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XTTnnLOGiCAL iLs Iprepared an
corrected by W.' 3. parage, Jeweler, 83
SpntlIlgftstreetV.. ; f r?
O'clock. Fb. Ther Wind. Weather.
f - 5 Poo p. . '
48 8 et
-CTvmts -
H. M.
... r
- Saa Riaaa.
,.. 7 S ' Hun Set...
t3T Tht Adjutant General report the
collection ot Soldier! claims to the amount
of $575,000.,
'jobn Marzettl. No. 39 H1'
street, has one hundred busUeUot; Hickory
lUDQ ay w. i 'i i i i V , ?
1 tfy-Tbere Is talk of opening a new street
at the north Side of Gooaaie rax
High street to Nell avenue,.''
vt-Andrews & Hull have received Hari
pers Basar for Jan. 16ft, and the Hearth
and Home for Jan. 9 b. Both excellent..
t1 rs9-Thrre is a oroDositlon on foot la the
City Council looking to the widening of
Fifth street trom Broad to wdj. kivj
- GtfD.Calton was the only galoot before
the mavor yesterday. For oeing aruna, uv
was committed, In default of pay ment of
$5 fine. ? ! 'J ..-::
tar Dr. Schati was last night elected a
member of the City Board of School Ex
aminers, iosi Hon. Otto Dresel, by the
CounclL.'.c'J".'-!'- ' ' ' '" :- '-
-On the36th of April next the. Odd
Fellows" are to celebrate the seml-centen.-rial
anniversary of the Introduction of
Odd Fellowship Into the United States.,
r-A gentleman who took the trouble
Vo count them reports that there are T2;000
ties on the H. "V. R.R. between this city
and Lancaster. - He say s the--w alking is
mighty good on the railroad, -,'2 ' .....
Phrscot -The, announcement , of
Mrs. M. 3. Stone will be found elsewhere.
The lady is hlghV recommended as anac
compllshed delineator of character. r ;
MilunektPbmes. Mr8."Eobt.Frazler,,
' North High street, between Bond and Uni
riMr drew the first of the Simmons'
millinery prlies, No. Ui. and Mrs. Shedd,
Towastreet the second. No. 79U vjpr
DAjrasX-Prof JManey's dancing acad
emy for the Instruction of young ladies,
will be open from to 10 o'clock each day.
Ttifi fchTOltor;dvancecl' pa(lm
mence on Satufday,-Janoary 9th.
jr..;C; ' ' ' " ".
For Poor Purposes. The .Trustees of
Montgomery township paw out jeaixrvj
for poor purpose 98 87. Last week they
paid out for thV sama purpose $151 70
Instead of. $15 17. as the types made os say.
'Bricxiatr8': tbjioK-The bricklayers
of ihls city are about forming a Bricklay
ers' Protective Union, and tothls a all
brioklayere Invited to meet at the Oty.
tt.1i .n . Worinpcdav evenlnir next, at 7
' Statb4 ItoARP ; of: AOMCCLTORfc i ne
Exectitlvo Committee of the : State Board
of Agriculture met, yesterday'., We did not
learn wbat business was don, if any. Tha
election fori mew members, of '.the Board
takes place bnednMday. : '
"'towraoii' 'DiREOWMi-The Franklin
Building and Loan -Association held their
first aquual election and the following per-,
sons were elected plrectors'forthe ensuing,
year. N". Herion, Jacob Blelle, John Green
leaf, Thomas Sparrow,' J. N. Brittingham,
Justin Morrison, JVJT. Janney. .
. The LsoisiATtja. Nearly all the mem
bers of the Legislature arrived In the city
last evening, and this morning will appear
in their "places In either branch with, their
coats off and sleeve's np ready for bard
work.. We .ftink, from ' appearancea, that
this will be a'model session; - :.t..
- Bootd '" OvER.--George fiwelaarti i who
arrested ior stealing a coat, belonging
w cr?rrmn rollett. front ;the hall of
Judge"!hurmari's residence n Friday
night, h4 bearing before the Mayor yes
terdar.'tilch resulted la his being bound
over In the sum of $500 t answer, before
theTfturfot Common Pleas.- t ? ?
"xiiV?i!iDOW Bueaksb Jaines Oavlel
who enjoyed himself so much on Saturday
night breaking thewlndows of the .Ex
chance ' HoteL'was given an opportunity
yesterday of continuing the exercise at the
tone pile He was fined $10 and costs by the
Mavor. Heeouldut pay it, ana we guess,
by the Jlme he gets through breaking dor
nicks to Day the bill at 75 cents day, he'll
take nojnore windows tn hls'n ;
- - - - - ill 7-1 i j
Atks's Amkkicah Almanac, for .1863
bas been received by Braun, Bruck ACc
Columbus, for delivery . gratis, to all who
call for It. This number contains proofs to
show that some of the Stars have 'existed
for $iz'g millUmi of year.- We had not sup
posed such proof; possible, but the Doctor
gives it In a shape which seems indisputable-
His witticisms "have long. made his
book acceptable ;' his roadical advice makes
It indispensable to families,, and now be
adds the most startling problems of abstract
sciense to its attractions.
