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corrected by W. J; Savage, Jeweler, 83
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WT. Th, ', Win.
T M 1 BmitW js
C! ndy.
. Kai
, H. M.
4 JA
13 r , . wew..'-
H. M. -.....
't SO 1 ftem Sets
8aa Rieee 1 so ' nets
'erThe City Council mSiets ,to-nlyhi '
tTNewcomb't minstrels wlU b here
" on the 21st of Jnur..
tW The railroad ticket agents are golnjr
.to form mutual insurance company
. WTThere wu hot one galoot before the
Mayor Saturday a plain drunk chap
Yesterday was a beautiful sy. ,! A
ast Improvement on H predecessors. , i
B-wmxi om HMncatlonal Monthly, for
January, is on our table,; -A good number.
j t5rJ We call attention, to the improve
ment made, hy Mr. Savage In our meteoro
logical table. " - : "v 5
tUT" J. N. will tHumt all upon himself
while lifting the yell that now enshrouds
truth, pn-Tuesday, at the State House-.
fTbe skating portion of oar cotnmn
Blty. hare . the . blues at present, ine
shining steel " Is at a discount.1' Well. lt
hound to freeze again, that's one comlort.
Phshioioot.-Mr. Stone, whose adrerr
tlsement will be found In to-aays states
man, comes to us highly recommended by
tke Oeveland Plain Dealer, as an able de
nneator of .'character. ."rl-!.-: v ir i
- f 4 - V." -'l-i 1 SB .I-.r.-.
4 Marcm : To-morrow. The legislature
meets again .to-morrow.-. We notice-the
Speaker, Hon, P,'W. Thbrnhill, Coil. Sam.
Pike, Rerjreant-at-Arms, and many of the
members already in the city. . : .1 :. .
v Bokt TnxDiJ&. Tw DeLanyj Prosecu
ting Attorney elect,, on Saturday filed his
official bond with the Auditor, and Judge
Pugb administered the oath of office. He
wM enter on his duties at once, i .
. l; .. --r ' Tt .!.
-MnjiKXRT Pkizfs. At Simmons', Nos.
1H and. 791,. were the numbers drawn on
Mew Tear's morning. , . .- .
, llrs.E..lkiShPdd, ,te. the owner of f 91.
- - . . . . --r - . ... 11
ana cne noioeroi w. 4MCTwy w
at once, t4 she is entitled to the first choice.
J"rjFj--Tbe alarm of fire aboutnoon yes
frrday was canFedJ)y ine "paVtral "hufuln'sr
of the floor T the jsrrettf ahcnse. come'
of Elm and Center alleys, betongrlnar to a
Mr. Bancroft, and occupied by colored fam
lHefc It wss extinguished without much
loss. , ,;; .; -" -S- .
". Marbi Ijcsnsk. There were 23
marriage licenses issued by . the Probate
Ooort during the week ending Saturday;
Jan. 3d. the largest number issued any one
week during the year Our young; folks
aeetn determined to commence this year
right if they AeVer do another one. . ; ' . .
! JSnkak Thief". Arrested. A sneak thief
was arrested on FrMsy night for stealing
an overcoat belonging t. Hon" John F.
Fillet, from the rark In the hall of Judge
Tbnrman's house." Ha li1ffnrfMr'' "'"i
bis plunder as far as"' wtentj h i
wis captured." Ha was iuucd 'up. ioi- fu
ture reference a iV-.- '..
, - - i ' .- r ,
'frr. I..fi j. , ' " !. " r. .; '
' BREArrad WnftowB A fellow was ar'
rested, .on Satordaj olghtfor throwing
stones through thewlndows of the'Ek
ehmnge Hottf salooi - H bad beaa, ejected
from the aaloen because of his disorderly
conduct, and took his revetige out of tbe
window panes. Inother words he made
tofo their pane ,Tbls is a croc joks - ;
CoMMissiojosRSTt Afpoimxn. The" Gov
ernor during the month of December made
the following appointments ' of Commis
sioners of Deads for the State of Dhio: Levi
8. Russell, Savannah, Ga. ; Wm; B. Wiley,
Lancaster, Pa,; Lyman" E. Munson,' N"ew
Havent Conm; ,ffm. S. Dunn, Ne w Tork
city; J.TW. WestcotluTIemphls, Tenn. '
a . . x -
- To0CHiso Tbiflks It has been said that
the destiny of the-world often hangs on the
merest trifles. A Httle miff between Charles
. 11. 1 T .tl.t.
jsonap&rie iuiu uis wq atibia, iuihiiihtc
broken off a marriage which gave birth to
Napoleon hd the ; battle of Waterloo.'
