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corrected bv W.-J. Savage, Jeweler, 83
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LOCAL NEWS. FRIDAY. Jan. 1. 1868.
T Au M...
P. U-
Raa Rises-;
H. M. H.M
.. 7 11 j Rao 8eta
1ST Yesterday was fwearln k off " day
'tST. ; Xrkeyheng plenty.ostrlcaJeath
rs are mach more tasnwnaoie.
' The rarity of Christian ehartty-U
putting ashes on slippery atdewaina..
r- the Farmers' club meets to-day f.
Subject for discussion Diseases of Swine
aja ronitry. - - .
' t3S" The census of 1870, It Is said, will
prove the population of these United States
to-be 42,000,000. .. .: '' ,:, .
.HT Don't forget the Lorenia MaUne
at the Onera House this afternoon.' Every
child gets a present! '
.rjp In consequence of successful conn
terteitloe, the 50 greenbacks are to be
withdrawn from circulation. ,
:C5" We are Informed that farmers who
btld Vendues last spring and sold on long
credit, find it now almost impossible to col
lect their accounts. '':' ''
tT Owners of overcoats cannot be too
careful ot them in this wintry season' as
objects of both beauty and wear, they may
VD Bpccuiij w rvrm .it- c - r
'tST Coanterieit postal currency is circu
lating extensively, and some of it Is calcu
lated to deceive the most scrutinising. It
sliould be closely watched. '
gr A nnmber of our youth, attending
colleges; la. other places, , are at home on
holiday Visits to their families, looking as
If- their rations agreed witn tneuw . )
UST The new atyle of pantaloons has a
mall back pocket on the rlgnt stae, cauea
a Derringer pocket,"uThrlc. Is he armed
who bath III 4 quarrel Just" and carries
ty ifoney is scarce, but not so much so
as people try to make iU-There are plenty
of men who have money, but refuse to pay
It out. because he general scarcity gives
T&ursHZBEJF Yestboat. The 'Aodl
tor's oflBce being closed yesterday, but one
daed was left for record,that ot John J.Hoff-
maaaad wife to Ntcholas Zimterman,Xov.
12th, part ol inlot No.' 784 -In the city ct
Columbus.oj? f00077v ,
irvKBS4tisT CffCBCHJ The Universal
Ut" church ' will be opened" for regular ser
vices on fto-naorrow, (Sonday,) .Jan. 3d.
Rev-.Tboa- L. Gorman will preach at the
regular boors, morninjf and jeyenlng. " The
peblic areordlally Invited. " I ;
iNiUSTiifc Scaoot, AssoCunoN.-rThe
annual meeting of the Industrial School
Association will be held at Mrs. Champi
on's rooms (JSirs.Senter's Boarding House),
this afternoon, St S o'clock. A tnll attend
ance of all the members Is desired.".' k
"MitrriHT Faradm. The ' Sherman
Guards and, Cspttal City Gnards paraded
tha,'..streeU ot. the cltj 1 yesterday, firing
salutes at various pointy,' and attracting
general attention. For -the onrteey ex
tended to this office they have onr dls-
tlngHiabedi AmUw : nr-t n-j
.-Sj.jiiliJ m i ml' ti-'- xir
Thk DRAwaa t-AT Smtom'i Quite a
crowd of ladies attended the drawing for
v prizes atSlmmonV Millinery Headg.ua.rtex
yesterday. No. 1 144. drew the-fire prize,
and No. 791 the second ' We. were nnahle
to learn the names ot the; fortthate ladies,
though we think Mrs. Shedd holds' the sec-
. .". t ..j 'a'fi"Ja"i.rwi-I
wua. rfe. ) . , irna 'hoicm.-jA. t iZj..-. ;.-:
. tf. . i- ui.I
- cur Sbooto; -A, nartyif amateur
porunwn went out on' shoottDg- match
ye8tfrdy,They-ired,. seveft,shoto at a
slck'blrd without helng able to kill it One
ot the party1, s tna'n of great bravery madlyj
rushed pp to the quail and-cnt its head off
wKkitinreeladed jaeklEtiifen:Tn score
stood : Sherman 1
lively shoo ting match at Olentingy Park
yesterday compliment to C- P Sher
men1, -the- gentlemanly manager with Lo
grenia.Etghteeft Birds were shot at irom
. a trap twenty yards rise. Thirteen ot them
were shot and five only escaped. It was a
very pleasant tim ,..