, o FuzzLiKQ thr Savans. At ft party -In
this city ari evening or two" since, a witty
lady determined to puzile a noted chemist
present. After asking the old gentleman
various questions as ..to," the component
parts of an ' oyster, shll,' shjsld, Now,
Juoge, I bavs got a puzzler for you. If a
strong decoction of salt and water be made,
and a half burnt oyster shell be dipped in
t, what will it become f This was out of
our philosopher's research. He too puz
zled. He got bis coat, to to home and
straightway ascertain by experiment what
it Wftid jbecpme, wbep the.m.erry jaay
stepped up to him, and. putting "her band
upon his ishoulder, her'eyes laughing tin
while, she whispered," "Judge,. don't- you
think it would ixecmis wrtf;The phUos
opher caved. .. '' "- ; ' "
9 Thr OREEK-EYxr Lobster. Al. Ball Is
i gay deceiver ,"abd AL Ball-Is air Abyssln-
ian moke rrQs has- a,. Hannah as , beautiful
as a sunbeam, in tbe-eyes of many ebony
admirers, -and' "whose pearly '"teeth, when
she smiles, show like a dogwood blossom
In the mud, while her mouth, oh, to what
can' we liken that mouth I -A 'side-cutout
of a bam is no simile ; a ripe tpmatoi run
over try a cart' wneel does not express
enough ; a horse collar unea with red mo
roccoM-ab,'. that's It! This Hannah of Al's
is like .all women. Woman," said Mj,
Weller, senior ls a rum creetur.". When
she Is Jealous . she, exercises a M rum',, 4nr
fluence on him of the masculine persua
ilnn. around whose stalwart form the ten
drlUof her heart entwine.- Well, Hannah
Is jealous of Al. wben'.she sees blra rather
too loving , wltBC the othei" girls Some
thing of this kind occurred on Sunday
'night, and tha' talr creature, slightly 'en
raged, her waterfall elevated to m angle
of 45' degrees, sought Al., Slid 'shd re
marked in thundef tonek uw--?b
"So Ton're found out ktlaat," iba cried in a pet;
' "I iw joa last fauhi walkioc boms wito a) 1m
With MU Bettr,BouBer-deo7 if yo ean.
Yo batefal. abomnablt wuskad old man." - -AL
replieJf!per8.uasiTelJ,J4My honey
love, it was a fellow that- looked Uka ms,
but that kind of talk deserves a thrash
ing,"' sobe gave ft 'to her bully." The
Mayor fined him $5 and costs, and In de
lault, gave him permission to hammer it
. ut on the stone pile.' '. - .', I
MONDAY EVENING, Jan. 4, 1869.
Council met pursuant, to adjournment.
Present Messrs. Armstrong, Beeky, Ber
gln, Caren, Chadwick Comstock, Donald
son, Frankel, Gibbons, Janney, Patterson,
Belnbard, Eo;s and President Naghten. . .
The President called the Council to order-
ThClerk read Uis minutes o tho pre
ceding meeting.
'A report was received from James 6.
Bull, Mayor, showing the amount.of fines
and licenses collected during the mouth
ending Dec. 29th, 1868, to be $148.
-'McNally,- Street OommJesloner, re
ported the expenses of his department, had
been $398 93. The chatn gang had perform
ed 223 days' works during same month.
'The reports were placed. on file.' .j'",V
Mr. Gibbons from standing committee
on Sixth and Filth ward.to whom was refer
red the petition of XX Emrtch, and 150 oth
ers, reported In favor of constituting all
that portion of the territory comprised
within the city limits West of High street
and South of Friend street the Tenth ward.
of the city of Columbus. The report was
Mr. Donildson, from committed on Hare"
0'iarity, fun. V-made a report of all toe
moneys received by. him as chairman of
said committe to the 30th day of June, 136?,
inclusive, amounting to ' $370. ' Beporc
placed on fiTe. ., , j4 -,.:f . 7
Mr. Donaldson.from standing committee
of Second Ward, offered- a resolution ex
tending the time for Murphy & McCabe tq
finish their contract for grading and grav-4
eling the roadway of Gay street from High
to Filth,, to the 15th day of June, 1869.
'The resolution was passed. ' 1
Mr. Belnbard Introduced two ordinances
to assess 4 special tax upon the real estate
bounding South street from Washington
avenue to the west line ot lot jno. is in
McCoy's addition, which were read a first
time. ' '. . "-' ".V. .
L Mr; Frankel introduced an ordinance to .
assess a special tax . upon" the; real estate
bounding the west side of High street from
South street to Fair alley, which was read
flrsttime. ,v . ' " '. i
Mr. -Caren Introduced an ordinance to
assess a special tax- upon . the real estate
bounding the north side of Goodale street
from Park street to Neil avenue, which
was read a first time. '
An ordinance to assess a special tax
upon the real estate bounding High street
from a point J25 feet south of Friend strei t
to the south side of South Public lane, was
read a third time and passed yeas 12.
Mr. Itelnhard presented the Jollowlng
estimate matte by the City Civil Engineer
and accompanying resolution : .
TRatlmat.fi for trradinp the sidewalks on
Highr-street from Strawberry 1 alley to
South, to make, the pavement contorm to
the Nlcolson pavement, 450 cubic yards
at 35 cents, $157 60.
Resolved, That the cost of grading the
sidewalks on High street from Strawberry
alley to south street, to conform with the
Nicolson pavement, shall be paid out of
the city treasury, when the same shall
have been done, to the amount of $157.50.
The city assuming no responsibility what
ever in consequence of cutting down the
erade of said street, the- city assumin? to
pay no more than the said sum ot $157 50,
alter the completion of said work. .
Passed. -f ' ' " ;
Mr. Rose presented a resolution directing
the City Civil Engineer to prepare a plat
and estimate lor paving the unpav d side
walks in front of the south half ot inlot No.
213, Heyle's addition. Passed.