Suppose a little mlfi. had taken place be
tween Adam and Eve what then T
Morsing abd Evening Stars. Venus is
the morning star, rising during the whole
month of January about two and one-half
hours before the sun. Jupiter is the even
ing staVT It set on the 1st at llh. 44m, and
sets about 3 minutes earlier every even
ing. .Mars rose at about 9h. 4ra. evening
on the 1st, and will rise about 5 minutes
earlier every day. " -
Emigrant Agbnt's Kkp jrt.t-C. H. C am-
pen. Genera Western Emigrant Agent, re
ports the arrival of 261 emigrants at this
point daring the week! ending Saturday,
January 21. They design locating as fol
lows : Ohio, 6 Missouri, 40 ; Illinois, 67;
Indiana, 17; Kentucky, 19; Tennessee, 22;
Wisconsin, 31; Minnesota, 7; lows, 5; Mich
igan, il ; -; :
4Mr. John W. Ellis, well known through
out tbe West as the ; energetic and highly
successful President of tbe First National
Bankof Cincinnati, has been elected one
of the Directors of the National Life in
surance Company, of tbe United States of
America, which is advertised in our col
umns. Mr. Ellis' high reputation as a firt
aancier and business man, will add to the
popnlsrity-iready great of this new en-
terprise in tne rvesb
. Bully Boys. There Is a certain species
of -yonng anlmaL held by many mothers as
st best, s doubtful blessing; by many si$-
KHUI Dllt""J mvtiu. j
presslble nuisance ; by settled splnters and
contemplative old ladies as a sort of small
Apache -skirmishing' apon the outposts -of
civilization,' siid specimens of which these
good people would Involuntarily invite into
drawing room or flower garden no sooner
than wild horses. This creature Is a boy.
.Postponed. Mi Schneider, because of
severe indisposition, was compelled to post-
none her concert on Saturday afternoon.
The announcement of the postponement
was received with regret by the ladles ot
our eitv large numbers .of whom visited
Naurhton Hall Saturday njf to toe disap
pointed.! We will Inform our readers when
it will take place In a few days, so soon ss
Miss 8ohneider sbaU be sufficiently reepv
efed to make the necessary arrangements,
. rnr NTT Cwiimwbioners' ; Meeting-At
a meeting of the 'County 1 Commissioners
(..id RaMirdav. the following bills were
.iinnrMi- J. P. Remmv1. no aO: E.' D.
Kinesiev,: i.iu: j?ievu jnjrco,.u
. - T I C UhamA 1 ft
T. Gaver, jail bill for quarter ending Jan.,
teaa $849.50. It was ordered that an order
. drawn on the! Treasury for $108
&vorof C Shoemaker on account of brick
vault ln-Cbnrt Honser
'fwdertd. Tbak JameG BulV Mayor, nd
P. MuTpby, Marsnal, be .allowed $25 in
State cases for quarter 'ending Dec: 81st,
1868. .. i'l 'jiK.IXX
a nrA(i was Issued In favor oT James
Legg for $25 and A. C. Head ley's-bill pi
$21.68 for enyelope ancj postage jtanips
wasaUowed. .
Wintkr.Evsninos. Who. does not re-
member-"tee "bright fire Bid1 of the long ;
winter evenings of the past, ere the dark ;
stove earn to make shadows instead of ,
sunshine Into the room? - Happy daysl i
when life was yet young and tbe cares and i
sins of the world unknown, when friend
ships were sincere end affection nnpre
tepdedlj They are .gonejont the endless
royagei n the warm,v genial 'fires hkve
borne them company, perchance, too, never
more to return with their happy, light and
jayous circles. But the winter evenings
are not; and though we may not have the
heme-hearth ef other years to gather
around, though the ' old-fashlone'd fire Is
filled up or hid away out of sight, and the
sombre looking stove has taken its place,
yet we have joyous hearts and loving com-i
panlons to share our hours and add .to our
eijoy ment. . How pleasant to make oneol
a delighted home circle, and listen to the
reading of books and. periodicals, to con
verse and be cheerful, 8m lie in answer to
the smile of loved ones, make happy and
be happy. '.Try the eiperiment,;; dear
reader, and our word for it, you will leel
better , and be better than If your winter
evenings are spent in idleness or lolly.
Teassfkupbd' Satcrdat. The follow
ing tran.-fsirs of real estate were lelt at the
Recorder's office on Saturday: ..
Jacob Miller and wife to Alfred Taylor,
January 2d, 100 acres of land in Jackson
township for 3,500. ' ;";
John Dayis to Samuel T. Martin.. Jan.