Closb ot nut Qctabtib. -Prof. PInney's
dancing school -Urm--closes to-day. He
has nearly 150 pnplls of all ages. We can
endorse him as one of the most correct and
careful teachers of dancing ever in,tbls
city. His Instructions are plainly 'fciven,
and must be-beronghly understood by
thepU befoiadTancement comes. The
result is all hhf pupils ire good dancer. .J,
m hi i V J tiv.- 'Jii
New Yeak's DAT.,HOur citizens seemed
to enjoy New, Year's Day to the full. The
yoong . gentlemen ivery , generally called
upqta their lady" friends, and were happy. In
tbe receipt of hospitalities. ' Bat for the
nasty, disagreeable jain prevailing all day,
the city would have presented' "more
lively appearance;' 'oat we- donbt if there
would have been more geialne enjoyment
even; Via , a fair day. . j j '::
LodP.BMiA Last flioaT-A, large audi
ence greeted the wonderful Logrenia last
night. Some of the most wpnderfnl ieats
In his reportolre were performed to the as-
tonifthmsnt and wonder of his aadle.nca
The principal prTxe, a bed room set, was
drawn; byr W KG. WiatV ot East Town
street. . . .. . . , , . ,
To-night a 20 gold piece will be given
away as the principal prize;' From here
Logrenla go to Harrlsborgi to the press
ot which city we heartily recommend him.
Wjtx o Pbatsb. In accordance with
an appointment,' annually made , by the
xivauKcucat Aiiiarce lor some years past,
. It is proposed t ooserve-next week, lb our
churches, as a week of prayer. Meetings
will be held in the Town Street Methodist
Church every afternoon at three o'clock
They are to be union meetings, led by lay.
men, of the various churches. Notice oi
the services will be given , each day by a
notice in the morning papers and by the
ringing of the bells Of the First Presby
terfan Church and ot Bigelow Chapels?
- The Columbus ministerial : Association
has .adopted the following programme 1
aervioest ' '.V;.' '
Monday, Jan. 4th Confession of sin and
thanksgiving lor the mercies of the year
that Is past. E,H. Danbar, leader. " '
Tuesday --Prayer .for the outpouring ol
the Holy Spirit. .', H. C. Noble, leader.'
Wednesday Prayer for the young es
pecially in' Sabbath Schools and Christian
. families Rftdleiri,'1kler?1WK
Thursday Prayer tormlaisters, church
officers, Saboath School teachers and all
Christian workew4-IvO.Aoni leader.
Friday Prayer !Jor"bux'Tountry, with
peciaf referedce to Its 'jgreaf vces, S. M
Hotcbklss, leader.,, ' -1 .
Saturday Prayer for Christian' missions
and for a general revival of God's work
throughout the world.' L. P. Myers, lead-
is wellknown'the rte railroad has for
someTaontbf past., been endeavoring to
bulMf d Tt8 fff edit and extendlts Influence,
by securing control of the through lines
to the principal western cities. Since Dan
iel Drew's plan of virtually constructing a
ew-firoad to Chicago, , by laying a
thijrd ral(and buildins a few miles of new
trackwas knocked into "pi" by Vander
bllt, the managers ot the Erie have had on
foot, negotiations, tending to secure the"
sam result by different means. They have
probably been hastened In this by the ac
tlotroi the Pennsylvania Central, In secure
fnglheYlttsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chica
go road, and which also threatened the
taking pt the Columbus, Chicago and
Indiana . Central .. ; road Into that
great.' corporation. Some days since,
says the Indianapolis Sentinel, the Erie
managers secured possession of the Atlan
tic and . Great Western rail road, which
properly runs from Dayton, Ohio, to Sala
manca New York, a station on the Dun
kirk branch of the Erie. road. This road
Is also broad gauze, and crosses the Co
lumbus, Chicago and Indiana Central road
at Urbana, Ohio. Tne Erie managers have
now added the cap stone to their great
scheme, by securing a perpetual lease of
the Columbus, Chicago and Indiana Cen
tral road, itself an -immense corporation
controlling sevn hundred and fifteen
miles of road. By: this virtual consolida
tion is secured at once a through route to
Chicago and connection to St. Louis and
to. Western Illinois, Missouri and Iowa
by the Logansport, Peoria and Burling
ton branch of the Central. It Is rumor
ed, and with some . show of truth,
that the Erie will also secure the Terre
Haute and Indianapolis road, and the new
line now being built from St. Louis to
Terro Haute; whether this can be done or
not remains to be seen. In toy event a
third rail will be put down on all narrow
guaze tracks, thus making a broad guage
irom New York and Boston to the West.
In addition to these new Hues secured, the
Erie will own a large interest one-third,
we believe In the Indianapolis and Vin-
cennes and the Tineennes and Cairo roads.
The Erie will then be, with perhaps one
exception, the greatest'rallroad corporation
In the world. Its great rival, the New York
Central, will be thrown cqmpletely In the
shade, so far as Western traffic Is concerned.'
and even the Pennsylvania Central will
have been distanced. The magnitude of
these operations is astounding, and far ex
ceeds anything ever dreamed ot In the way
of railroad consolidation.
The Pennsylvania Central must have
soma outlet, or feeder in the direction of
St. Louis, and as it already owns a line to
Colnmbus, it is but fair to suppose it will
push on out. Besides, it is Interested. In
several roads now bulling in the West,
Including the Indianapolis, Crawfordsville
and Danville, and the new route from Terre
Haute to St. Louis, and it is not probable
that It can afford to lose the advantages de
rived from their construction."
