature and .see of the preparation
are set forth, tbe circulation now being over nr.
snjUioas a year. . . . -'
Whereby the -cjrenlstiea lot ,b bloea -aeeonie -
equalised upon the part where applied causing
pain and morbi3Taotlon Weease. " ' - -
Was there ever published stronger evidence than
thiaJ "
Certificate f rasa Ar tarllsisfV Betex. 4 I
For two yesrs-f have been a great sufferer front
neuralgia ia the head.' and found only temporary
relief jkaaa-aU Us vsaisae siisdieetliae-i aasaj
tried, until I applied eo of 'AUCOWS PO
ROUS PLASTERS.- 7 rat it into three strip, ,
plaoing one under each shoulder blade and the eth.
er ever the- a.aU of mj baekv and fee tb past
three months I have hast searoely a twist of the
old pain. 1 advise all who suffer from nervous dla- ,
eases to lose no time in making a trial of t he-won- v
derful plaster ' : - - - i -i J
' j A: T. STERLING. Seo'y Singer Hfg Co. '
New Vork. June. 1868.
Principal Areney, BaAirDBETI HoriB. Hew.
York. Sold by all druggie.
PROT " ENCE. R. L. h Ting the largest man'u- '
! faoAyry .-Sftatx!S9saaaJa. the werldV witkva
the most reproved maca y, and employing th
most skilled labor, 'are enabled & tiSer an un
equalled variety of new sod beautiful design ia .
Dincer Services, Tea . e. Vices, aad every artiole )
fspeeiallj adapted for lidaj aad Bridal iftw--'- J
They offer also tbeir well-known and -amrvaned
Nickel Silver Electro-Plated Ware, inahicb. the , '
bare introdoeed aew. patterns of rare) eleganoe.-i
The tiolid SUvsc ia gaaraateei ta ke tt stertin
Purity by U. 8. Mint assay.. . The E lectre-Plate t
guaranteed to be superiors to she finest tUefiel . i
mS rinlw. mmImI hM hm TmA ..W k. i
ibese goods may be bbtaintd from responsible j
dealer every where. .
i. - t a e..u. , Trad . 1
a -J 1S r- ITA S j. i.' llmrk A
Trade Mar m
rade Mar . Tn '' e
ml :. "r?.Kfi-r
i V . - -Salesroom So. 3 Maiden Lane. V.Yf?' I
nov6-dAwJim-yeiiT . ... . ,
It the offspring of a great facW 5o one gan think ".
of denying that his " -
Brings out a finer BROWK-er PLACK than any-
other, in a shorter time, and without Injury to th?
hair. This is a truth as apparent as that the sua.
light the earth. : - 1 " . ; jj.
Cristadoro's Hair Preservative
AND BEAOTIFIER. The toilet, without this as-,
tide, lack it most useful attribut. .Nothing; i:
so common in this aountry a the falling oat of the) -
hair. The preservative prevents it.. Th fibre can"
no more loosen and drop off. if this article is rcga v I
larly applied night and morning, than if aaoh were i
fixed in a Tiee. ' The testimony on this point i
ovewbelming. while the beaatlfying and.iDTigo-7
properties of theffaid are equally well established r.
SAa by Druggist, and applied by all Hair Dres
ers. Manufactory No.gS Uaidan Lane. PrineiDal .
Depot No. (Aster House. . .
lunelS-dAwlycm-reNT .-... ui
A. HOfclBA tlKler.--I--sri6r
gentleman, yonng and old. desiroas of having their
hair beautiful for the Holidays, should use a hot -tie
once. Read Chevalier's Treatise on the Hair. J
Free to all. Given away at the Drug Stores, or sent
by Basil free- This beek ebewld be Toad'by ij ;
nerson. It teaches to cultivate and ban k.,nMr.l
bair. and restore gray natr to it original color,
stop its falling out, removes all irritation or daa. v
druff from th scalp, thai keeping the hair beaahU )
ful to the latest period of life. t -
Anaa Jk. Itac ALilE.lt, SL. V..
JHT-dfet-odlm t 1113 Broadway. j.y.7 '
o 1 DI V a tT Wl , V w .
Tl f ANHWD i-Another ' JTS V.m- tJ
1Y1 PimsAisJ from. As ms i lm r
The"MedioaK limes" says of thi wesk I - -'lhi
valuable treatise on the cause and en re of prema- "
ture decline, shows how health ia impaired tnroaah
seeret abuses of youth and manhood, and bow
easily regained. It cive a dear synopsis of th
impediment to marriage, the cans and effects of I
nervous debility, and the remedies therefor.
pocket edition of the above will bef forwarded en, ",
receiot of 15 eents, by addressing Doctor Ccbtu .
Ho. 68 North Charles street. Baltimore, id., . u ,
era mayS5-dly-r . -7 T7r
splendid Hair Dve is the best in tke world;
the nniv trn and nerfeet Dvei harmlesaj reliable
luBuauDsuai ; ne siBsppviuwm i av iiui..'. i ,
tints: remedies the ill etieots of bad dyes; layig--'
orates and leaves the Hair soft aad beautiful. MaesV
or orossa. Sold by aU Druggists and PerfuaB
and proper, v applied at Batehelor' Wig rectory
Ke. 16 Bond street. S. fork. rKT aprU dAwly

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