2d, Inlot No. 640 In the city of Columbus,
James Corry and wife to Mary Ford,
Dec. 19th, 1863. fi acres of land in Jack
son township for 3,685 60. ' - -- - - -
Jonas Wilcox and wife to Samuel Bethel
Jan. 2d, 1 acre of. land iu Montgomery
township, for f 350. . ;
John Reeb and ' wife to W. H. Dunnick ,
Dee. 28th, 1868, lot No. 8 of tbe sab-divis
ion of in-lot No. 233, for $2,500. ;.";-, .
? H. W;an4H. O. Johnson and wives to
Wm. Chambers. Aug, 24th, 1863, loU Nos. 9
and 10 in the town of Flint, fc160. t -
.Sarah Harris et at -to,-ehristopher Em-
rich and Anthony Pinger, Dec. 31st, 1863,
part of in-lot No. 236 of original plat of
the city of Columbus, for $3,334.
Filed Saturday. The following cer
tificates of Incorporation were filed with
the Secretary of State Saturday : -
Of the Wellsvllle Iron company, organ
zed for the purpose of manuiacturing Iron
and articles made from irony Principal
office InTellow Creek township, Colum
biana county. Capital stock $200,000 in
shares of $50 each. A. Smith, A. Wells,
Wm. Bleakley, Edward Morgan, John M.
Correll, D. M. Bane, A Bartholomew, P.
F. Geisse, A. Bodgers and N. W. Walker
are tbe eorporators. :, ;.-. - ,
; Of the Bock Kiver Water Power Silver
Mining company organized tor the purpose
of mining for silver ore. Principal office
in Sandusky city. Capital stock $300,000
In shares of, .$3 each. . J. - P. Miner, E.
Alvard,L. Cable, John Beck and W, Al'varJ
are the corporators.
Cool Burgess Minstrels. This fine
company wilf open tbe Opera Houee to
night, when will be presented a splendid
programme for the amusement of our cit- '
Izens. Cool's nameo long and so familiarly v
associated with minstrelsy, is a guarantee
that the concert will be a good one, worthy
the patronage of those fond of this sort of
amusement. His programme is brim full
ol fun and pleasantry, to be presented by
an excellent troupe of first class perfor
mers. Cool Burgess, as Nickodemus John
son, it is said, has no superior in the busi- .
ness. J. K.; Campbell. is one of those old
time banfolsts, always popular, always
great, who existed in'the early days of the
profession, when to be a first rate banjo
player it was necessary to be a first rate
musician. Harry Mortimer is one of the
finest balladists, the eastern papers say,,
now traveling.- , . , ... r
The Champion Skatist. We regret the
soft weather of last, week rendered the fee
so unfit lor the fulf display of. the powers
ot E. C. Goodrich, the champion of Amer
ica, in the art skatorlal, yet the exblbl-,
tlons he was able to give, satisfied all who
saw him that he is without an equal on ice.
His movements are rapid, extraordinary,
and almost incredible. Mr. Goodrich will
leave us in a day or two for new triumphs
ot skill, for wherever he appears he must
Cut Them Shorter. Long dresses are
an abomination. They not only incom
mode the public, but give the wearer much
Inconvenience.' The only, practicable way
for ladies to prevent men from treading on
their dresses is to wear them short. It
would be a much better way to cure the
evil than cross looks and worse speeches
uttered to gentjemen who never inten
tionally offend those whdfiarpet tbe stairs
of concert rooms and the sidewalks with
their long, frail habiliments-! i
Statb Street Theater. By the adver
tisement it will be seen that this place of
popular resort, has received. a still further
addition ot talent, and will now rank with
any variety entertainment in the-country.
The banjo performances of Miss Ada Wray
are nightly Veeeived with shouts of ap
plause. Iiulse Payne Wray, in her pecu
lisr line, has noTsuperlof. Joe Main, the
popular Ethiopian; delineator, is en gaged
at this house. Joe is a star, Joe is. :
t-X AH . -
-7 V- i -f
2Tw Year Presents. Pianos, new, 7
octave, for 9300." Organs', .Melodeons and
all kinds ot small Instruments. Silver
Plated Ware, ot all varieties of style and
cheap. 36 North High street. . - u -
dec 23 - Habris & Co.- ,
Hoixowat' Pixls. Nothing is harder
to deal with than a deeply-seated purulent
sore. This all surgeons admit. And yet.
the worst species of sores some of them of
ten and twenty years standing have been
eared absolutely and entirely, in a few
weeks, by Holloway's Ointment. Hospi
tal practitioners, who have used it, ac
knowledge that none of the officinal salves
possess tbe same Dealing properties, ana
tbe pnbllo Ion ago arrived at the same
conclusion... Sold by all Druggists. ..,
jj9-dly-cw t.
A'abb of Humphreys' Homoeopathic
Sphcipic in the bouse is a well-spring of
satisfaction. : Ton can always find the true
remedy tor a cold, cough, sore throat,
croup, face-ache, weak stomach, catarrh,
or other of the thousand ' ailments to
which a family are subject, and thus save
doctor'? bills, sickness and suflering. Prict
of a full case and book ol directions is $10.