PiTCBixo In." Some people seem to
think that it Is the business of a local editor
to "pitch into" everything and everybody.
One man wants us to "pitch Into" the City
Council about the bad condition of the
streets; another wants us to "pitch into"
the Gas Company for charging so high a
price for such poor gas ; another begs us
to "give it to" the Druggists, because, like
other folks, they need a little rest occasion
ally, and don't keep their stores open all
day Sunday, and every night in, the. week
until 12 o'clock ; another begs us to rasp
the boys about town, for playing David
with people's , window glasses and sich
like, with their pesky little India-rubber
slings; and a lady Is very anxious to have
us pttch "heavily Into the young men who
stand around church doors on Sundays, In ;
the hope either of making a conquest by '
tbeir own good i looks, or ot getting a good
look at the fair frequenters of the house of :
God. ": '" ' ''"-"
iNow,' we are naturally" of an accommo
dating, disposition. We have-; lost a greats
deal of uue lis our iue trying to please,
everybody, but we beg to decline the posi
tion, offered. .Our inodesty will not allow,,j
us to become 'general fpitcher In" for ev-
rybody. It may be that all the parties to
whom allusion has been made deserve to
be "pitched into" no" doubt the streets
ought all to be macadamized, and a street
railroad put at pnce, in operation ; the gas
company ought to furnish better gas, at a
lqwer price "e drug stores ought to keep-.,
open all the time ; the boys ottgtt" not to
mash window panes with their slings and
ine young menougut not to look the fair
sex out of countenance on . Sundays ; hut. :
then, we prefer to let every one "pitch in"
for himself. We are reminded of an anec
dote, as the "late latnentednsed to say : A
fellow traveling oiit ' West, "stopped in a
small village, whose Lihabitantswerehav
ing some sport In the way ot a little hand-
to-hand fight. Everybody seemed to be
engaged'except one man, who stood by and !
enjoyed the lun. The traveler was "spllin' ,
for a fight," so he asked the looker-on If it .
was a free fight.
( Yes, iree, stranger, its a ree fight, so
Just pitch Tn.'" " '
And he went in, but it only took about
three minutes, as near as could be calcula
ted, to? bring ; him out again; with one eye
smartly bunged, his nasal organ looking
as l-st -pledge-hammer' had Ylslted It, and '
the better part of one of his ear gone.
The solitary man vm still looking on. -
and this f rfyeje(sa!(f t&bim sgalnI7'Lii"i t.
Did you say this was free fight, my
friend J 1 , 1Z ll S5T O "
' Yes, slree." , t
f Well, then. If this Is" a free fight, you
can just count me out." ---vi ',;;.:..
' That's just where we stand. We haven't
the slightest . objection to having people
pitched into, on all sorts of occasions, and
for all sorts of offenses, but we want every
One to do his own "pitching In."' It Is a
free fight, and we beg to be counted out
ReilKOABS in Ohio. General George
B.; Wright, Commissioner ot Railroads and
Telegraphs for the State of Ohio,' has our
thanks for a copy of. his report made to
the Governor,, , It is one of the most com
plete and useful documents ever given to
the public, and reflects great credit on the
Commissioner. From it we learn that there
are thirty-six railroads in the State, which
operate a total length of of 6,890 664-1000
miles. The total number of stock killed
during the year ending June 30th, 18G8, is
2,402, and there was paid for it the sum of
$42,211.92. There were 106 passengers and
employes killed, and 164 injured, as fol
lows : From causes bevond their own con.
trol, 6. killed and 35 Injured; from their
own misconduct or,, want of caution, 3
killed and 6 Injured; riding or walking on
the track49 killed and 23. Injured; miscel
laneous, M killed and U Injured; employes
killed tronr "causes' beyond their own con
trol, 9; injured, 33; from their own miscon
duct or want of caution, 27 killed and 56
injured. The aggregate expenditures of
the railroads of this State show an excess
over their earnings of $74,047.99. This
can be accounted for In the fact that many
of the Companies whose roads lie wholly
within, this State, Tiave anticipated their
earnings to pay dividends or make perma
nent Improvements. The total amount of
gross earnings of these roads Is $47,118,-'
723.44,- and the total expense, excluding"
new constructions, new equipments, divi
dends, &c; $32,920,034 32, so that the ac
tual excess of earnings over expenses for
the year is $14,198,683.12. - t
Oh. the Rink, the Rink, the beantifal Rink,
With its ioe o firm, and no fearful brink
To turtle the (lowing maiden dear.
Who trembles to Hand on the ioe ao clear.
Now, one foot forward, and away we go
Be crefal. mr dear, we mast so it alow.
For if we don't thej will laugh you know,
ro see us eosne down on the ioe jaatio!.
1 thoneht we'd do it. But try it again,
Thare'a nothinff aeoomDliahed if miffhtand main
Are not kept in view. Now. eat with your right
-to DraTeiy aone in a single mgnt
You'll learn to handle the ihining steel
I hi an to foot it mr dear Camilla.