Mr. Caren introduced .'a 'resolution di
recting the City Civil Engineer to.prepare
the necessary plat, and estimate for build
ing a double'Tow flsg crossing across
Goodale street at the west side of Fark
street, Passed. . '
Mr. Caren introduced a resolution direct
ing the City Civil Engineer to prepare a
plat and estimate for building a double row
flag crossing across Park street at the .
south side of Goodale Street.' ' Passed.
Mr. Gibbons, on leave, introduced an
ordinance to' create the Tenth ward of the
city- of "Columbus, Ohio, .which was' read a
first time. '
,Mr, Donaldson moved to reler, the ordfo
nance to a select committee of nine, one
from each ward. Messrs, Donaldson, Cliad-;wick,-
McDonald, McAlister, Beinhard,
Gibbons, Wall, Bergen and Caren were ap
pointed such committee.
" Mr. Armstrong presented the resignation
of John Lawler, as a regular policeman of
the city of Columbus, to take effect Janu
ary 1, 1869. The resignation was accepted.
Mr. Beeky Introduced the following :
Resolved, That the City Clerk is hereby
directed to traoster three hundred dollars
of the Hare Charity Fund to the credit of
the Hare Orphan's Home.
X'asseu. . ' : -: N J
Mr. Donaldson presented the following:
Besohoed, That tbestandinrcommittee on
Goodale Park . be and they are. hereby .in
structed to confer and arrange with the
executors of Lincoln Goodale, deceased,
and Herman Hubbard, with reference to
the opening of a seventy foot street, on the
north side 01 jooaaie rarK, running irom
Park Btreet to Neil avenue.
Passed. . .. ,..
Kr! Donaldson presented the following':
Resolved. That a select committee of five
members of this Council be appointed by
the President to confer with the owners of
the ground on the east side of Fifth street,
running from Broad to Long Btreet, with
reference to the widening 01 said j utn
street, aud report their proceedings to the
Council. .'-. " -."i .
; Passed, '. " . :
Messrs.1 J Donaldson Bergin,- Beinhard
Chad wick and McDonald were appointed
suifa committee -' '
Mr. Beinhard announced that there was
a vacancy in the Boatd of School Examin
ers, Mr. Dresel's time having expired, and
he therefore mpved to go into an election
for a School Examiner. Agreed to.
Mr. Beinhardjiominated Dr. Schatz, and
a ballot being taken, he was duly elected
to serve for three years from, the first day
of January, 1869. ill ": " 'T ir''' :' " 1 '
Mr. Boss, on leave, from a special com
mittee, ,- reported back, an ; ordinance to
build a bridge across the Canal at the cross
ing of Friend street, with an amendment.
On motion of Mr. Boss the ordinance
was recottitnlttgd. " 'wiv,..,,
' Mr. Donaldson moved that the City So
licitor be requested to report what power
the City Council bas in the matter of build
ing the bridge acrosi the Canal at Friend
street. Passed. : " '; " " ''
On motion the City Council adjourned.
' Filed Tkstkrdat. The certificate of
incorporation of the "Bohemian Co-operative
Association', 'Meavedec,', wa8 filed In
the Secretary of State's ofllco yesterday.
It is organized for the" purpose of purchas
ing! grain, goods" groceries,' fruits, vegeta
bles, provisions, and any other article of
rnerchandise, and selling the same to con
sumers atcqst of .purchase and expense of
purchasings. Principal. office in Cleveland.
Capital stock, $10,000,-In tshares ol $50
e'acli;:rji,WvSykora,:V; BWanek, T.J.
.Helnr, F. Novak;. Mat Websky, Ed. Vo
paiecky Dom. Bures,' Vac Dolezal and
rahk Pladak; ate the corporators. ,
Baythir Good. The following theatri
cal conundrum' baa been going the rounds:
t the-.'ioket-of-LeaveMan' should meet
the 'Lancashire Lass' wearing the' 'Emer
ald BIng' in 1 The Streets of NewrYork'
tJnder the Gaslight,' where there was 'To
Thoroughfare,: "what wonld . the con se
quence "be?: Answer : 'Foul '," Play,'"
Blobbs thinks It ' would ! be '-Much Ado
About Nothing." '" . J ' ' " ;.
Annual Report of Immigration.
IS. Hayes, Governor of
This being my fourth annual report, al
low me the liberty to present to your
favorable consideration the - table be
low annexed, of all emigrants having
passed this point the last year, and also
their deetinations.
It the number ot emigrants was not
ag great as that of the preceding year,
ft was - because many emigrants - were
advised (if they had no relatives or
acquaintances in Ohio) to go further west,
being told that land could bcobtained there
almost for nothing, which accounts
for the scarcity ot laboring hands of both
sexes last summer, all over the State'
and Is the main cause of immigration
the Dast rear, falling off fllteen per cent.
hit is true that there were fewer Irish emi
grants than in proceeding years, but there
were more English. The Prussians have
contributed two-thirds of the emigrants
who have landed; but especially the North
Germans made the bulk in numbers; even
the Bohemians and Pommerians were well
represented. It Is a source of great pleas
ure, that among all those who passed
through here, I am not obliged to
record even one solitary accident
Nor has any emigrant lost any bag
zaze. it beinsr forwarded to them with
all possible dispatch, to the satisfaction ot
the agent here, and througn tne prompt
ness and courtesy ol every railroad man
endeavoring to promote the welfare of all
concerned. In regard to onr noble State,
it Is not with diffidence, but with an earn
est wish that I again recommend, and hope
to see inaugurated, a law to encourage em
igration to our soil, to perfect and ad
vance the same, as at present, the agent
here can neither befriend, guide or comfort
the emigrant; he is not instructed nor au
thorized to do so.