Sptta! any iaddregaToa" receipt cf tbo
price. Address,' -Humphhbts' gpscirrc
Homceopathic Mkdicink Co. 662 Broad
way, NY, -..;"'. Jyl3-dfewly-cw
."Hbadache and Nidbalqia, in their va
rious' forma, are." the,bane of life to thou
sands; i Pain, suffering, ' restlessness and
agony distract and wear out the life
Humphreys' Specific Homoeopathic Fsml
ly Caees contain the remedies and direc
tions by whieh the most obstinate of these
dlsf ses .may . b . . ,cu,red sometimes " like
maftric and "witliln an hour, but always by
tb'etf perseveririgL'use. Price of full esse
and book $ lO.'pSenrby mail on receipt o
price. Address, HuaiphreyB. Specific Ho
moeopathic' Medicine. Co,' 662 ProadwayJ
N. Y. ' ' jyi3-d&wly-ow
And he did many wonderful" works, in
lomuch that his name was pronounced in
liany tongues. And there came unto him
f udltb, from the sea port of New Bedford,
who had been sick for many years; and
itter some days her pains were gone. She
lept soundly, and did rejoice in eating her
-'ood. And Asa, from those which are call
ed Quakers, in the great city of Phlladel
iibla, wrote an epistle, saying: O, Doctor!
iceept thou this tnonej', which is called
rreenbacks, and hath the picture of Abra
am, thy friend, on one end. For verily I
as weak, exhausted and despondent; I ate
"ut little, and suffered many pains, and thy
Plantation Bitters gave me health, liken
:d only unto the vigor of youth. And upon
,uch as are afflicted with liver complaint,
vlth sour stomach, with general debility
ind dyspeptic pains, in all parts of tbe land
lid these Bitters produce astonishing cures.
Magnolia Water. Superior to the best
imported German Cologne, and sold at ball
thu price. .
Nervous Debility, with its gloomy at
tendants, low spirits, depression, involun
tary emissions, loss of semen, spermator
rhoea, loss of power, dizzy head, loss ol
oemory and - threatened impotence and
imbecility, find a sovereign cure in Hum
phreys' Homeopathic Specific JJo Twenty-Eight.
Composed of the mo6t valuable,
mild and potent Curatives, they strike a
once at tbe root of tbe matter, tone up the
system, arrest the discharges, and impart
vigor and energy, life and vitality to tbe
eutire man. They have cured thousands
of cases. Price $5 per package of six box
es and vial, which is very important in ob
stinate or old cases, or $1 per single box.
Sold by all Druggists, and sent by mail on
receipt of price. Address Humphreys'
Specific Homeopathic Medicine Co- 562
Broadway, New Tork. jyl3-deod&wly
. Look at the Kuiks! Aye, look at the
ruins of what were once magnificent sets
Of teeth, to be seen, everywhere in so
'iety. Look at them, and ask yourself If
lit is not marvelous that such destruction
is permitted, when, by simply using Sozo
iont, any teeth, however fragile, may be
preserved frpm decay or blemish as long
as. life lasts?
Glue" useful In every
Jeleff & DeButts, Locksmiths and
bell lungers, at No. 141 North High street,
xre now prepared to hang parlor and hotel
bells In the neatest and latest style. Sew-
ng machines repaired and satisfaction
guaranteed. Models built for patentees,
ind all kinds ot light machinery made and
repaired. Keys ot all description always
m band, and safe and jail locks made and
repaired. may23-s-Jy
. Jfeirelry made and repaired by C. E.
imith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's store
The nsa of
fWill restore It to its natural oolof" and promote it
R. P. H ALL & CO., Nashua, N. H.. Froprietors.
'. For ule bj all Druggists.
J' jnlySS dltawAwly-em
ill, 9CTH .restore in fenr Greeks.. Huceess
mahly powers, from whatever cause ari
sing; tne eneeta ot earl perntoious nabits, seit
abuse, tmpotency and climate, aire away at once to
this wonderful medioine. if taken reeularlv aecord-
inc to the directions (whioh are very simple and re-4
quire no restraint trom baioess or pleasure.) rail
ure is impossible. Sold in bottles at S3, or four
qnantitieb in one forts. To be had only of tbe sole
appointed went in l America, H. tiEBiTZSM. S7
Third Ave.', corner 13th St.. New York.
HT-jjST'dljr .
I hats heard it highly extolled and hare seen its
wonderful effects, writes Martha M. Johnson, of
Derby, Ct., about Palmer's Letion.