Now. forward again. Nay hare no fear,
I'll be your guide, and keep )tn clear
Of the living feet around you hare .
Feet wbieh were once as awkward aa yours.
Now graoefully sweeping in oiroling tours.
Now here, now there, ah. see how ther fly :
Courage, my darling, and never ear die. "
You ok me very near it, but just in time,
I aved you from kissing (he frosty rime:
Your h md in mine yet many a fall
We'll get, no doubt, ere we learn it all.
Why there was Miss A , but the other day.
She fell so bard that she fainted away:
Yet she's here to night, on the orescent blades.
Among the fastest ot skating maids.
If you'd learn to do it. and do it well.
You must strike out in earnest, and strive to
Iook at that tylpb. Miss P , there.
She's cone half around on one foot. I declare.
And she is just "oat" see what she ean do.
If she goes it on ene ean't you, surely, on two T
Ml de4iMrandvmBow out. trht and left.
" I'll not leare you, my lored one," to languish be-
If jouwonld be.askatiat, now you must not ob
Thus flitting along, though we more la'her slow.
ne win try ana tags t
eed lest we fall, for you
ft is not Trr nleasant to rnmnlt one's elo';
A h 1 you struck out too quick, and down now we
All rigat onoe again, you're improving, I tow;
Won t you try it alone T Come, you don't need i
nnw. -
The first step is taken, though tbeice is not broke,
,u on, ana your saaung will not oe a joae.
Miss M , there in blue, who ranks 'mong the
But a few weeks aeo was ss poor as the rest
Of beginners, bhe now pirouettes and dana s
ainng ,
8o fearless, while humming the latest lore song,
Mm. C .la Dttits. whose evea are so brirht
That thev shine like the stars of a eold winter
Miss I , in Bismark. eniors. too. the snort.
And. as Jenkins has said, very graceful in short."
While the young Aliases Q . don't they do it
viiD ease.
And others they charm while themselves they so
And there ia MiaT a the awnfftAat nf !rla
Who has won half the beaux with her beautiful
Like Sampson, her power rests most in her hair.
Where hearts lie in meshes, like rabbits in snare.
Mrs. B is a skatist of transoendent powers.
And moves on the ice like Love 'mong the flowers,
Sre the lady in black, a 1 bordered with red,
1 know not her name if single or wed,
Hut I know that eaAh motion is Poesv's self.
While love beams irom her eye the saucy young
Now. ahead with a will, and vour feet to obev.
it nay seem work at first, in the end 'tis but play.
There is charming Miss T n, who's considered
so eiever.
Time and again she's been heard to assever
To put on the skates she determined sh'ed never,
And now you behold her eojoying the fun.
Though looking demure as a penitent nun.
What fashion deolares shall rule the bright hour
The edict to change it, say. who has the power T
What matter though Jenkins may happen along
And vour names in the nanerara tarrihlv rnn f
No one minds Jenkins, he's always about.
Although his mamma never knows he is out;
tie's a clever young tellow. a sportive younc
A nd I reall v believe the best in the trade.
Then the papers must live, mv darlina. von know.
And sensation's the rage with the high and
the low.
That's manaaer R . Mtminf this vit.
lie's a big thing on ioe, though not a huge one in
He is Kinar of the Rinks in bin alorv to-dav.
That dsshing young skater H. M . is his name.
Soon t'will be well known to skatorial fame.
And that's Jeemsv W . iustan aliAk aa a mire.
And so graceful you'd think he was born on the
w jin s Kates on bis tootsies, " so trim and so
How he skims 'round the rink, like a ehiiying
Beatinc his elder companions all hollow.
vonna aaraiiow.
Ana mere's me Adonis, the well known young
It takes a regiment of tailors to keep him in dress,
He got a huge fall when the ice it was wet.
And some say that he hasn't got over it yet.
And there is the Dootatveo eaild and so bland
With the very small feefc and the ladv-like haail.
Were it- not for his. whiskers, yoa'd think him a
His hair having sueli an effeminate eurl.
And there is the gentleman just from abroad.
Who is well no in Faust and all works of Gounod;
His soul's full of musio his voice is as sweet
As the mariners of Afton, where the bright waters
But enough for to-day of these notable men.
Who've been rushed into print with a sharp local
A lxw. Fsaiilz- Paper. The successful
founder. of Illustrated papers In 'America,
Frank Leslie, will Issue In the first week In
January a new family paper entitled "The
New World" devoted to Romonce, Travel,
Discoveries, Hygiene, The Farm and the
Kitchen, Art, Poetry and Humor. It is to
contain several features of Interest not
fpund in any Family Newspaper nowptib
lisheaYtrat required by 'mbdern 'wants and
improvements, such as a record of recent
Scientific Discoveries, by Prof. Joy, of
Columbia College; transactions of the
Polytechnic and Farmers departments of
the American Institute, Illustrated; Health
and Its Laws By DriAi'IC Gardner; Inci
dents of Travel and Reminiscences of Ad
venture by Hon. E. G. Squter and other
travelers; Food and how to Cook it, The
Dairy, the Orchard and Garden. Each
number is also to contain A Bill of Fare
with directions fbrJts preparation adapted
to the season; for1 each dajr' Of the1 week by
the Lelands of the Metropolitan Hotel.