The daily inquiry In the past year, of
farmers, mechanics, and all others, has
been for employees of both sexes. It was
an impossibility to accommodate, as there
is no State Agency in existence, to attend
to the wants ot those most anxious to give
employment. A great deal could be done if
such an office was established hera; the
course pursued in Castle Garden, New
York city, could somewhat be abated.
The emigrant pays the money asked of
him ; he Is promised that be shall reach Co
lumbus or Cincinnati In two days, when,
I am compelled to state, and Lear daily,
their detention Is from three to four days,
and even more. Estimate the lowest fare
possible to be had, and it costs an emigrant
yet considerable before he arrives at his
destination, on account of delay. Why do
not those people who failed to engage
'Through tickets" at Castle Garden. New
York City, to Columbus, and paid $10.00,
and $2.70 per hundred weight extra for
overfreight, arrive here in time? Be
cause the agents in Castle Gar
den who should in every instance look
first to the . welfare and comfort
of the emigrant, and deal hon
pstlv and lairly with him, give him a
i'n'ctipt (or his fare, and "end bim safely
nd speedily, without un; ecessary delay, to
lis proposed destination, failed to do
'.heir duty. All this could be easily
Accomplished, all this has. been done
by other Western States, and there is
. -mt one remedy for all such contingencies,
tnd that is, the Legislature of Ohio should
ake the matter in hand, and then and not
in til then an authorized agent, sanctioned
j; oy the laws of Ohio, can contribute to her
industrial population, her wealth and con
j Hcquent prosperity. I venture to say that
y proper legislation, and with the assis-
ance ot a competent agent, tne goia
ind silver extracted from tne emigrant on
lis arrival in eastern cities, can be very
easily brought to the Western market in
'.he purchase of homesteads. Farmers-and
Agriculturists will not only see the impor
tance of this subject, but also the benefit in
manual labor. By referring to the table,
of the number'; of' emigrants,'' It will be
teen-that Missouri, auo Illinois are receiv
ing more than the other Western States,
wing to the interest both States have taken
to induce immigration within their limits.
Tq His Excellency R.
Western Emigrant Agent.
Annual Report of C. H. Compen, General
Western Emigrant Agent Columbus, Ohio.
3 IE
68 1
t eb'ary .
March ..
April ...
May ....
Aatiit .
VKA 174
4t( 439t 65l( V 341
2f . SSi 334
58) 145
49 1H9
Nov ber
In addition, other emigrants located in
States as indicated below. . ...
Kansas In January, 3: Februarv, 21:
March, 03; April7105; May, 54; June, 91;
July, 100; August, aa; uctoDer, 1 ; .No
vember, 16.
Nebraska In April, 29; May, 49; June,
80; July, 23.
Louisiana In February, 10: May. 19:
Qetwberj23 ; Noyenrtwn 17 .Decemberj 21'
UBAND AOTAL I - i . I t : I : i
Monthly Report and Acknowledgment
of the Hannah Nell Mission
and Home the Friendless for
Cash from Collection by Mrs. Dr. Lov
ng afid Mrs. Anderson, $108.00; B. L.
Brown, Esq. $50.00: Henry Noble, $25 00:
Miss Mary Jones, $3.00; Mrs. Budisll,
11.00; Mrs. Custar, of London, $1.00; Mrs.
B. E. Neil, $5.00; Mrs. Hlnman. $5 00;
froceeds ot exhibition ot "views, ' 77.00;
Proceeds of . Col. Gibbon's lecture $C0 00;
Proceeds ot Clinton - Union S. School, by
jur. F inney, 7 44; xotai, 342 44. .;,
Ezpensts lor marketins; and" groceries.
$100.00; coal, $30.00; work done, $10.00;
matron's salary, 18 w. memcine ana sun
dries. $10.00: (roods sua shoes for industrial
school, $78. 25; books, printing &e, $43 50;
total, $289 75.
Donations trom Air. Bentz, io loaves or
bread; Mr Elliott, 6 loaves per week; BrooVs
s Menon, l oarrei oi n iur; Aiessrs ltusK,
St. Clair & Cox, meat: Mrs. H. Hubbard,
fruits: Mr. Morris, of Cardmgton, 1 sack ot
apples; l aoor oeu, jut. yvyman, oi uay-
ton; Mrs. itannan, i Dusnei potatoes: miss,
E. Simmons, 2 sacks and other articles;
Mrs. l.U. Aston, srocKing; Mrs. nersnaw.
18 pair stockings: Mrs. Bev. Philips, 1 bun
dle clothes: Mrs. mnman, i large Dunaie.
5 cans fruit; Mrs.Bancroft.milk frequently;
Mrs.uaruet, milk; Mrs. it. tt.JNeii, i nun
die; Mrs. Dr. Doren. 3 pairs shoe.'; Miss
Lottie Moore, 1 cap ; Miss i) lora isancroic,
large quantities of books and children's
toys: Mrs. Meaoerry, ounaie; mr. ueorge
Gere. 4 boxes toys, cards, Eo.; Mr. 1. V
Aston, h album: Mr. Person, noDDy horse:
Mr. Robinson, 1 load of coal; Mr. Patterson,
1 load of coal; Peters s Bro, onions; Mrs,
Mithofl. one bundle of clothes.
Santa Claus also visited the little people
with toys, candles, cakes, apples, &c, not
forgetting more substantial articles. The
various instrumentalities used to accom
plish so much good were Mr. and Mrs.