: -1 ir
vDr. Barton's Tobacco Antidote
My yuiMi and AarmieM, end u auo an axeellmt J
it pvryua ana tarwM vne diooo, utv oruct
iMtie, irreat nonnsmiie: eea nrenmnenini
enaeues tne nomacn 10 atceti we nearaett iooo,
lei rtlrnninr. ana enauunee roeon nesitii.
and chevOufar sixty years cmtmL Price Fiftent, per
box. Jocnree. An interesting treatlM on tue mjnnoas
efleeni Of toBncco, with lisu of Iwtimoninljf rcferancefl,
etc., SKXx Fans, Agents wanted. Addreif
Ala. 1. A. ABBOTT, JeraCy uiyn. t.
PdtmuSTBB's TBSnvoirr. I receiTSfl a box of Burton's
Antidote from Ber. X Bt. Ponlton, anS find it a, teetual
are. 8. QAlsaCk ConnoUonyELarrUKm Co., Ohio.
- Txon TH1 U. 8. TaSksimT,- Srar' Oilo. Flea
and a apply of th AnnpoTB.. Jtk om rseetvtd kat aon
iu mm iubxit. - V. ' T' Era'uu
? Fbom Kbw HAJmrnan Bgars Pbkoit. Genuemea of
influence here haTing been Jed of Ihe appetite for tobac
co by tufas tr. Bnrton's tstote, w desire a supply for
tbe prisoner, of this institytion. .
Joskfb MATOWardenWf N. H. Stat FiiKav
A BAirxia's Tomsr. DrBnrton's Antidote fbr
TobACCO kat aocmnpiimrd aU dviwJSifor it. k
. W. XAiflst KaA. BankNew Albany, Ind.
A CumTKAir'rnsTnfOirT. OraVoz or Aarmota
eimd mj brotbnr Jtnd myself. It iraraXFAlls.
Rtr.yW. SBOxaASsa, KeUeyJsStanoii, Pa.
faoar thx Woucm Hbadquatxkb, LySnr, Mass.
knee gained Jkirty-Uve votmde a, Uh in tArle month by
liter Dr. afcton's Antidote, and aU desire fAtobmcco is
remoTwL X Wm. !. wuii, da.
hA. Jtnrm SmmnH TTnn JotmiTAl- BAaTTHOKB.
Ma Qbe box of Bnrton's Antidote removed aU oVir for
the webd from me. I ink pleasure In reeommendit tt to
aU ojfx nadera, T. T. Slatxb,
Tradtmarh Copyright.
Csivtion I Beware ot" Ininrioos Counter
feits advertised by Humbugs.
E sh
The only lnfalliWe and Harmless Remedy. Can be
given wito or witriout tne patient s Knowledge.
Jlsad Dr. Johnston's Treatise on Drnnken
nass, its Consequences and Care." Try
the SPECIFIC, and be con
pleasant pieparatton oreates no vomiting atter its
nse. Tobacco need not be dicearded aU at onee,
fur the Compound destroys the desire tradual y
and positively.
Proprietor. Columbus. O.
Sherift's Sale.
Joseph Wittmani In attachment.
VS v u U 1 . ui wuuiud I ims OK
Henry Maurer Franklin county, O.
from said court to me directei, I will offer for
sale at publio auotion at tbe door of the court
bouse, in the city of Columbus, franklin eon&ty,
Ohio, on
Saturday, the 30th rlav of January, A. D.
at S o'clock P. H.. the following described lots of
Henry Manrers addition to ine city 01 iioiumnus,
attaohed as the property of Henry Maurer, defend
ant, to-wit:
Lot No. 11 appraised at 125; No. IS 150; No. 13
15(h No. 14 S125; No. IS No. IS S150; No. 17
125; No. 18 25: No. 19 tlOO; No. SO 80; No. SI
HO; No. 29 (30; No. SO t66: No. 31 S6S; Ho.
3 50; No. 33 (SQ; No. 34 S5; No. 35
5: No. 38 tSO: No. 37 t7; No. 38
75; No. 40 65; No. 41 S65: No. 42 tBS; No. 43
6; Pio 44 f5; No. 45 S40; No. 46 S 40; No. 47 $50;
No. 48 (55; No. 49 HO, No. 50 4)68; No. 6r S65; No.
6250; Nn.43 S30; Na, 64 35; No..65 $3S; No. 5
S4Qi-o,t.t40; No. 5S40; So. 59 (40; No. SO $40.
. e VJ. W .W E.- QAVtSR. -4-
; . . Coroner, acting as Sheriff.