The whole tastefully printed and Illustra
Go to Beat's Auction Booms for Furs
to-day. Last chance, No. 3 South High
Thk clergy use 'Barrett's."
Dok'x iorgei the last sale of Furs, this
afternoon,' at Beal's Auction Eoomr'No.'3
South High street.
' JevreliTr made and repaired by C. E.
Srnitb, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
' novGd3m
If you want to save' fifty per cent, in the
price of Furs, go to Beat's Auction Boom,
this afternoon, No. 3 South High street.
Great demand for "Barrett's."
Furs, Bobes, Gloves, &c, at BeaJ's Auc
tion Booms, to-day; No. 3 South Higb
street. The best assortment In the city.
Imitations ot Hall's Vegetable Sicilian
Hair Benewer are being thrust upon the
market In great numbers; do not be de
ceived by them, but demand Hall's.
Calx, tor "Barrett's" and take no ether.
New xeab Presents. Pianos, new, 7
octave, for $300. Organs, Melodeons and
all kinds ot small instruments. Silver
Plated Ware, of all varieties of style and
cheap. 36 North High street.
dec23 Harris & Co.
"Barrett's" Wonderful
Hair Bestora-
ITitw Stork and Njcw Goods. Shower
& Bro. have just opened In Miller's new
building, 62 North High street, the larg
est and cheapest stock of Boots and Shoes
ever offered in this market. Ladles and
gents call and examine tor yourselves.
janl-2t Showkb & Bao.
"Barrett's" makes the head leel fine.
Jeleff & UeButts, Locksmiths and
bell hangers, at No. 141 North High street,
are now prepared to bang parlor and hotel
bells In the neatest and latest style. Sew
ing machines repaired and satisfaction
guaranteed. Models built for patentees,
and all kinds ot light machinery made and
repaired. Keys ot all description always
on band, and sate and jail locks made and
repaired may23-s-ly
Most Diseases of Inebriates are to be
attributed to their excessive partaking of
strong alcoholic beverages. These diseases
can never be eradicated as long as thf
patient Indulges too freely in strong drinks.
The first step to be taken Is to destroy tht
appeute lor liquor, and -this can onl b
done with DrwJohnstosi's Speclflc, the
iniaiiiDie remeay lor Drunkards.
sep22-dtfc&wly-cw. 1 -'-'
HoixowAT'sf)Plt,tsNplhlng Is harder
to deal with than a deeply-seated purulent
sore. This all aurgeons admit. And yet
the worst tpeoleeol sores some of them of
ten and twenty years standing have been
cured absolutely and entirely, in a few
weeks, by Hoixoway's Ointment. Hospi
tal practitioners, who have used It, ac
knowledge that none of the officinal salves
possess the same healing properties, and
the public long ago arrived at the same
conclusion. ' Sold by all Druggists.
A cask of Humphreys' Homoeopathic
Specific in the house is? a well-spring of
satisfaction. You can always find tne true
remedy tor a cold, cough, sore throat,
croup, face-ache, weak stomach, catarrh,
or other of the thousand aliments to
which a family are subject, and tbutrsave
doctor's bills, sickness and suffering. Price
of a full case and book of directions is $10.
Sent to any address on receipt of the
price. 7 Address, Humphreys' Specif rc
Homoeopathic Medicine Co. 562 Broad
way, N. Y. jyl3-d&wly-cw
Nervous Debility, with Its gloomy at
tendants, low spirits, depression, Involun
tary emissions, loss of semen,-' spermator
rhoea, loss of power, dizzy head, loss of
memory and threatened 1 Impotence and
Imbecility, find a sovereign cure ia Hum-,
phreys' Homeopathic Specific No. Twenty-Eight.
Composed of the most valuable,
mild and potent Curatives, they strike a
once at the root of the matter, tone up the
system, arrest the discharges, and impart
vigor and energy, life and vitality to the
entire man. They have cured thousands
of cases. Price $3 per package of six box
es and vial, which is very important In ob
stinate or old cases, or $1 per single box.
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by mall on
receipt of price. ' Address Humphreys'
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co- S62
Broadway, New York jyl3-deod&wly
Central Ohio Lunatic Asulum,(
. Columbus. Aug. 31. 18G8. t-
Jno. B. SiddaU, Esq Agent New England
Mutual JMe ins. U of Boston, Mass. :
Dear Sir I am Informed that there have
been misstatements made In regard to div
idends paid by your Company to my Life
Policy, which I have had in the New Eng
land Mutual for 24 years. For the informa
tion of those Interested In Life Insurance, I
will state that I am entirely satisfied with
the New England Mutual. I receive my
dividend of profits regularly, and that they.
now amount to about one hundred per
cent, on my premium. Dividends paid an.
nually in cash.-- ' '
f Signed, - W. X. Peck,
Sup't C. O. Lunatic Asylum.