Ferson, Mrs. Medberry, Miss E.la Patter
son and others.
And last, but by no means least, Mrs,
Walker and Mrs. Hale, from (Jardineton,
made us a short visit, which we very much
enloyed. They also Drougnt us a wen
filled box valutd at $90, the fruits of the
labor of their little society for the past
year. We would like to give a list of the
many useful articles contained in their box,
but time ana space ante loroia. we can
not forbear mentioning five or six little
eirls under nine years of age, who had
employed their young fingers in making
auilts. xes, quilts ana other useful arti
cles for the destitute. They each sent
small bag containing a testament, mittens,
&c., for five small girls whom they had
never seen. There were also two children
who had been adopted in a Christian fam
ily (the children from Cincinnati's helpless
ones), who sent their savings to buy books
for noor children. Now all this is exceed
ingly encouraging. Cannot the ladies of
other villages and country churches imi
bita the Bood example of our Cardineton
friend? All we say to them Is, If they do
not perform the labors, they cannot expect
the reward. May the Master say to this
it hip uncictv.
All that you have done for these little
ones has been accepted as being done to
In viewing the past nine months of our
ex stencc the lady managers ieei mat tney
owe a debt of gratitude first to God, the
giver ot every good gift, second to their
fellow citizens wno nave so amply sustain
ed them, so that at no time have they
wanted for any necessary comfort, and al-
inougn we nave naa some expense oi re
pairing, house furnishing, stoves, coal, &cn
still at the close of the year 1S68 the man
agers find themselves abundantly able to
pay-all their Jebte and have a small fund
tootrrmeue I860. '-Now if anyone asks
where so much money came from, we can
j only say from the bountiful band of Him
who supplies the needaof all His creatures.
But where ever the money ciue from it
always came at the right time, so that we
had no mora anxiety about either food or
raiment than the lilies of the valley. But
as God always uses some Instrumentalities
in such cases, we are happy to say the in
struments in this case are the ladies who
regularly give us something over $100 per
month, not forgetting the gentlemen who
send $10, $20. $50. or $100, as they find it
convenient. Nor do we forget many small
sums, clothing and provisions, which have
from time to time been handed us. As to
the good we have attempted, or accom
plished, we will state briefly that we have
had In the house over 100 persons have
found homes or employment for over fifty
persons have distributed in the house and
out of It about one thousand garments
and fifty pairs of shoes, besides five ban?
dred garments and two hundred pairs of
shoes in the industrial school. We have
almost daily calls for bread, counsel and
protection, from straggling, suffering hu
manityrin the shape of -women, girls and
boys,-- whose wanderings we- invariably
chide while we relieve their pain. We
respectfully submit this report, fully be
lieving we shall be sustained through the
coming year even ,more-liberally than la
the past, so that we shall be able to build
M. B. TAYLOR, Sup't.
Coot. Bcrqess Minstrels. Detained at
the City Council last night, we did not see
the first part of tha entertainment, but
were told by those present that it was fine.
TUyC singing especially "was excellent. The
second part we, heard... The. second jar$
we took stock in. The second part was
red hot. If anybody can beat Cool Bur
gess In Nlckodemus Johnson, we wast to
gaze that man." ' We 'don't believe it
can be done. The double song and dance
business by Atkins and Fox, especially the
Grecian Benders, excels anything; in the
line ever given In 'this city. Ths Deluded
Victim, by Cool Burgess, Badclift and
Causland, ranks anything in the way of
a side-splitting, button-hole destroying,
laughter-provoking farce we -ever roared
at. We advise everybody to see Cool. He
has reached the top notch In the funny
part of his profession himself, and bas
gathered round him a first class company
of performers. They- make their last ap-
peaarnce. to-night. r Go, if you would see
Traksfkrrbd YsflTKKDAT.-The follOW-i
ing transfers were left at the Recorder's
office yesterday :
J. H. Moody to Agnus Grim, Nov. 24th,
1863, part of lot No. 6 in Geo. Stoner's ad
dition to the town ot Westerville, for $500,
A- McClorg to Samuel McClorg, Oct
2d, 1S66, quitclaim to 80 acres of land in
Plain township, for $ 500. , - - .. r-
Samuel McClorg and wife et al to John
Vincent, Feb. 11th, 1868, 78 acres of land
In Plain township, for $3 300.
Wm. McClorg, guardian, .to John Yin-
cent, the , undivided one-seventh of 73
acres of land in Plain township, tor $390.
Joseph Hollenback and wife W Geo. W;
Wells," Oc"t."29tb, 1867," part 6f lotTN'os. 5
and 6 of the subdivision of lots Nos. 1, 2,
3 and 4 of the Central Beserve, in the city
of Columbus,- for $1,500. "
No. Sr State Street,
Have always on 'band every delicacy in
season. Gentlemen can' arrange for Board
by the week. We have two large and de
sirable rooms over the restaurant for rent,
suitable for a party of six or eighth .J' Z.
jan5-lw : - - Proprietors.
Milunekt One Dollar Sale. I will
sell the choice of my large stock of winter
hats for one' dollar each,' many of which
cost from two to three dollars.