Printer's fees 8.K
j DBI8L JIaTO, AUys. deo28-dltwtd
r r,' a
VsbssVbj maTiU saiaSBiL
Usfl II". A V sfsfsr.r0
, r J (- - t f r'V r-i ' T,rT
- ; . i . - I t - . ' J
' 7r:
V 7
f I
sill i
Call early and make elec
tion, so
am -to
get the
choice of
Htock ot
Which 1st no-w complete in
every Department, -
olferect than- can. he
had elseTrhere.
250 AND 252
South Hieh Street.
Boyo'Klp'Htooisj," - ' v' '!; - 3 OOt,r '.. "; .00
Tealks'KipBoeli, . " - , -v 1 SO, . e . u H.BO
CtaiIdKlp Boots. 'Vl - - .9S, .
.Tf esasj Cssli, Xtsp-Soled Boot,' - ; 4.00, ee 6.00
iVomes'sj Ceali She, Best. - -: . 1.7S, e - : e
WoBmesn'o Best Iflorocco Sfaoea' - - '..L i.SO," .'. - 9.S9
zaittmDonbliSoleflMHmtimKCmg. Gaiters, 1.40, ; es . a.OO
Ejadlea' do., Silk Clore.Vory Beat, - , ' - - l.OS, .0
Moccsiis,p.iwi, - : 1.40,. . : - .a5j
Chllda' Morocco Sboea, - ' 0,40, V" ."., ,t -O.y-
otocs: of new and superior goods, embraoing
oat, without reserve, at tbe store in DESHLKH'S
compare wem witn tnose usually enarged s
iTtea'aKIp Root, sail Whole Ieeatber,
These goods are guaranteed to be of superior material and wnrVmanftfcfn m.-nA wtiT v.. .
with any in the market. .
Don't forget that the sale is positive and is limited to but' a few weeks. Another such opportnnit
will never ocour again. Be sure and find the right place (tbere is but one) before buvinc.
deoT-deod3m-r . : .
AND 8H0K, now offerrdTor sale, and to beelreid
every thing in the line of MENS'. WOMEN'S.
Iook at lome of the prices and
93 OO, Rcenlar price 94.SO
HTiiiirllin s. th. ..4 "V
- ' E CLOUD ste CO. ; -i
Having greatly enlarged onr.Frlntlnja Facilities. by the pnrcbase of a complete new
. - UUUlli
The Latest and Host ; Approved Style,
And tbe addition of New
' ' t.-
Generally conceded to be the fastest
Jn connection with RTJGGLES', GORDON'S and WELLS' Job Presses, that have
proven such successes in our office, and having the largest and most commodious
building iu this city In which to operate, we are now prepared ., .
Jn the best and neatest style of the art, and upon terms that cannot be competed wltlu
Our fast New Presses, our Improved Economical Machinery the result of the Inge
nnitv and inventive talents of tbe best minds of the see enable ns to do ennr! wr-i
at MUCH. CHEAPER RATES than can be
nn IfUio HHio Afflno la lAmnlara (n ell Ifo
laiiibicat em. urn vuivu u irviuvivw u nu 4u
Books, ,'
Legal Blanks,
Blank Books,
Business Oards,
In this specialty we
Having More Presses
Offices in the
We are prepared to execute all kinds of Printing, in any color, at lower prices than
our neighbors. t ': ' . ""5
Nos. -36. 38 and
Ol . . .
Presses, including a
- ASIA'S i . ii"
and best rjintlngllaeblBe fn the world, ft
doner in the old style and with only the old
. eram An-r en. A 1 1 i
HeiauKKiucuuBi auu VU1 Uv eVsUU W Ul Jk W1LQ '
Bill Heads,
Letter Heads,
Drug Labels, V
Bills of Fare, Etc.,
are unsurpjused.
than all Other Printing
City Combined, , .
:rsijs..s sa .
.1 J i
iiis!2 iioii! rlTi-OS
,w ill :x ;
'' j i'. Vj A VMS!! 1 ,JT."t
.j y.
r. - i:1 i.;
Cincinnati Money Market—Jan 2.
GOLD 134 bayino;. .
EXCHANGIi Dull at XQl-V tfls
soHntbnyirjjf. JS jt " uAwi tSssM
MONEY The money market continues
dOSC i ' 1r.'u.iiW.f 4
- - - - " '
New York Money Market—Jan. 2.
MONEY Quite active up to three o'clock
and commiFgions of to yet cent, were
pud in addition to seven per cent.' In cur--pticy;
alter that hour loans were made at
li percent, and in iomecases at simple in- '
.erest on Government stocks. Tbe Janua
ry naif yearly disbarsemens enrnmsnren
,w. earnest today, and these will tend , to
ase money in the future. The Assistant
; Treasurer has paid .out $7,500,000 In
Iu, at interest. It is believed more money
- '-assent West this week than is generally
upposed, chiefly to Cincinnati, but an
" rlr rerurn nf -fiindu trnrH Hf I. .i
icipated irom the 'current rate ot ex
banjre there. . In New York tbe discount
market is neglected. Eeporte sre enrrent
ot -the failure of a dry roods jobbing house
with Southern connections. , .