Dr. Wm. X Peck, and Dr. ilorrell, his
assistant, have both to-day made applica
tion tn the New England Mutual for more
Lite Insurance."' rTTTrriTTrrC
' Geo: F.'O'Harra & Co., Ag'tsJ
Naughton Block, Columbus.
And be did many wonderful works, In
somuch that his name was pronounced in
many tongues. And there came unto him
Judith, from the sea port of New Bedford,?
Who had been1 sick for many'years; and'
alter some days her pains were gone. She
slept soundly, and did rejoice In eating her.
food.And Asa, from those which are call
ed Quakers, In the great city of Philadel
phia, wrote an epistle, saying : O, Doctor!
accept thou this money, which is. called.
greenbacks, and hath the picture of Abra
ham, thy friend, on one end.. For verily I
was weak, exhausted and despondent; I ate
but little, and suffered many pains, and thy
Plantation Bitters gave me health, liken
ed janjy unto the vleor of youth. AndUDOn
such as are, affllctedwlth .liver complaint,'. J
with sour stomach, with general debility.
and dyspeptic pains, in all parts of the land
did these Bitters produce astonishing cures.
X--. -1 - - L " . ' I'
Magnolia Water. Superior to the best
imported German Cologne, and sold at half
tho nripp.
BKT4ept25-ded&wlvcw I Q iJCA
' - . -. - . r i
ifrirrramr tri 1 1 mfvJl
l rllllliniJ '-a
Will restore it to its natural color and. promote Its
R. P. HALL Ca. Nasnma, N. Proprietors.
For sale by all Druggists.
jalyK dltawAwljr-cm
-II l )!!- '
Sr. XoblaV Tenetlaaa Ilorae aLiat
;i snesst. j'i'a's.ji a'.-.
Pint bottles at $1. for the cure of lameness
scratches, wind galls, sprains, braises, splints, ents,i
eolie, slipping stifle, over-heatinc, sore throat, nail
in the foot, Ac. It is warranted cheaper, and bet--ter
than any other article erer offered to the public.
Thousands of animals hare been oared of the oolie
and over heating bj the Liniment; and hundreds
that were crippled and lams bare been restored to
their former vigor. It is used by the first horse
men throughout the States. ' Orders are constantly"
received from the raoisg stables of England for
fresh supplies tf this invaluable artiola. Over
2.600 testimonials have been feo aired. ,-. Remember
one dollar laid out in time mar save the life of
your horse.- gold by all Druggists. Offioe, 10 Paik
Place. New York. . ... , 4 t :
i enelS-dA wlycm-reirr
DR. A: B. WILLIAMS. West Broadway" neat
High street, Uoiumbas, Ohio, has devoted himself
or a series of years to the treatment of certain pti.
vate diseases. Me may bs consulted at bis offie
Broad wa , near the Kxchange Bang
YOUTH restored In four weeks. Suoeess
restores mahly powers, from whatever cause ari
sing; the effects of early pernicious babiis, self
abuse, impotency and climate, give away at once to
this wonderful medioine, if taken regularly accord
ing to the directions (which are very simple and re
quire no restraint from business or pleasure.) Fail
ure is Hbpossible. held in bottles at S3, or four
quantities in one for $9. To be had only of the sole
appointed agent in America. H. Gibitzsn, 87
1 hird Ave., corner 13th St., New York.
I H AVI heard it highly extolled and have seen its
wonderful effects, writes liartha II. Johnson, of
Derby. Ct., about Palmer's Letion.
An Ordinance
To assess a special tax upon the real estate bound
ing on High street from a point 135 feet sooth of
Friend street to the south line of South i'ublio
Suction 1. Beit ordained by the City Council
of the city - of Columbus, That the sum of Five
Dollars be and the same is hereby levied sod assess
ed upon each foot front of the several lots of land
bounding or abutting upon High street from a
point 135 feet south of Friend stieet to the south
line of South Publio lane, as the same are desig
nated upon the plat of the Civil Engineer, on file
in tbe office of tne City Clerk, for the partial cost
and expense of excavating and paving the road way,
gutters and crossings along the same with the Mio
olson pavement.
Sko.3. That the owners of the several lots of
land upon whioh the foregoing assessment is made,
shall pay the amounts of money by them severally
due in that behalf to Jno. Walsh A- Co. within twen
ty days from the date ot this ordinance, or be sub
ject to the interest and penalty allowed upon the
same by law.
. President of the City Counoil.
Passed Dec. SI. 1888.
a Attest: L. J. WiLSOM. City Clerk.