Simmons, Opera Block,
t an5-3teod . - - . . --:,.t
Mrs. M. J. Stonk has taken rooms a(
the Buckeye House, where she will be
pleased to give Delineations of. Character
for Ladies and Gentlemen according to
scientific rules and data. Charts furnished-
Mrs. S. can give the highest testimony of
her ability to read character, and will guar
antee entire satisfaction to all who may fa
vor her with a tall.. Reception hours from 9
A. M. to 12 M., and from 2 P. M. to 9 P. M.
Parlor No. 6. ' jan4-d3t
'.' - - - - - - j
Accident. There was an explosion in
Doctor - Ayer'8... Laboratory, ... yesterday,
which caured some excitement in the vi
cinity. Ayer's Pills are manufactured un
der an enormous pressure,', in cylinders,
like cannon, which sometimes prove too
weak for the compressed forces, and burst
with terrific violence.- Fortunately, the
pieces do not fly far, so. that no one bas
ever been hurt by them. The action is
more like ice than powder ; but it makes
Pilis which all the world acknowledge art
Pills. Daily Journal, Lowell.
A kiss from bTueish lips, accompsnied
with' offensive breath, is disgusting. This
we wish to say. to inebriates especially,
and at the same time warn them not to kiss
their wives, until they have cured them
selves of Intemperance with "Dr. John
ston's Specific." : Wives! curejyour hus
bands ot their dreadful disease.' You - can
do so without their knowledge. :'. l
Jewelry made and repaired by C. E.
Smith, 27 S. High street, over Bain's, store
nov6d3m -
New Tear Pbksents. Pianos, new, 7
octave, for $300.- Organs, Melodeons and
all kinds ot small instruments.; Silver
Plated Ware, of all varieties of style and
cheap. 36 North High street. ;
dec28 Harris A Co.
HollowatV Pills. Nothing is harder
to deal with than a deeply-seated purulent
tore. . This alT surgeons admit" And yet
the worst species of sores some of them of
ten and twenty years standing have been
cured, absolutely and entirely, in a few
weeks, by Hollowat Ointment. Hospi
tal practitioners,' who have used it, ac
knowledge that none of the officinal salves
possess the same healing properties, and
the public, long ago arrived at the same
conclusion. Sold by' all Druggists. - ;
,A cask of, Humphreys' Homoeopathic
Specitic! In, the bouse is a well-spring ot
satisfaction. You can always find the true
remedy lor a cold, cough, sore throat,
croup, face-ache, weak stomach, catarrh,
or other of the thousaud ailments to
which a family are subject, and thus save
doctor's bills, sickness and suflering. Price
of a lull case and book of directions is $10.
Sent to any address on receipt of the
price. " Address, Humphreys' Specutc
Homoeopathic Medicine Co. 562 Broad
way, N. Y. v jyl3-dfcwly-cw
Headache and Neuralgia, In their va
rious forms, are the bane of life to thou
sands. Pain, suffering, restlessness aud
agony distract and wear. out tha life.-r
Humphreys' Specific Homoeopathic Fami
ly Cases contain the remedies and direc
tions by which the most obstinate of these
diseases may 4e cured sometime- like
magic and within an hour, "but always by
their persevering use. Price of full case
and book $10. Sent by mail on receipt of
price. Address, Humphreys' Specific Ho
moeopathic Medicine Co, 662 Broadway,
N. Y. jyl3-d&wly-cw
Stock of mt and anperior fnoda, ambraeinc arery tbinar in the line of MENS. WOMEN'8.
TOUTH'S. KISSES' AND CHILDREN'S BOOTS A N II SHOES, now offered for aala. and to be alnod
oat, without reaerra. at tha atora in 1ESHL &'S HEW BUILDING. Look at torn of tha prion and
compare toem wiiu tnoe aao.au enargaat. , ,
MemSeKip Boot, all IT bole Leather,
Boya' Hip Boot "'' "; " " "j ''
YontbV Kip Boots, '
ChlldV Kip Boota. -Iv.'l- :
Dlea'i Calf; Xp-8oIed Bool, '
Women's Calf Staves, Beat, - " j
Women's Best Morocco Shoes,' .. -
Edadiea Doable Soled LfaaUng- Comg,
toadies dv, SHU GoreV'Tory Best, .' -
niawa' Morocco Shoes, Polish, -
Chllds' Morocco Shoes, -' - -i
Sec ' Ac . ' Ac4 ' '; Ac., -.: :' Ac : "" v ." -."
These sooda are ruaranteed to be of loperior material and workmanship, and will bear eompariaoa
with any in tha market.
Don't forget that tba sale ia positiT-, and ia limited to bat a few weak. Another aaoh opportunity
will nfyer noour train. Be sore and find tba riabt place (tiere ia bat one) before bayinc. - .
. DEtSHLEU'S HEW hUlLDl&Q. opposite tha ttTATasMAN Orrioa. iatha place. Go and aaa ... ;
vooaa. . .. L,; .
deeT-deod3m-r , . . i"s
i t i
: ,
f S OO, Reg-alar price f
' a.oo.' ' 'J''l ' '' S.OO
: . , t
. .., sea
, .oo
- - a.so
' .
- ' S.OO
':. 9.9S
, ' 1 o.r
i.oo, ' -
I.T5, .
Gaiters, 1 40,
' ' - -
- - 1.40, ,
:- - O.aO,
Having greatly) enlarged our'PrlntlDg Facilities by tha parchase of a complete new
;. - ouins
. ; Ef
r -. i
The Latest and Hcst Approved Style
And the addition of
- ' r.
Generally conceded to be the fastest
" .... : , . ,; .;
In connection with ETJGGLES', GOBDON'S and WELLS' Job Presses, that have
proven such successes in our office, and baying the largest and. most commodious
building in this city in which to operate, we are now prepared . i.v.
In the best and neatest style of the art, and upon terms that cannot be competed Ivith.