I ban usual demand lor Saturday, with a
,rood deal of buying ol ootton'bills. In ex'4
iwuisuun or a aemana rrom parties aesir
J.us of reinvesting dividends .and Interest; -e
total ot which is estimated at over
. 60.000,000. Price txw ranee atr sboeit &
.$i per eent. above those f last year.-'1 '
New York Money Market—Jan. 2. New York Stock Market—Jan. 2.
bnpon8 llln IJ&-ao 62 Jex-conpor.sf
i lX&Lim ao 'ti,iex-emipons MiK&.
17; do '65 doa0fW; do new ex
)7U; do. 'G7.do.- 107l07ko.?Saird.
)7107M; 10-40's 106105J. c ; i .
Stocks in thetahin are strong; 'Wltb tSJ --eatest
activity in Rock Island, NerTfpt1ri
sntral'iSnd Northwestern. 'TJfe2flrst.
imed sold up irom 118 to 03iaajdyYejr
119120 at the close. New fork GswSt
il hae tluetoated between 159X160,
ille . NorthweateriTisOmmon. .rtMH. from
H' H to 82c," and preferred from '83 to
74". wiiicii rate was not susca.mea. At
e close there1 was a moderate "active de
land lor all Southern; which sold as high
v 8Sc,'.and Pacific MaiL. which itouibedj
! 0. Otherwise the market was autea. At
close prices were steady. ..Mjt
. 0.60 prices. wens' jsxpret-g M23iof
1 merican 40(342: Adams 48ffi48i Dnlte
.'nites 44)45; Merchants? Union' Ma
racinc Mail 119119; Western'
lion TeleSTSDh 342341 Ifuxr ' "TrirV "
j ntral UVjimsW&rle 37K37TS Read?
? W abash lSi5ig- 8W
Vul 69i70: Fort Wayne 113aU3
1'iio .& Mississippi " 33(834; iebin
i nthern 87l88: Illinois Central I41(3U
New York 2.
COTTON Opened : doll: closed actlvk, '
afd decidedly higher; at 26&0 for middling
f FLOUR Closed firm .for low m-ade. '
tplsh were scarce and dull, and heavy lor
I 1'innr Kinas. i ; . !' !
i WHEAT Nominally nnchanged. -
J RYE-Qniet at $1 501 6a tor western?
OATS Quiet and firm: 76c lor western
I store; 7878c afloat. ' J-
t.KA)tisst! trnsiBa -tamy active: t II W
W)4 for old; 9698c fbr new mixed"
stern. ) .
fORK Quiet and steady; $28 00 for prw
r fSR. . , . . j . . . ... , -
DPWW T . a 1 . . m
Dcjr in niuuersie requesi; uncnanjrea
BACON Firm .with : a moderate in-1
qi-iry. -j - ! ;-.-!:-.: r
LARD Firm; J7K17c lorU.tof
ii iime stenm. . . . . . .
cu r meats nrm witb fair demand.
. EGGS Quiet at 3639c. ' ' ' y'f
Cincinnati Market—Jan. 2.
FLOUR Dull . and : droonlnB: 'amlly;,
15 507 75.- " ' - - -
i WHifi AT Declined rol 70. "' i-.t
OATS Dull at 60e-.i.. -i- :.:
CORN Steady; ear or Fhrlled 6566a ', .
RYE Steady at $1 361 37, '
BARLEY Unchanged and quiet at
1 152 25. - v - :i L ,
COTTON Firm; middlins: 24c t
HOGS Scarce: few on the market, extra..
$;o 2510 60 for live; $11 75(12 00 for
'lssed ' Recipts 1100. va us
-t-KovisiuiNS iirmer,' and gencraliy-
BULK ME ATS In demand" at ll8 for '
8': lulders; 13sc for sides: Wis lBo for clear'
r9 and clear sides. '' sii u .i-..f pih i-
X-ARD Held at 1718c for steap) and, j
kettle. ; .,..., j r
"BACON A,t 13c for shoulders aucf lBff1
f'n'r clear sides. ., ; , !
GREEN MEATS Sold -at 1013r4o
f BKinlHaaL.Birioa ni hnma . ..
. ..BUTTER Scarce and firm' at' 36(4oo.
t .f western, and 4648c for New York. "
vrij,i!ii!i j)irm at iHje.'-' " w"
'OILS Linseed firm, at $1 031 05; lard v
ffm atl 451 50; petroleum itJ30c tor,,
refined. , ; , , .
Baltimore Cattle Market—Dec. 31.