" V 1 ' ' WSSTBSK KKSXRVl BaUX,) '
Wabbbn, Ohio, August is. issd.
holders of tbe outstanding notes of the lata
Western Reserve Bank, and to all other parties in
terested, that after tbe expiration- of six months
from this date, application will be made to the Au
ditor, Beoretary and Treasurer of State, to surren
der to said Bank the stocks deposited to secure the
outstanding circulation of said Bank, in pursu
ance ef the forty-fifth (45) section of aa aet entit ed '
"An act to incorporate the State Bank of Ohio,
and othor Banking Companies," passed February
i Jf-WBKINS. President,
M. B. Tatlm. Cashier.
August li less, augffl-wSm
Stock of Dew and superior roods, embraein
out. without reserve, at the store in DKSHLEH'S (i
MlBDars them with tiioaa uaaall hwMi1 ,
Mem' Kip Boot all IT bole aLesAtber,
Boys Kip Boots,
Yoatbs' Kip Boola, "
Child. Kip Boots).
Meiss) Csstf; Tup-Soled Boot,
Women's) Call Shoe, Beat, -
Wowaeaa'a Besl Morocco Shoe -
sLadles) Doable Soled aLaallag Co sag
Ladles' do., SHU Gore. Tory Beat, -
Misses' Morocco Shoes, Polish,' -
Chllds' Morocco Shoes, -
. ,; ate, ... afcc, .
These roods are anaranteed to be of snoerior material and workmansnin. and will hear mmninuii
with an r in the market. . . .
Don't forget that the sate is poaitiv. and Is limited to bnt a few weeks.' Another such opportunity
will never occur aaain. Be sure and And the riaht place (there is bnt one) before bavins:.
DESHLER'S. SEW BUILDING, opposite the Btatssxam Ornoa, is the place. Uo and see
QoodS. . !..,;,,.
deoT-deod3m-r . .
i '
' ' -t
' 1 ... .
Having greatly, enlarged onrjFrlnting Facilities by the purchase of a complete new
The Latest and Hostji Apprbrcd Style;
And the addition of New
!- . '.'.: ' ' v'.-.V
Generally conceded to be tbe fastest
In connection with BUGGLES', GOBDON'S and WELLS' Job. Presses, that bave
Sroven such successes in our office and baying tbe largest and-most commodious
ullding In this city In wbicb to operate, we are now prepared .: j.u. j f.-jKUtl
a;..- . . r. a
rn tbe best and neatest style of tbe art, and npon terms that cannot be competed wltS.
Our last New Presses, onr Improved Economical Machinerythe result ot the iagr
nulty and inventive talents of the best minds of the age enable us to do good w at
at MUCH CHEAPER BATES than can be done in tbe old style and with only the old
facilities. The Office la com pie ts in all its arrangements, and can do the work with, r
9 i 10 -r.: 'Tl
rJ-i ..
Legal Blanks,)'
Blank Books,
Business Cards
In this specialty we
Having More Presses
Offices in the
We are prepared to execute all kinds of Printing, ia any color, at lower prices than
onr neighbors.
Nos. 36, 38 and 40
! . ...: 'a,: .:. . :..
' COLUMBUS, oiiib.
every thin in the line of MBNS'. WOMEN'S,
AND SHOES, now offered for sale, and to be oleaed
W BUILDUiQ. Look at some of tae pfioaeaad
. - ...If c !nol i
f3 OO, Regular price $4.S
- 1. S.OO, '
i.SOj " e I i!"'a '
- ijis,; :.; '' '
n : J. TjJ, -. efe ,nmetH
1 a.so
Galtem, 1.40,
; '- - 1.65, - '
' -''
.,- " - O.JO, "
eC ' .' afcc,N , . AC
i JE2. CJ. CLOTJI 5c CO. i
, - . . i- . .. '
in.i.i V'5 I'll - Ir!
.l .
' ! . -.' !
O Li .11 v
.1 J
Prcssesincluding a
! j -MM
and best PriritiDg Machine in tbe world-
1o Int! .r-t J.rl int.' ii
Bill Heads, -Letter
Drufi: Labels,'
Bills of Fare, Etc.,
are unsurpassed.
than all Other Printing
City Combined;''-' "
!?;:! v ..-kit m .or
3.; .El")
"tj.irS HJti KT'JCJ iv a 111
,a if .! L o i i
Bulldlnaf; ; VJ
North High Street,
:..;! ie.':-.-. - t .
holiday: coodD.
or ti?iaT leenrtwe "J I" -naefl' jnrerocS
- .v '. - ! ' - .ti''r
: iS. ",m -v'' .- -e
-n : .
' ". F'"-: V . .Y .X
' . i ' -j. ' . . ... - . -' ,'
. .' . -.'
. - . . . .. i . - J !
- j -fr ..
. 3 TIHA p .a V A v :
.' .. ; .1 - U -. 5if
.; . ! '- . -t
. .'i
J ..-T:." -i iJlfr
. ' .'.-.; K ..-. -! e'T
.' .'; : .' : .' , n a ) .ja ,:aal
- . .. . .' .K
nuv 1 ' ' ;itisslrl ,414 mH
. x a aw iiatsa
H OLID A Y CO bbb;'
.: . .t.. ,f v:i .. a . ..-f..a X
- :o .t.-i.aiJ'".il. w " .
i::rii .is 4 -i itwaijjjcea. SLm.?