Our fast New Presses, our Improved Economical Machinery the result of the inge
nuity and inventive talents of the best minds of the age enable us to do rood w.
at MUCH CHEAPER RATES tban can be
Va n It ;ttA WttA Crtn.rx a ArAniatA In 11 If o ai
lauiliiQa auc vutwe xo .vaaaayaii iu aax ivq
m t
Books, . ;
Legal Blanks,
Blank Books, '
Business Cards,
In this specialty
Having More Presses
Offices in the
We are prepared to execute all kinds of Printing, In any color, at lower prices than
our neighbors. ; ,- . , , , .
t - ; .
- '.' , . ' . ' . '
V-,. Sttateazucuca
Nos. 36, 38 and
or ..r .... .- ; -
i .
r ' r : -
! " V.. i : -.
New Presses, Including a
o o
and beet Piinticg Machine in the world..
done in the old style and with only the old
wnn rrarmona-a U. .. aa.
iiauj,cuicuhO auu vau UU IjUTJ Will Ik Vt 1LU
BiII Heads, : r;!1;
Letter Heads,
; Circulars,
IDrufi: Labels,
Bills of Fare, Etc.,
we are unsurpassed.
than all Other Printing
City Combined,
: 1
' '( iliilZ Kir. ';TJ1? -C tvi
,i a ;i o vi
-. Building : - , v - r , , : r
'I ;.- .'1 i . " -.-t
r.' O J
40 Korth High Street;
Cincinnati Money Market—Jan. 4.
GOLD 134Ji buying. '
R XT'. FT ANKG n.ill mt l-IAfk AliMnni
mying and, par selling. . - " -.
New York Money Market—Jan. 4.
MONET Market onened somewhat eas-
er, though stringent, but toward thacloae
f the day-became -active and ivery close
mder operation of artificial means and for
ne purpose ot assisting current specula-'
Ions. Greenbacks were aralnbouaht and
old in the lanv room, with larira dcallnva
nd frequent fluctuations in money.
Call loans were made at 7 oer cent aold
co 7 currency, but bfnn a xvwk uim
were made at 7 enrrenev and mmminimi
of 1-16 to 14' ver cent- and aftr hanlr
lours Per cent, waa th rata, tha
closing tigure being per cent, ,Tba bet
w;r ciass oi oorrowers, nowever, obtaiaedi
money early in the day, and it is believad'
tliat the future course ot money will be to
wards increased ease, nniess farther artlfl-1
cial means are resorted to.
109J(109for prime bills. ,' - - .. . j
GOLD-Lower: opened at 135J; advane-H
ed to 1354, and elosed at I35136X .
New York Stock Market—Jan. 4.
freely .dealt in., Prices at the first Board .
compared with the highest sales ot 8atur)
day, and showed a decline f H&H PWi
cent, except '62's, '64's and '65'a. At tba .
12 o'ciock sesnod there was a general rm-i
provement and a firmer feeling, with tha
arsrest dealintr lu '67's. At the afternoon
call the market was steady, but subs,
qnently the high rates paid for money oe-i
casioned a weakness and a decline of 1
5 per cent.
106 do. '68 mmi 10-40' 106?j
106.' ; " t fis'i
In railway shares during the morning
transactions were large and prlcea varia
ble. The chief feature has been the New
York Central, which opened at 169, and
steadily declined to 154, from Whlchls
rallied to 156. The tall was caused by
various rumors, such as that Commodore:
Yanderbilt met with an accident while.
sleighing, which proved unfounded: that-
an injunction is to be served on the Com-)
pany against tne- payment ot interest oa
the scrip dividend, and that the Legislature
at Albany is likely to be unfavorable te:
scrip dividends. These rumor cannot be
vouched tor. : : " " ' l-' ' " ?;:-..
The rest of the list at first sympathized;
with the break in Central, but afterwards
became strong. Northwestern In good daj
mand on the increased earnings of tba
road, while Michigan Southern - and St
Paul were also noticeably firm. 1 Erie ad-(
vanced to 39J, and Bock Island and Tole
do were actiye and firm. In the afternoon,'
nowever. tne market Decame panicky onoar
more under a revival of rumors concern
ing New York Central, which sold down
to 152, while the balance of , the Ibt fell
13 per cent, except Fort Wayne and rTa
tfksh, which were off per eeuaV-"--' r j
The rumors of an injunction are more
generally believed. It is said to have been
granted by Judge Cardosa en the applica
tion of Isaac N. Jenks. The market recov
ed slightly- later - In, the aiternoon. bnt
finally closed heavy-and unsettled. It ia
understood to be the object of bertain tmerwt
tors to put the price ot Central down tn ISO.
5:30 nrfp. wells- - &xvrm- -XXttTlii:
Adams 3SU(3iZ4: New - York . Central
153153; Erie 3737; Beading Ex
tra Oiviidend 924(0)3; Icrre Haute 87;
Wabash 595fc?4; St. Paul 6969: Fort
Wayne 113ain; Ohio jA Misflsslpp.
3234; .Michigan :: Central 113U6
Michigan southern. 87(387; , Illinois
Central 74lU Pittsburgh 83(a84; Te-f
ledo ayjiWlOO: Kock island 117 117K:
Northwestern 81)4: C. C. & I. C. 43: Cd
C.fc l.74.-r. n..s?rv A .A.,ir
coupons oriiu iuciiib; 00 to iiic
lllji ; do '64 107107; do '65 107(9 1
New York Market—Jan. 4.
"COTTON Fully e better; mWdnnrl
Uplands 27o. i '- i"t i:! .: nn,A.
- FLOUK Closed firm for lower gradev
with a moderate demand in part for ex
port,and dull and heavy foi all other kluds.