BEEF .CATTLE-.Tbe offerings at: the.)
f i ales during tbe past week amounted to
6 ) bead, against l.'iSo last week. Of the r
i mber offered, 134 head came -from Vlr-1
tia, c irom unio, ana : iw irom w est
rginia, : over the Baltimore . and ' OUo
ilroad, and S3 from Maryland on loot, i
I n7rt U .1 Al .
I tltimore butchers, 164 sold to speeulStors 1
1.11 n .1111 lirrKU wern UKEII 1 1 V
It r other markets, and tbe balance werei
1 1 shipped to tbe East Without bt ing offered
lire. .Prices .to-day ranged as follows:
d cows and scalawags at $4 605 00 ; or- ,
nsry thin steers, oxen and cows at $500
(' 6 00; fair to good beeves at $7 00800;
: i d the very best beeves $8 009 00 per 100 (
li s, the average price being , about $6 00 ,
ios8. The market was quite active, and
rices abont 60 cents per 100 lbs higher1
an last week, but closed very duL. ; ,i
. SHEEP The , market has been moder- r
. !ely supplied during the past week, and
:( r fat sheep there IS a good demand at bet-.
I r rates, while inferior qualities are dull'1
1 4 former quotations. Prices to-day ranged.
- follows: Fair to good fat sheep al;460)
'I lb gross.
HOGS The supply tbls week has lieen
'f-ry light, and the' market is almost en-
:i'-ely bare ot hogs; the demand, however, s
i quite limited, but quotations are fully 75-,
i nts V) 100 lbs higher. Prices to-day ransred
follows: Fair to good fat hogs $1314l
100 lbs net. v -
Chicago Market—Jan. 2.
.OUR Medium grades in fair shipping
j mand, other grades neglected and nomi-l
Uil; sales ot spring extras at $5 256 60.
' WHEAT Active nd 22)o higher;
i lesNo. lat$l 20)(31 26; No. 3 at $1 14
1 15, closing at$l 15J1 16forNo. 2;
nee 'change No. 2 is quiet at $1 15J. V.:s
CORN Steady and more active : old No-
I at 67c, Belter for last half of April; old.
;! o. zooc, casn; ao, a Kiin urieu oac;new oic
62c; low grades at 486lc, closing at 61'
r new and 48rfc for low grades. Nothing
ing this afternoon. .,,. . ,
OATS About c higher; sales N.
at45-46c, closing at46M46Vc Z'3
' RYE Quiet and Jc higher, sales No. T
,t.l 141 16; No. a at l 14, closing
i.;eadyat$l 15 for No. I. . ... ,. .
BARLEY- firmer and more active and
o. z, closing at i m.-- - -
St. Louis Market—Jan. 2.
. FLOUR More active for low gradea
J it prices unchanged. " ' "' r,.;i
I WHEAT Drags; all grades below fanoyr
J- lower. -: , i , j VV l i -'-ttt
1 CORN Lower; 6165e. ' , . I '
OATS Firm at 5453c. '-iL' 0
RYE Unchanged; $1 25.
BARLEY Unchanged, v. -i Tr SS1 .
WHISKY Unchanged: 9Sc. ..,.i!,r -.j.
PROVISIONS Firm. , , , ' .
PORK $27 7528. ! 1 -'"
BACON .Shoulders 13c; clear ltai7W.t
BULK" MEATS More doing at 1II1 Jo i
tr luveis biiiu pauBteui ejuuiuucra iuSidC.1
HOGS Unchanged ; 910c' . .
Toledo Market—Jan. 2.
iiAutt-ywefc; -. -r. .v . ; v
. WHEAT 2c better sales of amber
I 78 to 1 80, No. 2 spring $1 .85. ,iJ J "
i CORN Old steady, new Ut hettet; Jl
iro.l88c, new 64)c; new rjected 68s ,t
OATS Quiet audjwehanged.
RYE Quiet. ... .
BARLEY Sales Canada S 16.
DRESSED HOGS to better, salei
Mt lllltctt : j - i -Miduij
N. Y. Dry Goods Market—Jan. 2.
This being a day between two botidsyg
the market, as might be exported, nsa been:
characterized by extreme languor, -bu
prices, - notwithstanding, are firmly' sus
tained, and an improved Inquiry is antic!-'
pa ted both for cotton and woolen goods,
Buffalo Market—Jan. 2.
FLOUlt-bulland6nchang4d:'fA . -l
' W HEAT Noi S spring oflered ? tTli!
. CORN Advanced; sale of SaOOebiisiieier
of new.fln trokt 878iQ.oQUex-arttT;j
clM.ed.i,,,,,. ... ,T
Milwaukee Market—Jan. 2.
i FIX)UKrFirm Prices onchansred.

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