,ravj3 .HT!Mi
,;'aM r'aomJ'T srraraaX
ra e'iie-r, -t
it .... . A Ji .b.A.'i: .;,.:
. J .It .1 ,.' T.,OtfS:J
.' ..'- tt Ji.'Ji
ti - ir'h ?Ti:.' WT..U.S ijaaie1 'j;U
iA.ii ti l a .a e'uij
Jimi. i .O 'i
O'.T rr -f saii4' i ':,T.i
" j.u - .mtJ '
TXXLa-raiSSit ..1 3.
rs- srx fcc-.r . i7f
a af..'V;iiri .a..ia.'rvii3
"-T St !ji..s!.H
. ... i.i, ,OT,aana)
-Jl .s', ...., a iS
' -ia. .1 flKi.7-e" .jal
S. - ! eli.T
ia A.srataaa
I xi.isis'! W.t araj
-mv-i- . .jjaiii V extao-3
fii .... .... V y.-i?-xuj r,riioT Ct4 .
' . ncl.u:.". Ua
. I S V.
i ..Jaoi'iorf-Ifll
: i
; 9 it ti b - - cWTtM' ipn'f
, p:-;iii It'- i ri:cji' !?
.flu rrjk-.--; i fc ij ut.im )
W tM W.-. . aaeirJ
. " Mr- .f f t at wT
:rt. ; , ; .. ? Meat ft oT
ff : n w jfi tfl 4
,i i jH :Ji i 3r. T
It tl-litifW ,t rVi -t
. :--.i V K Vf .ttti.
' be In' TM39L 9tf.
I ; o3 is-iw est-, ii d rT
r r;s .4 i. .: i5. k --H euer
.3. a 'ii t !o1it; ,ifiafe bi oT
-teal at
'Vi'H"' "riifi'"''" w.n
-HTnl sjts
iIm.S alt IV ataiix
ns s-i.-i-j ,f JicaK altr pi:iiw .lostuoO
ei!t no h'.til !.iiucli:A na to tiisoraa
isjn wobs-atn Jitv ,oiV' aUTiiT
: -rti- tarfr
lUw an .r-'ut-u-jf.-kn-t Jt ,ii f.w fait
:)rfT ."rz- Vtlf VC&iTBrl vdt HQ t If ItbsB
vu J t ') it: ii .;iit ct OIjtI OWOt
ilhjllt )H W-.nl ;.!T .CL'!ZS030 di 0
-I .-) -j.'l i !(W H T1 b(o! SU
: -r.v 1 i :i,ts'!-t 1ii a tnnfot
rj-Jsn t?? : ff.-.-r . - ylinh ena t)-rm
..11 ' a m - '
au a9u,irajr uuu aai aa aa aa as3ae3j
tions, so -'mm'- to'jfet tlaefcfia
' cliolco of otir tettTga '
io 9 Stock ot
1 .Ii-:- a at ,
J.' t7 e Si :mi
:i tunc 1 i
rtt s;
ro y
staple fancy::
n'j i at.. ..i. til
.s-ii.. rr.r rr
a i-4
f .. i jf.-) sa
'. ' vi:rrrd
i-n'-t ,;.... i-i-ttne-w
Wbioh isj noe- complete lv -,
every Department. . nt.
: . ; huh . j ..sia fli
. i . US.U -i an . 'L.'iJO.tS
' ''.' ;' :i- ' "' -':. j. -isojtrf
. -' . -6' 1 aa:i eii idi km
.M'-j la' s'ii-iiJnj
.1 - ---f; !a.'w in ,-,io!j m.,.i
' ' 1 ' a t' i v. . -n
.i-i,l St 1 ,Tifl.H T i-U,-
ri .sai r.a;:i s :n' -In-tr t-''H.
.? ,'(.-! ;;:! '.:.,..-i ; i
Aro I offered 'tlianj 'otutfHa;
r- had elsxewlieire U
bio Msdl
j q Icmii-.iA-ii-fia tJi-d ti-.rfl d;rw
I i Hoa J ( g r!:iw ,ia :l -,m!4 fc
j ; vtjiiq 7i- 2 nijj' s.-nr. -ij; ..,' .at
, irf-jii.J a vi cuiii za-'A a tin.l -.. Jed
' -i'A a-aq.ja iii uiii .b'tToda.o si
; 2430 An6 2432
: h-ji-j I :':j-ic V; : ;:r. ,i.f Maoris is.ft
, v x o
South Hich Street.
i t ni3 .ra'fi "10 iot.1 -;-jY : mH H'tKi'l ;
!,V(I Ji.'fTll twSMfi'.t I "i.l.;.'01 'fj?-2. '.

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