WHEAT Quiet and Very firm at full'
prices. l-..i. !; vf- uf. r.i ! '.-r
RYE Closed nominal; r: ' r...o ,
OAT( Quiet and firm: 77c In store and
7879o afloat for western. . . ;
rairfy active ana srm itw($
1 00 for new, and 1 07 (SI 11 for old weaterm
ip store and afloat.:! ',rr IlH V! - .f t.,..,f
PUBIS. Quiet and ..without , decided;
change. "" : i -
BEEF-i-Quiet and steady.- -'i w -'"a
CUT MEATS-r-Yery Arm, wltbfalr.de-.
ffland. 1 b sr. : . : ; tat -i -r aii !f"f
. BACON Holders are. Insisting upon
full prices.' - c '
LAED Firm at'1818o for fair to
prime steam. p..n n ...nnar nj - ci tin-.J
. EGGS-Dull at3739c .ni u. ,v. j
Cincinnati Market—Jan 4.
COTTON Firmer and higher; ml.
S5M. i .. l-n i if:..i ujoJ .j;:
WHISKY Unchanged;; amaU sales at
BOGS Not offering and but' few id the'
market, the weather being too "warm lav
slaughter. ) i " ,.h'.v v v m 'i.iiisf n
t PKQVISIONS Excited; all articles betd,
hleher, and the market is therefore unset-,
tied. 13 ; -S - --'I
MESS PORK Now 1ield at -1 00 : 1
sold at $28 002S 50 to the extant of 1,00
bbla, ,'i t , -. r , .. , i
BULK MEATS-Held.at lloTla Ifia!
for shoulders, sides and clear sides; "
LARD Held at 18e and 19c , at eloaej
no sales at better thau lsc.ci ,y.- 1 A .ii
DITTTPD T 1 1 . 1 ... . .
ern, 3440c. , . Y-
EGGS 31c. ' 1 ""' t-L
LINSEED OTL-i-Quletf at ti 03ai 05. a
- LABDOIL 145150.: o7t -jM.v
, PETBOLEUMT-283po for reflned. 0,0
New York Cattie Market—Jan. 4.
The cattle market on New . Year's week
has neyer been ' characterized by a' light
supply of cattlet and the past week was nv
exception to the rule. . The market, aw-,
ever, was firm and prices well supported atf
the rates quoted this day week. The qual
ity of the offerings showed, however, a bet-'
ter grade to-day, with 273 head at Com'
muuipaw, 800 at Bergen HUL,: antL.50Q.at
the National yards.. The market was fair
Iy active, and prices' about the same as last
week. Poor to medium cattle,' last week,
ll13c; medium to fair steers 13glKc
good steers and fat oxen b4ia, prima
vt extra steers lotogic; premium 17
17osjority of sales at 1415c. .
EEP Market was nretty strbna'duri
ing the past week, but trade was notae
tive. The quality was not very good .but
quotations were well supported. To-day
we have six cars at Communipaw, 8 cars
at Bergen Hill and 3.200 head at Fortieth,
street, the market ruling very firm with
a fair amount ot business. ..Sales are.: re
ported ot 16,576 head. We quote common
to fair sheep at 55c; good to prime at t
7c; extra 77Kc premium 7K8!o.
- LAMBS Nominal. . ' . '. .; ::f
HOGS The market ' for live hogs the
greater part of the week waa dull as prlcea
were too high for packers, and the demand
therefrom was altogether for fresfr. ' To
day the offering was 3 cars fresh hogsaf
Fortieth street and 8 at Communipaw, bat
the market was very quiet and prices al
most nominal; prime heavy 'corn fed $10 25
010 50; medium $1010 25;' common 99 M
(S10 00. ; f - ". JA Jt-. i i f.nuii
St. Louis Market—Jan. 4.
FLOUR Finn and unchanged; super
flno$3 756 60., 4, r, , . ., ..
WHEAlf-Demind ilght;7 prlcea un.2
chanred. ,j '" j:
CORN Unchanged; 62i85er :i.-) r r;
. OATS Unchanged; 64?Vrf w H" y
RYE Firm : $1 26. ; ;. . ? L
BARLEY Unchanged; $2 002 20 for
choice fancy to spring. - .-''
PROVISIONS Very firm, but not much
doing. . s .r i ..." )
PORK Mess $28, but held nfgher. ,f " J
BULK MEATS Better, HK16ic, for
shouldern and clear sides - i. . . i. ,
; BACON i-k Unchanged: : 1313Jo . lor
shoulders and 17e for clear aides. : -.,
LARD Sold at 17WC. , , '
1 WHISKY Unchanged; :7J98o. ''
Chicago Market—Jan. 4.
- FLOUR DuU and easier j sales sprtag
extras $5 P06 60. . .. w .
WHEAT fairly actiye and firm and le
higher. ' The demand is principally tor No
2; sales No 1 at $1 251 26; No 2 at $1 16 V
1 17; closing Arm at $1 16118);aaiee
since change atf L 17.
' CORN Quiet and 24c higbef; saies'ai
62o for old No 1; NoJJ kUn dried at 5c;
new 5356c, and 60o- for no grade; sales
new since change t 65c.. ;i v ,..; sniju
OATS la Jair, speculative request and
le-. higher ; Bales No 3" at 4747l4'ck
Closing M47K6.1- , ; " 0i" i'1 Yf '
Milwaukee Market—Jan. 4.
. , FLOUR Firm ; prices unchanged, . .
WHEAT Ouiet and ateadv at at 931
for No. 1 In atoraV" "- ...

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